How To Identify A Slut: Ring Etiquette Edition

You can add another slut tell to the patented and first-of-its-kind Chateau Heartiste list of slut tells.

Commenter backchecking explains,

In my experience, gals are extremely aware of ring etiquette. A ring finger is raised like garlic to a vampire — or flashed to evidence availability. This tic comes largely from the subconscious.

In a similar vein, lots of cheap rings and bangles indicate a babe on the hunt. Only one finger will be flamingly naked.

The “ring finger glaring omission” slut tell is almost as reliable as the tramp stamp. A girl with multiple rings on multiple fingers except the one finger that advertises monogamous commitment is practically sending up a Snapper Signal to the city’s gine fighters. Dark knights will converge on that girl to give her the hero sandwich she needs, even if it’s not the hero sandwich she deserves.

Bonus slut tell!

If a girlfriend or wife suddenly requests that you wear a condom, she’s a slut… with another man. No doubt she’ll offer some lame excuse for the change in pound town policy, but don’t believe her. The “abrupt condom policy change” slut tell is evidence that a woman wants to block your seed to allow unobstructed passage of another man’s seed. If you are the other man, and a woman has suddenly permitted you raw god* rights of entry, practice due calendar diligence. Every player should become acquainted with his LTR’s ovulation cycle.

*Ed: This was originally supposed to read “raw dog rights of entry”, but I like the typo better.


  1. A man who ignores a woman’s flash of the wedding ring is a true ring leader.

    On the subject of condoms, I hope that future generations will enjoy medical breakthroughs that remove the need of this piece of equipment. Really, people talk about taxes and whatever, but true happiness would be spread by inventions that free men from baldness and the need for condoms.


    • Given that baldness is caused by an abundance of testosterone, whether girls know that or not, they are programed to seek out virile, vigorous and potent men, such as bald guys. If you are that jealous, shave your head.


  2. Update for Yareally and anyone else interested in my previous comment here:

    Since the last update, she sent me a “:(” on Okcupid at like 2 am on Saturday night. I followed that up late Sunday night with a texted picture of a catwalk model wearing a hotdog suit, and said “Wear this when we meet up”.

    She replied several hours later with “….” which I just ignored.

    Last night she texted at 2 am again, saying “Are you going to explain yourself?”

    This morning she friend requested me on Facebook, which is crazy, because I have a pretty common name and I’m not that easy to find.

    I’m not into being Facebook friends with new girls, so that’s a no, but I did text her a picture of a beaver chewing on a stick in response to her request for me to explain myself.

    Not sure how to move this forward at this point. I’m assuming at some point she will break.


    • Lol you’re doing awesome. Don’t crack.


    • Lol figured the 😦 would happen.

      She’s just shit-testing you. Don’t even acknowledge it. Don’t even get into a “there’s nothing to apologize for” discussion. Keep fucking around amusing yourself instead of taking her seriously.

      “Not sure how to move this forward at this point. I’m assuming at some point she will break.”

      Don’t initiate any txts. Don’t add her to facebook. When she txts, if it’s something nice then answer like normal flirting. But if she txts with any of this single word/emoticon or “well aren’t you going to explain yourself” bullshit she gets stupid meme pics. I once sent a girl a different batman meme pic to every txt she sent me for like a month lol

      You wouldn’t get this from a 30+yo but from a young hot chick this isn’t that unusual.

      The Facebook hunt means she may be worried that as an older guy you have a wife/kids you’re hiding which an play into her flakiness/hesitation to meet up.

      If she asks “why won’t you accept my friend request” just say “sorry stalker, close friends and family only. I don’t have a wife or kids if that’s what you’re worried about lol” and just clear that worry up and she may warm up. A lot of guys DO hide a wife/kids so it’s fair for her to be worried about it.

      Anyway, keep going. She likes you but she needs to learn you won’t fall into her frame.

      If you want to try revving things up, try turning the frame around on her and making her qualify herself with something like “I like our chemistry but I don’t like shy girls.” where it’s a bit of push/pull. If she says “I’m not shy” then she’s qualifying so you can work from there (“prove it. Drinks tonight.”), or make her qualify more (“lol I know a shy girl when I see one. I like girls who are adventurous and spontaneous.” “I am” “prove it. Drinks at Bar at 8pm tonight.” And if she says no then say “thought so lol” and do a soft next till Sunday evening (sun eve is a good time to build deep rapport/comfort). If she says “I can’t help being shy that’s just how I am” then just do a soft next till she offers up something better (could take a week or two).

      The idea is that you’re putting her in a position where if she wants your attention she has to meet up with you. And if she wants to keep dicking around instead and try to be txt buddies, then you withdraw your attention (because you’re theoretically focusing it on a girl who’s earned it instead of her).

      You’re basically subcommunicating boundaries and expectations instead of handing out your time/attention just cause she has a pussy, which is what she’s used to.

      Hope that helps. Keep us updated lol she’ll probably txt you again this weekend and try the “come to my bar” move on you. Feel free to try the “meet me at X Bar in 30 min.” move I described before. If she won’t leave her bar then don’t go, just go home or stay with your friends if you’re actually out. If she agrees to meet you there, wait till she txts “I’m here where are you??” THEN go lol that way she can’t pull the “oh I couldn’t get away come get me” move on you if you get there first. And if she doesn’t agree to meet you at this place or she doesn’t show up etc do a full soft next, no txting her at all for like a week or two no matter what she sends.

      Basically if she plays along, escalate, if she doesn’t, radio silence until she volunteers to play along. That’s the underlying theme. Half-asleep, no idea if this makes sense lol

      Also only acknowledge her txts in the evening where you can possibly get into deep rapport with her. Ignore her txts if they’re during the day.


      • (and yes, she’ll break. Probably not this weekend (it’s possible tho, like I say feel free to run the “meet me at bar x in 30” gambit if she txts you between like 10pm-1am to see) but should be in under a month)


      • Ya… Great stuff as always. What’s the “come to my bar” move? Had a chick try this on me about a month ago. The gina alarm bells went off and instincts told me not to take the bait. Assuming it was the right play, but what’s the dynamic behind it.


      • Great stuff, thanks. I’ll keep you updated.


      • There’s just so many women is this one worth this much typing? I had a chick I met in an airport where I had to basically serve as the entertainment for the entire sorry ass group of people bc every goddamned body was intent on staring at their fuckin smartphones. So I engaged multiple people and was passing this dude’s phone to some chick and then mine to another. Once everyone started actually fucking SOCIALIZING, everyone was having a good time.

        So she just acts…flaky. Talks about snuggling, I do the confirm on the day of and it’s quiet. So I just sent her a picture of a snowflake and a corn flake and asked for one of her to add to the collage. I already got the 230a booty txt from her, the sexualized convo, yada yada.

