Demon Mom Of The Year

Jonathan Haidt wrote about disgust occupying a dimension of human morality. He found, (unsurprisingly if you’ve trawled the internet for five minutes), that leftoids have a higher disgust threshold than non-leftoids. (That is, they can more happily tolerate disgusting things in their lives.)

I bring this up because a world in which disgust is abandoned as a moral consideration starts quickly filling up with people like the demon mom this post will introduce to you. A society recklessly surrendering even the pretense of monitoring culture health for signs of encroaching trends that elicit the disgust reflex is a society that will in short order be overrun by disgusting people and the disgusting things they do.

Every year, I give presentations about my health classes to the parents of my students. And inevitably, every year, someone will express relief at the idea that I’ll be talking to their kids about sex so that they’ll be spared the awkwardness of doing so themselves.

Numbnuts Class Hivemind Indoctrination incoming!

This reminds me: leftoids always attack. They never relent in their desire to strip the good from the world and replace it with their island of misfit degenerates. The only effective counterattack is to not play the game by their rules. Go on the attack and put THEM in the defensive crouch. Abide YOUR frame, not theirs.

At this point, I almost expect that. After all, for a lot of people, talking about sex with their kids is awkward. As my friend May said of having such conversations with her three- and eight-year-olds, “Their dad and I are nervous about it in general, so I know we’re putting it off.”

You know, there’s a good reason Nature designed it so that talking about sex with your three-year-old feels awkward: because it IS awkward and you shouldn’t be doing it.

Plus, a lot of parents didn’t talk about sex with adults when they were growing up, and so don’t have a model of how to do so.

Amazing the human race managed to survive this long without sex-ed classes for toddlers.

But talking openly to your kids is one of the best ways to raise them with a positive view of sexuality

When a shitlib feminist uses the word “positive” with regards to sex, she means “as often as humanly possible, with a black man, involving depraved acts and rectally-inserted objects, but only after verbal consent is established incrementally on the minute, every minute.”

– and to challenge the conventional and damaging messages so many are getting on the subject.

Like how not to spend the day with a vibrating buttplug slipping dangerously close to irretrievability?

For example, do you want your kids to have accurate information about how their bodies work and to feel good in their skin?

Buffalo Bill here reminding you that it’s possible to feel good in another person’s skin.

Whatever your wishes, having a sense of them will go a long way in helping your children navigate these waters in a manner that feels true to your family.

Female poopytalk. Thank you, women’s studies degree programs! (mo’ money for dem…)

Yet separating sex from reproduction can be hard to do. That’s because then you need to talk about desire, and pleasure, and as I did recently with my nine-year-old,


things like oral sex. (“Eeeew,” she groaned after I gave a basic description, “That is so gross. What if someone didn’t wipe!?”)

Smart kid. Dumb parent. Mix the two: child abuse.

But kids find a lot of things kind of gross and aren’t traumatized.

Like steaming dog shit. So the answer is to shove buckets of steaming dog shit in kids’ faces, naturally.

And explaining that many people have sex not to have babies, but because it feels nice and can forge intimacy and connection, isn’t actually all that hard to say.

Grooming your White child for that sweet, sweet 0.7 below-replacement fertility rate.

2. Start Conversations About Consent Early

Feminist cunt mom is about to unload some Holy Matriarchy injunctions on her kid.

When addressing consent with young kids, you can teach them that they need to get permission to touch others by asking peers and siblings things like “Can I hug you?” or “Can I hold your hand?”

Or, “How to turn your emotionally healthy child into a creepy, psychologically unstable, socially clumsy spergatron.”

Children should also have their physical boundaries respected by adults.

But not their psychological boundaries.

Adults often think it is perfectly fine to continue to tickle or wrestle a child who is asking them to stop. But it isn’t – and it teaches kids that they don’t really have control over their bodies.

This psychobitch sounds like a lot of fun to be around.

Kids should also be allowed to change their minds. They shouldn’t, for instance, be taught that keeping a promise is always the most moral thing to do.

Shitlibs train their sprog early in the art of traitorous status whoring.

With older kids, explain that consent for sex can be withdrawn at any time. […] Plus, kids and teens should know that you can stop a sexual interaction at any time, even if both people are naked and fooling around. Even in the middle of a sex act.

Nothing says “this is completely natural and loving” like teaching your daughter to demand consent after every thrust into her vagina, and your son to be ready to stop right up to, and including, the point of imminent ejaculation. Just another feminist whackjob demonstrating a clear lack of understanding and empathy for physical and emotional differences between the sexes (and between children and adults).

It also has to be clear that consent shouldn’t be wheedled or coerced, and that there are circumstances under which consent cannot freely be given – like if you’re asleep, passed out, incapacitated by drugs or alcohol, or under age.

And consent can’t be freely acknowledged when drunk, either. Game set match, feminist shrike.

it’s understood that teens who want to drive, or take calculus, or play violin should be given the space to learn how to do so before we expect any mastery of the subject.

But when it comes to sex, we deny children the ability to develop their skills, and then blame them when things don’t go well.

Feminist brainwashing agent thinks sex is like calculus, even though field mice manage it without a propaganda blitz instructing them in the act.

And while there are ways for kids to practice sex, many teens are forced to do so in secret. This can be the result of parents’ rules. But it also happens because things like looking at porn or sexting are illegal for minors.

And while such laws are ostensibly designed to protect children, particularly when it comes to sexting, they can do more harm than good.

