Comment Of The Week: I Came Here To Punch And Chew Gum, And I’m Just About Outta Gum

COTW winner is (and maybe for the first time?) regular ranter extraordinaire Matt King, giving his take on GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson and, by extension, the unmoored culture in which Carson’s rise is enabled.

He is a goddamn nagger. Next.

Please, white man, start speaking clearly.

The minute you start examining him beyond his race, you begin — ever so subtly — aiding and abetting the enemy. Maybe that’s not your preferred world, but that is the shitshow we have been given. I’m sure Uncle Ben is really nice. He might even be as smart as Thomas Sowell.

But we are in a fight to the death. All that matters is strength vs. weakness. That’s why Trump can be a secret socialist manchurian candidate for all I care so long as strength is seen winning. The standards of social intercourse have been turned on their ass. Up is down, man is woman, black is white. Nothing can be accomplished until we unfuck the skew that distorts everything. Nothing.

CH pat himself on the back in the prior post for his contribution to a renaissance of this world view, and he should congratulate himself (just like Trump does). He has promoted a return to manliness — albeit with too much focus on the wrong ends, limiting his appeal — and Trump is its first manifestation in politics.

This is not the time to go wobbly. This is not the time for subtlety. This is not time for fairness or justice or correctness. This is not time for an accurate accounting of “the content of his character” or for hammering out the nuances of policy. This is the time for choosing. Time to declare Yes or No, With or Against, Nagger or Afro-American, Cuckold or Conservative, Cunt or Womyn, Live or Die. Punch first, ask questions later.

I chubbed a little.

COTW runner-up winner is Greg Eliot, providing more context to Matt’s comment above.

Yeah, everyone has their “black friend” and “good negro”…

Most still don’t “get it” that

a) they’re “good” until they’re among their own and then see which way the wind blows.


b) the baggage of the rest of their kind isn’t worth tolerating the 20% or so “good” ones.

Sidenote: a local private school in the past few years has, for some odd reason, appointed a mulatto headmaster. Seems like a decent enough fellow and all that, wife has that ol’ fashioned negro “class” (think of the lady that coached the Supremes).

Yet oddly enough, over the past few years, the number of negro parents who are now able to afford the $25K to send their little pickanninnies to the elementary school portion of the school seems to have swelled significantly, and “Diversity” curricula now gets pride of place on all the signage of the school that was founded several hundred years ago.

And of all the foreign languages offered now, not one is that of the founders… go figger.

Diversity™ erodes the nation-state through invidious psy op mechanisms. You are soothed into a comfort bubble of warm altruistic feels, and then one day you wake up to find yourself robbed blind and left in the street half-naked, with no home to go to for respite from the storm.


COTW consolation prize goes to Beautiful Truths Ignored, commenting on the foreign policy the US should have if it weren’t beholden to domestic hostile forces.

1000 Hungarian police on the Serbian border and 1000 Russian troops in Latakia have done more to protect Western Civilization in the past week than millions of American servicemen have done in the past quarter century.

That shiv hit a vital.


  1. on September 20, 2015 at 2:28 pm Obviously Cap'n

    It’s why Eskimo Psychiatry must destroy the Trumpenkrieg at all costs – because the TK might just awaken White Masculinity from its slumber.


    • on September 20, 2015 at 2:31 pm Obviously Cap'n

      And it would be oh so deliciously ironic for Eskimo Psychiatry if it were horsefaced skeletal C*ntly Fiorina who emasculated and neutered The Donald for them.


      • on September 20, 2015 at 3:25 pm Captain Obvious

        Just think about the genesis of our host chez Le Chateau – years ago, he started out as a lonely voice from an airport in the suburbs of Paris, France, who had an idea for helping shy young White guys get laid more easily, and that one idea snowballed completely out of control*, and now our host has become one of the pillars of the Opposition and Counterinsurgency – merely by doggedly and persistently following that one basic inspiration of his all the way through to its logical conclusion.


