One Of The Most Powerful Female Attraction Triggers

Any guesses what it might be?

Basement Gollum: “Muscles!”


Basement Gollum: “Looks!”


Basement Gollum: “Facial symmetry!”

Ah nope.


The game maestros are, yet again, correct in their worldview. ♂SCIENCE♂ clearly confirms the field observation that women are instantly and romantically curious about a man who is in the company of other women, especially if those women aren’t fat bluehair feminists.

[Female preselection] solves a more important adaptive problem for females than for males—getting information about a potential partner. Because men are often initially concerned with the attractiveness of a partner, they can look at a female and instantly discern a fair bit of mate-relevant information. That’s often less the case for women. […]

Back in the 1970s, a pair of researchers conducted an experiment to examine the importance of having a physically attractive partner. Participants evaluated men who were either the boyfriend of, or unassociated with, a female; and the female was either attractive, or unattractive. Of the four conditions, the men with an attractive girlfriend were evaluated the most favorably. The men with the unattractive girlfriend were evaluated the least favorably. This was taken as evidence of how the company you keep seems to be important. […]

Because physical attractiveness is an important cue for female mate-value, the perceived quality of a man’s female partner can be determined to a large extent by how physically attractive she is. Due to positive assortative mating, this can have a bearing on a man’s own mate-value. Some studies have demonstrated that mate copying effects are stronger when the female partner of a man is physically attractive than if she is less attractive or perceived as unattractive. In some research I personally conducted, a man’s mate-value was elevated simply by having physically attractive female friends. […]

Based on the research presented above, a man looking to romantically attract women might do well to surround himself with beautiful women. And if one (or all) of them behaves favorably toward him, all the better.

CH has discussed this topic many times, because it is important. You can fast track your seduction successes by rigging the game with a powerful attraction-building shortcut: the presence of an (attractive) woman to cue other women that you are a HSMV man.

But be careful. Being seen with an ugly fatty will actually hurt your attractiveness to other women more than being seen alone! The ideal set-up is one in which your female company is a young, cute girl who acts a little too vajcurious with you. (Btw, older men can greatly increase their close rate with younger women through the application of this principle.)

Of course, getting that first cute babe to join you on your nightly poon expeditions isn’t a small feat. But once you have her, successive cute babes become easier to score. It’s like the stock market; you’ve gotta find the money to invest, but once you’ve got a steady return on investment you can let the magic of compound interest work and live off your dividends.

In the future, I will have a post about game specifically designed for ugly men (bottom 20% in physical appearance), and preselection will play a big part in the ugly man’s ability to extend his dating market victories beyond a few one-off flukes.


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    but the goodz news is dat western vccivilizionz will never never fall againz lzlzlzooz

    [CH: “nine fig leaves” would make a great name for a band.]


    • michelangelzoz shouldsa givnen ADAM a GBFM lostasz cockasZZ!!!!

      dat way whites pepeollesaz would have been in z better psositions no pun intendedllzlzozozoozol


      • on October 26, 2015 at 3:46 pm Captain Tautological

        GBFM, on the question of “Art” and pre-selection, consider the possibility that certain particularly devious emotional manipulators of public opinion might elevate one of their own – an hideous talentless hack like a Sean Penn or a Shia LaBeouf [in the case of the Hollyweird Eskimos] or a Neil Patrick Harris [in the case of the Hollyweird s0d0mites] – in order to convince the impressionable Shiksas that that’s what a sexy man ought to look like, and maybe also to convince the impressionable Shegetzen that that’s how a sexy man ought to comport himself.


      • on October 26, 2015 at 3:47 pm Captain Tautological

        They also seem to have had some luck in the opposite direction, in e.g. convincing huge numbers of Shegetzen that an hideous talentless hack-ette like Natalie Portman is either a competent actress or desirable for purposes of f0rnication.


      • Natalie Hershlag is good looking. Obviously.


      • on October 26, 2015 at 7:56 pm Captain Tautological

        ho, if that’s really you, then you just lost your honorary status as a fake Mohammedean on this board. No self-respecting Mohammedean would ever say that about an HB5.5 with manjaw and A-cup t!tties. “Oh Anakin, you’re like, oh, so dreamy. How can I live without you, Anakin? Oh Anakin, you are such a total heartthrob. Kiss me, Anakin, kiss my puckered lips. Or, like, whatevah.”


      • Alright, you’re right about the beestings. 😆


      • She did a competent enough job in Black Swan, to be fair…

        But yeah, sex appeal wise I always (((shook mah haid))) at that type, along with the likes of Julia Roberts and such… hell, all the way back to Audrey Hepburn, for that matter.

        My theory is that that type is not so intimidating to the plain Janes of the world, and their “star power” is more because women like them, not men.


      • on October 27, 2015 at 8:32 am Captain Tautological

        Audrey Hepburn at least had a very pleasant voice. And she would stare into men’s eyes, just like Marilyn Monroe. But Natalie Portman’s voice sounds like fingernails being scratched down a chalkboard. Plus dyke pr0n doesn’t count as good acting – except maybe Catherine DeNeuve in “The Hunger”, who herself might have a little Esksimo in her. There was also that Eskimo-ess, Ingrid Pitt, who made the Carmilla/Mircalla movies for Hammer Studios – she was certainly voluptuous.


      • on October 27, 2015 at 8:42 am mendozatorres

        Cappy, you brought up Catherine DeNeuve. Chateau denizens need to view Roman Polanski’s Repulsion. She goes mad, but looks silky while doing so. The ending has one hell of a payoff.


      • on October 27, 2015 at 8:45 am Captain Tautological

        > “their “star power” is more because women like them” ——— In the last few years, we’ve talked a lot about manjaw and the masculinization of women. And it would certainly behoove a Foreign Tribe to push masculine non-voluptuous non-fertile women upon its unsuspecting conquered tribes – from manjaws like Katharine Hepburn through DeNeuve and Kathleen Turner and on to Sharon Stone and now Sarah Jessica Parker & Natalie Portman. Note that of those shiksas – Hepburn, Turner, Stone – only Turner had a child, with an Eskimo named Jay Weiss.


      • on October 27, 2015 at 8:59 am Captain Tautological

        Point being that 1 / 3 = a 0.333 extinction level Total Fertility Rate for those three shiksa actresses [and a perfect 0.0 TFR for pure-blood Shkotzim offspring]. So it would certainly behoove a Foreign Tribe to “pre-select” for slender A-cup-t!ttied deep-voiced manjawed INFERTILE shiksa actresses in its psychological warfare propaganda material. Switching gears though, under voluptuous Eskimo-ess actresses, I’d classify Ingrid Pitt, Jane Seymour, and Rachel Weisz. MAYBE also Elisabeth Shue & Mimi Rogers. It’s certainly curious that none of those Eskimo-esses were ever allowed to become A-List actresses [owing to those big voluptuous fertile-looking D-cup t!tties].


      • on October 27, 2015 at 9:09 am Captain Tautological

        MT, every time I see the name Roman Polanski, all I can think is: What the f*ck is the true story of the relationship between the psychopath Polanski and the psychopath Charles Manson? E.g. if Polanski didn’t want to have a baby with Sharon Tate, then it sure was a strange coincidence that a crazy coven of psychopaths conveniently showed up at his door to perform a pagan sacrifice upon the unborn child. Kinda like how it sure was convenient that Eskimo Jack Ruby showed up to murder key witness Lee Harvey Oswald. Or how witnesses Donald Young [December 2007] and Lt Quarles Harris Jr [April 2008] mysteriously vanished into the ether of eternity.


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      From this data we find that blacks commit sexual assault against almost as many whites as blacks. However, white on black sexual assault is an extreme rarity.

      Year 2003 – Rape/Sexual Assault

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      Year 2004 – Rape/Sexual Assault

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      Black on White: 11,610
      Black on Black: 35,330

      Year 2005 – Rape/Sexual Assault

      White on Black : 0
      Black on White: 37,460
      Black on Black: 36, 620

      Year 2006 – Rape/Sexual Assault

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      Year 2007 – Rape/Sexual Assault

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      Year 2008 – Rape/Sexual Assault

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      Total over six conservative years:

      White on Black: 0
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      Average over six consecutive years:

      White on Black: 0
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      Black on Black: 24,730



      • on October 26, 2015 at 3:50 pm Captain Tautological

        If Mossad operative “Nicole” were an actual noggette, then I’d feel a little sorry for her when she reads those stats. On the other hand, “Neecy” seems much more like a real person – if so, then I hope she doesn’t stumble upon this thread.


      • CT, I am waiting for you to write “professorette.” I laugh out loud every time I read that.


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      • CT, it doesn’t get more real that me. I don’t know why it is so important to you that I be a Jew and/or male, but you are seriously barking up the wrong tree, and it makes you look desperate…or stupid…or maybe too lazy to actually do any real investigation.

        I think you say it because you know it’s not true, and you think it hurts me in some way. It’s kind of pathetic that this is your only weapon.

        If you want a piece of me, I invite you to use the public information about me to come get some. With all the stabbings and shooting around here lately, you’ll just be another ass hole in the crowd.

        I’ll even be happy to take a selfie with your remains.


      • on October 27, 2015 at 9:41 pm Captain Tautological

        > “I’ll even be happy to take a selfie with YOUR REMAINS.” ——— Even when it’s trying as hard as possible to pretend to be a noggish shiksa, the Eskimo still can’t summon the self-discipline to silence its inner psychopath.


      • CT, see this is what happens when you exalt passivity to an ideal and niggerize all violence. You’re worse than a SJW.

        Self defense is not psychopathic. You will never be a good or effective European nationalist until you understand that.


  2. Bang. Nailed it once again.


    • Does a preselection works if there is gay/bi men going after a straight male? at least if the non-straght are good looking or have other attractive trait.


      • Which party are you in this ‘hypothetical’ scenario?


      • He’s asking for a friend…obiv… heh


      • yes, they can. i used to go to gay bars to nail hipster/emo/goth(br0ken) chicks with out having to deal with a lot of AMOG bullshit at a loud as fuck club where it’s kino only. i’m a 5’8″ 150 lbs so i can’t realistically muscle gym rats away who try to cut in on the dance floor.

        on the other hand you have to definitely remain calm friendly while deflecting dudes who are trying to basically grab your dick. and you’ll have to fake a bit of interest to get the broken girl feeling competitive.

        that all being said, shit’s gay. go hit on girls at the grocery store. your balls and your ears will thank you.


  3. This is why I’ve long argued that men should abuse themselves (heh) of hookers and the like.

    Just being with a hot woman can make a man feel like he deserves others. If she “escorts” him to dinner, and other women see him with her, he will gain prospects with them if he ever returns.

    PLus having sex with a hot woman can really take the edge off the thirst for others. when the 3rd or 4th really high end courtesan is no better in bed than the others, then the pursuit of another hot woman will not be intimidating, and you will qualify: “well, honey, I could go after you, but really, what’s in it for me?”

    whore rape!


    • on October 26, 2015 at 2:03 pm mendozatorres

      Making too much sense rape! Love this shit!!


    • I average two hookers a month. While it takes the edge off, it hasn’t made me more attractive to civilian women.

      [CH: preselection has to be “in the moment”. women have to see you with your female pawn. unless there’s some mechanism by which a hot hooker’s love juices linger on your aura long afterward.]

      Also, finding an attractive hooker is surprisingly difficult. This is because cute (i.e. thin and young) women have such tremendous social and economic power nowadays that it would take exceptional circumstances for one of them to enter the industry. The idea of an incel calling up a girl who looks like the ones he was infatuated with in college and having hit sex with her is largely a myth.


      • Maybe you should consider paying some lovely young things from the local modeling agency to go out with you as your girl. Should work.


      • What city are you in? If you’re in a city large enough to have a major league baseball team, you should be able to find a good-looking girl; check review boards. The problem is more that the hookers flake so much it’s almost like dating normal girls at certain times.

        I know too much rape!


      • on October 26, 2015 at 3:52 pm Captain Tautological

        > “I know too much rape!” ——— No kidding. LOL’ed.


      • Preselection is in the moment. Getting laid gives you that smooth sexual vibe though. I am surrounded by women at work and when I go to work from a night where I pulled a real stunner, they notice.

        I was at a meeting a couple of weeks ago (my female boss, lets me do whatever, doesn’t care if I crack jokes or sleep at meetings). Had one of the best nights in the past couple of months, greatest sex, hottest girl. Started zoning out and playing out the night in my mind, fantasizing about her naked body, her hands on me, her pussy. It must have been clear from anyone looking at me that I was reliving some good sex. Eyes closed, alpha posture, smirk, ZFG, head tilted back.

        I was facing two female coworkers. As soon as they realized what was happening they started talking together (very hush-hush), amusingly looking at me, smiling and all. They knew what was going on and it showed that they liked it/me. Later that week one of them asked me out of the blue how my gf (the girl I had been fantasizing over was just a casual ons) was with a sexy smile. As in I know what u were thinking about the other day.


      • hotel lobbies where wine goes for $25 a glass are good stalking grounds for real 9 escorts…


      • Go to the FKKs in Germany


      • As YA will say, its all in the logistics. Usually luck.


      • I don’t get paying for pussy. Barring an unforeseen, faculty crippling event, I’d never pay to have my product consumed.

        Feminism has made it too easy to score. No really, it has guys.

        PS I banged this 7.5 the other night. After the mounting I felt like I should pay a compliment as payment for the gift of her pleasure, so I say in my post coital glow, “you have a tight pussy”. Not that is was a pussy to write home about, but considering her age (27) it was relatively tight. In any event, I paid the compliment.

        To my great horror, she responds, “it is until you stick a fist in there”.

        Fuck man, she destroyed any possibility for a second lay with those words. I didn’t launch any psychological scuds at her because she was overall pleasant. I just disappeared on this one a little more cynical than before I met her.


      • um…no. They are just out of your price range.

        I know a 10 who makes 20,000 euros in a month. She does it by not going out with the likes of you.


    • Dude, many people will be able to tell if somebody is an escort.


