Terry McAuliffe, Barack Obama, And Bill Clinton Commit Treason

Terry McAuliffe, Governor of Virginia, Gay Mulatto, White House squatter, and Bill Clinton, rapist, have committed and continue to commit treason against the United States of America.

Hugh Jenniks comments,

and then there’s the convicted felon gap -Virginia Gov. McAnalwhiff has granted voting rights to 60,000 convicted felons (!)


Jebus, between this and Gay Mulatto telling illegals that they can vote..I say never mind draining the swamp…take a blowtorch to it.

What McAuliffe has done is tantamount to illegally influencing an election. Pardoning 60,000 convicted felons — most of whom are black or amerind and will vote overwhelmingly for the Democreeps — a day before a national election is blatant interference with the will of the American people.

As for the Gay Mulatto, he may have encouraged and sanctioned illegal aliens to vote in an interview he gave recently. Whatever his intention in that interview exchange, what is indubitably clear are the efforts obama is making to bum rush tens of thousands of Muslim “refugees” (aka colonizers) into heartland America; and then there is of course his studied antipathy to defending the US southern border from invasion by hordes of peasant latinos.

And Bill Clinton? Thanks to the revelations in a WikiLeaks email release (dutifully ignored by the leftoid media, naturally), we have on record ol’ shrunken-eyed vegan-face Bubba telling a room of big money Dem donors in 2015 that the “borders are going to look more like nets than walls for a very long time“. Bill Clinton unquestionably promised a gathering of globohomo plutocrats that America would not have borders, presumably so that their supply of cheap labor and endless stream of enstupidated consumers would flow unimpeded.

These three fine leaders, emblematic of the rot that pervades both political parties and nearly the entire media-corporate-academia-entertainment establishment, are committing treason by agitating for the demographic and economic dispossession of White Americans from their homeland. The DOTR is too good for scum like these paragons of civic virtue.

There is a lot on the line on Election Day. Your number one concern as you pull the lever for the man who doesn’t take perverse glee in destroying heritage America should be thwarting the globohomo elite’s project of intensifying the demographic war waged specifically against White Americans. It really is that clarifying.


  1. Question: If you and Donald Trump are alpha males,why do I feel that both of you are better cunts than Hillary? Always,complaining how the world is unfair. Who told you that the world was fair to begin with? Must have been your alpha male father. My bad.


  2. “Beginning to come around to the idea that a smaller America – geographically, politically, culturally – is a better America.”

    If God forbid TC’s handlers manage to steal the election, Trump’s next job (after exposing the massive voter fraud) is to run for governor of a non-cucked state (maybe Montana or ND?) on a secessionist platform. This will have the added beneficial effect of bringing his followers there in droves, so that the rest of former America can more quickly enjoy the full fruits of third-world immivasion.

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  3. Regardless if a Trumpslide or if Hillary pulls off a Festivus miracle, Obama is going to launch lame duck Hell on us citizens with God only knows how many whacked out anti-white executive orders. His Svengali, Valerie Jarrett, has been chomping at the bit to fuck us all over in any way possible. They are free to proceed without consequence Nov 9th.


  4. Does Virginia have same day registration? If not, than his pardons won’t affect the election. Next election, yes.


    • Even so, they’ll find a way.

      Shit, they probably pardoned them after they voted–you know, behind closed doors.


  5. on November 7, 2016 at 4:10 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    Realpolitik nigguhs.

    Learn to play.


  6. Liberalism en toto is a treason racket. I guess what is so shocking is how directly intent they are in destroying White people and their countries instead of it just being a byproduct of their desire to maintain hegemony and their easy lifestyles.

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  7. You know what this means? The Gov of VA is a pedo. Someone go tell him on twitter that we know.


  8. You all know what to do. Go forth and MAGA, shitlords!

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  9. on November 7, 2016 at 4:36 pm Sean Fielding

    Q: Why did Comie flip-flop one last time on Hillary’s emails?
    A: He found one of them contained his suicide note.

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    • Either Comey was paid to say a second time that Hillary is clean or the Cintons told him his wife would soon die of suicide if he did not.

      because it is now obvious the only reason the investigation was re-opened was so that Comey could reassure the people that Hillary is clean,

      he checked twice – like you double check if you locked your front door – and she was clean both times.

      and just like you feel reassured after you checked for a second that time that your door is really locked, now the people feel reassured that Hillary is really clean.

      this was all staged, they may have hired psychologists or maybe they are so used to manipulating people that the Cintons thought of this themselves

      the only reason the investigation was opened was for Comey to say again Hillary was clean.

