Game Quickie: Expectations Of Commendation

The Game Quickie is a new series created with the flickering screen-addicted ADHD scatterbrain in mind. This is for those of you who don’t have the slow eye to make sweet sweet love to a longer game post.

When a girl — a stranger or a loose acquaintance or even a girlfriend — compliments you, the proper response is one infused with self-entitled expectation.

Corollary: the worst response is one which sounds like you think compliments from women are rare and therefore novel and exciting to your senses, or that any compliment from a girl deserves a compliment in kind from you.

So, let’s say a girl tells you that you have a good body (any compliment will do here). The wrong (read: beta) replies include:

An ebullient “Thanks!”

“Wow, you’re the first to tell me that!”

“Really? I’m flattered!”

“You’ve made my day.”

“And you have a good body, too.”

Feigned humbleness. “Aw, really, it’s nothing. I’ve been working out lately.”

“You’re too kind.”

“Women never say stuff like that to me. Thanks!” (yes, I’ve heard betas say this, and it is cringeworthy)


Instead, act like women flatter you all the time (and it has made you jaded). The right (read: alpha) responses:

A flatly-intoned “thanks”.

A smirk.


There should always be an air of expectation in your words and behavior in response to a woman treating you well, which she will perceive as your habituation to the romantic attentions of women through your life. A womb-weary ennui enshrouds the man who has “heard and seen it all before” from women, and this communicates a challenge that no woman who thinks highly of her offering will be able to resist taking on.


  1. “I get that a lot.”

    That line has never failed me in the long run.


    • yeah, a lot of people say that a cocky response to a compliment sounds try-hard, but it really depends. I say shit like zillanation’s quip above all the time and the most often response is a fawning laugh. Calibration is key. A simple “thanks” is best 90% of the time, but there’s room to raise the frame every now and then.


      • When I’m feeling particularly roguish, I say:

        “You’ve been rehearsing that, haven’t you?”

        They either laugh or sometimes say “What do you mean?”

        In the case of the latter, I throw ’em a bone:

        “It sounded very polished.”



      • on October 19, 2015 at 2:26 pm Captain Obvious

        > “When I’m feeling particularly roguish” ——— Breath in deeply, sigh, roll your eyes, frown, and say, “Okay, how much money do you need this time?”


    • that is a good one and about perfect in universailty, simplicity, etc

      for me one would be

      “if you wanted to touch me you can just ask”

      or for whatever compliment it is, try to install that she’s the one chasing, i know she’s chasing, and she should be chasing


    • I was just coming here to say that exact thing.


    • @zillanation
      I like that answer. My go to is a script flipping and cocky “you’re welcome.”


  2. “Dang right, toots.”

    *smack on the behind*

    “Now go get me some coffee.”

    1940s movie rape!

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  3. Returning the compliment-from-a-compliment just reeks all around. Even when I knew better, I found myself doing as such. More of a reaction than actual thinking it through.

    I see when women do this, however, it is usually when one girl is jealous of the other, makes a comment meant to be a compliment, usually along the lines of “That looks so good on you. I can’t wear that” blah blah blah. Which can either be the first girl fishing for a compliment or a sneaky backhanded one in disguise.


  4. The faux-humble response when I get complimented on a positive but not sexy attribute (such as smart or witty) — “I have my moments.”


    • Yeah. That’s the one I use. Han Solo from Star Wars used it. It works great. It’s a sort of faux-humbleness because you’re also acknowledging that you’re aware of the fact that what you just did was in fact good while not being too try-hard about it. It comes across as confident without being too self-conscious about your success in the moment. Women eat it up.


  5. She: “You should charge for telling women to dance.”
    Me: “I’ve been told that before.”


  6. if you respond iabout the same way you would to a Jehovah’s witness giving you a compliment then your hitting the right note


  7. on October 19, 2015 at 12:57 pm Violator Invictus

    I am what is colloquially referred to as “jacked”. When a woman comments on my arms or shoulders being impressive, I usually respond with a deadpan “I know”.


    • That’s my goto response for when they say “I love you”.

      /Han Solo rape!

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    • A nuclear tingle response to “ILU” — “I didn’t ask.”

      Warning: overuse makes you a dancing monkey or someone who seems scared of or inept with emotional connection.


