If A Girl Doesn’t Text Back

…don’t do these “perfect responses”. Self-deprecation and tacit acknowledgment of one’s rejection may amuse an audience of Buzzfeeding drones, but it won’t make ginas jingle.

Ironically, one of the “perfect” text responses to a wordless antagonist unintentionally reveals the seductive power of “radio silence game”.

A little digging suggests the author of this particular text is a girl. Sarcastic nuance to the contrary notwithstanding, not texting back for hours does appear to be very adorable to chicks, because there she is sending out a distress signal for her silent suitor. Interest confirmed. (When a girl loses interest, or never had interest, she’s not thinking of you hours later.) If this guy were to reply “lol” right now, she’d be ready all over again to slip into her pretty panties and dream of his objectifying gaze.

So what do you do when a girl doesn’t text you back (say, after you’ve sent out a feeler text for a meet-up)?

  1. She will not reply. Don’t bother setting up a date. Her interest level isn’t strong enough. You’ve just saved an hour of your time and $20 for drinks.
  2. She will reply a few hours later, or the next day. She’s on the fence and probably dating other guys. Use your discretion to decide whether to give her the chance to enjoy the pleasure of your real live company on a date. If you’re juggling a lot of girls and getting laid already, you may want to skip these wafflers.
  3. She will reply within ten minutes. She’s into you. Take her on a date and bring a condom.

If a girl doesn’t text you back within a reasonable window of time (two days, max), don’t bother trying to reopen the lines of communication. Her interest level is zero and she’s hoping you forgot you met her.

That said, there is a case to be made for attempting something on a long shot. It’s not like texting is any serious expenditure of your time or effort. So, for example, let’s say you’ve heard nothing from a girl you texted three days ago about meeting up. A last ditch text that might bring her fold back into your fold is this favorite of mine:

“made you look”

It’s funny, it’s non-needy, and it’s low expectation. (Don’t forget insouciantly unpunctuated, your liege.) Most intransigent girls will respond to the above.

Another one I sometimes use on disappearing act girls:

“hey carrie, drinks thur at [x], 8pm”

The bite in this broadcast happens to be the fact that “carrie” is not the name of the girl I’m texting. She reads it, wonders who Carrie is, and feels compelled to respond in some manner. Her response could be positive or negative, and it doesn’t matter, because *any* response from a girl is better than no response. A talking girl you can work with; a silent girl is unreachable. She might therefore reply,

“I’m not Carrie”

…to which I would say “close?” and wait to see if she chomps on the stinky bait.

Texting has really opened up a world of experimental game possibilities because of its low barrier to entry (pun intended). Phone calls are emotionally draining for many men and require focus on multiple attractiveness cues, like vocal tone. Plus, girls are readier to ignore phone calls than they are texts, for similar reasons as men are to avoid making phone calls: There are more mate value variables of which to be cognizant in a phone call than there are in text.


  1. I usually text back with the same gap in time in which she texted me back. Hours or days.


    • For all this talk of ‘cock carousels’ in the manosphere, you all seem to be very passive aggressive in your dealings with women.

      Here’s a clue: instead of treating women like sex objects, why don’t you geniuses try to treat women nicely for a change?

      Women constantly say they’re tired of playing games and dealing with players. Stop being a player for five minutes and you might find out that there is a girl out there who actually likes you. (But maybe she shouldn’t, because mysoginists don’t deserve the love of a woman).


      • This was a cut and paste


      • on July 31, 2014 at 6:39 pm muffsmasher

        women say shit


      • when the gaming never stops what is she to do? she has waited on you hand and foot for over a year. when she ask for commitment it is refused. when she is refused she goes looking for answers and is kept up late at night without sleep for months on end and she cries out for help only to be refused because she was looking for the solution out. only to be smacked again, and again, and again.


      • on July 31, 2014 at 7:31 pm JP_Whoregan

        “Women constantly say they’re tired of playing games and dealing with players.”

        And right after they say this, they put on heels and a tight skirt and go out and fuck players. If being a player didn’t work, men wouldn’t do it (that’s called “logic”, an idea many women are very uncomfortable with). But your fellow sisters keep fucking us. Thank you, feminism for encouraging young women to “explore their sexuality”. Women are giving up easy pussy to “players” at such a high rate today, it’s comical.

        Remember, you always pay attention to one’s actions, never to their words.


      • then again… she just a silly overpowering feminist who never knew her place and should have kept quiet from the start. she should have known her place in the pecking order and the world is a different place from the 70’s bra burning days. the only right solution would have been to keep hitting her back with those replies and keep her hanging on back back in her place.


      • “”Women constantly say they’re tired of playing games and dealing with players. Stop being a player for five minutes and you might find out that there is a girl out there who actually likes you. (But maybe she shouldn’t, because mysoginists don’t deserve the love of a woman).””

        Yeah, the same sort of women that accuse men of being shallow and say that looks don’t matter.

        Basically, women with greatly depreciated value (if it was even there in the first place) and that have run out of options.


      • oooook there mr. whiteknight. slow your roll. You say “why don’t you treat women nicely for a change” as though you think we grew up treating women like shit.

        No. We treated women like the pretty little delicate flowers they wanted to be treated as. And the moral of that story is, women say one thing, but do another. But you wouldn’t know that now, would you?

        Cuz you pass around judgment without living the life like… well.. like a woman.


      • Do you take it up the wrong un.


      • Treating human females nicely works well with your mom, her friends, your little sister and her friends. They like it, appreciate it and react well to it.
        Any prospective dates, however, react to it like you just threw battery acid laced with razor blades in her face.
        We don’t do it because we’ve tried it millions of times and it failed that many times.
        ‘Misogyny’ has nothing to do with it.