      It is impossible that 650,000 emails were checked in 8 days.

      and the timing of Comey re-declaring Hillary clean for a freakin second time 3 days before the elections is too suspicious.

      This whole staged thing makes Hillary look honest and innocent and must have convinced a lot of ” on the fence” voters that they can vote for her.

      There was no re-opening of any investigation, they never looked into any of the 650,000 emails

      as a matter of fact saying that out of 650,000 email there is nothing to hold against Hillary makes her look cleaner than if it was only 50 or 200 emails

      this was all stage

      Not one word that came out of Comey’s mouth was the truth.

      there was never a second investigation.

      all this was to say again that Hillary is clean and reassure the gullible public.

      the only question is ; Is Comey corrupt and paid to do those criminal acts or did the Clintons tell him if he did not his wife would die of suicide before the elections, thus he had no choice?…….

      As much as I hate liberals I admit that was a brilliant move on their part.


      • Comey wasn’t “paid a second time”. He is on the Clinton payroll. After the first paean to the Clinton regimes virtues, people came out with info of how he has money coming in from Clinton Foundation places, etc… He wasn’t pressured, any more than if your or my boss came in and told us “do your job”. That WAS his job. There is way, way too much sentiment that Comey is covering up against his will.

        Further, giving the chore of re-investigating Clinton to the same people who did it the first time, and stunk it up, shows just how lightly regarded the intelligence of the US people actually is to these criminals.

        And, as you pointed out, the whole thing was to say that Clinton was clean, and, “Hey, we even looked twice! Trump’s paranoid liars are the ones who asked for it! And, we still couldn’t come up with any evidence of criminal activity!” I smelled it the second that they said that Comey and his people were going to look into it, but, I thought that Limbaugh or someone would have jumped on their asses and made them straighten up and fly right. Joke’s on us, I guess.


      • “because it is now obvious the only reason the investigation was re-opened was so that Comey could reassure the people that Hillary is clean,”

        Agree. But the good news is this: Clinton and her gang know they’re going to lose. And they, along with the Democratic Party itself, are now concerned more about survival than triumph.

        After weeks of soul-searching and phony-baloney deep thinking following Trump’s win, Obama will (Hi Gerald Ford!) preemptively pardon Hillary and those around her “to heal our wounds, and bring this great country together.” Comey’s actions lend this a bit more credibility and plausibility and give the die-hard Hillary supporters something they can cling to to continue deluding themselves.

        Admittedly, this is a bit of hopeful thinking, but it explains the observable facts.


      • Never underestimate the power of “last minute” indoctrination. My kids came home from (((public))) school to tell me that ‘thecunt’ won the mock election by about 40 votes. I asked how that went, and found out that they had an assembly right before voting and showed the kids 2 videos “about the candidates”. Kids remembered nothing from the videos, but said they talked about the candidates.

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      • I’m wondering that, even though newspapers this morning blared Hillary’s smiling face and declared her clean, if people aren’t somewhat suspicious at the cohencidental timing of both the reopening and the 2nd bill of health, and now this actually puts her and her handlers in an even shadier light.

        The few people who mentioned it at work seemed to roll their eyes over the whole 2nd pronouncement (and on a Sunday at that) of her innocence.

        We here call it “try-hard”, and surprisingly there seem to be enough Americans left with a healthy sense of skepticism.


      • Is it a last desperate hope to sway voters to the left?

        Or is it a piss poor attempt to salvage some brownie points before the fix is put in play?

        The final test of democracy is now.


    • I asked how that went, and found out that they had an assembly right before voting and showed the kids 2 videos “about the candidates”. Kids remembered nothing from the videos, but said they talked about the candidates.

      Remember, Hillary’s ads were all about showing children, children, and more children… so I wouldn’t be surprised that the indoctrination center… eh, school… showed ‘videos’ that the youngsters took more interest in seeing other children up on the screen.


    • Q: Why did Comie flip-flop one last time on Hillary’s emails?
      A: He found one of them contained his suicide note.

      What does that say about the head of FBI is he did all this because of fear?

      Christ, if you can’t find a badass to head the alleged baddest LEO agency in the world, just pack it in now.

      I think I prefer the type of FBI chief who makes the OTHER guy, no matter how high up, cower.


      • Guess it was reopened to stifle the NYPD. Thanks for finding the new stuff, go back to writing parking tickets we’ll get her from here…


      • Yeah, but they still got the goods, if there were any goods… what’s stopping the NYPD now?

        I thought there was this big uproar and mini-revolution among the rank-and-file of both the FBI and the NYPD…

        … or was that too just another “he had a folder called ‘Life Insurance'” blogger boloxosity?


