This Woman “Accidentally” Banged A Trump Supporter And Her Post-Cock Rationalizations Will BLOW YOUR MIND

Truth serum time. I made a post of this article mostly because I wanted to float that flavortown post title over the center field warning track. It tickles me.

I accidentally slept with a Donald Trump supporter

My name is Diana. I’m a 27 year-old bartender. I met this guy on Tinder about two months ago, a few days after I’d moved from Toronto to San Diego.

On a not-unrelated note, Texas is turning blue in our lifetimes, bank on it if these immigration patterns hold. (toronto is not much better than somalia) The only escape will be TEXIT.

We’d been chatting for all of a day, and we agreed to meet at a bar in downtown San Diego. We were just going to play Big Buck Hunter and have some drinks. It was very short notice. We didn’t even exchange phone numbers.

He showed up at the bar, and he was super handsome. Like, really tall—six-foot-four or something absurd. We were wearing matching leather jackets. His Triumph Bonneville was parked outside. This guy looked badass.


It turned out he was pro-choice and an atheist, which was good.

A savvy womanizer knows to avoid God and abortion conversational pitfalls that could deep-six pre-sex scheming.

But the night progressed. We went out to some other bars, had some more drinks, and he invited me back to his place. I was super excited, because I was really into this guy.

It’s always dankest before the dong.

We hooked up, and it was incredible. There was a lot face-touching and intense eye contact. He was cool as hell. I was completely smitten.

BEST SEX I EVER HAD – Canadian Maples

At some point I got up and sauntered over to his bookcase, because I wanted to see what he was into. I saw a few photos, and then a David Sedaris book that I love. I asked him about the Sedaris book and he said he hadn’t read it yet. But then, right beside it, I saw a book about Donald Trump. It wasn’t The Art of the Deal or one of his how-to-succeed-in-business books. It was In Trump We Trust, by Ann Coulter. So I asked him about it. I was like, “Ha ha, this is funny.”

How sweet it is to step out with that shitlord strut *after* splitting a slut’s moistened rut.

Meanwhile I’m a Canadian expat who just moved to America. I pointed that out and he went, “No, no. It’s different.” Why? Because I’m white and in my twenties?

Well, yes. But you still have to go back.

He started talking disparagingly about Black Lives Matter. This entire conversation happened in five minutes, while I was frantically getting dressed to leave. I wasn’t there to argue, and I felt deeply uncomfortable.

Amygdala overload.

I got a Lyft home and I thought I was done with him. The next day he messaged me on Tinder. He said, “Hope you’re still not upset over politics LOL.” I explained that it’s hard for me to remain attracted to someone whose views are so different from mine, and who believes in bigotry and xenophobia—which sucked, because the sex was amazing.

Five minutes of shitlord….

Then he said, “Not accepting other people’s beliefs is the definition of bigotry.”

*tips maga hat at her, grabs pussy* “One more to remember me by.”

So apparently it was my fault.

This is womanspeak for “It was my fault”.

He sent me a “hey” message a week later, which I never replied to.


I couldn’t do it again. It feels taboo to sleep with a Trump supporter.

“If this is taboo, I don’t want to be virtuous.”

But here’s the thing: I’ve slept with a lot of people in my life.


This guy ranked in the top five.

The other four were Putin fans.

Btw, if she’s mounted enough cock to assemble a “top five”, it’s a good bet her total cock count numbers in the hundreds. Marriage material!…….for a beta.

I thought maybe I’d try him again one night at 3 a.m., when I was drunk enough to overlook his political views. But I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

This is womanspeak for “I did it”.

I don’t want to wake up next to a guy who blames Mexicans for his woes and thinks “bigly” is a word, no matter how handsome he is.

And yet she wrote about that “uncomfortable” evening from two months ago. She can’t stop thinking about him.

Everything she wrote is typical female hamster rationalization for loving a charming Trumpboy. She wearily and half-heartedly hunts for his flaws to absolve herself of personal responsibility while simultaneously craving the invading force of his Trumpenrod. Betabitch BernieBros and mangina Hill shills wept.