      • Thanks for the perfect recipe to employ when you want to be cheated on. Or cuckolded. I suggest you do just what you’ve instructed with the mother of your kids, get cheated on, come back here and let us all know how it worked out.


      • on August 1, 2014 at 8:23 am nothingman00



    • I do this but x2. And one in 5 I insta respond.


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  2. […] If A Girl Doesn’t Text Back […]


    • Some of this is I think is a learned behavior. I used to be terrible with answering phones and texts, till my husband stepped in and used some tricks to radically alter my behavior. Now When he calls or texts, I immediately respond, no matter where I am, unless it is a really dire emergency or would be dangerous like texting and driving.

      One trick he has used is that when he travels, I am allowed contact with him only two times a day for two minutes each over the phone and I cannot call him. He initiates the call. If i don’t answer when he calls, I miss my interaction with him.

      For me these interactions are so important, I am glued to the phone, since I never know when exactly he will call. From my personal experience, I feel men who can create such anticipation with women will always get immediate response from their women when they call or text.

      I remember that once he called when I was in the restroom taking a pee. I had placed my mobile phone by the sink and almost tripped and fell trying to get to it.

      Unpredictability, novelty and anticipation. These are the three levers, I think that when pulled by a man, will compel us women to respond. Whether it is texting or dating. But I guess your readers, probably already know that 🙂


      • “I remember that once he called when I was in the restroom taking a pee. I had placed my mobile phone by the sink and almost tripped and fell trying to get to it.”

        Lol, I could write a book on stupid things I’ve done, or important things I’ve (literally) dropped, to read a text or pick up a call from a man I care about.

        It’s the unpredictability and scarcity that drives the anticipation. And how strongly you’re bonded to him, of course.


      • on August 1, 2014 at 1:21 pm Charlie Don't Surf

        aka – Scarcity …. Which elicits a powerful auto response. Think: The cashier that picks up the phone when you’re standing there with a purchase to be rung up. You’ve met her, right?

        It’s a neat ‘trick’ – creating scarcity with rules. Gonna think on that.


      • Exactly. He has completely transformed me with his mind games. I am powerless to fight him because ironically his incentives and tricks deliver so much delicious dopamine to my brain that I don’t want to win against him. I enjoy participating in his mind tricks because every so often I will get an unexpected reward that makes it soooo satisfying!! the unexpected 2 minute call when I am least expecting it is one such example 🙂


      • on August 1, 2014 at 3:06 pm Charlie Don't Surf

        Here – You’d get skittles … Dopamine and Sugar. Delicious.

        Right, you know it’s a game – and enjoy playing by his rules nonetheless.

        He initiates the call – you cannot – time’s limited – so get straight to the point.

        But, how to create that auto response – by text – in someone that may/may not be interested in dating … ?

        ” busy text you tonight got a ? ”

        Gotta think that’s going to create some anticipation.


      • I’m don’t have any experience texting back and forth with strangers so not sure if my observations carry any water, but my thought would be that it would depend on what she thinks she knows about you. So if she thought that other women were anxious to meet with you, then she might find you more attractive/valuable and respond. Then you can create anticipation. So maybe fake a “oops wrong window text which implies that you are having a conversation with a hot girl on the other side who is attracted to you” then going mysterious and aloof for a while might help?

        That is how my girl brain would interpret a “oops wrong window” at least, don’t know how other women would react though.


  3. I use “fine be that way”

    they always bite and if you have decent game you can turn it around


  4. I sent a text once… just to prove that I could do it, if I wanted to.

    The recipient is still in awe of me… she says it’s like having the only autograph ever signed by (put your favorite star here)…

    … and she didn’t even add an “lol”, as wimmens invariably do.


  5. The only reasonable response if a girl doesn’t text back is to hire a private investigator, find out where she lives, and ask her in person why she’s ignoring you. Works every time.


  6. Girl: Jen tells me that you are very well endowed is that true.

    Me: That’s something you would have to make your own mind up about.


  7. I got a girl from France’s number recently. I will leave out details of conditions I met her. She knows I more or less taught myself French. She initiated by sending me a message that said “Hello Boy!!!” in French and I missed it for half a day. I responded with something vague, namely, “bonjour”. I have not heard back from her in almost 2 days. Maybe she sent me the message by mistake but if she doesn’t respond I am going to assume she is an idiot and move on. But seriously, that really got my hopes up when I saw that.


    • NIMROD!
      U need to take that hope behind the shed and bludgeon it to death, right now.


    • Respond to what? She showed interest by initiating and you basically ignored her. A one word answer hours later (in this early-stage context) is a blowoff.


      • i hate to agree with amy but i think she’s right. you haven’t established enough comfort and interest to ghost her like that.


    • If it were me, I’d text her “como estas?” just to see if that would intrigue her. You have little or no chance at this point anyway, so what the hell?

      I have zero text game experience so far, so this is NOT an expert opinion. It is, however, the opinion of a game-informed language fag. Speaking Spanish to a French chick just might elicit a response. French people are super serious about their language, and if I were in that situation, it would be really entertaining to fuck with her in this manner, whether it got me laid or not.

      That’s a damn good idea, actually. I have extremely severe problems with outcome dependence and pedestalization of females. Target a female I can automatically disrespect, but in a playful way… A French speaking female is perfect for this.


  8. When I posted that article up yesterday I said it was only useful as a study In what not to do. It seems the Chateau agreed.


