Study: Whites Are More Empathetic Than NonWhites

A post retrieved from the Chateau Library of Lustful Congress explored findings from the darkest nooks of SCIENCE that there are genes which affect the ability to empathize, and that these empathy-boosting genes are more prevalent in White than in blacks.

In terms of destructive power on the shitlib psyche, that study is a MOAD (Mother Of All Dissonances). FACT CHECKS that strongly suggest empathy varies by race naturally lead to forbidden thoughts that the MORALITY which emerges from instinctive feelings of empathy varies by race. If one race is less able to empathize with an individual’s suffering or perspective, that race likely has evolved a moral impulse that is incompatible with the morality that governs societies created and maintained by races with greater empathetic ability.

Racial differences in moral feeling are even more nuclear to liberal sensitivities and their equalism ideology than are findings that mean IQ differs by race. It’s like taking a libfruit’s id and squeezing it until all the seeds of her self-worth squirt out onto the ground.

When you have an equalist priest on the ropes, you don’t give him a mercy time-out. You keep pummeling him until he collapses to the mat. With that in mind, here comes the knockout punch:

Non-Western kids are less empathetic than Western kids.

It’s in Danish, but my blurb above summarizes the findings (which were reported in a far left Danish paper). If there’s an enterprising CH reader who can translate for us, I’d welcome it. FYI, you can read “non-Western kids” as “nonWhite kids”, because in Denmark that accurately describes most of the immigrants.

We have a disease in White Western societies. It’s a condition called empathobesity, and in a globalist world with open borders and cheap airfare it will mean the self-annihilation of the West if a cure isn’t found soon.

All human groups — races and ethnies — vary in their moral dispositions. Some races are on average, quite simply, more moral than other races, if we measure morality by the utopian standard of WEIRDO liberal orthodoxy. Even within White nations, there will be variance in moral feeling among different White and quasi-White groups. More tribalistic Whites that have evolved to be clannish (or haven’t evolved away from clannishness) will have a comparatively stunted ability to empathize with strangers. Their moral reasoning will seem to emerge from without rather than from within, and it will lack the distinctive character of self-reflection that typifies the moral reasoning of NW White Europeans. It will be as if these less empathetic peoples were “deaf inside”.

Consequently, if we let more of these inwardly deaf races of people into the Anglosphere, they will remake their new nations in the image of their morally primitive homelands, and the morality that self-righteous White liberals take for granted as a foundation for their system of law and informal rules of social interaction will slowly, inexorably, disappear from the face of the earth, leaving their cherished constitutions worth no more than the memories evoked in old-timers who lived through the Dispossession Wars.

Because I’ve got somber news for liberals reading this: Don’t expect history to be on your side for much longer. In game theoretic match-ups, low-empathy ethnocentrism reproductively out-competes high-empathy humanitarianism. The fate of people who believe in leftoid equalism isn’t one world; it’s a world without them.


  1. I had sex with an empath once.

    Counsellor Troi, we hardly knew ye…well, I did, as did Riker, but still…

    Star Trek rape!


  2. This is so ironic, because a lot of white shitlibs have empathy for their potential brown-skinned destroyers specifically because of these genes. They defend minorities and weirdos (read: gays and trannies) because of those genes, which by definition the googles don’t possess.

    Libtards are overwhelmingly white.

    I wonder if a peer-reviewed study of expression of this gene set was conducted as a variance array of Eastern-European men (who tend to have higher T and are less tolerant of BOOLSHEET) vs. other whites (i.e. the French). the result would be they would find far more prevalence in Western Europeans?


  3. What most do not realize is that the empathy is what makes whites greater warriors and more implacable foes. It is not hatred of the foe that gets men worked up enough to kill, it’s empathy for the foe’s victims. Which is why the white race rules the field of battle.

    [CH: great point.]

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    • One of the key differences between man and animal is that men consistently have to justify their actions to themselves. Animals kill, rape, murder, steal, etc. and don’t t feel a bit of guilt or take a moment to write a defense of their act.

      Men, in contrast, have to explain, if only to themselves, why their act was justified. Even the Vikings had their rationalizations for invading and raping and pillaging Europe (and the Middle East and North Africa; google “Varangian Guard” for a fascinating read at how far South and East the Vikings got).

      Now, in the past in the West, the justification needed for an act wasn’t that high. “He insulted me” was pretty much a decent justification for an attack or a full scale invasion and takeover. There were of course more complex rules, but Westerners, like all other peoples, were pretty pragmatic in allowing very simple reasons for large-scale acts for example, much of the take over of American Indian land was justified because some of the Indians were attacking some of Europeans PLUS the Indians were letting land lie fallow (i.e. uncultivated), therefore abandoning it de facto, and therefore the land could be taken.

      So unused land (however you define it) + some random attacks=WAR. Pretty simple.

      To see an historical/theatrical example, witnesses Shakespeare’s Henry V, Act 1, where Henry and his counsellors wrack their brains for a reason to invade France, and finally settle on a convoluted, none-too-logical inheritance argument PLUS the fact that the French just insulted Henry by sending him tennis balls.

      So insult the king +vague claim to the land=WAR. Pretty simple.

      However, Western cultures since WW2 have largely gotten extremely demanding of themselves in justifying any aggressive action, more so than any cultures in history. Winston Churchill was bemoaning the fact in his own time that many in his country were embarrassed by the term “Empire” for the British. Non-Western groups haven’t gotten the memo; “you insulted me” or “I am related vaguely to the ruling class” is still the default tribal rule for invasion. Now we need about 15-20 rationale for a war and a run-up of oversight and investigations.

      It’ll be interesting as the West shifts back to the simpler justifications for attacks. Heck, like the original Reconquista, the justification may be that (1) You invaded; (2) we had it first; (3) we’ve already turned the other cheek, and you’re still doing it; and (4) we’re taking it back. Pretty simple.

      Pretty simple rape!

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      • Speaking of the (Second) British Empire, they lost India not because of that skinny, bespectacled shit-stain Gandhi, and his stupid ‘non-violence’ movement, but because of empathy and weakness in the British people, losing their will to hold on to the Empire. Of course, the great losses suffered in WWII had a lot to do with that, but the fact remains that the British gave away the Second Empire, it was not taken from them. By comparison, the loss of the First Empire (highlighted by the loss of colonies in the American Revolution) was taken by force, fair and square. Of course the same could be said of MLK and the so-called Civil Rights movement in the USA, where White Americans, through empathy and weakness, gave away their clear, rightly owned, dominance in the USA. And let’s not even go into the insane Whites of South Africa voting to give away their nation to black hordes, and usher in their genocide.


      • Liberals hate war because they are weak and they get destroyed in war .
        They hate the very thought of it as it exposes them and reveals their very low WMV…war market value.

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      • Liberals do NOT hate war.

