Comment Of The Week: A Declaration Of Cleavage

The Other Anonymous is our beeg COTW wiener with a thought experiment that illuminates the purpose of female shit tests, and how men should resp0nd to them.

A beautiful woman walks into the room – and turns heads. You strike up a conversation but your eyes are drawn to her barely contained cleavage.
She catches you checking out the goods – Then:
a) She smiles knowingly – and doesn’t shy away
b) She says “Take a picture – it’ll last longer!”
c) She quickly throws on a full length burka

Shit tests are not bitchiness. They are a female prerogative to affirm your replication value. She’s kicking your tires – probing you – squeezing your melons. Checking out your tits.

Nicely put. Shit tests are the female version of male ogling.

A beautiful woman walks into the room – and turns heads. You strike up a conversation and she starts shit testing you. But, you know what’s what – She’s checking out the goods – So you:
a) Smile knowingly – and don’t shy away
b) Say “How rude! I like sweet girls who don’t shit test”
c) Quickly raise the topic of improving the climate for men by discouraging bitchiness.

The correct answer is always the one that increases sexual tension.

Always. Be. Escalating. (This is probably a good time to remind the more sperg-ish readers that powerpointing crimson pill knowledge and manosphere themes for a girl isn’t the quickest route to the bedroom.)


Otsaku Duojinshi takes the COTW runner-up prize (a set of steak knives).

One advantage of the burqa is that you don’t have to update your girlfriend’s photo at the office when you break up.

Burqas are the butterface’s best friend. But fatties will find no comfort under the burqa. You can hide a dog face, but not a hog waist. Men may as well have x-ray vision, as we can easily see through the heavy cotton of a burqa to the jabba jihadette underneath.


  1. Third prize is you’re fired. Hit the bricks!


    • Beat me to it!


    • Yeah, Beta-Boys looking a little too longingly get complaints leveled by the preening ladies all the time. Law offices and political lobbies in DC are prime examples of environments the scantily-clad ladies come to work seeking attention from the higher-up Alphas. Betas in said organizations are best advised to keep their eyes averted, or else. Blue Collar Game, hit and run style is the move on office chicks these day, fellas. As a telecom tech guy in DC and now Boston, for over thirty years, I weave my way in and out of these dens of inequity, often dating these trollops (they love a tall, fit, blue-collar guy with a motorcycle for weekend adventures given the slack, fat, beta-male environments they work in) and I can tell you, these women are deadly to the career of an office-guy. I wasn’t stuck with them as part of their organization so I was safe.

      But often, when I get the looks and/or exasperation of phony outrage from the scantily-clad I happened to obviously undress with my eyes, I would proudly declare in my best redneck Virginia drawl, “If you choose to display the fine little body of a forty-dollar milk-calf at a 4H exhibit, I choose to look, and you win the Blue Ribbon!” I never got a complaint to a higher up, always got a nervous laugh and many, many times over the years, a notch because they love a man that isn’t afraid, that towers over them, that obviously and persistently wants to bang them. And the Southern drawl works well in Bahhh-Stahhn.These broads to this day call in and order unneeded repairs to their phone systems just to break up the week in the office, they’re so bored. No trouble found, lunch, an invite to a weekend out on the bike and Bingo-Bango. The scantily-clad are at their core, sluts and as Washington women in the post-Clinton world, they all channel their inner Monica Lewinski.

      These sluts are easy road-kill for a guy with a good game to play with them, truly easy pickins’. I consider my Blue-Collar game better than Lawyer/Politician game in its way because as an outsider, I can’t be damaged by these craven sluts if it goes bad and these girls know it. Hit and run in all ways is the game of Blue Collar Guy in the professional world. Office romance is dangerous game and bad results follow those who are doomed to the professional office environment and it is no more dangerous than in Feminist Washington DC and Academic-World Boston, Ma. Prime examples, George Stephanopoulos was supremely successful, Clinton, who empowered women in the workplace was SO not. Women cost Bill Clinton a lot and he didn’t even bang decent-looking women.

      If you’re an insider and successfully play Office Romance Game, I salute you.


      • So guys, if you’re tall, fit, have a motorcycle and a great job that brings you to big cities, you’re gonna SCORE!! game not needed!!


      • on December 7, 2015 at 6:31 am carlos danger

        Muriatic acid


      • It’s cleavage, man… it’s like a solar eclipse… you don’t stare, you just take a glance and look away.

        But you poked me.

        Yeah, but just to take a peek.

        So you poked, and I peeked.

        /wrong homage rape!


      • on December 7, 2015 at 8:48 am mendozatorres

        A well-timed Seinfeld reference never gets old!


      • on December 7, 2015 at 9:00 am Captain Obvious

        JC, have you ever seen a Monty Python/Terry Gilliam masterpiece, called “Brazil”?


      • All due respects jawohl, but not for the first time, your undermining of another’s comments belie the underpinnings of a snarky prick attitude. He wrote at length to outline his position of zfg situation in contrast to the career-lumbered office workers, his attitude. Of course the bike is an affectation, fitness can be within most men’s grasp.. I don’t even approve of the player lifestyle but am just defending the broad psychological mechanics at work.


      • Southern drawl, calling them darling… best opener ever.

        A bike is a great dating tool. Hard for guys to fathom what it does for your SMP value but its right up there with being fit


  2. Regarding cleavage or similar revealing clothing that women wear to get attention: I found that staying “Hang on!” to her in mid-sentence, then staring in an exaggerated fashion at her tits for a few seconds, then returning my gaze to her eyes with “There, had to take care of that. Now what were you saying?” got the gina tingles every time.


    • Skimpy clothing IS a shit test.

      A woman is like a Porsche salesman….selling sexy excitement to those who are worthy. Will you oogle and stare from afar like a peasant walking past the dealership? Or will you stride in confidently and ask to test drive the latest evolution of the 911?

      It won’t matter if you have the cash or just the brash. You’ll still get handed the keys.


    • on December 7, 2015 at 8:49 am mendozatorres

      Dood! Love it. Will store for future use. I gotta start being more bold. It’s taking hold. Honing down the ZFG…getting better! This helps.


  3. […] Comment Of The Week: A Declaration Of Cleavage […]


  4. “I can go out with the game you got and make myself a SNL”. In TWO HOURS.


  5. on December 6, 2015 at 9:53 pm Siegfried Kesselfieber

    “Blow me….or blow me off!”


  6. “And third place? You’re fired.”


  7. Or you can wait until she’s 50 and her titties are resting on her stomach.


    • damn lmao

      redpill version of headline:

      “5 things thirsty betas who take what they can get rationalize about banging chicks their moms age”


  8. on December 6, 2015 at 10:39 pm Siegfried Kesselfieber

    One question if I may.

    I have a certain tendency towards being cerebral. I.e. I like to talk about
    deep topics such as history or politics. When talking to people – and unfortunately with women as well – I often find myself unconsciously drifting towards these topics, which often either stalls the convo or blows it up (if i breach the subject of feminism, for instance).

