Revenge Is A Dish Best Served To Psychopaths

Revenge against those who have done wrong by you is not only personally satisfying, it’s an effective social strategy for dealing with assorted sociopaths and psychopaths.

Case in point: Yer ever-so-‘umble narrator was proven right once again when I mused that Trump’s rumored consideration of Mitt Romney for Secretary of State was nothing less than a public humiliation spectacle of a traitor who tried to derail the Trump Train.

WELP, Roger Stone says the intent of Trump’s interview of Romney was to “torture” him.

Stone called Romney a “choker” and said that Trump was simply toying with him.

Donald Trump was interviewing Mitt Romney for Secretary of State in order to torture him,” Stone claimed on the program. “To toy with him. And given the history, that’s completely understandable. Mitt Romney crossed a line. He didn’t just oppose Trump, which is his democratic right, he called him a phony and a fraud. And a con man. And that’s not the kind of man you want as Secretary of State.”

2016 has delivered a cornucopia of WINNING photo memes, but this one, of Romney and Trump sitting at a private restaurant table presumably discussing Romney’s fit as a possible SoS Cabinet member, is in my top ten list of visual shivs.


Romney looks like he pissed his magic underwear. And Trump…..well, that’s the face of a mischievous boy who just pulled a fast one on the school principal. Truly a photo worth savoring.

Revenge as a tool to manage psychopaths is a novel interpretation of this behavioral trait. Trevor Goodchild explains,

Trump has repeatedly written in his books regarding public revenge and how he personally engages in it. While viscerally satisfying, it’s also master game theory. When dealing with sociopaths and psychopaths (as he has throughout his entire career), one fundamental truism is that their word means absolutely nothing. Pathologic lying is actually one of their tells, although some can keep it under wraps. So how can you close deals (or win an election) while having to work with and in some cases depend on such creatures? Knowing that they would benefit more in the short term by selling you out? It’s the prisoner’s dilemma all over again.

The solution: delayed punishment. Public humiliation. Revenge.

The most successful strategy to overcome the prisoners dilemma is tit-for-tat; you never initiate a screwjob, but always remember the people who have screwed you, and make a point to get even (while making sure everyone knows about it). This is one of the keys to The Golden Don’s success; far from being flighty or unstable, he’s very likely one of the most rational actors to step into the White House in a long time. This doesn’t make him predictable, but it does make him a world leader that others can trust to actually honor negotiations. Something that’s been seriously missing from the US for the last 8 years.

Revenge, especially publicly exhibited revenge, is a targeted form of social shaming, and those who are high in the Dark Triad traits — Machiavellianism, narcissism, and psychopathy — are particularly vulnerable to the threat of suffering the vengeful wrath of one of their victims. The narcissist especially fears nothing like a public humiliation that exposes the dimness of his glowing self-conception to the jeers of the crowd.

As a NYC real estate magnate, Trump has had to deal with a condensed collection of the world’s worst high-functioning psychos. The political world must have felt like more of the same bullshit to him, and his familiarity handling backstabbers and sniveling cunts like Romney prepared him to 1. crush the GOPe 2. crush the media and finally 3. crush the clinton corruption machine.

It’s fortunate that Trump is on the side of the Light. He’d make a formidable foe working for the open borders sleaze team.


  1. I hope Trump had Romney pick up the tab.

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  2. Once again, you second guess The Don, you get tooled.

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  3. “It’s fortunate that Trump is on the side of the Light. He’d make a formidable foe working for the open borders sleaze team.”

    That is a frightening thought.

    Thank God he’s on our side.

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  4. just noticed the crow someone shopped onto mittens’ plate. funny.

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  5. Also enjoying watching the media have a daily stroke over the way he ignores them. They’re like a fat/ugly bar skank whoring for attention. The handsome alpha gives her an encouraging glance, then a hurtful back turn of complete disinterest.

    I remember when he called a press conference to make an “important” announcement. Then when they all showed up, anxious and excited, he just repeated his daily campaign speech. They screamed about that for days, giving him free TV time. Burned!

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    • I remember that. The MSM and leftists were 100% sure he was going to drop out of the race. Master level troll.

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      • And Strapon did as well. Remember Trump was just a Hillary plant to gaurantee her victory.

        Never forget.



      • Lolz

        Strapon must have been reassigned to the lower league of Reddit trolling.

        D-Kike has taken his spot.


      • Damn, you’re right, Sentient. Strappy was obssessed with saying that and pulling that canard. Guess Trump liked winning for himself too much to keep up the arrangement.

        Still not tired of winning!

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      • Strapon wasn’t the only one touting that ridiculous “Trump is only in it to make sure Hillary wins” meme… some alleged allies of ours were parroting that stupid CT as well.

        Maybe someone with the time, inclination and chateau search-fu could remind us of that Keystone Kops collection.


    • Or the time he had the entire MSM hanging on his every word for about 30 minutes during a press conference, as he publicized the opening of a new TRUMP Hotel. Then at the end he added “Hillary Clinton started the birthed rumors, I ended them.” Goodbye lololzolzozlzolzzll

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    • DJT is probably the first Republican president who really understands that the media are NOT his friends, will NEVER be his friends and there is NOTHING he can do or say to ever make them his friends.
      So he treats them accordingly.

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      • Would that all White folks realize this about the MSM, negroes, et. al.

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      • on December 15, 2016 at 7:11 pm Captain Obvious

        (((et. al.)))


      • The irony is Romney would have been President if he realized this. This is the it factor GOP Presidential candidates never had.


      • There are more than one ‘it’ factors.
        For the longest time, Republicans have had a very strong tendency to select as their presidential candidates elderly, avuncular father figures – complete with slicked-back hair (if any), pipe, smoking jacket and slippers, straight out of a 1950’s family movie – who have put in their time and worked themselves up through the party ranks until it was, finally, ‘their turn’.
        The Establishment takes them aside one fine day at the country club golf course – reserved for moneyed patricians who have not seen actual reality since, oh, 1834 or so – pats them on the back and says, “Win one for the Gipper, old boy.”
        There may be some in the Republican leadership who actually believe that you can still win elections – never mind the popular vote – with such characters in late 20th/early 21st century America.
        One of the biggest reasons many people see the GOP as a party of ‘old, obsolete White men’.
        The Democrats, on the other hand, have been very good at finding people who – by the standards of politics – might be considered, in some way or another, ‘glamorous rock stars’, starting with their Once And Future King, John F. Kennedy, which is a strategy that works MUCH better,especially with women and young people.
        The GOP have, in living memory, only had 2 such candidates, both of whom came from outside their establishment, Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump.

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      • I kept telling my cuck dad that Trump is more like Reagan than any other since.


    • on December 16, 2016 at 11:31 am LG Cleric of Trump

      Now he also has half of the U.S. intelligence apparatus doing the same “woman scorned” act.


  6. I’ve always thought gaming women is a bit like telling a good story. A story about yourself and a story about yourself and the woman. Giving highs and lows, twists and such to the woman until she’s wrapped up in it.

    Don is the same way with politics. He’s constantly spinning a yarn, telling a story, and people watch entranced, even his enemies. The treatment of Romeny was just another little piece of the saga.

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    • Yup. One of the best aspects of his campaign speeches and even the Thank You Tour* speeches (that TYT is a stroke of genius, by the way) was when he’d bring up a topic and then go, “So here’s the story” and do his thing.

      You could sense the audience’s anticipation. Taking about being rapt with attention.

      *While the Thank You Tour is fun, those campaign speeches were great, if only because we didn’t know the outcome, however hopeful and confident we were of victory. It had a different tone and timbre. A moxier attitude.

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      • He was on fire in Hershey PA last night. Best speech of the tour in my humble opinion. He did a hilarious play by play of the election day shenanigans.

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    • Then there are people like me who realize how much BS he spews, how often he changes his positions, how much he loves to say anything that keeps him in the spotlight who are so not entranced.


      • Cuck


      • You couldn’t be more transparent, Strappy.

        There’s people like you that have to change their commenter name to hide from the fact you were wrong about everything about Trump, and you continue to be wrong about him.

        Sure enough, you only ever come out when a post is about and/or references Trump and the mastery with which he conducts all that he does.

        You’re pathetic.

        And you never answered Sentient regarding those final poll numbers. Heck, even the poll numbers just a few days prior to the election. You never even gave the USC poll any credence, despite it being of the most accurate of the season.


      • For the last time-and I will type slow so you and anyone else who thinks I am someone else, that I posted before the election, that I changed my screen name-you are wrong. You jumped to the wrong conclusion. Your speculation is wrong. So to recap- you are wrong, wrong, wrong.


      • Proof? Sources?? He does toy with certain groups. But most of his perceived flip flops are media lies.


      • Nice summary of Trump’s policy flip flops. In comic format to make it nice and easy for everyone to understand: Don’t like Trudeau and Doonesbury? Tough. Trudeau rips on all politicians/public figures who need ripping on


      • For the last time-and I will type slow so you and anyone else who thinks I am someone else, that I posted before the election, that I changed my screen name-you are wrong. You jumped to the wrong conclusion. Your speculation is wrong. So to recap- you are wrong, wrong, wrong.

        Your expressions are like a Strapon, you debate like a Strapon, your style is like a Strapon… it’s all much too cohencidental.

        If you ain’t Strapon, then you’re even more pathetic than she was… because it means you’re merely a clone of some shitlib yenta.

        Wha, did all of you useful idiots go to the same school?

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      • I know it is hard to handle when your beliefs don’t match the facts but deal with it. As for schooling, some of you may have a Ph.d but I will put my public education in upstate NY and my University of Minnesota BA against anything you guys received.


