Comment Of The Week: Nexus Of The Sexes

COTW winner (repeat winner?) shartiste succinctly illuminates the battle tactics of the female id versus the male id.

Hillary vs. Trump is gonna be a great source for CH. Its unrestrained man vs unrestrained woman.

The unrestrained man builds monuments to himself, fucks hot chicks, and speaks his mind.
The unrestrained woman manipulates, lies, and social climbs her way to as much privilege as possible.

Give or take a little overlap (as with all things in the panoply of sex-based psychological traits), this is basically spot on. This election is shaping up to be a Battle Royale along a number of fronts: High/Low vs Middle, Elite vs Prole, Insane vs Sane, r-selected vs K-selected, Third World Swarms vs White Native Stock, and the “unrestrained man” vs the “unrestrained woman”. A confluence of so many societal and political fault lines like what is Happening now comes rarely; 2016 could be the Year of the Ids.


COTW runner-up is The Question, offering a psychological diagnosis of the Left,

Theory of mine: The Left’s relationship with white men is akin to a borderline personality disorder girlfriend and her boyfriend, properly summarized in the “I hate you!/Don’t leave me!” slogan. They hate us, but they don’t want us to go anywhere. They want us to stay and do what we’re told because they need us or think they need us but they also hate us for that very reason.

On one hand, the Left insists we “need to be stopped!” We’re racists, we’re oppressive, we’re bigoted. We’re full of prejudice. We’re dangerous with all our guns.

i.e. I hate you!

On the other hand, they decry “white flight” when we move away from the city and into suburbia or out of leftist states. So they implement affordable housing requirements for residential buildings and Section 8 housing in apartment complexes or zoning and growth management policies to ensure people can’t choose who to associate with. Or they just scream racism and try to shame people into wanting to move away.

Also, anything that is predominantly white male, whatever it is, has to be “diversified.”

i.e. Don’t leave me!

You realize how ridiculous this sounds when you compare it to nativists or anti-illegal immigration types. Whatever one might think about them, they actually believe what they say when they complain about illegal immigration being a problem, so if illegal immigrants left their communities they wouldn’t scream about “(fill in the blank color) flight” or accuse them of racism for trying to leave.

Again, it has to be some form of BSD inherent in the political ideology. That’s the best explanation I’ve been able to come up with for their contradictory attitudes.

The Left is filled to brimming with effeminate men and masculine women. The Degenerate Freak Party caters to the needs of these Darwinian lab mistakes. That so many leftoids possess characteristics similar to skankpot drama whores with daddy issues is not a surprise; give them an inch (act beta) and they take a mile, but refuse to get caught up in the whirlwind of their childish emoting (act alpha) and they back the fuck down and assume their welcome submission to their betters.

In other words, America is crying out as loudly as she can for the irresistible ministration of a charismatic jerkboy.



  1. It’s not contradictory at all, if when you realize that when the Left criticizes whites, it is never criticizing itself. There is a clear and distinct separation between Us (shitlibs) and Them (badwhites). They then proceed to spew disgusting hatred while feeling nothing. It’s doublethink just the way Orwell defined it, and it works quite well. It is a defense mechanism and it is a mighty iron curtain of thought. The tiny number of leftists who get it, doublethink has failed them. They begin to experience cognitive dissonance and a happy few have the courage to question their core beliefs. But the rest…no. They’ll go to their graves satisfied, without any more than brief spells of doubt. Doublethink is a weapon, it’s not an unfortunate result of a repressive government.


    • You have to realize that leftist activists aren’t generally sane so expecting logical coherence out of them is silly, while the usual leftists don’t really hate whites for being whites. Obviously, everyone is a hero in their moral universe.


  2. I have warned myself not to get emotionally invested in this election but it may be too entertaining to resist thanks to Trump’s consummate showmanship.

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    • on December 28, 2015 at 10:55 am Captain Obvious

      Four chicks and some s0d0dmite on Fuchs Newz are talking smack about The Donald’s Truth Speak regarding the disaster which was s0d0mite conspirator Trey Pouty’s role in the Benghazi coverup & Pouty now jumping into bed with Ashkenazic cabana-boy-m0nger Sheldon Adelson and descendant of Sephardic chattel [email protected] traders, Marco “Rubio” Rubin.


      • on December 28, 2015 at 10:56 am Captain Obvious

        The pasty-white clean-cut s0d0mite, who looks like he just wiped Lindsey Grahmnesty’s jizm off his face, is making fun of the way that The Donald says “YyyuuuuUUUUUge” instead of “huge”.


      • on December 28, 2015 at 10:59 am Captain Obvious

        Cum the Rev0lution, every one of those B0hemian Grove s0d0dmite traitors – B!tch McConnell, Lindsey Grahamnesty, retired Assoc Justice David Soudomiter, Chief Justice John Phagberts, Trey Pouty, jizm face on Fuchs Newz – they all get [email protected] from the nearest tree. Every [email protected] one of ’em.


      • on December 29, 2015 at 1:38 pm Captain Obvious


      • What’s the meaning of the pretty model on the Eskimo pics?


      • on December 29, 2015 at 1:44 pm Captain Obvious

        Morgan Fairchild from the 1980s – Strapon stumbled upon the symbolism – it means that one of Director Tamir Pardo’s flying monkeys has been unmasked.


      • on December 29, 2015 at 1:54 pm Captain Obvious

        You can think of it as Eskimo Henry Winkler jumping the shark.


      • on December 29, 2015 at 1:56 pm Captain Obvious

        Anyway, I don’t know why it took me so long – I’m almost kinda ashamed – but I finally realized that “Marco Rubio” is in fact MARK RUBIN.


      • Reminds me of this exchange from Quiz Show:

        Goodwin: The Reuben sandwich is the only entirely invented sandwich. Won the National Sandwich Contest two years ago.

        Van Doren: A salient point. Who invented it?

        Goodwin: Uh, Reuben Kay, at a poker game in Omaha.

        Van Doren: I knew there was a ”k” in Nebraska.

        Goodwin: U-Unfortunately they have the sandwich here, but, uh, they don’t seem to have any Reubens.


  3. Got a game question:

    I was flirty texting a chick hardcore, as in we were talking about fucking and how I was gonna go 50 Shades of Gray on her ass, choking and hair pulling and she’s eating it up (over text, saying how she’ll bring the chains, how not to tease her like that) but then she goes cold the next day cause of personal shit due to learning more news about her bro’s suicide a few months back.

    So I try to socially calibrate and not do the choke/spank talk when she’s in depression mode. I wait till things level out for a few days until I see her in person and then go serious mode with her, in my tone of voice, not jokin’ around, and say I’m interested in her and then ask if she’s into me.

    She nods her head no.

    I was like alright cool, thanks for telling me and then walk away. I keep things civil between us because we have many shared friends and see each other in the same venues a lot, and she still acts excited to see me, still saying my name in a particular way (kind of an in-joke between us).

    What’s the deal? Is she really into me but her life is too jacked up for anything right now? Or is she just not into me? I suspect my game just wasn’t tight enough. To paraphrase Rollo’s words, ‘if a chick is really into you, she’ll stop at nothing to ride your dick.’


    • Probably a case of overgaming or over eagerness. If she is that flirty the best thing to do is drop bombs of interest like that 50 shades stuff you did, and then YOU disappear and go talk to other girls. Give it a few days and then hit her up with something normal you’re doing and invite her to tag along.

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    • “and say I’m interested in her and then ask if she’s into me.

      She nods her head no.”

      Never ask this type of question. Ever. It’s a beta tell and vagina dryer.

      She’s attracted to you, and definitely has sex on her mind with you, which is good, but since you’re both in a mutual social circle she’s is very cautious about engaging further.

      Best approach here is to use disengage the advances and pursue other women.

      From experience in these situations I’m able to close on a social acquaintance when I’m banging other women and she knows it (or can sense it) and she is hanging out with a low SMV beta that she is really not into.

      From there, isolate. and it’ll “just happen”.

      Also if she still responds to the sex talk and she is attractive, she’s a perfect pivot and pre-selection resource. Bring other women you’re hanging out with around her and play her to your advantage.

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    • yeah, too much push and not enough pull. you got her all heated up then spoiled her high with your butthurt, falsely aloof “alright cool…”

      women are slower to heat up so unless you close the deal same night as all the sexy talk then it’s best to let it air out for a week… then send her a funny picture, something light, without any innuendos. space out your communication so you alleviate her fears that you might be a possessive, desperate beta. don’t rush back into the flirting because that would be try-hard. now’s the time to show your laid back, easy breezy, been-there-done-that side

      play the long game and don’t sweat the day-to-day interactions. if it takes 1-2 months to close the deal then your keeping a pretty good schedule

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    • Do and think about practically anything else and she’ll come to you. Win by accident.


      • Thanks for the input men. Yeah I fucked up by asking if she was into me when I should have just stuck with the signs that she was. Impatience on my part! A lot of the advice was what I was already thinking, i.e. put her on the backburner and chase newer trim.

        Thanks again!


    • There’s another guy in her sights. The news about the suicide? Either a complete BS excuse, or the person who delivered the news is a guy that makes her vagina tingle. Whatever it is….there’s another guy.


  4. Game question for YaReally, Sentient et all. So I take the HB8 22 year old. We meet up to hang out for a photo exhibit Day 1. We have dinner, play the Questions Game. She’s asking me “Why did you take me out?” Me: You seemed interesting and someone I might like to get to know. her: “you didn’t really answer my question. I smile. She’s inexperienced, hasn’t kissed a dude until 18. But she’s fun and good company.

    I bounce to a nearby local winter carnival. As we’re walking she says she has a terrible sense of direction. I grab her hand–escalating kino in this way. She is surprised. I make a joke of it saying: “This way if you start to get lost, I’ll pull you back.” She laughs, complies. The rest of the night goes well.

    We go on a crazy ride, we play a shooting game and I win her a corny prize. Escalate kino more, arm around her on the ferris wheel. She says she likes my cologne. Me: I haven’t showered in a week.

    It’s going well. We get to her train. She asks how far away I live. I tell her nearby, come over, we’ll have tea, listen to music and then i’ll kick her out.

    Back at my place she’s nervous but warms. We listen to music, watch videos, I pull her close, she cuddles me. I go for the k-close. She pulls back, smiles. I continue with the music and videos. Again k-close…same. I act as if nothing. Finally she realizes she has to leave.

    As we’re leaving she asks: “Do you think Asian girls are easy?”

    Me: Why would you ask that? She pushes.

    Me: I’m quite picky. If I didn’t enjoy spending time I wouldn’t have invited you here.

    I’m sensing nervousness and ASD kicking in. She agrees to come out Thursday to help me set up my New Year’s event.

    I say I’ll walk her to her train. I send her off, tell her to text me when she’s home to make sure she’s not kidnapped. Textbook great Day 1.

    Then I get this text: “I had a great time and enjoyed spending time with you.”

    Me: send a photo we took

    Her: But I think we should just stay friends

    Me: I have plenty of friends. I see you as a woman

    Her: But I just don’t feel it

    Me: No rush

    Her: But if don’t feel it, I will never feel it.

    Me: Radio silence, no reply.

    Was unusual to have that successful a day out, get all the IOI’s and the get Friendzoned.

    I sensed she was just nervous and inexperienced and the Friendzone was a shit test and an attempt to put me in the orbiter category. If this truly is a case of no attraction, then radio silence is best. Thoughts?

    Also, what if she contacts me this week about coming to confirm helping me out on Thursday, what do I say?


