Beta Male Move Of The Day

The Beta Male Move of the Day highlights a classic beta male “tell” that women subconsciously register and which then powers down any nascent attraction that they may feel toward the man betraying himself by his beta behavior. BMMOTDs (or, colloquially, “Beta Movements”), can be egregious or subtle; the end result, however, is always the same: more distance between you and the pussy.

Personal Real Life Detail Revealed:

I was in a pricey bar catering to young-ish professionals when I noticed the following Beta Movement.

End Personal Real Life Detail Transmission

That’s all you need to know to grasp the game lesson herein.

The Beta Movement is chicken pecking. Pecking of the head, or whole body pecking, it doesn’t matter; watching a man do this is akin to watching a reserve tank labeled “Alpha Male Attractiveness Fuel” superimposed on his body slowly draining to the flashing red “E”. It’s a neediness gesture that primally offends both women (resulting in lost attraction) and other men (resulting in lost respect). Naturally, no one is going to conspicuously make a look of disgust if you peck while listening to him or her. The more likely response is a slow backing out of the conversation and sideways glances for more powerfully interesting company. Human social interaction is not s series of nuclear bombs going off, but a vast network of sensation-seeking psychological tendrils alternately reaching outward and inward and elsewhere for a foothold on which to attach.

Many men peck. It’s probably a hard-wired instinct that evolved to signal goodwill and concord, and thus facilitate in-group social lubrication. But the fact that many men do it is only evidence that many men are betas. Alphas wouldn’t be alpha if they were numerically superior. (Such a phenomenon, were it to occur, would be very short-lived anyhow as bull-headed jousting for distinction would lead to attrition.) Try to focus on your body and head as you listen to someone of notable social worth (this could be a high ranking man or a hot woman). Self-awareness is vital; if you feel your head bobbing at the neck when you want to express agreement or consilience, make a sound effort to stop doing it. Same goes if you feel your body swaying rhythmically in a similar fashion.

If you find yourself in fulsome agreement with your company, resist the urge to nonverbally and obsequiously express it. Practice maintaining not just unswerving eye contact, but also head and body stillness, when listening to an alpha male or alpha female in conversation. You should be closer to an obelisk, not a chicken. Chicks dig the obelisk.


  1. Less is more. Let other people seek your approval, rather than seeking theirs.


    • You can’t even get 78% of women to approve of Justin Bieber.

      My only hope is that the stat is sensationalized as a PR hit from that dating website. Which it probably is.


      • on July 30, 2013 at 10:50 am Zombie Shane

        Father of 24 found dead inside Detroit building


        Physically I could do – fairly easily – but I couldn’t sleep at night worrying to death about all of my babies and my various baby mamas and their respective moral & intellectual edumakashuns – certainly not if I weren’t there as a physical presence in their lives, each and every day.

        The idea of polygamy has a great deal of appeal to me, but the thought of doing it by the book, without any gubmint assistance at all, to the tune of 24 little babies, is rather daunting.

        Bottom Line: Either high-IQ folk start getting serious about this mess, or else Civilization is doomed.

        [CH: At this late stage in the game, “getting serious” can only mean the gallows.]


      • By nigger standards, he was an alpha. Native-born black birth rates are well below replacement, and even lower than whites’ — they produced about 500,000 births in 2011, whereas the cohort 20-25 years ago (i.e., the most likely baby mommas) was about 640,000 births per year — and are only slightly higher overall because of black immigrants.


    • on July 29, 2013 at 5:12 pm Mitch Cumstein

      The saddest thing to me in all this is… no matter how many women come forward and say Weiner sexted them, the number he fucked will remain the same: NONE. Zero. You would think someone with that much power could seal the deal. That if his whole political career was to end, he could point to one lay and say, “Yup, I fucked her.” Not this guy. His wife stands by him because she gets to glean the benefits of a politician’s wife and it was the most amicable affair imaginable: he just sat at his computer and jacked it. “Will you quit sexting those fans, Carlos Danger?” “Five more minutes, dear!”


  2. most PDAs are generally beta.


  3. The epitome of cool…Playboy’s Penthouse 1959.

    Check out the contrast between Hugh Hefner and Lenny Bruce.

    Bruce in this seems try-had, nervous, approval-seeking.

    “I was kind of rude, I was talking to those chicks and they kind of were floating around….there are some pretty chicks….”

    Watch how Hef speaks slowly, deliberately.

    They both seem a bit awkward perhaps because it’s a new medium, but the contrast between Hef and Bruce is.


    • on July 29, 2013 at 4:51 pm Customer Service

      Is there a link you maybe want to post with the comment?


    • While he wasn’t a super flawless ultimate alpha male or anything, old-school Hefner WAS pretty alpha.

      Both in his body language (slow deliberate speaking, pausing before answering questions, keeping calm, cool and collected even against hostile interviewers/critics, lots of breaking rapport tonality and making statements instead of asking questions, approval-giving rather than approval-seeking, etc), and his inner-game, in sticking to his convictions and holding his frame against overwhelming social pressure. He had his set of beliefs on sex, equality, rights, how to run his magazine, etc. and he stuck to them no matter what shit-tests people threw at him.

      He’s also always had an excellent positive frame of loving women in general, not being judgemental about sexuality, enjoying women for what/who they are, etc. Contrast that to a lot of bitter “American women are all evil cunt bitches” manosphere guys and it’s not really a surprise why one type of guy was able to run an empire based around getting pussy while the other guy is writing angry bitter rants online. Sure, at 80+ Heff has to pay his girls, but 1) in his 30s-50s guaranteed he was getting shitloads of hot free pussy just based on his status, social-proof, high-value, etc, and 2) the MGTOWs and half the MRA/Manosphere advocates paying a foreign girl to stick around anyway so it’s not like they can judge lol

      Plus he gives a shit-load of value, throwing parties were other men can meet gorgeous women, doing charity work, all that shit. He wants everyone to have fun and enjoy life, rather than seeing it as a competition of who’s the most successful and being overly cut-throat and hostile to other men. As a result he’s respected and well-liked by other men of high-value…again contrast that with the stereotypical bitter Manosphere type who hates going out and hates being social and hates other men and sees everything as a battle and competition for who’s the best and who, in reality, only has a few close (usually also bitter) friends to go out with and doesn’t make new friends when he’s out because under the surface he loathes everyone and sees them all as pathetic compared to his superiority. Heff has the benevolent alpha vibe men should be aiming for.

