The Pushback: Two German Women

I like the uploader’s description of the video:

As you can see, the scenery is clearly racist and problematic. You can see at least 9 Europeans there.

This hate must end. We must all work together to make Germany a hate-free, multicultural country free of Germans.

This is the inevitable logic of anti-White leftoid equalism, unless leftoids want to argue that they will work to protect native White German interests if their share of the total population falls below some predefined number like, say, 30%. But then we’re just arguing numbers, not morality, and once the leftoid goes there they have no tool left in their moral torture chamber to argue against a Germany that is 100% native German.

It all circles back to an inescapable truth:

This is what separate nations are for.


The Pushback, continued: Heather Mac Donald recently unloaded a full clip of Narrative-busting Realtalk™ on the assembled at a frickin’ Senate hearing! The woman has balls.

Any member who was paying the least bit attention to her mass destruction knowledge droppage could not in good conscience leave that room and ever again mouth the lies of anti-White BlackLivesMatter propaganda. But I suppose that would presume US public servants have an ounce of personal integrity.


  1. I’m a reformed beta, been on the right track for 3 years, I thank Don CH for all the knowledge provided and that to come.

    Making my story short: met a girl, fucked her. Two months later I met another girl, fucked her. So? They were friends.

    When they found out, each of them had different reactions

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    So from there came the revelation: game is in function of the girl’s atractiveness, but also of her modesty.

    Margin of error with sluts must be zero, they’re shit testing the whole time. With less slutty girl you can still make some mistakes, the girl will forgive you because she might see those mistakes as signs that you’re still a human, and that maybe some day you’ll stop fucking her friends because you’ve found joy in her devoted vagina.

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    Girl B remains unfazed, she doesn’t give a fuck, she’s got better things to do. This bitch’s attitude… Her replies… Her texting game… She has an alpha male attitude, I’ve even taken note of some of her replies.

    I’m obviously making some mistakes here, I know some of them, there must be others I’m not seeing. I should be more aggresive, more ambiguous, stronger frame, no vulnerabities nor weaknesses, fuck her like it’s going to be uploaded on facial abuse, fuck her emotionally.

    The thing is some of these actions don’t go with my personality, I’m the serious, misterious and educated guy, the guy with a promising future. This gives the good girls hope. But when it comes to sluts, they get bored after a couple of months, I’m not that unpredictable, my white collar job, my travels and nice shoes play well for the first months, but I can’t compete with the dj’s.

    I’d appreciate your insights on this.

    How to game sluts more effectively. How to create a more exciting personality when your free time is reduced to a couple of hours a day.

    Greetings from Argentina


    • How to game sluts more effectively

      Step one: wait until at least 20 on-topic comments are posted before copy/pasting a long, prepared off-topic comment.

      [CH: i’m not accusing alejandro of being one, but there is a category of troll whose MO is to bum rush an OT comment into the comment thread of a post that explores a topic which makes the troll distinctly uncomfortable and enraged. i guess the objective is to steer as many follow-up comments in the OT direction as hoped for, so that the original post topic is quickly forgotten.]


      • “makes the troll distinctly uncomfortable and enraged”

        Nah, I try to not to be affected over things I can’t control, and that includes being nice while sitting on the bus next to one of my fellow south americans coming to my country getting free education and being ugly.

        Any advice? I’ve seen your comments in here before,


      • Well, CH, I sometimes find that any comment I leave ends up in mod for an indeterminate amount of time and find this type of troll not only disruptive, but suspicious. How can they get through so quick? Back to topic. Is there some way to tell the mult-cult, cultmarx crowd, that we all live on the same fucking planet, how much more ‘die-versity’ can there be? What, should every house have a member of every race inside? Or this: By allowing more ‘immigrants’ into America, aren’t we furthering the displacement of the so-called native Americans (tontos)? The most precious group of people America has? Bah. Cheers


      • on October 26, 2015 at 3:42 am Captain Tautological

        > ” the objective is to steer as many follow-up comments in the OT direction as hoped for” ——— Gosh, now let’s see here, who would want to rid Germany of Germans? Hmmm… It couldn’t possibly be the folks who created the t*h*w*a*c*k initiative version 1.0 and then upgraded it to Nicole version 2.0…


      • on October 26, 2015 at 6:21 am Captain Tautological


      • [CH: i’m not accusing alejandro of being one, but there is a category of troll whose MO is to bum rush an OT comment into the comment thread of a post that explores a topic which makes the troll distinctly uncomfortable and enraged. i guess the objective is to steer as many follow-up comments in the OT direction as hoped for, so that the original post topic is quickly forgotten.]

        I’ve brought that up often in the past… there always seems to be a certain two or three posters (same ones usually, and suspiciously sounding like they all came from the same grade school) “asking for advice” on some poon patrol cock n’ bull story in the middle of an obviously political/racial thread.

        Good to see CH overtly calling it out now.

        Of course, said trolls always deny, whine about “this is a game site!”, and/or toss in the usual “field reports HELP other men… what’s your problem” red-pill Cathedral tripe.

        Of course, this is the first time it’s happened coming right out of the gate on a new thread… then again, our would-be Lothario is South American.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • on October 26, 2015 at 6:55 am Captain Tautological

        GE, the Eskimos completely pwn South America, going all the way back to the old Sephardic Eskimo Iron Triangle of Holland-Cuba-Brazil in their chattel slavery trade. It’s why Trotsky ran off to Mexico to try to escape Stalin, why Lee Harvey Oswald was visiting the Cuban & Soviet Consulates in Mexico, why Meyer Lansky was so powerful in Cuba, why the Iranians were bombing the AMIA Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina, etc etc etc…


      • > ” the objective is to steer as many follow-up comments in the OT direction as hoped for” ——— Gosh, now let’s see here, who would want to rid Germany of Germans? Hmmm… It couldn’t possibly be the folks who created the t*h*w*a*c*k initiative version 1.0 and then upgraded it to Nicole version 2.0…

        Captain Tautological – you know I agree with your political views, but you are one of the offenders mentioned. Posting off-topic posts in the top of the comments to a CH post. Like you do right now with that picture. This was not about Jews. And it is a disservice to the alt-Right cause to insert Jews in every single discussion, about every single thing.

        But more than that, I think it is disrespectful to CH. Like you don’t really care about what he writes, you are just exploiting his blog for your own ends. This is too often the case, when a blogger builds a large audience over years of work – people come in to take advantage of their generous comment policy.

        The Jewish influence in the media, their immense role in pushing feminism, mass immigration and perversion, should be mentioned when there is cause to do so. That’s when it works best. People don’t like to have it in their faces at all times, as if you don’t care about their other interests. I am saying this as honest advice.


      • Yes, but usually it’s the nothing but politics retards inserting their inane political thoughts based on ignorance, half truths and conspiracy theories into everything.


      • Yes, but usually it’s the nothing but politics retards inserting their inane political thoughts based on ignorance, half truths and conspiracy theories into everything.


      • on October 26, 2015 at 9:41 am Captain Tautological

        Arbiter, serious question my man: You are ostensibly our board’s resident [email protected], and yet you’re castigating me for pointing out that “Alejandro” is a Mossad operative who is trying to direct our discussion away from the fact that the Mossad is in the process of destroying the German nation? Seriously – WTF man? We’re in an all-out war for the survival of the White Race.


      • on October 26, 2015 at 9:53 am Captain Tautological

        “Pwn” is a Mossad professional who has been assigned to shadow me with nicknames like “Cap’n Crunch”, “Grape Nuts” and “Pwn” [it stole that one from my just having pointed out that its Tribe “pwns” South America, going back to their role in purchasing the chattel slaves from the Mohammedeans and shipping the chattel slaves across the Atlantic to the New World].



        Captain, I agree with a lot of what you say, but you do yourself a disservice by constantly banging this drum, regardless of the thread…


      • Well Arbiter it IS about the Eskimos, albeit indirectly. The subject of CH’s post is the destruction of German ethnicity. As Barbara Lerner Specter and Anetta Kahane make clear, this is very much a Tribal agenda. Indeed detailed plans for this objective – the literal destruction of the German people – were developed in the middle of the last century by the usual suspects.


      • on October 26, 2015 at 5:02 pm Captain Tautological

        Rush Limbaugh, 2015-10-26: “You populate Twitter and Facebook with enough political activists DISGUISED AS CITIZENS in their underwear in their basements just tapping out comments and posting left-wing news stories from AP, Reuters, Washington Post, New York Times, and that’s how you reconstitute your monopoly. You don’t constitute a network media monopoly, but you constitute a mode-of-thinking monopoly by transferring your polluted, perverted way of thinking to social media to infect as many minds as possible who are incapable of critical thinking anymore, because it isn’t taught.”


    • This is the thread about the European demise asshole
      We could not care less about sluts and “your mysterious personality”


    • lzozozozlzol

      Me tooo!!!!!!! d asame thing happened to da gbfm almostz!!!!

      Da GBFM is a reformed beta, been on the right track for 3 years, I thank Don CH for all the knowledge provided and that to come.

      Making my story short: met seventeen girlz, fucked themz. Two months later I met another twenty six, fucked them. So? They were friends. All in the same sorrotietesz!

      When they found out, each of them had different reactions

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      So from there came the revelation: game is in function of the girl’s atractiveness, but also of her modesty.



    • da gbfm maxim #1023

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      when you hit on a not so hot girl, she thinks you’re a @&#&in psyco!!



    • hey heratsietnetsst!! hearrsttsietestse!!!

      dalrockzas has new ruleszlzl1!!!!

      “Lastly, I’ll define some general rules for commenting on the blog which apply to men and women. The first three rules below have always been in place, and the fourth is new:

      Don’t violate copyright law. If there is a question, I’m inclined to err on the side of caution. A link and a paraphrase is ideal.
      Don’t advocate violence.
      Avoid changing the topic from the original post, especially early in the comment thread (the first few days or 100 comments after a post is published). After a few days and or 100 comments I’m fairly lenient here so long as the topic change isn’t egregious.
      Don’t brag about or advocate adultery.
      In addition to the above, avoid the following topics unless I specifically make an exception in a post:

      Age of consent laws. This is a guaranteed thread derailer. It is ok to reference the existence of these laws provided it is on topic, but don’t do this in such a way that would invite a discussion on what should be the proper age of legal consent.
      Marital corporal punishment.
      I’ll place a link to this post on the top of the blog and update the comment policy as required.”

      no more talking about undergage sex nor beating your wife (nor your neibors wifes) in dalrock’s church!!! lzlzlzlzzolozoozlzlz


      and da GBFM has a new rule too!!



    • How about finding a girl you genuinely love?

      Or you could waste your life away playing games…up to you


    • Alejandro, quit being such a try hard attention whore…your OT post is as beta as it gets.


    • Alejandro; your comment sucked. totally off-topic. Go post on another thread.


    • “I’m obviously making some mistakes here, I know some of them, there must be others I’m not seeing.”

      It’s beta to think there is a real difference between A and B. AWALT.


