Will The Spirit Within Eat His Words?

CH’s resident shambassador from Daily Kos, The Spirit Within, is not a Trump fan.

FYI Last week McClatchey/Marist polls re: general election show the Democrat nominee beating the Republican nominee in every conceivable permutation of candidates…

…except one. Carson v Sanders. And the margin was only 2.

Trump is not the savior. In the projections, he lost the general to Sanders by 12 and to Clinton by 15. As his lack of expertise is revealed and as he makes more endless goofy speeches — he’s veering closer to Castro/Chavez/Camacho banana republic style politics — that gap will widen.

Keep pushing that charlatan on your readership, Heartiste. I’m sure you have your perverse reasons.

I’ll save your comment in the data bank for later retrieval, TSW, because I want to enjoy your meltdown squeals when the Trumpening heralds a new age and your words come back to bite you.

Confession: I have a soft spot for The Shitlib Within. Yes, he’s disingenuous and a shitlib (but I repeat myself), and he deploys just about every hackneyed, evasive leftoid rhetorical device in the Alinsky rules for race creationists when cornered by realtalk macroaggressions, but he/she/eskimo has a hokey earnestness which wrests a morsel of mercy from the dark lord. Plus, how can you not root a little bit for a guy who throws himself to the CH wolves here with such oblivious disregard for his dignity?

PS The McClatchy-Marist poll is the most liberal-biased of the polls that have attempted a hypothetical general election match-up. Most polls show a much closer race between Hillary/Sanders and Trump.

PPS I aggravated a nagging injury, which means I won’t be able to lift as hard for a stint, which means my T levels will dip below one million liters, which means I will start writing about the pompitous of love, the hidden beauty waiting to be discovered under gnarly vagina folds, fat acceptance, flavortown, the possibility of good lighting turning around Amanda Marcotte’s dating life, and the endearing hokey earnestness of The Sophist Within for a while. Hope you all can handle this whimsical ride on the feminine side.


  1. on November 19, 2015 at 9:41 pm gunslingergregi

    what is up with all the business and now federal shit being taken away from Trump
    what about discrimination and ahhh what else who knows
    so talk about fucking not really being able to become a politician for normal person they just rob you blind and you are on the side of road panhandling
    maybe only blood can solve it


    • True. For ordinary people it’s a destruction of careers, income, and men lose their wives and girlfriend and can never get a new one because they are demonized in the media, which shows up on the internet in every search. Democracy is a lie. Democracy is never as advertised. Voltaire and the other philosophers never imagined that the media would hold political power, nor did they imagine donors and lobby groups controlling politicians. Nor did they imagine the media owners destroying people’s lives.

      They did not imagine Marxism, a system for taking power by using the greedy masses, and they did not imagine the political terrorism Marxist groups employ against dissenters all over the West – which you never hear about. The attacks on immigration critics, breaking into their homes, burning their cars, calling to threaten their employers and people close to them. Most people have no idea what is going on, because the media cover for the terrorists. THIS is the terrorism that actually matters, many hundreds of attacks all over the West each year, and people have no idea.


      • Yep. The idea was that the media as the “fourth estate” would be a force of *conservatism* keeping the government in check. Government by nature has to slide towards more and more bureaucracy, communism, central control. Power corrupts. The entire point of freedom of the press in the First Amendment–which those who own the media now disingenuously use when it suits them in an inside-out fashion–was to protect the press when it reports on the shady communist antics of government.

        The system is not working because the international bankers control both the media and the government (and all Fortune 500 corporations) and they are *all* the libtards we talk about here every day. So now the government, media, public corporations, and popular culture *all* fight against tradition, decency, morals, and the standards that made western civilization great.

        Incidentally, all of the protections of the First Amendment have been lost, for white men. There is clearly no freedom of speech, assembly, or religion for white people. Keep reading before you troll — here is where pseudo-intellectual shitlibs like to say “oh well the Bill of Rights only applies to the government, not private entities, so your private employer can fire you if you say, for example, that the democratic branch of the states decides the gay marriage issue, not the Supreme Court sitting as a politburo.” (Never mind that libtards think the First Amendment applies to private organizations like the boy scouts or churches that want to have only boys in the boy scouts or not do gay weddings.) But the private corporations that all of us rely on to have money to by food for are families *are* the government, for all intents and purposes. So as CH has chronicled here, many white men have lost their livelihoods in the past 5 years simply from saying simple realtalk that was taken as obvious just two generations ago, or donating a few bucks to an organization that fought gay marriage in a state where it turned out that 66% of the population agreed with that position–that guy who invented Java, too bad, he’s gone.

        There is no ability to be a “small business” today (there are heroic exceptions and it takes money to make money) that can compete with Wal-Mart, Guitar Center, Amazon, White & Case, McDonald’s and Olive Garden (it does not matter the industry). Unless you have your own capital, you need a *small business loan*. And even if you use a “local” bank, where do you think they get their fiat dollars? They *all* go back to the 6 bailed out big banks, Bank of America, Bank of England, Chase, Citi, a few more — all other banks are merely their subsidiaries, regardless of what it says on paper.

        Point being, most people do have a boring regular job with some corporation that is all PC-libtard/diversity bullshit, which we all know.


      • “They did not imagine Marxism.”

        But they did not even have to imagine the Jew. Marxism is, to a first order approximation, just another face that the Jew has donned in his 3,000 year campaign to successfully parasitize the Aryan.

        The very fact that a ‘rational’ response to this is, ‘Fielding, you’re obsessed. Must everything be about the Jew to you?’ is a mark of Jewish facility at cloaking Jewish mass psychology within various ‘movements’ and ‘theories.’

        The reality is, the Jews don’t even intend much of this: the ideas of Marxism are just natural extensions of Jewish evolutionary interests.

        No, it’s not always just about the Jew. Because it’s always about us as well, the Aryan. We are primary. To have a parasite, you must first have a host.


      • on November 21, 2015 at 7:04 am Captain Obvious

        MAJORITY OF AMERICANS FEEL LIKE ‘STRANGER IN OWN COUNTRY’ A recent survey… suggests caution for the GOP establishment… 58 percent of Americans say they “don’t identify with what America has become.” While Republicans and Independents are the most likely to agree with this statement, even 45 percent of Democrats share this feeling. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/11/20/majority-americans-feel-like-stranger-country/


      • Very solid points, Fielding.

        The answer, to repeat what’s already been said, to those who attempt to deflect and deride with snark about “conspiracy” is that, in as few words as possible, for a subject that can’t be well-addressed in few words:

        A certain type of folk will have their tendencies… and the entirety of said folk obviously don’t communicate with each and everyone. Indeed, at most, there will be relatively small groups, gangs, call-it-what-you will, that have a specific set of interests or immediate plan of action.

        So, for example, the oft-cited stat of predominant negro-on-white violence does not mean that negroes, as a group, are “conspiring” against whites… leastwise, not beyond any small wolf-pack or street gang perhaps, if there is more than one miscreant in action.

        Nevertheless, because of the proclivity of certain behaviors within a group, it’s fair to say that it’s wise to be on one’s guard when in the presence of negroes, and even to begrudge them a presence in white society without snark about “paranoia” and “conspiracy theory nonsense”.

        I use the example of negroes only to compare the point about other behaviors that, well… every-fucking-time, as the meme goes…l seem to spring up among YKW individuals and their respective cliques in various and sundry industries.

        In short, when WNs and other observant types rail against YKW influence and the deleterious effect it has on White society, nobody is saying there is a worldwide conspiracy… merely that its oh-so-cohencidental that every-fucking-time seems to be the norm, when identifying the usual suspects behind every antiWestern article and activity.

        They don’t have to conspire, as a large global entity… there are enough smaller groups, some even at seeming odds with one another, who are just doing what comes naturally to them.

        And, yeah, yeah… as has been noted many-a-time… NAJALT.

        But at that one lady said in a video awhile back… the peaceful majority, of any stripe, are irrelevant.


  2. on November 19, 2015 at 9:42 pm The Other Anonymous

    Please, not Flavortown … I’m just getting over that.


  3. Lmfao…. CH you are hysterical.


    • He’s given a righteous what-for ass-whuppin’ to StraponWithin in innumerable threads before…

      But this is the first time, if memory serves, that the dressing-down was a featured headline thread.

      A new high in low art.

      a guy who throws himself to the CH wolves here with such oblivious disregard for his dignity?

      Yeah, it seems like every coterie has that one hanger-on who serves as the oft-oblivious whipping boy for the gang’s abuse.

      The term we used to use for such denseness: “You can’t insult this guy.”



    • Pure gold. I knew CH had heart.


    • You mean “hilarious”. Don’t use hysterical like a stupid woman. Hysterical means “acting irrationally scared and excited” like the stereotypical cartoon response when a woman sees a mouse and jumps on a chair to avoid it.


  4. on November 19, 2015 at 9:42 pm gunslingergregi

    he is also about 90 degrees from where he was
    shows just how much the country is changing peoples minds


  5. on November 19, 2015 at 9:47 pm gunslingergregi

    i am worried if trump thinks a tie can’t be made in us though cheaper than china
    i mean we sold china all the factories and old textile mills now its time to do the
    ok rofl we now make the shit in our new automated factories you guys want to sell us that shit back for .000001 pennies on the dollar so we can turn it into museums


    • on November 19, 2015 at 9:49 pm gunslingergregi

      you got the new factory run by one man then the old factory right beside it with maybe some murals painted from the olden days when people worked in them where kids can take fields trips and shit pretend like they need people to work kids will love it


  6. on November 19, 2015 at 9:55 pm gunslingergregi

    think spirit was just trying to show us the way lie lie lie
    do whatever you want
    mouth the establishent crap like its a job
    learn the code words
    and protect your family and adjust to coorp life


  7. on November 19, 2015 at 10:05 pm gunslingergregi

    After refusing to back off during weeks of fierce backlash for his comments about the alleged criminality of undocumented Mexican immigrants, Trump met on Friday in Beverly Hills with the families of people killed by such immigrants. A day later, he came to Arizona and said, “We have to stop illegal immigration. We have to. We have to,” to the cheers of 4,000 supporters.

    At one point, Trump brought a man named Jamiel Shaw up to the podium to talk about his late son, explaining, “an illegal immigrant shot him violently.”

    wow though thats how ya do it


    • Shaw’s son was a victim of the ethnic cleansing of blacks in South Central LA. His neighborhood is predominantly Latin American now as blacks have fled. His son was walking home from High School and was stopped a few houses from home by an illegal who had just gotten out of prison for a shooting. The illegal asked Shaw’s son where he was from then shot him. Jamiel heard the shot and ran out to find his kid dying on the sidewalk.
      Shaw tried to make an issue about the illegal being allowed back on the street instead of being deported, and went to some black LA politicians to get action, but they basically told him to pound sand.


  8. […] Will The Spirit Within Eat His Words? […]


  9. I think TSW just underestimates the gullibility of Americans.


    • on November 20, 2015 at 1:25 am Pervert from a high school playground

      You gotta point there Moss. After all that’s how your “father” was elected in ’08.


    • Not just no, but Hells to the no. Nicole , you really don’t know this fag?fagette puppy you’ve adopted. To be fair, you are far smarter than that damn dunce. LET THIS FUCK GO TO THE POUND AND GET GASSED, PERIOD.


      • I haven’t adopted him, John. He’s my pet, hot-nazi, remember?