    Does anyone have some advice how I can keep things light? I´m not scared of talking to women, I love busting on them. But what often happens is…I build some initial attraction but then screw it up by delving into deep issues…

    I guess small talk doesn´t come naturally to me. Any advice, gents?


    • ^ I could have written this comment myself. I’d appreciate some pointers for sure


    • I used to be the same as you. It cost me many a notch.

      The sooner you accept that deep, logical conversations are for male friends or female orbiters, the sooner you’ll get laid.

      Play the Marry-Fuck-Kill game. Chicks love it.

      For the uninitiated, Marry-Fuck-Kill is a judging-others game done in a public place. Pick a random girl, tell your girl if you would marry, fuck or kill her. Then tell her it’s her turn to pick a man.

      Not only do girls love this game, but it opens a window into the female id. You will be amazed with the great glee and disgust she announces she would “kill” the betas in eyeshot. You’ll also see the kind of guys she thinks are alpha.


    • Hang around, dig back through the archives – there is much knowledge to be gleaned here.

      ie. feminism:
      Never acknowledge it exists
      Young cuntess: “What do you think about __________ (feminism, women’s lib, etc).
      Red Pill Siegfried: “I don’t”


    • on December 7, 2015 at 1:20 am Random Bystander

      I think you’re going to get some boofhead “Herp derp lighten up Poindexter” type replies but a better way to look at it is to reframe the issue:

      “I’m a smart guy and I’m good at learning stuff. I need to learn the skillset that’s needed to talk to women to accomplish a specific goal (vis; relieving them of their foundational garments.)”

      Then read the older posts in here; there’s an absolute wealth of how-to in Heartiste’s back catalogue. Remember that women are utterly ruled by emotion, and proceed to communicate accordingly.

      Keep the more serious talk to men, and women with whom you have no romantic or carnal intent. Then practice practice practice.

      For what it’s worth.


    • If you’re going to talk about politics with a woman, keep it very understandable and emotionally based, like a politician would. Use it only ad tool to build attraction and keep in mind women don’t have any real political views, just what they’ve been told to believe.

      History should be kept to fun, interesting facts (25% of modern china I’d descended from Genghis Khan, what a stuf he must have been!), or if you’re a particularly good story teller, maybe a funny or intriguing little story about a famous man (maybe the story about how William the Congueror seduced his bride). Just keep in mind women don’t read real books and hate serious, manly discussions about anything important, at least on the first date. Hopefully that helps.


    • I have this problem too. What I do before dates is watch funny, but intellectually empty shows like Seinfeld and then do karaoke in my living room. Idk, it happens rarer and rarer but I do have moments when I have no idea what topics to bring up that won’t bore me also. I found women don’t care for anything that requires intelligence and use my knowledge of the world at the appropriate times to score points for being smart, but it’s not a selling point. You should learn various social games(the cube, 20q and maybe others can come with suggestions) and each time you find yourself thinking of deep things, just get her talking about anything.


    • I feel you, dawg. No one ever warned me that my brain would be my biggest handicap. Chuck reason out the fucking window unless you’re very sure the chick is smart and can handle about two minutes of such talk, ’cause that’s all she has the attention for.

      Balmung and Pwn, great comments. Between the two there’s nothing else to be done about “the drift”.

      I totally nuked myself a few months ago out with this dumpy but fuckable bluehair I met on Tinder. Anyway, three beers in, I’m not drifting but speeding into the fucking dark side, overpopulation, race realism, optimism bias, blah blah blah … and remember she’s kinda brainy too, and I can SEE her sinking into the abyss with me because she understands what I’m talking about.

      She wound up so depressed I destroyed my chance, which was very visible a few minutes before I drifted.

      Keep a tight rein on yourself. Discipline all the way. Drink less if it’s a problem.


      • idk, jawohl. It intrigues me that you actually got her depressed– you got through to a bluehair.

        She might’ve been awakening to your, if you’ll pardon the expression, inner-Nazi game (ja wohl, mein Fuhrer!).

        If I ever have another obnoxious Jewish chick trying to jump in my lap, I might run anti-Semite game on her purely for shits and giggles. In your case, purely for the good of humanity, it might be interesting to reconnect, run this chick over into the “Dark Side”.


      • Lol, there are positive intellectual things one can talk about too. I did hit it off with a humanities girl once by talking about Wittgenstein a bit, but I remember it because it was a once in a lifetime thing. I was talking to this economics student about macroeconomics and she said that’s boring. You’d expect her to be interested in the field of study she picked, but girls are at uni because everyone goes and for the partying. I’ve met maybe a couple of girls in grad school who actually were interested in economics. What I find hilarious is that this shows the imbecility of having women vote: their minds love the stupidest non sequitur comments one can come up with, but any logical analysis is boring. Being logical and not banging girls I want nothing else from besides sex even when I could have with some work have been downfalls in my early adult life. Being smart should all be channeled into frame control because it pays no dividends anywhere else.


      • Well, that’s actually what pushed me along that line of talk: I could see that, in between tingles at my irreverent fasho game, shit was getting through, so I was misled into pursuing that instead of the pussy.

        After that, she tried to string me along on her terms, saying we should meet again but oh I didn’t mean now, etc., so I had to cut her loose. Want to be alone with your cats and your tasteless vegan meals at 34? Fine by me. In the end, she wanted a tool, not someone who could induce both tingles, and even worse …. thought.

        We did match by accident a few weeks ago on Tinder. Tried chatting, but she was totally guarded. I let it drop.

        But definitely bet it all on Nazi game with a Jewish intellectual type. I’ve been there, too. Turned a half-Jewish girl into a WN even.


      • @jawohl Yeah, I hear you. No loss to you–and there’s doubtless more identical fodder out there in case you feel the need to run a 2.0 on apocalyptic game!

        I was thinking about Thora Birch in “Ghost World” today (maybe this was after reading your story) as an instance of that kind of crypto-cutie hipster Jewish type. I loved that movie when it came out, but I suppose there’s probably a load of Eskimo subtext in there (though in fairness to Zwigoff he does seem to have a certain misanthropic energy in his contempt for Modernity).

        I suppose that’s a Jewish chick who might, in too dangerous proximity, have me sorely tempted to belt her ass while teaching her to recite the Hail Mary.

        But perish the thought! I’m waxing lachrymose for a moment. [NB: I’m not even Catholic. I just somehow got into some sort of weird S&M reverie about making a Jewish chick bow before a Raphael Madonna or something] Is it true Trump has called for a moratorium on Muslims? Time for coffee! Shit, time for Christmas carols!!


      • Sarah Silve man does stand up about being a teenager with crushes on the Nazis


    • on December 7, 2015 at 6:47 am carlos danger

      Catch yourself as much as possible. I also have this problem because smart people want to cut loose and exchange ideas. Don’t expect women to hang with you. Strike it from your mind. My wife has a very high IQ and understands all of what I talk about and even cares and is interested. But its still “too much negativity.” Don’t expect women to fulfill your intellectual needs. Once you give up on it, you will be happier. They may surprise you but they are always lightweights and midwits at best.


