The UVA False Rape Fabulists

As most CH readers know by now, a gaudy account of alleged gang rape at a University of Virginia fraternity (Rapegate) was exposed as a hoax, or, more charitably, as a freakin’ lie. Many feminists and lapdog betaboys were left shell-shocked by the sudden undermining of their religious belief.

This isn’t the first rape hoax. The Duke lacrosse stripper rape never happened. And more recently, Lena Dunham, SWPL heroine, was outed as a fabulist for concocting a story about a “Republican conservative” who raped her in college. In Dunham’s case, she named a man. Hopefully he will sue her to kingdom come.

What makes the current false rape accusation (FRA) craze so dissonant is that it’s happening in a social climate where actual reported rapes are in decline and at a 40-year low, at least among whites. It’s almost as if feminists WANT to gin up a rape culture because the current rape-less society they live in is unsatisfactory to them.

The Jane Jones hysteria demands explanation. What is motivating all these rape hoaxes? I have some theories.

1. “Rape-culture culture”, driven by white females, and particularly by academic white females of a highly ethnocentric minority tribe (Erdely, Merlan), and targeted primarily against the white fraternity brother archetype, is revealed hatred of a certain majority group’s men for being, well, what they are: The tribal bogeyman. Sexual desire for these men and warped shame for feeling that desire must underlie some of that irrational hatred.

2. Rapegate is the proxy mechanism by which underattractive white females get to express their true resentment of the sexual aggression of black men and the asexual indifference of white men. As iSteve commenter countenance writes,

Because “rape culture” is how white men in frat houses get the blame for black men raping white women.

White women do get real raped (and sometimes killed)… disproportionately by black men who look like this guy:

But of course, because race is the ultimate totem of intra-white status whoring, academic white females can’t come out and say “Hey, a lot of black guys are raping us.” So they release that anger through a convenient proxy: white frat bros. And why are white frat bros, mostly harmless even when drunk, the preferred alternative rape culture oppressor? Because they don’t give unattractive feminists the time of day. Thus, their expediency as punching bags for feminists is rooted in the latter’s resentment at being overlooked as sex objects by high mate value white men.

3. The sex ratio on college campuses — 60%+ women and rising — favors men in the dating market. Female students are thus put into a position, by virtue of their natural hypergamous instincts, of being one of the shared side dishes of a popular male student, of dating less desirable nerd betas, or of getting shut out of the dating market altogether. At the margins, this lopsided sex ratio and its consequences will cause some mentally unbalanced women (feminists) to act out like lunatics.

4. This is the darkest theory, and the one therefore favored by CH priests. Rape fantasy is a staple of subliterary erotica, aka female porn. A fair number of women are sexually and romantically aroused by violent men. Death rows are filled with the clutter of love letters and even marriage proposals from swooning women. Lurid rape hysteria really may be psychological projection of lurid sex fantasy in a world full of sexless betaboy drones. It’s a parsimonious explanation for Lena Dunham’s obsessing over a “Republican conservative” man having sex with her many years ago, and her current transmogrification of that consensual event into a latter day Regret Rape political stance. Five minutes of right-wing alpha. She just cannot get enough of that memory of real man cock. Manlet SJWs, limp-wristed male feminists, and slobbering white knights will never get this about rock-ribbed feminists: Most of them despise the company of the weak men they feel forced to endure. These feminist rape-mongers dream of being assertively taken by a strong man torqued with unstoppable lust. (Related: I have a theory that women secretly desire men of opposite political persuasion, and that the reason most couples align politically is largely a result of convenience sorting and arid subconscious calculations of child characteristics.)


Some sadistic thinkers dismiss feminism as a relevant social force. I disagree with them. For example, look at this latest feminist flop; will the rancid ideology finally pay a price? UVA is Peak Feminism, right? No wait, that was Duke lacrosse. No, it was Lena Dunham. Seems Peak Feminism has yet to arrive. Lesson: Feminists benefit from power elite shielding. Individual feminists may be mentally unhinged and emotionally scorched, but their insipid politics finds its way into government and private policies. Women in the military, Title IX, affirmative consent laws, and bans on paternity testing, to name a few. Feminist propaganda matters. It has real world consequences that victimize real men, in ways direct and indirect. The Hivemind masters — the Lords of Lies — protect feminists from their own malignancy and prevent them from suffering due punishment for their slander and caustic beliefs.

Everything rotten about 2014 America is exposed by rape and race hoaxes: Leftoid duplicity, media boosterism, anti-white male animus. CH is doing its part to help bring balance to the force, which has tilted for too long in the direction of the Snark Side. But we can only do so much. Others must step up. You can start here: A website devoted to exposing corruption among our journalistic, political, and academic elite. Call them out on their lies, record it for posterity, ruin their reputations, and hope that the righteous backlash has only begun to start.


  1. CH tweet: “Agnostic unloads both barrel sin this comment thread”

    He’s a little known but well worth reading blogger. He is also one of alt-Right’s founding contributors. Like me, first as a commenter at Two Blowhards and later here. Funny thing is, he and I had some minor skirmishes in various comment threads but he’s come along to be one of the most interesting writers.

    I like this bit from his “both barrels” thread:

    “In real life, this bitch has probably never been in a real fight. But of course he would murder someone for holding political opinions different from his.”


    • on December 5, 2014 at 10:05 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


      lzozozozozozzo ozmzgzozlzozo


    • Feminists will do anything to try to increase their dating market value -


    • How to deal with bitches, russian style : a punch in the face


      • What the hell was this? Some sort of game show coupled with lord-knows-what reality spoof?


      • Was that a punch – or a slap? Hopefuly someone can translate what was being said for that to happen, it appears she is doing something to taunt him. That was certainly a HARD slap, she hit the floor like a bag of potatos. :/ .

        [CH: sheltered women, or women who have been coddled their whole lives, tend to underestimate the average man’s physical strength.]


      • I don’t underestimate it. My cousin once accidentaly punched me. (It was not done on purpose, I walked in between him trying to punch someone else), I am not joking, I saw stars. I thought to myself, if a man ever trys to hit me, I am RUNNING. The force of a man’s punch is astounding, you see stars and just drop to the floor.

        Anyway, apparently according to news sources, the woman had previously spat on the man and attempted to hit him. (But the clip above does not show that).


      • But yes, if a woman has never been hit by a man, it is definetly something we would underestimate. :/ .


      • “[CH: sheltered women, or women who have been coddled their whole lives, tend to underestimate the average man’s physical strength.]”

        Such a funny coincidence, I was just discussing this over the weekend. There is this super-ultra bitchy girl verbally attacking and taunting some big, muscular guy in public and it suddenly occurred to me how significant it is that women can act like that without getting hit. The way she was talking to him, she deserved to get hit. And I’m sure he wanted to hit her. But he couldn’t, and she knew it. This is something we totally take for granted, because we are so coddled. I don’t want to act like that and I don’t, but I COULD taunt and insult some guy who is three times my size in public and be perfectly safe. There’s something wrong with that. It contributes to bad behavior (in some women). Or, put another way, some women really need to experience some physical fear to learn how to behave.


      • You are right Amy, many women get away with things a man would not, because by virtue of her being female she can disrespect a man KNOWING his hands are tyed.

        I do not like violence and honestly, a man hitting a woman does make me cringe because of course he is more strong. But yes, if a woman wants to talk to a man like a man, or slap a man, she should expect to have the same treatment a man would give a man. – a slap.


      • Very cool video;I loved seeing that nasty ho go down.


      • “I don’t want to act like that and I don’t, but I COULD taunt and insult some guy who is three times my size in public and be perfectly safe. There’s something wrong with that.”

        Amy in the short list of “Potentially not solipsistic woman” award.

        Exactly right. If you don’t get your clock cleaned, you won’t know shit and have no contact with reality. Which is one of the reasons why giving women the vote was a stupid idea.

        You know who else is unhittable? Children. If it is morally unacceptable to kick your ass, maybe you shouldn’t be given power/responsibility.


      • “But yes, if a woman wants to talk to a man like a man, or slap a man, she should expect to have the same treatment a man would give a man. – a slap.”

        Yes, although I felt he did more than slap her in this video… I know we are not seeing the whole thing but he did hit her hard, I winced at it. I think it was too hard, and that’s why people are objecting.


      • “Yes, although I felt he did more than slap her in this video… I know we are not seeing the whole thing but he did hit her hard, I winced at it. I think it was too hard, and that’s why people are objecting.”

        It was hard, but I could not distinguish whether it was a slap or punch. But on closer inspection, it looks like his palm was open, there fore it was not a punch. The more cringing part was when he threw her body to the floor, I think.

        If you look at the actual slap part – I do not think he puts his full force in to it. Which suggests even when men lose control with a woman, most are still not applying the force they would to a man.

        But I can understand why you winced. It is frightening to think one could be THAT powerless compared to a man’s strength.


      • on December 10, 2014 at 3:22 pm Randy the Random

        > If you look at the actual slap part – I do not think he puts his full force in to it. Which suggests even when men lose control with a woman, most are still not applying the force they would to a man.

        You THINK toots? Dear god almighty, I wish you granted women two extra brains instead of tits. Then they could think 3x as fast and get to the conclusions young boys learn around the age of 5.

        Stop reading about Kardashian’s ass for 7 minutes, and watch this educational video:

        And little Amy, you’re an idiot if you think you’re safe from any man who you verbally berate. Most non-libtard men are extremely vigilant in defence of their integrity. I hang around with guys who’ve all done a few years in the pen, it’s no that bad really. Definitely worth it to put a mouthy bitch in her place.

        That being said, any man with half a brain doesn’t listen a word a woman says. Do I knock out every little kid that mouths off at me? No, I find it funny, and play along while gently demonstrating how easily I could crush their little skulls.

        Simple rule of thumb: what works with children, works with women.


  2. Combination of 1 and 2. The Left despises success because they are incapable of it themselves. To me this looks like a targeted attack on a successful group, in fact, according to richard bradley, she did seek out the “right” kind of campus to do a sex-assault piece on. Ms. Rubin-Erdely planned this as an attack on a culture she isn’t a part of and hates. They undermine men’s earnings by saying it isn’t them but patriarchy that got them their wealth. They undermine men’s intelligence by portraying them as violent idiots and buffoons. They undermine these men’s ability to attract women by saying they are rapists, not just merely attractive. The unifying notion here is that all the success they see is portrayed as unearned which justifies their own hatred and lack of success. As far as journalistic corruption, letting them destroy themselves seems like another viable option. The emotional part of their brains spins faster than the logical so, since the standards of reporting have apparently declined, the lies will increase until they have lost all listeners.


    • on December 6, 2014 at 7:34 am Whomever Wherever

      CH: “I have a theory that women secretly desire men of opposite political persuasion…” Definitely true here – “academic white females of a highly ethnocentric minority tribe” are like silly putty in the hands of teh Zombie Hord. Probably why Synagogue Masturbator and Talmudikum and The Jew Within hate us so virulently.