      I recommend watching the “playboy, activist, rebel” documentary on him. He did a lot of cool stuff that I think a lot of people (especially his critics) don’t realize. Also his Girls Next Door reality show is a good watch because 1) titties lol, 2) you get an inside look at how Hef runs the mansion (curfews/rules, letting his girls have their fun time, how he expects them to behave when they make an appearance with him, his overall positive fun attitude toward the girls, how much they legit seek his approval, etc) and 3) you can piece together how he runs his harem, in terms of having a Primary girl, Secondary girls, and Randoms. I’ve written about this in more depth before, and a lot of how I do it comes from stuff I picked up on watching Heff’s show:

      Even now, while he’s slipped up here and there with the marriage and all (like I say he’s not a perfect ultimate alpha male), people make fun of him as a creepy old skeleton-man but he’s still living it up in a mansion full of hotter higher-quality chicks than any of his critics have ever stuck their dick in, throwing parties that tons of high-value people/celebs/etc are dying to go to, has tons of friends who love and care about him, and all with not a single fuck to give about whether anyone approves or not.

      I think Heff can say “top that, motherfuckers” without it coming across as cringe-worthy lol


      • on August 1, 2013 at 2:03 pm Lucky White Male

        But Life is a competition.

        Hef can afford to look like he ‘s ” not competing.”

        Because Hef already competed his way to the top – Apex Alpha.

        When you become a millionaire is about the time you start saying “I just want to give Value. Money is a byproduct”


    • Hefner is a half-faggot train-wreck of a man who enabled feminism to become preeminent, so long as he had his groovy turntables, silk pajamas, and choice scotch. His “epitome of cool” lifestyle is a fantasy fabrication designed to enthrall adolescents with all the class of Quagmire on Family Guy.

      I understand his appeal to the South Park generation, which must haphazardly strive to become men in this culture devoid of role models — like skinny hipsters who grow beards in compensation for their general femininity. But the results are in, and his goatish elderly desperation is the end-state of any masturbatory philosophy like his. It’s astonishing how little such blind idolators understand so basic a notion as cause and effect.

      Do nothing great, be nothing great, leave nothing great. Just an endless pursuit of the feelies. Teenagers might get wrapped up in those sensual goals; it’s understandable, since they’re encountering them for the first time.

      But which experienced man, after discovering the ease of acquiring such superficialities, dedicates his life to the circular attainment of the same thing over and over and over? Only the inexperienced man does, because he is not yet familiar with the ennui; or the experienced man does, who has no better option but to subject himself to the ennui, hoping for some undiscovered novelty, until his life is blessedly snuffed out.

      This is why “The Hef” now watches gay porn to get it up for a bedful of 19-year-old bunnies.



      • He seems to be doing alright, but I’m sure your disapproval of him keeps him up at night.

        “Do nothing great, be nothing great, leave nothing great.”

        So what IS it that you’re leaving behind exactly? I’m sure I’m not the only one curious about what such a great wise badass man is doing with all his ennui. What are you doing to shape the future of the world and all that? It must be something amazing.


      • This is an interesting discussion and I’m in the middle of you two here.

        I have to say, first of all, that I’m pleasantly surprised that YaReally is showing respect for, and calling a man alpha who is paying sugar babies $4K per month each. Hef is being given a mulligan for being over 80.

        But who died and made the PUA coaches kings of who gets to decide at what age men can have sugar babies like that and still be “alpha”?

        The same type of teenager who has sex with a professional baseball player (and takes $100 for a taxi home) will take $100 from you for an extended massage because you met her on the street, established comfort and she likes you. Who is the alpha between you and the baseball player? Both of you exploited a typical late teen desire to sell herself to someone who offers value. Both of you got someone who is very low count. Both paid the same amount of money. Does it count against you because $100 means more to you than it does to the famous rich guy?

        How about a man paying $200 per month to (what were) virgin sugar babies at age 55?

        Does he get the same mulligan as Hef?

        Wouldn’t you think Hef has an easier time recruiting? Isn’t he selling possible fame, contacts and acting contracts and screen tests? Isn’t it tougher to recruit a virgin to take $200 per month and be loyal to a guy who isn’t famous?

        Why then, would you lionize Hef more than the normal guy in his fifties who gets a similar quality harem for much less money?

        And once you accept that, why bother having any problem with a 33 year old, like you, who augments his regular harem with some 18 year old college freshwomen who don’t want to date anyone but will come over and give him a massage for $50, which leads into her first sexual encounter ever? Then she becomes a slut and gives night club gamers sloppy twenty seconds so they can call themselves alpha. 😉

        I’m only busting your chops here because the regular game videos you link to are great material for learning key game skills every guy needs no matter what his wallet looks like.

        But, why bother making the unnecessary bullshit comment about foreign girls as if they are inferior lay material or are being exploited by us right wing manosphere types (the commie writer DH Lawrence saw exploiters as somehow impotent) or as if you can pull them away from their manosphere boyfriends because they’d find you more interesting?

        You’re clouded by the feminist mindset, YaReally, when you hate manosphere guys so much. Feminists like to spread the bullshit around that men who don’t prefer American women are losers. You may want to cut your hate for the manosphere and read enough not to have to keep making unnecessary digs on behalf of the fembot crowd.

        BTW, I read your long advice rant to a 38 year old youngster who didn’t have his act together. You are only 5 years younger so it was weird watching that. You were basically giving your own contemporary advice. Good for you on that.


      • “Why then, would you lionize Hef more than the normal guy in his fifties who gets a similar quality harem for much less money?”