This man’s MAGA Game is tight. He wins a green Pepe condom. Feels good man.


  1. I’ve been tempted to text my ex ‘no matter what happens tonight, remember you slept with a Trump supporter’

    But, besides amusing me, there’s no point.

    On the opposite note, she was a pretty horrible person but she was awesome in bed.

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  2. “This guy ranked in the top five.” For some reason this reminds me of Weimerica.

    [CH: if she’s ridden enough cock to assemble a “top five”, it’s a good bet her total cock count numbers in the hundreds.]

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  3. “The next day he messaged me on Tinder. He said, ‘Hope you’re still not upset over politics LOL.'”

    He shot himself in the foot with this attempt at placation, though.


    • No he didnt. He was teasing her and expressing amused mastery. Testing if she was off his call list or a new regular fb. If you know how to get laid on tinder you dont worry and keep moving (abundance mentality). Salesmanship means following up on leads, they call it spinning plates for a reason. There is no placation when the bitch fucked on the first date lol she already used her only bargaining chip. If they don’t fuck on the first date, there is no second date. You don’t say it like a bitter guy, you imply it by being so awesome her hamster knows she better act now. That’s why she fucked him in the first place.

      CH’s breakdown is perfect and hilarious once you understand women’s hamster. Study it, apply it, and then come back and post your results.


    • Yeah, I agree with quixotic, it sounded like sarcastic trolling. Sometimes an “LOL” is appropriate.

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    • You’re overthinking it. There’s no problem with a post coital text like that. He’s not apologising either so what’s your gripe?

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    • What I hear in that text is “I don’t care what slutty women think about politics” and that’s the right attitude.


      • That’s the only worthwhile response. I use it up front because I’m not 6’4″ with a unisex leather jacket.


    • i tend to agree. ons’s dont really turn into fwb, but its worth a try i just dont know how to work that angle. his mistake was bringing her to his crib. thats a huge no-no imho. he opened himself up to all the downside. he goes to her place and maybe things go differently. but heres the caveat. do you really want a fwb or more with a chick that has had 2 to 300 diff guys. i mean there are condoms and level 3 biohazard suits but that doesnt save a person from everything. he seduced a slut and had a good time, leave it at that.


  4. On a not unrelated note the entire country is going blue if Hillary wins and turns the country into Little Syria.


  5. See that’s the great thing about my bookcase -girls have never heard of Yockey, Stoddard etc.

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    • With bookcases, the key is causing the hamster to have fits. If you’re not nerdy/geeky to look at, a shelf full of Star Wars (or Trek, or Heinlein, Herbert/Dune) will cause the hamster all kinds of tail chasing, because you broke the preconception.


      • I have the kama sutra and My Secret Garden and The Story of O nonchalantly tucked in between great books for men (GBFM). I love how girls look at book shelf when i go to the bathroom and always fixate or pull one out. They dont want to look dumb so they try to find ONE book they are familiar/have heard of (cuz if shes hawt you know she didnt read it lol). They always comment on the kama sutra or their body language indicates they noticed it.

        BTW if any of you guys havent read my secret garden or story of O, do yourself a yuuuuge favor and read asap. These book show the depths of sexual depravity that exist in all women. They will help you get over your white knight pedestrianization when you see what they fantasize about. And as a bonus they are hotter than any of the 50 shades books. Chicks love to borrow…


    • Sounds like my bookcase too!


    • So true…


  6. […] This Woman “Accidentally” Banged A Trump Supporter And Her Post-Cock Rationalizations Will BLOW … […]


  7. BEST SEX I EVER HAD – Canadian Maples

    rotflmao for real… very wry CH…


  8. on November 8, 2016 at 1:46 pm aloysius vistan

    So, apparently, Ted Cruz already made a concession speech and wouldn’t reveal for whom he cast his ballot this morning. Cuck McCuckstein over here. What a snake.

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  9. “This is womanspeak for “I did it”.”

    Ain’t that the truth.