    • on December 6, 2014 at 7:58 am Whomever Wherever

      My guess is that the rape fantasy plays to the modern woman’s Mt-Everest-sized ego and NPD: “OMFG he desires my HB10* awesomeness so uncontrollably that he’s willing to risk 20 years to life in the penitentiary in order to dip it in my birth canal? I am teh Sex Goddessnessest of tehm all!” Probably helps if the dude is alpha as hell with a strong DHV SMV perception of superiority about him**. Would be interesting to use some simple deeply religious village and rural “nice girls” [chicks who actually believe in the sanctity of holy matrimony] as a double blind check on this theory, but they don’t seem to exist anymore.

      *Where in reality she’s just an HB6 who is already 15lbs overweight.

      **Also helps if the rapist calls within a few days and offers to bring over some takeout pizza [that seems to be YaReally’s M.O.].


    • I agree that the interesting aspect of the media’s behavior is their fixation on portraying successful white men as violent rapists.

      the reporter did deliberately seek out a top tier school and a frat of well off kids. Rolling Stone only wanted a story about the great white rapist. Whether the rape accusation is true or false doesn’t really even matter though that is ultimately the moral problem with this story. Let’s just assume that it was true. Even if someone was raped at a frat at uva, there must have been many other gang rapes in this country in that week. But the media doesn’t care about a crew of construction workers raping a woman or a criminal gang raping a woman in the projevts. It wants a rich white rapist only even though this demographic is comparatively unlikely to commit rape. Why the obsession with painting the attractive man as the rapist? Projection? Conflating desire with reality? The need to show that “privileged” white men maintain their privilege through vice and violent intimidation?


    • “Because “rape culture” is how white men in frat houses get the blame for black men raping white women.”

      I thought that was brilliant because I thought the same thing while watching the NBC news coverage of the fake story. The students interviewed all said basically the same thing, “yeah, sucks the allegations were false but overall it’s a good thing to bring attention to questions of white privilege and rape on campus.” Find me 7 random white fratboys to put on trial, stat! Meanwhile, the brother who abducted, raped and murdered a co-ed can’t be mentioned, because to mention him is racist, to mention his race doubly so. So this supposedly elite college is continuing its investigation of the fraternity members, as are the cops, regardless. They can’t go after the beastly townie who abducted, raped and killed probably a few co-eds, so they’ll settle for beating on some 19 year old fratboys. Fuckin’ statist totalitarian bastards.


      • on December 7, 2014 at 10:34 am Whomever Wherever

        > “Fuckin’ statist totalitarian bastards.” They’re behaving exactly the same way they behaved when they butchered the Romanovs, slaughtered hundreds of thousands of White Russians, and starved to death 10,000,000 Ukrainians in the Holodomor. This behavior seems to be burned into their DNA – there certainly isn’t any evidence in the historical record which would give one any hope that they might be capable of behaving in any other fashion.


      • Yes, absolutely. It is like sympathy for the devil. They have to fabricate stories and abuse their power to make sure we know that it is mainstream men that are the evil ones. It’s funny isn’t it? The fact they are making the stories up, you would think they might begin to question their own beliefs about how evil these white men are right? They must know on some level that the evil isn’t there. That’s why I think this is just a large personal vendetta, and the backgrounds of the journalists are important for building that case.


      • Yeah Martin. I also get a bit of veganflabby loser chick vibe from a lot of the women journos screeching most about it. It smacks of butthurt; “those naaasty fratboys never dated *me* at Columbia. I’ll show them…”


  3. I only wish that we still lived in an era and climate where exposing corruption actually woke the common man from his consumer coma. Creeping normalcy has already won over the public; corruption in government and media is the norm now.

    Regarding feminism and rape hysteria, here’s a great excerpt from Ian Fleming:

    “Bond came to the conclusion that Tilly was one of those girls whose hormones had gotten mixed up. He knew the type well and thought they and their male counterparts were a direct consequence of giving votes to women and sex equality.
    As a result of 50 years of emancipation feminine qualities were dying
    out. Or being transferred to the males. Pansies of both sexes were everywhere. Not yet completely homosexual but confused. Not knowing what
    they were. The result were a herd of unhappy sexual misfits, barren and
    full of frustrations. The women wanted to dominate and the men to be

    He was sorry for them but he had no time for them.”


    • Goldfinger. Published in 1959. The red pill has been around for a looooong time. Hasn’t reversed the tide.


    • Didn’t know this about Fleming. Very prescient.


      • That’s the thing though, it wasn’t prescient. It was a common observation. The genie was out of the bottle once women won the right to vote in the West, generally in the 19 teens and by 1920, though Australia started in the 1890’s (interestingly Switzerland waited until 1971 and Liechtenstein 1984 – I believe only Saudi Arabia and a few other Islamic countries still deny women the right to vote).

        The march to where we are now and where we will yet go was and remains inexorable.


      • There is this notion that the “red pill” is some heretofor undiscovered secret knowledge, but really it is just the common sense that men like Fleming had before shit really hit the fan.


    • on December 6, 2014 at 7:41 am Whomever Wherever

      > “The Crucible” LOL’ed. The Jew Within peddling the anti-Western Alynskyite agit-prop of Arthur Asher Miller. [Does anyone know its true name? Its family was most immediately from Austria, so Scots-Irish “Miller” was simply the nom de guerre.]


      • on December 6, 2014 at 10:12 am The Spirit Within



      • Yeah, I smirked at that reference as well… he’s been well-programmed by his (ahem) teachers.

        Yid Within, how many guys have to berate you for your shilling before you take the hint?


      • CH cited Herman Wouk. The play had a few good points about hysteria, even if there were real Communists (unlike witches) hiding in the government.


      • Re: Wouk, another line from Marjorie Morningstar: “Two plus two makes four, even if Hitler says so.”


      • on December 7, 2014 at 10:30 am The Spirit Within

        You’ve fallen waaaayyyy down the rabbit hole of paranoia when you think a reference to The Crucible contains Marxist undertones.

        And not a word about MacKay, I notice, which was the real reason for my comment.


      • The Crucible was written as a paranoid allegory of anti-Communist “witch hunts.” It most certainly was a Marxist work in its intent.


      • Yid Within either can’t lie straight in his bed, or he has no business making ANY sort of definitive statements among men.

        Geez, it’s long been common knowledge that the Crucible was a thinly-veiled jab at McCarthyism… the Left has been high-fiving themselves over that one for decades now.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • Agitprop indeed, said Crucible… and propped to the skies by the Cathedral.

        Of course, Washington, Hollywood, etc. establishments WERE lousy with communists…

        … but aside from that minor detail, the allegorical comparison was sound. :duckface:


      • Miller had been cited for ‘contempt of Congress’ for refusing to name names before HUAC, so he was likely at least sympathetic to Marxism.

        Thing is, the play could be about any sort of hysteria–you could stage it now and people might think it was about false rape accusations (though Miller, being a leftist, would probably side with the accusers were he still alive!). Great art is re-interpretable because it relies on universal human truths–Shakespeare’s plays are about universal themes, so we can talk about The Taming of the Shrew’s statements about men and women, although of course Shakespeare had no opinion on modern feminism. (I suspect he would have opposed it.) You can even take a piece of art and use it to talk about things the original artist would have opposed–Sailer quotes Brecht’s line about the government dissolving the people and electing another all the time when talking about immigration, even though Brecht was a Communist and would likely have been pro-immigration.

        You should be able to read your ideological opponents’ works and gain useful things from them. Do you really think Mao has nothing to tell us about guerrilla warfare?


      • Austrian? OK, my wild guess is Mueller, modified at Ellis Island or shortly thereafter. (Not that I’d read too much into that. It happened a lot.)


      • IMO the Crucible was by far the best thing he wrote. And as SFG said, it’s all too applicable in these days of mass hysteria.

        For his politics, read the American Clock. He clearly swallowed the idea that capitalism is bad and we need the government to save us from it. There are favorable comments about socialism and the Soviet Union. At the end, one of his characters expresses mild skepticism that FDR singlehandedly saved the economy, and is promptly shouted down. The play is somewhat autobiographical, and given the Crash of 1929 clearly had a catastrophic impact on his life, it’s disappointing that he didn’t make more of an effort to understand it.


    • Yeah and you Jews’ collective beta failure to get your ugly rat faced women to SHUT THE FUCK UP or even quit BLATANTLY LYING daily in the media you control has ruined the western world, which was civilized by Northern European men.

      Jewish men are either uber beta or evil. Which is it, Rubin?


  4. This was such a shitlib fantasy that even Meredith Baxter would call bullshit on it.

    White fratbros at a renowned university running train on a chick on top of broken glass? Seems legit.

    Meanwhile in reality….realistic gangrapers


    • Tawana Brawley wouldn’t have devised such a transparent ploy.
      They really do think we’re *that* stupid* (“we the people” that is, those present are naturally excused). Oh the humiliation.


  5. on December 5, 2014 at 5:28 pm BlarneyStones

    Start by researching Susan Erdely (Rubin was her maiden name). I got an interesting email out of the blue a few days ago from someone suggesting I look into her more closely. Turns out, there are lots of question marks on her “reporting” and journalism that go back years. It’s fascinating and disgusting, and I predict it will end her career. To wit…

    Read her account of “Cops on Steroids” for Men’s Health back in 2005. Note in particular her use of a pseudonym “Officer Jimmy” to describe in great detail the steroid use of a cop who supposedly didn’t want to be identified. Her use of pseudonyms is epic in her stories, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if her lazy editors never checked the facts.

    Then there’s this… Turns out that she was actually a colleague and classmate of that disgraced journalistic twit Stephen Glass, who was outed for fabricating a multitude of stories while he was at The New Republic. Erdely/Rubin was a colleague of Glass at the Daily Pennsylvanian and wrote an entire piece on the movie “Shattered Glass” — a biopic on Glass’ journalistic fraud. What she had to say is intriguing: “I found the movie riveting—although, due to the personal connection, plus the fact that Shattered Glass portrays my own line of work (realistically, I might add), I’m an admittedly biased viewer.”

    Note also that she admits to having concocted stories in the past herself, while at the Daily Pennsylvanian. Ironically, she was chastised for her concocted travel story, by then editor, Stephen Glass:

    “Sabrina Rubin, who says she and the rest of the editorial board ‘adored’ him, puts it another way: ‘There are reporters who get ahead because they’re great schmoozers, and I think Steve was definitely one of them.’ When he became the paper’s executive editor, the editorial board hailed him as a ‘man of principle,’ and in her Philadelphia magazine piece, Rubin describes how Glass threw a righteous fit when she and a colleague concocted a funny and obviously made-up travel story for 34th Street [Daily Pennsylvanian]– going so far as to call an emergency session of the DP’s Alumni Association board to apprise them of the transgression.”

    Next, read her RS piece titled “The Rape of Petty Officer Blumer” Erdley writes that Petty Officer Blumer was raped after “date rape” drugs were dropped into a shot of Jaegermeister she drank at a bar. Blumer was pulled over for drunk driving and failed a roadside sobriety test and was thrown in jail. She reported to the police the next morning from jail that she was drugged and raped. The JAG investigating the case reported that no date rape drugs were found in her system and neither was any seminal fluid ever found.

    Then read her RS piece “Shooting Up in Suburbia” for Philadelphia Magazine about middle class moms shooting up heroin. Once again, note the use of several pseudonyms. Did her editors ever fact check THIS story?

    It won’t take much to end Erdely’s career. She’s a fraud. All it takes is a little research.