    • “Why did you take me out?” Me: You seemed interesting and someone I might like to get to know.”…beta-style rapport-seeking response by you. You needed to sexualize here. Something like “You have an interesting personality and I like your legs.” However, you’ve got rapport going, but I see no sexualizing or playful sexual banter. You’re heading for beta territory.

      I grab her hand–escalating kino in this way. She is surprised. I make a joke of it saying: “This way if you start to get lost, I’ll pull you back.” She laughs, complies…great calibration, teasing, and kino…you’ve recovered somewhat…

      She’s inexperienced, hasn’t kissed a dude until 18. But she’s fun and good company…you’ve got a beta mindset going…does she have a vaj? Of course, so sex is on the table and you’ve got some teaching to do…teaching her about sex…

      We go on a crazy ride, we play a shooting game and I win her a corny prize. Escalate kino more, arm around her on the ferris wheel. She says she likes my cologne. Me: I haven’t showered in a week…Asians are keen about smell and cleanliness…

      Back at my place she’s nervous but warms. We listen to music, watch videos, I pull her close, she cuddles me…where’s the sexual banter here?…she’s got comfort, but somehow your nonverbals were asexual…while holding her, sexualize things…you have to chat her up all over again once she has a little comfort going since this feels like a new venue to her…you need some push here…you pulled her close–you need to push her a bit with some sexual banter…you want to get her emotions working for you…get her eyes focused on you…you failed to get her to chase you…see my post about Sexual Macrodynamics…the girl has to chase most of the time…

      Again k-close…same. I act as if nothing…she might think you’re butthurt…two fails and she’s out…be direct…”I’ve got some work to do–you need to leave.”…

      As we’re leaving she asks: “Do you think Asian girls are easy?”

      Me: Why would you ask that? She pushes…ASD kicking up its heels…a simple “no” would have been fine here or “Asian girls are never easy” and saying “but I’m no monk” would have set the terms…which you failed to do earlier, so she was confused and you didn’t get the kiss close earlier…

      Her: But I just don’t feel it

      Me: No rush

      …and you’re ticking her beta-dar here…lack of options so your interest is continuing like you have Oneitis.


      • Uh…I should have complimented you on an excellent field report…good job putting yourself out there…way ahead of me on pulling girls to your place…I can’t do that with my wife hanging around…Mrs. Gamer is not keen on 3-somes…lol…way to go, Wala!

        Yeah, I’m not great on generating rapport with people…that showed up in my reply…also ASD kicks up its head with me a lot with girls…I don’t sexualize much with convo…don’t need to…my nonverbals give off a sexual vibe…eye-fucking, lol…again, great job with the FR, Wala!


      • @ads thanks. The “No rush” line was a non-needy response to what was clearly panic. I don’t think it implies anything beta or soft. It’s just a firm frame hold on my escalation. It comes after I clearly stated “I see you as a woman not a friend”.

        I don’t think I came off as needy in anyway. The girl was giving IOI’s and asking a lot of questions. At some point it’s alpha to be clear: this is a date. I’m here because I find you someone I’d like to get to know. That’s direct not beta or needy. I think too many guys are either over-gaming or not being totally up front. It’s more confusing to a girl to be evasive.

        The escalation: kino is I think what set her hamster spinning–that directness is something she’s not yet experienced with and the Friendzone was a clumsy way of trying to self-sabotage because as we know a shit-test is a process for weeding out betas. A beta would be ok with Friendzoning. I was clearly NOT ok with it. The intentions and body language are more important here than the precise language used.


      • @wala
        (my last response got stuck in mod) thanks for clarifying. so this is only a first date?

        alright… first off hat tip for splitting the tab. but… I would look closer at what “hanging out” means to a girl. for dudes, hanging out means sharing life experiences. for a girl, hanging out with a guy either means, a) exploiting her beta orbiters fit attention and resources, or b) getting plundered by an alpha. girls seldom “hang out” because they enjoy someone else’s company. so keep that in mind for the future. which type of hanging out would you like to be doing?

        now, going forward… at this point it can’t hurt to see whether she’s hooked or not. radio silence, just like you said. if you hear from her within 3-4 works then her LJBF of bullshit and she’s DTF. but play it real cool and don’t be eager to see her at all. take her LJBF at face value, but agree and amplify.

        if you don’t hear from her then take two minutes out of your busy busy schedule and casually reach out, again, taking her LJBF at face value. but this time stay two steps ahead of her and lure her in SLOWLY. don’t rush. play the long game


      • “Uh…I should have complimented you on an excellent field report…good job putting yourself out there…way ahead of me on pulling girls to your place…I can’t do that with my wife hanging around…Mrs. Gamer is not keen on 3-somes…lol…way to go, Wala!”

        Good post gamer. Sometimes it is the guys who put themselves out there that get blasted. Obviously it is not how it should work. Thanks for the field report Wala.


      • @ads there is no continuing interest or Oneitis. This was a first meet up, went well, she came over, then suddenly started panicking and shit testing and then reflexively LBJF’d. No neediness on my part. The “No rush” is my way of acknowledging the hamster spin but remaining firm in my move forward. No rush implies, we’re moving ahead but I’m not too hung up on the timing because I have other options.

        The finality of her “never feel it’ message was so extreme that it warrants highlighting. Any girl who isn’t interested would not go to these lengths to state it so overtly.

        I suspect she had a great time. It was a bit overwhelming. She went home, told her friends. Friends being other girls who don’t get regular attention immediately cock-blocked. It’s what girls do. Her next text after “see you soon” was to open this can of worms which I responded to with two sparsely worded replies.


      • What’s comical is that black conservatives are pimped in much of the same way.


      • Wala, you were sending mixed signals. She was trying to figure out whether you were on AF or BB path. Probably compared you to boys her age who don’t sexualize things and girls end up deciding to bang because the boys are timid. You were this new man so different from her past beta boys.

        Radio silence is great at the end. Saying “no rush” means to her–not to you–that you will maintain interest and she will conclude that she doesn’t need to chase you…you were on the BB path…then radio silence will put you back on AF path…she will need to chase you…stay radio silent until she pings you…will probably ping you with beta bait, so ‘lol’ or ellipses are the proper response for you…next date, make her pay for you because of her screwup in missing your signals (you are asserting that your frame is the correct interpretation) and you have so many other options that girls paying for you is par for the course.


    • dude… you basically handed her free pass that said “I’m yours. Reject me”. don’t mean to be harsh, but I got a gag reflex before I finished the first paragraph. there’s nothing in there about YOU being choosy at all. your putting all your chips on the table so naturally she takes your chips and takes them to the next table to increase her winnings. you’re playing right into her advantage of having lots of guys chasing her

      first mistake was scheduling the dream date like your trying to entertain her and win her approval. photo exhibit, dinner, carnival. then, after she goes cold, you STILL walk her to the train AND ask her for a follow up! what a guy! are you going for chump date of the year? again, not an insult, but from a dude in his 40s like me, it’s obvious what you’re doing is elevating her value to infinity and throwing yourself at her feet. did you offer her your testicles? because that’s basically where that Hollywood rom-com beta provider strategy leads. the sad thing is after all this warm n fuzzy courting there’s a good chance that after she left you she called her ex to come over and give her a good hard shagging

      listen… what’s your plan here bro? do you want to get laid? find a wife? what is it? it looks like all you want to do is push another girl’s who into the stratosphere. be clear about what you want and focus only on the essentials

      assuming your ultimate goal is nookie, here’s some pointers:
      1. keep the dates to minimum and set the stage for sex. meet up for a drink or coffee, then see where it goes. don’t try so hard to bond with her. just be relaxed and let your balls hang out. don’t worry… she WANTS it, otherwise she wouldn’t be there with you

      2. get out of your head and READ/FEEL HER signals. there’s a very good chance she met up with you just to fuck, and was ready to do so after the photo exhibit, but instead you killed her turn on and took her on a textbook, unsexy, childhood girl’s dream date. keep the dates SHORT and see what she’s up for

      generally I spend 1-2 hours with a girl then invite her to my place. if she balks I move on to the next girl and reach out to her in a month for date #2. again keeping it short each time because, in truth, I’m busy. if the date is going to go longer, you let HER push for that, and then YOU show resistance. if she wants your time, she needs to put out. not necessarily full-on sex right away, but at least the inclination needs to be there EARLY

      the big key here wala is push pull push pull. pull back before she has a chance to. when she balks at escalating you immediately drop the vibe. not in a butthurt way but in an indifferent way

      don’t buy into the scarcity mentality. chicks are a dime a dozen. but don’t pay more than a nickel anyway. if you give yourself lots of options and you won’t possibly have time for girls who dilly dally after you’ve spent $100 and 5 hours of your precious time


      • another girls *ego* into the stratosphere…


      • @plump Thanks. Maybe I wasn’t clear. I didn’t spend any money. We split costs. We bounced around doing stuff, hanging out. It was a fun night out. But interspersed was a clear intention on my part this was a man/woman interaction. She got that as well.

        The Day 1 was a bounce from one location to another. She invited herself over by asking “How far away do you live?” in response to my “What time do you have to leave tonight?”

        This interaction was going smoothly and hitting all the right buttons.

        I teased her, I pushed and pulled. I wasn’t overt but at the same time wasn’t a weasel ‘hiding’ my intentions. I escalated. It was a case of ASD.

        A few times I’ve had this push back…usually AFTER I bang a girl I get the “We should be friends”…In every case I’ve made clear we are not friends and I see you as a woman, then gone radio silent. In nearly every case the girl’s come back and we’ve continued banging or started going out.


      • Another perspective, walawala…

        Women frequently complain that men don’t pick up on her cues. Again, they are playing PGA while most men are at the Putt-Putt when it comes to social interactions. What we consider subtle, they consider almost unforgivably obvious.

        I’m with you about her being DTF by asking how far away you lived. She’s basically saying “We’re going to fuck if you don’t fuck this up.”. NO WOMAN ever expressed interest in going to a guy’s place she didn’t want to fuck.

        You lost energy by going back to comfort-building after the door closed behind you two at the apartment. You might have had better success if you immediately pushed her against the wall and tried to kiss her.

        There’s a good chance this chick went home feeling badly sexually rejected and wondering how after throwing herself at your feet (in her mind) you actually just watched YouTube videos.

        THIS is how girls think that getting laid is actually hard for them.


      • Great comment, plump. Wala never got the broad to chase him. Asians have always chased me. Play with their emotions, then push them away. E.g., pick her up arms under her butt (like you do kids–not sexual), whirl her around, tell her it’s time for her to leave. Make them feel like they are going to lose their investment in a high value man if they don’t sexualize things.

        Standard ploy to get them to chase you.


      • I’m going to agree and disagree.

        I agree to shorten the dates and sexualize if that’s what your primary motivation is. Girls actually usually appreciate guys who are honest about their motivations. Doesn’t mean they’ll give you what you want, but they appreciate it.

        A short date is better. If she’s not down, you haven’t invested as much time.

        But at the same time, she seemed like at the end of the date she had already figured out the ruse. That’s why she asked if he thought Asian girls were easy.

        A shorter date wouldn’t have gotten her to put out because in the back of her mind, she knew what he was after and it didn’t match what she wanted. She was smarter than the average dumb ho, dig? She simply played along. What people are interpreting here as IOIs were not. She was simply calling the bets as they were laid, but she had no intention of paying out.

        If she were really interested, she wouldn’t have dug in that hard at his place. Moving for it earlier would not have changed the outcome, it would merely have moved forward wala’s realization of it.

        This is one of the best advertisements ever for short first meets and including booze in them.


      • “Women frequently complain that men don’t pick up on her cues. Again, they are playing PGA while most men are at the Putt-Putt when it comes to social interactions. What we consider subtle, they consider almost unforgivably obvious.”