      • Do you think Rollo is ever going to get there? We could use another brain of his caliber.


      • on September 21, 2015 at 8:34 am Captain Obvious

        I haven’t read Rollo – and I’m just starting to glance at MPC [that place is nuts]. BTW, when I said “*control” – I meant “out of the control of Eskimo Psychiatry”. L’il Paris Airport Dude [unwittingly?] stumbled upon the Master Code which the Eskimos [Marx through Freud through Marcuse through Alinsky through Kahneman] have been using since forever to destroy Western Civilization. It’s why the Mossad is monitoring and probing us constantly.


  2. Who really wants to live in our Nathan’s capitol to begin with? Trump probably doesn’t.


  3. […] Comment Of The Week: I Came Here To Punch And Chew Gum, And I’m Just About Outta Gum […]


  4. The reality is…..blacks are the foot soldiers of the synagogue of satan…period. I think 2% are ok, but need to lead the other 98%. God did not want his people to mix or associate with lower I.Q species, and was very clear about it in 157 verses in the Old and New Testament. Must reading on this is Anonymous Conservative’s book r/K, which scientifically and factually denotes all of this, as well as why- Producers vs Parasites, Humanity cannot advance with parasites within it’s host body.


    • on September 21, 2015 at 8:50 am Captain Obvious

      Note especially that everything you have said is true not just of Low-IQ parasites, but also [and this is metaphysically important] true of HIGH-IQ PARASITES as well.


    • A lot of anthropologically based race theory posits that the anthro-based idealism of the white race comes from it being a ‘supreme middle-most’ species of the human gamut ——- not besting Asian or Ashkenazim IQ, nor the pure physical and overall vitality derived fetes of the humans closer to more primitive norms——but rather an idealized human ‘norm,’ thus it so often being an abstract and selfless ideal for the extremes of humanity writ large.

      IOW: whites are the composite for humanity, period; and from there, whites are both the world conquerors and standard bearers but also the most selfless and sacrificing of the human culture creators.

      IMO, the proverbial ‘white man’s burden’ is real in a way that is destined; it can’t be discarded or recast as part of a white consciousness movement or rebellion.

      [CH: the theory that best explains white idealism/altruism is the inbreeding/oubreeding theory of mate selection. basically, over the last couple thousand years in europe, whites stopped fucking their cousins, and started fucking and marrying “strangers”. (in quotes because back then a stranger in a racially homogeneous society wasn’t nearly as strange as a stranger would be today in your typical polyglot white country.)
      anyhow, over time this created a sexual selection for people with high levels of trust and empathy, ultimately leading us to the problems we have now of germany opening its scheissehole for millions of muzzie cocks.]


  5. “the 20% or so ‘good’ ones.”

    I think it’s more like 2%.


  6. He has a point. Shitlibs aren’t interested in honest debate. They’re interested in your destruction. Period.


  7. Four simple words :



  8. The USA= The Great Satan


  9. 1000 Russian troops in Latakia

    Bwahahaha, come on now.

    Y’know, there’s probably a Russian far-right site somewhere where the commenters are complaining about Putin’s invade the world-invite the world policies.


    • No, there isn’t.

      In other news, the Russians are parking all their equipment in Syria out in the open. Make sure we get nice clear satellite imagery. A total fu to the US.


  10. “… than millions of American servicemen have done in the past quarter century.”
    That is an easy one. US Army has been DESTROYING Western Civilization since at least the 1940s. They are just pawns and do what the puppet masters tell them to do.


  11. Thomas Sowell. The white man’s favourite black man. Yet he is right. Must be hard for a high IQ black man to feel the burden of his race


  12. So what exactly is matt king advocating for? A return to chattel slavery for blacks? And matt king calls himself a christian?


    • I think he’s saying, “Imagine if the 1 trillion dollars spent on welfare since 1964 had been spend on the instead.”


    • Where the fuck did you pull slavery from?


    • I advocate calling a spade a spade.