“ostensibly”. This is what a disgust threshold set to infinity looks like.

For a lot of American parents, the idea of allowing a teen to have a sleepover with a boyfriend or girlfriend, let alone with a casual hook up, seems either like excessive permissiveness, or actual negligence or harm.

For a lot of American parents, insane feminist nonsense hasn’t yet polluted their ability to think clearly.

I know that was something my parents worried about when the issue came up for me as a teen. Ultimately, they let me stay over at my boyfriend’s, but they also made it clear that they were only doing so because they wanted to know where I was.

Her feeble parents wanted to be sure she was slutting it up at a known address instead of behind the 7-11.

We all knew that they were pretty unhappy with the whole situation, and as a result, my return home the mornings after a sleepover were uncomfortable for everyone.

😆 😆 Fucking skank did the walk of shame back to her parents’ house! Why wait until college to experience that shame from peers? She got an early start on her career in whole hog sluttery. Later, in college, shaming glances would bounce right off her.

But in reality, permitting sleepovers with a partner can be one of the healthiest ways to keep teens safe since they are getting to learn about having sex in the security of their own homes

Dads love it when their daughters learn about having sex under their roofs. As long as it’s safe and secure, her orgasmic moans traveling up to Dad’s bedroom can only be the sound of a father raising his daughter right.

Sexuality is not an amorphous entity that lives separately from our children and which we need to protect them from unilaterally. Rather, it’s a part of who they are and something they’ll benefit from nurturing and developing.

Sexuality doesn’t need nurturing and developing. It pretty much happens on its own. But what fun is that when you can be in the running for demon mom of the year and encourage your daughter to take a cock up her ass while dad tries to drown out the sex noises with the Beats headphones you bought him for Kwanzaa?

But many of us live in environments where any openness about kids and sex is seen as potentially harmful. And as a result, the attempt to raise sexually healthy kids can seem like an uphill battle.

Maybe that’s nature’s way of telling you not to do it, you dumb bitch.

But even if you were raised in a household where the topic was utterly taboo, it’s never too late to send more positive messages about sex to your own kids – even if doing so seem a bit unnatural at the start.

Author: Ellen Friedrichs.


  1. on December 21, 2015 at 2:05 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

    This reminds me: leftoids always attack

    We need to do the same. Always attack. Show no mercy, no remorse. We fight not so we can co-exist with these sick mofos after the fighting ends, but to wipe them out completely.


  2. How’d I know she’d be Eskimaux?


  3. What parent wouldn’t just come out and the call this crazy whacked out psycho on her bullshit and yank their kid out of that class? Oh yeah a liberal one.


    • I wonder why she stopped with just talking. Why not turn it into a lab class and have the kids pair off? Since there is no judgement and it’s all okay, let the kids learn and practice in the safe environment of school, with a teacher supervising. After all, it feel good and is natural, isn’t it?

      Today little Suzy will be demonstrating the blow job to all the boys (well, only the nigger boys), until she gets it right.


  4. when I was young people that wanted to talk to young people about sex were called perverts and generally got the stinkeye from society.


  5. itll be an easy ice breaker to discuss degenerate tolerance with little suzie after she comes down pozitive from a blood transfusion since the fda just decided g ays can donate.


    • If you didn’t yet have a reason to stock your own blood, you do now.


      • on December 21, 2015 at 3:53 pm Facepalm to the Max

        I can’t believe I’m actually typing this…but more info please?


      • Food and Drug Administration recently removed ban on blood donations from gay men (and women), so long as the gay man donating hasn’t had sex with another man in at least one year… as if that matters.

        Trump or revolution.


      • Taking a queer’s word that he hasn’t Haynes grazed in over a year?

        Hoo-weee! NOBODY is THAT naive… this is an outright declaration of war.


      • That’s the thing about gay people: they never give a straight answer.


      • you can’t donate blood if you had a hamburger in England 35 years ago. I guess the gubmint’s got its priorities straight…or gay.


      • Yeah, I was employed by Big Blood a few years ago. You should see how they deal with a blood donor who has undergone a sex change. All the records say that they are a male, for instance. Then they come in and state they are now female. CJD documentation pales in comparison. Keep in mind that many of the employees are under 20 years old and lack professional training. All ‘collections’ are eventually batched, so the recipient could have the blood of dozens of donors in their body. Bottom line, it’s a crap shoot.


      • “Mixed blood,” just acquired a new meaning.


      • Don’t get sick.

        Jimminy Christmas.

        We all have to die and this expectation of a graceful natural death, is unrealistic. There is a great African nature video, about how those awesome Buffaloes will sometimes stampede into a mud wash, … and get stuck, and they’re alive, and the vultures come in and eat out their eyes and pick their brains, all the while conscious these poor great animals. Nightmare made real.

        27 minutes in, this video here,

        https://www. you and tube .com/watch?v=wFCcH9k6klE


      • Sounds a lot like the punishment for bringing man fire. Did you mean to reference that?


  6. on December 21, 2015 at 2:15 pm Wrong Side of History

    What the hell is wrong with these inuits


    • Driven to destroy us – and ultimately themselves – by sheer hatred of White Christian civilisation.


    • Nice one – she’s a Kanadian Eskimo. But that’s not PC in Kanada, where they are Inuit.


      • “Ellen Friedrichs is a Canadian Jew living in New York, where she is pursuing a Master’s degree in human sexuality education so that she can officially call herself a sexologist. She divides her time between hostessing, coat-checking and running sexuality workshops.”

