Spot The Alpha

In this pic, try to identify who is more alpha:

alpha battle supreme

i'm banging a hot russian gymnast half my age. and you?

90% of alphaness is telegraphed through body language, eye contact, facial expression, nonverbal vocalization, and voice tonality. The actual words you say mean very little. For instance, if you laugh at your own jokes you are probably beta. Here we see two wary foes — both of them silverback apex alphas — testing boundaries and trying to establish ultimate dominance. Putin has pulled the “hand over hand” handshake alpha maneuver with a subtle condescending pat to the top of Bush’s hand like a grandmother might give to a precocious child, while Bush has opted for the arm-across-back shoulder clasping “claw” maneuver (something a taller man is well-equipped to do).

This photo is really a great showcase of what happens when two genuine alpha males lock horns and battle for supremacy. The interplay is subtle, but it’s there, make no mistake. At the highest levels, alphas don’t ball up their hands into fists and throw punches, they sublimate the cruder forms of chest thumping into the refined art of civilized court intrigue.

Their faces also tell a story. Bush is stifling an open-mouthed smirk, but his eyes betray unease. He looks like he’s forcing his will upon Putin with his slight lean-in. Putin’s half-lidded eyes and barely downturned mouth hint of haughtiness. Deep in his Commie bones he feels like the superior man to Bush, and this past week in Georgia he demonstrated it when he shoved that air of superiority into Bush’s face by proxy. Also, I notice Putin is standing straight, avoiding the lean-in, and keeping his torso turned less toward Bush and more toward the audience. In contrast, Bush’s body angle defers to Putin.

Whether either of these men’s confidence is warranted is irrelevant. Their strutting for the cameras is what matters.

ALPHA: Putin, by a red whisker. Bush’s “claw” is the most dominant singular gesture in this photo, but the sum total of alpha gestures favors Putin.

(*Note: When Bush said he “looked into [Putin’s] eyes and saw his soul”, many commentators at the time obliquely hinted that this was a beta move, but in fact it was alpha. A strong man can afford to say seemingly silly things like that because it potentially buttresses a larger strategic goal; namely, that of giving your enemy false comfort. Unfortunately, in Bush’s case, alpha doesn’t always equate to smart.)


In the previous photo, we examined alpha posturing between two unfriendlies. Now let’s look at a photo of two men who are on friendly terms:

friendship is no immunity from alpha posturing.

our women are hotter than your women.

You think dominance games cease between friends? Think again. Friendship is no immunity from alpha posturing.

The man on the left is a US representative who has just signed a draft missile shield deal with his Polish counterpart on the right. In their respective countries, I believe the Polish man would be higher up his government food chain than the US rep would be in ours, but because the US is a much more powerful country the playing field during this signing ceremony was effectively leveled. A lower ranking rep from a stronger country trumps a higher ranking rep from a weaker country, even on the weaker country’s turf, and especially when the stronger country is presenting an offer of protection.

To the analysis. Judging by the distance traversed, the Pole has extended his arm first to meet the American for a fully engaged handshake (this was a firm one based on the robust contact between their hands’ thumb and forefinger webbing). The Pole’s hand is in the American’s personal space, who keeps his elbow relaxed and close to his side. Usually, jumping the handshake gun and reaching into your recipient’s personal space signals an effort to establish dominance, and is the mark of the lesser alpha trying to gain street cred. But at the highest levels of social interaction the true alpha can afford to ease off and let the other male put in the work to meet his hand. That is what the American has done here. He knows he is the stronger presence — the “fulcrum” — and thus his alpha gravitational pull brings handshakes toward him.

Take heed: Depending on context and the betaness of your target, the handshake reach-in can be either a move for dominance or a signal of deference.

The Pole’s face is more expressive than the American’s. His smile is broader and his head leans forward slightly. Remember that the alpha male more often than not composes himself with indifference; his face is one of inscrutable impassivity, punctuated infrequently by minimalist gestures like raised eyebrows, chuckles, or cocky smirks. The “happier” of the two men is the one who is lower ranking. The Pole’s facial brightness reveals that he is more impressed with the proceedings. The American possesses the ennui of “been there done that”.

Finally, look at the positions of their opposite hands. It’s subtle, but the American holds his left hand down by his side, while the Pole keeps his in a “shielding” position in front of his crotch. Shielding body language, like arm-crossing and holding drinks chest-high, are self-protection maneuvers employed by betas. It’s the voice of the subconscious given sound through the physicality of the body.

Paradoxically, the body language of an alpha male in the company of lesser men is one of vulnerability. A true alpha has no fear of his environment and has complete control of events around him, and thus announces his elevated status by assuming nonverbal gestures and stances that could potentially make him more vulnerable to usurpers. This is why the seduction community focuses so strongly on what you do with your body before you even open your mouth. Pickup 101 is especially effective at teaching alpha body language skills. For example, when you stand, open your legs to shoulder width and prop your body weight onto one foot while pointing your other foot at a 60 degree angle outwards. This is a horrible position to stand in if someone decides to bum rush you, because you have handicapped your weight distribution, but it is the position to be in if you want other males and girls to know you are utterly unconcerned with incipient threats.