        This whole electronic life is…annoying. All this scheming and strategizing and overanalysis is…annoying. I agree with you…get a meetup. If they balk, I getting more to hard next instead of soft just because I don’t want more annoyances. It’s too easy to end up juggling half a dozen or more hoez on txts and they are just bombarding you like Dresden with incoming messages and whiny ass shit.

        Most of these hoez don’t warrant even holding frame for…another forgettable piece of ass? If I didn’t keep a list, how many could I even remember? I even look at the names sometime and go “who the fuck is that??”


      • @YaReally my 23 year old has gone “off the grid” since my calling her out about her bitchiness—she used to post random shit and “poor me” type posts…now nothing. I’ve left it.

        We had made plans for December 1st but I don’t plan to contact her first about them.

        Meantime…a few weeks back a friend of mine who’s engaged and smoking hot came to my city for a conference. We hung out of cocktails and went to a club. I didn’t escalate but I did tease and game her.

        Suddenly, 10pm one night this past week I get a text that she’s suddenly coming to my city again. I banter back and forth, then ask why she’s coming. “long story-let’s just say it’s a leisure trip”. I was proposing a few activities, she wants to meet up for coffees during the day and hang out for a few nights in between meeting with other friends…clearly something’s up in “fiancé-land”….I’ll need to calibrate this but it seems to be heading in a direction of “oops, it just happened”…I’ve gamed her, built a bad boy vibe but also drawn the line without saying “You’re engaged.” Now—I can sense something is up.

        I think I’m getting better at this from say 6 months ago. My game is now tighter and my vibe is better.

        Any thoughts on how I’m handling this?


      • @Chester
        “What’s the “come to my bar” move?”

        “Anyway, I would do radio silence till she either agrees to meet up Sunday (could happen Sunday afternoon or evening) and then give it a couple more days and then text her. I wouldn’t jump on any fri/sat “I’m at bar blah come see me” because that’ll be a bar where she has massive value and a bunch of orbiters you have to compete with and usually she’ll just ignore you and tell her girls “look how many guys come when I tell them to” lol

        If you get a fri/sat “come meet up with me” text and you feel in your gut that the fri/sat text is her wanting to actually meet up (like she’s like “my friends left and I’m bored”) then I would tell her “meet me at Other Bar in 30 min.” and pick a bar that she has to walk a couple blocks to, so that she has to actively remove herself from the potential trap situation…this helps weed out whether it’s a trap, because if it IS a trap she won’t want to leave the bar she’s at (she may even SAY she’s going to and then when you txt “where are you??” she’ll say “still at Bar, come get me” in which case you just stop texting her completely the rest of the night cause it’s definitely a trap) because that’s where she’s got all her value and orbiters and wants you to walk into that shit-show. But if she’s actually horny and wants to fuck, she’ll meet you at another nearby bar.”

        “There’s just so many women is this one worth this much typing?”

        There are a lot of hills, do you have to climb Everest? What’s the point?? If you want to be at a higher altitude just go up in a helicopter.

        Some guys like puzzles.

        “We had made plans for December 1st but I don’t plan to contact her first about them.”

        Yup, don’t. Be prepared for either a VERY last-minute ping from her (meaning you’ve won the game of silence chicken), or to not see her Dec 1st. If she contacts you too close to Dec 1st, tell her you cancelled whatever your plans with her were because you didn’t hear from her and instead offer drinks at a bar near your place or whatever.

        If you don’t hear from her or she turns down your simple drinks (leading to sex) offer, radio silence till after New Years. Every chick panics as xmas/new years comes. Their family pressures them about not having a man yet, their friends all hole up cuddling with their significant others for the holidays so they’re alone more, they think about how mortifying not having a guy to kiss at midnight on New Years would be, etc.

        Only reward good behavior, punish bad behavior by taking away your attention, plans, etc.

        “long story-let’s just say it’s a leisure trip”

        Wants to bang. I wouldn’t even bring up her fiance. If she brings him up use the Boyfriend Destroyer stuff:

        And change subjects to more fun/flirty/good emotions instead of getting into a big discussion.

        Odds are she won’t leave her fiance, she just wants to cheat on him. All you do is make that easy and consequence-free for her lol You should have minimal work to do on this one, she’ll take the lead (she already is, really). Just be non-judgemental and relate stories about how monogamy is silly and different people fill different needs and how you don’t expect one partner to provide everything you need etc. etc. so it’s just general talk and not about her and her fiance specifically. BF Destroy if she brings her fiance up. And then just structure an opportunity for you two to be isolated together (have an excuse to go to your or her place, tell her you love hotel rooms with their fresh clean sheets and room service and movies and shit, and she’ll probably suggest ordering a movie (you take the remote and order porn of course) and wine etc) and it should be easy to make it “just happen” from there.


      • Basically, you only give attention to the girls who are currently following your program. You give attention appropriate to the logistics (e.g., evening for deep rapport).


      • @walawala
        Got a reply in mod for ya. And Chester.


      • @YaReally thanks great insights as always.

        Two follow up questions on each:

        1) for the first…. I didn’t do anything wrong in this situation. I wasn’t “beta” I built comfort while being alpha, didn’t call, texted about once a week usually with only a few words. What would cause her to just go “off” like that worried we were “too close”? Usually it’s about me being too aloof. Is this because her ex bf is lurking in the background? She had mentioned they were going to be working on some theatre projector she would be hanging out with him.

        2) I’m super busy with visitors coming and the December 1st stuff was her helping me by picking the up from the airport. They are artists so very cool to hang with. Would I just blow her off? On the other hand hanging out with us would be a DHV. If she asks do I still say “other plans now….join my seminar”?

        3) On the visitor. I have long-gamed this girl for a year. I’ve been out when her fiancé has been there. She invited me out to her birthday—which he wasn’t at. I do all the escalation moves—except escalate: kino, eye fucking, push-pull, aloof, teasing/negs. DHV. So the 10pm “long story…” text indicates it’s on. But is this because she knows I’m up for this and would be discrete?

        Finally… point that surprised me. A male friend of mine who separated from his wife last week and whom I bailed out with a loan to help him thanked me and arranged payback. Then he said something that surprised me: “You always seem like you really don’t give a shit about anything…especially girls..I wish I was more like that”

        I guess I project that to people (probably also women) but i’m often filled with self-doubt about the above stuff I just asked you about.

        I can give great advice…but often find it hard to follow my own instincts. Just throwing that out there for anyone on their own alpha journey.


    • Hehehe always a great one… Nice


  3. The “abrupt condom policy change” slut tell is evidence that a woman wants to block your seed to allow unobstructed passage of another man’s seed.

