Feminist Idiocy Unintentionally Provides Useful Game Advice (Again)

A graphic produced by some dumb feminist associated with the dumb feminist Twitter hashtag campaign #WhyIStayed is amusingly, if unsurprisingly, self-contradicting pabulum that works well if read with the opposite meaning intended.

Duluth, Minnesota. Fuckin’ ground zero for empty-headed shrill feminist white girls.

If you didn’t know, #WhyIStayed was a de-clawed internet cat swarm that defensively erupted after video of Ray Rice knocking out his adoring now-wife in an elevator emerged. The #WhyIStayed message, if one could call it that, was “Don’t blame women for anything, ever, that goes wrong in their lives.” Really, how else do you interpret thousands of women offering thousands of lame excuses for why they stayed with their sexily abusive alpha male lovers?

There must be an equivalent hashtag called #WhyIHadNoTroubleLeavingMyBoringBetaMaleBoyfriend. There’s not? Oh too bad.

Anyhow, if you sift through this dung pile of feminist ego assuaging butthurt you find a few curious nuggets of anti-feminist truth about relationships and how to keep them going.

“not take her concerns seriously” — women love love love when a man charmingly patronizes them.

“say she caused it” — it may be unethical, but then why does it work so well?

“use jealousy to justify actions” — chicks do dig occasional flashes of jealousy, as long as it’s obvious the man is expressing them with complete control over his emotions.

“make her feel bad and guilty” — reframing.

“play mind games” — that’s one way to provoke a vaginal gusher.

“smash things” — occasional bursts of anger, when justified, are cues of sexy male dominance and they do turn on women.

“make her do illegal things” — the ghost of Bonnie chortled.

“threaten to leave her” — dread game.

“make her ask for money” — because throwing money at women really makes them fall more in love. /sarcasm

“give her an allowance” — if women have no agency in abusive relationships, shouldn’t they be treated like children for their own protection?

“not let her know about or have access to family money” — chicks dig mysterious men. by the way, this PSA is starting to read like an action plan for fleecing wealthy beta males.

“take her money” — aka make a woman feel like she’s invested in you. she’ll try harder to make it work.

“be the one to define men’s and women’s roles” — chicks dig a leader. and they also dig benevolently sexist men!

“make all the big decisions” — because letting women make big decisions works out real well when they’re trying to decide whether to leave an abusive alpha male.

“treat her like a servant” — 50 Shades of Gray has sold millions of copies. To women.

“act like the master of the castle” — this has got to be a feminist secret wish list.

Another day, another drubbing. Thank you feminists, for revealing the holes in your hearts your beboobed beta male lackeys cannot fill!


  1. This (hair) pie chart raises an interesting question. We know that when a man actually does all those things, his girl is at peace. So who created this wonder of qualitative analysis? Answer: a female who either hasn’t had those things done to her — hasn’t had alpha commitment, or one who overshot her station and got dumped by an alpha.

    This is just another confirmation that feminism is a shit test.


    • > “feminism is a shit test” Within a vacuum, yes, but meaningless without acknowledging concurrent relentless YKW war against masculinity. Betas and Gammas already broken-souled. NFL Alphas next.


  2. Apparently, feminists believe (for the sake of equality) that it is a man’s duty to absorb physical assault from his woman.

    The video, in my view, is exculpatory for Mr. Rice.


  3. […] Feminist Idiocy Unintentionally Provides Useful Game Advice (Again) […]


  4. This is a female wishlist indeed.
    Take it word by word.

    Most of the listed items are things I do on a regular base. I mean it. And for more than 20 years it is working. Wife is looking top 5% in her age group, 3 kids, good life.


    PS: That is 200% true for the darker parts of this list, you know the points those white knights would want to burn you on stake for. These are magic.


  5. This is starting to become fucking hilarious.


    Well thanks for the road map.


  6. These “ladies” make a pretty strong case for why women shouldn’t be considered adults.


  7. So all the reasons to leave a husband are at the same time things that keep her put. That’s like saying the reason you got hit by someone in the street is the reason you didn’t hit back. Or the fact that you got mud on your car is the reason you didn’t wash your car. Or the fact that you are in bad shape is the reason you don’t work out.

    No, it’s a list of reasons to break up. The same list can’t be used as an excuse for why a woman DOESN’T break up. That’s just, like CH says, a way to claim that women are not responsible for their own decisions, ever.

    With the vast majority of relationships ended by women it doesn’t seem like there are too many obstacles in the way, so claiming they can’t leave is BS. But that’s leftism: the useful idiots are promised that they don’t have to take responsibility for anything.


    • > “all the reasons to leave a husband” Combine this thread with previous thread [Self-Acknowledgement] to TEACH your wife why you have spine of stainless steel. ‘Baby, studies have shown that women want their men to be jerks. That women lose respect for their men if their men are pushovers. Etc.’


  8. feminist secret wish list.

    Yes, this definitely reads like a wish list, a handy chart for aspiring alphas.


  9. In fact, the laws in the West make it as easy as possible for women to leave. In the U.S. there’s the big cashing in of alimony stolen from a man for years. And few know how the rules are stacked against men in Britain.