      • We forget white LEOs have a long history of stepping on whitey nonLEOs on behalf of the globohomos. Can’t expect them to get Constitution overnight, maybe not ever. Also FBI agent murder suicide with his wife a day ago, news said he also set his house on fire to hide evidence. What evidence is there in a murder suicide and with the suicide part why would one care?


  10. I don’t think the election can be stolen from Trump. There are many safeguards and interlocking steps that need to be taken for Clinton’s admirers to illegally usher her into a fraudulent win. Too many, really, to be plausible. Scott Adams (blog.dilbert.com) seems to believe it’s possible, but I doubt it.

    I’m still quite confident Trump will win the election naturally. There are a lot of paranoiacs — responsible voters, yes — who won’t tell the truth to pollsters or exit-pollers as to who they voted for, and all of them are closet Trump backers. They’ll vote, and they’ll do it in droves. Especially at the last minute, when they may not have voted in several election cycles. They see what’s happening to the country at the Dems’ hands and they don’t like it one bit. They just never had a Trumpian dark horse to ride to victory before.

    *folds hands* I give Trump a 90% chance of winning, and a 50% chance of winning by a significant margin. His backers will make the effort to come out — HERS won’t. Like Bernie Sanders says, “The poor don’t vote.”

    But white paranoiacs do.

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    • At the rally last night talking to a guy who works in DC and people he works with in groups at work join in on the Trump baiting whilst in 1:1 have told him they’re voting Trump.


    • “I don’t think the election can be stolen from Trump. There are many safeguards and interlocking steps that need to be taken for Clinton’s admirers to illegally usher her into a fraudulent win. Too many, really, to be plausible. ”
      Yep. The FBI would be all over them.

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      • All it takes is some machine rigging or strong arming in certain counties in certain swing states to push the totals.

        Remember the primaries? On both sides, rigged. DNC rigged for HRC and cut Bernie out. RNC, every caucus state went against Trump. Rigged.

        I hate saying it but after this latest Comey stunt, the elites will kill for thecunt. It wouldnt suprise me if there are black vans and SUVs in some warehouses in handful of major urban centers of popular swing states- ready and waiting to intercept and ‘persuade’ voting officials or outright impersonate their identities to ensure the fix is implemented during totaling and reporting.

        I hope im wrong on this. But even after seeing this video about how easy these sub par Sequoia voting machines can be fucked with. Its a joke. Its literally a hex editor and changing some values on the boot drive. Like hacking a windows login. Pathetic. childs play.

        And the links to Soros’. There is no way that jew made a propietary voting system with no backdoor. Damn straight that jew has some backdoor access and off the books development in those machines. I hope im wrong on this also.

        But why would soros have interest in voting machine manufacturing and voter process technology? Oh right because hes a tech investor and likes gadgets. Pffft. Gheyyy.

        Im not giving up though. Either The Donald wins or the revolution begins.


  11. Another treason story: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-11-07/anti-trump-voters-across-america-look-game-election-system-trading-ballots

    Using an app, Republicucks in blue states swap their votes with Bernie Democrats in swing states. Republicuck now votes Third party in the blue state so he doesn’t have to vote Clinton (because he hates Trump so much.) The Bernie-ite can vote HRC in the swing state while still getting a third party vote.

    Well, as with all these things, all it proves is what cucks NeverTrumpers are since nobody benefits except HRC.

    Hopefully, the numbers are small potatoes overall so it won’t have much effect.


  12. If these traitorous chicken shit cocksuckers are going to operate like two bit banana republic pols, then they should be prepared to face banana republic justice when the new boss takes over.

    None of this “for the good of the country” “for the continuity of the republic” bullshit. Special prosecutors, fair trials and then REAL PRISON TIME, and yes, execution for traitors.

    This is how MAGA begins.

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  13. If anyone told me 2 years ago a shitlord like Trump would be neck and neck with the Cunt and Pepe would be heckled against her in a speech of hers…I would think you are dreaming.
    Trump wins…till be glorious
    Cunt wins…watch liberalism eat itself over the next 4 or 8 years. Open borders…more Omar Marteens…watch the ship go down poolside.


  14. On predictit.com you can still get upwards of 5 to 1 on trump. I got some cash on it, I hope he pulls this out.


  15. This is it, gentlemen…the night before the election after a year of fighting deep into enemy territory. The army that would challenge the Gods of the accepted order lays siege to the very gates of social heaven.
    No matter who wins this it will never be like it was. Never again will they be able to fancy themselves unchallenged. Their good days of ease are over.


