A Test Of Your Game: The No Girl

What is “the No Girl”? Reader Sentient explains,

Another FRIDAY CHALLENGE… If you have been out opening girls, you will come across the NO girl… Like before you even get a word out, she shoots up her hand and says “No”… and there you are! (fwiw – seems to be the younger girls who do this the most, may be something they are taught?).

By scared, sharting betas who allow them to get away with it.

The Scenario:

You are in a bar, see a girl (maybe a single, maybe with a girlfriend, let’s say no guys in her group) and you go over to her and start to say something and she shoots you the hand and just says “No”… That’s it… “No”… and turns away…

What can you do to salvage and optimize the interaction? Let’s see your tight game, albeit it may be a Hail Mary…

The No Girl is usually a 6 or 7 who thinks she’s a 9. Her autonomic rejection is an act put on for the purpose of self-medicating her ever-vigilant ego. Truly beautiful women will rarely do this because 1. they aren’t approached that often by men and 2. they don’t have to prove their worth with SMV striver antics. The No Girl is more often found in groups, because it’s fun to insta-reject a man for the amusement of your cackling bitch friends.

Of course, displaying resentment or feeling insulted will redound to the No Girl’s victory. If you want to turn a No Girl into a Good To Go Girl, you’ll need a honed reaction that at once conveys your imperturbability and your cocky disregard for her faggy theatrics.

Having been the recipient of a few No Girls in my time, I can offer suggestions:

GIRL: *hand shoots up* “No!”

BABY’S ARM HOLDING AN APPLE: “Hey chill out, I was just gonna tell you you have food on your face.”

The “chill out” part is important. You want everyone within earshot to understand she’s a crazy bitch for reacting so hostilely. Social shaming is bitch taming.

Alternate version:

GIRL: *hand shoots up* “No!”

BABY’S ARM HOLDING AN APPLE: “Hey chill out, I came over to talk to your friend.”

There’s also the nonverbal response:

GIRL: *hand shoots up* “No!”

BABY’S ARM HOLDING AN APPLE: *high five the girl’s outstretched hand* “All right! On the flip side!”

Then there’s the silent stone wall technique:

GIRL: *hand shoots up* “No!”

BABY’S ARM HOLDING AN APPLE: *sit down, look at her in silence with a wry smile for a few uncomfortable seconds, force her to make eye contact with you* “Charmed, as well.”

This one, if done with the requisite composure, can quickly turn her crowd to your side.

Finally, I’m a fan of the “make lemonade out of lemons” school of game:

GIRL: *hand shoots up* “No!”

BABY’S ARM HOLDING AN APPLE: “No, you don’t use Palmolive. Have you seen your callouses?”

Now it’s your turn to solve this sexual market riddle. Best answers featured in a future post.


  1. Why oh why oh why are you guys wasting the best years of your lives on these whores? NEXT!!!!!


    • “Let me put a little mulatto bun in that white-girl oven! The f**k do you mean, NO???”


    • Because one of those whores is going to be the mother of their children…and they need tight game to make that happen.


      • YOU ARE THE PRIZE. She is a whore. She had her chance, and she blew it. Next!


      • i agree with Zombie and wolfie. girls like that are not worth the time and behavior like that is a sign that you will be dealing with a bitch if you do manage to get her. she might be able to fake nice once in awhile but a bitch is a bitch. her true colors will always be right under the surface and you’ll have to game her like nobody’s business just to keep her in line. why do that when you could get a nicer girl who isn’t so much work?

        it isn’t that hard to find girls who don’t act like that.


    • Strangely, I’ll have to agree with the Zombster on that one.
      And if the fug transvestite in the picture is the No Girl (??), the dude in the pic needs stronger contacts.


      • If you wanna score with this chick, then when she opens her palm, you put yours up against it and slide your fingers between her fingers and hold her hand.100% kino [although your palm better not be sweating or trembling or cold]. But why? Why even honor the whore with the touch your of flesh? She doesn’t deserve it!!!


    • By saying “Talk to the hand” she has announced her status as a bitch. Hold nothing back. I don’t want to turn her lemon into lemonade. I want her to feel like the turd she is. Any of these with a “don’t give a fuck” smirk could take her down a peg:

      1) “Eww, it looks like you’ve pitted out that blouse really bad.”
      2) “Put your arm down, you’re attracting flies.”
      3) “Raise your hand if you have a yeast infection.”


      • “By saying “Talk to the hand” she has announced her status as a bitch.”

        exactly. i dealt with a girl like this recently. i saw her on a mutual friend’s post on facebook. i thought she was cute so i messaged her. she was a total bitch from the get go. she was defensive and rude and acted like i was a creepy stalker for approaching her.

        the thing is, she wasn’t totally uninterested. she kept qualifying herself and chatting. but in the end, she had left such a bad taste in my mouth that i wasn’t even interested anymore.

        but i was still pissed that a girl who wasn’t even that great would act like that so i told her off. maybe i should have just walked away but i couldn’t believe how full of herself she was. she was a 6…maybe. i had to try knocking her down a few notches. for the good of mankind and all.


      • I’ve seen guys get the hand…they were typically pretty irritating dudes by and large.

        Just high five her rudely and walk off. If it’s loud, nobody’s going to hear your snarky line.


      • “the thing is, she wasn’t totally uninterested. she kept qualifying herself and chatting. but in the end, she had left such a bad taste in my mouth that i wasn’t even interested anymore.”

        this sums it up for me. i’ve messaged a lot of girls on facebook too and i’ve gotten mixed responses. some politely reject and others get defensive and rude like you said. maybe i could flip the frame if i wanted to but i honestly don’t have the energy or interest in staying engaged with the rude ones. maybe i’m just lazy but these aren’t the kinds of girls i’m interested in interacting with.

        defensive and rude from the beginning means they are lacking in good manners and maturity. girls like that aren’t worth it to me.


    • …when you could be find a girl to say “YES, Shane, put a bun in my oven NOW and I will always be faithful.”


      • “i had to try knocking her down a few notches. for the good of mankind and all.” Atta boy! Take her down a peg, or three, until her attitude matches her SMV. Maybe she’ll be a little more appreciative and receptive the next time a guy attempts to give her some attention.


      • “Maybe she’ll be a little more appreciative and receptive the next time a guy attempts to give her some attention.”

        i’m sure she justified it by making me out to be a creepy stalker but one can hope.


    • Vaginal orgasm doesn’t exist – the clitoris holds the key to female pleasure, study claims  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2783791/The-vaginal-orgasm-doesn-t-exist-s-clitoris-holds-key-female-pleasure-study-claims.html


      • Like

      • yet…women with FGM can still have orgasms. Some chicks get off being assfucked. Some girls can orgasm from nipple stimulation alone. The study does not say what the headline claims.


      • “yet…women with FGM can still have orgasms. Some chicks get off being assfucked. Some girls can orgasm from nipple stimulation alone. The study does not say what the headline claims.”

        yep. i know this isn’t the norm but i knew a girl who didn’t like oral sex or having her clit played with. she said oral sex was boring and it didn’t do anything for her and trying to focus on hitting her clit during sex or me playing with it was distracting.

        all she wanted was straight sex and she was definitely getting off. i think maybe it depends on the anatomy of the girl and how much she’s into you. some girls have sensitivity in some areas while others have different hot spots. i had one girl who loved it when i starting kissing her neck when i was hitting her from behind. made her cum every time. with other girls it was something else.

        but if a girl is really into you, she’s going to want your dick. that’s nature. and excessive foreplay is ridiculous. all the foreplay and bs that guys are told they have to do now is absurd. it’s just another ploy by the mainstream media to give women the upper hand and turn men into pussies with bank accounts.


    • I haven’t been rejected, so I wouldn’t know how to respond to the “No” girls. They are always “yes, yes, yes” and “more, more, more”.

      “Why oh why oh why are you guys wasting the best years of your lives on these whores?”

      Because it’s called living life as a single alpha man trying to pump and dump every hottie known to human kind. Why are you mad, bro?


    • That is considered low value from a female in my neck of the woods…but I live in flyover country so I don’t count…


    • GIRL: *hand shoots up* “No!”

      BABY’S ARM HOLDING AN APPLE: *sneeze all over her hand, wipe your nose with your arm while sniffling and then wink while nonchalantly grabbing your crotch*


  2. Ran into a version of the No Girl last Sat. night. Asked her to dance and she answered with a snarky-toned “No!” I responded with a dirty look and “What is this?”, delivered in a tone of dismissive unbelief. She became very submissive, instantly. However, her friend wanted to dance more than she did. Her friend couldn’t dance worth a lick, but volunteered that she lived within walking distance of the bar. Twice. “So, are you gonna ask me to come over and see your etchings?”


  3. on October 7, 2014 at 2:04 pm Days of Broken Arrows


    “Um…I was going to ask if you were one of my sister’s friends. She died last month. Have a nice day.”


  4. “Your hands look like my grandma’s”



  5. No girls are “wait and see” girls. As in my mental response is “just you wait and see.”

    My response to any instant and summarily frosty rejection is to back off. “Hahaha oooookay…” works well enough. Then, I circulate through the venue more and build social proof by saying hey, hi, hello, and whatever.

    Before long, I’ve put together something or brought together a group or two. I have created fun, and girls just wanna have fun. Now, if you can, bring the party you have started near her and her friends…and watch them all fall like dominoes. She’ll probably even apologize for being a bitch earlier.


    • @scray

      How about on the street, a more fleeting/limited interaction where you don’t have an opportunity to build value over the course of a night…?


      • Probably cut it loose and move on.


      • I mean, sometimes you get dealt shitty cards. For whatever reason, the chick thinks you are super low value. You can’t continue interacting with her, hoping to “uber game” her from “super bitch” to “panties off.”

        Guy: Hey do you…
        Girl: No. Just. fucking. no.

        Here’s where most guys give up and say “girls are fucking dumb.”

        Some will KJ and give themselves pretend revenge or power by dreaming up a bunch of weird or fun replies that WOULD work only if the girl thought they were high value.

        But some just take this proposition “girls are fucking dumb” and use it to their advantage.

        Guy: Hey do you…
        Girl: No. Just. Fucking no…
        Guy: Hmm. Girls are fucking dumb. I bet if this slore saw a group around me laughing, she’d change her tune. And if not, who cares, I’d have a whole other group to pick from.


      • Scray, DHV turns it around. Iron frame can do that. See my comment.


      • Well, if the reason she said “no” is that she believes you are low-value, then it’s almost tautological to say “DHV will turn it around.” Sure. I’m just discussing what I believe is the best way to DHV, in this case.

        I saw your comment, and I don’t really agree with it. After she flat rejects you, any lingering is just another DLV.

