The Danger of Idleness To Women

Commenter backchecking makes a perceptive observation about the condition of idleness and how it affects men and women differently.


You can destroy an engine by revving it without a load. Strange, but true, an engine can rev to 5,000 rpm under load and survive… 5,000 rpm without a load — it falls apart.

Which largely describes the female mind. Millennia of evolution have crafted a brain that can’t not be tasked.

Quite literally, idleness has been bred out. Slothful mothers don’t have offspring — or — if they do — that generation will be childless. (This category also includes mothers so neurotic that they ‘medicate’ themselves into passivity — booze, drugs, or both.)

(I’ve seen PLENTY of the latter.)


The male is totally different critter. ‘Idleness’ for a man is often his most productive time.

The extreme examples:

Einstein famously slept (12-15 hours/day) and strolled (interminable bucolic walks) his way through life. He related that all of his best work was done while in solitude — if not in the transitory state between sleep and waking.

Newton was just as bad.

General MacArthur famously slept through the Inchon bombardment. His battleship was firing its big guns at the time!

One could go on endlessly

Spectacular intellectual achievements require a state of relaxed composure — Zen, if you will.

This male-only tick comes from the ancient hunt. Like MacArthur, our universal ancestors had to totally shut up, stay relaxed — yet alert, to bag the really big, dangerous prey from a hide/ camouflage.

Persistence hunting does not work with mammoths, bears, aurochs. They only run towards you. { This ancient contest is echoed in Spanish bull-fighting. }

At the time of the attack, one must break loose and use maximum exertion — while at peak risk. Upon success, one can kick back and talk shop/ the hunt.

This male-only tick is replicated during the sex act. For it is the male who reaches peak intensity — never the female.

Unwittingly, every man, with every thrust, is communicating to his mate his hunting virility. This hits her limbic brain.

If you’ve witnessed enough pr0n you know that at the final stages, the female is always reduced to a quivering, dripping, bump target. (Yes, it’s not just your lovers.)

And, of course, there are endless battle accounts of men spontaneously creaming in their pants upon victory/ battle survival. Surviving a bullet festival is a highly arousing event. This aspect of battle is excised from most historical accounts — which are directed at teen males, anyway.


This is the yin yang of humanity.

She slaves on as the heart and stomach of humanity — holding body and soul together — creating the next generation.

He risks all as the mind and vision of humanity — protecting and expanding the human space against all threats — while bringing home the bacon.

Equal, they are not.

Female culture is always drivel. For they are wired to talk to and understand babbling infants. Female social experimentation quickly devolves to having no children. Hence the complete absence of successful matriarchies.

(Though these are commonly seen in Africa: elephants, lions, …)


A woman with too much time on her hands is a force for destruction — to others as well as to herself. The SJWs (including the effeminate males) who now litter the internet are examples of what an easy life mooching off daddy’s money, filled with inexpensive gadgets, and delaying childbirth, if at all, well past 30 will do to the female mind. Idleness corrupts woman, much like power corrupts man. Keeping a woman barefoot and pregnant is probably the best thing for her sanity.


  1. Some serious broscience here.

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    • Newsspeak continues its takeover of intellectual debate.


    • Yeah, but I disagree with CH about the “matriarchies” of lions or elephants.

      A male lion actually leaves the pride when he is young. Possibly because his father (or fathers as a female lion supposedly produces a litter from more than one male) might eat him like Chronus did to Zeus and company. So off they go, and come back around 8. Their job is to fight, feed, and fuck. Not necessarily in that order when in their prime. Definitely when they are old.

      The females actually hunt. The male, like in the article, saves his strength. There are a lot of predators in Africa for which a male lion is amply supplied to deal with. Even Nile crocodiles won’t fuck with it when by the water. They know what will happen when it drags it’s dead carcass out the water, and feeds it’s family.

      One or two male lions, will have an average of ten bishes to fight for/feed off of/and impregnate.

      African elephants, especially the bush, actually are matriarchies. But like the lion, the bull only comes to fuck. And even the “King of the jungle” knows better than to fuck with a bush bull in it’s prime. Motherfucker fells huge ancient trees. Why you ask?

      Because it was in his motherfucking way. That’s why.

      So, who is more beta? The lion, or the bull elephant?