        I seriously doubt that I am smarter than him, just coming to different conclusions about human nature than he does. He actually thinks that most of you are being sincere when you’re saying certain things that you know are either untrue, or elevating subjective matters of opinion or perspective to the level of absolute truth. He also underestimates the level to which some of you are being gamed to accept a higher degree of evil than you would, were you not being guided in that direction.

        There is a reason that one of my theories about what happened to the CH was that he is playing a joke on everyone. The comments section has sunk past circle jerk level to the point where those who are maintaining their sanity are hustling to distinguish themselves, where those who have snapped into sheep mode are herding into a repetitive drone, and the only think new they ever say is a justification for becoming more blind. They put everyone in neat categories so that they don’t have to think, and most of the time, the labels do not apply.

        It is an interesting experiment to observe. I do hope that TSW learns from it.


      • on November 21, 2015 at 7:14 am The Spirit Within

        The comments section has sunk past circle jerk level to the point where those who are maintaining their sanity are hustling to distinguish themselves, where those who have snapped into sheep mode are herding into a repetitive drone, and the only think new they ever say is a justification for becoming more blind. They put everyone in neat categories so that they don’t have to think, and most of the time, the labels do not apply.

        Well put. I never took this place seriously anyways, since 2/3 of the comments are cartoonish hate. There’s little being said here that the merchants of fear and stereotyping weren’t saying sixty, a hundred, two thousand years ago. Like the one-drop rule. Folks here have resurrected that, lol.

        If the proprietors want to investigate racism, they should veer towards the science of biodiversity rather than hate propaganda. But that wouldn’t satisfy their inherent sadism.


      • “of my theories about what happened to the CH was that he is playing a joke on everyone.”

        Of course that’s what’s happening. Just like Thomas Jefferson writing the Declaration of Independence to troll all those angry signers.


      • Once again the usual suspect kindred “SpiritsWithin” find their natural level… much like water… and bullshit… both of which invariably run downhill.


      • PA, first thing…Thomas Jefferson was a man. He was banging whoever he wanted with zfg. Thomas Jefferson could handle debate and disagreement, which is why he helped build a democracy instead of “nobility” 2.0.

        You people who need an echo chamber shouldn’t compare yourselves to people who were not that insecure. You kind of forfeit a claim to the collective credit for things when you’re trying to destroy them.


  10. when faced with an injury, lift like a cripple: bizarre muscle configurations.

    Or concentrate on your jaw line with over-microwaved bread.


  11. Only way Hilary wins the general is if the GOP adopts her as a unity candidate after Trump secures the votes for the party nomination.

    Blacks aren’t going to be whipped up to vote for some white sack of bones suffering from dementia, and her approval among white males is south of 30%. By the time the Trump ad buys get done with her it will be in the single digits.

    For fuck sake even Wil Weaton started questioning the narrative when she linked Wall Street donations to 9/11.


    • yep. these polls are totally skewed. if trump gets nom and repubs don’t actively work against him out of spite, he will win by 3 point or so margin.


    • Not to mention, plenty of ‘groids love The Donald. He’s not quite on a John Gotti or Bill Clinton white man level to them, but he’s gotten his fair share of shout outs in rap lyrics.


    • on November 20, 2015 at 3:15 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

      They did that to Pere Le Pen in 2002. Le Pen made it to the runoff against Chirac (“”centre right”””) and the Socialist party, etc. rallied behind Chirac with the slogan “vote for the crook not the fascist”. I think Chirac won 65-35 or something.


  12. on November 19, 2015 at 10:44 pm The Spirit Within


    I haven’t read Daily Kos, or anything liberal, in years because of the groupthink. I decided to dive into conservative stuff for a while. It’s been a different flavor of groupthink over here on the right side of the fence. FWIW, I’m a centrist, which makes me horribly liberal here, lol.

    Re: the name-calling. It’s like watching toddlers fingerpaint on the walls with their own shit. Preschool poses no threat to my dignity.

    Trump’s not going to spend $200 million of his own money on a campaign. He’d have to liquidate properties to do that. Dollars to donuts, he’s secretly looking for a plausible exit strategy … from his own success.


    • i don’t hate you like many here do, but you are so wrong on this. above almost all else, trump is an egoist. he is a alpha. he has been motivated and hungry for his entire life, despite being born with a silver spoon.

      however, the greatest thing he could ever hope to accomplish, above any of his business success to date, etc., would be to become the “leader of the free world.” beyond that, i think he realizes that he could, very possibly, remake the world to reflect his own worldview and force others to bend to his will. it just so happens, his worldview and will is the sort of thing we need right now.

      if you really think the don is intentionally trying to self-destruct, you are more clueless than i would have hoped, bruh


      • i don’t hate you like many here do,

        Nobody here hates him… leastwise, not in the truest sense of the word.

        Many may abuse him for his inanity, especially when it often appears he’s been in training for it.

        But nobody actually hates him… he’s actually an amusing foil, and indeed, life at the chateau is, at times, tedious without his buffoonery.


      • Note Exhibit 94857e: he preens about getting a headline-calibre CH spanking.


      • It’s important to realize that Trump is no run of the mill rich guy. He doesn’t own oil wells, or paper mills, or software or paper assets…. He literally builds things to his imaginings via real estate development.

        There is no doubt he can see building a better America in his image more than most.


      • Can’t you just see him carrying a mattress around campus?


      • The only thing I see him carrying around campus is a mop and a bucket.


      • on November 20, 2015 at 6:25 pm The Spirit Within


        Thanks for the level-headed comment. You’re an exception here.

        It was speculative. Nobody knows what he’s thinking. Certainly his family has considered the possibility of losing, since they’re sane. My opinion is that Trump has already gone further than he imagined possible and the cracks are starting to show. This campaign has already damaged his brand — look at all the broken contracts — which is to say he’s damaged himself, since there’s literally no space between his ego and his business.

        When he loses, which he will eventually, he’s going to have to find a graceful way to exit the stage. That’s not gonna happen. My money is on us witnessing the biggest public narcissistic tantrum meltdown in the history of media: the day in 2016 when he has to admit defeat. He’s gonna point fingers at the entire fucking world, and rage, rage, rage until his children come and drag him away from the cameras. The world will see the narcissistic monster who dwells inside of him (the same one that dwells inside some of the contributors to Heartiste). That will continue to damage his brand.

        [CH: this reads like a bad projection of what you fear will happen to the sociopath grandma hillary.]


      • Spirit Within – since you can predict the future can you shoot me next week’s Powerball numbers? I could really use the money.


      • [CH: this reads like a bad projection of what you fear will happen to the sociopath grandma hillary.]

        …not sure why anyone would fear or be surprised at all that any politician would have a narcissistic meltdown upon defeat. They’ve both already had some from being challenged.


      • Spirit Within – since you can predict the future can you shoot me next week’s Powerball numbers? I could really use the money.

        Boopsie, don’t you know that “lottery” stems from an ancient Chinese word that roughly translates as: “Self-imposed tax on she who is bad at math.”?



      • I wasn’t aware Greg. “Boopsie” is terrible at math yet smart enough to know that TSW cannot predict Trump’s future. Hence my jest.


      • on November 21, 2015 at 2:53 pm The Other Anonymous



    • lol. The Faggot Within, being Faggot Within-y:


      He;s in front of the mirror, wearing his too tight jeans stuffed to show off a non-existent bulge, finger snapping in the air, his cherry lip gloss glistening, yelling “Fierce!” and “You go girl!” like that sad erstewhile boy now in the hivemind’s latest Barbie commercials.

      I haven’t read Daily Kos, or anything liberal, in years because of the groupthink.

      lmao. Me thinks the faggot doth protest too much.

      FWIW, I’m a centrist

      Of course you are, faggot. Of course you are.

      Re: the name-calling. It’s like watching toddlers fingerpaint on the walls with their own shit. Preschool poses no threat to my dignity.

      lmao. A complete lie.

      Several times Faggot Within has threatened me and had a temper tantrum about my insulting him.

      And once he was dumb enough to threaten PA as well.

      This lying queen is simply in deep denial.

      Shades of Ryan DeLuca’s response to being cuckholded.

      Trump’s not going to spend $200 million of his own money on a campaign. He’d have to liquidate properties to do that. Dollars to donuts, he’s secretly looking for a plausible exit strategy … from his own success.

      ROFL. Faggot Within knows this because?….well, I guess every left-wing groupthinker like himself, in deep denial about how hurt he is, has to have some delusion to latch onto. To make the bad thoughts go away.

      Faggot Within rape!


      • It’s amazing, the ease with which the socialists lie. They employ the Big Lie Technique over and over again. Most people could not imagine lying about their own ideological connection to such a degree, as they would be ashamed of denying their own nature. And they especially would not do it after having made that nature so blatantly clear, so many times. But socialists like TSW do it with no problem at all.

        That is also why communists can create so many front groups, and why they always deny that the Soviet Union, Maoist China etc stood for “real” communism, even after worshiping those communist states for decades. Lying is central to socialism. That is because the Left is focused on attacking, on taking, so truth and lie are just tools for them. The Right is focused on building, and so strongly feel that you should tell the truth, as you need truthful measurements when you build a nation. This is an essential difference, and TSW volunteers to demonstrate one side of it.


      • I laughed out loud at the mirror scene. What a fine way to start a morning.


      • ” ‘FWIW, I’m a centrist’

        Of course you are, faggot. Of course you are. ”

        In a way he is. After all, every narcissist is the centre of the universe.


      • Nice.


    • “I haven’t read Daily Kos, or anything liberal, in years…”

      SJWs always lie.

      “I decided to dive into conservative stuff for a while. It’s been a different flavor of groupthink over here…”

      SJWs always project.

      “Re: the name-calling. It’s like watching toddlers fingerpaint on the walls with their own shit.”

      SJWs always double-down.


      • Well, it may be going a bit far to label TSW as an SJW, but man that shoe seems to be fitting pretty good.


      • “SJWs always lie”, as Vox Day wrote. Everyone needs to understand this. You can’t reason with them, they are not interested in finding out the truth, since the truth doesn’t benefit them. Many have been surprised when they become targets for the left-wing extremists, and only then discover the degree of lying. They had no idea before, because the media hide it.


      • “Re: the name-calling. It’s like watching toddlers fingerpaint on the walls with their own shit.”

        “SJWs always double-down”

        Correction – this one is projection also.


      • on November 20, 2015 at 6:17 pm The Spirit Within

        @Hesiod: Poisoning the well. Fallacious argument.


    • The Spirit Within is a jewish activist, just like lilly and the “Scotch-Irish” poster. If you read enough of their comments over a long period of time, their writing style, tactics and thinking becomes obvious.

      The Spirit Within’s view of Trump is the same as all of the jewish journalists(Evan Osnos) writing those anti-Trump articles that we have continually seen.


      • Sooner or later they get to talking about handling shit.
        Spirit Within shines like a Zisblatt diamond.


      • I think Big Foodie’s correct, as others before have also sussed.

        And if Strapon isn’t one of the usual suspect JIDF shills, well… he/she carries their water like Gunga Din on steroids.


    • on November 20, 2015 at 4:17 am Vagina dominator

      “I haven’t read Daily Kos, or anything liberal, in years because of the groupthink.”

      Excellent. So fake. So lacking in self-awareness or social competence.

      You think you say it so people have to believe it? Of course, the best part was the line “because of the groupthink”, from someone who spouts talking points like a MSM hand puppet.