  10. No doubt she tried the booty text to him and he blanked her… #tailspin

    seems that there have been quite a few of these kinds of articles… No doubt.


    • bahaha yup i had the same thought sentient.

      I have a buddy who just got dumped by his just finished college, newly-careerist hippy dippy girlfriend (at least she is hot). He is 6’7, volleyball athlete living the dream of being a college student/bum part-time bartender, sleeping in, and playing video games. Since they started dating, he had started to have dinner parties with her friends and go support her at her 5k races and other dumb chick shit to try and make her happy. This guy has drunk chick customers who regularly want to sleep with him cuz he is a super tall bartender but he has always been faithful to his chick.

      She dumped him because he is “not supportive” “not driven enough” and “unemotional” and basically isnt enough of a sniveling orbiter. She fell in love with skittles guy and now is dumping him because…his is skittles guy.

      Im so stoked for him hahaha. She is gonna go ride the carousel for a bit and end up with some sensitive pro-feminist fag who worships the ground she walks on and listens to all her problems. …and then she is gonna get bored with that guy and cheat on him on vacation with some big athletic looking guy and her hamster will find a way to rationalize it.

      Meanwhile my buddy is go run through volleyball girls with a vengeance and hopefully finally ingest the red pill.


  11. lolollolszol that is what happens when you mix a frenchy canadian cuck bish, some choice booze, and a MAGA sd bro . . .

    trust me, it happens nightly because


    MAGA for life


  12. This guy is lucky. I remember reading that in Israel an Arab was charged with rape for pretending to be Jewish and having consensual sex with a Jewish woman. Rape by deception, or something like that.


  13. It’s interesting that, unlike the other Tinder stories where the chicks are hiding their faces with their phones, she’s slyly looking over the top of hers so you can get a glimpse of “maybe she’s hot”. Vain as Lucifer, that one.

    And by interesting, I mean totally unsurprising.

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  14. For that woman, racism/xenophobia was like a red light. She felt a threat from this. A danger. Racism could dangerous. So it does not make sense to a person who only cares about herself to try to take risks on behalf of other, non-related people.

    Men are tribal, women are relational. Women are less likely to put their personal desires aside in order to help their group. They emphasize close, often dyadic, interpersonal interactions, and are often puzzled at things such as racism, ethnocentrism, xenophobia, etc.

    They are more self-obsessed/egotistical, so for them only the closest relations that directly benefit them, matter. They have no time for abstract group relations.

    On the other hand, men are more “racist”/tribal/group oriented, compared to women.

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  15. This post is perfectly timed. I voted first thing this morning, and I’ve been trying to avoid the news all day. CH, you’re a poet, look at this rhyme scheme:

    How sweet it is to step out with that shitlord strut
    *after* splitting a slut’s moistened rut.

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  16. I’ll admit it; it was me.

    Except she left out the part where I wore a Pepe mask throughout. And made her scream “Grab me by the pussy!”

    MAGA rape!

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  17. I’m looking to move to TX next year, so I sure a shit hope it won’t turn blue, but I could see a #TEXIT happening and wouldn’t mind leading the charge.

    Was thinking of Wyoming this morning for some reason, though. I’m just looking for wide open spaces.


  18. tinderella suddenly becomes all virtuous
    postured all neck forward
    woman speak for sure
    bragging she got D

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  19. She spends a little more time backward rationalizing her whoring than the fact that it was a Trump voter. “Met a guy on Tindr, got drunk and fucked him on the same day I met him, you know – business as usual…but OMG it was because he was soooo hot!”. LOL. Very telling.

    Any girl on Tindr isn’t worthy of anything more than a one night fuck and chuck. It sounds like she knows this very well.

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  20. on November 8, 2016 at 2:18 pm Ponce du Lion

    Regardless of what I think about hardcore determinism, I have prayed for you my friends, for Americans, and the rest of the white race. Because if Trump doesn’t win, the whole thing is gonna to get very very dirty.

