Donald Trump Game

Invoke the Trump for the Hump!

How powerfully alpha is future President Donald Motherfucking Trump? You can can laid by channeling his mojo and slapping shitlib hos upside the vajflaps with the invocation of his name.

Eric Wilson writes,

So, I’m on a date a couple of nights ago. Had seen this girl quite a bit about 6 mos ago, she cut it off then asked if I wanted to grab a drink before she moves to France. She’s super liberal, so we are talking about exciting acts or shows or people we’d like to see or did see.

Me: There’s only one person that I would go crazy to see right now, but I can’t tell you, cause you’d just walk out the door.
Her: Now you have to tell me.
Me: Nope. Can’t do it.
Her: Ok, how about if I tell you one really embarrassing one from when I was a kid? I got super excited to see the Jonas Brothers.
Me: Fair enough, Donald Trump is mine.

She about fell on the floor and was so flustered, she didn’t know what to do. Although it was funny. She started out almost angry and by the end she was kind of rationalizing my choice in politicians to herself.

If a girl has become attracted to you, she will rationalize your penchant for keeping the bodies of craven manlets under the floorboards.

She had to teach school in the morning so I walk her to her car, give her a kiss.

Me: How does it feel?
Her: How does what feel?
Me: Kissing someone who’s a yuuuuge Donald Trump fan?
Her: *tingle explosion*

Later that night she texts me saying how great it was to see me etc. etc.

I call it Donald Trump game.

Make Vaginas Wet Again. Vote Donald Trump.

PS: Trump’s alphazoom knows no speed limit, stops for no one, and rolls on for the journey as much as for the destination. Here he is yet again demonstrating mastery over the game concept known as “Agree&Amplify”.


  1. on October 19, 2015 at 3:06 pm mendozatorres

    Nice build up on who you’d like to meet. I’ve been working on being mysterious like above.


    • on October 19, 2015 at 3:08 pm mendozatorres

      When he wins, I’m curious as to how many couples came to be as a result of tossing his hat into the ring.


      • I predict a spike in White births in August 2017.


      • Signs are good. I’ve already heard a shitlib promise to flee the United States (presumably for browner pastures) if the trumpening happens.


      • on October 19, 2015 at 5:26 pm Captain Obvious

        WARNING: All that the Trumpening can do is buy us some time. It isn’t going to turn back the clock – at best we can hope that it will slow down the clock considerably. But when The Donald has to ride off into the sunset, it will be up to us in the next generation to assume The Torch of Light and to hold it high and to shine it upon The Darkness.


      • We are the supporting cast for Trump. I comment and red pill all over the net and in my daily travels. Trump is contagious Ben Carson has a little bit with his style though Trump is Trump.


      • Carson serves two purposes:

        – He is the GOP’s instrument for siphoning Trump’s vote in the primaries

        – A black candidate for all the cuckservatives who feel guilty about the mean things they’ve said about Obama.


      • what if Trump picks Carson for his VP?


      • Lately I’m hearing too many well-intentioned conservative guys saying things along the lines of

        “Trump’s really shaking things up, which is good… but I’m starting to like this Ben Carson.”

        I usually just give a “meh” sort of response, but if pressed, I’ll come right out and say that Whites need a nation of their own, and can’t depend upon “good” negroes to turn around the current malaise, adding “and before we get into any further discussions about race and politics, I’m not going to debate a future for White children”.

        Eyes get wide at that point… folks still aren’t use to hearing these things said out loud.


      • Greg,

        It’s a simple question to pose and one we should.

        Do you want your children to grow up as an increasingly maligned minority in this country ?


      • on October 20, 2015 at 10:27 am Captain Tautological

        an increasingly maligned persecuted and raped and butchered minority… which eventually disappears altogether…


      • “Eyes get wide at that point… folks still aren’t use to hearing these things said out loud.”

        Make them. Trump has put immigration back on the table for real. It’s up to us to keep pushing. Go as far as you can without causing a fight — with everyone who isn’t a complete wankstain. Especially men. We can’t win quantitatively with women on this point; you can seduce a few with it, but the bloc belongs to Hillary. But we can hammer men with total abandon.

        Call their manhood into question if they make the wrong noises. Carson? He’s pretty soft-spoken; I’d rather have a President who shouts for my interests than a man who whispers about it. Would you put Carson in a room with Putin? how about Netanyahu? who is this ISIS you think is such a huge problem going to fear more, by the way — the guy who’s blustering about bombs or the guy everyone’s struggling to hear at all?

        That sorta thing.


      • “and before we get into any further discussions about race and politics, I’m not going to debate a future for White children”

        jawohl to that btw – very sharp


      • “I’m not going to debate a future for White children”

        Nice succinct way to get the point across. My own (unfortunately to that point, latent) pro-White awareness really only crystallized when I looked around and realized what kind of an anti-White world my young children are growing up in.

        Surrender or going poolside is not an option.


  2. Last month:

    “Sorry I couldn’t make it. Buddy and I were watching debate.”

    “OMG how could you sit through that??”

    “Trump gives me tingles ’cause he’s against amnesty.”

    “OMG WHA— … Are you anti-immigration?”

    “No: immigration is against me. Let’s go.”

    “Geez. Okay.”

    [CH: it’s almost as if politically inane girls are BEGGING for a man who will tell it like it is and shit all over the sjw nostrums of the day.]


    • ” immigration is against me”

      save this for later

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    • I did this with a liberal feminist-leaning chick a couple of years ago. Very cute, with a fit body. We went out for sushi. When she wouldn’t shut up about Obama, I just said fuck it and went off on feminists, blacks, etc. She was shocked and reacted as if I had just punched her in the face. When I drove her home (in silence), she asked me to come up with her and stay the night. Which I did. I’d rather act like a raving neo-nazi than like one of those weak-chested, supplicating beta-boy hipsters that most girls seem to encounter these days.


    • Mentioned this a couple weeks ago – with a tattooed 27 YO Masters in Psych from Smith in SFO… she was into TRUMP…! merely because of the tell it how it is… bodes well for him.


