When A Hot Woman Slips The Cold Shiv

In your travels across the landscape of women, you will encounter a few ice queens who play the soulkill game as well as any sociopathic man. The first exquisite experience with such a woman leaves one breathless with awe; the second experience invites reciprocal devilry.

I’m not saying e-eeevil women will carve you up with as much dramatic poise as Nicole Kidman does in this scene from Eyes Wide Shut, but I am saying these kinds of women exist and the flair they possess for digging deep to the male id and serrating it (usually after fellating it) is a power that would reduce most beta males (and some alpha males) to whimpering self-doubt or reckless vengeful rage.

Pop quiz for those aspiring to Amused Mastery Level of Alpha Maleness:

Given a similar situation, how would you respond to a lover pulling the “Check out my merciless female hypergamy” shiv on you? I know what I’d do. Let her finish her monologue, wait a beat for the moment to grow flush with threatening potential, grin, sit back in bed, and say “Cool story babe”. Better yet, if I were drunk and hadn’t the mental storage space for cutting quips, I’d get up midway through her speech and leave unceremoniously, as if the noise of her voice was giving me a headache.

To respond with fury or hurt would be perceived as her victory; calm dismissal is a tried and true shiv parry that enervates even the most sadistically charged thrusts.


Via reader PA. This scene from Witches of Eastwick is a case study in how an alpha male steals the frame and totally deflates a bitchy woman’s stream of emasculating insults. Be Jack’s amused mastery, and then, when your antagonistic lover has had the wind knocked out of her shivvy sails, go on the offense until her former snarling attack posture is reduced to a quivering crouch of passivity.


  1. Still waiting on the news and talk radio circuit to discuss how Ray Rice’s wife married him a mere 8 weeks after he put his right fist into her jaw so hard he knocked her out cold. Now his wife is up with a video on the internet explaining why she “Loves him.”

    This country has gone full white knight defending this chick from “Ray”


    • Speaking of him…is it REALLY more “alpha” to take shit like from Nicole Kidman and have a witty response as the BEST you can do? Oh yeah, THAT’ll show her? lol

      Ray Rice game is more alpha, basically IDGAF bitch…who is more alpha, the man who HAS to make a witty response? A woman would know better than to go Kidman on Ray Rice. She’d show respect and keep it to herself.


      • that was my feeling ..throwing her out a window..to beta?


      • If a wife talked like Nicole Kidman in that video, it’s time for a divorce.

        On a side note, as interesting as it was to see Tribe member Kubrick tell the audience that yes, there is an establishment (Kubrick generally tried to stay away from the rest of the Hollywood apparatus, by as much as possible not employing people that were part of their circles), that movie was long-winded and boring, I have to say. So many things that did nothing to move the story forward, just being about random sex or talk about sex. Too bad.

        Is it “alpha” to beat a woman? It is neither alpha nor beta or omega as such. You need to learn what alpha really is. For that purpose I recommend having a social circle and going on dates.


      • “that movie was long-winded and boring”

        but we all remember it. just like stranglove, 2001, clockwork and the shining.

        movies these days are forgotten before people even get out of the theater.

        those that saw 2001 in the theaters in ’68 had their minds BLOWN WIDE OPEN. best film ending EVER.

        spielberg used to send him his movies to preview before the studio heads even saw them. when kubrick didn’t reciprocate, spielberg called and asked why. kubrick said, “because you’re you and I’m me.”


    • on September 9, 2014 at 1:16 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

      Maybe she wants to do what Kobe’s wife did. Hang around for a decade more so that he earns more money and then divorce. On the other hand, she seems to be stupid, much like all women who are physically aggressive with men. I can’t say I would punch a woman, but she did deserve to be slapped silly based on her body language and the like.


    • The smart man divorces a bitch before he hits her. Hold your temper, show state control, then move on and away. Otherwise, the heavy hand of the state will descend on you.

      Too bad about another marriage dissolved that could have been saved with some physical male dominance, but that’s the way the feminists want it.

      Note that my comments on the prior post were about the aphrodisiacal properties of spanking – not about slugging a woman in anger.

      That said, Darrel Van Horne was the only character by Updike that I liked. I once moved to an area near where the book and the movie were set and met three woman who immediately brought to mind the Three Witches. Only banged one of them though.


    • A lip reader should supply the missing dialog.

      For Mrs. Rice initiated the event with her tart mouth, no doubt.

      She has even alluded to doing so.

      As for Ray, he was responding in a classically Black manner.

      I can’t really condemn the man until I know how she punched his buttons.

      There can be no question that she verbally provoked him.

      Intra-familial violence — among Blacks and Samoans — is sky high by White norms.

      Every police blotter in the nation is loaded up with spouse battery complaints from these two ethnic blocs. Many tales are simply astounding. They don’t make the news; they’re too common.

      What most Whites don’t appreciate is that half the time it’s the WIFE that has initiated the battery! Everything from frying pans to dough rollers is set to work.

      Because most men are embarrassed to phone the cops, the only evidence that his woman beat him silly is his emergency room medical record. Typically the husband/ lover will concoct some tale about a bar fight or some garage equipment mishap.

      More than a few guys have had their peckers cut clean off. It makes the news. Yet, when was the last time you’ve heard of a woman having her tits cut?


      • I remember waking up one day with a splitting headache. I had worked a double shift the day before and needed some sleep before I returned to work and only had 8 hours to get what I could.

        My wife at the time had thrown a wooden rocking chair on my head while I slept.


      • She threw a rocking chair at your head, while you slept? Holy crap. That could be considered attempted murder.


    • The greatest threat to humanity is Jews and Indian hindus


      • on September 10, 2014 at 9:51 am Paki_Infestation

        What do we have here, a paki troll trying to shift the spotlight from all the Paki-Mozzie ‘grooming’ in the UK?

        Dont let facts get in the way, moron..


        and yeah, NO Country has accurate numbers on rapes cause, duh! Figure out how many women just dont want the ‘shame’ or be subject to all the lovely publicity..


  2. […] When A Hot Woman Slips The Cold Shiv […]


    • If you don’t know how to stand up for yourself and reject (& punish) disrespect, then you earned the said disrespect yourself, like Dr. Harford in the clip above.

      Then again, she only did dare to disrespect him because he was truly blind to the real nature of female hypergamy, and that made Alice pity him. She found him pathetic, which he was.

      Why would a woman live with that kind of a “dude”? He’s spineless.


  3. I would only be in a LTR with a woman already very familiar with the Red Pill and female psychology. So there would be no problem in me reclining and saying with a smile: “You hypergamous little slut! I told you that this kind of thing surfaces in many women – willing to abandon her husband, her lover, her children for the next best thing.” Heh.

    If a woman I barely knew and dated only shortly said that to me: “Yeah – I know women are totally cold sluts at heart. Now come here – I will give you the treatment you deserve my little slut.”