    • Rubin was her maiden name

      ‘Nuff said, right there.

      But thanks for the legwork… it makes the inevitable “ANTI-SEMITE!” dismissal ring all the more hollow.


      • Regrettably I must inform m’lord that Airstrip One has already lease-lent a replacement.
        The frightful and idiotic Laurie Penny. Ticks every single box in Rubin’s CV, from tribal affiliation down to the fabrication and plagiary. Now a Nieman international fellow, whatever that is.
        Always two there are, a master and an apprentice …


      • How can Jews be so consistently shitty? I mean, I don’t believe that it’s a premeditated plan to destroy western civilization. I think it’s because this kind of crap feels good to them, much like mocking fatties and beta males sustains us.

        But why? It’s like a premeditated conspiracy would be an improvement over reality, which is them being a people that gets pleasure from ruining culture.


      • As Sailer noted(and he is the guy that broke this shit) this Yid cunt searched around for a good schoo to find rape at,to expose what our dear Prezidint Barry Obongo calls an epidemic of rape at colleges(the nigger Prez worried sick about white girls bein raped?? He and Jay Z chew the fat on that??),and she found a keeper with UV. Lets just say theres less of an odor of cream cheese there than at Harvard!


    • on December 6, 2014 at 8:18 am Whomever Wherever

      > “Ironically, she was chastised for her concocted travel story, by then editor, Stephen Glass” Jesus H Christ you’re scraping the bottom of the Matzah dough mixing bowl if you’re getting called out by Stephen Glass as regards your journalistic integrity.


      • Great point… I laughed myself when I heard that tidbit.


      • It’s becoming such an overt embarrassment that I predict they’ll start creeping back into the background, as in days of yore, and get shabbos goyim to beard for them on the by-lines.


      • on December 6, 2014 at 11:39 am Whomever Wherever

        > “an overt embarrassment” I am not at all convinced that shkotzim emotions like ’embarrassment’ are experienced by the Tribalists, and I don’t know that the shkotzim should use their own experiences and memories and intuitions as being any sort of a gauge by which to try to predict what transpires in the mind of the Tribalist.


      • A fair point… let’s not call it “embarrassment” then… let’s say, rather than shame, they’ll do it as anti-pogrom shield… along the lines of a woman’s anti-slut gambits.


      • Only whites can blush.


    • You think lies and fabrications will end this so-called journalist career? Au contraire I’d say she has a bright future in the ‘profession’.


      • on December 8, 2014 at 10:22 am Eliezer Ben Yehuda

        >> Au contraire I’d say she has a bright future in the ‘profession’.

        Exactly so. And it is a big problem. She now has a lifetime union card to ride the circuit of speechifying and essay’ing in a certain niche market. And no one here has any ideas how to stop it. Note, that this trajectory is not “unstoppable”…. but no one in the manosphere is thinking about lawful ways to make an example out of her.


      • Eliezer, what do you suggest? The victims (UVA, the fraternity, the individual innocent men) can sue her for defamation.


  6. I don’t quite understand the obsession with painting the man would be the archetype of attractiveness as a rapist. Feminists seem tobe chiefly driven by the desire to prove that the white well to do lacrosse jock is the villain of villains precisely because he is the most desired in our formative years. Why? It could be rejection, but it would seem that girls who aren’t rejected by these guys revel in the idea of bringing them down a peg too.

    I don’t dismiss the repressed rape fantasy idea. It’s like they fantasize about rape by the lacrosse jock subconsciously but feel ashamed of it, so they turn their repressed shame on the object of their fantasy instead, as if to blame him and take revenge on him for “instigating” their own dark thoughts.


    • Leave the outhouse psychiatry to the movie of the week shysters and the “she secretly WANTED it” muh-dikkers.


      • on December 5, 2014 at 8:04 pm The Spirit Within

        But she’s right….


      • Well, well… littlecooze and the Yid Within are in agreement…

        … now, if we can just get Schlomo Shmul on board, the issue’s settled!


      • Talk like this leads to…you know where! TREAD LIGHTLY!Have we forgotten the Ultimate Evil.I was there.I was face to face with Mengele himself! Picked to go to the gas chambers,I only escaped by pretending to be a weinershnitzel salesman.The screams…10,000 a day!


      • on December 7, 2014 at 10:31 am The Spirit Within

        More snark from the guy who says that he hates snark.

        Splinter in thine, plank in mine.


      • BenShona…you think that’s bad? I know someone who HITLER HIMSELF shoved into the gas chamber with such force that he shot through the wall of the chamber and out through the fence whereupon he was kept alive by a pack of wolves until war’s end.
        Oy vey..the sufferink! The sufferink!


      • Splinter in thy sphincter, plank upside thy haid.


    • If you had a magic box of circuitry that could zap the Highest Scorer list so that your risible tally rose near the top of the videogame’s rankings, would you use it?
      Eliminate your same-sex HB6-10 competition’s wins, thus rendering the spavined eunuchs you as a HB2-5 (i.e. obligate feminist) are forced to giggity with, and _therefore one’s own status_, slightly less abject.


    • Status: Jock is on the top, the feminist is near the bottom

      Feminists probably go after the blond male lacrosse jocks due to STATUS COMPETITION. This is just how chicks see things.

      (trying asking women around you if they are feminists, a majority of them reject the label due to its negative connotations proving that feminists are near the status bottom.)


      • Being a feminist as a woman is much like being the male nerd as a male. It’s the absolute loser attitude.


    • “Feminists seem tobe chiefly driven by the desire to prove that the white well to do lacrosse jock is the villain of villains precisely because he is the most desired in our formative years.”

      I thought Lacrosse is a girl’s sport.


  7. check out UVA’s response now that Rolling Stone has effectively repudiated the story: “today news must not alter this [sexual violence on campus] focus.”


    • Well, UVA has the best of both worlds now. They can take the high ground now that the guilt factor and stigma to their reputation has been removed.


    • I saw that, too. It means they want to keep crusading even though it’s a windmill, not a giant. Was there any word against false rape charges? Now that would be a worthwhile crusade.


    • Head of the school a cunt


    • on December 6, 2014 at 9:25 pm Eliezer Ben Yehuda

      …but we still have the capability and the incentive to boycott companies which advertise in _Rolling Stone_.


      • That only works when the Jews do it… since they bring full-force to bear on ALL of their tentacles related to ruining said target.

        You know this… don’t be a coy shmuck.


  8. It is difficult to fully grasp just how fundamentally dishonest modern society has become. Like voting in Chicago, the lying is early and often. In school, a young child learns that if he says something that offends the ruling orthodoxy, however true his statement, he will be punished. But if he parrots lies, however false and absurd, he is rewarded with smiles and gold stars. We have now raised generations of trained liars, resulting in an Orwellian culture where up is down and left is right. The anti-white system not only lies, but demands that we become liars as well.

    I’ll also post here a comment that I made on an earlier thread:

    Yet another hoax passed off as fact? I’m shocked, shocked!

    Hoax after hoax after hoax, and all have a common theme – they are anti-white in general, and directed against white males in particular. Meanwhile, real crime committed at massive scale by non-whites is glossed over, covered up, or denied entirely. That’s the system as it stands today.

    It can’t be said enough: anti-whites lie about virtually everything, because they HAVE to. For the true believers, it is a malevolent, hate-filled, anti-reality cult. But for the jewish manipulators, it’s just business as usual.


  9. Eighty or so years ago, the SJWs of the day believed NO woman told the truth about rape, especially if she were White and the accused was not (cf. the “Scottsboro Boys,” or Tom Robinson from “To Kill a Mockingbird”). But logical consistency has never been their strong suit.


    • To this day, this meme gets regurgitated right here at the chateau, damn every time a story about some n1663r violating a white woman receives focus.

      Our resident darkies (houseboy and mammy) use the filthy innuendo as a kneejerk reflex… it must be taught in the ‘hood, right along with “I wuz called a n1663r”, every time they wish to justify an act of negro violence.


    • They believe a white woman when she accuses a white man.


  10. Frat boys are conservative. They’re the natural enemy of the liberal feminist.


    • Conservative? Why do they drink themselves into a stupor? Or do drugs? Or have premarital sex? Or choose crappy majors? If you really want to see true conservatives on campus, try the fundie Christians or the Comp Sci geeks.


    • To say that Frat bros are conservative is absurd. Most of them would fold and supplicate when being accused of the mortal sin of “racism”. If anything, this is the Left eating their own – which is good.


    • on December 6, 2014 at 7:13 am Carlos Danger

      They’re conservative in the social sense. Fraternities and Sororities are essentially training grounds for upper middle class society and corporate culture.


      • on December 6, 2014 at 9:29 pm Eliezer Ben Yehuda

        >> Fraternities and Sororities are essentially training grounds for upper middle class society and corporate culture.

        The social class which CONSTRUCTED the incubator for the Feminist-Industrial Rape-Counseling Industry

        No one can show me a Rape Counselor who did got excellent grades in the Engineering Calculus sequence


    • Right. Frat boys are the most conservative of the common types of men, at least here out in the bigger cities–more so than nerds and geeks, who are themselves more conservative than the artsy-fartsy types.

      Less conservative than guys who work in heavy industry (mining, oil, construction), obviously.


  11. Reviewing CH’s possibilities:

    1: Yes, applicable. SJWs hate hate hate straight white men, and the frat bro is close to being the archetype. So they’ll pick on frat bros any chance they get.

    2: The fact that fat feminists get ignored by frat bros enrages them, because according to SJW doctrine, female looks should be irrelevant as per chances for finding a desirable mate because equalism.

    3: Possibly; campuses with more women should tend to be more leftoid, because women are more likely than men to go for shitty degrees, and shitty degrees tend to be SJW.

    4: I actually suspect that rape fantasies are more common in saner women than in feminists. Reason being, rape fantasies are a reflection of a woman’s desire for a man to take her. Many feminists are dykes, after all.

    (Related: I have a theory that women secretly desire men of opposite political persuasion, and that the reason most couples align politically is largely a result of convenience sorting and arid subconscious calculations of child characteristics.)

    There may be something to this. Among Aboriginals in Australia, which engaged in literal caveman “whack the woman and drag her to your cave” courtship, men would tend to pick on women from enemy tribes, not friendly ones. If this the human hindbrain speaking, it would indeed be telling. The Romeo and Juliet effect, so to speak.

    Of course, this would only apply if the enemy tribes’ men are of more or less equal virility. I suspect that leftoid women lust for right-wing men more than the reverse.


    • Agreed. I cant imagine any conservative woman wanting a socialist faggot.


    • on December 5, 2014 at 8:11 pm The Spirit Within

      Women desire men from *enemy tribes*? But but .. sputter sputter … that’s impossible! They are morally pure guardians of their in-groups and would never contaminate their offspring with what her own men perceive as inferior genes, NEVER, I’m SURE that baby is mine, Promise Keepers told me so–



      • Probably more due to increased variance in the major histocompatability complex (MHC). Recall the studies done w/ female undergrads and t-shirts from male strangers vs. male kin, during ovulation and luteal phase.