        Hillary and Obama has started more wars than Bush,

        And libtards still suck Hillary’s cock

        and the USSR was very aggressive, as with the democrat party

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      • 1. because we can.

        even simpler rape!


      • was it the advent of photography, then video, then instant sharing that led to the moral justification rube goldberg apparatus? isn’t it easier to sell a conquest in a democratic republic if all the voters see is the wounded coming back? seems like all the opposition has to do to stop shitlord aggression nowadays is show a photo of a naked girl running from a burning village and public opinion goes south.


      • Liberals do NOT hate war.

        They only hate war when people they love are getting whooped.

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    • Also, empathy includes the ability to imagine the future suffering of your mortal enemy and to relish that thought.


    • not great point, utter self flattery faggotry by non warriors, empaths suck at war


    • This. The left was too quick to pay lipservice to jihad’s victims, if at all, while saving most of their vitriol for our armies.

      The victims of jihad should be front and center of any analysis of Islam’s respect.


    • I have great empathy for the poor, the downtrodden, the enslaved, of any race.

      I have *infinitely* more empathy for my children and their prospective mates, who will continue my lineage.


    • @Johnny Redux

      Actually it was the third British Empire, the first being our control of most of Western Europe in the – I forget which – thirteenth or fourteenth century. You are correct however to observe that Britain simply gave India away just as it gave almost everything else away – hey we are not racist please don’t hurt us – and we still pay foreign aid [tribute?] to India.


  4. I believe we’re finally breaking free from the clutches of Marxism. I think we’re going to be entering some type of world with nations being like they were in imperial times, but with a high tech society.

    Futuristic Nationalism

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  5. on November 17, 2016 at 3:56 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    White people be angels who dindu nuffin

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  6. Everyone knows this subconciously. When shit hits the fan, everyone wants a nice white man to come save them (think firefighters, pararescue, Coast Guard, but bigger picture too). No one thinks of blacks being in this role.

    Most whites are unaware of how kind they really are to other races, so ultimately they’re shooting themselves in the foot when they desprately scream at whites for being “racist.” This will be their undoing eventually, as whites revoke empathy as misplaced.

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    • I remember I was once out at a bar years ago when that “World Baseball Classic” shit was promoted by MLB. I met a couple of Dominican princesses at a bar, one of whom was very dyke-masculine-looking but still was acting princessy.

      I happened to mention that the Dominican Republic had just one, and dyke-princess went off on some drunken rampage about how “haha we’re better than you white guys at baseball” rant and kept yelling it.

      Now the WBC was pretty small potatoes, and I’d stopped following baseball by this time beyond the occasional game, so it didn’t bug me, but she kept screaming it until I finally caught on how insecure she was about her nation/race versus the U.S./whites. Her friend kept apologizing, trying to flirt and shut her up, but it was clear how much whites/the U.S. intimidated her and made her feel small.

      Projection rape!


  7. I think I’ve found a good campaign to wage in life. This is my first attempt at expressing it. More will follow.

    If you have Netflix, watch: “Slow TV: National Firewood Evening.” This is something real that Norwegians watch on television. This is a show about being a future-oriented, family-oriented, creative and aesthetically focused white person.

    Just imagine sitting with your wife and children watching a show about firewood, how calm and happy it has made my family discussing it, enjoying it. The kids can brush their teeth and come back, missing nothing.

    My wife and I understand nothing that is said, but everything that is expressed. Our kids curl up and watch because they get to be with us.

    I am going to write this comment again and again until everyone understands the power of this program.


    • I’ve always said the frenetic, staccato editing style of movies and films and even music videos of the past two generations has zapped the haids (attention span) of most youth… bolstered further by incessant iPhoning social media.

      I can see why this sort of thing would be a novel (and welcome) respite.


      • Do you talk like this in real life? A welcome respite,thats what I need!


      • I do indeed.

        “Don’t you know the King’s English?”

        “Sho’ nuff… da Queen be English too!”


      • “The struggle of man against (((power))) is the struggle of memory against forgetting”

        ― Milan Kundera, The Book of Laughter and Forgetting

        Let us explore this further as Kundera did it in one of his other novels-“Slowness”
        An individual who wants to forget something says Kundera unconsciously quicken his pace while the man who tries to remember something slows down
        Therefore the quicker pace of life it is, the less people will remember until its ultimate point when everything is instantiations and past does not exist any more
        When past will not exist any more so will not lies nor will any other category that requires remembrance of the things past as the ultimate test for value of new that we are going to be submerged
        There is another aspect of this which actually is the main theme of Slowness namely the necessity of slowing down for a man (and a civilization) to enjoy the life in purely Epicurean sense
        I hope some will find enough in these few lines to read Kundera, slowly that is


  8. Is it really a given that clannish or even simply racially insular people who are White (proper, not technically) are “deaf inside?” Perhaps we could learn from this mindset. I get pretty frustrated when I read or hear from other Alt Righters and the like that we are so much better than the left because every single point has a basis in reality and is completely emotionless. As if we need a scientific reason to not like browns mating with Whites and living in our countries. Would we be hurt by realizing that the argument is against feelings of fairness for all peoples vs. biological imperative and prime directive? BI/PD wins out among anybody worth a damn. We are just going to have to do mean, unfair and cruel things for what benefits us in the long run. Perhaps instead of convincing the prole and bourgeois, we should plan ahead to oppress them and if they simply cannot move on with their lives in a proper society, they can move to Africa assuming it hasn’t been cleansed and turned into olive gardens and coffee plantations yet.


    • That’s what I try to explain to people about hate. It doesn’t need a 100% scientific reason to exist. It’s as instinctive and natural as love.


      • Some things are neither right nor wrong – they are simply necessary. I lion kills a deer to eat. A man kills the enemy to protect his clan. It is the way of Nature.


      • Morals and values are man creations…nature is the ultimate judge. Nature destroys the weak. The defective humans like the handicapped or the homosexuals do not procreate and die out. Women are closer to nature and in nature are the ultimate fascists. They when in a healthy natural state decide who makes the cut…the next round. They will pick the strongest man available.
        They will never pick a weak man or a handicapped person. Not by natural choice.


    • “they can move to Africa assuming it hasn’t been cleansed and turned into “ rice paddies, millet fields, duck farms, Han villages, mines and factories yet.
      Africans better get they shit together or they’ll find themselves homeless, the “race for Africa MK II” is on.


  9. Clannish empathy is more coherent than universalist moral and empathy. Universalism is the doctrine that a high IQ dog deserves the same that a newborn human. Clannish is empiricial, biological, aristotelic, and the logic (not fag) secular existentialist guide for self-assembling molecules for behaving. Historically most groups have struggle to sell white men the universalist hoax,so they can be as protected by white men as white men are protected by themselves.

