Which Men Do Girls Shit Test The Most?

Contrary to blue pill unwisdom, it’s not mom jeans-wearing beta males or conspicuously dysfunctional omega males whom girls shit test the most; it’s greater beta/lesser alpha men striving for quality in their mate choice who are the primary targets of female shit tests.

And it’s not the hottie girls who most frequently deploy shit tests; it’s the mere-cute girls who have a reasonable uncertainty of their place in the sexual market hierarchy. (The fugs and HB10s are confident of their place in the henpecking order, but the girls in the middle have a lifetime of SMV status jockeying to look forward to.)

The dynamic isn’t hard to grasp. When a low to middling sexual market value man hits on a legit hottie, she will let him down easy. There’s no benefit to her from harshly rejecting lsmv suitors; she gets to feel a warm magnanimous glow from treating her obvious lessers well, AND she affords herself a measure of personal safety by not unnecessarily antagonizing potentially vengeful losers.

But when a middling to above-average SMV man hits on a borderline cutie with delusions of glamour, the female shit test protocol is activated with extreme prejudice. The shit test is a subconscious program initiated in a woman’s hindbrain which helps her determine if that striver greater beta male or lesser alpha male is really the sexy stud he is trying to project, or if he’s a paper pickup artist who will crumple under the withering assault of her snarky banter (which of course she thinks is flirting but which men of tender constitution will mistake for bitchy rejection).

Why is the borderline cutie the most egregious abuser of the shit test? The reason is because she doesn’t possess the incontestable beauty of a genuine hottie to buttress her self-conception; her relationship material attractiveness to men is less certain and more dependent on contextual variables such as how her competition stacks up and the motivations of the men expressing interest in her. To the borderline cutie, then, the shit test is a valuable courtship tool which serves the dual purposes of 1. propping up her shaky ego when men come to her yard to judge her milkshake worth (c.f.: sour grapes fallacy) and 2. determining if the men at or above her own SMV are legitimate ZFG contenders for her ZOMG heart, or if they are boring beta herbs in cad’s clothing.

All girls shit test when the suitor stars are aligned, but it’s the girls in the gray zone of pulchritude — the 4s, 5s, 6s, and 7s — who resort to the practice with the greatest alacrity. The homely girl may shit test the loser man, but any other men breaking the 20th percentile in SMV status will never hear a shit test from her, not as the shit test is commonly understood. (They might hear a grunt or a brusque cockblock interjection or a feminist diatribe, but never a romantically pregnant, eye twinkly shit test.)

The beautiful girl will likewise infrequently shit test, but when she does her targets will be men at the other end of the SMV spectrum: the alpha males and the men aspiring to alpha maledom. All other men (the great majority) will receive asexual banter or gentle brush-offs from the beauty… or, if they’ve made a real nuisance of themselves, eye rolls and verbal signals to girl friends for escape assistance.

It’s those desperate darlings in the fluid middle of the belle curve who level shit tests at just about every man who shows interest in them. Only upper echelon alpha males get a pass from the borderline cutie’s shit tests (for obvious reasons). Omega dregs also get a pass from shit tests (but not from shrieks of horror).

So why are aspiring greater beta males and lesser alpha males striving for the lass ring the most frequent recipients of female shit tests?

BECAUSE they strive.

Aiming for something better than what is assumed the due of the mediocre masses marks you out as a man to take seriously. A man an uncut above the rest. A man, therefore, with high sexytime value. Once you have pinged a cutie’s romance radar and tickled her tingle repository, she will reflexively lob a fusillade of shit tests great and small to happily confirm, or regrettably refute, your coalescing poonslayer profile. (Obligatory NAWALT placeholder here.)

The man who SKILLFULLY STRIVES for the best girls gets the most shit tests because he is perceived both as a man of self-regarding rarity and as a man capable of quickly bursting the neurotically self-doubting cutie’s carefully manicured ego.

The greater beta/lesser alpha SKILLFUL STRIVER — aka the bold man of intention possessing a nascent social savviness that evades the typical beta — is a man the cutie strongly desires, because he is also a man the cutie strongly perceives as attainable, as open to long-term relationship possibility, and as the best she will get in that moment.

THAT is why she shit tests him so eagerly. Pulses of white hot love have melted the neural bonds governing her propriety.

There is a field-tested premise that applies: girls only drop shit tests on men for whom they feel a budding attraction. It is a true fact. If you are getting shit tested by a girl, there’s a good chance your company has elicited in her rudely intrusive thoughts of your bangroom, as envisioned through her inner eye’s swirl of prophetic ecstasy, and of your gleaming conquest bed on whose sheets she twists.


NB: the shit test is a separate concept from the neg. You neg bona fide hotties even when they aren’t shit testing you because they come pre-equipped with an SMV self-awareness index topping 100. You don’t necessarily need to neg girls who are shit testing you, if those girls aren’t ultrababes. The neg is not meant to be a response to a shit test (in fact, using it as such can backfire on you); the best responses to shit tests are ones adhering to the Agree&Amplify or the charming jerkboy formats.


  1. OT, but important…


    I saw an ad for this on payscale.com…some corporate SJW type is doing a Reddit AMA on the “pay gap” today…It appears to be put on by a jezebel type, so should be a barrel of laughs.

    It calls for epic shitposting, my friends.


    • on November 17, 2015 at 7:28 am Captain Obvious

      COURTESY OF YKW: A boy appears in a Barbie ad for the first time


      • CO – holy shit – this advertisement is so over the top bizarro that at first it seems like a parody piece – but it’s not! – amazing – mattel parodying the culture at large (like they always have been doing through their barbie line), except the culture at large is now such a large parody itself that the parody of the parody now equates to the culture itself:

        parody (parody) = the cultural reality

        Recursive parody feedback loops. Holy shit.

        Has this ever happened before in the history of human cultures?

        Now we are living within souhparkland, realtime.


      • WTF indeed. This thing is an ISIS commercial for why the West should be destroyed. Horrible materialism and gay little boys.


      • Next on the list;

        Machismo Barbie!


      • the kid’s obviously a fag. He’s being sold as the girls future gay bestie?


      • The more I think about this, this mattel commercial is a great example of something we are seeing more and more of now, what Marshall McLuhan dubbed “the medium is the message”. Oliver Stone played with this medium recursiveness in Natural Born Killers, and JFK. Quentin Tarantino uses this effect in his movies. Even the spaghetti westerns of Sergio Leone displayed this use ( thus providing the surreal quality in many scenes of these movies).

        This mattel commercial is a bit special because it so well epitomizes the Feminine Imperative at this juncture in time, using a supposedly non-parodic parodic recursivity. One message in the commercial (one of many) is “girl – aspire to be a parody of your future self and you will become your best future self!” So not only is the medium recursive but some of the messaging is also recursive.

        So since film and video, there have probably already been many examples. Perhaps this barbie commercial is taking into the next level though. But has this “medium is the message” recursivity occurred in more historic cultures? It would be instructive to find an example to see what became of such culture. It may be telling re our present circumstance.


      • on November 17, 2015 at 12:08 pm Experienced Father

        “Bronies” = Boys who like “My Little Ponies” has been around for 15 or so years.

        Mattel is just catching up with culture with this commercial.


      • Check out the comments. That little faggot and Mattel are getting a lot of positive response, and the RealTalkers are getting the WOW JUST WOW responses.


      • Gaywad comment:

        ItsRobinWhoTalks 1 day ago
        I’m like crying right now, this is so cute and I wish we’ve had had this when I was a little boy 🙂 ❤
        This makes me so happy for the future generation and I hope it'll catch on and destroy gender stereotypes when it comes to toys :)


      • Toy company still has a long way down to hell. WTF is Barbie doing with blonde/blue complexion? She needs to be mud colored with rainbow hair and lots of ugly tats/piercings. And when you pull the string, she says something coarse about anal.

        Remember now, your customer is now people of color, who never had parents, and are emotionally broken attention whores.


      • I dont always play with my sister’s barbies…
        But when I do i’m sucking their plastic titties!

        Barbie rape!


      • The future sex workers of America. It is a Club in Junior High.


      • on November 18, 2015 at 5:17 pm gunslingergregi

        little sis met ex mma cage fighter all excited
        he married though so no go
        she brought up the ten i had in high school
        she said i only remember her because she looked just like my barbie doll and had a white convertable like a barbie car sis was young at the time
        he he he
        how can ya top that shit
        now that is how ya play with a barbie doll as a boy he he he


    • I get shit tested more by hotties. The 7s and 8s don’t do it so much. Bitchy girls do, with high opinions of themselves, irrespective of their rating.


      • on November 17, 2015 at 10:57 am Laguna Beach Fogey

        True. A few years ago at a bar with friends I was shit-tested by a hot 30-something blonde, a doctor in Newport Beach. She did it very aggressively, in-your-face style. As I kept deflecting her jabs and inserting shivs in return, I could see her defenses coming down, like she was melting. I got her number and we talked a couple of times, but I wasn’t really into her, due to the extreme bitchiness. She would call and text me for 2-3 years after that.


      • I’ve seen it happen with the default hottie, you know, the best looking girl in the current group. She was, to quote a buddy of mine, called, “No Chance” because her shit tests were unreal. (She was Asian, too! Or Filipina or pelegrino or some shit.)

        Most guys had been keeping to themselves. One buddy of ours, good looking dude, was just doing his own thing, when she comes up to him later in the evening and says “Well, are we gonna fuck or what.”

        While this guy would later tap a multitude of ass, he did not that evening.


      • @ mendozatorres

        or pelegrino


        But more seriously, I’ve noticed that the absolute over-the-top chicks can be Asian chicks. Most East Asian chicks are more pleasantly feminine than their white friends, which is why many men like banging them. However, there is a small cadre of Asian chicks who get infected by the feminazi bug and go over the top in crassness and rudeness when they perceive themselves as the hottest chick in the group. It’s like Tiger Momma on crack–instead of being extremely pro-child, they are extremely pro-inner child.

        so sad.


      • “Bitchy girls do, with high opinions of themselves, irrespective of their rating.”



      • Yep. I’m amazed by how many fat, ugly women are bitchy. I was going to add “these days”, but we discussed this in college — so it’s nothing new.

        I’m so sick of them, I’ve started asking them “when did fatties start thinking anyone cares what they say?” Then just stand and enjoy the outrage, knowing she’ll be upset for days.


      • 30 year old doctors are hot stuff. lol

        Fundamental disconnect here.


    • I’d like to see a study on the Money For Nothing pay gap. I think women are doing very well in that one.


      • I’ve on occasion stated that work and all this wage gap crap is for ugly women obviously incapable of a landing a man slave/husband.


    • lzozoozoz HEY HEATISTSETSZZ!!!



      AND SAID




      [CH: lolz]


  2. on November 17, 2015 at 7:13 am Captain Obvious

    Outstanding Evo-Psych in this one. Her hindbrain is striving for the most authentically masculine “Alpha” genes which she can use to fertilize her precious eggs. The culture could help to play a role here – we used to teach our little White girls how to appreciate smarts and talent and refinement and sophistication [not sophistry] – but of course the culture has been gutted by YKW, so as to pave the way for the obliteration of K-Selection and replace it with R-Selection.


    • on November 17, 2015 at 7:19 am Captain Obvious

      Now here’s the kicker: Her sense of “Masculine Alpha” IS NOT STATIC OVER TIME. It alters over time, as a monotonically increasing function – the worse she has been abused, the more terrible the next abuse must be in order to arouse her sense of “Masculine Alpha”. Ergo: “ana1” -> “ana1 + hair-pulling” -> “ana1 + hair-pulling + faux-choking” -> “ana1 + hair-pulling + faux-choking + slap-in-the-face” -> etc etc etc. The Darkness grows in her heart, and only Greater Darkness can satiate her, as her “n” count is leaping from n=0 to n=1 to n=2 to n=INFINITY.


      • on November 17, 2015 at 7:24 am Captain Obvious

        And it’s why instinctively no man wants to settle down with a true “[email protected] [email protected]” [as opposed to Faux [email protected]] victim: Because instinctively the man’s hindbrain realizes that the only way to appear “Masculine Alpha” to a true “[email protected] [email protected]” victim is to be even more vicious than what she’s already experienced – which essentially just leaves you with murdering the poor girl.


      • her sense of alpha changes with her monthly cycle, ffs. What women find attractive and their risk tolerance, their voting choices, EVERYTHING is biased one way or another by their monthly cycle.

        And what you’re saying is bullshit…I have had chicks with excessive notch counts and they’re not as you describe. Some chicks are dark, some ain’t. They don’t even know sometimes that they’re hoez.