    Naw, she probably wants to prevent vaginosis, which often occurs when a woman has multiple partners within the same cycle.

    [CH: i suppose that’s an improvement.]


  4. […] How To Identify A Slut: Ring Etiquette Edition […]


  5. This is a great inner game manual. I recommend reading it:


  6. All women are sluts given the right man is leading them.

    [CH: some women are sluttier than others all on their own.]


    • You mean all women agree to exciting sex provided that the right man is leading them. That is not necessarily slutty. I have dated girls who were decent in public and loved being dominated in bed – and other places – once I had shown them the joy of it. If the girl is decent in public, she is not a slut.

      I would say a slut is a woman who uses sex inappropriately. This definition is actually the same in the minds of all men, even if they never spell it out. Inappropriate use (in people’s minds) is that which hurts society’s decent foundation, and which hurts women’s chances of getting a man – for which they use sex, so they don’t want someone to come and give it away like candy for short-term benefits like attention.

      So to be wild in private with a boyfriend or husband is not slutty. It is a girl who has learned to do her part.


      • Right. Using sex inappropriately = bad sexual gatekeeper.


      • CH is right, some women you have their inner slut on the outside, others need someone to open them up and let their inner slut free

        I agree with what you’re saying Arbiter, and I only disagree on the definition of slut.


      • Seems we need two different words here


      • “If the girl is decent in public, she is not a slut.”

        except when she is sleeping with multiple men at once, has slept with a lot of men and/or continues to sleep with a lot. girls who give it away too quickly or too often with a variety of men are sluts in my book.

        girls like that can seem very decent in public because it all happens behind closed doors but they are still sluts.


      • I think you are mistaken a rookie prospect for “free agent.” Emphasis on “free.”

        The only way to tell the difference is where she got her education. One who gets her education through “OJT” at your place first is not a slut. Just a rookie who needs guidance. She is a technician loyal to the company head. Truly, a rookie drafted, and properly developed. If you get a “free agent” who had only one other employer who did her wrong, then it may be acceptable. But they all say that.

        A woman who gets her education from many, many sources is a slut. She is more modern opportunist, and less devoted employee. A money first player, who goes to the highest bidder before

        She will only stay until she has the benefits she wanted on lock, ten goes to her next sponsor.

        One who is loyal, and has the company interest at heart is as rare as they come.

        You want an Aron Rodgers for your title team. You want the Revises of the world to take a hike.


      • “If the girl is decent in public, she is not a slut.”

        except when she is sleeping with multiple men at once, has slept with a lot of men and/or continues to sleep with a lot.

        And that would be someone who “uses sex inappropriately” as I wrote – the definition of a slut. I think you understand that when I wrote about a girl who is decent in public but wild in bed with her boyfriend/husband, I mean just that.


      • Speaking of a girl being wild in bed, I have found that a lot of girls are excited by being forced to talk dirty. And they are surprised, because as they say, many guys are dead quiet in bed as if talking would be embarrassing. Many girls are turned on by being forced to say things like “Yes, I’m a slut, please [do this and this]” and the like.

        I had a girlfriend for two years who told me while we were together that from now on she would never be able to go without dirty talk, after I had shown her. Once I was quiet during sex just to see, and she urged me to start it up. She wanted to be told what she would say about herself.

        This girl was sweet with an angelic face, a good daughter to her parents who lived nearby, decent as can be. Then loved to be held down and dominated in the bedroom, after I had introduced her to that. Good times.


      • Dang, Amy, you are just so fakking funny today.


    • then i guess it just depends on how many right men she’s being led by, amirite?


  7. on November 20, 2014 at 2:46 pm its not me i swear

    ankle bracelet, award winning slut……..

    so my sample size (n=8) confirms to date. It cant be merely coincidence that every girl i have met wearing one has put out within 3-5 hours of meeting……………..

    im off down the beach to bang my favourite red head who so happens to wear an ankle bracelet.. oh well #peaceoutfuckers


    • “ankle bracelet, award winning slut……..”

      yep, and toe rings. pretty much all extra adornment beyond a traditional ear lobe piercing, a simple necklace or bracelet falls into the slut tell category.


  8. a girlfriend or wife suddenly requests that you wear a condom

    A lot of the women I see have boyfriends that they have made wear a condom from first meeting them. I have refused to wear a condom all of my life, for a simple reason – if I’m going to masturbate into a balloon why would I need a woman? I’ve always found it interesting that women, will almost always forgo a condom if the choice is that you walk away or they let you raw dog them. As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to the conclusion that they get turned on by cheating so blatantly, and risking getting caught. With married women, their fixation with having sex when having their husband on the phone seems analogous.

    To be honest, I’m thankful that most women today are sluts – my life wouldn’t be nearly as much fun as it is. And I thank Feminists for making it reality. So enjoy women, but NEVER make the mistake of thinking they are anything more than a good-time. Let some other sucker take the responsibility for your fun, but never buy into the non-sense women want you to buy into – where you pay to raise some other man’s child. If you NEED to have a child (for whatever reason), be sure to have that DNA verification of fatherhood written into any contract – and still don’t marry her. Too many tax hits if you do…


    • Dear God I hate condoms. I fight to stay hard in them. Plus, here in Korea they don’t sell “Magnums.”

      The whole POINT of sex is to leave her cervix swimming in your spermatozoa. Anything else is at best a mild perversion.

      Same goes for oral and anal. Sure, fun sometimes but so is watching flickering electronic images on a miniature panel.


      • The ONE time I wanted a condom, the ONE time…was in Zimbabwe on new year’s eve. Thankfully, her friend obliged. Lemme tell ya, African condoms are THICK like a hazmat suit lol


  9. Another slut tell: a woman owning lizards or snakes.

    We are instinctively inclined to view reptiles as threats, so for a woman to own them means she is working hard on shutting down natural impulses. Leftist, no doubt about it. That will be a woman who does not follow traditional rules about courtship.

    I’d say about 90 percent probability she will also have tattoos. Or piercings, or hair dyed pink, green, blue. To show how unique she is.


    • Owns reptiles = slut. Lol…100%.

      Hadn’t ever occurred to me til you mentioned it. As I jog the N count memory Rolodex, last snake charmer I banged: tattoos, no condom, owned a snake = face fucked her 1st meet 2 hours in (she was on the rag), then 2nd and 3rd raw dog…poof…never talked to her again.

      Tiny little thing. 5′. Fun. Smv7. Cheaper than a hooker.


      • Yeah, another thing: she will have to feed those reptiles other animals.

        A lizard will eat live grasshoppers. Those grasshoppers live together in a plastic cage where they eat each other’s limbs.

        A snake will eat mice. Either live mice or dead ones, depending on the snake.