      • Diversity is only a problem for naive, uneducated, or intellectually low whites who can’t make responsible decisions for themselves or lack powers of discernment. I mean if you think Ben Carson is the same as another black person just for the simple fact that he is black, you would be at an intellectual disadvantage because you would only see what it is your mind not what is in front you. WN’s just live in a completely different world that I will never understand. I find it very hard to argue because what Matt King and Greg are too abstract as if from the frame of a person from the 19th century. Yes immigration and crime is a problem and I agree in supporting whites because supporting whites supports me. I play by the rules and have no racial issues with whites. I live in a 80% white town in Texas. White people are wonderful people. You just have to be intelligent and emotionally stable and you will get on fine.


      • I mean if you think Ben Carson is the same as another black person just for the simple fact that he is black, you would be at an intellectual disadvantage because you would only see what it is your mind not what is in front you. WN’s just live in a completely different world that I will never understand.

        No shit.

        Let me say that again so that it sinks in. No shit.

        NO SHIT.

        Everybody knows a general description of a group is not a precise description of any constituent member of that group. Everybody knows that. E v e r y b o d y.

        There’s even have a sarcastic acronym for it when it applies to women: NAWALT.

        But here’s the thing. The very fact that you feel you have to keep reminding us of something so obvious is a sign of the phenomenon I really want to talk about. You think you are doing the world a favor by reminding people like me, in case we forgot, that water is wet and the sky is blue.

        Now why would you have the permanent urge to be Mr. Correction in this case? It’s because you are convinced that this supposed error is what drives me to my improper appraisal of blacks. Worse, you are convinced that this error is the only possible explanation for such an appraisal of blacks.

        Except it isn’t an error. It is deliberate. If you were paying attention, you’d recall that I said we must stop playing your game and start making assertions independent of their strict veracity:

        This is not time for fairness or justice or correctness. This is not time for an accurate accounting of “the content of his character” …

        You and your ilk are so dogmatically frozen in your stupidity that it has become necessary to agree and amplify to get any observation about nigger culture to register in your pozzed skull.


      • It does not matter what my real appraisal of Carson is — reread my statement in the original post. That ship has sailed. The corrupt hatred of thinking pioneered by your side has made it impossible to accurately appraise anyone of any race because you use white guilt as the blunt instrument to keep your advantageous opinions predominant. If it becomes necessary for your purposes to call Bill Clinton the first black president, or to regard Clarence Thomas as non-white because of his jurisprudence, you will actually ask me to nod along with you. “Who do you believe,” you ask, “me or your lying eyes?” It is an assertion of power.

        Guess what, nigga? Homey done playin dat.

        “You’re a racist.” (AGREED) :”Not only that, I think all niggers are equally worthless. Even the Uncle Toms who want to be friendly to my cause.” (AMPLIFIED)

        Are you getting it yet? None of this has to do with truth. Your side insisted on eliminating truth from the equation long ago. Now it is all about power. You wanted it that way. So we are dropping the rationalization game and joining, albeit late, the power game. And you have not begun to see our power.

        Once we erase you, there is a small chance we can go back to rational judgment regarding the talented tenth-of-a-percent. But you left so much damage to the culture that the detoxification could take generations. In the meantime, there will be no subtleties for you to cultivate your fungus in. There will be no concessions.



      • Fugue’s problem is he can’t read.

        He’s one of the “good ones” that gets along fine in White society, so congrats, you’re one of the 20% or so…

        … but your presence isn’t sufficient to counterbalance the rest of your ilk turning our cities into No-Man’s-Lands, along with the waste of resources and psychological distractions of having to put up with your kind’s incessant disruptive influence and “Whitey’s On The Moon” nonsense… not to mention this very reply.

        Pay attention next time, if you would comment…

        It’s not all that smart when you make the opponent’s points for him.


