The Shit Test Was Known To Men In 1910

Dovetailing from yesterday’s post, further enlightening excerpts from that most awesome 1910 game guide titled “Modern Woman and How to Manage Her“:

There are two universal theories concerning women: 1. That she is gentle and 2. That she is cruel. How have these conflicting views arisen? Why do men when in grief or difficulties so often seek the sympathy and the advice of women? Why on the other hand do men declare that women are capable of incredible cruelty? Let us attempt to explain this enigma. In those countries where marriage by capture still survives we shall find instructive evidence of that form of the antagonism of the sexes which is inseparable from the great business of love-making. In New Zealand not long ago a Maori wooer, with the consent of the girl’s parents, employed force in winning his bride. He seized the maiden and bore her away, struggling, biting, kicking. Maori girls are almost as physically strong as men and it was often a wrestling match of fairly equal combatants. We read that it was sometimes the work of hours before the captor could carry the resisting maiden a hundred yards. Thus love begins among the Maoris as among other and more advanced races with actual cruelty, strife and pain.

A Bedouin virgin makes a show of resistance to her lover by pelting him with stones which often wound the suitor. When he grapples with her she bites and uses her fists and nails even though she loves him and desires to be captured. The European woman does not as a rule display such forms of physical violence but the elements of anger, fear, and the desire to inflict pain enter more or less into most courtships. [ed: emphasis mine.]

In Spain, until the middle of the nineteenth century, women took pleasure in watching a lover flog himself until the blood flowed, and the elaborate system of courtship still observed in that country which insists that the suitor should wait for hours, day after day, beneath the maiden’s window till she deigns to smile upon him is a survival of the ancient custom of self torture as a means of winning a woman’s favour.

There are cases recorded of women who find exquisite satisfaction in the infliction of both mental and physical pain upon their lovers. Such manifestations are related to the passion of love and have a very important biological significance.

From this source springs the female instinct of teasing which is noticeable even among little girls in their play with boys. Every man can recall boyish experiences of this kind. From fourteen up to sweet seventeen and sometimes after that age girls frequently tease, snub and vex the youths of their acquaintance with much zest. The shyest boys [ed: betas] are most exposed to these lacerating snubs. No man dare be as rude as a woman. Her sex protects her from the retaliation of a retort discourteous. This love of tormenting the opposite sex reaches its height in many young girls when a young man is deeply in love with them, and the romantic and ardent types of youths are the chief sufferers from this form of feminine bullying.

I have heard a beautiful woman of this order describe with gusto the manner in which she first encouraged her lovers and then having brought them to her feet rejected them with polite disdain. The spectacle of a man grovelling for her consent caused acute pleasure.

The emotion that underlies this impulse to tease men and to excite their anger is a phase of sex antagonism, but it is very intimately associated with sexual feeling. The contempt, the coldness, and the cruelty are unconsciously directed by the woman towards an end, and they are frequently the expression of an amative nature. In its milder forms, unkindness to a lover is a very common trait among women. It is often employed to stimulate ardour and to test a man’s devotion. Women who in love first blow hot and then cold by turn are obeying a primitive instinct which has played an important part in the relationship of the sexes.

What the author, Gallichan, is describing here is known to modern seducers as the shit test.  Plus, what is also being described is possibly the first layman’s observations on what would come to be known as the Borderline Personality Disorder woman, (cf., Penelope Trunk), and the Attention Whore.

What Gallichan understands is what PUAs understand — when a woman shit tests you, i.e. when she teases and taunts you, she is in fact romantically aroused by you and her cruelty is a test of your mettle as a man. Will you remain “devoted” — aka unflustered by her theatrics — or will you wilt like a shy beta boy shrunk to hunched shame by her sharp barbs?

Read the last quoted line again. Push-pull PUA game is, like most game techniques, an arrogation by men of traditional female game. When you use a woman’s natural seductions against her, such as her instinct to “first blow hot and then cold”, you inflame her to passions the equal degree to which her beauty inflames men. Few men know to do this; fewer still execute the game skillfully. So if you can do it, you set yourself above every other man she knows, and above herself. Which is where she likes her man.


