Rate His Game

A reader who spent some time acquainting himself with the Chateau teachings applied what he learned to the field, with good results. (incoming *preen*)

I’m somewhere in the reforming beta stage right now. Working on refining and developing myself. I was reading the Chateau for half the day today and smelled a perfect opportunity on Bumble to straight up rip some lines from here.

She opened with asking me about Incubus (great band), gave her a real answer. Then she followed up with another question and I smelled blood in the water…

Number is in her next message. That worked way too fucking easy. Why is this shit so difficult for me to pull off on my own?

He included a screenshot of his text Game, which I ask the readers to rate, so that this man can refine his Game as needed and others can learn about the Game principles which underlie the rhetorical vaggle-dazzle.


My first take: This is tight Game. He avoids all the beta traps and stays on the offensive (in both meanings of the word). I especially liked that he assumed the sale right at the outset. And then he nuked her “I don’t know enough about you…” shit test from orbit, by basically agreeing and amplifying her phony reticence. After those two stellar exhibitions of Game, her number was a foregone conclusion.

Did I miss anything? Now it’s your turn to rate his Game and, if you found it wanting, suggest improvements.

This Man's Game Was...


  1. >And then he nuked her “I don’t know enough about you…”

    I think that’s her saying that. he’s yellow.


  2. Clinic text game. Now don’t go all beta on her in person.


    • Nice point, LB. One can master Alpha in texts (as one can be a keyboard commando, as well), but doing the same in person, with surrounding distractions, boobs staring you in your face, etc. is quite another. That is why a first meeting is best, in such circumstances (basically, a blind date), in a location with as few distractions as possible so that you can focus on your verbal game, or in a place that is extremely loud and busy so that you can hide verbal flaws and nervousness better.


    • C’mon fellas, two jerkoffs self-aggrandising on their smegma and fecal bacteria smeared phone screens has its place in society today: pole position.


  3. Being a Gentleman means being Gentle and a Man.
    Gentle means respectful (to EVERYONE).
    Man means – ab honesto virum bonum nihil deterrent (google that) (Latin)
    The guy was ok at the first but when he suggests she should ask him out (Unless I miss something), he is no longer Alpha, he is a jerk.
    If you dont respect the woman, dont chat with her. If you respect her, being on the offensive (in the positive meaning) is right. Being offensive (in the negative meaning) is wrong. This is an F at best or even less.
    PS – Trump wont approve : ))

    [CH: whoo boy, much to learn this one has.]


  4. “Oh you have no idea,” bodes poorly… for a long-term relationship.

    The boy should assume her bedroom is his to inhabit indefinitely.

    Also, “bumble” sounds like a slut magnet.

    “The woman always makes the first move, and if she doesn’t say something to a new connection within 24 hours, that connection disappears forever!”

    Queen bee and her worker cocks. We need an image for that.

    On the plus side, this sounds like a cad’s go-to sex appointment app.

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    • Bumble is a career girl magnet. It’s an older crowd than tinder but there are actually less uggos and fatties. There’s also less hot 22 year old baristas.


    • “Oh you have no idea,” bodes poorly… for a long-term relationship.

      that’s exactly what i was thinking. without a doubt she will reveal herself to be the opposite of a keeper. i didn’t let that cloud my judgment of his game though. he did a nice job.


    • Of course, the queers get special privileges:

      “In same sex matches, either person has 24 hours to make the first move…”


      • If it takes two fags 24 hours to start their rump wranglin’, I’d say that’s showing marked restraint.

        Hence D-Kikes “text game is easy” comment, below.

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    • “Oh you have no idea” in re her “forwardness”…

      At best, it’s her playing the vixen, which a lot of girls imagine themselves to be, but it turns out to be more blow (not THAT kind) and less go.

      Sort of like how they all like to dress up as a witch on Halloween and jibe that it’s their actual persona.

      If she’s serious about her forwardness, well… as others have mentioned, oblige her self-admitted pump-n-dump status… but don’t go bringing her home to mother.


    • Bumble is terrible in my experience. I think the vast majority of attractive woman are turned off by having to make the first move themselves. The career girl types may like the idea of it, and so sign up for the app. But when they start using it they quickly realize the gina tingles just aren’t there.


    • -“oh you have no idea’

      I think theres too much reading into this. That seems more like the usual cliched thing women say to get the last words in before giving up what the guy wants so as to appear powerful in some way. All chicks say it, mostly fat chicks, think about that. Id say its a tell that he won and she has the standard amount of sloot in her.


  5. Good enough to hook a slut. No magic going on, but she didn’t need it. One shit test and she was good to go.

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  6. She: …I don’t know enough about you… (The girl is asking for more DHV.)

    He: Last girl that said that wanted to know my dick size. Fucking perv, lol.

    He shows Preselection and impudence. This answer puts him in the judge’s role. The girl now has to chase him and qualify herself to keep the convo going. She’ll probably just lol after this, so you need a follow up. DHV–talk about your awesome trip to China or whatever.