      • Fuck you FAGue


      • on September 21, 2015 at 8:54 am Captain Obvious

        “Fugue” is another Mossad Psyops initiative. The only “black” man in the entire history of the black race, who was ever even remotely interested in contrapuntal music, was Keith Jarrett, and his mother was an Eskimo-ess mudshark [which means that if “Fugue” is in fact Keith Jarrett, then he’s Mossad by blood].


    • How the fuck did you get “but..but..but muh slavery” out of Kings comment you disingenuous faggot. We’ve known for decades now nogs don’t work anyway, why the hell would anyone want to put chains back on them?


    • And matt king calls himself a christian?

      I am an unabashed racist because I am a Christian. I do my nigger brethren no favors by pretending they are white or using euphemism to excuse their unchecked evil. That’s called a sin of omission, and you let it pass because you are a spiritual weakling, a pussy in the face of enormity.

      Modern anti-racism isn’t about loving minorities. It is about celebrating the marginal achievements of semi-civilized cultures while ignoring their pathologies and blaming whites for all dysfunction. These unsustainable lies are destroying them. So who loves the nigger more? The ones who confirm them in their self-destructive savagery or the ones who insist they live up to normal human expectations? Look up the term “fraternal correction.”

      Race is nothing more than one’s extended family (Steve Sailer). While the Christian recognizes every man as his brother, he approaches this responsibility in concentric circles — self, family, tribe, community, nation, race. “It is not fair to take the children’s bread and throw it to the dogs.”

      In contrast, one-world liberals worship abstractions and despise particulars in all their real-world ugliness. Edna St. Vincent Milay: “I love humanity but I hate people.” The Christian’s model is the opposite, derived from the Trinity, or the protofamily, whose integrity is the foundation of all righteousness radiating outward. We cannot help anybody if our homes are given over to disrepair, sabotage, and suicide. Same for our tribe, nation, and race.

      Finally, we are at war. If we do not fight and win, all of these nice little sentiments will mean nothing. The satanic subversion of language is how they infiltrate our families and turn us on ourselves. It isn’t just permissible, it is your positive duty to speak truth boldly when the enemy depends on our reticence. The Ecclesia MIlitans recognizes the suspension of civilized niceties when the stakes are existential.



      • You are out of your mind. Christians are not racist. Racist use Christianity as a vehicle for racism. Look up “Christian Identity. I am far from evil. Black people are not the enemy, they don’t have that kind of power or influence. You should look in your mirror and accept that it is whites and YKW’s who allow these things. If you believe black people are the cause of your problems, the YKW’s magic is working on your mind.


      • “The satanic subversion of language is how they infiltrate our families and turn us on ourselves.”

        To get some clearer contact with the historical picture/stakes surrounding this:

        -Empire of Nonsense
        -Humiliation of the Word
        and other works by Jacques Ellul. Even while he remained a self-professed ‘anarchist,’ he brought a lot to the table and never cowered at the prospect of revolution.


      • You’re correct. Christians per se are not racist.

        But in order to defend Christian principles like the family in this era of multiculti relativism, it has become necessary to position ourselves in such a way that there is a chance to get the culture back to non-suicidal. That means acknowledging and embracing the principles you have condemned as racist, no matter what you call us. (Besides, admit it, you’re going to call us that no matter what we do.)

        Therefore I am announcing you can get fucked. Your sissy word games and mob-condemnations have no effect on me. And just so that there is no mistake in your tiny negro brain, I have adopted your language to describe myself. But instead of rejecting the terms as you wish I would and thereby intimidating me into rejecting the holy, non-negotiable principles you signify by those terms, I am welcoming your label — kind of the way you niggers started calling yourself niggers, but way less accidentally.

        The cause to which you have attached yourself for a couple pieces of silver is literally of the devil. In return for a condescending little pisspot of self-esteem, you have given the nice white liberals your allegiance in the sabotage of western civilization, the destruction of its institutions, and the vilification of my people, i.e., my relatives and countrymen going back millennia. You have announced yourself against God, against goodness itself. Not only have you aligned yourself against the family, the atom of all civilization and the rock of all civic stability, you have obediently demonstrated how its final destruction might be achieved with your 75% bastardy rates.