    • I am ready. Semper Paratus


    • Word. Also, don’t be distracted, misled, enraged by the trolling. Stay focused and pay them no mind. Let us stick together despite petty arguments, (Carlos Danger/Greg Eliot) and let us re-double our efforts to bring the forgotten wisdom of the ancients back into the world. Freedom, Liberty, Prosperity. MAGA.

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      • Hear hear. It’s gotten heated over these last few days but let’s remember we are all White brothers and our people are looking to us to set things right, whether they know it or not.

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      • Well, if you’ll go over that thread once more, you’ll see that, from my end, it was no petty argument… and I made every effort to be a stern brother, or at worst, a Dutch Uncle… which we all need from time to time when we stray too far from indisputable truth versus wishful thinking agitprop that scratches our personal itches.

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      • Greg, don’t start this up again.


      • This.


    • Scipio Africanus


  16. on November 7, 2016 at 6:33 pm CBR600RR_Rider

    Fresh off my facebook. Fuck this gay world.


  17. on November 7, 2016 at 6:34 pm CBR600RR_Rider

    Part 2


  18. on November 7, 2016 at 6:41 pm Captain Obvious

    A Washington DC child sex and torture operation. The proof http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/3490700/posts


  19. Wait, which one is the Gay Mulatto?


  20. 62K watching Trump rally online/Youtube. 62 THOUSAND


  21. on November 7, 2016 at 7:24 pm CBR600RR_Rider

    Hey so what ever happened to the bombshell NYT interview in which Trump said he’s not building the wall?

    Yea, that’s what I though 😛 Fucking lying cum! MAGA!!!


  22. MAGA!!!


  23. on November 7, 2016 at 7:41 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    Prepare to see more shitlib devastation than the Bush/Kerry outcome.


  24. now Trump is heading to Michigan. It’s gonna be about midnight there when he takes the stage. Stamina, Fortitude, Victory.

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    • Trump works a campaign like no one else I can remember. He really has left it all on the field and for that he deserves our respect as well as our vote.


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      • He’s incredible. A fucking balls to the wall leader of leaders of men.

        He inspires me. Every day I look at his twitter and see hes been in 2 different cities giving long speeches and meeting thousands…he gets shit done.

        He works harder than any other slap nut politicians out there.

        Mad respect for The Donald.

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      • 70,000 live viewers on YouTube 12:30 -1:00AM EST, the comments scrolling by at a foot per second the whole time, great speech.


  25. CH, remind your readers that supporting Trump is not sufficient. They need to actually go out and vote. And if they vote in a district that uses screens, pay close attention that it does not flip your vote for Trump to a vote for Clinton.


  26. Don’t worry Mr. Bob, we are ON IT.


  27. RSBN on Youtube has been there at all/most Trump rallies. The last one in Michigan starts in less than an hour if anyone wants to tune in. MAGA, brothers. P.S. Comey’s a pussy sellout.


  28. P.P.S The Butcher of Waco is DEAD. Hallelujah.

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  29. Scott Foval turning on his DNC masters. They even paid people to riot at the BLM protests.

    Get this out to everyone you know ASAP.



  30. Terrible Ted lighting it up in Michigan for Trump.


  31. Went to Trump rally tonight. Audience was YUUUUGE—turning people away, giant arena full, people there hours ahead of time.

    He came in like a rock star. He was loose, he was bold, he was happy. He made us laugh, he made us cry, and we were chanting along with him.

    We are going to win. The only question is if Hillary will steal it. But even if she does steal it, it’s too late. We are woke. We are angry. We are driven. We are going to take back our country, one way or another.

    And we are going to Make America Great Again.

    Victory for the people rape!

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  32. I can’t wait to see all these people go down.


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  33. 71K watching the Michigan rally online.

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  34. It’s nearly 1am there. The place is packed. Epic watching Trump look at his watch and comment on the time, how it’s now NOV 8. This shit is next fucking level y’all. Win or lose, totally EPIC. MAGA!

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  35. “one flawed candidate left to beat”

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  36. I just prayed the Rosary, the scriptural Version. I prayed the Glorious Mysteries. I urge all of you to pray the Rosary, even if you are not Catholic or even religious, for victory for Donald Trump. The Rosary is a very powerful prayer. DEUS VULT!

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    • Don’t forget the Divine Mercy.

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      • I will. Did you pray the rosary? I expect it of you.

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      • Yes. But its spookier.

        I prayed the scriptural version of the rosary yesterday for the first time ever (they take longer than usual rosaries). Before you wrote that you did so.