        They acquire notch counts chasing something that they struggle to find


      • CO – you are onto something here most people don’t want to really talk about even here (and your examples are only the tip of the iceberg). Men are sexually perverse as fuck. We want to corrupt our women to get out rocks off better. It doesn’t affect out psyches much (because we already are stone-cold killers to some degree) but it does women’s. Fucked up I know.

        That is the other side of the coin to redpill. The culture at large doesn’t even want to recognize there is a coin, and redpill only wants to look at one side.

        But it is what it is.


      • on November 17, 2015 at 12:41 pm Captain Obvious

        WM, I agree – a lot of the junior Playahz even in the Dark Enlightenment are still afraid to confront the true horror of it all. But it was a few months ago when the lightbulb suddenly went off in my head – THE HAMSTER’S SENSE OF “ALPHA” IS NON-CONSTANT AND MONOTONICALLY INCREASING – and then suddenly everything made sense. Why Freud had to invent “Psychotherapy” in order to get the crazy shiksa nymphomaniacs to teach him this, why Marcuse & his allies needed to destroy America by making America filthy, why for half a Century, none of the Eskimo Psychiatrists would acknowledge the phenomenon of Psychopathy, until humble Red State flyover country hick hayseed redneck country doctor Hervey Cleckley was the first to speak out about it…


      • on November 17, 2015 at 5:22 pm Diversity Is Good

        Men are sexually perverse as fuck. We want to corrupt our women to get out rocks off better.

        Shea, right. Go find a copy of Nancy Friday’s My Secret Garden and read it cover to cover, then get back to us about your White Knight “madonna / whore” problem.


      • Diversity Is Good – Didn’t know about this book – so thanks for the tip – gonna read it now. I hope it is very perverse!

        Your other comment – “madonna / whore” problem.” Maybe you are misinterpreting me – I am not saying I have the madonna / whore problem (not the best descriptor, not nuanced enough), because I don’t, it is some of the ladies have this problem, which surprised me when I first was faced with it. Like what could be better then getting down to writhe in the mud, so to speak. Sex is sex – get as down and dirty and mindblowing as you can, and then when you are done – it’s just all good, no shadow of guilt or shame, so to speak, like why would that even happen? But for some ladies it does. It seems to me that they feel like you were complicit in their corruption. But it’s their psyche, not mine, mine doesn’t get more corrupted, I always supposed because it was already fucking extremely corrupted (if you want to call it that – I don’t, but some ladies seem to be indicating that sentiment) from day 1, as far as I can remember. Maybe after reading the book I will see I was actually being conned about this – could be. I will read the book and see what I think.

        Also, another reason I think this is the way it is, and I wasn’t actually being conned, is that some dirty nasty party girls that are of the life of lotsa cocka, and want to get down and grovel in it (which is good), are pretty fucked up otherwise (so I kinda assumed that getting way down like that perhaps eventually does have a corrupting influence on the female psyche). But I could be wrong about that too – maybe I just met too many party girls that already did too many drugs and are fucked up because of the drug use. Don’t know for sure.

        You shouldn’t be jumpin to pinning that White Knight handle on me so fast though buddy. I take exception to that. Disrespectful.


      • on November 17, 2015 at 11:29 pm Modern Primitive

        Captain obvious, the point you make about abuse is eerily similar to my experience. I popped my girls anal cherry the last time I saw her and she said the next time I’m with her she wants me to wake her up by putting my dick inside her while she’s asleep. Effectively, she wants me to rape her awake.

        She’s also been asking me to rape her recently, in the context of a loving committed relationship. Bitches be whack.


      • The alpha widow phenomenon.


      • on November 18, 2015 at 10:48 am Diversity Is Good

        But for some ladies it does. It seems to me that they feel like you were complicit in their corruption.

        Sure, ASD and probably LMR at work. What they feelz is not necessarily reality. This is basic.


    • Damn. You’re an expert at mentioning Jewry no matter what the OP. People must be reminded in every single thread because they have memories like a goldfish, I suppose? I wonder if it has the desired effect though.

      I had this teacher in high school who constantly tried to cram her socialism down our throats. But she was so obvious about it, and so constant, that she opened herself up to ridicule, and the leftist kids were embarrassed to have her on their side. They would have preferred that she dished it out sparingly and made it seem like a natural part of the conversation, I suppose. It’s food for thought. Easy does it. Catch more flies with honey. Don’t rub it in. Etcetera.


      • on November 17, 2015 at 7:38 am Captain Obvious

        Arbiter, I swear to God almighty, you are the strangest [email protected] [email protected] I’ve ever known. Are you sure you’re actually a real [email protected], and not just a fake [email protected]? Cause I’m starting to question the authenticity of your National Socialist Deutsche Arbeiter’s Party bona fides…


      • and you continue to be constitutionally unable to get the point multiple people have tried to pound home.


      • I had a HS teacher who was an outright communist. I mean to the core.

        He was one of the best teachers I ever had because he CHALLENGED conventional wisdom, the Raygun era, gung ho anti-Soviet sentiment, capitalism, all of it.

        And he allowed me to criticize his positions at will. He came to argue, and I respect that.


      • @Trav – I had a similar hippie type teacher years ago. I imagine it depressed him that the only ones that engaged him in discourse were the students that get labeled hard-core conservative. But his type were rare. In college I saw the much more obvious type that made fun of the John Birch Society college and was a ahat when drunk. Even back then in the late ’80s the left was degenerating in to SJWs that didn’t want discourse, just wanted their opinion to be the only one heard. Remember SJW always lie.


      • on November 17, 2015 at 5:26 pm Diversity Is Good

        Captain Oblivious walks down the street, trips over the curb…”Damn Jooze!” … buys a coffee, accidentally spills some on his pants…”Joosh sabotage!”…goes to the bathroom to clean up, takes a leak, accidentally catches himself in the zipper…”OW! JOOZE SABOTAGED MY PANTS!”


      • on November 17, 2015 at 6:42 pm Vagina dominator

        Anyone who has ever spent time in boxing gyms soon discovers that they commonly have one or two mentally defectives who are there a lot and are generally tolerated by the coaches and boxers.

        These defectives often have scary retard-strength and can hit that bag real hard.


      • on November 17, 2015 at 9:39 pm The Spirit Within

        @ Vagina

        There’s a dude like that at my gym. He lives right on the border between normal dumb and retarded. Never speaks more than four words in a row, smells like an outhouse. He’s all heart though, and actually helped me out with a small shoulder injury. Those dumb but intuitive types are good at working with animals.


      • Those guys often make good friends. Just don’t cross them.


      • on November 18, 2015 at 3:53 am Vagina dominator

        @ Spirit

        Well I’m killing time downloading something here so I’ll make a comment about shoulder injuries that people may think is a bit random.

        This is to anyone.

        If a shoulder injury is persistent and seems to be related to “repetitive movement” but really you’re not training all that much, check out whether you are overusing your secondary breathing muscles such as the splenius (in the neck), lifting your sholders to get a breath, for example.

        We all know we should be breathing with the diaphragm but no one really explains how, and often they explain wrongly.

        Yes, the diaphragm moves down towards the abdomen so the lungs can fill with air. But the diaphragm does not do this by itself. Functionally speaking, muscles team up to do a job,and in the case of the diaphragm, to take a breath, we should engage the muscles either side of and below the navel. They will, via the connecting fascia, pull down-and-in to draw down the diaphragm and at the same time stabilize the core.

        Notice this is a very different explanation than you usually get, which demonstrates by having you lying down with a book on your stomach and making it rise and fall. This is stupid and unhealthy.

        Can you imagine playing tennis, or being punched or tackled or being in a car crash in the middle of such a breath? There is no protection for your internal organs. There is no connection between upper and lower body.

        The way I suggest allows you to keep the splenius and other small and weak accessory breathing muscles out of everyday use – we take 26,000 breaths a day! – and also promotes a flat lower stomach.

        So, when we hit that bag, we don’t breath by lifting the shoulders. Instead, we should usually keep the neck muscles out of breathing and instead pull down on the diaphragm with the lower abs.


  3. This makes sense. It happens, though, that I like sweet girls who don’t shit test, and so what I could really use is a response to a shit test that doesn’t maximize my chances of “passing” it, but instead maximizes the probability that the girl will regret having done it — something that leaves her thinking “that was an attractive guy but my rudeness drive him away”. Again, not because I would want the girl to like me, but because I want to contribute to improving the climate for men by discouraging bitchiness. What’s a good way to accomplish this?


    • Just say something like, “you’re not being nice and I’m starting to not like you”. Watch the look of shock and awe.

      Unless she’s a real cunt (which you wouldn’t want any way), this will make her apologize over and over again, and be much more receptive to normal conversation.


    • on November 17, 2015 at 8:02 pm The Other Anonymous

      A beautiful woman walks into the room – and turns heads. You strike up a conversation but your eyes are drawn to her barely contained cleavage.
      She catches you checking out the goods – Then:
      a) She smiles knowingly – and doesn’t shy away
      b) She says “Take a picture – it’ll last longer!
      c) She quickly throws on a full length burka

      Shit tests are not bitchiness. They are a female prerogative to affirm your replication value. She’s kicking your tires – probing you – squeezing your melons. Checking out your tits.

      A beautiful woman walks into the room – and turns heads. You strike up a conversation and she starts shit testing you. But, you know whats what – She’s checking out the goods – So you:
      a) Smile knowingly – and don’t shy away
      b) Say “How rude! I like sweet girls who don’t shit test”
      c) Quickly raise the topic of improving the climate for men by discouraging bitchiness.

      The correct answer is the always the one that increases sexual tension.


  4. When a low to middling sexual market value man hits on a legit hottie, she will let him down easy.

    This reminds me of something I overheard in a library. A very cute girl from China was sitting there studying, and a guy sat down right next to her even though there were other seats available. He started talking to her, and it was like an interview: where do you come from, what do you study, how long have you been here, etc.

    Everyone in the otherwise quiet room could hear the process. Still she replied to him in a very nice tone throughout, and asked a few polite questions back, but it was clear she wanted to study.

    The guy eventually paused for a while, perhaps to think of new questions. Then he asked what she was going to do later in the day. Again with a nice tone, she replied that she would be seeing her boyfriend later.

    Silence. Twenty seconds passed, then the guy stood up stiffly, and said in a formal tone of voice: “Thank you for the conversation.” Then he left.

    Luckily she was sweet and polite and let him down easy. A soft landing for him. He seemed like a nice guy, handsome too, probably would make a good boyfriend to some nice girl some day. But he had no idea of how to approach. And people say game isn’t needed?


    • on November 17, 2015 at 7:34 am Captain Obvious

      Arbiter, being an Old School Tradcon, I’ve lived my entire life at the opposite extreme: The extremely high SMV dude being kind and polite and gentlemanly to middling SMV chicks, and increasingly getting nothing but rudeness and snark and attitude out of them. Some days I feel like bantering with ’em, but other days I just SMFH, and think to myself, “Jesus H Christ, honey, the best thing you will ever have known in your entire life just crossed paths with you, and OMFG you ruined your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you obliviously stoopid self-righteous little c*nt. LOL’ed.”


      • on November 17, 2015 at 7:53 am Betamax Supreme

        Captain: You’ve got me curious. Upon what bases do you calculate your SMV? You’re a rich, good-looking pro athlete and musician, basically?

        BTW I’m absolutely not trolling. I just don’t often hear men praising themselves (except for certain sociopathic lawyer acquaintances), so I’m curious. Was it the CH SMV calculator?


      • Nice!


      • this is why I went off on that 22 year old the other day…she’s a 7-8 in my book, and her attitude was an 11. I played it all well and then at some point the dam broke and I went off on her. It’s an affront at some point, look I passed your shit tests, I established bona fides and all of it, give it a fucking rest you dumb bitch, you’re simply NOT that hot.

        I do not want to be on goddamned guard 24×7 for bullshit.

        Seriously, you can try this- be nice…if she’s nice in return, keep her. Most women will play games, a few won’t. You’ll be alone a lot but you’ll know she’s not a mirage when you find her.

        This site isn’t for that, it’s to help guys get laid and all of that, and I encourage guys to get laid. Fuck anything that moves and acquire skill in the sack. When you are getting booty called randomly it will help your confidence more than any rehearsed lines can. That’s REAL skill, being ACTUALLY good at something and knowing it.


      • “Kind and polite” I can be. But people have to earn my respect first. Who has not earned my respect, I do treat like the garbage I assume they are.

        If you are a higher SMV male, let your girls feel it. They will be your most loyal minions. Treat them “kind and polite” and they will see the weakness inside of you. Dont ever expect a woman to respect a weak man.


      • Real skill is…. Wait for it Trav…. Real skill…

        It doesn’t matter what the field is. And real skill is developed on knowledge, practice and repetition.


      • Tautology and truism rolled into one! Wow, thanks for that, I’d never have guessed!