        What woman will feed a mammal to a reptile? Or to a big, ugly spider for that matter? I am not particularly squeamish, I approve of using mice in lab experiments etc, but … feeding a living mouse to a disgusting spider for your own amusement, watching as it is attacked, paralyzed with venom and eaten alive, that is inhuman. You are betraying a real animal to a twisted version of life. And for a woman to do that, that’s sick.


    • good one, and has held true imo.


  10. I guess this would be the anti-Ring of Gyges, eh?


  11. -funny video you might enjoy Heartiste where girl says that if a guy hits you, thats the guy you should stay with. classic hamster rationalization


  12. —–video where girls says that the guy who hits you is the one to stay with


    • She’s saying that if the man smacks her, he’s willing to risk going to jail to teach her a lesson, which means he loves her.

      SJWs and SWPLtards who go on about “domestic violence”, take note.


      • That shows a low-IQ person who doesn’t know how to talk or interact in a way that doesn’t include treating someone who is supposed to be a partner in life as an enemy. No, I will not exalt any prole behavior as “alpha” just because it isn’t squeamish. Maybe you’d like to eat food off the floor too, to show how the lack of concern is alpha. Maybe get tattoos all over your body, not study, not work, not give a shit about anything – and call it alpha. Why not go full nig? Hell, anything that isn’t a Western attempt at being civilized and raising ourselves above the animals can be called alpha. Anyone who disagrees is just a SWPL.


      • What I meant is that SWPLtards who bellyache about domestic violence don’t get that the women provoke it and enjoy it.


  13. That gif with the dicks in it sums up my opinion of sluts. Anyways, what about girls who wear those incredibly tight black pants in public? Not yoga pants but actual tights, the sort that are supposed to be worn under something. Slut?


  14. “If a girlfriend or wife suddenly requests that you wear a condom, she’s a slut… with another man. No doubt she’ll offer some lame excuse for the change in pound town policy, but don’t believe her. The “abrupt condom policy change” slut tell is evidence that a woman wants to block your seed to allow unobstructed passage of another man’s seed.”

    definitely true. same applies if she wants you to pull out for birth control or because it’s so “messy” for her.

    if she’s doing that or asking you to wear a condom, it’s an indication that she’s either consciously or unconsciously NOT wanting your seed. may or may not be another man but those are sure signs she’s not wanting your baby juice anywhere near her oven.


  15. If she has dried up cum on all her rings from giving hand-jobs, she’s probably a slut. I’d also gather that any woman with a ring worth more than $5,000 is a slut too.


    • Speaking of sluts, any man that poses with a “Ride the SLUT” t-shirt and point at himself with his thumbs should lose his right to vote. And the world would be better off for it.

      (And yes, I know it says South Lake Union Trolley in small letters. That’s easy to see. But if I don’t add that here, I bet some moron would point it out as if that’s the point.)

      [CH: oh i dunno, that’s kinda funny.]


    • of course arby’s saw a dude having fun and not taking himself seriously and decided to shit all over it.


      • Aww, little socialist mudskin got his feelings hurt, and now he must troll and troll. LOL You’re pathetic, Scray. And by bringing your feverish gripes to threads that have nothing to do with them, you’ve shown your shitty mind for what it is. Don’t expect me to leave that be, boy.


      • ghey face + thumbs up in same pic

        conclusion : pole smokers


      • arby’s showing us all the 3-sentence equivalent of a roasted, agitated queef.


  16. Add one more. After the birth of our last child my ex chose to get her tubes tied, rather than the “less invasive” option of me getting snipped. She was so adamant about it I should have known what was coming.


  17. on November 20, 2014 at 3:57 pm G.B.F.M. Fanclub

    What about girls that aren’t on birth control…does the condom thing apply to them too?

    Had a girl who knew I was leaving the state, for good, make me put a condom on the last time she saw me. What’s up with that…was she falling for someone else or simply feared being stuck with my bastard spawn?


    • i’m guessing it’s the bastard spawn.


      • on November 20, 2014 at 4:15 pm G.B.F.M. Fanclub

        Thanks for your response.

        She has since ballooned to the size of a small beluga, so even if she was about to axe me; who cares.


    • For a long time now I haven’t found a girl who was on the pill. So I’ve had to use condoms, the enemy of all feeling. Like eating unflavored rice crackers, it reduces your hunger but it’s just an echo of what could have been. I guess girls figure they don’t need to go on the pill since a man will always wear a condom if the alternative is to not have sex.

      As revenge a man should keep his socks on in bed. Totally unsexy. If she complains you can say, “What’s the matter, I thought you preferred it when guys cover up?”

      Also play Manowar during sex. Just because.


      • I suspect women are starting to wake up to the fact that playing fast and loose with your hormones might not be altogether the healthiest thing to do. Then again those same women will pop antidepressants like they are tic tacs.


      • @Arbiter: I like the socks idea.

        @WillBest: Great point.


      • “I see my chariot run to your ships
        I’ll drive you back to the sea”

        I used to blast this shit when I was a kid.

        I prefer obnoxious dub step / house with them millennial bitches…


      • WillBest, it depends. The pills today are nothing like the strong pills a few decades ago. A woman needs to try them and see.

        Slayer, also a good idea.


      • “I suspect women are starting to wake up to the fact that playing fast and loose with your hormones might not be altogether the healthiest thing to do.”


        but i think it’s mostly because they have an attitude of…why should women have to take all the responsibility for birth control? it’s not fair that guys should have it so easy. whine whine whine.

        i also think those same women get some actual enjoyment from knowing that your pleasure is diminished when you where a condom.


      • @arbiter I see this all the time. No pill and many don’t even ask for a condom. They tell you the pill makes them gain weight but she is skinny as fuck and has problems gaining weight. Or she tells you the pill is bad for her but she is taking xanax or sleeping pills or drinks like a fish or smokes. Women make no sense.

        They read I. Some women’s magazine that the pill is bad for you. That’s all it takes.


      • IUDs are the way to go for BC but they are usually prescribed to women who have had babies – for some reason I don’t want to know about.


    • At the very least the sudden condom requirement means she doesn’t want you in her future. It happened in my past and a month later she was with someone else. I think somewhere in the dumb cuts mind she didn’t want to give me a disease from her fucking around and whatnot. It’s how I knew women were so hopelessly lost and this was a decade ago. A woman can legitimately like guy X but fuck guy Z and blame it on guy X. Sexual attraction in a woman is not really something they control anymore. It’s a cultural shift.


  18. Let me see if I get this right. If she shows she has a wedding ring she’s interested in cheating.

    [CH: that’s not what i wrote.]

    If she shows she has no wedding ring, she’s a slut.

