A Test Of Your Game

This edition of ‘A Test of Your Game’ comes courtesy of a reader in need of a quickie… game tip. Just the game tip.

I could use your advice on a fading opportunity. I need to act quickly because I’m moving across town.

I have a smoking hot neighbor living next door to me. She has a gorgeous face, the kind where her smile lights up a room. Slim, fit, great posture, perfect skin. We rarely meet. She knows I am divorced and have two daughters. She also knows I have a steady girlfriend (a solid 9, but enough about her). She must have heard me by now making my gf squeal because my bedroom borders her living room.

She lives alone, but she’s rarely at home, and I’m not home that much either. From time to time I see her clothes drying on her balcony.

I’m 44, average height, fit, above average looks and I can pass for being in my early 30s. She’s in her late 20s, educated, humble but not shy. I saw her with a dorky guy getting out of an expensive car once. That’s as much as I know.

So what’s the play?

Ok, honored Chateau guests… what’s the play? Winner (as deemed by yer preening narrator or by the reader’s successful F close) will receive a tender, Palmolive softened tug job from John Scalzi, the sci fi writer and male feminist whose pre-teen daughter can lift more weight than him.

My advice: You need to get sexual fast, but in a plausibly deniable way. Think situational opener. You see her clothes drying on her balcony. Any panties? Next time you’re able to chat with her, remark that she should be more careful about what kinds of clothes she dries outside for the whole world to see. Tell her it sends a message. This should get the ball rolling, and rolling fast if she already harbored some interest in you.

Now it’s the commenters’ turn. Hopefully our resident game experts will chime in. I didn’t hand out those VIP passes for my health!


    • Try “returning” a pair of panties–not hers–that “fell off of her balcony” while drying.


      • Make it a big white pair of granny panties.


      • on August 23, 2014 at 8:36 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        zllzzo hey heartsietzt!! da GBFM has da same problemeszz!!

        I could use your advice on a fading opportunity. I need to act quickly because I’m moving across town and going down on her.

        I have a smoking hot neighbor living next door to me. She has a gorgeous ass, the kind where her fartz light up a room. Slim, fit, great posture, perfect skin. We rarely meet as i beat my pete. She knows I am divorced and have two daughters. She also knows I have a steady girlfriend (a solid 9 if you multiply 4.5×2 as she has 2 boobiesz, but enough about her). She must have heard me by now as my gf made me squeal because my lostas cockas strapon chamber borders her living room.

        She lives alone, but she’s rarely at home, and I’m not home that much either as da cockas must go where da ginasa is zlozozlzo From time to time I see her dildoez drying on her balcony.

        I’m 44, average height, fit, above average looks and I can pass for being in my early 30s with a fifteen inch personalty. She’s in her late 20s, educated, humble but not shy. I saw her with a dorky cock pulling out of her expensive gina once. That’s as much as I know.

        So what’s the play?


      • go over to her door in assless chaps and tell her that your role-playing partner has accidentally suffocated and you need a new sub


    • Maybe a simple bump into her on purpose but make it look like an accident and then when she says sorry, you grab her GENTLY by her hand and say, “Dont say sorry, say hi” with a smirk and look deeply into her eyes. Make sure to say it slowly too.


      • wow…creepy as hell


      • @trav777: If you’re some smarmy shifty-eyed fat fuck with a greasy combover and an ear to ear shit-eating grin in her presence, maybe.

        @Lex: If you’re a rugged yet debonair man of action with the commanding gaze of a Caesar and a hint of a smirk and raised eyebrow slowly forming on your stony visage at the recognition of the potential pleasure that has fumbled into your zone, delivered as you tower over her anxious smiles and giggles at accidentally coming into contact with the muscles under your shirt, this works fine.

        Before any keyboard-riding shut-in delivers their weaponized whining:
        Yes, I know from experience — with real early-20s 9+ (that means they MUST be or have been professional models to qualify for this segment of the bell curve; substitution allowed if you can personally verify her measurements, fashion sense, and social standing — but it’s goddamned unlikely you possess the appreciation of the arts to do this so get your sister or gay best friend or mom or whatever bullshit story to back your smitten whipped ass up on it before you talk shit)

        I’ll have to transcribe — for those worthy few of you — passages from the grimoires of my most unholy of stolen divine knowledge to reveal the darkest and most grimly satisfying truths of the crimson arts, codified from a synthesis of the science and art of war into a lexicon of black magic to combat the manipulations of their witchcraft using hundreds of years of art and science combined with decades of experience. The post covering just this material and the physiological, neurological, psychological, and social implications anf implementations of this interaction is already pages long. More to come.

        And now, for a dose of the real raw and uncut from the one and only preacher himself da GBFM:


    • on August 23, 2014 at 7:52 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

      hey heartietstezz!!! heareiesseztettss!!! great minds think alikez!!!

      My advice: You need to cum fast, but in a plausibly deniable way. Think situational zipper opener. You see her dildo drying on her balcony. Any french ticklers? Next time you’re able to chat with her, remark that she should be more careful about what colors of dildozozlzo she dries outside for the whole world to see. Tell her it sends a message. This should get your balls rolling in her mouth, and rolling fast if she already harbored some interest in your cockasz.

      and once you’re in her hose going whema bam whemama vab zlzoozoz tell her about the one cockas rule!


      • on August 23, 2014 at 7:53 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        one cock rule!!! lzozozoz



      • on August 23, 2014 at 8:30 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


        http://www.rooshvforum.com/archive/index.php?thread-23366-2.html llzoozozo

        (10-21-2013 09:22 PM)dreambig Wrote: [ -> ]GBFM is a legendary poster. He writes mega long, funny posts only a few minutes after a Heartiste update which makes me think he is either a literary genius or in with the Heartiste crew.

        I think you nailed it. He’s in on the Heartiste game.

        The top commenters on that site reply too rapidly. It’s beyond suspicious.

        Quote:under 25: bring da moviez! but not da butt-team edward onez with da faggy makeup sparkly bunghoeleoozzo
        over 30: bring da movies! but not your box editcitionz of Sex in the cCty as i don’t wanna have to think of your arm fat hangingz off your armz before i am forced to see it turkey neckz zlzzozlzozo

        under 25: lotsas cokas 4u! (assuming u r legalz lzozozo)
        over 30: lotsas cokas 4u! (gonna take alotz! it’s like throwing a hotdog down a hallway with your strecthed-out vag zllzo)

        under 25: i don’t wanna get u pregnant (assuming it’s even possible zlzozi)
        over 30: i don’t wanna get u pregnant (assuming it’s stills possible zlzozi)

        32? you’re 32?????!!??

        i’ll be right back!! gotta go get my “going down on over 30 year old chciks suit” which includesz:

        1. diving mask
        2. snorkel
        3. full body haz-mat suit (NASA approved)
        4. self-contained breathing apparatus
        5. 7 cans of industrial-strenght lysol
        6. leaf-blower to get all the dust off
        7. two-way radio
        8. emergency beacon
        9. hip-length rubber bootz for wading in the muck
        10. robotic arm to rub your cliztztzlzlzuzlzlzizzlzlzzoz

        No idea how he comes up with this shit lol.

        http://www.rooshvforum.com/archive/index.php?thread-23366-2.html lzlooozozllzzoz


      • Is this Troll a regular around here. If I were you, I’d be embarrassed. I’d put his shit on auto-delete.


      • He got your attention, didn’t he? As stated on CH before, GBFM’s style is an acquired taste, but his message is timeless truth. I myself went through your thought process once before as well until I realized that behind the satire of pop culture, social media, and “game” writers there are profound truths. Lzolzozlol trloled!


      • He got your attention, didn’t he? As stated on CH before, GBFM’s style is an acquired taste, but his message is timeless truth.

        Never read any of it. Making the posts as hard to read as possible and having some people salivating over them for being oh-so-insightful because they are hard to read and therefore must be special, that’s quite a feat though.


    • You need a house keeper. If she wasn´t clearly so ugly she could do it. And walk away


    • Forget the games. Just walk up to her and ask her out. Leave your card with her. She’s seen you around and has already made up her mind whether or not you’re the kind of guy she’d go out with or not. All that’s left is for you to press to test. If she’s good to go, off you go. If she’s not, then you haven’t lost any time mooning over her and you can move on to the next prospect. Stop dragging it out and get it done. Keep your speed up. Stop running at half speed.


  1. Neg her about turning down the volume on the Bravo “Real” Housewives marathon or tell her you have an extra bag of catfood you are going to toss and you thought of her and all her cats… then apologize for being rude and not having her over for a drink yet, you have been putting the finishing touches on your dungeon. Then have her over for a drink. Tell her come over at X.

    get crackin to get crackin


    • Ha, I like the first idea. The line about the dungeon will work best if you’ve already shared a few playful/teasing convos with her- which from the feel of the OP, I don’t think has yet occurred.


  2. [snipped]

    stop trolling irrelevant bs. what’s your game advice for this guy?


    • It sounds like he has feelings for Mystery Neighbor Girl – and he sure doesn’t give a damn about the HB9 he’s banging. If feelings are involved, then it’s gonna be tough, because he’ll obviously be cheating on the HB9.


      • He could make lemonade out of lemons [the fact that he’s moving and they may never see each other again] and go with complete honesty plus a twinge of vulnerability: “Mystery Neighbor Girl, I’ve wanted to take you out for dinner ever since we first met, but it didn’t feel right, because we were neighbors, but now that I’m moving, let’s go get a bite to eat.”


      • And if she’s a nice girl from a good family [which it sounds like she is], then he’s going to need a cover story about why he isn’t seeing the HB9 anymore.

        And then there’s the bigger question of why he couldn’t hold his original family together – from what little we know about him, this dude doesn’t exactly sound like the Rock of Gibraltar [in terms of what I’d prefer for a nice girl from a good family to be getting involved with].


      • And if the daughters know about the existence of the HB9, and if they watch the HB9 being ditched unceremoniously, then by example he is going to be showing his daughters that women are nothing more than glorified cum buckets, and psychologically he is going to be preparing his daughters for a life of riding the carousel.


      • on August 23, 2014 at 8:50 am haunted trilobite

        I took a date on ride on a carousel at a fairground, and couldn’t help but laughing – the suitability of the analogy just gets funnier by the day. The music and doll-house setting compels a person to forget about all their worries, etc. But cynical analogies aside: the classier parents at the fair-ground, regardless of race, were at least eschewing the hip-hop hoodlum sections, and giving their darlings some semblance of elegance.


  3. on August 22, 2014 at 1:36 pm The Burninator

    I can’t make an entry, as the grand prize scares the living shit out of me.


  4. Tell her that you need help moving.


    • That was my thought, but waiting that late is risky – suppose he moves on a Saturday and a Sunday, and suppose she’s out of town that weekend – then he’s never going to see her again.


      • And of course, “Betas Ask Questions, Alpahs Issue Commands” – he’s going to have to figure out a way to ORDER her to help him move, rather than BEGGING her, the way that a Beta would do it.


      • Steve Sailer used to quote Benjamin Franklin to the effect that “you get people to like you by asking them to do you a favor”. So that would argue in favor [no pun intended] of getting her to help you move.

        Plus most white women nowadays just hate Hate HATE manual labor, so that would have the added bonus of humiliating her within the expectations of her social circle.