        Because Heff has created a fucking EMPIRE lol. The dude revolutionized how society looks at sexuality. You not having to court a girl thru her father and date 3 months before getting a kiss is because of him. He’s also 80+ and was getting free sex his entire life. Bill Gates paying for sex is not the same as Heff.

        A 55yo living in his sister’s basement who can’t keep a job buying cheap hookers doesn’t get the free pass Heff does.

        “why bother having any problem with a 33 year old, like you, who augments his regular harem with some 18 year old college freshwomen who don’t want to date anyone but will come over and give him a massage for $50, which leads into her first sexual encounter ever?”

        Because that’s pathetic. Like I get that you don’t understand that and you have to rationalize it all in your head, but you’re seriously advocating paying for sex which is just sad. If you have game you should still be able to lay 18-25yo poon in your 30s.

        You’re like the guy who’d go buy a baseball trophy and go “well who cares if I can’t play and had to buy this, I’m the same as the famous athlete that won one!!”

        “Feminists like to spread the bullshit around that men who don’t prefer American women are losers”

        I don’t care what Feminists say lol. Guys who have to pay for sex are losers. If you can’t win a Major League Baseball game on your skills, buying a trophy doesn’t make you a badass, it makes you pathetic.


      • Because Heff has created a fucking EMPIRE lol.

        LOL is for 13 year old girls when they text. I’m going to keep reminding you of that.

        It’s good to see you’re OK with capitalism now. You used to be so proud of riding the bus and having roommates. Guess you finally realized that the potential clientele here weren’t about to buy RSD services from a bum and changed your image accordingly.

        I wish you’d be more honest about your financial incentive to be here, which is to sell RSD. What’s wrong with capitalism, right?

        You not having to court a girl thru her father and date 3 months before getting a kiss is because of him.

        And your presence around here did have the fortunate effect of shutting up the dozens of whiny social conservatives who used to hate on men over 30 dating hot women under 21. Kudos to you for that. Too bad you’re so far over on the left and transparently trying to sell RSD products by trashing and disrespecting the manosphere and pretending that every guy here has learned nothing from 5 years of the CH blog.

        He’s also 80+ and was getting free sex his entire life. Bill Gates paying for sex is not the same as Heff.

        Bullshit. Hefner paid all his life. Sugar baby is another word for playmate.

        Hefner always had arrangements with his women. And Hefner paid a lot more than he had to. Having one sugar baby with natural breasts who looks better than Barbie Benton costs me no more than $150 per month.

        You need to study up on this more.

        Bill Gates wasn’t ruthless in his darkside desire to exploit women. That made him a beta.

        All this dark stuff doesn’t threaten your business. Men still have to open women and do the comfort stage even if they’d prefer to make an arrangement like Hugh Hefner did when he was their age.

        A 55yo living in his sister’s basement who can’t keep a job buying cheap hookers doesn’t get the free pass Heff does.

        Of course not (and nobody is talking here about anyone buying cheap professional hookers either).

        Financial success gets respect from both men and women. And it was the main reason why Hefner got as many women as he did. Remember he recently said in an interview that he’s never been with a woman who was his intellectual equal. Remember that the men who get the bulk of the IQ bell curve are within 20 points of the average IQ themselves. He set up the chance for women to “work for him” to get into Hollywood. Good for him. But, to your feminist allies, that was work place sexual harassment. They gave Playboy Enterprises a pass they didn’t give other corporations. Hefner ended up being a hypocrite.

        Look at 60 year old John McAfee who had a harem in Belize recently. They were hot but dumb and I can’t respect the guy for being paranoid and strange. But as CH noted in a tweet, he had a hot looking harem living with him. You can’t fault him for that one aspect of his life he got right.

        Because that’s pathetic. Like I get that you don’t understand that and you have to rationalize it all in your head, but you’re seriously advocating paying for sex which is just sad. If you have game you should still be able to lay 18-25yo poon in your 30s.

        Who the fuck said that you can’t lay 5 for free plus your maid who wants a raise? And who here is necessarily still in his 30s? OK. You are. So you are not allowed to use a position of authority, a favor or whatever to get laid until you’re 40? or 50? or 60? Who the fuck died and put you in charge of saying what age a man can start “exploiting” loopholes in seduction?

        Feminists talk like you do. This is why left wingers like you and Hefner let your allies get socalled “sexual harassment” laws passed even though Hefner was a hypocrite for helping to do that. This is why professors are more and more forbidden by US colleges to fraternize with students.

        You really need to read the CH post “It’s Not Necessarily Beta to Pay for Sex”. Any man who can pull as good as you can for free, is not reduced in his alphatude compared to you if he augments his current sex life with some more, like from the 19 year old housekeeper he opened on the street two weeks ago and then gamed into the comfort zone before hiring her to wash dishes, etc.

        As Hefner has said, if she’s not intellectually your match at all, there’s nothing wrong with making an arrangement instead of having a real relationship.

        Hefner felt this way his entire life.

        Alpha is determined by what you can do without paying but it doesn’t join the feminists in crying “exploitation” or “pathetic”. Maybe you are in the game to try to compensate for a defect instead of being in the game to fuck the hottest, lowest count girls possible. But I will do a 19 year old housekeeper if she asks me if she can do anything more around the house.

        You’re like the guy who’d go buy a baseball trophy and go “well who cares if I can’t play and had to buy this, I’m the same as the famous athlete that won one!!”

        You see women as trophies because you’re short and trying to gain validation. I see some of the hotter ones I don’t want long relationships with as a means of getting off, not trophies. I don’t pay those who are mature or interesting enough to have a real relationship with.

        You need to get the trophy concept out of your brain. It’s beta.

        Hefner didn’t win any by your standards. He did the same housekeeper routine I mentioned above except he basically set up a model agency cum stag magazine that got famous as a way for women to get attention from Hollywood. I’d do the same thing but it’s actually less legal in most countries now to open up a porn empire like he did. Too many regulations.

