Make White Women Deferential Again

Over at Goodbye, America (in a photo), commenter Buh wins a freelance COTW for this insight to the nature of White women and how that knowledge can help White men keep their women within the beautifully unswarthed White fold.

Cut the welfare and you’ll stop subsidizing the outgroup indulgences of errant white women by cutting the ability of blacks to pay for them. This is similar disincentive for women to firing/divorce-nuking older men who have affairs with tasty 18 year old interns. When society punishes both with financial ruin sit back and watch the recessive white gene pool preserve itself in traditional marriages. No 1488 necessary. Of course that won’t alter the fornication market, but isn’t it about time young white men emulated the traits of their dusky competitors? Irrational self confidence, muscle mass, gang membership and assertiveness would serve them well compared to safe spaces and consent forms. Make white women barefoot and pregnant with white babies again.

I’m afraid Buh is right; this is where we are today, and if White men don’t rediscover their long-lost balls their women will continue leaving the reservation to get jacked up by googles. Everyone is drawn to the strong horse, but White women love the coolasfuck ZFG jerkhorse the most. It’s time to remind White women that the Age of Scalzis is over, and the new dawn has arrived: the Rule of Renegade White Men.


  1. I have nothing to add buy GET ME OUT OF MODERATION RAPE!


  2. on December 16, 2016 at 12:29 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    I posted this comment over there, but the robo-moderator ate it. Here it is again:

    Nice thought, but you can’t cut welfare now, for blacks or whites. Welfare has caused a major shift in the way people who are on it breed and this has lowered the IQ of multiple generations of kids. It’s also brought about undesirable personality traits in them.

    Ever wonder why the older redneck or black folks you work are hard-working and decent, even though they might be rough around the edges? It’s because they got good post-World War II genes from hard-working dads. This is who the women preferred to breed with. But after about 1968, welfare mothers started breeding with trouble because if they had a husband in the house, they didn’t get welfare. The effects of this really took hold in the ’80s. Now you have generation after generation dumbed to the point of being functionally retarded.

    This also explains why lower-class music has turned from forward-looking pop to tuneless garbage. It needs to be dumbed-down to appeal to people with permanent fifth grade intelligence. I’m speaking specifically of the post-’90s ghetto hip hop. And by the way, despite what Hollywood tries to tell you, country music is no longer the music of lower-class whites specifically, but has major appeal to suburban whites, which is why it’s now better than hip hop. (This also explains why movies are garbage and tattoos are popular, but I’ll leave it at music.)

    So, in conclusion, you can’t end welfare because you’d be dumping people into the workforce who can barely read, write, or think. No one bred with the smart men, everyone bred with the gangatas, and this is what you get.*

    Once again, these are not the black folks who had their own business in the ’50s or the white truckers whose work ethic amazed everyone. These are people who are basically Corky from “Life Goes On” (look it up) except with a surly disposition.

    * If anyone wishes to argue this point and say “Genetic don’t matter,” then please address the following point. Tell me why it is that when middle class couples and Ivy League lesbians seek out sperm banks they select men with high intelligence and agreeable personality traits. Why don’t the women just fuck the local drug dealer or ex-con? It would be cheaper.

    [CH: if we shit-canned welfare, one mitigating solution to the problem of unemployable masses is a guaranteed gov’t basic income on condition of sterilization.]

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    • on December 16, 2016 at 12:52 pm Observasaurus Rex

      It hasn’t been long enough for such a genetic shift. However you only need a single generation for certain genes to turn on or off based on stimulation from the environment. Girls growing up without fathers for example reach puberty early because this signals the body that the environment is very dangerous so she better start crapping out litters as soon as possible. The presence of a father delays puberty because the extra investment allows a better developed child that will have higher quality kids. The good news is that since both extremes are present, society can go back to sanity within one more generation after the elimination of welfare.

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    • The price of Ivy eggs is a fun tell. Cousin adopted two white babies from the government free cheese Dept. Until their personalities came out she thought she was a winner.
      As for the dumbass population issue maybe we can’t make America great again without ovens. Or we could play kike and figure a way to soft genocide dumb Americans.
      Better if Trump de-powers the federal government and frees states up, populations will hard sort inmigration by personality. Then we can split the union, starve the shitlib splitter states empty then retake the land. MAGA by civil war.


      • on December 21, 2016 at 9:34 am WeeBee Hating Proud

        Yeah, you’re a genius as policy planning. Maybe California, which leads by far in patent registration, should be sent back to the Stone Age. You might be comfortable there.


      • on December 22, 2016 at 10:07 pm Hillaryclintoon

        What kinds of patents? Facefuck, Twatter, etc. The real businesses are leaving the state.


    • These are people who are basically Corky from “Life Goes On” (look it up) except with a surly disposition.