      • on December 7, 2015 at 7:19 am Lost in Moderation

        – Don’t expect women to fulfill your intellectual needs. Once you give up on it, you will be happier. –

        Word. Word. Word.

        Although there is a certain type of girl who likes to think she appeals to really smart guys. I used to get those naturally back in the day when their eggs were young and they thought they’d last forever. A ten minute off the cuff exploration of the failure of Weimar art would leave them absolutely dripping. They wanted to think they had whatever it took to appeal to a true intellectual. Think Diane from Cheers.


      • on December 9, 2015 at 7:20 pm Mean Mr. Mustard

        “They may surprise you but they are always lightweights and midwits at best.”

        A wise old man once said ….

        Women have half the brain of a chicken.


    • Lots of great feedback thus far. I’ll reinforce it with: One reason to learn game is to get it in your head that women are fundamentally different. You don’t get all intellectual talking to children, do you? No. You mess with them. You get silly. You assume a different posture. Men are your friends; women are women and children are children.


    • on December 7, 2015 at 9:37 am Siegfried Kesselfieber

      Many thanks for your advice. I really appreciate it. I´ll try it out next weekend.


    • on December 7, 2015 at 9:38 am Captain Obvious

      SK, so much of Game is learning to TALK DOWN to your prey. I used to argue with YaReally about this, but to pull off this sh!znat [particularly the “Speed F*cking” which YR was experimenting with, using the “Layering” method], you simply have to constantly re-calibrate on the fly, quickly subtracting a Standard Deviation of IQ in your dialogue until you zero in on what she can understand. On the other hand, if you’re with a Beeyotch whose IQ is out beyond 120, then she will simply LOVE it if you walk her through EvoPsych and Behavioral Psychology and Dark Enlightenment analyses of situations with which she has some familiarity.


      • on December 7, 2015 at 9:49 am Captain Obvious

        E.g. you’re at your High IQ prey’s office Christmas party, and you’re standing there chit-chatting with her, and you say, “See your cubicle neighbor over there, with her husband? See how her husband embarrasses her, and how she shies away from him? Now see how she’s attracted to the tall guy, and how her eyes light up when Tall Guy gets closer to her? She’s about to start cheating on her husband with that guy. Who is he, by the way?” ||| YOUR PREY: “That’s her Boss!?!” ||| YOU: “Yep, happens every [email protected] time. {pause for effect} Poor guy.” ||| YOUR PREY: “Who?” ||| YOU: “Who what?” ||| YOUR PREY: “Who’s the poor guy?” ||| YOU: “Whoa! Check out the big brain on {insert name of YOUR PREY here, followed by chuckle or laugh}. C’mon, let’s get outta here and go have a drink.”


      • on December 7, 2015 at 9:57 am Captain Obvious

        Actually, if you ever have any chemistry with a chick who has the IQ necessary to say something like that, then immediately stop whatever you had been doing in life, and proceed directly to WHITE BUNZ – > WHITE OVEN for the win.


    • on December 7, 2015 at 9:39 am Siegfried Kesselfieber

      Many thanks for *all* you gent´s advice, I meant to say.

      Cheers. brothers.


      • Siegfried – where are you meeting these girls? what’s the environment like?

        what mental model are you operating under? Do you believe you can make out with her in 5 minutes? To pull in 10-15 minutes? or do you think you need to put more time in?


      • on December 7, 2015 at 10:36 am Siegfried Kesselfieber


        It´s like this: I currently reside in Southeast Asia. I usually just stick to Asian chicks, as gaming them is *a lot* easier and they are also – on average – a lot nicer to hang out with. With Asian chicks – in my experience – just having white skin, being friendly, funny and kinesthetically aggressive works (often enough).

        Now, every once in a while I´ll be at a social event with my friends where I intermingle with other white folk. The problem hereby, however, is the average white expat living in this country is hopelessly libtarded. So from the getgo I need to be *very* careful what I say. I´m walking on egg shells and I´m not naturally inclined towards doing so.

        I fail often enough at keeping quiet even when sober. I just can´t tolerate libtards spouting gibberish. So I constantly get into arguments and it´s usually just a frustrating waste of time.

        Anyways, when I´m drunk I usually start of playfully. I can communicate in a playful, infantile fashion, I do it often enough (when teaching kids). The problem is after a while I get bored by these antics. It´s like my brain tells me to stop wasting time with trifles.

        It´s then that I reset to cerebral mode with predictable results. Last weekend I was talking to this drunk American skank. She was late 20s, ok looking if not great. I´m pretty sure I had solid attraction going, she was snuggling up to me, giving me puppy eyed glances.

        Then – out of the blue – she started whining about how “women in the US were still not equal and how hard it was for a woman to make it in a company”. And that´s when I just snapped. I started aggressively arguing with her (I know I should´ve responded differently).

        Anyways, predictably some libtarded White Knights jumped into the fray and started telling me how “full of hatred” I was, and – hilariously – that I “should do a reality check”. LOL.

        This then is the gist of my troubles: Wherever I go *young, white* people are usually beyond retarded. This is so because it´s disproportionately the hippiesque, dreamy leftarded crowd that flock to this here country.

        That said, I did meet one interesting guy at a bar in Saigon a few months back. He´s a regular reader of Heartiste as well.


      • i know where you are coming from…..i went on a date with a marxist chick before and got into a political debate with her. of course i destroyed her logically and she was kinda left speechless like all leftists are when you raiin terror on their worldview

        didnt get the lay though ha oh well

        im INTJ personality so i just love discusses deep subjects, i have to remind myself to engage in more small talk and flirt more


      • on December 7, 2015 at 10:45 am Captain Obvious

        > “where… what’s the environment… what mental model…” ——— Sentient, that’s a very very largely infinite number of possibilities right there. LOL’ed. Although here in the Dark Enlightenment & the Manosphere, the “mental model” really needs to be some combination of {Know Thyself} + {Own Thyself} + {ZFG}.


      • Cap – you need to be able to believe in what is possible before delving into tactics and probabilities… that is the hardest thing to get under your belt, your own self-belief.


      • on December 7, 2015 at 11:00 am Siegfried Kesselfieber


        I wrote a lengthy reply but it was eaten by the spam filter.

        Suffice to say, then, I live in Southeast Asia. I mainly meet Asian chicks (easier and nicer to hang out with).

        If I do interact with white chicks it´s usually libtarded hipster chicks. And I usually have no expectations whatsoever. I´d be ok with humping them, obviously, but as I´m currently getting my sex fix from Asian babes I am pretty relaxed (lazy) and aloof in my frame.

        Vietnamese women you can get rather easily. Not after 5 minutes, obviously, as they *actually still are* – for the most part – good girls. In my experience I often enough got them after about 2 weeks (and about 3-4 dates). I´m not a very attractive guy. I´m tall but obese. It doesn´t matter though. They absolutely dig white skin, money and the fact that white men are *far more* sexually aggressive than your average (sexually confused) Asian dweeb.