    • You guys all seem to think there’s something unique about showing True Conservative Values to SJW girls to spark attraction, but there isn’t. The attraction comes from boldly showing a contrast with her values and then holding your frame and passion against her shit test (with her values).

      Exactly the same thing will work for exactly the same reason if a liberal man with a strong frame starts talking to a church-going rural farm girl from a conservative background about the brilliance of Bernie Sanders (for that matter, exactly the same thing happens when ISIS guys convince Western girls to go be jihadi brides after a few months of chat on Skype).


      • Exactly the same thing will work for exactly the same reason if a liberal man with a strong frame starts talking to a church-going rural farm girl from a conservative background about the brilliance of Bernie Sanders

        Let’s not go crazy, now.


      • Your mistake there (not in practice) is assuming that women actually HAVE values. They don’t have them; values are instilled in a time-released fashion by the strongest leader in her life. Trade her communistic, sjw school-shit for a strong alpha and she’s fully converted to conservatism until he leaves and she is rejoined to the herd.


      • on October 20, 2015 at 10:33 am Captain Tautological

        CS IS ABSOLUTELY CORRECT – a Sh!tlib pretty boy “man of the people”, Justin Trudeau, just became the new Prime Minister of Canada –


      • on October 20, 2015 at 10:36 am Captain Tautological

        Notice also that the J00 York Times chose to publicize Prime Minister Hooknose with the little boys wielding Star Wars light sabers: NEW STAR WARS BLASTED AS ANTI-WHITE


      • on October 20, 2015 at 10:40 am Captain Tautological

        The Eskimos are a biological/cultural/sociological cancer wherein every cancer cell is simultaneously and constantly communicating new attack vectors to every other cancer cell. Compare: CAMPBELL’S DEFENDS STAR WARS COMMERCIAL WITH GAY FATHERS


      • on October 20, 2015 at 10:44 am Captain Tautological

        And then when a White Immune System Cell arrives on the scene to try to defend the healthy cells against the cancer, the cancerous cells immediately band together, in perfect Alinskyite unison, in order to isolate and destroy the White Immune System Cell.


      • Nonsense. The reason these bitches go for iron-pill talk is qualitatively different. Liberalism wins women over because of their oxytocin response to stress — they become friendlier. Whereas men become more competitive. This reflects the different sexual strategies which arise naturally from the different body types; a being weaker than ~50% of other bodies it meets is not going to win out by being competitive and belligerent.

        In other words, that neurochemical cascade can be triggered by anyone making the same noises, which means “friend zone”, i.e. tingles very optional. But a man making different noises, i.e. narrowing the circle of trust, along with other demonstrations of value and in the right way, triggers a different cascade — estrogen, which makes females competitive (directly for males, or for attention, their proxy as status is to males), and increases the strength of oxytocin. Meaning that when you break through that wall of background noise, you’re not only triggering an estrogen response but upping the oxy.

        You present Western women falling for would-be mujahedeen as an opposite case, but obviously it’s the same thing: the man is drawing a smaller circle of trust, appealing to a novel impulse — the impulse to obey and to bond. Pharmaceuticals and pets disrupt this in millions of white women.

        The best way to look at sexual strategies is to remember that they’re “built” to operate for a very limited number of new encounters per lifetime: Dunbar’s number is a total figure, meaning in the evolutionary environment, male or female would have had to respond to new people about 130 times. This makes the female tend-and-befriend and the male fight-or-flight a simple matter. But in modern cities with thousands and millions of strangers everywhere, every day, the female will prefer a very large “friend zone” to minimize stress, whereas the male will either compete successfully, end up in prison, or become a sperg.

        Of course, it isn’t values in themselves that appeal to women, but I’ve yet to hear of the liberal guy who got the farmgirl to hop into bed with him because of “tough talk” about “income inequality”. And I won’t be holding my breath until I do.


      • Jawohl – your argument is premised on the content of what you tell the woman (the content of liberal talk is different from the content of conservative talk, and therefore you say the effect is different).

        That’s exactly my point – the content is irrelevant. You could be telling her the moon is made of cheese passionately enough (assuming you believe it yourself and have strong enough frame) and she’ll respond to the frame and the leadership.

        Of course, in the longer term the content is relevant – the closer what you tell her is to mainstream beliefs, the more it will “hold” over the long term and when you’re not with her. But in the moment, it’s just about drawing her into your frame.


      • PS – the farm girl doesn’t hop into bed with the liberal because of his “tough talk” about income inequality – she does it because she is attracted to his passion about the subject and the strength of his frame when talking about it, which she enjoys surrendering to. He could be talking about the importance of making Back To The Future 4 – it doesn’t matter.


      • Well, all I can do is disagree. Confident rightist strikes at something deeper than confident leftist. If they’re not completely gone, they’re on the lookout for someone who can assert boundaries (borders?) with style. Leftism, which is basically a synonym of permissiveness at this point, doesn’t lend itself to this sort of attitude. Laissez faire vs. fait comme je veux.


    • on October 20, 2015 at 9:12 am Damn Crackers

      Almost the same thing happened to me last month. A complete token social worker SJW type broad. She was furious with my Trump love…but closed with a drunken kiss.

      Still, Trump should use the slogan of President Camacho:

      “Shit. I know shit’s bad right now, with all that starving bullshit, and the dust storms, and we are running out of french fries and burrito coverings. But I got a solution.”


    • And I quote:

      “I’m not anti-Reagan, Reagan’s anti-me
      I’m not anti-government, government’s anti-me
      I’m not anti-politics, politics is anti-me
      I’m not anti-anything, I just want to be free.”


      • “I’m not anti-Reagan, Reagan’s anti-me
        I’m not anti-government, government’s anti-me
        I’m not anti-politics, politics is anti-me
        I’m not anti-anything, I just want to be free.”

        Great song from a great band. Much better than the fucking nigger noise kids are listening to today.


  3. “it’s almost as if politically inane girls are BEGGING for a man who will tell it like it is and shit all over the sjw nostrums of the day.”