  9. on July 31, 2014 at 12:26 pm Neurotypical

    Nigger i just wanna fuck


  10. There was this girl who I knew was into me, but she tried to play hard to get.

    Me: I should tell you a secret.
    Her: what’s that? lol
    Me: Even my grandma can type quicker than you do.
    Her: lol. u didn’t even bother to text me after the date.

    Another text which usually works for me –

    Me: Seen the news today? (I text this out of the blue, so it’s only natural for any girl to be curious)
    Her: no. what happened?
    Me: Aliens are coming to the Earth to abduct all the good looking and charming people. You will be safe, I just wanted to say goodbye to you before I get abducted.
    Her: lol you sure are a charmer. blah blah.

    The chances of above two texts working are kinda high on a cute chick and if you know she is into you. But, I’m skeptical if they would work on an egotistical cunt.

    And what’s up with those non sequitur texts; do they ever work for you guys? I have had couple of chicks try the same shit on me, but I knew for sure they deliberately did that to grab my attention.


    • good stuff. i lol’d, i copied, i pasted.

      [CH: the 21st century “i came, i saw, i conquered”.]


    • Aliens are coming, all right…

      But no cause for alarm… they eat n1663rs and piss gasoline.


  11. If a girl doesn’t text back…

    we all know whorefinder’s proper response….



  12. on July 31, 2014 at 12:51 pm Zombie Shane

    > “I love that super cute thing you do where you don’t text me back for hours. Gah. Adorable.”



    • on July 31, 2014 at 12:53 pm Zombie Shane

      Do not be kind to snarky chicks. Do not date snarky chicks. Do not deposit your seed in the birth canals of snarky chicks. Shun them. Flee from them. “Run, Forrest, Run!”


      • on July 31, 2014 at 12:54 pm Zombie Shane

        > “She will reply within ten minutes. She’s into you. Take her on a date and bring a condom.”

        This! Find the nice girls from the good families and reward them with BUNS IN THEIR OVENS.


      • on July 31, 2014 at 12:55 pm Zombie Shane

        I wouldn’t even give a snarky chick an orgasm anymore. I used to would have, because I was such a good guy and such a superior lover. But not anymore. To hell with them, to hell with their snark, and to hell with The Darkness which infests their hearts.


      • on July 31, 2014 at 1:14 pm Zombie Shane

        Although if you absolutely have to stick it in a snarky bitch, here’s how you respond.

        SNARKY BITCH: “blah blah blah snark snarkity snark blah blah blah”

        ALPHA: “u havin a midol day?”


      • nah, break them.


      • “I wouldn’t even give a snarky chick an orgasm anymore.”

        me neither. not only do they kill my boner, i won’t waste time on them on principle.

        a lot of guys think there’s no harm in pumping and dumping these girls or they think as long as their game is good, they’ll consider dating them and having babies. why bother? no matter how good your game is, they aren’t worth it.

        don’t get me wrong, there are some hot snarky chicks i’d like to bang. but i’m looking at the big picture here. is a quick bang with a snarky bitch worth it when it’s contributing to the downfall of our society? these girls are no different than fat girls. we shouldn’t be rewarding them with any kind of attention. we should be shaming and ignoring them. in fact, they are worse than fat girls. a fat girl who is nice can get thinner but a bitch is always going to be a bitch no matter how hard you game her. you can keep her under control if you’re diligent but she’ll always be a bitch and your work never ends. why work that hard?

        and by trying to learn game for these girls, and texting them, buying drinks and banging them, you are giving them what they want most…attention. positive attention.

        some of you might say commitment is what they really want so pumping and dumping isn’t rewarding them. if they are acting like bitches and you are still giving them pumps, drinks, texts, etc. they are being rewarded with attention from men who are of higher value than them. that’s positive reinforcement and it helps perpetuate the bad behavior. they are already getting enough of that from other women and their beta orbiters so why would any man want to add to that? it’s not helping anyone.

        so they figure if they can act like sub-par humans and still get the attention of men and the support of their sisters, they must be doing something right. so they don’t change and then they share self-aggrandizing stories of how their sassiness got this guy or that guy and they pass that folklore onto future generations of women. if you’re not part of the solution. you’re part of the problem.


      • Try and fuck the Snark out of them and if that does not work, abandon ship forthwith.


    • Agreed to the max. For some reason, much of modern humor (esp liberal/feminist humor) consists of uncreative name-calling, false indignation or incredulity (Really, I mean…Really? I don’t even….), and racist/sexist jokes disguised as some sort of meta “farcical” joke (‘HA, and we all know those mexicans like their cleaning supplies’…said as though the joke is that the speaker is ‘raycist.’ Hahahaha…no, you just are racist/believe in stereotypes and the only reason why the joke is funny is because it demonstrates how little integrity you actually have; or, in short, you are full of shit — that’s not humor, that’s just a tacit admission of deceit).


  13. I have done a blank text before after a no reply, or a text with one letter and nothing else. It gets in their head. They wonder “did he mean to write something?” they cant help but respond.


  14. on July 31, 2014 at 1:14 pm Alex Jones SuperFan

    3 was the best of all of those.


  15. Few more tips from the archives as well as personal experience:

    -As always, be the first to break off the interaction or fail to respond during an ambiguous stopping-point.

    -Keep texting to a minimum – don’t use more than 3-5 texts per interaction unless it involves setting up a time for you two to meet.

    -No smileys: use pics/emojis/hearts instead when you’re channeling jerkboy. Caustic smileys have the unmistakable reek of passive-aggressive beta.

    [CH: solid synopsis of the essentials of text game.]