    • Dear Penthouse…

      Nothing ever changes.

      So “misterious” and edumacated he can’t even spell it.


  2. […] The Pushback: Two German Women […]


  3. I was bored after having sex with a german milf I see regularly, thought what the fuck and asked her about her views on the refugees risking a confrontations, but handled it pretty well after. She’s liberal as fuck.

    Three sluts I’ve fucked, three mouths full of liberal verbatims. My thesis is liberalism is where they feel safe, providing safe ground to their actions.

    I wonder if the wall comes with changes in their political views…


  4. The holocaust is going to look like patty cakes.


    • Holocaust is a fraud


      • Why do so many National Socialist sympathizers always deny the Holocaust and then turn around and call for a Holocaust? The 3rd Reich killed many people and they were justified in doing so.


      • @Balmung
        I don’t think ‘denying the holocaust ‘ is the issue. Searching for reliable numbers from non ykw sources is the issue. Red Cross records, compiled from auditors at ALL POW camps in all camps, show no record of specific ykw prisoners, or ovens, etc. Once the camps were in Russia’s control, no auditors had access. You have more research to do. My ‘World Year Books’, published from the ’30s-50’s, show no significant changes in ykw population, so there’s that. What’s your point again?


      • “and then turn around and call for a Holocaust”? First, why would the two be mutually exclusive? Knowing the obvious truth about the past doesn’t prohibit calling for violence against the violent. Second – do they? You say so. I haven’t seen anyone calling for a “Holocaust”.


      • How come some people capitalize the word “holocaust”? It’s not a proper noun.


      • I don’t really care if the holocaust is true or not.

        Honestly, we should own that sh!t. Would you like another? Then behave.

        The truth is, they ridicule us because they think we’re weak.

        If they thought we were really [email protected] skinheads they’d be real quiet.


      • I believed the Holocaust story for most of my life. Never questioned it. But when I eventually did the whole fraud comes apart like a cheap suit. It takes no great effort to discover the truth. How they manage to get away with this for so long beggars belief.


      • They’ve gotten away with it because they control the mainstream media and much of the educational system… indeed, that’s exactly WHY they normally go for those avenues first, in any given society.

        Between Dynamic Silence and pumping out the Shindler’s List and Life Is Beautiful and The Reader and etc. etc. etc.,… not to mention textbooks and every other facet of information that one could imagine, until the arrival of the internet… it was a closed shop.

        And those who dared try to speak out, well…


      • If you look at the holocaust in a rational non emotive factual way gaping holes appear.

        Throughout my life I never questioned the Holocaust narrative. Then as I became more personally acquainted with the Eskimo tendency to twist narratives to their benefit. So I gave a loose thread a few tugs. The unraveling began.

        My conclusion was the commonly accepted narrative does not hold up.

        I’m NOT claiming that the Germans didn’t murder Jews. It’s likely that they did kill in the camps.

        But I find the claim that the Krauts systematically murdered 6 million Jews in a few years not to be credible.

        Just do the math. If the Germans were carrying out their “final solution” for 3 solid years, that is 1095 days. 6 million divided by 1095 equals 5,479 every day, or 228 an hour every hour 24/7. The logistics — transport, holding areas, gassing, cremations, evidence disposal — boggle the mind. I’m no expert, but the systems the Germans had in place do not seem to support such numbers.

        Never mind there are gaping questions about things like the authenticity of Anne Frank’s diary. Also, there are other accounts of camp life such as Viktor Frankl’s where prisoners were worked to death but not systematically murdered (this is pretty bad in itself).

        If I were an Eskimo I would exploit the hell out of hatred for the Germans after the war, exaggerate the (quite real) suffering and claim permanent and untouchable victim status forever, through any means necessary. I suspect that’s what’s happened.


    • on October 26, 2015 at 4:57 am Mean Mr. Mustard

      The vastly exaggerated holocaust for some (YKW) and almost unheard of for others.


      • granpa’s biz partners did enjoy Schicklgruber’s spas

        (when I bring up the difference in survival ratio between the shephardim of Western Europe and the zhyd khazarim of Eastern Europe, I get blank stares)

        .. however the only remarkable feature of Holocaust/Endlosung was how unremarkable it was.

        a short list: USUK bombing campaign of WWII, the Holodomor, the rest of the kolhozification, the US bombing campaign of Indochina, the pacification of Tambov and Kuban, the Great Leap Forward, the Beligian follies in Congon and Central Africa, the Dark Continent’s post-colonial tribal mayhem, the Bengal Famine, the post-decolonization follies on the Subcontinent, the post-Armistice food blockade (done by who against whom, me hearties?)


      • If you look at the holocaust in a rational non emotive factual way gaping holes appear. Even obvious things like the gas chamber doors were wooden and not properly sealed which meant the camp guards would have been gassed as well …tons of these rationale exist.
        The German way for killing has always been a firing squad, it is quick and effective.

        White people like anybody else deserve what they get. If they lie down and accept non whites into their countries it is going to happen. There are anti immigration parties in Germany the Germans can vote for.


    • Well then what happened to my great-grandmother, asshole.


      • There’s a difference between having to incinerate already dead bodies so that typhus epidemics don’t spread faster and wider than they already were, and people being “thrown into ovens” while still alive.

        Zyclon (sp?) gas used to delouse clothes is not the same as “gassing people”.

        Allied bombing raids destroying supply routes, so that German citizens themselves were not getting more than a few hundred calories per day and suffering from starvation is not the same as purposely starving inmates in a camp.

        Anti-guerrilla troops gunning down partisans and performing revenge reprisals against irregulars not protected by the Geneva Convention is not the same as, oh, say fire-bombing raids on targets of no military value beyond terrorizing civilians in an attempt to demoralize.

        Shall I continue… asshole?


      • What about my great uncle u jerk?

        He fell out of the guard tower and hurt his leg guarding your great grandmother.

        Then they made the soap from her and some lampshade but his leg still hurt when it rained.

        It wasn’t worth it because the soaps got nothing clean and lampshade smelled like a pigs bottom.

        Think about that man. Go ahead.


  5. turd world


  6. Something one saw a lot of even a year ago in articles about Europeans complaining about immigration is “I am not a racist, but –”

    We don’t see that reflexive lead-in anymore.


  7. The horrible music, the brown people everywhere. Yecch, it’s horrible. My heart is very heavy.

    Off topic, but maybe not — Paul Craig Roberts thinks CIA will assassinate Putin.

    They are backing us into a corner.


    • Yeah yeah… easier said than done. Don’t you worry too much about old Vlad, it’s not like CIA and their cheerful Russian counterparts were not playing games of the kind with each other for decades.


    • Unfortunately Paul Craig Roberts has been a bit careless in his essays of late, cursing too much, sounding bitter in a way that you can do in a forum but not as a public figure writing about the news. For the last two years or so. He also makes a lot of spelling mistakes, which makes it look like he just writes them quickly late at night. I read one by him at LewRockwell just today with five spelling errors, it doesn’t look good.

      Oddly, he also seems to veer to the Left, perhaps as a defense of criticism in his private life. For example, he wrote that the Tory victory in Britain will “undo all the good Labour has done”. What? And calling conservative voters “dumbshit” (or “dumbshib” in the same essay, showing his careless spelling once again), but not calling leftist voters the same.

      Here’s a problem with some right-wingers who are shut out of the hijacked conservative movement: they show far more anger toward that movement than toward the Left. And even adopt leftist talking points sometimes, because the Left is powerful. Then it becomes more of a personal vendetta than anything else.


      • on October 26, 2015 at 10:12 am Captain Tautological

        Arbiter – Jesus H Christ – we’re facing an all-out war to destroy the White Race, as waged by the Eskimos and their Mohammedean puppets, and yet all you can find time for is criticizing White people like Paul Craig Roberts? WTF man?


    • In college I took a course titled: Holocaust. This film was shown the first day. I got an “A” in the course. Probably would’ve been dismissed if I knew then what I know now.


  8. Jesus Christ. I have never seen anything like this.

    It makes me think..Do I even want the White race to return to its former glory?

    Do we deserve it?

    The fact that this can even happen, with no fear of repercussions…the fact that Muslims aren’t being attacked and spat on in the streets, and their women are not having their headdresses torn off, shows that the majority of the White race is beyond redemption. They don’t deserve a second chance.


    • This would not be happening if the ruling class didn’t want it to happen. The ruling class in europe and the USA is white. They are doing this deliberately to everyone else. Now there are the conventional uses of immigration to create division, drive down wages, etc. But there seems to be something more by bringing in a population that does not assimilate and has control freakish desires of telling everyone else to live.

      Attacks in the street will happen when the system’s punishment risk is outweighed by the anger, frustration, and so on. The problem is that may play into the ruling class’s hand.

      There’s a game being played here, I am just unsure what.


      • It’s “boyz in da hood”. The goal is to create instability on purpose and use fear to keep the majority group in check. A stable middle class who is actually connected to and benefiting and elevating the poor, is too powerful.

        There are many games going at once, and different groups are being played in different ways, but the goal is to get rid of or at least disempower the middle class.


      • I have thought similar things myself. You think, this is not going to end good, surely they must know. Then I had the thought that maybe they do know and that this is what they want, major ethnic strife and possibly war in Europe.


      • Ya, the ruling class is (((((white)))))) alright.


      • I get the weaponized underclass thing, but they are going beyond it now. I also understand the all for them nothing for everyone else idea. But what they are doing with this massive immigration is going beyond the conventional uses. It’s to the level where it can end very badly for them and their eugenic belief systems mean they don’t want to help them out of the goodness of their hearts. Maybe it’s some sort of gambit to end up with everything or having the whole world come crashing down. They are that inbred and crazy.


    • Re. “Do we deserve it?” Of course, but first you have to stop feeling guilty about it.


      • Did I say I felt guilty?

        I don’t want to live in a world with race traitors who’ve been given a second chance. I don’t think that THEY are entitled to change their minds and then return to the White race later on, when it turns out that their bretrayal was an unsuccessful project.

        Watch the video again if this didn’t sink in. If you’re willing to live amongst the White people who allowed that, even if they do apologize, then your low standard of hygiene disgusts me.


    • Deserve’s got nuthin’ to do with it.


      • Exactly. “Deserve” is part of that thinking where you argue “who was first” to a continent, and who has victim status, and who must feel guilt, over things done by completely different people in the past, to other people who don’t live today either. And “rights”.

        It is about one thing only: Which race has the IQ pattern that allows it to invent electricity, technology, and reach for the stars? Which race can help Life survive forever? Without life all ideologies, and all “rights” or whatever else people may cherish, are meaningless.

        Did the Neanderthals have the “right” to Europe because they came here first? Or do we not “deserve” to live because some Whites no doubt cooperated with Huns and Mongols in the past? Completely irrelevant. It is about which race can make the best use of the territory.