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    • Much of American history is the extension of pre-existing conflicts in Europe between tribal pastoralists and settled farmers, between Celtic fringe types that lie outside the Hajnal line and collectivist Germanic peoples. The combination of the strengths and weaknesses of both in one civilization has made the UK and later the US into superpowers. Trump’s core of popularity is tellingly not in old English cavalier enclaves in the deep south and far west but in heavily Scotch-Irish Appalachia. To this day, Scots-Irish are a warrior caste in the military and Irish Catholics were historically cops in the big cities. The progressives who misplace their empathy little understand that the brutish Celts are in fact their immune system kicking into action. Little do they understand that the grimly pragmatic spirit and fiery independence on which the nation was founded had much to do with the dour Scottish temperament of men like Hamilton and Jackson.


      • Speaking of “cops”, why do conservative White men work as police officers in blue cities with heavy non-White populations? What are you thinking, men? Let them eat each other, and the white libtards that brought them all in with open arms! Don’t be shocked and surprised when you get a knife or bullet in you for just trying to do your job. Is the extra few shekels tossed out to you by the fucking mayors really worth it? They need YOU to keep them from chaos. You are merely enabling them. Stop it!


      • “Speaking of “cops”, why do conservative White men work as police officers in blue cities with heavy non-White populations? ”

        I have some cops in the family. The answer for some is that theyre action junkies. Red blooded dudes that want to be physical and aggressive. In the suburbs its chasing bad checks and noise complaints.

        But agreed, let the ghettos destroy themselves.


      • Speaking of cops, read Jim’s Blog on brownshirts and blackshirts:


  10. ‘Mexican Mayor Arrested After Hundreds Massacred and Cooked in Network of Ovens, Following Breitbart Exposé’

    Oy vey, maybe unlimited immigration isn’t such a great idea after all

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  11. OT but Daily news and other lib rags are reporting much lower sales all of a sudden.

    That doesn’t make sense to me, the right obviously wasn’t buying that shit, so the left have suddenly stopped?

    OR, were they being paid to post liberal agenda news and now that Clinton is out and the Foundation is under scrutiny, they are no longer being paid for propaganda?

    Was there money laundering for positive coverage going on?

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    • Likely. And their stock value must have dropped following the election, as shareholders believe the companies that were anti-Trump are going to be seriously shut-out of the Trump White House.

      Remember also that the media’s investigative have whittled down to nothing since they became White House stenographers in the post-Reagan world. The media’s investigative skills are so weak that instead of celebrating Wikileaks and James O’Keefe’s work, they attack them for “undercover” investigations and “selective editing” and “hacking”, or they simply ignore them completely.

      So four years with the opposition in charge but little access to him and no investigative skills to dig up dirt on him and a punditry all discredited and clear proof they have no grasp on what Americans believe (as shown by their polls and stories leading up to the election)—well, let’s just say the lefty media brands are exceedingly tarnished.

      Stock plunge rape!


      • They sure are straining gnats to try to besmirch his cabinet selection, adding their own rumors and “sources” saying there’s contention. And don’t even get me started on the Bannon mudslinging.

        It’s over. It’s their last hurray. Like a fish out of water gulping air to no avail.

        While all of us are poolside saying, “feels good man!”


    • Theyre days are numbered. What werw seeing is the squealing and crying as their jammed into the oven.



  12. CH, the cure for empathobesity is racism. You already know that.

    You could call racism, “high empathy ethnocentrism.” Such a culture established Europe’s rule of the whole world.

    Say it with me: “Racism is good.”

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      • The big takeaway here is that it was an ELEMENTARY school, fer cryin’ out loud… otherwise the teacher would probably have been knifed or shot.

        And the big KEKEKEK is that, even in elementary school, some kid is using a cell phone instead of, well… whatever kids these days are supposed to do while class is being held.

        Upside is, this teacher was probably ShitLibby when she took the job, trying to egdamacate the niglets…

        … now, she’s a member of PePe’s Posse.

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      • new future secretary of education kekekzekzkekzekzkz

        noticed her accent wasn’t american – sounded aussie, possibly nz or british.

        it’s baltimore, greg, so it’s still surprising she didn’t get knifed or shot.

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      • on November 18, 2016 at 10:41 pm Randy The Random


      • one of the comments

        Eddy SmegmaEddy Smegmayesterday
        Can’t blame her… I have a friend who taught math at Malcolm X High School in Newark, NJ for a year…………………………..
        math, Malcolm X high school, Newark


  13. CH, I posted a rough translation, but it is spinning around somewhere in moderation.

    Slightly OT, although it relates to HOW the message/programming gets out to these weak-minded, empathetic fools, I heard today in the news the MSNBC’s ratings are lower than the Hallmark Channel. The Hallmark Channel!! That just goes to show that (((they))) do not care about ratings or profit when it comes to these propaganda stations posing as news organizations.

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    • on November 17, 2016 at 6:02 pm Captain Obvious

      Nope, all (((they))) care about is The Narrative. And it doesn’t hurt that (((their cousins))) at The Fed can invent a trillion dollars per year in fake money in order to subsidize The Narrative.


  14. on November 17, 2016 at 5:56 pm Captain Obvious

    Detroit Reporter Resigns, “Tired of Reporting on These Niggers Killing One Another”


  15. You speak of slowly disappearing. In some communities, it is already gone. I give you every instance of a crowd attacking Trump supporters.


  16. “In game theoretic match-ups, low-empathy ethnocentrism reproductively out-competes high-empathy humanitarianism.”

    Yes, this is shown by computer simulations. Ethnocentrism outcompetes anything else, including humanitarianism, selfish behavior, and traitorous behavior.

    Here is the study.
    The Evolutionary Dominance of Ethnocentric Cooperation


    • Well, DUH… as if we don’t see it plainly in action just about every day, especially in certain (ahem) (((industries))).

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    • Despite being smart enough to be a physicist and a professor of evolutionary anthropology, and politically incorrect enough to say that Blacks haven’t evolved for civilization the way Whites and Asians did – Gregory Cochran of the West Hunter blog (linked on the upper right of every CH page) still can’t admit that ethnocentrism is an evolved and adaptive trait. He bans anybody who mentions anything related to it or cites any evidence that would lead in that direction.

      He believes in groups and selection, but not group selection. He believes in genetic selection, but not that there can be any evolutionary advantage to helping other members of one’s genetic group. His definition of altruism is “killing yourself to save someone else”. He then proves that’s evolutionarily disfavored, therefore claims so is all ethnocentrism.

      Very odd.

      [CH: i believe the group selection theory is still open for debate. greg says that mathematically it can’t work. he may be right. but the math is at odds with what everyone sees in the world around them. either the math needs tweaking or evolutionary theory is missing some crucial link.]


      • on November 18, 2016 at 11:04 pm Randy The Random

        Science proceeds one funeral at a time.

        Scientists have certain “trigger” words that you can never use. Group Selection is one of them.