      • “Trudeau rips on everyone who needs ripping on” huh I guess not a single lib or dem has deserved criticism in the 15 years I’ve been familar with the strip.

        No wonder you’re losing so much. You can’t even be honest with yourselves long enough to form effective propaganda strategies.


      • Rick is a pedofag Shabbos goy who gets paid by director pardo in cheese pizza.

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      • It can’t get any better than this. Can it?


      • Soon “Rick” will be refering to herself as “this alpha” and her 6’2″ frame…


        Don’t worry, the “toe curling” at confrontation tell will still shine through…


      • I predict Rick shortly predicting Trump will lose the election or quiting after 100 days…


      • I will put my public education in upstate NY

        Don’t know how Watertown compares with the schools on Long Island, but I got a 97 on my Regents Exam in Latin back in 9th grade.

        What was your point again?

        … and my University of Minnesota BA

        Oh, well, why didn’t you say so sooner? BA from MN… game over, guys.

        /very LARGE duckface, and I won’t mention my MS rape!


      • I’m waiting for Rick to quote Nate Silver’s 92.666% assurances that the Electoral College is going to flip the script.

        After all, Silver’s correctly predicted the last four presidential elections…

        … save one.



      • Rick translation:

        “Then there are people like (((me))) who cherry pick irrelevant annecdotes [realize how much BS he spews]…”

        Yawwwn. Again…President Elect Trump has not been innaugurated yet.

        Care to comment however on this all of a sudden ‘Russian hacking’ narrative?

        Of course not, (((Rick))). Because BS that is spewed never comes from the left. /s


      • The other Strapunzel tell is always bringing up her educational credentials.

        If you have to bring it up, it ain’t worth shit.


      • So to recap- you are wrong, wrong, wrong.

        And you can go to hell, hell, hell!

        /Billy The Kid rape!


      • You sure have rape on your mind a lot. Wonder how glib you would be with that word if one of your family members were raped. Cue another frothing at the mouth personal attack in 3, 2, 1…


      • Like you didn’t know whorefinder’s shtick is coin of the realm, here at the chateau.

        /Disingenuous yenta is disingenuous rape!

        Strapon using her education rape:


      • Cue another frothing at the mouth personal attack in 3, 2, 1…

        Cue another Strapon expression tell in -1, -2, -3 rape.


      • lol it doesn’t matter if he flip flops. We support him because of what he represents – the smashing of the current paradigm – and what he will do. That’s it. So quit being a little faggot. No one gives a shit about “consistent principles” if it doesn’t help you win.


      • You just used a cartoon as your source, which is not proof. Your education failed you.


      • Stating your position is not proof of your statement. Begging the question.


      • In typical Strapunzel fashion, she calls a comic, neither drawn well nor funny, a “nice summary”.

        Yeah, yienta… this “summary” should really do the trick this time and kill his campaign… for what, now, about the 7th time?

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • I know it is hard to handle when your beliefs don’t match the facts…

        Of COURSE, you know… you’ve been the poster child for it since you’ve been posting!

        …but deal with it.

        Physician, heal thyself.

        Geez, Louise… every damn sentence you write is deconstruction material.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • I used a comic strip to illustrate Trump’s flip flops in a easy to read format. But hey, use this thing called Google and you will find Trump’s 141 positions on 23 issues-way more than what was listed in Doonesbury. I guess that is why you all love Trump so much – he is a man of conviction. Many, many convictions.


  7. “It’s fortunate that Trump is on the side of the Light. He’d make a formidable foe working for the open borders sleaze team.”

    True enough. But were he of such low morals as to work for sleeze-USA, he would lack the hallmark of competence that shines from his every action. So it ever is. Those who can do. Those who can’t teach. And, those who can do neither sit by with eyes of the weasel, hoping to catch whatever crumbs they can snatch, following always the moral code of most expedient.

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  8. patience is a deadly trait. Trump has it.

    for a leftward-slanting status quo that consolidated it’s power around the idea of ‘free stuff for everyone today!’, someone like Trump who has the ability to forgo immediate gratification in exchange for long term success appears to almost have the powers of a god. “what kind of person says ‘no’ to a freeloading good time??? he must be evil!”

    someone with enough faith in the future to plan ahead surely has no need for those who would burn it all down today. no wonder they’re so triggered.

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    • Geniuses are flawed.

      Average men too. But while most average men learn from their experience, they don’t have the fine ability to switch negative experiences into positive ones. We are aware of our flaws but we don’t wield them like armour. It takes a different kind of character. Confidence is what we got when the going is good, character when it isn’t.

      His flaw is his genius. Trump has PhD’s in Socio dynamics and 4D chess.


  9. Can’t wait till Witchfinder General Jeff Sessions burns thecunt & Podesta The Molesta.

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    • Yeah that Podesta needs to be held accountable-for liking pizza. What we really need to do is go to Comet Pizza with guns and get some answers. Oh wait one dumb ass already did that


      • You’re more than welcome to do just that. (And of course you would believe that that was the case.)

        We’ll wait for a more sensible approach, Strappy.


      • What we really need to do is go to Comet Pizza with guns and get some answers.

        Strapon, as a garden-variety half-ass, you’re half-right yet again.

        /Wrong destination, right tactic rape!


      • “Yeah that Podesta needs to be held accountable-for liking pizza.”

        And we’ve found the diaper sniper.


      • Strapunzel, as a garden variety half-ass, you’re half-right yet again.

        /Wrong destination, right idea rape!

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      • “Would love to get a pizza for an hour? Or come over”

        “The realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has a map that seems pizza-related. Is it yorus? They can send it if you want. I know you’re busy, so feel free not to respond if it’s not yours or you don’t want it.”

        “I think Obama spent about $65,000 of the tax-payers money flying in
        pizza/dogs from Chicago for a private party at the White House not long
        ago, assume we are using the same channels?”

        “Lo and behold, instead of pasta and wonderful sauces, it was a lovely, tempting assortment of cheeses, Yummy. I am awaiting the return of my children and grandchildren from their holiday travels so that we can demolish them.”

        “Ps. Do you think I’ll do better playing dominos on cheese than on pasta?”

        Yeah, that sounds real legit, (((Rick))). You’re a great person for defending these people.


      • You can thank the lying media for that. The average joe psycho will believe that nonsense of anything the (((MSM))) reports. But that’s what (((they))) want white men to be anyway, mentally ill losers.


      • Why is Podesta The Molesta so quiet? Why isn’t he suing for slander & libel?


    • The Podesta brothers were both in that Portuguese village (renting a villa a few streets away from Madeleine McCann’s villa, and renting it from known paedophile Clement Freud) the very day Madeleine McCann was abducted. Skeptical? Take a good look at the police sketches of the possible suspects.



    • He will be a Saint Michael incarnate. It is my sincere hope.


  10. OMG, check out this pathetic plea from B-list celebs and Hollywood has-beens (with a few cat-ladies in there for good measure). The ultimate beta collective trying to draw our people over the line and deny The Don his rightful place in HIStory. So why the sudden interest in the Federalist Papers, libs?


  11. They ate frog legs for that dinner BTW. Sign from Kek for sure

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  12. — It’s fortunate that Trump is on the side of the Light. He’d make a formidable foe working for the open borders sleaze team.

    I’ve wondered the same about certain great AltRight bloggers but concluded that we don’t choose our alignment — it chooses us. There was a time when the ideas of brilliant leftists (Trotsky et al.) ruled but that was when the West was a mountain of complacently ignored social capital. A parasite’s paradise; defenders of tradition lacked all conviction.

    But notice that today there is no talent or charisma of any significance on their side, hadn’t been there since Jon Liebowitz’s charlatan act. The ability to write brilliantly is in part a function of one’s ability to intuit certain occluded truths and then compellingly communicate them — and the effective execution of that task requires a level of honesty in one’s writing that, by necessity, hobbles one who is inclined to lying. Truth and Beauty, once again, validated.


    • I believe King said here “principles are nothing without courage”, or something along those lines. IOW, you can be the most ethical person in the world but if you don’t have the guts to act than your ethics amount to exactly zero. it’s a slightly more eloquent way of saying “might makes right”.

      the only thing their side had going for them was our fear and acquiescence (aka white guilt). once we stopped agreeing to be defeated it became painfully obvious that it was all smoke and mirrors.

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    • Political affiliation is decided by innate character and personality traits to be exact. We are what we are.


      • this video has an interesting broadstroke analysis of the idea that political leanings are innate. more scythe than scalpel, but still useful:


  13. As a NYC real estate magnate, Trump has had to deal with a condensed collection of the world’s worst high-functioning psychos……

    This is what the Never Trumpers, Cruzbots, etc never got. Some Dudley Do-Right mid-western politician playing straight & nice would never be able to get anything accomplished. I loathe NYC and all it stands for, and really could care less about New England as well, but Trump is an anomaly of masculine lighting striking down those that dare fuck with him in an otherwise darkened Mordor on the Hudson .

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  14. I can’t recommend doing a public display of revenge enough to people early in their careers.

    Too many times I have seen early twenties dudes just go all “get along” when they are stepped on in the business world. From my perch it’s just normal observation that the guys who rise to the top are the ones who counter-punch hard in the corporate world.

    If you don’t punch your enemies or rivals hard when you get crossed you are inviting even more abuse. And that follow on abuse will most likely come from those office girls who are smelling blood in the water due to some sociopath marking you for a sucker.

    It’s a skill every newbie needs to cultivate. Believe me you don’t want to be the office b!tch.