    • “Why did you take me out?”- First red flag. What a flake.

      “Do you think Asian girls are easy?”- Second red flag.

      “I say I’ll walk her to her train.”- Why, was she deserving?

      “tell her to text me when she’s home to make sure she’s not kidnapped.”- I do not recommend that especially with a gal like her.

      Your only issue was not seeing this flake for what she was.

      In fact I am crossing Asians off my approach list after reading this. They can join Indian gals.


      • @Putin Thanks. “Why did you take me out/here?” not a red flake and not a flake. She showed up. The question was asked in the context of the Questions Game. My reply was to first tease her but then say “You seemed like an interesting person and I thought it would be fun to hang out.” Her response of “You didn’t answer my question was met with a smile.

        “Do you think Asians are easy?” don’t get too hung up on the ethnic part of this shit test. She could easily have asked: “Do right handed guys think left handed girls are easy?” The shit test comes from her realizing she’s come over, enjoyed herself and never done this sort of thing before with a “right handed guy”. My response to this shit test was to first surface the issue: “Why do you ask?” Then push back and say “I’m quite picky…” and then suggest Asian guys are the ones she should be asking about because they hide their motives, “I’m a man” I said.

        I tell her to text me: this is basic comfort game. I do this with all girls–this was especially important given the hamster spinning going on after she came over. She needed comfort.

        My question and reason for posting is really, how does one deal with a reflexive LBJF–I think I handled it as well as possible by sticking to my frame. Not all game is cocky funny. This was more direct. But I’m older so a cocky funny approach would be incongruent. I teased her but was firm.

        Also, from the experts, she said she would come out to help, she would find something nice to wear. I would expect given her overall strong sincere character she would approach to ask me about this. Should I still have her come out? My inclination is to avoid any perception of Butthurtness and just say “Yah, I’ll be there around 6pm. Champagne is chilling.” or some such. But would like to hear from you dudes…

        As for the ankle biters. I go out and approach and meet women on a regular basis. Not every interaction results in a bang. My own inner game has improved to the point where I’m not posting regularly here for advice because I’m more calibrated. But in this case, I was surprised because it’s usually on or off…not ON …then OFF.


      • “you think asian girls are easy” translates into “after first date i good at massage with happy ending and folding you laundry”

        seriously. they play hard to get at first but their end game is full submission to the whyte devil. but this also means you have to tweak your game slightly, maybe towards more comfort (initially)

        remember, asian guys are the quintessential beta providers. she’s going to be seeking that, even while she desires deeply to fold your laundry


      • “The finality of her “never feel it’ message was so extreme that it warrants highlighting. Any girl who isn’t interested would not go to these lengths to state it so overtly.

        I suspect she had a great time. It was a bit overwhelming. She went home, told her friends. Friends being other girls who don’t get regular attention immediately cock-blocked. It’s what girls do. Her next text after “see you soon” was to open this can of worms which I responded to with two sparsely worded replies”

        @walawala I think you nailed it here..This chick sounds like a nerdy asian ugly duckling that recently bloomed into an attractive prospect. Hence the 18/first kiss. Probably still hanging out with her plain friends giving her “Hes a douche” advice. Like gaming a 4/10 or sperg librarian type chick game will be incongruent as will her replies like “never felt it”.
        Can you elaborate on the “see you soon” reply?


      • @Rick “see you” was in response to my confirmation of meeting up Thursday. When I brought her back I did try to k-close but she turned her head or didn’t respond. She just giggled but didn’t run or it didn’t seem to bother her. It was only as we were leaving she said the “do you think I’m easy?” idea…


      • wala, maybe she doesn’t know how to kiss properly…you might have to teach her…another thing that you might have tried is kissing her throat and neck and ears to see how she responds…


    • You were formal and stiff. Now Asians are public utility droids and so you being robotic out on the date wont have fucked it. Privately, however, Asians are the most pathetic, childish and frankly cringeworthy people you will know. (Exceptions exist). They have a need to obey the stiff formality of the collective in public and this overwhelming need to obey never goes away when they’re “free” to be their childish private self.

      My advice is to have had her up against the wall when you got her home. to have gone from near-chaparone to calling her a fucking slut.


    • on December 28, 2015 at 6:57 am Cap't Tautological

      Maybe she’s a nice girl from a good family, whose Tradcon Alpha father taught her Anti-Game, and by going out with you on a date, and remembering what Tradcon Alpha taught her, she realized that you’re a worthless sack-of-sh!t nihilist who just wants to add her as another notch to his bedpost?


      • wala isn’t a nihilist. if anything he’s far too naive and optimistic about the nature of women

        the rest of us are the nihilists and we’re trying out best to convert him lol


    • Walawala not read everyone’s responses, but just based on the FR, two things immediately stand out to me:

      1. Why all the complicated date stuff? Why not just minimalist drinks-and-bang date? I mean if you enjoy her company, great – take her to the carnival after banging her you know? Doing what you did suggests her value is very high and you need to “woo” her by arranging a great date etc, and also it means she is more likely to put you into provider category (which is a perennial risk especially as a “wealthy” older white guy in Asia – you need to disqualify yourself as a provider even more than a younger guy).

      2. Despite that, she was obviously into you – the IOIs seem legit. I suspect you didn’t turn things sexual enough and set enough of a sexual frame beforehand (not necessarily kissing) so the ASD kicked in at your place. In response to that you kept trying (good), but did you also do takeaways and stuff or just keep trying? Was it all “pull” and no “push”? As RSD Julien says – it needs to be “pressure on” and “pressure off” (also see Sentient’s comments to my daygame FR a couple days ago where I got an instadate with a 23 year old and there were massive IOIs – stroking thighs and sexual talk – on it but she wouldn’t kiss me despite a dozen or so attempts – because I didn’t takeaway enough.

      3. It’s obviously a rationalization when she says “she doesn’t feel it” – she certainly felt it at some point, but query whether it is worth the effort to keep pursuing her now as it may lower your value further? Perhaps just maintain radio silence and engage some social proof next time you see her out (this is the girl you met who was with her white beta orbiter friend right from a previous FR right?) and then try to isolate/escalate after re-establishing the right frame and reminding her why she was attracted to you in the first place?


      • @Culum Thanks good comment. Not quite sure where all the dissing of the “date” stuff comes from. This was a girl I met, gamed, number closed and then got out. The dinner was around a photo exhibit—lots of opportunity to talk and chill. The carnival has to be one of the best “bounces”…going on rides, lots of great kino, teasing, push pull, DHV. The issue comes from my k-closes and her never having had that experience her ASD kicks in.

        Up to that point she was keen. After she suddenly switches from emotional to logical. At that point….cocky funny doesn’t work. It has to be some type of comfort or at the very least authenticity.

        Then I k-closed again and she didn’t react. But I escalated, I held my frame, I teased and bounced.

        The sudden LJBF really threw me for a loop. That hasn’t happened in well…years. Also, girls usually don’t say that, they just flake. The fact she made a point of texting this made it seem like it was reflexive and hamster in overdrive.

        It’s 50/50 she’ll contact me to confirm helping me out like she had promised. She was all excited about dressing up and was asking the time and location to meet….before the sudden LJBF text.

        Any thoughts on how to handle if she reaches out about helping?


      • @wala – very interesting scenario. You seem overly sure you played it right but yet you didn’t get the outcome you wanted. To me this means something was missed, and I enjoy trying to figure out what that was. I mean, you did want to bang her that night didn’t you? I’m not sure from your report whether you were more invested in good feelz and enjoying a night out vs mercenary switch flipping to bang? Not a criticism, just a question.

        Because parsing through the various comments you’ve made – one thing jumps out to me – the whole time you seem to be in her frame. yes you were “leading” the tactical side of things, where to go, when to leave etc. but the emotional side of things are all reacting to her frame… Too much comfort is a symptom of reacting to her frame.

        I’ll have some other comments, check back.


      • Wala – i think this was a case of you not escalating enough and setting your frame early on in the night, so you ended up triggering ASD instead of LMR…

        A few things to think about…

        First she came out so she is signalling attraction. Attraction needs to be amped up or it will fade. This I think is why you are hearing issues around the “date” format… it’s just too much time to put in – unless you are getting increased attraction, increased compliance tests responses and importantly demonstrating your frame mastery with little rolls offs and take aways… The natural filler for all that time (how many hours was it? Photo exhibit – dinner – carnival – then back to your place 3 hours?) is going to be comfort, which will dull attraction.

        She was still in it with the “how far away from you” lifeline, but the lack of build up killed things.

        “Questions Game. She’s asking me “Why did you take me out?” Me: You seemed interesting and someone I might like to get to know. her: “you didn’t really answer my question.”

        Questions Game – what did you do to sexualize this conversation? How would things have played out had you overtly sexualized at this stage? Why did she ask “why did you take me out?” might it have been because her hindbrain is saying “Dude… I’m here to play, but I have a lot of shit to work through, you need to help me?!!!!” her question is one of intent! She should have known from the question Game and interaction leading to it that your intent is sexual. Now if you had sexualized then she could have brought up more ASD shit testing to allow you to pass, either verbally or via roll off… However playing it more comfort till then, set up for a good neg/tease “Why? You seem kind of socially awkward, you need to get out” something along those lines to challenge her and make her qualify… Play into her fantasy! YOU are the mysterious high value guy selecting HER over all the other babes… she can’t feel that unless she is qualifying to you. You’re high value man, live it, love it, accept it…

        “I grab her hand–escalating kino in this way. She is surprised. I make a joke of it saying: “This way if you start to get lost, I’ll pull you back.” She laughs, complies. ”

        Roll off!!! She is surprised, like pull away? you: “you’re hands are a little sweaty… nervous?” drop her hand, see if she tries to reengage… again chance for her to chase. But this is related to not setting a more dominant boyfriend posture sexual frame up front, these things will build on each other, either good or bad.

        “We go on a crazy ride, we play a shooting game and I win her a corny prize. Escalate kino more, arm around her on the ferris wheel. She says she likes my cologne. Me: I haven’t showered in a week.”

        THIS was the K close point… she was expecting it and gave a little nudge… Now if you had good BF posture kino going, laser eye going, you ARE isolated here right??? “C’mere let me smell you” hand to back of head, mouth and nose over her ear down her neck… pause “Mmmmmmm… nice” running cheek back up her neck” then nudge head back with your hand LASER – pause – and a short kiss and ROLL OFF!!! Shift back in your seat. Point out the view. Blow her mind… So now she is with the DHV guy, he is playing into the fantasy… smoothly escalating and not pawing and groping like the other guys spiking the shit out of her emotions then coolly sliding back and looking at the scene…. POW to her hamster…

        “It’s going well. We get to her train. She asks how far away I live. I tell her nearby, come over, we’ll have tea, listen to music and then i’ll kick her out.”

        This is such a huge tell, she was still in it but had so much to overcome… How was your body language a this point? Holding her hand? arm on her waist? Lasering? Pull her forward into you holding both her hands and a quick kiss? That would have allowed her to put up some ASD shit tests if she still needed to (and she did) so that when you did pull her it was more of a slam dunk at that point.

        “Back at my place she’s nervous but warms. We listen to music, watch videos, I pull her close, she cuddles me. I go for the k-close. She pulls back, smiles. I continue with the music and videos. Again k-close…same. I act as if nothing. Finally she realizes she has to leave.”

        Good stuff here… any compliance testing to get her in your frame? “hey go open that bottle and pour us a glass” “here take your shoes off and sit over there” etc. something. When she pulled back, did you roll off? shift your body away anything to take focus off her? This is a delicious delicious moment that you can use to CALL her on her BS and watch her hamster spin up to 5000 RPM. You just have to play it cool.