        I´ve deflowered several virgins (in Vietnam and Laos) that were – at the time of their despoilment – around 20-23. I know an Italian Australian guy who´s gotten far more. Heh but then again he has tattoos.

        I´m a bit tired myself. I had 3 girls simultaneously a while back, my personal record. But I work a lot and resented the time I had to put into maintaining the relationship with them. So when 2 girls gave me attitude I told them to eff off if they couldn´t get with the program.

        Now I have 1 girlfriend, but I find her remarkable. She´s hands down the smartest girl I´ve met in my life so far. And she´s also very levelheaded (for a woman) *and* submissive in a very feminine way. She was raised as a traditional catholic (Vietnamese). Her father was (and is) very strict with her. Obviously, you can see how this paid dividends to her (and me).

        Strong, conservative fathers – warm, levelheaded and feminine and daughters.


      • on December 7, 2015 at 11:04 am Captain Obvious

        Actually, speaking of infinitely many possibilities, I am strongly of the opinion that there are situations and chicks which are going to be effectively “impossible” for you, or at least a completely unproductive waste of time [if not a Category 5 trainwreck of a disaster]. Where by “impossible” I mean a complete lack of natural chemistry between the two of you, sharply differing moral [amoral] outlooks on life, the degree of her devotion to the systemic polluting of the [anti-] “culture”, her level of completely unacceptable mental illness or substance abuse, etc etc etc. Some dudes will try to dip it in EVERY chick with whom they chat, but I’d argue that a key ingredient in any dude’s maturation process is learning when to exit stage left gracefully, and to head off into more fertile pastures for the win.


      • on December 7, 2015 at 11:09 am Captain Obvious

        SK, my man, you need to start seriously considering WHITE BUNZ -> YELLOW OVEN. The Derb did it. On the other hand, so too did Elliot Rodger’s worthless subhuman nematode of an absentee father:


      • Siegfried – the advice to avoid drift is to sexualize the interaction and escalate it, do this and you will naturally avoid any deep conversational topics. It’s all about the intent, it seems you lack sufficient intent to push forward in a more aggressive sexual way (since you are sated with your harem). However if you DID want to experiment and push these interactions basic stuff like this should work, especially on hipster chicks..

        Cold reads, with a dismissive opener “oh… your one of those girls [break eye contact by shifting your body away from her]” and when she tugs at you to explain what you mean you can either cold read her in a funny way or go for nailing it.

        Compliance tests and Kino – “come here, [tug her arm toward you] what’s going on with those earings [sweater, dress etc etc . reach out and touch them and her ear]… neg optional here…

        “what’s that your drinking?” [whatever] “looks good. here give me a sip [allow her to put to your lips or take her hand with a drink and sip].

        or similar but with your drink “this is awesome. Try it” and give her a sip.

        Interrupt what she is saying “I’m thirsty, come with me a sec” grab hand lead toward bar.

        Hand game – anything you can do to grab, tough hold her hand… “nice ring, let me see it”, palm reading stuff is good to, any tattoos on wrists, grab and trace.

        When this stuff is going on, keep the space close between you, laser eye and continue strong posture and boyfriend style kino. Keep conversation emotional via teasing and negs. You have a large frame so you can be pretty dominant with just body language and proximity.


      • on December 7, 2015 at 1:15 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

        Young and slim Asian women can provide a satisfying and needed sexual release, however they do not and never will compare to a young and slim white woman, particularly Eastern European or Scandinavian.


    • on December 7, 2015 at 2:14 pm having a bad day


      “I guess small talk doesn´t come naturally to me. Any advice, gents?”

      the men are giving you good advice…and we’ve all been there…props on putting in the work…

      the purpose of ‘small talk’ is to facilitate social interaction – ‘community building’ like at a cocktail party/networking meeting…or ‘getting laid’ like on a date…lol…the actual ‘purpose’ of talking is to convey meaning (largely through your subcomms…bc we ARE primates…lol) that’s why it doesn’t really matter WHAT you say…it’s HOW you say it…

      so, focus on game (subcomms)…and the goal is?…

      spike her emotions…and take it sexual…one thing i have learned is that when you are starting to focus on logic, it’s time to touch her…and focus back onto her and what you ‘expect’ from a girl = sex…

      the reason for this is that logic = beta…and you are trying to rewire your brain…so, catch yourself in a moment of logic…and just focus on her and touch her somewhere and tell her to tell you something (have this in your pocket as a ‘routine’…) = tell me your favorite area to be kissed/licked…what was the worst taste you ever experienced…etc. something to invoke massive emotional recall (better if it’s sexual…but any emotional spike is better than logic/politics…)…then touch her to reinforce/ground that feeling with YOU…note – don’t worry that it seems like an abrupt change (it will seem to you like it’s totally random…but the girl will only see that you are finally getting with the program and focusing on HER…lol…


      “Idk, it happens rarer and rarer but I do have moments when I have no idea what topics to bring up that won’t bore me also.”

      recognize this for what it is…you getting better at red pill/game…props on that…you are obviously putting in the work…slipping into ‘topics that won’t bore me’ = blue pill/beta…bc at it’s base that’s an equalist viewpoint…like girls actually CAN (or even want to) understand a logic-based argument…as opposed to straight up emotion…lol…


      “I feel you, dawg. No one ever warned me that my brain would be my biggest handicap. Chuck reason out the fucking window unless you’re very sure the chick is smart and can handle about two minutes of such talk, ’cause that’s all she has the attention for.

      Keep a tight rein on yourself. Discipline all the way. Drink less if it’s a problem.”

      co-sign…just a point for you…if it’s not emotional, DON”T (at least until after 2 bangs)…logic = beta…props on putting in the work…

      Carlos Danger

      “Catch yourself as much as possible. I also have this problem because smart people want to cut loose and exchange ideas. Don’t expect women to hang with you. Strike it from your mind. My wife has a very high IQ and understands all of what I talk about and even cares and is interested. But its still “too much negativity.” Don’t expect women to fulfill your intellectual needs. Once you give up on it, you will be happier. They may surprise you but they are always lightweights and midwits at best.”

      well said…and right on point…this has been my experience also…

      overall, if you guys (me too…lol) want to talk about deep topics…get male friends…this is not easy (in meat world OR online) bc of the FI…before the FI kicked into high gear, men could go to ‘male spaces’ (various ‘clubs/lodges) just to hang…and have friends and a place to meet…now, not so much…feminism has crapped all over that…

      all we can really do now is try to find like-minded MALE friends and help men who are ready to listen…and put in the work, regardless of how far outside the comfort zone it is…

      good luck!