    She: Or you could ask me out. (She has switched things up. Beta trap.)

    He: Hold that thought.

    My answer puts him in the power seat and will make her want to work harder for his attention. It’s not negative, but evasively playful. He needs her to invest more.

    He: For a lady you’re quite forward. Number?

    Why is he giving her status? He should make her work harder to be a speshul snowflake. He is much too easy.

    Asking for a number at this point seems weak. She needs to invest more before she gets to be asked out.



    • Asking for a number at this point seems weak. She needs to invest more before she gets to be asked out.


      Fuck that. I’m off online dating for now but my philosophy was always get them out IRL as quickly as possible for a drink. None of this chatting BS for 2 weeks to find out they’re 30lbs heavier than their picture or it was taken 5 years ago. I have a decent fat chick radar and I still got fooled a few times. Every one of these girls has 8000 thirsty dudes talking to her so she’ll forget about you in a week if you don’t.


      • Exactly EBHS (who is Scott? hehehe), for online dating, you need to wrangle their butts out ASAP, or else you will fall back in the heap of other menfolk who are sending her messages (even an average 5-6 girl) at a rate of 20-50 a day. For higher than a 6, they are probably getting 30-60 messages a day. The best text game will fail if a meet (meat) time is not arranged on the pronto. Only then will you stand out. There is always a risk that the girl will get hopelessly lost in the excitement of uber-attention (a high to them) received from online dating, and never truly commit to you. Just my 2 cents from prior experience.


      • On a related note, I find it both funny and disturbing to watch any girl under 35 (they are not women, but girls, as they have very little adult female maturity necessary to raise a family and manage a household) at the gym these days. Take tonight for instance. A Friday night, and there were at least 10-15 fit, attractive males at the gym. The girls, however, are all on their cell phones swiping and punching away at key characters. I know more than a few of them are on dating sites reading messages from beta fanboys. So, they are totally ignoring the healthy, attractive, and (most likely) available males right in front of them in the meet (meat) world, to instead focus on adoration in the virtual world. Strange goddamned times, gents.


      • johnny redux,

        i see that at my gym, too and wonder why the men arent hitting on the girls. then i remember that all those hours at the gym lifting don’t do a damn thing for improving your game. getting in shape will make you more confident and outgoing. which are important for game but are themselves not game.


      • I see 3 basic types of women at gyms:
        a) The Workout Nazi, who is there to work out, period.
        Any attempt to approach her if you are not staff on legitimate business will be met with, at best, an icy stare, at worst, a sexual harassment suit.
        b) The Teenage Athlete, who is there to train for a specific sport or event.
        Ok to approach if you are there for the same sport/event she is AND you are approximately her age.
        and c) The Gym Groupie, who is there to meet men alright, BUT ONLY men who are part of the established power structire of that particular gym. The manager, the owner, maybe the top PT, perhaps one of the resident body builders who basically live there. She is NOT interested in fellow worker-outers.
        As always, cancel all the above criteria if you are Baron Christian de Gray, the 6’4 22-year old male swimsuit model who owns half the Caribbean and drives 3 Ferraris at the same time.
        If you are, you can have even the Workout Nazi – for free.


      • I concur with EHS. If you don’t close face-to-face in less than 4 days, you’re wasting your time. You also have to have her on the phone in 2 or less. Audio on the phone. Text (not texting only, but words) doesn’t build rapport the way that audible speech does. If you’re hunting online all digital, you’re losing.


    • CH still has the rule, when texting, give her shorter and less frequent answers than what you get.

      Too much talk before meeting dries the poon. And even if by some fluke it happens, it’s not the most productive use of time, and it’s harder not to get personally invested. Flip the script.

      Either the woman complies to the man, or she’s gone.


    • “If you’re trying to ask me out…” was a solid reframe, especially since she pushed for the meet up. The conversation would have died had he not flipped her lame question on its head.

      CH wrote somewhere around here that there’s no need to drag your feet when the girl wants to move the courtship forward. This is a great example of that principle in action.

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    • I don’t know enough = IOI


  7. on December 16, 2016 at 1:58 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))


    Then again, text game is easy.


  8. I miss the Emoji guy…


  9. on December 16, 2016 at 2:03 pm Hackett To Bits

    Need more info…
    Her age, and the age differential?
    Bra size / waist ratio?


  10. Less punctuation and capitalization. Otherwise, BON!


    • Is proper punctuation and capitalization a negative? I wondered about that. Does doing it correctly show too much thought and commitment to this particular woman, and thus losing the aloofness card?


      • on December 17, 2016 at 4:00 am Les Saunders, Protestant

        Put it this way, hot girls almost never use punctuation (e.g., “whats up”) in their text exchanges. One, because they’re mostly vapid little twats who can’t write to save their life, but second and most importantly, they’re bombarded with messages and using punctuation requires time and effort, the latter of which they don’t need to expend given the high volume of messaging from thirsty males.