    A woman you barely know would hardly tell such a story, unless she wants to give some bad character reference.


    • You still think women are logical and that by telling her what she is doing that she will care. Start from page 1 and reread the book.


    • bust her in the chops for disrespecting you. Alpha trump.

      So many betas with their obsessions for trying to use IQ and witty repartee to avoid violence.

      [CH: civilized game reaps more rewards in the long-term.]


      • the fuck it does, CH, it produces over-worded pussies

        Who gets ass? Thugs. Warriors. Badasses. Not too long ago your grandpa would have slapped your grandma for getting out of line and she probably would have said thank you. Women are attracted to black men because they will KICK YOUR ASS without compunction. Women LIKE violence. It effing turns them on, just like danger does.

        You’re civilized like Bronson’s son in Death Wish. This entire SOCIETY is beta. Even the alphas are beta, fuckin feather boas and mind tricks to try to get laid to fill their own hollowness. How are these clowns any better than soulless women?

        Betas with sharp tongues are dysgenic.


      • but the make up sex aint as good


      • Women don’t like violence directed at themselves.

        It’s DOMINANCE that’s catnip.

        There are countless dominance displays that a man can — and should — use to keep his lover on her knees — fellating him.

        The most basic, primal, gambit is to lift her clean off the ground and haul her around like a doll. If you can do it one-handed — to the crotch — from behind, she’ll be quivering and juiced. Picking up heavy objects is a uniquely male power. Most lovers don’t execute this move. They should.

        Being vaulted into the sky drives an overwhelming signal to the lower brain stem. If you do this — clean out of the blue — be prepared for a gusher.

        NEVER punch a woman — wrestle with her. The anaconda move is hyper-male. Her upper body strength is a trivial fraction of a man’s. Should you pull her off her feet, cradle her like a doll, thence to sit on a sofa/ bed… you’ll be able to execute countless dominance moves.

        All of them hit her in the deep, reptilian, brain. Squeezing her rib cage — with yours — really hits her buttons.

        She may well shift over to a bondage and dominance screw-fest. The bondage, in this instance, being your grapple, your weight, your wrestling moves. Tart, demeaning, tramp-stylings can be thrown in.

        And, the optional spanking may really hit the spot. Women have big buns for a reason. Vigorous impacts there harken back to the ancient, animal-style copulation. Most women are SHOCKED at how erotic such dominance spankings are. They are especially erotic if administered to a bad girl by her father figure/ lover. They make her feel really young again — and horny as Hell.

        Trapping your lover with a hand-job — while still spanking her — as she’s trapped under your folded chest — may send the naughty, foul-mouthed, babe over the moon. Her redemption is only to be had by way of a full throated fellatio — on her knees. The tart consummation of which ends in a swallow — and an apology.

        Your only real risk is that she’ll act out more often so that you’ll continue to degrade her. You may have to adjust your regularly scheduled sex!


      • Agree 100% with Mr. Backchecking, especially about creating a craving in the female for more of the same.

        Again, prudence suggests leaving no physical evidence like scars or bruises on her body.


      • “wrestle with her.”

        agree. started doing this at 15. let her think she can hold her own then flip her on her back and pin her. she wants to be pinned.

        “the optional spanking may really hit the spot.”

        agree. i spank often and without warning or provocation. i leave handprints. she shows them to me and says “look what you did.” she blows me everyday.

        “They make her feel really young again — and horny as Hell.”

        agree. this is a key point. i treat her like a 15 year old girl. she is an emotional rollercoaster just as she should be. combine cycle game with dominance and pass shit tests with alpha coolness and she will be as horny as a 15 year old. if you let her grow up mentally the blowjobs will stop, the legs will close and all you’ll hear about is what she wants to buy next. women are materialistic cunts because we let them be. my 34 year old wife acts exactly like my soaking wet girlfriend did at 15. follows me around the house. initiates sex. drops to her knees on demand. never stops trying to please me. at the strip club with her a few weeks ago. guy sitting next to me leans over and says, “my wife would never come to a strip club. you’re living my dream.” indeed.


    • you’re thinking that a woman thinks and feels the same way a man does which is especially not true in the heat of the moment and her emotions are on the fritz….she won’t drop it and be like “you’re right, I am being hypergamous”

      The rationalizations will just be more outlandish. Been there, done that. Not necessarily full “red pill” in the internet sense but she was well aware of dominant/submissive roles, traditional, following my lead. In “those” moments she would rationalize it all and I’m just like “wtf is this nonsense”

      correct response is…”whatever” or silence. All this flamboyant ranting and raving they do is to illicit a response, it’s not like a man’s method of being rational/logical..”trying to make you understand a point” explanation. It’s “I will say XYZ and see how he reacts”. Like CH said here already, any big rageout is a victory. You’re a man and won’t pander to child like tantrums or fall to emotional manipulations.

      I’ve had 3 LTR girls get shitty with me and talk about “doctors” that were hitting on them or some such BS…first girl, I got shitty and spit nasty vile hate speech like a bitch would. After that one though I learned real fast, “whatever..let’s call em up, have him come over and I’ll tell him how great the 2 of you will hit it off” works like a charm…when you not only project you’re cool with it, but give a little extra effort to facilitate the indiscretions, or “upgrading,” that’s a jagged shiv right to the heart for the femmes. Dudes, I’ve see. That tells her you truly don’t give a flying fuck and puts a stop to the bullshit real fast. This is one of the biggest shit tests I think girls will pull…the ultra jealousy inciting test. If you pass, she’ll treat you like a king henceforth….what the idiot females who actually pull this shit test don’t realize….by that time you don’t want anything to do with her.


      don’t say a fuckin thing and toss her ass out, no woman spitting such filth to you as a man is worth a goddamn thing much less your valuable time and resources


      • Yep, this is when a girl fails her own shit test and you lose respect for her. I blame families filled with multi generational feminists. These girls have no healthy point of reference for how to treat or seduce a man when their moms and grand moms are also corrupted, so they resort to their most base, most child like tantrums.

        I’ve used silence before but will try your amplification thing next time.


      • The last thing put it correctly – a woman who is giving you shit like that while you are heavily invested in her is not worth a damn and the situation is too far gone. A LTR without kids can be ended. If she is your wife, you are fucked and need to up yourself and your Game a lot.

        And Red Pill women with whom you discuss various concepts are possible. My current LTR is such a one. She would never give me a story like that because she knows, that I would simply walk out. She is also much more conscious that I philander too much on the side. While she is funnily enough into threesomes and allows me a certain degree of discrete affairs. Her greatest fear is rather that I meet someone I fall in love with and simply leave her for a tighter younger piece of ass. I don’t even instill that Dread Game consciously. I am open about my deeds.