      • My problem is that I find trivial small talk annoying to have. I don’t expect them to be intellectual heavyweights, but most women nowadays have absolutely no intellectual interests. All they read is fashion and gossip magazines, especially the girls we want to fuck(16 to 23; I would have said 18 but I’m European lol). Since I like Goethe, Nietzsche, Zola et al or am interested in reading about economics, history, genetics(in the sense I know the difference between gwas and snp, not that I read some blogs), I find their interests comically pathetic and boring and think to myself ‘you’re lucky you have a pussy, you vapid pretty tart’. It’s weird because it’s both good and bad:
        1)since our common interests are sex, it makes me talk about things that elicit sex talk and imagination
        2)since I get bored of listening to them talk about anything else, it makes me lose interest when I don’t get my way and it’s hard to create the interaction necessary for sexy talk. What’s retarded is that not only are most women’s minds boring, their lives are boring and filled with petty worries and concerns. I mainly just try to make them talk about how pathetic their orbiters are to contrast myself to them.


      • In the history of the world woman have written exactly zero great theological, philosophical work. None. They have nothing important to say. Oh, but its the mens fault. Get busy bitches the flock is ticking. Bible 3.0 aint writing itself.


      • on December 7, 2015 at 10:23 pm having a bad day


        “My problem is that I find trivial small talk annoying to have.”

        right there with you…so don’t…’meet and greet’ to bang = 2 hours or less…there’s your goal…lol…no small talk needed. just tight game and an entitled attitude…lol…

        “I don’t expect them to be intellectual heavyweights, but most women nowadays have absolutely no intellectual interests.”

        feature! not a bug…

        “All they read is fashion and gossip magazines, especially the girls we want to fuck(16 to 23; I would have said 18 but I’m European lol).”

        feature! not a bug…

        “Since I like Goethe, Nietzsche, Zola et al or am interested in reading about economics, history, genetics(in the sense I know the difference between gwas and snp, not that I read some blogs),”

        you sound too well-rounded to a playa…lol…when with girls, focus more on the sex…that’s what girls WANT…lol…discussing the collapse of the baltic dry index can wait for your male friends…

        “I find their interests comically pathetic and boring and think to myself ‘you’re lucky you have a pussy, you vapid pretty tart’.”

        feature! not a bug…

        “It’s weird because it’s both good and bad:
        1)since our common interests are sex, it makes me talk about things that elicit sex talk and imagination”

        good game there…lol

        “2)since I get bored of listening to them talk about anything else, it makes me lose interest when I don’t get my way”

        figure this out bc shit tests don’t change…and you should be able to spin ‘not getting your way’ back in your favor = good game…and pussy on demand…lol…and you being ‘bored’ is just some lack of game skill that you could be focusing on improving = pushing the envelope with girls = meet and greet to bang in 1 hour or less = NEW GOAL!…try getting bang without talking = NEW GOAL!…lol…see this shit never stops getting more challenging…lol

        “and it’s hard to create the interaction necessary for sexy talk.”

        no it’s not…just focus on the sexy…not the logic…lol

        ” What’s retarded is that not only are most women’s minds boring, their lives are boring and filled with petty worries and concerns.”

        feature! not a bug…

        “I mainly just try to make them talk about how pathetic their orbiters are to contrast myself to them.”

        careful here…this is getting close to being a beta orbiter/emotional tampon zone…you shouldn’t need to ‘contrast’ with anything regarding her orbiters…they should generally be beneath your notice…just spike her attraction and get a bj in the bathroom…lol

        NB – that feature! not a bug idea…is just that…girls LOVE sex…they WANT sex…they CRAVE sex…the reason their lives ARE sooo boring is that they are just waiting around to have sex…with that alpha stud…if they had other ‘interests’ (especially intellectual ones…) they wouldn’t be good to go at a moments notice…their hindbrains (especially the 16-25yo girls = most fertile) are keeping their lives boring SO they can jump on that alpha cock asap…and also keeps them trying to look better…that’s why once your game is tight, you really do have abundance…also, they really do slut it up for you bc that hindbrain doesn’t want to lose those better genetics…

        props on putting in the work…

        good luck!


    • I have recently overcome that same problem of behavioral conditioning. Dark enlightenment = No, we are all not the same: Wmn << Civ Mn. Inner game is conditioning yourself through field work and introspection (meditation can help). You have EIs (emotional imperatives). You must starve them of emotional attention (all blue pill limpic pathways to be cleared by disuse) and have new logical ideas (i.e. that given supra). Field work is therapy for 'inner game'. How many times must you get burnt until you realize women are not really human if you are? That is the number of times to go out there and get hurt with your old habits. Pain is your friend. Rejection is data once you internalize that. My post at link below might help with logic side a la the Triune Brain Model. Good luck!


    • You talk to them like they are 11 years old. Also, you are majorly fucking up. If u need a hint to keep it light, only talk about things in the room, them, their clothes, hair, drinks, etc.
      You sound Spergy.


      • HABD – just saw your reply to Sentient about the bartender on the old thread. [email protected] phrase “jealousy is a path to preselection without daylight”. That’s just going to stick in my head now.

        I have some followup questions on your comment to my last FR (the nightclub girl with boyfriend etc) a couple weeks ago – will post on this thread instead of the older thread.

        Sentient – why the shift to trying to close in your hometown? Do you just think it is sometimes worth the security risk and potential meltdown etc?


      • Oh cool. Thanks HABD I’ll go check it out….

        Culum – this was like a year ago I was tempted… tempted by that luscious fruit. The flirting was just getting too intense… LOL Glad it passed, would have been trouble no doubt. #closecall


      • …annnnd us spergs (i.e. smarter men) have more potential than you, …annnnnd you don’t want to fall behind so you project your inferiority complex, you reframing coward. You were doing so good, but not good enough. Less mental issues, not more please, …annnnd start with yourself, less-than-sperg.


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  10. Never ever engage in an “intellectual” conversation
    with a woman you want to seduce
    It kills any sexual tension instantly and makes gina as dry as Sahara desert
    Whenever I was tempted to do so I would bring this picture to my mind upon which a shiver will run down the spine and cured me instantly


  11. on December 6, 2015 at 11:17 pm Modern Primitive

    OT: COPROP done aussie style.

    Western australia is where all the whites should go if shit ever kicks off.


  12. oh Lord, this is too easy
    a) “My compliments to the dress”
    b) “No need. 3-D with perfume lasts 6 months”
    c)” Thoughtful. You could take someone’s eyes out with those”


  13. Big ups to Christian McAffrey, who torched the USC defense and special teams to the tune of over 400 yards, and a touchdown each rushing, passing and receiving, while breaking the single season all purpose yards record. I bring him up because he makes watching a football game fun, and makes Whiskey look stupid. I know McAffrey has a good geneticbackground, father a former white nfl wide receiver, and his maternal grandfather won the silver medal in the Olympics in the 100m. I think there are more Christian McAffrey’s, Wes Welker’s and Rob Gronkowski’s out there that never make it that far because they didn’t have the resources, were indoctrinated in whiskey style propaganda that trying to make it as a white skill position player is futile, or they went to a diverse high school that, once the student body reaches a tipping point in black percentage, the white membership on the football team drastically craters towards zero. There are a number of large increasingly diverse suburban schools where the football team has almost no whites, but state championship caliber mostly white baseball, lacrosse, soccer teams, etc.