  2. What’s the effect on marriages if the woman hunts? Does the UMC show us the answer?


  3. […] The Danger of Idleness To Women […]


  4. “Keeping a woman barefoot and pregnant is probably the best thing for her sanity”

    I’m stealing that one. A quote for the ages!


    • Keeping a man enslaved to endless, pointless work is probably the best thing for his sanity.

      That is how men operate. They all want to work long hours inside of a stuffy office or a dark depressing shop, and brag about that fat paycheck. The alternative is to be a MGHOW bum who never gets laid.

      What if I want to Go My Own Way? Working alongside other men who all have families and spouses is just not for me anymore. These people annoy me, and they have job security and preference from the boss for raises and promotion. Doing a good job is no longer enough, because with women in the workplace, popularity and acceptance by the women matters most. Women prefer men who are enslaved to their families and spouses, not some creepy loner.

      So, what am I to do?


      • strong whiff of troll with this one.


      • Shoot yourself now


      • Keeping a man enslaved to endless, pointless work is the best thing for women and the government.

        Someone has to work to provide the taxes in order to fund the welfare and affirmative action programs that feminists demand. Someone has to work to pay for the state-provided abortions that women take advantage of and for the child support that too many women can’t live without.

        Women want choices but someone has to fund those choices. When women fail, they demand a rescue. Now if men decide that they don’t want to work like slaves and marry taskmasters, well, who will fund women’s choices and rescue them from their bad decisions?

        MGTOW annoys a lot of women, especially the feminists. Despite the feminist motto that women don’t need men, the average woman does need a man or the taxes that men pay to fund her choices and poor decisions.

        Now that more and more men are doing a cost/benefit analysis and decide that they don’t need women, what are the women going to do? Support each other? Ha.

        Feminists demand that wives and mothers should be compensated for the services they provide to men by taking at least half of the men’s assets and income after a divorce. Well, then, why don’t feminists argue that maids, nannies and child care workers get half of their assets when they take care of the household and the children?

        Most maids and childcare workers work long hours for low pay and no retirement or health benefits. Why aren’t feminists demanding that women pay half of their assets and income to those women who manage their households and raise their children for them?

        The matriarchy is incapable of creating and maintaining the infrastructures necessary to sustain civilizations. They demand that men build it and hand it over to them in the name of equality. That model cannot be sustained. The feminists are realizing this and it scares them.

        How are you doing Anonymous? Trolling other sites, I see. Well, in light of my above analysis, I understand your frustration.


      • The secret advantage and disadvantage for men is that fundamentally, nobody cares what you do or how things turn out for you. Sail off in search of treasure, wash up a shoeless corpse next week. Ho hum, what’s on TV.


      • With women in the workplace, men are more free to pursue what they really want. With more women willing to engage in sexual activities without the benefit of marriage, men are free to pursue sexual relationships without any attachments. With more porn and sex toys available, men don’t even need the presence of a woman on a frequent basis, assuming that the woman who is present is even willing to engage in sex with him on a frequent basis.

        The “creepy loner” is just a shaming term that desperate women looking for marriage use to manipulate men into marrying them. Women don’t prefer men who are enslaved to their families and spouses because those men and their resources are not available for them.

        The problem with feminism is that it is dependent on male success. Men create civilizations and build and maintain the infrastructures needed to maintain those civilizations. How many women want to build skyscrapers, highways as well as plumbing and electrical systems? Very few. When fewer men do these things, what good will a masters in liberal arts be? Less than 30 percent of jobs out there even require a college degree. All that student debt for nothing.

        Feminism can only exist in an affluent society. Feminism does not build civilization; instead it lives off of civilization. Feminists don’t plant crops; rather, they demand that others turn over their crops to them in the name of equality. When there are fewer crops to distribute, what will the feminists do?


  5. The female mind is such a master of subtle manipulation that it can create reality from catharsis while being none the wiser to its own interventions.

    Also we really need a Chateau forum.


    • That would be awesome


    • on December 17, 2014 at 7:27 pm Randy the Random

      Yes for god’s sake, the irregular and absurd comment filter/censor is a huge cockblock when I feel a GBFM-powered rant coming on. I blow my load at ROK instead, where I’m guaranteed that it won’t be pinched mid blast by a hamfisted censor.

      CH, stop being such a goddamn pussy and allow free for all comments, or you’ll lose reader engagement. Also, a platform like Disqus allows comment voting so we can bury the trolls.