        And as far as being jealous about men hitting on her. I simply am not. In fact it is a fun conversation point between us. I ask her who hit on her today and how and then I go through the Game strategy used by the guy – mostly it is terrible and I tell her step by step what he did wrong. It is in fact a fun talk 🙂

        Sometimes she even reports to me scenes of outragous Beta-behavior she sees in the city or how crappy some women treat their husbands and boyfriends. Or we make fun of various aspects of female behavior that she sees thanks to the Red Pill I instilled in her. Recently we discussed a lot how her girlfriends are talking about me and telling how great it is that I cook for her sometimes. Of course she knows that cooking for a girl is only sexy, when the guy is masculine and Alpha enough to excite her imagination sufficiently.

        Nah – Red Pill women can be fun, but she has to have a certain potential for that in the beginning, she must not be too indoctrinated into feminism and she must be willing to follow your lead.


      • “Her greatest fear is rather that I meet someone I fall in love with and simply leave her for a tighter younger piece of ass.”

        as it should be. they don’t worry about the sex, but the deep emotional connection. this is our greatest weapon. dread = so much good sex.

        “And as far as being jealous about men hitting on her. I simply am not.”

        yup. no other way to play it. if you have a HB she will get hit on constantly, everywhere she goes. get used to it.

        “I ask her who hit on her today and how and then I go through the Game strategy used by the guy – mostly it is terrible and I tell her step by step what he did wrong. It is in fact a fun talk”

        agree. dudes all have way more money than me. cars, vacations homes, etc. they all have more connections than me. every single one of them can offer her everything but that which she really needs. we laugh together about their pathetic attempts and then she blows me while she cooks dinner.

        “she must not be too indoctrinated into feminism and she must be willing to follow your lead.”

        do not date her if this is not the case. small town formerly religious are the best. get them early. always lead. once she starts wanting to make decisions it’s over.


  4. If I were drunk I’d probably get up midway through her speech and piss on her cat.


    • on September 9, 2014 at 12:50 pm leave a comment

      piss on her pussy?


    • this is Major League Game…oh, this is your contract, lemme see that…urinates on it. Or Shogun Game, “i piss on you and your leader Yabu,” ORLY? Loudmouth mfer talking gets held down and pissed on.

      If she starts this crap, you should piss on her.

      Ray just hit her too hard; she needed hitting.


      • +100 for the Shogun reference

        You could always boil her alive too


      • ray should of waited till he got in the room then he would of had the rough kinky hotel room sex defense. now he should just say it was the knockout game and call anyone who questions it racist.


  5. get up walk out and never look back


  6. on September 9, 2014 at 12:48 pm QuestionforARBITER


    In the past you’ve mentioned that, to the human brain, what is seen on the TV screen is no different from reality. Where can I read more about this?


    • Baudrillard takes this angle to some extent


    • I don’t remember where I read it, it was mentioned by several people I used to read – and there was a study I saw that showed people’s brains reacting with positive and negative signals to their favorite characters in TV shows. It would take some googling to find, I suppose.

      I didn’t save the link, it was a long time ago, but I also thought it was so self-evident that I didn’t need to save any links. Of course the human brain is not made to separate fictional TV characters from real people.

      While the brain will surely not react just as strongly to these fictional characters as to characters in real life, it will react. And of course, this will vary between people. But the majority will be affected. And remember people watch TV all … the … time. Every day in every week, every month, every year, for decades. They will spend more time with their favorite TV characters than with many of the people they befriend in real life.

      Why do people cry when they watch tragedies in a movie? There’s one supporting observation. Another is the fact that there is canned laughter in TV shows. It affects people’s perception of what is funny – “the people I hear through the TV laugh, so I should also think it is funny”. The laughing people are not the characters in the show, so this isn’t perfect proof, but it’s in the same direction. See through TV, feel through TV.


    • check out Marshall McLuhan. he’s famous for saying “the medium is the message.”


  7. We’re talking about an alpha male and the mother of his children. When she starts a recitation that’s intended to spur jealousy, it seems to me that’s likely to be because she’s feeling vulnerable and wants to see that she can still inspire jealousy. Sure showing her you don’t care will take her down a notch or two, but is that really what the situation calls for?


    • on September 9, 2014 at 1:19 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

      Yes. If you want the sex to stay good and her to continue working out, that is.


    • Tom is pretty beta in this film. It’s why she wanted to dump him in the first place.


      • She didn’t want to dump him. And Dr. Bill wasn’t exactly beta, he was just a stooge. His wife admitted to a sexual fantasy with a naval officer that may or may not have been true, and this spurs him to go out looking for a fling of his own to repair his damaged ego. The point of the film is hard to decipher, but one can argue that it is very pro-monogamy in the face of any alternatives. The film is also more about elite corruption (stealth YKW analogs abound) than it is about sex.


      • @Carlos Danger: Cruise plays a beta character- because that’s the whole premise of the movie.

        Bill Harford is a clueless chump going through life with the typical assumptions most AFCs have, until he infuriates his wife by refusing to get real when she wants to talk to him about the reality of men and women.

        That’s the scene in the clip where she rips the bandaid off his eyes by revealing the hypergamous urge she had to jump the bone of a hot naval officer.

        Harford truly had his Eyes Wide Shut, and the movie is about how he embarks on a journey of discovery about the reality of sex, not his middle class nostrums.


      • “Harford truly had his Eyes Wide Shut, and the movie is about how he embarks on a journey of discovery about the reality of sex, not his middle class nostrums.”

        Eyes Wide Shut is about quite a bit more than that.


      • Eyes wide shut is about opening the eyes and shutting them again
        Nothing to do with beta males
        On the first level it is about sexual fantasies manifesting itself in breaking the bondage of the marriage
        It is frightening the world outside, the bondage is better not be broken
        and eyes wide shut, these two will learn by the end
        (We just need to fuck more said Nicole at the end)
        On the the other level it is even more frightening trying to penetrate and denounce the rulers, the powerful NWC sect we all know who, which spokesmen is brilliantly portrayed by Sydney Pollack
        So Bill Hartford will close his eyes again when his family is in danger, he will forget the prostitute who sacrificed herself for his liberation
        This film was meant to be Kubrick testament, his final vision of the world he lived in, the world of powerful ruling sect and the corruption of those who serve them willingly or unwillingly
        To transgress its boundaries,to open the eyes is mortally dangerous
        The first story based on Schnitzler novel is just an vehicle used to tell the second one
        The mastery lies in blending them together


      • Grab her by a big hairfull as she is sitting here, drag her out of the room and slam the door behind her.


      • “Eyes Wide Shut is about quite a bit more than that.”

        Very true. Kubrick would put more in a single subplot, or even a single scene, than many filmakers put in an entire movie!


  8. you just pull out a bigger shiv…a girl was trying to make fun of me for beating me in “slap hands”…I just made fun of her for being an idiot and humiliated her for the next 15 minutes…the black guy she was talking to on the other side of me left lol….