        So, act just like them: you’re busy and getting lots of messages, and you don’t have time for question marks. As the convos progress, throw the odd fancy word in (CH SOP).


      • on December 17, 2016 at 4:01 am Les Saunders, Protestant

        Ps – how not to get a girl to respond: “hey how’s it going???” Girls tell me Indians, Arabs and other thirsty types are the worst for this.


      • in my regular life, i write a lot. capitalizing and punctuating are second nature. i do them both without thinking. right now, i’m typing on an ipad which takes more effort than a real keyboard. so not capitalizing is easy. but no punctuating? when i text girls, i have to go back and undo caps and periods and all the rest. makes me feel too try-hard.


  11. Trolls, trolls, calling all trolls. Jews are attacking Richard Spencer’s mother and attempting to shut her down and run her out of town. Details and how to fight back here:



    • Sherry Spencer in her own words:

      “Does Love Really Live Here?
      My name is Sherry Spencer, and I am Richard Spencer’s mom. I’m a resident of Whitefish, Montana, and am the proud owner of a beautiful mixed-use facility in town.
      It was years ago now that I first broke ground on the building, which features vacation-rental apartments and office spaces. I hired a local architect and builder to bring my ideas to life — and both exceeded my expectations.
      I am the sole owner of the facility. It was built, not just with my capital, but with my ideas and sensibility. The apartments even include my original artwork, and the rooftop garden features my ceramic mural, which celebrates the Whitefish Winter Carnival.
      In other words, I poured my heart and soul into this project.
      The building opened in late 2015, and received wide acclaim from the local press. And the vacation apartments have been enjoyed by people from around the world.
      Richard does not own the building, nor has he ever used it for his writing or publishing. Put simply, the building has nothing to do with politics — and it has everything to do with tourism and local businesses.
      I had no intention of selling . . . until I started receiving terrible threats in the last couple of weeks.
      These threats came from Tanya Gersh, a local realtor with links to “human rights” organizations Love Lives Here and the Montana Human Rights Network.
      On November 22, Gersh and I spoke on the phone. She relayed to me that if I did not sell my building, 200 protesters and national media would show up outside — which would drive down the property value — until I complied. Gersh’s other conditions included that I make a public denunciation of my son in a statement written by the Montana Human Rights Network and that I make a donation to this organization from the sale of the property. As Gersh announced on Facebook, she was “spear heading” the campaign.
      Gersh followed up on her conditions in a number of emails, which I’ve just made public. She even shamelessly suggested that she act as my realtor! In other words, she and the local “human rights” organizations appeared to seek financial benefit from threats of protests and reputation damage. The same day Gersh first contacted me, I received a sales offer, even though I had not expressed any intention to sell, nor had anything been publicized.
      One renter reported to me that Gersh threatened her business with boycotts unless she moved. This renter also alleged that Gersh called her “collateral damage.” As the manager of the property, I employ a number of local maids and other maintenance personnel, who would lose their jobs if I were to sell. More “collateral damage,” I guess.
      I never wanted to go public with this story. However, the fact that so many news outlets have reported on it forces my hand.
      Whatever you think about my son’s ideas — they are, after all, ideas — in what moral universe is it right for the “sins” of the son to be visited upon the mother?
      All I wanted to do with the building was help Whitefish.
      The people attacking me claim that “loves lives here.” Now it’s time for them to show it.”

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      • Sounds like she has a solid case AGAINST the folks threatening her… especially that realtor.

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      • Here’s the sweetheart realtor.


      • There is a significant WN and fellow-traveller presence in the Flathead Valley. This would be a good time to show some unity and organize counter-demonstrators if it comes to that.


      • Yeah, when I read this was in MT, of all places, I thought “WTF (((They))) even dare throw their weight around in Montana?”

        Truly a cause for a (((shakin’ o’ de haid))) if this Gersh cunt doesn’t get some sort of comeuppance.


      • For starters, Moma Spencer could file a formal complaint with the local realtor association, and have that bitches realtor license (and that of her broker) revoked. The best defense is a good offense. And as Trump would do, sue her!!


      • on December 17, 2016 at 12:51 am Vagina dominator

        “On November 22, Gersh and I spoke on the phone. She relayed to me that if I did not sell my building, 200 protesters and national media would show up outside — which would drive down the property value — until I complied.”

        Is this not criminal intimidation and extortion?

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      • “Is this not criminal intimidation and extortion?”

        Yes. I might be being too optimistic, but I think they’ve overstepped themselves and stepped right in it this time. One kike in the comment section in the link says it’s associated with the fake charity “Love Lives Here” and it’s backpedaling trying to say “Oh no, we have nothing to do with this. We told GERSH to leave the Spencers alone!” Dat unbelievable crossword puzzle-solving IQ has let them down.

        I’m looking forward to updates from Team Spencer. Hopefully the FBI will be notified and RICO will be brought to bear on these goddamn demons.