  1. ForeignBride shit tests me all day every day. Even mail-order bride aficiandos must understand these feminine wiles.


    • on August 9, 2013 at 10:11 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

      homer’s odysysey teaches that if you stand up to womenz–if yo9u stand up to der SHIT TESTZ–you get to FUCK them lzozozozo

      if you don’t stand up to dem dey turn you into pigs

      yes homer was alomst as brrilliaaiant as heartistse lzozozozozo:


      “‘And I will tell you of all the wicked witchcraft that Circe will
      try to practise upon you. She will mix a mess for you to drink, and
      she will drug the meal with which she makes it, but she will not be
      able to charm you, for the virtue of the herb that I shall give you
      will prevent her spells from working. I will tell you all about it.
      When Circe strikes you with her wand, draw your sword and spring upon
      her as though you were goings to kill her. She will then be frightened
      and will desire you to go to bed with her; on this you must not point
      blank refuse her, for you want her to set your companions free, and
      to take good care also of yourself, but you make her swear solemnly
      by all the blessed that she will plot no further mischief against
      you, or else when she has got you naked she will unman you and make
      you fit for nothing.’ ”




      • on August 9, 2013 at 10:13 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        He hearteitsez!! hjeartsyeitzsz!!!


        “As he predicted, as soon as Zeus walks out among the other gods, Hera starts nagging him. Zeus tells her to be quiet. lzozozlzlzzozooz Hephaistos, the blacksmith god, and the son of Zeus and Hera, tells his mother to make her peace with Zeus.”


        “And Lady Hera, with her oxen eyes wide: “Oh my. The awesome son of Cronus has spoken. Pry? You know that I never pry. And you always Cheerfully volunteer—whatever information you please. It’s just that I have this feeling that somehow The silver-footed daughter of the Old Man of the Sea May have won you over. She was sitting beside you [590] Up there in the mist, and she did touch your knees. And I’m pretty sure that you agreed to honor Achilles And destroy Greeks by the thousands beside their ships.”

        And Zeus, the master of cloud and storm: “You witch! Your intuitions are always right. But what does it get you? Nothing, except that I like you less than ever. And so you’re worse off. If it’s as you think it is, it’s my business, not yours. So sit down and shut up and do as I say. You see these hands? All the gods on Olympus [600] Won’t be able to help you if I ever lay them on you.”

        Hera lost her nerve when she heard this. She sat down in silence, fear cramping her heart, And gloom settled over the gods in Zeus’ hall.”

        Homer; Lombardo, Stanley (1997-06-01). Iliad (Translated & Annotated) (Kindle Locations 1688-1711). Hackett Publishing. Kindle Edition.


      • on August 9, 2013 at 3:15 pm Libertardian

        One story I heard is that Hephaestus acquired his limp by trying to white-knight on Hera’s behalf during one of her fights with Zeus. Zeus picked him up and threw him off Mount Olympus, and it took him three days of bouncing, crashing, and rolling to hit the bottom.


      • on August 9, 2013 at 2:37 pm Zombie Shane

        > “unman you”


        Lorena Bobbitt, anyone?

        Whew. DNFW.


    • 1910? The Taming of the Shrew was believed to have been written between 1590-1592. The Taylor/Burton 1967 film adaptation is like a comedic guide to dealing with atomic shit tests. Watch 1967 the film version (I think available on youtube in its entirety) – it might as well have been written by CH right here on this blog,


  2. Lies are novelties, but the truth resurfaces.


    • Very true, and the truth which has been buried these last 50 years has been buried by anything but novelties. Unless you find skillfully concocted lies through government run NGOs and activists like feminists and their agencies novel.

      If we could ever get the public to put 2 (social security and family court) plus two (trillions of tax dollars wasted, and millions of people murdered before birth costing us great minds and demographic safety) = 4 generations of paying for it…I would not want to be labeled a feminist either.

      Too bad Gloria Steinem is going to die before we can “help her” pay for her crimes. And all of her followers.