  9. Tom should have started jumping up and down on the bed


  10. Women do the “soft” shiv every other day when they ignore your manly needs. The following video makes fun of the subject, but make no mistake that they are shivs nonetheless: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fmban3Fio14


  11. “cool story babe” would be ideal if yer gurl throws out any coal burning battle stories


  12. Even better…pickup a crossword puzzle to work on while she tells her story. Don’t forget the smile of amused mastery when she finishes. And tell her that you got his phone no. if she’s still interested in him. [sincere look goes here, followed by amused mastery smile]

    She will jump your bones so fast….


  13. Tell her she’ll have to make the story more raunchy if she ever expects Penthouse Forum to publish it as you’re leaving.


  14. “There’s a hot babe who wants to a 3-some with us. Are you in?


  15. A veritable white knighting festival on FB. If I see one more “I was taught you NEVER hit a girl” I will vomit.


    • on September 9, 2014 at 1:28 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

      I was taught that too, but in the same time I was told women shouldn’t be slutty, they should know how to cook, clean, iron etc and obey men. On the other hand, it requires a quite high level of dumbass thuggery to knock out your wife/girlfriend.


    • How many black millionaires do you know?


      Now that Ray Rice is unemployed, she’s gonna REALLY get a beating; by her own family.


      • on September 9, 2014 at 8:29 pm Diversity Is Good

        She better get a ghost writer for a tell-all book and an agent to put her on Oprah’s channel, The View and any other place she can bank some coin. Because her sugar daddy’s bowl just got broken.


    • @PA my brother, who is a passive-aggressive dickhead provoked his wife to blow up at him and start punching him with her fists in front of the son.

      He’d set up the Christmas tree without her and put presents under it for his son and himself. She came home, saw this and flipped out.

      The kid called the police who are conditioned to responding quickly to domestic violence calls and separating the spouses. Except apparently when the police showed up they were confused. Here was my brother–big strapping guy and his wife and they couldn’t make out who had hit whom.

      The cart her off to jail for the night—that’s what the law which was designed with men in mind calls for. She had to be instantly separated from him. He gained custody of the kid for the brief time now they share. There are no mitigating circumstances in these cases. She can’t say “Well he drove me to it..” that’s how these laws are apparently set up.

      What a manipulative dickhead. He calls himself a “Victim” and laments that as a “caregiver” to his son he has all these added responsibilities.

      My cousin and I were shocked at his use of feminist victim language. It just didn’t make sense to us.

      Point is that the laws seem to be made in favour of women and they are often exploited by women. When I heard my brother acting like a faggot I wanted to throttle him as well.


      • That is an interesting story. Indeed, it sounds like he acted just like a feminist bitch. Hope the story gets better after this.


  16. RAPE HER


  17. There was that scene in Witches of Eastwick.

    Cher’s character: unloads with precision targeted insults, concluding with “… and you smell.”

    Jack Nicholson’s character (the devil): grins and says something assuming the sale.

    Next scene: sex.


  18. My wife was talking to me and praising a smooth latino guy who earlier in the evening had been tickling her butt (metaphorically-speaking) out on the dance floor, telling her she was pretty, making my wife feel comfortable, etc. When he asked her if she wanted to dance again or needed to rest, she rested and he waited to ask my wife to dance again. When the next song started, my wife gave me a pleading look so I asked her to dance. She’s a pink unicorn. No way in hell was she gonna go home with the Big Enchilada instead of the Gamer.


  19. So if you choose to come to her aid, you would either console her for having to suffer your own presence or help her to find a man that she will leave you for. Realizing that neither of these offers anything on your behalf, in fact they are detrimental, and further realizing that she is aware of this, the most rational response would be to tell her that her crocodile tears won’t get her anywhere in this negotiation.


    • on September 10, 2014 at 1:01 am gunslingergregi

      Realizing that neither of these offers anything on your behalf, in fact they are detrimental, ”””””’

      are you insane losing a bitch is not the worse that can happen


      • I didn’t say it was, but it is still a loss. The point of what I said was simply to point out that there is theoretically nothing to be gained from from complying or catering to her needs in this scenario. Indeed you would be better off finding a new woman since you stand to benefit from that more so than trying to appease this woman.


  20. on September 9, 2014 at 1:30 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

    “I thought girls don’t have wet dreams”


  21. They had bun in the oven dreams though!


  22. Has anyone seen the new Sin City movie? Eva Green’s character literally uses men as expendable for achieving her maniacal goals of power.


    • Or her strong woman act in the latest 300 movie. They’re taking a gorgeous girl and making her a man. Ugh, Hollywood.


      • Didn’t see that. Given her body-type, the greatest danger she poses to a man is to intoxicate him.
        In the Sin City she uses her femininity to cast a spell on men to get them to kill each other. She plays each one like a Stratovarius.


      • In the new 300 she’s portrayed as the battle-heardened, cold-hearted warrior bitch.

        Then tries to seduce and (actually) fuck the main character in an attempt to get him to join her.

        Then throws a hissy fit when he’s done fucking her and says no. LOL!


      • Scene here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQmR6ZgB0kc

        Cba finding an English version. Google it.


      • on September 9, 2014 at 2:16 pm Diogenes the Cynic

        I did not see either ‘300’ movies, but I’m sure the character is based upon Artemesia of Halicarnassus.

        Herodotus (of Halicarnassus) gives his praise of her. The entire book (The Histories) is all about change and reversals. Even Xerxes the Persian King states “My men have turned into women and women into men.”


  23. on September 9, 2014 at 1:52 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    I can’t sit through this poorly-acted Hollywood crap. I tried, but it’s unbearable. But if the point of this post was what to do when a woman says she screwed another guy, I addressed that on the Roosh forum.

    1). Light up like a light bulb.
    2). Tell her you’re turned on.
    3). Forcibly suggest you’d like to see her with other guys and perhaps film it.
    4). Suggest a guy you “know” from the guy with massive prowess.
    5). If she raises “moral objections” — checkmate!
    6). If not, well, you have some cool material for XHamster.


  24. It’s interesting that Eyes Wide Shut was released the same year as The Matrix, the movie that gave us the Rep Pill metaphor. It’s one of the most Red Pill movies ever made.

    Every chump should be made to watch this movie.

    It’s about how a clueless guy who blindly believes his AFC nostrums about how women work, and indeed about sex and the relationships between the sexes work. He pisses off his wife when she tries to talk about stuff that’s real with him- and she rips the bandaid off his eyes: he truly had his eyes wide shut.

    If you watch the movie from the point where Alice reveals the hypergamous urges she had toward a naval officer you’ll see Bill get called out on a house call, where (at 42 minutes) a woman who’s about to get married blows his mind by throwing herself at him in a fit of passion- like Alice said she wanted to do with the naval officer.