      • They are morally pure guardians of their in-groups and would never contaminate their offspring with what her own men perceive as inferior genes, NEVER, I’m SURE that baby is mine, Promise Keepers told me so–

        If you’re going for Whiskey-esque snark, I should point out that whites tend to hate other whites most and view them as their most dangerous opponents. Blacks are looked upon with pity mixed with circumspection, the way you look at a cranky, unreliable pit bull.


      • Women may desire much…

        … but a mischling sprog who doesn’t even look like them, and which inspires the sire (when known for sure, if at all) to break into his “Feets, doan fails me now!” routine, relegating mumsy to a life of Obama phones and gummint cheese, can’t possibly be on the list… leastwise, of any who are worthy to birth future generations.

        Key word: worthy


      • on December 7, 2014 at 10:35 am The Spirit Within


        “Whites tend to hate other whites most”

        Generalize much?


      • Generalize much?

        Typical retort of someone who doesn’t understand patterns, tendencies, or statistics.


    • “Of course, this would only apply if the enemy tribes’ men are of more or less equal virility. I suspect that leftoid women lust for right-wing men more than the reverse.”

      Corvinus is correct, I think. I had a discussion at a dinner with a socialist man some weeks ago. It is very difficult for me to respect him as a man, when he just parrots leftist lies. It is easier to respect someone who you respect their political views. The men who believe in socialism are also usualy feminists and have their hearts set on destroying our countries if they were in charge – that, or they are intellectualy inferior? How could a woman be attracted to such a man who has such idiotic political ideologies?

      I imagine conservative women are also quite unattractive to left wing men. You know that look left wing men have on their face, when you engage in debate with them – like they want to slap you. lol.


      • And the respect part is relevant, because women are attracted to men they respect, not men who they consider intellectualy inferior.

        If left wing women are attracted to men with more smart politics, that means deep down subconciously they know leftism is insane.

        Or maybe there is something else at play – maybe the woman from the opposing political belief is wanting the forbidden fruit – what they know they should not desire, and a disrespect to their own left leaning men.


      • If left wing women are attracted to men with more smart politics, that means deep down subconciously they know leftism is insane.

        Or maybe there is something else at play – maybe the woman from the opposing political belief is wanting the forbidden fruit – what they know they should not desire, and a disrespect to their own left leaning men.

        A lot of women, especially the cuter less-damaged ones, are leftoid only because they’re shit-testing for potential badthinking badboys.


    • Actually, I’d argue the opposite as far as rape fantasy frequencies. A *lot* of feminists are submissive in bed, and they use it to excuse themselves as ‘kinky’ (and thus transgressive) rather than, you know, following accepted patriarchal roles or something.

      It’s kind of fun spanking a feminist with her own copy of ‘Lean In’. I keep a copy of ‘Men, Women, and Rape’ for just this purpose.


  12. I was trolling the hell out that Rolling Stone article when it first came out. The way they mixed violent sexual imagery in “50 Shades of Grey” style, mixed with blond haired frat boy rapist, and the rape culture of UVa. was obvious bullshit to me. I am just surprised at how many morons fell for it. You should of seen how many white knights and dumb ass women called me evil in the comments for just stating the obvious.


    • Some of the lines read straight out of a romance novel.

      But it was the ludicrous claim that someone smashed a bottle on her face leaving a “bruise” that flagged the story as bogus. Only your typical click-bait journalist with little real-world experience would believe this Hollywood nonsense of bottles smashing to pieces on people’s heads. One suspects the author has used broken glass as a plot device in her other writings.


      • Whites running a train was the actual first red flag.


      • tell me about it. black men seem to be more tolerant of sharing and cucking each other, and of doing so with chubsters. must be that r-selected low paternity investment thing.


      • As a friend who regularly plays poker with a Talented Tenth crew tells me: to the White man it’s all about who he’s fucking. To the Black man it’s all about the act of fucking.


      • “Whites running a train was the actual first red flag.”

        Bingo. Can they even stay hard?


      • Is “running a train” different than a gangbang? Just curious.

        [CH: technically, yes. while the mess left behind may be equally gross, a train means the girl is simultaneously penetrated orally and anally by two men. a gangbang usually means a bunch of men taking turns violating her holes.]


    • They don’t care about truth, it’s all about riding the emotion and indulging in evil.


    • May have said this before, but I was like “yeah right” when I saw it on HuffPo.


    • I could tell from the outset tat the article was nonsense but was reluctant to say so online because I didn’t think the truth would be uncovered so quickly. Even the Duke case took months to be debunked.


      • Simple: The evil deed supposedly took place at a rush party held on September 28.

        Unfortunately for the lying perps, rush at UVA doesn’t take place until FEBRUARY! RS shouldjust fire all of its editors and fact checkers.


    • “The founder of Rolling Stone has finally divorced his wife of 43 years, two decades after they split so he could begin a new life as a gay man.
      Jann and Jane Wenner have formally gone their separate ways with a secret multimillion dollar settlement that paves the way for him to get married to his long term boyfriend.”

      Look at the source …


  13. I remember the Duke rape case quite vividly. Nancy Grace was explicitly asked where the evidence was and she said it was coming. The web site of the National Organization for Women (NOW) had a long writeup in support of the black bitch who falsely accused the unfortunate lacrosse players; it attacked “popular culture” which portrayed black women as “hypersexual” (that was their exact word).

    Well, it turned out that the black bitch was, in fact, hypersexual because the night of the alleged assault she had sex with several men, just with none of the accused (all based on DNA evidence; read below). It turned out that the prosecutor, Mike Nifong, in a case of gross prosecutorial misconduct, withheld exculpatory evidence from the defense (if I am not mistaken, he said he wanted to be reelected and was overzealous and apologized—after ruining three innocent lives). The DNA evidence excluded any of the accused, but indicated that the accuser did have sex with multiple men that night.

    There was talk about jailing that prosecutor SOB, but he was just disbarred. (Yeah, who was going to throw him in jail, his buddies—I guess— from law school?) NOW quietly removed their vitriolic attack on the three accused lacrosse players from the NOW web site. (What happened to google caches? That shit on the NOW site, accusing three human beings—male, but human beings nonetheless!—without a shred of evidence, should be immortalized!) I don’t remember if the bitch who started all that received any punishment at all for her libelous, scurrilous, and false accusation. I don’t think the three unfortunate men were even compensated for their expenses.

    Remember that feminist bitch, Catherine Comins, at the time assistant dean at Vassar College, who opined that even if men are falsely accused of rape and are thrown in jail, that would be a very constructive experience for them? Colleges which allow false rape accusations to thrive should be denied public funding. That will straighten them out in a hurry.

    PS. CH again alludes to the the fact that most college students nowadays are female. It is also known—or so the mass media claim—that student debt has gotten much worse that the former real estate bubble. Since women are not held accountable for their actions (see previous CH post), does that mean that a massive bailout is in the works “to help women?”


    • Tim, those Duke guys would be in prison now if it wouldn’t have been for one of the accused using an ATM that evening at the same time as the “rape”.

      Don’t forget that a boatload of Duke teachers put out an ad against the players calling them rapists and then never apologized when it came out that they weren’t.


  14. Am reminded of Woody Allen’s wife getting ravished by a Nazi biker in “Play It Again, Sam”.


    • ‘No woman ever wanted to be tied to the bed and ravished by a man dressed as a liberal’.


      • on December 6, 2014 at 8:48 am Hymen Mingesky

        Lulz. Another gem, along with this one from the OP: “It’s almost as if feminists WANT to gin up a rape culture because the current rape-less society they live in is unsatisfactory to them.”

        Hahaha, Why won’t anyone rape me damn it? Aren’t I pretty enough?

        Anyway ole CH, you are a brave soul trying to plumb the depths of the progressive female mind; it is a frightening place.


  15. The truth is, white males are PUBLIC ENEMY #1. This has been a successful coalition smear campaign by white feminist women, transsexual freaks, faggots, Jews, kneegrows, and other minority groups.

    The saddest part is that we did it to ourselves. White men LET it happen, and the truth is, we still have the power to end it any time. If we had the stones to organize millions of white men to rational thinking unmoved by propaganda, is there a force on earth that could stop us?


  16. OT, but at work today, some damaged goods skank who fancies herself one them sassy womym was pontificating to another gal about how she should enjoy herself whenever she can in re a younger fellow whom the latter thought too young.

    Against my better judgment, I interjected… knowing that the latter was a bit naive and the type of gal still looking for a serious LTR and wifehood.

    I speculating that, if Mr. Right came along and saw her merely “enjoying herself” with another, that might ruin her chances with a man who might bring her lifelong happiness.

    The skank replies, in all seriousness: “Well, if he’s Mr. Right, then it shouldn’t matter.”

    I let out a literal roar of laughter, and merely told her to google “SMV”. Not being near a device, she of course asked what it meant.

    I explained the term, adding “it’s like merchandize on a shelf at the store… if it gets too shopworn, nobody will want it.”

    To the skank’s credit, she actually ceded the point… I’m guessing more because she herself was taken aback by the direct challenge… and frankness in describing a woman in terms of “market value”.


    • Ask her what is more useful:
      A lock that opens for many keys, or a key that opens many locks.


    • A related thought, based on my own work convos with women: the difference between an older man who made mistakes in his youth and an older woman who made mistakes in hers, is that the man will counsel younger men to avoid making his mistakes. An old skank will counsel young women to repeat hers.


      • Damn, man, that’s a COTW if there ever was one. Tip o’ the ten gallon.


      • 2nd’d for COTW.


      • That’s mostly true for feminists who hold true to their ideology as a way of convincing themselves they did the right thing, though.

        I’ve known quite a few older women who did the career thing, didn’t get to have kids, and told all the younger women to make sure they had kids no matter what.


      • on December 6, 2014 at 2:58 pm Sean Fielding

        When it comes to casual sex, ‘women regret what they did, men regret what they didn’t do.’

        Therefore, since the old skank can never undo what is done, her only option is ‘misery loves company’ – bring other women down to her level. Like feminism.

        But a man can hope younger men, especially his sons, can do what he could not. Typically, he grows to think this way in a rather naïve fashion: ‘if we could combine my son’s youthful looks, with my experience and money, we’d be a ladykiller.’ Basically a variant of ‘youth is wasted on the young.’

        What he typically doesn’t get is that looks, youth, experience and money are good with women, but they’re nowhere near as good as confident nonchalance. Unless a guy is truly old and has a past record of successful game, his counsel to younger men probably isn’t worth a ton anyway. If it was, he’d be practicing it.


      • Nice shot.


    • on December 6, 2014 at 12:19 pm Hammer of Love

      Damn Greg, that’s some honest ” dangerous ” talk for the modern work environment. Be careful or they’ll send the HR swat team after your ass. What type of work setting / industry did this occur in ??


      • Without giving away too much 😉

        It was in a health services setting, where the women, having seen the depths of human suffering and all ranges of physicality, seem to roll with the punches a lot better in re RealTalk.


  17. HI! Can I just hijack this thread for a quick minute.

    Ok I’ll prolly regret asking this here, but honestly this is really the only place I know of where I can reach a wide variety of non black males. I am just curious about something in relation to my part time Black woman empowerment endeavors.

    First off. I’m only interested in responses from non BM )that means MEN and who are NOT BLACK) who are:
    did I mention not racist?
    — compassionate
    — HONEST

    Now that we got all 95% of you out of the way, for the remaining 5% of you (and the 30% of the 95% I asked to not respond but will respond ANYWAY – greg..*cough* elliot *cough*) I just need percentages in your responses.