    • I can break all those rules and come out on top. Just saying. It’s all about congruence and calibration. There are no hard and fast rules when triggering a woman’s response vectors.

      lol I said triggering


      • I didn’t say they were hard and fast. Sure you can break them, but following these guidelines will give you more success than not following them.


  16. What is she replies, “Sorry, who is this?”

    [CH: *birthday cat emoji*]


    • The “who is this” shit-test is a tough one to overcome. It may be used by girls on the fence or disinterested girls but will almost never be used by chicks who are really into you.

      Traditional game literature advises you to maintain frame and respond with something humorous like: Santa Claus.

      If she plays along, great. If she remains stubborn, your time is likely better spent chasing other leads.


      • on July 31, 2014 at 3:46 pm Ras Al Ghul

        “Captain Awesome” works wonders


      • i would only reply to “sorry, who is this?”
        “who is this?” would get nothing from me.

        the first one is polite and nice and she is probably hot. the hottest girls are almost always the nicest and most polite.

        the second one is just bad manners.

        i’ll put up with a little shit testing from a hot girl but not from the average ones who think pulling that crap will raise a man’s perception of their value.


      • He said hard and fast. Uhh uhh uhh


    • on July 31, 2014 at 2:02 pm Phillyastro

      From my learning at this site, reply with “lame” or “gay” or “anal fungus.”


      • here’s a suggestion that is more universally applicable: just don’t reply with anything that could be construed as defensiveness.

        the details of good replies are less relevant than the concept of what qualifies as a bad reply.


    • A cereal killer. Trix has been liquidated.


    • I confess using the “who is this” shit test. Here’s a reply I remember:

      “Lol oh boy”

      In other words,”I know what you’re doing and it just makes me laugh.”


    • Haha you don’t need to know


    • use this response on younger girls:

      ‘joey buttafuoco’

      they won’t get it until after they google it.



  17. Haha this is good.

    So what if a girl that you’ve already fucked randomly stops communication and doesn’t respond to a text….THEN pops back up outta nowhere. What’s a good text to have in the toolbox for that?


    • on July 31, 2014 at 2:55 pm Simon Corso



    • Heh, heh… and here I thought the first one jumped the shark.


    • Geez Louise… we’ve come a long way from that Candygram landshark shtick, haven’t we?


    • Okay, here’s the next million-dollar treatment for a SyFy/porn extravaganza:


      Tornados hit trailer parks throughout the land… fat white wimmens and their blackamours. in various stages of coitus, are sent flying far and wide… crushing Klan Rallies, smashing through buildings and mushing neoNazi cells, knocking bells out of belfrys and stained glass windows out of conservative churches, etc., etc., etc.

      At the end, no more mudsharks, blackamours, Klu Kluxers, or neoNazi’s… an America without racists nor race polluters.

      And we all lived happily ever after.



  18. on July 31, 2014 at 1:59 pm whorefinder

    Block. Delete. Remove.

    Then make sure she’s blocked and deleted from any social media, if she’s already attached on facebook.

    Trust me when I say this actually WILL get her to respond–if she can contact you via other means (since she’s blocked). Bitches think being blocked + deleted on social media is TEH WORST.

    I had one flake send me a Snapchat picture of her with the question “Did you really block me?” in it

    I waited a day, then sent her back a snapchat:
    “I do not reward bad behavior.”

    This snapchatted by her in a half hour by “I’m sorry.”

    To which I snapchatted back “text me” .

    unblocked her texts, told her she needed to make up for it.

    Guess who got a bj from her that evening?

    *pats self on back*



  19. Of course, to “just be yourself” you should text a girl as much as your fluttering little heart desires. She will appreciate you for being “honest about your feelings”.

    If you never hear from her again she “didn’t appreciate the real you”. But that’s all right because you’ll “find someone when you least expect it” and you will “find someone when you stop looking”. So don’t follow any game advice telling you to change and improve, because then you are “not being true to yourself” and you are “putting on a mask”.

    Remember that you are “beautiful just the way you are” because “God is Love” and he made you perfect. You don’t think you know better than God, do you?

    Now remember to “just smile and say hello” to a girl, because “a smile is the most powerful thing in the world” – and maybe you’ll discover that she was thinking about you too all along, but she was just afraid that you weren’t interested! Ohgoodligoo how cute and cuddly!


  20. “hey carrie, drinks thur at [x], 8pm” is bad.

    Women can always smell the bullshit when they get a “wrong person” text. Don’t do it. No matter what you send, make sure it is directed at her.

    “Made you look” could be interpreted as value-lowering.

    [CH: no it couldn’t. jesus krist people, don’t overanalyze stuff until you’re seeing things that aren’t there.]

    After all the frame is you trying to get her attention after an obvious blowout.

    [there is no frame other than the one you suckered her into. the humor and carefree attitude are so obvious in that reply that no woman would mistake it for “value lowering”.]

    Far better would be anything that is both absurd and assumes the higher value. Maybe “my cat purrs when I take my shirt off, dirty bastard”. Not definitive, but something along those lines, perhaps without the innuendo.

    [horrible. ok, not as horrible as begging for a response but still pretty bad.]


    • Keep in mind this is a hail-mary.

      Essentially anything you send at this point will hint at lower-value.

      [CH: men new to game get hung up on taking extreme measures to avoid any sort of DLV behavior. that kind of excessive worry overlooks the fact that women don’t perceive banter in quite the same way men do. trying to contact a girl a second time (after three days) is of course an inherent DLV, but the style and delivery can go a long way to altering her perceptions. any reply that 1. avoids defensiveness 2. avoids conflict 3. projects an air of amusement is acceptable.]


      • this is great CH.