    Liked by 1 person

    • There’s a definite caste system in sports. There happens to be a site dedicated to discussing it:

      Thanks to their evolutionary background, blacks reach physical maturity faster and that could explain why they tend to outperform Whites at the high school level and glide on from there. But in reality a lot of White kids who aren’t playing QB, O-Line, or TE are told to switch to one of these positions or give up. Blacks are faster on average, but they aren’t stronger and they sure as hell aren’t smarter– there’s no reason for them to be as grossly overrepresented as they are in the NFL. Look at the success of the super White Patriots.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Blacks are over represented in high school because they mature faster and in the NFL because only the extreme right tail of skill gets there. Some preconceived ideas might be at work, but if they were aberrant, their hold would get dissipated over time. Stereotypes tend to be true.


      • ever noticed field goal kickers are never black? what’s up with that? There are great black soccer kickers (i.e. Tim Howard could kick a zillion field goals).


      • Friend of mine’s son had the most number of catches and yards for the state, plus was #4 in the 100 yard sprint for the state. College scouts told him he needed to switch out to tight end if he wanted to play in the NFL because they don’t want/ hire honky wide receivers.

        They don’t even hide their anti White preferences


      • on December 7, 2015 at 5:48 am Sean Fielding

        I first linked to castefootball years ago through Sailer, who has long written of the race/sport connection, of course. For the last few days I’ve been triggering myself thinking further about a theory of his. I think I’ll pretend I’m Elmer Fudd and call it CWAP: Conventional White Alpha Philanthropy. It’s all about aging rich Gentiles and football philanthropy: Charlie Croker types collectively giving hundreds of millions to their alma maters to carry out the ‘war on white as anything but linemen’ documented at castefootball.

        The ovenworthy SPLC has a war-chest of half a billion or so, and the sum total ‘philanthropy’ of impalement candidates like Soros and Adelson is many, many times higher than that. Their mirror image traitors on the Goy side of Bilderberg have ‘legacies’ like the Gates Foundation to shovel white-robbed billions to Africa. This helps maintain fertility there as high as 7 per woman, ensuring Africans will try to fuck France, Spain, Sweden and Minnesota for years to come.

        Meanwhile, heroes like Brimelow run sites like VDare for a few hundred grand a year.

        Fuck we are pozzed as a race. Hundreds of billions on the enemy side versus hundreds of thousands here. And the Texas and Southern men whose fathers knew exactly what Eskimos and nogs were up to, are busy supporting ‘Gorilloid Rapists for QB’ with their hundreds of millions. Christian Zionist fucks. Hang a few with the Bilderbergers.


      • Riley “i’ll jump that fence and kick every niggers ass bro” Cooper saw your comment and is not impressed…


      • on December 7, 2015 at 2:13 pm Carlos Danger

        Stop watching any sports that aren’t White.


      • on December 7, 2015 at 3:39 pm mendozatorres

        Riley said it with the “er” ending, not the casual “ga” ending. That’s how you know he means business.


      • Apologizes to negro teammates, the NFL, and the known universe in 3… 2… 1…


    • on December 7, 2015 at 8:59 am mendozatorres

      Most of Stanford’s teams have a strong percentage of white players, as they do have strict admission standards as opposed to USC (my alma mater.)

      Despite all that, McAffrey won’t win the Heisman (yes, yes, nothing but all show and selling ads nowadays) but in years past, he would have been touted for both smarts and skills.

      Like Toby Gerhardt. He had that monster year, with a rock-solid GPA in a not-so-easy major (if memory serves…fuck google searching that shit) and he barelylost out to Mark “don’t-not-no-good-anglesh” Ingram.


    • on December 8, 2015 at 2:14 pm mendozatorres

      Surprisingly, he’s one of three finalists for the Heisman, betwixt two bruthas.

      I’m curious for the outcome: will America shun a white Christian male?



    You have to show you bounderies to a women and defend them. Otherwise she will push you more and more – and loses respect for you.


  15. This is off topic but for Chateau.

    Seems the king of the Zulus in South Africa reckons the ANC are pissing away what they inherited from the white National Party. He says under apartheid they were a powerful country but now they’re just burning it down. He’s completely right but I’ve a feeling he won’t be quoted much by western papers.


  16. always be escalating

    I think that is a natural response if a man understands women are put on this earth to bring you bourbon, make you sandwiches, take in baby batter and whelp the next generation

    explaining the red pill? seems like the natural course to take if you think women are your equals, friends etc etc.


  17. on December 7, 2015 at 7:42 am Laguna Beach Fogey

    Getting increasingly blatant IOIs while out Christmas shopping with the gf, from teen girls to MILFs and cougars. At first it drove her crazy, now she just laughs. It seems to have ramped up in recent months. Not sure why.


    • ’tis the season! CH has posted about how August is the prime month for breakups. All the chicas who didn’t find a swinging dick since august are looking for someone to kiss under the mistletoe. I agree its extremely blatant, almost rude to the girl you are with lol but jealousy makes em act right.

      Same goes for April-June, when the summer is about to start. Its like harvest time for poon lol.


      • on December 7, 2015 at 11:19 am Captain Obvious

        A lot of people suffer from a TERRIBLE DEPRESSION as the days shorten, and we start heading into winter and it gets cold and DARK. It could be as simple as a basic human desire for some companionship to make it through the Dark Times. BTW, if you feel like you’re getting depressed, then: 1) Quit staying up so late at night. 2) Tell the EcoPagans to go f0rnicate with themselves and fill your house with evil carbon-footprint LIGHTS and WINDOWS.


      • on December 7, 2015 at 12:10 pm Captain Obvious

        On the other hand, the deer are rutting right now, in anticipation of birthing their young next spring, and it might be that the chicks giving you IOIs just wanna get knocked up at this time of year – it would make sense – if Jehovah designed us to seek out one another at this time of the year, in order to be pushing out the babies in the hotter months next year.


      • on December 7, 2015 at 12:15 pm Captain Obvious

        As a Tradcon & a White Knight & a Romantic at heart, I’d say: Sure, go ahead and use her pr!ssiness & rudeness & horrible attitude & general c*ntishness as a [self-defeating] weapon which can be leveraged to break her, but don’t use her desire for basic human companionship and Life-giving in order to turn a quick pump-n-dump on her, simply so as to up your notch count by one. Be a better Man than that.


      • CO, I agree with you in the sense that the world would be prettier if we didn’t take advantage of other people’s emotions and needs, but it’s not my job to secure commitment. If a girl can’t make me stay, the onus is on her and it’s not my job to keep her from giving her pussy up. Also, most women have no compunction about extracting favors out of men without giving the pussy up, so I don’t see why I’d have a problem extracting pussy without putting a ring on it. Their expectations are stupid and not my problem.