      • The perfect trifecta then would be in making her see your erection as the REWARD she gets for being humiliated. But that is going to require holding MASSIVE Alpha Frame over an entire weekend. Probably way beyond the capabilities of most white dudes these days, but it would certainly be a good exercise in “Fake it til you make it.”


      • Also, if he goes to see her about help with the move, and if there is indeed a scheduling conflict, then he has got to be prepared IMMEDIATELY to step it up a notch, and ask her out right then and there – he can’t come back later begging for a date, because that would be way too Beta.


      • SHE: “Oh, I’m so sorry, I’m going out of town to see my folks this weekend.”

        HE: “Well I was going to humiliate you all weekend with that manual labor, and then reward you with a bite to eat, but it looks like I’ll have to figure out a different way to humiliate you. Are you into that whole 50 Shades of Gray thang? Let’s talk about it over dinner tonight. Can you cook worth a damn? I’ll bring a bottle of wine.”


      • And because most white women nowadays just hate Hate HATE manual labor, most white women nowadays actually cannot cook worth a damn.

        On the other hand, if she is a nice girl from a good family, with great skin, a wonderful personality, and if she’s an outstanding cook, then she’s what we call “A Keeper”. Which, of course, means BUNS -> OVEN!!!


    • In addition to having a fallback plan [prepared to use immediately] in case she can’t help him move, the key here is going to be getting the Alpha syntax just right when he goes to “ask” her for help [so that it doesn’t sound like a Beta asking a question, but rather like an Alpha issuing a command].

      “Hey, if you move my heavy stuff for me this weekend, then I’ll spank you real hard like that chick in 50 Shades of Gray” – something like that – with a wink and a smile.


      • But getting the syntax just right, and then the pacing and the diction and the sonorousness of the voice, is key here.

        If you really care about a chick like this, then it’s worth practicing the line over and over again, so that it comes out naturally, and your voice stays low [and doesn’t squeak] and you don’t rush through the line too quickly.


      • And even practice a small stable of lines – four or five of them, from different possible points of view, within different possible conversations – if you’re the kind of guy who gets too nervous and can’t think on his feet.

        Practicing a line [or a small stable of lines] helps your delivery so very, very much.


  5. People still dry clothes on balconies?

    [CH: they do until the condo board changes the rules. or they live in suburban areas where it’s quaint to hang dry.]


    • I know, right? How repellent.

      It’s far better to get a young hottie or two to blow on them for a few hours.

      [CH: our resident bindi is pretending to aspire to the SWPL class. so adorable.]


      • “It’s far better to get a young hottie or two to blow on them for a few hours.”

        LOL. That is hilarious. I have a funny image in my mind.

        Spoonie, where else can you dry them? They take too long to dry in the house. In the garden, they are dry in few hours.

        I have an idea for the man. How about, if there is a strong gust of wind, some of her clothes/underwear blows on to his balcony, and he knocks her door and says hey, your clothes/underwear come on to my balcony. Then start conversation, ask her if she wants to come over for dinner.

        If there is no strong wind, put a fan on your balcony, facing her laundry line.


      • It sounds weird, but it is a ice breaker. 🙂 .


  6. Ask her what her going rate is. Sounds as though she could be an escort.


  7. “My advice: You need to get sexual fast, but in a plausibly deniable way. Think situational opener. You see her clothes drying on her balcony. Any panties? Next time you’re able to chat with her, remark that she should be more careful about what kinds of clothes she dries outside for the whole world to see.”

    Tried this move already in Toronto and the woman threatened to sic the campus police on me for stalking.

    However, this line works like a charm while I was in Texas


    • on August 22, 2014 at 2:49 pm Days of Broken Arrows

      Now that I think about it, one of my friends was hauled into HR because he let a woman know her underwear was constantly showing from above her jeans. She found it offensive. This whole concept is a bad idea and reeks of White Knighting anyway.


  8. “There are a few things I wasn’t able to sell but don’t want to throw away. Come on by and see if there’s anything you want.”


  9. Game in the real world : right choice of words, top game and knowledge of a woman’s psychology

    Game in a femiNazi hellhole such as D.C., Ontario, Vancouver, California:

    Be gay


  10. You make it a point to bump into her —

    “Say, I’ve decide to move to a new place, the walls here are just too thin. I know the neighbors sometimes get disturbed by noises next door (smirk). Anyway, I need to empty out my fridge before I go, and thar includes a bottle of champagne. Come over at 8:30 and help me finish it off.”


  11. Sounds like ya got nothing to lose so go bold. Drop all attachment to outcome and tell her to meet you for a drink (don’t ask). Just overpower her with alpha boldness and assume the sale. Don’t fuck around looking for IOIs or any shit like that, go straight for the kill, it’s do or die.

    Make or break in one shot, that’s what I say. Go hard and direct. Get her in to your place as fast as possible and escalate even faster.


    • Yeah, definitely this. I always have the most success when I go direct and bold.


      • I would also use the false time constraint on her. “Come over for a drink, but I’ve gotta run in a half hour so we’ve gotta make it quick”

        Help with the ASD. Of course you don’t ever actually have to go anywhere, but it will lower her defenses.


      • +1 for false time constraint. never forget the fundamentals.


    • Ideally kino should start before you even get her in your place.


      • I would also use the false time constraint on her. “Come over for a drink, but I’ve gotta run in a half hour so we’ve gotta make it a quickie”


    • I believe there was a farmer had a dog…BINGO was his name-o.

      Just take the shot, stop fuckin around with “game”…real alphas don’t agonize about how to fuck chicks and neurotically analyze their words; they just do shit.


  12. Good, perhaps YaReally will comment now.

    Yeah, just come out and say what you feel (after all, you have a 9 to fall back on so who cares). “Hello. how are you, blah blah (standard stuff you say to neighbors when you see them). You know, we should have gotten to know each other better before I move.”

    An above-average dude banging a 9 should be able to take it from there with some red wine and clothes pins.


  13. Easy.

    Write a poem for her that describes how thrilled she is to detox your buttox.

    Maintain solid dread frame. No man has ever said that too her, that I guarantee.


  14. Next time when she has clothes drying, sneak over there and write “Lotsa Cocksas 4 U” on her panties, with an arrow pointing to your apartment.

    CH, give the prize to da GBFM.


  15. “You remind me of Kimmy Gibbler”


  16. this is fun. here’s a version: first of all, you’re clearly smitten. walk your enthusiasm back a bit to avoid seeming over eager. next, preferably, you should run into her through the natural course (e.g., in the hallway or elevator). i would also suggest bringing something about the drying clothes. perhaps suggest that your daughters keep asking you why that “older lady” drys her clothes outside and you don’t know what to tell them. obviously this will create an opportunity for you to laugh and call them dumb kids for thinking about her as “old,” but you shouldn’t agree or disagree with “their” assessment. after you get that part out of the way, tell her that you’ve got to take some explanation back to them. she’ll tell you whatever it is (saves money, good for the environment, likes the smell of air-dried clothes). regardless of what she says, you screw your face up like you can barely understand the logic. then, tell her that you’re “just going to tell the kids that she’s a strange lady.” then laugh. she will laugh. then, propose that you can show her what modern technology looks like. “i’ve got an amazing device; i’m able to wash and dry my clothes without showing the whole world my sexy underwear.” she will blush. she may make a joke or possibly act offended. do not look away. you: “hey, strange lady, i was thinking: we should get a drink. how’s later tonight/tomorrow/whatever” (or, ideally now, depending on logistics and her level of interest). she may ask you about your kids or your girlfriend. you: “just me tonight/tomorrow/for now and my washing machine.” her: “well, what about that girl? won’t she mind?” you: “her? no, she’s great. she’s out with her boyfriend tonight/tomorrow/etc. anyway. he’s got a bitchin’ porsche/some fancy car.” now, depending on logistics, you either invite her to continue the conversation in your apartment, or you insist that you’ve got to go and you guys can continue the conversation when you get that drink.


  17. First things first: I decline the prize.

    If I put myself in this guy’s place – somehow divorced, 30’s fit, and dating a “9” in one year – and insert my current neighbor into the equation (for simplicity), then the play is pretty easy.

    Invite her over for dinner to help clean out your refrigerator. Feed her leftovers.

    From there, you can go a number of routes.

    1. You can ascertain her relationship status without committing more than a home-cooked meal of extra food.
    2. You can purport to admit that you were uncomfortable inviting her to your place while you were neighbors, but you’d like to see her after you move.
    3. If asked about the girlfriend, you can tell her that you don’t think your girlfriend wants to commit to you. “How do you feel about commitment?” [Alternatively, if your “9” is more free-spirited, there are other options.]
    4. You can probably create an excuse to touch her (make her help in the kitchen), then gauge her response.
    5. You can learn enough about her (hobbies, friends, work, family) to decide whether she’s worth any effort post-move.
    6. You can plausibly deny a date, while simultaneously being prepared for hosting intimacy at your place – a place you’re about to depart for new digs.

    Ultimately, you can “go for broke” with this girl, because there’s no way you can lose short of a sexual assault charge. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    Finally, will this screw your odds with the “9” girlfriend? At 43/44, we’re not the same pussy puller as we are at 35. It may be time to cut your losses after one divorce with kids in the mix. I’d be seriously hunting for an attractive low-crazy low-maintenance woman who would cook and clean, and won’t treat your kids like shit. Of course, if your “9” is up for threesomes with other girls, more power to you.

    CH: The divorce history would tell me a lot about this guy. Beta using alpha game? Married a bitch and finally got free? Drug or alcohol abuse? How old are his daughters? I know we’re working with what we’ve got, but being a little responsible here, I’d hope to help the guy, not send him down another divorce.


    • at 43, you have to evaluate how many good years you have left, even with TRT. I can have flight attendants eating out of my palm, but as soon as age comes up…even with a good line like “24 is 42 backwards, we are compatible!! (wink)” responded to with laughs, the callback rate has to overcome just the sheer inertia of how old “forty” sounds to a chick who is 24 (nevermind my undisclosed 2 teenage boys). You can still land a lot but it’s a volume game and you’re not gonna be the chooser you were at 30 and single. That said, nobody believes my real age, even my PT chick who saw me dusting off flies and falling out of bed to come in for ACL rehab thought I was at most mid 30s.

      Foreigners are another story, 4x isn’t old to them. I have a dime on the hook at long distance, but she’s so hot she attracts other hot women and she cooks and cleans and works her ass off despite being 21 lol…this is one of those ones that just don’t come along every day and the internal debate has to start considering to cash in the chips and get up from the table. A quick fuck of the neighbor might be unacceptable risk. Hot women are by nature borderline insane, and at some point a man’s gotta know his limitations and face facts. Dimes don’t stay forever even with rich old guys- they use them.


  18. I have a feeling what whorefinder would recommend if you were leaving the country.


  19. on August 22, 2014 at 2:31 pm Surfed Forever

    Leave her a note under her door. It will say …

    You’re almost all the way down the to the end of “adorable street”. That’s where my “it’s complicated” girlfriend lives but she doesn’t quite have that kooky off kilter smile you wear. I’d like to see more of it. I’m a gourmet cook – dinner at my place 7pm on Tuesday. No need to RSVP as dinner will be awesome whether you’re there or not.

    This approach violates several of the Maxim’s. But then rules are made to be broken.


    • that was so sweet!