    With Trump he made it abundantly clear to everyone that if you cross him he will NOT forgive and forget. Granted he is playing nice with Ryan right now. But Romney was an easy example to make to all the DC dudes. I’m somewhat surprised that the Lamestream media has not noticed that all of Trump’s senior cabinet has near zero ties to congress.


    • yep. public displays like this are akin to kings publicly banishing or executing people who betrayed them even when they crimes weren’t that horrible sometimes.

      it sends a clear message that you will not tolerate disloyalty and you hold people to high standard. when people betray you or don’t live up to those standards, you make it clear to everyone that they will pay a price for that. good stuff.


    • He warned Ryan the other night not to cross him again right in front of Ryan’s public. Brilliant.


    • I’ve done this myself many times, usually when I start a job and have to deal with dickheads trying to test you. Do this early and hard and you will have a successful time in that position.


  15. So by the same token, one could easily argue Trump toyed with Corker.


  16. Inviting the man to Trump Tower for a chin-wag and a meal… then deciding to go with one of the other dozen or so candidates for the job of SoS… THIS is revenge?

    Not exactly de Medici calibre of satisfaction, in mah book. 😉

    I’m not sure anyone seriously thought Trump was actually considering him for the job anyway.

    /Waiting to see what Sessions does with Podesta and Hillary rape!


  17. Politico Reporter (((Julia Ioffe))) Lands Job at The Atlantic After Accusing Trump of Sex with Daughter


    • I think she was already going to be joining up with The Lameantic before she got the boot.

      Then again, so many conflicting reports, who the hell knows what’s going on.


      • It’s been eight or ten years already since The Atlantic tried making dinner theatre out of the masthead’s dinner parties: get people to pay to watch in the audience while they eat and banter from a dais.

        They’re making love to the guillotine, these (((elites)))


      • That is a very popular format in Europe. Hitler’s Christmas Speech in 1942 was done in this format, that is how old it is.


    • Are you telling me that a foul-mouthed, pismire-minded yenta journalist was given another megaphone within the MSM?

      I’m shocked… shocked to learn!

      /And if you say (((they))) control the MSM, you’ll never work in this town again rape!


    • It gets better every day doesn’t it. Meltdown in the skys. The end is near. These are the last days. (((They))) have nowhere to hide. It is only a matter of time and it shows in everything (((they))) do. Ain’t that so Donna?


  18. A great review of the election season and what’s to come by Conrad Black:

    “As there was never any serious argument for reelecting the Democrats, their whole campaign was to defame Trump as a sexist and a racist. There was never a jot of truth to any of it, as his cabinet appointments are showing. Trump’s popularity is rising steadily and most Americans think Obama has already gone as president

    The president-elect is driving a bulldozer at 60 miles per hour toward the wreckage of decades of misgovernment and misinformation, while the departing incumbents crawl around on their hands and knees complaining that the lights have gone out. For them, they have.”


    • Good stuff. I’m less optimistic about DeVos and Puzder but I gather that’s the minority view. The consensus is apparently that Trump will bring these people fully into line with his positions (ending Common Core, putting American workers first).

      ‘Each major domestic-policy department of government is being entrusted to people dedicated to radical change, to the uprooting of a whole generation of error.

      Education will go to a great champion of chartered schools (Betsy DeVos), in the hope of wrenching the country’s failed public-education system from the palsied hands of the Democratic party’s decayed allies in the teachers’ unions.

      Labor itself will be in the hands of someone (Andrew Puzder) who supports the workers by guaranteeing their rights and liberating them from the corrupt enemies of workplace efficiency and cooperation in organized labor – a barely living group reduced now to the infestation of public-sector unions (only 6.7 percent of the country’s shrinking work force is now unionized).

      The Environmental Protection Agency will be in the hands of someone (Scott Pruitt) who does not believe the unsubstantiated ecoterrorism about global warming and will protect the environment without throwing millions of people in carbon-related energy into unemployment in the fatuous professed expectation that they will be reemployed building windmills and solar panels.

      Health care will be in the hands of the greatest expert in the Congress (Tom Price) on how to introduce a dual-payer (where affordable to the insured family) universal-health-care system that does not lie to the taxpayer, separate the patients from their doctors, or preserve statewide insurance fiefdoms.

      Taxation, campaign-finance reform, and the budget will be in the hands of people (Steven Mnuchin at Treasury) who will raise revenue from elective transactions and reduce taxes for small personal and business income earners.

      It does not serve [Trump’s] purpose to expound the extent of the changes that are about to be wrought: tactically better to say little of it as the Republican leaders in Congress prepare a blockbuster legislative session, and the concussed survivors of the old order and the dazed Washington press corps mill about like grumpy sheep…’


      • I’m not familiar with Mnuchin but I wholly agree with Laffer that monetary policy >>> fiscal and regulatory. Pence’s views are somewhat encouraging but who knows how much power he’ll have to enact them. Trump has also said he’d replace Yellen when her term ends in early 2018.

        ‘The Reagan boom, those “seven fat years”, was ignited by supply-side principles which espoused that the magic formula for prosperity is sound money, low taxes and limited regulation. Pence understands these ideas as well as anyone in Washington.

        In November 2010 before the Detroit Economic Club, Pence outlined a powerful supply-side solution to repair the American economy. He called for an end to the Federal Reserve’s dual mandate and a return to price stability, as well as a re-think of the international currency system including a debate “over gold and the proper role it should play in our nation’s monetary affairs.” He also called for a flat tax that eliminates the AMT and taxes on capital gains, dividends and estates, and insisted on periodic reviews of regulations with an economic impact of $100 million or more.

        What is most noteworthy of Pence’s economic philosophy is his elevation of the monetary issue. As he stated in 2010, “Sound monetary policy is the foundation of our prosperity.”

        Dr. Art Laffer has similarly noted, “If regulatory policy is important by a factor of one, then fiscal policy is important by a factor of 10, and monetary policy by a factor of a hundred.”‘


      • A flat tax is almost worthless if it does not include the rich. Think about it. How are you going to get the tax revenues if the wealthy are not allowed to keep more money to invest in America. This must also include some protectionist policy to keep that extra money in the USA. Yes things will cost more but Americans will add more wealth.


      • Well Pudzer made a groveling statement about putting the American workers first.


      • I’m a bigger fan of VAT or excise taxes over a flat tax but I can live with a flat tax if all are covered.


  19. Shitlibs floating a truly nasty trial balloon.

    Breitbart: ‘At a Politico event on Thursday, Attorney General Loretta Lynch addressed the possibility of President Barack Obama issuing a pardon for so-called DREAMers, illegal immigrants brought to the country as a minor, before he leaves office next month.

    According to Lynch, no framework exists for such an “en masse” pardon.

    So the question before me is whether or not there can be pardons, a pardon of a group of people, the DREAMers. The young people who came here, are working here, are going to school here, are contributing to our society as every immigrant group has done since the beginning of this country. And as I said then the issue of pardoning someone is an individual decision that is made on a case-by-case basis. So, there is no framework or regulatory framework that allows for a pardon for a group en masse.’

    Just rename them the Demagogue party.


    • pardon millions of people with no confirmable id and who haven’t been charged with a crime? uh, yeah… that’ll work.


    • Didn’t Trump say he had a “nice surprise” in for DREAMers?

      I’m hoping it’s a conquest of Mexico and sending them all back to be the future stars of making THAT country great.

      But it’s probably something close to amnesty if they meet certain criteria… or at least, first place in the line forming to come back in.


      • Now really Greg, when Donald Trump tells somebody he has a “nice surprise” in store for them, do you really think it’s going to be nice? lozlzozlz

        it sounds like an invitation to give themselves a speedy change of address before Santa Don leaves them a memento in their stocking


      • Naw, he said it in a sincere way, like he really means to cut some slack.

        We’ll see.


    • Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a very good friend of the Clintons, tried to pardon several thousand felons prior to the election to help swing the vote, but the court struck down the pardons saying that they had to be decided on an individual basis. I would think this would be a precedent that applies to Obama as well.


      • There are already a lot of limitations on opardons most People are not Aware of. One of those is you lose your right to plead the 5th amendment. You must cooperate or risk obstructing justice. Murder is another limitation. It can’t be pardoned.


  20. When you sit down with 3 Trillion bucks..

    and the only ones having a good time is you and your (vice-)bro.



    • Don, Ivanka, and Eric… IN DA HOUSE!

      /Tell me he ain’t grooming them for the future rape!


      • It’ll just be a matter of which one runs as president. Which is not to say that all of them can’t follow the other.

        /Trump legacy rape!


      • Imagine the shitlib self-deliveries when their coveted title of “first woman president” is stolen by Ivanka.


      • She seems pretty level headed and decent. She could be the first female president and the first Jewish president.


      • No women President for me, but what a demoralizing thought to the opposition.


      • “She seems pretty level headed and decent. She could be the first female president and the first Jewish president.”

        Then you can be the first officially gay president. Or will that be James Alefantis?


      • She could be the first female president and the first Jewish president.

        KEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKE… the yenta just can’t HELP but tell on herself! She had to throw in that neener-neener, knowing full well that her tribe does NOT consider Ivanka TRULY to be one of their own… merely just another shicksa who stole one of their “good” men.

        Strapon, girl, you are one hilarious hebe. :-D.


      • Rick, hey Rick! Do you do it for the cheese pizza or does director pardo extort your obedience with a pizza-related map?


      • No I am all about at least having pepperoni on my pizza. Going to have one this weekend along with some beer and I am going to demolish them!


      • There was an article recently claiming that women absorb the DNA of their sexual partners, even when no fertilization occurs.