      • In my younger days I accidentally hit on hookers in Atlantic City a few times. They were stunning, in tight cocktail dresses, and alone. The mind just wanted to believe it was legit. Always tried to win a freebie lay with game once I figured out the score but no dice.

        anyways, I guess my point is you can’t always tell. With the way some girls dress and act today, sometimes the only tip off a girl is a hooker is that she’s alone.


      • lol. just lol. clearly you’ve never been with one and are getting your information from Hollywood movies.


      • I’ve seen a guy with two hot chicks in TIGHT cocktail dresses and ridiculously high heels and immediately knew what was up.

        But maybe those weren’t too subtle.


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      • You are a little on the nutty,.are you not ?


      • lmao. Pat Cucksey has come to the chateau!

        Heartiste, this cuckservative troll infects the Steve-o-sphere. He’s also a loon who insists that thanks to his “secret knowledge” (no, really) that he knows that Sirhan Sirhan was mind controlled to kill RFK.

        No, really, this hilarious little loser is that guy.

        Dogpile on the cuckservative rape!


  4. […] One Of The Most Powerful Female Attraction Triggers […]


  5. “Based on the research presented above, a man looking to romantically attract women might do well to surround himself with beautiful women.”


  6. Easy way to accelerate your pre-selection game – get really friendly with all cute waitresses and bartenders… So if you can’t pull them in situ continue to develop them, go to the same places in the neighborhood a bunch of times. Ask them where they hang after work or nights off – then hit those places. Not to pick up these waitresses but because they will see you and give hugs and say hello and introduce you to people they are with. Even better when these places are different SES environs, then you have the contrast thing working as well.


    • Female bartenders make the best wingmen.

      Bonus: when they get upset you aren’t hitting on them like every other guy, you get a much better shot .

      Use it forever rape!


  7. Hey, man, I’m asking you for the truth-

    “does this girlfriend make my ass look beta?”


  8. I’ve always thought that getting female attention at all (with very few exceptions) was pre-selection and one can simply pawn up in female SMV. I think the male frame (e.g. standing like a male god per previous post) is more important than her looks. I don’t trust the study. Remember the CH rule of self-reporting? Women were told ugly, but maybe they heard low status narrative cue. Beetches think a wmn’s career is attractive to men. They don’t think like men, about female beauty or otherwise. I ask men of field experience to comment from what they have observed on preselection and the idea of pawn value escalation. My field data is severely limited due to target poor fields. No substitution for the city where I think wmn are not just more numerous but more willing with urban anonymity. I am pretty sure any beetch hates to see another wmn having a better time, even or especially if she is ugly. Just don’t act beta, which having an ugly gf implies. I think it is important to work the opportunities for experience if you are in a target poor environment, and also to practice platonic seduction to try and get situated in a major city. Amused mastery is amused mastery.


    • Pre-selection is minimized if the girl is an obvious slut, unless she’s a 9 or 10.

      [CH: actually, i don’t think a girl’s sluttiness impairs the power of preselection to benefit a man’s own attractiveness. women judging a man in this way rely entirely on the beauty of his female company. if his female friend/gf “acts slutty” — and in this context i’m not sure what that means exactly — it won’t have an effect either way. if by “acts slutty” you mean she’s hanging off the arms of other men besides the one she came with, well then all that proves is that the preselection algorithm will move to those other men and away from the man who was socially cuckolded.
      ps an extremely slutty fashion ensemble — cleavage canyon-deep, transparent skirt that shows the panties — could ping other women’s “trashy slut” radar and theoretically lower their estimation of the man keeping the slut’s company, but in reality i think most women will still feel attraction for the man based on very primal cues that he’s able to score some prime pussy, even if that pussy is low class.]


      • on October 26, 2015 at 2:58 pm mendozatorres

        Wouldn’t the hamster take over, in general, with the one girl wanting to “out-slut” the other?


      • Hmm, could be. Probably depends a bit also on the other obvious SMV indicators of the guy. Beta with slut is far better off than beta without…


    • No, women *want* career to be attractive to men. In practice that means the female femcunt lawyer wants it to be a foul for a high SMV male (perhaps her lawyer colleague) to bang a secretary who is hotter than her. The same femcunt lawyer would have no qualms about stealing a high SMV male from a female CEO who is older and less attractive than she.

      Men have rules. Women have circumstance. Any “rule” – feminist solidarity be damned – which disadvantages a woman’s mate strategy may as well be written in the wind.


  9. And why does female pre-selection happen in the first place?

    [CH: women use affiliated women as a proxy for a man’s mate value because a man’s looks aren’t the primary determinant of his attractiveness to women.]

    What is the quality that allows some men to get a pivotal level of female preselection in their favor?

    [power. social dominance. socially demonstrated talent. charisma. humor. jerkboy charm. wealth. and looks (but only top 5% looks really have a major impact).]

    It’s LOOKS.

    [you whine like a basement gollum loser who’s never spent a day in his life in the field in the company of women.]


    • i ran into a dude like you on sailer’s boards. insisted that his wife fell in love with him because he was such a big handsome musclebound weightlifting hunk back in the day—though even SHE denied it, said it was his confidence. I asked him how many women went to his bodybuilding competitions then, and he hemmed and hawed and said not many and that wasn’t even how he met his wife!

      some dudes, ch, just can’t be taught; they need to believe for some reason it’s all looks. Like how lefties must believe all obama’s sons are held down due to racism. it’s a symptom of extreme religious belief bordering on fanaticism.

      If working out gives you confidence, then do it—you’ll be healthier and you’ll pick up chicks. But unless she’s one of those 5% of gymrat broads who need muscles to cum…..well, it’ll be your confidence picking her up. And stop projecting male desires (for physical beauty) onto women.

      As one commenter put it well, if you think the girls in high school love the quarterback because of his muscles, then you’ve got a lot to learn.

      Troll rape!

      [CH: anti-game haters and OLM (only looks matter) trolls think they are getting one over on Lord CH when they spaz out in the comments sections about *durp* girls only care about male looks *prud*. but of course and as per usual, CH is well ahead of them. the blog archives are filled with not just studies contradicting their pinched dogma, but also blog posts spelling out in big crimson letters that no one at CH claims male looks don’t matter; rather the true formulation is that male looks matter LESS THAN female looks matter, to the opposite sex.
      and so, when they arrive ON CUE to leak their loserdom all over this hallowed place, they are toyed with for a bit and then summarily banned to the icy wastelands to stew in their rancid juices.]


      • A moment that is both scary and wonderful for men is when they realize that their looks don’t really matter in picking up girls.

        It’s probably akin to that moment a pretty young girl first realizes that just hitting puberty and not getting fat is going to both get her anything she wants and realize she will never be able to walk around in a crowd without being looked at it.

        Deep thoughts rape!


      • It’s projection….since looks matter most to men they assume the reverse is true.


      • Yes, but its the ferocity with which some men hang onto these beliefs which shows how truly messed up they are.


      • on October 26, 2015 at 2:53 pm mendozatorres

        whorefinder, everything you’ve written on this post is what I needed to hear today–of all days!

        Convenient timing rape!


      • The scariest moment is when you realize how much of a difference frame and body language can make.

        It’s fucking black magic. Unbelievable.


      • “[CH: anti-game haters and OLM (only looks matter) trolls think they are getting one over on Lord CH when they spaz out in the comments sections about *durp* girls only care about male looks *prud*. but of course and as per usual, CH is well ahead of them. the blog archives are filled with not just studies contradicting their pinched dogma, but also blog posts spelling out in big crimson letters that no one at CH claims male looks don’t matter; rather the true formulation is that male looks matter LESS THAN female looks matter, to the opposite sex.
        and so, when they arrive ON CUE to leak their loserdom all over this hallowed place, they are toyed with for a bit and then summarily banned to the icy wastelands to stew in their rancid juices.]”

        Oops, didn’t see this. Plzdntban.


      • I am a ugly cunt who shocks coworkers and friends by the dates I bring to parties. Even had some co workers ask why one girl was with ‘him’.
        I don’t have money either and I am 30 pounds over weight with a gut.
        I make these hot girls laugh at my dirty evil comments. They love it/ me.


      • OLM is largely the result of a man who is past it – maybe married to his 4.5 college sweetheart – who is emotionally invested in the notion that he could never have possibly done better. The idea that he could have worked out a bit, shelved his nerd hobbies, and developed charisma and all through pure effort is too much to bear and so he must refuse to accept evidence that supports this fact for fear that if he does accept this fact he will live with unbearable regret.

        [CH: this is absolutely true. aka it’s a self-limiting reformulation of “sour grapes”.]


      • on October 27, 2015 at 1:32 pm Sean Fielding

        @Alec Leamas: COTW


    • bodybuilding fans and followers – men, with a large gay contingent (yes, even during the golden age with less ape-like physiques)
      men who get cosmetic plastic surgery – largely gay

      Looks matter. Of course they do. But they are far from the only factor, or even the most important. The better your other compensatory traits are, the more “handsome” you become to women. Tom Brady would not be a magazine cologne model without high status.

      Have you never seen an average looking cool dude get more attention than his taller, better looking but reserved and boring friend? Happens constantly.

      [CH: “give me five minutes to talk away my ugly face, and i can bed the queen of france.” – voltaire.]


      • Was Voltaire Alpha though? That’s a necessary condition. Wit alone might not suffice, else Oscar Wilde would’ve…..

        Oh fuck who am I kidding, the homo could’ve slayed poon like it’s going out of style. His teasing would be little death by 1000 papercuts.


      • I do not know if I am objectively good looking. (cough) But I do know that if a woman calls me “cute” she is D.T.F.
        Age, apparently, has nothing to do with this.

        [CH: “cute” is a catch-all word that girls use to describe a desirable man, who may be desirable for reasons having to do with attributes other than his looks. girls, especially younger ones, don’t have the self-awareness or verbal jujitsu to bother with examining the real reasons this or that man is desirable. they just get hot and bothered, and one word is enough to encapsulate to themselves and their friends why they’re having those feelings.]


      • I know for a fact from personal experience that a girl can find you the hunkiest hunk of the hunkiverse, just because she is in love with you, even if that wasn’t the case before that happened.


    • on October 26, 2015 at 6:52 pm The Other Anonymous

      Social Proof is a convenient shortcut – Because, as a general rule, We make fewer mistakes when acting in accord with social evidence than contrary to it.

      A woman feels attraction. She wants it to feel right .. If a beautiful woman, with all sorts of options in men, finds that guy attractive – than I’d be right to do so as well.


      • wrong. women have no calculation to anything they do. OTHER women with a man MAKE him attractive.

        Men need to stop projecting their sense of attraction onto women and accept that attraction is in your brain as a function of analog chemical response to stimulus…for women there are many more items that cause those neurons to fire than eyes. Smell can do it for women. If you’re wearing eau de pussy on you (always a good idea), watch how women respond to you.


      • on October 27, 2015 at 6:48 pm The Other Anonymous

        You’re right. It’s not a conscience calculation but an automatic response.

        You’re driving in slow but steady traffic. The two cars in front of you suddenly put on their indicator lights and cut into the other lane. Your impulse is to do the same.


    • “And why does female pre-selection happen in the first place?”

      Efficiency. Somebody else already did the vetting.


    • Looks will get you far, sure. But not to the promised land.

      Story about “indian guy gold shirt” back when I was on ZH and this guy first hit the news. Some poster pointed the article out to his wife and she was like “this guy is not attractive at all.” Then says he told her this shirt he is wearing is made of gold (4kg, cost like a 1/4 mil) and she does a 2nd look and says “you know, he’s really not all that bad.”

      Looks are one of the components that make up attraction to women, not THE component. I have known guys so hot women would write their numbers on paper and slip them into their pockets hoping they don’t remember who gave the number and call it anyway. So sure, looks are great. But when a girl finds out the average joe looking dude in the room is bob Dylan, he immediately becomes THE most attractive guy in the room and women will throw themselves at him the same as a guy who is ne plus ultra in looks.


  10. Does ugly men include fat men?

    [CH: depends how fat. morbidly obese, with folds of gross lard hanging over the pelvic region? yes. just portly? not necessarily. i’ve seen way more chubby guys with cute gfs than i have chubby girls with alpha bfs.]


    • Kevin James is both literally and figuratively huge in Japan.

      Really, that’s my goal in life: to be only so famous that I can walk into (homogenous) Japan and nail (homogenous) groupies and get free drinks and be on insane (homogenous) Japanese game shows, but then be able to come back to America and not have my twitter handle highjacked by 4chan.

      Bon Jovi before they hit it big rape!


      • Mrs James – has 4 kids with him btw…

        [CH: yep. looks matter less to women than they do to men. fame>>>>>>>>>looks, for men. (not the case for women. kathy bates once lamented that she had a hard time finding a boyfriend, and it puzzled her because she thought her fame would have men knocking down her door.)]


      • while fame is ne plus ultra no doubt, guys like K James and Jack Black have enormous…. personalities. This is attractive to women. I’ve known guys like this, usually in sales… loud… funny guys with big appetites. women love them (usually tiny women oddly?)

        Add the Bacchus Bro to your male archetypes list.

        [CH: enormous personalities are to women like enormous… tits… are to men. captivating!]


      • on October 26, 2015 at 7:58 pm mendozatorres

        That’s a pretty boss pose for Kevin James. I think him a goof, but that pose is all “Come at me, bro!”


      • on October 26, 2015 at 10:01 pm The Spirit Within

        Years ago I ran into KJ and that woman (his wife?) at a bar in Los Angeles. It was literally just the three of us in the place cuz it was Monday night. They were making out like ninth-graders in a dark booth, then they stood up and disappeared into the even darker back room. He swaggered like a boss.


      • Also note that Kevin James isn’t simply some blob of fat. He seems to have a lot muscle underneath his blubber.

        Bear mode isn’t the same as being weak tub of lard. Some women dig it like some guys are into chubby girls with huge jugs and ass.

        [CH: there are far FAR fewer men into chubby girls than there are women who can easily overlook chubbiness in men.]


      • @FuriousFerrett

        If dudes were into fat chicks, fat chicks wouldn’t complain that dudes aren’t into them/


    • Does it include fat men?

      Yes. oh so much yes.

      BUT being fat shows laziness and or poor impulse control, so porn watching, couch staying, sloppy attitude, bookishness, dislike for spending physical energy


  11. I wonder if any PUA has ever used his sister to achieve this.

    [CH: buckle up folks, we’re going down the jessica rabbit hole.]