    This fries Bill’s circuits, and he embarks on a journey of sexual discovery that leads to some pretty amazing places.

    Remember this was made before the manosphere, before the Red Pill. Before the interactive development of Game on forums. How did Kubrick know this shit before we all did?


    • just because we found out the science behind it and gave it fancy terms doesnt mean we were the first to notice it

      i talk to alot of old men 60+ who i know would have been alphas when younger (and still are) in bars about their young days hunting pussy and trust me alot of them are so called red pill aware to a large extent. i guess its easier to see the truth when your not been fed misleading propaganda growing up. they tell me how all women liked a ‘bit on the side’ to their husbands. one guy even told me how he was banging this woman but she married some rich guy and he danced with her at the wedding with her whispering ‘i really love you’ in his ear while he had a cheeky grin on his face. this guy is 65 and still has some great game, i notice young girls he teases giving him iois

      old people are more sensible about things like immigration and stuff too and havent bought into this whole political correctness ting..they are also under no false illusions about how much ‘darkies’ as they call them are different in nature to whites ha


    • I believe that Kubrick was legitimately one of the most intelligent men that ever lived. But he was nearly 70 when he filmed EWS and married for many years, so he also had experience working in his favor.

      I agree though, Eyes Wide Shut is more of a “red pill” film than the Matrix could ever be.


  25. on September 9, 2014 at 2:07 pm Diogenes the Cynic

    How about a nicely timed loud fart followed by a somewhat concerned look of: “was that a fart?” then an exhale and slight smile of relief?


  26. This scene practically puts me to sleep. If some crazy bitch tried pulling this stunt on me IRL I’d see the punchline a mile away in which case I’d probably step out to use the bathroom mid sentence.


  27. All women have these thoughts. This is who they are. If you think you’ve gamed some HB9 to the point where all she does is pine for you, dream the fuck on. Virtually 25-60 y.o. woman in the 21st century would fuck George Clooney — or some imaginary version of him — in a minute, and leave you in the lurch.

    I guess one’s response depends to what degree the lizard is important to you. If she’s hot, and she still fucks you with requisite energy, who cares what’s in her stupid little delusional-fantasy land brain? YOU’RE the one whose slipping it in there.

    The minute you care, REALLY care, what a woman thinks — if you can call it thinking — you are done.


    • Yea, a cold thing for Kidman to say but I think about banging other women thirty times a day! And she had ONE confession to make?

      The important thing is that she sat there in her cute jammies and told her man straight out. I’m not that cruel to any woman.

      The response is cruelty for cruelty, an eye for an eye. Question her resistance to decadence and restate your expectation of her commitment and fidelity.

      Mock her for taking her fantasies so seriously. Maybe ask if she wants to go to a swing party. Tell her she can have a gangbang with the offensive front line of the 49ers.

      I haven’t seen “Eyes Wide Shut” since it first came out so my sense of context is missing,


      • Yea, a cold thing for Kidman to say but I think about banging other women thirty times a day! And she had ONE confession to make?

        Nice reframe.


      • “Yeah, I think about banging other women thirty times a day… And if we’re being honest that includes most of your friends. I’ve whacked to virtually all of them.”


  28. God I can’t believe it’s Tuesday already.


    • Laguna Beach Fogey: “God I can’t believe it’s Tuesday already.”

      Ha! I prefer this option to that of pissing on her cat, if only for reasons of economy.


  29. Honestly, most brush-off aloof couldn’t-give-a-fuck comebacks to shiv-wielding women will result in further enraging her. Of course, that’s the point. She’s trying to enrage you, but it backfires on her. The same generally goes when you simply walk away from a raving cunt. But this is just half the story, and the other half is where Ray Rice game comes into play. If you’re a state-controlling, generally law abiding and confident man, she will see a low-risk opening for her to take her abuse to the kinetic level.

    She will work herself into a lather, and your smug attitude will piss her off. That’s great, and a sign that you have ultimate hand, but she WILL get violent, and likely hit you. She may even spit in your face. Just expect it, and know what you’re going to do about it. She won’t know you’re two moves ahead of her because all she sees is red. She wants you to experience the uncontrolled fury that she does.

    And you will, but on your terms. After she transgresses into violence, it’s caveman time– but intelligent caveman time. Your primordial instanct to protect yourself from a mouth-frothing bitch is a good one, but it should also be tempered with cold sadism. Amused mastery of a sexual sort.

    Rather than outright closed-fisted face-bashing the little darling, use your full brute strength to overpower her and submit her– after all, that’s what she wants. She knows she crossed the line, and it’s punishment time. Control her arms so she can’t hurt you or herself, and drag or carry her to the couch or bed. When she screams “what are you doing?!” you tell her calmly that she’s going to be punished.

    Rip her pants or skirt off. Expose her. Slap her ass hard. The second she opens her mouth to complain or threaten you, do it again harder. Repeat. Tell her she shouldn’t have done what she did, and now she’s being punished for it. Ask her “did you think I would let you hit me, bitch?” in a stern voice, and if she waffles, grab her by the hair and repeat. She will admit that she shouldn’t have, and probably say sorry, but that, of course, isn’t good enough.

    This method is tried and true. She is devolving into feral child behavior, and you’re going to tame her, and give her the best thing a woman can receive, the ultimate, exhilarating, identity-affirming experience: being subjugated to will of a dominant man, her womanhood writ large.

    She’s not an equal. She’s a slut with a cunt, and if you take the proper measures to viscerally remind her, without losing your state control or wrecking her beauty, you’ll have reached a rarified pinnacle of age-old, ancient manhood that few men in this western life ever achieve, and she in turn will be further bonded to you, more in love than ever.

    Give it a try next time.


    • Truth

      Actually got into it today with a co-worker on this Ray Rice topic…their stance: just walk away. Bull fuckin shit you can…any MAN, that has had a higher value female in an LTR knows the hypergamous struggle. They get wild for seemingly no reason and you try your hardest to keep it together, leaving and playing cool is going to send the bitch off the deep end. I’ve walked away and been chased down only to be slapped and clawed in public. You’d think they’re possessed. It’s easy for some beta herb to play armchair boyfriend ala internet white knight, because they’ve never once experienced this part of “love” from a female. Females that don’t care don’t act like this

      In a better time you could do like you said more easily…now though, with the law in her back pocket..watch out for the next micro-aggression, she might pull out the spousal rape” accusation.

      Sit by the pool gents!