        Furthermore, right before my scriptual rosary, I prayed to St. Pope John Paul II for the election, a saint with whom I have a connection. He promoted the Divine Mercy, which I have an affinity for. Furthermore, he’s the only official saint I was ever blessed by, having been part of an crowd audience with him back in the day he blessed—part of a crowd of thousands.

        I picked my scriptural rosary at random from a playlist. The one that came up? The Luminous Mysteries—the only Mystery set created by John Paul II.

        Catholic nerdiness and spookiness!

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      • I was raised catholic but am not too spirtual or too religous. Mostly agnostic, but I honor where I came from, honor my ancestors and my family, and respect the cross.

        I’ve never voted in my life until the primary for Trump. And tomorrow for Trump.

        And Carlos, Ill pray the rosary tonight for you man.

        For the white bros here at CH. For all the knowledge exchange. For the hilarious memes. For America. For Trump. For hot white womenz. For white children…

        A fuckin MEN

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    • I was like you Ripp until I learned about this pedophilia and Satan worship among our elites a few years ago. That is when I realized this stuff is for real. Good on ya!

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    • I think my comment is in moderation.. but yes the Rosary is very powerful – by praying it the Holy League received divine intercession and defeated the Ottomans at Lepanto. Going to try to go to Mass later and pray one afterwards along with a prayer to St. Michael.


      • The League had more than 200% of the Ottomans’ firepower. Not even counting the latter’s ammo deficit and reliance on slave labor. Arquebus and musket vs composite bow: no need for the Good Lord.


    • When I get home from work I’ll go out to the altar that I built with my own hands in my backyard from some flat stones that were on my property, and drink to victory and vengeance from my Norse drinking-horn in the presence of my revered Ancestors and the Gods they loved, and ask All-Father Wotan to grant this to his Folk. As the saying goes, “To each his own”. I voted early this morning for Trump, and as I exited the voting station the rising Sun shone upon my face like a blessing. I walked to my car with a spring in my step, breathing the bracing cool autumn air with joy. I’ve felt great all day. Hail Victory and Vengeance!


  37. Ransom unrelated thoughts about reframing in a way liberals are unprepared to respond:

    > Racism is bad
    > “I know, I hate slave-owners/slave-traders for what they did. They ruined this country by bringing africans over here”

    > god loves everyone, even gays
    > “God doesn’t exist. Religion evolved alongside civilization in a way that promotes healthy families and communities, that’s why it rejects degeneracy like homosexuality”

    The second one is better, still working on the first one.

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  38. As if the fact that these and a buttload of others in power are treasonous bastards is actually “news”.


  39. Tar. Feathers.

    When it actually happens, good times.


  40. Trump rally live : 470 k views
    Hitlary : 32 k views

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  41. Ticked a straight-down MAGA ballot this morning. Get out there and Vote Like a Deplorable.

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  42. Terry McAuliffe turned $100K into $18 million from an insider stock trade. Read the whole article:

    In 1996, McAuliffe met a young corporate tycoon named Gary Winnick, who had once referred to himself as the richest man in Los Angeles. Winnick ran Global Crossing, a fiber-optics company chartered in the tax-friendly haven of Bermuda. At the time McAuliffe met Winnick, Global Crossing was a privately held company, poised to cash in on the deregulation of the telecom industry and the new opportunities in China. In 1997, Winnick offered McAuliffe the opportunity to purchase $100,000 worth of Global Crossing stock.

    When Global Crossing shares went public in 1998, the value of the stock soared. Operating with an acute sensitivity to the fluctuations of the market bordering on ESP, McAuliffe sold his shares at the precise moment the stock peaked. McAuliffe told the New York Times he pocketed $18 million in the deal. Within a few months, Global Crossing’s stock collapsed, the company plunged into bankruptcy and more than a third of its workforce were tossed into the ranks of the unemployed.


  43. on November 8, 2016 at 6:39 am CBR600RR_Rider

    btw obongo got 900 views last night 😉


  44. on November 8, 2016 at 7:08 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    Just voted DT.

    I’m not a fan of open borders and flooding the US with military-aged infants.

    I also think that America’s founding stock created something pretty cool and their descendants don’t deserve to be bred out.

    Could somebody tell me how this is all still in keeping with far right ideas of innate Jewishness?


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    • Well, expecting a cookie for doing the right thing and speaking the truth is a start.

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    • Until you start calling out (((your own))) for their misdeeds, and not make excuses and project blame for it, you’re not fooling anyone.

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    • on November 8, 2016 at 9:28 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

      I would never argue that anybody is without fault. I just ask that the issue be approached with a little more nuance and historical context.