    Say a man and a woman live together. Say they aren’t even married, they have only been living together for a few months, and it’s the man’s house. Even then the rules are stacked against him. If he let a woman stay at his place and she realizes he is about to kick her out, she can call the police and tell them he beat her. Immediately the police will show up to throw out the man. He gets to collect his personal belongings in the presence of the officers and is then escorted out. The woman gets the house.

    The man then has to pay the rent, electricity, gas, internet etc for the home even while the woman is living there. He is not allowed to go near her. This is before her claims have been investigated. He then has to go through mandatory sensitivity training to learn that it is bad to beat a woman. ONLY THEN does he get a hearing in court. This process takes weeks. In the meantime he has to live in a cheap hotel while paying for a home where the woman lives for free.

    He has to prove that he didn’t abuse her. The investigators can call his workplace, shaming him publicly. Every attempt is made to favor the woman in this process. If he finally gets his home back, he can’t do anything about her lies. She doesn’t suffer the least for lying, so she has nothing to lose from doing so.


  10. Forget about feminism & similar divertiments.White European civilization is at stake- and you’re obsessing about who’s fucked more 7s or 8s. We, the global West, are facing extinction or final liberation from democracy’s straitjacket, while most of the commenters are harping on pussy.More than pathetic, it’s just revolting.


    In an article posted at Gates of Vienna last month, Norwegian boys describe their experiences growing up in heavily Muslim neighborhoods of Oslo:

    Andreas believes that the Norwegian culture is being squeezed out.

    “Nobody wants to be a Norwegian here. Norwegian is synonymous with weakness. This is a feeling that is also being conveyed by the teachers.

    “They are afraid. They don’t dare to speak out. You should have a look at the number of principals that have come and gone at Vestliveien school in recent years, and ask them why they left. They don’t have control, but they do everything to accommodate the Muslim students. In home economics classes everybody has to prepare halal meat. Immigrants do not have to attend ‘NyNorsk’ classes [literally New-Norwegian, which is a different dialect and a different way to write Norwegian — there are two forms of written Norwegian]. I have to attend these classes. The Muslim girls do not have to attend the physical activity classes; because of course they cannot undress in front of other girls. We have to adapt to their culture. They don’t have to adapt to ours.”

    Andreas’ views on girls:

    “There is one thing that annoys the hell out of me. They can start chasing Norwegian girls, but we cannot go after theirs. It’s something you learn early on. You just don’t go after a Pakistani girl, but Norwegian girls are available to immigrant boys. Norwegian girls prefer them. I don’t know why. I guess it must be that brown skin. That they are tough, that they have money despite not having jobs. They don’t see that they fight in packs, that they are cowards. I asked my best female friend if we could get romantically involved, and she told me that I have the right personality, but the problem was that I’m Norwegian. She wants to become involved with a foreigner.”

    On the other hand, much maligned Israelis do the right thing: http://www.skynews.com.au/news/world/mideast/2014/09/09/-israel-forced-african-migrants-to-leave-.html
    He believes that Oslo will eventually become Oslostan.


  11. most women would prefer to receive a knockout punch to what the media and NOW have done to Ray Rice’s wife.



  12. It sounds like a quite accurate description of abusive men to me. It really does exist you know…
    I don’t think this should be used against men in general though, like feminists often end up doing. And I think a similar guide should be made for abusive women. They exist too, and they’re not to be forgotten.


    • @Frate – Just add a leading “S” everywhere the word “he” appears in the chart. AKA – “she”. And yes, it works both ways.


    • They insist upon not being forgotten!

      Women use what is called “social aggression,” which is just a fancy term for abuse. In girl world, its okay to bully and yell and scold and nag other women because they’re just trying to help you, don’t cha know? And its okay to threaten and extort and harass men because things didn’t turn out as they wanted and it sure wasn’t any fault of their own.


      • Social Aggression is not just a fancy term for abuse – it’s a Politically Correct (and Socially Correct) word for abuse. One which it is easier to swallow and seems “nicer”.

        Like how “naked selfies” are the rude form of “nude selfies” (which are just r).


    • Yes, it does exist but how common is it?
      I’m willing to bet that for every woman in such a relationship, there is an equivalent man experiencing the female version of that pie chart.
      One difference being that men are expected to put up, shut up and man up.


      • COTW… balls-ass obvious, but still… COTW.


      • on September 15, 2014 at 4:59 am gunslingergregi

        pretty sure it is much much much higher for men
        they got to put up with that shit in relationships
        but then when the relationship is over
        they get bullied by men with guns to pay the bitch they are not even with
        how come no bitches talking about that I mean that is real actual quantifiable abuse
        then guy gets put in jail if he don’t pay the chick he
        is not even in a relationship with
        no I don’t believe it would be even close to equal just like it never is


      • Hell is the Impossibility of Reason.


      • on September 15, 2014 at 9:12 am gunslingergregi

        but also when a woman experiences anything unpleasant she
        can leave
        or make the dude leave
        when a dude is experiences a nightmare
        he can’t go get free housing free medical so easily
        how many men are trapped in good jobs fearing for their safety
        im betting a pretty good percentage of professional men

        along with even high powered men
        are physically abused by their woman
        cause what can they do about it
        congressman beats his wife what happens
        she could shit on the dude he can’t do nothing


      • on September 15, 2014 at 9:18 am gunslingergregi

        really prob way more female physical cause its so ingrained in men to not hit woman
        who the fuck tells Barbie she can’t hit ken


  13. According to that list, every married beta male I’ve ever met is being actively abused. Someone should start a hashtag for the poor mens.