    • Oh yeah, high school MILF preselection game ftw

      “My mom looks pretty good for her age, so whenever she comes to pick me up, I pretend…”


    • “Pretend”, Indeed. Avaunt, Oedipus!


    • on October 26, 2015 at 3:18 pm Sean Fielding

      I prefer the obvious advantages of luncheoning with my daughter for those purposes.


      • “My Father the Hero” anyone?


      • Hehehe…. I have a 22 YO daughter, good looking girl. My wife will say things like “you having dinner with your trophy wife?” when I go out with her. Funny. I’ve been out with her a few times and thw middle aged ladies at adjoining tables with their husbands would just not stop looking over at us… With both preselection juju and daggers by turns…


      • on October 26, 2015 at 10:03 pm The Spirit Within

        Yeah, I was with a girl this summer who was 32 but looked 19 and is a full foot shorter than me. (I’m late thirties, 6’2″.) We went to the beach and the daggers were flying at me out of the fat cows’ eyes as they lay sprawled in the sand.


    • on October 26, 2015 at 3:27 pm Sean Fielding

      I had assumed that my faux Victorian usage would convey what I lightheartedly meant: taking my daughter to restaurant luncheons where women of intermediate age might see me with her. But now that I consider my jerk-boy confreres at CH, I must insist on pre-emptively banishing thoughts of any other oral activities from your fervid imaginations.


      • Preselection with hot women is one thing, but significantly younger women is terrifying to the female psyche. It’s a reminder of their creeping irrelevance and mortality.

        [CH: true. use barely legal preselection judiciously.]


    • Could also use your cousin.


  12. on October 26, 2015 at 2:19 pm Sean Fielding

    CH, I gotta disagree on one thing: I think preselection is THE single most powerful female attraction trigger, not just one of.

    [CH: fame is more powerful. so is pure social dominance.]

    Psychology Today is getting pretty radical with this stuff – they’ve basically explained the reason why in the excerpt: it’s the only way women can come anywhere close to a level playing field, given the simple HBD scale men we men have been honing to sharp, instantaneous judgments since we were little boys.

    We can get an accurate HBD scale impression in about a quarter-second. For a woman, it could take hours to get all the information she would need for the male equivalent: his charm, wit, intelligence, independence, wealth and sense of style all would need to be teased out, not just his looks.

    She can put all that effort in. Or she can just look at the women he’s with.

    Trump or Yeb, anyone?

    [most interestingly, the “cheerleader effect” doesn’t really work in the opposite direction. that is, a plain jane getting fawned over by, say, a male model or a wealthy businessman isn’t going to look any more attractive or beguiling to other men watching the scene. yes, men might think, “what is going on there?”, or “that dude could do better”, but never “yeah, she’s so much hotter now that i’ve seen what kind of studs she can pull”.]


    • on October 26, 2015 at 2:39 pm Sean Fielding

      I agree about fame. My qualifier would be ‘preselection is the single most powerful trigger within reach of almost any man.’

      Pure social dominance intrigues me. My own theory of personality acknowledges this is real, and as innately genetic as IQ or aggression. it just seems a lot more mysterious. And like those, you can optimize what you’ve got, but though it’s more common than fame, it’s not really within reach of most men either.

      [CH: when i write “pure social dominance” i’m thinking of those men i know who simply command a room, with or without female company. it’s part extraversion, part charm, part silly levels of confidence, part ZFG, part wit, and part AMOGing. other men give the PSD man a bit of a social berth, and this means the PSD man earns lots of attention from women wherever he is or whomever he’s with.]


      • Yah PSD is no joke. I became single a year ago and went crazy lol, my buddies were always talking about me being a “force of nature” (like making out with girls within 1 minute of meeting, sometimes without talking, just having that “on” vibe basically). I definitely have had some fun since discovering CH/redpill.

        …Well my best friend just became single after a 10 year relationship. All my buddies have imparted what we know about game to him and taken him out to sarge. That combined with him being already being fit, confident and not ugly have turned him into a juggernaut. He was only ‘beta’ because he is a lazy nice guy and likes to be with one girl. Now seeing him sarge is crazy to watch. He DOMINATES everyone everywhere all the time. I have seen him in action and it is a thing of beauty to behold. Other guys are instantly mate guarding, he gets flipped off by pussy beta orbiters for approaching, etc.

        My main plate is a girly girl that is super into dominant guys, likes rough sex and mystical shit like astrology. I went out with her and my buddy and I literally saw the tingles go off for my buddy lol. She is only human afterall, and Pure Social dominance literally scrambles their brains. Only because plate girl likes big guys (she is 5’8; I am 6’4; my buddy is 5’7) was he not a threat lol. Even then, I could see a situation where if she was out drinking with her girls and he gamed her, she would follow and he could get the bang. So funny to watch from a red pill perspective. This is exactly why married women should be kept at home lol, like even if they are a NAWALT “great woman” their hamster cannot deny the tingles.

        The old me would have been mate guarding or even taken her and left if it was a stranger doing this; now i know girls cannot help themselves in these types of situations so I just watched because it was very interesting to study. Like my girl is head over heels in love with me even though I am a scumbag and she knows i am not ever going to commit. She actively does not go out and wants me to know she is trying to become my girlfriend, works out like crazy for me, always buying me shit even tho i am basically skittles guy. She is obsessed with me…but that night when she saw my buddy go PSD, he could have taken her off me (especially if i was clueless and watching it unfold without knowing what to do). PSD is that serious.

        Also want to add that my buddy is going through some health issues right now so sex isnt even on his radar. Sarging is more about proving to himself he still has it after getting dumped so he fully has ZFG attitude because he isnt even thinking about the lay, just “what will entertain me?”

        Last week he threw a coaster at some girls seated next to him as an opener. It worked lol


      • A large part of developing PSD is having the experience of thousands of interactions…


      • “when i write “pure social dominance” i’m thinking of those men i know who simply command a room, with or without female company. ”

        Walter White’s brother-in-law? (the DEA agent, Hank? Most obvious AMOG in fiction I can think of of the top of my head)


      • Hank is a Beta on Vox Day’s scale, Strong leadership skills, command presence when needed, but a bit of a goofball (his character was originally intended to be buffoonish but the actor played straight too well for that). More of a cuddly big brother to women than a lover figure. His wife was snippy with him.

        Walter: a Gamma. Think about it.


      • The best pure ‘social dominance’ characters I can think of are some of Jack Nicholson’s roles: the colonel in “A Few Good Men” or the mob boss in “The Departed” for example. Vox’s Alpha.

        Social dominance that’s less geared to standing at the top of male hierarchy, but rather as being a lone wolf would be some of Brad Pitt’s stronger roles: the wild brother in “Legends of the Fall” or the killer in “Kalifornia.” Vox’s Sigma.


      • Back to “Breaking Bad,” Jesse was a Delta. A regular guy who found himself in over his head in the big games. Part of the character’s dramatic appeal was the idealized way in which his character, an ordinary young man, struggles and stays true to his values against stacked odds.
        His buddies, who were more of comic relief, were lower Deltas.


      • To round things out, an Omega on VD’s scale would be Tony Blundetto in The Sopranos. He was the oddball cousin who Tony had to mercy-kill toward the end of the series. Other characters played by Steve Buscemi that are omegas is the weirdo/screw-up crew member in Armageddon with Bruce Willis.


      • The two hierarchies, CH’s original one and VD’s more complex one, are mutually reinforcing as conceptual models. CH’s A/B/O scale measures a man along the variable of his attractiveness to women, and for that reason, it is linear. Vag don’t care why it wants you inside her, it just does. Vox’s scale measures a man in his relationship with other men, with attractiveness to women being a byproduct.

        I’ve taken the liberty of running with that model, and here is how I think it works: there are two parallel hierarchies: (1) a hierarchical one, which is a bell curve (fat middle, thin ends) comprised of alpha, beta, delta and gamma, and (2) a non-hierarchical one, which means that those on it don’t easily function well of fit in to normal male structures; that one is polar, with sigmas at the high end, and omegas at the low end, and very few in-betweens.

        On the first scale, in a normal society, Deltas would represent the majority of men. Liberal West may be skewing things to drive many men to gammahood. through misguiding them.

        [CH: i should do a post on male archetypes, similar to the ones for female archetypes (eternal ingenue, golddigger, etc). not that it would be relevant to men wanting to learn more about seducing women, but it could provide some entertaining debate.]


      • “Men who simply command a room…” Like Ben Carson!


      • I mentioned Hank because in the first episode, he DOES command the room easily, tools Walt almost without trying on every turn and he makes ZFG jerkboy jokes (like sarcastically putting his hand in front of the boys eyes when mature content appears on TV)

        Sigma: Blondie. Easy. (Han Solo?)


      • Tuco. That dude was serious fucking alpha.


    • Fame is preselection just on a larger scale.


    • High status male with average female just signals slut to me.

      [CH: i don’t get that signal. a HSMV man (based only on a quick appraisal of his looks) with an average girl signals to me that such a man has low self-confidence and lacks a winning personality, so he had to settle. so this is a great example of how a man’s looks can’t be used as a sole determinant of his alphatude.
      usually, sluts signals are more female-centric (as opposed to relative to the man she’s with). major slut tells include tattoos, revealing clothing, and loud-mouthed aggressive posturing.]

      Alternatively if the couple is older and appears married my first thought is “they must have gotten married young.”


      • I think he means that HSMV men (including personality) are more likely to go for the low hanging fruit if it is, well, low hanging. As in, “why else would he be with her unless she threw herself at him with promises of being DTF.”


      • on October 27, 2015 at 8:51 am mendozatorres

        major slut tells include tattoos, revealing clothing, and loud-mouthed aggressive posturing

        You just mentioned a girl that used to work here. Had an ass that would not quit, but had the tramp stamp on the lower back, one on her foot and another covering up her entire left side. She had some boisterousness to her.

        Pre-RP, I was like, well, at least she’s got an ass. Post-RP…look, squirrel.


      • – revealing clothing

        A chick rule of classy display I learned recently: show the tits or the ass, not both at once. Ie., show cleavage and wear modest pants or dress, or vice-versa: wear a short skirt or dress with a modest top.

        – loud-mouthed aggressive posturing

        In r-selected world women can’t rely on men to defend them or their children, so they act tough to deter aggressors instead. I believe low class obesity is to some degree driven by women’s perceived need to physically intimidate other women and even men.


  13. on October 26, 2015 at 2:52 pm Sean Fielding

    A powerful upside to affairs for betas is this: since there is a huge impetus to keep them private, they force betas away from ‘I can’t wait for the guys to see me with her’ toward alpha ‘I can’t wait to get her clothes off.’

    A powerful downside: very limited opportunity to turn them into Preselection Game.


  14. Trump owned Miss Universe. Two women said publicly he’s terrific in bed. Married three hot babes. Has a gorgeous daughter that adores him.

    Hey, did you guys notice that Trump is pretty good at this “game” thing?

    [CH: why do you think he gets top billing here at CH? trump is more than a presidential candidate. much more. he’s a living social experiment demonstrating the power of game.]


  15. In biology this is called mate choice copying, and it occurs across species. Even fruit flies do it!


  16. Some timeless truths that your grandfather would have known instinctively, now need “research” to be rediscovered. And even when the obvious is laid out bare for all to see, cue some liberal muddying the waters by conducting a poll where, invariably, some “40%” of Americans would express serious doubt that 2+2=4.

    We ain’t gonna make it people.


  17. P.S. This is why marketing to women is so much easier (and different) than marketing to men. To market any product to women, just make it seem like “everyone” is using it/doing it/talking about it. Or call them fat if they don’t use it.

    how the heck do you think Fat Kimmy Kardishislut became a “star?”

    End of western civilization rape!


    • on October 26, 2015 at 3:52 pm mendozatorres

      HAHA…reminds me of my sister. Each time she’d buy something at the store and they ask her about the insurance for it, say like at Best Buy, she would think it over and go with it. More often than not.


    • exactly… they are herd animals… always following the lead of the prettier girls…


      • The celebutards get paid to wear $400 sunglasses so that housewives in New Jersey will buy $4.00 in plastic and glass from Luxottica with their husbands’ money. Female herd mentality in a nutshell.


      • But these are the yellow star Jew glasses the Jew has pushed on everyone. lzozlzozlzo

        I’m not kidding. Pay attention. The black rimmed glasses are literally a “uniform” or a sign that “I’m a Jewish feminist.” All the Jewish characters on teevee have them.

        When you see a pretty white girl wearing them, it’s because she’s a sheeple trying to show her feminist or “cool factor” street cred.

        When you see a blonde, blue eyed woman with them on a billboard, such as in an advertisement for Coke or something, it’s the Jew throwing it in our faces.

        Pay the fuck attention, men.


      • I don’t know if they’re “Jew glasses” exclusively, rather they’re the SWPL status signalling glasses which say “I’m smart, I have a sociology degree that took five years, and I love SCIENCE!!111!!” They’re deployed on a unisex basis and I believe they’re offered to anyone who appears on MSNBC.

        Since the designs have been getting more trendy and made by high fashion designers, their primary effect on women is to correct facial asymmetry and draw attention away from features that are out of proportion – namely a larger nose. Don’t be fooled – if a girl always wears them rather than as a mere part of her variable costumery, she is either overly critical of minor flaws or hiding some more major facial issue.


      • Publius, interesting that you bring this up. I cannot stand those style of glasses. They’re everywhere and they’re fucked. (Side note: Family Guy did a great job referencing the dolts that wear them, that guys that is.)

        A lady that used to work here, left, then came back starting wearing them when she returned. What is interesting is she had short hair prior to getting let go, then on her return, had glorious long hair, but was wearing those damn frames! Silky, silky body with a decent face. She’s white and what you wrote is too damn spot on. Worse, she cut her hair and that she wears the glasses, they take up all her face. At least with the long hair, there was a flow. Now, she’s all frames.


      • Maybe there is more to those black frame glasses as you guys are saying, but I like the look of a pretty blonde with big ugly glasses. It’s the handicap principle in action, with the glasses amplifying her beauty.


    • By only banging brothers, my man!