    Here are the ROE (rules of engagement). Since this is not a question about attractiveness please do not respond with:

    — “ALL Black women ARE UGLY!”
    — “ALL BLack women ARE FAT!”
    — “N WORD” anything
    — “NEECY! Epithet!”

    THANK YOU in advance! 😘

    Here’s the question:
    In your daily life what percentage of Black women do or have you had interactions with (or observed in a public or private space) that have exhibited:

    — pleasant traits or just normal acting, generally nice, well adjusted, decent acting


    — black women who have exhibited not so nice traits such as the stereotype of being: loud, masculine, aggressive and just generally unpleasant in demeanor or actions

    What PERCENTAGE of both have you come in contact with. I am looking for responses such as ex:

    “60/40” with the number on top representing the pleasant acting black women and the percent on the bottom being unpleasant acting Black women.

    Please note- do not use any form of media, he say she say etc. I want your honest PERSONAL interactions or observations made while in a public or private setting. You may use work, recreation and other things in which you may interact with BW in some sort of capacity be it directly or indirectly.

    HONESTY and being FAIR AND BALANCED us the key. So for the 95% of you that shouldn’t be responding (but are going to respond anyway – Greg *cough* Elliot *cough*) at least try for once in your life to be fair and honest. It’s the HOLIDAYS for gods sakes! 😡

    I’ll be a famous Black woman activist very soon and just think you knew and helped me BEFORE the fame 💃
    THANKS!!!!!! 🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅

    Kate and Lara may participate 👯👯👯


    • I am “racist” but I’ll humor you.

      Most African chicks here are sort of pleasant though the one was likable but still fiery.

      The only American black chick I’ve known was a hyper agressive that I almost punted in the face because she threatened to punch me, for rapping “One Blood”. Oh and I meant “known” in more than one sense, cough.

      So yeah.


    • “Kate and Lara may participate”

      Well fine. *flounces away*


    • on December 8, 2014 at 11:07 am Eliezer Ben Yehuda

      your moderate skin color/tone, by itself, is of no concern to any man you’d like to have. Some of them would judge it positively. Just as a VERY dark woman has limits with how much benefits she can get from cosmetics…. so also has an exceptionally pale woman. To wit: you cannot show me a successful model who is a true albino.

      Your self-defined affiliation with an troublesome ethnic community.. is the possible obstacle.

      So what should you do? Answer: Ignore your skin-color.

      do you define yourself as being in the “hazel eye’d community”? No, you are indifferent to – and ==ignoring== your eye color – as being of incidental interest.

      If your frame is strong enough, you can so the same with your skin color.

      If you want to catch a successful high-value guy…. hang out where they hang out.

      Not at (say for example) rap concerts.

      I’m not advising you to “push back” against someone else’s categorizing you as a this or a that. I’m advising you to ignore the subject.

      You must ignore the media. Media exists to sell tropes and memes to the gullible. Notwithstanding the beliefs of the wingnuts, the Hollwood-ites don’t portray black thugs as heroes because they want to change society. They do it because they detected that it WORKS for the purpose of selling push-up bras. And Hollywood’s paychecks are signed by guys who pay their mortgage by buying a push-up bra from a factory in Bangladesh at $1.75…. and selling it at a mall in Scarsdale for $175.

      you must DEFINE the sort of man you want to be with…. and then figure out where he would be, at a moment when it is appropriate for him to throw some day-game at you. And then…. throw some day game at him.

      Look: Statistically, it is probable that your africaniz-ed IQ is 7-8 points below that of a median white chick. But the high-quality man you desire you attach yourself to, doesn’t care about your particular IQ, as long as it is sufficiently large to balance a checkbook, and to detect (and report back to him) when your car’s transmission is making abnormal noises that indicate that it is only a few dozen running minutes away from going FROM has-low-fluid-level, TO is-irreparably-seized-up and is about to become an entry in his checkbook.

      What the high-quality man cares about…. is that you ==do== those things. Routinely. And that you give sexual favors to him as a way to entertain yourself.

      The Cliff Notes: first gain enough intrinsic, actual value within yourself – to recognize it in a man. Then do as he does

      TL; DR: “act white”


    • No one cares what non-racists think.


    • Your comments are of mild interest only. See Gamer maxim: “Pussy is just pussy.”

      A corollary of that maxim is “Black pussy is just pussy with pigment.”

      So BP has showed interest in da Gamer from time to time. A trio of bougies at a mall. A troll who groin-bumped my groin in dance class. A black hottie or two in dance class. A black clerk who called me “Honey” while I was buying some bikini underwear. Another black clerk who caught my eye and whom I chatted up, talking about her tats.

      Interest only. No carnal knowledge. 7/1


    • I’d say about 90% are just as lovely as can be, but I live in the university town full of middle class types. All the sisters in my social circle are.well dressed, engaging with big smiles.

      However, if we limit the sample to just the ones that walk past my house that figure would reverse…its pretty common to see solitary black men and women belting out profanities as they walk down the street during the day. Never see this with the white or hispanic lowlifes….seems to be a black thing.


  18. There was some story about men on a submarine (read: a cramped environment with no escape route) taking pictures of women changing (men being men). The question is Why are women on a submarine? Oh thats right because equality. Biological underpinnings be damned.


  19. Anecdotal evidence in favor of your theory that women are in favor of men who oppose them politically:


    • on December 5, 2014 at 8:16 pm The Spirit Within

      It was also the main conflict of the movie The Way We Were.

      Streisand- liberal New York Jew
      Redford – conservative enlisted Christian

      I don’t remember much else.


      • It was much more than that, kid… it was the WAY the Jew and the Gentile go about their beliefs and business that caused the ultimate split in that particular movie… pulling all the bittersweet heartstrings along the way, and getting by without the man, so long as she has the child to mold into her way of life.

        Streisand’s modus has long been to lust after the gorgeous goy in her movies during the years when she was calling the shots… and yet she always seemed to have the integrity, at least, to admit that their worlds were different, often ultimately incompatible.

        Kristofferson in A Star Is Born, Nolte in Prince Of Tides, Redford in The Way We Were, and a bit more tongue-in-cheek beta-bait with Jeff Bridges in The Mirror Has Two Faces.

        Of course, she would also play the goofy shiksa herself at times, where it all works out in the end, e.g., with Hackman in All Night Long and Ryan O’Neal in Main Event.


      • Are goyishe men really more desirable than Jews?


      • I suppose that depends upon the yenta.


    • There is a distinction to be made. Most conservative men I know are not alphas. They run businesses well and make money but they are generally not good with women. Women libs know somewhere in their mind that most lib guys aren’t great providers so it makes sense they would be open to conservative men at least superficially. Somewhere along the way as the notch count approaches 50 or so lib women figure out they can have both, provider hubby n alpha seed.


      • Actually what I find remarkable is the number of ‘liberal’ parasites who, with useless degrees, still land lucrative sinecures in various ‘human rights’ quangos, as HR lawyers, in the vast ‘equality’ industry and so on, all financed by the very people they set out to afflict.


  20. The lingering influence of Marxism is the core or leftist delusion on rape, race, and inequality. The communist manifesto was written before the works of Gregor Mendle; and to this day their ideas only work in a world as Marx imagined it. A world where a few lucky men, born equal to all others, gained control of resources and forever waged class war against the working poor. For them, the idea the lower class (oppressed) could be in the wrong in a battle with the more powerful turns their moral instincts inside out. In this world, rich, good looking white men *should* be singled out as particularly evil. The evidence proving their evilness *should* exist. It is there moral mission in this malleable clay we call society to drag him down in status and wealth to the level of the lowest worker.
    Then, their ideas come into conflict with observable, measurable, reality. The fact that the majority of rapists are men of color is problematic. The fact that the recent rape and murder of a white woman was by a black man was problematic. How can the oppressed be oppressing the oppressors? So a deep desire burns within them to rectify this, even if the facts don’t support it. They’ll just paint a target to match their arrows.

    On a side note- The new right, or more accurately the anti-left, shares many of the same passions- paleo food and exercise, science/art of attraction, and a fascination with genetics. The core of these passions spring from the same idea: That human nature and society are not moldable clay, but trees that can only be moved by strong winds. As soon as pressure lets up, we return to a set point. The logical conclusion of that is to learn the most we can about the different trees in our environment and use that knowledge to our advantage. The logical conclusion of leftism is to keep blowing into the wind in vain hope that we’ll uproot and the forest will be rearranged.


  21. Feminists & SJW manboobs will keep doing what gets them attention and resources … until it doesn’t. When this shit pile finally collapses, they’ll scatter like roaches and adopt a “Who, me?” approach when it comes time to assign blame.

    r/K sums it all up rather well.


  22. It is 4.

    All the rest is avoidance of the so-called red-pill.


  23. Re: women desiring men of opposite political persuasion: Partially true, and I think to a certain extent, it works the same way with men.

    The most common inner-conflict attraction happens to white right wing men and white left wing somen. I include “white” because no right wing white male finds himself uncontrollably drawn to most black women. There may be a few outliers but, you know… 96% allegiance for the beta in chief.

    Full disclosure- I like liberal girls. I’ve had some hot encounters with a lot of them. I’m not talking about feminists or activists, but the coffeehouse bleeding heart who doesn’t have glaring daddy issues. They almost all have conservative parents who sort of spoiled and sheltered them, and kept them a decent distance from real talk. They listen to hipster music and OMG ❤ FALL, and aren't aggressive when they disagree with you. Again, this is due to the relatively solid family life. They've been sort of babied their whole life and it makes them extremely easy to game. Hit them with a few withholding patterns and masculine entitlement, and it's a shock to their system. They have passive personalities and don't project. They simply "feel bad" for animals, "feel bad" for gays, "feel bad" for whatever.

    So instead of seething resentment due to growing up in a broken home, the coffeehouse bleeding heart white girl is animated by a life of softness and chronic compassion. I can deal with that. Compassion is a feminine trait. Make no mistake, these girls will also ignore nice guy betas, they'll just do it politely.

    I like these girls because they have feminine personalities. In order to be left wing, one must succumb to feelings more than thoughts (that's feminine), so a liberal woman can be attractive to men WAY more than a liberal man can to women.

    Conservative women may be smarter but… I don't want a woman who talks and acts like me. Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter may say a lot of awesome shit but that doesn't get my dick hard. Actually that kind of aggressiveness is shrinkage-inducing. Right wing thought is masculine no matter the sex, and left wing thought is feminine no matter the sex.

    I have an ex girlfriend that I kept in touch with for about a year after we broke up. We stayed on pretty good terms. She's an extremely conservative girl from a wealthy Lily white private school conservative family. She called me late on a Friday night and said "hey it'd be great if you'd come over". I went over, we had the awesome ex sex.

    The next morning she tells me "yeah I had gone on a date last night. It was going okay, we were having pretty good conversation. He was nice. We were talking about some political issues and then he says that if anyone could be president, he wishes it was Hillary Clinton. I couldn't take him seriously as soon as he said that. I was completely unattracted to him at that point and I knew I'd be going home when we left the restaurant."