    There has a change in the air since Zero’s reelection. A stream of ugly reality such as the endless recession, college loan debt, grim articles about ISIS posted on Facebook (your peer group bubble may be liberal, but that aunt in Columbus, OH posts articles that you try to ignore, your boyfriend’s brother posts MPC memes), diversity where you don’t expect it… girls are becoming afraid.

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  4. Make Vaginas Wet Again. Vote Donald Trump.

    Well, if THAT ain’t a boffo bumper sticker for the coming election year, I don’t know what is. 😉

    /sooooooooo money


  5. Sometimes cis-liberal mudbread Americans trigger me with an Othering microaggression by asking me why I’m against immigration, being an immigrant myself.

    When I wish to avoid complicated discourses on genetic and cultural similarity and such, I just tell them that my loyalty belongs to those who had let me in, not to the party crashers behind me.


    • on October 19, 2015 at 3:55 pm mendozatorres

      I can imagine the looks of confusion they give you as they try to figure out what the hell you just said.


    • I hate the “were a nation of immigrants” canard also. It’s tiresome and pointless to engage someone operating on that low of a level.


  6. on October 19, 2015 at 3:48 pm Wrong Side of History

    Would have been cooler if he said Trump without hesitance.


  7. You can’t con The Don.


    • I watched part of his interview with Wallace Sunday, he got Trumped. Wallace tried the usual journo-libshit tactic of asking a loaded question then trying to interrupt and reframe it when he couldn’t stump him. Trump just plowed him.


  8. One time I lost patience with a well meaning conservative who hammered on about being against illegal, but not legal, immigration. I leveled: “Look, I don’t care if a few hundred Danish or Czech students overstay their visa. But I do oppose the settling of thousands of legal Somali immigrants in America.”


    • on October 20, 2015 at 9:38 am Diversity Is Good

      What was the response?


    • In that case the subject trailed off. But he was a friend with fundamentally conservative instincts, just blue pill at the time.

      People don’t easily let go of their positions on important subjects. Egos get in the way.

      Even on matters of direct self-interest and in the course of solitary reading where ego contra another person doesn’t come into play, like Red Pill game stuff, most of us initially resisted the new way of looking at what attracts women. I did, until the Game author I first came across asked his obstinate reader “do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?” That’s when it clicked for me.

      I’ve had reasonably friendly arguments with sane libs in which it seemed like I swayed them on something political, only to see them go back to shitlib square-one as though we had never talked.


      • on October 20, 2015 at 3:37 pm Diversity Is Good

        I’ve had reasonably friendly arguments with sane libs in which it seemed like I swayed them on something political, only to see them go back to shitlib square-one as though we had never talked.

        Same here. Walk someone through a chain of reasoning, they are agreeing with each individual step, but then the conclusion leads to badfeelz and zip! It’s like a system reboot occurs back to state 0.

        I’m thinking that amygdala stimulation, along the lines of the Anonymous Conservative, is what’s needed and that is time consuming. Not every sane lib is worth the effort, frankly.


      • Can you explain the amygdala thing? I just started reading Anonymous Conservative


      • on October 21, 2015 at 10:41 am Diversity Is Good

        You should buy his book and read it, far better explanation than I can give.

        One thing about libs, they drive off of emotion more than reason. The amygdala is the “threat detector” in the brain and it’s not rational. So triggering the amygdala of a liberal in a controlled way might train them a bit. Do this over and over again, and in time the amygdala will grow (neuroplasticity at work), which will tend to make them less of a lib.


    • H1B is a problem in its own right, but it is fair to point out difference of scale, and quality of peoples between the two types of immigrants


  9. Watching videos of Trump on the campaign trail have improved my understanding of game 10-fold. He is an absolute alpha male doing alpha male shit. What impresses me the most about him is his frame: His ideas are correct in his mind, and you can’t change his mind. Since I internalized this I’ve begun to be much more bold and cocky, and if I’m ever called out about it I stick to my guns. I can’t tell you how many girls with “staunch views” on subjects I’ve seen suddenly agree with a guy with differing viewpoints based on the fact that he gives them tingles.

    Side note: A girl will only laugh at someone she’s attracted to. Make dead baby or rape jokes at a girl who’s showing overt IOI’s. She might sound offended, but if she likes you enough she’ll stick around and perhaps go home with you.


  10. on October 19, 2015 at 4:07 pm elmer t. jones

    At the Mexican barber shop the barber said “El Trumpe’ por Presidente’!”.


    • thats a good point that gets lost in all the sjw panty wadding. most legal and illegal immigrants are against immigration. they dont want more competition.


      • The most virulent anti-Mexican immigrationist I ever knew was a housekeeper of Mexican descent whose family had been in the US for three generations. She was the only person I knew who routinely referred to recent arrivals as “wetbacks” (so-called because of the supposedly common practice of swimming across the Rio Grande). Of course, progressive Mexican-American icon César Chávez was also a staunch opponent of immigration—an inconvenient anti-Narrative detail you’ll almost never hear mentioned by the mainstream.


  11. #MakeAmericaStraightAgain


  12. her liberal politics are just a shit test. you hold frame and that’s it. you can’t argue in any rational, logical way to try to “convince” her though. I’ve made that mistake. I used to go bit by bit, getting a prog slut to agree with each premise along the way and lead her right into nationlist patriarchy with her saying “I agree with that”, but the next time I saw her she’d be spouting rainbows and unicorns again.

    The only real way to persuade a girl into your politics is to be her master and eventually your frame just absorbs hers. No logic necessary. If a wife votes the opposite way of her husband, he’s a beta or worse.


    • Always love hearing “who should I vote for?” and “yes or no” on the propositions from the wife when we get to the ballot boxes…


  13. on October 19, 2015 at 4:44 pm Wrong Side of History

    Trump vs Putin vs Orban

    Triple threat to determine the most alpha man in politics right now.


  14. What’s partly driving the Washington sett crazy about Trump is that they’ve just not dealt with an alpha-acting male in the American political sphere in quite a while. So it’s like a girl who’s only been surrounded by beta-pussy worshipers for years and suddenly runs into a masculine man (and he doesn’t even have to be alpha).