    [that’s not what i wrote either. “if she has a lot of rings EXCEPT on her wedding band finger, she’s a slut”. let’s try reading for comprehension next time.]

    Get serious CH and think logically.

    [read slower. absorb what you read.]

    Answer me this – what if she wears gloves?

    [she’s gonna stick a finger up your pooper.]


    • Oh, touchy are we? Granted, I over-simplified for affect and combined your readers’ comments with your article.

      Point being, I don’t subscribe to your thesis nor to most of the commenters’ opinions. Wearing multiple rings does suggest a desperate cry for attention or maybe just a fashion statement….or maybe she’s a jeweler, like an old girlfriend of mine.

      As to the latex reference, that never occurred to me. Maybe my mind doesn’t run in that direction.


      • “touchy are we?” No, you were being an idiot who couldn’t read what CH actually wrote. You didn’t “over-simplify for effect”, you lied for effect. Now you say you “combined your readers’ comments with your article”, but that’s just an excuse. You obviously wrote that as if it had been CH’s point. You say “Get serious CH”, not “get serious other people who wrote”. Stop lying.


    • Deliberate illiteracy is Orwellian.


  19. Another great post from CH. Funnily enough, when I had an affair with a married woman a while back she did exactly that – husband was moved onto condoms, and she went onto the pill without telling him and I was free.

    However, there are some women who just don’t like the pill AND do not want to be pregnant – they will use condoms / other methods with everybody. Tend to be younger, intelligent ones who think they want a ‘career’ first before breeding, in my experience.


  20. Ch is the Jewish media trying to destroy bill Cosby because for years he has said the thug black community needs to improve itself?


    • I think you’re on to something there, Anon.
      Or – Bill’s pissed off someone *very* powerful..


    • whenever these accusations of long-ago rapes come out, i have to wonder why these women didn’t go to the police soon after they felt violated? they all wait 40 years to unload their anger? it stinks. we have a statute of limitations just for this guess is that these women got caught up in cosby’s fame, were a little put off by his creepy come-ons and sexual perversions, but not enough to bother pressing charges. iow, no one’s a sympathetic character in this story.


      • i have to wonder why these women didn’t go to the police soon after they felt violated?

        CH, she went to her agent and she went to her lawyer. They both told her to keep quiet and “forget about it”. They told her basically that “that’s the way it works in Hollywood”.

        [CH: that’s weird. she should’ve gone to the police. that’s what most normal people do when they’ve been assaulted. this story stinks to high hell.]

        He was a Negro promoted heavily by all the media. He had the media power and he had money for lawyers. She was poor and did McDonald’s commercials. And she was in Hollywood, where a jury would be on the Negro’s side. She didn’t stand a chance. She would have been demonized and had any chance of a career ruined. Not just in the movies but in anything. And he wouldn’t have been convicted.

        That it is brought up now is a coincidence. A comedian brought it up on stage and there happened to be some reporter who thought it was worth not letting it go. This is no conspiracy, it is simply a sign that the establishment – the Cathedral – is not a monolith. It controls a lot, but it can’t control everything.


      • Here’s how the etablishment works, I think. Imagine a house with many rooms, the rooms of power. People imagine that the establishment controls every single room. In fact, it controls many rooms, but it is also a pack that moves back and forth between the many other rooms. Wherever the pack decides to go, it has the control. But it can’t be in all the rooms at the same time. And while there are people sitting behind the desks in the other rooms who are afraid of the pack, knowing they can’t stand against its full weight, sometimes they will act – still according to their written directives – in ways that the pack doesn’t like. If the pack isn’t nearby at that particular time, things slip through, papers are sent out before they can stop them.

        Then people outside the building say, “Look at this paper. The pack would never allow this. It must be a new sneaky plan of theirs.” And others say, “This is proof that there is no pack, that’s just a myth.” But in fact, it’s just proof that even the powerful can’t be everywhere at all times. In the end, though, they are still firmly in control for the most part.


      • I’ve been ripping people on facebook about this. It’s BS. Everyone is all over that Lemon guy for asking her why she didn’t bite him during the bj if she was really forced. EVERYONE is missing the point, including Lemon. Yes, Lemon is an idiot for asking that particular question (a woman who is truly threatened/forced into oral sex will be afraid to bite him, he could hurt her badly in retaliation) BUT he’s absolutely correct in questioning whether she felt threatened at all. What he should have asked was why she never reported it, and why she VOLUNTARILY accepted Cosby’s invitation, weeks later, to meet him at a theater and then go up to his room for drinks!! She’s a LIAR and looking for her 15 minutes of fame and a payout. But because Lemon asked her this incredibly stupid question, the feminists are all over it and now she gets sympathy she doesn’t deserve. Disgusting.

        Ok rant over.


    • Either trying damn hard to make sure there are no black men of character in and around the media, or hes guilty.

      Saw the media do the same thing to Herman Cain last prez election cycle…

      Lets assume a little discourse…like what happens in most corporate sexual harassment cases…as the template de jour. Woman is charmed by Cosby’s social status, his moral character, and his money, and makes repeated passes at him which he declines. Fast forward 40 years, women are still pissed off Cosby didnt pound them. We all know that women have an uncanny ability to rationalize their behavior, and a penchant for revenge. All the sudden him turning them down turns into rape. Media is willing to lend a sympathetic ear because Cosby has had presidential aspirations or because he is black.

      Whats the right thing to do? I know what I would do, but im a psychopath. Might be a an inopportune accident with a drunk driver, or a slip and fall down some nasty icy steps. Or maybe Cosby needs to hire a team of lawyers and investigators and sue her and muddy her cred a little bit. Which kinda backs into a good point about the whole situation…with Cosby and Cain, nothing bad ever happened to these women after the accusation. Not what you can say to people who crossed Clinton or Obama. If Cosby or Cain were rapists with presidential aspirations wouldnt you think they’d have these women dealt with in some manner?


      • How the fuck is this even an issue? Of course the nig is guilty. There are many testimonies. A Black man raping White women.

        Now people talk about conspiracy? The news was suppressed for DECADES. That’s your goddamn conspiracy. The media, the politicans and the police ignored it. That is finally comes out simply means the media bosses don’t have full control 100 percent of the time, only 99.5 percent of the time.

        The news broke about Rotherham. About many, many cases being suppressed by the police, health workers, the media and the politicians. When the news does come out now, it’s not even on the front pages. Outside of Britain, and a small minority in the U.S., no one knows about it. Just like almost no one in Europe has heard about Cosby now. Is the release of the news about Rotherham also a conspiracy? No, the conspiracy was to suppress the crimes for decades.


    • SJWs are in a quandary over Bill Cosby. He raped 15 women, but he’s black.