    In summary,

    Two left wingers will be romantically involved together for ego validation and other identity purposes.

    Two right wingers will "invest" in each other romantically of course.

    A left wing woman and a right wing man will have passionate fiery yin and yang push and pull hot and cold thrills for as long as they can stand each other.

    A left wing man has no hope with a right wing woman.


  24. There is nothing left to save. Profit or perish.


    • +1 Its great to read full red pill. There is nothing institutionally to save. There is first pesky population to slough off, and the sooner the better I think in terms of less suffering and more recovery of sparsely distributed human value. You will note the Middle Ages lasted 1k years. It takes a very long time to repopulate with quality if it must be done from any nadir near absolute zero (near starting from scratch). I hope SHTF is a good filter. I’ll do my part. 😉


    • Profit and carpe fuckin’ diem with all you can muster. You will perish anyway. Otherwise, agreed.


  25. on December 5, 2014 at 8:48 pm Master Blaster

    Peak feminism will only be reached when men in the media, celebrity males or enough men who are thrust into the media (cf. Matt Taylor) have the rationale and forethought to calmly and succinctly rebuke feminist & marxist obsfucation, lies and misrepresentation and have the capacity and probably financial muscle to withstand the probable job loss, social pariahism and more than likely threats

    One or more of these betas is going to have to be the domino for the rest of them to ‘man up.’

    Once enough men can see that it’s doable…


    • on December 5, 2014 at 10:03 pm Bobby Cuddlefuck

      I definitely think the winds are changing. A lot of my friends have been bringing up inter-sexual dynamics and feminism unprovoked. I think the so called “harassment” video has shaken a lot of blue pill guys out if their slumber, and was a bit of a watershed moment. They are sensing that something is amiss. If I had stock in feminism I would be shorting it right now. Sometimes I wonder if the backlash is being engineered.


      • on December 6, 2014 at 1:57 am Rockstar Steve

        Sometimes I wonder if the backlash is being engineered.

        Well, if you place stock in the Illuminati/Freemasons/Templars/Whatever pulling the strings behind the curtain in world affairs and the general direction of human progress, now seems to be about the ideal time to start shooting the useful idiots of feminism in the back.

        Quite the poetic justice, if true.


      • “Sometimes I wonder if the backlash is being engineered.”

        +1 Great to read true red pill thinking. All ‘backlash’ that does not injure those actually responsible (above the pawns) is just stress burn off resistance. The less patience the Establishment has, the better in my book. If they don’t engineer it, they at least allow for it, nudge, simmer until burn subsides, nudge, simmer until burn subsides,…they are evolving the bestest sheeple. Emotionally detach and save your fuel, gents.


      • +1 on detachment. For your own sanity and happiness. I like to view events as if from a historical perspective. It makes the inanity of the present something of an amusement, rather than a flash point of personal involvement. Your soul is forever. Never forget.


      • The only backlash I see is in these Samizdat blogs… and in the “allowed opposition” channels of the MSM.

        The latter being no true backlash at all.


    • on December 6, 2014 at 1:37 pm Bobby Cuddlefuck

      The backlash is happening on the ground. The bullshit threshold has been surpassed.


      • There is the possibility that your ‘friends’ will double down on the cozy fuzzies of being sheeple. The Establishment has dysgenic nudge evolution down to a science.


      • on December 6, 2014 at 9:23 pm Bobby Cuddlefuck

        It is possible. But the new sexual dynamic has a way of severely impacting people’s personal lives. Those are lessons not easily forgotten. Of course if coupled with some Hegelian master strokes, all bets are off.


      • “The backlash is happening on the ground. The bullshit threshold has been surpassed.”

        Let us hope, but absolutely nothing is being done to dislodge the anti-white/anti-male class from power. Tomorrow and the next day, the hate-filled liars will still control academia, they will still control Hollywood, they will still control the courts, they will still control, well, pretty much every institution of cultural and legal power in the entire nation – right down to what little five year old Suzie is taught in kindergarten.

        These people don’t care what we think, and they will continue to spew their poison for as long as they have the power to do so. They are pathologically dishonest, utterly without shame. Getting caught in a lie is of no great consequence to them – it’s just a normal part of their vile and rancid culture. Every now and again they toss one of their own overboard for appearance’s sake, and that might well happen here, but they will continue with their anti-white hatred and anti-male animus for as long as they have the ability to do it.

        What we are witnessing here is not “sloppy” or “biased” journalism, but an atavistic hatred of who and what we are. Our very existence offends them. Put simply, this rotten ruling class hates our guts. This is why I so often say: separation is the only solution, and I don’t mean just from blacks and browns. We need a new ruling class entirely.


      • Put simply, this rotten ruling class hates our guts. This is why I so often say: separation is the only solution, and I don’t mean just from blacks and browns. We need a new ruling class entirely.

        Yes, therein lies the problem.


    • The penny should drop with the men you refer to when they realise that they are getting shafted for the best media positions by women and people of colour.


  26. Civil Rights was NEVER about civil rights — things like Bill of Rights, due process, privacy, conscience, or community. It was always about destroying civil society and ultimately replacing all forms of citizens’ autonomy with a tyrannical central government. Civil Rights was America’s Bolshevik Revolution.

    On another note, I am laughing about the Portland cop who hugged a black kid, which ended up being a widely propagated photo. Well, turns out he is now in lib limbo because he ‘liked’ an “I am Officer Wilson” post on Facebook.

    As I keep saying, libs give you no incentive to compromise, to pay Caesar his due and keep what’s yours. Just as the perfect anti-racist new diversity man George Zimmerman was framed as a neo-klansman, so is the hug-happy liberal cop now in hot water.

    And the kicker? he distances himself from Darren Wilson by mewling something about supporting police solidarity, and not that horrid baby-killer Wilson.

    Limp-wristed Portlandian, please. Blubbering won’t save you. Lesson to others: don’t hug blacks. And if you ‘like’ a FB post, own it, bitch, don’t backpedal and throw a comrade under the bus. Coward.

    Eastern European communism, where I spent my formative years, has seen its share of vile, repulsive, hateful men; I knew a handful personally. Two in particular stick in my mind. One is now dead and another is rich and old. But whatever you say about that communism, it did not produce that many ridiculous human beings the way American communism does.


    • on December 6, 2014 at 7:25 am Carlos Danger

      But whatever you say about that communism, it did not produce that many ridiculous human beings the way American communism does.

      That’s just the American flavor of it. We’re generally more ridiculous than other nations.


    • If you take communism literally, a lot of the radical leftists in the states don’t seem to have a political affiliation or state they are in a communist party, they are just out to overturn “power structures”. So there are actually more official communists in Europe right now. I haven’t seen a big difference between the Left in Europe and the states. They have the same attitude and beliefs. It just seems much more institutional in the EU. France, Spain, and Belgium are great examples. You can find politicians saying more or less the same thing as protesters marching in Washington or wherever. That is the only difference I have noticed, their position in society.


    • If you’re rich, you can afford to be ridiculous. America is wealthy and has largess, so silly people can survive. This is changing.


      • Perhaps this idea correlates with some ‘intentional’ anti-Prog backlash, if one believes it is orchestrated to any degree. Let people scream and holler, and at the end, they’ll have simply discredited themselves, doing nothing but damaging their own ideology. This will make it easier for the gradual, necessary ushering in of a hunger-games Social Darwinism that seems inescapable in the mid-to-long-term here in USA.


      • It’s no coincidence that the 1960s happened when people were fat and happy. Okay, maybe not fat…


  27. 50 years before shades of gray a suicidal Jewish poet wrote this

    Not God but a swastika
    So black no sky could squeak through.
    Every woman adores a Fascist,
    The boot in the face, the brute
    Brute heart of a brute like you

    So twisted is a mind of a woman, even more of one who write poetry and it is a total mess when she happens to be Jewish
    Listen to the whole poem told by Sylvia herself, you may understand better the depths of the void that no man or anything else for that matter could possibly fill


    • Plath’s family were German Lutheran, if Wiki is correct. It was Plath’s husband’s new mistress (and proximate cause of Plath’s suicide), Assia Wevill, who was Jewish.


      • Indeed wiki says she was raised as Lutheran
        It is believed that mother was at least partially Jewish
        The main points still remain


    • Putting her head in the oven was a wise choice


  28. ” I have a theory that women secretly desire men of opposite political persuasion”

    In my experience, leftist twunts are only leftist because they’ve never met a man with a spine before. The first whiff of fascist backbone they encounter leaves them mesmerized and wet. Disgusted with the weaklings that flock to their side. Women’s beliefs, or at least those they profess, are easily shaped by the strong men around them. In the absence of such, they look to guidance from the media to see what it is they should be doing. Enter the man with heavy balls, and the influence of the media and their brainwashing machine dwindles rapidly.


    • Confronting your average SJW fem girl in her 20’s on her beliefs, with unassailable logic, is also great Game. Very high success rate, just turn down your volume,no foaming at the mouth gents.


      • I’ve found it effective to just avoid the obvious hot-button subjects — to show and not tell. There’s a huge disconnect, as we know, between what women say they want and what truly motivates them. Any woman who wants a man who is not good at being a man is not a woman we want to spend time with, anyway.

        However, if confronted, I do my best to just laugh, say No!, and move on. I dislike arguing with pull string talking point robots, and most prog femmes stop their learning and thinking once they memorize a handful of talking points.

        One woman I was dating has a country house and farm in the boonies north of NYC. Beautiful place, much grander than everything around her, and she’s the only one in the neighborhood with a BMW. That’s fine but it makes her a target.

        So on my first visit I asked her if she had a shotgun or something. Shock! Horror! “I don’t want to live in a world like that!”

        I noted that it would take 20-30 mins for the deputies to arrive if she had a home invasion, and I really wished we had something to protect ourselves with.

        “I don’t want to live in a world like that!”

        “I wish I could put a deputy in my back pocket, too. But …”



  29. My years working in accounting firms have convinced me that men with conservative views will not be favored.


    • My sense, too. Either you have the swagger and verve and self-confidnece women like or you don’t. Political views and occupation have nothing to do with how attractive womenn will find you.

      And, yes, accounting firms are packed with losers. Men who couldn’t laid laid if they drove up to a brothel behind the wheel of a garbage truck filled with $100 bills.


  30. Related: I have a theory that women secretly desire men of opposite political persuasion, and that the reason most couples align politically is largely a result of convenience sorting and arid subconscious calculations of child characteristics.

    Unlikely, unless you meant that more masculine men will cause women on the opposing side to desire them. I could see a feminist desiring a “sexist” macho, and have, in fact, seen it in action.

    i have never seen a generally conservative, feminine woman desire a leftie, limp-wristed mangina, and doubt I ever will. So, I’ll have to call bullshit on that theory of yours, CH.

    If you were to state “if the opposition men are more masculine and alpha than a woman’s own men, she will desire the opposition’s males without a second thought”, then I could agree with you. The German forces and the many stories about women spreading their legs for the invaders during World War II are excellent examples of this in action.


    • i have never seen a generally conservative, feminine woman desire a leftie, limp-wristed mangina, and doubt I ever will. So, I’ll have to call bullshit on that theory of yours, CH.