      Exactly. I probably shouldn’t know who you’re referring to, but I do. What a nightmare.


    • There’s been studies that show when the welfare, or entitlements, are no longer given, people magically begin to work.

      It can be done. It is just a matter if it will be done.

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    • And they would do it too CH. Blacks would anyway. Lazy fucks. Social Safety Net woud have more meaning.


    • ‘Post-WW II’, genes would be baby-boomer genes.
      Yeah, they’re great…….


    • An addition for consideration: the schools have gotten a lot better in their mission of creating permanent children.


  3. […] Make White Women Deferential Again […]


  4. Perhaps the problem is that there is no cultural signpost to lead the way for white renegade men.

    In order to enact cultural change, there must be a pre-existing group that defines that change before anyone else can follow. PS, good to see you again, Heartiste.

    — Sorserigod,

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  5. The come back is slow going for sure. Culture is soaked with googles etc…

    We need to bring the culture back. Plain and simple. It is possible.

    I was recently introduced to some “artists” by my girl. I called it out as crap and said nothing more. She will no longer show me anything unless it meets my ideals.

    Same with music. Years ago I went through several girl friends. Different tastes in music in all of them. I refused to listen to Rap, R & B/Soul (modern stuff) and alternative rock (most is/was emo rock hidden behind feelings of hurt and pain and yes Nine Inch Nails and Jane’s Addiction are garbage). They eventually stopped trying to change me but I changed them. I forced them to listen to classical, opera, old country and old jazz. If they didn’t understand some thing I explained it to them. Now they all have a love for that music. But it was an effort.

    Same with tats. I have dated several girls with them. I never comment on the art work. They will eventually ask me if I like it. I tell them it looks terrible and they ruined their beautiful skin. I say beautiful at that moment to weaponize the word. I seldom give complements so when I use the word in that manner it is a slap in the face.

    Any girl I have ever dated that had some ridiculous piercing/dermal has always removed it. ETC…

    Make them conform to your higher standards.

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    • Y’know the thing about a mudshark, she’s got… lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll’s eyes. When she walks by ya, doesn’t seem to be livin’…

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    • on December 16, 2016 at 4:01 pm Tryintogetthrumod



      • on December 16, 2016 at 4:02 pm Tryintogetthrumod

        That was for SigmaK. Dominate them. You set the tone.

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      • Correct. Dominate them. It is the only thing that consistently works.

        I use humor, strength, smarts, stoicism and anything else at my disposal.

        Women want someone superior to them.


      • on December 17, 2016 at 1:11 am Vagina dominator

        I have dragged this comment from moderation rape from “the neediness scale”. It is relevant here.{But wtf is tripping the mod?]

        Wom*n are f*ckle and superficial in their fe*lings and th*nking, so there is little point in relying on their l*ve.

        If you want what is best in the l*ve of w*men, get it from the services they can perform for you and then enjoy the fe*lings of aff*ction for them that their service prov*kes in you.

        After all, as a man,what you truly want is to give l*ve – which is to be the m*ster, in control – not to receive a woman’s l*ve – which is to be a b*ggar.

        Remember, that comf*rting arm stretched across you in bed late at night isn’t there just to h*g you – it’s also there to st*p you sl*pping away.


      • After all, as a man,what you truly want is to give l*ve – which is to be the m*ster, in control – not to receive a woman’s l*ve – which is to be a b*ggar.

        This should be etched into every man’s bathroom mirror, as a first-seen daily reminder.

        +111 from the VagDom… as usual.


      • on December 18, 2016 at 9:27 am Captain Obvious

        Yeah, that’s Kkk0mment of the Year material right there – master versus beggar.


    • there are diminishing returns with being overly interested in a woman’s decorum. it’s one thing if you cashed in your chips and bought the deed to her vag, offering her a lifetime of security, with offspring. quite another if you’re just doing a timeshare.

      if it’s just a girl you’re dating weighing in on her life choices (unasked), could easily be perceived as mate guarding or the ‘caring’ asshole type. the subtext is, ‘why do you care if you have no long term investment with her?’ remember, it’s the UNCARING asshole that keeps the tingles tingling.

      by overtly caring about her behavior you’re defacto telling her that you’re sold on her as a partner. by remaining silent, however, she’s encouraged to keep troubleshooting her behavior to figure what makes you tick. silence from a man who knows what he wants speaks VOLUMES.

      as a seasoned player who’s lost a few quality clams by being overly controlling/dominating, i’ve learned to pull my punches and hold my tongue.

      example: a girl asks what I think of her tattoos. naturally I want to tell her she looks like a fucking cheap, shallow, fashion victim whore. do I say that? no. not of I want to keep her wet. what I say instead is, “hmmm…”, and leave it at that.

      if I REALLY disapprove I might disappear for a few days or dial down the thermostat a few degrees, but uncertainty is the key. i don’t SAY i disapprove. i simply drift off a bit. lost interest. plausible deniability. girls know when a guy wants them. and they feel it deeply when he’s turned off. no words necessary.

      alluding to a willingness to walk triggers her qualifying instinct and turns her on. TOO much willingness to walk and she’ll seek reassurance elsewhere.

      it’s the old question of ‘do you want to be right, or do you want to get laid?’