  21. on November 20, 2014 at 5:20 pm Bobby Cuddlefuck

    Whenever I meet a girl with her belly button pierced I know I can sex her that night.


    • From the “Haha, fucking Jezebel” tweet, what is this trend of chicks wearing hideous black-rimmed coke-bottle glasses? I see this all the time lately, even on otherwise non-ugly chicks. Did some gay guy decide this is the new fashion and they just lined up like lemmings at Big Bob’s House of Soviet Eyewear*?

      * h/t Dave Barry

      [CH: Agnostic would say the style trend back toward glasses with big lens is a sign that we’re returning to the anti-cocooning cycle of inequality/crime. personally, i still think they’re ugly. men should wear smaller frames anyhow because you want to project a mysterious image. chicks dig it.]


      • on November 20, 2014 at 8:29 pm Hymen Mingesky

        Who cares about this minor indiscretion? The true atrocity is those diaper jean shorts chicks started wearing

        [CH: fuckin cosign. diaper jean shorts (also come in non-denim fabrics) are about as ugly on women as muumuus, housecoats, and those padded powersuit jackets i see in 80s era movies.]


      • i’m an idiot for not knowing this but what are diaper jean shorts?


      • Surprised about the shorts… I think they look stupid and they definitely only work on thin girls, but they show a lot of leg so I figured guys like them


      • Good question. I’m not sure how these things gained popularity either, but it’s pretty much rampant here in SoCal. In fact, it’s odd to see a gal who legitimately does wear glasses sporting anything but those types of frames. Easy to next them.


  22. Women are never sluts and this article needs to be banned OMFG


    • LOL at the sidebar.

      “If Men Had Biological Clocks — 22 Things That Would Be Different”

      “Ladies, Don’t Blame Yourselves For Being Single – 5 Reasons It’s NOT Your Fault”

      “When You Just Can’t Even — 21 Signs You’re Totally Over Men” (1. You’re banging other chicks exclusively. 2. What, you need 20 more?)


      • lolz The whole site is just a cluster fuck of hamster bullet points:

        10 things…
        21 reasons…
        8 signs…
        20 guys….


    • Wow, they were serious. I thought it was a parody. But, it did provide a hearty laugh on a Friday. But those comments are priceless! Comedy gold!!


  23. on November 20, 2014 at 5:43 pm Ideological phantasmagoria

    O/T: : Julien Blanc, Dominique Strauss Kahn, Julien Assange, Bill Cosby. Yes means Yes. What is the common element? Well, it’s only very superficially about sex. Rather, it’s quite simply the desire to keep all men in a constant state of fear.

    Sword of Damocles, baby!

    And by the way, when does the lawyer/politician hanging start?

    On 30 August, Assange attended a police station in Stockholm voluntarily and answered all the questions put to him. He understood that was the end of the matter. Two days later, Ny announced she was re-opening the case. Borgstrom was asked by a Swedish reporter why the case was proceeding when it had already been dismissed, citing one of the women as saying she had not been raped. He replied, “Ah, but she is not a lawyer.”


    • I actually agree with your crazy conspiracy theory. I doubt that it’s a conscious push by some evil mastermind group of feminists or anything, but the subconscious end goal of feminism is basically the power to completely arbitrarily decide which men are “good” and which men are “bad” with no evidence or accountability or consequence on their end, and have men in a state where they are scared to do anything until they have permission. Basically the same situation a beta cuckold in a marriage finds himself in (she uses his resources while fucking around behind his back, or in front of him, with him powerless to do anything).

      This is basically like saying “ok we’re having trouble telling which guys are betas learning game instead of natural alphas, and we don’t like this whole MGTOW thing where you don’t give us resources even though we have 4 baby daddies and are 200lbs overweight, so this whole system isn’t working for us anymore…but we don’t want to clean up our act and bring more to the table because that requires accountability. So let’s push the fear narrative and use our white knight armies to create a situation where men are all terrified to do anything so we can pick and choose who has our approval to speak, to fuck, to provide us their resources.”

      Like it’s the ultimate dream for a woman biologically…she makes sure no betas will bother her (they’ll just keep society running in the background and should be happy being allowed that privilege, too scared to speak to women), she gets to pick which beta gets to Provide for her, and she also gets to choose her alpha Lovers.

      The scary part is how effective pushing false fear narratives have gotten now that social media has allowed SJWs to form instant lynch mobs to silence/destroy people who try to speak out against the slippery slope we’re on…they can instantly ban a guy from multiple countries based on outrage over a false narrative that ACTIVELY ignores facts/evidence (see the video above), and yet STILL claim the powerless victim role in society, and even MEN will nod their heads vouching for how oppressed women are.

      It’s impressive, in a disturbing way. I guess schools have stopped forcing students to read Animal Farm and 1984.

      I don’t want to invoke Godwin’s Law, but I don’t think it’s an unfair comparison. People wondered how mass influence of insane beliefs/actions like that could happen, but we’re literally living a version of it right now.


      • “It’s not sexual assault if it’s consensual”

        “It’s not rape if it’s consensual”

        Both two arguing tactics Julien and RSD could have used to reframe the argument in a way that would favour them.

        This reframe would then allow them to lead in with their argument that they are teaching men to be the kind of dominant, confident and masculine men that women themselves want, and which feminists are trying to deny women from getting to have.

        Throw in a reference to the pop-culture phenomenon of 50 Shades of Grey and your set.

        For some reason they didn’t use it.


    • I would take Bill Cosby out of that “yes means yes”t lineup. He used violence and drugs to exploit multiple women. So far over 15 women have told similar stories. Yep, that’s a pattern.

      All the ones I’ve seen also are white. Pretty typical negro behavior. Is attracted to white women but they aren’t attracted to him. He believes it’s due to his race (maybe it is) and develops an inferiority complex. Uses intimidation, force and rape drugs to bang that white women that he wants (the joys of diversity!)


      • it’s the same thing.

        they just have more power with black dudes because so many white guys are kneejerk ready to go against black guys.


  24. In honor of tomorrow’s Ferguson verdict:


  25. This is a true post ha.

    The one time a fucked a somewhat not cute girl (maybe 6ish maybe 6.5) I pulled out and finished on her back.

    She proceeded to dabble her finger in it and taste it off her finger like it was candy or something lol.
    Again this girl wasn’t very hot so that was a bummer….


    • yeah quirky bedroom behavior is exotic when done by hot chicks, and creepy when average chicks do it.


      • Good point.

        One the one hand, a really, really hot chick who does that (unless she is a known slut, and you can pull that level of attractive pussy on the regular), it means a lot of really good things to you without having to explain it. Basically, you just made a really hot chick, who has a low N count if you are not her first, so hot and bothered that she wants you to do to her as you please.