  14. The effort put into that chart. Now i understand the phrase “social justice warrior.” At first i was like “wait, why call them warriors when there is no war involved?”

    Then it became clear that they feed their ego on feeling like they are on a mission. I can empathize with that base desire to have meaning in life. When you got it so easy that you spend zero time on chores,caring for children, or obtaining resources, god forbid producing something of value, i can see the mind wandering to self destruction.


    • The “social justice warriors” were the people H.L. Mencken despised. They exploit “causes” to make themselves look important and to have an excuse to hate those who have succeeded in society. If you can’t make more money, then you can proclaim that you have a “moral conscience” and that those who go to work and then go home to build a family do not.

      The “warriors” are the ones who love elections. They LOVE elections. While the correct attitude is to see them at best as a necessary evil, something that has to be taken care of before you go back to doing productive things. The “warriors” live for elections, referendums and campaigns. They dream of walking down the street, stopping traffic (they hate people who can afford cars) together with the mass of people they walk together with. They dream of “taking over” public spaces, forcing others to walk around them. It’s about nothing more than that. Making themselves feel important. Because they were too dumb and too lazy to study something useful in school.


  15. “abuse pets” … hmmm …
    is that like “spreading her legs for fido”?


  16. man’s income = “family income”
    woman’s income = “her money”

    This graphic is pimp game in a nutshell. Some of it is without a doubt unethical, most of it is great advise if you desire a long lasting loving relationship.


  17. New post up: Implied Soft Dread in the Song of Solomon.


  18. on September 14, 2014 at 11:57 am Days of Broken Arrows

    Translation of above chart: any criticism or attempts to reign in the behavior of St. Woman is now defined as “abuse.” Follow this and you’re sure to wind up in a mess.

    And what’s with “abuses pets?” More of their pervy “50 Shades” fantasies?


  19. “Use emotional abuse”

    Like going out one a nice day and buying just one ice cream. For yourself. She pouts. So you two sit on a park bench and tell her you’ll feed her your ice cream if she begs like a dog. Tell her she has to wag her tail.


  20. It is hard to take any internet media social justice campaign, let alone this one. But the real outrage should be about how they raise funds. I bet the person who made this propaganda has a pretty nice income and apparently, their job requires no burden of proof to make assumptions. “Male privilege” should warn anyone that hands are being waived as an assertion about injustice is made. Look at their donors list, the Minnesota and federal government contribute to it. Anyone without scruples could start a non-profit and make this sort of graphic and collect money for it. I hate to make generalizations but does anyone else see the irony in collecting money from a bunch of funds set up by men and the government, paying yourself a nice income, and then maybe doing a half hour’s worth of work to put this drivel together and attach it to a twitter campaign?


  21. “50 Shades of Gray has sold millions of copies….”

    We can be more precise for rhetorical effect: “50 Shades of Gray has sold over 100 million copies….”


  22. Recently encountered red flags for dates

    1. Allergic to anything like Gluten or Dairy
    2. Timidity / christian /low sex drive
    3. She’s a 6.5

    I’m seriously considering deleting this chick, that picks me up from college and cooks for me, because of these things. Don’t even wanna keep her around it’s that annoying. Shoutout warning to all of you


  23. Since women have the power of the state behind them in feminized countries, I’d say the men need to have even more control over their wives. All in the name of “equality.”


  24. Funny though, “isolation” is the standard tactic of women who seek to control their men by forcing him to cut loose his old friends as well as preventing him from seeking new ones. Ask any married man.


  25. “threaten to leave her”

    Chick logic at its finest: “I wouldn’t leave my abusive boyfriend bbb…bbecause he threatened to leave me first!”


  26. on September 14, 2014 at 1:55 pm Jokah Macpherson

    I was in Duluth a week ago and the girls I saw there were generally pretty hot and feminine compared to urban North Carolina where I live. They were not very “diverse” but I never heard anyone complain.

    Must be a vocal minority that’s putting out this game advice disguised as feminist propoganda.


    • on September 14, 2014 at 2:04 pm James Baxter Hunt

      Durham? Downtown Charlotte or Greensboro? Plenty of feminine chicks in downtown Raleigh [at least north of the Shaw U area]. Asheville = dykes, Wilmington increasingly a war zone like Durham.