      • on December 17, 2016 at 8:26 pm Mandy been here a while

        There have been several events in MT & ID this past year. They are working hard to destroy the communities and eliminate and white identity there.


      • What Gersh has done is blackmail, according to Wyoming law. You could also call it extortion.

        An honest prosecutor would file charges.


  12. Never call a female you’re trying to bang a “lady.”

    Good otherwise.


    • Context is key, of course. I just thought that lady works here if he’s calling back to something earlier in the convo that we don’t see here such as her throwing a shit test like “no thanks, I’m a lady” or whatever. Maybe her profile info says something about being a lady. Whatever the case, never initiate calling a woman youre gaming/just banging a “lady.” “Lady” is for the mother of your children or a woman you love. She has to earn it.


    • Well, there is the game-of-yore maxim: ‘tread a broad like a lady, and a lady like a broad.’

      “Oh you have no idea” establishes she’s a broad.


  13. on December 16, 2016 at 5:42 pm CBR600RR_Rider

    barely enough to number close. BFFs line reeks of butt-hurt.


  14. Yeah if she likes Incubus she is hot, white, and DTF.


  15. OT (post was from a while ago) – I had good results from the “14 words” opener on Tinder. There were a lot of ignores, for sure, but the respondents were all of much higher quality than normal. Almost like ONLY the most attractive replied.


  16. Anyone in the DC area been to the new MGM? This may be more of a Roosh-type report question, but I’m headed there soon.


  17. Unleash the animal within! It lurks right below the surface.

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  18. Off Topic Alert! But, holy crap! And we thought Catholic priests were the only bad ones, right?:

    “A massive investigation by the Indianapolis Star, encompassing nine months and hundreds of police and court documents, has resulted in a clearer picture of the scope of sexual abuse of young gymnasts around the country: 368 gymnasts alleged sexual abuse at the hands of coaches, gym owners, and others over the past 20 years. That’s an incident every 20 days. And the actual number is likely higher. * * * * The Star’s investigation revealed that coaches took nude photos, molested, and in some cases had near daily sex with girls as young as 6. USA Gymnastics was found to have ignored many sexual abuse allegations from its athletes. Coaches fired by multiple gyms—often quietly to protect the gyms themselves—were allowed to move on to coach elsewhere, keeping their membership in USA Gymnastics. One coach was booted from six gyms in four states, yet prospective employees still thought he had a clean record.”

    Is there ANY place safe for children these days? Is it not a know fact that pedophiles gravitate to places and situations where they can be alone with, and in control over, children??

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    • on December 17, 2016 at 1:01 am Vagina dominator

      Isn’t one of the prime achievements of Trump’s great pick for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, that he managed to get homosexuality accepted as a valid Boy Scouts of America value? Thus allowing pedophiles to openly get closer to vulnerable young boys.

      He should be taken out back and shot in the head. Not made SoS.

      Hard to explain that one away.

      Either Trump couldn’t find anyone who was morally upright for the position or he thinks that morally upright matters less than “right on the economics of growth”.

      Well, he’s wrong. The economy is DOWNSTREAM of values, not the other way around.

      Look at niggers. No values, no economy. Look at us. As our values crumble, so do our wealth and cultural strength.

      What the fuck.

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      • Do not worry somebody will come and explain it 4D chess or something
        it is one of (((their)) utmost achievements to have created a society/culture in which shekels reign supreme
        Undoubtedly in all societies throughout the history money played a huge role but civilized societies used to have rules you could not cross if you did not want certain doors to be slammed in your face
        Not to mention noblesse oblige
        You cannot beat ((them) in their game


      • one possibility is that he knows that some of the cabinet nominees he put up will get rejected, with the runner up being the candidate he really wants.

        Trump is the kind of guy who gets up in the morning with one thought on his mind: how can I be as successful and powerful as possible. to an outside observer this may look like lunacy because it’s not a linear path. you’re just following your instincts, and things happen along the way. there are no mistakes. only adjustments. every problem presents an opportunity, that kind of thing.

        not saying he has it all figured out. just that we can’t know where this is going. Trump doesn’t even know where it’s going. that’s the way dominance works. it’s contextual. you just prepare yourself (hopefully really well) and get ready for war.

        Trump’s preparing for war. make no mistake about it.

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      • I do not believe Trump has yet come face-to-face with the downstream consequences of homoerotic degeneracy. May his children and grandchildren never suffer from his ignorance.

        That said, it’s now impossible to be alone with a scout if you are an adult. The nearest you’ll see is one parent driving two or more scouts in a car caravan to a campout or similar. The only exception us for the parent of a child. Alas, that discounts two or more boys alone operating on the “buddy system,” where the greatest danger lies for young boys with older scouts.

        Men who lust for men or boys are criminally insane. In a rich nation, the minimum intervention is segregation.


      • My comments keep getting et, but I’ll try this short version:

        Sometimes I think Trump himself may be of the old school “success is the bottom line” school, and still retains a bit of naivete’ that, take care of the economics of the situation, get the proverbial “chicken in every p-o-t, car in every garage”, and everything else takes care of itself.