      • on November 17, 2015 at 4:43 pm Captain Obvious

        > “Upon what bases do you calculate your SMV?” ——— Upon an ancient Western maxim, which declares: “Know Thyself.” And even if I weren’t all that, I’d grit my teeth, kick myself in the metaphorical posterior, pull myself up by the bootstraps, and fake it til I made it. Remember – YOU are the prize. Not she. YOU!!! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Know_thyself


      • I dream of finding a nice nerdy young man like that for my daughter. We have conflicting requirements here.


    • If you’re white and can speak Chinese, it works very well.


  5. […] Which Men Do Girls Shit Test The Most? […]


  6. Think I might be in this category

    Bitch been banging being gamey as fuck, sent her the keyboard cock 8=====D she replied “no go away”

    I replied “sweet”

    And went and hooked up with someone else.

    She found out, and got mad, we had a row, had sex and now we’re apparently seeing each other.

    [CH: 😆 at “now we’re apparently seeing each other”]


    • Reminds me of a show/movie where a girl breaks up with a guy and the guy is “wait, were we dating?”


  7. no nawalt placeholder required.


  8. Eric Raymond just had a post saying basically the same thing worded a bit differently: http://esr.ibiblio.org/?p=6913


    • Good link, I must say, @Adam. I like the boring technical elegance at the end. My PUA growth of late has been in part developing theory on the situational choice of going direct, indirect, or passive cool. The link gives me another idea that fits nicely. I think there is an important difference between posts. I believe CH is suggesting the female will fitness test heavily if she is average, if the male suitor is average, or both. ER is suggesting the female will test heavily is the male is just shy of what she supposes she rates. I can’t say which is better on my limited experience.


  9. man you can save yourself a lot of trouble by opening with a neg/shit test and just keep them coming until… well, forever. because she will too. don’t ever lie there waiting for a girl to unload on you. best defense is a ruthless offense

    just assess her weaknesses early (lame tattoo, attention seeking, foul mouth, not in perfect shape, etc.) , dial in your sights, and fire off a round every time she gives you shit. if a shot across the bow is enough then leave it at that. otherwise keep pumping in rounds until she loses at the shit test game. then save her from oblivion with a small compliment about her earrings.

    repeat this dynamic ad infinitum.


  10. Seems in my beta days, some girls were into me, and I thought I was bugging them given their “rudeness.” C’est la vie


    • Good post for the classic of Mystery defusing a series of shit tests…

      If they are still talking to you they are interested and want you to pass them…!


    • Excellent background from Mystery re “why you being such a bitch to me? I’m being nice” Answer – because it works…


  11. Saying and doing things to flush out shit tests from a previously uninterested girl is important. Mystery’s fuzzy hat does this, but its an otherwise fresh topic in the PUA world, to my knowledge.

    The shit test is well known, as is the response, its genesis less focused on. guy does something audacious -> shit test -> guy stands ground.

    Even if you’re not tall n’ handsome, you can say things to microflash your SMV which will induce a reflexive shit test from a cute girl, at which point you can respond unapologetically and gain some real attraction.


  12. Great article! I don’t know where to start as this hits on a lot for me.


  13. Sadly the governor of the Great State of Pennsylvania is a white-hating Jew.



  14. The very fact that Hillary Clinton is a serious candidate for POTUS, let alone the one favored by the MSM hivemind, as opposed to having already been tried and sentenced for high treason, proves that all of the conspiracy theories are, in a word, correct.

    She’s a blatant, admitted criminal.

    The hivemind Democratic and Republican parties are literally criminal mafias, and they occupy our governments.


  15. So when a girl goes from flirty/teasing to insulting (called me a hobo) that’s a shit test? and indicates more attraction, not less?

    If so how do you pass that? I was a bit stunned (not at the comment but at the inflection) TBH and just ignored it.

    I’m not even sure wether I should be butt hurt or not 🙂


    • Something Mystery used in one of his videos. Girl said, I think you look ridiculous. He said, no you don’t, you’re attracted to me.

      She stayed there talking with him, so yeah, she was.


    • Flames – a good general purpose response to this kind of ST of “You’re [fill in the blank]” is “That’s racist!”… total reframe and jump starts the hamster qualifying… doesn’t matter that it does not make sense… LOL


    • Man… If she said that it’s on. Agree and amplify. I used to dress like a complete slob in college. Blue jean jacket ripped to shreds, holes in my pants, scuffed up boots, red bandana or old ball cap on my head. Got the hobo line many a times and it always meant they were interested.

      My go to line was “yeah, you want to hop a train with me?” Which I actually did a few times in college and the girls always thought it was fascinating and interesting.


    • It depends on the vibe you have going, but agree and amplify is usually good. “Yeah, I actually stole these clothes off a homeless guy. Here, smell me,” and gesture to your collar; that gives an opportunity to get physically closer, too.

      Ignoring/plowing is always a safe backup. It works to keep the interaction moving, but it probably won’t boost her attraction much, partly depending on how you do it; e.g., a squint or cocked eyebrow to imply there’s something weird about her for saying it (especially if her remark came out of nowhere) followed by a topic change should work in your favor.

      In any case, attitude/subcommunication is generally more important than the details of what you say, so while a killer verbal response is best, it counts for something if you just respond with the right attitude, i.e., not butthurt.


      • @mkkby I do like those sort of lines, they were one of Mystery’s signature moves and come off well with the right vibe. They project a lot of confidence and reframe them as chasing you, which is always good.

        @Sentient I see where your going with that, but I think giving the situation that’d have just confused her, rather than anything else, addressing the fact she’s attracted to me as per Mkkby’s suggestion was probably the way to go. That’d probably work better when it’s someone I hardly know.

        @anonymous I was especially confused as to where I came from as I was smartly dressed in my work clothes at the time and I believe it probably was just an attempt to knock me down a bit, it may have had something to do with the other day when I didn’t compliment a photo of her she showed me. On reflection she may have been fishing for compliments. Who know what goes on in their heads? 🙂

        @dali again agree and amplify wouldn’t have worked very well here and I couldn’t think of anything so I defaulted to ignore and plow on reflection I probably did raise an eyebrow as I tend to deal with it as a silly remark she said.

        She did say a bit more after that and pegged me as ‘trouble’ which is a big turn around from the old days when I got labelled as a nice guy.

        Jerk boy attitude really seems to be working for me lately, though sometime I feel I’ve gone too far as I am essentially a nice person, but don’t really take anyone’s crap.


  16. Was at HP yesterday and witnessed something I had seen before. A hot women comes into the place. The place happened to have more guys than usual and they all were secretly staring at her with that aw-stuck look infused with great fear. I had seen this look many times by men and it confirmed my theory that 9-10’s are the most feared creature on the planet.

    ,I was not overly taken by her but could see that some would give her a 9. I decided to approach and let everyone watch the show including some women who were looking at her. Was truly classic as I don’t even use a script anymore. I put out my hand out and introduced myself and she sat there and just looked at me lol. Bitch shield had clearly been raised. I mumbled something and she said some indiscernible word. I then said “do you speak English?” She said yes. I said well you looked familiar and just wanted to say hi. So she puts out her hand and shakes mine. She says that she comes here every once in a while. I say something then turn to walk away but before I do she says I am XXXX. I say hey XXXX nice to meet you, then go back to my seat.

    Never looked at her for the next 30 minutes. I think she sneaked peaks at me.

    Before I left the place went up again and said have a good evening blah, blah to which she was very receptive and wished me a good evening. I am sure some of the guys there thought I was crazy.


    • I do shit like this sometimes…some young hottie was in the pool in brazil, I just went over and tapped her on the shoulder and said salud and toasted her drink and walked back to my chair. Fuck i don’t even speak Portuguese…the hamsters of her and her friends went into overdrive. Her mom was SMILING at it even tho I was probably the same age as the mom.

      Women of all stripes appreciate balls.

      Most guys won’t even say hi to a hot chick, they’re too scared and too indecisive. If you just do it and don’t even have in mind to carry on a conversation, you will notice their hamster reacts. If you’re ugly, stupid, short, weak, whatever. “Who the fuck does this guy think he is?” You will start to realize that you have the power, not them.


  17. Nothing worse than a woman with speech capabilities.


  18. had a girl over to watch a movie with me as a first date

    sometime into the date we began making out and i tried to progress it towards full sex. i was resisted whenever i touched her breasts and even after a few attempts i could not overcome her LMR

    in the end she left pretty quickly saying that this was all too fast but that we should do it again sometime

    is this saveable?


    • Absolutely saveable… don’t mention it at all, just set up another get together in a couple of days if she doesn’t contact you first.

      Sounds though that your approach to LMR wasn’t calibrated though? Did you roll off for a bit and have drink, watch the movie some, let her horniness build… or were you tap – tap – tap – tap – tapping her every few minutes?


      • well she left pretty quickly as if she was freaked out abit. i met her on a dating app and she found out when she got here that we actually have some mutual friends so this might have activated her ASD

        ye she was under 25 but im on in the US, im in europe and we dont have this whole false rape hysteria here (yet)

        both sober, ye a few drinks would have made things alot smoother


    • on November 17, 2015 at 5:18 pm Diversity Is Good

      Was she under 25? I’m seeing the college kidz are more into “c’mon over and netflix and hang and stuff” but they can’t actually deal with any action because of all the YMY campus feminist brainwashing. Tell us more, dude.


    • on November 17, 2015 at 7:35 pm Captain Obvious

      Candy’s dandy, but liquors’ quicker. You were drinking with her, right? If you were both sober, then you did absolutely AWESOME. Get a few glasses of a nice chardonnay in her, and she’ll do anything you want.


  19. Excellent post and completely agree.

    I would add this – in addition to the more frequent shit tests from the marginally cute toward the greater betas/lesser alphas, this dynamic also produces the nastiest rejections to less-than-flawless approaches.


    • The more frequent shit tests only produce nasty rejections once – after which one calibrates or becomes outcome independent.


    • on November 17, 2015 at 5:30 pm Diversity Is Good

      this dynamic also produces the nastiest rejections to less-than-flawless approaches.

      Yeah, it seems like it’s the middle range girls, 5 to 7, who are most prone to nuclear rejections. Which in the longer run does more harm to them than to their intended target.


  20. I got a series of shit tests this past weekend I navigated very well, mostly because I was totally outcome independent. A plate returned. I cockblocked myself early that week by inviting a friend of mine out for drinks after a function we attended…he actually agreed.. Worst. Wing. Ever…he’s married so has no clue.

    Anyway, me and the plate came out a few days later. She was hovering around but then started shit testing. The first was she wasn’t coming over…

    I told her…”You’re not staying, come for a drink then i’ll kick you out…”

    That suddenly got her chasing.. She was hanging around me after that while I mingled.

    Then as we were leaving she said “I’ll come over and stay but we’re not having sex…”

    Me: “Oh? Why’s that?

    Her: Because we’re not

    Me: What makes you think I’d want to fuck you? I may not be in the mood by then.

    Her: pausing, looking surprised. “Because EVERYONE wants to fuck me”

    Me: “Oh? We’ll see… I may not want to

    We get home, she’s on the couch I sidle up…don’t engage her, I’m having a drink…a bit of kino…eye fucking….then of course we’re all over each other.

    If I didn’t understand what was going on with shit tests I wouldn’t have gone this far. There’s a difference between being blown of…and being shit tested.

    When you’re shit-tested, it’s like you’re in a boxing ring…she punches you in the face…if you’re still standing your job is to punch back with more force until you have the upper hand.

    A blow off is just that…she rejects you and leaves…you should never chase….

    Shit test is when she appears to reject you…but is still standing there….waiting for you come up with a reason to keep her engaged.


    • Great stuff wala… “still standing there….waiting for you ” yes this here, it’s always yours to lose if she is near.


      • For the newbs when she says… “I’ll come over and stay but we’re not having sex…”means….she wants to wait for it…have secks. Sometimes, you can over game, not necessary to take a sludge hammer to a tack. When you begin to filter chicks in light of CH’s astute understanding, you set you frame and mind right to brush off shit tests for what they are…progeny (fitness same thing) tests. Takes practice though.


      • Yes Grand Designs… we need to change the nomenclature from shit test, which has too many negative implications to something more positive like “sex challenge”… this is what she is doing, challenging you to see if you are sex worthy. She has an inkling but her hindbrain wants proof. I guess fitness test, which is used in some forums is good, but perhaps implies too much relationship… I like Sex Challenge.

        So don’t get but hurt and don’t worry about “winning” just focus on “playing”, like a game of tennis in your backyard… Serve, volley, volley, volley… the fun is in the volleying, not smashing aces against a 4 YO girl… THAT IS WHO YOU ARE PLAYING AGAINST… a 4 YO girl in an adults body…

        One way to enter more of these matches successfully is to always ASSUME attraction. Just assume that if she is speaking with you at all some part of her is attracted to you and play your part accordingly. You wouldn’t be butt hurt by someone you KNOW is attracted to you teasing you right? So with this frame you are in the right mindset…

        Come to play and play to have fun!