      Moldbug/Reactionary Future > TRS/Daily Stormer


      • We keep showing you the historical record, in context, and you keep ignoring it.

        Less nuance, more truth.

        Isn’t Moldbug one of your tribesmen, btw? He gets credit for the term “Cathedral”, I believe… the usual suspect rope-a-dope, shuck n’ jive…

        … for every brick of Cathedral, there are three from the Synagogue.

        Bug off already with your intellectualer-than-thou squid ink…. that show closed out of town years ago.


      • Putting your faith in Moldbug is as foolish as berating people with “read The Culture of Critique!”

        No one has time for ten-thousand word blog posts.


      • on November 8, 2016 at 3:50 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))


        Fair enough.


    • Because you make no effort to influence your fellow Jews, 99% of whom are anti-white traitors.


  45. on November 8, 2016 at 7:35 am Jack-o-lantern

    The polls out this morning are a huge boon for Trump. They show him leading in Michigan for the first time. He’s also pulled out to a four point lead in Florida. This means he doesn’t need any state where Hillary is leading. All he needs is North Carolina, which is a tossup.

    If you live in Florida, North Carolina or Michigan or anywhere near those states, skip work and drive some white people without a college degree to the polls. Let the Trumpening begin! I can’t wait to see the look of utter shock on the faces of Anderson Cooper et al. tonight.

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    • Never believed the polls, still don’t.
      How could anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together actually want to vote for Billary ?
      I think there’s a LOT more Trump support than the polls ever showed.


  46. on November 8, 2016 at 8:10 am Days of Broken Arrows

    As an Italian-American, I want to say that I take no responsibility for the poorly-educated WOPs who were onstage last night with Shrillary. Lady Gaga and Bon Jovi present pretty good evidence as to why my people were stereotyped as stupid. Then there’s Springsteen and Madonna, both half-Italian. Ugh. I should have changed my name to something American while I was young. Like Carl Wilson.

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    • on November 8, 2016 at 8:45 am Jack-o-lantern

      DOBA: It’s a shame because Italian Americans used to be reliable Republicans. They were Republican because the Irish establishment [that didn’t like Italians] was fully Democrat.

      The reality is that the Irish should have joined the Italians in the Republican Party a long time ago. The WASP establishment in the U.S. has now taken over the Democratic Party and they look down their noses at the Irish, the Italians and all other white ethnic minority groups.

      Because of their Catholic heritage, the Irish and the Italians should be anti-modernist conservatives anyway. Their natural home should be in the new, nativist, reactionary Republican party of Trump. If Trump wins, more Irish and Italians will likely drift away to the Democrats in the years ahead. The Democratic party will be increasingly the party of rich WASPS, poor blacks, Hispanics and Muslims [strange bedfellows], while the Republican party will be the party of poor WASPS, religious Christians, nativists and ethnic whites.

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      • “[T]he Irish and the Italians should be anti-modernist conservatives anyway. Their natural home should be in the new, nativist, reactionary Republican party of Trump.”

        They’re going to be, though you’re going to have to include working class and middle class blacks in there, and if I know President Trump like I think I do, he’s also going to co-opt Hispanics/Latinos from the Ds. Make peace with the idea of a diverse basket.


      • on November 8, 2016 at 10:47 am Days of Broken Arrows

        My family is split down the middle. It’s sort of a Rudy Giuliani/Mario Cuomo divide. What bothers me is these high-profile Italian-Americans behaving as if they should influence policy because they have an artistic career.


      • @DOBA

        Watching Robert De Niro cuck out and bitch about Trump was painful. I never really read into him personally but always loved his movies.

        But damn, he’s a cuck AND a coal burner. Sad, sad, god damn sad…


      • on November 8, 2016 at 2:19 pm Jack-o-lantern

        Ripp: There’s no doubt that Vito Corleone and Travis Bickle would support Trump. They are both conservative traditionalists with an ethnocentric streak.

        Too bad De Niro isn’t like his characters, or maybe he is and he just wants to hide it because it’s wealthy liberals who support his Tribeca Film Festival.


      • DeNiro is only 1/4 Italian – the rest of his ancestry is Irish, German, French, English and Dutch, according to Wikipedia.


      • @jackO

        “or maybe he is and he just wants to hide it because it’s wealthy liberals who support his Tribeca Film Festival.”

        I could see this. Its common that you dont see any outspoken non-cuck right wing actors in hollywood until theyve made it big enough to not need the (((skype))). Schwarznegger, Voight, James Woods, Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson.

        And maybe DeNiro is playing a role for (((business))). But i doubt it. I mean hes had 2, 2! different sheboon wives.

        damn shame.