        Another note: there will be egalitarians in every generation of every people on earth, even if they are few. If they get the upper hand they will wreck a nation. That doesn’t mean the rest of the people is shamed, or that they don’t “deserve” to live or whatever. The issue is still to maintain the best race so that the best individuals in that race can invent and build and drag the rest along with them.


      • I take those bitter comments to the effect of Europeans/Whites deserving their dispossession as exasperated venting more than anything else.

        Still, there is a need to judge that kind of “you euro pussies deserve to get it good ad hard form those virile non-pozzed muds” on face value in several ways.

        One: if its a American making it about Western Europeans, a Texan about Oregonians, etc., then it should be pointed out that the accuser doesn’t exactly have a stellar record of resisting population replacement either.

        Two: push the commenter to admit that the five year old Swedish or German children who don’t know a fucking thing about politics also “deserve it good and hard.”


      • I live in Asia. I played a game recently to see if I could spot any technology during my day that was invented by Asians, NOT invented by whites.

        I couldn’t find any. Not one.

        Pretty much all technological, business and societal innovations that have advanced humanity in the past several hundred (more?) years have been created by whites.

        Every. Single. One.

        Modern medicine
        Internal combustion engine
        Rocketry and space flight, moon landings
        The corporation (an incredible innovation that pooled capital and risk)
        Stock market (ditto)
        Reliable birth control
        Venture capital
        Written orchestral music
        Human rights and rule of law
        Drive thrus

        I could go on and on. Even the Japanese, an impressive race, didn’t invent 99% of their technology.

        There is something uniquely awesome about the white race. I just can’t escape it as a logical conclusion. It’s why all the other races want to come live in white countries despite that horrible white racism.

        How else would one explain the lopsided racial scoreboard?


      • The Inspired Race.

        Of course, the glory of Europe is more than their peak creative output which is just a miniscule part of their identity. It is European’s everyday folkways in all of its diversity, from centuries ago through today.

        We value a young White family with their first child on its way not because he will grow up to be a Newton or a Chopin, but because he or she will be another link in the life of his nation.


      • Well, let’s be fair… you’d be surprised how many patents the Japanese have gotten, as far back as the 1930s.

        Growing up, I heard them jokingly referred to as “the Germans Of The East”, more than once. 😉


      • Might makes right.

        That’s how we took it and that’s how we’ll keep it. If we don’t, we won’t.

        All this political nonsense is just that.

        Deep down, we all know where political power really comes from.


  9. The German video illustrates how Muslims move into a country, refuse to assimilate, and then take over. This is exactly what happened in Kosovo. When Serbs became a minority in their own province and fought back, NATO and the West intervened on the side of Islam. That’s what’s happening in the rest of Europe now. Interesting that US troops are involved in ongoing war games in eastern Europe while this is going on. My guess is they are there precisely to prevent individual countries from defending themselves against this diarrhea wave, to paraphrase a regular commenter (Captain Obvious?).


  10. Shit like that in the center of Europe… I thought my ancestry won the crusades .They must be cursing people like Merkel right now, wherever they are


    • The final moment in the life of Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife:


      • Ceaușescu was hated, but he doesn’t come close to any of today’s European rulers. He was a Romanian nationalist who encouraged a higher birthrate and banned abortion. In his last years he began to rehabilitate the memory of Ion Antonescu, the pro-German WW2 leader.


      • Ceausescu was a Stalinist tyrant who was hated by Romanians. His breeding program wasn’t done for normal nationalistic reasons but to breed cannon fodder for a war with Hungary. Those kids ended up in the infamous orphanages or working as prostitutes post-89. Romanian infant mortality rate was at third world levels. His idiotic public works projects like the Danube Canal were a slave labor camp writ-large.

        His miserable last moments should be a template for all European tyrants and enemies of their own people. A summary trial and a short, blindfolded walk toward the wall.

        That said, there is now a great deal of revisionist thinking with regards to Warsaw Pact communism on the alt-Right, and I agree with much of it. This is not an effort to rehabilitate Communism as such, but thirty years of perspective since its fall. In its last decades, Eastern European communism really was a defacto program of protecting one part of Europe from a yet-poorly understood juggernaut of Western cultmarx. The fall of the Berlin Wall was a historic example of “meet the new boss, worse than the old boss.”


      • “Cultural” Marxism, and its celebration of hedonism, is merely a means to an end, to be discarded once the true Leninists achieve power. The intent is to destroy Western Civilization with its emphasis on individual liberty; freedom of inquiry, and the nuclear family, so it can be rebuilt along Maoist-Stalinist lines. The worm turns very quickly for the libertines, who have outlived their usefulness to the revolution. Real Marxists tend to be humorless scolds, and quite intolerant of the “diversity” they have used to collapse the previous order. Historically this paradigm has often come as a nasty surprise to a revolution’s Jewish supporters.


      • Ceaușescu was hated, but he doesn’t come close to any of today’s European rulers.

        That communist murderer deserved to be tortured to death, and everyone who supports him should have the same done to him.

        Maybe you thought it was okay that men in his family raped women their bodyguards kidnapped from the streets. Because you read somewhere that he banned abortion – yay! Typical case of the saying that it’s worse to know a little about something than nothing at all.


      • “Cultural” Marxism, and its celebration of hedonism, is merely a means to an end, to be discarded once the true Leninists achieve power. The intent is to destroy Western Civilization with its emphasis on individual liberty; freedom of inquiry, and the nuclear family, so it can be rebuilt along Maoist-Stalinist lines.

        Yes, though I’d argue that they don’t really care about Stalinism either. For the inventors of Marxism the one and only goal is to defeat Whites, and they will use whatever tool necessary to get there.

        But it’s true that once communists took over a country – once they no longer had to cater to the rabble in order to win voting cattle and footsoldiers – they had to turn to what worked. And that is conservative policy. No, grades and tests and walls were not abolished in schools. Instead they became disciplined. To the shock of the true believers in Cultural Marxism.

        They couldn’t discard economic communism though, since that would invalidate everything they had said. And economic communism allowed the bandits to own everything. But culture – that was turned conservative.

        This is some of the greatest proof of conservatism’s superiority to leftism.


  11. “Merkel says we’ll make it “

    There is something ironic or sadistic about that, because “making it” usually means succeeding, surviving an ordeal, coming out alive at the end of the tunnel.

    White Germans will not make it, they will become a smaller and smaller percentage of the population, and in a 100 years there will be so little left they will like an endangered species.

    At the rates white Liberal leaders are imposing hordes of brown savages on us, in a 100 years it will be brown savages who will be able to claim that they made it, that they have succeeded ; they have replaced our language with theirs, our food with theirs, our music with theirs, our art with theirs, our traditions with their, our religions with their theirs, our laws with theirs and that they have replaced our race with theirs.

    The definition of “it” for Merkel is not the same as for white people being replaced.


    • I left several comments on the Pushback thread about the German’s charactetistic obedience , which us reflected in “Merkel will says we’ll make it.” And yeah, that jarred me too. And how if unchecked, Germans will take down all of us.

      This is why it’s do heartening to see Germans, even those two women, push back.


    • The system, the ruling class, has created a welfare state and in the USA a student loan system to turn people into debt slaves. Then there are other economic considerations. All in all it creates a condition where only immigrants can afford to have children. It has to be by design. But to what end?


    • on October 25, 2015 at 10:44 pm Johnnie Walker

      This is history repeating itself. The histories of Greece and Armenia speak for themselves. The caliphate couldn’t successfully infiltrate the Byzantine empire, but the Oghuz and Seljuq Turks (turds) came in the same way these “refugees” are coming into Germany now. They settled in as citizens, overwhelmed the native population, and took over. That sequence of events shat out what we know as the Ottoman Empire, and its contemporary successor, Turkey (land of the turds). And what’s left of our homelands today? Jack shit. Especially Armenia, being that it’s a fucking speck on the map. If anyone reading this lives in Germany, join/form an opposition militia, if for nothing else but historical precedent. This horde is very intentionally a stealthy neo-caliphate…


      • Interesting to note that many counties in the EU commie collective wanted Turkey in the EU another x millions added to Europe…..I think Merkel was keen for this…Surprise Surprise.


    • Absolutely well said

      As yo point out White birthrates have been well down about 1.4 and then besides the endless flood of Young Muslim Fighting Age men there will be the large families they will spawn, securing the end of the German people

      Demography is Destiny

      This mass invasion and its endless consequences is a Crime


  12. I bet those German women pushing back maybe have 2 German children between them. Now the dumb asses are scared when the government took action for them. They could have married Germen men and raised rich German families. They choose empowerment and now they don’t like it. They voted in that liberal government for free goodies from the state. Now they have to pay for it and they don’t like it.


    • The world is overpopulated. The German low birth rate might actually be a good thing if resources become scarce and many jobs are phased out due to technology. The problem is immigration.


      • I agree, there are too many Muslims, not too few whites.

        Even with more whites there would be too many Muslims. You cannot win a breeding war with them, they are like rabbits.

        Obvious solution: remove kebab.

        What good is more whites if they are all pacifist low quality scumbags?

        There are also too many whites, the gene pool needs a good scrubbing.


  13. Any discussion of the immigration problem in Germany, which of course is obviously a huge problem, must begin with the fact that Germany has the lowest birthrate in the world.

    [CH: wrong. any discussion of the immigration problem in germany must begin with the problem itself: the immigration. stop MUDdying the waters.]

    What is noticeable from the video is that the immigrants were pushing strollers. Those strollers, presumably, carried their babies. Frankly, I’m surprised that Germany even makes strollers anymore, given their birthrate. Also visible in the video are all of the immigrant children; it is difficult to count them, but there number is clearly not a trivial one. Tellingly, the women complaining here about immigration, rather than pointing out and emphasizing these all-important facts, can only bewail the fact that when the immigrants take over, they won’t be able to dress they way they do now anymore, which I presume means that they won’t be allowed to dress like whores anymore, and that they’ll have to wear burkas. Frankly, I have no sympathy for these women at all, whatsoever.


    • When the discussion focuses on the fact of immigration itself, people tend to mistakenly assume that the problem is exclusively to do with the immigration laws that are in place, or the corrupt politicians that are in office, or whatever. Those contribute to the problem, but the fact remains that the reason Germany has an immigration policy right now is because of the utter collapse it’s society, though not yet it’s economy, has experienced, such that they aren’t even capable of having and raising kids anymore. Of course, the women in the video don’t realize any of this; all they can do is complain that in 20 years or so, they won’t be able to dress like whores anymore.


    • You should read up on r vs K selection.

      Hint: we’re not that kind of people.


  14. Wow. just wow…but in a good, lets protect this heritage way:


      • Ah, fit european streetwalkers. Can you imagine how horrible it is for them, to have the streets flooded with muddy goatfuckers who believe that their dress means license to rape?


      • Wow indeed. If I lived in Germany my balls would be perpetually sore and my bank account perpetually empty.