    • Try the college district in St Paul instead…


  27. found out a little gem that might helps some people out while i was dealing with my girlfriend; the gist of it i was one the phone with her, she’s a little bigger(read: j00cy), and i mentioned that i stay in shape to keep her on her toes. she’s self conscious about her weight(it’s bay-bay-makin body type with hips and a FAT ass + thigh gap for imagination sake) and she’s a SG(sensitive girl). after i hung up, she texted me saying “i’m upset with you” i don’t reply back for a bit(hamster dynamite) she texts again “can you respond so i know you care.” i say “upset?” she says what i said was really mean. i say i take health importantly(kinda defending myself, but that’s what you do in LTR relationships, right?) she replies with “you don’t have to put that kind of pressure on me” i reply “alright babe.” then she calls me out on my shit — “i doubt that’s all you have to say” and then i blow her up with a grip of text messages in a row justifying myself and why i find health important, explaining how i have scars on my back(which she’s never noticed), and how i get weird when i get touched because of that and i’m HELLA ticklish; all-in-all it was kinda beta in a sense and i felt like damn that was stupid saying my feelings so out of nowhere i throw in the(unknowingly) hamster dynamite:

    “i don’t expect you to understand”


    7 text messages from her in a row reading:
    “why not?”
    “why wouldn’t i understand?”
    “i do”

    *i hold frame not replying to let the dynamite have aftershock value*

    “thank you for sharing it with me”
    “? :(”

    i reply back with “i have nothing to say. that’s my deepest ‘secret’ i have.” (maybe this was beta? it’s relating to my back-scars)

    she says:
    “well i’m honored that you trust me enough with it”
    “i do understand and i love you”

    *i don’t reply*

    (morning text from her)
    “are you ok?”

    script reversed, pussy wet, all is well in the world. conversations and flirting continued normally next day like nothing happened — mentally engraving myself in her mind: check. text messages + n00dz randomly: check.

    she’s french BTW, and the first time(on cue with CH foreign girl guide) i used my female penetrator on her, she did NOT fall in love, and had side dudes — and is currently in chicago for 3 months for film school. her room has posters hung up i gave her(leaving my mark) from my room and a picture i drew her saying “hav fun in ChiKagO”(i got the idea from the latest post of drawing like a kid) and the bottoms says “PS i stayed up pasted my bed time making this” she was mad at first because i hyped it up saying it was confessing my feelings and how much she means to me etc etc, but later she sends me a picture of it hanging right above her head where she sleeps at night. i have had no bad signs from her so i’m continuing it

    this relationship has been fun


  28. Women, and people in general, get lied to and they enjoy it. They respond more fondly toward lies than sincerity, and will lash out at you for pointing this out.


    • When it comes to either men or women, nothing kills a relationship or friendship faster than honesty.


      • on September 15, 2014 at 5:14 am gunslingergregi

        they like the lies cause they know they can catch you in the lie
        then have something to hold over your head
        or the regret of lying will make you change your treatment of them
        their is nothing to hold over the head of an honest person
        no regrets


      • on September 15, 2014 at 5:16 am gunslingergregi

        the wages of lies is hell on earth
        I’ve seen it
        the truth at least gets you moments of paradise


      • their is nothing to hold over the head of an honest person
        no regrets

        Not always true…

        Being honest makes you able to look yourself in the mirror each morning…

        But sometimes it’s a lonely view… and I have regretted lost friendships resulting from me sticking to my principles…

        Then again, nobody ever said banning and shunning was going to be easy.

        Matthew 7:13, 14

        Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.


      • on September 15, 2014 at 3:40 pm gunslingergregi

        yea I guess kind of true i’m giving up two chick buddies that also suck my dick right now cause they getting married
        I could just do the we are friends only and deny deny deny
        and still get my cock licked on occasion from them but f it
        better not to prob


      • on September 17, 2014 at 6:52 am gunslingergregi

        yea greg you are right in a way
        but there are other worlds
        find a place that fits who you are is the thing I think

        ;;;;;;;;;;;Then again, nobody ever said banning and shunning was going to be easy.;;;;;;;;;;;

        yea its weird that the godless accept each other for who they are
        they can fuck each other over
        and there is pretty much always forgiveness for
        everything is an irony

        I was shunned in catholic school cause my parents didn’t have loot and wasen’t token black
        but not in public school


    • That’s the truth right there.


    • Disagree. The problem here is that most men prefer the affection of others to the respect of others. Honesty in all your affairs earns you respect and trust. People will start to see you as a leader. Yes, people “lash out” at leaders — leaders are like parents.


      • men prefer the respect of others to the affection of others because they know, subconsciously, that authorial majesty will net them more and better pussy than will likability.


      • There was something I read on this that concluded if men had to choose between being respected and being loved, they’d choose being respected. Which, being a girl, is very hard for me to understand. But it stuck with me, and I think it’s probably right.


      • on September 15, 2014 at 6:32 pm Diversity Is Good

        There was something I read on this that concluded if men had to choose between being respected and being loved, they’d choose being respected. Which, being a girl, is very hard for me to understand. But it stuck with me, and I think it’s probably right.

        Shaunti Feldhahn, For Women Only, not too bad a book in some ways.
        Survey results of several thousand men. 90% or so choose respect over love,
        so 1 chapter of 200 page book on “respect him”.


      • on September 17, 2014 at 6:46 am gunslingergregi

        you can’t have love without respect


  29. Much Thanks CH
    It’s posts like these that turn the Femi-Matrix Vag monologues into decipherable ideas we can use.

    A buddy of mine is into online dating. He had a mom of 3 that openly flaunted that “one man” can’t satisfy her. I told him to go alpha and insist that if she dated him it would be exclusive.

    She then admitted (to this internet stranger no less) she was playing with 3 men. I told him to write that it was a perfect way to rear kids in this world to see their mom cavorting with 3 men at the same time.
    Mom of the year nomination.