        Tough to call… he makes the right noises on many things, but seems a bit too entwined in the system that has led us to the current malaise.

        Interesting times ahead.


  19. ‘Text game’ ?
    Go and hit on chicks in real life, then we’ll talk.


  20. Not sure if this will post; been having problems with it lately.

    I still disagree with “aloof and distant” Game principles. From my (extensive) personal life experience, I believe a combination of REAL LOVE with VICIOUS TREATMENT is most effective — plus it draws on sincere emotions. “Aloof”
    is far less effective, though, of course, it does work (back-turns, etc.).

    — Sorserigod, torontogod.wordpress.com


  21. An appeal for suggestions:

    Once again, I find myself meeting more women than I can accommodate in two available spots (Friday, Saturday). This involves three women, J, M and S.
    J was only available last night; M and S are available tonight.

    I put the attractiveness of M slightly > S; M is 3 years younger. I have things all set up with M; so far, S and I have loosely agreed to tonight.

    Of course, I will not be the first to volunteer any information to S; assuming she asks later what I’m up to, I will have to text something back. I want to at least keep the option of S open for the future, and this is where your strategy suggestions come in.

    Pure honesty? “You’re OK, but I’m seeing this younger chick tonight instead”. Uh, no…

    A lie about an emergency? My goldfish is sick? We know why women have no qualms about this, but this rubs me the wrong way.

    Any recommended responses out there, anything that has worked for you in a similar situation?



    • Silence is golden…

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      • Like how would a 20YO Hb10 handle this?

        you text her

        She ignores

        Maybe she texts the next day.

        You are all hey did you get my text? And she will be like yeah was out and change the subject “so what are you doing today” etc.

        Abundance does not answer every question.

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      • on December 18, 2016 at 7:37 am CBR600RR_Rider

        Lesson learned the hard way :/


      • +1 Sentient knows the score. This.

        Easy way to practice is use the 3 to 1 ratio. Reply with 1 text for every 3 she sends. This isnt a rule that cannot be broken, just a handy way of doing what sentient mentions and getting yourself used to be discriminating/aloof. At my most shitlord/dread inspiring, i average one reply for every 10 messages they send. Drives em nuts but keeps them interested (IF you are a high value man. So be a high value man) 🙂

        Also note this is something that would happen naturally if you were a high value man with lots of options. You would be too busy to monitor your phone constantly and wouldnt reply half a second after receiving a text cuz you would be too busy doing your job/something fun/banging another chick. Great fake it til you make it tactic.


  22. Decent text game. She’s making it clear she’s interested, he’s showing just enough interest to keep the interaction going but not chasing.

    This is text book. Girls doing this tend to be yes girls.

    Where it tends to be dicey is if his text game is tight but she’s making excuses. I get this from time to time. The girl gives me her number, I text her, suddenly she’s busy, working, etc etc.

    When this happens a simple “…” is in order and then drop her. If she comes back it’s on. If not, leave it and move on.

    Would be interesting to see how the poster moved this forward. Any updates?


  23. on December 17, 2016 at 3:03 pm Appius Claudius Caecus

    A shitlord is born unto us, gentlemen. Let us embrace his testicular descent and masculine ascent. We are all on that path, some just further down the road of moistened mastery.

    We must continue the assault and assist in dropping the willfully elevated testes of our beta brethren. Our efforts will break the femcunt industrial complex, as truth has no facade to yield. We owe it to our race and species, if not in our generation’s lifetimes, certainly for the next.


  24. My text “game” is lacking. Been a work in-progress. Trying to limit it as much as possible.


  25. Women are PGA and men putt putt. There are certain things they have no defense against though. No contact is one of them.


  26. Other women and player reputation are very effective also.


  27. The only real flaw with the demo game here is (with given info) he short stopped at the nimber as if that was victory. That should be expected and he should have kept ramping up a warming lead while he had her in the zone… So slap down her slut tell “oh you have no idea” a bit with the standard “slow down there hot pants we just met”… Then make her qualify about something to you…. Then keep ramping up… Pics etc. Via challenges to her, forcing further qualifications.

    Dont declare victory on a number… Really set the hook.

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    • Her: “you have no idea ”

      you: behave

      Behave is my go to response for these types of suggestive beta bait shit tests

      The game less beta would see this as a invite. Yes it’s an ioi but also a sh t test to see how thirsty you are.

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  28. on December 18, 2016 at 5:55 am gunslingergregi

    Watching how it’s made there really is already nothing the humans do that a machine couldn’t on the assembly lines.
    We don’t need china or cheap laborto make the walmart shit for dam sure
    take the trillion bucks or prob way less and automate the cheap crap
    then what who knows


  29. [img]http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/indianajones/images/8/8d/I%27m_not_that_easy.jpg/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/800?cb=20150815223339[/img]

    Indiana Jones game

    “I’m not that easy, either”


  30. on December 18, 2016 at 9:22 am gunslingergregi

    at a certain point in game of life bitches beg to live with you and say how come you never gave me a chance to have a relationship with you
    i try to be nice
    like i just don’t feel that way about you
    we can be friends though
    if i would of been in this town for last 20 years half the bitches would have my name tatted on their face he he he


  31. I just can’t add value through text. The idea that 90% of communication is non verbal seems to back this up, for me at least. My text game going forward will be to send my name and then stop texting. Of course you have to use it sometimes for things such as logistics. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to use it as a another tool but I am still trying to build more confidence in it.