      • “playing cool is going to send the bitch off the deep end. I’ve walked away and been chased down only to be slapped and clawed in public.”

        that’s the truth.

        ignoring and walking away isn’t always the answer when a woman is in an irrational funk. do it if you don’t care to keep the girl around but anyone in an LTR knows that’s not always the wisest move.

        it can inflame them more or make them go off the deep end when you ignore them. especially if they are already feeling misunderstood or neglected or whatever. sometimes you have to just deal with it.

        maybe she needs a little comfort. if you’ve been a dick and she needs that then give it to her but also tell her you think she’s being irrational and that you won’t tolerate dramatic shit. in my experience, that works a lot better than trying to ignore the situation or walking away without addressing the issue. the underlying issue won’t go away just because you walk away or ignore. that will just amplify the situation. you have to deal with these things right away and nip them in the bud because if you try to avoid this kind of stuff you’ll end up in a world of hurt later on down the road.

        the one silver lining is like you said…”Females that don’t care don’t act like this” so if a girl is acting batshit crazy, you know she cares. it’s a pain in the ass sometimes but i’d rather have that than a cold-hearted bitch who doesn’t care about me or anything else.


      • “ignoring and walking away isn’t always the answer when a woman is in an irrational funk.”

        Actually, it’s an emotional funk, to be specific. She may be insecure or she may question your loyalty or she may be signaling your lack of attraction. There are ways to deal with all these things.

        If she’s insecure, give comfort. If she questions your loyalty, give comfort and tingles. If she is signaling your lack of attraction, fix your inner game and give her tingles. If she is bored, create drama by manufacturing some unimportant, but urgent crisis.

        Keep her chasing you and working to please you. You want her to believe that no other man will do and that she’s lucky to have you.


  30. Alpha = induce masochism
    Beta = induce sadism

    That is the sole quantifiable, qualitative, empirical and hard-and-fast rule. Women fear and respect alphas. They have drooling contempt for betas and feast on their weak souls. Expressions of power, sadism, contempt and cruelty keep their insatiable sadism at bay (temporarily).

    Sadism is a necessary corollary of hypergamy. It prevents love from interfering with ruthless hypergamy. So, it must be central to the female mind. That video could not be a better example.

    Genghis Khan is the father of 1% of Asians. This is his trademark quote.


    • excellent paradigm, particularly re:
      “expressions of power, sadism, contempt and cruelty keep their insatiable sadism at bay (temporarily).”

      put in to words something i’d been trying to find the right ones for

      why its a shame you get crucified for ray ricing a ho. the counterbalance to interpersonal manipulation is the fear of physical retribution.

      it forces the socially-spatial mind to switch tactics to “induce masochism”, or at least the demure feminine side.

      did it once when i was younger. the whole “use your words” argument never held the same amount of water after seeing the switch in gears it induced. can’t have it in the playbook though unless you enjoy county blues.


  31. I was always a fan of how Clint Eastwood did it in High Plains Drifter


    • Ha this is hysterical. You know those 1970’s movies were all pretty dirty.

      I wonder how many times she came during the numerous takes of this scene…


  32. “So you were thinking of banging some navy dude when we had sex? I was thinking of banging the hot waitress, then a 3-some with these new nurses at the hospital, then your sister….”


  33. Well…..getting cheated on with a pack of presumably more muscular and better endowed men is probably as close as real life gets to a literal shiv of “merciless female hypergamy.”

    Yet…”[bitch you would need] 12 dicks to try and replace mine” shatters the fucking blade.

    Still probably the most genius reframe I’ve seen. Imagine if the ex-bf would have said that; shit, he may have even pulled off continuing to see her (if it was her in those pics) and retaining alpha status if he had said this.

    So something like that.


  34. I have written at length about my crazy ex gf who pulled this shit and I always over-reacted to it. Then told her to fuck off and that was it.

    Every 6 weeks or so she contacts me somehow to try to get a rise out of me. She was with a guy who left with her and a group of friends in the middle of a performance. It was all manipulated and calculated to hijack my event.

    I played it cool at the time, even danced with her the next night. The musicians were quite disappointed people would leave.

    I privately texted the dude who iniatiated all this and ripped him a new one, man to man…told him quite clearly that his behavior was rude, unacceptable and that if he thought so little of visiting musicians he could find other activities next time.

    3.2.1 and…he publicizes my note with a white knighting message of how “abusive” I was to him and “other ladies” a reference to my ex gf who’d clearly fed him the information.

    Instead of running away from this, I owned it, called him out for being rude and for being a faggot who publishes private messages. A number of people involved in my event came to my defence, some to his. He looked stupid.

    End result, I held my frame. I ignored the stupid bitch for her machinations and had 3 other girls approach me for my courage to speak my mind when someone disrespects artists.

    My ex gf then has another go at me sending me a lame “belated happy bday to you”… It was a provocative text aimed at getting me to blow up at what a cunt she is…. To ignore would have been standard and possibly butt hurt. To reply with “You are a stupid cunt blah blah blah” would have been beta and predictable.

    I waited a week and at 3 am sent her a response: “Oh…”

    Since that time she’s been coming out to various events all dressed up, posing for pictures online with other blokes, hosting other blokes visiting etc.

    Meanwhile when she sees me she stares with these big sad eyes. I ignore by rolling my eyes in amused mastery and walking away.

    I share this story as a work-in-progress. I’ve since banged 10 chicks and have moved in a more positive direction.

    The temptation to cave in is always there. There are girls who deliberately provoke you not to shit-test you but to emasculate you.

    Over-reacting is to cave in. Reframing in some aloof way with amused mastery is the only way.

    Also an abundance mentality will ensure you don’t get sucked back into her frame.

    The motivation for these machinations is attention and control. Keeping a clear head and avoiding drama takes discipline.


    • similar situation…best shiv I’ve found…show up with a hotter female on your arm


      • @knowbody The clip is an allegory to what is a deeper situation: a girl with a lot of problems projecting them onto you.

        This is not a shit-test, this is truly something more evil and dark.

        In my situation, I recognized that her behaviours in telling me she’d been out for a birthday dinner with some beta player was a shiv.

        I reacted badly but in the end the relationship ended.

        Since that time instead of moving on, she’s tried on a regular basis to piss me off. Why? Attention? Control?

        I look at this as a learning of what to do and what not to do. But more important is what not to pursue. The red flags in these situations are there early. By the time you get a situation like this, you’ve probably pushed her to that point and now she’s lashing out in resentment. Ultimately it’s never about YOU. Internalizing that is hard.


      • on September 10, 2014 at 10:07 am AlmostAnonymous

        One of these days, we’re going to have a drink and talk about our experiences in this crazy town.