A man who can wave off worry with a look of relaxed aloofness and total situational command is very attractive to women, and confusing to would-be challengers. Defensive, bristly posturing is the mark of the greater beta attempting to punch above his weight. Always act as if you’re already seated on the throne, not as if you’re trying to dethrone someone who got there before you.

ALPHA: The American. (Note, too, how an alpha designation for a man hinges very little on his appearance. The Pole is taller and handsomer, but his body language tells the story.)


  1. on August 21, 2008 at 5:13 pm Dr. Grzlickson

    Did somebody say Grzlickson?


  2. How come human beings don’t just mount each other in displays of dominance like other apes?


  3. Not sure that the American’s hand isn’t around the same place vis a vis his crotch; he’s just rotated differently with respect to the camera.

    Great catch on the smile, though. I first thought the Pole’s smile was narrower and the American’s was broad and open and soft, an effect accentuated by his partly bowed head. Pole: Alpha, right?

    Wrong. The Pole has contained his smile, which engages much more of his facial musculature, going right up to the eyes. The American is putting very little effort into his smile, hence the softer, less tense facial expression. His eyes seem unaffected by what’s happening mouthwards. He’s adopted the vulnerable, relaxed openness of the alpha in his face because he is actually more relaxed than the Pole.

    Yep. American is alpha, Pole beta. Good call.


  4. And Dr Sagan (good to see you back from the afterlife! You and Patrick Bateman should tell us what it’s like), I do personally mount males I wish to dominate. I sometimes bite their necks too. But only if they ask me nicely.

    I mount females only where it is legal (geographically, I mean, not anatomically). Women today are sensitive about such things, unfortunately.


  5. man, awesome post. body language and nonverbal communication is something i’ve been working on, been trying to read when in public and in private/with females for awhile now. i love seeing the subtle interplay between individuals for superiority….how do the rules change when dealing with women/attempting to make clear alpha status?


  6. when you look at handshake pictures, don’t forget the advantage inherent in being on the left-hand side of the photograph.
    because handshaking is right-handed, the hand of whoever is on the left automatically assumes the dominant position in the photograph, unless the right-hand man actively rotates the handshake waffle-iron-style so that his hand is on top.*

    i know you focused on other variables when evaluating the american and the pole, but i can’t shake (heh) the feeling that your evaluation would have been reversed were the pole to have been standing on the left.

    *when a power player pulls this particular move, the best way to regain status is putin’s “hand over hand” maneuver; note that bush’s right hand is completely on top of the original 2-hand waffle iron.


  7. jfk, inter alia, was notorious for insisting on being photographed on the left side of handshakes.


  8. I think you hit the Vladimir Putin / Bush one right on, but I don’t know so much about the Polish photo.

    Also, I think Vladimir Putin’s look of disgust is what really preserves his dignity. He looks like he’s thinking longingly about the dagger he has hidden in his boot.

    In a bar, between two guys who didn’t know or like one another, that look would be followed by a quick shove and a possible fight. Anyway, it’s easy to manhandle a guy for a second, what TRULY determines if your alpha is what happens next.


  9. on August 21, 2008 at 5:46 pm Usually Lurking

    …unless the right-hand man actively rotates the handshake waffle-iron-style so that his hand is on top.

    I usually don’t care for all of the Alpha-Beta terminology, but, I have always found that particular move quite Beta. Like, they are trying too hard. Sort of like when someone goes to shake your hand and they already have it in the “dominant” over-the-top position.


  10. I read that Bush’s awkward expressions stem from his alcoholism.

    And that Pole is Radek Sikorski, as alpha as they come. A former Buller, he owns a manor and is descended from a Polish Saint.


  11. Disagreement on the Pole & American.

    1. See PatrickH on the shielding.
    2. On the smile, the Pole has a genuine, happy smile while the American is displaying an office-smile, i.e. not really happy. Context: the Poles just got the Americans to give them a few missiles, an alleged missile shield. Ostensibly this will help the Poles, Central European Slavs, against their ancient foes and recent lords and masters to the East, East European Orthodox Russians/former godless atheists. How it will help America is anyone’s guess. Imagine this: what if we announced we were going to assign a hunter-killer sub to patrol the Irish sea between Ireland and the UK. Wouldn’t the Irish guy be happy? Where’s his downside? Where’s the US upside? Here, why would the Pole give a shit if Russia got upset and said, uh, actually, not to spoil your party, but, uh, you know we’re going to have to program our missile guidance systems to target those do-hickies, right? I read the Pole smile as totally alpha: thank you beta-loser-spaz-fool, all is right with the world that you give me something and I give you much less in exchange; keep it coming –and hey, thanks too for the few billion collateral aid for us letting you send some guys here to be targets with their snazzy equipment, let’s have a drink!
    3. The American’s shoulders are hunched, i.e. shielding, as if he’s afraid the Pole is actually going to dominate him even more than the bad deal he just signed off on, possibly against his will, because he is servant of George W. “alpha doesn’t always equate to smart” Bush.