      Seriously man, roosh has been out in the open and he’s still alive. I know that crazy bish from waaaaay back revealed your identity and it spooked you, but that’s long gone now. Besides, I’m sure a few of the darker brothers here need some booze money, so send some bitcoin their way and put a hit on that hoe if she acts up.

      I keed I keeeeed. But not really.


      • THIS ^^^^


      • I have to say last weekend I had 3 pretty involved posts just never show up. If it is just stuck in a stack and after so long they don’t bother to read everything that’s one thing, but if it is censored, we should be told at least the first few times.

        Don’t want to spend time posting stuff that doesn’t get out.

        a forum would be great too


      • @Sentient – your post to me about the MILF I banged last week in my hotel finally showed up (I replied on that thread) – like 4-5 days after you posted it. It’s ridiculous how long the approval takes.


      • “if it is censored, we should be told at least the first few times.”

        yep. i’ve had several that have never showed up. usually when they contradict the agenda of the site. unfortunately, i don’t think our host gives it’s readers enough credit. i think most of the guys here can handle a balanced view of the real world. even when it’s uncomfortable to face. our leader seems to think we are all too fragile for that. it’s a shame.


  6. ‘General MacArthur famously slept through the Inchon bombardment. His battleship was firing its big guns at the time!

    One could go on endlessly…’


    When He got into the boat, His disciples followed Him. And behold, there arose a great storm on the sea, so that the boat was being covered with the waves; but Jesus Himself was asleep. And they came to Him and woke Him, saying, “Save us, Lord; we are perishing!” He *said to them, “Why are you afraid, you men of little faith?” Then He got up and rebuked the winds and the sea, and it became perfectly calm. The men were amazed, and said, “What kind of a man is this, that even the winds and the sea obey Him?” Matthew 8:23-27


  7. And here a big reason why the female run education system in America has ramped up the homework load – at all ages of student – to 11.

    I homeschool my son. We can get through the necessary learning in about 1/15th the time that school normally allocates. Granted, some of that time in school is wasted on diversity crap, discipline, lining all the children up, and again, and marching from hither and yon, etc.

    But let’s face it, most of school homework is geared toward occupying the little minds and hands so that they stay out of trouble. The problem is, that works for the female mind, but the male mind would be better served by periods of intense focus, followed by play and physical activity.

    Do we see that learning model in schools today? Are you kidding me?


    • Corporate drone culture – female oriented or male oriented?

      Most middle managers spend their entire days trudging from meeting to meeting, grinding out their days by looking busy and staying busy with reports, more meetings, reports on meetings, writing communications about the reports and meetings, and micro-managing.
      If you are a male and are caught in that rat trap, how long until your testosterone levels drop and you become a neutered male?

      I prefer periods of intense meetings, with compressed and ambitious agendas. Followed by a short walk outside, or a brief conversation with co-workers, then another period of intense activity.

      I’ve never been able to do the meeting grind all day, day after day, without burnout. I think this must be part of the reason.

      You can imagine how well that model works for my female colleagues.


      • Agreed.
        During an 8 hour day in the office I probably only work for 4, but I get more done in that time than the rest of the people I see constantly grinding.
        I have to go for walks outside 2-3 times a day to curb the cabin fever.
        I also spend a lot of time chatting with the secretaries and interns.


      • Yup! It’s all about looking busy without doing any work. If you’re not booking meetings or going to meetings, the consensus is, you’re not doing enough. That’s always been my outlook.


    • I saw a Simpsons episode today (Of all things) that made that point. I was gobsmacked, never thought I’d see a mainstream TV show make that point. No idea what series it was from or how old it was.


      • Many of the earlier Simpsons episodes had great points and messages to them. For some time now, not so much.


  8. If you want to know why your gal hates it when you do the housework…this might be why.

    Keep them busy with something. Children preferably.


  9. ‘Idle hands are the devil’s workshop; idle lips are his mouthpiece.’


  10. This post really hits close to home. It’s been my observation that the scariest place for a woman to be is alone with her thoughts. I’ve found that if a woman observes an action you do, then has the time to think about it, she’ll concoct this huge, weird story about how it’s a sign you don’t love her or that you’re cheating on her.

    Notice how these thoughts are always about HER and HER needs.