      • Reminds me of one time at a party, some recently-divorced mom was openly flirting with several of the men, yours truly included, and took great pains to announce, to any within earshot, that she would “never sleep with a married man.”

        I smirked and replied “You really should wait until you’ve been asked.”

        You should have heard all the other ladies laugh.


      • on October 19, 2015 at 1:24 pm mendozatorres

        Right on cue:

        Also, saw this again this past weekend. Loved this scene more so than I ever had. Love how he looks at her hand in disgust. Look at her face as he leaves!


      • on October 19, 2015 at 2:31 pm Captain Obvious


      • Good effing God, Barry just done caught himself a body right there.


  8. Also, the impact of the compliment depends on context. In lead-follow dancing, if the compliment is from an experienced follower, then complimenting her in return helps to keep the connection going and keeps her focus on the lead. Good feels come to followers when an experienced lead compliments them. Leads always have higher status than followers, so his complimenting her from a position of higher status gives her social proof.


  9. “I get that a lot” and “I know” are the instant go-to responses. Simple “Thanks” works too. Just don’t show any sign of excitement about it and basically anything will be fine.


  10. I use “I get that a lot”, a lot… works. Others are “yeah what can I say” with a faux frown hands out palms up shrug…and “shit ain’t easy… [pause – shake of the haid] being awesome…” is good for a laugh and an arm punch. and “oh… you’re one of those girls” gets the hamster spinning… “slow down we just met” and similar great too.


    • on October 20, 2015 at 10:28 am The Other Anonymous

      Compliments are to be encouraged – they usually come at a hook point in the conversation where she’s showing interest. It’s not enough to be jaded – you have to start some playful push/pull.


  11. A bored “Hm. Glad you like it” is my stock response to most compliments.


  12. “I get that a lot” is a good one and easy
    “wait til you see the dick” is a personal favorite
    “don’t touch” is fun when played right

    When a girl compliments you like that basically its yours to lose but damn you really ought be banging her by the end of the night.


  13. “You’re such a misogynistic sexist!”



  14. “Wow, you’re the first to tell me that!” actually works great if used very sarcastically (and you are clearly in fantastic shape).

    They usually follow up with “really!?” Or “no way!?”

    To which I normally respond with a cocked eye, raised eyebrow, and shiteating grin “no, you idiot.”


  15. Lol… Too funny… Fortunately or unfortunately, I’ve gotten this one more than a few times… Always smirk or nothing.


  16. Or do the Han Solo: “I know.”


  17. […] Game Quickie: Expectations Of Commendation […]


  18. “There should always be an air of expectation in your words and behavior in response to a woman treating you well, which she will perceive as your habituation to the romantic attentions of women through your life. ”



  19. on October 19, 2015 at 2:09 pm TSpark 156 from mobile

    Her: Compliment.
    Me: I bet you say that to all the men you want to have sex with. Backturn.


  20. on October 19, 2015 at 2:19 pm elmer t. jones

    I am often told I look like Christian Bale, or that other fellow, Pierce Brosnan.


  21. “That’s what they all say.”



  22. on October 19, 2015 at 2:23 pm elmer t. jones

    For your science editor : A new study suggests men might not want to date women who are smarter than them” :


    • on October 19, 2015 at 2:23 pm elmer t. jones

      “The reason, the researchers conclude, has to do with threats to masculinity (which are far more acute when the man actually has to meet the woman versus when this woman is merely a hypothetical concept). “Feelings of diminished masculinity accounted for men’s decreased attraction toward women who outperformed them in the live interaction context,” the researchers wrote. ”


      [CH: the reason men are evolved to react this way is because men instinctively know women are hypergamous and disinclined to “date down”. so men are doing what is in their reproductive interest. of course, feminist cunts would try to reframe this as “threats to masculinity” but in fact it’s no different than men not wanting to date fatties, or women not wanting to date street bums.]


      • [CH: the reason men are evolved to react this way is because men instinctively know women are hypergamous and disinclined to “date down”. so men are doing what is in their reproductive interest. of course, feminist cunts would try to reframe this as “threats to masculinity” but in fact it’s no different than men not wanting to date fatties, or women not wanting to date street bums.]

        Excellent breakdown… it provides a solid logical explanation, rather than the cuntspeak Cathedral shibboleths of threats to manhood and “can’t handle a strong woman” nonsense.