      • on October 26, 2015 at 8:41 am Fcuk Everything

        These Berlin streetwalkers are Romanian and Moldavian, indeed 75% of continental European prostitute trade are them. The rest are Ukrainians, Russians, Polish… some Czech-Slovakian, Hungarian, Estonian and gypsies from various Bulgarias, Kosovos, etc.


      • Nice! Time for a road trip.


      • Ah, yes… the ol’ starke Blond</I. distraction.

        My curse is being distracted by the idea that one day there may no longer BE Germanic women with big tits. 😡


      • 10s compared to the shit served up in the US.


    • And this is where I feel shame on White Culture. This and porn is where other races think white women are these whole sale whores. Media is powerful, even on educated people who know these videos represent less than 1% of white people. But it does make me want to go to Berlin!

      Not arguing porn and prostitution is bad, nor good, but to advertise it and advocate it puts a mark on people shown in such videos because of how the human mind jumps to conclusions, needs patterns in order to make sense of its surroundings, and is so highly irrational. I am sure Pakistani boys think that because Alexis Texas is blonde and take it in the butt, every American blonde they meet is some kind of slut.

      This video is awesome because it highlights an open society free from restrictive government laws. But it also highlights some desperation and missing opportunity when such beautiful women have to resort to being hookers. I guess, ideally, I would like to see a society that allowed women to feel safe when the dressed stunningly beautiful and where men could engage them in Game to woo them, maybe pump-and-dump, but generally look for LTR with a gorgeous woman. That’s how the birds have done it all these eons.


      • lol, don’t blame the pakies, who keeps saying that western women are whores? Sad but true (they are, some more than others but you get the point).

        That awkward feeling when the only group capable of enforcing patriarch rule are the muslim invaders…


      • 2015 WK Award Winner! Congrats…


      • lol, don’t blame the pakies, who keeps saying that western women are whores? Sad but true (they are, some more than others but you get the point).

        Bullshit. These are East Europeans, mostly from the Balkans. Most of them are ugly, but the video will of course show the more attractive ones.

        That awkward feeling when the only group capable of enforcing patriarch rule are the muslim invaders…

        Also wrong. Typical of Americans who don’t know jack shit about Arab immigration. The vast majority of them are not religious. They turn to the gangsta culture. They act like Blacks. They drink alcohol and do drugs, they listen to “gangsta” music from the U.S., the girls in the gangs don’t wear veils, they don’t care about the holidays. That they would do away with prostitutes is absurd.

        But even so-called anti-immigration parties in Europe refuse to say this, because it’s “racist”, so they talk about religion instead, playing into the Jews’ hands. “See? That’s why Israel has to fight the Palestinians too! And that’s why you should attack Israel’s critics in the Middle East, because the hate you because of religion!”

        Do you call Mexican immigrants in the U.S. “Catholic immigrants”? Are they part of a Catholic plan to take over the U.S.? Arguing like neocon lovers I could make the case for that easily – just look at the pope’s support for immigration. What about the Crips and the Bloods, are they “Christian gangs”? Blacks are far more religious than Whites, since their IQ is lower. Most of these Blacks have religious parents. But strangely that religious angle is only brought up when it comes to the Jews’ enemies. Once nationalism gets off the ground, the Jews and their allies infiltrate it and start blabbering about religion, like you do.


  15. And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and THE BOUNDS OF THEIR HABITATION; [Acts 17:26]

    How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst WEAKEN THE NATIONS!
    [Isaiah 14:12]

    It must be admitted: the leftoid equalists are performing the work of Satan.


    • Preach it, brother… especially the next time some nonChristian clown tries to shame a Christian with his shitlib selective Scripture about what God’s Will entails.


      • Oh you mean those guys in the pulpits on Sunday?


      • Nice try Sentient, but damn, if you’re going to snark, pay attention…

        Innumerable times in the past have I and others railed against those who purport to be Christians, and mentioned the Bible verses werein Christ Himself warned the churches who had become Mickey Mouse PC lukewarm (“I will spew you out”) and false preachers who will call to Him, but He will say “I know you not”.

        False Christs and prophets will abound in these, the End Times, and Scripture tells us the Devil himself masquerades as an angel of light and quoter of Scripture with guile.

        So, if your point is that the modern churches are often false and undermine the very God they claimed to preach, well… DUH! And thank you very much for bringing it to our attention yet again, Captain Obvious. 😡


      • Question Greg – I believe you’ve said you are a Protestant, correct? Do you attend church and if so could you deliver a sermon on any given Sunday along the likes of those you give here? Could you then go back next Sunday?


      • Lol, I make Red Pill points in Sunday School alla time. The wimmenz support me. One of them has suggested going out dancing with me and a gf of hers. She put her hand on my knee at a potluck at her house right in front of God and everybody. She was playing like she was falling. Her husband looked concerned. I put my hand over hers and gave my “IdkWhatdahellisgoingon” look. Heh.


      • Question Greg – I believe you’ve said you are a Protestant, correct? Do you attend church and if so could you deliver a sermon on any given Sunday along the likes of those you give here? Could you then go back next Sunday?

        That’s a fair question, and I’ll address it.

        I actually consider myself a Christian, although as a jest in the past I believe I referred to myself as a Protestant wondering if he was allowed in a Catholic confessional. 😉

        The majority of denominations never appealed to me, even before I became “awakened” to the realities of race, politics, and indeed, actual Scripture.

        As of now I still consider myself a student of Scripture, and do not favor any particular church… indeed, the vast majority of them leave me cold.

        “Small is the gate, and narrow is the road… few will find it.”
        Matt. 7:14

        Ironically enough, if I gave a sermon along the lines of my postings here in any of the Protestant churches in the area, there would probably be an equal count of “harrumph!” and “Hmmmmmm” from a few parishioners, and the majority would just listen politely and forget about it.

        And if I did return the next Sunday, all would politely say hello or ignore me, and the only one who MIGHT object to my returning would probably be the pastor.

        They hate the competition. 😉


    • No wonder they push God and the Bible out, promoting instead homosexuality, feminism, multiculturalism and other nation destroying ideas


    • “There is neither free nor slave, neither Greek nor Jew, for all are brothers in Jesus Christ.”

      “The first shall be the last and the last shall be the first.”

      “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.”

      “Turn the other cheek.”

      “If a man wants your coat, give him not only your coat but also your shirt.”

      Yeah, I know what the anti-White Jews said in order to win followers among the slaves and servants in the Roman Empire. Same tactic as Marxists used later.

      Btw, none of your claims about a magical creature that controls everything can be proven, there has been zero proof in two thousand years, so you have to be an idiot if you believe in those fantasies anyway. Fantasies used to push mass immigration on us. Good job!


      • Now you’re just being disingenuous… those particular verses, and others, have been explained often, here at the chateau.

        But you… alas, like all the other antiChristian stooges… keep throwing them up periodically as if all the previous discussions had never occurred.

        If you’re just going to keep repeating the same bullshit every other month, when it’s already been addressed several times, then I just have to turn my back.

        I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and call it blind naivete’.

        But you’re carrying water for the Cathedral


      • Illiterati are gonna illiterate.


      • I don’ care about no steenkeeng context, bro.


      • Ah, Arbiter; sometimes you are very wise, and at other times so very obtuse. The verse you provided [Galatians 3:28] reads as follows:

        “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.”

        It should be obvious that the Lord Jesus did not come to do away with national or social distinctions (any more than He came to do away with the distinctions of male and female). The nations exist to give glory to HIM.

        The Apostle Paul listed these distinctions to illustrate the fact that they are obviated only in our relationship in Christ Jesus.


    • “It must be admitted: the leftoid equalists are performing the work of Satan.”

      Spot on my man, Satan is just humanity’s own incompetence, that wants to decide good and evil for ourselves, Satanism is ignoring instinct and opposing Nature.

      Other creatures live “in the presence of god” as they are steered by instinct and intuition, which is the sublime language of nature that lets creatures know what to do, where to go, who to mate with, or not to mate with.

      This sublime auto-pilot is what guides birds to their nesting ground, and compels Salmon to swim upstream, it’s what makes a virus like the Rabies virus a far better brain surgeon than any human could dream of being, it’s this sublime intellect of nature that governs microbiological processes.

      When mankind gained the gene-sequence that expanded the stem-cells in the front of our brain it greatly expanded our conscious minds, making us question ourselves, and question the proceedings of nature, denouncing them as cruel, it’s what makes us feel ashamed of ourselves while ignoring the sublime wisdom of nature.

      That’s why the line in the Bible says about Adam and Eve: “Adam and Eve were perfect. They had never done anything bad, they had never sinned–they had never disobeyed God. They had peace and were not ashamed or afraid.”

      Prior to eating the forbidden fruit of knowledge of good and evil, and the following after eating the fruit: “After Adam and Eve disobeyed God by eating the forbidden fruit, they were changed. They were no longer content and worry-free. They knew that they were naked and this concerned them. They took some fig leaves and made themselves some aprons so that they could cover their nakedness.”

      The whole thing about them feeling ashamed for being naked is the key thing here, living in the presence of god, harkens in on a time where we lived in accord with nature without questioning it, or ourselves and our doings.

      The people from secret society’s worship lucifer, the light bringer because according to them god would have us living in the dark, like other animals, being steered by chemistry without question, and in fact, Christianity bluntly states without ambiguity, that god speaks to critters through alchemy, the alchemy of instinct.

      But the point is that we, with our conscious mind are far too stupid to decide for ourselves what’s good for us, we may find out tricks that allow us to have technology, yet they don’t stop to think what it’s going to do to people in the long run, eventually you’ll be trying to twist yourselves into impossible knots to try and shape yourselves to an image of what “ought to be” rather than to live in accordance with what is.

      That’s why religion opposes birth control, homosexuality, etc, because all of those things are contrary to “the script” the life operates by.

      Religion is all about doing what nature intended us to do, Satanism is about determining your own way, being “gods” of ourselves and disobedience to nature, which (because we are so inept) will always lead to people destroying themselves. That’s why they say narrow is the path to life, broad is the highway to hell.

      Only one way to do it right, versus an infinity of wrong ways dreamt about in the dreary heads of SJW’s


      • Good points.

        Ironic that we of faith in the Most High are painted as the dumb ones, eh?

        At least we don’t believe in something as paltry as Man. lzozlzozlozlozlozlozl


  16. saw this on fb, first thing i thought is, is it even true? and of course it’s not. not in top 100 of players, not top 100 of women, not top 100 of women junior players. but god damn those leftists have GOT to scream when they see a black girl that can play chess at some level. which tells what they actually think as opposed to how they claim to think

    anyway saw some fool on here talking about black guys and white girls and thought about the chevron doers ad and thought about the future and how funny it’s going to be. yeah, pretty much any race can walk around in civilization’s creations (decent clothes cars buildings etc) and approximate the lifestyle of white man to some degree. but post-shtf, it’ll all reset and groups will regroup and abilities will again bring the cream to the top

    hopefully (long shot) people remember where civilization came from next time and preserve it. this particular incarnation is toast, it’s pathologically and willingly suicidal


  17. Paul Hockenos (more like Hocus Pocus) is saying refugees will change Europe for the better. Fuckin’ retard.

    Granted, Europe’s native population is declining, but that is a problem they must deal with. Native’s need to find the incentive to birth families at a reasonable age.