        Instead of calling it group selection, use the term ‘extended phenotype’. Cohrane will be far more amenable to that.

        The extended phenotype describes why high trust societies out compete low trust societies. It also describes how civilization came to be, and how it is an unstable equilibirum which is constantly at risk of being invaded by low trust parasites.

        The iterated prisoner’s dilemma is the foundation of civilization. The tit for tat strategy reigns supreme, which translates into high trust behavior.

        The success of any civilization is a function of its coefficient of male cooperation (CMC). The degree to which males cooperate decides the degree to which a civilization flourishes.

        When men compete in a zero sum mating game throughout their entire productive years, the CMC suffers. When men do not honor contracts and rules, the CMC suffers. When men cuckold each other, the CMC suffers. When men behave psycopathically towards their own kin, the CMC suffers.

        When men cooperate, civilizations flourish. When men clash, civilization fails.


  17. I notice Hispanics have been more polite and bending over to me since the election.
    They are scared as they know they are dependent upon us.
    As is most if the world. Every leader in the world will be sucking Trumps cock before too long.

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    • Dude. Ive noticed this also. Lolz. Its totally true.

      And then there are a few that are sooo angry and butt hurt. But for sure, the beaners are being nicer…


      • beaners are nicer but the nogs are definitely seething. and everybody is now concerned about whitey, especially a whitey like me, who looks like he just came down from the mountain.

        i spend a lot of time thinking about how I’d survive a race war here in shitlib diversa-town, essentially living being enemy lines. things feel like they could blow up at any time.

        stay alert out there, fellas.

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    • I think the Hispanics are more polite and god-fearing, in general, than most of the other ethnic groups that usually hate YT.

      When I get coffee each morning at the convenience store, I notice they hold the door for others much more often and also say thank you more often. They also seem to respect God and the mention of Him much, much more.

      Then again, Hispanics are a wide-range of racial types, and the darker ones can be extremely nasty and arrogant… almost as bad as n1ggers, who make a big show of worship, but confront them on their behavior and the true self comes out… especially the women, even more than the men..


      • Then again, maybe a large part of the outward niceness of many Hispanics is because they or a close relative don’t really belong here in the first place, and they don’t want no trouble with The Man.

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    • I’ve noticed regular white folk strutting around, head up. smiling… Talking in public spaces about how awesome Trump is going to be… Like a great cloud has lifted for them…

      and a new connection with each other has been formed.

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  18. Empathy is too much psychobabble. Know this White man and remember, The White Race knows Love – Great Love, and Hate that burns for real crimes, but the non-White is an inferior creature. It needs not much motivation for it is far more primitive and animal-like than you. For them there is no Great Love or perhaps not even any Love at all, just base desire of a erect penis taking the place of an underdeveloped and undersized central nervous system. Their so-called HATE is merely envy. Look at their ugly faces and bent forms. Their asymmetric and seemingly disjointed bodies. That is the sign of low base desires. An unfit creature is the end result of indiscriminate mating near the bottom of the gene pool. IQ is but one factor that your ancestors improved by wise choices and self-control. The ape-like forms and tendencies of the lower races are a grand testament to the sterner stuff in the Spirit of the Ancient Aryans who built the World and whose monuments still dwarf the puny insignificant dark races that scurry like ants around the Glorious Ruins of Staggering Achievements that the lesser races cannot fathom much less replicate. ENVY. Perhaps their only Real Emotion.

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  19. My translation of the article is stuck in moderation. Meanwhile, here’s a vignette from the land of mermaids: a skittle hits an 85 y.o. man, kills him. He steps out of his car, inspects the fender for damages before getting back in and driving on.


  20. For what it is worth, Ann H. Coulter has recently locked down an uber-status – reputation at the very tip-top of the cosmic/world commentariat sweepstakes.
    Name another talking head who made a hard prediction, with the camera rolling, 6 months ago, that the God Emperor would reach his righteous crown? There were no others, so fuck right off.

    And who also looks that good naked at her age?

    I think full Sainthood would be a good start. Maybe a feast day in the BCP. And, If possible – an honorable mention in the Halls the Chateau.


  21. This shouldn’t surprise anyone.

    Look at all the private do-gooder international organizations — Doctors Without Borders, Christian Children’s Fund, Amnesty Intl, Greenpeace, World Wildlife Federation, etc etc

    What do they ALL have in common?

    Yep, all white.

    Non-whites do NONE of this. How many international charities can you name founded and run by non-whites? How many Chinese doctors are volunteering in Ebola wards in Liberia?


    Non-whites take care of their own. They don’t care about other ethnicities.

    The GoodWhites will figure this out when Whites become a minority in the countries they founded and built.

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  22. on November 18, 2016 at 4:01 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    “Thus in the end, democracy winds up as the government electing a new people”

    I love Jim.


    • Of course you do… he never names (((YKW))).


      • on November 18, 2016 at 10:35 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        Jim is a sharp guy, with decades of reading, who holds some of the most blackpill’d views I’ve seen in these parts.

        If he saw any validity to the “Jewish cabal”, I’m sure he wouldn’t hold back.


      • Riiiiiight…

        I’ll explain this one more time… not so much for (((you))), but for the oft-mentioned silent peanut gallery that is trying to learn how to counter the Cyberian agitprop.

        Your squid ink distraction language (e.g., “Jewish cabal” meant to mock us as CT’ers) doesn’t work around here.

        Several here and throughout Cyberia have explained numerous times, it’s obvious not every Jew in the world in in cahoots with each another, taking morning meetings on what the day’s agenda is to be.

        Duh, duh, and DUH!

        But to deny there are indeed “closed shop” mini-cabals throughout the West (most notably, MSM industries)… and a loosey-goosey (ahem) Gentleman’s Agreement of networking for “Us First, Always”… is what remains the Big Tell of directed yid distraction and distortion.

        But more important, “allowed opposition” that is encouraged to keep us further analysis=paralysis pseudo-intellectually trapped in the tar pits of the need for “deeper analysis”.

        All of this “Jim’s” pontifications, right though they may be on many points, are just more of the same “talk about the disease, but don’t dare mention any specific germs by name” conservative flaccidity that we’re had since the days of Bill Buckley.

        So peddle your day-old gefiltre elsewhere, Schlomo.

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      • Gentleman’s Agreement of networking for “Us First, Always”

        Reminds me of when two blacks dudes are crossing one another’s path and they give each the knowing nod.


  23. on November 18, 2016 at 4:46 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    This is rich.

    “The American representative defended the US vote, claiming the resolution limits freedom of expression and association, and the right to peaceful assembly.”

    “”However, due to this resolution’s overly narrow scope and politicized nature, and because it calls for unacceptable limits on the fundamental freedom of expression, the United States cannot support it,” Amadeo said.”