    • “There are girls who deliberately provoke you not to shit-test you but to emasculate you.”

      this is true. some girls do that no matter what the circumstances are because they are nasty bitches with bad social skills and poor character. or they are low IQ and think that’s what constitutes wit and humor. bad situation no matter what the reason.

      other women who don’t fall into those categories will do it when they are already done with you but aren’t ready to ditch you completely yet because they like the ego boost of having you around showing interest in them, or because of marriage, kids, security, comfort, etc.

      it’s hard to recognize this as the negative behavior that it is sometimes because it can look like a shit test which implies interest and emotional investment. but that isn’t what it is.

      a shit test comes from a woman who likes you and has an emotional investment in you and she wants you to prove to her that you are worth it. if she’s emasculating you (especially in a public setting or in front of others) she has already decided you are a piece of shit who isn’t worthy of her and she wants prove to herself that’s she’s justified in being disgusted with you and wanting to leave.

      in summary:

      shit test=she believes you are worthy but wants more proof of it so she can justify wanting to stay

      emasculation=she believes you are unworthy and wants more proof of it so she can justify wanting to leave


    • Dude,

      She’s an ex and a crazy one at that and you’re still giving her drama by playing with her. You’re giving her the fix she wants.

      “I’ve since banged 10 chicks and have moved in a more positive direction.

      The temptation to cave in is always there.”

      You might be moving in a more positive direction, but she still tempts you.

      You still want her.

      And you’re still worried about being “alpha” enough to her.

      And she knows it.

      She’s an ex. cast her aside and forget her. Block her phone number, Move on.

      If she’s an ex that you can bang occasionally, fine, but from what you’ve written she’s not.

      If she’s an ex that will either lead you to her other female friends or help your career, that’s fine too, stay in contact. But she’s not.

      Your dancing in her little game. She knows you can’t quit her. and you’re fooling yourself if you think you’re being alpha doing this, what it tells me is you can’t let go.

      She knows this too.

      If you aren’t able to completely crush her psychologically, then just get away from her and ignore her.

      Who gives a shit if you don’t respond to her “happy birthday”


      • @Ras I’ve made myself scarce. Much of this drama is being processed in my head not in reality. It’s a process made harder by those attempts to “hoover” me back in.

        As I wrote I didn’t react to the last ones. Point is I’m out of the fog.


    • “There are girls who deliberately provoke you not to shit-test you but to emasculate you.”

      exactly. you need to read what you wrote there walawala and keep reading it until it sinks in.

      she isn’t shit testing you because she still wants you and you aren’t coming off as an alpha holding his frame no matter how you try to justify your actions.

      it sounds like she’s been creating drama, keeping you in her frame and emasculating you for awhile now and she’s STILL doing it because she knows she has power over you. showing up to things and giving you sad eyes doesn’t mean she’s wishing she had you back. those aren’t IOI’s or shit tests. she just wants you to want her. doesn’t mean she still wants you. she’s playing with you and she’s getting off on it. you need that to sink in so you can get over her. she’s holding you back.

      don’t get me wrong, the fact that you’ve banged 10 chicks is great but you are still talking about this chick on every post and those 10 girls aren’t coming back for seconds and thirds are they? something is causing that. either you are a total failure in the sack or your obsession with your ex is impacting your interactions with these girls.

      assuming it’s the ex, you need to remember that the aloof amused mastery and the abundance mentality that you talk about are only effective when you aren’t faking it. you have to believe it and live it and it sounds like you aren’t getting enough distance (emotionally and physically) from this girl to achieve that yet.

      this part that blart said is right on:

      shit test=she believes you are worthy but wants more proof of it so she can justify wanting to stay

      emasculation=she believes you are unworthy and wants more proof of it so she can justify wanting to leave

      remember that when the temptation strikes.

      she wants you to keep proving to her that you are unworthy. she’s doing that to protect her own ego and everything you do will be distorted and twisted into a negative so she can take it as further proof that she is right about what a dickhead you are. there’s no recovery from that and you shouldn’t bother trying.

      you also shouldn’t take it personally or think it’s all about you because she will probably do that with every man. a lot of women are like that. no matter what you do, it will always be wrong because she wants to believe something is wrong with you so she doesn’t have to see all the flaws in herself. women like that are damaged and destructive and not worth the air they breathe.

      when you see her with those other blokes, remind yourself that they are dealing with the headache instead of you and be grateful you got out when you did. remind yourself of that enough and eventually you won’t be faking aloof amused mastery or banging skanky chicks to prove yourself worthy of her like you’re doing now. you’ll start believing she’s not worthy of you and you won’t have to fake anything.


  35. I know .. you could ask her to marry .cause you wanna bun up her oven.. and save civilization

    ps was told ray rice chic spit in his face twice in elevator .. thats why she went down


  36. Lol my psycho ex gf pulled this shit on me a week ago. She combined trying to make out she had a ‘fling in morocco’ with breaking up with me for maximum damage. describing in detail how special she was made to feel.

    Guess what? I didn’t give her the reaction, which I saw in her body language turned her on tenfold. I just remained indifferently self amused and she left calling me an ‘asshole.’ I told her to take care.

    Later took a drive out and saw her crying her eyes out walking home. I laughed. Manipulative evil bitch cried after realising I didn’t really give a shit about her after all. congruency is key my friends.

    Fucked a girl the same night. Saw her in school yesterday and her eyes were glued to me like a rabbit in headlights lol

    stay strong and channel the warrior with these bitches. The satisfaction is worth it


  37. Whorefinder how would you respond to this!?


  38. on September 9, 2014 at 6:58 pm Mean Mr. Mustard

    Although the choice of Cruise and Kidman (Boxoffice Death Kidman) wasn’t the best choice of couple for the film; Eyes Wide Shut was an interesting study on sexual jealousy.
    The problem that the Cruise character faced was that he was married to her and they had a daughter. So deeply entwined and involved, she slipped him a shiv having already boxed him into a corner.


    • Indeed, Kidman has dragged down the value of many Tom Cruise movies.

      Just like that ugly bitch Sondra Locke who was married to a homosexual, sculptor Gordon Anderson (like all leftists, homos hate real productive work) while shacking up with Clint Eastwood. She repeatedly brought Gordon Anderson to their home as she worshiped his “artistic genius” and refinement. He of course encouraged her to stay with Clint Eastwood and funnel Clint’s money to him.

      Clint Eastwood included Sondra Locke in six of his movies despite her freakish appearance, looking like she had psoriasis around the eyes. When he finally kicked her out of his home she sued him for millions of dollars as if they had been married. Settled out of court for an undisclosed amount, but she probably got rich from this.

      She sued Warner Bros at the same time, claiming that they had conspired with Clint to stifle her career. (Her director debut had been a movie called “Rat-Boy” about a boy who was half rat. Warner Bros let her make it only because of Clint.) She declared to the press that this “sends a loud and clear message that people cannot get away with whatever they want to just because they’re powerful.”


  39. Jack done macked that ass. It is really neat watching old movies even ones you have seen with red pill eyes


  40. Been chewing on this. Maybe Alice is signaling that she needs a drama fix. It might be time to have a minor blowup about a different issue that the husband can control.

    Women need drama, tingles, validation, and comfort for their emotional cocktail roller coaster ride.