    This problem is primarily due to money. Money determines everything. Whether you smoke or don’t smoke, drive or bike, eat healthy or eat poorly. All money. Raising a family is such a huge financial burden on people who want to do it with some comfort. And speaking generally of economics, the supply of workers (men + women) has brought a glut to the market – it’s all cheap labor. Remove half the supply, quality of life will stay the same, but people will couple into homes and produce families.

    But this asshole, Paul, thinks importing a wave of workers will really solve the big picture problem? If Merkel and other nations’ leaders had the guts, they’d tell women to STOP working. This is a radical idea now only because it has become more and more common since the ’70s for women in the work place.


    • But of course no one will advise, let alone enforce, discipline for European women.

      It is that failure alone that has made race-replacement desirable, and unstoppable.

      Think about it — what’s everyone’s number one complaint about all the Muslim nations? Women are subordinate.

      So subordinate that to Muslim men, starved for it at home, the spectacle of millions of white whores just standing around for the taking up in Europe, is irresistible.

      It is therefore no exaggeration to say that feminism, i.e. women’s maximized sexuality, is largely to blame for race-replacement in Europe.


      • Fair point relevant to the here and now concerning feminism and Muslims, but I speak of origins and how we got here.

        The decrease in wages and increase in labor supply is something documented since the 1970 (aka ’70s). This increase in the labor supply has coincided with the rise of feminism, which I totally find ironic for women:

        Here, they want equality and all they succeeded at doing was dragging down the working wage!

        My point stems from macroeconomics, which has much to do with the way taxation and costs directly influence our decisions. In this case, high-supply results in low-demand. Why was a milkman or bank teller able to support a home in the 50s? Good wages.

        Is likely to implement a ban on women from the work place? No, and not really fair anymore. But isn’t that something being mentioned time and again in this forum? Women staying at home; raising children; a return to traditional structures? This is the conversation all men will have to have with their wives.


  18. This is what separate nations are for.

    To protect those peoples who formed them

    For Sure.

    That’s why there as been a steady undermining and destruction of European and European derived nations in order to take away all autonomy and ability to decide their futures,to in short, in the long term Genocide said White people.


  19. When cultures come together, one culture wins.


    • It looks like a race to the bottom. Tired, degenerate Whites vs. cousin-fucking turd-world psychotics.


      • on October 26, 2015 at 5:31 am Mean Mr. Mustard

        It IS a race to the bottom and for every bottom there is a top.
        So, one must ask .. who will be at the top?
        You know who, will certainly be up there at the top.


      • Race to the bottom, lowest common denominator, however one wishes to describe it.

        The very reason why the multitude at Babel was scattered… God’s original lesson that, when mixed folks get together, nothing good will come from it.


    • thank god its generally the most technologically advanced though.

      robot rape!


      • It’s odd how Tilicum always pushes the Jewish agenda. Attacking nationalists as “Nazis”, defending Jews at all times. Here pretending that mass immigration will turn out just fine.

        Aside from that, the only opinion he pushes is his extreme hatred of women. He claims that “A woman is not a person!” “Women are not human beings!” “Who the fuck cares what a woman thinks?” (Followed by “Amy send an email to my address I want to ask you something.” LOL)

        Pro-Jewish, pro-Black, pro-immigration, and hates women. Wants men to hate women instead of Jews and immigrants. Are you a Jew, Tilicum? Sure looks like you are.


      • Moron. Do you realize I have screen shot after screen shot of you and only you replying over and over to my posts with the same thing over and over?

        “Jew, doesn’t lift, incel, fat, bored, loser”….ad infinitum.

        Honestly I’m starting to think you have fallen in love with me. Do you love me Arbiter? I’m not gay soo that’s out, but if you send me $500 I’ll snail mail you some used underwear to sniff.

        You can geek out on all that sweaty Testosterone that collects in my britches.

        That sound good to you Nancy?


      • But Tilikum, without dodging the questions any further…

        Are you pro-Jewish ?


      • I’ve said many times I am not Jewish, really don’t have a dog in this hunt, not seeing the “problem”, it doesn’t pop up in my daily life.

        It is fucking tiresome though to listen to the “eskimo” this and that constantly.

        I don’t believe, in my experience, that enough competence exists in a group that large to engineer all they are accused of.

        But the dumb nog down the street might do something stupid (ok, probably will) were I gotta serve a beating or worse. I worry about THAT not some invisible La KatzaNostra pulling the levers.


    • When cultures come together, one culture wins.

      In the short term, it’s the culture with state backing that wins. That’s why muds strut around Hamburg like they own it. For now.


    • When cultures come together, one culture wins.

      Heh, heh… reminds me of the trailer for Alien vs. Predator:

      “Whoever wins… we lose.”


  20. We need a total economic crash in Europe. As long as the majority of whites can go home in the evenings, watch netflix and ‘go lalala everything is fine lalala’ not much will happen

    Its when the resources get scarce that people look for answers and solve problems


    • Yup… it took machine gun battles in the streets between rival political factions and wheel barrows full of money to buy a loaf of bread before the filth of the Weimar Republic was swept away.


  21. on October 26, 2015 at 3:40 am CrimsonRedneck

    “We must make babies together for the survival of the white race.”


  22. The coming clash and ensuing bloodbath will make WW2 look like child’s play.


  23. on October 26, 2015 at 5:26 am Siegfried Kesselfieber

    “How will this end?”

    “In fire.”


  24. on October 26, 2015 at 5:27 am Siegfried Kesselfieber

    “…and tears.”


  25. on October 26, 2015 at 5:27 am Siegfried Kesselfieber

    “…and the sweat of steel and blood.”


  26. on October 26, 2015 at 5:30 am Siegfried Kesselfieber

    The time is night, a Storm of Steel, the end of the vulture culture. The holy swirl of the ´panzer ballet´. The sweet, fragrant perfume of a cleansing fire. And on this day of days…a White phoenix shall arise from the ashes of the Age of Rage.


  27. on October 26, 2015 at 5:33 am Mean Mr. Mustard

    “Even today, the Quran and the Hadith are like split personalities, preaching both peace and war, tolerance and hate, and this has become a convenient cover for Islam when it is gathering strength and wishes to appear peaceful, but also a justification for war when it is strong enough to wage it. This is the split nature of Mohammed’s quest: to unite the Arabs under his banner, through whatever means possible, peace or war. Say what you will of him, but he was a driven man.”


    • You’re mistaking literature for biology.

      An expanding population has to go somewhere or collapse. In modern human populations, collapse is usually war. Thus, collapse can facilitate splitting, and renewed growth.

      Syrians, Pakis, Afghanis, Yemenis, Turks and Libyans aren’t all moving to Europe because they read about Islam’s manifest destiny in the Hadith.

      They themselves are darwinian manifest destiny — breed or give way is the iron law of life.

      Let’s guess how many children those two verklempt German women have.


    • Sounds exactly like Xtianity. Xtian criminals murdered the “infidels” in Rome as they helped destroy the Roman Empire. Later Charlemagne used the inventions non-Xtians had brought – better weapons – to murder Whites all over northern Europe. Like a true slimy Xtian he asked Germanic tribal chieftains for a meeting and then murdered them. He then went on to slaughter Slavs. Of course preaching “God loves everyone!” all the way.

      Charlemagne and the rest of the Xtians approved of non-White members of the Cath church. The Cath church has included Jews and other non-Whites from the beginning, and it is majority non-White today. Once the churches had used the European empires to get a foothold on other continents they turned against the empires in order to placate the Blacks and browns. This is what happened in South Africa, for example. The churches now celebrate the Black murderers and rapists there in their sermons. All that matters is to get the followers, to have power over their betters. Like Marxists.


      • Arbiter, you continue to confuse religion with realpolitik.

        I think an objective view of history would show, indisputably, that the latter drives the former, even if the former is often thrown up as an alleged rallying point to achieve the latter.


      • You know who think books change history and not blind appetite in a world of limited resources?



  28. My dad was stationed in Heilbronn, Germany 1983-1987. Dad would tell us to “watch out for the Turks”. Even then, they had a rep for being trouble.

    I don’t remember if I ever noticed any Turks or not, but when I wasn’t around my brother got his nose bloodied downtown by a Turkish bitch who kneed him in the face while he was down fighting a Turkish dude who had started in on our friend.

    I hope the Germans (and the REST of Europe) start the mass violence and expulsions sooner rather than later so there’s less death and destruction.


    • I went to the Munich Oktoberfest twice in the 1970s. The Turks were notorious for standing in groups by the women’s toilets and hounding the women as they went in and out.

      Of course, as a result fights used to break out between the Turks and the German guys, and Security was busy the whole time throwing people out the giant beer tents.


    • American occupiers made sure Germany would be invaded by Turks. Slaughtering German nationalists after the pro-Jewish invasion, banning nationalism, controlling politics and the media. How ironic that the Turks attacked some of the occupiers.


      • Jews are not Americans, pussy. I’m not going to tell you again.


      • on October 26, 2015 at 10:52 pm Siegfried Kesselfieber

        I can confirm this.

        There was never an economic reason for inviting turkish “guest workers”.

        An actual request by Turkey was initially rebuffed by the German minister for labour. Then, however, pressure was applied by the US to accept Turkey´s request and thus stabilize a (then) very poor and chaotic Turkey

        Thus Turkey got rid of its riff raff and the first mulsim problems started in Germany.

        The reasons for the US to do what they did at that time (the early 60s) were mainly geopolitic:

        Turkey was a strategically important ally at the USSR´s southern flank and thus it was of vital importance to stabilize the military dictatorship that was, at the time, in deep trouble.

        Of course and added bonus was the genetic pollution of Germany as well. To the “American” elites it was a win-win.

        To be fair, though: I don´t blame Americans for this for we all know at this point *who* controls the US and who *doesn´t*.


    • As a child in Germany my mother always warned me of the turks (1980s) I moved back to Germany in 2000, and the problem has only gotten worse. Managed to leave before they joined the eu. Sometimes wonder if I made the right choice in country to move to though


  29. on October 26, 2015 at 6:10 am Facepalm to the Max

    In related news:

    Muslim school kids walk out of the room when the national anthem is played in Australia


    • Yeah, and US elementary schools have begun to ban Halloween because it makes muslims and some others “uncomfortable.”



  30. Siegfried !! fire and steel !! Eagles shall destroy the vultures !! Wagner !


    • on October 27, 2015 at 9:59 am Siegfried Kesselfieber

      Beautifully put.

      “Eagles shall destroy the vultures!” Indeed.

      I read an article by a German writer recently where he analyzes the current migration mess in Germany.

      He essentially argues (I surmise) that Germany will survive. That the German people….the iron so to speak…must be placed back into the fire, where it was forged twice already (WWI and II) and hammered hard.