        Can’t make it up.


  7. The Jew has rejected Logos. Thus he can only destroy.


  8. Filth. Vile filth. Normalization of pedophilia is the natural next step.


  9. Yes, Ellen Friedrichs is a proud Eskimo. Was an ardent Zionist growing up. Some day they’ll reap what they’re sowing.


  10. From her bio: “She has worked at Manhattan’s Museum of Sex”

    There’s a Museum of Sex? :-/


  11. If a study has been done, comparing out of wedlock births, paedophillia, STDs, and generally increasing depravity, who, like me, would bet that we will clearly see an Everestine rise beginning right after sex-Ed entered the mainstream curriculum? In the same way that millions more teenage girls started “keeping my baby” after the queen of mediocrity sang “Papa Don’t Preach”.


    • On the TV show, All in the Family (1971 apx.) Archie Bunker is against sex-ed until he finds out some 12 year old neighbours daughter is pregnant . The implication being she didn’t know how babies are made. (What sort of messed up 12 year old girl lets a boy put his penis in her vagina, especially back then.)
      I went to 3 different high schools and have asked other people who went to school in the 50’s and 60’s and no one ever heard of a girl in high school ever getting pregnant. Yes I’m sure it occasionally happened and was covered up.
      You don’t do what don’t know about.
      Of course we didn’t have all this deviance on TV like we do now. We did have other lies though like a real man can hold his liquor or at least until he dies of kidney failure and smoking is a sign of maturity and very cool..



      • There used to be a kids show on the BBC called Grange Hill. It was so blatantly left wing that it made Stalin look like Trump. It first covered the topic of school girl pregnancy in the early eighties under the societally destructive guise of “raising awareness”. Surprise SurFuckingprise lots British school girls started turning up for class in bulging sweaters. Like so many other things discussed on this site ad-infinitum proves that females should be unfettered if a society wishes to remain healthy.


      • never be unfettered


      • The beginning of all sin starts with planting ideas… and then guiding the eye of he/she whom you wish to corrupt to the targeted object(s) that will cause their downfall.

        It’s all as old as Satan.


  12. apparently she found her husband dead on the couch one morning of some previously unknown heart condition. or maybe she nagged him to death. doesn’t mention having any love for him in this article so after the carousel years she musta settled for a beta:


  13. “It pretty much happens on its own. But what fun is that when you can be in the running for demon mom of the year and encourage your daughter to take a cock up her ass while dad tries to drown out the sex noises with the Beats headphones you bought him for Kwanzaa?”

    OMG – Kwanzaa… ROTFLMAO CH that is good comedy there.

    “Maybe that’s nature’s way of telling you not to do it, you dumb bitch.”

    Indeed I have had numerous conversations with random single mom raising a teen-aged whore. You say things like “why are you allowing your Freshman to go out with a Senior who has a reputation for deflowering little innocents”? And these dumb bitches just look at me like I fell off the turnip truck. After that I ask “do you want her to grow up just like you middle aged and no man at home?” And most will agree “no I want her to have a solid home life”. At this point I say, “ok then do exactly opposite what you did:”

    And the sad part about it is… THESE MOMS CAN’T. If these woeful single bitches try to lay down the law with the whore-ette the mom’s family (sister, cousin, aunt, grandmother) will all be throwing it in the moms face about how much a slut the mom was as a Freshman! and tell her not to be so judgmental It’s insane what these bitches do in open loops without a man around.

    Any father figure knows exactly what to do when the young tarts start sniffing around for a little sausage. It’s time to keep solid control on what the little tart is doing and who she is doing it with. AND make damn sure she does not go exploring with a dude certain to have worlds of experience more than the little tart.

    It’s pretty simple as a parent… keep control and quit being an enabler of bad irrational behavior.


    • And after keeping the tart fresh, try and find some poor beta sap or some burgeoning neo-Alpha to take it off your hands. Tell him nothing of the handful she will be.


  14. “It also has to be clear that …there are circumstances under which consent cannot freely be given – like if you’re …under age.”

    …An example of the cognitive dissonance of a so-called “sex-ed” teacher who is grooming young children.


  15. I suggest everyone troll her twitter account: @ellenkatef

    The day will come when these people are once more shunned by everyone who isn’t a complete degenerate. These freaks need to be shut down harshly and cruelly, it’s the only way they’ll learn. We are doing the only morally acceptable thing by chastising people who spread this poisonous message to young and impressionable minds and thus infecting them with a corrupting mental disease. Salvage what can be salvaged and burn the rest to the ground.


  16. That whole site is disgusting. If you wanna know what goes throw a woman’s head, a two minutes perusal will give you detailed info. Sweet mercy, each article reads like some grievance, that I can only imagine happens because these sluts have too much time on their hands and a useless degree, to boot.

    Idle hands, and all. Congrats, these bitches did it to themselves. 1 in 4 on anti-depressants? BON! I’m having more fun at their pathetic lives than to be upset, however, given the squeaky wheel gets the grease, that line is slowly thinning…unlike these fat cows.

    Sonofabitch is that an upsetting website.


  17. We might have a runner up for Demon Mom of the Year….


    • starts by saying how sex and pleasure are perfectly normal and healthy, then at 3:47 admits, with a lilt in her voice, that the guys she likes don’t want her, without even a trace of self-awareness or irony of how one leads to the other


  18. That was close…I almost spit my coffee over the knew keyboard…


  19. Speaking of sex-ed, here are some pages from a book endorsed by Planned Parenthood. This book is for children age ten and under:

    Notice the graphic depiction of the nigger and coalburner fucking each other on page 56 of the book (that would be page 7 of the PDF.)