      • O captain my captain: Not just lights, even the correct-spectrum fluorescent tubes.
        Mahoosive doses of vit. D3.
        A tall, fierce German doctor-lady who’s a researcher in that swamp put me onto it. Works for me, ‘er indoors and the boys, who prior to us taking the inevitable slide after Sept. 21 seriously were inevitably sideswiped by the “Morbus Orcadensis” like clockwork.
        I don’t get down myself, being ginger and absolutely full of it, but their mother is neolithic-dark, from some obscure, inbred English fen, with a verifiable parish-bound ancestry longer than my lotsa cockas. So I just wolf the capsules down to set an example, on the grounds that I’ll just shit it out and no harm done.
        I’ve often advised the sons to move to the Mezzogiorno or Iberia when they finish uni. Unless they want a lifetime diet of fish, cabbage, cheese and liver.


    • I think now single wmn < 30 are exposed to peer pressure from family to settle down and either want a trophy to shut them up or they just fantasize about family by power of suggestion. Holidays define rank differently than summer time and usual grrrrl power.


  18. You fairies.


  19. My book had a section titled “How Women Use Cleavage to Manipulate Men” that I removed. It really is sexual harassment and you should not put up with it.

    Women think their cleavage is kryptonite to men. For a lot of married office betas it is. It is highly irritating to have some woman displaying her cleavage and using that as a basis to inflict non-verbal micro-aggressions on me; it’s not that I am checking out her rack, it’s that she assumes I am powerless before it and she can select from a range of responses that usually converges to her haughtily acting victimized. A common tactic is for them to display their cleavage and then throw their hair-knot in front of it as if I was ogling them. I didn’t ask for this shit.

    And if you have had lots of interactions with women in your life, if you have an active and abundant dating life, you know the wares she is carefully displaying in the sterile confines of Encorpera are no big deal. Or to quote a male co-worker on seeing the office gals at the pool party “They spend a lot of time dolling themselves up so they look hot at work but once you see them in a bikini they don’t look so good.”

    Outside the workplace, what the hell, women have been showing me their breasts my entire life. Often some sales clerk or functionary will bend over and give me a long enjoyable gaze at her bosom. I mean she just really needs to fetch that item under the counter for some reason while I stand there. I never complain. If my wife is with me they will make an even bigger show of it. Later, she is mad with lust that an attractive woman was signaling her husband. Right in front of her! I feign ignorance to heighten her sexual arousal. “Honey, I can’t help it that all young women show their breasts to me…”

    Sometimes I will compliment a gal who made an obvious effort to proffer her breasts to me but is not being an ass about it. A fatherly, knowing “You have lovely breasts” and “nature was kind to you” compliment gets a demure response. They love it.


  20. CH,

    I think you would find this very interesting… his ultimate argument is that the enemy is not the islamists – but rather the idiots that keep screaming that the islamists are harmless.


    • Yes, the biggest danger is the traitor within the gates…

      … but those fuckers outside trying to get in are also the enemy, nevertheless.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Well, yeah. The New York Times and Washington Post asked for civil war 3 days ago. #weknow

      My only question is whether those who control the MSM and push the narrative are actually so far inside their New York bubble that the don’t get it, or whether they are aware but are simply flailing at this point.

      After a mighty effort–and it would, indeed, take a mighty effort to win this title–Fordham University historian Saul Cornell and New York University law professor Eric M. Ruben have won the title of THE most disingenuous shitlib liars alive today.

      As is the common practice of a certain kind of lawyer, they are simply bold-faced lying about history and what Scalia wrote in Heller. They do this because they know that 99% of their readership will not actually check the sources.

      In Heller, in fact, Scalia devoted about 4 pages to describing how the Framers made the 2nd Amendment a protection against government tyranny, detailing how every American in the 18th century was well aware of the abuses of the Stuarts and other past kings, who had tried to disarm the public. Scalia EXPRESSLY STATED that the first goal of any dictatorship is to disarm the public.

      Every single one of the Federalists and Anti-Federalists issued an average of 9 statements each confirming that the 2nd Amendment is to protect against government tyranny, public violence, as well as self defense and hunting. The lies told by the Eskimo traitors are so patently absurd that it really defies any credulity. It is very, very easy (even without the internet) to obtain a complete copy of the Federalist Papers and the Anti-Federalist papers and see all of these things.

      It is not even debatable, at all, that the Founders who WROTE the Constitution *encouraged* the citizenry to “rebel” against tyranny when it became necessary.

      The MSM traitors act as if their readers are retarded babies who cannot read or use the internet.

      Just one of 500 examples:

      “[W]hat country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.” – Letter to William Stephens Smith, November 13, 1787; The Works of Thomas Jefferson, Federal Edition (New York and London, G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1904-5) Vol. 5.


  21. I rejoice when I get a shit test. It means she’s interested. Or curious. Same thing. The worst feeling is when a beautiful woman is nice, nice, nothing but nice – as she would be to a child. It means I’m doing something wrong.

    In other news, Donald J. Trump, Leader of Men, Lover of Women, Crusher of Enemies, has the cuties rallying to his banner:

    CH is right. The rebellion shouldn’t follow the women. The women will follow the rebellion.


    • “The rebellion shouldn’t follow the women. The women will follow the rebellion.”

      +100 COTW


      • Other than the establishment’s eternal hatred for all things White, one reason pro-White groups are despised instead of being considered badass rebels (as other racial groups like the Black Panthers are) is because too many of them exalt White women as pure helpless flowers of heavenly paradise being corrupted by the big bad mandingo. That carries the stink of beta and drives women away in disgust.

        Let’s be unapologetically ourselves, and we’ll find – as Donald J. Trump is finding – that women and minorities, as well as fellow White men, will respect us more.


  22. It was a good weekend.

    My father stopped by on Saturday for a visit. He’s a fundamentally good man — hardworking, Christian, raised 4 children with his stay-at-home wife, now the grandfather to 10 grandchildren (soon to be 11, when my fourth is born) — but one who has some unfortunate beta traits that I ultimately had to excise from my own thinking.

    Anyway, as usual, after a nice meal with my wife and kids the two of us hung out having a drink and talking politics. He always brings it up, I can’t resist engaging.

    He hates Obama and says he’ll certainly vote for Trump if he becomes the nominee, but Ted Cruz is his candidate of choice. Fair enough, I’d say he’s the best of the rest, after Trump.

    But I really spent a few hours talking red-pill race-realism with my Dad. Topics of discussion touched on the Muslim horde invasion, eskimo hypocrisy and use of media/Hollywood to further their anti-White agenda, black racial hostility, the growing anti-White dark mob mentality that is being whipped up against us (and, most importantly, against his own White grandchildren); I even touched on the ultimate red-pill question of whether his father and the rest of “America’s Greatest Generation” was duped into fighting an unnecessary war against Germany in WWII (it is helpful that Pat Buchanan, for whom my father has a lot of respect, has written at length about this).