        Plus, your 5 year old mentality can’t fathom the concept that a guy can walk and chew gum at the same time, pull in clubs 4 nights a week and then do his maid on Sunday night. You can play for and buy to increase your total harvest. This is something you don’t understand.

        You also fail to understand that you can sell your RSD services to men who want to open and game women who may later become either pump and dumps, regular girlfriends (who don’t seem to want money) or sugar babies (who do hint that they want money and take it for cleaning your home or whatever). This concept has never been a threat to you.

        I don’t care what Feminists say lol. Guys who have to pay for sex are losers. If you can’t win a Major League Baseball game on your skills, buying a trophy doesn’t make you a badass, it makes you pathetic.

        Actually, you write like a radical feminist, you vote with them as a Democrat and you use their infantile logic and shaming tactics which results in more anti-male laws being made. Sex harassment laws, professor-student relationship laws, these are all based on the shaming techniques where you say “the guy had too much help. He didn’t do it on his own”.

        Alphas don’t have to pay for sex, but they’ll have no problem with that if a man’s schedule is full with regular girlfriends and the subject in question is a willing virgin who has a whore fantasy or really wants to go that route herself. Hefner for instance.

        Why? Because an alpha isn’t worried about being politically correct or selling enough coaching services to survive so where a beta trying to pretend he’s alpha will try too hard to protect the idea that it’s good to get it for free, as if anyone would ever argue with that.

        An alpha isn’t in the game because he’s trying to compensate for being short. An alpha doesn’t go hungry because the night club won’t let him back in if he goes out. A coach huckster will do that.

        It’s also not in the interest of RSD’s credibility to side with feminists in their never-ending quest to shame the idea of international travel and call foreign women whores.

        What’s pathetic are the guys RSD is target marketing. Tyler is doing a European tour. I noticed that Moscow wasn’t on his list but Amsterdam is. That’s because Moscow men, who have plenty of money, aren’t having the same problems meeting women as the men in the feminist Netherlands.

        Culture has created a bad attitude in the west resulting in the PUA industry trying to counter that bad attitude with game. That’s fine. You can even say “You don’t have to travel. Buy our services” and that’s fine too. But it hurts your credibility to shame those who don’t like dating in a feminist culture, especially if you have a problem with bosses fucking their secretaries or professors fucking coeds.

        It’s in your own interest to stop calling Asian and EE women whores. You can market RSD services to the men who want to open and close them as well.

        You don’t have to insult what could be a large target market for you.

        Other PUA coaches understand this. Tyler needs to get out more.


      • One way to stop acting like a feminist Ya, is to read the CH Post “It’s Not Necessarily Beta to Pay for Sex”.

        There you can learn the novel concept that Alphas can walk and chew gum at the same time! They can fuck for free and fuck the housekeeper (if she works for you, it’s paid sex) and it only adds to life. Only feminists think its pathetic for an alpha to augment his schedule that way.

        Alphas don’t see women as trophies the way skinny short guys might who have to come to manosphere blogs to drum up business by insulting honest readers who can see through fake shaming tactics like “guys who have to pay” being instead of “guys who fuck their maids in addition to their regular girlfriends”. Nobody is talking here about anyone “having to pay”.

        For God’s sake, read up on the ways of the world for the past 7000 years. You read books don’t you? Not just esoteric Coelho books?


      • lol these rants are amazing. I would like you to work in accusing me of trying to bring dinosaurs back to life like Jurassic Park in your next strange conspiracy rant. plzthxkbi


      • The problem with your generation Ya is that, for the first time in history and because of the new sexual harassment laws in the US, you are not meeting rich men a little older than you who will freely admit to you that they are fucking the hired help.

        Their secretaries, their nannies, their maids, all in addition to any other affairs where women just fall in love with him for himself.

        They can’t tell you what they’re doing out of fear of the new laws now and many are not doing that kind of stuff at all out of fear of the new laws.

        If they haven’t already been betafied by the atmosphere surrounding the new laws.


  4. on July 29, 2013 at 4:02 pm logicwontgetmelaid

    I assume pecking in this article refers to simple nodding, as opposed to “leaning in” like I always understood. I thought you were supposed to actively listen to women, nodding (slightly), and saying “uh-huh” allot and randomly feeding things she just said back to her. Always refraining from jumping in with your own segue until she’s done so she feels more connected… etc. Can you nod slowly to denote listening, as long as it’s not massive bobble head eager agreement? Cause that’s what I’ve been doing, and it’s been working.


    • To signal that you’ve heard a specific point: one nod up and back to the right. An eyebrow is sufficient in close conversation.

      This is an ambiguous cue. It might mean “I question what you’re saying” or “I approve of what you’re saying.” Pairs well with a lightly sardonic smile, the kind that says “you amuse me.”

      To signal “keep talking” nod just a few times, always pulling her gaze up, and descending majestically. If it makes you feel like an arrogant prick, you’re doing it right–but thinking about it wrong. You *are* the falcon. You are the lion. You’re the big bear and she’s the little bunny. The frame will guide the gestures.

      Like a lot of guys, I grew up believing being a good listener was something women desired in a man. That’s Alan Alda game packaged for polite society. The real Alan Alda game is all in the name “Hawkeye Pierce.” Radar O’Reilly was a good listener. Hawkeye Pierce bagged all the good-looking nurses. To truly sympathize with women, you’ve got to become attuned to their unspoken desires.


  5. I had a grown-ass woman doing the ‘pecking’ thing to me recently on a night out. Kissing the top or side of my head at a nice, classy, patio bar. Kissing my arms and hands too. Everybody was watching her. My response to her was ‘Cut it out, mom! It’s creepy!’. It was embarrassing and drove me nuts.


  6. on July 29, 2013 at 4:13 pm Bad Habits Die Hard

    I have an awful habit of doing this. I do it because I don’t give a damn what people are saying and I want them to get it out and go away but I don’t want to seem like an asshole. Nevertheless, nearly every time someone starts talking I do it. Shit. It’s beta.