    The metaphor I’m thinking of is an American college female at some lefty liberal arts college like Sarah Lawrence. Surrounded by lesbians and weak-kneed “milady” white knighters during her 4 years getting her women’s studies degree, she goes camping with her “sisters” (and 2 eunuch male friends) as part of her graduation celebration and, on a stop over at a country bar for some drinks, runs into a guy on a hunting trip. Her first reaction is incredulousness and disbelief, followed by anger and denunciation, all the while he’s laughingly dismissing her b.s. and telling her she’d look cuter in a shorter skirt.

    By the end of the night, she’s bent over the back of his pickup truck while her beta male orbiter (who hoped this trip would *finally* be the time they hooked up, after 4 years of pining) and 2 fat sad lesbians (ditto) look on in disappointment and punch their hands into their Ani DiFranco CDs.

    Metaphor rape!


    • some lefty liberal arts college

      —but I repeat myself.

      Redundancy rape!


    • on October 19, 2015 at 4:59 pm mendozatorres

      I prefer Bryn Mawr since the lack of vowels reminds me of all these gals and the lack of cock they need. It’s like the “a” in Mawr is the lone girl of which you speak. All the other letters are the orbiters and lezzies.

      Alphabet rape!


    • Similar real life story: one of my buddies when I lived in the South (stationed there while in the Army) was a true-blue Redneck who had gotten out of the military and continued to live nearby, and still got together with us occasionally for a while.

      One time we’re hanging out and he tells us about how he and his fellow-civilian good ole boy friends went out to a lake or camping or something recently, and this college girl started following him around and pestering him, obviously with hots for him. He was a big, burly, jovial guy with a booming voice, and let his hair get long and his gut get big once he ETS’ed (terminated his enlistment). It would have been perfect if she went to Sarah Lawrence but it was probably a local college. So they were drinking, and he was trying to shoo her away.

      Finally, as he told us, he let her blow him. So there she went to work as he sat on the tailgate of his pickup.

      And this is the funny part. The beer farts had been building up in him. So very delicately, he let a bit of one out as she was blowing him. Whew, she didn’t notice anything. So he let a bit of another one out. And a smidgen of another. Braver and braver, he steadily loosened the pressure valve until a long, hissy, gas-buttox rumbled out in liberated relief.

      She stops, looks at him, scrunched her face, and says “you ASSHOLE!”, slaps his dick, and storms off to her car and leaves.

      Again, I wish I could say that she was from Sarah Lawrence but this will have to do for now.


    • on October 19, 2015 at 5:34 pm Captain Obvious

      > “they’ve just not dealt with an alpha-acting male in the American political sphere in quite a while. So it’s like a girl who… runs into a guy on a hunting trip…” ——— SHOCK POLL: Trump Blue Collar Support Highest Since FDR in 1930s


  15. on October 19, 2015 at 5:03 pm Beautiful Truths Ignored

    I’m impressed that liberal, Obama-supporting Jewish oligarchs in Trump’s social circle have been converted into members of the Buchanan Brigade.

    Charles Kushner for instance, owner of Pier Village and Monmouth Mall, is the father-in-law of Trump’s eldest daughter.

    Never, in a million years, would I have guessed that I would be supporting the same candidate as Kushner. He is almost a caricature of the Jewish limousine liberal. Pier Village stands on land which was formerly a nice, oceanfront, working class White neighborhood. The land was seized by Long Branch mayor Adam Schneider (Jewish) just as the housing bubble started taking off – eminent domain abuse of the most blatant kind. The former owners could have sold out for more than twice what they got, if they’d been allowed to hold onto their homes for a few more years. Now its a soulless SWPL wasteland. Kushner was nabbed for corruption by US attorney Chris Christie during Operation Bid Rig, and spent time in jail. He has always supported the most liberal wing of the NJ Democratic Party – perhaps the most liberal bunch of politicians in the country.

    And now he is supporting an immigration restrictionist with a non-interventionist foreign policy who supports concealed carry and wants to eliminate income taxes for the working class while closing tax loopholes that benefit billionaires, corporations and hedge funds!

    And Kushner isn’t alone. He and his friends held a well attended fundraiser for Trump. Also, Trump’s loyal spokesman Michael Cohen was once a typical Obama supporter.

    That, apparently, is the power of charm.


    • @Beautiful Truths, leaches attaching themselves to their perceived strongest host. Leaches don’t care about their hosts; they only care about the amount of blood their hosts can provide them.


  16. Bought a “Trump ’16” shirt that I’ve been rocking in the gym lately. Bitches love it.


  17. what’s fascinating now is the real true red cuckservatives – party faithful, active, in government etc. just not comprehending why JEB or Rubio are not leading the polls and whining about TRUMP’s polls vs Hillary…

    and the ‘sideways” TRUMP conversation… a feeling out process of those who are coming around but unsure of how it will play in broader society.. like

    Coming out: “so this Trump… huh? Quite a character.

    TRUMPened: “Yeah I love the guy”

    Coming Out: (relieved) ” yes he is an interesting candidate. I like what he is doing”


    • It still seems like the pacs/superpacs are just going to back Bush, no matter what the people want. Bush has that kind of dopey, ‘i know they’re going to give me the dough and backing.–sneer–‘. Cheers

      [CH: it doesn’t matter who the pacs back if the voters don’t vote for their puppet.]


    • Yeah, I notice the “comings out” too. Recent three-way conversation:

      She 1: “prog inanity couched in respectable mainatream Dem blah blah blah *snark* republicans investigating Hillary’s emails like there is nothing more important going on *sigh* Bernie Sanders yay!”

      She 2: [tentatively] “you know… I noticed a lot of people I know saying that they think Trump is crazy but they’ll be vote for him anyway, thas how bad things have gotten …”

      Me: “Trump is not crazy. He’s highly intelligent and perfectly sane.”

      She 1: [fidgets, tries to think of what to say]

      She 2: [with visible relief] “I think you’re right.”


