Cognitive Stratification And Female Obesity

Leading sociologists like Charles Murray have examined the social phenomenon of cognitive stratification — the generational separating into two classes, or even subspecies, of the smart from the less smart. It’s considered a bad thing (and I agree) because an IQ elite will not just amass an unequal amount of national wealth, but their precious IQ genes will get trapped into a small caste instead of spread to some degree around the general population. There is also the issue of dysgenic fertility among the overeducated women of the cognitively gated class.

The causes for cognitive stratification are manifold, but there’s one very plausible mechanism which I have yet to see discussed by mainstream white knights pundits.

The Southerner writes,

attractive 21 year old white women exist for marriage? By the looks of things they’re all in college capitalizing on their smv, therefore wasting their fertility and become un-marriageable (and untouchable). I don’t think I’ve ever seen a young post high-school white woman not in college and who wasn’t at least overweight.

Can someone tell me I’m wrong?

One of my theories is that female obesity is a big (heh) contributor to cognitive stratification of SWPL elites from other whites. If more working class and lower class women were thinner and sexier, more lower AND higher class men would happily marry them. This is particularly the case for those sassy smart lower class girls who could easily entrance lonely high IQ SWPL bachelors if these girls weren’t all so goddamned fat.

The same goes for single moms, even the thin ones. Men are loath to commit to single moms, sensibly figuring that her little bastards are romance killers and there’s no upside in raising another man’s fly-by-night spawn.

The sub-elite classes are filled with fatties and single moms, and this goes quite a ways to explaining the abandonment of marriage by the men who have these loser women as part of their social milieu.

Unemployed and unemployable men, driven by mass brown world immigration, are doubtless a factor in declining marriage rates among the cognitive outcasts, but due diligence should be paid to female obesity and single momhood as equal, if not greater, contributors to the decline in social stability of non-elite whites. The only reason I can think that this tenderhearted Heartistian worldview is studiously overlooked is because it gives conservatives the hives to shift some blame onto women and their poor life decisions.


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    • on November 4, 2014 at 1:37 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

      when da republicansz winz, the government and debt growsz and young menz are sent off to fightz warsz aon foreign hshoresz as our bordererds collapesz and the family declinez and dumbed dowbnz is more morn and morez eveorynz as the welfare and warfares statesz augment in sizez!

      when da democratz winz, the government and debt growsz and young menz are sent off to fightz warsz aon foreign hshoresz as our bordererds collapesz and the family declinez and dumbed dowbnz is more morn and morez eveorynz as the welfare and warfares statesz augment in sizez!

      so do not forget to votexz!!!



      • on November 4, 2014 at 1:58 pm mendozatorres

        Like the tagline for Aliens vs Predator:

        “Whoever wins…we lose.”

        (Also, title of that movie has so many plays on words politically!)


    • “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a young post high-school white woman not in college and who wasn’t at least overweight.”

      double negatives make my head ache. could someone re-phrase this quote in a simpler sentence, please?


      • “The young post-high school white women I have seen, the ones who weren’t in college, were at least overweight.”


    • I agree there is a need for the elites to start paying attention to CH’s ‘boots-on-the-ground’ accounts of the realities of the sexual market and put some scholarship into the issue. Like it or not, elite opinion drives discourse on public policy.

      I wouldn’t lump Murray in with the odious White Knights. He made his bones with Losing Ground in 1984 – that was before the literal explosion of obesity from its historical baseline to the disaster it is today. Help yourself the CDC and NHANES data if you want to see the ugly trends in graphic form.

      That said, if there is one person who could focus attention (read: institutional liberal hatred) on the modest, libertarian-leaning point of view and associated policy proposals, he’s the one. Bring it on!


    • A man can eliminate so many problems in his life by simply following this:

      “To wisely live your life, you don’t need to know much
      Just remember two main rules for the beginning:
      You better starve, than eat whatever
      And better be alone, than with whoever.”

      ~Omar Khayyam


  2. How is processed rubbish less expensive than fresh produce? Why aren’t pleb class kids being taught how to cook and eat while in school? Basic health and home ec? It’s almost as if they WANT the lumpenproles to be land whales so that they have the pick of the alpha males.


    • plebs (blacks) are highly resistant to education


    • Its a maladaptation. We evolved when calories were scarce. They’re not anymore so we get fat. The answer is to take responsibility for your actions and eat right+work out more. In my experience western woman truly believe that nothing is their fault. Its way easier to whine about fat acceptance and where are dah good menzzz than it is to hit the gym. Sadly, hamsters don’t burn many calories.

      Has anyone ever noticed that women drivers will fuck up, create a dangerous situation and then yell at other drivers? Nawalt might really be a contraction for never at fault.


      • Dude it’s the fucking food.

        We evolved when calories were scarce. They’re not anymore so we get fat.

        Calories weren’t scarce in the 70s. Calories aren’t scarce in eastern europe. But they ain’t fat.

        It’s fucking mcdonalds and artificial boxed foods.


      • I’ll stipulate cheap american food tends to be high in caloric content. But every shitty 3rd world country I’ve been in, the common person was doing manual labor for work and walking everywhere they went. So even if their diet was white rice and sugar stew, they burned it off. There are almost no fat people in Africa.
        McDonalds cant force you to eat shit. I eat there MAYBE once a year. Skinner got it right. McDonalds is cheap. But, not as cheap as making steamed broccoli and black beans.


      • on November 5, 2014 at 3:25 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

        Basically, fat people are animals with no self-control then. If there’s no decision process between “I’d like some cake!” and actually stuffing your face with it, you’re nothing more than a bipedal pig with the ability to speech.

        I’ve been chubby and gained weight a couple of times in my life and it requires constant overeating. Not only this, but to actually get ‘American fat’, you need to gorge yourself to the brim or to overeat for years. Even if only the former are bipedal pigs, the latter people are sub-human too: their slow accretion of flesh somehow eluded them for years. The only people who do have an excuse are truck drivers and the like. As part of their job they can’t move as much and they don’t have the ability to stop somewhere to cook either.

        Women here don’t do that btw. They just admit they suck at driving more often than not. Yelling at people in traffic here might get you bitchslapped(witnessed it more than once).


      • on November 5, 2014 at 3:31 am betterthantheoriginalwally

        Lumpy – it’s what they drink. Everything that Western women drink has at least 10 teaspoons of sugar. Every beer, every Bacardi Breezer, every Red Bull, every Coke, every flavoured milk, every orange drink, every Boost Juice, every Frappacino.


      • I would also add that junk food really isn’t that cheap, it’s convenient. A dozen eggs is about the same price as a can of Pringles but you’re not going to see Tonetta have a couple hard boiled eggs for a snack, no, she’s gonna inhale the whole can of Pringles.


    • “How is processed rubbish less expensive than fresh produce? ”

      Fifty cents worth of liver has more nutrition than 10 bucks worth of spinach.
      Next best is eggs.

      Stop listening to nutritionists who go on about the “nutritional density” of potatoes and start looking at the nutrition charts, analyzing foods for nutritional value per dollar. The results may surprise you.

      “Why aren’t pleb class kids being taught how to cook and eat while in school?”

      They’re taught by nutritionists who don’t even know what people eat and have never looked at the nutrition charts without their cognative dissonance glasses on.


  3. As someone who has spent most of his life down in the “sub-elite” classes, I can say without a doubt that the second point you raised is a far greater problem. That’s not to say that obesity isn’t a massive (heh) problem. It is. But there are still quite a few attractive, slender girls running around. The problem is that, if you haven’t snagged one for marriage before she turns twenty one or so, it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that you’re going to end up raising some other dude’s kids. And/or any kids that you have are eventually going to end up being raised by some other guy. The traditional notion of family simply doesn’t exist down here anymore.


  4. Staying thin is more challenging for dumb poor people because fresh vegetables and meats are very expensive and realizing that limited $ should be diverted to correct nutritious foods requires intuition and smarts. Proper paternalism is required. These girls are disadvantaged and need an authority to show them what to do. They are eating and doing what they are being told to eat and do and shaming them is shooting at the wrong target.

    [CH: carrot + stick does the trick.]


  5. Yep, no doubt about it. I’d be dead before committing to a single mom. Not the way I want it to be so much as just the way it is. The fatties are of no use at all.


    • A former buddy of mine said to me, one night when we were out and some chubby chick was working the bar, looking for a sucker: “sometimes, you gotta sleep with a fat chick.”

      Needless to say, I don’t hang out with him anymore.


      • on November 4, 2014 at 12:03 pm Shortest Straw

        If I’m drunk enough, I can. I get into thinking about how happy they are to be getting fucked.

        There’s a certain line even I won’t cross, though. You see, it’s self limiting: The drunker I have to get, the more likely I won’t be able to get it up anyway, and the more likely I’ll be to just pass out.

        However, a combination of viagra and ritalin both offsets those two effects, and pushes me into an alternate reality. If I remembered it better, I could describe it. Let’s just say I’ve had laundry to do in the morning.


      • Had a guy at Encorpera complaining that an HR whale handed him her phone number.

        “Fat chicks give me their phone numbers.” He said with a resigned shrug.

        But later he was banging a hot intern. I told him women were attracted to him because his face was shaped like a penis. He was appalled at this observation.


    • on November 4, 2014 at 6:23 pm Modern Primitive

      It’s a shame because one of the most beautiful, smart, feminine women I know got herself knocked up at 21 to her deadshit boyfriend. She’s 27 and still smoking now, but dat kid…


      • Clearly, she’s not that smart.


      • @pdwalker

        “Clearly, she’s not that smart.”

        she was 21. 21 year old girls are by definition…not smart.


      • @ K

        i don’t know about nurses.

        at first look they are sweet and friendly but a lot of them are pretty crude and insensitive in general and most of them have a pretty shitty bedside manner when you get to know them.

        that seems to get worse the longer they stay in the job too. maybe from taking care of sick people all the time, they get desensitized and start to lack sympathy for anyone unless they are practically on their deathbed. not the kind of girl you can expect to get tlc from when you’re feeling down or going through rough stuff.

        don’t know if they get into nursing because they are already like that and it suits their nature or because being around gross bodily functions and death hardens and changes them.


      • @ pdwalker

        i agree with K.

        you can’t really hold a 21 year old girl totally responsible for committing herself to a bad guy. a girl that age is still a child.

        [CH: infantilization. a 21 year old woman is an adult.]

        she doesn’t have any idea what she really wants or needs or what is best for her. girls that age will commit to something that seems perfect in the moment but often regret it months or years later as they grow and mature or as their moods change.

        that’s why families used to be so involved in arranging marriages for their young daughters. a lot less risk of having a girl obligate herself to something that it is a huge mistake for her and potentially her future children.


      • you can’t really hold a 21 year old girl totally responsible for committing herself to a bad guy. a girl that age is still a child.

        and yet she can vote, join military service, enter contracts, drive a several thousand pound vehicle on public highways at high speeds, etc, etc, etc.

        If you cannot hold her responsible, then who can? Where were the parents who were supposed to raise her with a sense of responsibility? Should she get a walk from all mistakes? Maybe we should stop putting womein in jail. For anything.

        If she’s an adult, then she is completely responsible. If she’s never been prepared for that responsibility, the consequences still fall squarely on her, even if her parents were to blame.

        It reminds me of the old Aesop fable, The Thief and his Mother.