        You think calling me a couple names (that only scandalize your Eloi masters) is going to deter me from mounting a defense against the most sacred elements of human existence? I am being polite in announcing that the jig is up, jig.



      • @matt:

        And therein lies your fundamental flaw: You pervert your Faith to justify your psychopathic abuse and mistreatment of blacks. This is typical behavior and pathology of your ilk. The European man of vintage past used religion to justify slavery; you, matt, want to use religion to justify mistreating blacks.

        This tactic helps you sleep at night, I know, but whence did you get the moral authority to morally and physically (as suggested by some) assault blacks? You’ve got a RIGHT to live, matt…but guess what? Black people EQUALLY have that very same RIGHT.

        You throw out civility and the rule of law out of irrational fear and uncontrollable desperation. Should you do that, matt, when there’s a reversal of fortune (for fortune is fickle and the Creator of the universe is Just), those you want to harm will rightfully abandon civility and the rule of law in kind retaliation against you.


      • You can’t win Matt. You’re too much of a bigot, you seem like some kind of fucked up psyop. Were you raped by some horse hung black cack in prison or some shit? Probably not because you seem like too much of a pussy to commit even a respectable crime. Why don’t you figure out what’s really going on before you bring on the BS racism. White people are soft, closet bigots is why whites are getting stomped. Caucasians like to kick in doors and shoot blacks at 3 am for smoking or selling weed hah, yea real fucking brave. Hide behind the law and then bitch about affirmative action wtf?? Did Negros make the law? Umm no. Fuck the liberal equal bullshit. If laws didn’t interfer with people and they were fair race wouldn’t be an issue. The only reason race has become an issue over the last few years again is because the banks are fucking everybody, just like the big Bruiser you took in the joint, and CNN and FOX are using race for a distraction. Cops don’t just kill blacks they are killing everyone and more whites get killed by cop per year. Notice how thats never talked about because cops aren’t just white or black and it would shift the narrative. You’ll never have your S.S. Utopia bro. Because only a minority still wants segregation. Too many people are inter mingled. Too many people don’t have time to worry about what fucking Jenkins is doing Detroit. No one gives a fuck. If he moves to my neighbor hood I’ll assume he has some money and something to lose so I won’t give 2 fucks. Ive actually never seen so many bigots in one place, I’d love to see some of the current cunts here call some of the Marine DI’s I know a nigger to their face, but alas they never would.


  13. POTW (Prank of the week)
    The ultimate faggot elton john got pranked by 2 Russian pranksters pretending to be Putin and his press secretary
    Just think how delusional this faggot is thinking that Russian president would call him to discuss lgbt and “how make world better place”


    • This was awesome, was wondering if someone would link this.

      A local Canadian radio station had a wow just wow moment, said no one thinks this is funny… the collective roars of laughter here (not canaduh) would have drowned out a straight piped vette

      the next day the homo afternoon dj took a shot at the Donald. I’d rather listen to static now, fuck poz 106 . Lookin’ at you Candian Friend, your country is not salvageable.


  14. But we are in a fight to the death. All that matters is strength vs. weakness. That’s why Trump can be a secret socialist manchurian candidate for all I care so long as strength is seen winning.

    That’s probably the Left’s plan:
    Act I: Make America so weak that they’ll crave a strong leader even if he’s socialist.
    Act II: Make America so anti-White that they’ll tolerate a socialist dictator so long as he defends the White race.
    Act III: Trump enters stage right: “I’m gonna make America great again!”


  15. “He has promoted a return to manliness — albeit with too much focus on the wrong ends, limiting his appeal —”

    My wife says this shit, so I took our son out of Sunday School and am teaching him the Gospel of Mark at home.

    Is there a version of Cuckservative of Christians?