    Obviously he’s not interested in her anymore. But it makes me wonder for all the guys who don’t get in the face of these not-ladies. Were the 3 guys she’s allowing to plow her heavily sow field all thinking “they are the one and only”?


  30. After conversing with some feminists yesterday, they have helped me to realize I am in an abusive relationship. In order to help other women determine if they are too, I have constructed this helpful “10 Reasons You May Be in an Abusive Relationship” list. Please feel free to send it to all your female acquaintances so we can stop the following terrible abuses:

    1. Has your partner taken you out and paid for dinner at least once in the past week? If not, you may be in an abusive relationship.

    2. Has your partner compromised his integrity in order to satisfy your feminist family matriarch? If not, you may be in an abusive relationship.

    3. When your partner proposed, did he get down on one knee to show his deference to your higher sexual market value? If not, you may be in an abusive relationship.

    4. Does your partner work over one hundred hours a week to keep you in the latest fashions, newest cars, and biggest houses? If not, you may be in an abusive relationship.

    5. Does your partner encourage you to stay in shape and eat healthily? If so, you may be in an abusive relationship.

    6. Does your partner require you to be responsible for your own actions and expect you to act like an adult? If so, you may be in an abusive relationship.

    7. Do you find yourself singing as you go about your chores…wait a minute. You’re not doing chores, are you?!?! If so, you are DEFINITELY in an abusive relationship.

    8. If you have trouble holding back how happy you are because it annoys other people, you may be in an abusive relationship.

    9. Is your partner a millionaire? If not, you may be in an abusive relationship.

    10. And, finally, does your partner have reasonable expectations for himself, you, and your relationship? If so, you may be in an abusive relationship.

    I find myself unsure of how to proceed at this point. I love my husband. But, he didn’t put the potholder back in the drawer today. I just don’t know how much more of this I can take.


    • Hah, good one.

      One thing I have learned is that anything can be demonized. You can cherrypick things that someone does, or a party or organization or a people does, and use that for demonization. Leftist media do it all the time. Any man in any relationship can be made to look abusive.

      If CH walked on water the feminists would write, “Misogynist can’t swim!”

      That is not to say that there aren’t negative entities. But very often, they are not the ones picked out for criticism. Very often, they are the ones doing the criticizing, since the best people prefer to just go to work, go home, and raise a family.


    • But, he didn’t put the potholder back in the drawer today.

      Did he have a chance to clean it up.

      I just don’t know how much more of this I can take.

      Hopefully another five inches.


    • Hi Katarina, your emotional center must be asleep again, lol. Lots of linear thinking here.

      11. “Is your partner a man? If so, you may be in an abusive relationship.”

      I have a lot of posts on my active blog which you might not have seen. Lately I’ve been offering a religious defense of Game, using the Song of Solomon, against attacks from the orthosphere.


      • Yes! Yes! I want more items for my list! 🙂

        (I checked out your post. I’m afraid I’m in the “a Godly woman doesn’t need Game” mindset. I think it lets women off the hook to say dread is necessary. Dread of dread ought to be enough!)


      • Dread of dread ought to be enough!

        Fear the Lord, and you need fear nothing else.


    • on September 15, 2014 at 5:19 am gunslingergregi

      7. Do you find yourself singing as you go about your chores…””””””””””’

      that is one of the hottest things in the world


  31. on September 14, 2014 at 3:18 pm Diversity Is Good

    I knew a man who put up with a lot of shit for a lot of years from his wife, because he did not want to lose access to his children. She knew that, and used their children as hostages to his supplicating behavior. But I’m sure no feminist would regard that as emotional abuse, because everyone knows women never abuse men.

    The youngest child is graduating from high school, and going to join the Army.

    Guess what’s going to happen after the nest is empty? It’s gonna get even emptier, by one man. Because he isn’t going to take the stress much longer. And I’m sure she’ll be the one to scream “abuse!” as he walks out the door.


  32. It’s time the term feminist or feminism is eviscerated or at least begun to be.

    There is nothing feminine about this doctrine and theology.

    Check any online dictionary for a defininition of feminine, in fact notice with your own mind and body what you as a man respond Well to in a feminine woman (been said here countless times before)

    Their manners are indicative of a Temple of Doom death cult with an incorrect view of the male attributes, virtues and values in creating civilization, which at its best is always at least part inspired by feminine beauty and grace.

    What they truly are for want of a better term at this stage in the play is anti-feminists, out of control useful idiots


  33. on September 14, 2014 at 5:29 pm Vortex the Destroyer

    There once was an old maid from Duluth
    Who wept when she thought of her youth
    When she thinks of the chances
    She had at the dances
    And once in a telephone booth

    – Stephen King


    • There once was an old maid named Alice
      Who used a dynamite stick for a phallus,
      They found her vagina
      In North Carolina,
      And her buttocks at Buckingham Palace.

      – author unknown


      • Today in the old USA,
        femininity is considered passé.
        Instead of mommies,
        the women are commies
        and think that the betas should pay.
        – Mark Minter


      • There once was a fashionable man-
        wore ties by Pierre Cardin!
        His nasty ex-wife
        was the bane of his life,
        so he stepped off the chair and he hanged.
        – Kate


      • Now the coroner came to inquest
        just where had gone this man’s zest?
        And the wife, how she cried,
        bamboozled and lied,
        while the press helped to bury the rest.