        Sorry, but I cannot buy it. I hold my own daughters responsible for their actions, and you know what? They get it. So far.


  6. Other than a tendency to slenderness (thin is the new class marker), the primary difference between upper class and lower class women is that the educated and smart upper class women believe in a whole array of stupid ass ideas that are less repellent to upper class men than the whole array of stupid ass ideas that lower class dumb women believe in.

    Doesn’t really have to do with actual merit; has more to do with social signalling. Subaru versus Toyota (except Prius, which gets an exemption); Romaine instead of iceberg (nevermind the amazing Wedge salad); atheist versus bible thumping church.


    • What about Subaru vs. Honda? Are Subarus really that great?


      • This better be an ironic post about about wimmin completely missing the fucking point.


      • I know my comment was completely off-topic, but my mother and I were just talking about Subarus last night so I thought I’d see what you all thought about them. Subarus aren’t very popular among the people I know, but my mother says that many people she knows think that Subarus are great.


      • A Subaru is a Volvo for mountain people. They want safety and power, and feel uneasy about driving about a Ford.


      • Subaru has all-wheel drive!


      • I’ve heard that the un-PC nickname for them is Jew-barus.

        Since hearing that description (maybe right here at the Chateau), I’ve been looking at the Subaru drivers in the San Fran area, and……I have to say the stereotype has a large basis in reality.


      • Almost every make has all-wheel drive. Dyke mobiles no longer stand out in that regard.


      • Dude, your Suburu-driving Mom is a dyke.

        And, quite honestly, you’re sounding rather light-in-the-loafers yourself.


      • Thanks for the responses.

        Zombie Shane, I’m not a dude, and my mother doesn’t drive a Subaru, but you’re kind of funny. 🙂


      • Every time I see a COEXIST bumper sticker, it’s on the back of a 4WD Subura wagon. I kid you not. And more Priuses now.


      • Oh thank God. BTW, in terms of what you ought to be driving, if you want to snag a quality man, then be this chick:


    • The Subaru WRX STI kicks ass. Unfortunately wiggas have ruined the brand image of the car.


    • It’s not just being thin that’s in, but being thin and very fit.


      • Bullshit, all bodies are good bodies. Stop hating.


      • I saw a very nattily-dressed Italian chick at the polls today, who was not only starving herself but who was also very obviously lifting some iron. Personally, I put artificial upper-arm/tricep definition just behind moustaches and manjaws as warning signs for Darkness of the Heart.


      • “Personally, I put artificial upper-arm/tricep definition just behind moustaches and manjaws as warning signs for Darkness of the Heart.”

        i second that.

        being thin and very fit may be what’s “in” according to women and gay men but that’s not usually what most men find attractive.


      • of course, the Darkeness of the Heart thin seriously working out babes provide the best bjs,the best fucks, the best sex.

        Life is full of tradeoffs.


      • passionman, I just dunno about that. These days, upper-body tone-ed-ness in a chick is such a strong warning sign for hyper-ambitious ladder-climbing hive-mind cuntery in a chick. Don’t expect any feminism or independence of thought or basic humanity from one of those glued-to-the-gym-mirror fashionista narcissistes.


      • YIKES! Meant to say “Don’t expect any femininity…”


      • I guess there’s an art to finding a happy medium between cottage-cheese triceps and Arnold-Schwarzenegger triceps in a chick. But in my mind, I so strongly associate female gym-whorery and bike-dykery and triathlon-insanity with Darkness of the Heart and and small, hard, masculine little non-responsive BBs-for-clitorises that those bulging triceps just set off all of my warning bells.


      • on November 5, 2014 at 7:04 pm Carlos Danger

        Swimming is a great way for a woman to stay fit and not look like a piece of beef jerky.


    • on November 4, 2014 at 4:03 pm Carlos Danger

      The stupid ass ideas of the working classes are less irritating in the long run. Stop expecting women to fulfill you intellectually. It ain’t gonna happen.


    • on November 4, 2014 at 4:05 pm Carlos Danger

      Atheism is the sign of a dark heart. If she’ll kill your kid, she’ll have no mercy elsewhere in her life. Avoid like the plague.


      • “Atheism is the sign of a dark heart.”



      • “kill your kid” – you mean abortion of a tiny little cell? Abortion, which was widespread in biblical times and which the Bible doesn’t mention or forbid? Which was only forbidden later by celibate half-men priests who hated the thought of the normals having sex and possibly looking down on the celibates for being sexless freaks, and therefore set out to declare sex dirty and evil and make it as difficult as possible for the normals? Yeah. “no mercy” etc. Because it’s the same thing as murder, right? Only in the feverish minds of American conservatives, whose precious GOP was hijacked long ago by fanatical religious leaders allied with Zionists. That strain of “conservatism” has nothing to do with the real White nature. It is closer to the Jewish nature, Judaism being the parent religion that declared sex to be dirty and evil because it was the one good thing that couldn’t be colored by religion.

        “Atheism is the sign of a dark heart”. Ah, the typical arrogance of religionuts, as taught by the church leaders they suck up to in the hope of getting that sweet reward after death (good luck). Pretending that their religion is the origin of “good”. I’ll remember that next time I see Obongo on TV, who has been going to church for decades. You’re in good company.


      • on November 4, 2014 at 5:47 pm Carlos Danger

        Piss up a rope. Marry one who has no qualms about abortion and see how well you fare with her. You’re the one who doesn’t think women are cynical or capable of being cold hearted and cruel. A casual attitude about abortion is a leading indicator of that. I get a bit annoyed with your half truths. I think you really are a beta chump who is talking big trash on the Internet to impress the naive. Apparently it bothers you some of us are more successful with women than you and know them better than you. Hitler banned abortion too if that makes you feel better. Du bist nichts weiteres als einen Wichser, ein moechtegern Goldfassan.


      • on November 4, 2014 at 5:52 pm Carlos Danger

        You’re a loser with no moral compass. Sorry if you’re incapable of experiencing or understanding a higher power. I have very solid reasons for my beliefs, ones that even your hero Adolf would have agreed with. You’re just tedious and petty.


      • on November 4, 2014 at 6:49 pm FuriousFerret

        C’mon abortion is murder and I’m not a hyper religious nutcase.

        Just call it like it is. If someone wants to abort their own child then have the courage to say what’s really going on.

        It’s simple 2 + 2 = 4. The fact that the pro abortion people have the put on The Mental Olympics of all mind games to justify it is proof enough that everyone knows the score.

        If you want to have abortion, hey go ahead it’s there for you guys, but don’t delude yourself that it’s not killing.


      • on November 4, 2014 at 6:55 pm Carlos Danger

        Neither am I. I’m probably most accurately called a Deist but I respect the various belief systems, especially where they overlap, which is about 75%. Murder is murder. Calling it a mass of goo is a cheap rationalization.


      • Yeah, for the life of me I cannot understand Arbiter’s europagan nihilism. WTF is the purpose of trying to save the White Race from extinction if you’d just as soon dispatch the woman off to the abortuary [or to the pharmacy, for “Plan B”] so as to murder the poor little baby? It’s almost like an inverse Hinduism, where instead of the verboten-hamburger as shredded-God, you’re shredding the little Created-in-God’s-Image into a satanic-host eucharist.


      • Thou shalt not shed innocent blood… and what blood is more innocent than that of the unborn?


      • Arbiter, you have to stop reading HuffPo and Skeptic’s Bible and thinking you were made wise… here’s how it TRULY stands:

        For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
        Psalm 139:13

        Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart…
        Jeremiah 1:5

        This is what the LORD says– he who made you, who formed you in the womb, and who will help you: Do not be afraid…
        Isaiah 44:2

        etc., etc., etc.


      • on November 5, 2014 at 12:34 pm Hammer of Love

        ” Thou shalt not shed innocent blood… and what blood is more innocent than that of the unborn? ”

        But where is the cutoff point. Aren’t the children of the middle east, which the USA bombs and kills, on a almost daily basis innocent also ??


      • “But where is the cutoff point. Aren’t the children of the middle east, which the USA bombs and kills, on a almost daily basis innocent also ??”

        Of course. There is no cut off, there is no greater evil that harm to a child. And any normal person who understands that, hurts deeply for any children who have died, suffered, no matter what country they are from.

        It amazes and angers me, that anyone could argue that a baby in the womb (at any point after conception) is a “thing” and not a soul. One of my sisters give birth last week, and my other sister is in early stages of labor as I write this. And to think that other babies are deprived the chance of being born – being murdered in the womb, is heart breaking.

        The first scan of of my pregnant sister, I ever attended (a earlier pregnancy), I believe it was about 3 month scan, and when I saw the baby on the monitor I can not explain corectly the feeling that overwhelmed me. I sat there overwhelmed with tears once I heared the heart beat. It was like suddenly, when I saw my sisters baby on the monitor, to witness such a thing, the miracle of a heartbeat in the womb and this beautiful human forming, it feels like life suddenly makes sense. It is difficult to explain, maybe it is a woman thing to feel, I am not sure. Before that point, I was against abortion, but after that I was with every fiber of my being against abortion. Because even though you see the baby just for a short while, you hear the heart beat and it moves you in such a way, you think how, how, how could it ever be said that this baby is not a soul?

        The heart beat of the baby can often even be heared at 8 WEEKS! And many babies are murdered at 8 weeks. It is not a “tiny little cell”, it is a baby and a beautiful soul.


      • what color are they?


      • on November 5, 2014 at 7:01 pm Carlos Danger

        American foreign policy is run by J*ws.. It is also wrong to kill innocent children in warfare too, even in the ME.


      • But where is the cutoff point. Aren’t the children of the middle east, which the USA bombs and kills, on a almost daily basis innocent also ??

        I’m not sure I was ever an advocate for US politics, especially foreign (ahem) policy, so… I’m not sure what the point of this semi-rhetorical question might be?


      • on November 6, 2014 at 7:43 am Hammer of Love

        ” I’m not sure I was ever an advocate for US politics, especially foreign (ahem) policy, so… I’m not sure what the point of this semi-rhetorical question might be? ”

        This wasn’t aimed at you Greg. It was rhetorical in the sense, that most “Merikans” who are against abortion and and use the bible to support their position, seem to have no problem with dead Children. As long as they die during one of America’s ” holy crusades “. The Bible wrapped in an American flag, and all that Jazz.


      • Ah, I see now… you’re right, of course… but the ‘Murricans who are supposedly bitterly clinging to their Bibles should actually open them once in awhile…

        Then again, we all know that’s a stereotype from the Cathedral, and the ‘Murricans no longer cling to their Bibles… not like they cling to their flat-screens, leastwise.


  7. on November 4, 2014 at 9:44 am yournordicgod

    Are there really as many fatties out there as most here assume? I seem to notice thin fit hotties most everywhere I look & all my girlfriends & women I talk to are as such. Maybe that’s because i only look for white women aged 16-24 though.

    I thought that Mexico has overtaken USA as the fattest nation in the world and my assumption has been that the only reason why USA is second place is because of the huge number of mestizo’s and negr0s.


  8. You overlook an important benefit of cognitive stratification. While the high IQ genes are less spread out across society, you get a greater possibility of really high geniuses if the smartest men marry the smartest women. So if society disproportionately benefits from the top 0.1% in talented individuals, we’re all much better off with cognitive stratification.

    [CH: how’s that working out for india?]