      • on August 22, 2014 at 4:14 pm Surfed Forever

        Doesn’t hurt to be nice. Asshole game is just that. You can’t be who you aren’t. I prefer the sweet semi-jerk pass. This particular one worked well on a 45 year old age leveraged 9 (I’m 60). She showed up on time with a bottle of good red and her name.


      • I was just thinking that. I may have diabeetus now, it was so sickening.


  20. fake package gambit.

    order some wine from online. Ive used “Handsome Devil” for this. (good opportunity for a nice smirk when I look at the label, then I just shrug and tell her I wish I was a better person). Send it to HER address with YOUR name on it.

    When she brings it over (oops!) play it cool, open it in front of her, invite her over for some.

    Trust isn’t an issue probably cause she KNOWs who you are and where you live so you can get pretty masculine quick…..

    Can I say though that the neighbor thing only works with sluts….tread carefully and look for the High T telltales !!


    • this also works as an IOI if you watch the tracking. If it gets delivered and she brings it over that day all happy….in.

      delivered that day and she brings it over after work dressed in her waitress clothes….not good.

      IF it gets delivered and you don’t get it….shes a drunk.

      If it gets delivered and it takes her 4 days and she shows up looking primo…..get it in fucker. you’d have to be a homosexual to miss a signal like that.


  21. Not sure why he needs deniability (but enlighten me) if she’s that hot and he’s moving anyway (must be a fairly large city if moving across town is a big deal). So I agree with several, go direct in an outcome-indifferent way. Clearly hint that “it’s now or never so don’t miss out” (common financial scammer tactic because it works). Have _her_ do _him_ the favor of helping clean out his fridge and/or bar (“these bottles are too near empty to move”) = compliance + DHV (his insensitivity to booze cost). Hoping for second place.


  22. Here’s how you get sexual in a plausibly deniable way:

    Make sure to ‘run into her’ again soon.
    Make some small talk about how you see her around all the time, but you don’t really know her. If she yaps on about it or agrees in any way, just suggest that you two hang out some time. If she agrees, find a way to get into her or your apartment (the agree to meet up and hang later is just a way to build fast comfort…’i see you around all the time’ + ‘we’re gonna hang out’ = I know this guy pretty well)

    Start talking about something that will require more than a few sentences to discuss — ‘how do like, feel about, blah blah blah X?’ — just as she’s opening the door to her place. Step inside after her as she’s answering. Shut the door, continue to discuss.

    Step into her space, see how she reacts — all while you’re discussing something innocuous. Does she move away, does she not? If she stays there….cut yourself off and go direct: “I see you all the time….I’ve been meaning to tell you how hot you are.” If she stays in your space when she answers, go for the kiss. You will bang her. It will be glorious. And you will be welcome.


  23. A 9 in her early 30s. Not likely.


  24. OK, here we go:

    1. Catch her sometime, and banter and tell stories. Once she feels extremely comfortable talking to you, give her your confidence. Share something personal. The usual game tactics. Tell her you think she’s smart, you’ve seen her with her boyfriend and you want some advice about your girlfriend. Don’t act impressed with her looks or comment on them at all. This, if done right, does so many things that the mind boggles: You know she knows your gf, she knows you know about her bf, sexual conversation in the offing, privacy matters, discreet, plausible deniability, etc.

    2. Over a drink at your place. If you’ve ever smelled something good cooking at her place, comment on it and say that cooking for someone is one of the best pleasures that life has to offer. Bait. If she brings something for you, bingo. If she doesn’t, make her feel guilty so he feels like she has to please her somehow.

    Or mention that “solid colors look good on you, let’s see what you wear when you come to my place”. Make her invest in that evening so she’s looking forward to being qualified.

    3. When she is in your lair, and a few drinks into the conversation, talk briefly about a trivial sexual issue with your gf (example: she was abused as a child and therefore doesn’t like oral sex or whatever), make a lot of jokes. keep the vibe funny and adventurous.

    4. Start escalation from the get-go. Talk about how she smells and how the pheromones usually get smothered by strong perfumes. Smell her wrist and then have her smell your wrist and then read her palm or whatever. If she protests at all about her bf and your gf, don’t talk about her bf. Tell her today you are taking a day off from YOUR gf.

    5. The rest is up in the air. It can go either way. Be outcome independent and if it doesn’t happen, well, at least you tried.


    • The cooking comment is good bait, but you MUST reward a good meal brought to your door. Massage, night out dancing, doesn’t matter so long as she associates serving you with good times. DO NOT treat her cooking as bad, even if you’re choking on every bite; you can improve her cooking later.


  25. If you are able to grab a piece of clothing and bring it to her door and be like “looks like the wind blew this to X location, I’m not your mother to go around picking up your clothes try not to let it happen again. (get a laugh out of her) then invite her over for a drink. flirt, and tease like crazy then after the second drink whip it out. done deal.




  27. on August 22, 2014 at 2:55 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    My idea: throw a party your last night there and invite her. Make your move then. If something goes wrong, what does it matter? You’ll never see her again. But odds are she might be cool with it — most people don’t want to date neighbors because it seems like being married and breakups are awkward (you can’t escape them). So your moving away might prove a catalyst.

    I tried this concept the last night in the dorm of my freshman year of college. There was a girl I liked, but she knew I had a g/f. But my g/f went to another school. What did I have to lose? It worked. (Just for the record, the way I did it was that she was really endowed and joked no one could get her bras opened. I reached to the back of her shirt and somehow managed. She looked at me — surprised — and we immediately started making out. The moral is that anytime a girl brings up things like bras to you, the door is usually open.)


  28. P.S. I like how small this comment section is with this post. Just goes to show how much the usual comments don’t really relate to actual game advice.


    • Nowhere on this site is it indicated that discussion is restricted to Game. If you can’t handle that I suggest you find another tea party.


      • I’m a big fan of the other topics. I’m just taking note about how fewer people are jumping in as quickly as usual to offer game advice (as this shit ain’t a breeze in the park).


    • newlyaloof,

      Remember that a lot of the race-first commenters have no interest in Game, even though Game would improve their lives…

      Race matters, but a lot of them whine that Game teaches black guys to bed white women, rather than they themselves getting the bright idea to use Game to do well with women themselves (and outcompete the niggas)…


      • You don’t outcompete niggas by being fake. Blacks are dominant because they’re actually willing to fight and kick your ass. If you’re too scared to fight, join a real MMA gym and get into some real fights for practice.

        White men used to be alpha by DOING amazing stuff, not trying to outbrag negroes.

        Learning game isn’t going to actually improve you. It won’t turn you into the person you wish you were.


    • I suggest he tell her his oven is broken and he needs to put his frankfurter in her buns.


  29. I need a favor. I don´t know why I chose you to ask this. Maybe because my guts are telling me to do so. I am moving to Mexico tomorrow. Running from the police. Sorry I can´t tell you why, but what I can say is that we rob a lot of money from people who really didn’t deserve to have it. We, I mean, me and my hot girl (wallet picture). She´s already there waiting for me. I just need to sleep this night at your couch, because police may break into my apartment. All I can offer are the details of my story in a night chat and assure you that tomorrow morning will be the last time you´ll see me again. I know that it would probably be the most incomum friday night of your life, but you look open-minded and generous, that´s why I´m asking.

    Have a sexual fake good bye and then have the nerves handle the uneseness of living next to her when she discover the fraud.


  30. Well, this is what might work for me. Get her into your apt somehow in connection with you moving… for example, do you have plants? If you said “hey, I’m moving next week and I have these plants people give me and I’m just killing them, can you take them? Or take a look and tell me why they’re dying?” She comes in to look at the plants and give advice on them… your apt is packed up… you’re leaving and she won’t see you again… you have half open bottles of wine you need to get rid of because they’re hard to move… one thing leads to another.

    The moving away part is a big ASD diffuser. Nostalgia + time constraint + “this doesn’t really count because he’s leaving” = good chance of success.


  31. I too suggest mislabeled package game.

    Order shoes she is more likely to want to see then. If she wants you she will come to drop them to you.

    I would suggest then arranging to bring her somewhere nearby to something interesting or just a coffee as a thank you. This is so it won’t be as weird for her for you to be in each other’s places.

    Also I would jokingly diss her place when you hang out eg “so is the rent much cheaper on the poor side of the street/apartment” this gives opportunity to invite her to see your superior pad and excuse to insist on seeing hers.

    Biggest problem is your gf. Either quickly deny it, so what it or crocodile tear it. Try to postpone engaging this question until just before sex. She will not really care if interested and even more so if she asks late. Absolve her of responsibility and move on to the fun stuff.


  32. on August 22, 2014 at 3:23 pm The Scold's Bridle

    “Your boyfriend seems like a nice guy. You two are a good match.”


  33. Ask her to help you “reduce your inventory” of wine. Hauling bottles across town is a hassle, you see, and it would be a shame to break them and lose all that wine.

    After a glass or two, she’s buzzed and already in your place, so just invite her to listen to some music or watch a movie … then escalate.


  34. on August 22, 2014 at 3:28 pm The Scold's Bridle

    “Trust me, you’re gonna want to suck it before Scalzi gets his hands on it”.


  35. Grab a pair of her panties off her clothes line. When you know she’s home, knock on her door….”These yours??” [Sly grin] “They were on the ground and I thought they might be yours.” She’ll blush and say “yes, thanks…I’m so embarassed” (tingles come from her defensive crouch). You: “No problem. So hey, I’m moving soon and I want to lighten the load a bit and start anew at my new place. I’ve got some good [scotch, whiskey, wine] I want to get rid of. Up for a drink?”

    Get her over, have a few, tease her, escalate, etc.


    • +1

      For a real ballsy move, add:

      “I threw them in the wash too. Didn’t want to return them with the skid mark.”


      • on August 22, 2014 at 4:20 pm Hair Slicked Back With Swag So Fresh

        Haha! Shit-stain game.


      • [blushing] “I’m pretty sure none of my panties ever have skid marks.”

        “It’s no big deal. It was a large mark of brown in the inside. Easy to notice. Not a big deal though.”

        “Yeah I don’t think they’re mind if they had skid marks.”

        “They’re yours sure enough. I’ve seen them on your line before. They’re yours, and the skid marks were created by residual feces from your asshole. You need to start wiping your ass more. Don’t give up after just a few wipes. I personally don’t stop wiping until I see red. Red means stop. I guess you don’t have that sort of discipline or time, do you, busy young woman? Let’s have a drink. On me. Just make sure to wear a thong and wipe your ass plenty, because I plan on removing it and fucking you after our drink.”


  36. on August 22, 2014 at 3:57 pm gunslingergregi

    if ya really like her just wait she seems like a keeper drying clothes is hot
    live there a little longer I’ve never lived anywhere where a chick in the neighborhoods hamster didn’t force her to come knock on my door
    im hot though so yea I got the curse of bitches always trying to pick me up
    or go over tell her you had to break up with your girl cause she keeps raping you and you can’t say no and this is her chance to shine and maybe move to the front of the line
    I also don’t need the prize lol


  37. on August 22, 2014 at 4:06 pm Full-Fledged Fiasco


    “The researchers found that some tourist destinations and experiences promote “an altered sense of reality … while minimizing perceptions of risk and long-term consequences.”

    Study examines sexual behaviour of women on vacation.


    • its hard for me to believe that chaste women are scroggin on vacation… its more likely closet whores are stepping out of the shadows. tell ya what though, get a few drinks in a chick you can talk them into anything.