        And, so, it came to pass,
        that our bonny, duplicitous lass,
        found a young lover,
        whose eyes she could cover,
        until he woke up at last.

        As the years began to go by,
        she thought of her husband who died.
        If only she’d given
        instead of relivin’,
        that man might still be alive.


      • This one’s especially for our resident poetaster Kate:

        A mathematician named Paul,
        Had the largest one of ’em all,
        Its length times eight,
        Plus the cube of its weight,
        Was his number… so give him a call.


  34. The things they hate are the things they are attracted to.

    And Freud couldn’t answer this question…”What does a women want?”


  35. Chicks are so dumb, it’s hilarious.


  36. “Because I couldn’t get out of Josef’s basement”


  37. The chart looks much more like what an abusive mother would do to her unwanted children. Unlike a lover, the kids actually will put up this — and more.

    Eventually, they get their circuits crossed — and think this is love.

    Adults, of either sex, are going to split if there is no (countering) benefit to be had.

    Regardless, no adult needs to consult a ‘rage wheel of agitation’ to put a focus on a relationship that’s gone sour.

    Speaking of which, most babes will sour on a love affair the moment it ‘breaks beta’ — the ultimate XX crime being sub-standard XY DNA.

    Most of the travails listed on the ‘rage wheel’ consist of those gambits beloved by women — because they’re HEAD GAMES.

    Specifically, they are used by women against beta-husbands DURING family court. It’s a veritable punch list of law game maneuvers.

    There are no ex-husbands that have not been on the receiving end of such antics.


  38. They should rename that graphic. I would call it the pimp’s wheel to success


  39. Do the opposite of the entire chart. This is basically like a child posting their wish list on the fridge with stuff like “Stay up past midnight. Eat candy every meal. Don’t do homework. No more chores.” Who would take it seriously?


  40. So we’re not abusive to men? The Female Abuser pie chart–if anyone had the guts to create one–would have the bulleted items in the pie slots replaced with

    –won’t put out yet expects you never to look askance or masturbate

    –gets fat, mean, and SUPER lazy, threatens with financial ruin if you want out

    –constantly complains about you to anyone who will listen

    –de-balling you in front of others (whispering to a total stranger that you have ED, hemorrhoids, or other embarrassing condition)

    –withholds love for the smallest infractions (another reader mentioned husband’s forgetting to put the potholder back in the drawer…that IDIOT!!!)

    –medical excuses for being vicious 24/7 (PMS/PMDD, had a baby 11 yrs ago, thyroid trouble)

    –blaming you for not giving her the life she “deserves” (which, incidentally, is CRAZY unrealistic, like “never wanting to build a house out of solid 24K gold”)

    –blaming you for things you could not possibly have done (making her fat, forcing her to talk to her friend on the phone while driving thereby causing the resultant crash)

    You get the picture. I won’t waste any more of your time. I’m guessing none of the above happens to any readers of this site (thank God real guys still exist somewhere). At least abusive men provide occasional delicious, worthwhile experiences.

    P.S. The abuse chart above does indeed include things we love about you, you bastards…you demanding, controlling, strong-arming, irresistible bastards.


    • on September 15, 2014 at 6:29 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

      You should have made an equally preposterous list as they did though. E.g. the question ‘do I look fat?’ = abuse. lol


  41. If you ever need a list of truths that offend feminists, look for one of those bingo charts they keep making.

    Like sarcasm, reducing painful realities to a game is their way of mentally coping with arguments they can’t deal with.


  42. “by the way, this PSA is starting to read like an action plan for fleecing wealthy beta males.”

    I spilt my coffee on my desk from amusement. Thanks CH.


  43. The original, early 1970s Movie, “The Texas Chain-saw Massacre” deserves more careful and scholarly analysis than it has so far been according


  44. In the theme of brilliant game moves that bring the moist looks of indignation from girls, one of my old friends: The “Touchdown”:
    When a girl says something (incredibly) stupid, interrupt and ask her if she knows what “touchdown” means.
    Ignore her lack of football knowledge, shake your head and proceed to tell her that it has another meaning, as you put your hand on her shoulder with a grin on your face. Ask her if she has ever heard of Down’s syndrome. Tell her that it’s a tradition in your friend circle, that once someone says something not-so-very-smart, you proceed to do a “Touch-Down”. If she doesn’t get it, do another “touchdown”.

    Congratulations, you just got a “pass this shit-test and collect tingles” card for the particular girl. From that moment on, anytime she says anything you dislike or throws a shit test at you, all you will have to do is simply place your hand on her shoulder and give her a knowing look, every so often muttering “touchdown” under your breath. No effort, no thinking, just a little touch.

    Great move for AMOG friends as well. Great move for everyone in the know.


  45. on September 15, 2014 at 3:52 am Max from Australia

    I am sure all of us know a violent man or three…in the last 40 years my local Drug dealer, Stand over man, And Biker have always had women hanging around. they have literally never been alone….

    While the guy down the road who has a perfect lawn and is the teacher at the local school (and chafferers at night to make ends meet) has not had a woman in his house for 15 = 20 years.