        Maybe in the 1% of the time where she says “no” off the bat as a shit-test (i.e. she thinks you have some value), that tactic will work, but I’m speaking in generalities, here.


      • Scray, if you let a woman’s ballbusting attempt scare you off, you DLV. If you respond in some sort of dominant fashion, like with an Iron Frame, you defeat her ballbuster. Iron Frame, at the very least, goes to “He says, she says.” This lets other women who see it decide for themselves. A man who stands up to a ballbuster implicitly DHV’s. The woman who lands a ballbuster will reevaluate (assuming that she’s not totally shut off from all sexual approaches) your SMV after you stand up to a ballbuster.

        Maybe you don’t have the frame to carry it off.


      • Other women who see a man engaging in “he said, she said” with a woman he just met will decide that that man is low value. We can resolve this by answering the question “if I had 10 other, hotter women begging to have sex with me, what would I do?” The answer is not “waste time ‘standing up’ to a ballbuster.”

        If you truly hold an “iron frame” about your high value, why are you lingering around to prove this point to the ballbuster? It just seems contradictory.


      • I agree with Scray. A high-value guy does not waste time trying to prove a point to a ball buster (not to mention a man or woman he barely knows). He has other women to attend to, cool friends to make etc.

        The iron frame comes off try hard unless she’s already shit-testing you (which she wasn’t in this case).


      • I’m only speaking from experience. When I first started out I was hella fat (like 25% bf versus about 12% now). Plus I’m short and a minority. While slimming down and building muscle greatly reduced my “flat” rejections (I still get probably 2-3x as much as the average guy solely because of my height…just guessing), the other main tactic that “turned around” flat rejections is what I described above.

        I mean, I already did this. I tried doing the “witty” responses. I tried “standing up” to them. I’ve been there and done it. Backing off and engaging other sets is the only tactic that has worked for me.


      • A man doesn’t let people piss down his neck. If someone tries that, man or woman, the best response is to up the ante, but stay cool–not butthurt.

        That said, don’t spend any more time on the ballbuster than you need to. Ballbusters don’t merit attention.

        I’ve already described what happened when I held my frame last Sat. night. This isn’t the first time that a woman has tried the ballbusting tactic with me and it hasn’t ever worked when one tried it. I’ve always peeled at least one girl out of a group where another tried ballbusting.


      • I agree that “ballbusters don’t merit attention,” which is why I simply walk away and DHV using the above tactic. Apparently, you think that staying there and “upping the ante” somehow is also not giving the ballbuster attention. So we just disagree on what “ballbusters don’t merit attention” means.


  6. @CH nice responses…

    Question – this seems to be younger girls as well, is this something they have picked up on TV?


    • on October 7, 2014 at 10:00 pm midnight toker

      “this seems to be younger girls as well, is this something they have picked up on TV?”

      i think that’s it. you really don’t see this much in older women. most guys on here want the young ones but the older girls do tend to have an advantage over the young ones when it comes to femininity, manners and humor.

      the young ones are being raised with the belief that strong (bitchy) feisty (bitchy) sassy (bitchy) is the way to be. they think there is something wrong with being sweet and pleasant. like it shows weakness or something.


      • If by ‘older women’, you mean 55+, I might agree.
        By that age, they have settled back down to almost normal, most of them, anyway.
        But 35-55 is when they are at their very worst in terms of ‘feisty’, bitchy, nasty, evil, spiteful, hate-filled, and all those other endearing charms that make them so indispensable.
        Sure, some of ’em start young, but most of the Millenial-and-younger crowd is ok in my book.
        A balmy, flower-scented beach breeze compared to the razor blade laced icy poison wind that blows north of 30-something.


    • > “something they have picked up on TV?” YKW pushing this agenda 24×7 from Sesame Street through Disney Channels through HBO.


    • @Sentient

      If a homeless guy comes up and tries to take your value (money), is it more natural for you to just ignore them or give them your time of day?

      Whatever your answer, do you think TV had an impact on your response? How about if you got approached by homeless guys 5 times a day all asking to fuck you (heh) out of your value. What would your response be then?

      And would watching TV have taught you that response, or is it just the most efficient way to respond to value leechers?


      • My point being I see the No behavior in sub 23 YO’s and NOT in over 23 YO’s. Just seems like something the younger set picked up. Older than 23, you get a more calibrated no response.


      • I feel like it’s more the girls being inexperienced with dealing with (getting used to) receiving male attention in front of their girlfriends than of something they saw on TV.

        Like… what kind of TV are you talking about cuz I’ve never seen that behavior on any reality shows I’ve watched.


      • “I feel like it’s more the girls being inexperienced with dealing with (getting used to) receiving male attention in front of their girlfriends than of something they saw on TV.”

        maybe not tv specifically but all media in general encourages girls to be sassy strong women these days. that has been accepted as the norm and that has an impact on their behavior.

        also, ALL girls start out being inexperienced with receiving male attention. that’s not a new phenomenon.

        what’s new is how girls are dealing with their inexperience. instead of being polite, respectful and reserved because of insecurity or inexperience they are rude, disrespectful and defensive.

        it’s a moot point anyway because as we all know, it’s not just the inexperienced ones that act like this. there are plenty of very experienced women who are as bad or worse.


    • pretty much everything they do is…I walked into this convo a couple days ago that I can only describe as selfie culture meets brain damage….


  7. hahahaaa, my immediate response was the high 5 with a huge grin on my face before i even finished reading, maybe followed with ‘eww, whats that on your hand, thats fucking disgusting’ and then a ‘ made you look’



  8. Baby’s arm holding an apple: “Hmm, no wedding ring. Figures.”


  9. on October 7, 2014 at 2:22 pm gnarlinbrando

    *sexy grin and slight chuckle to yourself* then look to her friends:

    “Is she always this much fun?”


  10. Question for HABD or YaReally:

    At a country dance bar last Sat. night and viewable by about 100 people, a drunk hottie friend (friend, because I keep my marriage vows) ran at me and jumped up on me, wrapping her legs around me and hugging me. This was a massive DHV, obviously. Then I danced with her.

    Later that night, she twice jokingly suggested that I might be gay. Is she butthurt because I won’t bang her or validate her by telling her that she’s pretty? I flirt with her, but that’s it. She also seemed very unimpressed when I told her I’d been a pickup artist as a teenager. Another hottie found that very interesting.

    What’s with this gay 5h1t-test? I’ve already made it clear that I won’t bang her.

    Oh, she was dressed in a sports pullover and jeans. Probably not ovulating, since she shows skin sometimes. Was this just PMS snark?


    • @theasdgamer The response to the “Are you gay?” question is: “Yes, I’m a lesbian…”

      A girl I was friends with for years and didn’t make a move on said the same thing. When I finally banged her it was like letting steam out of a pressure cooker. Then of course she went completely the other way saying I was a player who just banged girls and didn’t care about her.

      Shit tests…keep your frame.


      • I’ve known this woman for six months and only started flirting with her recently. I think she wants more than G-rated flirting.

        She was going on about this other older man and how wonderful he is and I asked her, “So, does he make you want to kiss him or lick his muscles?” She said, “No.”

        This is the woman who left her cell phone and purse in the bar on an unattended table when I invited her to drink a beer with me in my truck a few weeks ago. She was keen to isolate me. I wouldn’t ask her if she’s ever thought about kissing me, but how often does she think about it, lol. She’s done the boob graze before, but she’s subtle about it.

        She’s younger than my kids and has never asked my age.


      • @asdgamer In my dance club it’s often the same. It’s long game. Last week a girl I’ve been long-gaming I was dancing with. The song changed, I undid a button on my shirt and said, that last dance was worth a button.

        Her eyes popped out of her head. Then I said “I’m going to go all Matthew Mccaunaghey on you…if this is good I might just need to take off my shirt. Now it’s your turn…”

        Her: “OMG!!! I don’t have a button…”

        Me: this better be good.

        She’s all giggly. Then the song ends. Her: “Are you going to undo another button????””

        Me: “Nah, that last dance calls for me doing one up..”

        I just came up with this idea and it was both funny and sexualized the interaction. She was beaming by the end of it. Sometimes it takes a few months to move these girls from that kind of gaming to banging.


      • @wala – nice….!


      • @asdgamer one warning…in these social dance situations, if you are married you may want to just keep it light and fun and use this as practice. It’s hard enough when you’re single and banging girls within that social circle. married…I don’t think I’d get married again for that reason.


      • walawala, back to the 5h1t-test:

        4h1t-tests are when a girl wants to test you for bangability. I don’t think that that’s going on in my case. Sometimes “are you gay” is a 5h1t-test, but not always.

        Pretty boys get the “are you gay” question a lot. I used to be a bit of a pretty boy (my college gf wanted to make out 10 min into the first date), but not so much anymore with my skin aging.

        I think that my friend has an emotional thing going on and is trying to instigate sex. She may think that my marriage is weak because I go out alone, so she thinks that she has a shot. I already had The Chat ™ with her, but she might still be on the old script.

        Your and my situations are completely different. I’m avoiding sex with my friend because of my vows. However, I like her and would like to keep her as an option in case Bad Things Happen ™–e.g., death of spouse, divorce, etc.

        I might have to open distance because of the emotional thing, if it exists. She has a bf (of course), but might be looking to trade up. She likes to dance, her bf doesn’t, I do, she likes to dance with me, so….

        Then, her gf who hangs out with her also has a thing for me. It gets complicated. Oxytocin.


      • walawala: “in these social dance situations, if you are married you may want to just keep it light and fun and use this as practice.”

        gamer: I agree. That’s why I had The Chat. It’s a standard admin thing with me to have with women I dance with whenever there’s chemistry. When women are thirsty and hypergamous, The Chat might not be enough. YMMV. I prefer to flirt with married women who are out solo and who give off unicorn vibes since they usually are happy with G-rated flirting, but chemistry doesn’t prefer married women exclusively. Young, single women almost always want PG-rated flirting at the very least and more likely R-rated; X-rated if drunk. I try to avoid drunks.

        A man who is very attractive to women will stimulate more hypergamy than a man who is less attractive. Not sure how to use that.


    • she’s expecting you to bang her and is having trouble figuring out why you won’t make a move. Your vows are some meaningless abstraction to her as any vow is (or the concept of honor) to any woman.

      Women’s #1 desire in life is to BE desired.


      • Thanks, trav. Good point about women wanting to be desired and their not understanding honor.