  9. I observed this phenomenon just the other day hanging out in Laguna Beach.

    I saw several young women 18-21 working out on the sand, preparing to play volleyball. They were pretty, but each one of them had a big lard ass.

    Cut down on the beer and tacos, girls.


    • Yup. You can’t out-train a crappy diet.


    • Some of us like some junk in the trunk. And if they work out the asses might be fairly firm.


      • Keep your ‘booty’


      • There’s firm and fit booty a la Jen Selter, then there’s the amorphous blob that is Karassdian. Gimme Jen Selter.


      • on November 4, 2014 at 12:13 pm Shortest Straw

        The only problem with fat asses is their only sex position is missionary. If they’re on top of you it’s just nasty, and if it’s doggy style, well, there’s nothing quite like watching the waves propagate across their behinds. Funny as fuck when you first see it but then it gets distracting and pretty soon the boner is gone.


      • Not that kind of rippily “junk”! Read Taubes’ “Why We Get Fat”…..almost always because of simple carbs (white bread, potatoes, rice, corn anything, diet sodas and sugar). Training increases tone, does not reduce weight.


      • @ OlayDave

        I just came across Taubes and his research, it’s good stuff. So true. And a direct function of big IndustrialAgriCorp complex ass ramming cheap sugar complex carb food all over everywhere in Merika.


      • “There’s firm and fit booty a la Jen Selter, then there’s the amorphous blob that is Karassdian. Gimme Jen Selter.”

        not a kardashian fan but jen selter is way worse. her ass implants are not enough to override her man jaw, weirdass nose and overmuscled body. she looks like a tranny.


      • on November 5, 2014 at 3:36 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

        @Olay, that’s false. If you have a calorie deficit diet, you will lose both fat and muscle, so if you exercise enough, you can lose weight while eating nothing but KFC. I wouldn’t advise it though. I’d actually say working out is more important than what you eat(unless you have horrid eating habits) because muscle is anabolic tissue and uses calories.


    • You’ve forgotten, dear old bankster chap, that women with Rubenesque figures were the rage back in the day. And you claim to have a soul from merry ol’ England!

      [CH: sorry, this is not true. fat women were never desirable in any big way (heh) through history.]


  10. on November 4, 2014 at 10:05 am The Southerner

    “If more working class and lower class women were thinner and sexier, more lower AND higher class men would happily marry them. This is particularly the case for those sassy smart lower class girls who could easily entrance lonely high IQ SWPL bachelors if these girls weren’t all so goddamned fat”

    Now that I think about it, this would actually diffuse the college white woman SMV bubble and in doing so restore equilibrium to the sexual marketplace. This doesn’t account for the present malaise of males but its half the problem, both in and of itself and in regards to its influence on male market participation trends.

    Of course, the bubble will eventually burst as the college white woman trend of relentless SMV capitalization continues to consolidate its earnings and in doing increasingly isolates itself. An ever larger amount of white women will become increasingly untouchable, marry at increasingly advanced ages, if at all, have increasingly fewer offspring, while more men continue to justifiably offset their lack of competitive advantage with porn, videogames and other frivolities, the sexual market equivalent of welfare.


  11. Lower class women are aware that if they become obese or single moms they have that welfare state safety net to catch them if they fail to land a husband. As their numbers increase, they eventually reach a critical mass of voters who will vote for any politician who promises a continued flow of freebies. Minorities plus white single moms with a few middle class liberal feminists thrown in equal a permanent Democratic majority. At some point that coalition won’t need the white single moms and the brainwashed liberal feminists to stay in power and then they’ll be thrown overboard.


    • These faggot celebrities and athletes donning these shirts and spouting one-liners in the “No More” commercials are disgusting. You’d think every woman was a victim of domestic violence or sexual assault.


    • on November 5, 2014 at 3:38 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

      Since tshirts are relevant now, is there a way to get your own tshirts printed without the print falling apart after 3-4 washes?


  12. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a young post high-school white woman not in college and who wasn’t at least overweight.”

    I disagree with this. There is a whole lot of ‘hired guns’ positions that have hot girls in them where they aren’t going down the career/corporate route. I mean some are in community college or some bullshit like that, but they don’t really go on to the major leagues.

    The catch is that their youth is the only thing propping them up. They age and age fast.


    • Most of the waitresses where I work are pretty hot…I’m sampling one as a fb at the moment….love this job…


      • “Most of the waitresses where I work are pretty hot…I’m sampling one as a fb at the moment….love this job…”

        waitresses are always hot, sweet and friendly. maids and nurses fall into that category too usually.


    • “The catch is that their youth is the only thing propping them up. They age and age fast.”

      A lot of truth to this. I see plenty of quite attractive working class girls. The catch is that they are just that – girls. Teens and early twenties. They’ve got the requisite genes, but they blow it anyway.

      Just another symptom of a stupid and crass multiracial cesspool. Social and cultural degeneracy manifests itself in numerous ways, with physical ugliness being one of many.

      Just look at modern “art,” which is little more than a celebration of the idiotic and ugly. The sickness permeates the society from top to bottom. In such a sea of idiocy, can we reasonably expect the daughters of bricklayers to do better than they are? When every authority figure from every institution has pushed nothing but vile lies and crassness upon them?

      We really need to hit that reset button. That not only means racial separation, but the replacement of a diseased *elite* with a new and healthier one.

      Separation is the only solution.


    • “I disagree with this. There is a whole lot of ‘hired guns’ positions that have hot girls in them where they aren’t going down the career/corporate route. ”

      True, however these women are also not marrying.


      • Ripp: “True, however these women are also not marrying.”

        And by the time that they are interested in marriage, they have largely made themselves unmarriageable, at least by the historical standards of the West.

        It’s a sobering thought to realize that many/most guys today are marrying women with sexual histories so extensive that virtually none of our forefathers would have remotely considered them. And it’s not just an issue of quantity, as a significant minority have also bedded down with all manner of flotsam and jetsam.

        Think about that: the young, hard-charging doctor or attorney of today is marrying a woman that, not so long ago, would have been socially shunned by virtually everyone, save perhaps an alcoholic longshoreman. In fact, I’d wager that the average illiterate, drunken longshoreman of a century ago was able to marry a woman with a less extensive sexual history than the typical yuppie gets today.

        If that is not a scary metric of social decay, I don’t know what is.

        We really need to hit that reset button. Separation is the only solution, and the creation of a new elite to replace the diseased one currently in power.


  13. High caste women have their own issues, like being too old and having college debt they dump on men. I can see sometimes that despite all the fatty propaganda, fat women still know they aren’t attractive. They dress differently and I recall seeing fat women sitting around the edges at a wedding staring longingly at everyone dancing. For all these issues women probably know men think less of them for it. Despite this, they still show no restraint. They must believe men will happily accept them no matter what.


  14. on November 4, 2014 at 10:29 am Angry Midwesterner MD

    My undergrad experience taught me, the “better” the school, the skinnier overall the girl except for University of Chicago and MIT (uglies congregate there). Granted, the state schools have hotter and skinnier girls, a result of wider distribution but higher average BMI.
    Unfortunately, post graduation, people get out of control (with their weight).


  15. I have had a theory for quite some time now that the elite is trying to socially engineer the working class to androgynous drones… I think they may just pull it off.


  16. CH: The thing is that grotesque anti-white-society feminism has infected even poor immigrants from, for example, Cuba. Just recently I have met two different 22-year old hotties (HB10s in my book, or at least HB9s, for those who think there is no such thing as a 10) while out and about doing day game. These young women, biologically, are 100% perfect specimens for getting married and giving a good civilized man healthy, smart children. One of these women I met is literally off the boat from Cuba (but speaks English), and not loaded with money. Both of these women see themselves as–well, they see themselves as “girls”–just getting started on their 15 years of giving it away for free to badboys on the carousel from now until the age of 37.

    An entire generation of pretty young women in the civilized or mostly civilized world (Latin America), nearly white, pretty Hispanics (those who look like J-Lo or Roselyn Sanchez) included, literally laughs out loud at the idea that they should be looking for a HUSBAND at age 22 or even age 27 or even age 29! YKW feminism that began its radical turn in the 1960s has truly dominated two or three generations of women. The current crop of women, worldwide, who are light brown or lighter skinned and pretty, aged 21-27, VEHEMENTLY, STRONGLY feels that they are way, way, way too young to even get within 50 miles of thinking about marriage.

    So CH’s point about the majority of women being fat is true, but another problem is that the thin, pretty women (who do exist) have been taught by those who control all media that it is “empowerment” for them to give away their greatest power (sex) for free to cads instead of requiring marriage and commitment. They see the idea of getting married in their mid-20s as them being slaves or prisoners, not free to give it away for free to 50 cads between the age of 18 and 35. Then they try to get their beta bux at age 35, after 18 years of giving it away for free during their prime years.


  17. If poor, rural girls all looked like Ellie Mae Clampett, the world would be a better place. But they don’t.


  18. “attractive 21 year old white women exist for marriage? By the looks of things they’re all in college capitalizing on their smv, therefore wasting their fertility and become un-marriageable (and untouchable).”

    That sounds like the female version of a man who doesn’t put one cent away for retirement for 40 years and hopes the nebulous system will take care of him. (Of course, as GBFM knows, both versions are driven in part by the Fed.)

    Herman Wouk puts this even more bluntly:

    ‘“Pretty girls are just girls, Margie, you see. That’s what finally emerges. The most immoral slut among them, even a dumb roundheels like Imogene, at heart just wants a fellow and a nest and clothes and furniture. What’s more, they tend to be stupider than other girls, because being pretty makes life too easy for them. The day they sprout those charming breasts, they usually turn off their brains, and just bob along on the tide of attention and fun that starts up. Then after a while they’re twenty-five and have to start thinking again. Because by that time the breasts are beginning to droop and the fuss is dying down. Of course by then it’s too late, like as not. They’re empty-headed fools, they can’t read, they can’t talk, they can’t think, their emotions have been gutted by random sleeping around, and their lives are a shambles—”

    Marjorie said, “You’re a cruel hound, do you know? A cruel hound.”’


  19. The amount of mindless distractions and nutrionally lacking convenient food really is making the crowd (whites included) weaker, lazier, stupider, less driven, less virile and less fertile. The ones who see that for what it is and attempt to dodge those road blocks and distractions will eventually look quite different from the masses…like the royalty compared to the peasants eons ago.


  20. YaReally and the gang – what thoughts on this new controversy about RSD Julien being banned from hotels in Australia because he teaches men how to choke and intimidate girls?


    • ha juliens stuff has gotten really dark lately and he really is pushing game to its limits in terms of asshole-ness

      jeffy from RSD got an article written about him in jizzabell a while back for driving around san franscisco and picking up girls and having sex with them in his ‘rape van’

      apparently julien was really jealous about this and wanted to have an article written about him too so he started doing really antagonizing stuff in his womanising pursuits


    • lol. awesome.


    • Bitches la la la love to be choked.


    • lol he’s been goading feminists/SJWs for like a YEAR trying to stir up this kind of controversy. I would be extremely surprised if Tyler and him haven’t already had a plan figured out for when this day comes. There’s no way they didn’t know this would happen sooner or later.

      But really, think about it objectively…what negative consequence will this have for RSD?