        Strapon, through her mom’s (ahem) graces, is part pepperoni.

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    • Also nice to see these people jammed in around a conference table like so many corporate wage slaves having to answer up to the boss at yet another pointless staff meeting.

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    • LOL at Trump forcing them all to drink Trump bottled water. Genius trolling.

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  21. And Trump had frog-leg soup just to sneak in the Pepe motif and add rub it in even more.

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  22. They dined on frog legs. Can the trolling get any more richer from the Commander and Troll In Chief?


  23. This makes me wonder what is in store for Rick Perry. It is going to be ugly whatever it is. Romney was too dangerous to actually allow on the team. Rick Perry in the otherhand is nothing but a puppet.


    • Perry changed his tune midway through the whole thing. Not sure at what point, but he offered his endorsement somewhere along the way.

      I don’t know if Trump would give him the Romney treatment. Romney went too far with his excoriation of Trump, which is why he was played like he was.


    • Way back in… July 2015 when Trump was getting hot, he made fun of Rick Perry’s new glasses, saying something about they don’t make the guy any smarter than he was four years ago. Huge laughs from us, huge OMG from media. Perry was done soon thereafter and bent the knee by early 2016.


    • Didn’t Perry get the Sec. of Energy Whatever?


  24. If you haven’t seen it, check out video of Trump’s roast of Hillary during that famous NYC Catholic charity dinner a few months ago. Trump’s jokes and observations about Hillary were unsettling, vicious, inappropriate for the occasion -and entirely true. That’s why it burns. Strategically, it was a risk for him to be so honest, but Hillary’s corruption justified it. It really is a captivating video. The man has balls and principles.

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  25. Kakistocracy: ‘The democrats’ entire electoral template is premised on foreign interference in our elections.’



    • ‘Tim Wise Verified account ‏@timjacobwise

      Seriously when your contribution to the world is Faberge eggs, autocracy and pogroms, no one should much care what you think.’

      25 million Russians died fighting Nazism and here’s their thanks.

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  26. Given the OP topic ….. I might as well take the advice.

    I got banned at Vox Popoli (Vox Day) today. This Theo Beale dude is one f*cked up boy child. All because he is a white supremist who wants to pretend he’s better than that, and so throws hissy-fits when someone points out his pretend world of virtue-signalling. So low resolution on the misdirection too (dumb). Jeez I detest men who are pussy-assed fence-sitters. Gay. Girly in fact. Dude never grew up to be a man that can take responsibility for his words. Pathetic. The sad part is this Theo Beale dude prides hisself on his intelligence but it turns out he in fact got no chops that way – he folded so early, rationality-wise, and went the hissy route fast, pretty much like a little girl. Doubly pathetic (he elevate hisself to hisself because Mommy told him what a smart boy he was and he bought that crap?).

    The white supremacy thing isn’t my gig, but to each his own, as long as you own it.

    After all this time, that’s why I keep coming back to the Chateau. No fence sitting at the Chateau. The white power thing is not hidden here shell-game-style. CH got my respect for that (even though my gig is a bit different – for me it be about respect, ….. manly respect). CH own his words. CH be the man that way (ironically that seems to be in short supply in the manosphere).

    Rollo Tomassi (a different kind of fence-sitter …. “oh…… the Feminine Imperative is just so hard, and crwy,crwy,crwy …it causes me such hard feelz man, ….but ….oh muh feelz around that is all so much about what make me such a manly man!” – uggchh – pathetic) got none of my respect either. Pussy.


    • (((Feminine Imperative))) is real. If Rollo is naming (((names))) at this point who knows. Don’t know much about Rollo (a great Viking name) other than his one big idea. I know Ya Really was commenting over there the last time I checked. Not my cup of tea.

      White Supremacy is more about survival than being necessarily better than everyone else. It just happens to be, because of genetics and spiritual and cultural enlightenment, that whites tend toward a penchant for exceptionalism. Survival as a race is hard to sell whites without the thrive part.


    • We no longer mention the term White supremacy because it’s redundant…

      … economy of words, above all, is our credo. kekekekekek


      • Seriously there is no point for white people to yammer on all day about how better we are what we do. We just do it. The term is for those who are in denial.


      • Reb – ya – that be the superior way – don’t pose, do. I agree. The point I was making about Vox Day (Beale) is he claims he is not a supremist. But he also claims white people are better. This feely feely shit go’in on with him that he must be in deniable about, that allows him to say such stupid shit, despite his supposed smarts (the smarts which I highly doubt) – fuck I hate that waste of time (and male skin). That’s what women are partly for (to bring wtf obvious contradictions around every once in awhile, for amusement purposes) – but when a man does it, as baldy self-unaware about it as Beale is – fuck – that guy needs an ass kick’in in order to shake out the loose screws bumpin around in his head.


      • Wild Man, your efforts would be better directed towards making the members of your race more civilized as opposed to seeking to drag us down to your level. The problem you face is cognitive dissonance over your race’s failings which you project towards us. If all of you were Ben Carson, you would be admired as a people.


      • White people are better at things that matter. We tend to be too nice to outsiders however. What are white people not better at exactly?


      • Carlos Danger – I’m pretty much as white as you can get (Irish, Scottish and English and nothing else). Both my Irish and Scottish ancestors were the feisty ones that were into the conquest thing (and succeeded aplenty). But that is going to be true of everybody’s ancestors if you go back far enough.

        Reb – “white people are better at things that matter” – yes I agree as in the tendency towards the promotion of meritocracy within western culture – thus the superiority of western culture. And it is also this tendency towards the promotion of meritocracy that makes white people tend to be nice to outsiders, probably because it takes more stimulus to arose the tribal, generally, within white people, because instead white people more-so tend to judge others on merit.

        But in some sense all men are stamped with deep similarities that all races share, around the conditions of existence – we all believe we each have some say in how our lives unfold – by the decisions we make – and responsibilities implied by those decisions – and humans are the same (equivalent) in this sense. When the west lay claims to the Christian legacy, it is this sense, and as such the west recognizes that the Christian message is potentially available to all men. It is also in this sense that the appreciation of merit is potentially available to all men. This means that the uptake of western culture, promotion of meritocracy-wise, among all nations, may well be a potential. As such that potential future should not be discounted. If this conception of western culture as something special that is worth preserving and potentially promoting (by way of cultural example), makes me a white supremist ….. so be it. But I emphasize the mutual respect of the meritocratic in my identity around this. Vox Day claims there is no such equivalence of any kind among humans, yet claims not to be a white supremist, despite his belief in the superiority of white culture by the traits of white people. Wtf?


      • We’ve tried that but most of those guys were eaten.

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    • Having read your “existential ontological” scribblings at Vox Popoli, Wild Man, with all of your buttkissing “please help me to understand, Good Sir” bowing and scraping, we see what a (((cucky))) midwit trolltard you are.

      John Locke is dead. You’re a fucking idiot.

      Oh, but a liar too– saruh is that YOU?! lzolzoz . . .

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      • Lucius Fuckwad – you be so dumb …… to confuse the shiv for buttkissing. What else goes over you head buddy? Fuck ….. I bet you be owned by the women in you life.

        John Locke inconsequential as to western institutions? …… fuck you stupid (like Beale).


    • Wild Dude, you got your arse handed to you by Vox Day. Retreating to another blog to cry your gamma dreams of being the once and future king were unjustly robbed does you no good. It’s embarrassing, in fact.

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      • I think Wild Thang be one o’ them deontologized Afrointellectuals:


      • Hesiod – VD didn’t engage – just goes girl-like hissy-fits, except where he tries to counter claim in the most inane way, which is not actually even worthy of sorting out for him it is such nonsense (penguins and satellites are not categorically similar!? -so fucking what; corporations don’t die!? – so fucking what; but forms of life do!? – so fucking what; cognitive science specifically denies even the theoretical possibility of conscious self-agency!? – which is untrue, and besides the point in any event , because the condition of “belief” that I hi-lighted in that respect makes clear the intended phenomeno-ontological aspects of self-agency I was hi-lighting). VD completely misses every point. Voom – goes completely over his head – and I’m apparently the idiot. Hahaha – that be just too rich! His lame attempts for counter claim all fell completely, flat – really stinky-like. I grok that VD has a big problem with respect to understanding information-systems algorithmic approaches – calling for nested categorizations. I think his grasp of logic is actually back somewhere pre-Greek (which is really funny, because he does think he can make claims around the nature of the Graeco-Roman legacy – but apparently he doesn’t have the philosophical chops for that).

        Look Hesiod. I was pretty shocked when I saw his post this morning with respect to some of my comments. His handling of the subject matter was just so utterly inept I actually felt bad for the guy (cause you know he is always so much about muh IQ all the time). So …… to ease the discussion towards an equitable (hahaha – VD hates that word) conclusion ….. I ignored the inanity for the time being, and refocused his attention to the one question that just might allow him to see the light (the question around his Alt-Right claims on the Christian legacy). And he freaked again, went all hissy-fit again, and banned me, and avoided the question for the 3rd time. Because he can’t answer the question without modifying one part or the other of his overall narrative. That’s why he didn’t answer. Hesoid – watch – he won’t ever answer that question. To prove it to yourself why don’t you ask him again to see what happens? (the question I put to him at the end of my comment #71). And it’s all because he is a white supremist who wants to pretend he is better than that. So he will fuck himself logic-wise just for the sake of some feelz around virtue-signalling. Jeez – that just be lowly for a man to do.

        Hesiod – your man is a poser. That is pathetic. And fuck-off on the gamma shit. I outlined my reasons for posting here as per the first sentence of the first of my comments on this thread.