      You, Spirit, are a very special type of stupid, the type that is an idiot but thinks he is very cleverly fooling everybody.

      Reading your comments is like watching a child hiding by covering his own eyes and saying “nah, nah, you can’t see me”.

      Really, as a troll, you are so bad, so damned unsophisticated, that you have made yourself into something that, being fantastically not-fit-for-purpose, is at least drolly entertaining.

      Keep it up, comrade!


      • on November 20, 2015 at 6:15 pm The Spirit Within

        What you call trolling, I call debate. Remember that word? One of the cornerstones of a healthy democracy?

        Now describe for us the extent of the insecurity that has driven you to publicly name yourself after female genitalia. What else you got? A son named Vulva?


    • TSW,

      What’s your game? What do you stand for?


      • Strapon Within is female. She comes on here to get attention and tingles. That’s her only game.


      • on November 20, 2015 at 6:10 pm The Spirit Within

        Truth. But don’t trust anyone who claims to have found it.


      • Heh, heh… “Truth”… a heavy game to bear, indeed.

        The “Truth” according to the Cathedral?

        The actual “I am the Truth” of our Savior, Christ?

        Strapon, in his/her less obvious moments, smacks more of the Pontius Pilate vein…

        … one who “What is Truth?” pontificates (no pun intended, but ya got one anyway) in that pseudo-intellectual relativist manner, so near-and-dear to the SJW useful idiots…. “useful” as in rhetorical inklings that are, in face, squid-inkings, even when that is not their purported intention.


    • Trump’s not going to spend $200 million of his own money on a campaign. He’d have to liquidate properties to do that.

      Yeah, no way he would consider putting a few apartments in Manhattan at stake for a chance to conquer the presidency of the United States. Your knowledge of the business world is stunning.

      As of your poll, the actual numbers show that with the entire Cathedral firepower behind her and against Trump, full stop, so far Cankles has failed to create more than 5 pts difference with him on average – in a fight he hasn’t even started yet. Surely he is scared as hell and must be desperately looking for an exit strategy by now.


      • “I dont hate you like many here do”

        Well..according to the latest McClatchey/Marist poll he is the most well liked poster here. lolzlollzz

        TSW is no leader of men. He desperately wants to be of course..typing more of his humblebrag – cross legged, tapping toe to micheal buble, and with appletini in hand.
        Who here would follow him into war?
        Who here would frag him upon the first week of battle? rhetorical.


      • Trump won’t need to liquidate a thing. He’s already receiving lots of money from ordinary Whites, and when he wins the nom, money will flood in from them and from those well-off White conservatives who have managed to survive eight years of Obamanation.


      • Well..according to the latest McClatchey/Marist poll he is the most well liked poster here. lolzlollzz


        … and according to his/her own opinion poll, he/she is the most principled, moral, and intellectually genuine…

        … in fact, the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being he/she has ever known in his/her life.

        /old movie reference rape!


      • on November 20, 2015 at 6:09 pm The Spirit Within


        Make it Hendricks on the rocks and Deadmau5, and you’ll be a lot closer to the truth.

        BTW, your implied death threat has been duly noted.


      • Also ever heard of leverage?
        Wealthy as he is, it’d be wiser if he borrowed money to finance his needs. His properties would probably perform at a higher ROI than the interest rate at which he’d borrow,

        Classic eskimo economics. I thought they taught you that in your indoctrination camps.


      • “implied death threat”


        TSW (lol) is endearing in the same way a misshapen three legged puppy endears. Despite its grotesque handicap you can’t help but nurture a unique fondness for the thing, a fondness spared solely for the objects of nature’s cruelties.


      • Yeah, queer. Unless you’re deployed, fragging is metaphor for “nobody respects you.”

        Strapon (whom I peg — don’t get excited now — with 85% confidence as a woman) throws around classic liberal words like “debate” but has yet to take a stand on any position or express any opinion that isn’t a hackneyed leftard slogan, oblivious to reality.

        My challenge to “The Spirit Within” — please cogently express your position on the current migration of Syrians and “Syrians into Germany and Sweden, taking into account (a) the value many place on leaving German and Swedish blood and culture alone, and (b) the epidemic of rapes, including of children, documented n those two countries.

        If you provide a cogent, honest response, I will respect you.


      • on November 21, 2015 at 7:36 am The Spirit Within


        1) I don’t need your respect.
        2) I usually skip past all your comments because your underlying agenda is obvious. I only read comments by those who think independently.
        3) I truthfully don’t have an opinion about the Syrian emigration yet. I’m still learning.


      • That’s a laugh, coming from a content-free platitude-dropper like you. I’m one of the most original and insightful thinker’s in this sphere. And of course I have an agenda: to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. You have a problem with that agenda?


    • He’s right, despite the abundant pearls of wisdom found at le chatizzle, the comment section in particular still falls prey to circle-jerkin’, spittle-flecked, it’s-the-eskimos stoopthink. There’s also a steady,healthy dose of highly intelligent commentary to balance certain tropes from the usual suspects.

      I was raised by hyper-liberal, post-free love parents, so it took me several years of independent thinking and observation during and post-college to come around to a more realistic view of politics, race relations, and sexual dynamics.

      Interesting to watch how a vast swath of the commentariat goes dead silent on political threads but happily chimes in on anything game-related. Nobody else on the internet is willing to make the connections or observations that CH does, despite how abrasive they may be. It’s exceedingly rare to find a place where these things are spelled out…you certainly won’t find this kind of analysis on the FB news feed.


      • on November 21, 2015 at 7:19 am The Spirit Within

        Well put. We’re on the same page.

        Re: The commentariat. Half of them are go silent for politics (YaReally got chased away like a year ago). The other half go silent for game (the white nationalists).


      • “The other half go silent for game (the white nationalists).”

        Some of the White Nationalists who go silent on game posts happened to have commented insighfilly a lot on that subject here seven years ago, and then eased off from the topic because:

        (a) they aged and moved of from caring much about The Top Ten Tricks to Text a Twat (without begrudging the subject to younger guys), and

        (b), because they feel like they’ve already said most what they had to say on the subject of game and then turned their attention to the burning world outside.


      • Well-put, PA.

        And an honourable mention to dirk.


    • The Strapon Within hates us.

      Why would it be wrong to hate him/her/it?

      I hate liars, I hate cheaters, I hate manipulators. I hate anti-white haters. I hate traitors.

      Strapon is all of that and more.

      I hate the Strapon Within.

      I do.


    • on November 20, 2015 at 3:20 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

      A centrist nowadays basically, given the civilisational-threatening issues we face such as immigration and state-sanctioned faggotry/matriarchy, is like being a “centrist” on child p0rn and pedophilia. You’re either for or against our society on this. There is no centre.


      • Great point… the time is coming when there’ll be no sitting on the sidelines, waiting to see which way the wind blows.


      • True of course, but most centrists these days are just not intellectually curious enough to research this stuff. Some are decent people who would make the right judgments if they had the truth, but they get lied to on TV, believe some of it, and go about their day. That’s how we all started out. I can’t imagine what I’d think without the internet.


      • on November 20, 2015 at 6:05 pm The Spirit Within

        False dichotomy. Aka black-and-white thinking, commonly exhibited by those with borderline personality and narcissistic personality disorders.


      • TSW (lol) is a textbook SJW.

        Here you have honest criticism of “centrists” and he/she/xi retreats by default to disqualification tactics.


      • False dichotomy. Aka black-and-white thinking, commonly exhibited by those with borderline personality and narcissistic personality disorders.

        So according to The Vomit Within we are either good little liberals like him/her/it or we have a personalty disorder.

        That is a text book example of black and white thinking.

        You are so dumb I almost feel guilty for kicking your ass so damn easily with a hand tied behind my back and in a language I only began speaking “fluently” a few years ago.


  13. The Trump Train is an atavistic perpetual motion vehicle built within any safety mechanisms whatsoever (i.e. emergency brakes). Better hop on!


  14. The more real talking Trump does the stronger he gets.
    The more the world goes to hell the stronger he gets.
    Of course Trump will spend 200mill + of his own money to be president.
    After 8 years in office think of how much richer he will be and then can be?


    • Yeah, wait until some group of immigrants (legal or illegal) has their own version of Paris over here.

      Or, when Europe starts seriously melting down. Ya think Americans aren’t going to look at Europe and go “we don’t want some socialist in the office of President at this time!”?

      The more the world falls apart, the more the common man will want a straight talking alpha outsider in charge.

      Not a Trump supporter, but I’d certainly take him over any Repuke or Demon candidate who has been run the last 16 years (excepting the visionary Ron Paul).


    • Knowing Trump, he’ll get the Mexicans to pay for his campaign.


  15. Expand your vocabulary; a new word to name and describe leftists.


    a base, despicable person.
    base; despicable.



    • An apt description. And while we are diving into the old tried-and-true vocabulary, gangrel describes the trashier ones.

      [gang-gruh l, -ruh l]
      noun, British Dialect.

      a lanky, loose-jointed person.
      a wandering beggar; vagabond; vagrant.

      /ˈɡæŋɡrəl; ˈɡæŋrəl/
      noun (Scot, archaic or literary)

      a wandering beggar
      a child just able to walk; toddler

      “And what gangrel loon is this that ye are bringing to the door by the hand?”
      Crocket, Arab of the City

      “Is it a wonder that very soon we had the slouch of the gangrel and the cunning aspect of the thief?”
      Neil Munro, John Splendid

      “Where is your skulking friend? That gangrel creature. He had an ill-favored look.”
      Faramir in LOTR

      For that matter, “gangrene” describes leftists very well, eating away at a nation….


    • That’s actually an Old French word related to Italian cattivo, “bad / base”, which in turn is from Latin captivus, “slave”, i.e. villain.


    • Both are good words. Gangrel has bite to it.


    • I still like dastard ’cause it sounds like bastard…

      … and has that soupçon of tard.

      /I bet you guys thought it was a typo, yon these long months. 😉


  16. on November 20, 2015 at 12:19 am Regressivus Maximus

    Don’t for a minute think that libshits are not above tweaking the numbers on polls or selective interpretation of results. Solipsism is the foundation of their way, so they believe that if they believe something it must be true, or will become true.

    They treat reality like its a big sweet 16 where their dad has promised them the Porsche they’re entitled to, and they’re so special it could never let them down.

    So i requires no effort whatsoever for them to believe that since they don’t like Trump, nobody else could, and because they don’t want him to win, he can’t, and if the numbers lie they need to be changed to tell their inner truth.


  17. Hillary won’t beat anyone but Jeb. The turnout vote against her will be enormous. The populace(some) loves here roguish husband, not her.


  18. on November 20, 2015 at 1:32 am gunslingergregi

    what the fuck is the deal with the city fucking with trump in one of his buildings about a fucking bench
    a 2500 dollar fine
    wtf is wrong with this country
    the only people who can posibly succeed are fucking liars it seems
    no wonder my dad lost his shit three fucking time and made it again wtf
    but that isen’t just him anyone who shoots for the fucking stars in us is getting shit on at some point


    • on November 20, 2015 at 1:35 am gunslingergregi

      its like to succeed you seem to have to understand payouts not some naive idea that people are honest and things are fair
      so maybe why ever city wants its qouta of nogs and they let em deal some drugs in return for some stratgic killing being done


  19. For libtards its not that they are right or think they are right, it’s that you or anyone disagreeing with them is wrong. That’s why they are so incoherent when you disagree with them. Logic, truth, and reason, simply don’t matter to them. Say making everyone walk backwards down the street is good for the children and they will support it, connection or common sense or not, who cares, its good for the children. Say making all White people cut off their little toe and it will solve racial inequality (allow nizzers to act White) and off come the toes and if you don’t do it you’re racist. I could go on, but anyone whose been around libtards has seen this for themselves.