        If she is not that hot, and just a regular girl, you are worried that she has done that before with many other men. And you have no bragging rights.

        Of course, it could be that she is a good charactered 6, and the 9 is just a slutty slut.

        Or it could be what you hope, a 9+ begging for more of your touch, and a well used 6 trying anything to keep you around.


      • “Or it could be what you hope, a 9+ begging for more of your touch, and a well used 6 trying anything to keep you around.”

        i think it’s this


  26. Was watching some twilight zone today and man I was mesmerized when the actress came in at 19:29 here in the link. Had to look her up, Susan Cummings was 32 in this scene. Her voice, way she floats around so smooth, that figure. So modest but so sexy. Gorgeous. I’d give her a full 10 in the scene..
    I’m 28 so I had no clue this was mostly normal around then. wtf America? Not a single slut tell in 80 some episodes of this show


    • You’re right, beautiful. Her face is nothing special – actually a bit cowish, but her hair, her dress, her speech and manners make her beautiful.

      “The rest of the book, to serve men – it’s a cookbook!” Ohh, so that’s where the Simpsons Halloween episode got that from.

      Of course, if earth was dominated by aliens who had a deal with the politicians and media, people would ignore any news of them eating humans.


    • I just caught this episode about a month ago and had the same thought–she was smokin’

      Also, as a film fan, I’ve been catching up on the Val Lewton collection. I highly recommend these films when you want to watch quality work. I just finished watching “Bedlam” and the gal (Anna Lee) in that film is gorgeous.

      And in “The Body Snatcher”, the actress that plays Mrs. Marsh is a stone cold fox!


  27. Mother allegedly tortured 14-month-old with Q-tips because ‘he looks so similar to his father’

    [CH: eyes pushed together and sunk into head. pig face. i’m calling it… too much inbreeding.]


  28. Question related to condom thing: when a girl, who you know has had one-night stands and started off relationships with sex, asks you to get tested before you fuck her, how should you take this? I took it as an insult and flat-out refused.


    • “You show me yours and I’ll show you mine.”


      • I don’t get it. I don’t care if she gets tested. I do care if a girl fucking me is doing so grudgingly or as a pity fuck or relegating me to second-class status, as is clealry the case if she asks me for a test where in the past she’s had 1-night stands.

        (Her excuse was that she knew I’d been with prostitutes before but again, for a girl who’s had one-night stands this makes no sense).



    ‘New York to launch taxpayer-funded ‘shame campaign’ against guys who sit wrong

    Yesterday, TIME Magazine published an article bemoaning some men’s tendency to sit in subway cars with their legs spread out. “It’s like they have an imaginary sumo wrestlers sitting on the floor in front of them,” Brian Moylan complains. “The problem with leg spreaders is that they are breaking the social contract that we need to abide by to survive in New York City.”

    “[S]pace-hogging,” says Margaret Elby at Brooklyn Magazine, “is one of those invisible trappings of privilege.” On Twitter, feminist Guardian columnist Jessica Valenti (of free tampons fame) can’t wait for the “shaming campaign” to begin.’

    I’m guessing Mr. Moylan can sit with his legs pressed together tightly enough to form an airtight seal and experience no discomfort.


  30. Guys, any suggestion as to how game a girl who shows IOI in a crowded bar by invading your personal space, standing with her back to you?


    • bitch showing you her back within 6 feet and on purpose? thats an invite to just say hello brother. submission on meth right there.


      • Always wondered how do you tell the difference between proximity with purpose and proximity without ? Would it be their behavior after the move? Sorry cant structure that question any better, but I thin k you know what I am asking.


      • sideways glance. women have scary good peripheral vision and they USE it. subtle but unmistakable to a trained eye.

        usually indicates severe interest.


    • I’m not convinced that’s an IOI, but if it is, she wants you to demonstrate socially aware and calibrated authority over your life and space. Not a revelation here I’m sure, but women want to be put in her individual place by a man who knowns how, repeat, KNOWS HOW, and women have license (cops, culture, etc.) to press with extreme grotesqueness and spectacle to find a man who will answer her aggression with superior force. In short, show that you respect yourself with confidence. Say something about it and look good doing it.

      Example: *tap, tap on her shoulder, she looks at you* “Hi. You’re cute. But if you want to share my personal space, there’s an application process.”

      I think somewhere in a video on utube Mystery suggests saying “don’t touch the merchandise” in response to being touched on the arm by a chick. You can DHV, not take beta bait by getting angry or touchy-feely, and establish frame control for her to accept, in theory.


    • Graze her butt with the back of your hand, then catch her eyes, smile at her and say, “Excuse me.” Convo from there.

      Once I accidentally boob-grazed a girl who was passing behind me as I was turning. She stopped and smiled.

      Usually women boob-graze me. It’s all the fashion.

      Amy, is it slutty when women boob graze a man? I’m trying to understand chick morality and I need help.


      • I think it’s slutty, sure. Anything sexually aggressive.


      • Not that I was asked, but on little evidence I think hot women use the boob graze to stimulate potential alpha men into claiming her as territory to possibly get an upgrade to the guy she is with: plausible deniability that she could frame as sexual harassment. You must have very good presence. If a chick does it without a graze to make plausible deniability, I trust her intentions more, but maybe it is only a function of female hotness keeping the high value image by not chasing, and maybe she is just more likely to have a man/men, but I don’t trust wymnz instincts and pick my spots where I can likely trust them to work for me. If a chick really wants a man, she has no shame in landing him. With greater attraction is less grazing, with no contact equal to zero grazing. lol


      • Amy, what is “aggressive” in a woman? If the graze is very subtle, can that be considered plausibly deniable and acceptable? How does a woman communicate sexual interest? Or should she? Consider that a man might be out dancing just to dance and a woman might think that he’s too shy to sexualize.

        Imminent rant warning: Why do women do this crap with me? Are they fakking retarded??? If I want to sexualize, I will do that. Can’t they see that I have no problem approaching women, getting rejected, and continuing to approach??? Can’t they tell that I’ve done pickup and am not shy??? Rant over.

        Btw, being married doesn’t mean much in clubs. You are expected to put out, whether man or woman. Seduction is passé.

        I’d guess that you think that double-entendres are fine.


    • @Gordon – just bump into her and say in a lighthearted way she should watch were she is going, almost spilled my drink… take it from there.

      actually something I do quite a lot of, girls walking by, when they give a quick look then look away, still walking passed you, step out into traffic lane and they bump into you. Basic playground 101 stuff. Look away while you bump then you both turn and look at each other the same time…

      Another thing I have noticed, interested in @yareally and others comments on this. Seems to be a “hugging” culture among the 20 YO set in bars, both guys and girls. Especially hipsters. so many people greeting each other with hugs, bear hugs, arm claps etc. a girl needs to give a hug to all 10 of her beta orbiters that come say hi and buy her a drink… who she just saw a few hours ago at work LOL. this environment lowers the value of kino, especially “incidental” touches to arms, shoulders etc. Gets lost in all the other contact.