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  21. on November 8, 2016 at 2:20 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    6’4″ and handsome

    Sounds like the man of wolfie’s dreams


  22. God damn what a great post.


  23. A quality blend of Trump culture news and sexual market dissection. Best of both worlds.

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  24. a slut who nexts a guy because “omg patriarchy!” does so because she realized post-sex that she’s actually not good enough for him. it’s a self worth-saving maneuver.

    don’t underestimate what a girl in an inferior SMV position will do to preserve her fragile ego. women’s liberation is based on having control over WEAK men. when they encounter the strong man that they deeply desire, they will deliberately sabotaga slut who nexts a guy because “omg patriarchy!” does so because she realized with that post-sex sinking feeling that she’s actually not good enough for him. it’s a self worth-saving maneuver. her subconscious KNOWS that she’s no longer alpha material.

    don’t underestimate what a girl in this inferior position will do to preserve her fragile ego. feminism is based on having control over WEAK men. when they encounter the strong man that they deeply desire, they will deliberately sabotage it, grab a handful of sour grapes, and then preemptively eject. they will then rationalize it with some lame fkn excuse like, “oh, our politics are just too different”. um…riiight.e it, grab a handful of sour grapes, and then eject. then rationalize it with something like, “oh, our politics are just too different”. um…riiight.

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    • wtf did mod do to my comment??


    • and she’d be right in thinking she isn’t good enough for him. she actually isn’t. no self-respecting man with half a brain would do anything more than pump and dump a girl like that.


    • “feminism is based on having control over WEAK men”

      That is an important flaw of feminism. Feminists want weak men. Wimps. Cucks. Losers. Men who will be easily divorce raped, who will pay alimony, who will keep their mouth shut when she cheats or mudsharks. Men who will be afraid of being called a racist or a sexist. The problem with that is, that in nature, this leads to bad things. And so with humans.

      In nature, when you weaken the local males, then other males move in and replace them. You can observe this among lions, or among monkeys. If the local males get weak for some reason, then other, more aggressive males move in.

      There is a good example of that happening in Europe.
      After feminist euro women (with the encouragement of jews) weakened their own men, then other men (muslims) started moving in. Males are the immune system of society. The nationalism that they create is the wall. Without them, there is no nationalism or resistance to foreigners. Weaken them, and then other foreigners start moving in.

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  25. As someone living in Toronto, I have to say a few things in this city’s defense.

    Firstly, the chicks here are better looking even than Miami Beach, where I visited on my motorcycle, and M.B. has professional models. There are more cuties here than elsewhere.

    Secondly, I’ve approached a number of them with good results. They aren’t as cold as they’re made out to be: that’s beta-complaining wishing the world would come to them, not vice versa, which is their job.

    And thirdly, in the busy downtown core, it’s MUCH WHITER than Heartiste implies. The darkies and chinks are all elsewhere. (Not entirely, but mostly.)

    If you want to clean up with the chicks are have some charisma, Toronto is the place to do it. It beats even Vancouver, which is Canada’s Los Angeles. I lived there too for three years.

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  26. a slut who nexts a guy because “omg patriarchy!” does so because she realized post-sex that she’s actually not good enough for him. it’s a self worth-saving maneuver.

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  27. on November 8, 2016 at 2:28 pm it's always darkest before the don. maga.

    accidental trump bro *RAPE*!

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  28. On a sadder note, somebody actually attempted to take Demonna up on her offer of oral for a Shillary vote. He was turned away, of course, but the news was that an estimated 30,000,000 men- er, subhuman faggots will be voting for thecunt.



  29. a slut who nexts a guy because “omg patriarchy!” does so because she realized post-sex that she’s actually not good enough for him. it’s a self worth-saving maneuver.


  30. Should have said the book was a loaner from a lost soul and then gone total mind fuck on her.


  31. This is so typical. Our big cities are filled with these kinds of whores. I’ve had the same thing happen to me but it was over other more mainstream Republicans, even Ron Paul!! (book in question: End the Fed) These people talk a good game about “diversity” but are basically Stalinists when it comes to real pluralism and tolerance. Win or lose tonight the struggle must continue against these reprobates.