      • @Sentient. Agreed. Shit Tests, because of connotation, implies some sort of negative response, when really as CH points out, is more akin to some early-phase tingling going on…in dem thar hills. And, with the ZFG and outcome independence attitude (assume the sale vibe) your alpha mind (confidence) becomes contagious. Alpha made real or put another way, Howard Roark…he certainly didn’t give a fuck That is, he did but only to values that are life enhancing and ascending. You take the butthurt right out of the equation wqith that attitude, which come to think of it, is the royal pathway to poon (go ahead CH and use that one, but h to GD..thx).


      • the fun is in the volleying, not smashing aces against a 4 YO girl… THAT IS WHO YOU ARE PLAYING AGAINST… a 4 YO girl in an adults body…

        Great metaphor/analogy/whatever…I read this this morning and when I went to work and everyplace in between, I kept thinking of women as 4 years old. Put a big old grin on my face. This one is seared into my head!

        Time to serve!


    • By far the best bit of advice I’ve ever read here is to ignore what they say and pay close attention to what they actually do. I’m married, very discreet, and can’t even count how many women insist that they absolutely, positively wouldn’t mess around with a married guy.

      Just happened last week in a city I was traveling in for business. Back and forth over email with a hot little Czech realtor on a potential commercial RE deal I’m doing. All very professional on my end, but her emails were increasingly flirty. “I was just thinking about you!”, lots of happy face emojis, “lol”s etc.

      Decide to go for the kill and invite her out for a drink. She agrees and shows up in a super sexy short dress. Says she has a surprise for me and brings a nice bottle of scotch. I pour us a drink sit down next to her, shoot the shit and move in for the kiss.

      She pulls away shocked and says I’m crossing a line, that she doesn’t do that. I’m married, etc. In the past I would have thrown in the towel there, been somewhat embarrassed and bailed.

      You have to have the confidence to watch and interpret what they do. I was getting “buy” signals all over the place… Short dress, flirty behavior, bottle of scotch, etc. So I just eye fucked her, smirked, grabbed a handful of her hair pulled her head back and went for the kiss again. She’s whispering “no, no, no” even as she’s thrusting her pelvis into me, throwing her arms around my neck and almost panting.

      I stop kissing her for a minute smirk at her again and say “No huh? Okay, you better go then.” She grabs my head and pulls me right back in for more.


      • attaboy! that was an awesome story. Exactly, ignore what they say, watch what they do. A LOT of chicks want the man to just caveman push past her ASD.


  21. I think women are hard-wired to “play the sex card” in an effort to catch males above them in the SMV scale (“satisfy the demands of hypergamy”). The 10s do not do this, because there are not (except for famous men) any men above them in the SMV scale. This would explain why women approaching the 100th percentile are less promiscuous then women around the 75th percentile.

    I also think (I am just full of thoughts) that this strategy had lost its basis with the advent of contraception. In the good (for betas) old days 1) rational fear of pregnancy was a great part of what prevented female promiscuity, and 2) marriage was in effect socially mandatory, so that all males were (at least in theory) catchable. No they are no longer restrained by fear of pregnancy, but sill laboring under the delusion that all males are catchable, or at least “not really like that” in terms of interest in casual sex and disinterest in romance.
    They are living in a world they are no longer evolved for, and paying the price for refusing to recognize this.


    • on November 17, 2015 at 7:09 pm The Spirit Within

      Also: the higher a woman’s notch count, the more it shows on her face. Carousel affects women emotionally and therefore physically; they lose that youthful look. The bright eyes go dull and the smile disappears into a mask. Older women are aware of this transition but rarely counsel younger women to stay innocent; they want to keep the hotties out of the sexual market.

      In other words: A 10 doesn’t stay a 10 for long if she’s banging new cock every month.


      • this is true.

        i think i’ve told the story of sisters i knew who took different paths and how much of a difference it made in how they aged.

        one married young and had babies. pretty sure she had a total of two or three life partners…max.

        the other wasn’t even what many would call a slut. this is a relationship type girl. she had a boyfriend or two in high school. casual hookups in college. more than she let on most likely because she was in a sorority in college and was a cheerleader in high school.

        but even if she didn’t take full advantage of wild and free college life, she has still had a couple of disastrous marriages, a few LTRs that ended badly. probably a host of other casual hookups in between since she’s reached adulthood.

        that’s a lot of men for one woman when you think about it. and if you met her you’d see that it has obviously done some damage.

        clearly she doesn’t know how to treat a man right or sustain a relationship with a quality man. no good man would have her.

        but back to the original point, when you look at these too sisters side by side, it definitely tells a story. only a year or two between them but it looks like a decade at least. and this girl who slept around wasn’t even a partier so you can’t blame her hardened look and premature aging to drinking and drugs.


      • “the higher a woman’s notch count, the more it shows on her face.”

        You sure about that?


      • “the higher a woman’s notch count, the more it shows on her face. Carousel affects women emotionally and therefore physically; they lose that youthful look. The bright eyes go dull and the smile disappears into a mask.”

        Many notches but youthful features.


      • Because the Faggot Within has seen his mom’s face.

        and it ain’t pretty. Even when she’s pegging him

        Faggot within rape!


    • “This would explain why women approaching the 100th percentile are less promiscuous than women around the 75th percentile.”

      I would agree. I think that is the case generally.


    • “This would explain why women approaching the 100th percentile are less promiscuous then women around the 75th percentile.”

      I also believe that this is why it is harder to get a harem of 9-10’s than it is 7-8’s. Beside that 9-10’s are slower to “fall in love”. Hell it is tough to own just one 9-10.


    • on November 18, 2015 at 3:02 am Vagina dominator

      I’ve never been able to tell anything about a woman just be looking at her, her face, the way she dresses, so on.

      Of course, they’ll all fuck, but I can never tell, for example, how easy they will be or what kind of fuck they’ll be.

      Mostly I think they don’t know themselves until you impose it on them


      • that’s one of the coolest things about getting a woman naked- you get to discover all the things she hides from the world

        But on the eyes, they die. I know a girl really well who went to the dark side as it were and the old pictures of her from before, not more than 3 or 4 years ago, the eyes were so bright, the face so innocent, the smile so cheerful. It still appears from time to time but it’s fleeting. Now there is a mask.


  22. Dont want to spam posted this before but the Paris attacks obviously took precedent on this site. Just wanted to say thank you to CH and you regular posters. To lurkers and anyone thinking about going redpill, this stuff works. I am a little over a year in and wow my life has drastically improved from following CH’s 16 commandments of poon.

    Saturday I went to get a new phone and ended up picking up one of the hottest girls I’ve ever had the balls to ask for her number. Very cute Latina, 21-23, tall and thin with baby teeth (HB8 in my eyes, just the type of girls I used to want but never had the balls to chase). I just casually flirted with her as she sold me a phone and then handed her my phone and said you get to do the honors. She put her number in. we talked some more and then I left on a good note. Later when got home I wiped my phone to restore it and lost her number. Luckily she texted me back a few hours later from my earlier text that I had sent at the store while we were still together. So I had her interested, at the store she asked some questions about me what Im doing later, where I work out. I may have fucked it up by texting too soon or who knows she could have a fucking boyfriend and a million other things. I’m not gonna worry about it. Why? Because I got a bj from a 24 year old on Friday night and on Sat/Sun fucked 31 year old while getting dirty pics from a 26 year old that is gonna bang me the second she breaks up with her boyfriend. Abundance mentality works best when you have other options and arent thirsty. It was crazy to me that everyone in that store watched me pick that girl up. It was like a movie. It got quiet and people just sort of fell into the peripheral. Definitely my best pickup ever, extremely natural sexually charged and employing the main bag of tricks you preach: lots of teasing, all she did was giggle. Good banter and plenty of amused mastery. I am actually proud of myself for this one; I can say it felt really fucking amazing to pick up the sales girl at the phone store while her fat chode male co-workers watched the girl they don’t have the balls to ask out giggle and flirt back. She hasn’t texted back since yesterday and she maybe she wont again, but who cares? Next time I have this experience to call back on and inch by inch I will improve my game, like I have been for the last year. Hooked up with 2 other girls this weekend so the sales girl will not make me doubt myself. She was taken by my rock solid internal self-confidence and could tell I was a player and she *liked* it. And I didn’t even go there to hit on her, I could have had the fat sales guy next to her sell me the phone if he had called me next instead of her lol. Next time I will make sure I get the pretty sales girl. And there will always be a next time 🙂

    Like I said it was very basic stuff, mostly just my vibe, body language, vocal tonality, pauses and laser eyes. Like CH and YaReally say, its not really the words that matter, it’s the intent and the vibe you put out. Some examples of things I remember saying:

    When she said which size phone I wanted, I said “bigger is better” Giggles

    When she asked if I wanted to pay cash or card, I said “lets keep Uncle Sam out of this.” Giggles

    When we were discussing the size difference of phones she mentioned she had the big one. I stared at her phone sticking out of her back pocket, meaning to her I was staring at her butt, and said, “It doesn’t even fit in your pants” she blushed and giggled.

    When she asked about what gym I went to, I said “thanks for noticing” giggle then we had a serious talk about the local locations since we belong to the same one.

    Like I said a lot of it was just eye contact, with her looking down and away a lot and playing with her hair. I did intimidate her a little but its only because I am handsome and tall.

    The weirdest part was feeling every man and women in the store watching me or trying to listen to us. They could see that smirk on me, the way she constantly giggled and flipped her hair, the way she got a little nervous at times, her female co-worker and her did that thing where girls look at each other for a second to say “are you seeing this?” “yes!” when they thought I wasn’t looking and it all went like fucking clockwork. Thank you for all you have taught me CH. I strutted around like a goddamn pimp for the rest of the weekend. And if I never meet up with her, it doesn’t matter because I am on my way to a lifetime supply of fresh, bubbly, giggly young women…here in America they release a new model every June.

    …P.S. My 32 year old buddy just ended a 10 year relationship due to his girl deciding she needs beta bux. I have been sharing your wisdom with him for the last two months…he just picked a girl who graduated from Class of 2015. Bless you Dark Lord.


    • “I’m not gonna worry about it. Why? Because I got a bj from a 24 year old on Friday night and on Sat/Sun fucked 31 year old while getting dirty pics from a 26 year old that is gonna bang me the second she breaks up with her boyfriend.”



    • Great FR Quixotic. It really does feel amazing, almost otherworldly when you’re “on” like that. I find that the more I practice it – even when I don’t really feel like it – the more easily I can summon up “the state” at will.


      • Exactly Fredo… You can accelerate the state process via music. Music will trigger all the same nerves and dopamine responses and put you into state. Come up with a playlist of songs that drive you into state (not all songs, just those cvertain “ones”), put it on a loop and listen to it for 15 minutes while you are heading out. Notice the change in your behaviors.


      • Thanks man. I agree its easier to keep momentum when its already rolling. I have been in the zone before and each time it has led to crazy success. there is nothing like being “in state.”

        My big issue right now is trading up to approaching 8-10s exclusively. I can easily bag regular/lower SMV girls but over the last year I have raised my SMV significantly and I deserve a higher caliber of women. So basically i can handle approach anxiety with the lesser girls but am feeling it hardcore with hotties but i need to just suck it up and push through. One of the biggest tips CH and others here have given that has been helpful is to intentionally do things very *slowly* (like moving, speaking). Hotties still make me nervous sometimes so i am starting to speak more slowly and move my arms less and slower during approaches so I dont seem jumpy/twitchy. No more dumpster diving lol i will crash and burn with hotties until i learn to stick the landing.


      • on November 17, 2015 at 9:09 pm Captain Obvious

        I’m loving quixotic’s anecdote, but I gotta caution you dudes on all this emotionalism. If you need “music” to pump you up, then you aren’t in charge – the “music” is in charge. Work more on achieving the perfect Inner State Frame of ZFG. Own yourself first. Then use your self-ownership to pwn teh [email protected] Emotions come and emotions go [and when they do go, they’ll leave you a broken man in their wake]. Whereas ZFG is forever.


    • Next time I will make sure I get the pretty sales girl.

      Unless you’re in a hurry for some reason, life is too short NOT to do this.


    • Quixotic – great story dude. That kind of state pump feels amazing and it starts to get addictive.

      Only one point to add about posting FRs – I just ignore the comments of the politics posts on CH entirely. I only post FRs on the Game posts and usually put the names of the regular posters who go out a lot and comment – that’s the best way to make sure the usual suspects read your FR (I’m just about to post a short FR now and I’ll do that)


  23. “The weirdest part was feeling every man and women in the store watching me or trying to listen to us.”