      • Vox Day claims to be a Christian Libertarian. Not sure what you can learn from someone who calls themselves that, but I never hung around to find out.


      • Vox has good readership and diuscussions. About half of the readership here came from there, I would guess and there is a lot of overlap.


      • Wild Man, I think you’re being a little OCD about this.

        “White supremacist” is a meaningless term, just like “racist”, used as a term of abuse to mean anybody who, for example, doesn’t like the new Star Wars not having any white male good guys.

        Western Christian culture is, yes, superior. But that’s because it is (has been, was) the closest to the true God. And there are important reasons why it can only be maintained by the people who got the culture going in the first place — “white” people.

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      • vfm#7634 – on the OCD thing about me focusing on getting the definitions right, around white supremacy …. yes, I see how it might seem that way, but I was being precise about these definitions in regards to my attempted exchanges (which actually ended up resulting in a lack of VD’s engaged exchange by way of his childish name-calling) over at the Vox Popoli site, because there are some really big downstream consequences with respect to how different conceptions of the definition are understood by adherents of western culture superiority.

        If you fail to look behind the data (the measures of superior cultural functioning) to try to grasp why this may be occurring, it then may well end up becoming a lazy kneejerk towards – “well white people are better … end of story ……. this will always explain everything with respect to white actions vis-a-vis non-whites, ….. nothing more to see here because it’s a white thang”. That is just a lazy claim on a ‘new knowledge’ (a theory that provides a predictive rational framework for the data) that is in fact not ‘new knowledge’ (no theory, beyond a restatement of the data). That lazy kneejerk may claim to excuse or explain away all white actions vis-a-vis non-whites, and if people fall for that – not hard to see the possible consequences of this intellectual laziness (some of the silly KKK shenanigans of yesteryear that white people are still sometimes painted with – is an example of that).

        vfm – you said – “Western Christian culture is, yes, superior. But that’s because it is (has been, was) the closest to the true God. And there are important reasons why it can only be maintained by the people who got the culture going in the first place — “white” people.”

        I agree that the Christian legacy is an important underlying component of the western (white) culture Christianity took root in. I see similarities between this Christian mindset, and the western philosophical mindset that grew into the mindset of the western enlightenment (John Locke’s ideas fro instance) – such mindset concepts that have conditioned western institutions. Western culture more-so promotes meritocracy as conditioned by a spirit of mutual respect among individuals, which promotes mores trust, which allows for more collaboration, which provides more exponential synergetic benefits for those that partake. If this rather fragile dynamic can be maintained, the virtuous circle of western culture arises.

        Now of coarse our rational explorations around the culture vs. culture differences with respect to the maintenance of said virtuous circle, indicates that there is a cultural sorting affect that occurs by way of the normative trait weighting distribution of various traits among cultural members, with normative trait weighting distribution differences actually emphasized, culture vs. culture, by way of social feedback loops. This operation results in different cultures that may be more different than mean differences of cultural members vs alternate culture members, trait-wise. Very interesting and consequential point.

        So the questions become – (1) can non-white cultures adopt the meritocracy-promotion tendencies of the west? And (2) How much diversity within western culture can be tolerated before the virtuous circle dynamic breaks down? Truth is we don’t know the answers to these questions. But for those that think they know that the answers are (1) – eternally no; and (2) very very little or none …… well the downstream consequences for said isolationist beliefs (or alternatively the belief in these such answers could also sponsor a belief in white domination) are stark – in the end – probably resulting in worldwide conflagration at some indeterminate future point. Given that …… for prudence-sake …….best to be sure we at least give it a try with respect to providing the best environment for the possible evolution of the affirmative for question #1. And that doesn’t mean neocon strategies and it certainly doesn’t mean globalist strategies. It instead means strategies of engagement but non-interference. Lead by example (Trump outlook, or Ron Paul outlook, on international policy).

        Vox Day is a stark isolationist (of the eternal variety as far as I can tell). He is disingenuous in pretending that doesn’t make him a white supremacist (unless he instead wants to fashion himself as a white cuckmacist which he also doesn’t admit). But sitting on the fence about this and admitting neither, and his failure to grasp that his opinions in this regards are a matter of consequence, is……. insincere. That makes him pathetic in my books.

        vfm – The Christian legacy that the west claims is in support of the Christian teachings of Jesus as meant for the ears of all men so predisposed to listening, despite their culture of origin. If this in principle is not true …… then Christian ideology collapses. VD may in fact believe that this principle is not true. He refused and avoided answering this question put to him three times (and lowered himself to obfuscation and name calling instead). There are some very deep and serious consequences with respect to VD’s Alt-Right conceptions. In the end he will have to modify his 16 principles of the Alt-Right. There is too much internal inconsistency as now presented. VD’s lack of depth of understanding and accountability around this is telling. Poseur is an apt descriptor for him. Perhaps he could over come that apt description if he now came clean, admitted his errors, and edited the 16 principles of the Alt-Right accordingly.


    • Looks like a bunch of incel fags over at Rollo’s place were wanting to take down YaReally out of jealousy and he had enough of the bullshit amd left. Maybe he will find his way back here.

      I never found his views on politcs appealing and some other things about him are annoying, but he could motive men to getting out of their shells to talk to women.

      Maybe he has a thicker skin than he used to and will come back here.


    • Hey retard, Locke, Kant, Hobbes and the rest of them were all wrong. They had great ideas, but they were still wrong. Get over it or kill yourself. Human beings aren’t all “equal”, nor should we treat each other “equally” because (1) that’s not physically possible and (2) everyone’s circumstances and dispositions are different. Empirically speaking every human being is different thus it is not possible for us to be “equal”. This is not hard to understand.

      I also don’t think you understand what equality means. I think you think “equality” equals “being very similar”. I think you have an obsession with these “Enlightenment” ideas because you think these ideas are what made the West great, and because these ideas make you feel like your life has a purpose and meaning.

      Quit being a stupid nigger


      • safespaceplaypen – there are different sense of equality. Some categorical senses, are of import in human affairs. This is not even at all controversial. Read my comment directed to fvm above. If you don’t get it – well – too bad so sad for you then (but you pay for your ignorance – you won’t understand many things then, thus limiting the options for action that you can identify in your life).


      • Oh my it appears Beale is obsessed with me:

        Hey – let’s make this simple with respect to intellectual dishonesty. Alt-Right principle # (15), from Vox Day: “The Alt Right does not believe in the general supremacy of any race, nation, people, or sub-species. Every race, nation, people, and human sub-species has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, and possesses the sovereign right to dwell unmolested in the native culture it prefers.”‘

        Beale refuses to address or change this. But he’ll haveta change something (among the 16 principles). The sphere will eventually force him to. And in the meantime I guess he’ll continue with the little miss bitch routine. So predictable.

        [CH: In a very technical (technocratic) darwinian sense, racial superiority doesn’t exist, so he’s right about that. human population groups evolved under distinct environmental and social conditions and are maximally fit *for the environment in which they evolved*. now ofc the technical obscures the common sense truth, which is that by the standards of civilization — civilization to which, it should be noted, nearly every human group wants access to enjoy for themselves — there really are superior and inferior races.]


      • CH – yes, I agree that in the technical (technocratic) darwinian sense, racial superiority doesn’t exist (darwianian existential racial equality). I did make these precise points in my exchanges with Vox Day (as a point of logic with respect to trying to untangle the inconsistencies apparent in his 16 principles of the Alt-Right). Vox Day completely discounts this approach, as is his rational prerogative, however that implies that he is then very much in favor of the common sense truth, “which is that by the standards of civilization – civilization to which, it should be noted, nearly every human group wants access to enjoy for themselves – there really are superior and inferior races”. And in any event, much of Day’s discourse expounds on these common sense themes.

        So given that, why must he discount supremacy in Alt-Right principle #15? Weird huh? And then he does tend to get all emotional and weird about it (obfuscation and name-calling).

        But ….. it turns out the logical inconsistencies don’t stop there. Day also butchers his interpretations of Alt-Right priciple #4 as well (#4 – The Alt Right believes Western civilization is the pinnacle of human achievement and supports its three foundational pillars: Christianity, the European nations, and the Graeco-Roman legacy), by way of completely discounting any sense of categorical equivalencies of personhood – which, as such, means he has already parted ways with the western cultural legacy of the Graeco-Roman foundations – namely American and British institutions, as well as having parted ways with Christian ideology. So the Alt-Right as Day conceives, can’t actually make a rational claim to the Graeco-Roman legacy or Christianity.

        Vox Day has not thought this through very well. His unhinged responses with respect to having this pointed out to him – indicates this guy isn’t who he says he is, as such a poseur.

        That’s my take. Good riddance to my short commenting life there. It was short lived and I’m glad I found out sooner instead of later that this guy doesn’t have the chops and therefore isn’t worth following.


      • So where you headed now WM. Cuck or zuck?


      • Jesus you’re a faggot. Saying “there are different sense of equality” doesn’t explain what these senses of equality are and, fundamentally, why they’re fucking true.

        “Some categorical senses, are of import in human affairs” – What the fuck is this supposed to mean? Why do you write like a faggot? – Are you talking about categorical imperatives? – What the fuck!
        Here’s the thing. It doesn’t matter if there are some “forms” of equality that are of “import” in human affairs; what matters is are these “forms” of equality true – are they valid, are they legitimate independent of human opinion. If not, they are simply personal preferences expressed by a large number of people. Sorry negro, but personal preference do not form universal truths, so please kill yourself.