  12. Sikorski is also married to an American alpha female, Anne Applebaum.


  13. Yeah, the American guy looks like a drip. Whatever status he has contra the Pole, it’s institutional, not innate. He’s Smithers.


  14. You’re deconstructing the second photo way too much. When I first looked at it, before reading your description or even knowing who the men were, my immediate thought was that the man on the right (the Pole) looked dominant and Alpha.

    I still stand by that conclusion.


  15. Sikorski was also an alpha correspondent for an alpha US political journal, National Review, and spent time running up and down the most alpha mountains in the world, the Hindu Kush, with the most alpha insurgents of all at the time, the mujahedin, breaking the teeth of the biggest alpha Combloc nation around, the USSR. Word.


  16. Affe, that sure was an alpha comment. Awesome!


  17. I’m no Dr. Grzlickson, but I do my beta best.


  18. 4. Forgot this one: The camera’s perspective and the angle of turn. “Judging by the distance traversed, the Pole has extended his arm first to meet the American…” Not so much. The American is reaching across himself, his torso, whereas the Pole is merely opening up, so in relative distance terms –distance from where hand used to be +/- torso twist, the Pole isn’t moving that much more, if at all, than the American. Also, there’s a temporal element. Assuming they both commence movement at the same time, they would naturally meet with the Pole further into the American’s shell. The Pole would actually look like a petty, frightened, courtier douche if he didn’t reach as he had. Also, isn’t there something more alpha about big moves vs. minimalist moves?

    Getting to the camera, note that the flags in the background. This part is guesswork, but, as I understand it, diplomats, especially the beta one’s who do all the legwork in setting up these formal events, are pretty meticulous and detail oriented about making everything all neat and shiny and EQUAL AND BALANCED AND SYNCHRONOUS. So things like the microphones and microphone stands and podiums are probably perfectly twinned. Also, the flags are probably precisely the same size, on precisely the same sized flagstaffs (poles?), situated precisely equidistant from the podiums or, in this case their marks. Probably. Now, what do you see? Mikes, check. Mike-stands, check. Flag size, check. Flag-poles, check. Flag placement? BZZZ. The perspective is off. The camera-man, the photographer, is a bit off center, a bit stage-left. This off-center perspective contributes to a Roissy’s flawed analysis.


  19. Oh wow. I should have looked more closely at the Pole/American pic–I didn’t even check who the Pole was. Sikorski is one badass dude. I’ve seen him interviewed live and in debates too. That face is one solid slab of Tatra Mountain granite. Maybe I’ll have to submit, roll over, expose my belly and my throat, and…change my mind. Sikorski is a one-man geyser of T…and his Old Faithful never shuts down.

    I still read the American’s smile as cold, uninvolved, even indifferent. Maybe he’s beta but thinking “Fuck you anyway!” We betas can be machiavellian bastards and can pull some indirect deeply suppressed passive-aggressive shit on you alphas that you don’t even notice!

    Yes, you unnoticing uncaring alphas. We’re that subtle. We’re that good.


  20. I don’t care if Sikorsk is “Alpha,” he’s a nasty schmuck who is in urgent need of having his inflated ego popped:

    From 1998 to 2001 he served as deputy minister of foreign affairs in the Jerzy Buzek government. During the latter appointment, Sikorski became notorious in the Polish expatriate community, Polonia, for designing and promoting a particularly strict policy regarding Polonia’s citizenship status in Poland.[2] [3] As a result of that policy, Poland refused to recognize the acquired citizenships of Polish emigrants, including hundreds of thousands of recent refugees from Communism and their children, and insisted that they be subject to all obligations of Polish citizenship, while at the same time making it impossible to renounce such citizenship because of an extremely cumbersome administrative procedure. This policy became known as the “passport trap” because it was mainly implemented as harassment of departing travellers (primarily citizens of the United States, Canada, and Australia) who were prevented from leaving Poland until they obtain a Polish passport.

    What a pr*ck.


  21. Actually really disconcerting that liberal, advanced societies with diffuse centers of power and freedom of speech, press, etc. can be so easily manipulated by antediluvian thugs like Putin (and to a lesser extent, Sikorski, who apparently combines New Europe openness with Olde Oxbridge entitlement) who run shithole feudal rentier states capable only of using the former Red Army to steal wealth from their smaller neighbors.

    Armenia = not going to be the next Georgia. Karabagh is a small price to pay to avoid becoming Russia’s next punching bag or Iran’s next Lebanese-style fuckdoll. I assure you that the Israeli security sector is going bat-shit psycho about Iranian acquisition of the S-300 and praying for some sort of Russian over-reach. We DO NOT need a new Cold War in the Levant.


  22. Contra PatrickH on the smiles: Any chance the Pole is actually saying something? (My opinion: that’s not his smile; that’s him laughingly saying something –and how alpha is that to joke through the set-piece photo-opp handshake?! It’s like he’s thinking, “Who gives a shit about these shitty little photographers who take these nancy-boy set piece photo’s?! You and I having a good time is much more important, am I right or am I right! Let’s get a drink!” And the American is listening! With his office-smile.) How would this affect your analysis, if at all?