  18. Interesting.
    Perhaps instead of a wingman, a fellow might need a “wing woman”.

    Given that, I would not be surprised if hottie women start offering a “service” to accompany fellows not as an escort but as a means to play on these observations. You know, where’s there’s $$$ there’s… “innovation”.
    (Dr. Evil quotes, no less).


    • on October 26, 2015 at 10:00 pm The Other Anonymous

      My Buddy’s girlfriend is an absolute stunner – and likes to vet the women we bring into our social circle. This girl loves a good caper – and helped me ‘make jealous’ many times – often pointing out which women were most interested to increase my chances. She saw the prompts and IOIs that I did not. But, simply stated – the act of approaching a strange woman in a direct and confident manner – is all the social proof any swinging dick needs.


    • This exists already. A subset of pickup coaches are women and some explicitly offer wing woman services..


      • on October 27, 2015 at 6:34 pm The Other Anonymous

        Really? I’m in – Where do I sign up for that?


      • @Other Anonymous, I’ve definitely seen Youtube videos by women who coach pickup but the names escape me now. I seem to remember one woman’s videos on bitch shields and shit tests was quite good.

        Don’t assume they are better coaches just because they are women though


  19. on October 26, 2015 at 3:36 pm A Fist To Cry On

    As a man of exceptional looks… I can tell you looks don’t matter… That much.

    But would love to hear other strategies of facilitating preselection. Only a few good ones have been posted thus far.


    • Dress to be noticed–but not too flashy. Walk like a cat. Stand tall taking up max space. Talk to lots of different people. Always be bringing the par-tay with you.


    • on October 26, 2015 at 10:12 pm The Spirit Within

      Fist … I agree. Good looks work for establishing initial attraction, but they are irrelevant to every stage thereafter — comfort, seduction, LTR. None of it depends on looks except the first minute. I try to tell guys this all the time when they comment that getting girls must be easy, but none of them really listen to my answer.

      That’s also why I never learned dumb openers. A handshake and a “Hi, I’m Spirit Within” — with laser eyes — has always worked well enough.


    • Guy I know more than content to fish all day and live out of a tent at a local camp ground. Never been a part of his kids life aside from a few days here and there. Everyone’s gone out oh their way to help him get jobs and a place to stay trying to get him to be productive. When he was with his xwife he would sell their cars quit his job and take off fishing for a few months.


  20. Pre-selection shows how empty and irrational women really are. An objective man sees a sweet, young thing and knows she has value regardless of any external trappings and illusions.

    A woman sees a slob asshole low-life with a hot chick and she thinks he is better than a good looking and smart shy guy.

    Women have no minds of their own. The civilization which grants them power is a civilization DOOMED.


    • “Women have no minds of their own. The civilization which grants them power is a civilization DOOMED.”

      The fuck? this is WHY we are all poolside chum…


    • Exactly.

      This is also why those “nerdy girl gets a makeover” movies are hits with girls. Women literally can’t see that the chick with “paint on her overalls”, glasses, and non-cheerleader outfits is “hot.” To them, watching the transformation is magical and seems unreal.

      Not guys, however. Every single guy who watches these movies (*cough* not me *cough*) notices those chicks are hot before and after the makeover.



      “An increase in the influence of women in public life has often been associated with national decline. The later Romans complained that, although Rome ruled the world, women ruled Rome. In the tenth century, a similar
      tendency was observable in the Arab Empire, the women demanding admission to the professions hitherto monopolised by men. ‘What,’ wrote the contemporary historian, Ibn Bessam, ‘have the professions of clerk,
      tax-collector or preacher to do with women? These occupations have always been limited to men alone.’ Many women practised law, while others obtained posts as university professors. There was an agitation for the appointment of female judges, which, however, does not appear to have succeeded.
      Soon after this period, government and public order collapsed, and foreign invaders overran the country. The resulting increase in confusion and violence made it unsafe for women to move unescorted in the streets, with the result that this feminist movement collapsed.

      The disorders following the military takeover in 861, and the loss of the empire, had played havoc with the economy. At such a moment, it might have been expected that everyone would redouble their efforts to save the country from bankruptcy, but nothing of the kind occurred. Instead, at this moment of
      declining trade and financial stringency, the people of Baghdad introduced a five-day week.

      When I first read these contemporary descriptions of tenth-century Baghdad, I
      could scarcely believe my eyes. I told myself that this must be a joke! The descriptions might have been taken out of The Times today. The resemblance of all the details was especially breathtaking—the break-up of the empire, the abandonment of sexual morality, the ‘pop’ singers with their guitars, the entry of women into the professions, the five-day work week.”


  21. on October 26, 2015 at 4:11 pm Subarctic Hillbilly

    When in the company of model-gorgeous early 20s daughter, I get (almost) embarrassing amounts of attention from her peers (all ages, too). They simply cannot help themselves.

    As a dedicated banger of much-younger women, I’ve been accused in the past of preying on girls with daddy issues. Guess what? They’ve ALL got daddy issues.


  22. “He’s got an ugly girlfriend. An ugly girlfriend means no confidence” – old fart baseball scout from Moneyball


  23. Hey bro…you like girls, right?

    Have you noticed that millennial girls of a certain age all have bad acne?

    Not gonna say no to a 22 year old hot bod but what’s up with the facial scarring.

    Was told that one thing may be all the plastix and shit that’s making the millenials into fags are also making the girls get their periods too soon and fucking up their skin.

    How about that?


  24. CH, your quickness to dismiss females’ attraction to male look suggests that you have an emotional resistance to it.

    I’m by no means a 10. I’m sort of skinny with a slightly above average face, and I am average height. If I had no game, no sense of humor, no musical talent and no evidence of female preselection, I would be unnoticeable to most attractive women.

    Still, I am objective enough to realize, and accept, that when women see a man in the street who is tall, handsome and built, they have a viseceral “HHHNNNNNGGGGHHHHN” reaction that is the same as you or I feel when we see a 10 with a perfect ass in yoga pants. These are the type of men who get approached by women. These men are forgiven for their lackluster personalies, and are often downright objectified by women.

    This is a painful fact, but isn’t that what this website is about?

    Now I don’t doubt that a skinny beta male like Jack White has such a high level of preselection and status that he could steal 10 tall, handsome musclehead’s girlfriends with a simple wink and a beckoning finger. But to discredit looks in the equation to the degree that you do is downright misleading, and to attempt to compete with these men directly, without a commensurate amount of demonstrable status and preselection, is a suicide mission.


    • RJNA1 – I can tell you there is a huuuuuuuuuuge difference between girls screaming out of car windows at you, running their car onto a curb and stalking you and getting laid. Not time to tell tonight but don’t confuse what girls say and “think” is hot with how they get laid and by whom…. The ones that do come up to you and grab your dick and force you to take them home are no better than 7’s… and you will be beating back lot’s of 4-5’s LOL!

      Looks are a big handicap… there it’s out there. I may start a charity to help the really really ridiculously good looking…


      • “Looks are a big handicap”

        Are they. Are they really, sir. Do you really think that.

        Ask yourself why you have an emotional resistance to this view. A courageous, unflinching self analysis can only help you.


      • Well I don’t have much time to get into this tonight, however looks are a big handicap because they only prove to you the “obvious” and the arbitrary… and when that don’t work you got nothing but the social conditioning of society ringing in your lonely ears… but… but… why not me???

        Whereas game – real hardcore game – will prove to you that the world is truly limitless…

        which would you rather have – your box or the entire universe?

        I have no emotional resistance, I’ve been on both sides and have thought about this quite a bit. Game is better, far far better.


    • Who the fuck is Jack White


      • “Who the fuck is Jack White?”

        Very well known musician. I’m not even into music and I’ve seen/heard/read about Jack White about a 100 times in the last 12-15 years.

        I was almost going to accuse you of “I don’t follow pop-culture” signalling which is very common in the manosphere, but I think you’re legit. I’ve seen guys claim to not know who the Kardashians are in some unspoken, sub-competition among manospherians over who is farther off the grid. That said, I think you just don’t know who the fuck Jack White is.

        [CH: i wish i could get off the coalsmashian grid, but their skankitude pervades the airwaves so completely i’d literally have to be off the grid — zippo electronic devices in my life — in order to find serenity now.]


      • Checked him out on yourtube. Had never seen or heard the guy. Might be because I don’t live in the anglosphere.


      • i didn’t know who jack white was either until a minute ago when i googled him. he looks like a young sigourney weaver on his wikipedia page.


    • on October 26, 2015 at 7:54 pm The Other Anonymous

      That is a lucid, intelligent, well thought out objection … and I’m very sure you are correct – How can we have overlooked it? Women think just like us men.


      • Oh? Oh I’m sorry? Did I say that women think exactly like men?

        I did not say game doesn’t work. I’ve been a fan of CH for four years, and his writing has increased my understanding of women and sexual prowess exponentially.

        However, if you think that you don’t have to work hard to compete with physically attractive men if you are average looking, you’re just in denial. That’s similar to race creationism in its blind insistence on a level playing field.

        Looks aren’t necessary, of course not. Yes, chubby guys can get laid with hot girls. So can short guys. So can average looking guys. I don’t doubt this.

        However, if you’re 10/10 as a guy, your going to have a very easy social and sex life. I’m sincerely sorry if that upsets you but it’s the truth.

        Go talk to a sampl of very good looking males. You will notice that attractive men, like attractive women, usually have shit personalities. They aren’t very smart, aren’t very interesting and aren’t very funny. This is because they don’t have to be. They get laid without developing themselves.

        Again, I can’t tell you how sorry I am. *offers Kleenex box*

        [CH: again… no one here has claimed that looks don’t matter. but male looks MATTER LESS THAN female looks matter to the opposite sex. this difference in the sexes can often be quite large, and have real tangible consequences in the functioning of the dating market.
        btw, i haven’t noticed that good-looking men have bad personalities. just the opposite. good-looking women, otoh, tend to be more of a mixed bag in the personality department. and that makes perfect evo psych sense: a woman’s looks comprise nearly the entirety of her SMV, while a man’s looks are only one facet of his SMV. hot babes, therefore, learn through experience that their looks are enough to coast through life. but good-looking men don’t learn the same lesson. they instead learn that coasting on their looks might get them a one night stand here and there with an average chick, but they have to do a lot more if they want to nail, and nail down, the quality babes. (not to mention get treated well by non-romantic acquaintances.)]


      • on October 26, 2015 at 10:16 pm The Spirit Within

        Guys who are 10s don’t necessarily have easier social lives. One big problem for them is male jealousy. It’s harder to make male friends because the lesser guys always ghost. Intimidated.

        Don’t ask me how I know.

        [CH: because of the reality of female hypergamy, it’s actually a good policy to avoid going out regularly with a male buddy who is in the top 1% of looks (or any other sexy attribute), unless you are there to observe his game in the field or you are similar to him in SMV. the inverse is not true. plain looking girls seem to enjoy a little bit of cheerleader effect when they have a super hottie in their groups of female friends, according to studies.]


      • Strapon, I hate to break it to ya, but I got a feeling that ghosting of which you speak is seldom to do with how you look. :duckface


    • “Emotional resistance” lmao


      • Just so you know, CH has endorsed Stephan Molyneux.

        [CH: well, to be precise, i endorsed the message of one particular video he made.]

        Stephan Molyneux uses the term “emotional resistance” to describe how when someone reacts negatively to an argument or dismisses it outright, it is evidence that they secretly agree with the argument to some degree.

        [this describes “only looks matter” game haters to a tee.]

        If you “lmao” at “emotional resistance”, you also lmao at CH.

        [careful, you’re playing around with “let’s you and him fight” weaseltude.]

        Don’t give up though. Try something again next time, maybe you’ll get me.


      • “Don’t give up though. Try something again next time, maybe you’ll get me.”

        Don’t make me slap the Gamma outta yer mouth, boy.


      • “[careful, you’re playing around with “let’s you and him fight” weaseltude.]”

        May I be permitted to qualify myself defensively?

        Respectfully, sir, I have multiple arrests and have yelled nigger at a black man in public, in front of onlookers. I also punch women sometimes. I would estimate that I’m in your top ~3 least weaseley readers.

        I said this to the man because of the reason he was disputing me. I don’t know for sure, but I would like to think that you are above unctuous, unquestioning ass lapping from your male fans? This man laughed at a term I used, simply because I was disputing you. He is an ass kisser. I wanted his asskissing to backfire on him, and the Molyneux reference, tenuous and grasping as it may be, was the best I could muster. But I’m sensitive and easily angered. I was surprised you actually read my comment, and while I was trying to make him think he was going against you, I would never be so silly as to try to put you against him.

        Yes my response was petty, and reaching, but it was not how you described it friend.

        Can you tell that your reply gave me a narcissistic injury? I was grinding my teeth when I wrote this.


      • You may be an honest fella, but you’re not particularly subtle.

        Also, I’m being a suck up? Are you retarded? I laughed at you because you repeatedly used a smart sounding word that failed to prove your point. The fact that Stef used it is irrelevant. ONE video of his was posted here and it was because he picked the Clock Boy narrative apart. Anyhow, CH also criticizes overly moral abstracting libertarians and that’s what Stef is.

        Nobody here has “emotional resistance” to looks being important. We KNOW that looks are important, you’re just battling strawmen.


      • Stephan Molyneux uses the term “emotional resistance” to describe how when someone reacts negatively to an argument or dismisses it outright, it is evidence that they secretly agree with the argument to some degree.

        Well, to interject a side note:

        This is the same sort of Cathedralesque shithouse psychology used to pompously explain away the natural disgust normal people have towards everything from queer agenda to the entire gamut of PC newspeak and thoughtcrimes.

        It’s just as often, when someone “reacts negatively” or “dismisses outright” a given argument, it’s because said argument is just so much inanity, fodlerol, or outright bullshit… and merits only mockery and disdain.

        Now, where were we?


      • on October 27, 2015 at 10:46 am The Other Anonymous

        Rjna1 was making a case for how hotties discriminates on the basis of looks – while I was splooging into a fresh kleenex


  25. I had a cool experience at the blood bank last week, and I thought I’d share it here, should the moderation Gods decide to let it through. Feedback appreciated as always.