        “This is not even at all controversial. Read my comment directed to fvm above.” I read your gay comment, and similar to everything else I’ve read from you, its helped confirm vox’s suspicion that you might be a faggot. Your comment didn’t argue anything other than that your obsession with Locke and Kant has turned you into a “muh autonomy and personhood and categorical magic means we’re all equally gay”. It’s retarded.

        I don’t think you’ve actually read locke, or kant, or fichte, or hegel, or everyone that has helped develop the ideas it appears you seem to think are true. I also don’t think that you’ve read the refutations of these individuals arguments and principles. I don’t think you understand how complex history is and especially how complex the West is. I think you’re secretly really a fat and ugly homosexual, and you compensate for this by learning about certain ideas regarding “rights” and “equality” because your afraid of what’s going to happen when the right-wing death squads come to your door and tell you to stop forcing your adopted child to suck yur dick.

        If you want to justify being a faggot, then do just that and quit beating around the bush with “but muh categorical personhood!” No one gives a shit. Human dignity doesn’t exist. Personhood doesn’t exist. Doghood doesn’t exist. Categorical equivalence of personhood doesn’t exist. It seems the ideology of personhood and categorical equality is your religion, it is your faith, but you don’t see it that way because your personality is heavily invested in these ideas, thus why you cling to it so desperately.

        kill yourself kike.


      • Reb – I like reading CH. Though I don’t agree with everything here – CH be well-endowed with the smarts (no intellectual dishonesty here). And pretty much 100% right about interpretations on the Trump phenomenon all the way through. That be an achievement because it was (and still is) so uncommon. That shows CH got the chops around perceiving the many subtle aspects of human nature.

        I like Stefan Molyneux – generally he is much closer to my philosophical views (but even Stefan fashions a bit of an echo chamber for himself – he tends not to ask his guests the hard questions). He should – there is a bunch of intellectual dishonesty out there – and that’s Stefan’s line of business – so even though I really like what Stefan does he should dig deeper! – even among those he may think are his colleagues.

        I really get a kick out of Colin Flaherty’s youtube channel. Straight forward wtf? without fuss or fancy theories. He almost single handedly destroys the MSM narrative, even though he focuses on just the one subject, cause he just puts it right in your face with no excuses and no superfluous flourish (like with the MSM lies, everything is actually wrong in sorta the same way, even though the topics are varied, so what Colin shows is applicable all round). Very cool guy.

        I’m agnostic (meaning – hey I don’t know, and I don’t buy it that anybody else does either). That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate what the Christian ideology has done for the west. A whole bunch. Trying to get through a collection of Rene Girard’s writings right now – about the underlying psychic conflicts that inform all religions, that religions are actually constructed to alleviate – and how Christianity is the most sublime construction of them all (ideas around mimetic or borrowed desire, and scapegoating – very cool and deep ideas the explain alot).

        My son recently pointed out Jordan Peterson psychologist to me. He’s got a youtube channel. Wow – that be a goldmine of deep knowledge.

        The Closer To Truth website is a marvel (which reminds me, I haven’t studied there in a while – I should go back and look more).

        I like to get my news at Breitbart.

        But I’m pretty much interested in everything. I got churchy friends (sometimes on Sunday I just go to different churches I never been to before just to see what the heck is going on there, and what the flavor of the preach’in be. The various and different interpretations, and cultures, of Christianity is much more vast than you would think!). I got a few dark triad, psychopathic acquaintances (in and out of jail types) that can show me stuff about human nature I could never get without that access (reading about it is not the same – but watch out – or you just might get splattered by the gutter). I slummed it with a crazy pro for a while for no reason whatsoever – that was a mindfuck of the highest order. I got woman folk who are brainwashed leftoids. I know some white knights. I know some cynics. I got tons of family who all are pretty much very nice, good trustworthy, dutiful and honest folk. But there be unseen (to their eyes) shackles there – weird. I’m hangin with a player a bit who also into the auyahuasca (haven’t done the auyahuasca myself yet). I do a bunch of different singing (I sign bass, and basso profundo). I keep my life compartamentalized (otherwise hanging with all these different crowds would get messy). I’m divorced and the son is adult, so ……. I do what I want, when I want, pretty much all the time. Weird to live this way. It’s very strange. But I like it.

        If you know some cool shit to go look – point it out to me.

        I wanna find out more about this Steve Bannon fellow.


      • on December 17, 2016 at 9:36 am gunslingergregi

        pretty easy way to tell who is better
        white countries can exterminate the rest of the world and repopulate it


      • on December 17, 2016 at 9:41 am gunslingergregi

        china got one aircraft carrier wow
        and they had to use an old russian frame the fuck


      • on December 17, 2016 at 9:44 am gunslingergregi

        first aircraft carrier built in 1918 for fucks sake and with all those billions and tons of gold they just built one

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      • on December 17, 2016 at 9:48 am gunslingergregi

        its the end times all the old ideas are obsolete
        but yea we so far ahead of everyone else its retarded


      • SSPP – Look about you last rant there – category differentiation, as a mental (or rational if you like) abstraction, cannot be properly understood without consideration for the other abstraction which is it’s opposite abstract pole, namely category equivalency. Categories are abstractions around the abstract principle of differentiation/equivalancy, and so they cannot actually take the place of an existential entity. You, as an existential being, might identify, by way of mental abstraction, with many different categories, as a member, but this membership is always a mental abstraction. None of these
        abstract identities you may take on, will ever existentially take the place of you. In fact no thing (abstraction or otherwise), and not even nothing, can ever existentially take the place you.

        Now, you can go on and on with your special snowflake ranting (i.e. – but as an existential being I can’t be existentially categorized!), and though such ranting actually be the truth – it just doesn’t matter – nobody gives one fuck about your said special snowflake status. So eventually, you have to remove your head from your own ass, if you want to get with the program, and like everybody else ……. you are going to have to finally realize that everybody else is a special snowflake too in precisely the same way as you are …….. and as such, your special snowflake condition amounts to absolutely no consequence, with respect to the social world. And, that means that you, like everyone else, are going to have to rely on the mental abstraction of categorization, inclusive of the both the abstract principle of differentiation, as well as the abstract principle of equivalency.

        SSPP – my guess is that your concept of universal truth is mucking things up for you (i.e. – in your rant you did seem to be making affirmations around “universal truth”). Maybe you could do some introspections around that concept while allowing your mind to keep asking questions – and you may find, that in the end, how you define “universal” and “truth” is not what you first thought. Look – this is confusing as fuck …… it is hard to grok for absolutely everybody …… that’s why life is the way it is – full of uncertainty.

        SSPP – Also, cut the disrespectful wanking. I have sent no disrespect your way. Because you either don’t understand my views, or you do but they don’t mesh with your own convictions, is no reason to behave like a shithead. On the internetz, you really don’t face the consequences you would face irl by way of that behavior. irl you’d be spanked hard about now boy. You know I have no recourse towards that which means what you are doing is not fair play. That does make you a pussy. For your own sake – please reconsider before taking on any more pussyhood.


      • @WildFaggot

        I don’t know what you were arguing for, but whatever it was, you did a shit job in defending it.

        “So eventually, you have to remove your head from your own ass, if you want to get with the program, and like everybody else ……. you are going to have to finally realize that everybody else is a special snowflake too in precisely the same way as you are …….. and as such, your special snowflake condition amounts to absolutely no consequence, with respect to the social world.”

        This whole above statement is total bullshit. Believing I am a special snowflake does not imply that everyone else is a special snow flake too. Yur an idiot.

        “And, that means that you, like everyone else, are going to have to rely on the mental abstraction of categorization, inclusive of the both the abstract principle of differentiation, as well as the abstract principle of equivalency.”

        This is also total bullshit. Not only did you not explain why this statement is true, but you in know way connected this with the notion that people are equal, or should be treated equally. Yur an idiot.

        “Maybe you could do some introspections around that concept while allowing your mind to keep asking questions – and you may find, that in the end, how you define “universal” and “truth” is not what you first thought.”

        Look kike, what you yourself are claiming is a universal truth – i.e. a fact that is a priori true. Otherwise it is simply your personal preference – a conviction that you have. that’s it. Either prove why your idea that people are equal is necessarily true (a universal truth) or admit that this idea you hold dear is just a personal belief. Quit beating around the bush and go through the entire process. I.e. from (A) a given necessary principle of nature to (B) why people are equal. If you can’t do that then yes, what your saying is just a personal belief. that’s it. Yur an idiot.

        I’ll make things easy for you. I’ll refute your position by creating an argument of my own. That way we’re not talking past each other.

        Everyone is composed of different chemical reactions, under different physical circumstances, existing in different times and places; this implies that we are all different. Since two things that are different cannot be equal, it follows that everyone is unequal. Therefore everyone is unequal.

        There ya go faggot. Either refute my refutation of your position through counterexample or whatever, or GTFO


      • SSPP – come-on – cut the faggot/idiot/kike crap already. I’m old school and back in the day those be throw down words and all, and I do like to mix it up irl, and you keep baiting me with a hopeful promise of that …. and then damn …… my brain tells me “fool – you being played again….. you ain’t gonna get the chance to kick ass – no one is here! Damn!” See SSPP – it ain’t no fair. Quite fuck’in with me that way. Jeez. Internetz …. fuck.

        Anyway ….. alright … you said:

        “Everyone is composed of different chemical reactions, under different physical circumstances, existing in different times and places; this implies that we are all different. Since two things that are different cannot be equal, it follows that everyone is unequal. Therefore everyone is unequal.”