      1) They’re privately funded. There’s no advertisers to boycott, there’s no higher authority to appeal to to censor or fire them. Their money comes from the sales of their products, Hotseats and Bootcamps and they provide so much useful free content that’s gotten them so much exposure over the years and Tyler has run the business so professionally in terms of quality control (half the “PUA coaches” on YouTube are posting shitty webcam rant videos at best with the shittiest in-field footage recorded on a potato facing their shoe for half the interaction, while RSD has had HD quality content and beautiful in-field video for years) that they have no shortage of guys looking to pay for coaching help.

      2) Papa and Tyler have been networking since the beginning to put themselves in a position where they have strong ties and access to extremely wealthy people from all walks of life (from lawyers to business types etc.). Even if somehow their finances were shattered from this, they would have no problems hitting buddies up to invest in them.

      So they’re basically untouchable financially. I think it’s funny how much the Manosphere (hi RVForum, your hypocritical thread on this is highly entertaining to read and see who’s running around like chickens with their head cut off slandering RSD the same way SJWs slander the Manosphere just because shit hit a little close to home out in your expat territory) shits on Tyler/RSD when he’s basically doing what the Red Pill teaches of breaking way from working for other people and busting his ass daily to build up his own successful business from nothing with no help, where he’s giving value to other men (while also providing tons of free content to EVERYONE) and making him a solid income while having escaped being under the control/whims of this feminized society. But ya, let’s shit on him and keep leaving out the HUNDREDS OF HOURS of incredibly useful free content RSD puts out and instead paint them as scammers teaching game that doesn’t work to guys they con into paying for their manipulation. The cognitive dissonance involved in that hamster is funny as fuck. The amount of stupid shit in that thread about what RSD does and doesn’t do, that could be proven inaccurate with 10 seconds of actual fucking research is embarrassing coming from a group of guys who piss & moan that the MSM doesn’t do 10 seconds of actual fucking research before shitting on the Manosphere.

      3) Who’s going to rally against RSD for this whole Julien thing? Feminists and SJWs and mangina anti-game dudes. Were ANY of those people going to pay for a bootcamp or buy an RSD product? No, of course not. So they aren’t going to lose any of that theoretical income because it was non-existent in the first place. So once again, zero consequence.

      4) How do feminists shut people up? They slander their name and destroy their reputation and pressure them with public shame and humiliation until they cave. Julien uses his real name and face, so do the other RSD instructors. His Facebook/Twitter is full of literally just the most offensive shit he can think of posting. He’s LONG committed self-suicide on his reputation and any chance he has at getting a job at like a law firm. Same with Tyler and most of the RSD instructors. You can’t intimidate someone with slander when that person already drags their own name through the mud and SMILES. They are completely independent of social approval. The guys on the RVF thread are shitting bricks because the Manosphere is still trying to “become legit” and be accepted by the MSM. PUAs have long ago accepted that the MSM will view us as the shit at the bottom of the pole and are fine with that because we know the guys who find and need us are the guys who are starting to reject the MSM anyway.

      5) Feminists are calling hotels to get them to cancel RSD events. Oh no!! You can teach pickup in a fucking public park or some dude’s basement just like they did in the old days when all they charged for bootcamp was a couch to crash on.

      6) He and RSD are going to get a shitload of exposure and coverage for this. They couldn’t ask for more free marketing than what this could potentially drum up. Every mention and every hated message just makes them stronger because they aren’t clinging to hoping people accept them and don’t rely on public approval for their funding.

      7) “Techniques so controversial they’re banned in 2 countries! Learn from the master PUA who had to be thrown out of a country to save their women from his seductive prowess! Feminists hate him, learn these 3 easy tips to lay any woman you want just like him!” makes a GREAT fucking marketing campaign. And if people don’t like him, well hey, bring in Todd or one of the other more chill instructors who aren’t as controversial as Julien, maybe those ones will be more to your liking. There’s a reason Tyler has hired instructors with wildly different personality types…anyone who checks out RSD will be able to find an instructor that resonates with them. Jullien and Todd teach the same underlying concepts, but if you find Todd boring you might like Julien, if you find Julien too much of a monster you might like Todd. This isn’t an accident and will translate into more people viewing the various instructors HUNDREDS OF HOURS OF FREE CONTENT, and possibly signing up for products, Hotseats and Bootcamps down the road.

      So what’s the end result? Zero financial loss, zero way to censor them, infinite free exposure, and everyone funnels into their free content with less controversial instructors.

      I’m pretty sure the RSD guys are just lol’ing away at this with no fucks given. Personally I’m looking forward to seeing how RSD handles this, I’ve been wondering when this would finally happen. I think it’s going to be very educational lol


    • Response in mod lol


      • @YaReally This is an interesting case because it shows that there are still some things you can’t talk about publicly…or rather that MEN can’t talk about publicly. I don’t talk about game to people who don’t really understand it. When 9 1/2 Weeks came out in the late 80’s it was panned by feminists and critics who also saw it as “violent”—fast forward to today when 50 Shades of Gray sells a shmillion copies but outside of “clit lit” it’s still not possible to talk about these types of acts without being labeled some type of monster. Why is the same standard not applied to “Dominatrix”s?


      • @CH
        Plz approve my post lol


    • Julien gets banned from hotels in Australia for advocating the same thing that prompted millions of women to buy 50 Shades of Gray….myuh huh….


    • on November 5, 2014 at 3:43 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

      My take on this is simple: if you can’t figure out when to do those things by learning classic game, you shouldn’t be taught how to do them because most likely you will fuck it up.

      BTW, what’s stopping you people from filling out petitions for hotels to close down feminist conventions too?


    • Julien loves to be provocative, partly it’s his slightly twisted sense of humour, and partly no doubt he wants the free publicity.

      But if you watch his videos, you’ll see there’s a reason his “sexual assault game” hasn’t resulted in any charges or even complaints of actual sexual assault. He makes very clear (when he’s not trolling for publicity) that uncalibrated newbies should *not* try his trademark choke opener or call women bitch, slut, whore etc, and that there are all sorts of subtle signals that he reads and gives off that allow him to get away with it.

      E.g. when he does these things he’s smiling and giving off a playful vibe, and he goes for the choke-hold slowly and gently enough that a girl could easily take a step back or swat him away if she’s freaked out by it. If she does get freaked out, he knows how to turn it around by saying “just kidding”, amplifying the friendly vibe and immediately talking about something else. If you make a mistake, but act like it’s nothing, continue acting like a normal, fun guy and immediately move on, the mistake can be quickly forgotten. He may also make a statement of empathy along the lines of “sorry, I know I’m a little intense sometimes but I’m just fooling around”, to show he’s aware of normal social rules and breaking them anyway, rather than just being a social freak (Disclaimer: I don’t try this extreme stuff myself but I remember something along those lines from Julien’s videos).

      Of course, all we see in his in-field videos and photos are the outrageous bits. It’s very good marketing. But he and Alex (the “nice guy” of RSD who is the polar opposite of Julien in the way he presents himself) have said that if you were to join both of them for a night or see their unedited footage, you’d see their game styles are actually quite similar. Would be interesting to know if anyone here has seen more of them and can confirm.

      On a related point, he has said that the way he justifies his videos to girls he’s with who have googled him is that it’s a marketing persona. He laughs with his audience about how he “fools” the girls into thinking he’s a nice guy deep down, and that they can even see him revealing his “tricks” in his videos and that he’ll still be able to persuade them that it’s all an act. But another way to look at this is that it’s *us* who are being played, that the marketing persona just exists to get clicks and bootcamp signups, and that Julien’s real game is significantly toned down compared to what we see in the video edits.

      Having said all that, if I were him I would definitely be worried that some clueless guy will see a few minutes of his videos, try and copy him, and end up on an assault charge with Julien getting the blame in the press. Maybe he thinks even that would be good publicity. But his style doesn’t suit me, among the RSD guys I much prefer Todd and Alex.


      • @Truman – yes, exactly. Not just Julien’s stuff but a lot of Game stuff is meaningless/misleading without context (negging for eg has a really bad reputation with people who’ve only read The Game).

        But you can’t really expect the mainstream media to go with nuance – they’re just gonna go with sensationalism every time.


      • PS – And this stuff takes time to learn. It’s only now, 2 years in (on and off admittedly – maybe 5-6 months hardcore going out 4-5x a week in total in that 2 years) that I’m starting to get comfortable with sexualizing and sex talk. Getting comfortable with uber-dominance and choking etc is going to take quite a lot more time.

        How many uncalibrated clowns who’ve just read The Game and and are still trying to get over their approach anxiety and try an opinion opener are going to try and copy Julien and get arrested trying to choke a girl because they can’t read the girl and calibrate?

        It’s really quite dangerous – not because he’s doing anything wrong with the girl but he’s handing guys dynamite without the skills to properly use it.


      • @Culum
        “It’s really quite dangerous – not because he’s doing anything wrong with the girl but he’s handing guys dynamite without the skills to properly use it.”

        “Who wants to do fucking CRAZY shit? Who wants to burn venues to the ground? Who wants to do even CRAZIER shit than their doing to reach the next level? Anyone who raised your hand: if you’re new or intermediate, you’re fucking retarded.”

        “A lot of guys think persistence is enough to get good. If I just keep persisting, at some point I’m gonna break thru. The answer is no. That’s stubborn persistence. You’re getting a good reaction but not good results so you think you should do crazier stuff. It’s banging your head against the wall and thinking you’re not getting thru because you’re not banging hard enough.”

        “You want to be persistent in an ADAPTABLE way, where if something doesn’t work instead of doing it over and over, try something else.”

        “With content…guys will take shit dogmatically. Julien said you can say Dog Slut and Whore to a woman, if he said it it must be true, so they go up and say Dog Slut Whore and get kicked out. So they try it again and get kicked out. And they keep trying the same things. This isn’t smart.”

        “A lot of the advice, we’re talking about stuff that are verbal but there are a LOT of subtleties. If we say go up and say Dog, guys think we’re saying it in a serious way. If I do it, the subcomms are that it’s a playful challenge. IT’S AN EXTREME PLAYFUL CHALLENGE AND THERE’S NO REASON TO DO IT IF YOU’RE NEW.”

        “If you fuck up, ask what could I have done differently in this situation?”

        Julien and the rest of the RSD crew DO teach guys about calibration and shit. It’s not their fault if stupid people don’t listen lol If I teach someone how to break a neck and tell them not to do it on their little brother and they go snap his neck, it’s silly to go “YaReally teaches guys to snap their little brother’s necks!!”

        99.999999999% of the people who shit on RSD and make adamant statements about what RSD teaches haven’t actually watched the majority of their free content. The RVF board is fucking hilarious right now with all the retarded misinformation going on there about what RSD actually teaches. It’s phenomenal to see it from a group of guys who swallowed the red pill which is based around not being a fucking sheep in society believing second hand hype and stereotypes from the media (or their leader) and instead investigating yourself and making your own decisions on shit with fully informed research.

        Literally almost anything people shit on about RSD saying they don’t teach it or they don’t warn people or they teach spam approaches etc., I can probably dig up at LEAST 1 or 2 free videos where they talk about exactly those subjects in exactly the way the person shitting on them thinks they should be talked about.