  23. Bush an alpha? Then explain why he was always acting like a lovesick teenage boy anytime he met with Vicente Fox. An image I’ll never forget is Fox towering over Bush and looking on approvingly while Bush made some remark about the Minutemen being “vigilantes.” Whatever your politics and whether you agreed with the sentiment or not, there was no mistaking who was whose bitch.

    As for Putin, you bet he’s an alpha. He dumped his wife and he’s banging a Russian supermodel who’s not even half his age.


  24. I’m new to spot the Alpha. When I see these photos, my mind puts imaginary captions in them…like:

    Bush: (Michael Jackson voice) There there, let’s go into my place and talk about it over some hot chocolate and Jesus Juice.

    Putin:(Megatron voice) Hot chocolate…Yesssssssssss………


    Pole: If you look at my wife, I will eat your eyes with fava beans and chianti.

    American: If you do, don’t forget to lick the plate clean!

    (Rammstein fans will get that.)


  25. “He dumped his wife and he’s banging a Russian supermodel who’s not even half his age”

    No he didn’t. That was a rumor corrected in European newspapers, but clearly not in American ones.


  26. I gotta go with c.o. jones and question Bush being Alpha. He didn’t earn the presidentcy, it was given to him on a silver platter. And yeah, look at the YouTube videos of Bush and Vicente Fox – Bush’s body language is totally “on his back, showing his belly.”

    Alpha’s don’t need Daddy to get them a job in the company business and they don’t purse their lips and avoid eye contact when they lie ( poker term: “tell” ) like Bush does.

    Does this look like Alpha body language?


  27. Eurosabra, Armenia is already Russia’s bitch. Putin doesn’t have to do anything there.

    And it’s not just politics, it’s the people. Armenia votes for Russia in the Eurovision (that’s how you really figure this stuff out).


  28. If you think Bush ain’t alpha, think how that picture would look like with Edwards in it. He’d be slobbering all over Putin’s hog with a “please map Hawaii all over my lovely hair” look in his pleading eyes.


  29. Edwards? Don’t you mean “The Breck Girl?”


  30. on August 21, 2008 at 8:09 pm Dr. Grzlickson



  31. This kind of analysis can be enligtening and fun up to a point. As well I do think/know it’s the case that there is a sometimes at least partly unconscious jocking for alpha mono to mono dominance in these sorts of meetings and negotiations.

    But it can also be taken way too far. It’s really only when one man or the other just totally wins this personal dominance competition, that this sort of jocking and display makes much difference in any outcome of either negotiations or the leaders respective standings with his peeps. But out of habit and also in the event real unambiguous personal dominance can be achieved they give it a go. If unambigous personal dominance is achieved, then it can make a difference, sometimes a big one it outcomes of these kinds of “summit meetings”.

    Actually, in cases where that is likely to happen, has happened with a leader in the past, or starts to happen, aids on the side with the leader whose personal dominance isn’t adequately reflecting his country’s position will be kept by them from actually negotiating the key details. Rather he’ll only but wheeled out for the ceremonial signing and handshakes, and even that limited.

    So what that leads to is the skilled dominant being as subtle about it as he possibly can be. An edge, but just barely. Enough to affect the outcome, but no so much that the other side keeps it’s decider away from direct negotiation with him.

    I actually think Putin’s a master at this, and yes I think he has tended to play this against Bush, from his country’s decidedly weaker hand over most of the last 7 years. His country’s hand is a lot stronger now for a host of reasons, particularly the price of oil and Europe’s desperate need for his gas, but also Bush’s unprecedentedly low personal standing in most of the EU and the fact that he’s on the way out, to probably be replaced by someone far to his left.


  32. 1: Did somebody say Grzlickson?

    Does anybody know *how* to say Grzlickson?


  33. Roissy — while some of what you say is true, some just is not:

    “A true alpha has no fear of his environment and has complete control of events around him, and thus announces his elevated status by assuming nonverbal gestures and stances that could potentially make him more vulnerable to usurpers.”

    In a lot of societies and places, this is untrue. Saddam Hussein, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Bashir Assad, Hosni Mubarak, and yes, Vladimir Putin all know/knew that very many of the inner circle would like to sit in their seat … by killing them. All of these “Alpha” men were in fact quite fearful, and often set off great killing purges, often for no reason at all other than to cull plotters who they “knew” must exist since they themselves killed their way into power.

    Or, take your average Gang druglord. The way to power there is through … killing your boss and taking over. The way it’s always been. It’s only when beta males rules dominate that Alphas can act in the knowledge that someone won’t cap them just for showing “disrespect.” Many, many Alphas know nothing BUT FEAR.

    The suggestions you take for body posturing would never fly with accomplished martial artists. And you don’t get more “Alpha” than those guys. I doubt Bruce Lee ever stood like that. One incident is revealing … while at Berkeley pursuing his Phd, Lee was confronted by a group of male students angry at his dating a white woman. They knocked over his motorcycle, which weighed in excess of 400 pounds. Rather than take them all down (which Lee feared would get him expelled), he simply casually pulled the bike back up with one arm. Impressed by the show of strength, the students backed off.