  18. It’s really not that hard to (eventually) go full shitlord on a female who’s genuinely into you (and likes what you’re giving her in the sack). The problem I have with the referenced delivery in this post is that he’s implying some sort of guilt (or at least a lack nonchalance) by building it all up. “I have a dirty little seeecret.” That’s not the way to go about it. It:

    a) makes you seem self-conscious about it
    b) comes across as if you’re seeking her approval
    c) it’s simply too dramatic; you’re supposed to be the self-assured rock, here

    Don’t go that route. Her anger is always going to be more with you and how you handle your beliefs rather than for the actual beliefs, themselves. Remember: You’re dealing with wimminz, here. They don’t have core beliefs that make up who they are to offend in the same way that men do. There’s a subtle difference in how a real man holds to a core value and how a woman goes around spouting what she allegedly believes in.

    Once you’ve banged her and you know she likes you (i.e. she’s texting you first all the time), you can up the shitlordy comments and you’ll be amazed at how she’ll melt. The less apologetic the better. The woman I’m seeing knows I like Trump; she knows that I think “equality” and feminism is a huge joke; she knows I don’t like nogs or noggish behavior (not all blacks are nogs but all too many nogs exist, either way); she knows I’m real about race and has opened up about it, herself, now; and she knows that I’m not above being “anti-Semitic.” And she fits the liberal urbanite “empowered” woman thing to a “T”. She should be running scared. But she’s not. Because I delivered these truths to her in manner that implied to her that I didn’t give two shits if she did.

    It’s tempting to say don’t ever apologize. I would amend that, though. You can apologize for say…accidentally spilling a beer on her table or something trivial. Never apologize or put yourself in a position where you appear to be apologizing for your core beliefs. At least, if you want to get laid regularly, don’t do that. I wouldn’t go out of my way to bring these subjects up, either. Just let them come up through their own natural course. That’s part of that non-chalant, unapologetic frame you have to maintain. Tact–but of a non-PC variety– is key. Don’t be too evasive. But don’t sit her down for a political disclosure discussion, either.

    The only exceptions to this with women I see are with respect to the seriously broken harpies who are destined for twelve cats and solitude who see liberalism as one of the cores of their identity. Most of them, though, are just signaling with the herd. And when they perceive that you’re one of those guys that has broken away from the herd (like a lone wolf) in such an unapologetic fashion, they’re more than happy to go along with the ride. Plus, some of them deep down will know you’re really right. It will start with them saying they’re “intrigued” by your thoughts. And though it’s a hamster for them to make the bombs you’re dropping palatable in the moment, it’s the truth. You will excite them. Later, they may just out and out begin to echo your sentiments. That’s why you will see these ostensibly “liberal” women marrying conservative men.

    It’s not rocket science, guys. Just do it like your fathers or grandfathers did it. Stop being so damned modern and “sensitive” about what YOU think while at the same time avoid coming across as a political dogmatist.


    • You’re absolutely right when it comes to something like supporting Trump– it’d be pitiful to treat a public sensation like this as though he were your dirty little secret.

      I do think, though, if you’re going to break a girl into something like 9-11 or Holohoaxdom or just scientific ‘racism’, you should take her for a long ride out in the woods or something. Build a quiet air of mystery. Maybe pull over at some point, quietly turn to her with a laser-sharp look and say, with an air of amused but somber authority, “You know, Sandy Hook isn’t real . . .”

      For those who have read Donna Tartt’s “The Secret History”, the long murder confession a third or so into the book is the kind of set-piece I’m thinking about. You could do to a liberal chick’s mind what whatshisnut did in “The Matrix”.


      • Yes. It has its limits with stuff like the Holocaust. But you can break out of the shell enough to be “real” with her over a relatively short period of time. I wouldn’t suggest dropping the Holocaust on a woman, ever. Because most guys I don’t think could do it right. They’d look like the worst type of conspiracy theorist. What I’d actually do is approach WWII by humanizing the Germans and the Japanese rather than setting out to disprove something that’s basically a religious belief. That’s where I have my success. I humanized the Germans and even the Japanese and point out Allied hypocrisy.

        The Shoah itself is a huge bomb. But if you must, at the very least, you must build her up good on the basics of race realism and generalized Jewish swindling first over a long period of time. Give her enough time to see that you’re an empathetic person who’s not a sociopath. Gain her basic trust well before even attempting to hint that you’re not about believing the Hoax. I’d approach it from the backdoor (no pun) by getting her to distrust Jews by sort taking potshots at them for doing what they do. Point out how they run the pornography industry and the sleazy parts of Hollywood. Point out how Jews are always promoting subversive trends and point out how exploitative they are with money. In that way, it’s not too much different from complaining about nogs, really. It’s reeks of that old fashioned “racism” they see in Martin Scorcese films. You can still come across in her mind as some “loveable” bigot like her uncle or grandfather or something. Still human. So normalize that kind of dialogue first. After a long stir, you might be able to breach some WWII with them but really, why would you even want to?

        If you’re long terming some broad to the point where you think it would matter, at the end of the day, you want a mother for your children who will support you in your basic worldview; not necessarily someone who thinks 100% just like you at the end of the day (which is an impossibility). If your goal is to just be “out there” with your non-mainstream beliefs so that you’re not wearing this terrible mask, it’s not all that hard to win her over. You just don’t want to come across as a tin-foil hat guy which Holocaust talk runs the risk of making you in her eyes. Being real about nogs is one thing as it is simply about being honest with respect to what everyone on some level observes. Broaching “conspiracies,” I agree, is a much more delicate matter. At the end of the day, you really have to feel these things out based on how receptive she’s been to what you say. Is she merely tolerating your “outdated” beliefs because you’re irresistible or does she seem outright enthusiastic about what you’re saying?

        And should any disagreement arise, don’t get bogged down. Hell, don’t even argue. Step away and exercise an aloof sense of contempt. Contempt is always vastly superior to resentment (which shows itself when you’re arguing with a woman). Never let resentment define your beliefs. When people say stupid dildo shit, a smirk and a “hmph” is enough to get the point across that you’re not about that garbage while simultaneously getting her wet at the same time.


      • Chuck, that’s excellent!