      • I’m a man with excellent taste. I get hit on by gay men a lot for this reason. I have a good instinct for matching colors and I can throw anything together and make it look good. I can pick jewelry and clothes out for women better than they can. I know clothes for myself as well. Most women do not have good taste at all and I have to hide my skills around them. That is why they stick to the safe zones of pastels and beige tones.


      • Good advice here too.


    • Took a girl to the magnificent Artist Museum in Philadelphia. Spent the two days in wonder at the European art from 1300 to 1900.
      Spent 10 minutes in the (((modern art))).
      Called it out as crap.


      • I’ve learned to ignore tattoos, since it is currently almost impossible to find any attractive women under 50 who do not have at least 1 somewhere.
        If they ask me how I like them, my go-to response is, ‘they’re ok, if I get bored, I can just read the comics’.
        Dropped many jaws with that one.


      • A decade or so ago I was in a museum that had a modern art exhibit…

        Upon seeing some ripped up cardboard that had been spray-painted haphazardly, I loudly exclaimed “THIS MAN IS A GENIUS!”.

        The surrounding company laughed louder yet as I told the nearby elderly negro janitor to be careful not to mistake this particular masterpiece when he was taking out the trash that evening.


  6. I often do some side work in an environment where one would run across the type of women you’d think were of the wanna-be glitteratti variety, and yet still see very little mudsharking.

    2%, tops… and most of those are more medium- to dark-Hispanic males with White women… actual negroes, far fewer than 1%.


  7. on December 16, 2016 at 12:57 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    You adorable bastards.


  8. In times past women who make bad breeding choices were immediately give feedback on their decisions. Now, ordinary people are so afraid of being called some kind of “ist” that they don’t state probable consequences of a woman coal burning.

    When you point out the probability of a woman being a single mother, of being on welfare, of having children more likely to be incarcerated. Well you are just perpetuating a stereotype and your reasonable statements are discarded.

    But one thing I have ALWAYS been fascinated by is the wonderful pictures of these ethnic mixings never show late teen to adult offspring with proud white parent / white family. It’s always the baby, the toddler, and the preteen in pig tails that are a shown. AND this silly facade was perpetuated with the Trayvon Martin pictures showing of a little angel Trayvon at 12 not the 18 year old man that attacked George Zimmerman.

    Talking with a few Grandparents of these children reveals that once a child reaches teen years one of two things happen. Either the kids end up with dad post divorce and don’t see their white grandparents. Or the precious mixed kids end up having trouble with the Law (usually Drug possession) and are exiled from the White family due to fear they will bring criminal activity to the White family’s home.

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    • Often times a woman who decides to coal burn will have the consequences beat into her.

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    • on December 16, 2016 at 2:54 pm Days of Broken Arrows

      “But one thing I have ALWAYS been fascinated by is the wonderful pictures of these ethnic mixings never show late teen to adult offspring with proud white parent / white family. It’s always the baby…

      They don’t allow photos in prison. I’m only half-kidding. Studies have shown mixed-race kids actually are more violent than kids of any specific race, so draw your own conclusion.


      • My anecdotal experience corroborates that mischlings are usually the most unpleasant of their race… psychologically, their dual outsider status that begrudgingly sides with the darky side could be one explanation, but I tend to think it’s something wrong at the genetic level… nature’s way of telling us that you can’t be doing too disparate a mixing and matching of unique types, no matter how allegedly “close” their DNA may be.


  9. We’re going to make White Nationalist gangs, Neo-Fascist boxing clubs, and bodybuilding gyms on the beach great again !


  10. If the welfare state didn’t exist for single moms every beta male would easily find a mate. Many of the same men who are invisible to women today would suddenly be considered a good catch. We would transform into pre-LBJ America which was a much better place, especially for the children. Sure many of today’s illegitimate children would go hungry, but that’s the price we have to pay to get our society back on track.

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    • on December 17, 2016 at 1:24 am Les Saunders, Protestant

      Nailed it. I’m a millennial, but my impression is that friendly, trim beta males with a good job were considered good catches before the 1970s. Today, those guys are “ugh, boring!” and “losers.”

      The role welfare plays in this phenomenon cannot be downplayed. However, “good” middle-class women rarely went the welfare route anyways; that was reserved for lower and working class women, for whom (importantly) a “nice guy with a steady job” was the difference between a happy life with presents under the tree and family holidays vs hardscrabble poverty.