    I call it the show. There needs to be an article on just that.


  24. yeah, I found that hotties know what they want, get it. If you aren’t what they want but persist, will vanish in a puff of smoke. Hot girls are magic that way.

    Mid-range girls (or girls who are hot in a wonky kind of way) will shit test and be defensive but if you’re a high smv guy will wilt under charm. Fat bitches will shit test unless they’re drunk and then won’t leave you alone. cougars will just bore in too. They’ll buy you drinks so that nices.


  25. >>delusions of glamour,

    That is a funny expression. It should be used more often. Google does have a few hits on it, including something that looks like a inverse romance level, containing the following sentence:

    The Girl Who Sang Rose Madder: A Tor.Com Original
    Elizabeth Bear – 2010 – ‎Fiction

    Em had gotten over her delusions of glamour pretty fast, though the delusions of grandeur took a little longer to kick her off the ledge. Now, she dodged a …


  26. on November 17, 2015 at 11:19 am Sipping that sweet cocoa, mmmm

    Then this bunch will never encounter a test of their mental turgidity https://www.reddit.com/r/canada/comments/3swy4k/last_night_someone_set_fire_to_the_mosque_in/


  27. The hottest chick I ever banged was a legitimate 9/10 last year. She was a cold fish however, and threw constant shit tests at me. It did not help that I had gone through a fire in my home and was grieving the death of a loved one. I guess I made the mistake of learning the hard way about game when I had a lot of free time on my hands living in a hotel while my house was being repaired.

    I remember one time after we had sex, she hsd tried all sorts of things I never done before
    I prodded her with a neg: “My you’re quite the sexual athlete aren’t you?”.

    Even though I was going through the equivalent of a nervous breakdown and not emptionally , I think one needed to be a cold blooded sociopath to game a party girl like her (her brother is a professional athlete, her sister is a model, so she socialized and partied amongst that crowd).

    She confessed to having a myriad of sex partners who treated her like shit. An alpha widow with no soul if there ever was one. I had oneitis with the worst possible girl at an emotionally unstable point in my life. Last time I saw her was at a night club where she made it a point of distancing herself from me (more shit tests?) And so I proceeded to hit on and flirt with other girls in front of her.

    Shortly therafter I banged one of my plates–15 years younger than myself. Then I met my current SO who is sweet, kind and feminine. I barely get shit tests from her.


    • Apologies for the grammar and spelling mistakes–I just typed all the above on my cell phone.


    • on November 17, 2015 at 1:18 pm gunslingergregi

      that 9/10 took mercy on you in your moment of need
      chicks are like that


    • on November 17, 2015 at 9:19 pm The Spirit Within

      It’s interesting how a sweet, kind, feminine woman who never shit tests can sneak up and lodge herself in your mentality. I’ve got one like that now, been seeing her for six months. She’s so dedicated, generous, and kind that she’s making me want to put all my other plates back in the cupboard.

      IMO, banging 18-24 is overrated, especially in this era. They’re still children and they’ll never love you as much as they love themselves. I’ve had two in the last year and all I can say is meh. Totally ordinary. My best sexual experiences have been 25-33; they also had the sexiest bodies.


      • funny you mention the 18-24 age range…

        just read this article on breitbart.
        highest rates of STDs are in that age group. and from what i’ve read in other articles, it’s the girls that are the problem. much higher rates than males of the same age.

        if you can manage to get past the shitty personalities to bang one of the young ones, you better be wrapping it up.



      • also agree about the sweet, kind, feminine ones. congrats on that. got one like that myself and i know what you mean about not having the need for other girls.


      • @88,

        I heard that song “anything you can do I can do better” as I read that. Ain’t that some shit.


      • Shut up, lying faggot.

        Faggot within rape!


      • on November 17, 2015 at 11:58 pm The Spirit Within


        She’s not American, either; she’s from Europe. At this point, I’m pretty much done with American wimmenz. It would take an act of God to find a truly decent one. (My sister is the exception; she’s loyal as hell, and her boyfriend is lucky to have her.)


      • on November 18, 2015 at 2:55 am Vagina dominator

        If anyone is considering “turning the other cheek”, a commenter at Breibart also drew attention to this:

        These authors noted that in a sample of 260 homosexual men, “The clinical diagnoses in epidemic proportions include condyloma acuminata, hemorrhoids, nonspecific proctitis, anal fistula, perirectal abscess, anal fissure, amebiasis, benign polyps, viral hepatitis, gonorrhea, syphilis, anorectal trauma and foreign bodies, shigellosis, rectal ulcers and lymphogranuloma venereum”

        Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

        “Gay?” I wouldn’t be. I’d be downright peeved.

        What a fucking stupid pozzed-up world.

        [CH: i know this gay guy in our social circle who has been to the doctor for various anal afflictions more times than he could count. how do i know this? he loved telling everyone about it. gays!]


  28. on November 17, 2015 at 12:17 pm gunslingergregi

    so charlie found out has aids 4 years ago and continued to fuck
    i guess its pretty clear apparently the church knew what they were talking about
    get a virgin keep her pregnant


  29. on November 17, 2015 at 12:36 pm gunslingergregi

    throw out your own shit test start testing the bitches gashes before you will let them have your dick in em
    watch the hampster go batshit


  30. The Doctrination – Before and after:

    Redpilled kid and bluepilled dad. What a world.


    • on November 17, 2015 at 12:47 pm gunslingergregi

      yea lib dad obviously he allready talking about moving out whille mouthing the flowers are for protection rofl


    • Tell me the English subtitles are wrong, somebody. I keep trying to look at the world this way:



  31. on November 17, 2015 at 12:54 pm gunslingergregi

    told the pregnant exgirlfriend who thought she was coming back about the wife getting in accident all fucked up no more response he he he
    the first wifes baby has no name on birth certificate he 11 now
    i guess the wifes hand almost cut off but yea
    what a life


    • on November 17, 2015 at 12:59 pm gunslingergregi

      see life is up and down shit


      • I enjoy your comments, gunslingergregi. I knocked up a hb7 alphawidow tramp when pretty much mgtow for years (already have a couple kids from previous slut ex-wife). Drunk-raped each other. She shit-tested me severely including fucking her spic ex-hub while preg so I shitcanned her, but made it clear I’d be around for kid whenever she wanted. Also put fear of bleeding into a couple of her beta-orbiters and told her I will not be around uninvited or hanging with her shitbag friends. Havent heard from her in months or the Stasi. At least I’ve made 3 white kids with good genetics, unfortunate for the offspring the trash bags choose to live as Dindus.


      • Good job with the moniker, old boy.


      • on November 17, 2015 at 8:56 pm Captain Obvious

        I tried “Slattern” at Wikipedia, and it redirected me to “Slut”. I was thinking “Saturn’s Rings”, which made me think of the speech at the end of Blade Runner. Did they use “Saturn’s Rings” in “Men in Black”?


      • on November 18, 2015 at 7:54 am gunslingergregi

        it might just be an ego salve on the first wife she never said it was my kid
        but yea she did cut out at a low point then gave birth she never had my permission to have my kid and she agreed before we got married that if she tried to get me for child support i had the right to kill her
        ne he he he
        she doing ok it looks like posting recipes she did learn how to cook well was a good house wife make cute little crafts and such and she works
        this last one girlfriend is the only one i tried to take out of the shit
        and succeeded a bit might be my kid might not she has gotten away with a lot but she was like a project i wanted to do to help someone for some kind of redemption or something while at the same time for selfish reasons
        2nd wife yea im just trying to do till death do us part for real
        we’ll see don’t know if i have made any white kids
        i guess the divorce of my parents really fucked up my head and then the vow not to get married in states and not pay child support kind of pigeonholed some shit
        i wonder how many lives divorce has fucked up


    • Bladerunner was a really brilliant film. I still watch it in amazement 30 + years later. With only a few technological exceptions it has aged extremely well. Another underrated film is the Final Cut version of Alexander the Great by Oliver Stone. Some of the scenes in that film, like the fight between Alexander and the Indian King were sublime cinematography. Another really amazing scene was when they entered Babylon.


  32. If this guy’s right, the revolution will be easy.


    lzozlzlzolzzozzoz #weknow #freedom

    [CH: please stay on topic. and stick to your original handle.]


  33. Since you’ve got BOTM, you need Pump&Dumped D-Celebs. I know, I know, too many to list, but, when you’ve got downhill like Rose “Pixie haircut’ McGowan has, well…

    She was soooo hot in Scream…titties galore, but that was the last time she looked that great.



    • Noted God-hater and nihilist Marilyn Manson had her in her prime then dumped her when The Wall came-a-callin’. Manson has pulled some hot ass in his day despite being ugly and weird. He’s got the ZFG rockstar alpha attitude, but the composed and intelligent regular guy thing going, too, when he’s not in character. I imagine the panties flock to his face like a magnet.


  34. What the F*CK is shit test??? I was 7 when I was young, but I do not even know about any f*cking shit tests. Dunno if it’s because of my autistic traits or because I’ve always been an outcast for my autistic traits so I never got a chance to learn the skills of shit testing from other women. I don’t know of having shit tested ANYONE. Why the f*ck had I??? I always thought men only wanted to ridicule me for being a “retard” if they approached me. Hahaha! Funny place this world is. Seriously.

    Could be cultural differences tho. In my country (Finland) women usually reject men politely, trying to diverse the conversation from the obvious. Except for the shitheads who think they are above the rest of the humanity in general.


  35. re: Relationship game and shit rests

    As we’ve discussed, the shit-tests are fewer and further in between, but if you’ve got a hot girl she’ll still throw them at you to test your manliness.

    I often get “so and so is really hot” or “mmm celebrity whoever” then she’ll look at me with a smirk to make sure I’ve hear her say it. I’ll respond with something like “yeah, that blonde he was in that movie with is really hot” to which she’ll respond “heyyyyyy!” with faux indignation. And you’ve passed.

    Keep it light, keep it simple, never let her have the upper hand.


  36. I have a new way to pass shit test better than ever (at least for me): DGAF. If you do that, you won’t even take the test half the time. You will brush it off as it develops if she needs to marshal you to take it. When I see the gleam of sheet test in the eye I tune her out. Then it’s like it never happened, back to normal.


    • on November 18, 2015 at 7:23 am having a bad day


      props on putting in the work to get better…it’s not easy…

      ‘brush off’ is less than optimal…you are losing a GREAT opportunity to ramp up attraction (see OP)…it still beats not seeing/failing shit testing, but you still run the risk of getting slotted into ‘clueless’ beta loser category (unless she knows you are ‘actively’ using brush off as a response to her test, then it’s just good game)…granted that’s above ‘actively creepy’ beta loser, but still…lol

      there are many posts in the archives here that address this situ…usually agree and amplify is the easiest to start with as a default, but there are lots of others…

      relevant strategies:


      situs to use as practice:


      the main point is that you are losing an opportunity to further the seduction – take it sexual, put her in a defensive crouch, get her chasing you, etc…

      good luck!


  37. Off-topic but laff riot :


    “These allegations of physical assault are lies to make white students look like the victims and students of color to look like the perpetrators,” Abera said. “The protest was meant to shut down the library. Whatever discomfort that many white students felt in that library is a fraction of the discomfort that many Natives, blacks, Latina and LGBTQ people feel frequently.”


    • Well maybe it’s on topic. Which whites do blacks shit-test the most?


    • Hi ETJ: There was vid posted somewhere earlier of the protest in the Dartmouth library. The protesters were loud as fuck and went on and on, yelling full blast right near the ears of all a whole bunch of other students sitting there, quietly trying to study. Completely obnoxious. I’m an older guy, so my first reaction would have been to yell at them to – shut the fuck up, this is a fucking library, we’re all trying to study here – as loud as I could to get their attention and get the rest of the disturbed students to chime in with me (and back in the day if I didn’t do that someone surely would have). But the obvious isn’t allowed anymore? Like I would probably get kicked out of the University if I did that in today’s Universities?

      What a fucked up world. So the universities are now just useless then? They discourage their young adults from using their personal agency when they actually should be using it, so as to support a healthy perspective of self-respect? They are going to make psychologically disturbed sheeple out of the new college generation if they keep this crap up.

      Dartmouth in New Hampshire. Anybody here form New Hampshire should be raising holy fucking cain about this. It’s time to kick this crappy behavior to the gutter where it belongs. Somebody has got to start doing it.


      • I would have called the police assuming the protest wasn’t authorized to do that. If they were given permission, all the students should sue the university and demand their tuition to be refunded.


      • Did someone say “Midnight Cowboy”?


      • Oops, Midnight Cowboy comment was intended for Scanman, delete.


      • How is the NAACP “advancing” colored people by encouraging young black students to stage pointless demonstrations instead of studying for their finals?