      After this trial by fire, he predicts, there will be perhaps 20-30 million Germans left but the country will be, once more, free. He believes the migrant turds wont be able to sustain themselves for long as they are parasites who depend on German largesse to exist.

      And once war breaks out they will be at a severe disadvantage, in his opinion, due to climatic, geographic and other conditions. I hope he´s right…

      [CH: with each new step toward insanity by the western ruling elite against their native people, the resolution of all this autogenocide in blood becomes more likely.]


  31. joking aside, a (big) sine quanon part of the cleansing will be the complete and utter abandonment of Illuminism and the concepts of the French Revolution.

    Talk about a “suicide pact.”


    • Notice how folks always talk about “witch trials” and “witch hunts”, in which a total of 88 were burned at the stake, if memory serves…

      But never mention the 69,000 heads which rolled during the French Revolution?


    • on October 27, 2015 at 10:00 am Siegfried Kesselfieber

      You can trace the origin of almost every *truly* shitty idea….right back to France, heh.


  32. The push back: Two white women doing the job white men wont do.


    • Some guy (whose name escapes me at the moment, I believe he was a Roman during the decline) once opined:

      “Alas, our women fight like men, and our men like women.”


  33. on October 26, 2015 at 8:44 am mendozatorres

    Boss made a comment last week that Germany has their shit together. At first I said yeah, thinking of when Germany did have their shit together. Then questioned why she would say that. She says cause they’re the only ones doing anything to help.

    I hear a yeah from the other cube. I tell my boss, they’re being invaded. Another, more emphatic yeah comes from the same cube. I didn’t want to continue to waste my time talking to the boss, knowing full well it’d be an uphill battle. That, and the voice from the other cube is that of a muzzie. A chubby girl too.

    I feel like the odd man out over here, and not just for the above reasons.


    • If she has an office, show up before her one day at her desk and when she asks that the hell your doing, tell her you’re a migrant looking for a better way of life.

      She still won’t get it, and you might get fired but it will be funny.


    • Ask your boss if she has locks on her windows and doors at home? Ask her why this is? Tell her she has locks for the same reasons Germans want their country to remain German.


      • on October 26, 2015 at 9:14 am mendozatorres

        I’ve been meaning to go the backyard route, ask her if she has a fence around her backyard and if so, why would she do that? Worse, she’s single, lives in a good size house and I don’t see her opening up her home.


      • @Mendo, these SJWs NEVER live as their beliefs would tell you. Always personalize with the SJW:

        You to boss: “As long as you have a fence and locks on your windows and doors, you are no better than me. And I’m more honest than you too.”


      • It’s a losing game to play though Newly, because they are not bound by any logic, contradictions or hypocrisy.

        After a long monologue from a leftist relative, an educator, on the value of diversity and public school systems I asked him where his kids went to school – not surprisingly they are all in private schools… this did not in the least phase him.

        Good for thee but not for me…


      • @Sentient, true, just giving Mendo some ammo in case he wants to go full martyr. Usually, asking the initial question does enough to keep the SJWs from mouthing off at full throttle though.


      • @Sentient, ps, that statement to the relative was shiv-tastic I’m sure. I’ll get he’ll be more cautious next time.


    • In the end – you’ll be spared from disillusion.


  34. How has nobody talked about Adele and her new Post-Wall anthem “Hello?”
    She literally says “See you from the other side.”

    Hello, it’s me
    I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet
    To go over everything
    They say that time’s supposed to heal ya, but I ain’t done much healing

    Hello, can you hear me?
    I’m in California dreaming about who we used to be
    When we were younger and free
    I’ve forgotten how it felt before the world fell at our feet

    There’s such a difference between us
    And a million miles

    Hello from the other side
    I must’ve called a thousand times
    To tell you I’m sorry for everything that I’ve done
    But when I call you never seem to be home

    Hello from the outside
    At least I can say that I’ve tried
    To tell you I’m sorry for breaking your heart
    But it don’t matter, it clearly doesn’t tear you apart

    Hello, how are you?
    It’s so typical of me to talk about myself, I’m sorry
    I hope that you’re well
    Did you ever make it out of that town where nothing ever happened?

    It’s no secret that the both of us
    Are running out of time

    So hello from the other side
    I must’ve called a thousand times
    To tell you I’m sorry for everything that I’ve done
    But when I call you never seem to be home

    Hello from the outside
    At least I can say that I’ve tried
    To tell you I’m sorry for breaking your heart
    But it don’t matter, it clearly doesn’t tear you apart

    Hello from the other side
    I must’ve called a thousand times
    To tell you I’m sorry for everything that I’ve done
    But when I call you never seem to be home

    Hello from the outside
    At least I can say that I’ve tried
    To tell you I’m sorry for breaking your heart
    But it don’t matter, it clearly doesn’t tear you apart

    Jesus Christ.

    [CH: video’s pretty realistic. fat adele singing about her nigra pump and dump.]


  35. Meanwhile in America, I saw this video last night. Good thing we’ll have dudes that sew like this guy to stop the violent hoard that approaches. (And what agenda!)


    • What is it with the car companies lately… more and more “agenda” in their ads, both on the queer side and race-mixing?

      It’s long-overdue that somebody do an expose’ on the ad agencies (specific names and faces on the ‘think tanks’ that come up with these (ahem) creations and those who pitch them) and what the hell they’re saying to the supposedly conservative business owners that convince the latter that these agitprops make good business sense.

      After all, it’s not like these things are PSAs running at discounted rates.

      (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • Ad agencies sell only what clients will buy. It’s the PC/HR/EEOC corporate governance agenda that is behind all the hiring and all the buying…


      • I thought the “bosses” (e.g., board members and sales managers and such) made the decisions on what they wanted in their commercials, and had final approval?


      • Yes – “corporate governance” is the ultimate boss… Companies that advertise on TV are very liberally governed for the most part. Chik-fil-A a notable exception.


      • let’s not forget social media propagandizing either…


  36. commercial, not video.


  37. Germans and the rest of Europe supports the never ending wars of the United States. Now let them live in shit. “Hi, Im Europe, Ill support the destruction of the Middle East and act surprise when non-terrorist Muslims run away from the terrorist Muslims.”


    • It’s not “Germans”, it’s the globalists in politics who have allied with the media owners. The vast majority of Germans never wanted mass immigration, and if Germany hadn’t been controlled by occupation laws and occupation-installed parties, there wouldn’t have been any support for the Israeli lobby’s wars in the Middle East.


    • Nice try, but those refugees invariably seem to be healthy-looking young males… and prove to have a fair share of thuggery once they settle in.

      “non-terrorist” Muslims running away… lzozlzozlzolzolzolzolzlozozl


      • Arbiter,

        Germans have had ample opportunity to vote out Merkel. It’s no different than here. Everyone I talk to hates the Democrats and Republicans. But they continue to vote for them. So Im sure the German people as a whole are pissed about Muslims invading, but they will still vote for Merkel or another party that will do the SAME thing.

        Greg Eliot,

        Being a criminal isnt the same as being a terrorist. Those “healthy-looking young males” would be dead or forced to join a terrorist group if they stayed in Syria. Americans need to realize that most Muslim men in Syria/Lebanon/Iraq are uneducated and have no idea where Europe or the United States is on a map. They just jump in a raft to get away from the shelling. And since they were born to the sound of bombs, they don’t know what civility is. So don’t expect “thank you” and “may I please…”


      • Bullshit… they show up in Europe looking pretty spry, and not as if they just jumped on a raft and braved the storm waters.

        War refugees don’t look that like… and where are all the old women, old men, and such?

        Dollars to donuts, there’s a fair share of fifth columnists amidst all those alleged runners who can’t say “excuse me” and “thank you”. lzozlzolzolzol


      • The fact that these refugees are mostly male is an upside in this grim affair. Lone males don’t reproduce, and their wifing-up of Euro women will presumably be very limited. It would be a different case if the mudz were shiploads of hens squatting to lay their brown eggs in Germany or wherever, as it would be politically more difficult to get rid of them later.

        The key thing is to expel the invaders now, before they start bringing in their females.


      • No, especially in schools the white women are going with the Muslims and out alpha ing the cucks there.

        Even the ones brave enough to fight are outnumbered.

        Muzzies run in packs, whites don’t. Eventually the women get the hint.

        Here’s a thought: start fighting d1ckheads.


    • In general they are the lighter side of Islam and many will ditch their religion. They’ll be rich in budding apostasy. But apostates(early liberals)are cancerous little righteous shits who undo the nation. The 60s counter-culture and the most criminal generation on record were born from ditching religiosity. We’ll have a brown version of the Baby Boomers and we don’t have the inheritance/credit to take the strain all over again.


  38. Re: Arbiter’s “frontrunne-style” selective quotation of the Good News

    I guess the following escaped your leftist frontrunner (but I repeat myself) selective quotation:
    “Truly I tell you no one who has left home or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or fields for me and the gospel

    will fail to receive a hundred times as much in this present age: homes, brothers, sisters, mothers, children and fields–along with persecutions–and in the age to come eternal life.

    Did we not receive as advertised? You like the civilization around you, POS? Like the technology, the scientific achievements, the (dwindling) civility? Without Christianity Europeans would remain a bunch of savages howling through the woods and sacrificing each other to demons.

    But don’t bother the little dog-returning-to-vomit head of yours.

    You will give it all back, down to the last shekel.


    • I like the cut of your jib, oink.


    • “Without Christianity Europeans would remain a bunch of savages howling through the woods and sacrificing each other to demons.”

      Look around. The only thing that has changed is the names of the demons.


      • Hattie, go off and stick pins in your voodoo dolls… men are talking here.

        Insufferable negress.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • on October 26, 2015 at 7:48 pm Jared Diamondsteinbergblat

        Oi vey, goy. Culture is relative. White people aren’t special. The dirt in Europe is magic that’s all. Its all guns, germs and steel all the way down.


      • Greg, whatever you are, you may not have noticed, but when I see men talking in a thread, I stay out of it…unless I’m making a compliment of some sort.


      • Bullshit, you smug shill… you bloviate and n1gger-babble your way through the chateau periodically, without regard for man nor beast.


      • on October 27, 2015 at 10:02 am Siegfried Kesselfieber

        Look at that! A gorilla that talks. How novel…


      • on October 27, 2015 at 10:04 am Siegfried Kesselfieber

        How to get “Nicole” all exited:

        throw bananas at her…


      • Greg, just because I don’t respect you doesn’t mean I don’t respect men. You’re doing the same thing as feminists who accuse someone of being a misogynist because they don’t like uppity frumps, or porch monkeys who accuse someone of being racist just because they don’t like the trifling.

        Again, I don’t fight with men about manhood issues.

        When an anonyme argues like a girl, I treat it like a girl.


      • You don’t even respect yourself… obese, middle-aged, snarky and self-aggrandizing in pseudo-intellectual n1gger-babble is no way to go through life, Hattie.

        As far as your lack of respect, well… I shall endeavor somehow to persevere.