      • Ethics can be situational. Seems counter-intuitive, but it’s often true. I don’t write the news, I just report it.

        À bientôt,



      • Y, you would benefit to realize that all women are whores or “closet whores.” Sure, some women are chaste, but only because the right dude(s) and/or situation hasn’t manifested. And, no doubt, dads can and should attempt to deter that behavior, but the latent whore gene exists in all women. To think otherwise is to do yourself (and her!) a massive disservice. I’m afraid you’re engaging in a bit of magical special snowflake thinking when you divide women into chaste and unchaste categories.


      • LOL, believe it dude. Go sit in St. Mark’s square in Venice and hit on anything that moves. It’s women’s dream to be swept off their feet there like in a movie. Paris, Rome, Venice…etc.

        ALL women are closet whores.


  38. on August 22, 2014 at 4:19 pm gunslingergregi

    thats not a test this is a test
    my chick daughter 14 d cups hot body seen about 5 times
    talks about having fuck buddies to try an impress me
    came up to visit with boyfriend when her mom was here
    i’m like you shouldn’t even be dating till your 16
    told me she knows who she wants to marry
    wouldn’t say who it was
    i’m pretty sure it is me
    course her mom had her when she was 16 lol
    so yea they grow up quick
    she flirts like a girl who hasn’t learned to not hide their likes yet
    innocent still somewhat
    she texts hey you home we want to come up
    i answer your mom not here
    she asks where she is
    i had my chick buddy up and we came up with
    she broke up with me i don’t know where she is
    the daughter still comes up this time no boyfriend every
    other time she has had a boyfriend with her
    but yea talk about a test
    she sasy do i have any stuff in here
    hey maybe that is the line the dude in post should say
    even though it makes no sense
    why the fuck would she have stuff here lol wtf
    but yea i’m like i’ll have your mom get it if there is anything
    when i see her allright have a good one lol
    ill wait the two years


    • Lol GSG holding it down and keeping thirsty 14 y/os at bay. You’re an inspiration for us all my friend


      • on August 23, 2014 at 4:04 pm gunslingergregi

        yea she fully developed almost as tall as me
        the most fucked up part is some drug dealer isn’t gonna have my moral dilema


      • on August 23, 2014 at 4:56 pm gunslingergregi

        look at all the people that look up people from they were young that obviously the imprintable time
        my chick buddy from when I was 15 16 comin on kind of strong but knows she not the type for me now but yea if I wanted to break up her and boyfriend of 3 years I just got to say the word
        her daughter 20 living with a dude just had miscarriage no kids yet and banging body sheot telling you guys that is how you get the long term chick if that is what you want get the daughters of the high school sweethearts


    • smash it


  39. on August 22, 2014 at 4:19 pm Hair Slicked Back With Swag So Fresh

    “Hey neighbor, I know you’ve been listening to me and my friend make music at night through these paper-thin walls. It’s time I showed you what all the fuss is about. Paint your face and grab some sexy clothes off your balcony before coming over. We’re about to do a duet.”


  40. as tempting as a scalzi handy sounds, with a prize like that ima just let the other commenters have at it


  41. on August 22, 2014 at 4:30 pm Williamsstrategic

    Buy her loads of flowers and chocolates and hire a Shetland Pony rigged up as a Unicorn to deliver a note to her door asking her to a dinner at a 3-Michelin Star restaurant.

    Or else whip out Willams Strategic Junior and stick it through the letter box for her delectation


  42. some of these advices are constructing conceits or storylines that seem to me, contrived enough to have too much chance of weirding her out.

    It seems even worse to try to construct anything beyond the most shallow laundry/other conceit as a basis for conversation/ attraction, if she gets any whiff that you are moving tactically I think it would be over, unless she is already so interested that she is just waiting for you to supply the conceit.

    I would attempt the following:
    – make sure to mention to her that you are moving across town, but it must be done in the MOST indirect way possible. Talk about something else that clearly infers that you are moving, but you are not actually telling her you are moving. The point of this is for her to understand that time is of the essence, without conveying any neediness or care about it from you. If she thinks you mentioned it on purpose, it is not indirect enough.

    – use a very simple reason to invite her in that offers some value. I just made way too much coffee, come help me drink some. If she looks like drinks are more valuable to her, you have too many drinks left over from a party. Although, coffee angle is less high stakes than drink angle. If you invite for drinks the subtext is immediately there, coffee is just friendly and gives her a chance to be attracted over coffee if she isn’t there now.

    – during coffee read her face and body language and talk about yourself in ways that make you look good but do it again, indirectly enough so she doesn’t think that you are telling her about yourself for her to be impressed by you. Reframing valuable things about you as a problem you’re struggling with could be good.

    – escalate as circumstances dictate.

    Feel free to rate my advice.


  43. on August 22, 2014 at 4:37 pm Williamsstrategic

    Reckon clothing based approach too much- touch of the beta. Instead introduce yourself, tell her it’s time for a “neighbourly” drink and neg her based on pretty much anything. You’re preselected based on your GF


  44. i don’t think the original post mentioned her having a boyfriend? a lot of replies sound like they assume she does.

    i think the biggest difficulty is the combination of not knowing her already and then the time constraint of moving. it risks feeling like a lunge at the end of an awkward date. not that it matters, i guess.

    i don’t like the non-self-directedness, but a mail mix-up at least might seem like you’re not trying to accidentally run into her.

    good luck, and what the hell


  45. on August 22, 2014 at 4:56 pm Devil Cares Not

    Hey whateveryourname is, i am moving and i need help from you.

    My pet snake got loose and i heard him in our shared wall. You can hear everything through that damned wall.

    Anyways. Let me know if you see him. He is about 4′ and is a biter. Thanks

    There is no way you aren’t gaining entry to her place and a solid hour of her time to game while searching for your mythical pet. If it fails, you can still get her # because of the snake showing up later.


  46. What I would do is invite her over for a movie night with your daughters (assuming your main gal isn’t home). Say something like I know this is out of the blue but since were neighbors we should get to know each other better. Now inherently you want to do this around the late evening schools just started know that means bedtime for your kids.

    This is when you make your move you can either seduce her with adult talk or give her some liquor depending on how you set the mood.


  47. Tell her you did not see any panties being dried — even if you did — and then commend her on her courage for going commando.


  48. “Do you prefer one finger or two?”

    “Excuse me?!?”

    “You look like a whiskey girl. I was just wondering if you were a sipper or the chug-a-lug type.”


  49. i’m taking the ex/fb to toronto for the night. hotel’s booked.

    we were texting today and she offhandedly stated that she’s going to a cottage tonight. for the night. obviously a guys’ cottage.

    with the help of a commenter here i replied ‘neat. have fun!’

    she replied saying thanks etc and “mabes we’ll hang out tomorrow.”

    i feel like this girl is taking me for granted/not appreciative of the fact that i booked a fucking hotel in dtown toronto.

    i’ve tried to take other buddies, but it’s too short notice etc..

    should i mention this to her and take her, or don’t take her, briefly tell her why, and head solo.


    • the hotel is booked for aug 25/26


      • on August 22, 2014 at 7:45 pm gunslingergregi

        fuck that tear out her soul and eat that shit


      • on August 22, 2014 at 7:51 pm gunslingergregi

        cancel hotel put it aside for your vacation


      • on August 22, 2014 at 7:58 pm gunslingergregi

        my bitch just got some simp to pay a hotel for two days and tried to get me to stay I said fuck that shit and walked bitch called me like 17 fucking times and shit
        freakin out got ride to my house
        bla bla bla
        showed dude mac card statement he had 50k in his account
        he let her get the money out lol wtf
        I mean if your willing to let your chick fuck other dudes at least get that end of it


      • on August 22, 2014 at 8:02 pm gunslingergregi

        my heart goes out to dudes in America for real now though after I been forced to live in this shithole I know whats over the horizon


      • on August 22, 2014 at 8:03 pm gunslingergregi

        white bitches will eat bowls of shit though so I guess there is that


      • on August 22, 2014 at 8:12 pm gunslingergregi

        I walked in she was naked I walked out didn’t want it
        now that Is how you drive home a point on a bitch he he he


      • on August 22, 2014 at 8:20 pm gunslingergregi

        do that cause you want to do it
        a bitch can get almost any dude to book a hotel for her lol
        she can’t get any dude to come to hotel she booked and leave her there without fucking her that Is a memory she will treasure


      • the booking is non-refundable


      • @thrust. Is your pride non refundable as well? Under no circumstances should you go forward with this. It could be fine if you had other shit going on and you weren’t this invested, but since we can tell from simply reading your post she can most certainly tell that she can dog you and you won’t do anything about it. Fuck the room. Fuck the money. Either take some one else go alone or bail. Do not go with her. You can’t save this particular relationship (and why would you want to?) So immediately get to work on saving yourself. In all sincerity take gregi’s advice to heart.


    • I think you should say nothing at all and when she brings it up (“what time are we leaving?”) tell her offhandedly you decided to bag it and go to your buddy’s bachelor party or something.

      But… what’s up with you two? If she’s a fb does she know you expect her to not sleep with others? I thought that was ok in a fb arrangement…?


      • thats what ill do. take a couple fellow bouncers.

        we dated for 2 years – been once/twice a weekers since march.

        im leaving to police academy sept 15. shes all unsure – too stubborn to give in to anything.

        being passive agressive lately. the nonchalent cottage mention was the icing on the cake. im in too deep to treat her solely as a fb.

        she offered to hang tmrw “mabes”. i replied “mabes”. she gave me a “lol k”.

        shits doomed!


      • on August 23, 2014 at 12:00 am gunslingergregi

        dude really there is no rush you can have a family till you die
        that chick can’t
        she ain’t family making material
        its just sunken costs
        with me and my bitch it works cause I plan on just packing my few bags and getting on a plane when I can so yea its kind of good she a fuckup too lol


      • on August 23, 2014 at 12:03 am gunslingergregi

        I thought that was ok in a fb arrangement…?”””””””’

        who said that?


      • on August 23, 2014 at 12:09 am gunslingergregi

        desperation is having no rules for your bitch
        even mcdonalds tells a bitch what to do
        are you lower than minimum wage?
        and they get the young prime bitches not hags


      • gunslingers advice is good. you have one gambit, you pretend you found sum1 else, radio silence, if she texts or calls then answer, oh hey im busy whats up, oh that, kinda thought u werent intetested… hint around dont outright tell her. find someone younger n hotter get a pic post on fb, game set match. if she dont bite its over. bitches give their puzz away its no prize anymore, dont treat it like a prize, treat it like the villiage outhouse it is.


      • on August 23, 2014 at 1:29 am gunslingergregi

        and by works I mean her jumping out window to go smoke crack sometimes cause she can’t do that shit in my house
        then jumping through fiery hoops to get to stay with me again


      • on August 23, 2014 at 12:17 pm haunted trilobite

        It’s worse than you think: look up ‘cottaging’


      • @thrust
        “we dated for 2 years – been once/twice a weekers since march.”

        THIS stupid chick? You’re still chasing her around expecting her to give a fuck? Jesus. And buying her a hotel room FFS.

        “i feel like this girl is taking me for granted/not appreciative of the fact that i booked a fucking hotel in dtown toronto.”