    • Good comment. Yep. Me and my girl like to play “Jew” when watching anything on Netflix. Like the old “punch buggy” game. Every time you see a Jew “educating” us on what to think, you say “Jew.” You need a lot of water to play this game, or your mouth will get dry quickly, because every single thing you see on a screen is an attempt by the Jew to tell you what to think and steer you towards false equalism, communism, feminism, and miscegenation, so you have to say “Jew” a lot. My girl knows damn well the score and can’t get enough of me. She was thrilled when she learned that I’m a real man who is “awake” about what the Tribe has done to my nation the past 60 years. It is easy to notice how the Jew is simply by living in this world. More people are aware and ready to fight back than you might realize; even pretty non-Jewish women.


    • OP here. I get what you’re saying, but there is a bit that I left out. First, this convo happened over two months ago when Trump was still sort of a novelty and everyone thought he was going to be a flash in the pan. Second, the conversation was more in depth, but that was the nuts and bolts for simplicity’s sake. I wasn’t apologetic or anything nor did I actually think she would walk out on me, just teasing her to build tension.

      And as a coda, after the texts we met up (banged) prolly four more times before she left and I even wore my Make America Great Again hat while out with her.


      • I get it. I didn’t mean to demean you or anything. I kind of bloviated there. Anyways, you obviously made it work for you and that’s the main thing in the end. There’s a lot of intangibles that I’m sure you had going on that get lost in translation on a blog. Kudos for not being a basic bitch about your politics, regardless.

        I guess if you were teasing her more so than taking on an heir of confession, it can work. Again, you obviously did make it work and more power to you there. I’ve honestly never had much luck mixing women and politics unless I just bulldoze through the basic PC barriers that are implied with polite discussion on the matter; at least, that’s how it is when they’re trying to fish some sort of PC echo out of me. Every time I’ve tried to sort of qualify something in a delicate way, I always regret it to a degree. It’s almost better just to mutter “fucking Jews” than to appear to be waffling by attempting to reason with a woman. (If the woman is of interest to me, I do make sure that I’ve done something spark her interest before making any such nuclear comments. If the groundwork has been laid–some humor and charm exhibited–the bombs will probably just make you all the more irresistible.)


      • Shoot. My initial reply didn’t make it. Anyways…

        I get what you’re saying, though, Eric. And it sounds like you made it work for you, regardless. I’m sure you had a whole vibe going on (obviously, you banged) that gets lost in translation on a blog. And I probably did misinterpret the context a bit as you pointed out.

        My experience has taught me that if you must choose between having a rational discussion with a woman about politics (i.e. what men do with each other when they’re not around women) versus being a bulldozer with respect to PC nonsense, the latter is always better. It’s all about HOW you do it. And the method there is amused smugness. Though you do want to pre-qualify yourself first with some humor and charm before dropping some heavy bombs. But after that ground work is laid, you can probably shitlord away and watch her attraction to you grow.


  19. OT: I’ve always been attracted to theater babes, the actresses. Are they usually raging sluts? Thinking of joining an acting troupe for fun and wouldn’t mind some side action.

    [CH: i once dated a girl who auditioned for a ballerina role. while she never cheated on me when we were together (confidence level 95%) i do think she had an extensive dating history with lotsa cockas. theatrical girls do it with drama.]


    • A friend who did a stint as an extra in a college theater production said that the girls are perfectly nonchalant about changing and being topless around the guys backstage.


    • They’re abject attention whores. Totally insecure. And retired porn stars are even worse than normal actresses with that shit.


    • on October 20, 2015 at 1:22 am Bro Brosterson

      I was involved with theatre for many years, and yes I did hook up with a lot of girls in that world, including my first threesome… But I wouldn’t necessarily say they’re bigger sluts than girls at large. The main thing is they have a higher than usual craving for passion, excitement, drama. If their man is delivering the tingles, they can be passionately into him and keep other guys at arm’s length. But if the tingles subside or the passion fades, perhaps you could say actress types will be quicker to abandon ship and throw themselves at something (or someone) else.


    • There are so many gays in theater, actresses are desperate to meet real men.

      And they are all insecure. A friend of mine who worked backstage as an electrician said that’s how the stagehands got actresses. They never praised them. They always hinted their performances were in some way lacking. That way they would get the actresses hanging on to them, desperate for validation.

      Maybe not nice, but hey, you gotta do what works.


    • Crazy ex is an former ballerina who stopped professionally dancing years ago but still has the drama queen attitude. She has tons of orbiters and was not used to a guy like me push-pulling her. I lost hand after she broke up but even now…2 years later and after a year of complete no-contact she still finds ways to try to get my attention. The latest was placing her shoes beside mine at a club event we were both attending. I only noticed when I was leaving and saw a pair of girls shoes that I recognized were hers placed directly beside mine despite the fact there was tons of space everywhere else….weird…shoe stalking…weird.


    • dated a ballerina for a year, she was a slut. bendable as fuck though, treat her like a pretzel.


    • on October 20, 2015 at 7:14 am elmer t. jones

      During my Dance Sensation days I walked across campus and found yet another dance department, this one for ballet. I peered inside and there was a middle-aged geez in leotards working the babes. I didn’t crash in but considered taking up a love for ballet. The old pickup 70s-era book “How to Pick Up Girls” advised ballet as a poon fest for men because there were so few available male leaders.


    • Thanks all.


  20. Good to see a white man acting like a man and getting it done. Nothing is more depressing than a supplicant politician afraid of the truth.


  21. “go full shitlord”

    hilarious dude, haha.


  22. Can you comment on ‘whole lotta love’ Zep.


  23. Kind of related,

    Sad news,

    Canada today has elected a liberal – very liberal – prime minister.

    How liberal? he thinks it is fine if Muslim women wear niqabs when they vote or at the ceremony where they become Canadian citizens.

    He believes – firmly believes – that if we are nice to terrorists they will stop doing bad things.

    He wants to punish rich people, basically a white canadian version of Obama…

    Until now we had a conservative prime minister for 10 years who did not get along too well with Obama the communist in chief.

    Now that we have our own communist in charge, you Americans will possibly elect Trump. Those two will not get along.