    Was at the store and a pretty hot checker was taking care of my food. I was very attracted to her face. She was early 20’s. I am technically “old man” although my frame blows that shit completely out of the water now. Anyway I am waiting for some type of non verbal response from her. She is holding back. So I go to my cart to help the sacker. Then the sexy checker finishes and grabs a bag to start loading the last bit if food. Instead of handing the bag to the loader she leaves her station and walks it over to my cart. Then it happens. She looks me straight in the eyes and holds contact. As Scarface says “It is all in the eyes Chico”. I laser eye her and she eventually breaks into sexy smile while turning back to go to her station giving her ass a sexy wiggle.
    Mission accomplished.


    • Point being is that so much of these shit tests are nonverbal and subconscious which is why some say inner game is the key. These bitches can sniff it out beta, Alpha, etc like a bloodhound.


  32. Also notice that they can make their decisions on a guy within 30 seconds.


  33. on December 19, 2016 at 12:14 am Diversity Heretic

    Off topic but the judges of the Miss France contest just put a thumb in the eye of European France by electing a frizzy-haired, mystery meat, “law student” from Guyana (who wouldn’t rate a second glance in the Paris Metro) as “Miss France.” Hope that this link works but Google it if it doesn’t

    Burn it down!


    • White ethnomasochism is this era’s bubonic plague.

      It’s even deadlier in the long run, despite being *just* a mind virus.


    • Do an image search for Miss France and you get a compare and contrast with previous (white winners). No contest.

      Also, don’t link to GuffPo. Those cunts aren’t getting my click.


    • Haven’t the Miss Universe contest winners been pretty much darkies, Latinas, and other assorted mystery-meats for the past decade or more?

      Also, invariably with a lot of cream mixed into the coffee?



      • on December 19, 2016 at 11:38 am Diversity Heretic

        Don’t know about Miss Universe (I think that a white South African won a couple of years ago), but from the looks of the contestants at the just-concluded Miss World pageant, they might as well rename it “Miss Third World.” France, however, still has light-skinned beauties–passing over them for a Guyanan who might rate a seven after three beers is just another example of the further dispossession of the “français de souche.”


      • Miss World?

        Damn, it’s getting so (ahem) beauty contests gots more orgs than boxing.


      • on December 20, 2016 at 12:19 am Vagina dominator

        (((They))) have even put forward a couple of sheboons as Miss Japan these last few years.

        Comical really.


  34. on December 19, 2016 at 8:21 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))


    You lot are such love-struck women, rationalizing away the flaws of your jerkboy. I really hope you’re not too crushed when he completes the pump & dump.

    The Golden Age of Fordism isn’t coming back.

    Stricter enforcement of immigration law doesn’t change the reality that the demographic time bomb has already been set.

    So, enjoy the next 4-8 years of lotsza non-white baby births, while you wait for those 4D chess moovz to culminate in Eurotopia.


    • Imagine that, Trump’s in favor of Israel for Israelis… who’d a-thunk it?

      Fey, flouncing, and flaccid is no way to go through life, hebe.

      You think you’re telling us anything new with this attempted neener-neener?

      Pay attention, kike… many of us have been saying from day one the primaries that, Trump or no Trump, America is finished because of the demographics already having turned, and barring a civil war-cum-ausrottung, White have but two generations or so.

      And of course, it doesn’t help when 1/3 of the so-called majority are traitorous enemies of the other 2/3.

      Today’s Monday, go to the weekly meeting on shilling tactics and come up with something worthy of our steel.

      I thought (((you people))) were supposed to be smart?

      (((shakin’ mah haid)))

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    • on December 19, 2016 at 9:00 am Captain Obvious

      “The Golden Age of Fordism”


    • ?!?

      purridans already be replacing y’all with bindis. There’s already as many bindis graduating IvyLeague mandarin training schools as hebes; plus the imports from the Albion motherLand.

      If there should be group vociferous on the side of wall/no immigration/Trump is y’all. but outside verbal talking yer very average intelligence it seems.

      so again



    • you make the same mistake that everyone on the left makes: projecting your dependence on top-down, forcefully-imposed social engineering and protection.

      you see, our guy WANTS his followers to be independent, to say ‘fuck you’ to parasites, to strive and reap the fruits of our efforts instead of squandering them on non-contributors. hence his policies are simple: build a wall, encourage self-discipline, let the people be armed to the teeth, militarize the govt so (((no one))) gets any silly ideas, and structure trade deals and currency so we are investing in ourselves. in short, treat the citizenry like adults, and let the babies and parasites fend for themselves.

      there won’t be any pumping-and-dumping you fucking myopic idiot because we deplorables are Trump’s wingmen. you’re the ones who getting dumped to the curb, minus the pumping.