  46. A lot of this shyt is also very similar to some of the things women pull as well – on their beta boyfriends.


  47. O.T. Anybody ever tried maca powder? I’m more interested in hearing what dudes in their 30s-50s have to say as I’m in my 40s. Just need some energy to help me feel more energy overall. But I’m not trying to get something that gets me all jittery like some mini-thins or coke. And wondering if any sexual side effects. I don’t need any that are bad – good ones I’ll take, but these are side concerns to just wanting overall better energy. Thanks.


  48. on September 15, 2014 at 5:28 am gunslingergregi

    the really weird about that chart is that it misses the one way to really
    really really abuse a bitch
    don’t give her the dick


  49. on September 15, 2014 at 5:33 am gunslingergregi

    “act like the master of the castle” — this has got to be a feminist secret wish list.””””””’

    he he he


  50. The flip side of the bullshit feminist coin.



  51. on September 15, 2014 at 6:24 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

    Here’s a question to test style aptitude. If you already know the complementary colors theory for pairing your clothing and accessories, what about colours that are mixed with white to produce another color(e.g. pink)? And now a question I’d like to know the answer of: which type of color theory should you use? Subtractive or additive colors?

    Something for shit and giggles:
    [email protected] two being gorgeous. I guess leftards do like cheapening words until they mean nothing.


    • lights add, paints (which are light filters) subtract .Not sure if that’s what you’re asking about.

      If you want something related to fashion, I have nothing to say because I have no f’ing idea.


      • on September 16, 2014 at 5:34 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

        I knew that light adds and paint subtracts, I was just curious which one of the color theories are relevant to fashion. I learned color theory in art class, but I learned how to pair clothing by watching others do it or picking what looks pleasing to my eye so I have no idea which of the colour wheels apply to fashion. I assume that it’s the same as for paints because clothing absorbs light, but I’m merely talking out of my ass.

        I want to go shopping because I got bored of the clothing I currently own(I also got in better shape so a part of it now has a subpar fit) so I want to optimize the shopping.


  52. There she is, Miss America!


    She has the face of a 4. She sang a song and banged a red plastic cup for her talent. Her platform is to nag us about sexual assault on campus, because she says vaguely that someone came on to her in college and she didn’t have the hots for him..

    Did anyone watch this on TV? I didn’t. Is anyone else thinking that these ladies are getting mighty close to cougar status?


  53. For amyone who has helped husbands going through marital hell This is women’s (especially wife’s) playbook:

    Intimidation….’you won’t see your kids ever again’

    Emotional abuse….ha. Let me count the ways I’ve seen this. Affable in laws buying lies of their princess. Friends who stop talking to you. Her Manipulative lies and one sided stories all believed

    Isolation… The people in your social circle who treat you different at first and eventually go radio silent

    Use children…. Collateral but acceptable damage so long as she gets her divorce I’ll gotten gains and custody

    Use female privilege…’I felt so threatened. ” “he was abusive (subtext – he’s THIS CLOSE to going OJ on me)”. And when chick goes hormonal or menopausal, ” he is insensitive to my body.” If a guy feeling work pressure or “depressed’ it’s ” he’s taking it out on me’

    Economic abuse….the financial rape of modern divorce

    Yep. Feminist wife divorce playbook indeed


    • on September 15, 2014 at 9:00 am gunslingergregi

      and yet dudes keep fucking asking bitches to marry them
      like it creates some sort of force field of protection
      this bitch told me last month she loved me still bla bla
      now she married
      wtf is wrong with these bitches
      still says she loves me


      • Worst thing is she’s probably telling the truth. That poor schlub is taken for a ride and not in a good way.


  54. Oh how difficult it is to be feminist and racially tolerant at the same time! How can we be sensitive to the protected white female and the protected black male at the same time?

    Here’s an article about a white female student who complains of being sexually assaulted by a black male student at Sarah Lawrence College:


    Supposedly her “poem” was taken down from FB because it was racist. See for yourself, here’s the poem:

    Seems to me the problem isn’t racism, but her implied threat of murder. But it’s OK for a feminist to threaten murder, we must protect that right, or else these pampered snowflakes will hesitate to come forward.

    Or maybe the threat of murder is hunky dory, but use of the word “dog”, which can be construed as meaning blacks I suppose, is not.


  55. # = Gay.
    Why she stayed? He’s a FOOTBALL PLAYER (=TALL, MONEY, FAME)! Duh!
    In my entire life, I have hit a girl precisely once.
    After finding out that she had (albeit before she met me) been pretty much the town whore and had already had so many abortions to render her incapable of having any more children. We were like 19/20 at the time.
    It was a hard, roundhouse, backhanded face slap, like trying to kill a fly the size of a person.
    Afterwards, she got all lovey-dovey, started talking marriage and babies – which she couldn’t have.
    I learned a whole bunch that day, and liked none of it.


    • on September 16, 2014 at 5:28 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

      I slapped my ex once and she had a positive reaction to it too. I didn’t slap her hard though, much like one does in bed if he is into that sort of thing. She just wouldn’t stop bothering me and pissed me off. I usually prefer tickling women until they beg me to stop because they need to pee when they are gadflies.