  7. I saw a youtube video that addressed pecking. The pua said if you’re having a difficult time understanding a woman (due to crowd noise or if she has a quiet voice, etc.), then the right move to make is to turn your head slightly sideways and point towards your ear. This makes her move towards you, and speak into your ear so you can hear what she’s saying.


    • I usually pull my head back further instead of turning sideways. Sort of like me punishing the conversation by withdrawing my presence because I can’t hear. The girl will then either move toward my body to speak or tell me she wants to go somewhere quiet.


      • on July 29, 2013 at 6:54 pm Dan Fletcher

        Skeptical but will give this a shot.


      • Keep in mind I’m 26, fairly handsome and covered in tattoos. I don’t know if this strategy would work on the average guy.


      • on July 30, 2013 at 10:58 am Zombie Shane

        > “covered in tattoos”

        Do you ever fornicate with chicks who are 100% tat-free?

        Cause the idea of a clean chick doing it with a dirty guy makes me want to go wash my mind’s eye out with soap.



      • Yeah. Most of the girls I bang look like sorority girls. I don’t like girls with tattoos, both in looks and personalities.


      • “Cause the idea of a clean chick doing it with a dirty guy makes me want to go wash my mind’s eye out with soap.”

        You need to read this site more LOL.


  8. wow, good point. The pecking seems like the polite thing to do. Let’s harmonize this with the earlier point that you don’t actually have to make eye contact with the person you’re talking to.


  9. on July 29, 2013 at 5:10 pm suppressedtruthsociety

    Okay I think CH needs to clarify; are we talking about kissing, or head nodding?

    [CH: Nodding. Not kissing.]


    • Ch wrote, “The Beta Movement is chicken pecking. Pecking of the head, or whole body pecking, it doesn’t matter.”

      I think this generally refers to head nodding/bobbing and leaning in close to the other person when they are speaking.
      Betas tend to lean in towards women when they are speaking, and then straighten up when it is their turn to speak. This leaning in and straightening up creates a pecking motion


      • I think it’s more like, signalling “I am actively listening to you, and I value you taking the time to speak to me, so I will show you that I am deeply valuing the shit you are saying”. I think I’ll start paying attention to people I talk to see how the nodding actually looks to its intended recipient.

        What about bobbing your head to music?


      • I’m occasionally guilty of this.

        Sometimes it’s just hard to hear what chicks are saying over all the awesome music playing in my head.


    • My comprehension was derailed because I immediately thought of a ‘peck’ as a kiss. I posted obviously off-topic. My bad, I was only thinking of myself…again.


    • We’ve used pecking to mean leaning in since The Game so that’s probably part of the confusion for a lot of people:

      Plus the pecking = quick/light kiss thing.

      Need a different animal for this “overly enthusiastic nodding” lol. Bobble-head doll is a better description/image.

      I nod slowly now and then, occasionally with an “mmm.” to acknowledge that I’m listening but I had to practice that to break my original bad bobble-head body language habits. I’ve met people who go “uh-huh, yes, mmhmm, uh-huh” like every 2 seconds while other people talk, as they bobble-nod furiously…it’s always funny to me because they don’t realize they’re doing it as much as they are lol


      • on July 30, 2013 at 7:39 am RappaccinisDaughter

        How does this fold in with the concept of syntonics–matching your body language to that of your interlocutor, in an attempt to subconsciously gain their trust? Some people do it more or less automatically, without meaning to.

        Case in point: I have some hearing loss in my right ear. (Guy standing too close to me in the duck blind with a 12-gauge. Ow. At least the tinnitus went away after a few months.) It’s not terrible, only about a 15% deficit, but that means that if I’m in a crowded room or somewhere with a lot of background noise, hearing conversation gets tough for me. So I’ll tilt my face sideways and lean my upper body in slightly, so my “good” ear is angled toward the person I’m speaking with. I’ve noticed that about 9 times out of 10, *regardless of whether I’m talking to a man or a woman*, they’ll cock their heads at the same angle. They mirror me. (Which defeats the whole purpose of what I’m doing, unfortunately.)


      • Epic bobblehead front left:



      • Oh god. It’s like he’s listening to music.


  10. I hope Mark Minter has been doing his neck exercises. Much nodding in his future.


  11. It would be more efficient to add that to his ankle grasping regimen. Make sure he’s nice and limber for HIS “big day” 😉


  12. I’ve never heard of nodding referred to as pecking. I thought you meant pecking on the cheek. So what do you mean? Nodding to everyone?

    [CH: Ever seen a chicken pecking at seed on the ground? Like that.]


    • CH has obviously never been pecked by a swan. Or an ostrich. Nothing ‘beta’ about that….


    • on July 29, 2013 at 6:36 pm Dan Fletcher

      Glancing at his blog, quite possible.

      Only thing missing from his picture is a fedora.


    • on July 29, 2013 at 6:52 pm Dan Fletcher

      lozlozolzlozlol at the top comment in his “101 Everyday Ways for Men to Be Allies to Women” article:

      • 2 days ago

      Do you think all woman are little snow flakes that need to be protected? I find this list very offensive. I am a grown woman and I don´t need man allies to manage my life. Sorry

      They rightly see such articles as supplication and sink their claws into the mewling beta responsible.

      I top this comment off with the weak-beta picture of the week (from the same site):

      Testosertone not included.


    • If this is a representative sample of the up-and-coming generation of Hispanics, I think whitey may hang on after all.


    • i bet a woman (or a man in feminism) could ask him to remove ‘badass’ from his about me page as an aggressive masculine term and he’d do it.


      • WTF? How can he include “badass” in the same paragraph as his “race/ethnicity, gender, masculinity, feminism, and men in feminism” interests??


      • Ha. Just looked at his page, and saw that he used the term “badass” not to refer to himself, but to the feminist crap he likes so much.


    • Glad someone posted this. Someone needs to rip this fucking kid a new one.