    I’m praying for rain. I’m praying for tidal waves…


    • That was really graphic. No amount of cutesy art design can make it appropriate. Coalburning, chicken-choking and ass-pirating. The holy trinity of the left.


      • 99% of teen boys are going to figure out how to masturbate on their own at some point.

        We really really should not be encouraging them to start younger.


      • Seeing Diamonds are Forever during TBS’ Bond week and the lovely Jill St. John….I was never the same after that


    • Just a co-incidence, of course, that on the same page where the coalburner is giving it up for the nog, the white guy is being told NO!

      Then you google the writer and what do you find: “Robie H. Harris is a Jewish author, specializing in books for children. “ Another amazing coincidence! ( Interesting how they’re drawn to names that go from shtetl to Scottish: Levin becomes Lewis, Herzl becomes Harris, Stewart goes with Leibowitz – you know.)

      I never got very far with ‘My Struggle’ by the New Satan – I’m snobbish about polemics that way. But one quote has stuck with me for years, because I have so often found it to be true in modern Weimerica too:

      “Was there any excrement, any shamelessness in any form, above all in cultural life, in which at least one Jeω would not have been involved? As soon as one even carefully cut into such an abscess, one found, like maggots in a decaying body, often blinded by the sudden light, a k!ke.”

      There is one bit of consolation: to the extent one can say, the mudshark looks like a Yenta and the chaste holdout, an Aryan. Usually the Eskimos ensure coalburner depictions are blondes.


    • Google the writer and what do you find: “Robie H. Harris is a Jew!sh author, specializing in books for children. “ Amazing!


    • First they’ll say there’s no such thing as normal. Then they’ll say that that faggot triple down the block with the adopted Eritrean muds are just another normal family. Enough said


  20. Dovetails with my recent “What have we learned” point: don’t be seduced by alien philosophers.

    But seriously, this is probably already covered in God’s of Copybook Headings. When a snake hisses that shit tastes good, you don’t listen to it for status points.


  21. These people are truly sick and evil. What does a toddler need to know about sex? I’ve had the “sex” talk with my 7 year old and it consisted of: “Don’t kiss any boys. Don’t ever show anyone your private parts. Sit with your knees together when you’re wearing a dress. And, don’t ever let anyone touch your private parts, and, if anyone tries to, tell me about it.” Only a truly sick individual would think a toddler needs to be taught about oral sex.

    This is just another step towards the normalization of pedophilia. There’s been a noticeable uptick in articles of this nature recently, including the disgusting “I’m a pedophile but I’m not a bad guy” article on Salon a few months back. In the next 5-10 years, expect to see attempts to reduce sentences for child pornography, more attempts to justify pedophilia as a “sexual orientation,” and attempts to lower the age of consent. The ultimate goal is the complete destruction of traditional sex roles and family structure by undermining the restraint fathers have over their children’s sexuality.


    • That is the current goal. The long term goal is the complete destruction of the Family and the raising of children in common so the state sponsored perverts have full and unrestrained access to them. Google the child sacrifice to Moloch in Ancient Babylon. This ritual is expressly prohibited at least twice in the Pentateuch- for a good reason no doubt.


  22. I couldn’t finish reading it. These perverts are so disgusting.

    Hey, guess what, lady? I’ll be marrying my daughter off at a virginal eighteen. She comes debt free (with bank) and a rent free starter house so her husband can save up to buy them a family home. She’s thin, blonde, sweet, and happy.

    Men will stampede your daughter to get to mine. Wake up before you ruin her.


  23. Seems all the women on the internet are upset about the SNL sketch “Meet your 2nd wife.” Horror! Men upgrade to younger women. Funny twist though.


  24. on December 21, 2015 at 4:02 pm The Other Anonymous

    OK Kids – Ms. Friedrichs is out today with a herpes outbreak …

    So today, your kindergarten sex education class will be taught by Mr. Fogle.


  25. And this was how The Spirit Within’s mom introduced him to the buttplug.

    And his “daddy for the night.”

    Faggot Within rape!


    • I’m kinda worried about him, whorefinder. NO contact. THIS SHIM NEVER PASSES UP a chance TO YAK, AND LOUDLY At THAT. ……. maybe (ahem ) has his “soft harem ” (ahem, 2 or 3 x’s ) of five , (like as in fingers) DONE hE/sHE/ IT IN ?


  26. Ellen Friedrichs already has in her head which football player she wants sexting her and her hagfag. Next thing, when her daughters bring home their boyfriends, she will talk about how normal it is for men to be attracted to their date’s moms. It is just natural expression. Oh, it is also natural for fifty year old pozzers to be attracted to minors so long as they are gay. Men are all dirty dogs unless they all roll in the same pen. Then it is just a preference.


    • There’s a great meme I saw on Twitter.

      1) Mom loves that her female toddler says “shit”
      2) Mom loves that her young daughter is twerking
      3) Mom loves buying slutty clothes for daughter
      4) Mom wonders were she erred with preggo, teenage daughter


      • “. . .preggo, teenage daughter” with no idea on which brutha the father might be, not that any of them are around or capable or willing to do anything.


      • everything on this list is right on. that first one really hit home for me. so sick of women who talk like sailors. they only think it’s cute when little kids do it because they are garbage themselves and rotten mothers.

        they’re always saying how swearing is a sign of intelligence or some crap.
        anything to justify acting like gutter trash.