      • “Women’s #1 desire in life is to BE desired.”

        this is true.

        and girls aren’t as straightforward as we are about what we want. a girl who flirts with you might be genuinely interested but she also might be flirting just to get your attention. that’s why you see so many chicks with orbiters up to their eyeballs

        women want to be desired by all men. even the ones they don’t want. you can have a girl who seems totally into you and then as soon as you show real interest, she backs off. sometimes it’s genuine interest and other times it’s just a girl who wants to prove to herself that she’s still got it.


    • on October 8, 2014 at 8:18 am having a bad day


      most women don’t get to interact with ‘alpha’ type guys (with an abundance mentality, which you have with ‘keeping your vows’…lol), so she’s not sure how to proceed…lol…

      her hindbrain wants the D (for those better genetics…lol) and she would usually be able to just ‘agree’ to get a guy to have sex…so her hamster doesn’t understand why you don’t want her bc you keep flirting with her (which is usually an IOI and leads to sex…lol…also you agreed to be isolated with her…lol)…so she needs to test you…lol…how else is her hindbrain going to get the ‘goods’ into her to fulfill her prime directive…lol…or understand how she can spin you into that position…lol…

      note – it’s also an ego defense bc you are not following through on her obvious IOIs…so her choices are either 1) she’s low SMV or 2) you’re gay…which do you think she wants to be true…? and her hindbrain doesn’t want to/won’t hear ‘i don’t cheat on my wife…” excuses…lol…it just doesn’t register with her…lol…read the massive archives here for why that is true…lol…

      remember…women are not logical, so don’t expect her to be able to understand/respect your position…lol…it just won’t happen…lol…

      YOUR options are to 1) get butthurt/mad/crabby when she continues to insinuate you are gay (this big DLV will get her to leave you alone anyway…lol) or 2) continue to respond in a way that continues the testing…like you have been… or 3) extinguish the behavior…by withdrawing your attention when she brings that subject up…lol…some examples = a simple back turn (without any butthurtedness…lol…it WILL seem rude though…), change subject (without any butthurtedness…), talk to another girl (without any butthurtedness…), etc…do you sense a theme here…lol…then when she doesn’t bring up ‘the gay’ engage and ask her to dance/tell you about her week/etc…just like training a dog…lol…

      also…your age is a DHV…and “her being younger than your kids” sounds like a blue pill/beta left-over ‘excuse’…lol…if she’s young and fertile, she’s MORE likely to have an active hindbrain/hamster trying to understand WHY you don’t want to sex her up…lol…and change that reality…lol

      good luck!


      • Great breakdown, HABD–thanks. Good plan about how to deal with her behavior, too.

        I considered what might happen if I grabbed her @$$ just to shut up the gay babble, but that just looked to lead to even more annoying behavior and would be going along with her plan. I thought of agreeing and amplfying about being gay, but I’m sure she’ll think that she’s being effective instead of merely annoying. Usually, she’s a lot of fun and doesn’t cause trouble.

        Briefly withdrawing attention is the way to go, for sure. Time out instead of spanking. Minimize the flirting when she’s showing skin. I’ll show her new and fun scenarios, being careful to keep them public and light.


      • Yeah, my situation is a barrel of laughs…lol…. Flirting is a social lubricant and I got feedback thru Mrs. Gamer that I’ve been standoffish. (Probably instigated by some woman who wanted to date me, but I have been standoffish and that needed to change.) So, I started some G-rated flirting with a couple of women to get my calibration down.

        Flirting hasn’t been a problem with another, older, married woman, but younger women have more expectations and don’t want to hear The Chat. So, it’s just a matter of conditioning them to proper behavior.

        Yeah, it’s pretty absurd that I’m asking for suggestions about how to keep a pretty woman with whom I’m flirting (very slightly) at arms length…on a PUA site. Really, though, it’s still Game.


    • if you want to see how far she will go just get wasted or pretend to be and see what she does. as to the gay thing just say why do want it in the ass? if u dont want to do her then ignore her


  11. I’ve had success calling them out on their rudeness, but like I’m surprised/amused, not mad/butthurt, just like “whoa, that was CRAZY rude!” (like, I’ve never seen anything like that.)

    Have also just reached out and shook their hand like, “Hi, I’m ________,” good-naturedy/obliviously/strong frame bulldozin.’

    Have also made this a recurring theme where later on if we pass in the bar I’ll hold MY hand back out in front of her face and girl-yell “no!” at her with an exaggerated stink-face. Initially icy girls have laughed at this and sometimes we’ve re-engaged, but even if not it’s good for social proof.

    While all of these have worked, I’m basically just amusing myself and have already moved on.

    Immediately back-turning and talking to another girl, then slowly backing up into her and, if she objects, shouting “no!” with the hand gesture is also fun.


  12. Just a friendly daily reminder…

    The Joos and their banking masters are behind it all. Its talmudic supremism (if you’ve ever read it). They are sociopaths and whilst a few of them fall out of this category, most of them are due to their uber-racist holy book (and I have read holy books from 5 different religions). They are exactly what jesus said of them and very few ‘real’ joos are left. There are many joos who do not self identify and they number 100 million worldwide. Israel is not the real people of God. They have been up to this for over 10000 years. Even in Egyptian times, they were called as the people from across the river, from Gehenna (Jewish hell, though this fact is hidden from them). They were drive out of Egypt for their banking practices and have genocided ever since through funding wars and getting tribes to face off against each other. So, don’t forget, who is messing up the nation and the world today.



  13. “No.”

    Hey, whore I play hockey. You know what’s going on so shut up. You should be glad this God’s gift to women even looks you in the eyes.


  14. Pretend to read palm.
    “And this is your cat line. I see A LOT of cats in your future.”


  15. “You’re not pretty enough to say no.”


  16. I would grab her hand, examine it carefully, back and in-between her fingers included, non-chalantly say ‘indeed’ without even looking at her face. And then talk to someone else at the table.

    If she is alone, simply ask if I can take one of the extra chairs.


  17. Honestly I would have just dismissed her like she was crazy and said “Right, forgive me” and then started speaking to her friends like she was interrupting me. It might isolate her and leave her feeling stupid. I don’t know.


  18. One buddy kept charity cards in his pocket for those occasions. He would walk around to one of her friends and hand her the charity donation card. HIs favored charity was United Cerebral Palsy of Arkansas. Since he gave to the charity anyway, and handed out the cards when he was out-and-about meeting people, it was something he could do without breaking frame even if he met the woman again years later.


  19. Paging Whorefinder…


    • flash and smoke and smell of sulfur. Whorefinder appears

      Why, thank you, kind sir. However, the treatment for this kind of Obama voter, er, See-You-Next-Tuesday rag is a bit different…

      1. Observe hand.

      2. Slowly check the crowd’s reaction from left to right.

      3. Smile in friendship and extend your own hand, shaking hers, and pulling her onto her feet.

      4. Quick, sharp kick to her stomach, double-middle finger to her face , and STUNNER, STUNNER BY GAWD J.R. ITS A STUNNER!!!!!


      5. And only THEN rape….on the floor in front of the entire bar/club.

      Stone Cold Awesome Rape! Rape on, gentlemen, rape on!

      flash and smoke and sulfer. Whorefinder vanishes


  20. GIRL: *hand shoots up* “No!”

    “You smell like my grandma!”

    “I love my grandma”

    “You’re…goofy! *walks away”

    Thats so easy, even 5yo can do it!


  21. Girl: No!
    You to her friend: Hmm. I like your friend. She’s feisty.

    Girl: No!
    You to her if she’s by herself: No, it’s not okay to like feisty women like yourself?

    YaReally mentioned something like this a while ago referencing what Cajun did on a video to some bitchy girls. Overall though, I’d say if you get that quick of an instant rejection, you did something wrong with the approach, didn’t get an IOI first, or your style is wack.


    • “Overall though, I’d say if you get that quick of an instant rejection, you did something wrong “…

      That’s the thing, it’s an insta rejection, like they haven’t even looked at you for more than .001 seconds and you haven’t said a word. It’s certainly NOT you, it’s some script they are running, auto reject. Uncalibrated response from them…


  22. “No drink? No worries. I don’t buy drinks for girls anyway.”

    Then maybe

    “Introduce me to your cute friend.”


  23. on October 7, 2014 at 3:09 pm heinrich himbeere

    if it’s a girl you want, then you have to think of a plan and execute it. If you want another girl or not, you have to protect your reputation- your honor and dignity as a man, your status, and also your own mood. The best defense is never caring, and being self-amused and then the solution thinks of itself. It’s amazing what such a mind can come up with, it’s eerie. But my first thoughts, and I thought you would cover this, would be to take her hand- gently and smoothly- and if she’s sitting, raise her up, and maybe spin her. If she’s standing, do the same, twirl her. Then maybe go talk to her friend if you want to really rub it in, for a double victory. But wtf, our goal is not to grow our egos but to enjoy our lives, and insert ourselves into warm places as part of that process. If you can do that by making people feel good, that’s more fun, but sometimes you have to bust or break them, and that can be fun too. Girls like to be shocked, more than we realize, and anyone who doesn’t, from time to time, he’s just a bore.


  24. One:
    Her: No!
    Me: __quickly but gently grabs upraised hand in a bro hand clasp__
    Optional, if you’re feeling especially on point: with hand still clasped, lean in for a warm bro hug

    Her: No!
    Me: One two three four, I declare a thumb war! __quickly but gently grabs hand into the proper position__


  25. The cackling bitch friends will most certainly cackle. Stand still, look amused, point at the original broad, and once the cackling subsides ask, “is she always this funny?”


  26. on October 7, 2014 at 3:18 pm haunted trilobite

    ‘so this is the infamous ‘hand that launched a thousand jizz loads’

    ‘please put that filthy weapon of mass turbation away’

    ‘cute, do you wank your dad/uncle with that hand’


  27. I’m sorry, sweetheart, but I hear the Ebola has spread.


  28. on October 7, 2014 at 3:36 pm Just Some Guy

    I probably just high five her and then come up with a ridiculous reason why based on surroundings.

    [High Five]. The bartender told me *you* were giving out high fives and drinks. I’ll have a whiskey neat. [Incredulous objection]. Fiiiiine. Two ice cubes.

    In other news, every time the shot girls would come around and offer us a shot we’d just say, “No, but we’ll take a high 5.” High five rate: 85%. Hot shot girl close rate: 40%.


  29. Put her in one of those judo wrist lock submission holds. It looks like she is begging for it.


  30. “Wait! I’m not Zombie Shane…I don’t want to put a bun in your oven!”


  31. Lots of these responses are weak or try-hard. I’d go with the “You aren’t pretty enough to say no.” and walk away. At least maintain some dignity.


    • on October 7, 2014 at 3:49 pm Just Some Guy

      May still have your dignity, but also unlikely to have the girl. With no rapport, you’d come off as wrong kind of asshole.