  16. Great comments by all three Men (not, [m]en, as most unfortunately are, these days). Some random thoughts on my long drive this weekend, about this topic. First, while passing through PA, I stopped in at two rest stops off the Turnpike (76). As with stops before, I noticed that there are always 2-3 cars with Indians and/or Pakistanis (I cannot tell the difference, as low caste Indians [which is what Gates, Zuckerburg, et al. are bringing here on the Visa scam as low-cost, replacement IT workers] and Pakis look very similar – dark, somewhat inbred, and ugly). I usually see either 2-3 men in a car, or a man, his wife and their and ‘American’ anchor baby. The woman is always overweight and quite hideous to see. What the fug are they doing in my Nation?

    And I hear the morons, on a daily basis, talking about sports teams, which are filled with black thugs. Utterly disgusting. And these [w]hite [m]en subject their White children to this black worship – so that they, too, can become good, stupid white goyim.

    The last hurray of White Western Culture was in the 1970s. In most White nations in the West, the White population was still 80%-95% White, and things were going, overall, pretty good – even for poorer Whites. This is because the Whites in the West were operating off the fumes of the past, and an ironic economic boom after WWII (created, in part, by WWII), and homogenous White areas are better than any other place. However, when you make a deal with the Devil, as the Western leaders did when they allied themselves to defeat the leader of the White race, Adolf Hitler, the dark one will eventually want to collect his prize. Indeed, the downfall of the West was put into place very soon after the war. Indeed, look at the many attacks on the White race that occurred since the end of the war, including the incredible speed increase that occurred since the 1960s (the Eskimos must have thought, “Heck, if we can forcibly integrate white schools without any civil war erupting, the sky is the limit!”). Whites have been played like a fine Italian violin ever since: Media, education, religion, politicians, corporations, banking system, immigration procedures, open borders…all controlled and turned against the White man/woman, to keep them down, and out.

    What we see today is not the beginning of the end. Instead, it is the end of a beginning that was started many years ago.

    A successful nation has many elements: manpower, high-IQ populace, high-level education (including the best in higher education), a balance of freedom and law, a balance of morality and expression, an appreciation of the arts, physical fitness, and, last but not least, a sense of racial/cultural pride. It is this last, vital, element that was the main target, and eventual victim, of WWII. Gone as “evil”, “old thinking”, “xenophobic”, “hateful”, etc, was any sense (especially and expressed sense) of racial and cultural pride. You know, the oft repeated “Myth of Aryan Superiority” that we heard so much of growing up (e.g., Jesse Owen proved that ALL of German culture – art, science, industry, etc. – was totally worthless and inferior….because he won a couple of foot races!).

    Look at the present supporters of Angela “Allah bones me” Merkel, and more local – Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Al Gore, Joe Biden, or any “Israel uber alles” cuckservative. A great portion of our race (admit it!) are total, unrepentant, self-centered, repugnant, mentally ill losers. They not only deserve a cruel demise, I wish it upon them, at the hands of their dark pets, without hesitation. They will NOT support any immigration restrictions (and many will, like those stupid Swedes, actively oppose/fight those against non-White immigration), and step over (and on) a poor White person to help a black, brown, or yellow one – especially if they are Muslim. These people are NOT sheep – they are wolves. A great many are also upset, but will not do anything unless rallied by strong leaders. They are the true sheep.

    To echo Matt – yes, it is time to take a stand. You are either WITH us, or you are AGAINST us. In this day and age of the Truth being available to everyone on the Internet, and the destruction being so obvious by all of the changes going on, being in “the middle” on issues in NOT acceptable. That is the place for low-IQ and/or extremely selfish and/or morally void none of which are helpful to maintaining society), fools.


  17. Refugees and European Women – a neglected aspect of the ” ” refugee ” ” invasión in Europe.

    Alarms went off when I read that among the people who offered a place to stay in Germany to the internationally mobile beggars, there were “single mothers”.

    In a news ítem on the same subject, I read about a 43 year old woman hosting a 29 yo Syrian lawyer. And two retired women doing something similar.