  34. on August 21, 2008 at 10:36 pm SovereignAmericanMale

    @24 Nicole


    What a welcome new voice, you sure you a 1. female, and 2. bi?

    Cause you sound like one of us blokes. But you make my nipple ring itch.


  35. on August 21, 2008 at 10:38 pm Peregrine John

    Does anybody know *how* to say Grzlickson?

    Last time I tried, a passerby said, “Gesundheit.”


  36. on August 21, 2008 at 10:39 pm SovereignAmericanMale

    23 c.o. jones

    As for V. Fox / Bush please don’t confuse stagecraft for the camera with actual reality.


  37. It’s funny how people here are all about

    alpha > beta

    when really,

    alpha = SP
    beta = SJ/NF/NT

    per the Kerisey sorting of the Myers-Briggs personality test.


    for info on each type.

    Temperament is mostly genetic, so it’s a bit silly to try to be something you’re not. Of course, we can all get better.


  38. Mean Statement: Putin is an ugly fuck beta who proves the old stereotype that Russian men are ugly fucks.


  39. I think I just fell in love with Carl Sagan.


  40. @ Marlboro Man #37

    Please expound.


  41. Does anybody know *how* to say Grzlickson?

    It’s easier to pronounce that Grzegorz Brzeczyszczykiewicz, a real name.


  42. on August 22, 2008 at 12:45 am Dr. Grzlickson

    Go Dr. Grzlickson

    Go Dr. Grzlickson

    It’s your birthday!!!

    Happy holidays from the whole Grzlickson clan!


  43. on August 22, 2008 at 12:52 am SovereignAmericanMale

    Its nice to see in the PUA market place of ideas, there is no clear consensus of Political alphas.

    If anything, any screen actor, performance artist and/or Broadway show artist demonstrates, you can never know for sure if they are truly Alpha or Beta.

    Faking sincerity is at the heart of PUA, for the non natural.

    If you apply enough resources to change your character and mental make up (evolve) you can become alpha.

    Humans remain creatures of habit.

    Here are 5 critical points, I believe they are very astute & accurate, from the lips of an Alpha:

    “Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.” -Vince Lombardi

    The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.

    Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile.

    There is no room for second place. There is only one place in my game and that is first place. I have finished second twice in my time at Green Bay and I never want to finish second again.

    The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall.


    These Politicians have by whatever means risen to the International stage of power. The Proof is in the pudding that they are alpha’s by the success of arriving at their current locations. This is prima facia evidence showing a record of successes that tell it like it is.

    This Topic raised by Roissy is actually about Super Alpha.
    The Global Jocking of Apex Predators.

    People forget when Bush dom’d GDR’s Angela Merkel violating decorum with his knuckle-dragging antics, but also showing who has the power.

    All In less then 5 seconds:
    As he walks around a table where German chancellor Angela Merkel is sitting, she appears to say something quickly over her shoulder toward him, and then he steps aside toward her, grabs her shoulders and squeezes, then he continues walking past. Merkel’s reaction to his squeeze is to hunch her shoulders, lift her hands, and grimace for a moment, and then she turns and smiles as he walks away.

    She grimaced because she was just “owned” by his body language. Everyone sees, perceives and believes.

    A beta would never dare it.

    Notice Roissy’s use of the word “Apex”. So everyone who has posted so far have thought, for the most part in terms of traditional PUA alpha-ness.

    The level of game at Brinksmanship, is world’s away from playah scoring trim.


  44. 40, I doubt he believes that himself. ENTJ = beta while ISFP = alpha? Rrrrright.

    What he’s probably searching for is ESTP = stereotypical jock. But that’s not the same thing as alpha, except if you think it is, which is just fine too, since no two people on the blogosphere have even remotely the same idea of what “alpha” is anyway.


  45. on August 22, 2008 at 1:30 am Usually Lurking

    …since no two people on the blogosphere have even remotely the same idea of what “alpha” is anyway.

    Old Definition of Alpha:
    “Leader of men. Whether he was born with this skill or learned it, he could lead men. Men, regardless of whether they liked him, respected him. They could be found on the battlefield, offices, kitchens (i.e. chefs), etc. Very, very often, this ability had absolutely no translation to the bedroom. It had little effect on whether he would bed all, or any, of the hot babes.”

    New Definition of Alpha:

    Really, Really, Old Definition:
    “The biggest bad ass on the block that got all of the women by default. Whether or not the sex was consensual was irrelevant.”


  46. Actually, it looks like nothing more than a homosexual commitment ceremony to me.

    All we need to fill out the picture is a couple of rings and an Episcopalian priest.


  47. […] language and dominance Spot The Alpha � Roissy in DC __________________ […]


  48. OK, all you body language alphabeta fetishists, crank your analytical junk to this Eastern Bloc classic:


  49. on August 22, 2008 at 5:12 am sara short heels

    Regarding Putin and Bush: I can really see our primate ancestry in these two idiots.