    But what does a man do when he’s alone? Many times he’ll think. He’ll think about life, about his hobbies, about tasks he has to complete, etc. If the man is intelligent or creative he might use this time to solve some abstract issue (As a musician, I’ve figured out how to play songs in my head without touching an instrument just by thinking about how they sound). While these thoughts might relate to him, many times they’re concepts outside the self.

    And this is why I don’t believe male and female intelligence are anywhere near the same. Intelligent men tend to be altruistic, creating and building for the benefit of society. But have you noticed how the more intelligent a woman is, the more selfish and manipulative she is? That’s because a smart woman is a SELFISH woman. In centuries past when women’s roles were inside the home all they had to focus on were themselves and their offspring. There was an outside world, sure, but their duties didn’t lie there. So by being selfish or manipulating others a mother could more easily procure resources for herself. It was up to the men, whose duties were outside the home, to worry about things outside the self/family unit.

    Females can’t be intelligent like males are – Have you ever actually had a TRULY intellectual or stimulating conversation with a woman? If she tries to outsmart you, does it sound like she’s just parroting things she learned in school, not things she figured out on her own? A woman can never achieve “male intelligence”, but through “female intelligence” she will have more cunning than any man could possibly hope to have.


    • on December 17, 2014 at 7:59 pm Randy the Random

      This shiet right here. All true, learned through painful experience and thousands of dollars.

      Women have no true understanding of any concept, from math to science to economics. They just parrot back what they hear. My favorite hobby is to ask what a woman’s major is, then ask her a few fundamental questions from that field. Being a polymath, I can’t focus on details, but I do have a strong understanding of the fundamentals of most scientific disciplines. Most of them fail spectacularly to even describe the basic fundamentals of their field (psychology, biology, econ, you name it). I have had so many slam pieces from back in uni call me up for help on their Master’s/PhD Theses, because they are too embarrassed to admit to their supervisors that they haven’t a faintest clue about even the basics of their field…

      There is a RARE woman, and I mean one in ten million, that is an independent thinker and supresses her female solipsism to do intellectual real work. But the majority are best left barefoot while pregnant on kitchen duty.


      • A lot of my red pill knowledge came from college. One thing I found was that most guys knew exactly what they wanted to go to college for and what they wanted to do for a living. But it seemed like most girls were expected to go to college, then just picked a major out of obligation (One girl I knew had 3 different majors, all of which started with “A” – I joked that she probably just looked up a list of majors and decided to try them out alphabetically until she found one she liked).

        This ties into what you mentioned about asking girls about their field. One time I was in a group with a female history major, and me and a couple guys began talking about the Civil War. None of them were history majors but they could hold their own on the topic. The girl, on the other hand, stood there looking bored as fuck, not adding anything in. You’d think that someone who chose a certain major would be into it enough to add her two cents. But nope, this girl looked absolutely fucking lost. What’s also sad is that the only think you can really do with a history degree is teach – Would this girl one day be hired to teach a class of students??? If so, then God help the children of the future…..

        It really does say something about men being innovators. If you think back on the great accomplishments of our time, there’s a 99% chance it was done by a man. Now feminists will claim this is due to patriarchy and oppression and blah blah blah. But women are given the same opportunities as men today, if not more, and men are still kicking their asses. I don’t go out of my way to learn and be a book worm, but the older I get the more I feel like I’m just on a whole other plateau than even the most smart and educated women.


    • Spot on. I have been in education for twenty years and most of the female professors know very little – it is all parroted information that did not lead to any real insight.
      Then, they will use this parroted info as a weapon, using body language to stifle any debate on the topic. The school system becomes a no-think zone rather than a spot for inquiry and growth.


  11. Interesting. “Idle hands are the devils work shop” comes to mind.

    I never considered that to be dependent on gender. Actualy, regarding sleep, I thought most people thought it was the contrary. The men I know do not seem to require as much sleep as women. I remember my neighbor saying to me that young women are the people who need most sleep. I always assumed this was something to do with the fluctuating hormones of menstrual cycles. (Less sleep needed in ovulation – more in menstruation. etc.) because of hormone’s effect on energy levels.

    But, what the post said also makes sense. Maybe women are suposed to be more active in the hours that they are awake, (a new born baby feeds every 2 hours, and it takes 30 minutes each time, and then to change him, to dress him), there is little time to focus on much else.