    A mentally-ill communist ex-girlfriend (mistakes were made in my youth…) living in Germany now, 32, hitting the Wall, is helping them actively, and she tells me via Facebook that one of her best Friends is a Moroccan man, lovely and the least sexist person she has ever met. She, an atheist communist, is even starting to find positive aspects in religion, which she always mocked (hint: not in the Christian religion, which she continues to denigrate). One really ugly ex-Polish worker, 36 and unmarried, writes to tell me that she supports the border-crossing moochers, since they must be really desperate to undertake that journey… and that she was proud her niece (another beast from hell, even worse than her, and retarded, to boot) had supported the invasion in class against majority opinión (my sources in Lithuania, Poland and the Czech Republic tell me there is a very solid majority against the invasión, and that speaking in favour of it is not met with kindness).

    Heck, even my 70 yo aunt, an childless spinster, is showing too much “solidarity”. I haven´t heard a single man (other than presstitutes or politicians) support the invasión.

    Now imagine where the support would come from if 75% of the parasites arriving were women aged 18-23 from Thailand and Vietnam. Red Cross welcome committees would be more male than a libertarian gathering (such are the proportions of men and the average age according to UNHCR).

    Ugly women and victims of the Wall constitute the mainstay of invasión support among ordinary people. Their sexual instincts are in control, consciously or unconsciously.

    Some student or professor wanting to write a Ph.D. or a paper documenting this?


  18. CH, no need to approve this comment. Question: how do I send you a graphic for your consideration?


  19. Blacks blame whites for black failure.

    Instead, blacks should blame God for their failure, for god made their genetics.

    The Negros are angry at whites, when they should be angry at God.


  20. The Royal Cuckening?

    The chances of two light eyed parents having a brown eyed child is not zero, but it is very miniscule, especially when all 4 grandparents have blue eyes.


  21. Good old Bob Pierce is spinning in his grave, @JohnnyRedux. He despised uneducated vermin like you. At best useful idiots that were to be tolerated for simple manpower.

    > Indians and/or Pakistanis (I cannot tell the difference, as low caste Indians [which
    > is what Gates, Zuckerburg, et al. are bringing here on the Visa scam as low-cost,

    I bet you can’t tell the difference between an Aryan and a Dravidian either (both have dark skin, although one is relatively much darker). And the 3 out of 4 castes in pure Aryan-only societies were not based on skin color, but function. The 4th caste was of course, a slave caste, ancient world equivalent of today’s negroid classes and was based on both looks (including color) and conquest.

    > Western leaders did when they allied themselves to defeat the leader of the White
    > race, Adolf Hitler,

    Jesus It was always “German/Nordic” race for them, not White race.

    > Myth of Aryan Superiority” that we heard so much of growing up

    Aryan is a Hindi word (not a German nor a Norse word).

    Arya has nothing to do with Germany and never has had anything to do with Germany in the 3000 years of daily religious use in Aryan (Hindu) society.

    Swastika is also a Hindi-only word (not German, not Norse). The German word is Hakenkreuz. The Hakenkreuz essentially vanished in Europe after Christianity. The Swastika though, exists on every North Indian house and in every Aryan (Hindu) temple from ancient times till today. During festivals, it approaches a density similar to that of Christian Crosses at the Vatican.

    The Nazis spoke Hindi to make a historical point. William Pierce had a freaking Hindu sari-clad woman on his front page for *years*. Yet, here you are, talking about Indians and Aryans without a shred of any understanding (not even an echo) of what any of those words mean.

    This is like when you read about monkey level idiots vandalizing Hindu temples by painting swastikas on it. The temple has a thousand swastikas in it already, it is still the *only* holy symbol of Hinduism (‘om’ being the holy syllable). Boggles the uperlog mind.


    Makes me laugh when one tries to be WN and Christian (any variation) at the same time. Christianity was never European in nature and is incompatible with modern day Northern European survival.

    *All* Eddas (Aryan, Norse, etc) ask this question of you:
    1) What is your duty ?
    2) What must you fight for ?