        No shit. What a shock she’s taking you for granted, who could’ve seen THAT coming?? Ohh, right:


        I’m not even going to write a new comment because you don’t listen, so here’s some cut & paste from that link:

        “But hey, maybe she’ll change. I mean, you’ve given her incentive to change right? You’ve rewarded her with more attention and you chasing her and telling her you’re too attracted to her to let her go. So of COURSE she won’t keep doing what she’s doing even though it’s completely working to keep your attention. I mean, every time you punch me, if I give you $1,000, you’re going to decide to stop punching me right?

        “look, my inner game is weak with fresh exs.”

        ya, clearly, so DON’T hang out with them. Don’t try to make them fuckbuddies. My inner game is weak at eating donuts, so I don’t go to a bakery and order a dozen donuts and sit them beside my computer while I’m typing this. Fuckin guy lol

        See your problem is that you KNOW you’re fucking up, because you keep telling everyone you’re fucking up, but you don’t actually wanna FIX anything. You don’t want to actually CHANGE. You just want to dissolve responsibility from yourself by blaming your “inner game” and “getting sucked into it”. Nothing is your fault so it’s okay! Hand me those donuts someone brought to the office, it’s not MY fault if they go in my mouth because I didn’t bring them to the office nom nom nom!!”

        “im doing this to end the high school chase-me-if-you-can! games.”

        No, you’re doing it to prolong it because your deep down scarcity mentality (because you don’t have any other quality options available right now) is secretly hoping that she’ll say “ok, I won’t fuck any other guys and I’ll suck your dick 10x a day and not bring you any drama even though there’s nothing in my history to suggest that I would ever actually stick to any of this lol”.

        If you were ACTUALLY trying to end it, her number would be deleted right now and you would be going to the gym at a different time and you would be avoiding the clubs she’s in for the summer even if that’s inconvenient for you.

        Go fuck ten other women of equal or higher quality.”

        Delete her number. Go out in Toronto and approach some chicks to take back to your nice hotel room. Bring your bros and go find chicks together. Sit alone in the hotel room and masturbate with your tears while you order porn and a pizza. Cancel the hotel room. Give the hotel room to a homeless man. Give it to a buddy and his girlfriend. Take the money loss. Do fucking anything that isn’t chasing this stupid girl around who will continue to make you look like a chump. You’re better than this.


      • yea, im out for good…really.



      • on August 23, 2014 at 6:27 pm gunslingergregi

        im such a softie
        here let me destroy your soul
        then I’ll put a bandaid on it

        yea, im out for good…really.


        I know what it feels like a chick you love you want to protect even from herself and shit but yea got to get one that is worth protecting and the investment of your time
        If she ain’t putting in some kind of mad effort then is it worth your time
        is she the right one if she ain’t in love with you
        and even if she is got to be practical too
        for bitches you don’t care about sure it doesn’t matter but for those you do it is rough
        what makes that chick special?


      • on August 23, 2014 at 6:56 pm gunslingergregi

        o yea can offer advice and shit
        but yea bring hotel and then being like oh you know what I got to go bye
        might just bring her around to your side a little more
        if she knows you not gonna be her all day simp
        but yea you gonna do what you want to do but just think about the various consequences vs worth and shit
        my situation there are no consequences other than if my bitch really burns my house down if I get a nw bitch lol


      • “It’s worse than you think: look up ‘cottaging’”

        Oh I just did! Wth? Now I’m really confused…


  50. “you’re an actor..act motherfucker” ..Tom Sizemore in True Romance

    if it was me and I wanted to win.. as in it was a game and important that I win..I’d create a narrative

    I’d tell her I need to speak to her alone for 15 minutes .. it is very important .. and you are hoping you can trust her .. you need help with a small ..but quite important favor.. and I need to know..seriously ..are you the type of woman that can keep a secret.. if not say so now..good I always had a feeling about you like that..you seem dependable

    Then give her a small sealed box.. and ask her if she can hold it for you for about a week.. say you are a bit embarrassed b/c you cant even trust your girlfriend to do this .. but you are hoping you can trust her.. can I ? Good… now there is nothing illegal ..about this ..but it is of supreme importance..and I promise when this is all over ill explain it to you.. I cannot ..not tell you now..and you have to promise not to tell anyone..

    so can you keep this for me..? good.. now I will need to meet you in a week at (swanky bar/restaurant ) at midnight.. can you be there.. that late.. and you need to come alone.. look Im picked you b/c you seem trustworthy ..and not some chic who’s afraid.. thats my gut feeling and I go with it.. ect ect ect

    keep it short but serious.. get her number.. and tell her look ..tell me now if you are going to flake on me.. I cant have that happen..

    then set it up so you are the mack daddy at the restaurant /bar you chose.. when she comes in have the waitress come over right away.. just pour her a glass of wine ..dont ask what she wants.. maybe have a friend stop by and ashk if he can see you for a minute..ect.. make yourself look important

    now thats something like what Id do.. if I wanted to win.. I have her out at night alone with me in my environment..
    let it roll from there.. u would have to be prepared with other narratives to keep up the mystery ..but it is easy.. we have all seen movies..its all the same as that

    I chose this because it has a real hook and play to it.. as opposed to a line or two..

    ps this is a much older style than most of what I read here .. but Im an older guy so it fits


  51. pissed left a play ..not sure if wordpress ate it or its in mod


  52. twice I typed that fucker


  53. Hire a Gen Y dude to stake her out in the complex for an entire day. Have him call you when he spots her so you can accidentally bump into her. This will cost about one dinner date.

    When you meet, cut to the chase. Introduce yourself, and see how conversation goes. Get her number before you part.


  54. So easy: other commenters nailed it.

    Knock on her fucking door you wimp and invite her over (for you’ll be cooking the remains of your fridge,etc. etc.)

    Be bold.


  55. A divorced man in forties who has a solid 9 needs game advice?


  56. the “rarely meet” seems to be the hangup.

    go direct. just roll up and knock with some bullshit about amy’s plants or help packing, do you want this-or-that i can’t take, have a drink, w/e.

    the cost of getting blown the fuck out is extremely low with the move. doesn’t work might be weird for a week then you’re ghost anyway.

    she’ll have to be fairly pre-DTF to humor much beyond pleasantries knowing he’s already got a main bitch he’d likely be stepping out on.
    a cutsey meetup when you’re clearly going cad doesn’t seem to be requisite


  57. if it was me and I wanted to win.. as in it was a game and important that I win..I’d create a narrative

    I’d tell her I need to speak to her alone for 15 minutes .. it is very important .. and you are hoping you can trust her .. you need help with a small ..but quite important favor.. and I need to know..seriously ..are you the type of woman that can keep a secret.. if not say so now..good I always had a feeling about you like that..you seem dependable


  58. Then give her a small sealed box.. and ask her if she can hold it for you for about a week.. say you are a bit embarrassed b/c you cant even trust your girlfriend to do this .. but you are hoping you can trust her.. can I ? Good… now there is nothing illegal ..about this ..but it is of supreme importance..and I promise when this is all over ill explain it to you.. I cannot ..not tell you now..and you have to promise not to tell anyone..


  59. so can you keep this for me..? good.. now I will need to meet you in a week at (swanky bar/restaurant ) at midnight.. can you be there.. that late.. and you need to come alone.. look Im picked you b/c you seem trustworthy ..and not some chic who’s afraid.. thats my gut feeling and I go with it.. ect ect ect

    keep it short but serious.. get her number.. and tell her look ..tell me now if you are going to flake on me.. I cant have that happen..


  60. then set it up so you are the mack daddy at the restaurant /bar you chose.. when she comes in have the waitress come over right away.. just pour her a glass of wine ..dont ask what she wants.. maybe have a friend stop by and ashk if he can see you for a minute..ect.. make yourself look important

    now thats something like what Id do.. if I wanted to win.. I have her out at night alone with me in my environment..


  61. word press sux.. last parts cant post


  62. on August 22, 2014 at 7:18 pm Edward (Teddy) Bear

    Conspicuous Situation is what I do. Conspicuously situate yourself on your porch/balcony/whatever you have, open a bottle of wine, pretend to be reading a novel, and hope to hell she passes by. When she does, pull her in and offer her to sit down for a glass. You’re outside, so it’s non-threatening (but close to your lair). You strike the pose as a relaxed, chilled-out Bon vivant. Hell, tell her the wine is from some “amazing” wine tour you took. Ply her with drinks, escalate, offer to move indoors as it’s getting dark/cool/need something to eat. It’s direct, but your moving soon anyways. Be sexual. Wear a slim fit white dress shirt a few buttons undone and some dark jeans Go-to-hell pants if you can pull it off (as I’ve remarked before, they should be called go-to-fuck pants cuz they get girls’ pussies moist). You’ll do great. Report back.


  63. on August 22, 2014 at 7:20 pm Charlie Don't Surf

    Go to a pet store and buy a goldfish. Then in a place she’ll readily see – stack some empty moving boxes labeled ‘kitchen’ and ‘bath’ and ‘cash’.

    When you next hear her at home – play this song 50 times – just loud enough for her to hear it.

    Wait an hour. Then knock on her door – tell her your moving – and ask if you could leave your goldfish at her place – you’ll come back for it on your last trip.


  64. Easy. Tell her you had been meaning to invite her over and cook her your special dish of “……” as a way to get to know your neighbor. But now you are just about to move, so why not come over next week for dinner.

    Once she is at your place and drinking you should be able to handle it from there.


  65. its kinda odd, in most situations its the logistics that suck, but here the logistics are great. Ive had a chance encounter with a neighbor but it was nothing i did via face to face meeting. By chance I found her on social media and chatted her up. Didnt do anything out of the ordinary. Banged her a few times. Id suggest spending an hour or so and trying to find her on social media, use the basics, facebook, tinder, pof, okcupid, datehookup, christian mingle if you think shes that type. Id be leery of connecting with her on facebook but use it to find out information. you can search for age ranges and distances, i bet she has a profile somewhere.

    When I move I goto xyz store and get a bunch of heavy duty 50gal totes with wheels on them and use them to move my crap, then when im done I clean them and take them back. Anyways, watch for her to come home, then haul some stuff down to your vehicle and bump into her, and ask her if she wants to help, and then offer her a beer or something in return. Then ask if she wants to help do some cleaning. When she asks where your moving say i got a promotion and moving across the country, putting stuff in storage blah blah blah. Make sure you have at least some convincing story, then she might inquire about ur gf, then tell her your taking a break and dont know what will happen.

    I think you basically get one shot at this.


  66. Next time you notice her on the balcony, grab a boom box, hold that shit up over your head, and play “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel with the volume turned up to ten. Or eleven if it goes as high as eleven. Once you have her attention drop that shit on the ground and walk up to her door. She’ll let you in. Congrats, she’s now on the outskirts of pound town.
    Good luck.


    • Hmmm? interesting wit the drop move… I gotta go listen to this song.


      • Peter Gabriel was in Genesis;

        nuff said.

        You can’t get a better name for a band;

        except maybe Black Sabbath?

        I like “The wizard” because it proves white people were into voodoo back in the day.

        It wasnt some ni66er bs; white people used it too.

        Plus the drummer respects tripplets like John Bonham.

        Tripplets with a single bass drum is sick; Bonham wreched that shit!


      • “demons worry, when the Wizard is near:

        Anybody see Greg Eliot?

        Or is he duckin me AGAIN?