  47. If a hot gal has light brown skin color would it be wrong to make her say, in a begging way, “please let me be your brown little bitch” throughout sex with her?

    Thanks for any non butt-hurt replies.


    • What a fuckin’ dweeb thou be! (((shakin’ mah haid)))

      The race-mixing distraction tripe on an unrelated thread is bad enough…

      But to attempt a preemptive shaming language block to prevent YOURSELF from getting butthurt when men call you on your bullshit, well…

      That’s yet a failinger level of failery.

      (((shakin’ it again)))

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    • on November 8, 2016 at 9:12 am Carlos Danger



    • on November 8, 2016 at 9:33 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

      Here we go again

      Oil drilling/mudsharking are not equal offenses.


      • And here’s DivineKike, on schedule, to run interference for his fellow shills…

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))

        Got news for ya, Schlomo… whether it’s BM/WF or WM/BF, it’s all genocide of the White race, and the creation of another future enemy of White children.

        Ergo, from here on out to the aware, they had BETTER be considered equal offenses, if YT knows what’s good for him.

        Or dumb muh-dik YTs can just keep taking their cues from (((you people))) and continue marching towards oblivion.

        Avaunt, you swine. 😡

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      • “Oil drilling/mudsharking are not equal offenses.”

        Completely agree.

        Greg, relax. You are going to work yourself into a health condition.


      • Relax, nuthin’… righteous anger gives me strength… something you (((trolls))) know nothing about…

        … until it’s too late.


    • Do us a favor. Move to Sri Lanka. Fuck all the brownie girls you want. Stay the hell off this site. This is OUR turf.



  48. My prediction (just for the record): HRC 322, DT 216. (Yes I know this is the same as some others, but it was independently reached. Great minds think alike.) DT will do slightly worse than Romney in the electoral vote, and more than slightly worse in the popular vote (largely because of pissed-off Mexicans coming out of the woodwork to vote against in Trump in Texas).

    By the way, the Trumpsters have quietly conceded: there is no point in rah rah at this point.


    • Better get a few more J’s, if you’re trying to convince us that any quiet concessions have been made.

      And if what you say is true, then you and your ilk deserve what this country turns into over the next two generations.


    • Cohencidental that Putin and this J1J2 clown come out of the woodwork within minutes of each other?

      Looks gefiltre fishy to me… I’ll let others decide.

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      • J1 and J2 are the signature Semitic y-haplogroups, camel-jockeys and Red Sea pedestrians alike. Couldn’t have been more upfront, as plain as .. er .. the nose on their face.

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      • How about it, CH? Those ISPs, or whatever they’re called, look the same?

        We know Strapunzel’s been trying to worm her way back under sock puppy names, how about this Putin and J1J2?


    • “By the way, the Trumpsters have quietly conceded: there is no point in rah rah at this point.”

      Not today, faggot. We’re just getting started.


    • Jew1Jew2 Your agitprop don’t work here, fag. Go guzzle jizz spiritfreak.

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    • on November 8, 2016 at 8:48 am Jack-o-lantern

      Today’s polls say otherwise:

      DJT: 272

      HRC: 266

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    • Back from voting… 60/40 red (cucky) blue area…. Counted 12 trump signs around the edges to 2 Hillary signs… Nobody on corners holding signs… no honking, nothing… place was sparse… no black voters sighted…

      My read is Trump folks just went about their business quietly and there is zero emotion on the left… Big big difference from Obama campaigns…



      • Awesome sentient. I cant wait to get off of work and go vote for Donald J. Trump.



      • went to a polling place in a hipster neighborhood, very blue area… same thing… 10 Trump signs all around the edges and a couple of Hillary signs… No crowds…



      • The left is fearful because of the enthusiasm of Trump folk.

        It’s like when a team is up by a huge lead early in a game, and the opposing team starts to come back. The team with the lead becomes fearful and plays not to lose while the opposing team plays to win. And eventually they do.

        The left had a lead, but we’re winning this mofo on the final play!


    • You keep using ((())) but forgot them around your name.

      And I’ll bite: no, Trumpsters have not quietly conceded.

      You sound fat.

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    • “(largely because of pissed-off Mexicans coming out of the woodwork to vote against in Trump in Texas)”

      Actually there are a lot of Mexican Americans in Texas near the border who want a wall and hate the crime situation down there. So the comment is a little off but then again I am used to hearing misguided comments from ykw(neocon Greg).

      Btw, I am not saying Trump has it in the bag as I have already made my opinion clear on the outcome Ad nauseam


      • Still trying that lame ol’ neocon (but can’t say neocohen) stuff, eh? And with a ykw now?