        The only “can’t” is can’t be bothered dissuading the “smart woman” from her competitive nature, when there are plenty of other sweethearts from which to choose.


      • I stopped reading at “threats to masculinity.” The word “masculinity” itself has been queerified.

        Read this instead, and put away the fabulism of behavioral scientism already. You guys are too smart to found your principles in this retarded, leftist game.


      • Perhaps not so oddly, all the women I’ve met who were legitimately smarter than I am were super-spergy. Maybe that’s really what the study discovered.


      • “The reason, the researchers conclude, has to do with threats to masculinity”

        Implicitly (and correctly) acknowledges that intelligence is a masculine quality. The feminists would be outraged if they were intelligent enough to discern that implication.

        But in fact they aren’t smart enough. In fact I would guarantee that somewhere out there in cyberspace feminists are using this exact same study to denigrate men and to soothe their egos by falsely constructing a narrative that the reason they are single is they are just too intelligent for men to handle. They are perfect just as they are – blue hair, whale blubber and all. The problem is men, who just can’t handle their ‘intelligence’.


      • I really haven’t yet met a woman who is more intelligent than me (by intelligence here, I am emphasizing the pragmatic aspect, as to how it is used, and less on the raw-power aspect). I highly value intelligence in a woman (especially of the pragmatic type that is less prevalent). To me a dumb woman is a big minus as far as how much I would value her, attraction-wise.

        To me here is how it breaks down:

        – The smarter the woman (raw-power-wise), the greater the tendency is for her to use that strength in service of maintaining the primacy of the importance of her feelings in any circumstance (not so smart a strategy pragmatically, except for accentuating entitlement-cuntyness, which to me, just isn’t very smart even from a machiavellian point of view).

        – I am a bit of idealistic bent so I tend to dismiss a woman as described in the point above, as not so smart after all (like how is it smart to feel bad? – smarter to feel good I would think, which is not that hard to achieve for womanhood, if you decide to give up the cunt-attitude).

        – The women who are both kind, and of very high raw-intelligence-power are exceedingly rare. I have only met one such woman so far in my whole life (a very accomplished older woman who was a friend of the family). I actually didn’t know her well enough to judge how much raw-intelligence power she possessed (but she had the pragmatic aspect of it is spades and was a paragon of human kindness). However I would think even this woman was not as smart as me. It is exceedingly rare to have ultra-high-IQ and kindness in the same woman.. If you ever find a woman like this you should probably at least try to make a friend of her.


    • What does intelligence have to do with masculinity?


      • Intelligence informs a greater masculinity and that intelligence can have multivariate expressions.


      • For dune coons, nothing.


      • To paraphrase Bacon, knowledge is power. Are you really that stupid or are you a troll?


      • You’ll have to forgive ho’s naivete’…

        He comes from a folk that have been living on the laurels of having allegedly invented the zero, at a time when intelligence was prized even in HIS neck o’ the woods…

        Nowadays, well… not so much.



      • He comes from a folk that have been living on the laurels of having allegedly invented the zero

        The kebabs got the zero from the Hindus. They were great copyists and preservers — with not a single thought attributable to them in thousands of years.

        Intelligence has everything to do with masculinity in a culture where women and faggots set the rules. A man must have a sense that he is being conned and possess the wit to outsmart their snares. Strapping, cornfed yeomen are reduced to gentle giants at best, emasculated fat nerds at worst.

        Unlike feminine power, which comes at a certain age no matter what, manhood must be cultivated and developed. Otherwise physically imposing men become oafs and dullards and dupes to the spirit of the age:


      • You guys really have thorned roses up your asses.

        Masculinity is balls. Intelligence is brains. If masculinity was about brains, then effete faggots would also be like niggers.

        Men refusing to date women who can (allegedly) beat them in a fight (see Ronda Rousey or Cyborg) can be likened to them threatening men’s masculinity. Men refusing to date women who are ball busters is the same.

        Intelligence is not even a disproportionately male trait. The only way this would make sense is if they openly admitted that men are smarter than women. I was exasperated at their inability to grasp this blunder.

        You fairies.


      • I am actually shocked that none of you actually got this.