  67. This is the best I got… tried it once, nice ride for 6 months your mileage may vary.

    Step 1 Note:
    Write a note about how you regret not getting to know her while you lived nearby. Say something wistful like “it’s funny how you see people everyday but then life changes and you will probably never see them again”. (or some shit like that heavy on the finality of parting). Do not put her name on it. But do put enough description of 2-3 things you like about her. Smudge the number to indicate target’s address minus 1 number (if needed – see below). Put your email and new number/cell on the note.

    Step 2 Catspaw:
    But here’s the trick… leave the note in ANOTHER neighbors box. Picking this covert agent is critical. What you are looking for is (1) older lady 50+ grandmotherly type (best) (2) 35+ married lady who is certain to get the mail (medium) (3) Young lady about target’s age (worst… but you may get a 2 fer shot with catspaw!)

    The way this works is you write the note not for your target. But for the catspaw to TALK to your target about the note. Yes this is a roundabout social proof or pivot. All women are romantics for other women “missing” opportunities. This is why a granny catspaw is money here. Imagine the hamster spin that results when granny shows hottie your note and then wistfully states “I wish my Mr Big had written me a letter like that honey!”

    Best case is granny is now your matchmaker and is actively interested in seeing you two lovebirds get together. In my success granny became a friend and active partner.

    Step 3 Deny Deny Deny:
    Typically girls who are hot DO have something going on. Boyfriend or Girlfriend someone is keeping her company. Most likely Hottie will disclose this to Granny. AND Granny will get a good vibe if its serious and will tell you the sad truth. In my case granny detected the strong scent of alpha playboy traveling with a hottie in every city… yep my hottie was lonely. The Deny part is to Deny ever sending the note. Hottie MAY contact you directly to say “Aw… Sweet”. DON’T ACKNOWLEDGE THE NOTE to the hottie EVER. Do this to the point of texting “I don’t know what you are talking about”. This will cause confusion when it gets back to granny. (she will expect you to do what a woman would like and blatantly express undying love) … yeah don’t do that. Instead use the confusion for Granny to set up a meeting. In my success Granny invited her and me to a neighborhood block party and made sure hottie would come.

    Step 4 Approach and Pickup!: Ya know how to do that right?

    Step X: Use Granny to take temperature of hottie periodically to see when the playboy or whoever it is tries to keep her in his stable. This will help you remain calm when you have the inevitable gaps in communication. In mine it was a month between date 2 and sex… because playboy man detected that a filly was leaving the stable and tried to rope her in with a couple of weeks of lavish attention.

    It’s a lot of work for the first meeting. But in reality… Dude you should have found a way to meet her already! Good Luck and next time hit em when they are close will ya?:


  68. This to me seems the classic DayGame Opener opportunity. Work out a time when you know she’s going to be coming home (after work?) and your apartment is empty. Open her in the classic DayGame way: “I see you walking in and out of here, you seem to lead a very mysterious life, are you a spy?” some shit like this. Get her talking. Use the classic escalation method of pinging sexual references, Krauser’s: “You always have that look my mom warned me about…”

    Her: What’s that?

    You: Sweet and proper in public…sex crazed maniac in private, but you do have (insert feminine feature here).

    She’ll eat it up.

    You: Listen, I’m just going up for a glass of wine, I got some as a going away gift when I move.

    This is where she’ll start to balk. You must find a way to get her to come over or invite her over. Calibrate this. She will either give you an IOI or pass depending on the strength of your game.

    If she passes or suggests going for a drink at a bar instead. Then escalate in the classic way.

    Escalate in the classic way: kino, spark attraction, build rapport. Then a second more intimate venue. Escalate further.

    Finally bring her back….go for the bang.


    • One additional comment. Why the sense or urgency? Doesn’t that smack of scarcity rather than an abundance mentality. The comment I make above could be applied without the sense of urgency.


  69. on August 22, 2014 at 9:28 pm RihannaDeservedIt

    Why should I help a divorced man with two daughters and a girlfriend fuck his neighbor? Isn’t this world a fucked up enough place already?

    Stop putting the pussy on the pedestal. Ask her how to hang dry clothes. Tell her you want to dry your ex girlfriend’s sweater because you feel bad for breaking up with her and want to return it. Then tell her you’ve never met anyone who hang dries their clothes… other than your aunt so and so who was a raging alcoholic.


  70. Dafuq? I sort of think that ZombieShane is right and there is some ominous “LIFO stack” like the twilight zone, but at the same time, I know enough about wordpress to know that is only partially true.

    Attempt #2- delete/destroy attempt 1 and I’m sorry it was the 4th comment but it was very relevant to what we talk about in this place.

    100% OT but in news surprising to well, no one—


    Unless of course you’ve been asleep for the past 20-30 years.

    Lots of conjecture as to why people are getting -really stupid- so fast. When I think it is fairly obvious. Take a healthy dose of miscegenation, stir in some PC dumbing down of all academic criteria across the board, and finish it off with a little dollop of iToy / twitter / attention span of a gnat, and out pops the statistics above.


  71. I remember my parents playing this on the cassette back in 1978. I didn’t understand a word of English back then, but I liked the song.

    Today, this song makes me think of George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson.

    “And he wanted a home just like you and like me
    In a country where all would be free”

    Will freedom really come to this land?


  72. Do your chores naked in your house with your blinds open. Pretend you don’t know that she can see you. Wait for her to remark on it and when she does, nonchalantly shut the blinds.


  73. In trying times, two kinds of women emerge: ones who keep the faith alive, and ones who whore themselves out to the occupant.


  74. I’m in agreement with “RihannaDeservedIt” basic gist. However, what’s wrong with telling her she is kinda cute and that he should invite him over for dinner or a drink real soon?

    Her: Why would I do that?

    Herb: cuz you know you want to.

    Her: not in this lifetime!

    Herb: Admit you can’t resist my charm..



    • No offense, but I don’t like this approach at all.
      “You know you want to” is cringeworthy – it’s basically pleading for pussy.


      • My arse game because too many plates in the world.

        He could figure out which car she drives and park his car and not leave enough room for her to get in her door with an attached note on her car windshield.

        Something simple like apologizing for pinning her in with a number to call you.
        You could make a move then or later with a make up invite.


  75. *she* should…

    Herb: I already seen your panties!


  76. on August 22, 2014 at 10:25 pm Master Blaster

    If time is of the essence

    Go apocalypse on her ass


  77. Plan to have some friends over one night. When you see her outside say something about her hanging her clothes (even if they aren’t hanging at the moment) and tease her about them. “Are we in china?! You remind me of my Asian friends mom but in a good way…etc…” And then say “hey look I’m actually moving soon and some people are coming over for one last night of hanging you should just tag along, but the limit for everyone is 2 drinks I gotta keep the house in one piece”

    She’ll say yes. Or persevere until she says yes. Then game her at night on your house. But make sure to invite other girls and guys like a small group and invite her earlier so you can introduce her


  78. fuck her sister


  79. Damn. Ever since I became game/red pill aware…I’ve lost a little (not a huge amount though) bit of motivation/ambition to reach a high paying ‘good job’ that requires a lot of young life sacrifice/investment.
    All this practicing/learning/studying game and pick up is probably a route to more pussy/sex with hot girls then say becoming a doctor or CEO….god darnit


  80. 1. buy weed
    2. casually meet her outside and ask what´s up
    3. after a pair of days, casually meet her again. When she tells you: so what are you up to? just say: oh, I´ll go home and chill with some weed *pause* wanna join?
    4. put on some music
    5. smoke, escalate
    6. fuck


  81. 1. be sure she likes you (99% of men think a woman likes them just because they like her permanent state of being aka when she smiles she´s hot and they think she´s just seducing them)

    2. ask her to fuck


  82. 1. be a sexually dimorphic, pussy wetting man in motion
    2. don´t be awkward
    3. when you speak to her, get her attention and start talking in a pornographic way on what you´d do to her, get in detail and make sure you are visualizing what you say (that´s crucial because it means there is no awkwardness in the interaction).
    4. if she´s looking at you as you speak, just grab her hand and take her to your room


  83. Find out who her pimp is


  84. If some hot neighbor were to bring me back my underwear (skidmark scenario) I would think she is a borderline crazy stalker with murderous tendencies who forgot to take her BPD pills. Come on guys, who does that?

    Talk about the elephant in the room, your sex life:

    “You were kind off noisy last night, I could barely sleep.” (Obviously you were the one making a lot of noise with your gf). It makes a better job at being sexual than talking about panties.

    Or you can play it direct “Sorry about last night, I was having a little party.” (you fucked your gf) since you are moving soonish, we should hang … blablabla

    Depends on your personality but number 2 has my preference since it allows for great transition.

    Tinderlike approach:

    Paper plane idea, really depends if you’ve ever had a laugh with her:”Your laundry smells funky. is there a dead rat on your balcony?” with your # written on it.


  85. Do you have a “neighborhood watch?” or block association?

    If not, make one up and install yourself as “captain”. Grab a clip board and go knock on her door.

    Chat her up and get her phone number.

    Now you can call her any time with “updates”, tips, questions, or to just chat her up.

    George Zimmerman game FTW


  86. went on 2 dates with a girl, now for 3rd date i invited her to my place to watch a movie…she replies ‘hmm is that your best offer?’

    wats my response, im tempted to just do a massive takeaway and say ‘actually forget it, goodbye’ or just go total silence

    on the other hand a simple ‘yes’ might be the best response here to pass the test and have her agree to come over

    she initiates texting with me so she is keen, i think cause she knows my player history she has her guard up


    • “for you”


    • or feigned indignation works. a whole rant


    • Standard shit-test. Agree & amplify. Say “well I was going to offer to push you up against the back of my door as I pin your wrists over your head with one hand, slowly tracing the fingertips of my other hand down the curves of your body, my beard grazing your cheek as I lightly nibble on your neck before throwing you on my bed to ravish you. But I figured a movie would be less intimidating for a shy girl.”

      Whole bunch of game theory packed into that one. Field-tested a shitload because I get a lot of ASD because I tend to move quickly and trigger it then handle it VS moving slower and not triggering it so I have to recover from being “too forward” a lot.

      If she agrees to come over “for a movie”, don’t mention anything sexual at all until she’s standing in front of you in your apartment or you’ll trigger her ASD (so no “ok cool I’ll set up the videocameras do you like doggy style or missionary?” talk, just pretend you legit have a movie and that you were just making fun of her with that text, you’ll both know what’s up and don’t need to verbalize it).

      If she texts anything that isn’t playing along with coming over, like she wants you to take her to dinner or or out in public or whatever, total radio silence for one week no matter what she texts (unless it’s “ok I’ll come over”) so she gets the gift of missing you, then act like nothing happened and you were just busy with work and push for her coming over again.

      There’s no reason after TWO dates that she shouldn’t be coming over to your apartment. That’s an indicator that either:

      1) she’s super frigid (at least to the point where it isn’t worth your time unless you don’t mind dating for a month to get the lay which some guys are cool with, I just don’t have the time/money for that)

      2) your game on your dates was super lame/beta (but that’s doubtful because she’s still chasing you, so you must have done decent enough)

      3) you weren’t alpha fux enough on your dates and she sees you as a beta bucks and is lining you up for dates and putting you on the provider/relationship path instead of the sex path and seeing how much she can get out of you (a really bitchy golddigger type will txt similar stuff like “a trip to paris? is that your best offer?” and fish for as much as possible)

      or 4) she likes you and is just a little nervous with slight ASD about coming over and just needs you to lol at her shit-test and not back-down but make her feel comfortable about coming over.