  56. Girl won’t give dude the time of day…UNTIL she thinks he’s famous



  57. I’m surprised this website isn’t on the CH blogroll http://www.moreright.net/capturing-gnon/


  58. Shout out to Sentient for directing my attention to this hilarious show with so many game insights.

    This clip echoes how feminist game advice is mocked by women who want masculinity. Check out how the fat one perfectly describes the allure of the aloof male–a concept supported by data here but now in the mainstream. It’s a chick show but it actually echoes the manosphere by highlighting how starved women a game-savvy dude can deliver.


    • I watched the first season. There’s actually a lot of pretty lies perished in that show, despite the SWPL tonality and forced hipster witticisms. And even though the girls are not desirable, the men they end up with are realistically dumpy and broken too. So at least it wasn’t just another feminist power fantasy.


      • the later seasons were more feminist wish list fantasy, and as a result the show became unwatchable shite. cancel that. it was always unwatchable shite, as any show would be with dunham’s gross dumpy body paraded around like she was the venus de milo.


      • Yeah I forgot to mention the scenes of extreme horror that you’re forced to watch. Ultimately not worth it.


    • Broken English by John Cassavettes’ daughter is the best representation of how 30 something modern day women view the SMP.

      Focuses on a mid 30s elite educated upper middle class white chick that is searching for ‘The One’.

      – Begins with depressed 30s yuppie that should be hitting the wall but isn’t because Parker Posey is age proof. (Her and her castmate Milla Jovovich seemed to have found the fountain of youth on the set of Dazed and Confused)

      – Yuppie first gets pumped and dumped by B list movie star and then goes on date with greater beta which doesn’t work out because he’s doesn’t produce tingles.

      – Then magic happens and she meets a French player who validates game principles as far as a woman can write about it. She does her woman drama, feelings and game playing until the unresolved ending that is popular with indie chick flicks because it fulfills their emotional need to have endless options with even greater opportunity.

      This film is on the streaming services and everybody should watch it as it’s a brilliant case study in how these chicks view the game.


      • Looks like cougar bait.

        IMDB: “Nora Wilder [Posey] is freaking out. Nora is in her thirties, alone with a job she’s outgrown . . .” Posey was born in 1968 so she was 39 when the movie came out. Her hot French lover is 5 years younger.


  59. They made me memorize that graphic in a class i had to take because a broad said i hit her. I pointed out to the teacher (hahaha) that essentially it says happy wife happy life, do everything she wants and expect nothing in return. He got mad and almost kicked me out of the class. The other teacher later told me i was absolutely right and it was bullshit, in confidence or course. I believe that was the day i realized that i should act however i want and let them come and go. I dont think i have gotten frustrated aside work since. Lifes great when its onyour terms, fuck anybody who tells you how to handle your shit.


    • Yeah, got to love that “Happy wife, Happy life” nonsense.
      The wife of a very good friend of mine said that to me in his company and my response was; What about the husband? She laughed it off.
      In his situation, she is some ten years younger than him, earns significantly more money than him and this therefore somewhat changes the dynamic where he is obliged, via money/income to keep her “happy”.


  60. […] A graphic produced by some dumb feminist associated with the dumb feminist Twitter hashtag campaign #WhyIStayed is amusingly, if unsurprisingly, self-contradicting pabulum that works well if read with the opposite meaning intended.  […]


  61. This is an instruction manual for how to keep your woman happy. My marriage was doing pretty shitty until I said ‘Fuck it’ and started acting ‘abusive’. At least half the things on this list I do regularly and she eats its up.
    Women are weird.


  62. Abuse pets. This strikes me as amusing as it is well known that women are fond of cute things, pets included. To make pets suffer on purpose would be high grounds for leaving the abusive male partner. Yet, women deliberately choose to go on through life with their vicious partners. It’s almost as if women love fluffy things but love wickedly authoritative figures even more.


  63. NOTICE how many women throw themselves at the feet of convicted mass murderers and vicious abusers of women . Or notice women that won’t give nice guys the time of day, but men who use them, knock them up, and throw they away like trash, them they come into full heat for. Same with egotistical asses. The wife and i fought every day for the first two years of marriage, up being confronted for her insane behaviours, she stated: You’re TOO NICE SO I DON’T HAVE ANY RESPECT FOR YOU.
    They dearly love sociopaths, love being sociopaths, and love being victims, and then they demand to know why the world is such an f’ed up place. Perhaps they are inable to see themselves in mirrors, eh ?


  64. ron n.

    It’s not that they are unable to see themselves in the mirror its a deliberate choice not to. To do so means they can no longer be a victim and subsequently become a part of the problem and therefore must somehow be a part of the solution. Far easier to make the man carry her baggage and maintain that all precious victim status.

    When looking in the mirror they are forced to look at the issues they bring to the relationship. They can’t handle the truth…

    Far easier to DARVO the hell out of you…


  65. Another bit of unintentional dating advice from a male feminist. Lol’ed at this even though his advice of assertiveness wasn’t too bad. You just know it’s gonna be good from the title: 12 Infuriating Ways Guys Mess With Girls’ Heads. XD http://thoughtcatalog.com/charlie-shaw/2013/10/12-infuriating-ways-guys-mess-with-girls-heads/