    It’s Wednesday evening and I walk in for my appointment about 15 minutes early. After signing in, I scan the waiting room and see an open seat next to a cute brunette. A tinge of nervousness hits me and I hesitate. “Don’t be a pussy,” I tell myself, “go sit next to her and say hi.”

    I sit down and crack open my book. She’s not paying attention to me; her body is angled away from me and she’s looking off to the other side of the room. “Hi, how are you?” I ask. She looks over at me and says, “I’m okay…I guess.” “You sound thrilled to be here,” I say. She smiles and responds, “Oh, I’m just tired, it’s been a long day. Why are you so excited?” “Because I’m donating blood,” I say, “and saving lives is sexy.”

    She turns toward me at this point and her smile widens a bit, but the receptionist interrupts us to tell the girl that the nurse will call her any minute. “Um, excuse me, why does she get to go first?” I interject. “You know she was here first,” the receptionist says. “But don’t you know who I am? I’m important,” I say. “But ladies always go first,” she retorts. “Well, I’m a feminist. I don’t follow that rule,” I say.

    They both laugh at this and the girl says, “He can go first, it’s really okay.” I thought I may have overdone it, so I turn back to her and ask, “Why would would you let me cut?” “I’m very nervous. I had a bad experience last time.” She tells me that the nurse had a hard time placing the needle last time, and was a real bitch on top of that. She’s donating again just to conquer her fear.

    “That’s very brave of you,” I say, “but you really have nothing to worry about. I’ve donated here for years and nothing ever goes wrong… except for this one time. The nurse so badly missed the vein that my arm was bruised for a week. Boy did that burn.” Her eyes get really wide and then she laughs again, louder this time.

    “Seriously, though, it’s cool that you’re here despite your fear,” I say sincerely as I place my hand on her shoulder, “you’re going to be fine.” “Thanks. Actually, talking to you has helped me relax a little,” she says as the nurse calls her over.

    Before she walks away she turns to me and says, “I’m Becky, by the way, it’s nice to meet you,” and sticks out her hand to shake mine. That was the moment for the number close, but I’ve been sufficiently sexed lately and I’m seeing someone I actually like, so I held back. Nonetheless, it was a solid approach, I think.


    • Nonetheless, it was a solid approach, I think.

      Do u want me to suck your cock just so dat u can be sure?!


    • Indeed… good stuff. But why hold back already? Are you going to get oneitis Benson? They are out there just waiting for you!!!!


      • I don’t know how I feel about dating multiple girls simultaneously. So long as I can create options if I need them, I’m happy. But maybe I just haven’t killed my inner nice guy yet.


    • @Benson great interaction and open. One thing I sometimes “forget” is to number close…but I wonder if sometimes it’s deliberate because I did so well and am so proud of myself that to number close could lead to rejection and hurt my confidence.

      I’ve had some great interactions which I’ve then number closed and it lead no where.

      I think I have to force myself to number close and then see where it goes.

      Lately my game has been in a funk…I’ve passed on some opportunities. In some cases the girls have been ugos. But in other cases like the one you’ve described I just haven’t felt like it partly out of a fear of success which could lead to failure. Overcoming that takes discipline. Always be closing.


    • And did your approach bed the wench ? No. I come from the blessed by God deep south, and sometimes a wee bit (not too much , tho .) of chivalry can get you laid 90% of the time down this ways. Your results may vary , especially yankee on yankee. You savvy ?


    • Gratz on approaching and opening. You’re bringing the par-tay!

      You could have asked the brunette if the nurse is supposed to take blood from your ass (implying that that happened the last time).

      Good job playing with her emotions.

      Shuddagottendanumber. And shuddahandshakedearly for the comfort.


      • but I wonder if sometimes it’s deliberate because I did so well and am so proud of myself that to number close could lead to rejection and hurt my confidence.

        I know that feeling, but that’s not what happened here. I’m getting laid regularly and have two other numbers on top of that. I don’t know what I’d do with a fourth. I’ve never been in this situation before. I’m so confused.


      • Benson – don’t let fear of losing the bird in hand kill a larger success… Like it’s cool if you really are just into this one hot tub girl and want to dedicate all your time to her. That’s a conscious choice… but don’t back into it with scarcity/fear driven rationalizations…

        On the other hand – you will never have more hand with Hot Tub girl than you have now to set up a open LTR… don’t squander your hand if you want this. Once she locks you down the power will shift quickly. AND by having something steady you have default abundance mentality which will supercharge your game, next level subcomms!!! You can use this state to ratchet up the HB level girls. Like I know I am coming home to sex with my wife, so avoid thirsty try hard stuff… for the most part. LOL!


      • Benson – don’t let fear of losing the bird in hand kill a larger success…

        It’s not fear of loss. I set up a date via text with one of my backups last night:

        Me: made you look
        Her: lol what
        Me drinks thursday?
        Her: How about Saturday or Sunday? I have blah blah on Thursday
        Me: sunday works. x at xx.
        Her: ok

        you will never have more hand with Hot Tub girl than you have now to set up a open LTR

        Should I tell her that I’m dating other girls, or just keep my extracurricular activities to myself? She’s told me multiple times that she isn’t fucking anyone else, so that’s weighed on me a bit, though I’ve made no commitment to her.


      • @Benson – personally I wouldn’t tell her but I wouldn’t shy away from it if she asked. I’d follow Ya’s advice though, he has a ton on how to set it up on his site.

        But recognize this here “She’s told me multiple times that she isn’t fucking anyone else” is a gold plated shit test. You’ve ducked it but not squashed it. It is only going to intensify so have a plan…


      • on October 27, 2015 at 8:45 am having a bad day


        just saw this…

        “Should I tell her that I’m dating other girls, or just keep my extracurricular activities to myself? She’s told me multiple times that she isn’t fucking anyone else, so that’s weighed on me a bit, though I’ve made no commitment to her.”

        you specifically ‘telling’ her = you supplicating (her frame)…you ‘denying’ dating other girls = you supplicating…it should only come up with a direct question from her = you say ‘of course…’ (likes it’s no big deal bc it’s not…lol) [change subject…you can shrug too…lol]…she’ll either let it go and come back to it later, or hit it hard and make it an issue…either way have a plan for what you want and where she fits into it…[only gf/primary/secondary/etc…] then hold your frame through the shit testing…(note – it’s like swimming…you can’t ‘force’ yourself to float. if you try that you get exhausted and drown…lol…you just have to trust to the physics and let it happen…same with girls and game…you’ll ultimately have to let her ‘float’ back into a relationship with you…when she leaves as a shit test…)

        “so that’s weighed on me a bit,”

        = residual blue pill…

        “She’s told me multiple times that she isn’t fucking anyone else,”

        = her ‘girl language’ request for a relationship…lol…also, it’s a shit test…and if you do ‘commit’ = her frame = she is the prize = fail…(note – this is just ‘baked in’ wrt to normal male/female interactions…that’s why it’s the default ‘beta bux’ algorithm…her hindbrain/hamster is hoping you to avoid this trap…bc THAT’s alpha…lol)

        see YaReally’s archives for the breakdown on ‘open’ relationships…and why it works for you to do that…basically, bc you can play the field, you’ll be the best man she can ‘get’…so hypergamy will make her want to be only with you…while you play the field…and ironically, that’s the happiest a girl could ever be…bc she is constantly ‘winning’…lol…

        good luck!


      • @Benson –

        A few other thoughts for you to consider…

        What would your life look like if you could do whatever you wanted whenever you wanted to?

        If you can’t do what you want when you want to, why not? Are you in a trap of your own making? What’s really holding you back?

        Most of the time it will be that residual BP thinking…

        In other words – when will Benson go ALL IN on Benson?

        This is meta game… far beyond girls… beyond your family… beyond work… beyond your country… beyond your religion…

        True RP thought = freedom. Freedom is the most dangerous thing on earth, which is why so much of society is made to condition you or ensnare you from it.

        And it takes effort and courage to live free… Are you ALL IN?

        PS – love this subversive site…


      • on October 27, 2015 at 1:56 pm mendozatorres

        Solid food for thought, Sentient. I think where I’m at, I’m in the process of the meta-game as you stated. And like an earlier poster said, still haven’t killed the nice guy inside. Bastard’s holding on for dear life.


      • go all in Mendo…


    • on October 27, 2015 at 8:20 am having a bad day


      props on approaching…that’s the most important part…lol…

      don’t get down on yourself for not number closing (in spite of the peanut gallery’s opinions…lol)…and here’s why…

      NOT number closing (or F closing for that matter) on every girl possible is true abundance mentality…so, props…you are getting there for sure…lol…

      a big part of “the new you”™ is just a fun and flirty vibe…and that means opening cute girls wherever and whenever you find them…it doesn’t always have to lead anywhere except a pleasant interaction (sexualized a little bit with some ‘touching’ of course…lol…so great job on that…).

      the only thing to be mindful of is that you don’t stop pushing for a close if you WANT to…(and you might want to bc it’s great practice…lol) and also that oneitis that Sentient mentioned…(and just a note on that…your current girl will be MUCH happier if you continue to number close/approach other girls(even if front of her…)…she’ll bitch and shit test you, but deep down she’ll be happier, bc she’ll be with a ‘pre-selected’ man…lol)…(see how i pulled that around to back on topic…lol)

      good luck!


      • her ‘girl language’ request for a relationship…lol…also, it’s a shit test…

        The last one came (lol!) after we banged on Tuesday, while we’re laying on her bed. I have my hand on her ass and she says, “You like my butt, huh?” “I do, but it’s actually mine,” I say as I smack it. She grabs my ass and says, “So this is mine?” “Um…do you have 10 bucks?” I say.

        I handle all of these tests dismissively, or I ignore them. She’s made comments like, “I’m going to tell all the bitches at your shows to keep their hands off.” So I know she likes my playfully dismissive attitude.


      • her ‘girl language’ request for a relationship…lol…also, it’s a shit test

        Let’s see if this gets through. I’ve been passing these tests very easily. Here’s an example:

        Laying on her bed after banging, with my hand on her ass.
        Her: you like my butt, huh?
        Me: I do, but it’s actually mine. (Then I smack her ass)
        Her: so this is mine, then? (As she grabs my ass)
        Me: um…if you have 10 bucks.

        I know I’m doing well because she follows up these conversations with comments like, “I’m gonna tell all the bitches at your shows that it’s hands off!” And we bang every time we’re together.


    • @Benson, It appears you have come a long way in a short time. Good work!


  26. Two important parts to this from a game perspective. Pre-selection works if you’re with a hot girl whom you’re gaming or if she’s a friend, you’ve gamed. I have hot “friends”….but when we’re hanging out, i’m still teasing and gaming them. So to the outside world it’s unclear whether we’re banging or about to bang. That amps up the pre-selection. If it’s just some hot girl sitting beside you without having been gamed, the IOI’s she would give you aren’t there and it seems clear that you’re only friends.

    I also notice this a lot with beta orbiters. They’re often with hot girls…but it’s clear from the way the girls are sitting and how they respond to chit chat that they are “friends” and nothing more.

    So for pre-selection to work, you have to be receiving IOI’s from the girl and the girl should be HB7 or above.

    If a girl comes by and says “I thought you two were together” and you’re with a “friend”…you know it worked.


    • If you have two girls HB6 chatting you up, that also signals preselection. And if you’re dancing with ten or more girls in a night, you are preselected and likely have other things going for you such as social dominance and being a minor dance celebrity.


      • Sometimes they needs the fukkage feed back. It is just the way they are wired to do so. I’ts that’s plain and simple.


    • Walawala eh?. Hmmmmm. Australian are we?! James Cook University perchance?!


    • “I also notice this a lot with beta orbiters. They’re often with hot girls…but it’s clear from the way the girls are sitting and how they respond to chit chat that they are “friends” and nothing more.”

      This, 100%. Especially when you’re talking about STEM nerds. No sexual tension whatsoever, the term “Flasche” has never been more appropriate.

      A girl in your presence should feel like you would in the presence of a well fed, “tame” tiger. That slightly nervous sensation you will invariably feel is very similar to the “tingles” chicks get in the presence of guys they find attractive.


    • Walawala – this is an important point I hadn’t thought about much before. You’re right – the social proof will only work if the girl hasn’t obviously friendzoned you (I mean even if she has, it’s better to have some girls with you, but it will be WAY less effective). Not sure if you really need solid IOIs from the girls with you, but the more the better obviously


  27. Another attraction indicator is the way you move, which signals fitness and status. If you move like a cat, you signal hunting and protection skills and that you are dangerous.


  28. In the future, I will have a post about game specifically designed for ugly men (bottom 20%

    Before you do, it’s worth looking at this:

    I know, i know it’s Tinder, and that “doesn’t count” because game, but i’m a little wary of that argument these days. Tinder is the way girls value their SMV these days. What they learn about their SMV on Tinder, they bring with them into real life.

    Also, it’s actual real-world data; not to be sniffed at.

    Basically it says what we all know to be generally true:
    “It was determined that the bottom 80% of men (in terms of attractiveness) are competing for the bottom 22% of women and the top 78% of women are competing for the top 20% of men.”


    “it was determined that a man of average attractiveness would be “liked” by approximately 0.87% (1 in 115) ”


    That’s an “average” guy; never mind the bottom 20%. They don’t even get a look in. Even more damning is the fact that the “bottom 20%” on Tinder aren’t really the bottom 20% of all men. (the actual bottom 20% of men have probably left Tinder a long time ago – bottom 20% on Tinder are probably closer to average 5’s)

    This is not to say game won’t help these guys. Game may help them yes but i feel giving them hope is almost a form of mental abuse– hey guys, you *might* just get a resentful fugly in exchange for beta servitude.

    I guess that’s gonna be controversial of me to say, but it really ought not to be.