      My guess is #4, thus my text response above.


      • thanks ya good stuff, sent a variation of that text so as not to trip off and google searches ha.

        while i have you can i get your insight on this situation had a girl over last week to watch a movie on our second date. went for sex and got struck with hard LMR after i got her top off. she apoligised and she left after kissing me at the door.

        i figured ok i just need t build some more comfort, however i text her a few days later (pretty lame how did your weekend go style gameless text) and she radio silenced me. im gonna text her again, any opinions on a good opener to use to see what the situation is?


      • man im fighting ASD like crazy right now. i live in a place with too many options, its almost too easy. you ever hit that existential wall?


  87. A white woman’s vagina and anus are cleaner than the Wailing Wall


  88. I say bang you girlfriend even harder and more often then act disinterested in your neighbor’s presence. She is bound to hear her shrieks of pleasure and knows you are an Alpha at least in bed. I you are kind to your neighbor but look her in the eye whenever you have interactions, your neighbor will question your desire for her and seek to earn it. Not being the center of attention or noticed by men drives hotties crazy. When not the center of attention, hotties seek attention and validation by paying attention to you…earning your attention.
    Now you just “direct” her attention seeking activities ‘down south’ and enjoy the ride


  89. on August 23, 2014 at 2:50 pm haunted trilobite

    Tell her your ‘comfort station’ is broken and that you need to use her ‘restroom’. Then do a giant Cleveland Steamer in her jacksbowl while leaving the door open. Women ❤ ❤ a man who "has the balls to number 2 with the door open". Isn't that right Amy?


  90. on August 23, 2014 at 3:46 pm Hammer of Love

    A lot of you might find this interesting, as it delves in another phase of the feminazi movement.

    Basically, the core believe states, that the male population needs to be ” forcibly ” reduced to about 10% of the world’s total population. The theories this bitch spouts, might seem ridiculous at first. However, all that frequent this site on a regular basis, instinctually know, that the feminists wouldn’t stop with bra burning, and shaming tactics. I’m pretty confident that proposals, such as this, will become more frequent and numerous, as society continues to slowly spiral into the depths of feminism’s vaginal hell.



    • > “the male population needs to be ” forcibly ” reduced to about 10% of the world’s total population”

      It really is shocking how quickly the jews get around to talk of liquidating people.

      There’s the famous interview of the jew, “Maxim Litvinov”, with Gareth Jones, wherein Litvinov tells Jones that “Well, there is no famine,” at the very moment when the jews were starving to death 10,000,000 Ukrainians in the Holodomor.

      And the old Chicago student movement, which Bill Ayers came out of [to include his wife, the jewess Bernardine “Dohrn” Ohrnstein, and his best friend, the jew Michael Klonsky], used to brag about how they were going to have to liquidate 25,000,000 Americans once they came to power.


      • Oh Sweet Jesus, save us. The famine was perpetrated by the Communists in the SU – likely at the behest of Joseph Stalin. I have never heard a plausible claim that Stalin was a Jew. I know you have an obsession about Jews, but come on… A lot of Communists back in the day were Jewish, yes (secular Jews). And they did a perfectly fine job exterminating their own people as well as everyone else who got in the way. Not that I expect this to get through to you…


  91. The best part of this test is to expose how socially miscalibrated most commenters are. Grabbing her panties…ordering her to meet you somewhere with a slyyyyy smirk, elaborate notes and boxes left for her? This is borderline creeper moves. It goes to show, the first step is eliminating socially inept anti game. Until someone understands calibration they are going to do the alpha moves all wrong and come off like an assclown basement dweller.


    • on August 23, 2014 at 8:11 pm gunslingergregi

      which might be the best you can hope for givin the circumstances
      still better than being a slave he he he


    • on August 23, 2014 at 8:15 pm gunslingergregi

      best bet really buckle down save loot don’t get a bitch
      escape to somewhere else find chick that didn’t grow up in us
      for most dudes I would say


      • on August 23, 2014 at 8:17 pm gunslingergregi

        we all have been bombarded by so many lies on tv and shit our whole life try and find a chick who has lived in the real world


  92. Defecating where you eat is fraught with peril. Strike up a convo now to elicit her interest in seeing your new place, then go from there. Makes you appear non-needy, too.


  93. 100% Guaranteed Method

    Buy a single rose from the refrigerated display case at the convenience store (protip: 99-cent store has roses).

    Put on your nicest pair of postal pants and freshly-ironed Members Only jacket.

    Hold the rose behind your back and walk to her apartment and knock on the door.

    When she answers, immediately begin to pick at the non-existent eye booger in your left eye and say “I think you’re real purdy and want to know if you’d like to go out sometime.”

    Very important: At the exact moment as you say the word “sometime” you pull your hand from behind your back and hold up the rose in front of your face. DO NOT give her the rose, just hold it up, you are doing a compliance test and associating you with the rose.

    If she looks startled, fumbles her words, begins to laugh while looking left and right or takes more than 3 seconds to begin to respond, you’re in bro. Very important: Make her wait to take the rose.

    If she doesn’t take it within 10 seconds or begins to close the door, that is classic ASD, she’s falling for you and is afraid of her emotions.

    So make yourself unavailable. Pull the rose away and throw it down. Shout, in a dominant voice, “all you bitches are the same! (Can you say “qualification bait?”) and remember, I know where you live, cunt! You live below me!! (this is top-level panty-dropping NLP shit “below me…blow me” get it?)

    Then, look straight down at your New Balances and quickly shuffle away back to your apartment and slam the door really loud. You’re creating scarcity and calling her on her shit like a boss!

    If the Police show up about 30 minutes later with a notepad asking questions about the incident, you’re so getting laid, man. She’s shit testing you to see if you’ll hold frame. Just AMOG that cop and you’re in, bro!


  94. When you see someone at a bar or club you can be reasonably sure that that person is aware that they are in a place where they can expect some kind of social interaction – simple chat, full on pick up line, sleazy creeper, offers to dance, drinks blah blah blah whatever. They will not be too shocked or surprised (depending on their experience or desires) with what can turn up. When someone is in their home environment, employing a line or tactic that you would do in a club or bar comes off as completely uncalibrated and frankly creepy which will destroy any attempt at establishing any kind of connection and result in crashing and burning or at least a very high chance of it with zero percent chance of sex. Everyone needs a place of calm and safety, doing something that jeopardizes that environment will activated not her anti-slut defenses but her safety ones – end of chances.

    Even from a point of view of day game, where you are stopping girls on the street, even the best don’t have a high success rate, once again in the home environment this is even lower. Imagine knocking on people’s doors and trying to pick them up, the chances of this succeeding are even lower.

    He is coming from a position of strength in that he is moving and therefore if things go pear shaped, or if it only a one night thing she will not have to worry about having a stressor living next door. Once he moves, the issue goes with him and everyone can move on. Definitely a thing in his favour.

    So the strategy is to engage her in conversation and aim to arrange a place/time out of the home environment altogether to build and escalate to a successful conclusion. I would base this initial engagement around your strength, ie the fact that you are moving out.

    Of the options here, I think the best thing is to knock on her door (when you know she is home – in the afternoon/evening), introduce yourself with the excuse that you are moving out soon and you want to ensure that she is aware of the day when you are packing things up. loading up the truck (whatever) so that she is not going to be inconvenienced by the noise/driveway blocking etc etc. You are being a good neighbour here and this will guarantee a positive interaction, a base on which to build and to determine which is the best option for escalation. Now the key here is to have a flexible game plan and to not come off as creepy or whatever. Take especial note of her body language and calibrate your responses and behaviour appropriately.Make sure you shake her hand for the introduction (now you will have her name – well done), tell her the reason for your visit and see what small talk you can glide into.

    One way of getting her to your place is to indicate that you have some things that she might be interested in that you don’t want to move to the new place (furniture, odds and ends, wine (heh), other drinks) and when she has time to come and have a look – maybe now or arrange a definite time later. Once again this is a positive interaction which will give you heaps of options which is only a good thing. She may not want them, but she could suggest someone who would – or a second hand/charity store to leave them at – whatever.

    As part of your escalation strategy, you can find out just how thin these walls are, what she has noticed etc. I would stay well away from mentioning anything regarding her underwear or clothes line unless she is really drunk.

    Good luck! Remember, interaction with the sole aim to establish options for escalation.


  95. One reason that I fell for the movie,”Titanic” was the scene where Jack impresses Rose with his drawings of a one-legged prostitute.
    My best friend in high school created a lengthy, hand-drawn picture-book about his ideal OLW. ie One Legged Woman.
    Shortly after gaining tenure as a professor of Russian Literature, he displayed the first symptoms of terminal brain cancer. …


  96. Just before the anesthetic was administered before the surgery that was, basically, planned to slurp out the best parts of his brain, he insisted upon a few minutes of waiting. During which time he sang out a few verses of an extremely obscure, utterly untranslatable, folk-song from beyond-the-pale.
    RIP, RWE.


  97. on August 23, 2014 at 11:58 pm Trebuchet Warrior

    1. Work out in the open, when she’s out too. Pre-opener.
    2. Introduce yourself, ask for groceries. Small talk….
    3. Say you are an offender and have to inform the neighbors. Make a joke about it….. blah blah.. start talking. Edgy!
    4. Knock on the door…. say that you heard screaming in her house… she’ll deny. Scratch your hair, look confused. Barge in … check the house. Then tell her you were concerned. You once saved a neighbor getting beaten up… Leave. (Make sure you are commited to the story)
    5. Say “Hi”… its easy and you can move ahead.

    Any one of the above!! Get it? Infinite ways to skin infinite cats…


  98. on August 24, 2014 at 1:23 am Mean Mr. Mustard

    Surely a Beta of the Month contender.



    • My first thought was: “What a fucking faggot”.

      But I feel bad for how naive he is. Hopefully this Filo won’t hang him out to dry.


    • Naive is the word here. I pity the poor ignorant fool.
      Part of the blame surely lies with his parents.
      Anyone that has brought up a son to be that clueless needs a bitch slap to the back and front of the head.

      Unfortunately, all too often, our parents bring us up in their own image, passing on their own flawed, broken and disfunctional “programming” to their kids.

      Add to the mix parents that are overly controlling and you can easily end up with clueless men that are well into their 20’s and even 30’s.

      I’d like Heartiste to do something on disfunctional parents.


  99. Here is the best advice, hand down. Run the same game on her you run on every other girl you would meet in a day game situation (i.e. not in a nightclub). That’s it. You are moving away anyway who cares if she blows you out. Don’t try to tailor your game towards any particular girl, just keep doing what you (hopefully) already do. If you are living right you should have tons of plates spinning and you shouldn’t treat this girl any differently than you would any other slut.


  100. A high smv hot girl who you used to fuck/have a thing with but then kind of went radio silence and the ‘thing’ just sorta ended….if she randomly texts or messages you happy birthday on your bday what is a good witty reply. Or should you just leave it with nothin

    [CH: don’t think you have to be “witty”. that’s try-hard, and it’ll come across, especially if you’re wordy. just send a gif of the birthday cat.]


  101. Hey everyone, just wanted to say thanks for all the replies, especially to those who understood that my main problem is that I RARELY bump into this chick, and I wasn’t coming up with anything better than taping a note to her door. My vote for the winner is Amy, who came up with the idea of knocking on her door and asking her to help me hang up my clothes. I might actually learn something.