  24. Re within-White variance in temperament, the population along the Scottish-English border lived in a social environment of perpetual raiding and counter-raiding for 500 years (search for “reivers”). Selection there surely favored fierce countermeasures rather than empathy. As a descendant of that population, I have always been drawn more strongly (= felt in my soul) toward lex talionis than my friends and colleagues of middle-European descent. All major psychological and therefore behavioral differences among human beings are genetically based.


    • Jay, interesting point. all the Scots Irish I’ve known, including in my own family, were hard drinkers. also Nordics and northern Germanics. maybe the penchant for the drink predates civilization, but my thought has always been that the powerlessness and tedium of daily life is too much for them. raiding and pillaging seems to be in our blood, and, without a disciplined outlet to channel that innate burning rage, we’re prone to self-medicating.

      having to call the police for a simple matter of retribution with the neighbors that we could’ve easily handled ourselves is like the Scots-Irish Holocaust.


      • Suppression as cultural Holocaust. I understand the concept. But I think BLM articulated it first.

        The saddest thing is that the North Briton’s burning rage can also find an outlet in all sorts of behavior more self-destructive than drinking. I’ve owned land in and watched a particular Cracker-inhabited rural neighborhood in Florida for 25 years, and the deaths and imprisonments as a percentage of the population boggles even my sympathetic (but not empathetic) mind. This talk of no more wars is way off target. There should be no problem with a war the aim of which is to conquer and annex territory. The berserkers among us would be employed therein if this country were run rationally.


    • Great book on the Reivers :

      Albion’s Seed also explored at length the Anglos-Scottish diaspora into America.


    • Now that our Man’s actually won, the Ethiopians in the fuel supply are multiplying at rabbit-rate. kekekekekekek


  25. Happy Smile Day #11 🙂

    Today I woke up and found out Ford will keep its Kentucky plant…


    • on November 18, 2016 at 7:51 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

      I was just thinking how funny it is that academics lament outsourcing when it’s in their best interest for manufacturing and other traditional routes to a middle class livelihood to disappear.


      • I was just thinking how funny it is that out of desperation your Jewish paymasters have replaced their 6’2 Nordic dissembler with a caricature of an “alt-right Jew” in their continued efforts to sow dissention among the goyim.


      • on November 18, 2016 at 9:39 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        I’m not on anybody’s payroll.

        If the Alt-Right ever gained power, you’d all end up ice-picking each other before you could round up the yid.

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      • Kiike’s not on the payroll… he’s just auditioning.

        /”Next” hook appears from stage left rape!


      • I was just thinking how funny it is that out of desperation your Jewish paymasters have replaced their 6’2 Nordic dissembler with a caricature of an “alt-right Jew” in their continued efforts to sow dissention among the goyim.

        It might actually be the former squid trying on a new suit. But the Big Tell on this type remains that everything boils down to Marxist loxism. “Academics” versus “middle class”, indeed. (((shakin’ mah haid, but laughing too)))


    • Woke up and found out Sessions was made AG.

      He was the first senator to endorse Trump and may well have been a catalyst in leading others to endorse Trump

      This cabinet is shaping up.


      • the cabinet of deplorables


      • Sessions is a great choice for VP. He is rock-solid on the immigration issue (even more so than Trump) and he will not cuck out on enforcing the immigration laws against illegal foreigners in our country, nor will he hesitate to put down and prosecute Black Lies chimpouts.

        Just as importantly, Sessions won’t be sticking the DOJ’s nose in local law enforcement’s business, freeing their hand to put down the chimpouts themselves.

        A+ pick.


      • Interesting… one would have thought Guiliani or Christie was originally slated for the job… but thinking about it further, those two are part of the establishment and carry some extra baggage.

        This Sessions fellow is, indeed, a fine choice for that job.


      • *AG not VP


  26. I think everyone who grew up around Googles has been shocked more than once at the proud callousness and lack of empathy they show. Cruelty to animals, child abuse, bullying of the weak – these are things that bring true happiness to negroes. Not the fake happiness you get like when you watch a boxer getting destroyed and inside you’re thinking “damn this is harsh”. No, the true, deep satisfaction that brings wide grins, sparkling eyes, and genuine laughter.

    These people just are not like us at all. They love cruelty and violence. they don’t merely tolerate it.

    When a fight breaks out around blacks, their first instincts are to urge greater levels of violence as they crowd around to watch the spectacle.

    The first instinct of Whites when a fight breaks out is always to intervene and break it up.

    And now that we have allowed them to proliferation, and allowed their garbage culture to dominate us, we are in the position where White men must become just as cold and just as heartless, ignoring the pleas for mercy when it comes time to take out the trash.

    That’s the great lesson of all this, for me. When you stand by and allow evil to flourish, you must eventually become evil yourself in order to defend against it. Passive altruism and compassion is actually evil, the way it plays out in the West. When we deal with our race problem, men, women, and children alike will have to pay the price. And that is a sad thought to an empathetic White man.


    • Excellent analysis… I remember to this day being shocked, back in college, during one of those “fill-in-the-schedule” fine arts classes (Film History)… class was about 30 twenty-somethings, 3 of which were negro.

      Some surrealistic French film was being shown where there was a sudden close-up of some Svengali-looking man taking a straight razor and slicing a woman’s eye.

      There was an audible gasp from the Whtie students… raucous laughter from the negroes.

      I still (((shake mah haid))) thinking about it.


      • Yes, I grew up watching a lot of street fights and it was always the same. The black boys and girls took genuine pleasure from watching someone get the hell beat out of them. If it was a pack attacking a lone victim, so much the better. You can also look at the dog fighting and cock fighting rings of non-Whites. It becomes clear that they love to inflict pain on weaker beings, or at the least they gain pleasure from seeing that pain be inflicted. It’s slave morality. “We can’t hurt the master, but we can take pleasure from sadistic cruelty on us undeserving slaves.” – or something like that.


      • That’s Un Chien Andalou (Bunuel and Salvador Dali)


      • Andalusian dog by Salvador Dali ?


  27. There is a lot of child abuse in non-White cultures. Non-Whites are very hard on women and children.


    • an extremely accurate way to find out where the black/brown neighborhoods are in California is to visit the Meghan’s law website and view the map of registered sex offenders.


      • I keep telling folks that child abuse and pedophilia is far, far, FAR more rampant in schools where nonWhites hold sway and “da hood” than in the Catholic Church…

        …. yet MSM has established the stereotype White male, especially the outwardly-appearing righteous one, as the poster boy for this scourge.

        Good catch on that “check Mehan’s law website”, for proof.


    • and animals too. Non-Whites behave in a cruel manner to basically every living thing – women, children, animals, and other men who are lower in the hierarchy. Cruelty seems to be a hallmark for the failed lower races. While White men can be vicious and deadly, they are rarely cruel for arbitrary reasons.