        Yes – ofc you are correct. You are a special snowflake (like I already said). But I repeat for you again ……. it doesn’t matter …….. everyone else is one too! So what you gonna do – eh? So you gotta do something else here in this realm to make you way – what might that be? You gotta use your brain (rational capacity) to figure out all the wtf? a person is faced with all around. What else you gonna do? You get some better ideas? So …. as part of the mental action you partake of (unless you have some better ideas) ….. you put things in categories, and it seems that everybody else does to (if you don’t believe me that everyone else does it to …. be my guest …… go experiment with other people to see of you can figure out what they are doing that is different than what I just said).

        OK – assuming you buy that so far ……..don’t you notice that when you categorize things, to sort things, you ask yourself ……. “hey – how different on these two things?” And you also ask yourself ….. “hey – how much the same are these two things?” And so on and so on in a never-ending line of such questions. And sometimes you just decide …. “fuck it ……… this blue marble and this blue marble are so much the same …… they are definitely in the same category ……. I will call this category: Blue Marbles!” Then you may say to yourself – “Horray Horray! – I think I know something now!” Such is life.

        So what you gonna do huh? Bizzaro world is what this realm is – but you still gotta make your way. If you believe in God you may even say something like “wtf God – you be play’in me?”. Of if you are agnostic of something – you just might say ….. “man …… it seems what’s go’in on here is I actually am on a life-long acid trip, and I be tripp’in ballz from hour one – wtf!”

        OK – SSPP – you also said:

        “Look Wild Man, what you yourself are claiming is a universal truth – i.e. a fact that is a priori true. Otherwise it is simply your personal preference – a conviction that you have. that’s it. Either prove why your idea that people are equal is necessarily true (a universal truth) or admit that this idea you hold dear is just a personal belief.”

        No ….. I never said there is universal truth (you did). Personally ……. I think it is probably more like distributed (as such relative) truth only … universals. But …… as far as I can tell …. nobody knows for sure if this is right …….. but the evidence around us points to it being the case …. at least from the perspective of what is possible for beings from this realm to grok. But ……. a very deep and interesting insight about “truth” (which is extremely weird that humans would even have the capacity to consider such insight …… and also note that this capacity is what provides the wtf? factor to human life) is this:

        There is the Known
        There is the Unknown
        And there is the Unknowable

        Mindfuck right? Like – if there truly was the unknowable, then how the fuck would we know there was such a thing? Eh? But we do have this capacity – we can even consider the interface of the Unknown and the Unknowable and make philosophical inquiry as to the nature of that interface. The capacity to have this insight is what makes us human too. If you wanted to be poetic about you could say:

        “This realm is the finite precipitate of the infinite”. But how could that be? It is a contradiction in terms. But there it is nevertheless. Mindfuck. And it is true too …… because the deepest insights in mathematics that have enlightened theoretical physics, are about this, and said theoretical physics have been shown to be backed-up by the deep empirical evidence. So there you have it – information systems is the correct approach – a person is either gonna freak the fuck out and refuse these conditions of human sentience, and live in the delusion of denial (of which there are a million different kinds), or you gotta face the fucked-up ordering of the relative reality we find ourselves in. It is better to face up. But it is humbling. Very very humbling.

        Now SSPP -you also said:

        “Believing I am a special snowflake does not imply that everyone else is a special snow flake too.”

        You of course are right, but this comment is disturbing nevertheless, because if you actually do believe that in the sense of ……. ” other people are less real than me” …….. that implies an error in ontological development. And believe me there are lots of people walking around right now, that think they are more real than other people. The ontological error is one of misreading the empirical evidence in one’s personal life. To know that you live life as a being, with a subjective sense, within on objective realm …… is not a capacity we are born with. One develops into the capacity to know this by testing the empirical evidence in the personal world around oneself. For those that fail to operate this empirical test correctly (of which there are many etiologies) – psychological pathology tends to develop.

        SSPP – do you believe other people are less real than yourself?


      • @wildkike

        so you admit that i’m right and yur wrong. great. i win and you lose. thanks for participating.

        now fuck off and die and tell yur son not to be a faggot like you


      • CCPP – you also said:

        “Quit beating around the bush and go through the entire process. I.e. from (A) a given necessary principle of nature to (B) why people are equal. If you can’t do that then yes, what your saying is just a personal belief. that’s it”

        Look – I can provide that if you like. it is a bit more involved than what I provided above. But if you don’t understand what I have said so far, (especially about how everybody is a special snowflake in the same way) there is no point. I wait to hear before providing more.


      • Hey SSPP – do you believe other people are less real than yourself?


  27. It’s happening. 2016 doesn’t want to stop winning.

    ‘Earlier on Thursday, Sheriff Joe Arpaio concluded his years-long investigation into the authenticity of President Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate. He concluded, through analysis done by two independent forensic examiners, that the birth certificate was a forgery. He emphasized that this did not mean that he believed Obama was not a citizen, only that the certificate itself was not authentic. During the conference, experts shared nine points of forgery that appeared to be directly lifted from another birth certificate from a Hawaiian resident born 16 days apart. You can watch the entire video as it was shared on Facebook Live above.

    Arpaio did not answer questions or present information or evidence for the media to examine. He said he would be turning over additional information to the federal government for its own investigation. He added that he couldn’t answer quest’


  28. That was more than a dinner. It was a struggle session.


  29. Time to piss off Dean Wormer again


  30. Like

    • Alex is feeling the heat from the censors and playing CYA here. He is saying two things at once here if you listen carefully. He still believes Pizza Gate is real but doesn’t want to fall into their trap if its never investigated. The Democrats are targeting him for censorship.


  31. This is his speech on the heat.


  32. on December 16, 2016 at 5:29 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    I voted for Donald because Donald truly loves Israel and the Jewish people.


  33. on December 16, 2016 at 6:40 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    “We no longer mention the term White supremacy because it’s redundant…”

    Breed or die out.

    That’s all that really matters in the grand Darwinian scheme of things.


    • Duh.


      • on December 16, 2016 at 8:04 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        Judging by your TFR, the master race doesn’t seem to grasp this.


      • That’s because we don’t worship Darwin (or Marx)…

        If anyone should know that mere numbers don’t mean too much, it’s (((you people))).


      • And try not to sneer overmuch at “master race”…

        … we’ll try not to kekekek excessively at “God’s chosen”.


    • on December 17, 2016 at 9:51 am gunslingergregi

      That’s all that really matters in the grand Darwinian scheme of things.
      if you can send everyone but you to god then that is all that is all that matters
      breeding can be whatever


  34. on December 16, 2016 at 8:03 am Captain Obvious

    Princeton Is Latest Ivy League School to Suspend Team Over Vulgar Materials ||| Princeton University suspended the season of its men’s swimming and diving team after the discovery of material on its electronic mailing list that was “vulgar and offensive as well as misogynistic and racist,” the university said Thursday. |||


  35. first we chase down and capture all the Yankees; down too the last one.

    Then we cut their heads off.

    Then we give their corpses one-way helicopter rides.

    That’s the only way to be sure.


  36. on December 16, 2016 at 8:32 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    “Of course, its not that what they’re doing is wrong — what they’re doing is right. But they should understand that the reason they’re getting a reasonably favorable press right now is that, by this point, business regards them as its troops — corporate executives don’t really want apartheid in South Africa anymore. It’s like the reason that business was willing to support the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. American business had no use for Southern apartheid, in fact it was bad for business.

    See, capitalism is not fundamentally racist — it can exploit racism for its purposes, but racism isn’t built into it. Capitalism basically wants people to be interchangeable cogs, and differences among them, such as on the basis of race, usually are not functional. I mean, they may be functional for a period, like if you want a super exploited workforce or something, but those situations are kind of anomalous. Over the long term, you can expect capitalism to be anti-racist — just because its anti-human. And race is in fact a human characteristic — there’s no reason why it should be a negative characteristic, but it is a human characteristic. So therefore identifications based on race interfere with the basic ideal that people should be available just as consumers and producers, interchangeable cogs who will purchase all the junk that’s produced — that’s their ultimate function, and any other properties they might have are kind of irrelevent, and usually a nuisance.”


  37. “Let’s just go through what Putin has so far been proved responsible for over the last week:

    Electing Donald Trump as President of America
    The Syrian War
    Fake news propaganda sites, including Daily Stormer, Infowars, Breitbart and Zero Hedge
    Causing Islamic immigrants to rape in Germany
    Hacking German elections
    Planning to invade Sweden
    And many, many more conspiracies.

    So of course, he was also responsible for Brexit.”



    The comments are priceless. They generally have good commenters at ZH. The Beauty of stuff like Pizzagate is even if buried, they will tar these people for rest of their days with this ugly brush. Their careers are ruined regardless.


  39. Like

  40. Like

    • on December 16, 2016 at 10:56 am Megyn in meltdown

      There you go GE – got what you asked for …

      Ring – Ring – Comet Pizza
      Uh, Hi – like to place an order for take-out…
      Sure – What’ll you have?
      A large cheese in the shape of the Star of David – and a 14 year old Pillipino boy…
      That be ready in 20 minutes … Your name?
      Danger, Carlos Danger…

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      • A large cheese in the shape of the Star of David

        That seventh slice in the shape of the Pentagon can be perilous fare, when the cheese is still at the Italian Napalm temperature.

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  41. One of the funnier comments on the ZH Podesta article.

    “Fuck you John Podesta…. You’re nothing but TRASH and Pedo King-Pin.
    Hope you and and Hillary the CUNT burn in hell.
    But even Satan will plug his ass before you get there. You’re a fucking ugly mother fucker.”


  42. WRT to Soros and the entire Commie Pantheon’s fate, I recommend we make them select one of the punishments from Naked Prey. Option three would be to be hunted down by Bubbas in pick up trucks.