    [CH: yes, there are posts in the CH archives referencing this study (or similar ones). basically, women are extremely prejudicial judges of male looks, but that’s actually good news for men, because it means that women also judge men equally (discriminately) on a lot of other attractiveness traits, (else 99.2% of men would never get laid). so what i’m saying is that although women are harsh judges of male looks, women are also turned on by a much broader suite of male traits compared to the rather narrow suite of female traits that turn on men.

    i’m too lazy to link to those posts right now, but feel free to use the search bar on the front page. no i don’t recommend online game for the bottom 20% ugly men. that is a fool’s errand since online profiles exclusively emphasize looks (and age) over other considerations. ugly men need to leverage all their other attributes, which means face to face talk time with girls. they need to be BOLD, because that is the positive trait that is in the shortest supply among men.

    btw, ch has never claimed that ugly men can get HB10s with game. that is a myth (barring rare exceptions). but ugly men CAN get better women than what they are used to getting. mostly a little better, sometimes significantly better, and very infrequently a lot better. is that worth it to most ugly men? i would say yes. a small improvement in the quality of a man’s mate prospects can mean a huge improvement in his happiness and well-being.]


    • the good news is that online is an entirely different world. Average looking men can achieve massive success through cold approach/real life status that they can’t get online.

      and a nontrivial number of guys can break the tinder barrier with just better photos/better style.

      looks matter, obviously. but lift, good style, good body language and your first 5 second impression can still be killer, even if you have to get offline.

      [CH: online dating sites like tinder don’t allow for long form written profiles (as i understand them). online game can be a useful adjunct for ugly men, provided the service they use de-emphasizes the single shot profile photo (while allowing multiple photos that can be gamed with action shots, preselection, etc) and emphasizes the written bio. the ugly man can then use whatever wit he has as a seduction tool to compensate for his poor looks.]


      • Agreed re: real life. I’m a “7”, musician, game savvy and i used to average about 1 fugly in 100 on Tinder when i used it.

        I only introduced Tinder as an example of how female SMV is inflated, and how she’s gonna carry that inflated SMV into real lyfe. (why wouldn’t she?)

        [CH: i wrote a post about this phenomenon. in short: there is some ego-inflation carry-over into real life, but not much, and it doesn’t last long. SMV assessment feedback in meatworld is much crueler and palpable than online feedback, which when lacking online can be more easily rationalized as vagaries of the ether.]

        What is ‘real lyfe’ anyway for a 20-something these days if not Facebook lykes and Tinder swypes??.

        [if a plain girl takes a five minute walk downtown, she will quickly be disabused of the notion that her online thirsty betaboys are anywhere near representative of the reaction that real world men have toward her.]


      • There’s an 8 I know who is such an entitled princess that I find her repugnant. Last time I interacted with her I backturned on her. She gets little attention from anybody, including other women in the bar. Maybe she’s banging some guy she met on Tinder, Idk. She’ll start hitting the Wall in about 5 years and it won’t be pretty.


    • “although women are harsh judges of male looks, women are also turned on by a much broader suite of male traits

      A positive turn of phrase there CH! You’ve gots game!

      But I know you know the corollary to that:

      “although women are harsh judges of male looks, women are also turned on by judgmental of a much broader suite of male traits”

      [CH: true. but no one said the sexual market was fair. women, in their primes, are the more valuable sex, so in general they will have an easier time getting dates and falling into relationships (unless they’re fat). men will simply have to work harder, and this truism extends to spheres outside the sexual market. however, the point remains: men have a lot more avenues for SMV improvement than do women.]

      Given aforementioned Tinder inflation of SMV, it stands to reason (and many men’s personal observations) that women have inflated their judgy expectations of all those other male traits in line with their inflated SMV’s .

      [be careful citing tinder as an authority on the subject of female romantic preferences. there’s a big selection bias going on with tinder. most of the girls on there are DTF super sluts, and probably rebounding from failed relationships (that they deep sixed). dtf girls interested in one night stands or short flings place more emphasis on male looks to the exclusion of other male attributes. in the non-tinder world, where most women live, female mate preferences are decidedly more nuanced.]

      learning the chords of Wonderwall just don’t cut it for average or below average guys these days.

      [try “homecoming” by the teenagers.]


      • Women are less valuable than apex alphas and have about the same choice as lesser alphas.

        There are four sexes, not two. Alphas, bangable women, betas, and fuglies.

        Regarding Tinder: Context, context, context.

        Most women won’t do Tinder. People who are even slightly demi-sexual will shy away from Tinder. I wonder what the breakdown is for length of time the average Tinder woman remains on Tinder?


    • “no i don’t recommend online game for the bottom 20% ugly men. that is a fool’s errand since online profiles exclusively emphasize looks (and age) over other considerations. ugly men need to leverage all their other attributes, which means face to face talk time with girls. they need to be BOLD, because that is the positive trait that is in the shortest supply among men.

      btw, ch has never claimed that ugly men can get HB10s with game. that is a myth (barring rare exceptions). but ugly men CAN get better women than what they are used to getting. mostly a little better, sometimes significantly better, and very infrequently a lot better. is that worth it to most ugly men? i would say yes. a small improvement in the quality of a man’s mate prospects can mean a huge improvement in his happiness and well-being.]”

      Well said.


    • Yeah, pretty soon all the hot women will only be found uploaded onto Tinder and you’ll never be able to approach them in Real Life ™, so Game will be obsolete and only looks will matter. Argumentum ad absurdum


  29. alright this is a strong confession. Because of the thing about never admitting your wrong as loud as you can when you get canned. Smart skinny girls. Make them wear them undulate hips. I got dragged down to prison and that was what was awesome when I came home. So much depends on the shape of the eyes and the line of the smile. You just have to make their eyes big you dumbasses. Learn how to smirk wide.


  30. Need advice for a buddy of mine (seriously, a friend of mine, not me). He is 45, she is 24 or 25. He is Alpha, good looking, good job, etc. He may even read this site, as far as I know! She is attractive (a solid 7), and well natured, funny, lively, etc. All sounds pretty good, right? Here’s the catch, and I am maybe to close to the situation to give sound advice. She made a mistake a few years back and now has a 3 year old daughter who is 1/4 black (from dating a loser half-breed, who is not in the picture at all). From what I have seen the child ha has minor black features, but mostly white ones. This girl want to give my buddy “lots of babies”, and “be a mommy”, which is what he is looking for (and which we all know is tough to find these days). She is dating some beta loser, and would drop him in a minute for my friend if he gives her the green light. I want to tell him, “Hey, she made a mistake, but she still is young and has good genes, and wants to give you white babies”. However, because of the situation, I feel a bit awkward about saying go for it, especially since I am uber-race conscious. Thoughts?

    [CH: not gonna lie, this girl is tainted love. a single mom’s spare sprog is baggage no man wants to shoulder unless he absolutely has no other options (and his internet connection is down). if your buddy can get a cute 24yo old, he can get one without a mulatto in tow.]


    • its rare that a thing can nullify a girl’s youthful allure. being a single mom to a mystery meat is one of those things. your buddy should proceed with the same level of investment that he would with a stripper.


    • If he’s really an Alpha with a good job, I don’t see why he should date a single mom, least of all one with a mystery meat baby. That is more for guys like Scalzi.


    • Why WK for this girl? Do you like her?


    • Tell your buddy about all those little black mitochondrias swimming around in her — and any of her future daughters’ uteruses — forever.


    • If the child was White, I’d be tempted to give her a pass…

      We all make mistakes… but a mistake THAT big, when you’re dealing with your own body and bringing a life into the world?

      And as you yourself mention, she’s already with another somebody/anybody, whose heart she’d tear from his chest if Mr. Big says so?

      Meh… damaged goods, all the way around.


    • Why WK for this girl? Do you like her?

      It could be her brother or father… they gots to move that merchandise. 😉


    • i’m in the market for a good used sports car. i found one in the classifieds and it’s everything i’ve been looking for – it’s the color i want, low miles, all scheduled maintenance done, great price, etc.

      the owner made a mistake and as a result the car was broadsided by a train at a railroad crossing.

      should i buy it?


    • In the south, when these things happened in my Grandma’s generation, the child would be given to an African family, hopefully with at least one light skinned parent, and no more would be said about it.

      It is better for the child to be where she is wanted.

      Tell your friend to propose the idea of giving up her child to the woman. If she’s willing, he should get with her. If she isn’t, then he shouldn’t. It’s a recipe for a whole lot of dark anomic behavior from the stepfather.


  31. This issue of female preselection is yet another reason why Ash Martel’s video–celebrating her “friendship” with beta Johnny Tampon–is devious and destructive on so many levels:

    a) the video torpedoes any presumption of female preselection, thereby denying Johnny the only advantage he could have by letting her live in his house as a “friend”. Martel can’t afford Johnny to be scoring hot babes due to preselection, as it would greatly increase the likelihood of her becoming homeless

    b) the video signals alphas who might not have bothered with her on the assumption that she is taken

    [CH: excellent points, and sufficiently chilling to adherents of the conventional shibboleths.]


  32. YaReally, Sentient, HABD, Wala et al

    So short FR. Went out again last night to continue full on nightclub cold approach practice after ages. Couple of new wings with potential, but very young – 24 and 20, but cool guys.

    Kiddie nightclub, but I don’t look (or feel) too out of place, even though average age must have been early 20s.

    Did a bunch of approaches, joined some sets my wings approached. My AA is so much better than it was a couple years ago. I still get it, but it doesn’t freeze me. Even had a HB 6.5 open me (solid EC, then just as I was opening my mouth, she said hello) and I got her to hug me – she said “you smell nice”, and then her friends dragged her off. But the reduced AA thing compared to a couple years ago felt really good. And pretty much every set opened at least to listen to me..

    I hardly drink when out, but I had a couple of beers to amp up my state and energy and I started enjoying it more and letting loose..

    That was the main issue really. I just let interactions fizzle and ejected myself even though the girls were receptive (oh, another HB7 opened me after I started laughing at her for stealing empty beer mugs from the bar).

    I am fine with talking when it is possible to talk (although even there I eject too early – I need to reread Mystery Method and remind myself about the structure I need to follow and push interactions).

    BUt in a loud nightclub where you either can’t talk or the girls are too drunk to understand complex conversation, I feel really lost. First, I struggle to get my energy level high enough to match theirs (hence the beers), and even after I do that, I just don’t know where to take it physically when I can’t have a proper conversation. And I let it fizzle.

    Typical example : 2 college girls (HB7.5 and HB8) in front of me at the bar. I come up behind and open both with my arms on their shoulders with something really inane about being in a rush to get to the dancefloor. They blew open and laughed and responded and I said something else along those lines and let it fizzle out and they turned back to the bar..but then I don’t have much to say to drunk girls like that. They actually stayed at the bar for another 2-3 mins, and the 7.5 (standing sort of just ahead and to my right) was pushing herself up against me and rubbing her ass on my crotch, just a little bit. Like not obviously at all, but the crowd wasn’t THAT bad..she didn’t need to be so close. But I just had no idea where to take it..


    • Bless, you’ve got the hard parts done, but i know it can be awkward to get the conversation flowing. Also you were just “practicing”, I always know practice approaches “for the heck of it” are wayy less intimidating which increase your chances, but can leave you unprepared – shocked even – when she reciprocates and it’s suddenly got real. Try looking on it as a practice, right up until after you’ve blown in her.

      fwiw, i always think about an ex who i got on really well with and imagine i’m talking to her. (it’s aldso a problem as i still have feelings for her but i digress!) There’s less chance of awkward sexual tension induced sperginess with practice with your ex or friend. I tried picturing the girl as my mother once, insta good mood, sexual escalation was weird though.

      Am i fucking with everyone’s head now?. Sorry.


      • Thanks lol. No comment on the thinking of your mother stuff but I’ve certainly done the old “thinking of my ugly teacher from school” in bed when I didn’t want to finish too quickly. Maybe it will work during cold approach to not overthink..

        I actually went out with a plan for conversation but then my wings dragged me to a loud club instead of a bar and that went out of the window. It was still interesting learning though – trying to go in at the right energy level for each set, depending on the girls and time of night. Frustrating when I know she’s into me and I still let it fizzle (another girl..dancing alone..I approach, say something stupid about her dancing alone..she’s very receptive (saying her friends are nearby), solid physical contact as we’re speakign..and then I let it go because I don’t know what to do next when I can’t have a proper conversation..)


      • A girl who cold-approached me showed/taught me what to do when the music is very loud. Talk cheek to cheek, mouth to ear and hold her waist. Incidentally at first, then longer as you build comfort. When you’re ready to isolate, the loud music is your reason.


      • You’ll know when to lengthen the time by her reluctance to end contact.


      • Incest. The game the whole family can play.


    • @Culum “I just had no where to take it…”

      in those approach situations, what I try to do is build up the banter, spike attraction, inject kino…when I get a solid IOI, I simply say “I’ve got to go now but if you promise to behave let’s meet up next week…what’s your number?”

      This ensures I can pick up the interaction when it’s not so messy with people around and logistics all over the place.

      That’s why there’s a false time constrain in all pick up: “I don’t have a lot of time, just wanted to say I saw you, you look interesting/have an interesting smile/remind of …insert animal here..” Then you’re not hanging around without an exit strategy.


    • Couple of thoughts for you Culum…

      First – what was your INTENT in going out? was it just to “practice” opening or were you intending to get laid? You failed on your intent. It flows though all your subcomms.

      Second – did you try and stack the deck logistically or did you just wing it? In other words – did you know the venue or did you just show up for the first time? If you didn’t know it, did you take a little time and find the nooks and crannies, the back bar, the patio, the banquets etc. where you can bounce a girl in the club? Do you know what places are within a block you can bounce to outside of the club for another drink, food or coffee? Do the Ocean’s 11 type of logistical work, it will give you a lot more options than winging it.

      Third – when your convo is faltering or it’s too loud, but you see attraction… lead her somewhere else and continue. “hey I’m thirsty come with me” and lead with taking arm, hand etc…

      Fourth ” the 7.5 (standing sort of just ahead and to my right) was pushing herself up against me and rubbing her ass on my crotch, just a little bit. Like not obviously at all, but the crowd wasn’t THAT bad..she didn’t need to be so close. But I just had no idea where to take it..” situations like this are open windows… you just need to lead with boyfriend posture kino… hands on waist, pull her in, nuzzle her neck, turn her around, pull her in etc… when you have a window hit it hard.

      Fifth – How did you end the night? What time did you leave? Did you just bail at an early hour? If you went in, opened a bunch, just to mingle and say hey when a set fizzled then you eject “see you later” with good feelz then later in the night before the pairing off you circle back around… you have much more potential to come in and pull or number close. Stay till golden hour.