        “trying to contact a girl a second time (after three days) is of course an inherent DLV”

        i hope you’ll talk more about this concept. i think a lot of guys get hung up on this because we are afraid we’ll slip and let our beta flags fly.

        i was never a natural so i still struggle with finding the right balance sometimes. especially when i really like a girl.

        i used to get so worried i’d come off as needy or beta that i would totally lose the concept of push/pull and alternating beta/alpha behaviors. i wasn’t a natural who could master that ebb and flow naturally so when i first swallowed the red pill i would botch a lot of situations because i wasn’t relaxed enough to do anything but aloof indifference.

        now i do better. i can give a girl a compliment or let her know i like her without feeling like i’m going to lose my frame. it gets easier all the time but i still default to acting cold and indifferent when i’m not sure what to do.

        comments like this are a good reminder to relax a little, have some fun and remember that it’s okay if she knows you like her…within reason of course.


      • i think this subject deserves some clarification. trying to reopen communication with a nonresponsive girl is by its nature a DLV, but because the cost-benefit ratio of texting is so low, it doesn’t hurt a man to go ahead and give it the old college try. so in this instance, it’s a choice between DLVing with textual style, or giving up on the girl entirely. if the medium of communication was something other than texting i’d say the better choice is NEXT.


  21. Women want to fail. Why is it women are in love with failure. Got a deadline. Got a six figure job and you’ve got an important project with it all on the line… why do they try to sabotage that?


    • {3:1} Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of
      the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto
      the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every
      tree of the garden?
      {3:2} And the woman said unto the serpent, We may eat
      of the fruit of the trees of the garden: {3:3} But of the fruit
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      [was] pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make
      [one] wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and
      gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat. {3:7}
      And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that
      they [were] naked;

      tl;dr Women ruin everything

      I know this place is full of spergy atheist but you have to be a dullard to not notice the bibles got some pretty damn good incites about women. Paging GBFM


      • on July 31, 2014 at 11:31 pm Stationarity

        The woman wanted more status(to be like God). The man had oneitis and lost frame. Imagine if Adam said, “bitch, my God can make millions more like you, get lost”.


      • “bitch, my God can make millions more like you, get lost”.

        Well, at least 24

        After God created Adam, and Adam had been in the Garden for a really long time, he started to get a little lonely. So, Adam went to God and said, “This Garden is amazing, but I’m starting to get a little lonely; is there anyone that you can send to keep me company?” God answered, “I have the perfect person. She will help you with almost everything. She’ll clean, cook, wash you clothes, be your friend, and even rub your feet after a long day. She really is perfect in every way!” Adam said, “That sounds great! How soon can you send her?” God replied again, “I can send her right away, but there is one thing … it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg to get her.” Adam thought for a moment, and then said, “What can I get for a rib?” –


      • Good gag… I heard it with a slight twist at the end… “How big are her tits?”


    • because the only thing they are genetically programmed to love is their offspring. anything else doesn’t mater to them. why did woman pick the apple or sabatoge xyz cuz it dont matter to them. why dont women see what being wards of the government is bad for society? they don’t care unless they have a master that commands them contrary. either be their master or they will gladly destroy everything around them for their brood no matter the source of the donor and you are probably not the donor…


      • “because the only thing they are genetically programmed to love is their offspring. anything else doesn’t mater to them.”

        That’s a bit much. Men are genetically programmed to spread their seed, does that mean they don’t also love their wives and children?

        Women are capable of loving men. I think the issue for many of you is accepting WHY we love you, and that our love is conditional. But all love is conditional (except parent to child) and that’s the way it should be. The devil is in the conditions, not the conditional nature itself.


  22. on July 31, 2014 at 3:29 pm Just Saying

    The only time I “text” a girl is either after I’ve banged her at least once, and want to see her again, or if she is one of several that I am arranging to “meet” at something so that if she shows – great, if not, I don’t notice in general. I will regularly clear out my phone of numbers and such just to keep the “chaff” out. There are something like 3.5 Billion, women in the world – any one is pretty much worthless unless she has somehow brought value to my life.

    That is just the way it is. Once upon a time, women may have been worth more – when there were fewer of them and they actually had “value”, but today, they are all “f**k toys”. That is what feminism has made them – since that is what they want to be, who am I to treat them as anything else? So if they bring value to my life – great, if not, no biggie.

    Personally, I’ve never understood why women get upset when a man accepts them on the terms they have set for themselves. I’m not going to treat a woman as worth anything more, then she portrays herself as worth. (Women always think they are worth more, then they portray themselves as worth – I take the lesser of the two as it is closer to her true value.) Of course, I’ve learned NOT to say such things to them, but that is how I treat them and they seem to like it. So I’ll keep doing it.


    • You must meet a lot of women to have that luxury. It’s slim pickings for a lot of men though, so text game is a useful skill to have.


      • on August 1, 2014 at 6:11 am The Spirit Within

        I’ve got about 60 to 70 women’s numbers in my phone right now, and it’s funny how they start to assume greater or lesser value relative to one another based on the frequency and quality of their text messages. A natural pecking order.

        BTW, this is no different from what high-value women have been doing since time immemorial. It’s only with the aggregation of cities and particularly since the rise of the leisure class (1880s to present) that the option has been open to us playas (nee dandies).


      • I have picked my “hobbies” so that they bring me into contact with a LOT of the type of women I find most attractive – high-school, and college age. And I am in a position of authority. It doesn’t hurt that I play in a band as well. Of course, that is all by design – not accident. Too many man leave something as important as meeting the type of women he finds attractive to chance – I found that doesn’t provide me with the life-style I have become accustomed too, so I fixed it.