      • ETJ – I went and posted a comment last night under “Average Man” for the article you provided above from “the Dartmouth” website. There was alot of comments there already. It was heartening to see that among the commenters most everybody agrees with the sentiment of what I outlined in my comment above. Perhaps there really is a silent majority of people who are not socially retarded, who have now become disgusted with this pc climate, and are now speaking out – enough is enough – maybe there is hope for the U.S. (and by extension everybody else in the west, like me in Canada) after all!


      • Wild Man I posted this comment which was promptly deleted :

        Academic failure, not white racism, is the true reason behind the campus BLM storm.

        Angry that nobody but the media believes their stupid hoaxes they are stepping up the antics and now attacking whites who have the maturity and discipline to actually study for the classes they are paying to take.

        On the upside they are convincing a lot of formerly sympathetic people to question their dearly held liberal belief system.


  38. on November 17, 2015 at 7:43 pm Captain Obvious

    SALEM, Mass. (AP)The murder trial of a teenager charged with killing his math teacher ended early Tuesday when he told his lawyer he was “about to explode” and refused to go back into the courtroom. Denise Regan, a lawyer for 16-year-old Philip Chism, told the Salem Superior Court judge that her client was shaking, twitching and mumbling and told her “he’s about to explode…” http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3361713/posts


    • on November 17, 2015 at 7:45 pm Captain Obvious

      She was his Math teacher. He raped her with a tree limb, and butchered her with X-Acto knives which he stole from the Art classroom…


      • on November 17, 2015 at 9:31 pm The Spirit Within

        Tell us how this is related to gaming women.


      • Faggot within, he had negro game!

        which is the same as whorefinder game!

        (except I’m human)

        Obama’s son rape!


      • on November 18, 2015 at 8:04 am Captain Obvious

        > “Tell us how this is related to gaming women.” ——— Eskimo Within, the more Filthy White Shiksa Wh0res your diarrhea-skinned slaves murder, the fewer Filthy White Shiksa Wh0res there are to star in your p0rnography industry out there in the San Fernando Valley. Although I’m not sure how you “Game” a p0rn star, since she has more like a 100,000 C0ck Stare. Maybe whisper sweet nothings in her ear about starring in a snuff film, opposite Philip Chism…


    • Fucker should burn. That story upset me like none other. Didn’t know it was with tree branches. They should x-acto him to death slowly


      • on November 18, 2015 at 7:53 am Captain Obvious

        And yet the sh!tlbi cowards in the @ssachusetts courtroom HALTED THE TRIAL to try to appease the little diarrhea-skinned chimpanzee and its temper tantrums. BTW, peeps at Free Republic are remarking on the similarit!tties:


      • on November 18, 2015 at 7:56 am Captain Obvious

        sh!tlbi == sh!tlib spelling [email protected] Actually, I kinda like “sh!tlbi”. It looks like something I would have cribbed from a GBFM masterpiece.


  39. Shit test your women hard. You can never win by playing defense.
    Above all, don’t worry about it.


  40. Keep your memory and your ammo stash. All will come right.


  41. I just got off of Facebook and I’m stupid lmao xd.

    Where da alpha fuck beta buck strategy dou


  42. on November 18, 2015 at 2:23 am Women's bunions are thing of evil

    In other planted news, an anonymous migrant pens an obnoxious beta love letter (migrant game) dubbed “heartfelt love poem” by the Zionist media. This supposed letter was allegedly found on Greek island by a SWEDISH journo cuck no less, and it has nothing to do with Mossad psyops.

    Soulmates as portrayed by Z.m.:

    Inevitably the social media campaign is launch to re-unite this betta schlub with his Jasmine.

    “My Rose,

    I promise you, I will love you till the last minute of my life,

    I promise you, no one will be in my life but you :P,

    I promise you, I will not let anything separate us no matter what it is,

    I promise you, your value will not change no matter what happens,

    I promise you, I will be by your side till the last breath,

    She is for me and I am for me,

    She loves me and I love her,

    She adores me and I adore her,

    Common it is enough romance now,

    She is awesome when she laugh,

    When she makes me feel jealous,

    When she is fixing her hair,

    When she gives me a kiss,

    To whom I give my secret and die for,

    This is a kiss from me,

    From the humble the lovely Hamody,

    This is a kiss to my teddy bear.’



  43. Generally speaking, answer to shit tests follow one of three options:
    1. Ignore
    2. Agree & Amplify
    3. Jerkboy humour

    I think the last one is the most powerful. Specially when some degree of attraction is already established.

    [CH: the last one – jerkboy humor – can also create a nascent attraction in girls.]


  44. Start wrapping things up and winding them down, fuckers. We’re being asked to leave:


    Funny stuff. I, for one, am actually a few months away from cheerfully complying.

    P.S. love the part that says white men have shown themselves to be incapable of building anything. Again, funny stuff. BTW, In the last decade alone I have easily paid over $1M in state and federal income taxes. Now I’m certainly no BSD but pip squeaks like me add up. Push enough of us out and all of a sudden there’s noticibly less “other people’s money” to throw around.

    Enjoy your nation-wide Detroit.


    • The tax revenues so loved by the plutocracy and the white women, so loved by everyone else require, unfortunately that this policy be amended.

      Taking ones toys is the solution, with options on how exactly how implemented, from expatriation to poolside-ing.


    • Did someone say “Midnight Cowboy”?


    • A silly satirical piece crafted for libtards to giggle about while pretending to work, but it reminded me of an idea: White Strike Week.

      This would be a once a year event where all White males walk off their jobs and disappear for a solid week. The point of this would be to allow a controlled hiccup to occur in the social structure and dispense a dose of reality to all in doub of who is really running the show every single day, all the while tolerating attacks on values and culture. It would piss people off, but we are already hated anyway, and it would be a way to show strength without having to attack anybody. Meanwhile, as the power grid falters, public school maintenance requests pile up, and free coffee shop wi-fi evaporates into thin air, we can relax and shoot squirrels with BB guns in our backyards and roast them on fire pits we made with our own hands and stay up late into the night watching our property and catching up with our neighbors…it would be like a picnic for us. And if a single White man loses his job over this national holiday, we just do it again the next week until the point is made clear.

      Perhaps the actual timing of The Strike could be applied randomly each year (talk about Dread!) but I’d be in favor of the first one happening right after black history month…while the magnificence of that wondrous month is still fresh on everyones minds.


    • If we left, all the assholes would follow us. Seriously, if there was a ‘sign up to be voluntarily deported to an all white country’ there wouldn’t be enough space on the bus to fit us all.


  45. Those with shit testes fail shit tests.


  46. Shout out to Charlie Sheen… most manosphere posters are so caught up in attaining “alpha” status, or at least telling all the others how “alpha” they are from the comfort of Cyberia they miss the fact that 100% Alpha is no panacea… Trouble comes to all, some in ways that seem pleasurable at the time – #winning – even… I do hope his Tiger Blood can keep him around, no stones tossed at MaSheen. He is an apex poosy predator and was a pretty good actor.

    Back in the mid to late 80’s the AIDS scare was very real. It was a time for me of a strong alpha surge in later college years. This song here was a kind of warning/anthem… I was hitting clubs 4 nights a week and buzzsawing through women… a hedonist.

    “Heard the news about the scare
    In the underwear
    Populations getting thin
    Forget the bomb its carnal sin yeah!”

    “Seems like only yesterday
    Cocaine and extasy
    Run around and jump on anything ya see”

    “Now handsome is as handsome does
    And I did it everywhere
    Before the currant era
    I didn’t have a care”

    Met my wife at the peak of this arc of course, and I do credit her with saving my life in may ways…

    So good luck to Charlie… and you playas out there, keep it wrapped!!! Remember the ultimate Alpha is the power to take life… you can’t AMOG the Grim Reaper…


  47. Shitlibs should be really careful, they are spelling things out very, very nicely for not-yet-awake potential alt-righters

    “You want to keep Syrian refugees out just like they used to want to keep blacks out of white schools!”

    “You want to keep Syrian refugees out just like they wanted to reject Jewish refugees in WWII”

    Well, we let those things happen. Do they really, really want people to start taking an honest look at the results? They always step too far. They should be happy closing the borders is the only blowback they’re getting, it could justifiably be much more.


    • made the point to a Jewish co-worker. USofA gonna take tens of thousands of machomedans, but somehow the 900 German Jews of Saint Louis could not be accommodated.

      But go ahead, entertain me with the tall tales of ZOG.


      • Syria’s next door neighbor Israel can’t be bothered with it either. What a surprise.


      • ZOG is a paranoid fantasy conjured up in the fevered minds of tinfoil hatters because some Jews were treated differently than Muslims 76 years ago…

        Got it. Nice work.


      • Pharaoh at least gave refuge to Jacob’s spawn, as Joseph’s behest.

        What did Morgenthau get for his rimming of Imperial President FDR?

        ZOG 4-evah!


  48. Some folks are with the wrong kind of woman. My babe doesn’t shit test me. She just worries about me going nuclear on somebody who has crossed me.


    • on November 18, 2015 at 7:13 am Captain Obvious

      Buns -> Oven FTW.


      • Of all your tropes/principles, captain, this one is my favorite.

        Seriously, there needs to be a mandatory breeding program for high IQ couples who might otherwise remain barren. At least breed at replacement rates for chrissakes…positive eugenics! Who can complain or cry about that???


    • Double digit is the goal. Anything below 5 is a failure, any limp wristed overweight beta can get 4 (Ogos, Iolan, Nekkie, jaK).


  49. A Classic!



    – the constant angry glares coming your way from guys wherever you go because they’re thinking “why is she with HIM? That’s bullshit, she should be with a guy like me…”

    – your friends awkwardly hitting on her whenever you bring her out, because she’s social and friendly and they’ve never talked to a girl that hot before so they’re all constantly vying for her attention, bro code goes way out the window

    – every single male you guys encounter together blatantly trying to flirt with her (not necessarily WELL, but TRYING). From store clerks trying to hit on her while they bag your groceries to cops letting her get off from tickets to bouncers saying “She can come in, but you have to wait in line” etc. Guys giving her free shit left and right. Most of them are all trying to get in “under the radar” and get on her Facebook or whatever just to “be friends”, and as a social girl she’ll often take their offers of friendship because that’s why she’s a 10 with a million friends in the first place. But we all know every single one of those guys is hoping they can sneak her out to hang out with them and fuck her.

    – at bars you get huge drunk AMOG guys (groups of them, at times) physically intimidating you and hitting on her and groping her and shit to try to get her away from you, which is fine if you’re a huge dude who wants to get into fights multiple times a night, but if you’re a normal guy you have to learn to deal with these guys allllll night long. Even if you CAN kick their ass, this’ll happen multiple times in a night every single night you go out, so it’s a fool’s errand to go that route unless you want to eventually end up in jail or with serious injuries when after you beat up the first 9 guys the 10th finally lands a hit on you.

    – the irony is that she’ll WANT to go out to bars with you. She’ll want to go out with her girlfriends and dance and shit because she’s a 10 so she’s probably in the 20-25 age range and that’s what they do. She’s willfully oblivious to all of this stuff and convinces herself “they’re just being nice” so any jealousy you show will make you look insecure and help throw her into their arms.