    I pulled out the iPad and we watched this Paul Joseph Watson video on Islam:

    I also reminded him of Colin Flaherty’s videos, and used this video about the “White supremists attacking innocent, pleaceful Black Lives Matter protesters” to make the points about black hatred and eskimo media control:

    Toward the end of the conversation he made a comment about how the Democracts are such hypocrites because they were the biggest “racists” for nearly a century after the Civil War. It’s the type of comment I would have made years ago. I just shrugged and told him unapologetically that, while in general I treat all individuals I come across with respect until they do something to show they don’t deserve it, I am a racist and I make no apologizes for it.

    This always has been a White country, and if a small number of non-Whites, especially those our ancestors stupidly brought here as slaves, are willing to go along with the program and reap the benefits of going along for the ride, that’s great, but this is our country, and we, the people of our country, never voted for or decided to self-annihilate under a flood of third-worlders.

    I thanked him for the many years he has been subscribing me to National Review magazine, but told him to please stop as I “wipe my ass with it” after seeing how they are controlled opposition intent on strangling any defensive White-identitiy thought; the last straw being their anti-Trump campaign. I reminded him of how Derb was kicked out of National Review for calling BS on the black myth of White-on-black violence, and sent him the links to the relevant Derb articles (and to the Radio Derb podcast).

    It was a lot for him to take in, but he was receptive to the ideas because he has seen, in his 75 years, the uundeniable evidence that this country has gone from pinnacle to shit. As an example, I reminded him that he sent his sons and daughters to a public high school that is so overun with out of control dindus and LaRazas that he and my mother won’t even subsitute teach there anymore for fear of their own safety.

    My oldest son, 8, wasn’t sitting at the table, nor was he part of the conversation, but I know he was paying attention and taking it in.

    Our collective White backs have been pushed against the wall and we’re being bashed in the head with a fucking brick. We’re at an inflection point.

    On Sunday, I attended my fourth NRA training class at the local range. It’s a great range — I’m planning to bring my son and his grandpop in 2016.


    • YouTube link to the Colin Flaherty video is messed up in my original post.

      The video is title “White Supremacists Shoot Black Lives Matter Protesters — What a Joke” and here’s another attempt at the correct link:


  23. Inspired by Declaration of Cleavage title:

    When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for men to dissolve the blue pill myths that have retarded each other, and to assume the powers of the red pill, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and God of Biomechanics entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of alphadom requires that they should declare the cause which impel them to ZFG.


  24. I’m compelled by dignity to view her as more than a pair of tits and I expect her to control those leering shit tests.


    • Of course she’s more than a pair of tits…

      … there’s azz and quim too.

      Yeah, baby, you got a brain… but which is bigger?


    • on December 7, 2015 at 2:59 pm The Other Anonymous

      Usually, when people speak of dignity – I ask for cash up-front … But, in the interest of discussion:

      How do you showcase this dignity to a potential mate?

      Do you keep a picture on your phone – or a little laminated certificate? Perhaps you’ve a list of endorsements from women she knows and trusts? Does it have a money back guarantee?
      Why is your dignity more valuable than that guy-over-there’s?

      I don’t mean to be bitchy – but your asking me to accept, on faith that your dignity is real – and your not just like any other guy here.

      Ps. THIS is why chicks hate nice guys.


  25. For the cleavage shut test, simply ask her where she dances whilst staring right at them. For the burqa, shoot her.


    • Gratuitous cleavage shot…

      anyhow something new to try.. was out with WK buddy this weekend and an even older buddy. Having a bite in a boisterous bar/restaurant. Older guy has a little flashlight. I take it from him and for 15 minutes we have fun with it, shining it on women across the room, on women passing by, walking back from the restroom. Doing the “cat and light” thing on the floor “step on it!”… LOL was fun, good reactions. You might try carrying a small one with you.

      WK buddy got freaked out by this and went and waited outside…


      • on December 7, 2015 at 1:13 pm mendozatorres

        It’s the simple things in life. This is great. And functional…have a flashlight when needed, when not, use for fun. Win-friggin’-win baby!


      • I’d have more fun slapping those big bouncy boobs around than an adolescent boy discovering his dick the first time. Lol


      • on December 7, 2015 at 7:01 pm The Other Anonymous

        Imagine if a witch offered you a potion and said – With one drop of this She’ll fall passionately in love – you will couple with her as much as you’d like and she’ll never age – but if you use it – 10 years from now your cock will fall off.

        … Would you even hesitate?


  26. Not attracted to black women? Go directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

    Colorado College Suspends Student for 2 Years. Someone posted “#blackwomenmatter” on the anonymous commenting app, Yik Yak. In response, student Thaddeus Pryor posted, “they matter, they’re just not hot.” Pryor is not allowed to set foot on campus until August 28, 2017.


  27. CH: we can easily see through the heavy cotton of a burqa to the jabba jihadette underneath

    They’re working on it…

    “Dua had only been working for two months with the Khansaa Brigade, the all-female morality police of the Islamic State, when her friends were brought to the station to be whipped.

    The police had hauled in two women she had known since childhood, a mother and her teenage daughter, both distraught. Their abayas, flowing black robes, had been deemed too form-fitting.

    …the other officers took the women into a back room to be whipped. When they removed their face-concealing niqabs, her friends were also found to be wearing makeup. It was 20 lashes for the abaya offense, five for the makeup, and another five for not being meek enough when detained.”


  28. “Burqas are the butterface’s best friend.”

    I always laugh when someone tells me the burka is to oppress women, when the reality is to keep men who are married to bitchy crones from ogling a better looking woman, getting a good idea of what a raw deal he’s gotten.


  29. So I fucked up with one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever come across. I sperged out a (consequently I think this failure finally helped digest why the redpill exist on the internet and isn’t spoken freely) and told her that her beauty is why she gets so many guys after her lady parts and the guy she chooses will be one that is able to see past that. Anyways we were drinking and it was the first/last time I met her friends and she and a friend were talking about some guy problems a mutual friend was having and relating it to themselves when I, compelled by some rational but completely unnecessary force, decided to drop a nugget of truth Into the convo two 20 year girls were having.

    I ended up passing out in the hot ones bed with both of them and having the hottie push her perfect body all over me, being challenged to undo the not hot ones bra but no sex or even kissing. Woke got invited to breakfast with them, decided not to go and get a text 5 hours later saying I’m cool guy but I have some fucked up views on women and such. I am so close to becoming the alpha dog I want to be but I still slip up.

    I have learned that Game does indeed work, quite well actually, but speaking about why it works is social suicide.


  30. She catches you checking out the goods – Then:
    She says “Take a picture – it’ll last longer!”
    What happens if you whip out your phone and take a picture of her cleavage? How does that rate as a response?


  31. there are many ways to b an alpha, scolding burkas just sounds gayer, if you’ve been broed the shit outta your life by dem burka girls, you dnt need to fap it on to this page, just pull your dick together!

    from a concerned stoner