  20. on November 20, 2015 at 2:02 am JenkPac Shakur

    Don’t get me wrong I can’t stand TheJewWithin anymore than any other sane Heartistian fellow traveller but anyone that thinks Trump has a chance in hell of winning this election has been smoking a bit too much of the wacky weed. The Jews are going to award their loyal servant and toady Hilary Clinton with the puppet’s throne this time around. Mark my words as I am typically never wrong when it comes to important matters. Trump is just in it for the same reasons as always those being publicity. He’s a shinier probably richer version of Ross Perot. Even if Trump could win though so what? He’s on record as being just as much a Jew/Israel fellator as the rest of the puppets. After “winning” the Mexican border fence promise would quickly be forgotten and the Jews agenda would be carried out as usual.


    • Trump might be able to the pull off the Sailer Strategy. It’s certainly the last election cycle where we’ll have the chance– at least another 30 million shitskins will be in the country, and another 30 million registered to vote in 2020. Even Texas will be blue at that point and the electoral path to revolution will be closed for good.

      Trump’s no Hitler, but he’s the best we can do and is our last hope (unless there’s a total system collapse and we have a military coup or something).


    • “Trump is just in it for the same reasons as always those being publicity.”

      He has been losing big money and contracts because of this, and there is no telling how much future business he now won’t be able to come near. He becomes a social pariah among high society in New York where he lives. This also affects his children. If he only cared about publicity, there would be far better ways – running for president bans him from any future appearances in The Apprentice, which was the major road to good publicity for him.

      Seriously, no one stands up against mass immigration for the sake of vanity, or for money or anything else. You instantly become a target in any number of ways. And so does your family.


    • You cannot get elected without being, ostensibly, an Israel fellator. Thank the hacked evangelical religion. What is more important, however, is that Trump’s proposals dismantle the jew/Israel agenda piece by piece. Closed borders, no more neocon wars, calls out the media and PC, etc. Middle America agrees with all of this but they’re not wise enough to see he is at direct war with the Zio agenda. So Trump has to say all of this and “I totally support Israel”, all the while eskimos are tearing their hair out. Of the ten wealthiest real estate owners in Manhattan, Trump is the only herrenvolk. You’re telling me this man is not jew aware? No way. Its beautiful to witness, honestly. White Nationalists who can’t understand this and want him to start JQing all over the place must be retarded. A WN candidate can’t get elected. You have to be a Trojan Horse.


      • “You cannot get elected without being, ostensibly, an Israel fellator.”

        If there is an argument against America being the greatest country in the world, this must be it.

        Not being electable because of a lack of allegiance to that shitty little country.


      • * (shaking mah haid)


      • $2 billion for Hillary’s 2016 campaign apparently. This is getting ludicrous. In the U.S., particularly at the federal level, the old cliche -“money talks, not the will of the people”, has risen from the level of cliche to satire. It’s a giant fucking parody of what it is supposed to be. Except nobody is laughing except your enemies. You need reform for federal level elections. But there is no constitutional provision for a federal referendum. So how are the American People going to have campaign finance, and the lobby system, reformed, so as to seize control again?

        The made-in-Israel virulent puppet-master of the pro-Israel lobby is but one example of many, of your system being hijacked by monied interests, that are not aligned at all with American interests. The powers that control policy in Israel laugh at you guys – they think they are leading the giant around, by the nose, donkey style.

        Your governance system is very good. That is one of the American strengths. America has a history of being so entrepreneurial, driven, smart, – that it is a monopoly-making machine writ-large (monopoly is a sign of success so great it becomes dangerous), paired with being self-reflective enough, and fair-minded enough, to then do the right thing and break the monopolies when they become too dangerous. Your federal governance system is more and more now ruled by those that have seized monopolistic control of the levers of governance, and thus subvert the nation in many ways (like monopolizing the levers of monopoly-breaking itself).

        What are you guys going to do about it?


      • Careful the turban doesn’t fall off…


      • ho, I’d have to agree but what is encouraging is that this is a somewhat recent development, perhaps the 80s is the starting point. If a truly non-Zio pozzed person ever gets elected president, I believe they could shine light on an incredible amount of things that would reduce Middle America’s support for Israel. One example specifically is the 28 pages which were declassified from the 9/11 joint commission. I and many others have strong suspicions that they implicate Israel intelligence and financing as well as the Saudis. Not to mention the massive amount of spying done by dual Israel-American citizens, sometimes govt. employees. Pollard is for sure a tip on an iceberg.

        Its not hopeless, people can wake up. The danger is that they wake up mad and demand blood. Realistic diplomacy and prosecution can fix things, but if these people ever realize how badly they’ve been fucked, they may not want to be so measured in response.


      • On point except middle America not being wise enough. We *are* aware and are scared about what is going to happen the next 20 years. Everybody is wondering whether he can get elected and what is going to happen. Yes, he is being as openly anti-NWO as he can. Can he actually become the president? Many have mentioned that his daughter married a Jew. Many have mentioned that he made his money in the Jew-real estate game. Of course he’s aware. Regular poor people commenting all over jewtube are aware. Yeah Trump’s aware. Will be be allowed to win? That is the question.


  21. I aggravated a nagging injury, which means I won’t be able to lift as hard for a stint

    That’s harsh, happened to me too. Perhaps a post about avoiding and treating injuries from lifting? One tip is to reduce inflammation by avoiding carbs, sugar, alcohol, coffee. When it comes to carbs, especially avoid grains. This aids the recovery.


    • Nothing heals like rest, enough sleep, plenty of water, and eating a high-protein, vitamin and mineral diet. I injured my shoulder years ago bench pressing and it took a year for it to be fully right…but about 3 months of no heavy shoulder exercises and some physical therapy with the stretchy band thing helped strengthen the supporting small musculature around the deltoid and i was 95% there.


    • on November 20, 2015 at 8:56 am Charles&Friends

      When you say “avoid grain”, you don’t mean oatmeal do you? I ask, because keep seeing stuff all over about “wheat belly” and how oats and grains are bad for you.

      I’ve been weight training for ten years now, and oatmeal has been a staple of my diet. Shit, I eat at least 2 bowls a day (we’re talking the plain 100% whole wheat oats type) cooked with 1% milk and some bananas thrown in for a little flavor.

      Never seemed to add any inches to my waistline.


  22. I also had an injury to my wrist. I just blamed it on lifting too much weight when taking a pee.


  23. While I would love to believe Trump is “for real,” I’ve seen how the game works and must admit to myself a happy ending here is not very probable. The last time we had a “straight talker” in the race (Perot), it became clear only in the rear view mirror that his job had been to divide the vote and elevate the HillBillies into the WH. What ensued was the protracted hell of the Clinton years (not that W was much better.)
    So, what’s more likely is some kind of splinter of the erstwhile “right” vote – don’t ask me how, but that’s what I expect. Either that, or the Don will be disappeared. But, the oligarchy would rather use him as a grounding rod to safely shunt any meaningful dissent by the shorn and harvested sheep who are beginning to bleat, nay, scream, in their agony as they dimly perceive their oncoming fate.
    No, not likely they will allow Trump to win and upset any of their planning. In fact, we lost this nation a very long time ago, and the old saw is still true: “if voting could change anything, it would be illegal.” That said, I plan to enjoy the next year as dark entertainment – it should have some epic moments of schadenfreude. I just don’t take any of it too seriously.
    In fact, “enjoy the decline!”


    • Your interpretation on Perot might be right, or it might be what I said above. But in 1992 there was no internet and no CH (and similar sources of information). If votes are actually counted and it’s not all a big Hollywood production (I don’t know), then Trump wins in a landslide, both in the primary and against whoever the Democrat is. If Trump does not win, I will not longer believe that votes are actually counted.

      If votes are actually counted, then my theory on Perot in 1992 and Ron Paul in 2008 is that the media puts out these fake polls and fake ideas that “he can’t win” so many conservatives who wanted to vote for Perot/Paul/Trump think it’s a wasted vote and vote for the elite-approved cuck. Heck, I was in high school, but I remember in 1992 the media flat out said that, repeatedly, every 5 minutes. They didn’t hide it. Everyone wanted Perot and the media said “you’ll be wasting your vote because he can’t win.”

      But in 2015, we have the internet and the question is how many millions have awoken now that YKW no longer has a monopoly on information.

      I guess we’re saying the same thing–divide the conservative vote. But the question is whether the media *actually succeeds* in dividing the vote or whether the entire thing is literally a sham and the votes are not counted, at all. I don’t pretend to know the answer.

      Enough of the people want Trump because we are fed up after eight years of Obama decaying the last few years into complete madness with #blacklivesmatter, #gaymarriage, #tranniesshouldbepraisedasheroic #dressboysasgirls completely leftist Eskimo madness.

      We *are* awake, finally. Enough of us are, this time.

      There are not enough Gibsmedats and feminists to win a fair election, this time.

      By the way, I’m on record with my view that Trump is a bit of a clown, but he’s what we got. Even that (that Trump is to be the savior) is a sign of modernity. Trump ain’t no George Washington. He’s a fat real estate guy born with a silver spoon. The “bad guy” who we are not allowed to mention from the 1930s was a true badass war hero in World War I who volunteered for the most dangerous duties repeatedly and earned even more purple hearts than John Kerry.


    • Rubbish. Perot folded his cards at the first sign that some of his pathetic dealings and manipulations would hit the press. And yet in his deranged start stop campaign, he still managed to grab 20% of the vote and hand the election to Billary.

      There is something else to consider about Trump. Think of how the media and the MSM work today and realize that a gigantic concerted has been underway to find Trump detractors, victims and ANYONE who’ll stand up and dis him in any way. CRICKETS. The media encounters ex Penthouse models and girlfriends that only observe that The Donald was their five minutes of ALPHA. The media bleats on about his four bankruptcies (out of hundreds of projects). Where are there former partners, other dealmakers, or ANYONE that has a single bit of negatives about TRUMP?? CRICKETS.

      The RNC and the MSM are both desperate for anti-Trump ammunition;’ and they’ve come up with nothing! ¡Jabe! and his PACs just finished spending 20 million dollars and managed to boost ¡Jabe’s! support from 5% to 4%.

      The resounding silences of CRICKETS from any Trump detractors says something quite profound about the man.


      • He either knows where the bodies are buried… or put them there himself. 😉


      • Perot cleaned up the right wing jewish voters… Who voted for him in protest of 41 banning Isreal air attacks on Iraq after the scuds of Gulf 1…


  24. “I won’t be able to lift as hard for a stint”

    That’s not good. I had lingering bronchitis last year, which kept me out of the gym for two months. People get uneasy when you erupt in a whooping cough attack every time your breathing rate goes up. As a result, I caught myself listening to Richard Marx albums.

    I’ll try to find you some videos of bulls rutting or Golden Dawn marches to help you through this difficult time.


  25. on November 20, 2015 at 5:11 am Beautiful Truths Ignored

    Even if Trump loses the general election, his candidacy is still very important.

    The immigration policy of the past half century, and the foreign policy of the past quarter century, have been catastrophic failures.