      • I just don’t understand what this guy is getting out of this as an American hispanic male? Why choose feminism as a cause to invest your life in? Obviously he isn’t getting sex. Why not choose a more worthwhile and relevant cause? It just seems like such a sad and lonely waste of a life.

        Some of the shit he posts is hilarious. He actually encourages men to cross the street to avoid women just in case we offend them…….


  13. Even after looking trough the comments I cannot picture what this “pecking” looks like. Call me retarded. Whatever.


    • Highly HIGHLY recommend watching Liam’s whole seminar that this is from (it’s on YouTube for free so it’s easy to find).


      • Excellent video Ya, thanks a lot for positng that. The one thing that kills me is speaking fast. Even in my speeches in the Toastmasters class I’m in, a lot of the negative/constructive feedback would revolve around my rate of speech.

        Today during a daytime approach at the Whole Foods I managed to slow down the speech and use a lot of the seductive contact during the later part of the interaction. Crazy difference especially how the girl responded to it. For like a minute I was in this zone where all cylinders were firing. All it took was to legit focus on slowing down and making deeper eye contact.

        Beyond reducing the nodding/pecking, I highly recommend for guys to adopt the upward head nod. I read it here at Heartiste and it legit took me 2-3 weeks to become second nature. I worked on a floor with a few hundred people constantly moving so there was plenty of time to practice it there and on the streets of NYC. At first, I would still instinctively do the downward head nod. 2-3 weeks of continuous practice and yeah, it goes to show how much work it can take to undue negative conditioning…and that’s just for a head nod!

        Btw, I listened to this 2 hour segment by Tyler from the pre-The Game days that you posted a while back. It’s one of the most excellent things I’ve listened to:

        [audio src="" /]

        I dig the part where Tyler breaks down how to flirt with a girl in set

        1) Story telling
        2) Cold-reading
        3) Interpreting everything as sexual innuendo/compliment
        4) Role-playing

        It was very cool to see him at his most egotistical/full of himself because a lot of the stuff he says is pure game-focused. I still dig what he releases after he adopted a more holistic view of pick-up but that audio seminar was a good throwback to the early days of game.


      • Ah I see. Thanks.


  14. Quick question. Lately, mainly for the hell of it, I’ve been ending interactions with women by closing with a bit of an unexpected kiss on the cheek. So I’ll randomly meet some new girl on campus and strike up some conversation. I’ve gotten some number closes (which I know are meaningless) and then given a kiss on the cheek for goodbye. Is this beta? I’ve only done it to two girls, who were both caught off guard a bit, but had positive reactions. Then I got no texts back. I know the typical guy wouldn’t even try to kiss the cheek, but should I just be going straight for the lips? xD

    Just curious what you guys think.


    • I do this if it feels natural. Mostly with warm and friendly sets.

      Also, this is much better received among foreign women. American girls aren’t conditioned to accept kisses from strangers the way southern European and Latin girls are.


    • It might work better if you talk to them with a faux French, Italian, or Spanish accent.


  15. on July 29, 2013 at 6:28 pm Born Again Alpha

    The only exception is if you have a smug smirk on your face when listening to someone allegedly higher than you in the pecking order.


  16. This is interesting; I am just back from having a drink with a male friend who does this. He also leans in when he talks. It’s true… it absolutely does not build attraction. The girl should be leaning in to get your attention, not the other way around.


  17. on July 29, 2013 at 6:43 pm Dan Fletcher

    I am quite guilty of this and it is the worst part of my body language (that I know of)

    Posted in the previous thread but is more relevant here. Does anybody else notice the “beer shield” everywhere? Seems like 75% of guys I see do it to some extent. Most dudes seem to have shit body language in general.


    • I’ve found myself doing it, mainly in noisy venues where I can’t hear them and am asking them to repeat. In recent months, though, I’ve come to realize that what they say — and if I hear them — doesn’t really matter that much. If I actually do want them to repeat something they’ve just said, I’ve taken to pulling slightly closer and facing my ear toward them, squinting and looking down at the ground.

      I find myself doing the beer shield, but only because it’s the most comfortable position for me to hold my beer. I don’t put it up in front of my chest, but somewhat lower down and to the right. But if there’s a counter or table handy, I put it on that.


      • on July 29, 2013 at 7:25 pm Dan Fletcher

        “In recent months, though, I’ve come to realize that what they say — and if I hear them — doesn’t really matter that much.”

        Heh. Had a moment like this over the weekend where I couldn’t hear what some girls were saying and just continued on with the convo in my own direction, something I wouldn’t do in the past. Hopefully a sign of improvement.

        I have no problem holding a drink near my waist with both arms loose at my sides. Feels comfortable to me.


    • You’re way too obsessed with the ‘beer shield’ mate. If you hold a pilsner glass instead of a mug, it’s next to impossible to hold it on your sides, unless you’re holding on to the glass from the top, and risk dropping it.

      The beer shield is just one of many body language cues, just like folding your arms – the ‘top’ PUA’s – your Yad’s and Steve Jabba, fold their arms during their daygame approaches – early, sometimes midway etc. Does that mean they are beta? Do what feels comfortable.


      • on July 30, 2013 at 5:08 pm Hugh G. Rection

        It’s more about it looking unnatural. There is a reason why it’s called the beer shield. A drink is also a great prop to keep you from engaging in conversations or to beta out of akward pauses.

        Probably better to reduce the drinks. Same with smartphones.


      • on July 30, 2013 at 8:31 pm Dan Fletcher

        “it’s next to impossible to hold it on your sides, unless you’re holding on to the glass from the top”

        You can still hold it low and to your side. Not difficult at all.

        “the ‘top’ PUA’s – your Yad’s and Steve Jabba, fold their arms during their daygame approaches – early, sometimes midway etc. Does that mean they are beta?”

        Still is a habit that 99% of guys would benefit from eliminating.