      Ending welfare will not address the problem of the vast hordes of spoilt middle class women who go to university, hook up with bad boys, volunteer in the 3rd world in exchange for likes on Facebook, get credentialed, become an office slave (or the boss), and endless carousel-riding mixed in with cosmos and beer out of jam jars on Thursday nights, Sunday brunches. There is no legislative quick-fix to this problem, short of banning women from the workplace or universities.

      But at least with welfare, we can end it with a shiv of a pen, and in so doing clean up a lot of social problems. Yes, some welfare googles will starve (Evan McMullin can donate them food hampers) and welfare white women will be forced to put on some makeup, lay off the fast food, and compete for gainfully employed nice beta males.


      • on December 17, 2016 at 5:06 am Days of Broken Arrows

        I’m old enough to remember the Ferris Bueller era, not the ’60s. But from what I’ve heard, you’re 100 percent correct. For lower class women welfare makes the Beta male useless. For middle and upper class women, feminism and the college-career-you-go-grrl track have made Beta males redundant.

        So Beta males got it from both ends. But one thing is clear: It was the policies of liberalism that screwed the Beta males in all classes.


      • on December 17, 2016 at 7:39 am Les Saunders, Protestant

        DOBA – “So Beta males got it from both ends. But one thing is clear: It was the policies of liberalism that screwed the Beta males in all classes.” And by beta males, we of course mean White beta males.


      • The good news is all women want to be housewives. Demand they be there for your kids. Tell them day care is barbarian.


      • Don’t worry, women didn’t find those men catches then either, they just told losers that while cheating.


  11. on December 16, 2016 at 1:56 pm The Philosopher

    May I finally be unmoderated Heartiste?

    I would say:
    1. Kulterkampf has to be won. Right now most whites think blacks make up 50% of the population due to Zion, but they are only 15% roughly (academic study google it). Saturation media coverage is a prompt. This is a lot easier to win than you think. All it requires if white men to jump through the ‘racism’ barrier in their zionist conditioning and realtalk everywhere. In time, the Illusion will get weaker. Bravery against brainwashing is pure masculine test. If you don’t pass it, you deserve to fail to reproduce.
    2. White men have suffered an incredible drop in T (~15-20% over 20 years). 2 personal choices can improve it: Improved diet and weightlifting. Those with medically low levels should consult a doctor who can prescribe steroid treatment.To put that drop in perspective that’s the difference between an east asian and a current white.
    3. Their dads. Women love their fathers generally and if dads can be reached and told to realtalk daughters, dancing magic negroes on the screen will prove less attractive. What is happening now is that women from good homes are sharking, not just the bipolar as before. Male parents need to switch off the tv when a black men is wooing a woman and read the schoolbooks explaining the fraud of MLK and black oppression.

    I look forward to being unmoderated.

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    • Good comment. I like your parenting philosophy.


    • This is how I am doing it myself. One of the reasons I post all these Orthodox chants is because we listen to them at home a lot for the child’s sake. It has taught her to appreciate beauty and harmony first and to express her natural tendency towards them. Now she watches ballet and is fascinated. She wants to know the names of the instruments in the orchestra. Do things and interact with your chidlren. I draw for them, read books, play with legos, etc. That interaction is critical because it is the bonding experience at work. They won’t listen if you’re never there.

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  12. Try to imagine how the Cathedral would shit itself raw if white men started running the same baby-momma game as black men.

    No 1488 needed when you make more than 2 copies of yourself.

    In the end, for the entire immigration debate, all we ever asked for was what? To stop being forced to subsidize swarthy reproduction while white women were getting cuntified in college.


    • Unfortunately, white men have too much to lose in the family courts. Throw a nigger in jail for non-payment of child support and it means nothing to him–jail is his second fucking home. Things are way different for white men.

      Niggers’ total obliviousness to any consequences that anyone imposes on them is not only their greatest weakness but also their greatest strength.


    • I don’t even bother pointing out cognitive dissonance anymore.


  13. Everyone is drawn to the strong horse, but White women love the coolasfuck ZFG jerkhorse the most.

    Racist badboy game is the shit; nothin’ll get you laid faster. Buy one of these and see:


    • Absolute truth but you have to be able to back it up physically.

      Dylan Roof with his Rhodesian Front patches, e.g., was not getting laid because he was a scrawny weirdo.


  14. Unfortunately it’s not that easy.

    Why? Because you’ve got the causation backwards. Women didn’t start slutting it up because of welfare – they started slutting it up when the culture changed and welfare was the response to increased sluttiness.

    Think about it – you’re proposing that women started looking at the long term financial consequences of fucking? Women did that? Nope. Not consistent with everything else everyone here should already know about women.