  3. That whole business about carrying the bride over the threshold?

    It was founded in rape. See : The rape of the Sabine women.

    Funny now how the same thing is now seen as an act of humiliation. If only new grooms kept in mind the proper attitude.


  4. it’s amazing what you start noticing. I watched an old Gunsmoke last week directed by William Conrad called Captain Sligo. it was like an RSD video with negging, DHVing, and amused mastery. I especially liked the part where the captain demanded 9 sons in eight years, saying he’d allow her 15 months of lying around fallow.


    • I especially liked the part where the captain demanded 9 sons in eight years, saying he’d allow her 15 months of lying around fallow.

      Guess he wanted his own baseball team.


  5. She is gentle to the man….she is cruel to his emotions.


  6. I would bold this part too:

    “she first encouraged her lovers and then having brought them to her feet rejected them with polite disdain.”

    This is important because it points out that shit-tests aren’t just about being rude/cruel, she’s actually setting up tests that she encourages him to PASS that then kill her attraction and she rejects him.

    So it’s not always “go away” “okay :(” “test failed, no sex”

    Often it’s “come here” “okay :)” “test passed, no sex”

    Trying to get you to supplicate is the same thing as trying to scare you off…both are a test of “will he do what HE wants, or will he sway from his goals and do what *I* want?”

    If a silly little girl can distract you from achieving your goals, how the fuck is she supposed to trust you to stand up to the rest of the world?


  7. Interesting, last night, my youngest son wanted to go see an all ages show (fairly good stuff – bands included Breath Carolina and We The Kings) – and I witnessed several young men being literally pulled around by their dates/GFs. It reminded me of how some owners of dogs yank and pull on their leashes (or how some dogs pull their owners one way or the other).

    I told my son to never let that happen – if she wants to go someplace, let her, but you’re not a “child” to be pulled and drug in one direction and another. Told him to let go of her hand and shoo her away – if she doesn’t come back, he’d be better of in the long run.


  8. on August 9, 2013 at 11:13 am logicwontgetmelaid

    While the author of this tome is quite knowledgeable, he is lacking in a deeper understanding of women’s biological imperatives. He is blind to hypergamy, and as such foolishly argues for women’s rights and suffrage, going so far as to say that when women gain equality, the world will be a better place.

    Of course, knowing what we know now, the more status women acquire, the smaller the pool of men they find suitable to mate with. This is to the detriment of all. Also, as we’ve seen, women are largely incapable of voting against measures that purport to help the weak and helpless, no matter how overwhelming the evidence that such measures are harmful to everyone.

    Still, there is some very useful knowledge therein, so I recommend everybody read the whole thing. Someone provided a link to the pdf on the original post… check it out.


  9. What has been is what will be,
    and what has been done is what will be done;
    and there is nothing new under the sun.

    Is there a thing of which it is said,
    “See, this is new”?
    It has been already,
    in the ages before us.

    There is no remembrance of former things,
    nor will there be any remembrance
    of later things yet to happen
    among those who come after. …

    For in much wisdom is much vexation,
    and he who increases knowledge increases sorrow.

    — thus spake Qoheleth


    • The moral of the story…the better you become, the worse your life is going to be. So you better embrace your cross if you want to improve.


      • That’s the beauty of Ecclesiastes. Solomon leaves the moral of the story implied. Pure art, darker than anything the fad-nihilists and their risible “death of God” Emo spookiness could ever dream up. Smack in the middle of scripture. We are surrounded by cleverclever people who “explore” the depths of their existence through rote cinematic shadow tricks. How could they possibly contemplate “the horror, the horror”?

        There is nothing new under the sun.


  10. i know the common wisdom is that emotional reaction is bad….but i wonder if its ever appropriate just flat out tell the girl to fuck off when shes giving you shit. The situation im thinking of i like out in public, with a girl who doesnt know you at all, just immediately starts to fuck with you (because shes attracted to your looks)

    Maybe not ideal. But if you think of the psychology, shes testing to see how you handle yourself…for the evo psych theorists…to see how you could protect yourself and her. So if you were to lash out hardcore, or even just “What the fuck is wrong with you? Do you have fucking manners?” i wonder if that totally shuts things down.