      • See, this is how I know you aren’t really a middle aged “white” man.

        We all age, princess…some more gracefully than others. Aging gracefully is a GREAT way to go through life, especially since old is how one spends more than half of it.

        What’s funny about our little exchange is that you’re still arguing like a girl.


      • It doesn’t surprise me that the attempted insults you come up with betray your own sense of inferiority in being of the female sex.

        What continues to surprise me is the Rube Goldbergesque twists and turns of odd logic that bring you to your n1gger-babbling brook conclusions… none of which hold water.


      • …and here is the predictable feminist answer.

        Lady calling yourself “Greg” or whatever, a woman among men should feel conscious of her inferiority on some levels. I just don’t feel inferior to you because not only do you argue like a girl, you argue like a formerly sheltered girl staring down the barrel of obsolescence.

        So it’s not just that you’re still arguing like a girl. You’re still arguing, like a girl.


      • Greg, this is a waste of your time. Lonely aggressive middle aged women look for fights to scratch their perimenapausal itches. You call her input here nigger-babble. I’ve called it barnyard vitalism. Let’s leave it at that.


      • “Lonely aggressive middle aged women look for fights to scratch their perimenapausal itches.”

        Yes they do, PA. Yes they do. 😉

        Now thank the young man for white knighting for you, “Greg”.


      • “Bullshit, you smug shill… you bloviate and n1gger-babble your way through the chateau periodically, without regard for man nor beast.”


        [CH: that’s some high grade fissionable hate right there!]


      • [CH: that’s some high grade fissionable hate right there!]

        Yeah, if you consider two bitches bitching at each other high grade.

        I mean, I love myself, but I don’t think two old ladies doing hairpins at high noon in the jello pool is exactly a pretty mental image.


      • Hattie continues to try to insult me by making out that I’m the same sex as her… when in fact, she isn’t even the same species.

        She continues her n1gger-arrogance by putting quotes around “whites” every time she bloviates, when in fact, the only quotes needed are when anyone else describes her as “female”.

        Now have your last inane word, you self-admitted bitch… you harridan negress.


  39. As human nature is essentially static, history always repeats. Germany, your move.


  40. Wasn’t it the women who eagerly hopped on board of a movement that was obviously out to reduce native European birthrates and subsequently vouched in favor of importing 3rd world savages to make up for the reproductive losses to begin with ?

    And yet again, now that their reign of incompetence is starting to show some serious backlash, they look at the men with droopy eyes “please protect us from the foreign invaders we hauled into the country by our own volition who we then started breeding offspring with”

    How can you fall for such obvious attempts from Jews to eradicate Christian Europeans and return the favor by inaugurating the white diaspora as revenge for the Jewish diaspora.

    And how could all those post-war era men be so inept as to do nothing about it, and even eagerly comply with our own demise.

    With each passing day i’m beginning to believe Whites are inferior due to the high rates of the “empathy” gene, and this genetic soft spot is the hole in our death-star.

    Empathy …. Pathological Altruism …. same thing isn’t it.


  41. Germans, from what I see, are torn between two extremes. From their entry into third class (equivalent to third grade- age 9 or 10) Germans are begun on a (school) career-long education about German Shame and what happened in their country during Hitler’s rise to power, his reign and up until the war ended. Every German is taught to not be proud, per say, of being German- there is an easy language video on YouTube (EasyGerman) on “Typical German” where locals on the streets are asked (eventually) if they are proud to be German. Every single citizen shies away from it and even begins to down talk. There’s a powerfully tainted perception of one’s identity there still.

    So there is now another historical influx of immigrants who are ‘in exile’ -what an opportunity to show the world and history what the population has learned from such a horrible past and reputation? Over-compensation, indeed. They would never dare to turn these people away. Too fertile a gesture to invite that backlash, that easy correlation.This is the one extreme.

    The other is, there is remnant superiority mindset in the natives, or at best- comfort. “The good face” to the world and what they are feeling in their guts are at odds. Everyone I have asked about this situation is afraid and nervous. Everyone is uneasy. I have not talked to a single person that was completely unabashedly optimistic about any of this. Often the concern is not the numbers today but they will all want to bring their families and friends over, once they become established. Whatever figures today multiply by 3 or 4 in the next 5 to 10 years, with influx still occurring.

    It is not the same situation- these peoples specifically want to go to the rich countries, there are other variables at work. I do not know exactly what it would take for a full-on push back, but the feelings are there already.


    • Amybuttox was the most recent inductee in the Hall of Fame at the Gasbuttox Institute (GI). Her innovations in creating a new pipeline network for natural gas exports have revolutionized the economy.

      She got ‘producing’ designated as a new area of the US, to accommodate my gas production (see map).

      Now, you may wonder, ‘producing’ is not a direction you have ever heard of. Do they speak English in ‘producing’? Those questions are moot. The region is established as an epicenter of gas production.

      Amy deserves a standing ovation for her work at the GI.


  42. CNN sneaks a hidden camera into Angela Merkel’s home:


  43. if it ain’t naming “Liberte Fraternite Egalite OU LA MORT”, it ain’t true.


  44. Form the Vox Populi post on the same subject:
    “Oh…the Islamics invading are frightful
    but outside, the winter’s delightful
    and since they don’t have enough clothes
    Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!”

    “The Invasion shows no signs of stopping
    and I’ve dug up Grandpa’s guns for popping
    to encourage the ragheads to go
    Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!”

    “When we finally kick them out, right
    How they’ll freeze out in the storm
    But if we set them all a-light
    For the rest of their life, they’ll be warm”

    “The fires are slowly dying
    the survivors are now a-flying
    towards the borders they all will go
    Let ’em Go! Let ’em Go! Let ’em Go!”

    (with apologies to the original authors of “Let it Snow”)


  45. on October 26, 2015 at 11:23 am gunslingergregi

    yea i was stationed in germany felt safe walking downtown at night
    poor germans and their beautiful woman
    yea they really more free then states

    got in a real talk convo with an indian dude engineer at a casino i stopped at he became so uncomfortable he offered me a job and begged me to stay in us saying i was needed
    im like fuck that i aint staying for the civil war


    • on October 26, 2015 at 11:26 am gunslingergregi

      stopped at every casino so far on my way across us and dam they are packed with white people getting the feeder pellat fuck man fucking zombies doing the only legal thing ya can do anymore rofl giving your money away


      • on October 26, 2015 at 11:30 am gunslingergregi

        so it seems to me the problem of what to do with all the people to keep them occupied while they are not needed to work is solved man there are casino everywhere now
        and people will literally spend their own money to sit there and “play” a slot machine over and over hopeing to win knowing they wont and dont care
        between that and apps on phones ya can give people all the welfare ya want and if ya own the gambling it will come right back in your pocket and some


      • on October 26, 2015 at 12:22 pm gunslingergregi

        downtown chicago only business in industrial area that looked like in business after chinatown in the mehico sector was the industrial disasembly business looks like there last job will be tearing themselves down and yea mehican woman do appear again to be ugly as fuck
        maybe why it so easy to pick them up and they have no problem popping out kids


      • on October 26, 2015 at 12:30 pm gunslingergregi

        there was a high school named after a mehican but nothing else there
        chinatown looked like dieing a slow death
        nobody really outside but yea cars
        negro district shit negros everywhere as usual one set playing drums on 5 gallon plastic containers for traffic going through
        tons others standing outside all business not on way to anywhere

        now im sitting in an all white town in a culvers and some dude just walked by handing out free fries lol it does feel diferent all white can hear people talkling bout work and such
        kind of diferent like can hear conversation while in the diersity spots cant hear anything
        along the main street 100’s of non franchise businesses actually open


    • on October 26, 2015 at 12:02 pm gunslingergregi

      so maybe will still be a place for white men if we become the supreme be the minority the coloreds will beg us to be the token white person working in their business rofl
      indian tr


      • on October 26, 2015 at 12:05 pm gunslingergregi

        ied to get me work in oil and gas making loot
        course light skin a big deal for them isen’t it


      • on October 26, 2015 at 12:05 pm gunslingergregi

        anyone ever gone to india tried to work and get treated special as a white?


      • on October 26, 2015 at 12:16 pm gunslingergregi

        black dude came over that was eavesdropping was cosigning what i had been saying
        like i earned my card to talk and say whatever the fuck i want
        seems like other races do not actually want white men to lose power
        or escape or hold back on speaking their mind he he he


  46. Cultural Marxism is not Jewish. Its as American as Capt. John Smith and Pocahontas, or John Carter of Mars, or Dances with Wolves or Avatar. As Steve Sailer noted, “adventurism” has long been the province of WASPs: marry the local hot princess, better than the adventurer could get at home, save the good tribe from the bad tribe (or later from one’s own people). Live the life of a prince if not a king, certainly not an ordinary man.

    After WWII, Nationalism wouldn’t cut it against Soviet Communism, post-national and advocating a universal working class. Organically WASPs created out of universal Christianity the idea that God was Martin Luther King, Jesus 2.0 Now in Black! and that society should be a giant coke commerical holding hands and singing with people of other races. Its stupid but that PC Cultural Marxism beat the classic kind. Not the least that it delivered temporarily far greater material prosperity being non-centrally directed in economic life.

    But its like taking Chemotherapy to combat Cancer, now that the Soviet ideology of mainstream communism is totally discredited, opportunistic infections like Islam arise. And Europeans/Whie people ARE deeply divided. PC Cultural Marxism appeals to people deeply divided not just German/French/English national levels, but Breton/Norman/Rhenish/Bavarian separatist levels. Bavaria for example was its own kingdom for a long, long time as Venice was an independent Republic for 700 years.

    Cultural Marxists offer something even if its garbage in its results to people in Bavaria and Venice and Brittany: a universal utopia just around the corner if you can destroy “witches” or racists or all/most White “BadWhite” people. Old-style nationalism like say, Victor Orban’s appeals to Hungarians but has nothing to say to Bretons because they are Bretons, not Hungarians.

    Those fighting back must offer something that allows both national identity on the Orban level, Hungary being Hungarian not Syrian/Afghan/Muslim mess. AND a pan-White identity that encourages different kinds of White people to band together. The story of European resistance to Muslim colonization from say, 1070 and Manzikert through the Crimean War is overt European alliance with Muslims against other, rival Europeans even to the detriment of their own people. So that’s nothing new.

    The King of France allowed Suleiman’s fleet to winter in Toulouse and kidnap/enslave locals as a tool against Philip II of Spain. To stop that what’s needed is the updated version of those WWII films where the Southern yokel and the Brooklyn tough got together to fight Nazis or the Empire of Japan.

    It is a survival situation for Whites. The alternative is to suffer periodic genocides like the Armenians or Coptic Christians or Greeks in Anatolia and Greece. Luxuries like anti-Semitism, Hitler worship, the idea that the Third Reich (a slave empire for non-German Whites) will come back have to be tossed aside like French-German-Greek antagonisms. Whites simply cannot afford divisions even though it is genetic and inherent.