  18. If humanity lasts another thousand years, they will not be kind to us..


  19. on July 29, 2013 at 7:34 pm PimpinBlueStar

    The chicken heads that are nodding are giving away their inner state — overeagerness. You’re operating from bottom looking up instead of top down in the social hierarchy, only because you yourself need subtle approval from the group.


  20. advice for going out alone? search terms or post to look up?



    • on July 30, 2013 at 5:12 pm Hugh G. Rection

      Check out Roosh[1], he has some stuff about that. It’s hard to find solid wingmen, so you might be doing yourself a favor. But going out alone is a good term to start with. Also you won’t have “friends” cockblocking you.



  21. Reblogged this on Mindweapons in Ragnarok and commented:
    Watch your body language. Don’t “peck” with your head like a chicken to express agreement with an interlocutor.


  22. It strikes me that the tone Anthony Weiner takes with his sext pals is quite beta. He’s trading on high-status as a public figure, but underneath it he seems extremely wussy and insecure. Thoughts?


    • This is what I don’t get with Wiener. By any measure, he’s a creepy looking, unattractive man, with weak game, and not even that high a status or money. So WTF are women finding good about this guy? Insane.


      • Fame.

        [CH: Fame is the ultimate game.]


      • Even an approximation of fame is a huge bonus, I guess. My boyfriend is not famous, but he used to play with a band that is famous. Girls much hotter than me are weirdly aggressive about trying to push me aside to get to my fella. A couple of them tried to move in to our house by being sneaky (oh, I just need a place to stay until….) I am nicer though, so it does not work for them.


      • on July 30, 2013 at 5:16 pm Hugh G. Rection

        The perception of fame is often enough.


      • Pre-selection, is the ultimate game.

        Bill Gates is famous, but I’d wager you don’t see girls jumping him.

        Rock stars, sports athletes, celebrities – they have millions of women pining for them.


      • True, he’s a beta in the texting, but as with 0bama, or (to an extent) any good-looking guy over six feet, he can get away with more beta as he has some automatic alpha status — in this case as a NYC congressman, and probably also from the fact he’s been in this kind of mess before.

        Besides, there were a few alpha moments in there, such as his suggesting that they “skip a lot of classes”. Leastwise, that little bit did produce some tut-tutting from the poster that he was “trying to hurt Sydney Leathers’ education.” Oh boo-hoo.


      • Keep in mind that the dude is 6’5 and ~230…


      • Wow.


        Camera subtract 10 inches.


      • No fuckin way he’s 230lbs. He looks about 170 tops.


      • on July 29, 2013 at 9:11 pm Alec Leamas

        He’s a political all-star in their view. Of the known female sexters, they’ve all been fairly committed leftists before contact with him. I think he sidled to them with political talk and then segues to sexting at some point.


      • Weiner is physically ugly. I’m sure it’s the potential economic opportunity these women are lusting after– not the man himself. A few sexts back and forth and boom… 15 minutes of trashy fame, maybe a couple paid interviews and a hush money payout. And they don’t even have to touch him.


      • on July 29, 2013 at 10:02 pm A Man For All Seasons

        I first became aware of Weiner on the news shows about a year before his first sexting scandal. He was an attack dog for democrat talking points, highly outspoken and aggressive. His level of aggression plus his then role as a US Representative, plus being fairly fit, should have made him reasonably attractive to women.

        Since resigning from the house, I’d think he’d take a huge hit in status and appear as a giant loser. Still, I think his previous level of aggressiveness must remain as part of his personality, and should benefit him with women. It takes big brass ones to pursue the NYC Mayor’s office after such a public humiliation.


      • Ok, point taken on fame, and I had no idea he was 6’4, or whatever, both of which probably cancel out some of the beta. But 235 lbs!??? The guy looks like he was a 13 inch neck, he cannot possibly be more than 150 lbs.


      • I’m 6’4″ and 230 without much muscle and I have a 16″ neck and am only slightly above average in weight. He is an inch taller than me and appears to work out more than I do (muscles weigh more than fat.) 230lbs for him is going to be average with a trim appearance, and his neck will look smaller in a suit/collared shirt (esp. when he wears it open) than it would in a t-shirt.


      • There’s absolutely no fucking way he’s over 200lbs. I’d guess 170.


      • You obviously don’t understand the power structure in the US. He was one of only 400-something Congressmen, who have the right to be bribed by the wealthiest companies in the world.


    • on July 30, 2013 at 5:16 pm Hugh G. Rection

      Well his sex pals are also total headcases. They are just indulging in a fantasy.


  23. this does not wholey comply to the salesman making paper….


  24. Okay, so nodding is verboten.

    [CH: I’m amazed how many men *excessively* nod. It’s a damned epidemic of beta movements.]


  25. I’ve stopped nodding excessively as a general matter. But in certain situations I still do it like a jackass. Usually it’s when I’m getting on a roll in set or something, and I know it has to come off like ‘yaaaa you like me now, I see it, ya I did it, yaaaa!”


    • Yah, I don’t think I have the nodding problem so bad as the “laughing at others’ jokes too easily” problem.


      • Agreed. Scray and Corvinus I’m with you 100%. Even today during a business training i found myself doing this. I give it a couple weeks of focused practice to get read of. I always did it as a means of being agreeable and letting the person I was listening; yet this all can be done without the head nodding.


      • Lawd, that’s always been a pet peeve of mine… hearing grown men laugh in that unnatural manner at the weak wit of their superiors… cringe-worthy.

        Try this as an experiment… don’t laugh with the rest of the folks, just keep looking at the so-called “boss” of the group with a nondescript, mildly friendly expression as he holds court.

        If he notices you’re the only one not overtly amused, he will start directing his speaking to the group focusing on you, in an attempt to win your your chuckle, as if your and he are the only ones in the room.

        Never known it to fail.