  50. on August 22, 2008 at 5:15 am sara short heels

    I guess I just can’t resist this shit.


  51. Hi there Sovereign, and thanks for the welcome. 🙂

    Yes, I’m female, and definitely bisexual (not a confused Lesbian), and I may make your nipple ring itch because I’m Dominant, though not the cookie-cutter version. I believe that it’s relative.

    I write bloke-ish because my language was developed in childhood mostly by my father who was a Mr. Mom (of DOOM)/student/jazz musician for awhile. So for my first few years of life, I was a princess tomboy…cared for my Barbie dolls very well, so I could used them as mastheads and sometimes just their heads as handlebar tassles.

    Interesting observation about the Angela Merkel shoulder squeeze. That is definitely a male authority figure/any female move.


  52. What is your love affair with Eastern Europe (men, women, etc)? Seriously, these are some of the coldest, most humorless people on Earth.

    The only thing I get from Putin’s picture is that he’d be absolutely horrendous at a cocktail party if not for the fact that he was the leader of Russia. They had to show the guy fly fishing in his underwear to give him some life for Christ’s sake!


  53. Cynic, have you ever hung out with some folks from eastern Europe?

    People vary everywhere, but from my personal observations, it’s culturally normal for Russians/eastern bloc people to be very skilled in the art of partying. The best are house parties and summer nights in the park or the woods.

    …kind of like southern folks actually. Might be why I feel so comfortable.


  54. kind of like southern folks actually.

    Interesting you’d say that, Nicole. Myself originally being from Eastern Europe, I’ve lived both in the American deep South and in old New England. I’d have to say that I relate a lot more with the ‘necks than with the ‘yanks.

    The latter still seem to me like religious fanatics, descendants of Puritans. Glory, Glory, Hallelujah indeed.


  55. The gap between Putin and Bush isn’t as narrow as you claim. Putin is clearly much less affected by the meeting and doesn’t look out of place or uncomfortable. Bush is clearly the type of man who is constantly looking for approval from males he has deemed superior.

    All that aside, your profuse man-love for alphas makes me uncomfortable when I read it and convinces me that you’re either in denial about your homosexuality or just an extreme metrosexual that has long since lost touch with what it feels like to be an actual man.


  56. Bush is clearly the type of man who is constantly looking for approval from males he has deemed superior

    Good point. See him wagging his tail near Vincente Fox, as others have pointed out. And don’t forget at arch-Vampire himself, Sen. Ted Kennedy. How many times and in how many ways has Bush supplicated before that man?

    John McCain shows the same tendency, by the way, in adoreing powerful establishment Leftists, similar to Bush in the case of Ted Kennedy. McCain’s greatest pleasure is a praising op-ed in the New York Times. If he ever met Nelson Mandela, I believe he’d swoon like a girl.


  57. PA, yes, there is a good proportion of Bible beltness down south. I think the only good thing about that is the diversity of flavor. When there’s a church on every corner, it’s because so many people think so differently about things. That’s a good thing.

    I wonder if man love for Alphas is a sign of being less Alpha. I mean, even Alexander the Great had man-love for other warriors he admired, and not just in the sexy way. Mandela has major political and street cred. He’s a legend. Nelson Mandela probably swoons like a girl when he looks in the mirror.


  58. there is a good proportion of Bible beltness down south

    To be clear, I was calling the Yanks from New England religious fanatics, not the Southerners.

    The Southern Baptist religiosity is more about love of land, kin, and heritage. It’s a particularist faith. One that while foreign to me, has a spirit I can relate to.

    Meanwhile, the Yanks, descendants of Puritans, are fanatically devoted to a Universalist dream of building a Kingdom of God on Earth. They want no less than to rule the world… and they’r ewell on their way.

    They’re no less religious fanatics for having ditched the whole God thing and focused on the practicalities of their task.

    Mandela has major political and street cred.

    Mandela was perceptive enough to realize that the post-1994 South Africa wouldn’t be able to function if all the whties were kicked out or killed. He knew that the rhetoric of “reconciliation” was the best way to make a functional transition from Aparhteit and get lots of aid from Western countries.

    His beatific image is purely an invention of elite Westerners, desperately seeking a new Jesus figure. Mandela is happy to ride it. I wouldn’t blame him if he swoons like a girl when he looks in the mirror.


  59. it’s because so many people think so differently about things. That’s a good thing.



  60. on August 22, 2008 at 2:50 pm Dr. Grzlickson

    Dear Nicole

    Please shut up.

    W.F. Grzlickson MD


  61. “Deep in his Commie bones he feels like the superior man to Bush, and this past week in Georgia he demonstrated it when he shoved that air of superiority into Bush’s face by proxy.”

    I suppose that is why the Russian troops didn’t continue further into Georgia and the United States made a deal with Poland to come to their aid if they are attacked and to insert missiles into Poland. Definitely Putin is the superior man.

    Rather, what it looks like is that Russia feels weak and is acting out to try to show the world it still has some significance.

    As for the picture, I think there is way too much analysis of it. It looks like Putin is a bad little boy and Bush just put him in his place.