      • In case my first comment was not sufficiently clear: men passing over women who are physically strong, good at fighting, dominant or aggressive COULD be interpreted as “men feeling threatened in their masculinity”. Men refusing to date women smarter than then CAN’T, because otherwise, steroid monkeys would be smart and people would shoot test to be able to join Mensa.


      • Now I remembered the word: intelligence is ORTHOGONAL to masculinity.


      • ho, your thought process is too binary.

        /the “you fairies” was amusing, though


      • you talk like a chick too many replies to your own comments lol go back to jezebel 8=========D


  23. My go to favorite for all manner of compliment:


    For example:

    “You have nice arms!”


    “You’re so fucking sure of yourself.”


    “Gawd, you really fill me up…”



  24. The behavior of betas can be best explained by pointing out that most of us would prefer women to react in an enthusiastic manner, when complimented.

    They’re like ugogrrrrl careerist chicks thinking that that brings the boys to the yard.

    [CH: the problem with betas (among other problems) is that they’re too honest with women about their immediate feelings. they need to learn to be less honest with women if they want more romantic success.]


    • You don’t have “to learn to be less honest” when you have the right “immediate feelings.” It’s better to work on mastering your emotions than it is to work on being dishonest, like a conniving little jew with a boner.

      [CH: i used a strong word to denote the seductive allure of “leaving a little to the imagination.” yes, betas have a problem with being TOO honest when they court women. they too honestly flaunt their romanticism and their eager beaver pedestal polishing. betas do need to be less honest — that is, they need to omit the sloppy details of their flaming ardor — if they want to capture a better quality woman.]


  25. hot chick: you have a nice body
    response (smirking): quit eyeing me like a piece of meat

    ugly chick: you have a nice body
    response: [email protected]!



  26. off-topic…

    heidi klum who is 42 and has a bastard offspring from flavio briatore and 3 semidark offspring from seal, has been dating a 29 year old.

    lol you can’t make this shit up.

    [CH: she’s ruined her life. it’s only a matter of time until that fact is as obvious to her as it is to everyone around her.]


  27. pause. “I know”

    I always get a laugh and arm punch.


  28. “Women never say stuff like that to me. Thanks!”

    HAHAHAHA! No way. I don’t think I could keep a straight face if I heard that.

    Other ideas:

    “Yeah, it’s not bad.”

    But it’s the frame, right. Your mindset. Like our host keeps saying, if you have the right frame of mind, the proper attitude, you’ll say the right things (more or less). In this case, the right frame of mind is No Fucks Given.


  29. Recently had a girl thank me for telling her to buy things for her fridge that I like. Exact words “I wanna do right by you, so I appreciate you mentioning that I need to have Diet Coke in the house.” This shit works, son!

    I always had reasonably tight game and was outspoken and charismatic as a young man, but I’m learning the value of being more demanding and not using my emotional intelligence, which is pretty high, to be a people pleaser. The untutored game worked well enough, but being a little more demanding, looking out for number one, willingness to be critical, and making them work for it amplifies what I was doing naturally.


  30. Depends on the context. If it’s a girl I’m gaming: “I know…” works great to compliments.

    If it’s a girl who thanks me or compliments me on my looks or the music i’m playing; “Thanks” in that flat tone with a confident smile works.

    If it is about something i’m doing–like my music…I may engage them to ask: “What is it about the music that attracts you?”

    This gets them talking…about me or something I like. It allows me to DHV about the subject.


  31. So, of the 16 commandments, 2, 6, and 8 have been most helpful to me to round out some things that were already working well.


  32. When girls compliment me I say “You’re welcome”


  33. I think the key to this one is the non verbals. Betaboy responds to a compliment with alacrity and a big smile, like he just won something. Alpha man gets the compliment, slowly looks the girls in the eye, pauses with a smile, then a knowing “thanks”.


  34. “Fuck off, cunt” has never failed me.


  35. Sigh, I never get tired of hearing that. Smirk.


  36. tl;dr: I avoided an awkward situation and had sex in a hot tub last night.

    Last night I’m walking to the hot tub with a girl I’ve been seeing for a couple of weeks. As we get to the gate, I see two couples in the water. “Cool,” I say to myself, “I’ll introduce her to my neighbors, maybe offer them a beer.”

    But we walk in and notice two things about them: they’re very young, probably still in high school, and they’re fooling around. So much for socializing.