        I’m not an RSD fanboy, they just release a lot of good free professional looking content that addresses pretty much everything under the umbrella of the Red Pill from self improvement to actual game tactics. And I only defend them because of how fucking stupid people are are claiming “RSD only teaches guys to mass spam approach with stupid shit” or “RSD doesn’t warn guys such and such! (despite multiple videos from them talking about calibration and approaching smart and analyzing your approaches to tighten them)” or “RSD game doesn’t work! (despite the hours of free in-field footage of it working)” or “RSD just makes robots and doesn’t focus on self improvement of lifting weights or making money all the RSD students’ lives are falling apart (despite numberous vids from RSD discussing the importance of all that shit in depth)”

        This isn’t directed at you specifically, just the general RSD hate-boner going on from this whole thing. It’s like watching the fucking Jezebel hugbox and should make guys embarrassed that they haven’t done minimal fucking research watching a variety of their videos with their own critical thinking skills before sucking eachother’s dicks over “ya bro you’re totally right!! I’m not gonna’ look into it but I heard 5 years ago some RSD guy did something stoopid and our leader wrote a biased-ass article about them so fuck researching!!! What’s the narrative I’m supposed to believe today?! Someone tell me!! I don’t have time to think for myself!! Look at those stupid feminists believing in the wage gap and 1 in 5 girls being raped in school! Any idiot can do some research and see that’s bogus, what morons. Now let’s talk about how RSD never talks about lifting weights or being successful in business instead of typing something as simple as “rsd success” into YouTube and watching a few of the videos.”

        I just feel embarrassed for half the Manosphere over their RSD hate. I think certain people in the pickup industry are idiots, but I’ll still look into their shit and decide for myself if there’s value in it and learn about what they’re actually teaching and whether it’s supported by my own experiences, especially if i’m going to have a fucking discussion about it.


      • YaReally – I agree completely. It’s not so much that I think RSD doesn’t tell them to be careful – it’s more that I think they should take some measures to mitigate the fact that some guys are going to ignore them anyway if you see what I mean.

        Not because RSD is responsible if that guy goes and chokes some girl and gets a couple of years in prison for assault, but because (as we’re finding out), the bad publicity will backfire on them in a big way and THEY will be hurt.

        I suppose it’s part of the risk of running a pickup company though – like running a tobacco company – some people are always going to be out to get you.


      • @Culum
        “I suppose it’s part of the risk of running a pickup company though – like running a tobacco company”

        Ya, I mean what are they supposed to do? It’s like saying “ok tobacco companies can sell their product but they better make sure people don’t smoke too much.” All they can do is either not sell their product or put warnings on it. RSD puts warnings on it. A martial arts instructor tells his students not to use their mad roundhouse kick skills to bully people but if the kid goes to school and bullies them, well whoever raised them without critical thinking skills failed.

        CH approooooove myyyyyy poooosts before they’re old and irrelevant lol I wrote a bunch more shit on all this going down. Why are regular posters comments not just auto-approved yet? This is very frustrating.


      • @YaReally

        Send em to me if it’s a long post that might disappear and I’ll get it up on the archive.


    • lol this is awesome. A compilation of Julien’s offensive stuff, he’s been goading the MSM to come after him for a loooong time. It’s a good read for one-liners and shit to send out:

      “Julien’s minions will claim that he’s OBVIOUSLY kidding! I think any sane person will think otherwise.”


      “This is clearly all one big joke to Julien. He can behave this way because he simply doesn’t see women as human beings.”

      Remember, when women are looking for men to settle down with on Tinder, and you don’t take it seriously or you say things that are offensive to the feminist narrative, you don’t see them as human beings. Men are tools who’s worth is based on what they can do for women, so if you don’t do what you’re supposed to (answer their questions, take them seriously, provide your time/energy/money to them when they demand it, etc.) then you are a misogynist shitload who doesn’t see women as human beings.

      A bunch of Julien’s stuff is down ATM at the request of the hotels they’re filmed in but it would surprise me if they stayed down for long. In a week or two people will be over it and RSD will just have a ton more exposure and probably post the vids back up.

      One of the latest vids that’s down right now is him talking about these exact texts and fucking around on Tinder. Off the top of my memory (cause it was a fucking funny video) he was basically trying to see how far he could push things and still get the girl to meet up. So he’d try to be the most beta schlub loser in the world telling girls he lives in his grandma’s basement and shit and still get the number. Then he’d try being super fucking creepy and still get the number. Then he’d try randomly going back and forth between being the nicest beta in the world saying stuff like “please tell me if you like me? 🙂 I’m kind of insecure about my looks, I don’t have a lot of friends :(” and then immediately after saying “don’t you dare lie to me like that you fucking whore I’m going to fucking strangle you with my dick :)” with a smiley face at the end then follow it up with “so does tuesday work for you? I’d like to take you to a nice dinner at–” and STILL getting a number.

      In the video he lol’s about how he tells girls he has a son named Gaspard who just died and someone made a facebook fan page and everything:

      This is how un-seriously he takes this shit.

      Anyway after each of those text conversations he shows, he would say to the crowd “if I can get numbers off Tinder with THIS shit, you can get numbers too, there’s NO excuse. Just ask for the number and push the interaction.” which is a good lesson. Most people are trying WAY too hard. My Tinder convos are full of me just fucking around self-amusing telling girls my dick is tiny and shit. The hotter girls love it because they don’t take that shit seriously either. I’d bet that most of the girls up in arms about this (like the asian chick who started it all) are 6s at BEST. 10s are probably like “lol this guy is hilarious”.

      Most of what he does is just a social experiment to see how far he can push things which ultimately is good for expanding the encyclopedia of pickup knowledge…without guys pushing boundaries like this we would all think we have to have tailored suits with matching pocket-squares and a BMW and travel to EE taking girls home to show them our wine collection while we act aloof like James Bond to get laid.

      When you understand what he’s doing (and he’s explained stuff like how he purposely writes the most offensive Tweets he can think of etc. MULTIPLE times over the years in his free videos so it’s not just an aftermath damage control explanation) and why he’s doing it, that list of “look what a monster he is, he lied about his dad’s funeral!!!” is all just hilarious shit.

      …unless you’re an ugly feminist. lol


      • yoooooo CH plz approve all my shit while this story is happening. Is it because I’m crapping all over the RVF forum? lol my views are my own views and do not represent the views of the Chateau everyone, don’t get your panties in a twist.

        Anyway, whenever my responses come out of mod and the one this is replying to appears where I link Julien’s twitter/facebook stuff that feminists are up in arms about where he’s CLEARLY just fucking around seeing how far he can push things (acting super beta, acting super crazy, etc.) and still get the number, the follow-up to that is that when a WOMAN does it:

        It’s all lolz and celebration of her wit and “OBVIOUSLY she’s kidding”. But when a MAN does it, he’s to be taken 100% seriously and is a monster.

        Because men are tools who’s value is determined in society by what use they are to women. A hammer that doesn’t hit nails when it’s owner wants it to is a broken hammer that should be destroyed…who cares what the hammer wants, the hammer is a tool it doesn’t have thoughts or feelings.

        A man who doesn’t take a woman’s Tinder search for love seriously should be demonized for it. There’s no hypocrisy in this at all, right Jezebel feminists?

        It’s standard feminist M.O. the same way every dude online gets death threats and no one gives a fuck and says they’re obviously jokes but when a dude sends the exact same “obviously a joke” threat to a woman online she’s leaving her house and scared for her life and it’s front page news.

        Anyway, the Aussies have legit run a protest which is fucking hilarious, the guy getting slapped here is Max a relatively new RSD Instructor who has a flamingly homo indirect vibe (like the total opposite of Julien’s asshole vibe)…but hey, when you’re a woman who can’t control her emotions and you want to physically assault someone you disagree with, any privileged cis-white male shitlord will do, ammirite?

        Spoiler alert – the crowd of protestors looks EXACTLY like you’d expect it to lol:

        Now THIS could affect their business in terms of guys taking bootcamps not wanting to risk running into a protest or have their faces plastered everywhere online for attending. So it’ll be interesting to see how they handle it if it lasts more than a week or two and extends outside of Australia (I’m skeptical that it will).


      • This is all pure gold, Ya. Thank you!

        P.S. Got sick on the last week of my 30 day so had to stop. I’ve been running low on sleep the whole month, guess my body couldn’t handle 3-4 sleeping sessions exclusively doing night game. Nonetheless, lots of great insights (first Halloween lay!) and I’ll post ’em this week.


      • *3-4 hours


      • Lol. The protest video seems to be mostly guys?? Except for the woman slapping the RSD guy?

        All this reminds me of a history class in college taught by a middle-aged feminist female professor (yes, she was every cliche come to life), and one guy stood up in a very deep class about some postmodernism and feminism or something and said explicitly that only ugly women need to be feminists because attractive women don’t need to be.

        He was from some third-world country where feminism hadn’t quite spread and he was rich and just gave no fvcks. Even in my blue-pill days I thought he was hilarious and that the women were overreacting..


  21. I have a older friend who grew up in time of Soviet Union in the Ukraine. We were talking about food recently, and about how when people get food hand outs or everyone gets the same food, or limited amount of meat they can buy ( whether due to poverty, or control on what one can buy), the people are more overweight. This was her own observation firstly, that the women did not have great bodies because they ate too little meat and many grains.
    I noticed the same phenomenon here, the people who are getting Church handouts/donations of food, it is boxes of cereals, pastas, bulgur, bread, rice, lentils.etc. and these people are not thin. So you would not even know they are poor people because the grains fatten them up.

    My point is, maybe these women are not greedy. But they are eating high carb diets because they are poor. Unless existing on a caloric deficit, high carb diet will probably make one a little overweight.

    Not only that, but when one is from a working class family or lower working class, a educated man from a wealthy family is just not going to meet as many girls from working class families as much probably. More rich people and educated people (not everywhere, but most places) tend not to attend Church in the same number as working class people. They also will be going to more high class places and not in to the village taverns. If a working class woman leaves that environment to go to the place of the middle/upper class, there is still a kind of “stigma” that she is not educated, she is from a working class background, other women turn up their nose at her. And she will likely have a inferiority complex. (I have felt it many times before at dinners where I feel I do not “belong there” and a upper class man ask you what you are studying/what university etc..and you are embaresed to say, nothing”).


  22. People are most attractive at the 120 ish IQ level. Seems to peak around there. I doubt there are many women with iq less than 100 who are hot, especially with the Browning of America. I’d certainly consider marrying an iq 105 with great qualities but I’d worry about a communications barrier. And of course that my kids would be dumb.


  23. You should add tattoos to one of the elements of cognitive stratification.

    It’s usually (though not always) the lower class white girls getting a body full of trashy tattoos, thus excluding them from the possibility of ever marrying a high status male.


  24. I’ve said it before. The fat white woman problem is changing the course of human evolution. White man – asian female pairings and accelerated cognitive stratification are the two big effects.


  25. Get yourself a ballerina; most are thin as a rail, disciplined and already appreciate high arts, music…


  26. Single motherhood is the result of decisions by a man and a woman. It can’t be blamed on only a woman.

    [CH: as women are primarily the choosy sex, the men they choose to fuck and whose children they choose to bear weigh on their complicity in their future as single moms should the men they choose decide to cut and run.]


  27. Can this be consolidated with HG Wells’ vision of the future? Who are the Morlocks and who are the Eloi?


  28. on November 4, 2014 at 1:37 pm The Spirit Within

    In today’s America, Eliza Doolittle never makes it out of People of Walmart.


  29. One of the most encouraging things about reading that yahoo article was that the top 5 or 6 rated comments pointed out how many fat and single mom women are out there.