      Try hard is more about the delivery itself than the actual spoken words. Women, like dogs, can smell desperation. When I used to get oneits, I often tried too hard and it showed. When I was on killer hot streaks, it didn’t matter what I said.


      • “May still have your dignity, but also unlikely to have the girl.”

        exactly. you don’t want a girl like that. i think this is a good lesson in how to know what girls NOT to waste your time on. you could game her but you shouldn’t.

        guys on here keep forgetting how important it is to screen girls and filter out the garbage. if you aren’t choosy about the girls you invest your time and energy in, you’ll end up paying for your choices later on down the road.

        you’ll end up with a girl you shouldn’t have gotten involved with in the first place. a girl like this is not worth gaming and telling her off is what we all should do when we encounter girls like this. how else will they learn that behavior like that is unacceptable and a turn off? they will never learn if guys like you keep thinking every girl is worth their time and continue to give them their attention.


  32. I’m in my 50’s so I don’t hit the bars. This advice is for the younger guys.

    Open your eyes wide and loudly say, “Oh my God!”
    “My grandma was Gypsy and she taught me how to read palms.
    “I have never seen such a scary future life line on someone who was not going to die soon.”
    Turn to her friends and say, “Be there for her, she’s going to need your support after it happens”.

    Walk away. If she, or one of her friends follows you, continue with your game, but mix some sympathy with the cocky.


    • on October 8, 2014 at 9:15 am Holden Caulfield

      With high energy environments and guys with solid game, this could work well. Allows for a natural transition to chic crack if she bites on the bait.


    • As a fellow traveler in his 50s….love it.

      It’s all about having fun


  33. That’s right. No, I don’t wanna get you pregnant

    A classic!


  34. “Who the hell do you think you are…Amy from Chateau Heartiste?”


  35. I asked a girl to dance at a college mixer back in the 70’s
    and she laughed. Somehow I instantly asked her friend
    (just as attractive) and she said yes with enthusiasm.
    Don’t know how I did it since I was Beta. Saved the day
    though. It worked that one time but I think the you aren’t
    good enough to say no is usually the best answer
    as the game is usually lost at that point. Most girls
    won’t go near a guy who was put down like that
    for fear of the groups disapproval.


  36. “Yeah, charming, can you pass over one of those napkins?”


  37. Yeah when I saw no guy around I kinda figured you don’t swallow…you just won me $20.


  38. heh I fucking love the high five one. Can just imagine a sly bastard walking up, high fiving while continuing walking, (with a grin), and going to talk to her friend.

    I had one bitch at work do something similar. I’d been to that site the previous day to install something on the computers. I then re-visited the next day and she was like, …SERIOUSLY? You’re back AGAIN? Etc. (I was there to fix something that the silly bitch had brought up herself! And was doing so at ALL sites, not just hers).

    Can’t remember what I did, I think just shot her a look, plonked down and got on with it. Probably a stern “Yes” and I think a “and I wouldn’t be if someone didn’t keep finding problems”.

    Not asking for an analysis there, and I’m shite with game at the moment. She did lighten up and get talking / teasing later, but the main point was she did the equivalent of the “no” thing, as her initial outburst was way overboard. Silly bint probably did think I was just there for her lol. Couldn’t care less, I had a job to do.


    • Her initial reaction to you was probably job-related (you were gonna obstruct her tasks), then she decided to have fun, maybe to mess with you and maybe she was ovulating.


      • Fuck knows. I had 5 other machines to do before I got to hers. (She was the only one left in at that time).

        Calmed down a bit after and enjoyed chatting a bit, was just way overboard initial response.


  39. on October 7, 2014 at 5:21 pm Diogenes the Cynic

    Non Sequitur: Where are the Four Horsemen when we really need them. Someone please, drop the fucking bomb already…



    • Does it never occur to lesbians to just fuck the man?


    • good for a re-read of important facts- she was 34 and already barren. Real women need to know this. All this career girls are dinosaurs en route to extinction. They have NO natural inclination to reproduce. Most behavior is genetic and hereditable.

      Consequently, pretty much any career woman is an evolutionary dead end.


  40. As always on these things, I’ll stress that there’s a difference between handling it in a way that soothes your butthurt ego and/or gets “revenge” and/or makes a super cool “nice!! way to own that bitch brah!!” story to tell your buddies and “save my dignity bro” (aka trying to save face in front of some random bar chick and some drunk dudes lol who the fuck cares what they think), and handling it in a way that actually has some potential possibility of turning the set around or recovering in some way.

    A lot of “witty” responses that sound good are just butthurt reactions trying to get her back for not playing along and it’s basically the same thing as that guy who responded to the cat pussy fingers pic in the last article all butthurt taking it as a personal sleight instead of lol’ing at the situ.

    She doesn’t owe you anything. She doesn’t owe you being nice when you open her, she doesn’t owe you texting you back when you get her number, she doesn’t owe you showing up on a date when you invite her out, she doesn’t owe you sex when you’re on a date. She doesn’t owe you “a chance” any more than a business you’re applying to owes you a job or a bank owes you a loan.

    And the instant “No” girls aren’t judging you as a human being because they haven’t met and interacted with you. They’re just lumping you in with a type of low-value guy because for whatever reasons that’s the headspace they’re in at the moment and she wasn’t aware of you doing anything to NOT be lumped in with those guys before you approached.

    It’s all very simple. Ones and zeroes, binary shit: If you’re high-value in her mind, she’ll talk to you, if not she’ll lump you with the rest and not give you a chance. So you can either walk away and take the loss, or figure out how to build your value to her. Those are the two options. She still won’t owe you shit even if you build your value, and she doesn’t owe you the opportunity TO demonstrate higher value. IDEALLY, you DHV’ed in front of her before approaching so you don’t get the “No” in the first place, but assuming that’s happened you have two options: You either find a way to DHV or you move on.

    And generally DHV’ing is going to have to be indirectly (ie – doing something she can passively observe) rather than taking her on directly (she slammed the door, so you go around to the window) because while it’s POSSIBLE to drop a cool James Bond reply and the girl swoons at how alpha you are and suddenly wants to suck your dick, the hardcore “No” girls won’t LET you high-five them or drop your witty little response, they’ll just keep shouting “NOPE! NO SORRY! SORRY NO!!” and backturn you and get their girls to huddle with them with their backs to you etc. (guess how I know this lol)

    So I like to just lol and open whatever set is beside them and in a loud voice tell them “wow, that girl HATES me. I didn’t even get past the word “hi”. Looks like I’ll be a virgin forever. :(” and befriend that set and ask them for advice on how to get laid, whoever they are. If they’re ugly girls it makes me seem benevolent talking to anyone and making them laugh, if they’re dudes then I can chat and come off cooler than the guys, if they’re hot girls (even if they’re taken) they’ll usually play along and lol and go “awww” and I can work them, etc. Either way, I rolled off a rejection with no fucks given, turned it into a joke, and now I’m DHV’ing in front of the girl who just rejected me. If the girls aren’t knee-deep in drama they’ll often observe and then either actively try to get my attention again or passively just be more receptive if I re-open them after a few minutes. If I manage to get back in the set I’ll either do the Cajun “it’s cute that you’re so protective of your friends” compliment or I’ll tease (usually tease, it’s more my style) about how much they hurt my feelings and that I’m going to go cry in the bathroom and how they were my last chance to lose my virginity etc.

    If from their body-language and the general situation and field experience the girl is having a legit “No” moment where like, she’s having a fight with her friends, or she’s pissed off at men for some reason like some drunk dude just groped her against her will and she’s disgusted and wants to leave, or her friend is crying and she’s taking care of her (you wouldn’t believe how many social retards I’ve seen trying to approach sets like this, it blows my mind)…and/or on top of that, I don’t see any way to build my value in the situation we’re in like there’s no one else around or they’re walking fast toward somewhere etc., then I’ll just walk away no fucks given. Can’t get ’em all lol Might see them later when they’re more receptive and I can tease them for blowing me off and hurting my feelings, or I might never see them again. Oh well, there’s 3 more girls who look just like that one in the bar lol

    And like CH says these are usually the not super hot girls. The super hot ones will do even worse and just give you as Todd calls it “The Hot Girl Blase”:

    “The hottest girls don’t give shit-tests. That’s what makes them hard to get. Ugly girls will immediately love you. Girls in the 7,8, low-9 range will give a LOT of shit-tests, but if you know how to pass shit-tests those shit-tests actually give you leverage to game them so those girls are actually quite easy to get. But the 10s just refuse to engage with you. They just give you one-word answers, blank stares, type away on their cell phone, ignore you, that kind of thing.”

    Todd’s voice is gay as fuck and his vibe is super-boring but his technical understanding of the game is amazing and completely jives with what I’ve experienced in-field. A lot of my game is based off pushing the girl to shit-test me and then passing the shit-tests because passing shit-tests builds attraction…so the girls who are just “nice” are annoying (and boring) to me lol I have to go a lot further to get them to test me. A lot of my value is in my test passing…like you put some tall jacked rich dude and me on a girl and if she won’t test us at all, he’s naturally got a higher default value than me.

    But if, like Todd explains, I can make myself an authority in her world and/or make what I’m saying relevant to her personally, I can get her to test me and pass it and blow the other guy out…combine that with stepping to the side or leading her so she turns her back to the other guy, grabbing her focus, cutting space, spiking her Buying Temperature etc. and the other guy is basically invisible to her before he realizes what happened (because generally as a good-looking dude he didn’t need to learn game and underestimated me based on my looks and wasn’t expecting to get blindsided like that). If the girl and I stick around or I leave and the girl sticks around and keeps interacting with the dude after that, he MIGHT end up eventually regaining his value, but that’s why I don’t let myself and the girl stick around I lead them away lol

    Here’s Julien blowing out a student because the student is being a pussy and trying to number-close when he should be leading to the pull, so Julien comes in and takes over and shows him that the girl was perfectly willing to be led away if he had stepped up. A dick move but he’s teaching him a lesson. Starts at 55 seconds in:

    The guy is in the middle of getting her phone number and Julien just keeps her focus and leads her off, cuts him out with body-positioning etc. Also this is in Poland (along with some other girls in the vid)…but we know game doesn’t work on those virginal unicorn Eastern European girls. THEY don’t respond to being teased or led into having sex with guys they’ve just met…they’re special. lol.


    • Helpful videos–especially how it focuses on reading a woman’s attraction and calibrating your immediate goal based on her attraction. Always assume same day/night action and only go for a number close if her resistance is too high.

      Sometimes a woman will give a preemptive “no” if she is trying to steer you towards a friend who has the hots for you. This occurs especially after you’ve done a very public DHV, like dancing well, etc. Read her friends’ facial expressions and body language.