    • There were a couple of my girl friends’ mom’s that were pretty bangable.


  27. on December 21, 2015 at 4:34 pm Inuit tribesman

    Secular/atheist/reform/reconstructivist Jews reject Torah and the Talmud, so they raise their children as rejectionists of traditionalism. In my family the Jewish parents weirdly push their daughters to remain single into their 30’s. This is really narcissistic parenting where they discourage their daughters from ever having independence. The result: no grandchildren.


    • Tell your people to back the fuck down before things get ugly. You are awakening the sleeping giant.


      • And there’s no one left to fool. The Chinese don’t give a shit and everyone else is on to them. They’re done for if the USA and Western Europe figure it out. And they would have only themselves to blame: the high IQ imbeciles turned on and sought the destruction of the greatest benefactors they could ever ask for out of sheer uncontrollable psychopathy.


      • Amasius, it’s not the they’re psychopathic, it’s that they’re paranoid people that don’t belong. Their whole culture is one of instilling both not belonging and paranoia. So yes, they’re enemies in this struggle of ours, but they’re not generally doing it out of spite. They’re just emotional morons like most leftists.


      • on December 23, 2015 at 12:18 pm Inuit tribesman

        Are Jews so stupid that they don’t realize that Hitler would have been a homeless failed artist if Russian/American Bolsheviks didn’t kill the Czar’s family? Some conservative Jews do get this. Liberal Jews do not and are setting the stage for a backlash with their petulant anti-social nonsense. There is no telling them to “stop.” They call me a Nazi for trying. They are also nasty and sadistic people with pathological narcissism (which is why they are drawn to cultural Marxism like cat nip). “Demon Mom” is spot on. She is a Frankist who rejects traditional Judaism and replaced it with antinomian ideals.
        However, younger Jews do get the memo when you make them realize that they are “white.” Muslims and blacks view Jews as white, so guess what? You ARE white. Leftists hate Israel because it is a right wing country. That works, too. Also, emphasize how few Jews were killed by Christians (compared to Catholics,Protestants, and Muslims slaughtering each other by the million). Catholics were reasonably tolerant for most of the last two thousand years. Evangelicals are pro-Zionist.
        Israeli Jews and US Jews are different. They look different (Israeli women are gorgeous), much more conservative, less nasty, and less anti-social. US Jews are 85% refugees from shithole Russian mud shtetles and are hard to assimilate.
        Zionism is a blessing because it gives secular Jews a cause other than psychotic cultural Marxism. Zionism is a model for modern nationalism that should be emulated.


  28. More seriously, food for thought:

    I’ve noted that Eskimos and Slave-Americans both have the most perverted sexual desires versus non-Eskimo and non-Slave-Americans.

    Eskimos invented the idea of the Oedipus complex because they themselves suffer from it; they run 95% of all pornography and sex trades in the Western world, and push the envelope with anal, interracial, scatological porn, pegging, etc. They also make up most of the “white’ male porn actors, and almost all of them did gay porn before doing straight porn. Slave-Americans regularly run trains on the local hoes, rape babies to get rid of aids, and 80% are on the down low—especially but not exclusively in prison—in order to relieve their sexual tension.

    I’ve also noted that Eskimos and Slave-Americans are the most inbred groups in America.

    Eskimos have been famous for thousands of years for only marrying other Eskimos (except if they can marrying into a 1%er, aka Donald Trump’s daughter, and even then they insist on conversion and that the kids be raised Eskimo); the old joke is that “every Ashkenazi is a 3rd cousin to every other”; Wolf of Wall Street pointed this out when the fat Eskimo sidekick guy is all proud he married his 1st cousin. Eskimo ethnic networking can largely be seen as a family affair.

    Meanwhile Slave-Americans rarely outbreed, and when they do the kids are considered Slave-Americans and thus are kept in the group. They don’t know who their father’s are, and father’s have multiple children with multiple women all in close proximity, meaning in 15-20 years those kids unknowingly are hooking up= with their own half-siblings.

    Because both groups are a tiny amount in the U.S., the inbreeding is intensified versus in a larger population of their own kind. And all of their jokes about “rednecks fucking their sisters” is merely (and clearly) projection.

    I think there is a definite causation here, not merely a correlation: inbreeding creates massive sexual perversion. I think the reason is that inbreeding is such a natural disgust that the only way genes can be passed on is if the people having sex are perverted enough to overcome the natural aversion to consanguinity. This increases the perversion gene and intensifies the perversion. Hence why Eskimos and Slave-Americans

    So this Eskimo’s perverted idea about sex is merely her own inbred perversion shining through.

    I think we should start calling Eskimos and Slave-Americans “inbreds.”

    Inbred rape!


  29. omg. my great comment in moderation.

    moderation rape!


  30. Ah, yes… yet ANOTHER reason for all this “blind hatred” and “spittlefleck”.

    Take solace, gentlemen, that NAJALT…

    … and that if you find a few mushy and moldy apples in your bushel basket, no big deal, just leave ’em in there… the rest of the apples will be fine.


  31. With my kid, I play “Shit Lib Med Libs”


    Let’s start a conversation about_______and rape. Sex_____hookup______ navigate. You can connect_______taboo. _____in your skin. Rape______rape, rape. Problematic boner thief. Concent_______gender_______feelings, word salad, tossed salad and get your un wiped long island salad tossed by vantablack vibrancy.