    Someone at yahoo was reprimanded I assume.


    • Nah. Yahoo likes to close the accounts of users who make too many comments not in agreement with yahoo’s buttplugged pajama-boy worldview.


      • censorship is everywhere. i’ve had posts on here that never came through because they disagreed with the opinions of the powers that be.


      • @ turk

        i have experienced the same.

        all websites filter information to keep in line with their agenda and to keep their loyal followers clamoring for more. this one is no different than the rest in that regard.

        too much truth that contradicts the mission and you lose ground. right or wrong, filtration/censorship is just good business.


      • on November 5, 2014 at 3:46 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

        @turk, comments here don’t come through because wordpress is shyte.


      • Turk, there is more than one MOD for this board.

        CH is the only one Ive ever known that doesn’t step in and stop fights when racists are getting their asses kicked.

        There is another one here who will delete my comments or put them in “moderation”… but for the most part he doesn’t rescue the racists when they are getting their asses kicked.

        Thats why they all duck me nowadays, wear masks, or even pretend to be me…

        Greg Eliot is the worst offender; oh how the mighty have fallen.


  30. If I only had a binary choice, I would pick the single mom who was fit, lithe, and thin who also came from fit and thin parents (genetics matters) and had a verifiable track record of being fit and thin OVER the unsullied fatty.

    Until men refuse to fuck fatties, the social pressure and incentive isn’t there for fatties to change.


    • I would have to take the fattie; I couldn’t raise another guy’s kids. Fattie could get bariatric surgery.


      • @ kuchak

        i get what you’re saying. don’t want to raise another man’s kids either. my situations with moms weren’t really single mom scenarios i guess. they were divorced with exes around.

        the dads had the kids half the time or close to it in both cases so me needing to be dad was never an issue.


      • It’s not that easy to get bariatric surgery scheduled for your fatty. She has to be morbidly obese and basically on the verge of death from the ill consequences. Morbidly obese but blood sugar and blood pressure are nominal, no surgery for your fatty. Keep feeding her donuts until she reaches critical mass, I guess.


      • Jesus Christ, Troubadour, man, you’re in a dark Dark place.


      • the kid might run away…


    • agreed.
      i can tolerate a ladies kids once in awhile as long as i can still get hard for her. cannot get hard for a fatty.


    • Agreed. Hot is hot, and fat is fat. While I don’t want to encourage single-motherhood, we can move on to those more lofty social goals once the prerequisite of basic female health is taken care of. When in doubt, follow the boner.


      • “While I don’t want to encourage single-motherhood, we can move on to those more lofty social goals once the prerequisite of basic female health is taken care of. When in doubt, follow the boner.”



  31. Amerika middle class by 2025:
    brown, fat and stupid

    Slightly OT: A great shiv for fat chics that annoy you while in field: “Cool it with the FATITUDE”

    Saw it on ROK.


  32. Its diet, and the US government promotes and subsidizes a shitty one for the sole purpose of separating the classes. Considering how much science there is on the topic, there really is no choice but to conclude it is willful at this point.

    We used to live in a working class neighborhood until I needed to move you know for the schools. Same grocery store chain. Two worlds.

    In the working class neighborhood the center of the store is shopped heavily, and its harder to move your cart up and down the aisles due to traffic. In the affluent neighborhood, you can breeze through the center while having to wait your turn on fresh food.

    But even the center of your store is different. In the working class neighborhood they basically have Ragu, Prego, store brand pasta sauce. At the affluent one, those sections are cut in half to make room for all kinds of crazy organic, GMO-free, etc. You might say big whoop, but the big brands typically have twice the sugar content. The organic/GMO-free stuff of course doesn’t sell well in those areas because its usually 50-100% more expensive.

    So not only do you get good schools, safe neighborhoods, you get easier access to lower sugar content in your food. Plus a different parent mindset.

    If my kids go over to a friends house, there are no chips. The mom will slice up some apples or hand out some grapes. Forget about juice or coke, they can drink water. I have been to a couple of birthday parties for kids. There aren’t any fat children running around. Everybody knows the score.


  33. on November 4, 2014 at 2:58 pm yournordicgod

    Meanwhile,, did any of you see the new “woman walking” video?

    (I don’t know how to post videos directly unfortunately)

    This time it’s actually a HOT girl not some fat jewess and it’s in New Zealand.
    Lol! What a difference.

    One decent looking european guy goes up to her and correctly hands her some day game,(probably got her number too).

    Proves the problem is not men in general but filthy negr0 s puerto ricans & mestiz0s.


  34. The bigger problem is that college teaches you to be a merciless, career-focused cunt


  35. When are going to write about game again CH? Leave the P.C, feminist b.s to ROK. Or is CH secretely Roosh?


    • I’d like more game stuff too. All this shiz about how all women are rotten and the world is going into the toilet is depressing and unproductive.

      Then again, maybe that’s the point. Perhaps the posts are becoming more and more fatalistic and depressing in an attempt to get us off the manosphere for awhile so we can actually start enjoying women again.

      Well played.


      • It’s not about all women being rotten. It’s about feminists being rotten, and women being influenced by feminists is a rotten thing.

        Depressing and unproductive? There is good information here. CH’s posts about politics always include facts. The internet means certain relevant information can spread like it couldn’t before, and it does make a difference. CH is doing his part, and it is a big part. We live in a turning point the likes of which haven’t been seen for a long time, and men do have a duty. Men should listen to what they need to know, and then act.


      • @Arbiter

        “We live in a turning point the likes of which haven’t been seen for a long time, and men do have a duty. Men should listen to what they need to know, and then act.”

        Agreed. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating;

        If, as of tomorrow, ALL men would simply *stop* fucking FAT chicks..
        in 6-8 weeks there would be no more of them!


      • on November 4, 2014 at 6:51 pm Carlos Danger

        How would you know?


      • @ Arbiter

        i agree that there is a lot of good information on here but like you said, “Men should listen to what they need to know, and then act.”

        so…act how?

        most of us already know what we need to know. none of this is new news to us and i’m not saying that it isn’t great to have a forum where we can discuss these things in solidarity.

        the how part of it is what i wish there was more of. i’d like more commentary on real life ways to make an impact in our world and with the women we encounter. not just a few tips on how to game snarky bitter girls when they shit test us or advice to put buns in ovens. those aren’t long term solutions to anything.

        the bitching and complaining and always discussing the whys and hows of how we ended up here doesn’t solve anything unless we discuss solutions and plans to create change. venting without discussing solutions is what girls do and we are better than that.


      • so…act how?

        most of us already know what we need to know. none of this is new news to us and i’m not saying that it isn’t great to have a forum where we can discuss these things in solidarity.

        Only for some is it enough to hear the truth once. At least 90 percent of people are not dedicated intellectuals, and if the information isn’t repeated they will turn to the information that IS repeated instead.

        How to act – get organized. Look around where you live and see what you can join. The organization doesn’t have to be perfect. If it is imperfect, like a mainstream conservative group, think of it as a place to network with the few like-minded who are bound to be there, and to spread the word to others. With the internet spreading information, this will be easier now than in days past.

        Here is a truth whether we talk leftist politics or conservative politics, whether we talk religion or rebellion or something else: an enlightened public is good, but without being organized people will give in when pressure is put on them by an organized opponent. For real change you have to get organized.

        The Left knows this. They join groups all the time, because their nature is to attack in packs in order to take. Conservatives to just work hard and then go home to spend time with the family, because their nature is to build. But conservatives can organize and have done so many times. The Left knows and fears this.


    • Game is technology. This is science. No science, no tech.


    • > “When are going to write about game again CH?” Yeah, tell us all about tunnel-vision game, where you can’t see the forest for the trees, where you have no encompassing world view, where you’re incapable of classifying [in any larger context] the anecdotal phenomena which you witness, and where all of your PIV escapades are utterly purposeless. Yeah, that’s ticket.


      • Yo, man. Wass wrong with mindless, nihilistic, pussy hunting? I mean, not for me, since I favor (white) dick, but otherwise?


      • WTF? Is Reince Priebus paying people to phish a jew pretending to be a chimpanzee? It’s getting difficult to keep track of this shit.


      • As much as I value your comments Shane, I disagree. 3+ years of reading the archives and scouring the comments of tunnel vision game posts changed me at the core. Took many of the challenges posted by readers, my first one was the eye contact test. So simple, yet eye opening to say the least, it opened the door for me and I swallowed the right pill. Shit out the other one in time.

        Found this site after getting boned hard by an ex who left me for ……………. YOU GUESSED IT, her ex who used the proper methods of reigniting her lust for him.. meanwhile I was searching google for how to get my ex back, reading much horrible advice, and never getting her back in the process. Cue period of depression, and then I stumbled across a post at the chateau. I could relate to the comments being posted, the advice was sound, and so I began reading from the beginning of the blog. I improved myself physically and mentally in about 6 months, learned how to be direct with my natural desires from YOU and others who post in the comments. Ex wanted me back eventually, told her to fuck herself in front of her friends, she still texts me to this day she’s too old now haha, my main is 7 years younger than I am, cant complain a bit.

        Even took 2 struggling friends under my wing in the past year and they are changing for the better. We shame the fatties, use the skanks, tool the amog broskis, and call out n!ggers on their bullshit in the bars. Laugh at their basic “game” which repels any woman of value. Good times had by all but the shit skins around here. We are far from PUAs, but were not the faggots standing at the bar broin’ out all night, ignoring the women who yearn for strong and confident men to seduce them….there’s always more to learn.

        We want more game posts CH. More recollections of your nights past, if nothing else its the follow ups from commenters that are most valuable to me. That one reply to a nuclear shit test, openers that get laughs, the observation of womens behaviour in the field, amog destruction and tooling, red pill journey field reports, disarming ASD and LMR, stories about what worked, what didn’t. Then going out and trying it for yourself…

        If game encompasses your life, and it makes you not only a better man with women, but in th workplace, at home, and with your buddies, then these posts are a necessity. It would be a disservice for the boys YOU claim need to man up. Give them the tools Shane.They need us to guide them, their fathers never did. We are still at war after all.


      • Say what? I need to go find that picture of Shoshana and make sweet love to it!


  36. Dorky middle-class men and underprivileged women should be a perfect match. But popular culture is constantly AMOGing these men.

    Note that tradcons want to white-knight poor women’s supposed man problems by opening up the jails and giving them more hood guys to pick from ->

    If poverty in America really sucked instead of being subsidized, then poor women would start competing for middle-class men the way they do in most countries.

    This would also have the effect of middle-class women getting their shit down tighter to hold on to what they have.

    Middle-class men would have better inner game.

    So – poor chicks get better choices, middle-class broads become more attractive and feminine, and middle-class men have better self-esteem. Win-win-win.


    • I hadn’t ever thought about it that way before, but it seems like a very fair and accurate assessment to me. I’m a dorky middle-class man who primarily has access to underprivileged women, and I’m still having trouble accepting that all they see is the beta. No matter how many times I prove it to myself, it still doesn’t want to compute.

      I really wouldn’t mind having a gold digger for a mistress if the girl had realistic expectations, but girls today are expecting a millionaire to fly them to Paris every other weekend, and a guy who could throw them $400 a month or so is of no interest whatsoever. That’s rent on a trailer, isn’t it? Right, I forgot, rent is free, because it’s Section 8 housing!