        Man… talk about (((projection)))!

        You never did answer why they’re invariably referred to as (((neocohens))), did you, Pooty?

        Care to take one last shot at some semblance of credibility?

        Pooty say:
        Don’t pay attention to the (((men))) behind the curtain… and please clap when I talk about banging a darky… please?


    • Wrong!!!


  49. Just voted. Waited a bit this morning, I was relishing the opportunity. White suburb, blue state. Polls were busy, maybe I’m projecting but it seemed solid calm and white. About a dozen people holding Trump signs, no cunt signs anywhere. Gave a big thumbs up and thanked the Trump sign holders on the way out and they thanked me right back. There is going to be some blue state surprises. #MAGA my friends.


  50. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that ANYONE would want to put the Clintons back into the White House – in ANY configuration.
    Even if they use Bill only for a door stop.


  51. History will be made today. America will elect it’s first white man.


  52. ‘Pull the lever for the man who doesn’t take perverse glee in destroying heritage America’. And watch your vote magically increment the Hildebeaste’s total.


  53. I bleseed the ballot paper…I voted and walking out I welled up I have to say.

    I felt glorious.

    Too many thanks yous but thank you to the soldiers on here. We have Anglin, we have CH…we have Trump. What a fucking 16 months.

    Btw read the comments on Daily Stormer yesterday..all the memes came out. More tears this time laughter. Gott Mit Uns.


    • on November 8, 2016 at 11:25 am vladtheimpaler

      This was in July, since then he has used his power to individually give felons the right to vote circumventing the courts decision

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  54. Did my part today. Dumb ethnic chick tried to give me the run around at the polling place but an amiable old white man made sure she knew her mistake. It took a lot in me to not tell her “youll have to go back”.


  55. The Project Veritas guys..wearing a burka and getting Huma A’s voter ballot in NY…classic shit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hggabHmAdxY


  56. Voted first thing this AM in a very White town in a state that (hopefully) will split its vote.

    They close the HS to allow for the voting crush. 7:15AM…line out the door, people smiling, pols shaking hands. Quiet conversation. Mix of coats/ties and tradesman. Some women with their quiet, well-behaved children.

    Paper ballots. Donuts for sale at the exit to benefit the School band…

    I wonder how many virtue-signaling HRC voters imagined, like I did, the scene 4-8 years from now:

    Arrive early to vote (no one there–why vote early? No one will be working)

    Later in the day–like downtown Trashcanistan: call to prayer in background, sea of unfamiliar faces, line cutting, disorganized process, children wailing, cacophony of foriegn tongues, and a kebab stand raising money for the students pilgrimage to Mecca.

    Can’t wait!


  57. http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nydn-front-pages-2016-gallery-1.2482879

    Check out today’s cover of the NY Daily News… they have the gall to call Trump a liar!

    This is the fishwrap that consistently had covers that would make the yellowest journalist turn orange in embarrassment.

    The people who make up these covers need a good talkin’ to by Dr. Tarr and Prof. Feather.


  58. Cover calls cunton ‘steady.’ I guess it takes a steady personality to do all that baby eating. I hope some alt right autist makes a big list of all the journhos and celiebritards so we never forget or forgive.


  59. on November 8, 2016 at 1:22 pm Milo Mindbender

    If they were pardoned this week, how did they make the cutoff for registering to vote, and if they were already registered would not being pardoned have stopped them?


  60. “Whatever his intention in that interview exchange, what is indubitably clear are the efforts obama is making to bum rush tens of thousands of Muslim “refugees” (aka colonizers)”

    😆 OK.

    Actually no. They ARE refugees. Syria is a war zone. They are refugees full stop.

    [CH: doesn’t matter. there are refugees all over the world at any given time. their racial and cultural dissimilarity precludes their relocation to the USA. let them sort out their own problems. bum rushing them here in effect turns them into colonizers. don’t be dense.]

    Did Italians coming to America “colonize” it too?

    [not all colonists are equal.]

    They can’t be colonists if you send them back. It’s really that simple. Refuge is meant to be temporary.

    [fucking HAHAHAA. you really think obama or thecunt would ship them back as soon as their homelands were peaceful? nope they’re here for the duration.]


  61. And here we go with the voter fraud.


    “Voting machines in Pennsylvania were registering straight Republican votes as Democratic votes early Tuesday, officials say.

    The error was due to a calibration issue in Lebanon County’s voting machines, where five machines out of the 270 machines available in the county malfunctioned, Penn Live reported.

    Voters saw the errors after they reviewed their ballots before officially filing them.”