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    • on December 18, 2016 at 9:43 am Captain Obvious

      That’s where the Frankfurt School was a good century ahead of us [and, to a certain extent, as evinced by this very thread, are still a few decades ahead of us]: (((They))) studied the pathologies of the female hindbrain and quickly realized that unleashing an Entartete Kultur upon the unsuspecting Shkotzim would completely obliterate any [even theoretically] possibly rationalistic economic response to it.

      tldr; Culture >> Economy, every [email protected] time.


    • Why? Because you’ve got the causation backwards. Women didn’t start slutting it up because of welfare – they started slutting it up when the culture changed and welfare was the response to increased sluttiness.

      Exactly… and I would have thought by now this was common knowledge.

      It’s merely a variation on the old theme… poverty doesn’t cause crime and other forms of n1gger behavior… nigger behavior causes poverty.

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      • on December 18, 2016 at 1:35 pm Captain Obvious

        Which, as above, is why culture will always trumps any possibly rationalistic response to the culture: The Hindbrain >> The Forebrain. You’re wasting your time on marginal tax rate cuts and school vouchers and enterprise zones and blah blah blah blah blah if you have sh!t for a culture.


  15. I never listened to rap or r&b, God knows I wouldn’t want to appropriate their culture.

    But while I agree with everything in the OP, here’s the problem: where are the other whites who would want to start a gang with me? Where are the other whites who would join me in taking down an interracial couple on the streets? Where are the other whites who would intervene with me at the sight of a black guy beating down a white guy out of tribal solidarity?

    Where do I find these people?

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    • on December 16, 2016 at 6:34 pm Days of Broken Arrows

      This isn’t the way whites historically behaved when they wanted to take down people. Instead, they dressed better, set up exclusive clubs, and shunned those who were “beneath” them. This is why white snobs with names like Biff and Muffy are always the bad guys in Hollywood movies.

      So, in conclusion, I won’t risk going to jail being in some gang with you, but I’d be happy to snub these people with you. I think this comes naturally to whites because of the much-talked-about easy-to-disgust factor.


    • Rural areas where the rednecks play. Urban areas, sadly and in a strange way, wiggers.


      • If we are talking about actual beatdowns.


      • Clean house, then clean neighborhood.

        Wiggers need to be the first we address. Not only does it provide much of the money to the hip-hop industry (look it up), but it also adds to the illusion of 50% google murka.

        Not only would ending (or at least drastically) cutting welfare end mudsharking within a generation, it would also provide us with higher quality black people… with a father working and providing for the household and providing the kids with a male role-model. Want to know why googles are fucked up but decent black people still exist? Find a decent black person, and without exception, they grew up with their father. Find a google, and they were raised by mama, grandmama, with the influence of great-grandmama leading the way… most likely all 4 generations on welfare.


      • Yes there needs to be a reversal to the ni66erfication of urban youths, but in a messed up sense wiggerism allows whites agency to deftly remain racial and at the same time wear the cloak of political correctness. It’s a rather ingenious unconscious adaptive survival strategy of whites, even though the circumstances are not desirable. Flipping these urban whites toward race reality would be almost seemless (as I have seen it firsthand in certain environments) if only the environment dictated such change. The white race is truly a marvel to behold.


    • on December 16, 2016 at 7:43 pm The Happy Hindoo

      Really? That’s your solution – to lower yourself to the level of googles and form violent street gangs?

      You are either young and dumb or cointelpro, most likely the latter.

      Whites have built great civilizations. The solution is MORE civilization, not less. The solution is civilization without overt skype control, with a concomitant reduction of pathological altruism.

      Eliminate all forms of welfare (except for the truly handicapped who can’t help themselves). Smash the MSM and Federal Reserve. Expunge colleges of all Marxist professors and make most institutes of higher learning male-only. And, while we are at it, shoot for the moon and repeal the female vote (planet-wide).

      If even half of the aforementioned items were achieved, all problems would be solved.


      • Civilization is all well and good, but there are immediate and pressing issues that must be addressed first.
        Your smart phone, reading glasses or Hegel dissertation won’t help you when a dozen or so Moroccans assault you on the street, shove a knife in your gut and their dicks into your girl – assuming you have one.


      • If we eliminated welfare the truly needy could be cared for lavishly.


      • Gypsies dont do half the shit they do in the West in Eastern Europe because of the swift physical corrections they often get for serious transgressions. It’s not civilised to act in a polite way to animals, it’s just stupid. Lol. No wonder you, with dem principals, lost and lost and lost.


    • And then there’s da Internetz to contend with…


    • ” Where are the other whites who would intervene with me at the sight of a black guy beating down a white guy out of tribal solidarity?
      Where do I find these people? “

      Glasgow. And places like that. But I doubt you’d ever be so unfortunate as to find yourself in such a low-grade shithole. Even ni66ers behave the fuck outta theyselves there, the few that there are. Just don’t be wearing the wrong kickyball-team colors in the wrong area, that’s all.