    Trump is the only major candidate since Buchanan who is both an immigration restrictionist and a foreign policy realist but, unlike Buchanan, Trump is likely to be a major party candidate in the general election.

    When the general election votes are tallied and analyzed, we will be know who to blame.

    I predict Trump will win 95% of the Scotch-Irish vote, 40% of the Eskimo vote, and 0.1% of the Jewish vote.


    • I was too young at the time to be politically aware, but why did the grassroots Republican base nominate establishment cuckservatives like Bush I and Dole instead of a genuine patriot like Pat Buchanan is beyond me.

      Was it stuffed ballots and other chicanery, or are voters just really this stupid?

      Perhaps other knwledgeable posters can chime in on my question.


    • What Eskimo vote is that?


  26. Didnt you see praise that cowardly loser Romney last election


  27. You had me cracking up with this article CH. Maybe you just need a hug. Lol..


  28. Dear CH,

    You’re a faggot. Temporarily.

    -T-MOM 2 *dickface*


  29. Republicans can’t win when the voter turnout is high such as during a Presidential election. The key is swing states and no matter what the scenerio, it will never happen. Spirit Within knows his shit on this subject.


  30. Do you think we’ve seen peak Trump yet?

    Hell no.

    Trump his here to stay! We’re going to build a wall, a beautiful wall, with a big, beautiful door in the center! Let people come in legally.

    We’re going end shit trade deals. We’re going to get our people back from Iran. We’re going to decimate ISIS. We’re going to make everyone stand in awe of the power of America, once again.

    (( They )) don’t want Trump. He isn’t a part of (( their )) machine, and (( they )) know he brings judgement with him.


    P.S. – I had a dream that G. W. Bush was actually English. Perhaps that’s code for (((((( something else )))))).


  31. The GOP would rather lose this election than run an actual conservative.


    • Yep. That’s clear as day.


    • on November 20, 2015 at 8:41 am Captain Obvious

      What was “The GOP” back in the 1980s, when The Gipper and his allies [Bill Casey, Ed Meese, Robert Heinlein, etc] were doing everything they could to defeat the Bolsheviks once and for all, while the Bohemian Grove s0d0mites [GHWB-41, James Baker, George Schultz, B!tch McConnell] were doing everything they could to destroy The Gipper’s agenda?


    • Yep, and it proves everything. If things worked the way the sheeple are supposed to think they do, then Fox News would unabashedly support Trump and help him, instead of trying to bury him just as hard as CNN and MSNBC et al. do. lzozlzoozoz. There is NO (zero, none) actually conservative non-Cathedral MSM voice. None. CH and similar blogs are all we got.

      Fox News and the GOP. They should be happy that there is a charismatic man like Trump who will destroy any Democrat in the election. That the GOP is pushing for Carson, or Bush, or Rubio, or Carly, or anybody please!!!!!!!!! but the person THE MEMBERS OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, THE PEOPLE, clearly want, proves that many of the “conspiracy theories” are simply true.

      The emperor has no clothes. The communists are humiliating themselves at this point.


    • All us blessed by God Southrons need to send the ESAD message to the neocons.


  32. Oh dear god I wish I hadn’t clicked on that flavortown link!
    I should have known better…


  33. I don’t think the polls ask the would be voters to ENVISION. If come next November you’re looking at a picture of a side by side of the Hildebeast and Trump, I don’t how Hildebeast wins. Are there that many manlets outside of the left-leaning states that will always go D anyway?


  34. on November 20, 2015 at 6:58 am Captain Obvious



  35. @ YaReally, HABD, et. al.

    I’d like to get feedback on my Headlight Game on my blog. What do you all think girls’ reactions will be? Will it do what I expect?



    • on November 20, 2015 at 8:54 am having a bad day


      my gut feel is that this would probably work great if it’s in the middle of a playful exchange after you have sexualized the interaction (with positive response by the girl), but probably won’t work as expected if it’s the lead-in to sexualizing the interaction…but try it out 20 times in-field (both ways) and report back…

      good luck!


      • Yeah, I lead with taillight game, then run headlight game. Taillight game is less sexual since it’s not overt staring at the boobs which is right in the girl’s face. Taillight game hasn’t been at all awkward.


  36. on November 20, 2015 at 7:13 am Captain Obvious

    Game is almost infinitely powerful – on this very thread, The Eskimo Within is sent here to try to destroy The Donald, because The Donald is a Grand Wizard High Master of Game – maybe the greatest Master of all time. On the previous thread, the high school pitcher with the scholarship to Wake Forest was a bumbling Beta loser wuss, until he discovered Game, and then suddenly he got 19,000 followers on Incelstagram. Do you have any idea how much Director Tamir Pardo would relish the idea of destroying the Shkotzim with their very own weapon?!?!? We might have taught the Eskimos too much…


    • What the fuck is the point of giving this puerile bullshit legs?

      Are you purposely just squid ink bombing this thread, or were there no episodes of South Park on at the moment?

      You fairy.

      (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • Early on Greg, I thought you were just a middle-aged racist bible-thumpin’ redneck…but you are clearly either widely autodidactically read or you are very well educated? Am I right? I’ve learned a handful of new words and turns of phrase from reading your comments.


      • Keep looking at the bootie.


      • Early on Greg, I thought you were just a middle-aged racist bible-thumpin’ redneck…but you are clearly either widely autodidactically read or you are very well educated?

        Can’t he be both?


      • Maybe I was not clear, I meant,

        can’t he be both a Bible thumpin’ racist and a well educated/well read man?



      • Early on Greg, I thought you were just a middle-aged racist bible-thumpin’ redneck…but you are clearly either widely autodidactically read or you are very well educated? Am I right?

        I went to graduate school and done real good.

        I’ve learned a handful of new words and turns of phrase from reading your comments.

        Stick around, kid… more to come. 😉


  37. The problem with Trump from the establishments point of view is that his anti-Mexican (so regarded by Mexicans) rhetoric may wake up the sleeping giant of American politics: Mexican turnout in Texas. It has been shown that if Mexicans in Texas voted like Mexicans in California (and there is no reason to think there would be much difference), Texas would be a blue-leaning purple state. White Texans are (silly stereotypes aside) not that much more conservative than White Californians: it’s just that in Texas the non-Whites, having made Whites more conservative by their mere presence, do not then counteract this reaction by voting. There was a time when California was (in modern parlance) a purple state. That was before Pete Wilson woke up the sleeping giant in California by trying to out–Mexican-bash his fellow Repo-Men, so that now the state is a freebie for the Demo-People. If Texas becomes blue-leaning purple, the Repo-Men will find it difficult or impossible to win the presidency in the foreseeable future. The electoral votes will not add up, to the point that the Demo-People could afford to concede all the recent swing states if they are sure about Texas. That is what is scaring the hell of Priebus.


    • Nah, Priebus is a cuckservative pure and simple, and Trump is giving him badfeelz.

      Texas Hispanics are about as conservative as whites in Minnesota. And all else being equal, Hispanics seem to assimilate better in conservative states than in liberal ones.

      Also, oddly enough, Hispanics swing the same way whites do when it comes to voting. Politicians who’ve slammed illegal immigration get more white votes, but they also get more Hispanic votes.


    • You are correct in identifying the Pete Wilson meltdown in California – but that was first wave Hispanics. Now that the first wave of Hispanics are legal and established, they want no competition for their jobs or any group that might depress their wages (they have kids too your know). It might seem counter-intuitive, but Trump actually has very strong support from LEGAL immigrants. And that’s what really makes Dems and the libtrads lose sleep.


    • A. Even that’s all true, Hispandering for GOP votes is a loser proposition.

      B. Hispanics are MORE likely to vote alpha male than beta male, all else equal. Many like Trump.


      • on November 20, 2015 at 5:33 pm Captain Obvious

        They’re going to be shocked at how many blue collar hispanics and blacks vote for The Donald. And he’ll get 100% of the blue collar white vote.


  38. on November 20, 2015 at 8:57 am Pervert from a high school playground

    In other news:

    “Dad Shoots Twin Babies to Death in Mom’s Arms, Critically Injures Her, Kills Her Father.

    A mother lies hospitalized in critical condition after the father of her twin baby girls shot them to death in her arms, and then killed the woman’s dad, according to her family.

    Ultimately, Gawain Rushane Wilson turned the weapon on himself and died at the scene, authorities said.”



  39. Trump is the white Obama


  40. Victory takes many forms.

    Obama won in 2016, but it was a pyrrhic victory: It cost his party a record number of House/Senate/State seats and governorships.

    The Anti-Trump crowd misses his true value: he’s shifting the Overton Window (the acceptable discourse in polite society). A few more politicians like him and we might get back to true talk, where the battle can commence on fair grounds.


  41. “OBSESSION” – This should be a national TV ad for Trump (Agree & Amplify)”

    Show yesterday’s footage of Hillary mocking “those in certain quarters” who are “obsessed with radical Islam and the clash of civilizations.”

    Full screen Trump: “Guilty as charged. I am obsessed with keeping Americans safe in their own country and preserving the American way of life for our children and grandchildren.”

    “As your President, I will put my obsession with America’s safety into action by deporting all Syrian refugees (video), closing the border and building a fence (video),” etc.

    Full screen Trump: “Unlike Republican and Democratic politicians of the last 50 years, I refuse to sell out the average American citizen. I am obsessed with making this country great again and if you are, too, you know what to do on Nov 6th.”


  42. on November 20, 2015 at 10:24 am Mandy been here a while

    Jeb’s poll number just hit 0% when margin of error is taken into consideration. Even as a second choice candidate, people responded that he would not be their choice should this first choice drop out


    • Jeb has badly embarrassed himself to the point of people wondering why anyone pays him vast sums of money to manage anything. I have to wonder if he threw the election to get out of the whole deal. His performance was that bad.


  43. Great entry CH, but I perceive a sign of your lower T already: “When the Trumpening heralds a new age.”

    The West has had a near 2,000 year run: you young ones have the ‘Chinese fortune’ to live mostly in the major century of its end. Even the fantastically energetic American face of the West has managed to compress the 350 year phases of Roman kingdom, republic and empire down to about 150 years each. The implication is particularly bad stuff as we near the end of this century.

    Trump is a wonderful breath of fresh air: I trolled for him at NRO and will vote for him in a heartbeat, but one man and the movement he will inspire cannot prevent the collapse of the West.

    My only caveat is this: Trump will herald a new age, but it will be short. The 350-odd year run of the Roman Empire was marked by many reversals in its decline, and America is due for one. The last one, centered around Reagan and his legacy, lasted ten or twenty years, depending how you quibble. Who knows, with any luck we may get twenty years of Trump effect. If that’s an ‘age’, bring it on!


  44. Count me among those who think Hillary is inevitable.

    Should be fun times: http://www.judicialwatch.org/blog/2015/11/clinton-goes-after-laugh-factory-comedians-for-making-fun-of-her/

    What a collection of insufferable twats.


  45. lzolzozlzozlzlzo Spirit knows damned well that those polls are complete and utter bullshit. Literally fiction, similar to how Fox News is “fiction” in that it’s cuck and not truly conservative, as the first Republican debate proved once and for all. Just like how everything you seen on CNN, MSNBC, etc is propaganda meant to *influence* the sheeple, not to *report* news that has occurred in the world.

    It’s to shape public opinion.