      One thing I have done to separate “crowd” kino from “intent” – to escalate and send a message – is take a few fingers of her hair and give it a tug and a waggle. Really will open up her eyes, wide. “ohhh” and you look back in confidence, don’t break eye contact. “ohh” indeed. Game on. You just separated from the pack. (For the Aspie’s – a tug. not a yank, not to cause pain, just to communicate attention. and waggle a little side to side while you pull a bit. From the back of the head).

      Anyone else have this experience or thoughts on this approach?


      • @Sentient
        “a girl needs to give a hug to all 10 of her beta orbiters that come say hi and buy her a drink…”

        They’re safe to hug, because she’s in no danger of fucking them. She gets validation and human contact with no risk of accidentally being slutty because they are asexual non-entities to her.

        Whenever you get stuck in an asexual social tradition with a girl you want to fuck, break that social tradition somehow, ideally in a slightly sexual way but anything that stands out is good. The hair thing falls along those lines.

        Think of it as betas (and women) react to the world around them. Alphas make the world around them react to THEM. The asexual chodes she’s hugging are reacting to her, letting her dictate the physical contact and being happy with whatever they get. Do something unexpected and you’ll stand out. Do something unexpected, slightly sexual, and lock laser eye-contact with her unflinching when she goes “ohhh”, and you’ll get gina tingles.

        Calibrate, obviously lol Don’t go honking your co-worker’s titties at happy hour.


      • Fits my shorthand theory… alpha = action and alpha = contrast. Do those two things action and contrast and you are 75% there…


      • “One thing I have done to separate “crowd” kino from “intent” – to escalate and send a message – is take a few fingers of her hair and give it a tug and a waggle.”

        This is great. Hair tugging is always great. I hug everybody, including guys I think are hot (as a shit test). Sexualizing it is the perfect response. Hair tug, or run your hand down her lower back.


    • Coolly chat her up.

      Happened to me a couple of weeks ago… this year’s Miss [Redacted], no less, whom I smarted off at a couple months ago. Unfortunately, in my case, she was too blasted shy to actually start up a convo, merely settling for a submissive smile. Also, it was too loud there, and my voice is very quiet. She did give me a good feel of her shapely rump, though. She was deliberately, almost desperately, sticking it up toward my belly (she’s quite tall, and was wearing heels).


      • Unfortunately, in my case, she was too blasted shy to actually start up a convo, merely settling for a submissive smile.

        Clarification: I confidently said hello, but that’s all I got back.


  31. Another slut tell:

    Drinks hard booze, man type well drinks, straight up shots, shots in general, And orders the drink with a firm habitiual sub text.

    I qualify this by the non-slut women I’ve been out with: they either Dont drink, have 1 or 2 tops: glasses of wine, fruit martini, import draft…and their cheeks are flushed and they’re being silly by end of 2nd = out of the ordinrary = non slut.

    Along the same lines slut tell: she seems very comfortable in a bar environment. Like right at home.

    Another tell (which relates to the above): has no issue with slurring and mumbling…then driving home. Heh.

    There are the few non drinking nympho slurr exceptions. However in general its easier to drag home a drunk slut from xyz bar than book worm from Barnes and Noble in the evening.


    • OTOH, the raping of Anglo lower class 12 year olds is what Anglo upper class intended. So look at Paki gangs to keep molesting unmolested. Anglos – what a sick, twisted tribe.


  32. Test


  33. “SHOCKING Truth About JULIEN BLANC: Why He Got Banned From UK REVEALED”:

    “REVEALED – The Disturbing Truth about Julien Blanc – What nobody wanted you to know”:


    They definitely should’ve put stuff like this out on Day 1, but the speed a Twitter campaign blasts up versus the time it takes some time to gather the clips and edit them would’ve made that impossible.

    Plus splicing in the media outrage to show the contrast between what the media is saying and what Julien actually teaches his students is a pretty awesome “fuck you”.

    At 3:25 on the second video he talks about how he’s trolling on his Twitter etc. on purpose.



      I think Julien et al will be just fine. Actually I think Julien will get a reality series out of this, if he gets an agent. He wont need game anymore though, he will have fame, or even better the ne plus ultra of game – infamy…


      • These vids will turn everything around. They’re stunting directly on the mainstream media’s faces. Especially the second vid that splices in the CNN interview. Now Julien looks like a hero, teaching men to respect women and be confident, and everyone else looks ridiculous.

        If Tyler was smart he would release a video saying this was all part of a demonstration to expose the mainstream media and show how you can’t trust them and that you need to think before rushing to judge people and they knew it would blow up one day and spin it into wanting to demonstrate how bad things have gotten and create a commentary on how social media has created lynch mobs fueled on emotion and groupthink and thankyou all for participating and here’s a link to more of our free content and a link to sign up for Julien’s seminars.

        The question is whether this was the plan or not. Go silent to let the media make asses of themselves while collecting and compiling footage and then release the rebuttals and flood the twitter hashtag etc with them coincidentally the same day you launch Todd’s new product.

        A plan from the start or not, RSD is about to be FLOODED with signups for all their programs. This has basically turned the SJW hate campaign into world-wide mass mainstream media exposure.

        Waiting to see what the RVF thinks of these vids. Lol. When exactly is RSD going down, guys? I mean, you didn’t overreact just like the retarded SJW/feminist/msm/hivemind did you? I could’ve sworn someone warned you to use your critical thinking skills and do some research.


    • This whole thing is retarded. Can’t wait until RSD starts posting vids again. Todd’s stuff is fine for now though.


  34. OT – One for Zombie Shane here – fortysomething English spinster’s horse dies – so she commits suicide. No way would she do that if she was a wife and mother.


  35. on November 21, 2014 at 11:16 am Dat_Truth_Hurts

    SR = H * A^2

    SlutRating of a woman (SR) equals a man’s Height times Alphaness squared.

    For the inner sperg in all of us.


  36. I will not fuck without a condom. Ever.


  37. Late to the party, haven’t read the comments, apologizes if this has been covered.

    Me: “its gonna take more than a smile to sweep me off my feet” – or along those lines – assuming the sale. . .

    This is a reverse shit test. Fine in certain places, but not in response to a come hither smile. Use a better opener, like the universal.


  38. “This is a reverse shit test. Fine in certain places, but not in response to a come hither smile. Use a better opener, like the universal.”

    What is “the universal?”