        Yes, it takes work – but since my “hobbies” are things I enjoy, what is not to love? I get to do things I enjoy, and it provides me with women as well…


  23. “bring a condom.”

    makes the act almost unenjoyable. what a world.


    • Thanks to the faggots we have an antibiotic resistant clap floating around. And yes, condoms are terrible.


      • i say that – yet my first time @ 17 – chick was baby hunting, caught me, and i’m in for payments till she’s 21 (college).

        i still don’t wrap – recently went through an abortion.



      • on August 1, 2014 at 11:54 am gunslingergregi

        yea mae pill would be a game changer woman almost always forget to take it when they want kid


    • yep. i don’t envy you guys out there in the trenches. variety may be the spice of life but there’s something to be said for comfort, reliability and growing old together. my old girl has her moments but she makes me smile every day, she doesn’t give me lip and she sure as hell doesn’t need me to wear a condom.

      it’s the little things.


  24. on July 31, 2014 at 4:42 pm gregariouswolf

    If she does text you back out of the blue, the correct response is “who’s this?”


  25. Off topic: One of the best indictments of single mommyhood. I forget where I first saw this but I’m sure it was during an 8 click journey which began here. Returning the favor:



  26. In the last 5 months I’ve been gaming a variety of girls. The girls who are genuinely interested always respond within 4 hours—the length depends on if they are working.

    In some cases if the girl is genuinely busy and says “Can’t” but doesn’t offer an alternative depending on the IOI’s I received from them I will send out a re-engagement text.

    IF they don’t respond then I leave it at that.

    In a few cases the girls have been flakey with “Can we do this another time?” type of thing and not offered an alternative. That’s a judgment call.

    I’ve found more bland texts like “Hey crazy girl” as re-engagement texts will do the trick. If the girl is interested she will re-engage. If she isn’t she won’t.

    The fact is any sort of re-engagement text no matter how clever could be perceived as “needy” just by virtue of the fact you’re taking the initiative.

    If “Hey crazy girl” doesn’t get a response, then I leave it.

    Interestingly enough when I don’t text back or if I blow off girls—they still text back. A few girls still re-engage even if I haven’t set anything up with them.


    • on July 31, 2014 at 8:25 pm Charlie Don't Surf

      Some months back, my 10 year old daughter changed my iMessage account so that she could send and receive texts – but they didn’t show up on my phone. For 3 months she held running conversations with people on my contact list – Friends, lawyers, financial analysts, girls I was gaming…

      Once discovered, I read the messages. Texts to guys went two or three exchanges – the ones to women went on for pages. Truly hilarious.

      Her: Flying to FL to visit my parents and do some boating.
      “Me”: My parents make me wear floaties on the boat

      Point being: Women couldn’t tell the difference between a text from a 40 year old man from that of a 10 year old girl. When I mentioned it to some of these women – their response was ‘I didn’t say anything sexual, did I?’

      Don’t take texting all that seriously. Make a call – ask her out.


      • “My parents make me wear floaties on the boat”

        that would be a great response for a 40 year old man and your daughter wasn’t even trying to game her.

        key to good text game: write like you’re 10 year old girl with nothing to lose.
        you should scan her other texts for good material. i bet there’s plenty of it.


      • on August 1, 2014 at 6:14 am The Spirit Within

        That’s really interesting. It could even be a sociological study — txting as the most egalitarian mode of communication.


  27. on July 31, 2014 at 8:12 pm Reservoir Tip


    Been working on some girl recently. Sexy Spanish girl, probably an 8. We’ve snapchatted here and there. Well I noticed she had her “story” updated today, so I checked it out. A story is basically a collection of photo and video updates.

    She’s out hammered with her friends, pissing in the middle of the street. Picture of her with her pants around her ankles, and video of her popping a squat.

    I said, “That was disgusting. Totally classless.”

    This is a girl who prides herself on being a good, Christian girl.

    A good degenerate, more like it.


    • on July 31, 2014 at 8:21 pm Reservoir Tip

      Would have made great “goodbye america” material.


    • on July 31, 2014 at 9:15 pm Hair Slicked Back With Swag So Fresh

      Give ‘er the R. Kelly treatment.


    • how did she respond when you told her it was disgusting and classless? did she seem ashamed at all or just defensive?


      • i’ve never discovered women are particularly turned on by moralizing men. for good or ill, indignant judgmentalism is kryptonite to seducing girls you just met.


      • i’ll add in ltr’s as well.

        then again, why would you be in one if the moral frame isn’t committed by both parties.

        “this is why i can’t tell you things!”

        i’ve heard this phrase on and off the past 2 years.

        the frame fell off and oneitis with a 9 is a cunt.


      • CH is right. Sexual judgmentalism is a turnoff, and I’d guess that the sluttier/trashier the girl is, the more indignant and turned off she’d be if you called her out.

        But there’s still value in doing it. You won’t get laid (sounds like you’re not interested anyway) but it still sends a badly needed message… that femininity and modesty still matter.


      • CH, you forgot Major Houlihan.


    • on August 1, 2014 at 4:43 pm Charlie Don't Surf

      On a brighter note, She’ll won’t complain if you leave the toilet seat up.


  28. Going to Vegas next month 😀 Hopefully it’ll help my game some…


    • on July 31, 2014 at 9:12 pm Hair Slicked Back With Swag So Fresh

      Bring rubbers or you’ll be bringing something back.


      • on July 31, 2014 at 10:51 pm AryanAbduction

        Ah the ole progressive STD meat lotto experience. Even rubbers don’t completely negate the house edge.