    Yummy Stale Bread
    A Journey to Social Mastery


  62. Note how there is nothing good that has happened in seven years under the taller election stealing man pictured.

    I say name one good thing -can you DO IT?
    So do it.

    Let us see all of you Bush supporters bail him out of that one test. Oh Miik! he’s a rancher and he cleared some brush!, or his former oil company actually found some oil once! Really? AhahahaHa –

    Is he an alpha?
    because he is a cunning thief of our prosperity?
    because our tax burden has skyrocketed in 7 years?
    a cunning liar?
    a disaster of a president?

    for what does he exist?
    to father 2 daughters?
    Jesus fucking Christ – almost everyone has 2 kids and we don’t have to fuck up the country as some “lame act” that diverts attention while the big hidden money stratifies the American electorate and causes one irreversable long-term disaster after another.

    Many of us also have wives who didn’t kill a person in a traffic accident who they used to date. is that alpha? to kill an ex-boyfriend?

    You all were here for the police lined innauguration right? About 9988 security and police had to guard the fucking piece of shit and Cheney still got egged in the procession – ahahahaha – good one egger! YOU ARE THE ALPHA

    Carter walked through the crowds – with roughly 9800 fewer guards –


    People HATE Bush because they see everything all fucked up – inflation is rampant and the govt figures keep lying about it – house prices were artificially manipulated again with a big crash just like in 1992 with Bush 1. Man o fucking man – it could go on all day with this post – to much to list

    So for him to have 2 daugters cost us our prosperity?

    If his daughters were patriots they would go public about what a farce it all is. They don’t of course. They are betas.
    All of this damage to have beta kids?

    I see Bush as a “un-American disaster politician” – they are MADE and EXIST to DISTRACT while the public tax revenue is diverted in thousands of different (mostly ~ legal) ways to wealthy insiders.

    Putin is shorter


  63. 43 SovereignAmericanMale
    beta position – defend a disaster


  64. #36 – “As for V. Fox / Bush please don’t confuse stagecraft for the camera with actual reality.”

    OK, actual reality is that in the book he just wrote (more likely had written for him), Fox basically said Bush was all hat, no cattle. “Windshield cowboy” I believe was the actual quote.

    Don’t think there’s any “stagecraft” here. Fox had/has no respect for his lesser, and it’s very transparent.


  65. Ah…looks like I already have a fanboy.

    Thank you, Dr. Girlish. Hostility from the banal makes me wet.


  66. tristram said:All that aside, your profuse man-love for alphas makes me uncomfortable when I read it and convinces me that you’re either in denial about your homosexuality or just an extreme metrosexual that has long since lost touch with what it feels like to be an actual man

    I think it’s reallymore of a man crush.

    I agree milk


  67. Politically Sikorski has been keel-hauled in the missile defense debate. As an internal political power play against president Kaczynski he and prime minister Tusk did everything they could NOT to sign the missile defence. Only the Georgia crisis together with very able manouvering by Kaczynski forced them to sign the treaty.

    Accidentally, question to an expert: Alpha or Beta?


  68. on August 24, 2008 at 2:53 am random passerby

    Oh, please. Enough with this “alpha” bullshit already. If you’re looking for real alphas then try military special forces or something. Scoring with chicks, having a high paying job or doing weird things with your hands when you meet people doesn’t make you an alpha any more than playing Fifa 08 makes you Ronaldo.


  69. when you stand, open your legs to shoulder width and prop your body weight onto one foot while pointing your other foot at a 60 degree angle outwards.

    This is just standard contraposto, the key position in Western statuary since the early Greeks over 2500 years ago. It’s culturally engrained as attractive, a form of display.

    This “alpha” nonsense is sort of homoerotic.


  70. on August 26, 2008 at 8:54 am SovereignAmericanMale

    @63 miik

    beta position – defend a disaster

    Defend a what? What disaster am I defending?

    Bush being a teddy bear? This mutherfracker has done more harm, pissed all over the constitution and bill of rights, and is in the middle of pump and dumping the nation, and every one thinks he is a ditzy beta. This dude is public enemy number 1.

    He has clowned the American people, while hamming it up.

    The fact everything thinks he is an incompetent pompous baboon is his masterstroke.

    PUA has this misunderstanding that Alpha’s cannot act in a non alpha mode pubically.

    To get their goal achieved, Alphas do anything Alphas want to.

    Case study:

    “Danny Boy”

    There is a friend of mine who (not emo) cross dresses, and wears make up at times when he interacts with certain groups of women.

    I am a witness to him knocking down eight super-models in a weekend photo-shoot down in Nevis and St. Croix.

    I laugh at him and call him “wild bill” and make “It puts the lotion on its skin” jokes and ask: have you skinned any draq queens or cross dressers lately?

    But he has closed more perfect 10s then anyone I know.

    Between coaching tennis, and teaching dressage on the clock and clubbing at night he sexes up five or six girls a night.

    He slays trim like a terminator but in a freaking dress!

    Being his wingman is hazardous, because he has a penchant for talking single girls into manage a twois and frequently fourways too, and he brings the chubby girls along.