  32. on December 21, 2015 at 4:51 pm Hillary Clinton

    The Jew is very proud of what it did.

    Everything that is “antisemitic” when said by a goy is said by the Jew itself.


  33. Racism is realism.

    The Jew’s pet nigger is a blight on our society.



  34. Ya know, I just caught an old version of A Christmas Carol on TV the other day. (A good old version, not some modern Whoopi-Goldberg-as-gay-trannie-scrooge version, complete with hip-hop songs and AIDS babies.) I noted something:

    Scrooge hates Christmas and tries to banish the whole holiday, but his nephew merely laughs at him and says “Merry Christmas” to him, which is the only fury we see in Scrooge until the ghosts appear. The nephew either understood amygdala-stimulation in Scrooge or else genuinely wished the old man to come around.

    N.B. Dickens was often very anti-Eskimo in his writings. The famous character of Fagan in Oliver Twist—who seduces young boys into a life of crime and then forcing them to kick him back the payments—is Eskimo, and was meant by Dickens to represent squalid crime caused by Eskimos. Meanwhile, Scrooge’s behavior in the book is very Eskimo-like—he is a miserly moneylender who takes no joy in Christian holidays until his epiphany, although he is nominally a gentile Englishman. And Dickens railed against moneylending and debtors’ prisons in his books—both of which were heavily run by Eskimos.


    • It’s probably one of the most filmed stories ever. Two of the best are the Reginald Owen version (1938) and the Alastair Sim version (1951). George C. Scott’s (1984) isn’t bad at all but lacks the dark atmospherics of the earlier versions.

      I think Scrooge has very many stereotypical Eskimo qualities, though I suppose he could be a miserly Scottish Humean type as well. If Scrooge was written as a literal Eskimo his conversion to Christmas would be difficult to pull off in a novella.


  35. “And inevitably, every year, someone will express relief at the idea that I’ll be talking to their kids about sex so that they’ll be spared the awkwardness of doing so themselves.”

    File this lie with Salon’s “I had sex with a Republican and it was terrible” meme.


    • HAHA…+1


      • Her use of the phrase “doing so” is particularly egregious and grates on the ear like fingernails on chalkboard. Denotes a sanctimonious totalitarian.


    • Oh the relief at the thought that some liberal, genocidal, pedo-pushing Jewess will teach my beautiful White children about sex. I can rest. That whole sex-ed thing almost had me worried for a minute.


  36. Where sex is concerned I have never seen the point of learning the theory if one cannot then put it into practice – but clearly people like Friederichs come as close to paedophilic activity as it is possible to do without crossing that final Rubicon. The real fun of sex education is to watch ones teacher squirm with embarrassment as he attempts to explain something everyone knows perfectly well. If cats and dogs can reproduce without such exhortation why is it that we humans cannot do so and without magical thinking epicycles like consent?

    Someone (who knows how to do so) load the wonderful – and pretty accurate – Monty Python sketch on Sex Education.


    • You know that scene got the “The Meaning of Life” tagged with a “rape” tag in the movie content rating they show before it airs.


    • come as close to paedophilic activity as it is possible to do without crossing that final Rubicon.

      What makes you sure they haven’t crossed it?


  37. It also has to be clear that consent shouldn’t be wheedled or coerced

    In all of my 50+ years of existence, I’ve never asked a woman to do anything. I tell them what to do – “Get undressed, I’m going to do things to you that you’ve never dreamed of.” If she gets undressed – that’s all the consent I need. If not, I’ll tell her, “You’re wasting my time,” and start to leave.

    Women like to be told what to do, absolves them of guilt, and it turns them on. Plain and simple, especially the younger ones.


  38. Field Report- Someone tell me what the F is going on with this gal please!

    So I am sitting outside and all of a sudden the 10 walks by me. I had to do a double take because she had her make-up on in almost a professional way. I have never seen her with that much make-up on. She is also dressed up a llittle nicer. Was wearing a cute little winter jacket. She goes into the place and sets up camp. Stays in there!

    Now to give some background on this gal she has always rushed in and out so as to get to her job. This is the gal who has rejected me twice! Except for one time my subcoms have been strong. The last time I saw her was the second rejection in which she reached out to hug me then hurried away when I put my phone out. I firmly responded with “your loss”

    What the F is she trying to do? I know some would say I should of went in and talked to her but frankly I was not in the frame to do so. I said my goodbyes to a friend and then walked to my vehicle. I started to question if it was really her.

    Non hater opinions please!


    • on December 21, 2015 at 6:49 pm The Other Anonymous

      Your friend could have answered that for you.

      Consider: You tell your friend to go inside and take up station where he can watch her – you sit outside for a while – then you suddenly jump up and run to your car – and drive off at speed.

      If she was playing with you – she’d have been shocked by your abrupt departure – then struck camp and left within a few minutes.

      If she just sat there, had another coffee – and spent 45 minutes fiddling about – then your being there simply wasn’t a factor.

      Ignoring or indifferent. Big difference.


      • “Consider: You tell your friend to go inside and take up station where he can watch her – you sit outside for a while – then you suddenly jump up and run to your car – and drive off at speed.

        If she was playing with you – she’d have been shocked by your abrupt departure – then struck camp and left within a few minutes.

        If she just sat there, had another coffee – and spent 45 minutes fiddling about – then your being there simply wasn’t a factor.

        Ignoring or indifferent. Big difference.”

        Nice! Thanks, just wish I would of thought of that.