  43. Let me preface this by giving props to Carlos in regards to his link on the silent revolution a while back.

    People, this thing ain’t over. The CIA/State Dpt and to a lesser extent Pentagon has gone all in. People Like Greg will blame it on the Puritans or Jews as a way to cover their ignorance. Don’t listen. The main players are the Neocon Global Elitist. The same kind that made South Africa bow down to pressure and let their country be destroyed. The FBI has taken Trumps side. I pray for Trumps safety.


    • Our (((Putin))) keeps avoiding the fact that, of the loosely-connected collective of neocons, the non-Jewish ones voted overwhelmingly for Trump, but the (((neocohens))) and their useful stooges (ahem, Beck) did not.

      The fact that most Cyberian true red-pill sites don’t even bother using any other nomenclature besides neocohens instead of neocons these days, well… I’ll let the peanut gallery judge for themselves.


  44. on December 16, 2016 at 10:41 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))


    You’re a class act. We don’t agree on much, but I respect your courage.

    Happy Holidays


    • There you go, Strappy…

      Praise from D-Kike is a far greater slap-in-the-phiz and kick-in-the-azz than any of us could administer.


    • Thanks. I just post rational fact based comments and keep an open mind. I loathe simplistic, binary, us versus them, xenophobic thinking.


      • I just post rational fact based comments and keep an open mind.

        Actually, you do neither

        And when someone does deign to countermand your alleged ‘facts’ with reality, rather than merely dole out the merited mockery and disdain, the crickets sound… until another thread on another day, where you just start the same ol’ inanity again.

        You’d be more honest if you just admitted to putting your fingers in your ears and la-la-la’ing down the road.


      • “I loathe simplistic, binary, us versus them, xenophobic thinking”

        what principle do you follow that makes you loathe this kind of thinking?


      • Also, what makes this principle that you follow true?


      • Sorry about not responding to every personal attack on here but my life doesn’t revolve trying to be a tough guy on a message board. Lots of opinions and speculations here but here is a dose of fact based reality: large scale voter fraud doesn’t exist ( the Old Dominion study has been refuted), what Trump says cannot be trusted, and Obama is handing over to Trump an economy that is many many times more stable than what Bush handed over to Obama. Oh and women are never going to go back to being barefoot and pregnant. They have way too much economic power to give up being subservient to men who are less educated than them and earn less than them. Read The Future of Men by Myers. The economy has changed; the world has changed-and we aren’t ever going to go back to the 1950’s.


      • large scale voter fraud doesn’t exist


        If you think a few million votes is not “large scale”, then fuck your selective rationale and Dem apologetics.

        A three pack costs about $250 (drivers license, SSN, and some other form of work permit id) and is readily available in the major cities. Illegal aliens are availing themselves.

        It’s been proven that most polling places in areas where Dems hold sway don’t bother checking too close on the credentials anyway… indeed, even encouraging voting by illegals.

        And cementary votes and multiple id votes have long been nudge-nudge, wink-wink acknowledged, even back in the days of JFK. Chicago is especially noted for these activities.

        In CA alone there were probably 2 million illegal votes cast.

        The recount gambit was shut down, tout de suite, when the Dems were finding out that fraud was being spotlighted.

        So kiss our collective ass, and my black one in particular, with your “large scale” voter fraud being nonexistent. It could have easily swung this election, had the White vote not (finally) been galvanized.


      • They have way too much economic power to give up being subservient to men who are less educated than them and earn less than them.

        Enjoy it while it lasts, yenta… when the next depression comes that makes the first one look like a minor inconvenience, the tide will turn fast enough to make yo’ haid spin faster than your hamster wheel.

        Today it’s only private schools that are desired… soon it’s going to be private armies.



        Nope… no large scale voter fraud, no suh! Keep walking, folks, nuthin’ to see here.

        And this is what’s being admitted… one can imagine what goes on in Los Angeles and other areas heavy with illegal aliens.

        Just the “official” number of illegals doesn’t pass the sniff test… one hears “11 million”, but then most honest sources admit it “could be” as high as 25 million.

        Strapon, again… kiss my black ass.


      • Obviously something shady happened in Detroit but voters themselves weren’t being shady. All the voter ID laws in the world will have no effect on situations like that. But that is more accurately vote fraud than voter fraud.

        You seem upset at supposed large scale voter fraud. Are you equally upset at the large scale voter suppression that has actually occurred?


      • Must you play into the weasel stereotype so easily?

        You think “vote fraud” and “voter fraud” semantics wiggle you out of being wrong?

        You think multiple voters and poll workers cooking books are not “voter fraud”… or that it makes any difference when the result is the same?

        You disingenuous cocksucker. 😡

        And I noticed you didn’t even address the fact that illegals are voting, knowingly breaking the law yet again.

        You seem upset at supposed large scale voter fraud. Are you equally upset at the large scale voter suppression that has actually occurred?

        Voter suppression? WTF are you talking about? That the gummint doesn’t provide two-way polling place limo service at the curb for every household? That we DON’T overtly allow illegals still wet from crossing the Rio Grande a place in line?

        You are one squid-inking fuck. (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • And don’t play the tired Alinsky “you seem upset” gambit. Your yenta squid ink tactics and attempts at shaming language are too hackneyed to fly at the chateau… I thought (((you))) folks were supposed to be smart.

        Also note that kike shills attempting to muddy the waters at the chateau does indeed annoy and aggravate normal persons of honest intent… so if you keep flapping your yap with the same ol’, lame ol’ claptrap that’s been gainsaid dozens of times already in the past, men are going to be fed up with the bullshit and call your hebe ass on it.


      • I ID’ed “Rick” as a shill after she posted just three comments. And those weren’t even all that trollish.

        I never get tired of saying this.


  45. Served to or served by?

    [CH: both, mostly. i guess it takes a psycho to know a psycho.]


  46. Rick
    Don’t like Trudeau and Doonesbury? Tough. Trudeau rips on all politicians/public figures who need ripping on


    Trudeau has been a full on Demoncrat party hack ever since he came back from sabbatical in the early 80s.


    • In Strapon’s world, only conservatives need ripping… go figger.


      • Doonesbury has ripped on Bill Clinton. It’s just that Republicans do a lot more stupid crap and say alot more stupid things which make them easier targets.


      • I’d wager that any “ripping” he does on Dems… even if it is ancient history… is done more as a good-natured barb.

        And if you’re wanting “stupid crap”, where were all the oh-so-clever field days your hero could have had with Hillary and Obama?

        Christ, on the “he could have been my son” BLM bullshit alone he could have had a month’s worth of cels.

        You’re phonier than a three-dollar bill… and twice as queer.


  47. Reb
    It can’t get any better than this. Can it?

    Trump isn’t even president yet.

    you’re going to get tired of not having to take Viagra.

    “For elections lasting longer than 4 years, call your doctor immediately”

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    • Breitbart: ‘New York Times to Vacate ‘at Least’ Eight Floors as Profits Tumble

      The New York Times is planning to vacate “at least eight floors” in its Manhattan headquarters as part of a plan to cut costs, generate rental income, and redesign office space, according to an internal memo.

      In a message to company employees, CEO Mark Thompson said that the company had “made the decision to consolidate our footprint across the building to create a more dynamic, modern and open workplace, one that is better suited to the moment.”

      “We’re planning significant investments in a redesign of our existing space in order to facilitate more cross-departmental collaboration. We expect a substantial financial benefit as well. All told, we will vacate at least eight floors, allowing us to generate significant rental income,” he continued.’

      If your boss talks like this, get a new job.

      ‘The memo also confirmed that the near 400 employees currently stationed in the floors soon to be located will be moved to a temporary location until the end of 2017, where the redesign will be completed.’

      Probably somewhere in Jersey, or maybe Hyderabad.

      ‘The retrenchment effort comes a month after the New York Times announced a 95.7 percent fall in quarterly profit, something which they attributed to restructuring charges related to headcount reductions.’

      ‘Headcount reductions’ = ‘We got guillotined for years of lying’

      ‘Last week, when delivering a speech on the perceived problem of ‘fake news,’ Thompson made a pitch for new subscribers, claiming that “if you want real journalism, you as a consumer will have to pay for it. So subscribe. Subscribe to your local paper, or The New York Times.”’

      Readers haven’t paid for journalism for decades. Advertisers have paid for it. That’s why readers aren’t the consumers. They’re the product.

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    • Breitbart: ‘“The Electoral College is a vestige, it’s a carryover from an earlier vision of how our federal government was going to work that put a lot of premium on states,” President Obama said Friday during a press conference at the White House.

      Obama, a former constitutional lawyer, listed the Electoral College as one of the “structures in our political system as envisioned by the Founders that sometimes are going to disadvantage Democrats.”

      “It used to be that the Senate was not elected directly, it was through state legislators,” he added. “It’s the same type of thinking that gives Wyoming two senators with about 500,000 people and California with 33 million gets the same two.”’

      Bongo and his confederates have learned to their shock that their euthanasia of legacy America (sedative: endless lies; toxin: demographic replacement) isn’t as far along as they hoped.

      If they were sane they’d consider backing off, but of course they aren’t. Liberalism is a murder-suicide cult. This setback will only make them redouble their efforts.

      Trump must not merely slow them down, but cripple them.


      • Lunacy.

        ‘Thought: There was (rightly) a cloud of illegitimacy over Bush, dispelled (wrongly) by 9/11. Creates some interesting incentives for Trump

        — Paul Krugman (@paulkrugman) December 16, 2016’


      • Kikes are gonna kike… and then wonder why people call ’em kikes.