    – a lot of guys will actually be super nice to you, but again it’s with an ulterior motive of figuring out their competition and sneaking in under the radar, and you can pick up on that vibe pretty quick (ie – that bartender wouldn’t be giving you those shots on the house if you weren’t with this chick, oh and look he poured her an extra one)

    – in bars especially but also in daytime, you’ll run into the rich guys who will literally tell the girl they want to fly her to Paris and they’ll pay for it and everything. Like retarded offers that sound made up, but these guys have the money to do that. That’s part of why the value competition of “who has the tightest 6-pack abs and who has the most money” is silly, you will NEVER EVER WIN THAT. Even if you’re better looking and richer than everyone in your city, you’ll go on vacation to LA with your girl and a celebrity will mack on her. This is also why the really hot girls don’t care about that stuff, they’re surrounded by it so they’re looking for a guy with internal value since most of those guys don’t have it since they base their worth externally. This is why you’ll see smokin hot girls with ugly scrubby loser guys and go “wtf is that shit???” Meanwhile now you’re that guy from my first point staring daggers at that scrubby guy, which is what he has to put up with alllll day every day when he’s with her

    – in bars guys will SHOWER her with free drinks, shots, etc. because to them if they get her shit-faced they might have a chance to feel her up and get in her pants or rape her

    – super hot girls are used to being able to get away with more drama because no one EVER calls them out on their bullshit, so they’ll test you way more frequently than other girls. They also tend to like drama more because it’s so rare for their world to be unpredictable and scary since everything is handed to them on a silver platter by the world being extremely cautious about daring to offend the princess. So they’ll try to start drama with you just in hopes that they’ll get to feel something other than “being perfect”

    – girls and female friends will constantly insult your girlfriend when she’s not around and behind your guys’ backs and call you shallow and imply that she’s a dumb bimbo etc. etc. just out of jealousy so you have negativity on that side too. God forbid if she’s much younger than you and then you get the pedophile jokes on top of it and the implications that you’re taking advantage of this poor naive innocent girl (doesn’t matter if she’s smart as fuck and has degrees and shit)

    – she’ll have male orbiters, hundreds of them, from all walks of life, and a ton of them will be better looking, richer, etc. than you but she’ll consider them all her “friends”. They’re alllllll friend-zoned, but they’ll alllllll still TRY to get in her pants. So she’ll go out on what anyone else would call a “date” with them, but she’ll say they’re just “hanging out”, because hell, she gets a free steak dinner and to drive around in a lambourghini, why wouldn’t she want to go “hang out”? You would too if a girl was offering you that shit. She won’t fuck them, but the pangs of jealousy will eat away at your soul every minute she’s not around you. You could cut her off from all her male friends but then you’ll look insecure and controlling and they’ll all make sure to let her know that about you and try to poison her against you so that she’ll break up with you and they can fuck her

    – you have way less bargaining posture over her than you do with an average girl because an average girl has maybe a handful of orbiters and they’re all kind of lame compared to you so you have “hand” in the relationship since you can walk and get another girl. But with this girl, you probably can’t get another one as hot as her very easily since they’re rare to begin with especially if you live in a small town, and she has hundreds of amazing guys all lined up if she wants to pull “hand” and you both know this. As long as you have a solid frame and she sees you as higher value than all those guys, you’re fine, but she’s finely tuned to sniffing out low value in men so if you drop the ball at all, she can move on and not give a single fuck

    – on top of it, when you’re NOT around her, you don’t know what she’s up to except that every guy around her is hitting on her constantly and trying to fuck her. So she goes on a “girls night out” with her ladies, where you know they’ll be dressed up hot and get all the attention of the room and she’ll be drinking at a nightclub while you’re sitting at home paranoid that she’s going to get fucked by some other guy…and then she legit falls asleep or something when she gets home and forgets to txt you and your last txt from her was at midnight and said “baby im soooo drnk lol!!” and your mind fills in a million disaster scenarios till you hear from her the next afternoon at which point you worry because you have no idea if she was banging a guy all night and kicked him out or what and you know women lie about that shit…remember, all those guys at the bar are showering her with free drinks to try to fuck her

    – also, all of the guy’s hitting on her stuff still happens even if you’re claiming your space and have your arm around her, holding her hand, she’s holding onto your arm, etc., this will all still happen…especially when guys are drinking. Guys will have entire conversations just with her as if you don’t exist at all, so you have to either barge your way into the conversation and risk looking insecure or ignore her and walk off and hope that she doesn’t run off with that guy

    – god forbid if you end up in something really long-term with her and get married and then all of this is compounded by the fact that if she divorces you she gets half your money, kids, etc.

    so ya, there’s a lot of bullshit to deal with. Average girls don’t even understand that hot girls have this sort of lifestyle because they get way less attention and perks. And guys who haven’t dated 10s don’t understand what this is like, they just think “naw I’d keep her at home and she’d just be super hot and I’d be in heaven”.

    It’s possible to handle these girls, but you have to have absolutely no insecurity (which is where jealousy stems from) and KNOW, 100%, that you are the highest value male she can get…even if that’s not true objectively or based on external things like looks, money, etc. This is very difficult for most guys to do, so most guys who get 10s will fuck it up within a few months because they can’t keep up with the barrage of tests that’ll come their way from her and the rest of the world and as soon as you cave once she knows there’s chinks in your armor and you’re not as high value as you pretended to be.

    This is why ultimately game is to help you learn to BE high value, after you fake it for a while. You eventually become it and it’s internalized and you’re no longer faking it, and that’s where you can handle dating a legit 10.

    (side note, a girl who’s super hot isn’t necessarily a 10…girls who are super hot but still insecure or low self-esteem (usually these are the super bratty bitchy girls in clubs) aren’t 10s because they only have the looks not the personality. A legit 10 will be smokin hot and cool as fuck and friendly to everyone around her, which is part of what causes all the trouble I listed lol every guy thinks he’s getting Approach Invites and iois lol)


  50. Did this guy pass? https://twitter.com/FreddyAmazin/status/663922870809161728/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw to use TSW’s terminology, something about seeing 9yr olds’ texting is ‘creepy’. ‘Look at muh 6pack’. An assortment of influences seem to shine through


  51. YaReally Sentient, HABD Walawala and gang

    Short daygame FR. Have picked up some new wings who pretty much only do daygame so I’ve decided to try some although it’s not my usual scene.

    It’s a good group of wings..they seem like nice guys and they approach and take action but they’re all in their twenties and have really not studied the concepts much at all – watched some Youtube videos, read The Game (maybe) and pretty much spam approach based on some PUA coach tutorials. No real understanding of underlying concepts. And I sometimes feel like their big brother explaining stuff (they are more used to daygame and approaches but I’m miles ahead on escalation, sexualizing, text game and presence).

    ANyway, I did a little daygame alone..didn’t get into state but I got EC and a smile from one HB7 at a traffic light and I’ve trained myself enough that it was pretty much instinctive to walk over to her and make a (lame) joke about how a car would have run her over if she’d tried to cross when the light was red. She responded well but I let it fizzle. Didn’t make any more approaches as I really feel uncertain about what to do in daygame approach..feels artificial (I’m okay with situational openers but not so much of the running behind a girl and stoppig her saying she’s stunning – not my personality or energy level esp when she’s not really beautiful).

    Anyway then I had a bit of a minor breakthrough and decided to take a leaf out of Paul Janka’s book and go in super-indirect just to open up the convo and show intent from there, mainly to get reference experience in stopping girls who are walking (I’ve never done that before – first time). Bythen I met my wings and went to the local mall and just walked around for an hour or so. I wussed out a couple of times, but mostly I did pretty well I think.

    I stopped a bunch of girls and just asked for directions to Starbucks. That’s it. Even that was interesting because I was focussing on things like tonality, EC, planting my feet and not moving or chasing them..stuff like that. Worked fairly well, and just like with the Paul Janka infields on Youtube, it’s interesting how you can pretty much tell instantly who is engaged and responding and who isn’t. All of them stopped – one two-set kept walking and stopped as I turned my head without moving but left as soon as they told me where Starbucks was. Most of the sets stopped completely and I engaged them for a minute or so and teased them about being “mall guides” or something and then I prematurely ejected. A couple were giving solid IOIs too..very engaged and smiley.

    Also as my friend got coffee at the Starbucks I was flirting a bit with the barista..she didn’t respond much but she was smiling..I was just joking around saying she gives discounts to the guys she likes etc..

    All in all, good vibes. I’ve just been so nervous about daygame approaches and stopping girls who are walking (without approach invites) and it feels like I’ve really made some progress with that. Going to hit it hard over the next few days..need to keep doing the approaches. I think indirect opening is fine, but I need to keep doing it and then push to extend the interaction longer and close.

    I’m trying to work up to trying the Vitalyzdtv kissing in 30 seconds with 3 questions thing..may be a while off (I rewatched his video and noticed that not only are most of the girls alone, the kiss also happens in pretty isolated locations, like not in a crowd – so even lower ASD..but rare to find such isolated sets..).


    • on November 20, 2015 at 8:43 am having a bad day


      “ANyway, I did a little daygame alone..”

      GREAT job…that’s not easy at ALL…are you still alive?…SUCCESS!…lol…see talking to girls won’t kill you…

      “She responded well but I let it fizzle.”

      did she look good enough for you to want to go out with her? if yes (and just to have it in your pocket for next time…as well as GREAT practice)…memorize the standard day game close (assuming no instadate) = “listen, i’d love to stay and chat, but i have a meeting, what’s your number?…” [hand her your phone with laser eye contact/confident body posture]…

      “Didn’t make any more approaches as I really feel uncertain about what to do in daygame approach..”

      goal is the same as night game = get laid…lol…it’s just one removed (sometimes…lol)

      “feels artificial ”

      that’s bc it IS from a blue pill perspective…the FI doesn’t want MEN in charge of whether sex happens or not…and you should know by now that it’s not really possible for girls to stop themselves if you flip the right switches…lol…that artificial feel is the shaming component of the FI…pointed at the beta part of you that still exists…

      “I stopped a bunch of girls and just asked for directions to Starbucks. That’s it.”

      that’s enough…that’s how i started…it’s scaaary…but i lived…and now i know where starbucks is…lol…getting started and getting reference experiences that you won’t die is the most important part of day game…

      “Even that was interesting because I was focussing on things like tonality, EC, planting my feet and not moving or chasing them..stuff like that. Worked fairly well, and just like with the Paul Janka infields on Youtube, it’s interesting how you can pretty much tell instantly who is engaged and responding and who isn’t. ”

      good job!

      “then I prematurely ejected. ”

      i think they have a pill for that…lol…

      “A couple were giving solid IOIs too..very engaged and smiley.”

      see above…get a number…once you keep doing this stuff, you start to realize that there is ALWAYS another cute girl 10 seconds out and heading your way…so, at some point you’ll get bored…then, you have to keep doing it anyway…bc you’ll start to try out new things and see how they work (bc you’ll be at ZFG…lol)…like what’s the least amount of interaction you can have and still get a number…(like in that video – [walk over to girl…hand her your phone and stand there looking bored]) = zero words ftw!…lol…or you’ll start to develop instadates ala Krauser…it’s all good…

      ” I’ve just been so nervous about daygame approaches and stopping girls who are walking (without approach invites) and it feels like I’ve really made some progress with that.”

      props on putting in the work…

      “Going to hit it hard over the next few days..need to keep doing the approaches. I think indirect opening is fine, but I need to keep doing it and then push to extend the interaction longer and close.”

      great plan…

      “I’m trying to work up to trying the Vitalyzdtv kissing in 30 seconds with 3 questions thing..”

      great goal…

      “may be a while off (I rewatched his video and noticed that not only are most of the girls alone, the kiss also happens in pretty isolated locations, like not in a crowd – so even lower ASD..but rare to find such isolated sets..).”

      probably closer than you think…but will mostly depend on your vibe, body language, eye contact. etc. i.e. your ‘engagement value’… and how fast you trip those switches to clear the path to a kiss…

      good luck!


  52. I think if a 6 or 7 thinks you’re out of her league, you can inadvertently bring on shit tests or bitchiness by overgaming her.

    My experience has been that the more shy 6s and 7s who already think I have alpha bonafides seem to be put off when I hit them with too much additional game.

    Perhaps this is more relevant to “good looking guy game” but girls who think you’re too good looking for them will often not respond well to additional game, at least early in the interaction. Some of them will think “why is he acting this way, I already want to bang him” and their incongruency alarms will go off.

    Interested to hear CH other readers’ opinions on this.


    • Still tease and have fun, but no negs. strong boyfriend posture kino and leading work better on lower SMV girls once you know you have attraction. Just don’t rub their face in it, that will trigger ASD.


  53. I’ve had a bit of a breakthrough in this respect (it hasn’t got me anywhere yet, but I’ll keep trying), and I find dealing with female shit tests a lot of fun now, especially the look of faux indignation after brushing one aside, through teasing, or picking apart the ridiculous logic, etc.

    What I struggle with in women, is their inclination for being a stream of emotional, solipsistic, consciousness.

    To provide a concrete example, when talking to men I find we can have a desultory conversation about several different subjects because we find each subject fascinating and interesting.

    Whereas when talking to women I find they always seem to be vocalising (to the point of constant interruption and side tracking in a conversation) about people that are worrying them, annoying them, or to put it more generically, people who are expressing contrary emotions to themselves that they feel should be in emotional agreement.

    I find this very exhausting, and beyond any teasing, I find it very difficult to develop any sort of mutual connection with women I’m talking to.

    Does anyone else find this?


    • Just to add to this, the discussion on this thread is a prime example. Most of the people posting here are undoubtedly male, and consequently we’re all largely adding our experiences and ideas that are pertinent to the topic of the post (or at the very least the blog in general, or when someone does veer off subject they at least acknowledge they have done so).

      And if the conversations were taking place in the pub, rather than on here, I could imagine someone’s girlfriend turning up and hijacking the conversation by declaring completely out of the nowhere (most probably whilst other people were talking), and completely out of context, for example, why “a co-worker was being horrible”.


    • Chunky – you can’t really have conversations with women like you can with men. enjoy their company, enjoy their silliness, the solipsism and emotions… and sex.

      Then have real conversations with your guy friends.

      Cats are not dogs.