        After the second rebuff however you should have set the frame “hey I need to kick you out in 10, big day tomorrow” so she had enough time face her failure and act on her feelings… you are slipping away…. the string is being pulled away… the trick is to do so in a very calm and non needy way. here if you start to treat her as a friend or little sister, she can than act to prove you wrong.

        “As we’re leaving she asks: “Do you think Asian girls are easy?”

        Me: Why would you ask that? She pushes.

        Me: I’m quite picky. If I didn’t enjoy spending time I wouldn’t have invited you here.”

        This was the only real failure IMO in your FR… totally in her frame. Better response would have been Me:”so many questions…” big smile from you and then spank her ass and turn her out and let her go to the train by herself. Your response, I know felt right to you, but to her would come off as he’s giving me more and more chances and not pushing me…

        and she had to take the long lonely walk to the train by herself… she needs to feel your withdrawal, the loss…

        and then no matter what (unless it’s hey can I come back up) don’t answer any texts from her that night at all, because it is all a setup!!! as you saw.

        but since you did you get this shitshow…

        “Then I get this text: “I had a great time and enjoyed spending time with you.”

        Me: send a photo we took

        Her: But I think we should just stay friends

        Me: I have plenty of friends. I see you as a woman

        Her: But I just don’t feel it

        Me: No rush

        Her: But if don’t feel it, I will never feel it.”

        A&A would probably been better “I’m going to friend you so hard” LOL

        All in all it seems clear more sexualization early, more intent, more seduction, less comfort, take aways and all from your frame would have worked better. don’t underestimate how much she did want something to happen here and how virtuous cycles and failure cycle work (good building better bad building worse outcomes)

        I think you are right no contact, if she does contact you definitely compliance test her “what are you wearing? Send pic” and no matter what she has on tell her to change, you want her to look sexier. Then if she does come out it is still on. But definitely flirt with the other women and make her chase you and in between strong dominant sexual vibe from you…

        Would love to see another field report from you on this!!!

        Have fun!


      • @Walawala – re reaching out about helping – just all business I’d say, if she reaches out to you. Like the date didn’t happen. Your goal now (with this girl) is basically to not pursue her and build up your value with some passive social proof (and maybe a bit of sexual flirting if you see her in a social situation) and let the attraction build up again before pitching another meetup. If you pitch another meetup, get her straight over to your place to “Netflix and chill” or the Asian equivalent – no long dates. Or even better, isolate and escalate hard at a social event where she’s seen you’re socially proofed and get the lay that way (and by social proofing yourself I mean the kind of stuff you’ve posted about doing before when your ex-girlfriend sees you out – basically you want her to see you with other hot girls and feel the pain of loss so she’s trying for your attention again).

        Good stuff from Sentient as usual.

        It’s interesting though – to someone like me (and many other guys on this thread), analyzing social interaction like this is fascinating in itself – I enjoyed reading the FR, all the replies and just generally breaking it down. To someone like trav777 (who sounds like a classic Natural in YaReally’s terms) it must just all be so tedious and overthinking..but if you’re into understanding social interaction it is really interesting stuff.

        Speaking of which – RSD have just launched a new 1 day seminar program called the Hotseat – from what I can tell from the preview videos on Youtube (search for “Hot Seat Revealed” – all posted in the last 7-10 days) it basically seems to be a day of breaking down field reports/infield footage to understand all the social and sexual dynamics and then some teaching and exercises on self-analyzing your own subcomms/voice tonality/frame and improving them.

        The benefits go well beyond just chicks of course – applicable everywhere in life.

        I don’t need a traditional bootcamp but this sounds totally up my street – plus only $300 and done in a single day, so I’m planning to do it sometime in the next few months. Will post a review when I do.


      • on December 28, 2015 at 3:40 pm having a bad day


        didn’t see your FR…


        f’in stack…i lost 2 long ones already to the stack (firefox…so wordpress hates me…lol) (so this might seem choppy…). let’s see if third times the charm…and i’m only trying so hard to post bc you are trying to get better…

        main point = you can’t beat ‘structural beta’…regardless of how alpha your minute to minute interaction is…subcomms are in play – see Rational Male – medium is the message…

        ” She’s asking me “Why did you take me out?” Me: You seemed interesting and someone I might like to get to know. her: “you didn’t really answer my question. I smile. She’s inexperienced, hasn’t kissed a dude until 18. But she’s fun and good company. ”

        this is where you lost the bang…


        She’s asking me “Why did you take me out?” [why aren’t you sexing me up already…? i thought you were an alpha stud…]
        Me: You seemed interesting and someone I might like to get to know. [i missed that cue…and am messing up my calibration… i really see you as a gf material…]
        her: “you didn’t really answer my question. [i’ll give you one more chance to show me some of those alpha chops…]
        I smile. She’s inexperienced, hasn’t kissed a dude until 18. But she’s fun and good company. [i am focusing on your non-sexual qualities…]

        everybody is commenting on the ‘date stuff’ bc it’s classic beta overinvestment…the subcomms are that she is the prize…and that you feel like you need to overinvest in her…

        now, i know what you are thinking regarding the ‘date stuff’ not being a big deal…you think that bc YOU want to do it that it doesn’t translate to beta bc your focus is not on pleasing her…true…BUT, nothing in your FR indicates that you communicated that to her (while sexualizing the interaction)…sooo, her default setting = beta orbiter kicked in and you get ljbf zoned…

        if you wanted to alpha ‘date’ =
        “She’s asking me “Why did you take me out?””
        you: easy, honey…we’ll get to rockin’ your world in a little while. i’m enjoying myself [doing whatever]… think of it like foreplay…[then kiss her…and bf posture kino for the rest of the night til the bang…]

        that’s the only way she would know that you are doing it for you instead of for her…

        “I grab her hand–escalating kino in this way. She is surprised. I make a joke of it saying: “This way if you start to get lost, I’ll pull you back.” She laughs, complies.”

        ‘she is surprised’ = you are not calibrating…what was your prediction for what was going to happen? if you get ‘surprised’, you always need to recalibrate…bc you SHOULD be 2 or 3 steps ahead of your interaction with her…the best situ is that you have the logistics coordinated from meet to bang prior to meeting…blah, blah…you KNOW this stuff…lol…sooo, see below…

        “i make a joke’ = beta response = not owning your actions…nor sexualizing the interaction…

        “She asks how far away I live. I tell her nearby, come over, we’ll have tea, listen to music and then i’ll kick her out.”

        = her hindbrain is giving you one more chance, but you failed to lead here, bc you are reacting to her ‘prompting’…

        etc… etc… (+1 on Sentient’s comments)

        this whole FR tells me that you want a gf…so, get over to YaReally’s and search out his pLTR plan and execute that…it’s not impossible to get what you want…fun ‘dates’ with hot girls…but you have to jump through the biological hoops to have both bangs AND caring relationships…without the drama…lol…

        basic strategy = treat the whole episode like a flake = don’t mention it…and if she brings it up just change the subject…then, ping for a coffee date and push for sex asap…

        good luck!


      • At HABD

        I didn’t diss the date stuff–hah. (I’m not everybody.) The whole interaction smelled so beta, though.

        “main point = you can’t beat ‘structural beta’…regardless of how alpha your minute to minute interaction is”

        Exactly. This was why I said that Wala was “heading for beta territory” with his “you seemed like an interesting girl” reason for taking her out. He clearly was emotionally overinvested in this girl. Saw her as way too high value. This undoubtedly showed up as beta in his subcoms.

        However, Wala recovered fine from the miscalibration of grabbing her hand…the girl laughed and complied. Naturals do this all the time. It’s the package that’s the problem. Too much emotional investment in this girl.

        I wouldn’t have believed her statement that she wasn’t kissed until she was 18. That’s so obviously try-hard. (I’m really a good girl, I am!)

        Did wala laser her ever before getting her to his place and at least get a kiss close before spending much time on her?


      • @HABD, Sentient, Trav: thanks…all good comments. A few points: I did sexualize the Questions Game. What I learned was that she did have foreign lovers, but both were Asian–doesn’t count in my book. But that’s when I escalated kino. All the time I was moving it forward between attraction and comfort, teasing and then escalating kino….so when she was up for coming over I could see the positive impact.

        I k-closed at my place not on the street. I was bold, I didn’t flinch from her direct questions which I calibrated demanded authenticity given that i’m an older guy–cocky/funny was injected but too much would be over-gaming.

        My blind spot up to now had been OVER gaming…too much cocky-funny. That was balanced. Letting the girl blab on…DHV.

        One question I always ask during the Questions Game is: “What do you like about me?” This assumes the sale and taps into what she’s after. She said rhymed off the elements of attraction: leading, protecting her, and then she could see the pre-selection….so all three elements. At each stage I was escalating and leading.

        In her frame? Hmmmm…. I took charge from the start…ordering the snacks, leading around, choosing the locations… The k-close, the kino, the spikes reeled back in with comfort—that was all new for me….I’ve added that to the mix. The result was her agreeing to come over—which frankly surprised me.

        The key to this is ASD. I see this as a classic forebrain/hindbrain conflict that was somehow spiked. She texts to say she’s home safe…that’s the thing to do to avoid the player vibe. Then 20 minutes later I get the sudden awkward LJBF texts. The whole vibe was light, fun, not provider/r-selected.

        All good learnings. I’ll report back on any developments because I think it’s a good case in managing ASD.


      • @HABD – sorry, mistype on my part, should have said “FR about daygame instadate with 23 year old a couple of MONTHS ago” not couple of days ago. I haven’t had an FR since my solo game effort at the bar a few days before Christmas.

        Speaking of which, your original post on that May-December thread STILL doesn’t appear to be out of mod, over a week later..(I think the record was something like 3 weeks from earlier this year when the system finally pumped out some posts that had been in the stack).


      • @Sentient To reply to some of your questions:

        Sexualizing the Questions Game: yes. She was getting it and when I got up to go to the washroom brushed her hair, she was complying.

        Escalating kino–the body language when I grabbed it was boldness.

        Coming back to the train. We took a taxi and she moved herself in to my arm.

        Back at my place I pulled her close, she moved in and wrapped herself around me. I went for the k-close twice.

        She needed more comfort and then we ran out of time.

        Then as we were leaving she asked the passive-voice question: “Do western guys think Asian girls are easy?” I laughed and said “Why do you ask?” Which is the same as “so many questions….” in tone.

        I’m interested in this scenario/case simply because it is so unusual in all my gaming. Either I would crash and burn or would bang the girl. I wouldn’t get this far and then get an LJBF.

        Anyway, I’ll keep you guys posted on any other developments or if she reaches out ahead of my party.

        Thanks all!