      Basically, non-Whites are the betas to the White Alpha on the world stage. Their cruelty and violence toward those weaker than themselves are expressions of their beta-rage, self-hatred, and envy.


  28. on November 18, 2016 at 9:05 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    “Tell me what is freakier: protest-rioters over an election paid by Soros or your normie liberal friends losing their shit for a week on Facebook. How many mild mannered yet SSRI popping liberals did you see posting overemotional messages publicly. Politics is life for them. Conservakins treat politics as something to engage in at their choosing. Look at progs sharing of these false reports of Trumpkin Violence in the shadow of people on their political side literally destroying property and attacking people in over 20 cities. This is their religion. There is no reasoning, persuading or debating with them. The best is separation. Let the Left destroy themselves in their own hovels. Leave the rest of us alone, but they won’t.”

    Because we’re dealing with a radical religious worldview.

    Progressivism is just Christianity’s r/-drift.


  29. I usually agree with you because although I’m Hispanic, I have a lot of white in me and I have gone to schools filled with impulsive African Americans and not so bright Hispanics, which has made me have certain prejudices. But if you think about it, if the white race has such a self-destructive quality, do they not deserve to be outbred by races that don’t practice such cuckoldry? Isn’t this natural selection at work?

    Sometimes I feel lucky to have that white side in me because all throughout my life, I have always been the most intelligent student in class among my minority classmates, not to mention that I usually became the center of attention of most girls because of my light hair and light skin. But sometimes I also think it has hurt me because compared to my my more Hispanic friends I was usually more empathetic and reserved. They sort of had a more animalistic drive within them which definitely helps when you need to survive in poor neighborhoods.

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    • on November 18, 2016 at 10:11 am Enfant Terrible

      Being empathetic does not mean being a pussy. White people tend to be more empathetic than others because their civilizations have long ago outgrown the need to be in the survival of the fittest mode that all the others are permanently in.

      Japanese are the same as white people, highly empathetic civilized human beings that care for the world around them, because they have long ago grow out of the primitive stage.

      Plus, what’s going on in the world right now is more the consequence of psychological (((indoctrination))), than white people’s natural instincts at work. And it’s not going to last for much longer.


      • I like you, Enfant Terrible. But you are wrong. The Japanese are NOTHING like white people. At all. The Japs have huge, robotic, high IQ brains. They are great at math and engineeering. But they have no Creativity. None.

        Whites are the Masters of Art.

        From Britain to Hungary to Russia to Iran (Persia), Indo-European civilization has given us 95% of the world’s best art, paintings, music, sculpture, architecture, books, films, dance, etc.

        But we suck too. Going to Africa and Haiti (again and again) to help starving, flea-bitten nignogs. Let them die. Just let them die! Like Nature intended! For God’s sake! White people are waaaayyyyy toooooo nice.

        Middle-class Brits still (!) go to India and try to help out. It’s fucking pointless. If we don’t stop this hyper-altruism, we will be destroyed. The French armed forces still invade parts of Africa (imperialism pretending to be humanitarianism). We can’t blame the skypes for this. I hate skypes but they don’t make white kids go to Bolivia and help the brown farmers.


      • on November 20, 2016 at 3:47 pm Enfant Terrible

        Nothing that you’ve said is wrong, and I appreciate your opinion. I have positive views of Japanese because I’ve never had a bad interaction with any of them. And also, because I see them as very polite, clean, law abiding, orderly people, as in, proper human beings. I was very impressed with the way they behaved after that monster tsunami that killed thousands, and wrecked a huge amount of destruction on their country. No rioting, no looting, no public hysterics, just go about taking care of business. Hence why I say they’re empathetic.

        But you’re right, bleeding heart whites are doing more damage than good to the the third world with their idiotic, totally out of control “help”efforts. One good example of it is Ethiopia. In 1985 they had a population of 30M people, and they had famine. Western countries sent them aid to feed themselves. They celebrated that aid by growing their present day population to 90M, triple of what they had before. It’s insane. This people are incapable of learning from their mistakes, and the technology and food that we send them, only serves to encourage more stupid behavior.

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    • on November 18, 2016 at 10:12 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

      In Alt-Right theology, Jews are demons and Whites are angels who just want to drown the world in warm fuzzies.

      “Pathological altruism” as factional warfare, as a structural phenomenon, is verboten.

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      • on November 18, 2016 at 10:22 am Enfant Terrible

        Jews need to go and live in Israel. Either that, or stay out of the politics and socio-cultural developments of Goyim nations where you don’t belong, even if you are born there.

        Western civilization is not Jew civilization.


      • kikespeak is the old wine of Orwellian newspeak packaged in new bottles…

        … pack in it, Yiddler… our arms be gettin’ tired o’ slappin’ sparks off’n yo’ haid.

        /Man, oh Manischevitz rape!


      • In Alt-Right theology, Jews are demons and Whites are angels who just want to drown the world in warm fuzzies.

        Sounds like you’re Bizarro-World projecting (((you people’s))) tikkum olam… except we goyim are mere “cattle”, rather than outright demons.

        Yiddle me this, Mr. Yiddler: At what point along the line did that “Light” unto the nations turn more to “Blight”?


      • 39“Abraham is our father,” they answered.

        “If you were Abraham’s children,” said Jesus, “then you would do what Abraham did. 40 As it is, you are looking for a way to kill me, a man who has told you the truth that I heard from God. Abraham did not do such things. 41 You are doing the works of your own father.”

        “We are not illegitimate children,” they protested. “The only Father we have is God himself.”

        42 Jesus said to them, “If God were your Father, you would love me, for I have come here from God. I have not come on my own; God sent me. 43 Why is my language not clear to you? Because you are unable to hear what I say. 44 You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies. 45 Yet because I tell the truth, you do not believe me! 46 Can any of you prove me guilty of sin? If I am telling the truth, why don’t you believe me? 47 Whoever belongs to God hears what God says. The reason you do not hear is that you do not belong to God.”


      • Yiddle me this, Mr. Yiddler: At what point along the line did that “Light” unto the nations turn more to “Blight”?

        After they nailed their Messiah to a tree.


    • White altruism is both a blessing and a curse. It appears to be a key ingredient in how and why Whites have created societies that are the envy of every other race. However, it can be and has been exploited during the past half-century where we sat back and rested on our laurels.

      “But if you think about it, if the white race has such a self-destructive quality, do they not deserve to be outbred by races that don’t practice such cuckoldry? Isn’t this natural selection at work?”

      I applaud your detached, objective, Darwinian view of things. I’m not offended by your suggestion that White genocide may be a just outcome on the natural order of things.

      I don’t, however, think that’s where this is headed. And I will be equally detached and objective when Whites finally wipe the lesser races off the face of the planet for good this time. As they deserve to be. Just natural selection at work.