  16. Welfare destroys people. Free birth control for minorities. None for white women.

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  17. There is really no limit to what White men could do, if fully conscious and untethered from everyone else. History is replete with examples. Everyone else is an opportunist or outright parasite.

    I take solace in this: My grandfather was a very alpha, WWII (the wrong side) silver star recipient.

    He raised my father — a HRC supporting lesser beta who is brow beaten by my mother.

    I am the third generation, and reversing my father’s failed experiment.

    Three generations. Really only one fucked up – and they’ll be dead soon. Did they manage to infect a plurality of the next generation with their failed ideas? It is our task to make sure they did not.


    • ‘There is really no limit to what White men ‘could do, if fully conscious and untethered from everyone else.’

      And this is why u insist on invading and colonising other people’s countries.


    • Some white men. The reality is that the vast majority were just taken for a ride by the great white men. How many whites are descended from peasants, little different than peasants anywhere else? The reality is that so many white people don’t give a shit about ‘the West’ because they had little to do with its creation beyond toiling the fields or being cannon fodder for those that mattered. You can even see it in their nig behavior: coveting over other people’s estates, lands, income etc.


  18. Enough of this… Kim, you can keep Kanye though.


  19. Muscle mass, Assertiveness, Confidence ? Ok, that is all good stuff.

    Gang Membership? Not so much. Gang membership involves violence, law enforcement’s unforgiving gaze and prison. If you are white, prison is no where you want to be. Hell, if you are human of any race prison is not the way to go.


  20. This post is basically what I’ve been saying for years.
    If you have better abs than Jamaal, she might forgive you for being White…….
    If you’re more assertive than Abdullah, the borders will close right quick.


  21. on December 17, 2016 at 8:54 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    White women aren’t going back to their old duties. They’re subservient to the ubiquitous influence of a corporate culture that demands that they be cheap imitations of males. Motherhood is low status and women are disgusted by low status things. Like all low status labor, childbirth has been outsourced to the shit world.

    Red pill WNs (who should know better) lament some severed bond between WM/WW that never existed. White women have no loyalty to you and wouldn’t give a shit if you disintegrated into dust. The thought that their cushy lifestyles wouldn’t be possible without the competence of white males is beyond their cognitive ceiling.

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    • your kind doesn’t exactly have a reputation for impartiality on the social status of white motherhood. nonetheless, you bring up some uncomfortable truths that many alt-righters would prefer to ignore. namely, that attractive-ish women love the ample power of independence that being sexually liberated gives them. it’s the fuglies with few options that tend more towards the nurturing m0ther fantasies. perhaps this was all part of your plan? forcing us to breed with fuglies so you’d feel more at home….

      there may be some biological trigger going on here too. perhaps k-selected white women don’t catch the m0thering bug so easily, unless they’re in a protected environment, ie, ethnically homogeneous, with good schools, churches, and a strong sense of community support. being in an urban environment surrounded by diversity places highly-desirable white women in a state of perpetual fight-or-flight, the opposite of the right state of mind for rearing little ones. again, probably part of your sinister plan.


      • Attractive women simply have their pride stimulated to the point it becomes a burden. I see beautiful women often who are good mothers. Our society with all its thirsty betas makes this worse.


      • “Attractive women simply have their pride stimulated to the point it becomes a burden.”

        excellent point.


    • Red pill WNs (who should know better) lament some severed bond between WM/WW that never existed. White women have no loyalty to you and wouldn’t give a shit if you disintegrated into dust.

      Explain why, then, in times like these… when all you kikes and muh-dikkers and rump-wranglers and Synathdral useful stooges like to play the “White women are shit” agitprop game, that 53% nevertheless voted for a guy like Trump.

      “Alpha cad” is too simplistic an explanation, especially when it comes to a man they KNOW they can’t have, and who stands for everything they’ve allegedly been taught to hate about White males, especially at the political power level.

      The simple answer is that there’s still a lot of good White women out there, but you won’t find them if all you want to do is bang vapid pop tarts of lower orders.

      Fuck YOU… and fuck this ghey realm that you THINK is insurmountable.

      (((You))) and your sympaticos are going to find out the true meaning of “giants with feet of clay”… and shortly, if these be the end times they appear to be.
      You cocksucking

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    • hehe kike appears to be jubilant about the level of the poz destruction that his tribe and their lackeys perpetrated towards the white men and want us believe that (((their ))) oeuvre is irreversible
      Kike last time you were that confident you were in a Wiemar cabaret

      Stefan Zweig on Weimar Berlin

      Berlin transformed itself into the Babel of the world. (((Germans))) brought to perversion all their vehemence and love of system. Made-up boys with artificial waistlines promenaded along the Kurfiirstendamm … Even [ancient] Rome had not known orgies like the Berlin transvestite balls, where hundreds of men in women’s clothes and women in men’s clothes danced under the benevolent eyes of the police. Amid the general collapse of values, a kind of insanity took hold of precisely those middle-class circles which had hitherto been unshakeable in their order. Young ladies proudly boasted that they were perverted; to be suspected of virginity at sixteen would have been considered a disgrace in every school in Berlin.