      You can blow out a bitchy “no” with an Iron Frame. A woman might be too drunk to dance but not so drunk that she doesn’t realize it. Read the woman’s facial expression carefully.

      You might need to ask her friends whether some disaster happened to her that day, etc. That’s a DHV, showing that you expected better treatment and shows social awareness and a nuanced attempt at engagement. Nuance is very important in some cases.

      ABGI: Always Be Getting Info.

      Have you ever found a woman who was a keeper–a real unicorn?


    • Todd: “Be an authority” “Make it personal to her”

      Dominance and engagement. See my post about Sexual Macrodynamics. 5h1t-tests are grappling, as I discuss in my post.

      “Threatening her frame” = engagement; hotter girls need more engagement and more engagement shows dominance

      Todd says to sexualize early with hotties; sure, in some way–it depends on the girl as to how you do it; holding hands and going for a walk might be appropriate (say the girl is sincerely religious), or talking about funny sexual experiences in your life, or commenting on some sexual aspect of the girl (as in a neg), etc.


    • Nailed it, especially with the butthurt part. Something as petty as this shouldn’t bruise your ego for you to feel the need to knock a woman a peg down or prove to her that you are indeed valuable.

      I had this exact scenario happen to me in a club years back, except this was from a girl I knew who didn’t recognize me. I didn’t stick around and plead for her to remember me. I didn’t try to make her feel bad for feeding her ego. I did what I would have done if a 6 year old girl did that to me: I laughed and walked away (she realized her mistake and subsequently tried to dance with me. I politely declined).

      Your valuation of yourself should not be moved based on how some pseudo-queen reacts to you. If you take a step back and realize it’s all totally fake, you won’t even flinch. For the average reader here, trying to utilize some tactic to use in this situation will land them in a trap of being at the mercy of some nobody’s approval.


    • ohhh I get it ..he’s teaching totally socially inept guys how to play babbling bullshit starving squirrel looking for a nut game.. on mixed up airhead polish 6’s ..


      what would you rather do .. master that 100 times .. or be able to write a check for $10,000 as an after thought.. this much focus on meaningless social dynamics is a dead end


      • last disparaging comment from an old guy.. if you develop a value system based on “you only 6-7-8’s and low 9’s .. but 10’s are really great” you become worse than women .. intellectually and emotionally triggered by what other people think.. in other words ..you are subconciously controlled by fashion..

        and being alpha or beta doesnt make your life better.. becoming a man does

        to quote Col Frank Slade – “and if you think you’re preparing these minnows for manhood, you better think again, because I say you are killing the very spirit” … that defines manhood


      • “what would you rather do ..”

        I’D rather waste my time on a forum based around picking up hot girls, lecturing all the guys there on why they shouldn’t want hot girls. If I could write cheques for $10,000 that’s definitely what I’d be doing with MY free time, not traveling or living an interesting life with that money.


      • If I had a dollar for every guy in finance I know who could write checks for $100k without blinking and didn’t know jack when it came to the pooty… I’d spend even more time on these boards…!


      • the 2 videos are lame..the 2 guys in them are not something to aspire to be like.. look look I have an iphone 6.. no really this is 6.. his amp must go to 11 to


    • of course if you take the intellectual loser route and not respond to the points… if kind of shows why you have to simulate high value rather than actually have it


    • @YaReally the second video is instructional. One thing I always say to a girl I’m gaming and want to leave a venue with…”baby, let’s get out of here….”

      This always works… the “baby” part is crucial. I tried it both ways. “Let’s get out of here…” is 50/50… “Baby, let’s get out of here…” higher success rate.

      The other stuff in this video is interesting. The “4x” rule…try it 4 times. Not sure, but I have been in recent situations where I’ve gone for the k-close, got the head turn. Ignored the head turn…let more time pass…go for it again and bingo.


      • That Julien video is excellent. So much good stuff for those of us who actually go out.

        The explanation of leading – just let your actions do the work while you just talk about anything was very good. So was the point about don’t take her number and give her an excuse not to fuck that night.

        Also really liked the voice tonality thing – how you give instructions with authority but also with urgency and accompanied by action.


    • Thread closed. Next!


  41. This situation happens at my dance party. Sometimes I’ll ask a girl and she will refuse. The idea is to just nod, say thanks and walk away. But that is a social situation and everyone understands.

    I just had this same situation when I approached my crazy ex gf in a rotational birthday dance. The girl dances with a series of guys to a song. She held onto the guy and to the room it looked like the guy was refusing to let her go.

    I just shrugged my shoulders and walked away just as the song ended. In these situations I’ve found it’s better to just smile and walk away without drawing too much attention to yourself.

    In this scenario the girl is rude. To engage would be playing into her frame and acknowledging her bad behavior.


    • “In this scenario the girl is rude. To engage would be playing into her frame and acknowledging her bad behavior.”


      anything more than a quick brush off and walking away would be giving her too much attention. continuing to engage with her would be positive reinforcement. if a guy is still trying to interact with her after she acts like that, she knows she can act however she wants and he will still be interested. she has the upper hand at that point.


    • In these situations I’ve found it’s better to just smile and walk away without drawing too much attention to yourself..

      Right on.

      I don’t know why the principle of “he who reacts, loses” flies out the window for situations such as these. Had a situation (not outright dismissive, albeit) where a girl I approached pretended not to speak English and gave a one word answer while looking off. I smiled and left, and had a great night.

      She approached me after, speaking perfect English and apologizing for what was her way of playing (sarcasm is all the rage these days). “I didn’t want you to think I was weird..”

      At this point, she was thinking more about it than I was. Only you can ruin your night.


      • Sounds like the girl was trying to be clever based on something she read on a website.


      • @PermanentGuest Right. In my situation after I sat down, the song ended. The guy came over and apologized explaining it was her preventing him from changing up, not him. I shrugged and explained to him she was just the angry ex gf and not to worry about it. He bought me a beer.

        They all went to have birthday cake. I immediately got up and found another hot girl to dance with. When I sat down again, crazy ex gf appeared offerin me a piece of birthday cake. “No thanks” I said and turned away. She walked away with it.

        The following week it was another girl’s birthday. I got up to dance with her in the round-robin. She was gracious and switched up. I looked over at crazy ex gf who had an icy stare and was staring straight in front of her with the blood drained from her face. Nothing more needed to be said about that rudeness. What is significant in this and yours and other stories is how if you just walk away the girl immediately feels bad about it and somehow tries to atone or qualify herself.


  42. Big reply in mod but what a lot of guys forget in their vision of how this’ll play out (and why a lot of these probably won’t work) is that if she’s saying “No” in THAT dismissive a manner in the first place, that probably means she’s categorized you (unfairly or not) as so low-value that she can even DO that to you in the first place.

    So she’s unlikely to listen to your witty little 2 sentence responses that totally zing her or excuse why you were approaching her etc.. If you were high-value enough to her for her to listen to your follow-up to her “No”, you wouldn’t have gotten that hardcore “No” in the FIRST place.

    (yes, yes, there are exceptions bla bla)


    • Cleverness definitely not called for. My (armchair) response would either be to echo as a question:


      Or to contradict using a Patrick McGoohan/Number 6 voice: “… Yes.”


    • As someone who has gotten hard rejections aplenty, I gotta agree.


    • Looking forward to the mod release…. The question remains – can these interactions actually be saved? Perhaps in a venue where you can build up value over time and reengage… but I think our host has it right (@CH) this is an affectation put on by lower value girls, the 6-7’s. That’s been my experience as well and always younger ones to boot.

      Why care? It’s game man, can you play to win?


      • Often the fun in playing the game is to have fun, not to win. I’d hit on Miranda Kerr. I’d play chess with Magnus Carlsen. I’d have a dunk contest with Blake Griffin.


  43. Just laugh in her face.


  44. on October 7, 2014 at 5:55 pm sheerforceofwilliam

    off topic but that video in the twitter feed of lena dunham jiggling her fat is too disgusting for words. Just 3 seconds of that filth jolted me into a very dark place. Now I’m heading for salsa class where I can’t tactfully avoid actual contact with sweaty whales of her ilk. If this messages prevents just one reader from clicking play I may have a small bit of peace


  45. Her: “No!”

    Me: “Yeah… I know. I can smell it. You’re not ovulating.”


  46. YaReally, HABD, Sentient and the gang – 2 quick questions

    1. Any text game suggestions for keeping things warm with (a) a girl you haven’t met yet and (b) had a date and makeout but no sex? I get a lot of online phone numbers and often I have to travel for weeks and can’t meet them quickly. I know I can’t avoid some of them drifting away/forgetting me, but any tips for trying to keep them warm? I’ve read all the standard YaReally/Ripp texting advice..

    2. Had a date with an 18 year old college freshman last night from online (I’m 34). Pretty redhead. Went terribly. I’m pretty good at sexualizing/escalating with online girls now (the previous night – 23 year old gave me a HJ in the car, the night before that, a 30 year old blew me in the toilet, all first dates). But this girl was basically just a kid – very very naive, sweet, a bit nervous..she obviously liked me and was okay with kino on her thigh etc but I never got the conversation to engage or sexualize or even hold her hand – she was too uptight – maybe even a virgin.

    Now I know some of the keyboard jockeys here might think of her as their perfect girl, but I was just bored and I ended the date quickly (politely). And I know not all 18 year olds are like that, but any tips on how to warm up girls like that? Is it only a question of slowly building comfort over time? Attraction was really not an issue here..it almost felt like this girl was a conservative, geeky (but pretty) shy girl consciously trying to spread her wings at college and one thing she’s trying is dating older guys..


    • @Culum Struan

      1. You’ll probably get different advice from others, but I would do radio silence until you come back, then send out a feeler text late night 10pm or so with some bait. “Hey, just got back from ___, it was crazy. whats new with you?”

      2. Some girls are just shy / uptight / frigid, and you should still try to isolate first then escalate. You’ll be surprised at how they’ll come back home with you same as the girls who give you tons of IOIs. If she’s not trying to actively leave, assume she’s dtf. This is why I hate that the community teaches about IOIs, all it does is keep guys from pulling the trigger when they should be.

      It’s likely that this girl would have fucked you on the first date. This has happened to me several times, the shy ones are JUST AS DTF

      Last piece of advice, I don’t recommend making out until you’re at the sex location. It keeps the sexual tension high. If you make out it spikes her ASD and diminishes sexual tension, two things you really don’t want. The only positive is it increases momentum and horniness, but that’s only useful if you can fuck her at that moment


      • @Kant – thank you that’s gold

        1. Will definitely try that – hadn’t occurred to me, but recently I’ve been trying late night feeler texts with cold numbers from months ago and it’s amazing how often it hits

        2. Point taken again – I really hadn’t thought of it like that – I guess it was worth strengthening my frame and pushing on instead of pulling back and going nonsexual which is what I did.