  41. on September 9, 2014 at 8:33 pm scipio africanus

    He’s being too indulgent. He should interrupt and say i’ll be right back and go to the bathroom.

    Then say my uncle was in the navy. Rember uncle ahab? Anyway what were you saying again?

    Oh that guy. I think i remember him. We spoke a bit. H e said he was on a submarine. Remember that move Das Boot? Who was that German actor in that movie.


  42. on September 9, 2014 at 8:44 pm scipio africanus

    Or I’m beat, could we do this tomorrow?


  43. on September 9, 2014 at 10:10 pm Difference Maker

    Never saw this movie and just sort of skipped past the subtitles in that clip

    Boring. Sleepy atm, but seems to me like I’d just ignore her and getup.

    If I thought about it, I’d probably be insulted that she would dare compare herself to be anywhere remotely on a level with me


  44. on September 9, 2014 at 11:34 pm Mean Mr. Mustard

    Eyes Wide Shut is loosely based upon Arthur Schnitzler’s 1926 novella Dream Story.



  45. on September 9, 2014 at 11:36 pm Mean Mr. Mustard


  46. This happened to me a couple of weeks ago. A girl I’ve been banging texted me and said “I banged a guy in the back of his car yesterday. I met him an hour beforehand.”

    I replied with a CH-inspired “wow.”

    She then said “He had a really nice car though.”

    I didn’t respond and about four hours later she messaged me again: “Are you still interested in me?”

    Hamster: fried.


  47. My fuckbuddy sometimes tries to pull this in various ways. A female rarely operates in a overt manner, so it’s hard to catch it sometimes. But I’d advise any unexperienced cat just to keep his trap shut. Saying nothing is better than saying something stupid. Every time she pulls it I usually don’t even notice at first. But the good part is when I do. A grin appears on my face. The grin that spells “I know what you’re doing, and you’re so dang cute for trying to rock my state.” I usually tell her just that after she’s finished playing her little solo scene in tonights drama show. “You’re so cute when you’re trying to be mean.” or “You big meanie.” Or both. Gets her every time, she puffs up her cheeks in a fake display of indignation and control rests firmly in my hand.


  48. on September 10, 2014 at 1:10 am gunslingergregi

    we need some parameters to really argue this one
    I mean is that chick his wife girlfriend bitch he just met
    did she fuck the dude
    had to listen to it twice to realize she wasn’t fucking the dude just
    infatuated with some dude and trying to get the dude on bed to whoop her ass


  49. on September 10, 2014 at 1:15 am gunslingergregi

    In your travels across the landscape of women, you will encounter a few ice queens who play the soulkill game as well as any sociopathic man. The first exquisite experience with such a woman leaves one breathless with awe; the second experience invites reciprocal devilry.

    I’m not saying e-eeevil women will carve you up with as much dramatic poise as Nicole Kidman does in this scene from Eyes Wide Shut, but I am saying these kinds of women exist and the flair they possess for digging deep to the male id and serrating it (usually after fellating it) is a power that would reduce most beta males (and some alpha males) to whimpering self-doubt or reckless vengeful rage.


    yea that clip like amateur child’s play to the shit my bitch does
    god dam she can play the game


  50. on September 10, 2014 at 1:20 am gunslingergregi

    but yea some parallels with my life now
    and the engaged bitch and the dude calling me
    just like the clip that dude she is talking about didn’t give a fuck about her
    so maybe that would be the proper reply in that case to fuck her
    hamster up
    real life bitches with any sense
    deny deny deny deny eny ny

    deny deny
    dude calling my girl is still denying we ever did shit all the way back to
    before birth
    this dude going nuts cause he knows but doesn’t know
    and she will never let him know


  51. on September 10, 2014 at 1:24 am gunslingergregi

    if that yur wife and she tells you some bullshit like that its game over
    leave and move on
    prob not fixable


  52. on September 10, 2014 at 2:23 am gunslingergregi

    im seeing that a dude that loves a bitch
    thinks any other dude she knows gives a fuck about her in the same way
    I mean that bitch tried to move in I said no
    it is fucking really weird seeing guys jumping through hoops
    for bitches I don’t give a fuck about
    I guess I can be proud somewhat
    when my bitch is encourage to leave
    she goes and kicks other bitches out their houses and shit
    lol and the girls come crying to me bout it


  53. on September 10, 2014 at 2:36 am gunslingergregi

    bottom shit pretty evil
    he he he


  54. In the last week I used a line in a different context which I think would be equally appropriate here.

    ‘You live to give’

    I also believe it would have the equally desirable effect here it had then.

    Complete and utter silence.


  55. […] Pregnancy DietSteelers DL Cam Thomas Accused By Woman Of Physical Abuse, Concealing STDsWhen A Hot Woman Slips The Cold Shiv var imwbvp_ajaxurl = 'http://www.herpessurvivalkit.com/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php'; // ]]> […]


  56. Reblogged this on Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar and commented:
    Ignore us.
    IGNORE US. That’s it. Even if we approach you with a knife, start cooking with it. Hum the theme tune to Mario or something. Think kid in a tantrum at Walmart.


  57. best response to her shiv:

    look at her intently for a few seconds, then…


    it helps if you eat a lot of gassy foods. brussells sprouts always do it for me.

    gasbuttox game ftw!


  58. To add to Heartiste’s comment, and reduce any sense of butthurtedness.

    *said as you get up and walk out the door, towards the kitchen*

    “Cool story babe. I’m hungry, gonna make a sandwich. Want one?”

    Don’t wait for her response.


  59. Don’t know if it’s alpha or not, and don’t care…

    But upon seeing that Eyes Wide Shut clip, my first instinct was, when the phone rang, to hold up the one-minute finger, say: “Hold that thought, babe.”, and answer the phone… the more inane the conversation on the horn the better… extra points if it’s a telemarketer and you act like you’re actually interested in the spiel.

    Then hang-up when done, and look back to her: “So… you were saying?”


  60. Quite a soliloquy by Jack Nicholson. But why at the end does he switch to a female role? “Use me, fill me up”

    That’s the line that puts Cher over the brink.


  61. I was a young man when I watched this movie and one thing stuck with me ever since;
    I’d rather be the naval officer hunk than the caring reliable husband.


  62. on September 14, 2014 at 12:37 am laughing out loud

    i read all of your comments and I would be very surprised if any of you had a woman. you’re all idiots hahahahahahahah thank you so much for you amusing me!!


    • “i read all of your comments and I would be very surprised if any of you had a woman. you’re all idiots hahahahahahahah thank you so much for you amusing me!!”

      Oh, snap! Your perceptiveness is only exceeded by your grammatical precision and command of the English language. Bravo.

      As an aside to no one in particular, the above post is perfectly symptomatic of modern America: dumb people that have absolutely no idea that they are dumb. I guess that’s part of the stupidity.