      • on December 29, 2015 at 8:18 am having a bad day


        ya, wordpress is hatin’ on me…lol…and it doesn’t seem to matter which browser i use…lost another long one yesterday…so, i’ll try again…but it’s REALLY getting old…i may have to bounce to Rational Male, but i HATE that non-nested format…lol

        @ wala

        props on not paying for her…but the ‘overinvestment’ is in time and attention…anything more than ‘enough’ is going further into beta land…(and this applies to Culum at the club too…lol) that’s the ‘structural beta’…and nobody can beat that…bc of what it tells her in the subcomms…regardless of your minute to minute alpha chops…

        look at it from her hindbrain’s pov (bc that’s the only thing that counts when it comes to authentic sex…as opposed to ‘get a beta to do what i want’ sex)…

        she starts out at beta bux default…she sees an ‘attractive’ man = alpha characteristics (why is he ‘attractive’?…bc her hindbrain sees that he can ‘close the deal’ = sexual success in repro = her offspring will be ‘sexy sons’ spreading her genetics far and wide…) she shit tests (fitness tests) him…he passes…once her hindbrain has ‘buy-in’ (given his congruence in alpha attitude = overt actions and subcomms) she signals that she’s ready…that’s her ‘enough’…

        if you miss that cue (and it might be in a subcomm = isolating with you), anything (time, attention, effort, etc) after that is beta (less sexually desirable) bc it is less congruent to getting a sexy son…and the longer it goes on, the more doubt you throw at her hindbrain…until you get her to the point where she shit tests with a head turn and a smile when you try to k-close her…

        this is why YaReally (or anybody else…lol) can just pin her against the wall as soon as the door closes…bc it’s consistent with seeing the ‘buy-in’ signal and getting the deal done…= her hindbrain is getting a sexy son in 9 months…lol…

        trav777 touches on this idea…when the lack of congruence is too much = she gets the feeling she is getting played…that’s her hindbrain reacting and she’ll shut you out rather than make a mistake on getting a ‘non-sexy son’. remember the prime directive = eggs are expensive…so, if she has ANY doubt, she has NO doubt…lol…and she’ll bail…

        that’s why Sentient has figured out that pushing for SNL is the way to go…that’s why YaReally pushes the envelope to make seduction as fast/efficient as possible…that’s why Krauser pushes hard = alpha stud subcomms…if the default is getting to sex sooner/more efficiently = congruence with alpha…

        ‘hi, those are cute boots” to “wow, i’ve never done that before!” in 2 hours or less…lol…

        “The sudden LJBF really threw me for a loop. That hasn’t happened in well…years. Also, girls usually don’t say that, they just flake. The fact she made a point of texting this made it seem like it was reflexive and hamster in overdrive.”

        that’s bc that’s what it was…lol…she isolates with you = her hindbrain has buy-in…you fail to close (doesn’t matter why…)…she needs to retroactively rationalize the reason that you didn’t close = ljbf zone…she reacted like a standard issue girl = AWALT…

        props on putting up the FRs…let us know updates…

        good luck!


      • @wala

        well you seem convinced that you did everything right but it’s “just” ‘this girl’s ASD that “just” popped up – like she caught the flu. Not a criticism of you at all… it’s like “bitches man”… but as HABD says below AWALT so there was a reason for it and a way to overcome it. You were faced with this:

        “I’m interested in this scenario/case simply because it is so unusual in all my gaming. ”

        a situation you HAD a prediction for and yet the outcome was not what you predicted right? So there was a reason and it is always missed signal, calibration or amplitude… She was out with you and isolating with you = wants sex. But there is the minefield to navigate to get there and you stepped on some. It’s all good.

        I highlight your quote above here because it is instructive… your game has reached a plateau, you hit the same or similar enough scenarios over and over and then BOOM you get a different one and you learn from it. It’s not the years it’s the miles right? The quantum of interactions as well as the range/breadth.

        This is why I gave up AI/IOI’s for a while and single snipes at hotel bars… not enough range… Some immersion in SNL game will bring up soooo many different scenarios it will really help round out all aspects of your game.

        Good luck with this growth experience. If she DOES come out (what is your prediction? Right?) it’s on with strong escalation and roll offs… Get her chasing you.


      • Wala – here is an example of BF posture, early kiss, some roll offs and take aways and using her hamster against her

        Get her chasing you!


      • Wala – link in mod re example roll offs and take aways

        go here fill out the rest.


      • ugh mod… Wala a few links in mod from the Sept Lena Dunham game thread re roll off and take aways…


      • @Sentient/HABD it’s 5o/50 she reaches out after this emotional meltdown text…but…chicks be crazy. She made a mess of things. Radio silence so far but she’ll be wondering: ‘is he mad at me?” “do I really not like him THAT way?” She’ll look at her lame friends who talked her into sending that text and think…hmmmmm. Let’s give this another try…

        She likely will send a feeler; “Do you still need my help?” or some such.

        What’s my response? In reality, could use the help and the more the merrier even though there will be a ton of girls at this thing…How do I play this?

        Before receiving your replies, here’s my initial reaction… response: “Be prepared to do some work princess leia…you know where i’ll be… Dress nice.”


      • “She likely will send a feeler; “Do you still need my help?” or some such.

        What’s my response? In reality, could use the help and the more the merrier even though there will be a ton of girls at this thing…How do I play this?

        Before receiving your replies, here’s my initial reaction… response: “Be prepared to do some work princess leia…you know where i’ll be… Dress nice.”

        To me – if she reaches out she is up for sex – so dismiss with any notion of her frame that you are friends and she is helping you… call her out on her BS by sexualizing the interaction and compliance testing her… make her work to come out and play. because you are not friends right? You are a man and she is a woman… you got lot’s of friends… anything playing along the lines of help or friends is reacting in her frame…

        So I’d still go with something along the lines of:

        Her:”Do you still need my help?”
        You:”What are you going to wear? pic.”
        Her: “blah blah blah blah” [anything but a pic]

        Her:[sends pic]
        You:mmmmm it’s ok. That skirt is too long, you look like an old maid. Wear something a bit sexier and be there at [time]. see you then.
        then radio silence….

        Again if she shows up it’s on, if she shows up and is wearing a sexier outfit, you pull her in close and kiss her on the lips straight off… not a make out. just a kiss, then roll off and direct her around the party. Flirt with the other girls DHV and every 15 minutes swing by and give her a little attention and a squeze…

        Good luck!


      • Game denier rationalizations…. Bitches Man! LOL


      • on December 29, 2015 at 11:38 am having a bad day


        “…but…chicks be crazy.”

        they seem that way when you are behind their OODA loop…and outside the bounds of their hindbrain’s operational parameters… how’s that for spergy over-analysis…lol…

        “She likely will send a feeler; “Do you still need my help?” or some such.”

        that would be her trying to solidify you into ljbf zone/reconfirm her hindbrain decision…bc then she gets to feel good about ‘helping’ a ‘friend’…

        “What’s my response? In reality, could use the help and the more the merrier even though there will be a ton of girls at this thing…How do I play this?”

        what would you do if the last ‘date’ had never happened?…do that…lol…

        make your plan, make your predictions, execute the plan, observe results, adjust, rinse and repeat…OODA for playahs…lol…

        if it was me, (playing long game…) i’d tell her to show up to work (dressed up – for a compliance test) since you could use the help…then order her around (compliance tests and getting stuff done…lol) while you flirt with the other girls = get your pre-sexlection going…(not a typo…lol)…and blank her on the kino/attraction…that’s a meta ‘takeaway’…then, later (week or so) ping for a coffee date and escalate/isolate hard…so, its on your timetable…and it ‘just happens’…take home one of the other girls at the event…

        good luck!


      • @Sentient/HABD update. The girl never did text me or show up for my party. However I woke up to find a 6am text from her: “Happy New Year”… obviously a ping text, clearly out partying and didn’t hear from me so reached out.

        Do I reply? I’m stumped from a game perspective. Beyond; “thanks” no clue what to do with this. Your thoughts and comments are appreciated at reviving this lead.

        Doesn’t matter, I gamed and number closed two other HB8’s at my party.


    • Read my comment above- women aren’t deterministic machines.

      I’ve been invited up to a girl’s place after making out with her in the bar, before only to have her tell me I wasn’t getting laid that night. That was the indian I walked out on telling her fuck you to a demand, and I came back and fucked her the next night.

      Forrest Gump, women are like a box of chocolates n’ shit. Day to day shit changes.

      It sounded like a good date, people are gonna nitpick, but all in all what did you *do* wrong? Nothing.

      The problem was she knew you wanted to fuck her and she didn’t wanna do it. At that moment. Maybe there was a different moment you could have seized on to get the P but you didn’t.

      Check this out tho, I had a tinder meetup where I had her in my backseat within an hour- SHE sexualized the convo, SHE talked about not shaving her chacha for the date as a “oh shit I forgot” mistake. She got up and got out of the car and flipped the fuck out after being buck naked already.

      Wanna talk ASD, I mean that shit right there takes the cake…you cannot GET more escalated than you’re at the point of entry about to get in it and she does a hard 180. It happens.

      The “Asian girls easy” was her announcement that she knew she was in a setup…she was being gamed. She was playing along with your kinos and escalations as the date unfolded and reading you. Some chicks are smart, man, they do this shit. I have been caught by this a time or two as well.

      I’m not convinced that had you moved for the kill earlier it would have gone any differently and I think she’s being honest with you in her txts. I think she was reading and watching what you did and saw through the attempts. She played along until it was time to go then she dropped the “I see what you’re doing” line and split.

      So you walked her to her train, so fucking what…no big deal. You get props from me for being a gentleman even when you didn’t want to.

      If she contacts you on Thursday, do what YOU want to do. Whatever that is. Be authentic. If you actually WANT to see her, then see her without any expectation or game planned out on how to get into her pants. Do what you want.


      • @Trav Thanks, good read and comment. The ASD is the key here. I did sexualize and did calibrate. Cocky/Funny all the time doesn’t work with these girls. I could sense a waffling between attraction and a need for comfort. She told me she had two “foreign lovers” who were both Asian so that doesn’t count in my book. Both sounded beta. One drove her around. The other would cook with her but didn’t sound like he ever escalated. So my escalation—kino, k-close prompted the “do you think I’m easy?” comment.

        For me it was a crap shoot. Cocky/Funny doesn’t work in all situations when a girl is demanding authenticity.

        The whole interaction seemed textbook right up to our split. But the LJBF came out of left field. Most girls would just flake or not call. To get a deliberate text saying let’s see each other and hang out but LJBF smacks of ASD not lack of attraction.


      • I’d like to agree but I can’t…the “not feeling it won’t ever” is too blunt. I’ve gotten those types of terse texts from girls and it’s always death. The girl who was naked in my back seat helped me remove her pants…her text is “not interested, good luck.” Had another first date lay, 30 yr old Turkish chick with giant tits…another blunt set of “don’t trust you, not interested, no.” I’ve seen the bad and the good side and I don’t see wiggle room in her txts.

        I think she felt gamed. As I said, some women have flat called me the fuck out on stuff before and I was like whoa, you’re smarter than you look huh. And there’s no recovery from that. Like they know you took another chick to this spot or they know you used that line or bought that drink or played this angle. Some girls are sharp.

        Like I said, if this girl comes on Thu, try this- don’t game her. Just be straight up, get a bit loaded and live for you. Whatever you wanna do, whoever you are, do that and be that. If you are you without apologies, she is going to see authenticity and I honestly think she sensed that the previous date was contrived…I mean it was, wasn’t it? It was all kind of scripted with the intent to get into her pants.

        The girls i make out with on planes now ask me how many times I’ve done this before…because fuckin eh it’s almost like clockwork, isn’t it? They can implicitly sense that they aren’t the first. Bitch you may not be the first this flight, get real. But I digress. The point is that when girls feel caught in a game, they push back. Maybe that’s why the ho in my backseat got unnaked and bolted, huh? When a dude is too smooth and has it all planned out, some of them can sniff it.

        So if you actually aren’t trying to just fuck her, she’s going to pivot on that. And some chicks are flat out not gonna feel scripts, they are going to require real emotion.

        Listen to what she said…she’s not *feeling* it. She’s being honest with you here. You said all the right words and made all the right plays but you didn’t *connect* with her. The connection is what she is looking for.


      • @Trav Yah, was an interesting night out. In my own experience, when a girl does this sort of thing it’s 50/50. She’s feeling overwhelmed…or she’s not feeling anything.