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    • That’s about the truth. I have an acquaintance who has been telling me the same sob story for two and a half years, since she turned 29, about just wanting to have a nice boyfriend. Met a great guy awhile ago, “Ugh, but he’s a Republican!” Oh well, then die alone, I guess…

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  32. Listening to the god Emperor right now live on Hannity. Hes awesome.



    • today I accidentally left my full glass of tea on the roof of my truck and drove off. it fell off onto the pavement when I stopped at a stop sign, and did not break. not even a chip in the glass. I’m taking this as a very good omen.


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      • I’m in Washington state at the moment and the sky is a cloudless blue and the temp is 71. Very unusual for November. Likewise I’m taking that as a good sign.


  33. “My name is Diana. I’m a 27 year-old bartender”

    ‘Bartender’ as occupation has to be in the top 5 for slut tells.

    This one is a cock gobbler for sure.

    [CH: 100% TRUEFACT]

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  34. Everything about that story depresses me. That is just how it is. And if you’re not Mr Cool there, you won’t even have the dubious pleasure of banging Diana the aging bartender. White women. :-


  35. “He sent me a “hey” message a week later…”
    She’s lucky she got that.

    Chick meeting guys on Tinder;
    commitment worthiness: Ring Pop

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  36. Anyone else kinda want him to lose because four years of ultra-snark is too much? That’s how it’s going to be, my friends. Four years of snarky self-righteousness from every other human you meet.

    Let’s just bury this country and get to the race war.


  37. I have a bike, but I have no idea why girls LOVE bikes. Is it the combination of bad boy allure, having to cling to you for her their lives and having a huge vibrating dildo between their legs?

    LOL, each time I ride as a passenger, I swear to never do it again, but girls are just stupid about bikes. I don’t think they even realize how cheap the bikes are in comparison to the cars they go equally ga ga for.

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    • That is one reason girls need a father to tell them to never ride a motorcycle. It is not a matter of “if” you will eventually crash, but when.

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      • That’s not the big deal. It’s that the riders most likely to get her wet are the ones most likely to get her DEAD on the bike.

        Lots of fucktard motorcycle riders out there. I often think I’d LOL were I to see many of the idiots splattered in front of me.

        And, yes, I ride.


      • The problem isn’t crashing, the problem is her being a dumb little tart wearing tiny shorts to show ass and a tank top or other trivial pieces of clothing like this.

        I’m wearing a jacket, boots, kneepads… I’ll be safe in most crashes that can take place given I don’t speed when it’s not safe. She? I don’t want to imagine how one of these girls looks after falling even at 15-20mph, which is a speed at which I’ll walk home and have a beer. The worst that can happen is a broken leg or arm bone and I’ve already been through that and it’s not that big of a deal.

        mmaier2112, I share your sentiment. I’m fed up with bikers whining about car drivers not paying attention when so many riders speed constantly, swerve between cars etc.


    • Why do girls go crazy for horses? It’s a big, throbbing thing between her legs. Same with riding pillion on motorcycles, only with more vibration and less control.


    • I have a bike too (a couple actually) and it’s nuts. a 5k bike gets you the same pussy as a 100k BMW


  38. Women should not be allowed to vote. In 8 or 16 years, they will not be “voting” to influence public policy. I don’t know what type of government or strongman will be in charge, but women will not be “voting” or dominating the discussion of politics all day on Fox News as they have done today.


  39. “And here’s the thing…”

    I think this may be an elaborate troll by a TRS fan. Hard to believe this slut would paint such a flattering picture of a shitlord.


  40. My blb told me she would not vote for Hillary but after I told her that I just want to be friends and turned down sex she immediately went to early voting and posted that she voted on Instagram. She won’t tell me who she voted for.


  41. “It’s always dankest before the dong” lol

    the ‘definition of bigotry’ counter nailed it and yet this 50-count slut might as well be a piece of toast with her inability to get from A to B on the logic train.


  42. Just another fan of Rudyard Kipling…


  43. on November 11, 2016 at 11:00 am Experienced Father


    This is the best post of 2016.

    Bar none.