  71. @ Sovereign

    Hmmm…you might not want to be his wingman, but would you mind being his pimp? He sounds like someone I wouldn’t mind getting to know.

    Best of both worlds. 🙂


  72. on August 27, 2008 at 7:01 am SovereignAmericanMale

    Nicole here is a song for your Bi self.

    Great example of the “lipstick lesbian” (she really isnt a lesbian) her les wipes right off.


  73. on August 27, 2008 at 7:02 am SovereignAmericanMale

    oops forgot the link


  74. I disagree with the assessment that Bush is the lesser alpha to Putin. a few things strike me:
    first, Putin’s half open eye lids aren’t necessarily proof that he’s that smug in Bush’s presence. the camera might’ve just caught him blinking. so, I don’t think it’s wise to conclude anything from Putin’s eyelids. also, I just don’t read unease in Bush’s eyes.

    second, look at the handshake. Bush has almost completely rolled Putin’s wrist over so that Bush’s palm–and the back of Putin’s hand–is almost parallel to the floor. total alpha dog move. Putin touching Bush’s hand with his other hand is borderline deferential, like Putin is going out of his way to cozy up to Bush.

    Bush also has the strongest clothing a man can possibly have: black suit, white shirt, bright red tie. I doubt this was by accident. message: I’m the swinging dick in the room.

    lastly, “the claw”. Roissy mentions that Bush’s claw gesture is the most dominant gesture in this interaction, and here we agree. but Roissy also takes points from Bush and gives them to Putin because Bush’s body angle is facing more towards Putin. the thing is, though, that this would almost have to be the case in order to pull off “the claw” while simultaneously shaking Putin’s hand. to me, what appears to be Bush’s deferential body language is in actuality just a biomechanical necessity for “the claw”.

    the only alpha behavior from Putin I really see captured in this photo is the smug look on Putin’s lips.

    alpha posturing in this photo: advantage Bush.

    also, it’s not really to Putin’s alpha credit that he’s banging a hot young Russian broad. Bush could also be slaying tons of fresh young tail, but the political environment in this country will not allow it. it would be political suicide. in Russia, where the bar is set at a much more base level, that sort of thing is permissable in their politics.

    Putin could no doubt mop the floor with Bush as Putin is a Judo black belt and ruthless KGB killer, but Bush knows his country could mop the floor with Putin’s.


  75. This is truly comical to think that Bush has a chance against Putin. Seriously have you seen Putin on a hunting trip? He was half naked in one of the photo… insanly ripped for his age. If they had to fight to the death Putin would rip Bush’s head off and pee down his neck, while screaming obseneties in Russian and getting a BJ from a hot Russian model.

    Bush is an alpha but he doesn’t compare to the league where Putin comes from. Seriously Russia is testosterone nation, he had to be a lucky psychopath to be there on the top.


  76. […] have written some posts on how to spot beta body language and how to mimic alpha body language. One of the most important points I have made is that it is imperative you avoid jerky, reactive […]


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  79. Saw your site. Interesting, if a bit aggressive 🙂

    Just intuitively, the Polish guy seems more gregarious and in control of the current emotional situation. He is extending his welcome. The American is picking up on the cue and acknowledging, but not wholeheartedly expressing himself. He’s holding back and is a bit constrained, while the Pole’s face is much more open, and he displays fuller emotion, so this definitely makes him seem more of an alpha to me.

    It’s all in the eyes, baby 🙂


  80. Also I’m Russian, so I can safely comment and say:

    who cares who is more “alpha” or banging chicks, in Russia it’s obvious that men are men and women are women, compared to Russians, most American men are pussies, just because of the culture. It’s a given that Putin can bang women, it’s more interesting to everyone how he dominates men in politics.


  81. […] back. Thanks, Phil. Great JOOORB for a dead guy. The first time I analyzed the alpha-beta interplay of world leaders, it garnered a lot more controversy. But this photo leaves no doubt. Not since Kruschev’s […]


  82. A classic gem of silverback apex alpha battle for dominance:


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  84. Am just discovering your blog, Roissy, it is excellent. Love this analysis on body language!


  85. […] die Funktion des Disqualifiers haben) über David DeAngelos Cocky & Funny bis hin zu einer dominanten Körpersprache. Dominanz gegenüber Frauen wirkt also richtig eingesetzt  sexy, lässt sich aber schlecht mit […]


  86. Russian students strip for a calendar with erotic messages for Putin. I wonder if Berlusconi has already gotten such a gift.


  87. […] two years ago, a post at this blog was written which compared the alphaness of George Bush and Vlad Putin. The coveted Alpha Male Smirk trophy went to […]


  88. Short men like Putin HAVE to at least act as alpha, and they probably learned it very soon in life. Their natural body disadvantage can be overcame by alpha body language. My father was a shorter of three brothers, but when you see family pictures he always looked like the family macho.


  89. honestly could not tell at all. Putin looks like one of the seven dwarves, the one with the chronic sad expression. But i totally see how the other guy is working because of his crotch block.