      • Solid idea


  26. on July 29, 2013 at 9:12 pm SonOfTheKhan

    Ok so to recap;

    nodding = not ok

    What about leaning in to listen close or to whisper something in her ear? I like hanging out in loud places


  27. For me, the bad habit is smiling too much. Today: sitting outside watching a girl go by. She looks over. I get the “busted” feeling and smile and nod. Lame. Walk by a dude in a gas station drink aisle. Give an over-emphasized nod. If I was a dog I’d be walking around with my tail always tickling my shrivelled balls.


    • What has helped me is instead of smiling, to flash my eyebrows up and down once. I consider it sort of the alpha version of smiling. And instead of nodding in the usual way to acknowledge somebody’s presence, I nod upward.


      • It makes more of an impact if you can flash one eyebrow up and down independently of the other.

        FYI…The upwards nod is a specific gesture called the “brod”.


      • Another thing that helps…have your eyebrows positioned in an angry pose. You aren’t actually angry…but I’ve found it does make it harder for me to smile any more than a smirk.


      • Good stuff, cornivus and earl.

        A slight scowl is perfect for one who “nods” with his eyebrows. It’s the least amount of effort. Most others a) look down/away (very common), b) smile broadly like a submissive primate, c) speak a greeting (let them do it first before your response), d) nod downward with a slight smile, or e) nod upward (very rare).

        If I’m not “nodding” with my eyebrows, I nod upward. A cute girl might get a smirk with the nod. But NEVER nod downward. It is submissive. I consciously trained myself for about a 2-3 week period to nod upward. It’s natural now to me.


  28. “You should be closer to an obelisk, not a chicken. Chicks dig the obelisk.” Was this last bit supposed to be so full of pun and innuendo?


  29. […] Beta Male Move Of The Day […]


  30. i hate nodding. Feel like a tampax everytime not to mention the points you listed! Thanks for the wake up call CH


  31. on July 30, 2013 at 1:36 am Max from aust

    Jesse Ventura is the king of alpha male head positioning and posture. Watch and copy.


  32. I’ve been reading a lot of Calvin Coolidge recently….that man knew what to do in social situations.

    “Don’t you know that four fifths of all our troubles in this life would disappear if we would just sit down and keep still?”


  33. I was at a different church this weekend – reason unimportant for this discussion – and the “music minister” and I were speaking and he was this little fellow – short, thin, childlike – and spoke very softly. I caught myself crouching and leaning in to try and understand what he was saying. Sort of like you would do with a 7 year old trying to explain his cartoons to you.

    So, I straightened up and listened as best I could and quickly left the conversation. Maybe I came off as rude, but if I gotta lean in just to hear you (and my hearing is just fine) then whatever it is you are saying cannot be all that important.

    If a man were to start “pecking” in a conversation, it becomes distracting. Nodding thoughtfully is one thing, I can’t imagine what a woman would feel – other than it expresses enthusiastic agreement. That kind of tail waging and jumping about gets a small treat and a pat on the head.


  34. The problem in all of these cases, of course, is single mothers.

    The government is indeed the problem, but not the child welfare agency, which comes into the game much too late. It’s our entire system that encourages single motherhood with welfare and no-fault divorce.


  35. on July 30, 2013 at 9:14 am Joe Sixpack

    Speaking of Beta Males, for your consideration, a nominee for Beta Male of the Month:

    (check out the pic of her beer bonging a milkshake while Beta dutifully abides)


  36. Oh NOW you tell me. Buh-gawk!


  37. on July 30, 2013 at 9:24 am Joe Sixpack

    A powerful key to keep in mind is always break eye contact left and right, never drop your eyes down.

    While talking to a woman, nods are gentle and very slow, almost rhythmic, as if to establish subliminal energetic rapport. Then break eye contact to the side briefly. It is a very powerful of deepening that feeling of “I feel like I’ve known you forever” because that is how old friends talk.

    Combining that with occasional triangular gazing (looking at right eye, then left, then mouth) is a very potent way of subcommunicating with a woman while simultaneously relieving the tension that often goes along with meeting people for the first time.

    A side effect of this is it will mimimize small-talk. Your eyes moving to the side provides the break in conversation that is usually filled with inane conversation. It is so unlike the way most strangers talk to her, and so like the way her lovers and close girlfriends/sisters talk to her, her limbic system will identify you as being in her inner circle, someone she knows and trusts.


  38. I’m a bit hard of hearing. If I go anywhere like a club or a loud bar, I can’t hear well and I have to choose between looking inept/doting and not having any control over the conversation. I’ve developed a few strategies to cope with this:

    1. Stick to places that are quieter, but still cool places to be. This takes a bit of research.

    2. If I can’t hear, raise my eyebrows a bit and beckon the person closer with my hand while turning my ear just slightly.

    3. Have conversations side to side rather than facing. If talking to a woman, put my arm on her back or her waist depending on her height. When side to side, I’ll lean in because it’s completely different. I have a bit of difficulty here because my left arm is dominant but my left ear is hardest of hearing, so I do extra strength training for my right arm.

    4. If I am not going to be able to hear no matter what, adopt a silent persona. Make even non-verbal communications minimal. The goal here is to make a positive impression so that later, when I nod my head towards the door, the person will follow me even though we haven’t spoken.


    • I have gotten #2 a lot in noisy places. (Or he shakes his head and points to his ear). I think it’s very effective.


  39. on July 30, 2013 at 11:50 am Ternarydaemon

    Lately I have tried to avoid leaning and/or pecking with women. It is a subconscious remant of beta past.

    However, there is a situation with shorter girls in which sometimes I have to lean in order to hear them clearly in louder environments. Now I try to avoid it

    This specially true when you are seating next to her. Now I keep my back straight and my chest to the horizon, moving only me head towards her instead of moving my full body towards her.


  40. on July 30, 2013 at 12:06 pm Bitter clinger

    Saw the worst example recently. Dude actually bent at the waist like a mini-bow after he completed a sentence. So socially awkward I could not stand to be near him and I am no social alpha


  41. I skipped the article and went right to the comments. I’d say the vast majority of Jezebites aren’t buying this malarkey.


  42. This was so Beta-ish, I almost spilled my cup of Joe trying to grasp it!