    To answer a few questions: yes, people in Europe still hang up their clothes to dry, especially if they live in an apartment with a balcony. (we’re on the fourth floor, so stealing something from her balcony would require some Mission Impossible style shit)

    It is true that I have (had) a hot gf, but after 2+ years of spending all my free time with her – and that not being enough for her – I’m bored (when we’re not in the sack) and tired of playing entertainment director. We are now in the middle of our 4th break-up and all advice suggest I need to expand the harem. That’s the goal.


    • on August 24, 2014 at 4:02 am gunslingergregi

      everyone on there 15th breakup
      with the same chick


      • on August 24, 2014 at 4:04 am gunslingergregi

        that makeup shit is fun maybe we all nuts
        or if nobody breaks up nothing to talk about


      • on August 24, 2014 at 4:41 am gunslingergregi

        anyone noticing a trend with the breaking up and getting back together
        these bitches ain’t really bonding
        if you want long term might want to leave this site
        my wife and I didn’t break up and I ain’t seen her in two years
        so wtf


    • > “I’m bored”

      Knock her up. Bun -> Oven. Once the baby is born, you won’t be bored anymore.


    • > “knocking on her door and ASKING her to help me hang up my clothes”

      Betas ask questions. Alphas issue orders. “Here, fold these clothes, and when I come back for them this evening, I’ll give you a nice hard spanking.”


  102. I just had an idea for you….the Ice Bucket Challenge.

    Tell her you’ve been challenged and need someone to help you shoot this. invite her to your home, take off your shirt and get her to film it…

    I just did this and it was interesting.

    A girl I’ve been gaming that I made out with a few weeks ago suddenly tags me in a video where she’s in a bikini dumping a bucket of ice on her head.

    She then sends me the video privately. i launch into full game mode:

    “Purple suits you…” in reference to her smoking bikini.

    “Well young lady,…this cannot go unanswered….”

    I then put together a very simple one in an ice shower…”Ice bucket…that’s gay, try ice shower”.

    Then sent privately saying “We shall never speak of this again…”

    Then had a scotch, sent her a photo. She loves whiskey wants to meet up for cocktails to take up where we left off.

    This shit is pure gold….

    Yah…I know you’ll say but you’re following the girl’s frame.

    Fact is I upped it. In my video i start by saying “This is just a cheap attempt to see me without my shirt on isn’t it?”


    • decent overall, and excellent use of situation to your advantage


      • The more I review my own situation, the more I think the OP could benefit from something like this: 1) it’s for a good cause—so there’s plausible deniability 2) It’s an instant-date at his (or hers??) apartment. 3) He can ask her to be part of it: she pours water on him, he pours water on her 4) if she says “no” to something for a “Good cause” why would she agree to meeting up with him on a date?

        It’s playful, has plausible deniability and instantly opens up the need to get wet, get dry, and be in someone’s bathtub or balcony to do it.

        Have a scotch to warm up after it… The “urgency” here could be placated with a “fun” “innocent” activity in the name of charity.

        If she says “no” to helping him how could he ever expect her to say yes to some random approach?


  103. on August 24, 2014 at 8:45 am gunslingergregi

    The Ukrainian Army Butchers Shelled and Poisoned the Water Purification Sites, Cut off Water, Electricity, and Gas. There are no Gas Stations open to get fuel for a car. The Main Objective is Total Genocide of the Population!
    The Ukrainian Army Butchers Target Hospitals, Schools, Retirement Communities, Apartment Complexes, Residential Areas, Places Where People Work, Markets that may still have some Food, Trains filled with Refugees trying to flee the Terror, and Busses where People trying to flee are Burned Alive by the Dozens!

    Like the Cowards the Ukrainian Nutsy Army is, it only knows how to kill helpless Women, Children, and Old People. When it comes to fighting the Donbas Freedom Fighters, they are Killing at Least 10 of the Ukrainian Army to one of their Dead, and Injuring 20-30 that have to be sent back. The ones that die are listed as Deserters so Ukraine doesn’t have to pay Death Benefits to the Families.

    It’s about time Russia Brought in Food, Water, Medical Supplies, Generators and Restored some kind of Order! ”””””””””””

    and we think we have problems goes to show civilized goes to shit pretty fast
    those Just in time deliveries got to be a bitch


    • GSGI, I just learned something really fascinating – the reason that Tchaikovsky’s 2nd Symphony [1872] is called the “Little Russian” is because he was vacationing in the Ukraine when he wrote it, and it contains several Ukrainian folk melodies, and in the 19th Century, the Ukraine was known as “Little Russia”.



    • got brown?


      • Ukrainians VS Russians?

        Hmmm… this is a tough one; I have no idea which side to support?

        OK fellas, bring out the bitches so I can avoid flipping a coin.


    • on August 24, 2014 at 5:01 pm Hammer of Love

      Don’t worry Greg. The East Ukrainian ” rebels ” are mopping the floor with the numerically superior , and better equipped, Ukrainian army. Actually, just today, they encircled another couple thousand Ukrainian troops, and are attacking them from all sides. The last time they did this, only 85 Ukrainian soldiers survived out of 4,500.


  104. Next time you see dorky guy with keys to the expensive car in hand, stroll up and cop the keys as casually as picking your drink up off the table and take her for a spin.


  105. Unless she’s a total cock carousel skank nympho, this isn’t happening. She knows he has a hot girlfriend, she’s heard them banging, so she knows he’s not serious about her and just wants to shoot and scoot, basically use her as a cumrag. There’s no solution to this problem, whether direct, indirect, cutesy-poo, or clever. The best bet is to just knock on her door, tell her how he feels about her and tell her what he wants (never expressed as a request, of course, because then the answer is always no), and immediately physically escalate. If she recoils, oh, well — he’s still got his HB9, so who cares? But you never know — she might be DTF.


    • Yeah, I made that point above – she sounds like a really nice girl, and, quite honestly, this dude doesn’t seem to have the greatest track record of hanging around and being loyal to his women. If my fears are correct, and if he’s just trying to use her for a quick lay [rather than pursuing her as a 2nd Wife], then hopefully she will realize it.


      • Please, for the sake of God Almighty, do NOT pump-n-dump the nice girls from the good families. Please. Just don’t do it.


    • You’re going to have to ignore the frame of the author as well as the bullshit title and take the data at face value.

      The author makes some pretty large claims about “egalitarian” households where men take on feminine roles being the most sexually satisfied then backs it up with data that doesn’t say too much.

      The data presented doesn’t account for the masculinity of the chores done (eg. mowing the lawn vs something feminine like washing the dishes). Previous studies have demonstrated that the masculinity of the task has a significant impact on a woman’s attraction. Furthermore, you’ll note a few interesting points about the data which the author fails to mention.

      1) Those who are very satisfied with their sexual relationships have almost identical percentages (.29 vs .30) for shared chores group and the group in which she does the majority of chores. There are half as many who are very satisfied in the group in which he does the majority of chores. In other words – you’re half as likely to have a great sex life if he’s doing the majority of chores.

      2) Quality of sexual relationship scale is likewise similarly high for those who share chores and relationships in which she does the majority, but quite a bit lower for the group in which he does the majority. Conclusion? Same as point 1.

      3) Yes, it appears from the data presented that sexual frequency is higher in relationships where the chores are shared (Notably – there is not a breakdown of the data of WHAT chores are shared, merely the fact that it’s shared). After that the frequency is second highest in relationships where she does the majority of chores. The lowest frequency of sex is the group where males do the majority of housework.

      A more apt title for this article would be: “Relationships in which the man does the majority of the chores have the lowest frequency of sex as well as the lowest sexual satisfaction.”

      So… the lesson here is: ignore the bullshit written by the article and examine the data for yourself so you don’t fall for the femcunt’s grasping of straws.


  106. Go to her apt. ” I need you to do something for me. I’m moving & want my new place to be a cool, but when I have women over I want them to feel comfortable. I need your decorating input.”
    Aren’t you dating someone, can’t she help? Its complicated.
    Here look at these pics of my new place… Scroll past cute dog pic and pic of beach you plan to vacation at next month — cute animals & beaches trigger female happiness. Show pics of each room at new place.
    Either go sit in your current apartment, her apartment, or “would this be easier if we just went over there?”. In either event you owe her coffee & pie, then bounce froggy bounce. 3 hours and 4 venues later you’re in.


  107. At your first opportunity to chat with her alone. Open with “I’m moving” and work your way into your current g/f (saying she’s shy) putting you up to asking her about a 3 some.

    If she goes for it, show up at her place without your g/f sometime after the move and tell her the g/f backed out or that you two broke up. And work your way in from there.

    If she doesn’t go for it and neg’s 3-somes hard. Second guess your g/f wanting to bring 3-somes into the relationship and work your way in with her via that angle.

    All you need in either case is her to not walk or shut the door on you. The sex is already on the table now…or should be very soon.


  108. Go talk to her all friendly like and when she answers the door grab her arm gently and see how she reacts. If shes visibly disgusted, eject. If she’s ok with it go into her house make her get you some water and sit on her couch. when she comes to give you the water grab her hand and have her sit next to you. Banter with her while escalating physically. What you say won’t matter. Start with the leg. Moving further up until you get about halfway. If she lets you do this you’re in. Just wrap your arm around her pull her in for the make out and get her in the bedroom. Or stay on the couch, i dont care. If at any point she rejects your physical advances you’ll need to make a judgement call on whether to dial it back and try again. The fact she has a pussy suitor means she’s probably missing some assertive alpha in her life.


  109. Some of you are fucking nutjobs. Alpha males know how to calibrate and convey social intelligence. It is a prerequisite to seduction.


  110. Smoke a blunt and drink some. Feel freeeeee. Got outside and “work”…find something to do….Make sure you are wearing a wife-beater if you are so inclined. Wave her down when she comes outside and make small chat about moving. Then tell her you have a bottle of grey goose in the fridge that she is welcome to come in and help you put it down….


    • Knock on her door one day and ask her to get coffee with you- for no reason other than you’re moving and you’d like to do so.

      No contrived excuses. No canned lines. Just you, boldly asking a woman out because you’re a man generously offering her the pleasure of your company. If you can’t do that confidently then you’ll probably blow it with her pretty quickly anyway. Betas love to use magic tricks to impress girls. You don’t need them.

      If and when she agrees to go out with you, don’t “schedule” anything. Go on your date right at that moment, “great, let’s go”.

      On the date, don’t force any sexual contact unless you’re getting strong receptive vibes from her. Building tension is great and you’ve already demonstrated your ability to act like a man by asking her out. Be playful and inquisitive. Get her number at the end and tell her you’re doing [insert some fun event] later in the week and she should come along.


  111. Tell the 9 you have a bit of a fantasy about the neighbor, and wanna bang *really* loud so she can hear it.

    After the girl leaves, knock on the neighbors door with a bottle of wine as an “apology”. I’d go with something along the lines of “sorry about that, but you know what breakup sex can be like”. If she doesn’t escalate but instead assures you the noise wasn’t a problem, loom confused. “No, I was apologizing for not INVITING you. I’m moving [day], so that was kindof your last chance.”

    Capitalizes on all your resources, including the important social proof of banging a 9 that most of the other commentators seem pretty oblivious to.