        3. Yes, I’m trying to reduce my makeouts for that reason. I only do it now because I have so many online first dates lined up for the next couple weeks that I can afford to burn a lot of them by aggressively pushing for makeout and the bar toilet/car BJ, and if that doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter if the ASD is spiked..I have loads of other dates scheduled. But yes – point taken, it’s not the highest percentage play.


    • @Culum I’ll weigh in on this because I do this a lot. I have an approach to online replies.

      If the girl is keen we’ll keep texting back and forth. I’ll work to set up a date within the week.

      If the girl flakes or is unresponsive, I’ll wait a second time and propose something. Then I give up.

      There was a hot flight attendant who was all up for meeting. Then she was working, then I was away. Finally I proposed a date/time: “Sunday afternoon, drinks?”

      No reply so I leave it.

      There is no “magic” response. Some girls will either be intrigued by your initial approach or they won’t.

      Also, I have at least 3 girls I’ve banged who I meet up with regularly.

      The text interactions are usually short: I’ve usually got a nickname or some inside joke with each of them. They’re not that chatty.

      But you have to remember something…unless the girl has Borderline Personality Disorder and has split you to black…most girls are still keen and have no sense of time IF…they’re attracted to you.

      Example: one of the girls I’d been gaming for months…lost contact with, she went on some working holiday for 3 months…then I run into her at a party 4months after our last text. I immediately pick up where we left off…drinks…texts…make out.

      One way to sexualize the interaction quickly is to ask: “have you ever had a [foreign] [older guy] [long-distance] etc lover?

      That immediately moves this into a man woman instead of chatty friendy dynamic.


      • Thanks walawala. That’s similar to what I do although I try a bit more often than you to get them to meet up – just because if I have a night scheduled for a date I hate to have it empty.

        But you’re bang on about how even after months a girl will still remember you if the attraction was there (lots will ignore a text after months or ask you to delete them but the effort to reward ratio is very good)


    • on October 8, 2014 at 11:49 am having a bad day


      1. …follow YaReally’s advice, he seems to know what he’s doing…lol…also, @wala is right about the timing thing. girls have a rotten sense of time, so just treat @kant’s radio silence as ‘a couple days’…lol… since you last texted her…lol…just be aware that she will have more ‘competing interests’ for her attention (especially if she’s hot…lol) the longer its been…so, expect more flakes…

      2. “…but any tips on how to warm up girls like that? Is it only a question of slowly building comfort over time?”

      no…it’s a question of building comfort QUICKLY on the first meet…lol …to get her to open up, you have to make it ‘safe’ to do that = NO judgment…lol…start by sharing something about yourself (that is personal and slightly sexualized…like tell about your favorite pair of silk boxers…lol…and how they make you feel naughty when you wear them in public bc…blah blah…lol) in a matter-of-fact way…

      then telling her to tell you something about herself that is semi-personal (but slightly sexualized…lol) like her favorite bra color/did she ever have any panties that had writing on them/etc…then, if her response is even slightly positive, no matter what her response actually is, you say something positive about her (in a ‘she’s a unique snowflake’ – type way) ‘i knew you’d be cool like that’ and give her more attention (bc she just ‘earned’ it…lol)…then continue your conversation and later do it again…rinse and repeat…also intersperse personal topics that are not sexualized but are emotionally personal, but start with the sexual…lol…build comfort and rapport…lol…

      then move the topics into more sexual hypos…also, you should ABE…

      good luck!


    • I can help. I too had a date with an 18 year old the other night from online. I’m 43. I got her 3 drinks and banged her afterward in my NSX.

      So my advice is bring the car with the big backseat bc jfc it was unfcomfortable in that thing.

      Oh wait, you wanted advice for you…alcohol.


    • @Culum Struan

      1) “recently I’ve been trying late night feeler texts with cold numbers from months ago and it’s amazing how often it hits”

      This is what I do. I have girls in a few cities where I probably won’t be back their way for a year or so (if ever), and I shoot a text every few months just to make sure they still have my number (sometimes they lose their phone etc.). The text is always when it’s past 9pm in their time zone, and on an off night not a thurs/fri/sat where they’ll be out partying.

      It’s usually referencing something personal like an in-joke/nickname we have. Like “totally saw a (thing we’ve joked about today) lol looks like you were right after all.” Or I’ll complain about girls, like “god why is it so hard to find a girl who (does something she does)”. Both of these are based around “For some reason, I’m thinking about YOU and our connection specifically”…VS texting her something random about my day or a “hey how’s it going these days?” text. It makes them feel special like I was going along not thinking about them and then something happened or I met some girl and that made me remember how cool she was and appreciate her and want to reach out.

      Yes, that’s slightly beta, but because the distance between us (or in your case time schedules) keeps us from seeing eachother frequently, a little beta is okay. If we saw eachother daily I’d want to be a bit more aloof, it’s a balance.

      For new girls who I’ve grabbed a number and we just won’t be able to make meeting up work for a while, I do the same thing but more frequently, like if I won’t see her for a month it’ll be every couple weeks. The main thing isn’t how often you text, it’s how personal the text is…how relevant is it to her and how much of a connection does it re-enforce between you two?

      General rule is don’t go super sexual until you can see the finish line…so if I know I’m going to get this girl out tonight to meet up, I can go a bit more sexual, but if I know it’s going to be a month before we see eachother I’ll keep it flirty and fun until closer to the end of the month. And either way, if I haven’t banged her before, I won’t go very sexual it’ll be more “hmmm I might have to spank you for that” and “you wear THAT outfit and I can’t guarantee I won’t be pinning you up against the wall and nibbling on your neck”. Like PG rated shit.

      If you’ve made out but not fucked, then you’re in high ASD territory because you went too far without seeing the finish line so she’ll be flakier and you have to get her out of ASD territory by turning off all sexuality and probably invite her to do something totally non-sexual in public so she doesn’t feel like a slut.

      2) If she isn’t leaving, she’s into you and wants it to happen eventually. She’s probably just inexperienced/nervous etc. esp if she’s young and you’re an older man. Keep dipping into sexual stuff but don’t go hardcore with it…figure out how to get isolation, she’s going to be waaaaay more comfortable in isolation. Legit isolation not just a dark booth in a lounge, but like get her to your place or go for a walk on a quiet street or as you go up a stairwell stop and kiss her there, etc. With these ones I like to do a quick peck-kiss where I stop them as we’re walking and go like “hold up, I have to do this…” and give them a light romantic kiss then “ok so you were saying about the–” and act like nothing happened. It’s kind of like dipping their toes into the pool and it shows them you aren’t in a rush (because you backed off and kept the fun date going) and it shows that you respect them and all that gentlemanly shit which helps with that type. In the oldschool PUA community we called this general strategy “two steps forward, one step back, rinse and repeat”. Then figure out how to get isolation and you can probably escalate to sex.

      She’ll fuck you the first night like most girls will, but she needs you to figure out why she’s hesitant and how to make her more comfortable (isolation, take it slow, push then back off, etc.). If she meets up with you again then she DEFINITELY wants to fuck you, but she needs you to solve the puzzle for her so she can be unaccountable.

      “3. Yes, I’m trying to reduce my makeouts for that reason. I only do it now because I have so many online first dates lined up for the next couple weeks that I can afford to burn a lot of them by aggressively pushing for makeout and the bar toilet/car BJ”

      This is a good attitude. A lot of my fast escalation I learned from burning online chicks and learning to calibrate. But that’s the key…don’t just push and burn these off and say “cool, whatever” and move on. Actually think about “okay, where did she shut down? How could I have possibly saved that? How could I have avoided it? What would have been a more optimal play based on her personality and our situation?” THAT’S where the learning is. Otherwise you’re just rolling the dice playing the numbers game.


      • HABD, YaReally – thanks. It’s great to have so many experienced guys answer these questions – it’s why I keep coming back to these comment threads despite having so many lunatics posting here.

        I may have lost the moment with the 18 year old, but on the basis of the advice here, I decided I may as well give it another shot and have texted her to hang out again (I am going to take her to a museum near my place and “forget” my wallet on the way there)

        I also noticed – I’m not sure if it is my perceptions or something different about me – since I’ve been having a lot more sex with different women lately, I get a lot more women giving me IOIs and eye contact – like yesterday (when I was in the mall with a book before my date started) I had 5 different women – some with boyfriends – give me really strong EC..


      • Abundance mentality in action… IOW sex walking… This is the core of solid frame and tight game. Goes back to “what would a hot chick do” well she has sex on tap… so….

        enjoy it!


  47. I agree with YaReally on this one. Something is terribly wrong with an approach that has her saying No and Hand up. It’s safe to say her bitch shields are at maximum.

    One thing I am always amazed by guys is that they really think they need to say anything. Here is a girl that is giving a limited verbal signal but a huge physical signal.. Why not use the hand?

    Assuming that this gal is stupid hot (or otherwise I would walk away). I would simply move close and press my palm to her palm in a firm gentle manner. I would also look into her eyes with my best calm soulgaze. The point would be break her out of a confrontational cycle as quickly as possible. I would assume that she is having a bad day with boyfriend, life, job or school.

    She may drop her hand and makes some sort of apology for being rude.And you game her normally from then on OR
    She doubles down bitchy and recoils from my touch with a, “how dare you touch me!”
    At this point you really have to gut check on whether you want to tackle a crazy chick today or not. The obvious reply would be something like “My, You must be really frustrated!”

    And trust me boys you pop of that reply get ready to be her pet psychoanalysis for as long as you can take the psychic bile she’ll spill. Perhaps if you are wearing google glass you can play a little game while she let’s her inner child whine about her 1st world problems. It’s ultimately limited payoff unless she’ll do shots with you. I used to listen to gals like this… but these days I excuse myself and say see you later.


  48. If youre fast enough you can finish a high five.


  49. Reach over.
    Grab her drink.
    Take a swig.
    Wince and walk away.


  50. Wait until you learn the word “yes”. Fun times.


  51. Actualy, it’s not really about what you say. How you say it is much more important as both the girl and her clique will smell any buthurtness on you even if you deliver the best word combo in the world…. you also want to stay away from wordy replies in a loud venue…

    With that having been said, if you can pull it off, the simplest comeback is to raise an eyebrow for an uncomfortable moment and then laugh out loud bhahahhhhaaaahhhaaa… waiving your hands in disbelief… the longer, louder and the more animated, the better… while saying something like “you thought i was hitting on you”… bhahhahahahhahahhaha…. you then finish with nevermind and walk away chuckling.