    We’re already there and I’m a little drunk besides; so there’s no way I’m walking back to my apartment, though my girl is visibly uncomfortable. I grab her by the hand and lead her into the hot tub, and we carry on drinking and hanging out like they’re not there.

    Conveniently, one of their moms comes by a few minutes later and breaks up their party. Once they’re out of earshot my girl says, “Don’t get STDs, kids.”

    Me: “They’re little sluts.”

    Her: “Hey, we had sex on the first date. What does that mean about me?”

    Me: “That you were overwhelmed by my sexiness.”

    Her: And that you’re a slut.”

    Me: It’s true, I’m a total manwhore.”

    Then we banged. Later, as we walked back to my apartment, my girl grabs my hand and says, “Thanks for not letting me make that awkward.”

    Also, this blog cures depression and everything that sucks about life.

    [CH: i know.]


    • She sets up to win… but Benson goes ALL… THE… WAY…!!!!

      Very nice. Should be the subject of a CH post.

      The beta bait… A&A!!! Her reframe… A&A!!! The stronger frame wins!!!

      and seriously, think about how fraught with peril this kind of ‘feelings” conversations is for the non game aware… “no baby you are not a slut… You’re special…. blah blah blah” – death. and think about how much her “sluttery” was preying on her mind, ex post facto – and how your good feelz beat bad feelz. Good feelz for the win!


      • I remembered what you said way back when as I answered her, something like, “My wife jumped me on our first date because I overwhelmed her ASD.”

        My answer embodied the silly “it just happened” girl rationale, which dampened her guilt, and reinforced her perception that I always bang on the first date.

        This stuff is nothing short of sorcery.


      • Benson – LOL! at that.

        IF you want to continue your sorcery… she seems ripe for being really submissive… Stuff like whispering to her “your MY dirty little slut” in extremis (and have her repeat it) and saying stuff like “I love how you are dirty with me in private, but in public such a good girl” and the always good post O for her, full eye contact, hold her pussy and say “this is mine”… Stuff like that.

        Give it a try if you haven’t.


      • Give it a try if you haven’t.

        I have. Usually leads to morning blowjobs in the shower, then she buys me pancakes.


  37. on October 19, 2015 at 8:39 pm CrimsonRedneck

    Her: You’ve got a good body.”
    Me :”You’ve got a good eye.”


  38. The perfect response to a compliment is “shut up baby I know it!.” Said with a straight face.


  39. Being of a more genteel and generous bent that most of youse guys, I try to give compliments when the gals are feeling down about themselves and perhaps fishing a little… observe:

    Her: (looking in the mirror) “Sigh, I’m starting to get old… it looks like I’m starting to get little crows feet around the eyes and my hair is starting to look a little limp.”

    Me: “Take heart, luv… your eyesight is still perfect.”


    • on October 20, 2015 at 8:41 am gunslingergregi

      speaking of eyesight my chick been in 2 accidents so far
      dont let a chick borrow your car then get her a rental the fuck


  40. on October 20, 2015 at 8:46 am gunslingergregi

    chick we been fucking for 48 hours
    me i know

    yea can tell them to treat you well too whatever that is for you
    sometimes i get the i have done everything for you and would do anything why can’t i get bla bla
    acting like a martyr or some shit
    what ya do on that


  41. Never act surprised or grateful when a woman shows signs of being attracted to you. She will take it as a sign she is making a mistake ….


  42. Need some text advice, I received this text “You were in a randomly brought up in conversation so I thought I’d just say hey”! We’ve had a past, nothing more serious then a fuck and a smoke. But this was more then 10 months since I talked to heruntil this text, so this seemed out of left field. Solid HB8, 9 with makeup. Does she have tingles still or is this something else?


  43. 1. Thanks to all the dudes here. Awesome weekend! First, a broad paid for most of my drinks Friday as our group first danced, then watched the playoffs in a crowd of thousands. (Lots of noise, swaying, drinking beer, whooping and hollering, etc.) I had just met her and paid little attention to her but she was going to Vegas with two men in the group and she held my gaze several times. I sent her a thanks for buying me drinks three days later. This was a fairly new group for me. Got home around one a.m. Wife was cold the next day.