    The answer to that is typically a good theological starting point.


    • Nice troll move, you D-bag. Most people reading the CH know about the ancient origins of the word Aryan and the Swastika. However, the Indians today are in no way the Aryans that lived in what is now northern India. Those Aryans moved westward and north. The ones moving West settled what is now Europe. The ones moving North, or stayed in the area, mated with the other peoples and watered down their Aryan DNA until it barely resembles the original Aryan stock. I do not take the bate of your Yiddish “don’t see the forest for all of these little trees I am putting in your way” trick. You get the basic thrust (in more ways than one, I imagine) of my argument. Again, you are a giant, used D-bag.


      • Did you not read his comment?

        Why do you need Hindu legends and Hebrew religion to prop up your ego? Why do you need them to validate your ethnicity?

        Stop looking to others to validate you. Just be.


    • haha, nice wall of text. a pile of steaming paki shit. Jonny struck a nerve, huh fa ggot?

      fuck off, go watch the mindy project, shitskin


  22. I think the comments about “no time for fairness” and “punching first” in relation to black people are extreme and likely to alienate many potential allies.

    I will say the best way to argue against immigration of Africa’s talented tenth (and the rest of the “developing” world for that matter) is that their countries need their talented people much more than we do.

    [CH: that’s the second best argument. the best argument is much simpler and truer: an historically White nation has no moral obligation to become less White.]

    In fact it is such a social justice issue that the West should be co-ordinating an ethics campaign to refuse to facilitate the brain-drain. We must simply refuse to import 3rd worlders for these reasons

    1) The unskilled- if working- undercut the wages of the poorest workers. If not working- they are a drain on the welfare system
    2) The skilled are needed in their own countries

    If we feel the need to accept refugees it shall be under these conditions

    1) An arbitrary quota of say 50,000
    2) Single women of fertile age first (if it’s possible to screen for looks then obviously the good-looking ones first)
    3) Preferences given to Russian, Eastern European and other Caucasian countries (excluding Kosovo and the Islamic Caucasian stans like Kazakhstan etc)
    4) Next preferences given to East Asian (that’s Chinese, Vietnamese etc NOT India, Pakistan)
    5) Then if there’s any places left- which is highly unlikely- then Latin America (of course rule #2 would strictly apply)

    An alpha country led by an alpha male would have no problem ruthlessly selecting immigrants and refugees based on naked self-interest


  23. I made a quibcag out of the honorable mention.


  24. Well, in case you needed yet another reminder not to vote for any member of a Leftist party, especially a female member, this ought to remind you yet again as to why not to do it (she is the English variety of the Angela Merkel weed):


  25. Yeah, everyone has their “black friend” and “good negro”…

    Sounds like COTW runner-up winner Greg Eliot is channeling his inner Heinrich Himmler, who said in 1943 in Posen: “And then they turn up, the upstanding 80 million Germans, and each one has his decent Jew. They say the others are all swines, but this particular one is a splendid Jew.”


  26. Lol


  27. […] Quibcag:  The quote is from a commenter over at Chateau Heartiste. You can read about it at [link]. The illustration is from Girls und Panzer (ガールズ&パンツァーGāruzu ando […]


  28. There’s a big race push now against blacks lololol. The poorest most uneducated (cept maybe the Mexicans) section of American society. Blacks aren’t destroying us, look at the Military/Israeli /OPEC/Industrial cabal. I thought CH was smarter than this. Nothing wrong with being proud of ancestors and shit but we all live in a country that’s integrated. We should be making society better together. Too many other races and people become alienated to good ideas, including whites when we start with the Nagger shit or whatever. Most people don’t trust bigots because bigots are usually stupid. And you can’t bring their ideas out without the racial smog that comes with it. Jews kick ass politically because they don’t appear racist, even though by definition they are the most racist. Right or wrong doesnt matter it is perception.

    [CH: cuckservatives have been playing the perception game for decades and it has gotten them nowhere. time to change the perceivers’ attitudes.]


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