    Ive encountered so many girls who just immediately start shit testing me relentlessly. I get to a point where its unwelcome…honestly. You can wx poetic about how to cater to female psyche with these situations….but sometimes i just flat out dont want to be fucked with. Some chicks are annoying as fuck…and sometimes even ugly bitches do this. The worst.


    • “i know the common wisdom is that emotional reaction is bad….but i wonder if its ever appropriate just flat out tell the girl to fuck off when shes giving you shit.” You’d be striking a fierce blow against female privilege by doing so. It’s strange how so many supposedly awake men want to prevent you from doing so. You know, by the early 1900s when these passages were written feminism was already in existence. I bet in years earlier Western women would have been afraid to engage in this behavior. Today in 2013 even so-called anti-feminist men coyly encourage it.


    • > “i wonder if its ever appropriate just flat out tell the girl to fuck off when shes giving you shit”

      I’ve actually been toying with the idea of experimenting with “reverse shit tests” or “male shit tests” or whatever you might call it.

      It would be kinda like that utterly infuriating game that J*w-Ernie uses to torture poor Goyische-Kopf-Bert.

      The skit is called “Copycat”, but apparently no one has ever uploaded it to J*wtube:

      Anyway, instead of being a beta white knight and jumping through the hoops of her shit tests, you’d force her to be a good little Ozzie-N-Harriet beeyotch and jump through YOUR shit tests.

      “OMFG, your skin is so clean and alabaster white – you need to get some tats and join a tanning salon, bitch.”

      “OMFG, you’re like, so sober – you need to get drunk and puke all over the sidewalk, bitch.”

      “OMFG, you’re like, so polite to people. You need to get all bitchy and start snarling at the proles and the orcs and laughing at them. Bitch.”

      “OMFG, you like have all your finances like in order. You fucking tard. You need to get out there and take on like $250,000 in student loan debt and get eBernankified in your rectum by Rachel Maddow’s fist. Bitch.”


    • No…because that would be adopting HER frame.

      She tests you to see how you handle yourself.

      You lose your shit and tell her off.

      Is that maintaining your frame?

      Is that attractive.

      Many aspects of game are counter-intuitive.

      Overt-communication is a very logical, male way of dealing with things.

      But watch how women act.

      When you lose your shit, do they argue back?

      More often then not, they’ll reframe it: “You’re cute when you’re angry”…it’s disarming.

      That’s how guys need to start thinking.

      It’s hard, but self-awareness is key to learning and getting better at game.


  11. I feel that women today are much less proficient with this shit test, ‘liberation’ leads to dulling of the feminine defense mechanism I guess.


    • on August 9, 2013 at 2:51 pm Zombie Shane

      > “women today are much less proficient”

      Woman today are freaking retards compared to women as recently as about 50 years ago.

      Which is kinda what I was getting at a few threads back when I was talking about how disappointing it is to hear words like “f*ck”, “f*rt”, or “sh*t” come out of a bitch’s mouth.

      That’s tard-talk, man.


  12. dam european shit testin looks so beta compared to the bedoiun and maori shit tests. no wonder those guys are either crazy or alpha

    yes pacific island women are very strong…strongest of any race


  13. Good post. There is nothing new under the sun. Hitler would have won if he understood this…


  14. Te female mink does not ovulate until her blood as been spilled from a bite by the male mink.

    She must really have to [email protected] test him to get beyond third base.


  15. yeh you should see the Maori girls play Rugby they really love the physical side of it.and also thanks so much for posting such a good blog.


  16. It was a sad–albeit, bittersweet in its enlightenment–day, the day I realized that as a man, I will never be able to fully invest myself emotionally in a woman; her nature, will just not allow for it.


  17. Dude. I just read that stupid cunts about for the first time. Penelope Trunk lives down the road from me. Literally. Down. The Road.

    Any requests?