    In other words, polls like that are literally just one more 100% fictional attempt by the MSM crowd to *influence* the sheeple, not *report* actual news to them. Kind of like how Ron Paul was buried in 2008 and H. Ross Perot was buried in 1992. The idea is that many who would otherwise vote for these conservatives think “well he can’t win so it’s a throw-away vote” so they vote for the Cuckservative elite-approved candidate.

    There is no way that Ben Carson is even as close to Trump as the other polls (all of them) are showing. Ben Carson is an African, and the Republican party is the white man’s party. Enough have awoken, now, to realize this.

    A real poll would show that Trump leads the Republican contenders right now about 90% for Trump and 10% for all the rest combined (their particulars don’t matter). At worst it’s 80% for Trump, allowing for 20% to remain “goodwhite” brainwashed enemies of their own interests.

    Spirit’s shit is so transparent and he should know that the regular readers here are not even close to falling for his bullshit. Spirit, the sheeple are not here on CH’s page, bro.


    • One way they squid ink is by polling “likely voters”, aka people who have donated and voted for cuckservative establishment candidates in the past. They’re not polling people who sat out previous elections but are voting now, likely to be all Trump supporters. I registered repub. a few months ago so I can vote for Trump in a primary, I’ve never heard a peep from a pollster.

      I don’t think he’s at 80 or 90%, but I really believe these polls undersell Trump support by at least 10-15%, and the pollsters know it because they’re fucking shills.


    • Exactly… and these “polls” have been that way for over two decades now.

      (((shakin’ mah haid))) that anyone would put any sort of stock in ’em, except to see which way the MSM wind is blowing the waft of kefiltre fish.


  46. Passion and charisma win elections. It helps to hit issues that people care about.

    If Obama could win two elections on charisma while being against everything that is America, then Trump can definitely win on charisma while standing for everything that is America.


  47. Every liberal wears a sign : Please help me to feel not racist.


  48. The campus BLM movement is a tantrum against absent fathers and single mothers.

    The liberal university is their single mom, hence the histrionics and fecal fixations. They are screaming for a strong daddy to show up with a belt and whup they asses. Since none will appear the tantrums are increasing in volume.

    Best demand so far : more “conversations” about race. Blacks hate liberal whites. Blacks love to confront liberal whites on race so they can watch them squirm. Since they are flunking their classes this is one arena where they can excel.


    • The BLM movement is a cookie – cutter Marxist agitprop organization. Right down to the lesbian, woc leader. Same rhetoric; same symbolism. These fuckers are too lazy to even come up with their own shit.

      Bought and paid for political rabble – rousers.


      • More rabble than rousing.


      • One only needs to look at the lessons of Antioch to see where this ominous trend is taking liberal colleges. The one-two punch of racial grievance signaling and radical feminism proved fatal in that case.


    • You have that right Elmer. I predict that within a generation, the liberal arts will be recruiting people to get anyone to listen to their Marxist Boiler plate nonsense. Colleges are having their last hurrah except for STEM and maybe business.


      • Even STEM and business students are required to take some shitliberal arts classes to get their degrees. They’re called “general education requirements.” The intent of these requirements is to produce a “well-rounded” student, which is to say a well-indoctrinated student. Look for these requirements to be expanded in the future, possibly even up to the point of requiring STEM and business majors to take a whole minor in some shitliberal arts subject.


      • on November 21, 2015 at 7:39 am The Spirit Within

        The Atlantic predicted that half of the nation’s 3000 four-year colleges and universities could go bankrupt within the next 15 years.


      • My local state university has already added “diversity” course requirements for all students.


      • My local state university has already added “diversity” course requirements for all students.

        Same with the community college district where I’m currently pursuing my associate’s degree. There are a number of different classes that can be taken to fulfill the cultural diversity requirement. Some of them are the in-your-face stuff like black studies or women’s studies but others seem relatively innocuous like “the art of storytelling” or “Arizona geography.” It’s almost as if the person who was making the diversity course list knew that the diversity requirement was bullshit and wanted to give real students like me an easy way out of it. I’m sure that will change, though. as the shitlib cultural Marxists consolidate their power.


  49. on November 20, 2015 at 4:23 pm gunslingergregi

    now if trump would line up a thousand white woman raped by blacks and illegals and mehicans might be able to ship them all out


    • on November 20, 2015 at 4:24 pm gunslingergregi

      daylong event every day of white woman telling their story and ya never run out
      would make people insane and frothing at the mouth perhaps


  50. on November 20, 2015 at 5:59 pm gunslingergregi

    actually if abortion clinics didn’t get blown up yea anything can probably be done and nothing gonna happen really
    i only marched in pro life rally
    but did i stop doctors from killing babies no


    • on November 20, 2015 at 6:05 pm gunslingergregi

      ok i get the lib hate of lower caste whites now in not stepping up and doing something more since they had less to lose


    • on November 20, 2015 at 6:15 pm gunslingergregi

      can ya wonder why people might be fucked up the sheer pile of shit that has been heaped on people for so long
      yea woman are prob fucked up how many walking around have carried out a death setence on their own baby that some pretty stone cold shit of course that is going to affect their life
      the amount of men that cold is low
      what 20 percent of new soldiers even shoot to kill the enemy but 100 percent of woman who go to get an abortion succeed in killing a baby
      pretty hardcore


  51. Scrolling through this comments thread, I see many chumps who are going to be really let down when reality asserts itself.

    I have to really hand it to CH. He’s gotten himself a mighty fine herd to run over the cliff.


    • The cliff might be only a hill.


      • If people can keep internet communities in proportion, it might only be a hill with pillows at the bottom, and we’ll all have a good laugh.

        …but if it’s a honey trap or a set-up for who to blame when some cheerleaders or churchgoers get dead, you might want to dust off your NAWNALT.


      • on November 21, 2015 at 4:17 am gunslingergregi

        nicole you been talking a lot about death in real terms not whats going on around the world whats up


      • Gunny, some stuff just takes me back. Things get stuck in your eyes that you can’t dig out with the best grapefruit spoon there is. So you keep them wide open thinking maybe if you see something new, it will push it out…but there is nothing new.


      • on November 21, 2015 at 7:29 am The Spirit Within

        …but if it’s a honey trap or a set-up for who to blame when some cheerleaders or churchgoers get dead, you might want to dust off your NAWNALT.

        Yeah, I’ve stated this before, but Heartiste is picking up some bad karma whenever a nutjob like Dylann Roof goes off in the U.S. Nobody can track H’s influence easily, but there’s no reason not to assume that Roof wasn’t reading these hate-posts.

        The proprietors were just desperate for an audience, invited the WNs, and now the sheeple who congregate in these comments (with few exceptions) are in love with feeling victimized. As a tall white guy on the far right end of society’s bell curve with a history of success, I can’t for one minute share that feeling.

        [CH: you don’t want to go down this road, fucker. that blade is sharpened on both sides.]


      • on November 21, 2015 at 11:57 am gunslingergregi

        im thinking three quarters of the posters are paid too is that a lowball figure ya think?
        msexceptiontotherule i think was which was interesting
        i think what ya have is people that are not even real talking shit lol


      • on November 21, 2015 at 11:58 am gunslingergregi

        and i talked to her on the phone for a few hours


      • @TSW, well again, you were raised to deal with conflict as a normal part of life, not to get insecure about any conflict, and latch onto avoidance schemes by default, much less fatal ones. I have theories about that, and why some on the right learn to cope, and get what they want from life and people, while others want to be coddled and consistently fail to create security…making them just as full of crap as the currently mainstreamed left. Part of the problem is the mainstream itself. When the right was the mainstream, it was just as damaging and vulnerable to hair brained schemes from the elite on how to solve “the problem”…

        The difference was that the times when there was no argument against segregation also coincided with times of greater individual sovereignty. Looking over some events from various raids of predominately European and predominately African areas in the U.S. riots that were basically the result of shit stirred by the government, and what was going on politically otherwise during those times, it’s very clear that some things were a distraction or bait. The Tulsa race riot, for instance, was obviously a set up by local law enforcement and the federal government, and much more about prohibition than it was about race…though the local Europeans didn’t quite catch that.

        Now today, they’re still basically using us against each other to further their agenda, which is basically the removal of everyone’s civil liberties. These numbskulls just don’t get that they don’t have to like whoever they don’t want to like, but the last thing they should do is be tools. I’m not going to fight with my fellow citizens just because Uncle Sam wants to keep us divided on crucial issues where we should be united, by throwing all sorts of non issues or not very crucial issues at us to trigger a panic reaction.

        I half think that they brought in a bunch of Muslims because they didn’t successfully trigger a race war between Africans and Europeans. The terrorists among them can’t do any more damage to the government than the ones we already have, but they can organize well enough to cause enough civilian casualties among the proles to create convenient conflicts that can be used to justify a growing police state.

        So even if I hated the living shit out of Europeans, I wouldn’t start targeting you today. It would be playing into their hands. I wish I could convince every African criminal in the States to purposefully avoid Europeans…but I guess people who aren’t law abiding don’t care much about civil liberties.

        @CH, why not go there? It is a legit question under the circumstances. Someone as politically and racially aware as yourself…it’s strange that you wouldn’t understand where the line is. Knowing as much as you do about social dynamics, how could you let your own blog become a petri dish of Milgram cases in point?

        My conclusion is that you’re doing it on purpose, because blind, you are not.

        Everybody here with half a brain rattling in their skull understands that though the mainstream may be blank slatists, the elite are most certainly not…and that they will use their understanding of HBD against us. They will exploit the desperate hopeless criminality of African Americans, and the paranoid criminality of European Americans to their ends.

        I would like to know why you pretend not to understand that you, a supposed member of the far right, have been taken into account, and that they are banking on exactly this type of reaction from you. Why are you playing the game? What is in it for you?


      • on November 21, 2015 at 2:51 pm gunslingergregi

        but if it’s a honey trap or a set-up for who to blame when some cheerleaders or churchgoers get dead, you might want to dust off your NAWNALT””””””’

        i certainly wouldn’t kill church goers or cheerleaders but i did think about taking out about 9 drug kingpins in my city
        but thought about it and someone else would do their job
        so yea kind of pointless
        better to just get the fuck out let people live their lives
        people prob need the fucking drugs to deal with what is being done to them


      • As a tall white guy on the far right end of society’s bell curve with a history of success, I can’t for one minute share that feeling.

        Please… I can hear your toes curling as you wrote that.


      • Revelation tells us that one third of flesh will perish, come The Day.

        Wha choo gonna do? Call God a NAH-ZEE and a RAY-CISS?

        You simps disgust me.


      • Greg, if you’re going all Revelation, then the U.S. could be the whore of Babylon, and you’re one of those mourning that the debauchery and decadence has come back to bite you in the ass.

        One thing that is very clear is that none of what’s happening now came out of nowhere. Now you can continue to blame me and other African Americans for your whore party being over, or you can roll up your sleeves, suck it up, and start working on building a future beyond self pity. It’s your choice.


      • As C.S. Lewis once said, we’re waging a guerrilla war until the rightful owner returns…

        So you can take your blasphemous snark, shove it where no man wants to go, and enjoy the hospitality of the world that feeds you while you bite its hand while it lasts, n1gger.


      • And with his/her/its latest comment The Strapon Within only confirms I was 100% right to say I hate him.

        Tall white guy? probably not true ( more likely a mullato female ) but assuming it is true, you’d only fall harder if I had the chance to punch you in the face.

        The mold-that-grows-on-vomit Within that you are.


      • …and Greg, you can take your impotent rage to your box sized very fathomable desert demon, because he might give a shit.