        But often a girl’s emotions are a roller coaster. That’s why I kept my responses to her blowing up my phone to a minimal: “I see you as a woman not a friend” and “No rush”.

        She’s young, inexperienced and I think I pushed a lot of buttons during our time out….The Questions Game…When I proposed it, she brought up the movie: “Before Sunset”—never saw it…so she was totally into the interaction and the various sexual spikes and kino.

        I know she’ll be showing this to her friends and less is more. I’m sure she’ll be back and I’ll update on how the next interaction goes.


    • I think you played it well, and I think she sounds inexperienced too. If you think ASD is the problem, maybe you could have ended with “don’t worry, you’re starting to feel it already” or something. A bit of suggestion to mildly push things along can work if the girl is just dithering.

      If she contacts you for a just-work meetup like that, it’s your duty to escalate. Unless she’s a fanatic about helping out at random New Years parties.


    • I thought about this some more…end result of the night was that you had a good time and no lay…she blue-balled you…was likely her game plan all along…supporting evidence follows…her cortex was solidly in control…you spent way too much time without a kiss close because you weren’t feeling any sexual chemistry…you were feeling lots of rapport…you believed that she was a good girl (which may be true, but she might also like to blue-ball guys)…she never chased you

      My sister used to do this shit. She’d brag to me that she’d even sleep in the same bed with guys and deny sex. She was brutal.

      Shiv test her on her game plan of blue-balling you (at some time after she contacts you) and report back.


    • Her: But I just don’t feel it

      Me: Hahaha… Liar. You totally felt it.

      Her: (probably something like) No I didn’t.

      Me: Fair enough. But you’d be terrible at poker.


  5. It’s mostly just the left blaming whites, thinking that removal will solve all problems, but in situations where whitey (gentiles) are removed, it all falls apart. Ergo, the latter MUST prove that whitey (gentile) is a master-manipulator conspiracy-warlord who controls all the means of happiness and production and therefore must be stripped and shamed MORE.

    Classic cognitive dissonance. The Pavlovian-Mental-Block-Crimestop implanted deep in the lefty brain by hardcore propaganda (thank you Mr. Soros and friends) has literally made it impossible for lefties to come to the obvious conclusion that, yes, Virginia, it isn’t whitey’s fault darkies/females/child molesters aren’t normal and can’t measure up; it’s actually that whitey is better at certain things and is more civilized.

    If you literally try to walk a lefty down the mental path to this conclusion, they will physically seize up and start resisting, their now-second nature aversion to the idea causing physical and emotional trauma. Like exposing a phobic to the phobia.

    And why haven’t I won COTW lately? FOR SHAME, DARKLORDS!!!!!!

    Mental rape!

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    • The cultmarx mindset ALWAYS falls back to ‘White mans fault’. In the case of White flight, Whites get blamed because they got ‘scared’ and moved away, taking their tax ‘contribution’ with them. South Africa ended apartheid, and the place, apparently, turned into a dangerous shithole run by blacks. That’s what I’ve heard, anyway. Why do White people continue living there? Still, when pointing out that when Whites leave blacks to their own devices, it’s Whiteys fault that the place falls apart because evil international Whites (of course, this is when Jews disassociate themselves from ‘White’ culture) have created foreign policies to ensure black failure. Am I missing something? Did SA become a paradise when the Whites left? Is there ANY place on Earth that has gotten better when the black population took over? Seriously. Oh, Merry Christmas.


      • South Africa isn’t entirely run by blacks and that’s why the gated-communities exist. In my experience the most ardent verbal supporters of post-apartheid are whites wealthy enough to either emigrate or live behind the concrete walls and blacks made middle class by the ANC government – i.e. blacks on the gravy train.

        The working class of South Africa, black and white, is where the miners they shoot and the national socialists they shun come from.


      • on December 28, 2015 at 7:23 am Cap't Tautological

        > “the miners they shoot and the national socialists they shun” ——— I don’t want to jinx him, but that MIGHT be the coalition which The Donald is assembling. As much as we in the Dark Enlightenment love to go all KayKayKay & J!m Cr0w & [email protected], there are some Righteous Kneegrows out there who are receptive to Truth Speak. Probably no more than about 25% of the USA Kneegrow voting population, but they’re out there, and I think they might be ready to cross the line and pull the lever for a Truth-Speaking GOP Alpha Sh!tlord.


      • on December 28, 2015 at 7:27 am Cap't Tautological

        I also feel like there are Old School DEM traditionalist Whites – dudes like Chris Matthews & Bob Beckel & Pat Caddell – who are VERY intrigued by the coalition which The Donald might be assembling. But, again, I don’t want to jinx him or his emerging coalition.


      • on December 28, 2015 at 7:36 am Cap't Tautological

        I got a few kkkomments to this thread lost in the [email protected], but “Man” -v- “Woman” seems to boil down to “Work” -v- “Leisure”, and masculine men don’t want to sit around with their thumbs up their @sses, playing video games and suffering j00ish propaganda on j00livision and at the j00vies, all paid for with EBT cards courtesy of fake shekels invented at the J00deral Reserve in JYC. Masculine men want to WORK.


  6. The Left have a similar relationship with large corporations. On the one hand they are evil exploiters. Yet on the other hand it is terrible if they move their operations offshore or relocate to low-tax jurisdictions. ‘I hate you’, but then ‘I need you, don’t leave me’ all over again. Leftism is just perpetual adolescence.

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    • Large corporations are leftist indoctrination gulags.


      • Large corporations are fairly leftist in most ways that count. They are just not quite as leftist as government departments, universities, NGOs. The left hate anything or anyone that is not 100% with them on everything.

        Moreover, leftists have a need to fight straw men and fictional enemies instead of real threats or problems. The idea of large corporations as bastions of reactionary influence fits this narrative nicely.


      • on December 27, 2015 at 10:44 pm Vagina dominator

        Why must we psychologize leftists any further than to point out that they are always simply acting in their own vile interests?

        Scalzi looks in the mirror and sees a repulsive manboob. He is too lazy for self-improvement so his sexual strategy is to undermine other men and grovel for female approval/gash.

        Similarly it is not difficult to identify the motives of the (now convicted) pedophile former Deputy Minister of Education and professor of Education at the University of Ontario – Benjamin Levin – who formulated Ontario’s pedophilia-enabling sex education curriculum. It is simple. The foul pervert did what he did because his behavior brought him advantages.

        And so it goes. SJWs wish to be bullying commissars because they find it rewarding. Darkies of various hues want to be close to whites because that is where the milky teat is. And so on. End of analysis.


    • on December 28, 2015 at 7:59 am Cap't Tautological

      The other huge similarity is the all-consuming infatuation with [& worship of] shekel accumulation. In the US Senate testimony a few years ago, it was proved that Apple has a legalistic fiction which exists within no United Nations recognized state, and all of Apple’s profits [now well into the nine figures] belong to that un-taxable legalistic fiction. Which is entirely analogous to the Universities sitting on tens of billions in un-taxable endowment money, and yet continuing to insist on saddling Gay-Lettuce-Bacon-Tomato Studies Majors with hundreds of thousands in eBernankification student loan debt.


      • on December 28, 2015 at 8:01 am Cap't Tautological

        > “now well into the nine figures” ——— ACK!!! Now well into the TWELVE figures. Sorry, I’m not accustomed to thinking of profit margins on the order of hundreds of billions of dollars.


  7. Liberals have always treated non-whites like mascots, pets and cattle. They’ll parade black people in front of the camera, cheer them on and use them as props to convince others of proof of their diversity. They reward and give treats to those who conform to the liberal paradigm and seek to debase and punish blacks who do not follow the liberal playbook in determining their goals in life. Most of all – they pack blacks onto buses like livestock every two years to drive them to the polling stations to vote, but after it’s done – you’ll rarely see any white liberal go anywhere near the ghetto to reach out to his black constituency – because after all, the visuals would look bad. But hey, who really cares as long as they get to blame everything on whites anyways, right? After all – who are whites going to go argue with? In the end, they call you racists if you stand up for ourselves. They call you racists if you call them out for their faults. They call you racists when you stay quiet. Hell, they call you racists even when you’re not involved. It’s a win-win situation for them…because the politics of political correctness with regards to race as crafted and practiced by liberals is not meant to improve race relations or reinforce the notion that race does not matter. It is meant to intimidate whites into remaining silent on issues that are meant to specifically affect and be purposefully detrimental to them.

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    • conservative blacks like sowell and kevin jackson call what liberals do “race pimping”. these guys argue that treating n1ggers like theyre weak and disabled does more harm than full on whyte jim crow oppression. it’s simply a tactic to shift general policy towards more handouts to all those crippled souls who cannot/will not otherwise survive by the fruits of their own labors. they’re onto something


      • @Pwn on December 28, 2015 at 2:07 am

        What’s comical is that black conservatives are pimped in much of the same way.

        rofl true. too bad there aren’t more of them to pimp


      • on December 28, 2015 at 10:28 am Ed the Department Head

        A major problem with the argument of black conservatives is that it comes off sounding like ordinary blacks are capable of supporting themselves but are cheating out of self reliance by racial pimps when they could rationally do for themselves otherwise. In reality most of the knegrows are of very limited talents and intelligence and would have a considerably lower standard of living if they didn’t have white hand outs and followed the black cons. Thus, ordinary blacks, who could not rely on themselves successfully even if they tried, are being quit rational in relying on racial pimps and hand outs. People who truly can’t make on their own because they don’t have the prerequisite ability can’t be shamed out of the spoils that are the only realistic way they can enjoy considerable living standard.


      • the tiny number of black conservatives are basically house n1ggers, a larger number are your field n1ggers, and the vast majority of blacks are stuck somewhere in between. we need a new term for those. garage n1ggers?


      • @ed

        what’s the liberal argument as to why blacks can’t fill all the low skill, low intelligence jobs currently filled by immigrant labor? someone can definitely support themselves in this country if they’re willing to pick up a shovel. is showing up for work considered a “skill” nowadays? serious question


      • Showing up for work… a skill these days?

        Hell, for some it would be a miracle.


  8. Much of the reason white men are the most demonized group according to modern PC is simply because they are the largest group of reliably productive people on average. The easiest way for governments to extract more resources from a population is to demonize the most reliably productive section of the population, in order to justify extracting more of the productivity from that group. While there are other groups, such as certain categories of Orientals, that tend to be more hard working and conscientious than white men on average, they are fewer in number and so provide less of a herd to milk.

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  9. K selection … F 1 racing. You do not block in F 1.
    Most attended and important F 1 event in the world?
    Circuit of the Americas. In Austin, TEXAS.


    • Any chic F 1 champs or drivers? Blacks? Chinee? The audience is probably 95% White. We should all just stick to traditionally White activities, interests, hobbies. Even if we don’t, necessarily, like them. Acquired tastes. My dad loved old western music, for example. Bored me as a kid (I was into heavy rock, but that was mostly White too) but I have a different perspective now. Snow skiing has always been great, though I sometimes wonder if snowboarding was invented because it’s a little easier, therefore opening up the slopes for lower IQ groups. I don’t want to name other White activities, lest I give the cultmarx shitbags any ideas. Oh, Merry Christmas.


      • Been skiing (badly) for years. The most diverse people I’ve seen on the slopes are well, some slopes. Nips in particular. Japanese Alps and all that…


      • I’ve been considering this hypothetical lately. Two children of equal age, weight, ability, etc., are drowning. One is White, the other not. The only person around to save them is a young American White woman. The problem is she only has time to save one, as they are drowning on either side of her and there isn’t enough time to get to both of them. Does she save the White child, or does the cultmarx brainwashing kick in and tell her to save the other, because, you know, oppression and shame from the left and stuff? Which child does she go to first? Is this a serious question? Oh, Merry Christmas.