  18. She lives in Darlington WI, a hot-bed of illegal mexcrement squatters. Pity too, was a real pretty town once. Like I said, down the road from me. This explains a lot. She’s probably getting fucked by the help on “Farmers” farm.


  19. Heh, don’t miss pages 70-71:

    On the other hand, a show of force, even a touch of cruelty, is necessary in the management of certain hysterical women. It is often insincerity that causes women to accuse men of roughness. A reasonable amount of harshness frequently appeals to a refractory woman more than gentle suasion. The men most loved by women are not often the gentlest of men. The female expects a measure of roughness in the male. But the man who can be rough must also be kind at heart. “The stroke of death is as a lover’s pinch, which hurts and is desired,” says Shakespeare’s Cleopatra.

    There is plenty of evidence to prove that women do not, as a whole sex, resent judicious harshness in a lover. They know well themselves how to inflict mental pain upon men, and do not shrink from doing so. When men reverse the process a sensible woman is not surprised. She may even be highly gratified. There is a Russian proverb, ” A dear one’s blows hurt not long.” In parts of Hungary peasant women do not believe that they are loved until their husbands give them the first box on the ear. Most women, if they are honest, will admit that they like to be subjugated now and then by a strong man. The breaking down of a woman’s natural instinct of resistance by a vehement lover is a process that few women resist for long, or afterwards resent. Every romantic girl dreams of being abducted by a powerful man, who sternly commands, but, at the same time, is ready to risk danger and pain in her protection. The universal role of women in courtship is that of the pursued, even when pursuit is a tame rehearsal of actual marriage by force and capture.


  20. And further on, page 73:

    Be not over-kind when a young wife sulks and puts you into Coventry. Let her alone for a while. Don’t go up to her in a supplicating attitude, unless you want a stinging snub. Go to your club, or take a woman friend to the theatre.


  21. Not 1910, but some fun, good old-fashioned man-wisdom in a few adverts here:


  22. This comment is admittedly off-topic. I just wanted to share with the blog my experience with a film I watched recently called ‘Transsiberian.’ It stars Woody Harrelson. If any guy wants to fully appreciate the depths to which a woman will protect a secret, watch this film.


  23. I love how all the usual female commenters are deadly silent re: both this post and the other “1910” post.

    These articles go right to the heart of female nature.

    Apparently the truth stings a little bit.


    • Weren’t you one of the commenters complaining in the other thread about females posting?

      No sting here. I agree with most of “game” theory and I think it’s funny– although unsurprising– that some men had figured it out 100 years ago.


    • It doesn’t sting; I think most of us agree this is true. Silence is another form of agreement.

      However, I wonder why Matt King is silent. This topic is right up his alley.


      • Let’s not ask why Matt is silent.

        Let’s just enjoy the silence.


      • Oops….we spoke too soon. See below.


      • Well, let’s be fair to him; an imposter stole his moniker. I wouldn’t have expected him to do any less but come after the guy in some way.

        That said, the imposter sounds more like ZombieShane than Matt. He usually uses capital letters to scream in your face (in case you didn’t pay attention) about them frankfurters and J. H. CRHIST. LOL, I got to say though, it was funny what this imposter wrote.


        This is hilarious. Come to think of it, this comment is ZombieShane, GBFM, and Matt all rolled into one. I hope Matt had a laugh.


      • Good point you make.


  24. Do men shit test ?
    I noticed, Some times with people I know are attracted to me, I would just make them get sadmad to see what they do.


  25. E. Michael Jones – Libido Dominandi

    You don’t have to be a Christian, fully understand the bible, be the intellectual equal of Greg Eliot or Matt King… in order to understand what this guy is saying.

    Any sense of discomfort you have about “game” probably has a valid cause.

    Check and determine if this is it?







    WHY CAN’T YOU?!!!









    • You’re all the same person, aren’t you, ankle biter? Nice try pretending “I am legion, for we are many.”

      South Park snark — literally, cribbing their language — and multiple emails/usernames over online disagreements is too stupid and boring a project to be the handiwork of the devil.

      I’m flattered by your unrelenting obsession. But you should realize after years of impotence that your approach is all wrong.


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