      Sixth – did you do any game outside on the street as girls were coming and even better going from the venue? Much quieter, easier to bounce to someplace else with them once you hook.

      Have fun!


      • Sentient, HABD, Wala, newlyaloof, theasdgamer – thank you for the advice. I think you guys have nailed this one between you and I just need to keep this stuff in mind.

        Some points:

        1. I think asdgamer’s thing about the hip-hold and speech, followed by what Sentient said about boyfriend posture and also newlyaloof about locking in state and being solid and centred, is the key. Basically, be entitled when you get an IOI and go “full boyfriend”. It’s hard to switch on to that energy level immediately, but I can certainly do it with a drink or two and a decent wing.

        2. Wala I like your closing’s pretty similar to what I do but it’s just hard to execute when you can’t speak at all (too loud, too drunk girls etc). So need to do more physical/dominant stuff and then lead her physically elsewhere..somewhere quieter to build comfort etc.

        3. HABD – will try to keep reminding myself to talk to the girl’s hamster. It’s like I can get away with so much more physicality and kino one side of the club barrier than the other side even though both are on the street!

        4. Sentient – spot on of course. My intent both the last two nights was “practice approaches”, not “get laid”. I need to start each night as if I’m going to end it with company in bed.

        5. Similarly: on Sunday I did actually stay till the Golden Hour (lol) when everyone had paired up (I stayed alone after my wings left but by then was in state), but you’re right – most of the time I tend to leave pretty early, especially on weekdays..thinking of work etc. Need to fix that. I knew the area and the bar fairly well, but it’s actually a bad location, very isolated with not much close by (another reason I didn’t want to leave the main nightlife area, but my wings insisted because they said this place would def be busy on a Sunday night, which it was, but the logistics not great).

        Thanks guys – noted for next time!


    • on October 27, 2015 at 9:33 am having a bad day


      props on putting in the work…

      +1 on Sentient’s boyfriend posture/kino…question – if she WAS your gf, what would you have done? = do that…lol…it really can be that fast…

      now think about that for ALL of your interactions at the club…

      if you are getting consistent IOIs = your subcomms are getting better…

      also, adjusting your energy levels to each set seems like a lot of work = not authentic…BUT if you were trying it out to see how it worked/felt/etc, that’s good too…lol…

      a couple things…

      “I got her to hug me ”

      reframe this…with you as the prize…

      “I just let interactions fizzle and ejected myself even though the girls were receptive”

      it’s good that you can recognize that YOU made the choice to take yourself out of the interactions…now, you can plan accordingly…

      “BUt in a loud nightclub where you either can’t talk or the girls are too drunk to understand complex conversation, I feel really lost. ”

      = residual blue pill…lol…i know exactly what you are saying, but given your better subcomms, you should be cleaning up…lol…your sticking point is probably that you distrust the hindbrain/hamster being in charge of girls’ behavior/actions…when they’re in the loud club, girls are free to let their hindbrains run wild…that’s why their friends have to ‘drag them away’…lol…

      oh, and by the way…

      “was pushing herself up against me and rubbing her ass on my crotch, just a little bit”

      = IOI…just so you know…lol…you know, for when it happens again…lol…

      good luck!


    • @Culum, Sentient, HAPD, and walla nailed the advice to you, so I’ll just add one small point. Think I read it on YaR’s site, but it’s helped me a few times when the old beta nerves hit me when I felt like the bar wasn’t doing it for me, and it’s … Be the Oak! Just remind yourself to plant your feet and don’t fidget. Check your posture. Check your breathing. Just calm the F down and be the unmovable oak (put the iPhag crutch away too). The oak doesn’t need to talk. The oak doesn’t need a wing. The oak doesn’t need to force conversation to fill dead space. You have a dick and deserve to be around women. That girl’s ass pressed against you can attest to this. Good work.


      • YaReally, Sentient, HABD, Wala et al

        FR/Vignette from last night – I went out solo (before seeing most of the responses to my post about Sunday night). Didn’t go as well as I hoped – Monday night was pretty dead and I pussied out of bar game because I couldn’t build enough state to hang out in bars alone, especially as it was quiet.

        Not a total bust..opened a few girls on the street, and got EC/checking me out looks for 2-3 others (HABD must be right – my subcomms must be improving because I never got this many even a couple years ago). Unsurprisingly, the HB8 smiley college girls were much more open to being approached than the HB5.5 mid-40s MILF standing on the street smoking alone..pre-emptive disqual anyone?

        Anyway, the highlight of the evening was watching *an actual homeless guy* open and engage a smoking blonde HB8 on the street. Like talk about Game being the most important thing..and looks not mattering. One thing to hear YaReally talk about it and another to see and hear it for yourself (not that I doubted YaReally but seeing it on such an extreme level really reinforces it).

        On the street, near several bars. Several people smoking, and me pretending to wait for friends. Very hot mid-twenties HB8 blonde walks up alone (hot enough that I thought she may have come from the strip club a block away) and takes out a cigarette and lights it. I figure I’ll open the MILF on the other side of me first, and by the time I turn back from the MILF (less than a minute), the Homeless Guy (sitting on a bench on the other side of her from me) has opened the HB8.

        He’s about 50, thick beard, dirty clothes, bit smelly, bit overweight. Not a looker but can’t really see his face through th beard. Grubby baseball cap. Carrying all his things in a plastic bag. Like OBVIOUSLY homeless. I can hear most of their conversation which lasted about ten minutes. She stayed long after she finished her cigarette.

        His Game’s not very good by any objective standard. Terrible posture, body language, voice tonality, all very supplicating. Bit hesitant in speech.

        But still. First, he asked her for a cigarette which she gave. Then he struck up a polite conversation and made some small talk..asked her where she’s coming from, she says she’s just finished work etc.

        Then it became (to me) obvious that he was Gaming her. He asked her what she did for work and then said “No, wait, let me guess..” (Ding! Cold read!). Then he guessed some BS. Then a couple minutes later, he started doing a very obvious cold reading routine..something about “sometimes you’re the centre of the room with friends, but sometimes you feel alone..sometimes you’re a leader..”..stuff like that. Right at the end, I actually laughed out loud when he told her “You have an energy about you that I like” (that was one of Mystery’s classic lines I think).

        I didn’t want to stare at them too obviously since I was trying to listen. I don’t think she was totally into him or totally hooked, but by the end of the conversation, she was no longer facing away, she was facing towards him, smiling and saying “yes, yes that’s me” to the cold reads and generally being engaged.

        Unfortunately he didn’t close (he tried, right after telling her he liked her energy) but she refused flat out to give her number, and still left him with some good feelz on both sides.

        My analysis is that she was being mostly polite (not really attracted), but she was genuinely engaged and interested in the conversation and also that there were a few flickers of attraction in places. If his body language, voice tonality and attitude had been more dominant and confident, and he’d done a bit of push/pull and qualification (and if he hadn’t smelled!), he might really have been in with a chance there.

        But it’s just one of those things you know. Even if he didn’t really brings home to you that Game Works. It’s this kind of thing that the game denialists who don’t go out never see, and end up like Elliot Rodger thinking all his advantages don’t matter and he can’t get girls.

        If the *homeless dude* can use Mystery Method on girls, then anyone can do it. No excuses. It really was something, watching it and listening to them talk.


      • @Culum

        ok…so now you’ve got some homework…homeless guy game…lol…(note – you don’t have to admit to being homeless, just let your ‘circumstances’ speak for you…lol…

        dress up like you are homeless (don’t shower, dirty clothes, carry a couple changes of clothes/items in some plastic bags…)and go out by some clubs…and do what that guy did…lol…except better (better posture, tonality, confidence, etc)…you analyzed his game, so you are ahead of the curve for sure…lol…

        let us know how it goes…(and props for going out!)…

        good luck!


      • Haha – Anonymous is HABD right? I’m getting my homeless game kit ready right now!


  33. on October 26, 2015 at 10:59 pm gunslingergregi

    well if your feeling like shit i highly suggest the road trip
    preselection might have made it even better
    and has worked for me many many times
    another chick i see in walmart im trying to buy some blankets got the suv rigged up to sleep in 4 inch memory foam pretty comfy
    i tell her she so fine its rediculous ask her how old she says 18
    i tell her she made my day brighter
    i leave take break from looking at blankets and smoke a cig outside i come back same spot she still there he he he
    ask her if she from around that area she came from another
    find out her dude in basic training to become an mp
    lucky bastard
    i think the only chicks i can get are 16 to 18 beautiful woman or hardened sluts or fat bitches no middle ground or chicks with husbands and kids
    best to prob go for the 18 and keep her peggers


  34. Here is a black guy with a lot of YouTube subscribers, and uses that to fuck hot Russian chicks. He is preselected with some chicks, frozen on YouTube, which he extends widely for even more lays :


    • Anon2, your cuck fetish was tired months ago…

      Don’t come back now trying to revive a show that closed out of town.

      You fairy.

      (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • You are the one with a cuck fetish, you stupid faggot.

        My comment is relevant to the original post, as this negro uses pre-selection across YouTube, making it last longer.

        If you stopped shaking the sole ball-bearing clinking in your ‘haid’, you might learn something.


      • I assume you’re not a n1gger yourself, so using “muh dik” videos to display what has already been painstakingly explained and agreed to, here at the chateau, is the lamest form of Cathedralesque cuck fetishism to be found… which is saying plenty.

        If you’re, however, you are a n1gger, well… self-explanatory, and consider the source.

        The tiresome “muh-dik” neener-neenerism still applies, boy.


      • No, you dunce. It is relevant to the original topic of pre-selection (unlike your faggotty comments). A white man could use the same YouTube preselection tactics.

        You really love being called out for your gay attention whoring, don’t you?

        Calling other men ‘fairies’ is a romantic overture among male prison inmates, which is why you use it.

        You are a butt minister. A colon conquistador.

        And, the more someone calls you a faggot, the more you crave it, and troll for responses.

        Your over-the-top faggotism is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.

        *chuckle, chuckle*


      • As many times as the “You fairy” GGR homage has been explained, you still get lost in translation because of your own homoerotic fantasies, coupled with your cuck interracial fetish…

        Or are you still avoiding the question about whether you yourself are a negro? In which case, this muh-dikkery is self-explanatory, and your homoerotic projections are likewise understandable, for the DL is strong in you and your ilk.

        Now avaunt… and pull your head out of your own ass, your outlook on life is shitty enough.


      • on October 27, 2015 at 1:27 pm The Spirit Within

        Anon2, you’ve triggered Greg Eliot’s primitivism. He literally can’t stand to look at a white woman and a black man in the same frame of a photo. There’s quite a few like him–they’re born that way–and there’s nothing you can do. He’ll defend his physiology as universal until he the day he dies.

        Your comment was on point, though.


      • Nobody works as hard for his nickname as does Strapon Within.


      • on October 27, 2015 at 2:46 pm Sean Fielding

        It’s call racial health, Strapon. You Eskimos are all over it but deny it to us. Once Whites are sufficiently free of your foul influence again, that blonde hair will be shaved off the Russian chick and she will be paraded through Red Square with her fellow coal-burners. I will refrain from writing where Tyrone will be at the point.

        I actually get Anon2’s point about YT being a mechanism to sustain pre-selection beyond in-the-moment and I think it’s a good one. But he ought to have illustrated it without the deliberate triggering.

        White chick/chimp pix are a line in the sand for most pro-White websites, so keep pushing and many of us will be asking CH to choose between you and anon2 being allowed to post or support them and losing us, versus banning you.


      • I actually get Anon2’s point about YT being a mechanism to sustain pre-selection beyond in-the-moment and I think it’s a good one. But he ought to have illustrated it without the deliberate triggering.

        I don’t like most negros either, as I have written before, but torturing Dreg Smelliot is even more fun than that, so it takes precedence.

        Plus, Dreg loves being called a faggot. Call him that, and he will beg for more. Try it and see.


      • Anon2 is too stupid to realize that, regardless of what point is being made (and as I already mentioned, the point about selection was long-agreed to before his cuck fetish video), the WAY you make a point often carries heavier weight.

        Of course, he tells on himself: “I don’t like most negroes”… and I have the sneaking suspicion he’s one himself, or at least a whigger who pals around with them… especially by the way he immediately reverts to his South Park petulance.

        As Sean Fielding mentioned, the chateau is about game, not just for poon uber alles, but also in the socio-political realm. Every third or so post discusses the current malaise of the West in general, and the impending disaster in store for Whites in particular.

        So the likes of dweebs like Anon2 and Strapon can snark all they like about “triggering”, but that just plays into what I’ve been saying all along… too many of the clowns around here call themselves red-pill, but when it comes to the Cathedral’s socio-political agendas, they’re as blue-pill as they come, hence enemies to be disdained… for either they are irremediably naive, or outright sub rosa shills, masquerading as “one of us”.

        Strapon, well… we know the cut of his/her jib.


      • Oh please, “Greg”. I have an androgynous Gay friend, and he talks just like you write. Nobody is impressed with your ability to presume to condescend to them…and really, you are the last person who should be finger pointing about what someone else might be in real life.

        Regulating everybody’s expression of manhood, that’s a feminist thing, and you need to check yourself on that. You’re one of those cases in point for when I say that American “white” nationalism is just darkside feminism.


      • Nicole, you’re starting to sound entitled here at the Chateau. You have an axe to grind?


      • Vicky, again, I’ve been here awhile, and I would like to not see the place totally go to hell. The way things are progressing, in a year CH will be posting that “white” men should submit to the demands of “white” women in more ways than mocking higher masculinity. Basically, the negative prophecies of the MGTOW type MRA’s will come true.

        If guys here really do love their people, then they should be aware of the feminist roots of American style of “white” nationalism. Most of the early feminist speakers and writers were on team “whitey”, and promoted feminism as the advancement of “white” culture. One of the early promoters of the Aryan theory was a Russian and German noblewoman named Helena Blavatsky, and she and Theosophy had a lot to do with the rise of feminism in the west. People went along with it exactly because it was the “white” thing to do.