    • Mother fuck you and your “it’s not the Jews” spiel.

      Don’t pay attention to Satan and his minions, folks… it’s Adam and Eve’s fault.

      /cocksucking shill 😡


      • OTOH

        pimpslapping frontrunners is nice and good

        but if it doesn’t name the “LEF OU LA MORT” it ain’t true


      • Greg, yeah, it’s just a bizarre coincidence that they have been behind every non-White movement, homosexuality, feminism, pornography, “hate speech” laws throughout ‘free’ Europe, etc., etc. And let’s not forget that they were the main cause of the USA entering WWI (the Balfour Declaration), and WWII (“Judea Declares War on Germany” in 1933!)…errrrr….I mean just another coincidence that the USA entered those fratricidal wars.


      • Cohencidental, indeed. 😉


      • Loser. Bet you haven’t been laid in years. Oh yeah, that’s the fault of the Jews too.


    • War is peace.
      Freedom is slavery.
      Ignorance is strength.


  47. on October 26, 2015 at 3:55 pm Beautiful Truths Ignored

    Switzerland and Poland have joined Hungary in the ranks of self-respecting European nations.


    • I read that the sale of weapons in Austria is through the roof, with most of the sales being to women….yes, women. All rifles have been sold out.


  48. I am from a West African immigrant family, currently live in Suburbia. I don’t support the refugee movement at all because foreign intervention could have ended the war and ensuing displacement. The black lives matter is movement is bogus because American blacks cannot work together to uplift their community. As soon as a black man works to improve himself, other will try to bring him down plus ostracization. I witnessed this first hand while I was in school. Seems like others want free stuff while others are willing to work for it. I know I’ve received more backlash and racism from these American blacks than I have ever received from whites. I read a comment earlier about how lighter skinned women who associate with talented tenth blacks are different than those who like mediocre black men. It is true. There is a stark clash between the top 10% of black people and the rest, or even the bottom half. I usually don’t go for light skinned women. If I do however, it will not be those who mingle among minority neighborhoods.


  49. I see all this immigration and denigration of the white man as karma. Europeans left their barren wasteland to use other countries as a means of economic improvement. The Spanish sent Marco Polo to Asia because word of fireworks and gunpowder had spread. They wanted the technology as well. They eventually stole it from the Chinese and used it to further their conquests. Europeans tried to conquer lands pre gunpowder technology and failed badly. Even when outnumbered, Africans and other colored people were able to resist. The only thing that enabled them to establish sovereignty was the use of guns while native people didn’t have them. It was not a fair fight in the least.

    Africa was the center of world commerce when they were trading with the Moors pre 1500s. Timbuktu especially. Back then, Europeans were struggling to make a living due to cold winters and unhygienic practices. The latter eventually led to the black plague. They could not even grow sugar cane as it had to have a tropical environment. Most other regions were people of color and they could subsist on their own. The Native Americans helped the white man survive when they came here illegally. They even showed the newcomers how to farm during the winter so they would not have to resort to cannibalism. The latter was a very widespread practice in Europe. Not only this, they broke treaties with Indians and made them march The Trail of Tears in horrific conditions.

    In addition to all this, they used people of color as slaves while keeping them working conditions worse than most modern sweatshops. Whites even had access to free land grant institutions in which they could learn how to farm land that was given to them free. Back then, if you were willing to go west, you got free land to settle. I read somewhere that gains from free labor in North America reached about 1 trillion dollars.

    After going west became the rage, America purchased most of the Southwest from Mexico for change on the dollar. Soon after that, the Gold Rush was set in motion. People were going West like crazy now. Imagine Mexico having Texas and California plus the oil and gold each state had respectively.


    • You’re a fucking idiot and should be banned for being stupid.

      ‘After going west became the rage, America purchased most of the Southwest from Mexico for change on the dollar. Soon after that, the Gold Rush was set in motion. People were going West like crazy now. Imagine Mexico having Texas and California plus the oil and gold each state had respectively.’

      US didn’t pay for the southwest from Mexico. They took it. Maybe you have heard of something called the goddamn Mexican-American war of 1846.

      ‘The Spanish sent Marco Polo to Asia because word of fireworks and gunpowder had spread.’

      Also wrong. Marco Polo was in search of better trade routes for goods such as spices.

      Where do you get your history from? Louis Farrakhan Institute of Blackness? Do you believe in Yakub too?


      • US didn’t pay for the southwest from Mexico. They took it.

        We did both. After the Mexican-American war, we made Mexico an offer for that land it couldn’t refuse.

        Poster “John” is still a delusional nigger, though. (It will be interesting to see if this post makes it through moderation.)


      • on October 27, 2015 at 9:09 am FuriousFerret

        ‘We did both. After the Mexican-American war, we made Mexico an offer for that land it couldn’t refuse. ‘

        It was basically a pithy little sum in the grand scheme of things to give a little comfort after kicking their ass and taking their shit.

        It would be like a mobster breaking some guy’s kneecaps and then giving a couple of grand to go to the hospital.


    • Yawn.

      Low IQ inferiority complex rape!


    • And so, my friends, we conclude this week’s episode of Fractured Fairy Tales…

      Tune in next week, same Bat (shit crazy) time, same Bat (shit crazy) channel.

      (((shakin’ mah haid))) and lzozlzolzozlozlozlozlozlozolzolzol


  50. Hitler was right is a thought I hope begins occurring to many people.


    • Damn right, Lew. I am at least glad that most vets of WWII (including the Germans who surrendered instead of fighting to the death) are not alive to see this result of WWII. And make no mistake – all of this, and the degeneracy and POZ seen throughout the West is a DIRECT result of the loss of the Axis powers in WWII. All the lies selling the profane as sacred, and the sacred as profane, cannot cover up that Truth, and many, many, many are now seeing it. I have been reading (I can only read about this issue for a little bit during the day, or else I get too furious) about the health-care crisis in Germany, with a doctor and a couple of nurses being stabbed, refuse-slime refusing to be treated by female doctors and staff, syphilis infected urine being thrown in the face of a female doctor, half-dead children being drug across hundreds of miles instead of their parents stopping in Turkey or other safe lands for treatment, children being abandoned at pharmacies after parents are told that needed medications are not free, and the facing of old diseases, like TB, that will spread to native Germans. That is only the tip of the iceberg. These people are 80-IQ animals.


      • on October 27, 2015 at 10:15 am Siegfried Kesselfieber


        I absolutely agree. As a German I wish nothing more than to be able to go back in time…if only to die then in that glorious struggle in defense of my country.

        Everything´s better than the slow rotting death we´re facing nowadays. Every day I see a bit of Germany dying, and I myself die with it.

        Like you I get furious, disgusted, disillusioned…at times I feel like despairing. I wish I could become active somehow.

        We´re losing the peace. War is our only chance of salvation.


    • That’s why we need to be proud of Hitler and David Duke.

      Once that label loses its sting off we go.

      On youTube it appears some Germans are saying that now.

      [CH: not sure if you’re being sarcastic. anyhow, i wouldn’t go that far. hitler was responsible for the deaths of millions of young german men, after all. it’s good enough to simply not bend over backwards and constantly apologize for hitler whenever godwin’s law makes an appearance in a conversation about the preservation of white homelands.]


      • no

        the war that he started allowed FDR and Stalin to remake Urop into their disgusting image (not that Urop was not having troubles of its own).

        If U start U finish. Failure was not an option.


  51. Those black flags are straight-out ISIS flags. This march is like pissing on the face of Germans, and Merkel telling everyone that it is refreshing rain (so open your mouths and drink it in).


    • Our most precious possession is our beautiful white women. For them we will struggle and fight. We will never tire and never slacken.

      And never lose courage.



    • White women are beautiful but in our talk we should be transitioning to the following CH-approved PA recommendation:

      “The beauty of the idealized White woman is indeed one of our glories, but we’re now in an environment where women should get discreetly moved out of sight and impressive men start appearing as the faces that represent us.”


      • No disagreement, and my comment was neither incompatible nor beta worship of women, by the way.

        Women being “liberated” to follow their hypergamous, childish instincts has been, of course, a key to the destruction of our society. Both big and small level.

        As I have stated before, this is all (the men who came before us, last generation) our fault — men have the duty of building, maintaining, and protecting civilization. Women cannot do it and must be conniving to survive.

        I mean, big picture issue: the very idea that Hillary Clinton can even be talked about as a potential POTUS is nothing short of evil, at an extreme magnitude. She is allowed to openly state that the United States Supreme Court got it wrong when the Court (correctly) held that the words of the Second Amendment mean what they say, and as interpreted in 18th century historical context.

        While she, of course, sees no problem with the leftist “substantive due process”/”individual right of privacy” cases in which the Court invented rights and made law out of thin air having no basis whatsoever in the Constitution.

        Communists, whether intentionally or ignorantly, promote evil. We cannot have a communist President, again.

        I am on record saying the problem is much greater than the POTUS, whose job is to read a teleprompter with a gun to his head.

        But the very fact that 80% of our fellow citizens are brainwashed idiotic sheep who think the Kardashians and other TV garbage is the way to live a life, and think Hillary Clinton should be POTUS, is depressing. Clinton should be tried for treason, by the way, along with the five Justices who wrote the treasonous majority opinion in Obergefell.


      • The more I think about it, Obergefell really should have been a final straw causing the Southern States to attempt to form a separate union, again. That opinion is just laughably awful, just evil, as Scalia points out very clearly in dissent. It was an attack on the 9th and 10th amendments and on The People, quite literally. It was a direct mega-shit test to our nation. The 5 justices in the majority said literally that they decide everything, not the people or the individual states through their legislative branches. The 5 justices are a communist Politburo right now as I type this and as you read it.

        We are an occupied nation. If you can stomach it, do what CH did and watch CNN (or Fox News) or read Slate or Jew York Times for 5 minutes and it all becomes very, very, very, very, very clear.


  52. Merkel is a horrible cunt.


  53. I have just been Terminated by Tumblr. No Loss there then

    I guess that may have been something to do with adding links to the above video/article

    I found this quote

    “ The Nordic character was a human biological being
    to be sure, but one animated with the spirit of a
    “proud beast of prey,” like that of an “eagle, lion, [or] tiger.”
    For this Nordic individual, “the concerns of life, the deed,
    became more important than mere physical existence.”
    He wants to climb high, soar upward and reach ever
    higher levels of existential intensity. Adaptation
    and reproduction are not enough “

    from Man and Technics: A Contribution to a Philosophy of Life, Greenwood Press, 1976: 19-4

    and pray where has it gone ?


  54. Merkel is a horrible Eastern German scrunt. It illustrates why countries should not have leaders from the “outside” sure East Germany is german, in a way, but in another way, she’s a fucking hate filled com symp.

    This video I saw on twitters made me sick…

    oh wait, someone pulled it bc of copyright censorship but google the words:

    Nigel Farage and reality destroys Merkel over German dominance in Europe and refugee crisis