    Oh yeah and our new ultra liberal prime minister is in his early 40s, has never done much more than been a snow board instructor ( his father was rich ) thus is about as qualified as Obama is.

    sad day for Canada…


    • I’m on the other side of the river friend, sad news indeed. Been following your election for a while, Trudea is truly a sniveling little turd. Talk about ghey face……haha. He truly is your white Obama.


    • We feel your pain.


    • CF, you remain a boomer through and through. So naïve. You read here every day. You don’t get it, yet? Really understand what has happened since 1913. What was happening from 1939 through 1945.

      You did not have a conservative prime minister for 10 years. You had another CUCKservative puppet. A puppet of the international bankers whose job was to read a teleprompter. If he were a true conservative, he’d not have been the PM.

      You still think the nominal head of “state” matters, or that it matters if your PM “gets along” with our teleprompter reader in chief? lzozlzozlzolzozz


    • CF, what the **** happened? I thought Harper was doing a decent job – did y’all just decide to swing the other way? “just for a change?”


    • on October 20, 2015 at 11:19 am Diversity Is Good

      Good, good. Now Canaduh can feel the full impact of the SJW’s insanity without Harper or some other cuckservative to intervene. People are stupid. Heck, MPAI. They can’t learn by example, they have to learn the hard way.

      Just like the libs in Maine are learning the hard way about Africans, now the people of Canaduh can learn the hard way about what happens when SJW’s get a free hand.

      This means that in a couple of years many more people in Canaduh will totally hate SJW’s with a passion. It won’t be an easy few years, but it will be full of what shitlibs call “teaching moments”, don’t let those go to waste.


    • Was his victory partly due to the Trudeau name and history?


      • Yes his father’s reputation/name helped but our media just like yours in the USA is the propaganda arm of the left;

        The USA media elected Obama, The Canadian media elected Trudeau.

        We have two state sponsored tv stations ( radio-Canada in french and CBC in English ), Justin Trudeau promised to increase their budget. ( Stephen Harper had reduced their budget )

        They scratch his back he scratch theirs…

        Some Canadians call the liberal party; “the media party” which is exactly what it is.

        Now that a liberal is in charge people in the media are all smiles; the media party is back in charge.

        About Trudeau, the father, Pierre Elliot Trudeau who was Prime minister in late 1960s to part of the 1970s , is the one who opened the floodgates of Canada to hordes of third world immigrants not long after I think it was Kennedy who did it in the USA in the 1960s.

        Even back in the 1970s Trudeau talked a lot about how great multiculturalism was/would be. Most Canadians had serious doubts but we were never asked to vote on that, it was imposed on us as it is in every white nation.

        Two other rather bizarre facts about the father,

        – Pierre Elliot Trudeau was good friends with Cuban dictator Fidel Castro…. Castro flew to Canada and attended Trudeau’s funerals…

        – Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s Montreal mansion ( he had more than one ) back in the 1970s was decorated with MUSLIM furniture, carpets, kitchen ware etc etc. ( I saw the photos with my own two eyes in McCleans magazine when I was a teenager, I knew nothing of Islam or the middle east then, but I knew something was odd )

        One last thing,

        Pierre Trudeau’s wife ( Margaret ) – the mother of the kid who is our prime minister now – after a few short years of being a mother and a wife lost her mind; she left her husband, partied like there is no tomorrow and slept with anything that would have sex with her, she was photographed at New York’s studio 54 discotheque in mini skirts so short, you could see her pantie-less pussy sticking out.

        Communist father who admired Islam + Cock carousel riding crazy mother = Offspring who is happy to destroy Western civilization and accelerate the white genocide.

        I am worried about the future of Canada, and of the entire West ( Angela Merkel anyone? )


  24. A highlight reel of Bond girls and classic Bond game. Some great repartee in this mix. My favorite: “That’s a nice little nothing you’re almost wearing. I approve.”


    • It’s sad and humorous to note how much the gay influence has had on pop culture in the last 50 years simply by observing the physical changes in James Bond:

      First James Bond=Sean Connery. With his shirt off: manly body hair, no “defined, chiseled abs” or steroid-looking muscles. The only shots of him with his shirt off are when he’s in bed with a chick, and those aren’t full on shots; rather, they’re part of the scene. Shot in his 30s, Connery looks distinguished, mature, and confident. His talent was in his social smoothness combined with social dominance. Women swooned, and Connery continues to make them swoon today.

      Most recent James Bond=Daniel Craig. Steroided muscles, bulging like a gay man’s wet dream. Shot in his late 30s and early 40s, Craig looks as young as he possibly can—almost 25—, with a harder, artificial jaw line like lower-level thug rather than a sophisticated man of the world. No hair on body, waxed. Full on shirtless shots, along with him in short shorts, as well as heavy gay innuendo in each film. Gay men swoon.

      And the ironic part is that Connery was, in fact, a weightlifting bodybuilder before he became a movie star; he even placed in the Mr. Universe competition in the 1950s. That’s right; Connery had the chiseled, defined look down, but he and film producers knew this wasn’t appealing to normal viewers, and so he stopped bodybuilding when his movie career got going.

      Very sad that we’ve come to let a few mentally screwed up sodomites (but I repeat myself) dictate what is an attractive male—over the true desires of females everywhere.

      Bond timeline rape!


      • Just because gay men like something, that doesn’t make the product itself gay. I don’t think Michelangelo’s David is “gay.” Yet, it very well could be something preoccupies the minds of perverted fags. I mean, lots of gay guys hit on men that aren’t the slightest bit “asking” for such attention. And I don’t blame guys for being less than enthused about having back and shoulder hair. It’s gross.

        I get that too many guys these days want to be pretty. But I wouldn’t be so harsh on the Daniel Craig James Bond.


      • I’m not trying to rag on Danny Craig, I’m just trying to point out that he is a slave to gay desires that Connery and previous generations was not.

        I liked Craig’s Bond movies for what they were, but it was impossible not to notice the gay influence once you started becoming aware of it. Kind of like noticing female hypergamy when you are given the red pill.


      • Super pro comment.