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      • The schizophrenic mind of the lying left is a constant bipolar mood swing from anarchy to fascism. They don’t care about anything and just want people to be happy not matter how strange or harmful, yet they must enforce this Utopian dream somehow.


      • (((They))) are trying to flip the script and call these Trump and Alt-Right positions as victim mentality. But when have you ever heard an Alt-Righter call for reverse Affirmative Action? No what we want is not a level playing field as the urban elitist left calls it. What we want is a meritocratic society.


    • on December 19, 2016 at 3:35 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))


      Peel an alt-righter and find a profoundly confused classical liberal.


    • Ok Zuck so which is it? Your story keeps changing. Try to focus better next time you lie.


  35. Like

  36. “Why you gotta be like that, just be consistent. One minute you’re sweet we getting on fine, next you’re being weird. It makes me feel shitty”

    Txt from a girl. ^^^

    That means I’m doing it right :’)

    Hail Victory


  37. Breitbart: ‘A large truck has stormed through a Christmas market in the German capital of Berlin killing nine people and injuring many others. One person has been arrested.’

    I’d say “guess who did it” but why bother? Cue reflexive shitlib screeching about gun control in 3…2…


    • “I guess we’ll never know his motivation.”



    • ‘“When the founders of our country created (the Electoral College) 200-plus years ago, they didn’t have confidence in the average white man who had property, because that’s who got to vote,” said Shawn Terris, a Democratic elector from Ventura, California. “It just seems so undemocratic to me that people other than the voters get to choose who leads the country.”’

      I’m picturing these words sobbed in the key of “LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE”


      • The electorial college used to be even less based off of popular vote than it is now. The party bosses used to control the votes. The Founding Fathers knew that the popular vote was idiotic.


      • And women and minorities were not even alllowed to vote! This is a ridiculous argument. Maybe this is an attempt at the good whites verses bad whites argument? My cuck dad is now saying that George Washington was not a racist white supremacist because he allowed his slaves to be freed after his death.

        But George Washington was not a elitist. He could have been king and turned it down. If he thought the average white man was stupid, why would he give them a right to vote?


    • ‘Erna Solberg, Prime Minister of Norway: “we need law that will allow to reject refugees’

      I gather Denmark is used to being exclusionary due to smallness and need to keep from being bought up by Germany (who they’re still pissed at over WWII and probably Schleswig-Holstein). Might be what saves them from ending up like the rest of Scandinavia.


    • ‘If you could transport a current year shitlib to 1941, imagine xir’s reaction to Pearl Harbor. “Oh it’s white bigots exploiting a tragedy.”‘


      ‘Secretary of State Cordell Hull, however, this morning cautioned the nation about such “jingoism.” He warned, “The last thing we want is another Maine or Lusitania. We wouldn’t want to start something like a Second World War and ruin the real progress in Japanese-American relations over the last few years.”’


    • http://www.hoover.org/research/why-trump-won

      ‘Any Republican senatorial candidate who voted for [Trump] won election; any who did not, lost. Trump got a greater percentage of Latinos, blacks, and non-minority women than did Romney, and proved to be medicine rather than poison for Republican candidates. With hindsight, it is hard to fathom how any other Republican candidate might have defeated Clinton Inc.—or how, again with hindsight, the Party could be in a stronger, more unified position.

      In contrast, the Democratic Party is torn and rent.’

      Feels good, man.

      ‘What then has the Democratic Party become other than a hard left and elite progressive force, which without Obama’s personal appeal to bloc-voting minorities, resonates with only about 40 percent of the country?’

      In other words their options are:
      1. Retreat to something resembling sanity
      2. Run Donna Brazile in 2020

      Place yer bets.

      ‘The old blue-collar middle class was bewildered by the leftwing social agenda in which gay m*******, women in combat units, and transgendered restrooms went from possible to mandatory party positions in an eye blink. In a party in which “white privilege” was pro forma disparagement, those who were both white and without it grew furious that the elites with such privilege massaged the allegation to provide cover for their own entitlement.

      In the aftermath of defeat, where goes the Democratic Party?

      It is now a municipal party. [Bahaha. That word never gets old.] It has no real power over the federal government or state houses. Its once feared cudgel of race/class/gender invective has become a false wolf call heard one too many times. The Sanders-Warren branch of the party, along with the now discredited Clinton strays, will hover over the party’s carcass.’