      It is what it is. Whining about it doesn’t accomplish anything. I need to man the fuck up or crawl back under my rock to die a loser’s death in service to my grotesque fat wife.


    • on November 4, 2014 at 6:50 pm Carlos Danger

      Whatever the rationale, this country doesn’t need any more prisons or convicts. We already throw too many people in jail for some pretty stupid reasons.


    • This


    • Excellent, ATC. Poverty is subsidized in the US. I’ve spent time in Columbia, there it is not, and a middle class man is a catch.


  37. I was at a travel center today and witnessed a very botched attempt at a cold open. A girl was carrying one bag and pulling another on wheels, when a guy walking in the opposite direction suddenly made a sharp turn and placed himself right in front of her. It was such a sudden movement that I first thought something violent was going on. But no, he just wanted to stop the girl in order to hit on her.

    He told her, “Hi, excuse me, you are really cute. I think we should …” and I didn’t hear the end of the sentence.

    Meanwhile his friend stopped a few steps later and turned around, so he was watching this unfold from a position behind the girl. She must have seen the guy’s friend and must have figured he had stopped behind her.

    She told the guy she was on her way to a plane that would soon be leaving. He still wouldn’t let go, kept saying that they should get together some time, she should give him her number, or he could give her his number. This went on for a while.

    She kept insisting that she had to go to her plane. Finally he stepped aside. “Okay, no problem, I just wanted to ask.”

    This guy was good-looking, by the way. The girl was young and so was he. Something that seemed off to me was that his hair was a bit too long, the phrase “pretty-boy” came to mind. I figured he thought his looks would do the job for him.


    • Do you wish he hit on YOU?


      • Don’t project your wishes on others, troll. It’s clear by now you’re a masochist hungry for punishment.


    • “pretty-boy” He might also have been a spoiled rotten wealthy kid who was accustomed to having his way and you were witnessing something of an infantilized-man’s temper tantrum.


      • Possibly, I didn’t think of that – possibly spoiled. Though he wasn’t aggressive. He just didn’t know how to start, how to build any rapport at all, or when to quit. On the one hand I gave him props for trying. So few guys will do cold opens. But the way he did it was amateur hour.

        If it had been me I would have walked in the same direction, not blocked her way when she had some place to go. I would have found something to talk about that fit the situation. Talk about the crowd or whatever, talk about how flying is fun, tell her to look out for pickpockets and have some story about that. In the past I have simply told a girl walking next to me that it’s great that spring has come again so we can walk outside without winter clothes. Simple. I say it with a big smile, like a happy thought I just had that I felt like sharing with whoever was nearby. It has worked many times. It’s not the most perfect line, but at least it’s a plausible reason for talking to a girl. Instead of basically saying, “I want to screw you, give me your number so I can do that.”

        The girl was visibly troubled. I wanted to tell her to excuse the guy, that he probably wasn’t a bad person but simply didn’t know how to approach, and that guys have to approach or they won’t get anywhere. And I wanted to smack the guy over the head and give him some URLs to study.


    • Arbiter, I think he wants a jersey?


  38. Fear, lack of game, lack of confidence and a perceived lack of options is what drives this. Women have no incentive to look good because popular media tells them it’s ok to let themselves go or….”JBY” (just be yourself) and guys go along with it…I used to be like this too…settling for whatever. Now with a renewed confidence and armed with game both inner and external I’m doing what I want.


    • on November 5, 2014 at 3:56 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

      I’m curious. What did you feel that made you want to settle? Because I don’t see the sense in it. You either fuck girls that please you or just don’t bother. It’s a pain to me to try to game girls I simply don’t find attractive.


      • @pijama What made me want to settle? All that stuff: lack of options, lack of confidence, fear, fear of abandonment, shame, near enough is good enough. Now I game girls I want to bang. But Pijama…you gotta start somewhere. Banging 6’s was a good start.


      • You use those for target practice; black night in white face game FTW


    • “Just be yourself” is one of those leftist/female phrases that mean everyone is a precious snowflake, everyone is already great. No need to improve and change. It caters to people’s laziness and vanity. And also, women say it because they have no idea what to say, and it’s a safe feel-good uttering. If they give any practical advice they have to come up with something first. And then they are responsible for the advice working or not. And they consider any sort of game for guys dishonest, a way to trick their fellow women, so they won’t give any advice other than safe things like “smile and say hi”.

      It’s terrible advice to give to a forum visitor who hasn’t had a second date in years. Clearly he needs to learn how to change.

      Rollo Tomassi got it right:

      If I have a friend that is shooting heroin and I actively encourage him to stop and make an effort to help him ‘clean up’, society calls me a hero or a savior. When I encourage my friend to quit smoking before she gets cancer, I’m a concerned good-friend helping my friend with a health risk behavior. But when I tell a friend he needs to change his approach to women and this is a reason for his unhappiness and he needs to change his outlook on, and approach with women, look better and feel better, then I’m a ‘shallow’ prick and insensitive to his ‘problem’.




  40. One thing that is being skimmed over here is the baleful stratification that occurs in the realm of existential/ontological well being. For men, when their women become obese.
    If I married her and God is just, why is she larding up? And if the created world is a reliable route-map regarding the true nature of its Creator, why are average young American girls routinely nowadays embracing the tragedy of the FUPA??
    These are hard questions for believers in a Nice Xian deity.
    I have my own answers, but they might not be for everyone.


  41. on November 4, 2014 at 8:25 pm Abelard Lindsey

    The separation of humanity into different mental classes, as opposed to racial or economic classes, is inevitable and has been predicted for a long time. I don’t see griping about it as being useful. Intelligent people naturally prefer the company of other intelligent people over those who are not. Dysgenics is an issue only over a long period of time (say 200+ years). I think we will have radical life extension soon enough that dysgenics will not be a problem in terms of maintaining and extending technological civilization.


  42. If people are serious about the dysgenic effect of smarter White guys not passing on their genes to a great extent, and their offspring being concentrated in one designer eugenic yuppie baby by a carousel vet at age 35, the issue goes deeper than just cross-class mating and baby making.

    Fertility is a function of when women start having kids. As Steve Sailer noted, Gregory Clark did research on late marriage as a European way of coping with Malthusian limits; there is a reason genetically and culturally why Europeans favor generally later sex and fathers try to keep older guys away from teen girls. Historically this has been the successful method of keeping girls from having kids by the local lout and bandits, and starving to death. But if the goal is to have as many smart White kids as possible, let alone not concentrate it in a hereditary White caste, you have to encourage lower class teen girls to hook up with and have kids with higher IQ middle class men. There are a lot of downsides to this, declining birthrates means younger guys get locked out of the mate/reproduction market leaving them angry/burn it down. A big gamble on their being no more Malthusian limits effectively. Its against White people tradition.

    But personally I favor a White engineer having five kids of mid-level high IQ with a somewhat lower class and even a bit lower IQ woman than having none or only one who is a super genius. A society with just a tiny number of super-geniuses is still a savage and brutal place. A society with a much higher fraction of smart people even if they are not supergeniuses is much nicer: England 1880-1965. And number of kids is a function of the fertility window. Which means effectively encouraging a mid-teen to live with an early thirties engineer, who would have the resources to care for kids, or the like: income around $65,000 and assuming a three-year lag between move-in cohabitation and first child. You’ll get a lot more smarter kids than a maybe-one supergenius with a bitter carousel rider at age 35.

    Feminists and older women would hate it — but you could political jujitsu on the existing Gay Movement to lower the age of consent and cohabitation dramatically. They want it just for lesbians and gays, but that movement could be hijacked. Like a jujitsu throw taking advantage of opponent’s momentum.

    I hope to live in the future. It would a lot better, less Road Warrior, if smart Whites were 30% of the White population than 3% of the White population. So I am willing to throw everything else aside to get that. I don’t favor the full Polanski (who should IMHO have been imprisoned for life the scumbag) but a girl of 16? You’d get a guy willing to “man up” a lot more for a teen ager with a brain but not class than an empowered landwhale.


  43. you know? i was thinking to myself, as i typically do when i read these articles, why don’t you guys just step up your fucking game and get better quality chicks? indeed, as far as i can tell, while there may not be a lot, there are “enough” quality girls out there, if your game is right. i’ve done pretty damn good, after all, and haven’t had to slum it (unless i was really drunk or horny, in which case, it barely counts since its short-term).

    on further reflection, however, i realize i’ve likely been small-minded. while there may be “enough” for the top dogs/alphas, the average dude just doesn’t have a decent chance of having a meaningful relationship with a hot, skinny chick who hasn’t fucked a lot of guys (fyi, i think you purevirgin-obsessed commenters are still pathetic losers who are strongly projecting your own insecurity with women through your comments). fact of the matter: standards have slipped. the line has been redrawn. the sanitation grade at the local diner has plummeted. and, on top of all that, shit ain’t what it used to be. maybe we do need ch’s moralizing more than i previously thought. or maybe i’m overly tired and, therefore, somewhat delusional.


  44. on November 5, 2014 at 3:05 am Mean Mr. Mustard

    Feminist Hitler Reacts to MGTOW‏.


    • Interesting how you don’t say feminist Stalin. Stalin killed more people than any other head of state. And he was a communist. Communists are the ones who created feminism, while nationalists strongly oppose it. Your comment is like deriding someone for being “a big-state Adam Smith” or “a Protestant pope”. But the Jewish media owners tell the sheeple that “Hitler!” must be the cry used for anything you call Evil, not Stalin who was propped up by Jews until he started to get rid of some of them. And those who listen to the mainstream media do as they are told.


    • Ye oldyie Reductio ad Hitlerum.


  45. on November 5, 2014 at 3:53 am betterthantheoriginalwally

    Fat is not always the end of awfulness in terms of women. In Japan, the majority of young women, both clever and dumb, are thin. The girls in Japan really take care of their appearance too. Tattoos, facial piercings and lack of make up or hair care in public is very, very rare.

    But in terms of weddability, the smart ones still make better wives. The dumb ones are much more irrational, mouthy and unable to learn their lesson. No matter how alpha the man. The smart ones shut their yaps and look for ways to keep their men from straying. It may be an Asian quality but it is important to note in a nation of thin and attractive girls.

    In conclusion, smart girls make better wives. Dumb girls – hump and dump. That she is thinner does not make her a better long term prospect.


    • Indeed, West European nations don’t have the fat epidemic that you see in the United States, despite feminism being just as widespread. Fattitude in the U.S. has some unique causes, not the least of which was Ancel Keys pushing for carbs to replace fat in people’s food. He was promoted on Procter & Gamble’s radio shows that were listened to by housewives all over America, the origin for the term “soap opera”. Procter & Gamble who incidentally made the first veggie-based shortening and wanted it to take over the market.

      Nina Teicholz explained in a story that was the Top Most Shared in WSJ for weeks:

      Another reason is simple: food has been unusually cheap in the U.S. for decades, because of low taxes and because the government was subsidizing agriculture in order to make sure the U.S. would be self-sufficient during the Cold War. The fat epidemic coincides with these subsidies. It is a simple fact that we are genetically programmed to eat without holding back, and that if something becomes cheaper, all else being equal, we will buy more of it.

      Possibly another factor is people in the U.S. commuting more by car than by bus or train. When you commute by car you can stop by a fast-food restaurant and buy – very cheap, as mentioned above – breakfast. People in Europe didn’t have that option.