  44. 2. Second, went to another venue Sat. and our group brought the party. Great cover band and great music for dancing. The dance floor by the band was too small, so we danced in the aisles and I taught some of the women to dance east coast swing. Our HB7 waitress said that she was getting slammed and comped me some soft drinks. I found her and gave her tips. She still found time to kino, including a hand on my chest which was a little longer than incidental. The waitress chased me down to deliver my food hot; I was coming off the main dance floor when she found me. The waitress didn’t just leave it at the table near where I’d been dancing.


    • 3. I asked her if she knew how to dance and she said, “Not tonight.” Obviously busy. We still chatted a bit; she doesn’t know lead-follow and it might be something she might want to learn. HB6 and some NBs wanted my attention that night. I got home at 1:30 a.m. and Mrs. Gamer screamed and cried all night and turned all the lights on and all the radios to max vol. I put in my earplugs and went to sleep. Heh.

      I got lots of stories for my book this weekend and had a great time.

      Again, thanks to all the guys for reminding us to bring the party with us wherever we go. CH, Tyler, YaReally, etc.


  45. “it’s all the cigarettes and unprotected sex”


  46. on October 20, 2015 at 11:21 pm foreskin pulled back with lube so fresh

    i know

    these both work well. Voice tone is very important when delivering both.

    I am not a fan of staying silent or smirking. I want to encourage her to compliment me in future. So a little acknowledgement is better than ignoring her.


  47. > with the flickering screen-addicted ADHD scatterbrain in mind. This is for those of you who don’t have the slow eye to make sweet sweet love to a longer game post.
    Give me a break Heartiste, we all know this is for small content or thought that doesn’t deserve a whole bible worth of text. Stop being such a pussy next time and stop with the justifications.

    [CH: ya cranky bitch!]


  48. On point FR to the OP

    Last night a broad (HB6) in my social circle was excitedly complimenting me about my weight loss. Twice. First time I matter-of-factly said thanks. Second time I just smiled. And chatted with me about it. I showed little interest in discussing it. Later HB6 asked me to dance. And wanted a second dance immediately after the first. Lasered me at every opportunity with a huge smile. Giggled when I put her hand on my chest during the dance and then HB6 put her other hand on my chest. It’s a legitimate lead and also sexual. Girls like that kind of dancing. At one point HB6 hijacked the dance, but I quickly took it back. A 5h1t test passed.

    I told her later that I wanted to dance country two-step with her to a foxtrot. She complied and apologized for her errors while dancing–asked me to not overdance her even though she used to dance CTS competitively. Status acknowledgment of my superior dancing ability. Submissive attitude on her part! I was meh about all this and barely acknowledged her apologies. I didn’t even tell her not to worry about it. HB6 lasered me during the dance, even though the follower is supposed to look over the lead’s right shoulder to keep an eye on traffic. I lasered her when it was safe to do so.

    Our final dance was a nightclub two-step, which is probably my best dance, though not my favorite dance. HB6 at first was telling me I was off beat. It wasn’t true, but I stopped dancing briefly, then restarted. It was a 5h1t test. HB6 lasered me during the dance, smiling warmly, so I minimized the distance so that we were dancing close–chest-to-chest and hip-to-hip. HB6 complimented me on my lead. So I asked matter-of-factly with amusement, “So you like my lead?” HB6 replied warmly and enthusiastically, “I love your lead.” I just smiled. HB6 gave up all pretensions of dancing; she put both of her hands on my chest, and started pushing me backwards. I backpedaled, waving my arms helplessly, pretending to be threatened and looking for help behind me at the people watching. Suddenly I reversed course and flipped the script; I took HB6 in both arms and dipped her so deep that her foot slipped, but I held her up. HB6 commented that she was supposed to help hold up her own weight. HB6 acknowledged my strength move. I ignored it. This whole push-dip stunt was just like squirrels chasing and grappling.

    The hook was set. I expect that this hook will stay set for a while.

    I never consciously decided to expect commendations. It’s part of my frame and I don’t think about it. That’s where you want to be–in your frame where you expect commendations but you don’t think about expecting commendations.

    Oh, I got the lay. At home, from Mrs. Gamer. Who commented that she could smell other women’s perfume on me. I matter-of-factly said that she was smelling my deodorant, but she insisted otherwise. I didn’t reply. She’s again happy that she’s in love with me.


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