      • Three times F1 World Drivers’ Champion — Lewis Hamilton, black father, white mother (both from Grenada, now British). Arguably the best driver since Michael Schumacher.

        Prominent women in Formula One — Claire Williams (deputy team principal, Williams) and Monisha Kaltenborn, born Monisha Darang, of Indian descent, (team principal, Sauber)


      • @Avenroad
        Good. 95% White participants. Good enough for me, at this point


    • 117, 429 ticket sales for the COTAs. All the other world-sites just keep their ticket sales a secret.
      The other, former F 1 sites in the USA are all dead. Because they lost their nerve.

      Some here who have not lost their nerve: The Texas Medical Center: Grown to 110,000 employees. By far, the largest in the world.
      Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo : 2.5 million ticket buyers.
      SXSW — largest live music event on planet


  10. The only two things that male brains and female brains have in common is their reactions to alcohol and adrenalin. Get them drunk and get them into a 500 hp Ferrari and you can have a bonding, unifying experience together. The more piss on the floor the better.


  11. Trump with a nice AMOG:

    Not the sexism part, the part about Hillary “letting him out”.

    Its taken for granted that Bill Clinton is alpha, but he has a real challenge here. Is Bill a real alpha or just King of the coalition of weirdos? We’ll find out.

    This election is going to be so fun.


    • naw clinton just a different type of alpha. they dont call him slick willie for nothing. hes more the smooth talking charming networker who everyone adores. trump is the more viscerally loud bombastic, but still utterly dominant.


      • Bubba ain’t got nuthin’ on Trump.


      • Clinton’s the sort of paper alpha who only conquers chubby yentas and other assorted floozies…

        … Trump conquers TRUE hotties that few others can master… and they bear him children…

        … but more important for an actual alpha, and he inspires the actions and loyalties of MEN.


      • Greg- good analysis.

        Trump is the guy who dates the prom queen. Clinton bangs the bra-burning 5’s and 6’s after band practice.


      • This one time, at band camp, Clinton put a flute in… well, you-know-who.


      • but more important for an actual alpha, and he inspires the actions and loyalties of MEN.

        In this VOLAR world these basic tenets of leadership are lost. Bubba would inspire me to rig a hand grenade up to the latrine when he was taking a dump.


      • on December 28, 2015 at 11:47 am The Spirit Within

        Clinton was indiscriminate. He tagged whatever he could. He pulled 10s 5s and 1s and didn’t apparently see much difference.

        Don’t forget what a smokeshow Gennifer Flowers was in her prime. He kept her in his stable for years, literally until the day he left for the White House:


      • Faggot posting a picture of MORGAN FAIRCHILD (not Flowers) to support his points? Fear is strong now… You liar.


      • Flowers press conference


      • And Morgan Fairchild is a lesbian…


      • It’s getting so Strapon can’t even get out of his OWN way. lzozlzolzozlozlozl


      • Maybe you guys have heard of Strapon’s wife… Morgan Fairchild… yeah, that’s it.

        /SNL rape


      • on December 28, 2015 at 1:38 pm The Spirit Within

        lollz…. my bad. Minus the shoulder pads and better haircut she’s a 10. Beauty queen.


      • Clinton was indiscriminate. He tagged whatever he could. He pulled 10s 5s and 1s and didn’t apparently see much difference.

        As I already said… other assorted floozies.

        And no, he didn’t pull 10s… Flowers on her best day would barely merit an 8.


      • on December 28, 2015 at 4:04 pm The Spirit Within

        @ GEliot

        Not to split hairs, but she wasn’t an 8. If you like blondes, she was a 10.


      • Gennifer Flowers is not a 10, and the fact that you scrolled past innumerate pictures of her to post the one of Morgan Fairchild (much closer to a 10), which is erroneously on her Google Image search, proves that fact.

        Flowers: maybe a high 8 in her primest of prime. King of Weirdos harem-level at baseline.


      • on December 28, 2015 at 6:25 pm Captain Obvious


      • Even from your air-brushed picture one can tell Flowers is a tarted up anybody’s… which does NOT a 10 make.

        Lord, have some standards… and some self-respect.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


    • I wouldn’t be seen in public with most of the women Bubba is famous for being with. Trump’s stable on the other hand just gets better and better.


  12. It is realty The Establishment vs. Realtalk. Hillary and Jeb represent The Establishment (“TE”). TE wins if it came down to Hillary vs. Jeb in the General Election. The traitors could sleep well that night, as The Plan will keep moving forward. One problem with TE’s sales pitch, though, is that it is stale. It has no logical room to grow (in any positive sense), and can only get more ridiculous. For example, Hillary has placed herself in the corner of the BLM crowd, the belief that true muslims are peace loving, that Planned Parenthood is a moral organization, that we must go to war with Iran, that immigration is good for the Nation – and the more the better, etc. Sounds a lot like Jeb, right? On the other hand, Trump, the leader of team Realtalk, can shoot out on various topics, way off the TE script. No war with Iran, we need to build a wall and deport illegals and their anchor baby children, Putin is actually a good guy, etc. Realtalk is fresh and always interesting. TE is stale and bizarre.


  13. read sums up perfectly why the core demographic of feminism is fundamentally nuts.


  14. OT: Guess who’s the keynote speaker at #32C3 (Chaos Computer Club)? Fatuma Afrah!


  15. I read a funny neg today. This girl uploaded a pretty grainy picture of her boyfriend from afar and this guy said that it’s nice and asked her if it’s her or her bf in the pic. Not only did he neg her, but he sort of made fun of her bf too. Rofl


  16. The best businessmen and the big money are either liberal, or at the least, socially liberal. The middle class are the same. The “I hate you/don’t leave me” is the mentality of hipster kids from polite white society.

    The truth is that most of the money – and most of the talent – is not in the possession of social conservatives. The poor, the disenfranchised, and the insecure middle class are the breeding grounds of reaction and we must in many respects learn from Marxism in its early days in how to appeal to the down and out. Especially in Europe and doubly so in England.

    Trump’s bombastic allure appeals to people who vastly inflate their own self-worth which may work on Americans, but would fail elsewhere where there needs to be a greater acknowledgement of reality and a leader who can relate to the man on the street. Europeans wouldn’t accept a man who lives in a tower as their everyman because we’re sprung from the European soil of genius. My belief is that the longer you live/evolve outside of the European soil the more like overconfident and talentless niggers you become. Your white skin really is skin deep and the land will change you down the generations. The US and Europe will drift apart politically and culturally even if all remained white.


    • We’re appealing to nobodies, basically. And sheer force of arrogance can win over a nobody – to whatever decrepit end – however, to adopt a more personable and down to earth stance is both wiser and ultimately more successful.

      I’ve a strong suspicion that Trump may win an election but fail spectacularly in power. Trump isn’t Hitler, but like Hitler there’s a very good chance that he’ll sully any and every political position contrary to liberalism.


      • To win over the socially savvy majority of the masses you must start sounding like you inhabit their world. CH sounds like he’s never been outside a place that isn’t entirely comprised of upper middle class Jews. And he’s the contrarian Jew.


      • You know, I prefer Wordsworth to Whitman too, but what the devil are you going on about?

        “Trump’s bombastic allure” . . . Well, do you think Putin, Marine Le Pen, De Gaulle were “bombastic” too? For that matter, Napoleon? Peter the Great? Or would you prefer to cast your lot with more circumspect and subtle leaders like Louis XVI and Nicholas II, bereft of that sad “sheer force of arrogance” which so dismays you and the sophisticated upper-middle class? Sounds like a winning strategy . . . .

        And thanks for sharing your “strong suspicions” that Trump “may win” yet “fail spectacularly”; there’s a “very good chance that” yadda yadda. Really, I’m not sure my constitution is strong enough to handle the forcefulness of your prognostications. I may need to dump some water in your oracular skim milk in order to keep it down.

        Quite frankly, I’m not sure I should even leave the house today. I’ve a strong suspicion that, even if the rain stops, there may later be drizzle, and there’s a very good chance that in that case I may have to pull a hoodie over my head.

        btw, why the hell do you call yourself “UKIP” anyway? Is this some kind of a joke? David Brooks, IS THAT YOU?!?


      • on December 28, 2015 at 4:40 pm Captain Obvious


    • Trumps allure is not a result of people with inflated egos relative to their own self-worth….. This is just a libtardian way of saying stupid people support Trump.

      Trump’s allure is that he is speaking exactly the reasonable statements that everyone else is too afraid to say for fear of losing their jobs (occupational terrorism) for the crime of wrongthink.

      Trump is a beacon of light and reason in a world of crybullies seeking to censor whatever realities hurt their feelings. Now a rally point exists where people can speak things they were not supposed to before. The only way for western culture to survive is when people who would defend her have nothing left to lose, and we are quickly approaching that point.

      Trump is the alpha in the room who isn’t afraid to call the pussies out on…..being pussies. The reaction is what you would get from any group of pussies (waaah, you’re evil and mean).

      We are in the middle of a massive culture war, and the Elites and leftists want White Western Christian culture eliminated. At the end of the day, the only weapon the leftists really have to that end is guilt and shame, and the new counter weapon that the rightists have is one which can and will be wielded with a terrible vengeance….but that weapon is also the biggest crime to the lefties. The gall to say “I’m white from a Western Christian culture, and I have rights too”.


      • This UKIP chap seems to be yet another twist on some sort of Cathedral shilling, disguised as one who appears to be making the right noises otherwise and who fancies himself a reasonable voice.

        It’s all the same bullshit in the end…

        … clean up your vaunted Albion, limey… THEN come tell us colonists how we ought to go about our business. 😡

        You fairy.


    • JewKIP:

      Go back to Israel.


    • on December 28, 2015 at 12:04 pm The Spirit Within


      It’s a little different than that — it’s more economic. Trump appeals to uneducated white Americans who’ve been screwed over by the globalized economy. Those are mostly poor whites, the ones whose parents and grandparents briefly moved up into the middle class thanks to the hypercharged U.S. economy that existed from 1950 to 1980. For a brief short while, a white family headed by a father with nothing but a high school degree and a manufacturing job on the line could have a house, two cars, three children, and sometimes a little second house up on the lake. We were led to believe that it would always be this way.

      It hasn’t been. Ever since the 1980s, that’s exactly the demographic that has been losing jobs. Now, uneducated whites are drinking themselves to death in record rates — look at the recent news — and losing health insurance and sleeping on relatives’ sofas. They’re falling out of the middle class. Trump is telling these people that it’s okay to take out their anger on scapegoats. I don’t like making Hitler comparisons, but in this case it’s appropriate — Trump’s preying upon vulnerable, desperate people, the way that demoagogic politicians always do. If this country were worse off economically, he might have a real chance of winning.


      • hisssSSSSSSS…slither….hissssssss


      • Fantastically stupid points – pure fear. Unworthy of any legitimate response.



      • They are angry because the country is being looted by foreigners posing as natives and people such as you are aiding and abetting them. You are simply parroting the narrative the looters tell you to parrot so as to make it easier to loot you.


      • Did Morgan Fairchild tell you that Strapon Within?



      • on December 28, 2015 at 1:41 pm The Spirit Within

        @ Carlos

        With your knowledge of German history, it’s surprising that you *don’t* see the echoes of Weimar Republic right now. If we add hyperinflation and a forty percent unemployment rate, maybe you’ll get to experience it firsthand.


      • Trump appeals to uneducated white Americans who’ve been screwed over by the globalized economy. Those are mostly poor whites…

        Heh, heh… poor, uneducated… for awhile there, I thought you were talking about Obama’s voting bloc.