  39. This is actually a quite important topic. As a father of a baby girl I’m really not looking forward to her teenage years. How do I shelter her from this society where slutiness is considered a virtue and where filthy degrading sex is just a click away? Even if I do a good job how do I protect her from getting her mind polluted by schoolmates or leftoid teachers? I could always be ultra strict but from experience I think that if you push too hard you
    get the opposite reaction. If redpilled guys have parenting tips, actual stories or any advice, I’d be grateful. FYI I’m European and non religious so I don’t want to rely on religion.


    • I’m American but am European in my thinking and live there. Giving up on religion is like giving up your pistols before going into Indian country but it can be done. Focus on breeding, Show disgust at undesirable behavior and make yourself the coolest man in her life so she will want to follow you. Turn off the TV and filter carefully all the messages she receives from the culture. Focus on traditional children’s stories. God is punishing Europe with these immigrants because it has turned away from him. Your daughter’s generation will return to religion. This is just getting started. WWII will be tame in comparison.


    • Ridicule. Always ridicule. Don’t get mad and don’t rant about the eskimeaux, mud invasions or degenerates. Point and laugh(metaphorically speaking).

      always act like you are the arbiter of what’s cool and these people ain’t it. its fairly easy now that pop culture is so very lame and negrified.


      • Exactly. Bring da movies punk from a few years back would have been given an atomic wedgie on sight and immediately every time thereafter plus a noogie all in good fun, wink wink, nudge nudge. He would be gone with the first wedgie.


  40. “Dads love it when their daughters learn about having sex under their roofs.”

    There’s a pretty good chance dad is not in the house to do anything about it and is completely unaware. I slept in the girlfriend’s bedroom nearly every night junior year and drove us to high school in the morning. Dad lived in another state and mom let her do whatever. At 16, would I (or many other boys) have had the stones to attempt that with pops right upstairs?


    • Single mothers = #1 cause for the destruction of any society.


    • Just wondering, did you saunter out for breakfast at her place before leaving? That would be hilarious. “Hey Moms, hit the gym. I might fill your void later on if you get skinny enough.”


    • I always played it safe. Outside or in the car.


    • I did that with their father at home a couple of times in cramp eastern European apartments. I’m amazed the silly sluts didn’t asphyxiate from having their faces pushed against their beds. Oh, you should start worrying when your teenage daughter starts to routinely lock her door. :p


  41. on December 21, 2015 at 5:20 pm The Target and the Gun

    Speaking of demon moms:

    Notice the (((names))) of the prosecutor and deputy chief. What’s a white man gotta do to get a job in this country?


  42. OT: Anyone wondering what the context of that spitting photo is over on Goodbye America: I posted the source link with explanation but CH is refusing to approve the comment for some reason.

    It’s a leftist spitting on a conservative Austrian outside a formal ball held in January 2014.


  43. Ellen Friedrichs





    I recommend the following by E.M. Jones:

    Libido Dominandi

    The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit


  44. So much is wrong with that woman, but her phrase that, “children should also have their physical boundaries respected by adults”, caught me. Notice the very careful, almost legalese, language that she uses. She intentionally used the word “respected”. In terms of this talk, solely regarding the topic of sex education, she did NOT say that children “should not have their physical boundaries violated by an adult”. Oh no. So…let’s put the puzzle pieces together, shall we? Teach little Jill: (1) the fine art of playing with yourself at an early age is a good thing, for your mind and body, (2) that sex can just be all about pleasure (no moral judgments regarding it), (3) that there does not appear to be any boundaries (other than those nasty patriarchal statutory rape laws) as to when a child can consent to, and have, sex. If it feels good, gives you some practice, then go for it! Enter the step-father, or new boyfriend (because you KNOW this writer cannot maintain a long-term relationship, even with another member of the seal hunting team). For this skank, most likely an unemployed black man. “Hays litta Jill, mind if Ize touches you here and there? It will feelz good. And yuze canz touches me here and there, too. Mommas at work, making da money, and we kind lottsa of time to have fun. Your momma sayz it all OK, and you wantz to makes yuze momma happy now, dontcha?”


  45. Jüdische Bolschewismus, still alive and well in 2015.

    Add her to the file. Thank you.


  46. Surprised the libtards aren’t asking parents to sex their kids for the first run.


  47. “she is actually white. the picture above is not her”. Get it right, jews aren’t white.


  48. People advocating this filth should be hung.


  49. Check out the ‘speaker’ section of their website. Some highlights: Sam Dylan Finch is a LGBTQA+ and mental health educator who is “a transgender and bipolar activist” and whose photo gives the impression of someone existentially allergic to sanity. Meanwhile, “Guess the sex” B. Cole founded an organization for, among others, two-spirit people. The whole list is a hoot!


    • From the article:

      I spoke to another single woman who’d had a child on her own. “I knew I wanted a child, and I was never good in relationships,” she said. “It’s the best decision I made.”

      “But how did you do it?” I asked.

      “I had help,” she said. “You need someone to help you, especially financially.”

      She asks mom and dad for help for this kind of shit–at age fucking 43!:

      “No. We’re too old, we already had our children,” my mother said. “Can’t you just meet someone?” she said sharply.

      Spinning wheel makes you go-round:

      I’d spent thousands of dollars and endless hours only to realize that 44 was too late.


    • I find it annoying I have to get a job because it irks me how stupidly my taxmoney will be spent. I loathe public Healthcare and retirement benefits since men are royally screwed in both, let alone idiotic things such as IVF treatments for broads who were too busy sucking off their bosses in their 20s instead of having kids.