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  38. Off-Topic: Anti-cuck legislation of the Byzantine Empire, contained in a law code called the “Ecloga” (726 or 741 AD): “The husband who is cognizant of, and condones, his wife´s adultery shall be flogged and exiled, and the adulterer and the adulteress shall have their noses slit”


  39. Trumps wins electoral college. It’s official, mein bruders.


  40. on December 19, 2016 at 7:52 pm Captain Obvious

    Donald Trump Reportedly Plans To Keep Private Security Team As President http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3506420/posts


    • on December 19, 2016 at 7:53 pm Captain Obvious

      President-elect Donald Trump reportedly plans to stick with members of his aggressive private security crew of loyal retired ex-cops and former FBI agents, and won’t rely solely on the Secret Service in the White House… That would be a major break with tradition and raises fears that the future president could be surrounded by a cadre of strong-arm bodyguards who take an extremely hard line on protesters. The private pack has accompanied Trump on his tour of “thank you” rallies, where the bodyguards have roughly ejected protesters from venues…

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      • For additional triggering he should recruit bikers and have them wear hard hats and carry sawed-off pool cues.


  41. the alt-right is now a significant emerging market. God bless ‘Murrica!

    “In the midst of all these happenings, it’s important to remember that life is beautiful.


    Walmart’s online store was until recently selling a “Got Hitler?” mug.

    Styled in the same font as the famous “Got Milk?” phrase, the “Got Hitler?” mugs were being marketed through a third party vendor on the Walmart site, JM Holdings.

    After the web site Vocativ reported that Walmart’s online store was selling the cups, the retail giant removed the item, in addition to similar mugs bearing the slogans “Got retard?” and “Got Pepe?” a reference to a symbol beloved by contemporary white nationalists. JM Holdings, told Vocativ that it generates slogans for mugs based on words pulled from the dictionary, but Pepe is a new concept unlikely to appear in any dictionaries, Vocativ pointed out. That design was also struck from the site….”



  42. If you take a good portion of Gary Johnson’s vote totals and add them to Trump, he actually wins the popular vite.

    Johnson was served a purpose to siphon enough votes from Trump in the cuck’s hopes of making him lose the election.


    • If you subtract the illegal votes cast, Trump wins the popular vote as well.


    • on December 20, 2016 at 12:52 pm Mandy been here a while

      No, They are cucks who never would have voted Trump.

      Democracy is a false god that leads to garbage like open borders with the third world to stack the deck for one party. The old stock Americans voted Trump. The rest shouldn’t be voting in the first place.


    • Or if you just blow California up hehe


  43. can’t wait until the God Emperor goes all WWF on diplomatic protocol and publicly calls out the traitors destroying the motherland. once he lights the match it’s Make Europe Great Again, aka Crusades 2.0.



  44. the perfect weapon to solve the migrant crisis: POZ!

    “How To Solve The European Migrant Crisis
    The trillion dollar question.

    There is a problem in Europe. A massive one. And no one has been capable or strong enough to solve it.

    We’ll see what the future brings, but I’ve got a few ideas that I believe would completely solve the crisis….”

    “1. Teach the Muslim Immigrants about the importance of feminism and the dangers of rape culture

    By getting the Muslim men to buy into feminism, and how men are dangerous rapists, you can help combat and reverse their strong features of masculinity. Get them to feel guilty for being men….”



  45. on December 20, 2016 at 8:52 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))


    I have a really difficult time feeling sorry for Germany.


    • Which is why (((YOUR))) peoples’ exaggerated cries of anguish ring hollow to us.

      What your step D-Kike… the last thing you want is White folks behaving like hebes….

      … but keep shooting (((your))) collective mouths off…

      … and then tell us again how schmart (((y’all))) are.

      (((shakin’ mah haid))).


    • No problem. )))We((( have a real difficult time feeling guilty for you.


  46. In (((their))) DNA; based Pat Buchanan all but naming the Jew:

    “[T]o some in Washington, beating up on Russia is a conditioned reflex dating to the Cold War. For others in the media and the front groups called think tanks, Russophobia is in their DNA.”


    No war with Russia. No war with China. Not this time, Jews.


    • ”russophobia” = gigantic-entire-northern-hemisphere-huwhyte-anglo-russo-bro-alliance-ophobia


      • on December 20, 2016 at 11:54 am Captain Obvious

        The other day, Rush Limbaugh was reciting a list of people whom you can’t ridicule, and he accidentally let slip, “The Jews”.


    • on December 20, 2016 at 11:18 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))


      You’re so fucking obsessed with us.


      • on December 20, 2016 at 11:47 am Captain Obvious

        And yet we don’t hang at the Haaretz forums, spreading Entartete Kultur demoralization over there.


      • And on cue, there’s that Synathedral “obsessed” shaming language attempt.

        So much for “ghey creativity” and kike intelligence, eh?

        “Hey did you see that hound scratching at his fleas? He’s positively OBSESSED with them!”

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • And yet we don’t hang at the Haaretz forums, spreading Entartete Kultur demoralization over there.


        One horse on you, DKike.


      • on December 20, 2016 at 2:28 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))


        Eavesdropping on some unsuspecting Jews to score “intel” isn’t something I’d put past the captain.


  47. OT,