      I tried to cover that above. I think it’s more applicable to, say, ethnic or religious hatred rather than political disposition because leftoid manlets turn off women. For example, Northern Ireland. Or, Hungarians vs. Slovaks or Romanians.


    • Conservative women will date a liberal man if he’s rich/alpha/etc. enough. I’ve dated many a right-wing woman when living in a right-wing area, and they usually just chalk it up to me being from a big city. Though I’m right-wing on immigration, affirmative action, and a few other things.

      I think the point is that the weakened gender roles favored by modern liberalism tend to make it harder for men to be alpha. If you don’t buy their bullshit that men and women are equal, no girl is going to ask you your opinion on marginal tax rates. And I’ve got no problem with abortion…do *you* want to pay child support for the spawn?

      As for the opposition men being more masculine…they’re more alpha if they’re *winning*. Spreading your legs for the invading army is just self-preservation, and is one of the oldest stories in history…and before our modern age, one of the main benefits of being in an invading army. 😉


    • Yep I have met a few women who told me their dream man was a soldier in the Wehrmacht. The Hollywood retelling of Nazis only makes us seem evil and bad ass aka irresistable.


    • “leftie, limp-wristed mangina, and doubt I ever will.”

      There are lefties who aren’t limp wristed manginas. Shocking, I know.

      Think, Che.


      • Old Leftists who find feminism and Cultural Marxism ridiculous aren’t really cut out from the same strain as SJWs.


      • Che? That little faggot hung around behind the lines and took great pleasure in putting bullets into the bases of the skulls of political opponents who were all well and safely trussed, thus non-resistant in the extreme. Talk about your limp-wristed mangina!

        Lefties are always big and tough when they have the weapons and their opponents don’t. Hand-to-hand, face-to-face, its an entirely different ballgame.


  31. 5. A put up job by Hillaryists to whip up women like Ferguson and Trayvon whipped up Blacks for Obama. Much of our society is the inner party struggle between the Hillary and Obama wings.


    • ^ Yup. Hitllery is concerned only with the acquisition of power and will throw any real rape victims under the bus to do it. For her campaign she’s going to first let Elizabeth Warren disqualify herself and melt down by saying the things that are sure to be shrill and repellent to the electorate. She will then pose as the ‘voice of reason’.


    • Whisk,you recall that Obongo himself has spoken out about the (phoney) “rape epidemic.” Its not like Ebola, where we have to remain calm and stuff,this is an epidemic where we gotta go wild. Obongo has always been a feminist–he refers to spending his college days with ” structural feminists”,among others. (I guess “structural” feminists are the REALLY ugly ones. The ones with the outsize clits! “You better be hung if ya wanna call yourself a structural!”)


  32. on December 6, 2014 at 12:40 am Eastside School

    #1 is close, but it is this simple: “We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will forever destroy because we need a world of our own, a God-world, which it is not in your nature to build”


  33. on December 6, 2014 at 1:00 am Days of Broken Arrows

    #5. Follow the money.

    Entire college disciplines are built around demonizing men. Entire staffs are employed to deal with the crises that rarely happen (Google Heather MacDonald’s 2008 piece “The Campus Rape Myth” for details on that). There are also countless feminist Web sites that need to report on crisis after crisis so they can get page views.

    If there are no crises to hype, then these people have no jobs.

    Therefore, they have a vested interest in keeping the “rape culture” narrative alive, even if that means indulging in fiction and false accusations from time to time.

    More hysteria = more ad revenue, government grants, tenured professors, “counselors,” and media talking heads.

    I put this as #5 but I think it should be #1. Rape hysteria is Big Business. The business of America is business. Feminism was, is, and always will be a money grab. The fact that they’re making everyone think it’s about social issues means they’re continuing to win — and rake in the big bucks.

    Speaking of bucks, I’ll bet the Rolling Stone writer, Sabrina Rubin Erdely, gets a big-money memoir/movie deal — like Stephen Glass did after it was discovered he was lying.

    [CH: legit point, doba. rape-culture culture is big money for its purveyors. but i think this only applies to the hired propagandists who make a living writing this tripe in leftwing rags (aka all media) or to the fixtures in women’s studies departments. the “victim” women making the false accusations don’t stand to financially enrich themselves, (although they will narcissistically enrich themselves).]


  34. “A little bit of rape is good for a man’s soul.”

    -Norman Mailer.


  35. It’s pretty disgusting how these gross feminists have turned a very serious thing into, well, let’s be honest, a total joke by this point. Morning-after regret is now legitimately considered “rape” by most of these SJW whackos. I personally just can’t take these rape allegations seriously any longer.

    Such a shame. Oh well, females are entirely to blame for it.


  36. I thunk the number 1 reason for rape culture hysteria is keeping the price of sex high. As studies have shown slut-shaming is mostly done by women and is a tactic to keep the price of sex high and assure that men invest emotionally and financially in the women they have sex with. Sluts disrupt this by giving away sex for free without commitment and investment, therefore women slut-shame each other to make sure that men won’t get any sex for free without offering anything in return. This should be particularly true att colleges with their skewed sex ratios.

    Since proudly slutty feminists really can’t slut-shame other women they instead rape-shame men in order to keep the price of sex high. By rape-shaming men these sluts make sure that men will be terrified to not offer commitment after an ONS since it could result in a rape charge.

    Rape-shaming is simply the slutty feminists way of keeping the price of sex high instead of the traditional slut-shaming which is the method still preferred by more traditional and less slutty women.


    • on December 6, 2014 at 7:46 am Carlos Danger

      Good point. +1


    • By rape-shaming men these sluts make sure that men will be terrified to not offer commitment after an ONS since it could result in a rape charge.

      Rape-shaming is simply the slutty feminists way of keeping the price of sex high instead of the traditional slut-shaming which is the method still preferred by more traditional and less slutty women.

      This hypothesis has a dark logic to it, but I think that’s its main flaw: it’s logical. Feminists are not logical creatures. Occam’s Razor suggests the true reasons for rape-shaming include a hatred of men and a desire for attention.


      • I agree with Heywood… but it’s a fair point, nonetheless, and well-presented.

        +1 to both of ya.


      • Spectacular rape-shamers like Jackie are of course attention-seekers, I’m talking about all the feminists who are spreading the myth of rape culture and working to get regretted drunken hook-ups classified as rape. They want to assure that men who have sex with women are indebted to them. If you don’t call back and take her out on a date the next day you’re a rapist.


      • It may in fact be too logical to be an accurate depiction of feminist hamster-wheel ‘thought’, but it’s a logically air-tight and utterly plausible, if not perfectly accurate explanation for why rape-shaming has become all the range. It is (would be) brilliant in it’s foresight to promulgate something so evil, so effectively.


    • It’s clear that’s what’s going on with the Cosby case, it’s his having sex with multiple women for free that is the real problem


      • on December 7, 2014 at 1:17 pm the cunning linquist

        If he would have stayed away from drugging his ‘victims,’ he would be in the clear. Hollywood is littered with starlets who succumbed to the casting couch.


      • Hell, even the ladies used to joke about it.


    • I think it’s just instinct.

      These people don’t really operate on logic. For example, remember the “refusing to pay for my birth control means taking away from me control of muh boddeeeeeh” wailing. On the face of it, it’s preposterous my several degrees and yet they use it.

      Arguably, it’s because they’ve seen the effectiveness of that “argument” when it comes to abortion, so they use it in a different context, no matter how ridiculous it seems there.

      Same thing with rape. It is considered one of the worst things that could happen to a person. (hence why people say “XY movie franchise was raped”) They also know that it is a crime that women can pretty much never commit.

      So what’s a dillweed feminazi to do? Ride that horse into the pits of Tartarus of course. It is, by far, their biggest weapon. It is so disliked, that even people opposing rape hysteria feel the asinine need to hedge “Rape is a horrible crime” as if that was even remotely necessary.

      It’s also why the “control of muh body” argument is so popular. They can’t yet say, that refusing to pay for their birth control pills or denying them legal abortion, is equivalent to rape. They can, however, describe it in a way that could just as well be used to describe rape. “Taking away control of women’s bodies”.

      And no, I don’t think this is premeditated. They people throw it against the wall and see which ones sticks. So far, the rape/control of bodies gambit has been the most fruitful, which is why they put their eggs into that particular basket.


  37. Where are the protests and RS article about the real rape and real murder (fer chrissakes) of a female UVA student?

    Oh, right, the perp was black. The media doesn’t like to write about those.


    • on December 7, 2014 at 1:21 pm the cunning linquist

      This was the exception to the rule. A real man bites dog scenario. Minorites are more likely to rape and rape outside their own race.


  38. Jane Jones hysteria?

    A celebrated procuress, and Friend of Hindley. Apparently a jolly good sport and all-round good egg, always up for a laugh.


  39. The feminists are building an Accusation Culture, in which women uniquely have the ability to bring the power of the State down on men through accusation alone.

    Examples: sexual harassment, VAWA, Child Services, family law, now a definition of sexual assault that includes kissing someone good night on the cheek without permission.

    The defenses of Jackie take the form of “you can’t prove something didn’t happen.” Because they’ve inverted the notion that the burden of proof rests with an accuser: they’ve found the magical solution to an absence of facts: made the man/men prove a negative. Aristotle couldn’t prove a negative and no one ever will.

    My theory about the outpouring in response to the Jackie hoax is that enough men, and women for that matter, have witnessed the government crushing some man — themselves or someone they know. While I don’t think most of them have thought this through, but it’s been 25 years since phony sexual harassment claims made the workplace nearly untenable. And more and more people have seen the bitter fruit of an unfounded accusation: a damaged or destroyed man they care about.


    • BV – the worst thing I’ve seen, and seen often these past few days, is this repeated meme of ‘Well, after a sexual assault, a woman commonly forgets key details of such a traumatic experience – so inconsistencies in the survivor’s story are to be expected and are not to detract from her credibility whatsoever.’

      She’s not damned if she didn’t lie, but she’s also not damned if she did. She’s a survivor, no matter what, no matter whether or not everything she said was a malicious fiction. She’s a survivor. And she is to be believed, you fuckin’ misogynist pig. #Ibelievewomen. Women never lie about this.


      • …the main point I had left out: because this narrative-meme posits that a woman is ‘likely to forget key details of such a traumatic experience’, this narrative inherently eliminates any possibility that said woman lied. Whatever grand lies she may tell – they are all whitewashed under the disclaimer of the possibility that she might’ve ‘understandably’ forgotten ‘details’ – and so ultimately, she can thus never be called a liar or be discredited, no matter what.


  40. on December 6, 2014 at 7:00 am Carlos Danger

    I’m not keen on cheesing up to you but that was some brilliant prose.


  41. I concur, incidentally, about the odd preference of feminists/proggies for conservative or libertarian men who could care less about being out of step with the prog orthodoxy. My evidence is all anecdotal — my experience and that of some buddies — but I’ve found strange frissons of desire emanating, consistently, from my dating cohort. (Said cohort tends to be professional and educated, hence feminist and progressive.)

    Simply by not confronting their talking point-level politics, and laughing at the inconsistencies and weird fables that it tosses up (like UVa, hands-up don’t shoot, Lena Dunham’s ‘bravery’ for sitting on a toilet naked on national tv, etc.), a man gets the strangest, shocked, warm and wry responses. So yeah, they’re pretty bored with their proggie sympathizers and furrowed-brow white knights.