      Yet a few years later


      • Zweig is obviously talking about a very small demimonde, undoubtedly comprised predominantly of (((YKW))) and the usual suspect queers.

        If Germany had been truly that far gone, across the board, the entire 20th century history of the world would have been an alternate universe.


      • I do not think that Zweig in way implies that the whole Germany was pozed
        He writes about Berlin
        This is a portrait of a Weimar Cat Lady
        Jeez not much changed

        Entartete Kunst


      • Here is another one from Kirchner
        it kind of puts it all together


      • “Entartete Kunst” – Degenerate Art

        Degenerate Art also was the title of an exhibition, held by the Nazis in Munich in 1937, consisting of modernist artworks chaotically hung and accompanied by text labels deriding the art. Designed to inflame public opinion against modernism, the exhibition subsequently traveled to several other cities in Germany and Austria.

        While modern styles of art were prohibited, the Nazis promoted paintings and sculptures that were traditional in manner and that exalted the “blood and soil” values of racial purity, militarism, and obedience. Similar restrictions were placed upon music, which was expected to be tonal and free of any jazz influences; disapproved music was termed degenerate music. Films and plays were also censored.[1]



      • I know he’s focused on Berlin, but are we supposed to believe that even in Berlin, EVERY (or even most) 16 year old schoolgirl was slutting around?


      • no worries. Trump’s hiring Rambo to put an end to degenerate art:

        “President-elect Donald Trump is set to select actor Sylvester Stallone for Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), according to a report.

        While Trump has not formally offered Stallone the job, the iconic actor is reportedly “positively disposed to the idea,” according to the Daily Mail….”

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      • Greg is correct on this. 1939 Germany would seem like a WN paradise compared to what we have today and the rot of modernism hadn’t sunk in anywhere near as far. This stuff was isolated to Berlin, Frankfurt, and a few other big cities.


  22. Gentlemen, I saw the cringiest beta thing in my life this week. An alleged “man” wearing what looked like a dog tag serving the function of a locket. The picture in this dog tag locket (which had no clasp to close it, making the picture visible to everyone at all times) was of the male in question with his arms wrapped around his girlfriend, who would be a 5 on a good day. It was absolutely pathetic, and it took every bit of willpower not to laugh in this dude’s face.


  23. They are practically begging to be made barefoot and pregnant these days.


  24. Our White Disadvantage works against us evil YT men. Our fore-fathers, who were not yet in the Jew’s clutches, knew enough to segregate. deny, and if needs be exterminate the mudman. Regards women, they have always been crazy, deceitful, weak-minded, and hypergamous (see the OT). Evil YT, though stupid enough to import the untermensch, at least had the balls, guts, and back-bone to keep them under control via segregation and the rope. They also recognized the danger the mudman presented to our women as both a threat and a temptation for the more deviant minded women. We just need to reclaim that old Viking berserker spirit. I can guarantee you that we would solve our mudman problem.


  25. Our White Disadvantage works against us evil YT men. Our fore-fathers, who were not yet in the Jew’s clutches, knew enough to segregate, deny, and if needs be exterminate the mudman. Regards women, they have always been crazy, deceitful, weak-minded, and hypergamous (see the OT). Evil YT, though stupid enough to import the untermensch, at least had the balls, guts, and back-bone to keep them under control via segregation and the rope. They also recognized the danger the mudman presented to our women as both a threat and a temptation for the more deviant minded women. We just need to reclaim that old Viking berserker spirit. I can guarantee you that we would solve our mudman problem.


  26. Well if you have daughters… Charity begins at home. Make sure they are deferential to you and seek your approval.

    Don’t be a coward as a dad.

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  27. When you hear someone —be they a student, a colleague, or an amateur — say that they are interested in Classics because of “the Greek miracle” or because Classics is “the foundation of Western civilization and culture,” challenge that viewpoint respectfully but forcefully. Engage them on their assumed definitions of “foundation,” “Western,” “civilization,” and “culture.” Point out that such ideas are a slippery slope to white supremacy. Seek better reasons for studying Classics
    by Donna (((Zuckerberg))) and yes if you wonder she is spergeberg’sister
    So if you believed that you know foundation,” “Western,” “civilization,” and “culture mean you were wrong
    Donna will tell you what these terms really mean otherwise poor goys you are going to slip into white supremacy
    Stupid skypess there is nothing than makes us more supreme than Greek and Rome but of course you will not stop before deconstructing and tearing down every last edifice that has been ours

    Further reading of the article leaves no doubt that (((Donna))) is regular a visitor of different alt-right sites including this one



    In the meantime , the liberal GULAG is still working relatively unopposed..These boys deserve all the support they can get…


    • N1gger ball, ESPECIALLY at the college level, does not deserve any support.