      Interestingly, Mexicans are now fatter than Americans. Despite having much less feminism. And the fattest children in the world are now – Italians and Slovenians. From eating carb-bomb pasta every day. I can tell you, Slovenians like to turn away from their Yugoslav hell-hole past and identify more with next-door Italian culture.


  46. Yes, but where do white people come from and why are they white ??

    this is telling. “White” is the result of a genetic defect resulting in a form of albinism…..


    • Yacub… in da house!


    • Ridiculous. Light pigmentation is not albinism, that is a lie spread by dumb Blacks. (Who also lie and say Whites have smaller brains than they – when it is Blacks who have the world’s smallest brains.) You obviously don’t know the difference between normal pigmentation and albino genes. It is in fact Blacks who have by far more albinos than any other race. Because Blacks, having survived in an less evolved state only by being isolated below the Sahara desert, have more genetic defects. One is their spotty, bad skin, for example. Another is the world’s lowest IQ average, at 70 in the unmixed state.

      The link you post proves this point. It is about a Negro family having albino children. Who look nothing like Whites. Learn the difference between normal pigmentation – White, Asian pigmentation, for example – and birth defects, so prominent among Blacks.

      Albinism is almost non-existent among Homo Sapiens, but at least a hundred times more common among Homo Sapiens Monstrosis (the classification Carolus Linnaeus gave to the Negro race, and since he is the father of taxonomy the name stays). In Tanzania there is one albino per 1,429 births, due to defective Negro genes.

      True to form, Blacks murder and eat albinos, believing them to have magic powers. Blacks are the only cannibalistic race. Other peoples have seen instances of the eating of human flesh in times of famine, or the eating of brains and hearts etc due to religious fantasies (South America) – but to consistently seek out members of one’s own species in order to eat them is a behavior we only see among animals and Homo Sapiens Monstrosis.


      • Arbiter
        Ridiculous. Light pigmentation is not albinism


        White people have pigmentation and they need it; therefore white people should stop attacking people who have more pigment than they do.

        The melanocyte is 2nd only to the betz cell in its level of sophistication and complexity; specifically in the eye. Most albinos are legally blind because they lack these cells on the inner surfaces of the eye.

        The photo sympathetic cell is a masterpiece of creation. What little you have, you got from us.

        *you’re welcome*



      • White people have pigmentation and they need it; therefore white people should stop attacking people who have more pigment than they do.

        We actually should do a better job DEFENDING against people who have more pigment… have you seen the FBI crime stats lately?

        Bitch yo’ self.


      • Correction, most albinos are NOT legally blind; but they often have vision problems severe enough to qualify as a disability.


  47. on November 5, 2014 at 8:55 am Hammer of Love

    Yup your right genius. Race is nothing more than a difference in skin color. Goddamn your a moron.


  48. This is a big problem. I live in a big college town. It is absolutely full of 7, 8, 9 and even some 10s. Its a public university with a large greek system, so its not the “Ivy League” cognitive elite, but it is a college where all the hot, smart, upper and upper middle class high school girls go…these are the young women that should be reproducing at the highest rates in our society.

    But the opposite is happening for several reasons. Economics – most of these girls come out of college with significant five-figure debt. They have to look for work, or go on to some form of grad school (and more debt) in order to pay the bills. Culture – the more successful they are in school, the more and more they are dissuaded from being wives and mothers. Very few consider college as a place to meet their future husbands and they just hook up to pass the time until after grad school or their first job, when they’ll “settle down”. While they may SAY that they value motherhood, their behavior demonstrates that they see their own fertility as a huge handicap to their careerism.

    College students today are as much children as kids in junior high. They have no idea who they are or what they are doing. It’s not an issue of intelligence. There is no moral purpose guiding them, whether religious or otherwise. They are often more clueless at the end of 4-5 years of minimal effort and regular intoxication than they were when they entered college. I’m not saying that college is causing this…but it is enabling this immaturity. Occasionally I meet a 22 year old man or woman with their two feet firmly planted on the ground, but they are the rare exception.


    • College is also a very protected environment – most of the harsh realities of life are not present to remind people of what matters. And you don’t see any children or old people around you. It seems like everyone will stay young and party forever.

      I remember what a change it was to move from a dorm to an apartment and hear the voices of children in the stairs.


    • “College students today are as much children as kids in junior high. They have no idea who they are or what they are doing. It’s not an issue of intelligence. There is no moral purpose guiding them, whether religious or otherwise. They are often more clueless at the end of 4-5 years of minimal effort and regular intoxication than they were when they entered college. I’m not saying that college is causing this…but it is enabling this immaturity. Occasionally I meet a 22 year old man or woman with their two feet firmly planted on the ground, but they are the rare exception.”

      this is all very true. today’s 22 year olds are nothing like the 22 year olds from the past who were capable of marrying and raising families at that age. they are at least a decade behind when it comes to emotional maturity and common sense.

      i realize that many people are still of the belief that our young people should be marrying and having children in their late teens and early 20s because they are at prime reproductive age but having the physical ability to create life does not automatically mean you are capable of committing to and fulfilling a lifetime obligation like marriage or parenting.


  49. Women are quite happy to depend on the government if the father doesn’t meet her expectations. Men are quite happy too, as higher taxes are a lot better than complete financial annihilation through divorce. Governments love higher taxes. Many same sex couples are going to want children. As the decline in heterosexual “marital” relationships continues, and it will, more and more will opt for same sex relationships and/or domestic partnerships/cohabitation. Traditionalist views on relationships will gradually become extinct. Polygamist-like relationships and/or the broad acceptance of polygamist domestic partnerships amongst heterosexuals, bisexuals, homosexuals and lesbians will become more popular as well.

    Female empowerment means that there are fewer men capable of providing for a family. Women want the highest paying, most prestigious, most powerful jobs for themselves. At the same time, women want to marry up. As divorce is nearly a death sentence for breadwinning males, men are opting out of marriage and family. More and more women will find that they’ll have to go it alone.

    Jobs have been shipped overseas so that corporations can benefit from cheaper labor costs. Engineering and high tech jobs are being filled by H1-B visa workers so that corporations can benefit from cheaper labor costs. Jobs that can be outsourced to stagnate wages are being outsourced. Mass immigration of low-skilled workers is being used to stagnate wages and fill entry level jobs. Jobs are being contracted out by both the government and corporations to create a disposable workforce and to forgo the higher cost of directly employing workers. Both corporations and the government conspire to divide and destroy society through mass immigration, outsourcing, H1-B visas and division of the populace via race, gender, wealth and age.

    Most every breadwinning man now knows the devastating consequences that divorce can have on their lives. The result of divorce is often severe psychological, emotional, legal, physical and financial destruction. For these reasons, men will continue to opt out of marriage and family or resort to cohabitation as a lessor of the two evils. As women become the majority of breadwinners, and they will, they’ll feel the same way. Feminism taught women that marriage was slavery. Breadwinning men now know that marriage is a death trap.

    The national debt will continue to rise. Entitlement programs will go bankrupt. Eventually, a tipping point will be reached and there will be a call to replace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Efforts to accomplish this are already underway. The negative consequences that will follow are unthinkable.

    The liberal/feminist model of heterosexual marriage has and will continue to fail. Most men aren’t going to allow themselves to be ruled by women in relationships. Women think they want to have power over men in relationships, but have no respect for and are repulsed by the men that aren’t at least their equal in terms of education, finances and social standing. Both sides under the liberal/feminist model are far more promiscuous, more likely to commit adultery and more likely to indulge in infidelity – even in the face of STDs. The playing field for the worst in human behavior is level under the feminist/liberal model.

    To sustain the population, prop up the GDP through population growth and to save the entitlement programs, the only solution from the government’s standpoint is mass welfare and tax breaks for single mothers and/or mass immigration. As xenophobia is common everywhere, the preferred method is going to be the mass acceptance of single motherhood and a massive increase in services for single mothers. How? Through higher taxes and/or the diversion of tax funds. More resources will be dedicated to same sex couples under this expanding model as well. This change in social values has been around for a while, is the norm in certain countries and will eventually become the norm across the globe.

    As time marches on, fewer and fewer will marry, out of wedlock births will become the majority, polygamy will be legalized, same sex marriage will become more popular and children raised by same sex couples will become widely accepted. The alternative is the threat of massive population decline like that found in Japan. A return to a “traditional culture” like that of the 1950s is highly unlikely for obvious reasons.

    As marriage/birth rates continue to decline, huge increases in spending on single mothers will ensue. They already have in several countries. As time passes, greater and greater efforts to enact legislation that benefits women at the expense of men’s lives will increase. Even though women already have enormous gynocentric privilege through current laws and policies, ever more misandric legislation is currently being pushed across the globe.

    Marriage and birth rates are tanking in Japan, Singapore, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Scandinavia, Canada, the UK, parts of the Middle East, France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Hong Kong, South Korea, the US, etc. Mass immigration partially hides these facts. Parts of the Netherlands and Scandinavia are widely touted as social utopias in American mainstream media. What’s not talked about by the mainstream media is the declining marriage/birth rates, high taxes, high cost of goods, the increase in misandry through legislation and social upheaval due to mass immigration. What’s not talked about is that, where mass immigration is used to counter low marriage/birth rates, what follows is social upheaval, unsustainable spikes in welfare costs, the formation of xenophobic immigrant communities, the illegal implementation of laws within these communities (sharia – for example) and a disproportionate increase in crime emanating from these communities.

    Because of the above, the push for ever more misandric laws will increase. Why? Because women make the babies and women won’t have the same power over men that they had through marriage. Cohabitation reform (aka: alimony and asset division) is going to come soon to force transfer of wealth from men to women. This is already being proposed in the UK and other places. Redefining domestic abuse in cohabitation in terms of bullying and denying monetary resources is also being pushed in the UK and other places. Why? To force the transfer of resources from men to women. In some countries, this is already law.

    In the future, about 20-30 percent will marry and have children within wedlock. The vast majority of births will occur outside of wedlock and marriage for most will become a thing of the past. In the US, 40 per cent of births are already out of wedlock and marriage rates will continue the decade’s long decline. Singles in the US are now the majority.

    As a result of the above, massive shifts in social spending will be devoted to single mothers. This has already happened and will escalate globally. Policies and laws will also shift heavily in favor of single mothers.

    This is how deeply gynocentric, liberal, misandric, feminist societies operate, folks. Socialism will become the norm globally. You think capitalism is bad? Wait until you see how socialism works. If you don’t know how socialism works, there are plenty of historical examples from which to learn. Sweden, oft touted as a socialist utopia, ranks near the top in terms of income inequality. Buckle up.


    • on November 7, 2014 at 2:57 am Mean Mr. Mustard

      This is highly indicative of what has been happening in Australia; particularly Melbourne and Sydney (which between them have 40% of the total population of Australia) for the last 10 – 15 years.

      Our economy, outside of the now starting to wane resources boom (selling iron ore etc. to China) has been propped up by some 80 – 100k immigrants arriving every year. Many of them “457 visa” workers.

      The cashed up Chinese are buying up as much property as they can get their hands on despite the foreign investment laws.
      The Australian Foreign Investment Review Board is a paper tiger and our politicians (most of them owning multiple properties) are turning a blind eye as demand is pushing up property prices ever the higher.

      Melbourne and Sydney are now in the top 10 for least affordable housing in the World.


  50. on November 6, 2014 at 1:44 am Mean Mr. Mustard