    This gives another idea, maybe young women before having babies need more sleep, because their body needs to recharge longer with the energy of the female’s cycle, and also because it is thinking, soon, there is going to be a serious lack of sleep when it has babies.

    In my observations, when women do not have much to do, they become more lazy. I am not sure if the same is true for men. But I know they say you should never a spay a female dog or cat with out letting her have at least one litter. If you do not allow her to have one litter, she becomes crazy and agressive. Could it be a mammalian trait, and the same be true in other mammals, to a extent?


    • That last part about mammals sounds like a nonsensical leap. lol.
      I meant it in reference to, keeping a woman barefoot and pregnant or “Kinder, Küche, Kirche”.


      • “Kinder, Küche, Kirche” is not the same as barefoot and pregnant. The latter phrase is meant to be condescending class based Feminist propaganda whereas the German phrase was simply a quote from Kaiser Wilhelm II as to what he thought the role of women should be in society and their domains of power and influence.


      • Thank you Carlos Danger. I was not sure of the phrase bare foot and pregnant, so I googled it, and wikipedia said it meant something similar to Kinder, Kuche, Kirche, and I liked how it sounded. Children, Kitchen and Church – it sounds nice. 🙂 .


      • Why you protected your blog? was it my fault for what I wrote you the other day 😦 would you give me a chance to follow you


    • Young women need more sleep?

      Have you ever witnessed a ‘slumber party’ — a uniquely FEMALE confab?

      It’s as comon as dust for excited girls to stay up all night…


      Young mothers are genetically optimised to want babies, survive birth, survive nursing (they get a rush from nursing, BTW), learn to babble back to their infants (actually comprehending it) teach them every essential — and then do it all over again for the next child.

      While routine, she has NO CONTROL over her tempo. Yet her exertions are mild. Just check out her arm strength.

      (Mothers are bio-engineered to be WEAK. New borns are so delicate that they need a woman’s touch. In chimpanzees, Goodall discovered that virtually all of the first borns were mauled to death — by their mothers. (!) They were, are, too dull to figure out that the tyke can’t take that much woman handling. Male chimps are not allowed even near the newborn.)

      Other than the birth, she’s also at almost no risk — nothing like her brothers.

      ‘A woman’s work is never done.’

      That’s because she’s the heart and stomach of humanity. (Care and feeding)

      Men provide the means for her to care and feed. In Africa, the norm is for the fathers to go off, leaving mom to fend for herself and her brood. The resultant poverty shocks the mind.

      This is r-selection at its most basic.

      The curse of Western women is not enough house work.

      They also can’t stand to work solo.

      This particular tick bears special emphasis.

      It also feeds back to their voting bias.

      Women favor the collective — reasoning so from their limbic brains.

      The Federal Register is expansive because it enables/ commands group/ herd behaviors. Women find such thinking ‘dope.’


      • I agree with what you said, it is a good comment.

        But the part about “slumber party”. We have slumber partys when we are about 12 years old.Of course, then girls are excitable, and it keeps them awake. Adolesents in general need more sleep, than adults, I think. They are growing.

        I am not sure, if young women need more sleep than men, I just heared it. Which as I said – makes sense if you consider that her body is preparing for her the hectic sleep patterns of being a mother, and the other roles of a woman that you mentioned in your comment.


      • on December 17, 2014 at 8:08 pm Randy the Random

        “They also can’t stand to work solo.”

        This just summed up the feminist movement. Stay at homes weren’t happy because they didn’t have other bishes to yap yap yap with all day long while changing diapers together.

        Instead of men realizing this and creating community nurseries where women went daily to take care of their kids together, they left them home alone and let them read dyke propaganda, which led to them going batshit crazy.

        You gotta give it to men, we are the dumbest smart creatures ever devised.


      • In Africa, the norm is for the fathers to go off, leaving mom to fend for herself and her brood. The resultant poverty shocks the mind.

        WTF? Where did you get that bizarre idea from?


      • Stay at homes were fine with it back in the day because most women were stay at homes and they spent a lot of time visiting each other and doing volunteer work, etc. Women were much happier because of it. The lack of interaction only became a problem after Feminism when so many women started working that the stay at home mothers became atomized.