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      • An excellent point again, Corvo…

        When these glib concern trolls (and half-White at that!) speculate sophomorically about how White genocide might merely be “natural selection”, we’ll remember that after we shake off the shackles of prosperity and artificial agitprop that have brought us to such a cucked condition over the past century…

        Oh, did we awaken and conquer all y’all’s nonWhite azzes yet again? Ah, well… don’t take it personal… it’s jes’ some o’ dat ol’-fashioned natchell selection!


      • The altruism is important for creating a functioning society… although I do think we’d be far better off if we had, say, a Japanese level of it. The level that Swedes have turns them into the dodo birds of humanity.


      • Greg Elliot, it seems like I offended you. It is what it its, I hold no beliefs that any other race besides white will ever be able to dominate the rest, as long as they stop their own cuckoldry. I was simply speculating, not concern trolling. I’m not gonna lie, it is my aim to one day have whiter babies. I have had several white girlfriends, one eastern european, so most likely I will end up having pretty white babies.

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      • Don’t flatter yourself that you “offended me”… you merely provided usual suspect (((shakin’ o’ de haid))) and an amusing opportunity to once again educate the peanut gallery on how to counter such folderol as White genocide being part of natural selection.

        If you were sincere in your concern, then yet more (((shakin’ o’ de haid))) at how our alleged sympathizers nevertheless find it difficult to stay out of the Synathedral’s frame and carry its water.


  30. on November 18, 2016 at 12:26 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    I really wish that I lived in a world of simple answers like “derpy dur talmudists did it”

    I’d probably get surgery done to look less Jewy and be the first to fire up the oven

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  31. Bullycide preference cascade imminent:

    “The real threat of suicide contagion under a Trump presidency
    Suggesting that hate leads directly to suicide could actually increase suicide rates.”—7——0



  32. “Whites are more empathetic than nonwhites”.

    Ha, ha. Nice “comedy”. Get in the “real world” Mr. CH.

    It ain’t the “color” it’s the *HEART*.

    Smh… and this stuff is “passing for science”?

    LOL. Amusing article for thought, nothing less.

    And yeah, take care out there *JESUS* LOVES you and fyi (bein’ “cute” here) He wudent white-skinned. So yeah, TAKE THAT! Lol.

    JK… Peace ye fools. Amen!

    ~ Bro. Jed


  33. finally! a tech mogul working for our side:

    “Trump should probably just make Peter Thiel Secretary of State.

    He’s one of the people we can trust who is also smart enough to take a high-level appointment.

    Daily Mail:
    “Peter Thiel and others working on the Donald Trump transition have launched a secret database called the ‘Plum List’ to screen out disloyal Trump administration applicants and recruit prospective hires from outside the traditional Beltway channels, sources tell the….”

    peter, let’s go ahead make that a nationwide thing, mmmkay?


  34. Translation. I can do the rest tomorrow if anyone is interested:

    Kindergarten children of non-white parent are worse in speaking danish and have worse social skills than children of danish parents, an examination of 13.000 children in Denmark shows.

    A 5 year old child of non-white parents have on average developed less empathy, are worse at cooperation, and find it harder to express emotions than a 3 year old of danish parents.

    That is one of the konklusions of “Childrens’ early development and learning” published by University of Aarhus, University of Southern Denmark and Ramböll.

    Information has talked to three of the scientists behind the report who agree that the results are strongly worrisome.

    In the short term it can mean that non white children can find it hard to participate actively in the community of the kindergarten. That can mean a lot to their daily wellbeing/wellfare, but the research also shows that it can have long term consequences for their learning in school. When we already in the 3-5 year old age group can see so big differences between white and non-white children, it is strongly worrisome, says Hanne Nielsen who is manager in Ramböll.

    Professor Dorthe Bleses from University of Aarhus agrees:

    I dont believe that this is surprising for those pedagogues who work with the children on a daily basis. But for many others it can be remarkable/surprising. There are significant differences in these groups of children, which it is important that we are aware of when we are developing our pedagogical practice in the future in Denmark.

    On average, the non-white children have a lower developmental level that that of a two year younger child of a Danish couple. The difference between the two groups stays significant up to the age of 5 and a half, which is the oldest age group in the examination. According to the examination, there is nothing that suggests that the non white children will catch up withwith the competence level of the danish children before the start of school.
    (School starts at 6 years old)

    (a Graph showing that danish children score higher on empathy than non white children)

    The social skills of the children have been measured using a detailed questionnaire, where the pedagogue of the child has to answer a number of questions. it is questions like: “How does the child resolve a conflict?” “Does it seek help from an adult or does it give up?” “Does the child show care towards other children, if they cry or get a toy taken from them?” “Is the child capable of expressing it’s emotions?”

    “The associated pedagogue then has to evaluate these parameters on a scale. The method is called SEAM, and is highly regarded/approved.” Professor of University of Aarhus and a part of the research team, Peter Jensen Explains.

    SEAM is developed by the recognized/approved professor Jane Squires of university of Oregon, who is a researcher in childrens’ early learning.

    She is also the developer of the so called Ages and Stages questionnaire, one of the most widely used pedagogical tools, translated into 65 languages. That is one of the reasons that the danish research team feel secure that their results are valid.

    The report is a part of the developmental program Daycare of the future. and is one of the biggest of its’ kind. In all, 13000 children and 400 day carers/day care workers have participated in the 4 year project in 140 institutions in 14 municipalities.

    Behind the program stands the ministry of children, teaching and equality. (gender equality), Ramböll Management Consulting, University of Aarhus, UC North, and the evaluation institute of Denmark. Politikken (A newspaper) yesterday mentioned the conclusions of the report without focusing on the differences between the white and the non white children.

    Besides worse social competences, the report also shows that non white children are statistically much worse at speaking danish, and has a poorer mathematical comprehension. It is not surprising, says Dorthe Bleses.

    Linguistically it is expected that it takes longer to learn two languages than one, which is often the case in a non white home. But it is striking how many children that reaches school age without having danish linguistic competences, which makes it possible for them to take in learning at school.

    She points out that non white childrens’ lack of social competences can be partly explained by their linguistic challenges.

    Since they have relatively worse linguistic capabilities than white children, it can play a role in relation to their relations with other children, how they express emotions and so on.

    Another explanation can be cultural differences, explains Hanne Nielsen. It can be different understandings of child rearing for what is good and less good social behaviour towards other children. It is a challenge about the test that we have to be aware of, but it can be hard to ignore. It is a subject we need more knowledge about.

    Risk of crime
    The non white children, who according to the examination is behind on skills before start of school, have a greater risk of ending in a criminal path. That is the opinion of criminologist Linda Kjær Minke from University of southern Denmark.

    These children have bad cards on their hands and when they start in the education system, you can worry that they do not have the capacity to catch up/ follow the other children. That they themselves drop out and or in another way do not manage to finish their school education, and then there is trouble.