        Hey, butthead… seen the polling numbers lately?

        There ain’t THAT many poor, uneducated Whites in the country. lzlzozlzozloz


      • With your knowledge of German history, it’s surprising that you *don’t* see the echoes of Weimar Republic right now.

        Jeez Louise… pay attention, fool, if you would post.

        We’ve been wryly using the term Weimerica for some time now.

        (((shakin’ mein kopf)))


      • “…Ever since the 1980s, that’s exactly the demographic that has been losing jobs. Now, uneducated whites are drinking themselves to death in record rates — look at the recent news — and losing health insurance and sleeping on relatives’ sofas. They’re falling out of the middle class. Trump is telling these people that it’s okay to take out their anger on scapegoats…”

        Well then if the other demographic groups did NOT lose jobs like white males did, those demographic groups are not scapegoats, they are not unfairly blamed, they are guilty because for every job a non-white has, that is a job a white male does not have, and white males are justified to be angry at them.

        They are the opposite of scapegoats.

        (Wikipedia ) “A scapegoat is a person or animal which takes on the sins of others, or is unfairly blamed for problems”

        You fail again… The Morgan Fairchild Within


      • Heh, heh… The Fairchild Within… irony, comedy, and homage all wrapped up in one tidy package.

        From here on out, “pulled a Morgan” will be the apt term for a Strapon-level gaffe. lzozlzolzolzolzolzolzolozlozozlozl


      • I’m a Freikorps kinda guy doncha know.


      • on December 28, 2015 at 2:17 pm The Spirit Within

        “Trump also continues to rely on less-educated adults for his support – among all adults, a 22-point gap between those who have and have not earned college degrees; and among Republicans, an even wider 46-point education gap. That’s a challenge for him particularly because education
        is a strong predictor of turning out to vote.”


      • Holy fucking christ you libs are so fucking dumb.

        The answer is right in your face and you keep trying to make it about something else in a way to suggest only loser whites want Trump.

        And this is why you and the media and the cuckservatives are shitting yourselves. You really are too atupid to get it.

        Whites want to have their own land and culture and society without being blamed for all of your shortcomings or the shortcomings of other cultures.

        Whites are sick of being called slave owners while being the one’s who take on massive college debt to get jobs that support the one’s who call them slavemasters…talk about irony.

        Whites want to live their lives “oppressing” other whites who know that working hard and succeeding does not oppress anyone after all.

        Whites want you to man up with your statements, leave the whites that you hate so much and go love in your non-white paradise while NOT destroying every white homeland in the process.

        In short, whites are becoming immune to the shaming, and that means a whole lot of trouble for those who were looking to exterminate them permanently.


      • Christ on a cross, you’re an idiot. And I hate Hitler comparisons too (giggle), schlamperei .


      • rofl.

        oh man you dnc hacks make me laugh.


      • on December 28, 2015 at 6:46 pm Vagina dominator

        So they’ve sacked the old Split Below and you’re the new boy?

        Well, stay away from game posts, stick to well-rehearsed talking points, link to leftist blogs, and always fall back on Cathedral-funded research and you’ll probably be safe from the crash-and-burn humiliation that was the fate of the previous Split Below.

        We’ll miss that foot-in-his-mouth clown.


      • Obama gets what, 95%+ of the negro vote…

        … and Strapon comes ’round chere trying to neener-neener Trump about about being supported by folks who are poor and uneducated?

        Fail more, yenta.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


    • @UKIP
      Your comments are all over the place and I question whether you even know what UKIP means. Anyway, Trump represents what is possible in America. Sure, he wasn’t poor as a child, but he managed to build an empire. He would’ve gotten rich without the loan from his father. Lottery winners and people who inherit money oftentimes end up destitute. They lack an understanding of finance management. The way I see it, Trump can honestly say, ‘I’m rich because that’s what ANYONE can achieve in America, with hard work and dedication.’ Whereas Sanders is merely a standard cultmarx sociocommie that represents the opposite of Trump. This is something that leftists in America try to ignore and cover up at the same time. Do you, @UKIP, understand the distinction? Or are you merely a victim of European socialist brainwashing? I’m serious. I’m here to help.


      • on December 28, 2015 at 3:59 pm The Spirit Within

        Trump’s got the right operatic, attention-seeking, narcissistic temperament to build a successful brand–

        –but that million-dollar loan from his father was *crucial* in separating him from all the other operatic, attention-seeking, narcissistic temperaments that are scrambling to build their brands. He wouldn’t have succeeded so spectacularly, or so early, without it — or without the fortunate timing of entered the NY real estate market in the 1980s.


      • right, the million dollar that he turned in to ten fucking billion dollars. Geez, anyone could have done that, right?


      • @The Spirit Within
        Did you seriously just miss the point? People like Trump WILL be successful WITHOUT big startup loans from wherever. Possible ONLY in a country with a market economy. Not necessarily Capitalism. But a place where a person can spot trends and opportunities for what they are, and exploit them to their advantage. I’m not as smart as you, TSW, but I know that much. Be it chics, or money, or power, etc., the principle is the same. The best government doesn’t PROVIDE opportunities, it stays out of the way to ALLOW individuals to provide for themselves. Of course, if one is raised in a country controlled by socialist monarchies, the system I just described might seem unfair or impossible. A self made millionaire can lose their first fortune, but they usually create another. People who are GIVEN a fortune and lose it, rarely ever attain another fortune, ie., sports stars at the high end, welfare gibmedats recipients on the low end. Oh, Merry Christmas


      • on December 28, 2015 at 5:52 pm The Spirit Within

        You’ve got a whole row of straw men there — government wasn’t being discussed, nor was socialism, nor was capitalism.

        Let me repeat, for the bleachers: Trump’s peculiar narcissism and intense drive were inborn…


        What was not inborn was…

        1) His lifelong tutelage at the foot of his real estate family
        2) His crucial one million dollar loan from said family
        3) His timing of entry into a real estate market that was exploding

        Family, pre-existing wealth, and timing are what separate him from the thousands of other wannabe moguls with the exact same bizarre personality. America isn’t all about hard work, my friend. We just tell that to immigrants because *somebody* needs to open drycleaners.



      • on December 28, 2015 at 6:13 pm Captain Obvious


      • I smell a lot of envious butthurt from the lotsa cockas within…..

        Jealousy is so ugly.


      • D. Trump never needed to work at all. I do not care whether he made more money than he inherited. He has proved, beyond any shadow of doubt, that he is not lazy, he is willing to take risks, and that he understands – much better than most – the other half of the human race.
        3 out out of 3 is a good start.


      • D. Trump never needed to work at all.

        So DAT’S where all dat White Privilege evahbuddy been talkin’ ’bout went!


      • A million dollar loan, blah blah. Beta please, shut up with your weak excuses. Your main problem this election is, Trump is cool and Hillary is not.

        TRUMP 2016. It’s happening. Make America cool again.


      • Did you see Trump’s latest comments on slick Willie? When I saw those, I almost shouted “hallelujah!” Finally, someone with a backbone who’s not afraid to tell it like it is!


  17. Liberal couple opens home to muslim migrants and gets chased from their home…poetic justice


  18. I certainly support the Trump resurgence. I am however, pessimistic about his chances in a general election: Romney got something like 61% of the white vote and still lost. Such numbers with the main historical American demographic would have meant a landslide only 20 years ago. The coalition of libshits, feminists and their bloc of hardcore Marxist Third World constituency makes it seem like they have a permanent advantage with the electoral college.

    But still, if Trump were to somehow continue to tap in to the righteous indignation of the vast swath of the white electorate and suddenly poll 70% with them, other constituencies such as Blacks and even Mexicans would naturally rise (read up on Steve Sailer for a clearer explanation on this). If Trump got something to the order of 20% of the Black vote (which would be almost triple what the Republicans usually get) based purely on the economic pressures of immigration, that would drive a huge stake through the heart of the Democrats. And if Trump gets “only” 25% of the Mexican vote, that’s historically par with what previous cuckservative candidates received with that constituency.

    Another worry of mine is that as Trump begins to poll well in the general as he is proven to be competitive there, the establishment will begin to “crack down” on immigration in order to undercut the core tenet of his candidacy. The mainstream parties in Europe hypocritically make symbolic gestures to curb immigration whenever the populist right starts to gain traction.

    I definitely want to be proven wrong and will be pleasantly surprised if Trump makes it to the White House. Meanwhile, I am certainly enjoying the proverbial middle finger that his political movement is presenting to the corrupt, effeminate and sycophantic establishment. Trump seems to only get stronger with every supposed “gaffe” that he makes.


  19. every. God damn. Time.


    • The real surprise is that each White doll is not packaged with a ‘free’ syphilitic dindu doll and a mystery meat baby doll (or make the White doll pregnant).


  20. on December 28, 2015 at 4:27 pm the unforgiven

    “To win over the socially savvy majority of the masses”
    Ah yes, that’ll do the trick. Don’t make a speculum of yourself.


    • That was UKIP’s Morgan Fairchild moment…

      Since when did winning over “socially savvy masses” ever bring about a revolution and sweep a New Order to power?

      Heh… today’s “socially savvy masses” can’t take their noses out of Facebook, et. al., long enough to change a dollar, let alone a nation.


  21. on December 28, 2015 at 4:32 pm the unforgiven

    “I don’t like making Hitler comparisons, but in this case it’s appropriate”
    Sure you don’t. Godwin is probably your middle name.


  22. I need a distraction after reading all of this. How about this for a 5-minute escape from the POZ reality:


  23. They want “liberation” without separation thus DEMANDING eradication.

    “We” want separation without liberation so as to avoid total annihilation.


  24. Like

  25. CH, you have to analyze Max Landis. His dad is filmmaker, John Landis. Check out his Twitter feed and you’ve got a goldmine to choose from. Beta? Check. Feminist? Check. Closet gay? Check. Someone worse than pajama boy? You get the idea.

    I wouldn’t normally nominate anyone, except the guy has devoted all this time ranting about Trump and his privilege, when…. he got in the movie business because his father ejaculated inside his mother.

    He recently proposed that all the Star Wars characters be gay and kill off all the heteros. Check him out. You will not be disappointed.


    • Guy is hardcore feminist! He rails about Trump all the damn time and even went so far as to say Trump wanted to bang his own daughter. The man is sick…I mean, who willingly gets a haircut like that?


  26. Best photo for shartiste’s comment:


  27. on December 29, 2015 at 1:20 pm Mandy been here a while

    FYI Some comedian named Beth Stelling is using a rape hoax to jump start her career.


  28. I have never heard a Democratic candidate ever talk about the needs of whites or white men, for that matter. They always want our money, they always want our time, our backing of their candidate but I have never heard one say (or have a platform) for the needs of white America (men in particular).

    This country has gone so far left that anyone is allowed to openly criticize whites (white men are the best targets) with no backlash at all. It’s become the norm. But, let anyone say anything about another group and there will be hell to pay – in the mean time, it’s open season on whites. If you turn on your TV, then you’ll find everything from talk shows openly criticizing whites on a TV program, to commercials and all of the “diversity” (read: racism) that lies underneath any actions.

    The new Star Wars movie is a good example of someone openly being racist against white people (JJ Abrams comment about the room being so white in the first movie). Also, his comment to make the new movie”more diverse” – which means hire less white people because we need diversity and it’s all good. He makes that same comment about blacks (or others) or he openly goes out of his way to hire less blacks (or others), and it gets ugly real fast.

    This is the real disease behind the far left (liberals). Freedom of speech but only certain speech and diversity (meaning less white people – just because we need to make everyone feel better and included).