  12. on December 17, 2014 at 4:35 pm Charlesz Martel

    I have always felt that a woman who hasn’t ever been bred displays the same characteristics as a female dog or horse that’s never been bred. This went over real well when I mentioned it to my female West Coast Sales Manager, as you could have probably guessed!


  13. It would be great if this were true. But 30% of all US births are still out of wedlock, because the welfare system subsidizes the practice — and those bastards (literally) keep breeding generation after generation.

    Why do you think Obama’s been able come so close to starting the race/class war he’s been trying to start?


  14. “elephants, lions, . . . ”



  15. The idea of the “kept man” comes to mind. Two things….I know a dude who started out as a music teacher and the became the “boyfriend” of a girl I know who hates me for a variety of reasons—mostly hamster-related.

    This dude was actually a friend of mine, we’d have drinks or talk when I saw him out. Suddenly he’s a “kept man”—she has control over his work status and keeps him in line financially—he’s a total faggot now…acts like a dick towards me like I suddenly don’t exist.

    The other is a dude I was good friends with who was seeing a girl I know….we were friends, then he moved away and kind of went off the grid.

    He never had any money and she wanted to support him. I helped her out…didn’t game her but perhaps by being aloof and constantly teasing her I sparked attraction. I’m now banging her and he’s gone off the grid.

    I share these stories because women hate idle guys…they either control them and “manage” them or they “trade up”…


  16. That might explain why women are able to play on facebook and text message all day and still have mental energy for face to face socializing and other tasks. I spend an hour derping on reddit and I have to spend an equal hour meditating just to get my brain back.


  17. This confirms something that I have been cognizant of for a long time: that men are inherently lazier than women, unless that is, they are provided good incentive to work (i.e. providing for an attractive and feminine wife, good job prospects, etc), in which when they do, they apply themselves with more vigour, focus, and efficiency than women.


  18. I dunno about keeping women pregnant to keep them sane. My boss would seriously disagree with you. He always says that his wife is a very even tempered person but all that went out the window when she was pregnant. She would get mad at the smallest things, and it was really difficult for him to not laugh at her getting mad.

    [CH: ‘barefoot and pregnant’ is a pithy saying that refers to the entire panoply of domestic activities that have historically been the domain of women. it doesn’t literally mean ‘keep your woman pregnant every day of her life’. sometimes i wonder about you SC…]


  19. I haven’t really thought about the angle of women being more self-destructive when they’re “idle” in life, but I think that falls under the subject of women needing a man to take on the lead.

    I like comparing a woman running her life to that of her driving an automobile. If she’s in the driver’s seat with no man in the passenger’s seat giving directions, she’s going to be driving all over the fucking place. She has no direction, no purpose, and has no clue what she’s doing.

    If you put a confident alpha male in the passenger’s seat, she’s got somebody tell her where she should go, what direction she should take, and how to get there. She’s going to make progress and will succeed in reaching her destination.

    Likewise, if you throw a beta male in the passenger’s seat, he’s gonna tell her, “well, let’s go wherever you want to go”. She then continues to drive as if she has no direction, and the beta male is too terrified of becoming “controlling” by telling her which way she SHOULD be going.


  20. Women have no soul and no higher aesthetic or intellectual requirements. Even super smart educated women still don’t really ‘get’ music or cool books or why a certain tv series is great and another isn’t. their refrain is for ‘mind candy’…..


  21. Women are more prone to depressed states and depression. Men are more prone to hypomanic states and manic disorders. It would make sense, seeing that physical activity helps with the lethargy, memory loss, stress and anxiety of depression, that a sizable percentage of women would suffer without it. It would also make sense, considering how mania requires an amount of time to recharge otherwise the high stress and jitteriness takes its toll, that a sizable percentage men would be happier with explosive, highly productive activity and deep rest. May also explain why even the buchest bipolar man and the most gentle bipolar woman can appear androgynous.


  22. “Which largely describes the female mind. Millennia of evolution have crafted a brain that can’t not be tasked.”

    This is why female orgasm is so powerful and why it is so bonding to women to the men who can provide it reliably and in the right frame. It shuts OFF her mind. She is at peace. She is still. She is in complete submission…


  23. Reblogged this on Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar and commented:
    Men seem to have a greater intellectual need, as it’s called.
    You don’t see many women studying for no reason (philomath) or contributing without recognition.


  24. Bishes need to recognize. Bishes need to know. Bishes need to recognize. Bishes need to blow.