      Go fuck yourself, cuck.


      • It’s the fight against the “rape culture” moron.. your “whiteness” won’t help in front of a biased jury , and your hyped-up ass will end up in prison.. Where the bros will really make a medieval on it..


      • Rape culture is in large part because n1ggerz have been let loose on campus due to “sports” worship…

        … and they ARE, in fact, raping.

        Along with their brethren shitskins across society (Rotherdam, Cologne, etc., etc., etc.)

        Of course, the media picks and chooses the White boy Biff types to splay across the pages, when opportunity arises. But that’s not the issue.

        The issue is, White man’s idiotic lionization of n1ggerball of all types… most cucks nowadays would strip their own daughters naked and present them to the blackest bucks they could find, if they thought it would score more touchdowns for Alma Mater on Saturday.

        If you want to fight against “rape culture”, don’t pick sides with the most egregious cuck platform that helped bring it about.

        Fuck you again, you muh-dik dimwit. You’re one of those alleged red-pillers in all matters but the important one: racial awareness and the current malaise of the West.

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      • For example: Joe Mixon assault video that was just released


  29. Welfare isn’t going away until the economy collapses from a lack of people producing enough to continue it.

    Welfare mitigates the risks and consequences of behaviors many women want to indulge in but in the past could not. Modern technology plays a role too. Both are promoted by exploiting the human trait of protecting women. Since female behavior is regulated by other women and there are many white knights in the male population, the only way to get rid of welfare is to get a large portion of women to feel that other women are taking from them* through the tax code _and_ convince white knights to stand down. Short of that, welfare is here to stay until collapse.

    *their paycheck, their husband’s paycheck, allowing other women to sexually compete with them, etc.

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    • The economy will collapse under the weight of debt driving the dollar down triggered by an increase in interest rates and a loss in faith in the almighty T-note.


      • Interest rate increases will help savers and other prudent people if they come before the crisis. When real earnings are required the game of men pretending to have resources on credit will begin to fail. So interest rate increases are good so long as they come without a collapse in faith. If they come to restore faith then it is already too late.

        Debt is the ability to consume without producing now. Under the idea there will be production later. Someone must ultimately produce. Debt finances the welfare/warfare state. As the free stuff grows people stop being productive.

        The left thinks people will keep working harder and harder out of personal pride and interest. They don’t understand the value of time. They think more welfare like “basic income” won’t hurt anything because people will keep working to be ahead of other people. Some will. A lot won’t. I might not. I own all the capital assets I need, I have savings for fun, give me a basic income to cover my consumption and if something should go wrong and I may just reclaim my time for me. Do something I enjoy instead of the things society is willing to pay me for. This grows into the sort of economic collapse I was referring to. Just people not working any longer, everyone trying to live off everyone else. (which of course causes debt and debt ends up monetized and that results in currency and economic collapse of course)

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      • on December 19, 2016 at 9:26 am Captain Obvious

        You guys are all thinking with your Forebrains. Meanwhile, The Frankfurt School is busy winning victory after victory after victory by attacking the female HINDBRAIN. Run Hamster Run.

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    • They can’t compete if they can’t reproduce. I think a large number of Bernie Sanders supporters could be sold the idea of subsidies for minority birth control while granting white women no such “privileges.”

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    • hell. i think i used some trigger words and got my longer post modded.

      in case it doesn’t come through…

      you are dead on about other women getting fed up being the catalyst we need. some women do see this already but unfortunately there aren’t enough of them yet.

      still too many women who are willing to dump their kids in free daycare and preschool, then go to college on government grants or single mother scholarships. i kid you not, a coworker’s cousin got all her school paid for with grants and shiz just for being a single mom. so she now has a great paying job, her own home, and a loyal cuck boyfriend to treat her like a princess and play daddy to her kids. in her eyes and the eyes of her kids, she has done everything right. no consequences for her bad choices at all. in fact, she’s better off than most people who do things the honorable way. so without a doubt her kids will just carry on the family tradition of making bad choices and living off others. why wouldn’t they?

      then you have women like my coworker who has tried to do everything the right way and she struggles to pay the bills because she has too much pride and work ethic to take handouts. she did vote for trump though and she has friends that did the same. hopeful that’s a sign there are many more and the tides are changing.

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  30. Teaching respectful deference is the white man’s burden. All of it.