      • can’t take daniel craig seriously after seeing this


  25. As soon as you realize you’re “beta” -i.e. in a weak position with weak unattractive behavior, you have to change that by being a man, focusing on what’s needed, but as soon as you’ve gotten there, you have to relax into enjoying life, forget about game and consciousness of all that. You have to sustain your work ethic and drive and purpose to achieve what you want, and that includes a group element in many cases- leading a group, solidifying a group or serving a community. If you are just ‘alpha’ for the sake of alpha, what is your purpose? I’m trying to get you in the flow. If you are always thinking of alpha, how can you be in the flow? I have not found that to be the case. Such is analytics, overanalytics. I find that when I work hard, I become naturally alpha. When I take on leadership, I become naturally alpha. I doubt Trump thinks about all of this. The sick need a physician, but the goal of a good physician is to get his patient well, so he is not needed. So this blog is necessary, as a physician is needed, eventually to not be needed. That’s why you write a lot about society’s ills. Game is not the end in itself, but families, children, of course partnership love, and a national and local community


    • on October 20, 2015 at 10:58 am Hair Slicked Back With Swag So Fresh

      Excellent analysis.


    • to most of the spergs here, it is the end. Playing games instead of being an authentic man.

      [CH: au cuntraire. donald trump is “playing games” — aka using well-regarded, charisma-boosting game tactics — and it has catapulted him to the top of the polls. that sounds like serious business to me.]

      Being a man is harder work than imitating one

      [you’re gonna have to dismount this splintered hobbyhorse of yours eventually. salesmanship is part of being a successful man.]


  26. Mocking SJW dogmas is an easy way to game women for men that find other aspects of game challenging. My favorite way of messing with the minds of vacuous women is to do a ‘SJW bait and switch’. You come up with some talking point that ostensibly is consistent with the PC line on some issue. You then follow it up with a twist that mocks the correct narrative.

    Me: It’s important that we do more to close the gap between our indigenous population and the non-indigenous on a range of indicators like life expectancy, health, education attainment etc.

    Her: Yeah, that’s important. There is so much more that needs to be done. I feel terrible about some of these problems.

    Me: I propose we should have several generations of enforced eugenic breeding among the indigenous population


    • I love that idea.

      Just like we breed cattle and pigs to produce better meat, we should breed our niggers to have higher IQs and more self control. I guess science really can be the solution to everything.


      • wrong. put them on those massive ching container ships, tape the throttles wide open, and send them off across the oceans. don’t matter where it runs aground at this point.


      • Sterilize.

        In Buck v. Bell, 274 U.S. 200 (1927), the United States Supreme Court held that a state statute permitting compulsory sterilization of the unfit, including the intellectually disabled, “for the protection and health of the state”, did not violate the Due Process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

        The decision was an endorsement of negative eugenics—the attempt to improve the human race by eliminating “defectives” from the gene pool–back when common sense and protection for the normal people of society was still part of the common law.

        Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote the Court’s opinion. In support of his conclusion that the interest of the states in a “pure” gene pool outweighed the interest of individuals in their bodily integrity, he reasoned:

        We have seen more than once that the public welfare may call upon the best citizens for their lives. It would be strange if it could not call upon those who already sap the strength of the State for these lesser sacrifices, often not felt to be such by those concerned, to prevent our being swamped with incompetence. It is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind. The principle that sustains compulsory vaccination is broad enough to cover cutting the Fallopian tubes.

        Holmes concluded his opinion by observing: “Three generations of imbeciles are enough.”



    • No. Both were betas.

      The ‘toyboy’ was a 24 y.o. with oneitis for a 38 y.o. fug married bitch and the husband had forgiven her for a number of affairs during their 5 year marrige.

      They all need to die.


  27. […] Donald Trump Game | Chateau Heartiste […]


  28. on October 20, 2015 at 9:07 am The Straw That Stirs the Drink

    Trump tweets… He’s got style.


  29. I like Eric’s buildup… if you tease an edgy thought and woman can’t resist not knowing… then bam edgy position (from a libtard perspective).

    Just bust a move that is OUTSIDE her experience… good things happen if you are different.


  30. I think the reverse is also true. Men (if they are called that) who vote for Hillary or Bernie Sanders are engaging in a form of self-emasculation. Power between the sexes is largely a zero sum game and any time a man elevates women above him politically or financially he is showing his beta status. Bernie Sanders is a gimp.


    • on October 20, 2015 at 11:23 am Diversity Is Good

      Need to start asking those weenies a simple question: “Who got your balls”? Watch them squirm, especially if they have a typical fat feminist next to them.


  31. Donald Trump game. Lose millions of dollars that daddy made and call yourself a billionaire when you aren’t. Sell crappy merchandise and call it the best. Turn to politics and convince all the rubes you have Americans best interests in mind even though you never held a principled stand on any issue ever and do not have a solid plan to execute anything but claim you will.just because you are a billionaire. Never hold political office but claim you can do more than anyone else just because you are so much smarter than all of them. Get people to believe that you are the best politician ever while claiming that you are not a politician. Looks like he knows how to get the idiots votes. Nothing could possibly go wrong here.

    [CH: i can smell your fear. the trumpening cometh!]


  32. I love CH but I get tired of posts about so called “tight game” where the guy doesn’t get laid. You took the bitch out to dinner. You talked about another man. She gave you a kiss but NO PUSSY and you went home knowing you both had a good time and boasted about this on the internet

    [CH: there’s no winning. if a guy posts about getting the bang, a chorus of haters will chime in with “cool story bro” sneering remarks. game is a full spectrum guide to good living. you’ll use it pre-kiss, you’ll use it post-bang, and you’ll use it to avoid family court.]


  33. Playing your Trumps is reverse shit-testing. I know, I know – like “reverse discrimination,” the forces of social correctness will it NOT to exist, but it CAN and DOES. The babe SOOOO wants to be guided toward the force majeure of the Alpha “who knows,” who understands being “cocky” is not a fault, but a feature. She wants to be led by the cancion de cuna – that warm and moist birthplace from which the idea of NATION veritably springs. She desperately wants to BELONG to something that is more real, more soulfully satisfying, than the ersatz buzz-song of the collective hive.


  34. on October 31, 2015 at 12:04 am Hymen Mingesky

    Trump 2016: Make Americans Mate Again.