      • on November 22, 2015 at 8:47 pm gunslingergregi

        Knowing as much as you do about social dynamics, how could you let your own blog become a petri dish of Milgram cases in point?””””””””’

        that is not the case with this blog though

        ”””””””Agency theory says that people will obey an authority when they believe that the authority will take responsibility for the consequences of their actions. This is supported by some aspects of Milgram’s evidence. For example, when participants were reminded that they had responsibility for their own actions, almost none of them were prepared to obey.””””’

        ch certainly will not be taking the blame
        and is not an authority figure
        people know they would be responsible for their own actions


        that does bring up interesting shit in response to why blacks are killing
        when the baltimore riots a real authority figure who did give them the ability to loot and burn and kill
        in telling the police to give them space
        same in fergussun right?
        so the blacks actually have the ability to believe that killing whites is sanctioned
        while white people who kill anyone or start burning shit are certainly put the fuck down

        the blacks are being trained that anything they do to anyone in a riot situation will be forgiven which is certainly a bad thing because they are being trained by the us government


      • on November 22, 2015 at 8:49 pm gunslingergregi

        got a post on the milgram thing but the us is has given blacks permission in riots to do whatever they want and trained them that it is ok

        this block is not referenced by milgram because people know they would be taking responsibility for their own actions


      • …and Greg, you can take your impotent rage to your box sized very fathomable desert demon, because he might give a shit.

        Calling the Most High, the Creator of the Universe, a desert demon, as if He were a mere minion of Satan… there’s n1gger arrogance for you.

        Beware, harridan… there is one sin that will never be forgiven:
        Mark 3:28-30

        If any minion of Satan returns to her own vomit, like a dog, it’s you, negress.


    • Negress,please.


    • It looks like all upside to me. At worst we get a pay-to-play mafia-style government by Hillary continuing the declining trend line of Obama. So what, that’s what we were ordered to swallow before.

      Actually, I can even see some advantage to Hillary. Maybe she can start collecting funding from AIPAC so they get to have a voice in the new regime, just like everyone else. Make the money flow in the right direction. And I’ll laugh uncontrollably when she blows a gasket at some point (that means another stroke) and everyone scrambles to remember who’s the VP. I’d love to see Trump troll the hell out of her in some election debates before that, though.


  52. So the goat humper known here as ho goes into the pitful hajji mode once more. WTF else is new ?
    You is the huge faggot , not Mel. Everybody but obviously knows that.

    Allah refers to the OT God, you moron.”
    I don’t think so, Abu. Yaweh is what he was called most of the time . Allah was the most high god of that wretched cube you love so much amongst other pagan gods/ godesses .Does al-manat and uzza ring a bell with you ,Usay ? Your phony assed “prophet ” spake of them as “intercessors”. There ain’t but one way, hoss. You damn sure ain’t gonna get there with the murderous kiddie diddlin’ Mo. You got me ,Said ?


    • You are all Pagans. You just don’t know it. Yahweh was a desert war God that was adopted by some Canaanites who were becoming monotheistic. They mashed all the Gods of the region into one, and the names of Gods who weren’t the general El became epithets. Elohim is plural because it is literally plural. Yahweh is God like Shango is God, or Olodumare in some African languages.

      So it’s not wrong to call him Allah, Yahweh/Jehova, Olodumare, Mawu, whatever, so long as you’re not dumb enough to elevate one aspect into being all-encompassing. It would be arrogant to do so, partly for the same reason that a hammer isn’t the right tool for every job, but mostly because the human mind can’t possibly fathom the All-God.


      • The Hindu scriptures called the Upanishads are much, much older than anything in the west. The ideas at the core are radically monotheistic (the Atman) despite there being millions of gods within Hinduism.
        And, no doubt, the writers of Upanishads shamelessly copied the ideas of much, much older sources. Who got their ideas from some really old sources…The Neanderthals.


      • Ol’ Rum beating the usual war drum for his loved Neaderthals.

        Maybe the fact that the Upanishads were written by the original Aryans, who knew the Sky Father and true soul, or that which was ‘breathed’ into Man by the Most High (Atmen, not coincidentally, means ‘breath’ in the Indo-European roots of the language, and in such tongues as German to this day) rather than the Earth Mother and multifarious ‘nature’ lesser gods of the Dravidian hordes over whom they lorded…

        … it all explains the CRO-MAGNON (i.e., true human) origins of Whites and the concept of ONE true God, Creator of the entire Universe.


      • Mister Elliot
        So, you agree that fundamental religious concepts are really, really old — vastly older than any of the known “Scriptures” that get quoted as if they were somehow foundational and that silly people compare as to priority, etc. when they are all totally derivative of older traditions.
        The funnest thing about argue-ing about pre-history is that it is hard to be proven wrong.


      • Everyone agrees that the various mythologies of Mankind harken back to Truth and Knowledge that have been either bastardized or half-forgotten…

        … but this does not mean Scripture is a late-comer per se, as in therefore it must be considered “invented” from previous myth.

        Scripture itself tells us that it serves as a revealing of God’s Word to Man, and it occurs according to His Will and Time Plan…

        Indeed, Revelation itself says there are further Scriptures yet to be revealed… and which will be opened, when the “meat in due season” is ready for digestion by Mankind, as it were.


      • Ha!
        My family has its own feast day in the Book of Common Prayer (North American Edition) along side the Virgin Mary and Hildegard von Bingen.
        Process Theology has been more or less the main family business for the last hundred + years — along with private banking, oil exploration, and some other things I should not mention.


  53. They bleed for a week every month and the body don’t die. The souls they have cleans you out of everything you got and do their damn best to send you to hell where they get to ride you more.


  54. Scrolling through this comments thread, I see many chumps who are going to be really let down when reality asserts itself.

    I have to really hand it to CH. He’s gotten himself a mighty fine herd to run over the cliff ”
    Negress, please. You don’t really want to hear much less feel the effect that we honkies are gonna inflict on your tribe. THIS IS NOT A THREAT , BUT A PROMISE HAS BEEN GIVEN UNTO YOU. Be glad you are in Yehudaland, ’cause TSHTF TIME IS COMIN’ HERE,And it ‘s a real short time, savvy ?


    • Hey, you don’t have to convince me that European Americans are, by and large, sheep who will stampede over the guilty and the innocent indiscriminately when the government sets up a scapegoat. I know my history. Most humans are like this.

      The only difference is, John, that Africans and Native Americans don’t deceive ourselves about it. For that matter, nor do the Japanese, the Chinese…

      You seem to be the only people in the world who expect people to like you for treating them like shit, and get angry if they don’t. The social aspects are more important to you than even the resource payoff. You don’t care that you’re screwing yourselves and your children so long as the people who don’t like you are dead. I doubt you’ve ever experienced much real discrimination or violence from Africans. It’s just that we don’t show you deference that you believe you are entitled to.

      …and for this, we must all pay with our lives. Not enough of us danced a jig on command for you, and not enough of us kissed your ass, and not enough of us tell you that you are right and we should all volunteer to be your slaves or slash our wrists because we are African. Boo hoo.

      I can’t judge you too harshly though. This is just one of those things that makes you the stereotypical oversensitive European…but while you’re fantasizing the apocolypse with blood flowing in the streets, your government will be laughing all the way to the bank no matter how many niggers you kill. In fact, they would probably let the shit happen just to get rid of some of us and have some dead bodies to feed their multicultural narrative, and then have a nice trial for those of you dumb enough to go on a killing spree on crazy bitch “logic”.

      At the end of the race war, you will not only still be a slave, you would be even more of one than you are now.


      • on November 21, 2015 at 2:15 pm gunslingergregi

        yea mosby obviously a plant
        i think it is more like we see the shit about to hit the fan because places like fergusun and if all places in us are becoming fergusen how do we defend ourselves from that happening on a national scale and the drugs that are fucking people up being distibuted by the blacks


      • on November 21, 2015 at 2:18 pm gunslingergregi

        there is nowhere that whites are hitting blacks really but evidense that black areas become completely non white
        and ya got to wonder how that happens not every white had the capability to leave more than likely so theory could be put forward that they were killed off
        now if there are growing areas everywhere you look becoming black areas then what the fuck do ya do but be prepared to defend yourself


      • on November 21, 2015 at 2:20 pm gunslingergregi

        ok maybe gentrificfation

        but people are talking abuot the mehicans cleansing the blacks from their areas but yet blacks have been killing whites at a higher rate than mehicans killing blacks and nobody really talking about how blacks have been cleansing whites


      • on November 21, 2015 at 2:23 pm gunslingergregi

        or like in fergussun the pic ya never see is the pic of white men outside their stores with guns defending them
        why wasen’t that shown
        instead got the asian pics as usual
        which is cool they did that
        it just shows when shit does hit the fan that when you are prepared to defend yourself you prob won’t have to kill but if not then anything can be done to you


      • on November 21, 2015 at 2:39 pm gunslingergregi

        At the end of the race war, you will not only still be a slave, you would be even more of one than you are now.”””””””””

        there is a race war it is blacks against passive whites
        white on black murder is almost none
        its like blacks are shooting fish in a barrel
        ya got to go to where reality is
        look at the reality on the ground people have been and are scared shitless they gonna be the next casualty of blacks
        my friend from high school shot in head by black trying to join a gang
        yea it hits home for a lot of people
        two university students that moved into the house i lived in and killed in the woods took their atm card and vehicle and parked it in front of their own house
        you don’t think with the sheer volume of murders of whites for no reason other than a few hundred bucks is gonna affect people when done over 200,000 times
        at the end of the one sided race war at current trends there will be no whites

        ””” In fact, they would probably let the shit happen just to get rid of some of us and have some dead bodies to feed their multicultural narrative,”””””’

        yea obviously they have let it happen and nothing whites can do about it really
        that aren’t in power and the ones in power making money off of it


      • on November 21, 2015 at 2:45 pm gunslingergregi

        allthough i guess blacks are the new manufacturing jobs for a lot of whites
        so maybe could reframe as shipping jobs around the us since they shipped the actual manufacturing jobs out
        could just say they are a job safety hazard start having even more jobs created for eqaulity safety administration


      • on November 21, 2015 at 2:47 pm gunslingergregi

        yea as a connected white yea ya make a killin in money off the blacks as a regular joe white you get killed by the blacks


      • on November 21, 2015 at 3:03 pm gunslingergregi

        dude that got shot in head while doing security in black area for minimum wage was friend of friend but yea i hung out with the dude some
        dude in my high school i wrestled with just od and died had lots of loot in family didn’t really matter apparently
        another friend homeless crackhead so he prob be dieing in not too long
        a time lasting longer than the rich dude lol which means dude with loot prob got killed
        i know i didn’t hear about drugs from the blacks on the basketball court when young but now they all seem to deal
        so what happens whoever in charge decided to double down and multiply this affect across the whole usa so all the crime stats become the same and ya can’t point to any small town that doesn’t have a high murder rate


      • on November 21, 2015 at 3:04 pm gunslingergregi

        dude i met with my name hard motherfucker from what i heard
        od dead
        brother of a chick i know and went to state fair with od dead


      • on November 21, 2015 at 3:23 pm gunslingergregi

        which i liked her was a good chick buddy and met her brother and family stayed in her families camper
        at the fair and then she moved out after his death


      • on November 21, 2015 at 3:43 pm gunslingergregi

        yea lighting a fire under whites asses to get em motivated seems to of worked brain drain in those areas those who can escape do short term but lets hope when that fire covers 99 percent of us that it doesn’t burn down