  29. lol your mom
    wow, who knew


  30. I was wondering why men generally think women are unfunny.

    Think male comedians, usually people like Chris Rock, George Carlin, Bill Burr, etc… They may not be right all the time, but a lot of the things they say are truths that can’t be said in a normal context in America. So they say it in the form of a joke and everybody laughs…

    Then there is a type of humor that all women tend to gravitate towards. You can call it AMOG humor, belittling humor, or the general form of it: snark. You take something perfectly normal and you try to frame it in a ridiculous way as possible. In essence the type of humor men gravitate towards uses humor to elucidate the truth, or make a point more clear. The type of humor women gravitate towards uses humor to hide it, obfuscate it, or make it seem stupid/ridiculous. Go on HBO or Comedy Central or whatever channel comedians are on nowadays and tell me if this trend isn’t true.

    Look at the current Richard Dawkins vs Jezebel 2.0. They take the truth Dawkins is saying and they attack it with snark, try to make it a funny case (and fail at it by men’s standards) and ridiculous case. Their actions try to mirror that of the smooth man who can reframe an action of hers into something completely ridiculous. They fall head over heels for this, they punch you in the shoulder and say “OMG That’s not true!!” yet you’ve opened the flood-gates. If you can do this frame shift effortlessly you’ve nailed one major part of “Jerkboy Charisma” you describe here.

    Ex. We are walking by an ice cream truck. Her “I want to get a popsicle”. You “Yeah I know you want something to suck and slurp, but not around the little kids”

    Agree and Amplify, sarcasm, narcissism all help towards that component of making her, her idea, something she said or did, seem ridiculous. And if you do it correctly they love you for it. It also explains why feminists use this in “deconstruction” of male logic. It is simply the language some of them talk in. Once you understand this it is actually easy to “win”. You don’t need to use logic afterall.


  31. on August 1, 2014 at 1:24 am LivingTribunal

    Thing is, texting is just proof that the social world is crumbling.
    One thing I predict is there will be a lot less guys who are able to hook up with woman due to the growing lack of social skills, (hence why we have so many Betas and Omegas now?), so those who are good at it in the next few years are going to major pimps.

    Either that or women will adapt and be a lot less picky about a guy’s game…


  32. on August 1, 2014 at 5:39 am milam command

    My version of ““hey carrie, drinks thur at [x], 8pm”” to a cold lead. (Actual text exchange, slightly edited for anonymity.)

    [Situation: Girl hasn’t texted me back in a few days. I’m texting her to make her think I’m on my way out to a laid back evening with someone else.]

    Me: Hey baby; all I have is a kinda cheap shirazz. Want me to stop at [liquor store], get something better?
    Her} : Didn’t realize we had a date but I don’t mind a cheap shiraz! 😉
    Me: ooops very sorry. wrong baby
    [Her}: No worries. I’m on my way to pilates but I’d rather be relaxing with a glass of wine right now. I’m back in [city we’re in] (for a bit). Care to meet up soon?

    [Result: Connection/ interest re-established.]


  33. Here’s a text exchange between me and a girl I pinged on Tinder, clearly hot, she posted photos of herself in bikini….

    I open

    Me: You look like trouble. You have that look my mom warned me about

    Her: Then piss off asshole.

    Me: hour later: Ohhhh a rebel. Behave.

    Her: Are you a sex offender?

    Me: Just for that I’m sending you to the naughty corner

    It goes on like this for a bit then the part you guys might like:

    Her: I like bad boys

    Me: I’m the one your mom warned you about

    Her: You said that

    Me: No. I said You have that look my mom warned me about

    Her: same thing

    Me: You have poor reading comprehension but you do have nice almond-shaped eyes.

    more blah blah blah….then:

    Her: Have you wanked over my pics yet?

    Me: Nah, seen better. Never as good as advertised

    Her: Bullshit

    Her: You couldn’t touch a 4/10

    Me: Wouldn’t want to

    Her: Too bad, it’s the best you’ll get

    Me: uh huh

    Her It’s only banter. I have no idea about you

    Then she goes on to rationalize her bad behavior.

    I suggested drinks, she didn’t reply. I left it. But I thought this exchange was a good illustration of how to move it forward with a girl who initially acts like a bitch but clearly has issues of her own and enjoys the give and take.


    • on August 1, 2014 at 6:14 am Hugh G. Rection

      Keep us posted. I smell a rat.


      • @Hugh G. Obviously she was just having a go. But I just had some fun with this to practice my text game. It lead no where. But you could see that rather than just going radio silence on her initial “asshole” reply…I just held my frame.

        Later she comes out with some rationalization of it’s just “banter”.

        It didn’t lead to anything. But another similar exchange on Tinder did lead to me banging a smoking hot 27 year old Vietnamese girl in town on business.

        Her initial reaction was to blow me off…but she kept texting so I moved it forward. Banged her later that week.


    • @walawala

      I have tons of experience with tinder — have banged maybe 15 or 20 girls from there. Don’t get into extended conversations with them, as most of them are on there to get into stupid conversations like this and get validation.

      Flirt / banter with them for 4-10 lines, never in a confrontational way like you did here, and then pitch a meet for that night or the next night. If they dont go for it then unmatch them and move on to the next girl.

      I’ve gotten to the point where I can meet a girl from tinder almost any night I want to doing what I said above. The one thing most of my tinder lays have in common is that I pitched the meet extremely quickly, always at a bar down the street from my apartment 🙂


      • @Kant solid. I’ve banged 3 girls from Tinder…this last one was a bitch. I posted for the sheer entertainment value and any possible learnings on text game anyone wants to glean.