    Requires solid frame and acting skillzz. Will put a doubt in her head and leave her feeling stoopid in front of her friends.


  52. “Watch where you put your hand… { Askance }

    “No palms… just Tarot… { Aloof }

    “Quarantine! { Wince }

    “You’ve got to be bidding… { Looking off for the ‘auction’ — mocking }

    “I’m not the bouncer… …You do look like you’ve had enough.

    And of the last snark: What woman can let that statement pass?

    If she agrees — then she leaves… with escort.

    With denial, ask her to buy…


    The ‘palm-off’ is used to AVOID eye contact. It’s a psychic shield.

    Expect a real motor-mouth…

    Who will effectively open herself up if you bull ahead.


  53. I’d tilt my head back, looking disgusted, and wave my hand around my nose in a manner that brazenly insinuates “something stinks here”, then go away.


  54. This comment from a few years ago is still the winner:

    “So I guess a blow job in the parking lot is out of the question?”


  55. OT… Good fucking grief.

    NYT Op-ed page… “Pedophilia’s a disorder. Not a crime”.

    Even argues that pedophiles should be covered under the Americans With Disabilities Act so you can’t discriminate against them in hiring.



    • I guess is this the first shot across the bow announcing World War P.

      Sodomy is now officially recognized, honored, and celebrated at the point of a gun by Western governments worldwide (even though 99% of humanity finds it disgusting), so it only stands to reason that sodomites would seek the inevitable next step to fulfill their true desire, which of course from day one was to normalize and eventually force government celebration at gunpoint the rape of prepubescent boys. And if you dare say anything against the beautiful practice of adult sodomites raping 10-year-old boys, then you’re a homophobe and you deserve to lose your livelihood.

      Another point is that all degenerate, criminal behavior is considered a mental illness by the prison-psychology complex. This is really nothing new.


  56. How about the cancer test?

    Girl puts hand up, says no.

    You say: Wow, I’m so sorry.

    Girl: Why?

    You: Looks like you have the cancer gene.

    Girl: How can you tell?

    You: Your hand is extraordinarily large in proportion to your face. [make motion with palm of hand towards your face]

    Girl: Moves open palm to measure against face.

    You: Tap wrist so that girl’s hand makes impact with her face.


  57. Similiar topic… When a wench starts a convo with you and her friend gets belligerent out of nowhere.

    Few months ago I was out early evening with a friend at an outdoor bar in South FL. I’m at the end of the bar and my friend is to my right. A Cougar in a short mini and GF who looks like a tanned to leather blonde Olive Oil approach the bar to my left. I’d seen them early when we were eatting dinner. The Cougar looked better from a distance. So, the Cougar asks me where the hotspot is in town. Mentions a bar down the street that was hopping a year ago but not currently. I tell her its early and I agree the bar is not hopping anymore. She asks my opinion or some sheeyit why and I tell her I don’t know. Olive Oil is adding her own 2 bitching cents the whole time. Cougar asks me for a South Beach style bar, I flick a thumb behind me to a bar catty corner across the street and tell her its her best bet. She and Olive say they’ve already been there and it sucked. Like I’m their goddamn personal concierge. I tell them have a nice night ladies. Olive Oil goes off, I’ll fly to the goddamn bahamas to party and some other sheeyit. Cougar actually restrains her. I don’t give a fuck. People are watching. Cougar drags her off. I would have f’ed the Cougar, specifically for the post-F BJ, they’re always real good at that. But I wasn’t going to kiss her ass. If her GF would have acted right I would’ve told them about wine bar a block behind the main drag… Anyhow, they leave, people are smiling at me and the bartender asks me whats up with the crazy woman. I tell him, who cares. My bud is cracking up.

    I didn’t get laid, but felt like a man.

    Similiar stories? I’m curious how you guys have handled situations like this…


  58. I’d just laugh hysterically and go back to enjoying my drink. I have no idea if this is the right answer but wouldn’t give a shit.


  59. Happened once in Pensacola. Was dressed up, at a club with dancing. She was at a table with three friends, all in dresses and heels. I walked over and started talking with the table and got good vibes, since she was my target I asked her to dance. She put her hand up and turned away. I reached up and calmly put my hand in hers and interlocked the fingers, as if we were holding hands. Wide eyes all around the table, she looked back and I calmly said, “Don’t ever put your hand up in my face again, its terribly unlady like. I obviously mis-judged you” as I slowly moved her hand back toward the table and set it down. I turned and went and danced alone on the dance floor for the remainder of that song. When I finished and was heading off back to the bar, she was standing there and said ” I had no idea…I’m sorry”. One week later I sealed the bang, two weeks later she gave me a spare key to her condo overlooking the Bay.


  60. I’d slap her hand in a high 5 motion while saying “up high!” , stick my hand out palm up “down low”, and when she slaps for it, take my hand out “too slow”


  61. “Eeuw, dirty hands” (fake a quiver and scurry away)


  62. Disagree and amplify [meta, you’re agreeing to play disagree]. Yes! Yes like you’re Ben fucking Kingsley. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Dean Moriarity turned up to 11. Preach it. Sell the fuck out of yes, like you’re discovering it for the first time. Yes is America, Apollo 11, and that first girl who let you feel her up when you were supposed to be doing homework. What the fuck is no? No is no. No is nothing. Yes is everything else. Yes is what you want, what she wants, what everybody wants. So yes. Yes to yes. Fuck yes. No fucking no. Yes.

    My hunch is she will either (a) disagree more and more playfully or (b) shrink away (and look at you in awe). Regardless, your name for her is Yes. The rest is superfluous.


  63. Dear Heartiste,

    The best answer to this question is to FART in her direction and then alpha smirk. Then go back to your drink or to whatever else you were doing.

    This is perfect whether she’s a 6, 7, 8 or 9. Even better if she has friends. If she gets angry than it’s even more perfect.


  64. You’ve got to fart at her direction. Alpha smirk. The more friends, the angrier she gets is better!


  65. on October 7, 2014 at 11:10 pm malum prohibitum masculinity

    The playful and uncaring responses do have their place for me, but as I get older (better) I tend to lean toward the more subtle responses that will not just turn her on, but genuinely bother her hamster later.

    Her hand goes up in your face, you say “oh, you’re one of those”, then smile and walk away.

    It works because, as you’ve read on this very website, generalizing about a bitch gets said bitch moist and receptive (https://heartiste.wordpress.com/2008/10/07/generalizing-your-way-into-her-panties/). Plus, it makes her hamster go later, when she’s away from her herd of friends, down a long, winding road of what-ifs and regrets because your response wasn’t butthurt at all and so subtly psychologically passively aggressive that she doesn’t interpret any hostility, so she’ll think “maybe he was genuine”, which will lead to “shit, he WAS kinda cute”, to “fuck, if I see him again I’ll apologize” which can obviously then lead to her opening you later. Happened to me twice, but I’m also good enough looking to be memorable to such cunts.

    Or just do like me on my bad days and tell her that she was borderline attractive and you only thought you’d take a shot at her mediocre pussy because you’re tired, rusty on your game, and slightly out of shape, then walk away – not very tight game, but you’re a man, and men have bad days, and telling a cunt to fuck off makes your balls swell.


  66. No?!?? That is SUCH a relief. So, uh, what was it? Just a yeast infection?


  67. If you’re really vulgar and don’t mind getting kicked out or causing a scene, turn around and show her your full ass. If on the dance floor, whip out your dick and start pissing on her.


  68. on October 7, 2014 at 11:19 pm Modern primitive

    Oh good, I was hoping you weren’t going to hit on me.


  69. Her: NO!

    Her: NO!
    BABY’S ARM HOLDING AN APPLE: you ain’t getting younger, precious

    Her: NO!
    BABY’S ARM HOLDING AN APPLE: meh, your girl is prettier anyway

    Her: NO!
    BABY’S ARM HOLDING AN APPLE: oh, you’re one of them types

    Her: NO!
    BABY’S ARM HOLDING AN APPLE: your friend told me she left with some guy


  70. “Talk to the hand is so ’90s . I thought girls in the 21st were actually cordial”


  71. on October 8, 2014 at 1:20 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

    Here’s another scenario. You’re at the wedding and the hottest and sluttiest maid of honor does something stupid and a bunch of guys you’re part of laughs at her. She figures it out and asks an indignant question of the ‘what are you laughing at’ variety. Having witnessed this, my impulse would have been to obliquely imply I’m surprised she made it to be a maid of honor considering her nasty personality or do the ‘how come you are friends with her?’ thing.

    The problem here is that you can’t be an asshole to her because it might result in a small feud between the bride and the groom if you’re a guest of his and you mocked the slut-princess.


  72. “No” (holding up hand)
    (with a slight frown like you’re seeing something disagreeable) “Do you actually walk around in public with those *hands*?” (or shoes, or shirts, or haircut, or whatever you want)


  73. And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.


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    the risk of bowel cancer. Whenever you purchase
    Vega, be sure you buy it from recognized retailers to achieve the real merchandise.
    No wonder that Spirulina, has been declared by World Health Organization (WHO) as.


  75. Assume the high five


  76. No!
    Come on, I’ve only got to sell two more liposuction packages to meet my quota. You should buy both of them.


  77. My best answer to the riddle. Girl puts band up with a no. Me “I know I’m an idol worthy of praise, but u don’t have to put your hands up in worship the second I get here.”


  78. Look at the chick in the pic–huuuuge manjaw going on. A trannie? Why was he approaching her?????? CH needed a better pic.


  79. Don’t say anything. Put your hand on hers, look at her as if she’s some sort of intriguing new specie, like Tarzan in the Disney movie.

    Let’s be honest, with such a bad attitude, I’d lose all interest in trying to fuck her. You might as well use the opportunity to entertain yourself.


    • “Let’s be honest, with such a bad attitude, I’d lose all interest in trying to fuck her. You might as well use the opportunity to entertain yourself.”

      EXACTLY. no amount of hotness can override a bitchy personality. not worth it.


  80. what about a wanker gesture to her as if you were playing Rock-Paper-Scissors?


  81. “No.”

    “I agree.”


  82. on October 8, 2014 at 8:37 am The Scolds' Bridle

    Ne: “Hi…”

    Her: “No”

    Me: “Tourette’s?

    Her: “What?”

    Me: “Do you have Tourette’s or are you just playing hard to get?”

    Her: “You asshole!’

    Me: “Okay, Tourette’s it is. What’s your name?”