        You need better reasons to fight for your people. It needs to stay okay to not see *everything* in the context of race, and look at some things in the context of gender and Nature as well. If you’re only allowed to consider one thing, that’s as much psychological bondage as the mainstream.


      • Damnit, my post got stuck. Anyway, Vicky, to understand this, you have to know a little about Helena Blavatsky, and how she was instrumental in both the promotion of the Aryan theory and guess what? Feminism.


      • “I will refrain from writing where Tyrone will be at the point.”

        For what? Fucking a willing coalburner? Getthefuckout man.


      • Nicole, I do know Blavatsky and have read differing views on the subjects though admittedly my spiritual studies have steered a different course, which never crosses with politics. That said, I am just defending the Chateau as it is one of the few places (that I have found anyway) which bluntly calls out liberal hypocrisy. I just sense, and I could be wrong, that you have an issue with the site. You don’t have to like everything about it to appreciate some of it. Now as far as Gregory, that’s my guy. Sure, he may be a little “spanky” (read charming lol) at times – he’s mostly a gentleman.


      • Vicky, I’m not sure where you get the idea that I have a problem with this site. I have differences with the author and some of the commenters, but doesn’t everyone?

        As to Blavatsky, though they don’t like to claim any responsibility for the flavor of “white” nationalism in America, Theosophists proudly claim a hand in promoting feminism. Basically, in the late 1800’s, a woman of the Russian nobility who didn’t have the temperament for family life did some eat pray love in India, and returned with a couple of theories taken out of context: Aryan root race, and the divine feminine.

        I think it’s pretty easy to see, between her and the suffragettes who adopted and spread her beliefs, that one thing springs from the other and vise versa. Both are part of the same anti science, anti Nature belief system that is screwing many, but probably “white” people the worst since you have little cultural (and maybe genetic) resistance to it.

        As a really nasty psychopath once said in a documentary, the easiest way to manipulate people is to tell them that you want to help them or give them something and flatter them.

        Your people have been flattered into feminism and all kinds of mess. Someone told you that you’re superior because you let your women slut it up, and you believed it.


      • “As a really nasty psychopath once said in a documentary, the easiest way to manipulate people is to tell them that you want to help them or give them something and flatter them.”

        Sounds like how democrats do things.

        “Your people”

        You mean us “whites”? I don’t know. I see sluts in all colors these days. I’d say feminism comes in all colors too. Your argument seems less about feminism and more about race. I mean that’s ok, it’s just a little confusing.

        I have no issues with CH’s political posts. I pretty much agree with everything. It’s the PUA posts I obviously don’t have much need for.


      • Apparently Nicole didn’t get enough of the black slapped off her nappy haid in the earlier post and needs to follow me over here for more. It seems to follow this pattern every few months, wherein she comes out of the woodwork (or should I say out from under the woodpile, whence the proverbial n1gger lay) to piss-off White men with her n1gger-babble and darky snark, and imagines herself to have done something of note.

        But Sean Fielding is right… the time is coming when the chateau has to decide who brings something to the table and who is merely an aggravating shill.

        A hiatus is in order anyway… sometimes the bouncing is more aggravation than satisfaction when it comes to these insupportable negroes, so I’ll let others take over some of the heavy lifting, if they’ve a mind to.


      • “A hiatus is in order anyway… ”

        Greg, I hope the hiatus is only from said slapfights with Nicole and not from the Chateau in general. I’d have to come find you and if you know anything about us Italian women it won’t be pretty.

        ((Shakin mah wooden spoon))



      • Vicky, you see feminists and sluts in all colors because you live in the U.S. where the dominant culture was “white” for awhile, and people follow the leader. This side of the world, if you see an African woman with her ass out, she’s an orphan or close.

        Even in the U.S. most African Americans are raised conservatively. I know a woman who was beat nearly to death by her father because she got pregnant at 16. I think my dad would have succeeded, had I gotten pregnant before I left home and even then if I wasn’t at least engaged.

        The democrats aren’t the issue here. The issue is that both so called liberals and conservatives have been flattered into eating lies. One side is creating the egalitarian Whitopia that is so superior it can survive importing millions of others who will be happily ruled by the superior minority, and the other side wants to fight that but create an all-Whitopia where betas rule and nobody needs to be masculine to survive. Violence is primitive and other.

        I can imagine that somewhere in the ether, someone’s Nordic Ancestor is throwing up a little in their astral mouth at this crap.


  35. While I have experienced the effects of preselection first hand in the form of a constant quality improvement to my small rotation, I don’t believe it helps solving an AFC’s problem (celibacy) by assuming it is already solved.


  36. Donnie Darko = this blog


  37. Sometimes this strange thing happens: after having a date, even though I am walking alone in the streets, female strangers start displaying way more IOI than usual. The first time this happened, so many girls smiled at me that I was wondering if I was looking funny (maybe there is a lipstick on my face or something). Sadly, this effect lasts for just a few hours.

    In other words, girls instinctively sense the changes in your behavior brought by having a girlfriend.

    Also, do you have the full text of the paper?


  38. on October 27, 2015 at 4:22 am Anal Prolapse

    I’ve always found that wearing really tight jeans that show off my cock and balls works well.

    [CH: bike shorts game.]


    • This would work for me…but the front isn’t what I’d be checking out. You can tell everything you need to know about a man from his ass.


  39. I get called called the strong, silent type by women(or cold and unfriendly if they don’t like me very much) and my wingwoman is more of an airheaded and fun kind of person than I am – I call her “the fluffer” – and it seems to work well with a woman who also complements your personality. Attractive to other women and also reassuring which helps when you’re the son of a man who looks like a Serbian terrorist.


  40. on October 27, 2015 at 8:08 am Troy Tulowitzki


    I’m an incel with no sexual experience. I go out and game regularly but no results thus far. Would it be a good idea to sleep with a few prostitutes to build up my sexuality? I feel that’s what’s lacking when I game, giving girls the vibe I’m trying to fuck them


    • @Troy: In a word, no. Previously discussed on CH – can’t remember if it was a post or in the comments. You may as well masturbate for all the benefit a hooker will give your game.

      PS – You WANT to give girls the vibe that you want to fuck them, because that’s what you’re doing. Why would you HIDE the vibe?


    • Troy, what you need is not a conventional ho. You need a sex surrogate or specialist ho. You can get one through a therapist or by going to a swinger’s or BDSM group with very dominant men who are fatherly. Some women in the Primal category like to break in virgins and do maintenance sex too.

      Look for discrete people who have some concept of decency, but are just open minded. A lot of those communities are just hives of twisted grrlpower. Stay clear of those.


  41. on October 27, 2015 at 9:31 am James Altucher

    I think looks matters less as women age. If you’re after the 17-24 crowd, you’ll have to be decently good looking (can’t be short, fat, or facially ugly), but at 25 it’s as though women start to change their criteria and make looks less of a thing.

    My personal observation


  42. “One Of The Most Powerful Female Attraction Triggers”

    My dick?

    Obvious rape!



    How do women actually succeed in the late stage capitalist workplace? One method is to get their beta bosses to do their work for them. Get a load at Paul’s eye fucking Emily. The male sex drive really is the engine of civilisation.


  44. Thoughts on the recent Trump slip?

    When it was just Iowa I wrote it off as Evangelical silliness, but the newest NATIONAL poll has him trailing Carson. I’m a bit worried….

    [CH: not much. carson is just cleaning up the “nice guy vote” in niceguy central — the midwest plains. they like his low key approach. if he goes on to win the nom that will be depressing proof of how deeply cucked the republican electorate is, and proof of the effectiveness of hivemind propaganda.]


    • I get teh feeling that this is all just Bush the Lesser’s PR. I mean, IDK, but I doubt this is good for the 2 pudwhackers the gop wanted to win.


    • Agnostic had a recent post about how Iowa correctly predicted only three republican nominees in the past seven elections. They lean heavily evangelical.

      My spidey sense is that Carson gets the votes of cucks and racially naive people who feel bad about all the bad things they’ve said about Obama, the first black president.


  45. on October 27, 2015 at 1:30 pm The Spirit Within

    The only time I ever got picked up by a woman — I didn’t even see her approach, and wham she’s suddenly at my elbow, all up in my business, telling me let’s get out of here–

    –was the night I was out with a group of five other women.


    [CH: i’ve gotten direct, unmistakable solicitations by at least three women in my life (that i can recall). i didn’t accept the offer from two of them. my standards at the moments when they approached were sky high, and the two i rejected (i can still see the hurt in their eyes, and it haunts me a little. rejection does not sit well on women) i sort of remember were on the thicker side. today, i regret not going for it. they were very young, and cute. so, if my future bastard sons ever ask for advice, i will tell them… ALWAYS. BE. BANGING. because it is good. and time is short.]


    • on October 27, 2015 at 6:49 pm mendozatorres

      “Banging is a good thing. Maybe the best of things. And no good thing should ever die.”

      The Cockshank Redpilldemption


    • The biggest regrets in my life? Not any forks in the road I took wrong, because I did the best I could under the circumstances and I am satisfied. It’s the few times in my teenage years when I didn’t go for the kiss when in retrospect it was obvious the girl was burning for it.

      Advice to a young lad: always go for the kiss.


  46. This is the best part of this blog, when it reinforces into guys like me (who have cripplingly low self-esteem but hide it) that looks are nowhere near as important for men as for women.

    I’m possibly one of the ugliest guys that follows this blog – I”m a 5’7 balding ginger, I weigh 135 pounds fully dressed, and my face is scarred very badly; terrible skin from acne and such. Objectively speaking I’m a 1 or a 2 depending on how I’m dressed and how my skin is that day.
    But I can pull girls many levels above me simply by assuming the sale, and always hanging out with hot chicks. I wasn’t sure why. ,but I could instinctively tell that being around beautiful women increased my appeal to beautiful women. Keeping ugly girls away felt unjust, but it worked. I’ve had over 40 partners – some of them were embarrassing. but most I’d happily admit to in the light of day.

    It makes me sad sometimes, this emphasis on attractiveness in women. Because I’m good friends with a girl who is ugly and fat ,and she is hopelessly in love with me, and I’ve bluntly told her she’s too fat, but she won’t give up. I like her and hurting her feelings bothers me incredibly. what do?


    • @Ben – good work.

      See my story just posted about the HB8 being opened by a homeless guy. Even more reinforcement for the game denialist gang..


    • Take a trip to Eastern Europe – you will get girls a point maybe 2 higher than what you can score here


    • on October 29, 2015 at 8:38 am having a bad day


      props on starting the red pill self-improvement process…

      “Objectively speaking I’m a 1 or a 2 depending on how I’m dressed and how my skin is that day.”


      “But I can pull girls many levels above me simply by assuming the sale, and always hanging out with hot chicks.”

      are a form of cognitive dissonance…they don’t match up…if you are pulling hotter girls, then you ARE at that level of smv…bc if you were NOT, those hotter girls would just flake…just bc you consider yourself a 1 or 2 based on blue pill criteria (i.e. physical looks are the only consideration for men too…bc of equality…) doesn’t translate into real world (red pill) results…real world (red pill) smv for men is straightforward…plenty of examples on this site alone…and does NOT include JUST looks…

      “It makes me sad sometimes, this emphasis on attractiveness in women.”

      that’s the blue pill lament…do you hear it? [cups hand to ear…]…the wail of millions of fatties and feminists (but i repeat myself…lol)…but they won’t DO anything about it…bc of the feminine imperative, they believe they can get what they want through shaming men, but it works against girls as much as for them…bc that attractiveness = physical is biologically bake in to male dna…

      “Because I’m good friends with a girl who is ugly and fat ,and she is hopelessly in love with me, and I’ve bluntly told her she’s too fat, but she won’t give up. I like her and hurting her feelings bothers me incredibly. what do?”

      ugly and fat are two different issues…fat makes all girls ugly…but some skinny girls are ugly…and then they get fat…bc why not?…lol…blue pill ‘equality’ pushes the lie that men are attracted to other aspects of girls…like their career/credentials…lol…and soon enough they are past the wall, lonely and fat living with a bunch of cats…lol…

      if you like her, and would bang her if she rocked a hot body, then just help her get there…diet and exercise…and fat shaming/disappointment in her…

      and here’s why you might want to do that…it’s great practice at game…set a goal weight for her, and let her ‘earn’ your D…lol…in fact, with good enough game, you can get her there even without her conscious agreement/approval…and now that i think about it, that might actually be even easier…bc you can just make a deal with her hindbrain/hamster and let them handle the logistics…lol

      make your plan, make your predictions, execute, observe, adjust…rinse and repeat…

      good luck!


  47. This study is being linked by Instapundit right now. He’s definitely a Chateau Heartiste reader.


    • So is Scott Adams. He has to be. Had a post on his blog this week about which Presidential candidates are “alpha” and which are “beta”. He talks about Mental Point of Origin which is a favourite manosphere concept (he describes it very well although he doesn’t use those words).

      He even says many of the Republican candidates are “low-T” – the combination is pretty much proof that he reads this blog I think..


  48. Hi CH,

    I was hoping you could give some advice please.

    I’m a handsome male(good body structure, face is 8-9, Mediterranean skin) with poor social skills (very bad, I just don’t know how to talk to people), and poor inner game. I’ve never had any male friends, guys would get jealous and try to AMOG me from the start. This keeps happening, and halfway in my 20’s, I’m pretty sick of this. I get nervous around people now, and have to suppress the anxiety I feel when around anyone. This is why I don’t like going out anywhere, I don’t want to get AMOGed, I’m terrified of it, the mental toll is too painful. All the backstabbing guys do any time pussy is around is tiring.

    I tried being nice, but that didn’t work, guys would try to AMOG me anytime a woman is around. So I don’t act nice anymore, I have a grumpy/ serious face on now, and I try to avoid people and I try be quiet if possible.

    CH, what can I do to get other males (no homo) to not get jealous? It seems no matter what I do, I just make other males angry. Hell I’m not even trying to game women right now ( I avoid them, I have poor game, poor style,and am bout 30 lbs overweight), I’m working on my business. Nope, doesn’t matter apparently, other men still see you as a threat and get all defensive.

    What the hell am I doing wrong? Jesus Christ, I can’t imagine the hate I’ll get when I finally lose weight, and get clothes that fit me snug.


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