        She was shit-testing…I was fielding, then suddenly she flips. It lead no where, but the part where she starts qualifying herself was interesting.


      • It’s funny when you realize you dont even need to look at their pictures or their profile at all to get them to meet up. I’m pretty sure I could literally set up a bot to send 7 or so perfectly timed messages and set up dates that way every day of the week

        Women are so predictable


      • @Kant “predictable”…if you understand game. I couldn’t do this without a solid understanding of the structure. Game increases the success rate.

        If I second-guess myself…I fuck it up. If I pace myself, have some self-discipline and patience, then it works.


  34. um the first part was great , the second however …

    Stop bothering , you come as needy whatever you write if she doesnt respond , you sound like 10 year old with these lawl’s , make you look and other bs.

    Be str8 up ask for a meet she reply ok she doesnt delete.

    Think of a powerful guy figure either real life or from movies do these shit.

    Think james bond sending make you look texts , pathetic…


    • @st3roids I think you’re missing the point. IF you’re at this point, what does it matter how you look? If the girl agrees to a meet up and you bang her then it works.

      If she doesn’t it doesn’t matter….who cares what some flakey chick thinks anyway.

      They key here is having an abundance mentality and not caring when you send it.


  35. OT but good.

    This guy is the poster child for A Greater Beta, not quite Lesser Alpha..


    • on August 1, 2014 at 9:40 am Amanjaw Marcuntte

      It’s all realtalk till he gets to the Wife Zone.


    • on August 1, 2014 at 9:59 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

      My game theory professor kept saying that game theory can be applied to the dating world too and he gave us examples of signaling or other concepts from the perspective of both guys and girls when we date. It was rather funny and true too. He also said that we could do our dissertation on applying game theory to anything we want, including stuff like dating, marriage etc.

      This guy must be his brother. 😛


  36. Great sport over at Return of Kings.

    Are they all submoron ooks?


  37. on August 1, 2014 at 11:56 am gunslingergregi

    on time and woman
    time just never really seems to matter
    you could not see a bitch or talk for a month or 20 years and its right back on


  38. CH: i think this subject deserves some clarification. trying to reopen communication with a nonresponsive girl is by its nature a DLV, but because the cost-benefit ratio of texting is so low, it doesn’t hurt a man to go ahead and give it the old college try.

    My rule is to only reopen a nonresponsive girl if I meet her in real life and she seems eager to keep things moving.


  39. I am beginning to think that the obesity epidemic is heavily encouraged by the government, simply because it ensures that the white women who become obese interbreed with black men only.

    When I was young and naive, I thought that if whites outnumber blacks 7 to 1, then it would be blacks who vanish if interbreeding really started. Unfortunately, the government anticipated this, and discovered that if they create an obesity epidemic, a certain segment of white woman would only be attractive to black men.

    Hence, the same black men impregnate black and obese white women, so they are producing more spawn than white men. A lot of black men fuck a black megafauna as well as a white beluga, while a white man gets nothing, as to him, celibacy is better than a white fatty.

    Obesity epidemic = population replacement of whites due to Fat White Woman + Black Man pairings. Not of smart whites, but of whites nonetheless.


    • on August 1, 2014 at 1:57 pm The Spirit Within

      You keep thinking that, buddy.


      • Everything would be much better if black men didn’t have a fat fetish. There wouldn’t be a need for the government to increase obesity among ALL women (especially black women, but a lot of white women too).


    • Let’s be fair.

      Negros don’t have a “fat fetish”, per se…

      It’s just that they’ll [email protected] anything that’s at hand… and willing… or not.


      • yes, that’s my observation as well. black men may somewhat prefer bigger rumps on women, but that doesn’t scale to having a fat fetish. instead, what i think is going on is that blacks are simply less discriminatory, and have a higher innate tolerance for porking porkers. but given a free choice, most black men would choose thinner over fatter.


  40. From that Maury Povich video, the government see that, and says “job well done”.

    Step 1: Make some percentage of white women obese.
    Step 2: Encourage black men to act on their animal urges and preference for obese women that other men would shun.
    Step 3: Have the black man cuckold a white married man, via the fat white woman.
    Step 4: Pass laws that ensure the white man still has to pay money to the fat cow, despite this greatest of betrayals.

    The government has thought this through pretty fully. This is how they get around the reality that whites used to outnumber blacks 7 to 1, and old-fashioned mixing would have made blacks disappear, rather than whites. This way, they get around that ratio.

    We are finished.


  41. on August 1, 2014 at 1:41 pm Amanjaw Marcuntte

    The Goodbye America is strong with this one:


    Mangina PZ Myers’ tatted spawn officiates an unholy union of beta and buzzcut.


  42. text game from friday night w hot 19 yo who i had casually kissed+groped at bar x last weekend…

    me (3:30pm): come out 4 a drink tonite !

    her (4:15pm): i am 🙂
    (4:16pm): despite the miserable weather

    i wait a full 6 hours before messaging her again, shortly after i arrive at bar x

    me (10pm): come to bar x
    her (10:05pm): we are at bar y 🙂
    me (10:45pm): LOL
    her (10:45pm): why is that lol ?
    her (10:46pm): we are at bar z now [equidistant between bars x & y]
    me (10:50pm): you’re getting warmer

    that’s it. radio silence is maintained, until she finally appears at like 2:30am, with a sidekick, approaches me, introduces herself to the other attractive girl i am heavily flirting with, then goes to the bathroom / leaves.

    word/message/timing ratios are on target; attitude of aloof ambuiguity is maintained; role reversal is maintained (she is coming to me); preselection is established. see you next week, girl x !