    Research shows that retention in the education system has a crime preventative effect, and Linda Kjær Minke therefore encourages to take care of the challenged children as early as possible.

    It is important that you help and support them not to drop out of the school system when they get so far. Because if they drop out there will be a big probability that they will commit crime, she says.

    The concrete actions to help the vulnerable children, is up to the school system to judge, says Linda Kjær Minke. She points out that research shows that early prevention is one of the most important things when it comes to keeping children out of crime.

    What is a normal child?
    The development program “The Future of daycare” has continuously been criticised from other scientists and the Workers union of the pedagogues BUPL. Also the current report about childrens’ early development and learning is problematic, says Annegrethe Ahrenkiel, who is a lector in Pedagogy at University of Roskilde (Marxist, social “science” university)

    I am basically critical to the method, which I think creates a narrow understanding of what a normal child is. When they measure the social skills, it is something about if a child can figure out to change from one activity to another and at the same time be able to immerse themselves. It is a certain type of adapted child who is rewarded in this kind of measurement, she says.

    Ahrenkiel has observed that some of the language tests that have been used in the report also have a too narrow understanding of what language is.

    There was a girl who was supposed to say what was on a picture. She replied: “Thumb toe”. The pedagogue was then supposed to judge that as wrong because the correct answer was “big toe” or toe. But in a communicative context, the girl is able to make her self comprehensible. It just does not show in the test where you can only answer right or wrong, says Annegrethe Ahrenkiel who compares it to the debated national tests in the public school.

    The report is also problematised by Lars Holm, who is a lector at the danish institute of pedagogy and education at university of Aarhus.

    I am concerned about the categories that have been put up between “western and non western. Are those categories as one sided as the report is expressing. No matter where children are from in the world, there are mutual differences between them. By making these categories, the report puts out an underlying argument that in non western countries there is a certain structure that makes children less empathetic. I think that is worth problematising, says Lars Holm.

    The scarcity discourse is calling
    also Line Togsværd who is a researcher and teacher on the pedagogy education in Aarhus is critical toward the report from “The future of day care” She thinks like Annegrethe Ahrenkiel that the report puts out a narrow understanding of what a child should be able to do.

    They measure a line of parameters, which scores high in what we can call the institution adapted children. Those who can behave well and not sit still. there are a lot of good skills they measure, but the report does not say anything about the sides of the children we also appreciate in Denmark. Things like self reliance and creativity, she says. Togsverd thinks that “the future of day care” talks into a general tendency in the danish society to evidence base the wellfare area.


  35. these empathy-boosting genes are more prevalent in White than in blacks.

    Yea, that study was done on Canadians and Rwandans. You can’t extrapolate that data to say *it’s more prevalent in whites than blacks.*

    I’m betting this study was done on Danish children too. You can’t extrapolate that and say all white kids are more empathetic, and even then you’d only be able to say that it’s the Non-Western children who were in the cohort that are less empathetic.

    Studies are only applicable to the demographic tested.

    [CH: of course I’m talking about population means. i don’t think it needs to be repeated ad nauseam that exceptions to the rule exist.]


    • [CH: of course I’m talking about population means. i don’t think it needs to be repeated ad nauseam that exceptions to the rule exist.]

      That’s not what I mean. You’re extrapolating this to all whites and all blacks. The study was done on Canadians and Rwandans. Thus study today was done on Danes and non western children (I’d assume MENA countries). You can say that Danish children are more empathetic than non western children and that Canadians are more empathetic than Rwandans, but to extrapolate these data to whole racial groups is wrong.

      [CH: ok, but let’s face it, the data as given is very telling. i’m willing to go out on a limb and say that similar results will be found for other sub-saharan blacks and nw european whites.]



    “A new study into male and female reactions to childhood trauma has revealed an interesting difference between the sexes. The region of the brain associated with emotional awareness and empathy was larger in boys who had experienced trauma, but smaller in girls who had done so. It raises the possibility that treatment should be different depending on gender.”

    Men and women too, but backwards. But…. They always told me women care and men are heartless sociopaths! Course, if that were true, women would be responsible for building civilization, rather than seeking ways to make their own lives easier at the expense of everyone around them.


  37. A quick translation of parts of the Danish article:

    Preschoolers with non western parents are bad at Danish and have poorer social skills than children of Danish parents, show an investigation of 13 000 children in Denmark.

    A five year old child of non western parents has on average developed less empathy, is worse at cooperation and has greater difficulties expressing his or her emosions than a three year old of Danish parents.
    – – –
    It can mean much for their enjoyment of the daycare situation, but the research also shows that it can have longlasting consequences for their ability to learn in school.

    On average the non western children are at a developmental level which is lower than children of Danish parents two years younger are at. The difference between the two groups remain significant up to five and a half years, which is the oldest group of children that is part of the investigation. There is nothing, according to the report, that indicates that the non western children catch up with the Danish childrens level of competence up until start of school.
    – – –
    The childrens social abilites are measured by a detailed questionnaire, where the teacher is supposed to answer a number of questions. Questions like: ”How does the child solve a conflict?”, ” Does it seek help from adults or does it give up?” ”Does the child show compassion for other children, if they cry or if they have lost a toy?” ”Is the child capable of expressing his or her emosions?”

    The teacher is then supposed to value these parameters on a scale. The method is called SEAM and is very well recognized.

    – – –

    ”I am fundamentally critical about the method which I mean creates a much narrower understanding of what a ‘normal child’ is”, she (Annegrethe Ahrenkiel) says.
    – – –
    ”I am concerned with the categories that have been set up, between ‘western’ and ‘non western’. Are those categories so unique as the report expresses? No matter where in the world children come from, there are internal differences among them. By creating these categories, the report makes an underlying argument that there is a certain structure in non western countries that makes children less emphatic. This, I think, is worth problematizing”, says Lars Holm.

    Line Togsverd also, like Ahrenkiel, claims that the report provides a narrower understanding of what a child is supposed to be able to know or do:
    ”They maesure on an array of parameters, that score high on what you could call institutionally adapted children. Those, who behave nicely and can sit still.
    – – –
    The report says nothing about the abilities of a child that we also value in Denmark. Things like independence and creativity”, she says.
    ”We live in such a scarcity discourse, where we are told that resources are limited or scarce. Therefor it makes sense to use methods that can give clear, measurable results also in the educational sector.”

    The criticism from the three researchers is dismissed, however, by the research group behind ‘Daycare of the future’ (Fremtidens Dagtillbud).

    ”We have used validated tools which are also being used in international research. Of course there are uncertainties in measurment with each instrument. But the fact that we have such large groups of children (13 000) means that it has no overall importance for the overall conclusion of the investigation. Namely that there are great difference in childrens competence, which can be measured all the way from two years of age”, says Dorthe Bleses (female).

    According to the science community the results are so consistent that it calls for political reaction.