  50. I don’t know how legit this is, but I just ran across a post on Breitbart by someone claiming to be Ivanka Trump. The Disqus profile used has a check mark next to it, and is marked as a “verified account”, which is something I’ve never seen before on a Disqus profile. Regular posters (like me) don’t get the “verified account” tag. Anyway, the comment she made was:

    Black pride =celebrated
    White pride = racist

    No hypocrisy there.

    The article in question was “WaPo Tries linking Donald Trump to White Supremacists”. So given how active the Trump’s are on social media, the fact that Breitbart is a huge hub for Trump supporters, and the “Verified Account” tag, how possible is it that this comment was actually made by Ivanka? Too good to be true?


    • Okay. I’m hopelessly naive. But I’ve been commenting using Disqus for a couple of years, and that’s the first time I’ve seen an account marked as “verified”. Threw me for a minute.


  51. If a man wrote an article about talking to your daughter about how to give a blowjob and being “open” with her practicing it at home, he’d be rightfully called a budding pedophile.

    But if you’re a woman its “positive”.

    Note that its just as perverted if you actually imagine a mom talking to her very underage son about eating pussy.

    “Just have mom talk to the girls and dad talk to the boys.”



  52. Reblogged this on MGTOW 2.0.


  53. Rhetorical question: How many here ever get drunk with Eskimos?

    The reason I ask this is that I spent a whole summer in Alaska when I was 20 years old and I spent some quality time with them. I still do. They like their inebriation as much as the next guy and are just as likely to start telling the truth when mixed with the wine.
    You might learn some things.


  54. She’s from a long long line of old German blood. She’s not Jewish.


  55. Not all Jews support degeneracy

    Orthodox Jews would view this woman as “demonic.”


    • Damn, up until now we didn’t realize that NAJALT.


      All seriousness aside, good on these four Orthodox groups… may their voice be heard loud and clear…

      … and do let us know when the gays march, en masse, against these synagogues and throw pies at the rabbis and parishioners…

      … and ESPECIALLY let us know when the MSM paints these good folk with the usual tar brush of mockery and disdain as bigots.

      On a side note:
      What did that one woman in the video say awhile back? Something about how, when a certain percentage of an ethnic or political group cause great mayhem, the law-abiding majority are irrelevant?


  56. The only thing I found objectionable was number 4. I’m still not that comfortable with young human sexuality that I would want my kids having sleepovers with girlfriends and boyfriends. Though isn’t that what PUAs want? To get laid in their formative teen years?

    [CH: don’t you know it’s different for boys?
    ps “pua”s want to improve their quality and perhaps quantity of dating prospects, regardless of their own age or formative years status.]

    Don’t they claim the inability to do so has ruined their lives in their 20s and beyond?

    [ruined? so dramatic. most men want to do better with women. a minority of men are so bad with women that it can be said their lives are ruined. Game speaks to all men, ruined or not.]

    Anyway, the average age of first time porn viewing is 8 in the USA. I’d rather my kids learn about healthy sexuality from me and a sex educator than from the skewed, perverted and often sadistic portrayals of porn.

    [sex educators are perverted deviants. it’s the nature of the occupation they willingly chose.]


    • Sex is natural and should be discovered naturally. Not in a State-Sanctioned Indoctrination Center watching some freak degenerate put a condom on xir banana.

      I remember the day my dad sat me down and said “okay son, you know how sex works right, the penis goes in the vagina?” and I said “yup” and that was it. Homeschooling is great.


      • You don’t need dad for the “peepee goes in hooha” part. That wasn’t even a secret back in the pre-internet, pre-easy-to-find-porn days of my childhood.

        You need him to teach you the prerequisite for getting the peepee in the hooha — especially on a sustained basis — in order words, GAME.

        That’s if being married hasn’t killed every last vestige of game in the man’s mind. But for the sons of such unfortunates, these days there is an invaluable resource — Chateau!

        “Okay son, read everything on this site, and let me know if you have any questions…”



    Worked through all those quotes. Makes your think a lot what kind of people they are who made them.


  58. Look at the site. It must be ridiculed at every opportunity. Judging from the articles, there is plenty of opportunity.


  59. “It also has to be clear that consent shouldn’t be wheedled or coerced, and that there are circumstances under which consent cannot freely be given – like if you’re asleep, ***passed out, incapacitated by drugs or alcohol***, or under age.”

    This part is far more inflammatory than the rest of the article. It basically turns every single one of a us into a rapist.


  60. When you google an image of the author, your eskimo is one of the top pics.

    [CH: heh]


  61. my kids are already getting real talk in small doses (they are 7 yo boy and 5 yo girl). wife and i talk masculinity to my son: standing up for what’s right, defending values, God, Jesus, gun rights, bad guys, etc. daughter; being a feminine, good girl, kids only when married, etc etc.

    scary times to raise kids we live in 😦


  62. Cunt


  63. Written by a Canadian Jew. At this point it’s not surprising, it’s expected.


  64. […] Keeping your daughter off the pole. Related: Demon mom of the year. […]


  65. Well, you’ve go to earn your spurs somehow! A few dudes will be doing so courtesy of Ellen Friedrich’s fine sex-positive parenting. I just wonder how she’ll react to this question on one of those awkward mornings after a “sleepover”:


  66. Beats headphones you bought him for Kwanaza……fuck that was funny.