  83. on October 8, 2014 at 8:53 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

    “Pffts, don’t flatter yourself, I wanted to talk to your friend here.”
    Then use her friend to DHV yourself or if you feel the friend isn’t amenable, a group of people near her. I don’t see why you’d bother though trying to seduce an unpleasant girl, unless she’s great looking and from my experience great looking girls have nicer personalities.

    If someone acts this autistic, my mission stops being wanting to fuck her though. It becomes wanting to make her cry herself to sleep tonight. Nobody owes her anything because she has a slit between her legs. This means I’d try to bang her friend, not her after building my value up with the group next to them and if it works, I’d sabotage her relationship with the girl I’m banging. Maybe try to get her to sabotage the girl’s relationship with her friends in general. I have never faced this scenario though – I assume it’s because women in Eastern Europe aren’t cunts.


  84. “The fuck?! Okay.”

    And then sing into her face:

    “Soy un perdedor
    I’m a loser, baby,
    So why don’t you kill me.”

    Repeat chorus until she pays you to go away.
    Take money, buy an ice tea.

    Go home, enjoy 8.7 trillion terabytes of pr9n in ye olde masturbatorium. It satisfies, yes it does.


  85. This is not the time for a witty zinger. It plays right into her frame of you being the poorly calibrated cad.

    [CH: I don’t see it.]

    Pause and give her the same look you’d give me if I told you I wanted to wife a slut. (is he joking? Is he genuinely that fucking stupid?) Slowly allow a grin to spread across your face, followed by a chuckle and build into an uncontrollable laugh. (there’s a fantastic GIF of Putin doing this that I don’t have on my phone).

    “you’re adorable”…. Walk away.

    [Dunno about this. There may not be time to pull off an extended theatric of this nature. Plus, if anything will be perceived as butthurt, it’s a look of stupefied incredulity.]


  86. Assume the high-five, then compliment her social circle on taking out their friend with Tourette’s Syndrome. Go home with whichever of her attractive friends laughs the loudest.


  87. Girl: No!
    Caveman: 10.000 years ago I would be raping you right now. Damn civilization.


  88. The negro with the Ebola virus in Dallas, TX died today.

    Perhaps death will shock our govt into action to close borders from travelers from affected countries.


    • no.. they will double down on the absurdity. the racism stuff will get worse. pull ur kids from school, dont work jobs where u deal with lots of ppl. do ur shopping during times businesses are slow. dont touch ppl stay as far away from ppl. clorox kills it.


      • huh? Blacks are fantastically more likely to carry any disease. People should avoid them in the first place


      • who is gonna wipe the asses and feed jello to all the drewling wrikled old ass crackers who refuse to die?


    • on October 8, 2014 at 4:19 pm Troll of the Manosphere

      How dare those blacks come here on slave ships and disease us!


    • “Perhaps death will shock our govt into action to close borders from travelers from affected countries.”

      Nuh-uh. This is Bathhouse Barry Ebola’s “mission accomplished” moment. You see, even advanced white medical technology can’t reliably save people from the ebola. Bring on mass deaths so that the Bathhouse Regime may never let a good crisis go to waste.


    • even 90 days after treatment it remains in sperm…so yeah….you could die from having sex with an africant


  89. “huh? Blacks are fantastically more likely to carry any disease. People should avoid them in the first place ”

    you mean like a form of Albinism …the genetic disease or defect…. ???

    People should avoid those afflicted ….. for some strange reason wherever they go people who are not like them tend to die in the hundreds of thousands to millions ……


    • Unfortunately, though, it mostly results in the deaths of other albinos. It would be much better if those albinos would get together and eradicate the shitskins or at least quarantine them, but alas and et cetera.


  90. Say, “Oh it’s a microphone…” and now pull a Tom Cruise from “Top Gun” and start singing… yeah, that song.


  91. Her: “No!”

    SoK: “Good. I didn’t want to get you pregnant”


  92. Keep it simple:
    sticking your tongue out and icecube to the neck/down the dress

    ‘At least I’m not wasting my time’, 360, moonwalk away


  93. “You have dirt under your finger nails”


  94. “Raise hand if going comanche.” (or horny or bitchy or slutty, etc.)

    Dominance, humor, neg, sexualization


  95. “Hoe?”. (point at yourself, mildly surprised) “Only on the weekends babe, why you ask?”

    Transition to sexual talk between both of you or if she’s an icy bitch, go over the shoulder and A) Open her friend with:

    “Your friend is pretty stressed out right now, let’s kick it for a bit and let her cool off”

    Or B) If they’re both bitches shrug your shoulders, look away in a hint of disgust and pity for what women have become over the years due to beta bitch boy coddling and white knight thirsty tactics fueling this reprehensible behavior from 5,6 and 7’s. And head to the bar for a whiskey neat looking for your next sexual target waiting to fall for your stone cold Alpha charms.


  96. Ha I’ve had this “no” with the hand here and there.

    Something about this girl just screams “next”. At that point it requires too much game for me to even care ha


  97. So instead of just walking away, you insist to actually communicate with someone who’s made it plain they’re not interested..Wow, what a great strategy. What it makes you look like is a liar and a douchebag.

    [CH: understanding, you have not.]


  98. What is sad about the picture is the guy has already accepted the bitch’s frame and defeat. That’s why all of us try to save the day. The real answer is to blow this bitch off. Maybe DMV somewhere convenient if you are interested, but generally, that chick is a loser. Not a horrible nasty bitch, but one who is following her programming, and not worth chasing.


  99. My immediate reaction was very similar to CH’s food on face response. I would imagine the interaction would go something like this:

    Her: No!

    Me: No? (Puzzled expression) So you DON’T want me to tell you that you’ve got something on your teeth? Okay then…

    (Saunter off casually, she will probably try to stop me. If not, definitely not worth continuing.)

    Me: Okay, a little more to the right… Not quite… Good!

    Now leave for real, unless she apologizes for her rudeness. Do my thing for awhile, and maybe re-engage later if I feel like it. I’d probably make a playful jab about whether she’s been keeping up with her dental hygiene or something like that. If she responds well, continue. If not, bye bye not worth the time.


  100. No need to be fancy here. I mean you can if you want to make it fun for yourself but there’s no actual NEED.

    Girls are often dismissive or sceptical. It’s normal. Girls being girls. What matters is not whether you get that resistance (because from cold approach you WILL get it) but how you deal with that resistance.

    It’s exactly like what RSD Todd said in his manifesto. He said it’s similar to bouncers trying to screen out losers at his nightclub by saying no or sorry bro etc. Very often all it takes is to persist a bit and be totally cool/chill at the same time and it’s fine. Same with girls in the first moments of interaction. Persistance is key. Just stay cool calm collected, keep on talking and try different angles until something hooks. That’s it. “haha.. it’s fine.. blablablabla…”.

    Besides hotter girls often give guys as little as possible (I don’t know if it’s consciously or not) so conversational skills are crucial with them. That trick of “talking to the wall” aka talking without feedback is actually very helpful to game them. Shit, that’s basically what pickup theory emphaisze so much nowadays, you know, that whole be self amused, self reliant, in your reality, offer value, free from outcome, bring the party, game yourself, law of state transfer, blablabla…. Well, that’s how it applies here. You game the girl cause you want to, not because you need her overt “yes”, and some resistance is expected everytime by default.

    I’d say that having something witty/fancy is slightly worse that just yammering random shit as it often comes off as trying too hard or overcompensating for bitterness caused by potential rejections, as Yareally mentioned.

    Also, there is no “no girl” in my mind. Plenty of times I was “rejected” by a girl and then was welcome later by the same girl. Different moment, different emotions, different amount of alcohol drank, different perceived value (mine), different circumstances and… well.. different reaction.


  101. on October 9, 2014 at 3:34 am Mean Mr. Mustard

    Something like this? ….



  102. tighten up that body language and stack those openers…indirect game is usually best…


  103. Her: No.

    Me: (laughing) Nice.

    Smile, turn your back on her, and completely ignore her for a minute. But stay in her space. Don’t walk away. Her space is now your space. You allow her a kingdom in your empire. Check your texts. Scan the room for another woman. Build social proof. Eventually, re-open.

    Trying to be too clever here well come off a little butthurt, methinks. Any sort of direct neg (“your hands smell live my grandma’s”) is to be expected. What isn’t to be expected is assuming such a superior frame that you’re actually critiquing her like a skills coach. You’ve seen it all before. She’s a No Girl. Good for her. You’ve fucked “No Girls” before. Check your phone. Look around for the prettiest woman there. Chat with that chick for a bit. You’re trying to communicate that No Girl isn’t shit. Use the old Lit class adage: Show, don’t tell.


  104. Loudly, so her friends can hear: “I don’t want a hand job.”


  105. Off topic. I have a friend who is a man with social difficultys , and he has difficulty to talk to women. He does not want to be a “player”, but he wants a relationship, and just to know how to approach women. However he is very blue pill and I want to direct him to read here for some help.

    I said I will look through some basic introductary material for him to read. But I do not know where to start. I just searched Heartiste Game, but there is so much to choose from. Are there any posts for those who nothing of approaching a woman, that anyone would advise to start with, please?


    • It is okay. I just give him this link,


      And from there it links to Heartiste’s commandments, then he can read as he likes. (I was just hopeing he will not read first sh*t stains after sex” or something similiar and not want to read more. LOL. (no offense, but it is slightly intimidating for a introductory post).


    • If he is looking for a LTR he should read the MMSL Primer. Has a lot of basic game concepts, but also a good overview of evo biology and psych. Short read.


      • I will tell him about it. Thank you. I appreciate it.

        He is already reading through some posts, and is asking me questions about women, he has a sharp quick mind so I do not think it will take him long to grasp the concepts.


  106. 150?
    r u serious


  107. My response: You really are a fucking cunt, aren’t you? Eat my ass, bitch. *spit*


  108. “who’s gay”


  109. […] A Test Of Your Game: The No Girl […]


  110. Grab her hand, turn it upside up, stare at it intently for a few seconds, with a look of complete horror on your face.

    Once things get uncomfortable enough, it’s your game – go anywhere you want to with it:
    * “gay”
    * “bitch please”, and walk away
    * switch to a smirk “oops, wrong hand, let me see the other one”
    * “your manicurist should be shot”
    * “I thought so”. Walk away


  111. on October 10, 2014 at 2:44 pm Scythian Arrows

    Brush aside her hand. “Your kung fu is weak.”


  112. GIRL: *hand shoots up* “No!”

    BABY’S ARM HOLDING AN APPLE “No you didn’t shave your armpit today? Correct.”


  113. @YaReally : Hey man mad props for helping out the community . Is there a possible way that I could reach out to you? I had a Field Report that I would love your analysis on. Thanks