      • on November 21, 2015 at 6:03 pm gunslingergregi

        i think if they would of had a war on drugs like the war on iraq it would solve some of the shit
        people would have to come up with something else to do if every drug dealer got killed


      • on November 21, 2015 at 6:07 pm gunslingergregi

        oh forgot about the dude stabbed downtown and killed that came back to live in his parents house like i did
        all whites though
        i actually dont know a black that got killed or od’d
        but i know of some blacks who did killing after i left this town


      • on November 21, 2015 at 6:24 pm gunslingergregi

        You don’t care that you’re screwing yourselves and your children so long as the people who don’t like you are dead.”””””””’

        but that is how blacks are acting against whites not the other way around
        yea your scared whites might eventually do something but probably not
        they seem to kill themselves rather than deal with the blacks
        and the ones like you said who try to do anything yea they are killed either like the dude three houses down who prob tried to help a white chick getting knocked the fuck out by her black boyfriend

        but yea all that crap you wrote and didn’t really have an answer as to why large sections of chicago is completely nonwhite

        so you got thoughts about some white nationalist but clearly there are none because black clearly shitting on whites and whites clearly waiting for the establishment to save em but it just ain’t happening

        just turning into non white areas

        obviously your solution would be to ignore it and talk about something else
        just like my town is only worried about police killing a black and ending up another fergussun when ya read the minutes of town meeting lol

        so i guess ya had one idea but whites are fucking afraid they are scared they are dieing in real life

        ””””””””not enough of us tell you that you are right because we are African.””””””””””””

        every african i have talked to has told me i am right so then what do ya say it kind of blows your mind


      • on November 21, 2015 at 6:26 pm gunslingergregi

        it kind of actually makes me wonder if you are actually black or have lived around blacks


      • You don’t care that you’re screwing yourselves and your children so long as the people who don’t like you are dead.”””””””’

        but that is how blacks are acting against whites not the other way around

        And gunny, in his inimitable way, gets to the gist of the matter, namely: the bizarro-world projection of our resident harridan in particular, and her ilk in general, wherein YT is the predator and Dindu Nuffin the victim.


      • @Gunny, the mainstream media cannot be trusted. Period.

        You can’t trust it when it’s showing you what will make you feel like a victim and then not trust it when it’s trying to make you look like a bully. You just can’t trust it.

        Statistics also only tell you what is known. When there are many unknown facts and factors, you should read them carefully. Humans tend to favor order, and fill in the blanks when the devil is in the details.

        Another important thing to remember is that different demographic groups and classes got very different education. Some things are written in a way that you had to have a certain upbringing or education to get them. Segregation still exists, but it is different…more subtle than it used to be, but not very.

        Now, consider this: the average African American is raised and educated to be wary of European Americans. We mostly have it hammered into us from infancy that you cannot be trusted, and that your being friendly is a facade. Those of us who have European American friends are basically just waiting for them to fuck up. When they do, we’re not even shocked because we were warned.

        So of course, we’re going to be victimized by European Americans, as far as violent crimes and the like, at a markedly lower rate. When you are taught that you are surrounded by potential enemies, and hostile or inept people from among the enemy group are there to validate that teaching, you are on your guard, and behaving defensively.

        The average European American is taught a kind of learned helplessness. You get the rainbow equalist education. I don’t have to explain that to you because you know.

        So European Americans have their natural prejudices educated out of them. Rarely are many of you around enough African Americans to see any who are not striving, the same as you. Most of you will see the African American at work or in school. Bonus, kids are taught next to nothing in school about anthropology, group dynamics, etc.

        Anthropology, group dynamics, and western culture that displays the variety of perspectives and teaches valuable lessons about how to recognize a real enemy, manage people, not fall into over emotionality…those you only get if you went to a private school that provides an elitist education, or your parents or a mentor exposed you to these things.

        So most people of any ethnicity in the U.S. are flying blind in their way, and this affects their worldview and the experiences they will chase. It will shape priorities, and leave some people sitting ducks or voluntary victims.

        Someone can’t rape or murder you if you’re not around them. It’s hard for them to rape or murder you if you are a bad target. Predators pick the easier targets, not the harder ones.

        So a big part of the reason European Americans victimize African Americans less often is because the targets simply aren’t there (we’re only maybe 12% of the population), and the rest is that we expect you to be monsters, so we’re generally not putting ourselves in harm’s way.

        Then there is the fact of anomic behavior. Every ethnicity engages in it when they can, but an actual criminal who has been educated to view some people as default enemies is simply going to victimize them more often.

        It’s not that African Americans have more money than European Americans, or more political power or more freedom. It’s just that we’ve been educated differently, and in a way that makes our criminals more of a danger to you than yours are to us when it comes to person to person violent crime.

        It is a person’s fault if they commit a crime against someone, but it’s not African Americans who raised European Americans to have suicidal naivete. We don’t run your schools. We don’t raise your kids…and notice that back when it was normal for many of us to be raising your kids, you were victimized a lot less. 😉


      • on November 22, 2015 at 12:53 am gunslingergregi

        yea greg it is literally amazing


      • I don’t care about love or respect from Ubangi’s, Nicole. I didn’t make your tribe’s mess, ( This also goes for the mythical “good ” hajji’s ) But you can damn sure bet we will clean it up. Stay tuned.


      • I know, John, you don’t need anyone’s respect because people treat those they disrespect so well in this world. Yep.

        I am doing my best for my people, but that doesn’t excuse you from doing your best for yours…and I’m sorry, but playing into the elite’s hands isn’t going to do either of us any good. If you want a future for European children, then you need to start thinking about that future and building that future.

        African Americans are not the threat to that future. The apathy of your people is.


    • …and in Greg’s bizarro world, threats of indiscriminate violence are supposed to be answered with immediate apologies and submission.

      You got some sick fantasy life there, Greg.

      That Muslim cum must be affecting your brain.


      • on November 22, 2015 at 2:11 am gunslingergregi

        all ive wanted to do main goal for the last 4 and half years is get back to my wife
        and get away from being surrounded by people who have to be afraid all the time of anything


      • Gunny, I have a comment stuck in moderation that basically tells you why the crime is not completely, but more one-sided than could be merely coincidental.

        Basically, it’s not like Africans are hard to pick out of a crowd. If you don’t put yourself in harm’s way, and make it clear that you’re willing to defend yourself and others around you, you’re less likely to be victimized.

        You can’t really have a multikult from one direction, overemphasis on individualism from another, broken families and communities from another, delusions of grandeur that don’t match reality from another, and be safe from crime. It just doesn’t happen.

        If you want a world where people can be blind and safe at the same time, then this one isn’t it. You have to know how you’re being played, and beat the game. African Americans never had the luxury of ignorance in this, and this is why African Americans are not considered good targets by outsiders.

        Every time one of us slips up, we get hanged, set on fire, shot by neighborhood watch, conveniently dead by police…The numbers may not be as high, but they are significant enough to teach the rest of us not to sleep on y’all. That’s just what happens when you sit on people. If they survive, they get stronger and smarter. So now we’re stronger, and smart enough to know not to get too cozy with unproven others. You should be the same.


      • Big-mouthed negress making her usual non sequitur weak sister snark in the attempt to save her fat face… and with the usual dollop of n1gger filth and down-low innuendo.

        Save if for your father,. Whore of Babble-On… assuming you even know who he is.


      • on November 22, 2015 at 3:11 pm gunslingergregi

        i think nicole just got a little bit mad when i said i could prob get a white woman to kill drug dealing nogs since thats kind of original theory he he he
        cause black men supposed to be magical to white woman and that kind of puts a bit of a chink in that armour
        her armour that white woman want to be around blacks might not be correct
        i mean they got to have drugs to get em so uhh yea no magical negros really
        while me a white man can take the white woman out of that shit and not give her drugs and can still get her offering escape from the nogs who are why she doing drugs to numb in the first place
        isen’t that the purpose of nogs white flight
        but people try to act like the white woman left behind want to live like that
        probably not they just try to help their families and shit and be heroic as they can but all the whites with the high intelligence and ability leave so it kind of makes it harder when to whites they think it will help passing more laws the blacks don’t care about after they get hit with the first one and make the whites the actual ones getting fucked up by them


      • Gunny, if there are any White folks left 100 years from now, every town in which they hold sway will have a street or town square that bears your name.


      • Every time one of us slips up, we get hanged, set on fire, shot by neighborhood watch, conveniently dead by police…

        Disingenuous nigga, PUH-LEEZE!!!

        If every time one of you people got caught and punished for nigging, the streets of most major metropolitan areas would be ankle deep in black blood.

        The numbers may not be as high,

        I thought you just said “every time”… :usual duckface

        but they are significant enough to teach the rest of us not to sleep on y’all.

        The fact that they’re NOT significant in number, yet shouted to the skies by the MSM, proves y’all can go back to bed, rather than roam the streets at night.

        That’s just what happens when you sit on people. If they survive, they get stronger and smarter. So now we’re stronger, and smart enough to know not to get too cozy with unproven others. You should be the same.

        Lawd, it just never ends… and when we do try to take measures not to get cozy around negroes, the cries of NAH-ZEE, RAY-CISS, KKK echo throughout the land.

        If y’all have gotten so strong and smart, what dafug are you doing hanging in a society where y’all are supposedly hard-pressed and put-upon by YT?

        Woman, YOU don’t even believe your own bullshit… I gotta believe you’re just here for the smack-down, like some girl that just wants to feel something/anything, lest she stay alone in her room, cutting herself.


      • Greg, once you decided that you’re all about the ridicule, you kind of opted out of serious discussion. I just can’t be arsed. You’re not adding anything productive, just clucking from the sidelines.


      • Deflection and avoidance once again noted, harpy.


  55. Spirit Within knows his shit on this subject.
    Yeh . he/she / it is an expert.
    Expert, knows nothing about all things, and all things about nothing..
    It don’t get more plainer and as simple as this..


  56. Dilbert might be among the few who can fight Islamic terrorism:

    “Linguistic Kill Shot: DAESH fighters are genetic dead-enders fighting to spread the genes of their leaders. And they are succeeding.”

    Read more: http://blog.dilbert.com/post/133596339051/daesh-linguistic-kill-shot#ixzz3s8hFdhlU


  57. There’s a local personality here named Don Schrader who strikes me as similar to The Spirit Within. He is well spoken and thoughtful. Sometimes when I drive through Little Mexico on my way to work I will see him trudging along clad only in a loincloth and funky “rasta” hat. I have given him a lift a few times as I know him through a mutual friend. He used to stand naked in front of the local air base with a sign “Nuclear Weapons Are Obscene”.


  58. The D-party is a dying breed. The reason they’re stuck in the 1960s is because they’re all OLD. Hillary must be 64 and Sanders is over 70. If they draft the fake blonde Indian she’s over 60 too. Kerry and Algore are also over 60. These fuckers used to brag about being the party of youth up until Reagan was President, but now they’re the Metamucil Old Folks Home for ex-hippies.


  59. That retweeted confession by Peter Hitchens will be court evidence in the upcoming trials for being party to the commission of the crime of genocide. Hitchens, being a repentant criminal, will be offered a plea bargain in exchange for testimony against all of his former co-conspirators.


  60. on November 21, 2015 at 1:23 pm gunslingergregi

    if ya actually read this thread for comprehension it is insane