      • So how do you deal with the female “stream of consciousness” tendency?

        I’m afraid I don’t enjoy that aspect of female company at all, it’s exhausting.

        I’ve had a couple of girls definitely interested in me, but after further conversation with them to them I find myself thinking “I’m sorry I just cannot communicate with you”.

        I also find the pretty girls are worst when it comes to this, I think they honestly believe the whole world revolves around their emotions.


      • Just ignore it…. like you would the music on an elevator. More reason to get good at pick up… less time spent “dating” and going through this kind of ordeal, more focus on the sexual relationship. just watch those pretty lips flap and imagine your dick between them… LOL. Nod and uh huh as appropriate or just space them a few minutes apart, it really doesn’t matter.

        Most of women’s talk is just her thinking out loud and finding out how she feels about things. and the result wont matter because she will feel different a little later and thus think differently. Emotion is the only truth to a woman and her emotions are always changing with her hormones and chemical responses and stimulus.

        Cats are not dogs…


      • pro comment +100


      • I understand what you’re saying, and the thrust of what I’ve written is not really to lament the differences between men and women, more to demonstrate the behaviour I’ve observed, as a prelude to the question “have you seen this before?”

        The stream of consciousness thing that I experience happens when I’m trying to pick a girl up (I’m not dating, the last girl I went on a date with was my ex-girlfriend), so I’ve teased, attempted to tell a few stories, etc., and once I’ve built a little comfort I find the girl starts doing the aforementioned (I’m assuming she does this because she’s starting to feel comfortable enough to sound off about her thoughts).

        Is this to be expected, or am I making the girls I talk to, too comfortable?


      • Yes way too comfortable if this is the case… you need more attraction built. Do more teasing, interrupt her story (yeah yeah – check this out…), have her qualify herself (oh your one of those girls, Oh, you sound like [XXX], this is why it will never work between us…etc.), compliance test her (come here, turn around, taste her drink, bounce to different area of venue or place, etc.), roll off/take away (look past her while she is talking, look around room, turn away from her, check your phone etc.) and more laser eye sexualization and boyfriend posture kino should work.

        Once you have sexualized things and the vibe is forming, you can move to some generic comfort/rapport stuff, future state things (if you could do anything for a living what would it be, go anywhere, what is someplace/something you have always wanted to do) and the questions game… the point is to lead these conversations and not get into her soap opera life stuff, that is friendzoning yourself…

        And pull. Pull pull pull as much as you can. Once the vibe is formed you try and bounce out of the venue eventually to the sex location. IF at that point you can’t pull, you get her number and bounce. Either way you are avoiding these kinds of dating BFF conversations with her.

        Good luck!


      • on November 19, 2015 at 11:02 am having a bad day

        @ChunkyMonkey Sentient

        props on putting in the work…

        “So how do you deal with the female “stream of consciousness” tendency?”

        “Just ignore it…. “…or even better…you “lead it”…right to sex…lol…

        “I’m afraid I don’t enjoy that aspect of female company at all, it’s exhausting.”

        it is if you’re still residual blue pill and expect girls to be logical…lol…every ‘thought’ a girl has is the ‘ping’ to your ‘pong’ in the game of game…if you are red pill enough, it’s a f’in feast of opportunity…

        the ONLY real reason you should be interacting with girls is for sex (female relatives/coworkers/etc excepted…)…and that includes ‘friends’…bc the only reason you should have a girl as a ‘friend’ is for fwb/social proof/pivot…otherwise get male friends…bc if for no other reason, it’s the opposite of the FI goal…

        “I’ve had a couple of girls definitely interested in me, but after further conversation with them to them I find myself thinking “I’m sorry I just cannot communicate with you”.”

        that’s what this game stuff is ALL about…teaching you to ACTUALLY communicate with girls…here’s an example…”i looove how you eat that ice cream…” [with laser eyes and strong body posture and touch her arm for emphasis] = ‘suck my dick’ (to the girl’s hindbrain)…lol…

        once you ‘get’ that, girls are actually really fun…bc they are ALWAYS on (sexually)…and AWALT…every girl/all the time…that’s another red pill truth that you will eventually absorb, if you stay the course/put in the work…like Sentient says cats are not dogs…and really…you wouldn’t want them to be…

        “I also find the pretty girls are worst when it comes to this, I think they honestly believe the whole world revolves around their emotions.”

        feature! not a bug…lol…learning to manage those emotions is the end point of game…

        “The stream of consciousness thing that I experience happens when I’m trying to pick a girl up (I’m not dating, the last girl I went on a date with was my ex-girlfriend), so I’ve teased, attempted to tell a few stories, etc., and once I’ve built a little comfort I find the girl starts doing the aforementioned (I’m assuming she does this because she’s starting to feel comfortable enough to sound off about her thoughts).

        Is this to be expected, or am I making the girls I talk to, too comfortable?”


        but seriously, it sounds like you are lacking attraction/sexual intent…if the girl is chatting comfortably with you (with no sexual overtones) she sees you as a beta provider/orbiter…i.e. “friend” and you will end up at “I just don’t see you in that way…”= ljbf…sooo, the next time bust-a-move…note- this will probably feel like you are a ‘walking hard-on’…if you’re coming from standardized beta programming…

        and just for a little game practice/red pill understanding…

        “And if the conversations were taking place in the pub, rather than on here, I could imagine someone’s girlfriend turning up and hijacking the conversation by declaring completely out of the nowhere (most probably whilst other people were talking), and completely out of context, for example, why “a co-worker was being horrible”.”

        why do you think this might be?…

        good luck!


      • welcome back HABD… missed your commentary.


      • Thanks Sentient, that makes things clearer.

        I knew I was going wrong somewhere, “not getting caught up in the soap opera” is a good analogy.


      • Chunky – as a test, just think about what you want to be doing to her at that moment and then move toward it… So if you want to kiss her… keep sexualizing and playing with her and then do it. She wont be telling you about her job or co-worker then right!


      • on November 19, 2015 at 11:19 am having a bad day


        “welcome back HABD… missed your commentary.”

        i never left…f’in stack…lol…


    • @Having A Bad Day

      Thanks for your time on this.

      I’m not blue pill as such, there’s just nobody about (all my friends, colleagues, and family, are completely and utterly blue pill) so I can personally observe the red pill put to practical use.

      I rather naively thought that I could tease a girl + demonstrate higher value, and then when she was bit more interested, she would behave more normally!

      Your comment that “it’s a feature not a bug”, sums this up quite nicely i.e. women are always like this (I’m never getting married by the way).

      As both yourself and Sentient have suggested, I’ll try working on kino and escalation as the next step (whilst also not getting caught up in the soap opera and continuing to tease).

      It would be nice for interactions with women to be fun rather than an ordeal, and to get them doing what I want for a change (having said that I did recently manage to get free doughnuts off a girl work after being a dick to her, which I was pleased with).


  54. YaReally, Sentient, HABD Wala et al

    Quick coffee shop vignette (another longer day game FR is still in mod from yesterday).

    In my usual coffee shop today. Late 30s HB6 keeps catching my eye and smiling (strong IOIs) but can’t be bothered to go across a row of seats for her. Id have opened her if she was near me.

    After 45 min she actually leans over across the row of seats and calls across to me: “Are you [somename]?” ANd I looked puzzled and she’s like “Oh, I was supposed to meet [somename] here..was wondering if you were him”. Talk about a clumsy opener! Is this how lame openers by betas are??

    Why did she wait 45 mins to ask me if I was the guy if that was the real reason she opened me? Not only that, the guy she was waiting for turned up about 15 min later and looked NOTHING like me. Ten years older, much taller, beard..basically if she had even the vaguest description of him there is no way she could have mistaken me for him.

    And yet, pre-Game I’d never have seen this as her opening me clumsily..(I have a policy of not messing around in this coffee shop because I am there a lot, but I think I am going to start getting into a lot more conversations even if I don’t close..).


    • Funny… it killed her to wait that long after giving you all those AI’s…


    • on November 19, 2015 at 11:24 am having a bad day


      “And yet, pre-Game I’d never have seen this as her opening me clumsily..(I have a policy of not messing around in this coffee shop because I am there a lot, but I think I am going to start getting into a lot more conversations even if I don’t close..).”

      practice is practice…it all adds up…and you can try different things with no expectations of closing, just to try them out/get comfortable…

      good luck!


  55. @Having a Bad Day + Sentient

    I’m sorry, I’ve tried to reply, but my comments are getting chewed up in moderation.


  56. @Having a Bad Day + Sentient (Part 1)

    Thanks for you time replying,

    I’m not blue pill as such, rather, I’ve 20+ years of pervasive blue context to shake off, and there’s nobody about to personally observe putting the red pill in action (all of my family, friends, and colleagues are thoroughly blue pill).

    I rather naively thought that I could tease + demonstrate higher value, and once a girl’s interest was sparked, she would get out of her head and start behaving more normally!


    • on November 19, 2015 at 4:25 pm having a bad day


      “Thanks for you time replying,”

      you’re welcome…just paying back the help i got…

      “I’m not blue pill as such, rather, I’ve 20+ years of pervasive blue context to shake off, and there’s nobody about to personally observe putting the red pill in action (all of my family, friends, and colleagues are thoroughly blue pill).”

      plenty of youtube field reports and such…plus just doing pre game analysis and strategizing (routine structuring) as well as post game debriefs are very helpful…post up your FRs for review and you’ll get some good advice on improving…plenty of men around here know what’s what…do the analysis, make your predictions, take action, observe results…adjust, rinse and repeat…but really, just going out and trying things in your normal everyday life is REALLY good practice…

      “I rather naively thought that I could tease + demonstrate higher value, and once a girl’s interest was sparked, she would get out of her head and start behaving more normally!”


      good luck!


  57. @Having a Bad Day + Sentient (Part 2)

    “It’s a feature not a bug” sums this up quite nicely! i.e. women are like this all the time (I’m never getting married by the way).

    I’m going to do what both you and Sentient suggest, and that is to work on kino and sexualising conversation, as a next step (whilst continuing to tease, and not getting caught up in the girl’s soap opera of emotions).


    • on November 19, 2015 at 4:29 pm having a bad day


      “(I’m never getting married by the way).”

      you are ahead of the curve…lol…but really, it’s not so bad…at least now that i have some game…lol

      “I’m going to do what both you and Sentient suggest, and that is to work on kino and sexualising conversation, as a next step (whilst continuing to tease, and not getting caught up in the girl’s soap opera of emotions).”

      GREAT plan…practice makes the playa…lol…

      good luck!


    • on November 19, 2015 at 4:30 pm having a bad day

      f’in stack ate another one…lol…oh well, it was a good run while it lasted…


    • ChunkyMonkey – good work on how far you’ve come. Let me just emphasize what a great resource the regulars on the comment thread are, for help and support, if you post FRs (although YaReally seems to have moved to the Rational Male comment threads).

      What I found worked really well for me in improving kino and sexualization was just doing a LOT of online dates. It meant I stopped worrying about opening and stuff and just had lots of dates and drinks and focussed on other stuff and had a lot of sex. Now I’ve stopped online stuff and I’m going back to cold approach (hence the newbie cold approach FRs of late) but my escalation and sexualization skills are vastly improved..you may want to try that.


      • on November 19, 2015 at 5:27 pm having a bad day


        i’ve been lurking at Rational Male a lot too…lol…dealing with the stack here is getting old…but i still try to post sometimes for men out there trying to get better like Chunky…and those YaReally monster posts probably never would see the light of day here…now watch this one get stuck too…lol…

        good luck!


      • on November 19, 2015 at 5:29 pm having a bad day


        Chunky…and you, too…lol


      • Heh – thanks HABD. Indeed.

        I just don’t have the mental bandwidth to follow the Rationale Male comments (especially spread across multiple pages), but I read the actual articles, plus YaReally’s stuff plus check out the comments by a guy called “fleezer” who posts sometimes. Really entertaining – like the purest example a totally amoral Natural with instinctive red pill knowledge I have seen.

        But in terms of the community of guys going out and gaming and supporting each other, I prefer the group here (although I sometimes double post FRs to TRM if I want to ask YaReally something specific).

        One tip: try posting comments using Firefox instead of Chrome. It doesn’t totally eliminate mod but in my experience in the last month or so, drops posts going into mod by like 80% (only the really long post go into mod).


      • iDK why Rollo won’t do nested comments and all comments on one page like CH… It’s unusable to scroll over 5 to 10 pages of comments to follow a thread over and over.

        Who has time for that?


  58. A guy once told me that I was a 7. I think I do sh*t test, but I’m not sure. :-/


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  60. […] recently ran an article about greater betas and lesser alphas getting hit with the most shit tests.  Just because you get hit with shit tests doesn’t mean that you aren’t good enough.  […]