    Perhaps a metaphor for this:

    I used to hide my guns when a girlfriend came over. If they’re proggie, they’re anti-2nd, anti-self-defense, anti- there’s a problem out there, anti-Glock. Now I don’t. There’s a G19 on my bedside table with two magazines. I get the most wide-eyed gazes of astonished interest when they first see this, or the Mossberg in the guest closet.

    “W-w-what’s … that … for?”

    “To kill whoever breaks into my house to steal my art.”

    Zero argument to that one. The desire to be protected is universal in women.


    • on December 6, 2014 at 7:50 am Carlos Danger

      Not only that, you’d kill over art. Prog women have gotta love that too.


      • Well, I would. The art has been around longer than the wives. And appreciates instead of depreciating over time. Last, your paintings become your friends, like a buddy you played football with in school: you share something that time ignores.


    • Post more Buena, this board needs more men of experience.


      • I used to try more often, but too many comments disappear in moderation, disappear for hours, or disappear completely. Not worth the time and effort.


    • You should write down your anecdotes. Perhaps over at RoK?


    • I concur, incidentally, about the odd preference of feminists/proggies for conservative or libertarian men who could care less about being out of step with the prog orthodoxy.

      Yup, same here. I’ve used the term “fag” and “dyke” around them… amused responses. I even got called “misogynist” — in an affectionate manner.


    • BuenaVista : im curious about this statement :I used to try more often, but too many comments disappear in moderation, disappear for hours, or disappear completely. I just had the same experience over at ROK . I questioned why two guys were getting banned ( i didnt agree at all with their comments, but i wanted to know the reason ). and now im banned. one of my comments also disappeared. i did go back and edit one comment ( for the purpose of clarification ) by adding a few words. any thought on comment moderation ?


      • I think they bounced you because you were suggesting that men who were falsely accused (you used the word ‘falsely’) should be inspected as closely as the false accusers. Perhaps it was inadvertent. Anyway, hair trigger.


      • As someone who’s been banned at Return of Kings, Rational Male, Return of Queens, dropped as an author at Eradica, I consider it all part of figuring out who’s a windbag and who actually has boots on the ground. Stick around. You’ll find out who’s a man and who’s a mouse.


    • “Simply by not confronting their talking point-level politics, and laughing at the inconsistencies and weird fables that it tosses up … a man gets the strangest, shocked, warm and wry responses. So yeah, they’re pretty bored with their proggie sympathizers and furrowed-brow white knights.”

      I’ve had the same experience. Liberal politics are a mere shit test in that situation. I just throw back a talking point of my own and then steer the conversation elsewhere, since they’re not interested in learning about bernankification.


      • I don’t think it’s even a shit test. I think it’s robotic. All their friends say and ‘think’ the same things. (Oddly, they don’t realize that’s one reason they’re single.) Saying, “Fuck no, Jackie has the vapors for fuck’s sake” is like saying, “When I’m not at the Pierre, I’m working for an unnamed agency in Kobani.”


    • BuenaVista ” Anyway, hair trigger.” yeah. it looks like they were putting on their war paint to go after that chick so im guessing they were not taking questions at the time.


    • art recommendations?


      • Well, preference rules. I am interested in 19th century American impressionism, so I collect work by what I term secondary or tertiary figures. For example, Twachtman is a leading example, but he’s in the Met and costs $millions. I have a dozen pictures by one of his students.

        I am interested in contemporary, regional modernists. So I have a dozen by two profs in the MFA program at the state university.

        But preference rules. Start by deciding what you like.

        One workaround if young and cash strapped are old maps and prints. These can be had for $100 or $150, and then, well-framed, they provide interest as well as conversation starters. The Old Print Shop in NYC is a place to browse.

        Spend time looking at how people hang work, too, this makes a big difference. The standard gallery sight-level (the horizontal midpoint of the picture) is 57″. However, I’m 6’1″ so I hang everything to a 61″ level. Find what works for you and hang *everything* (unless you’re doing a group and vertically stacking) to *one* sight level. Makes a huge difference, I think, it professionalizing the display.


    • Ironically, the day after I relayed this anecdote a drunk and delirious guy broke into my kitchen at 5:30 a.m. He was shirtless (OAT was 25F) and had no idea where he was. While I was able to get him on the floor, by brandishing, where he pissed all over himself, the Sunday morning 911 dispatcher apparently couldn’t find her PTT switch, and I placed two cell and one landline calls before I could be sure she was getting the address info. It was a little chaotic there for a bit. (There’s no castle doctrine in my state, so I sure didn’t want to shoot the asshole.)

      When the cops finally made it, it was a team consisting of a properly built man, and a waif girl-cop, maybe 5’2″ and 105 pounds (i.e., a useless cop from the perspective of subduing a drunk). The man hustled the dude off premises and the girl took my statement. The girl asked to clear my weapon and wasn’t even strong enough to drop the mag with one thumb.

      The man-cop returned after the booked the guy, and said he appreciated that when I arrived I gave them both hands in the air, which he said told him I was armed. (Apparently most civilians do not signal presence of a firearm in ambiguous situations like that.) I always do that if stopped in my car or truck, by extending both hands out the driver side window, crossed. I was trained that this is a fairly universal signal to the traffic cops that you carry, but I am not a LEO so wouldn’t know for sure.

      Weird morning.


  42. “Some sadistic thinkers dismiss feminism as a relevant social force.”

    Such is the fate of TradCons. But when you are a mature, non nerdy superman like PMan, you don’t need to worry about things that mere spergy millennial nerds care about.


  43. “The tribal bogeyman. Sexual desire for these men and warped shame for feeling that desire must underlie some of that irrational hatred.”

    I didn’t know that gentile guys were more desirable than David Platinumsteinbergs.


  44. I posted last week about Blacks acting crazed on trains. Another black on white unprovoked attack with media hiding facts such as race of truly innocent victims.

    Unlike the black “victims” who always instigate things. Trayvon, Ferguson etc. then media goes out of way to create “white Hispanic” Zimmerman.

    We are under attack and the media had blood on its hands.


  45. If sexual misconduct exists on campus it’s mainly over eager Muh Dikkus Belcurvius.


    • Exactly… I’ve been saying for long time, here at the chateau, that the trend towards more anti-male legislation and public hang-wringing over male aggression and sexuality is due to the influx of Third Worlders and the negrification of popular culture, wherein every shade of Sambo and whigger thinks they can go up to whoever they wish and say whatever they wish.


  46. on December 6, 2014 at 10:13 am Hammer of Love

    Black ivy league ” professor ” , tells white students to commit racial suicide. Not that he’s being racist, as implying that would be racist. Shit, all this liberal logic is making my brain ache.


  47. I don’t know how valid point 4 is, but I do think there is some truth to it, though I’d bet that truth goes one way. I can’t say I’ve ever heard of a right-wing type girl lusting over a left-winger.

    I have a personal anecdote:

    I was recently riding the train home from my thanksgiving vacation visiting family. In the train station, I was sure to spot the cutest girl I could find, and then sit next to her when it came time to board. She was the artsy looking type, so I wasn’t expecting much, but she was cute and good company nonetheless. Naturally, politics come up in conversation, and she discovers what a vile, sadistic right-wing racist I am. Naturally, she can’t handle it. Things calm down for a minute, I pull out a book, and she puts on her headphones.

    Then… She opens up her mouth, “Hey, I know you’re underage and all, but do you want a drink?”


    She got her drink, we chit-chatted a bit more, but more or less I was pretty turned off and kept to myself for the rest of the ride.

    Thing is, as the ride wrapped up, she tried to open me more, and at our final destination, she was talking my ear off again. She was trying to get me to ask for her number or something, no doubt about it.


    • Hell, shoulda had the drink. 😉


    • You could be her winter term project: “Dating The Other: Lessons in Reality-Based CIS-Gender Bravery.”

      All progs have to earn their “Other” merit badge from somebody. In the old days that just meant dating the hood in the leather jacket with the motorcycle, but now you just have to disagree with Frank Rich to be freaky scary.


    • I am less of an alpha than you I am sure but its been my experience that women will only tolerate a certain amount of “race realism” before they go into Danger Will Robinson mode and shut it down with a weepy,”please don’t talk about that stuff anymore…” I don’t get it;the same female who once,while driving in Evanston Illinois–college town with a big ghetto–and accidentally getting into the negro area,screamed in panic to get the hell out of here,lol,is weepily sympathetic to that “poor kid” in Ferguson.Informed that that nigger was 6′ 5″,she lookd blank:”Oh?”


      • I don’t know what they were reading, but the first word out of some college girl’s mouth that I heard was that the police department was RAY-CISS and “you should have heard some of the things that the police chief was saying”.

        She even knee-jerked the ol’ “Poverty” and “Slavery” canards upon subsequent discussion.

        All I could do was shake mah haid that the same old tripe was still being peddled in colleges today that I heard some decades ago.


  48. My way of dealing with this society is to not care anymore, be a bum. ignore women, and live at home forever. wait until it all burns down.


    • I agree, except that you have got to live now or never, so be a hit-and-run opportunist. Don’t accept a self-identity of being a bum. The trap standards are lies. Think of yourself as a non-compliant slave who will not relinquish his will and lies in wait.


      • on December 6, 2014 at 12:53 pm Bobby Cuddlefuck

        While I can definitely understand your motives for disengagement, there is still a lot of fun to be had. In reality you are free to a huge degree. See the current situation from a detached point of view and you will open up a whole world of possibility. As ridiculous as women have become, they still have a lot to offer and are quite a bit of fun. See the world for the joke it is. If you truly do not give a fuck, you will be free.


      • @BC Though I agree that what you say is correct, I think it is insufficient for those structurally unemployed, etc. You don’t have to spend money on women to get them, but you’ve got to spend money on yourself and have some left over unless you are under 20 years old. There is increasing risk to sex, but total avoidance is overkill. yolo Perhaps if I were as successful as you, the world would be more like my oyster, but it ain’t. I work on it but not by giving credit to the future I don’t own. I live day2day for 2day. FTW YMMV


    • on December 6, 2014 at 12:41 pm Hammer of Love

      What if you turn forty before the fires are lit ?? Seems like alot of wasted opportunity.


    • juro: “My way of dealing with this society is to not care anymore, be a bum. ignore women, and live at home forever. wait until it all burns down.”

      Ha! I hear you, man, but hopefully you’ll appreciate that life is for the living, and even a decaying society offers some consolations – not the least of which is the incentive to create something new and better.

      Ultimately, though, as the society declines and becomes more and more unsatisfying and devoid of meaning, people are going to have to adapt in various ways. Just giving up, however tempting, is not a viable alternative.

      Better to give up on the current cesspool, and start creating something different.

      In time, we must create our own networks, under the radar and without publicity. Networks that can eventually fulfill the full spectrum of needs and wants: economic, educational, cultural, social, romantic/sexual, etc. This will be the foundation of the New Tribe (white), that looks after its own – and only its own. A parallel society within a society, freezing out all enemies, with the ultimate goal being full sovereignty and independence. But it will have to start very, very small.

      As just one possible example among a gazillion starting points, I like Jack Donovan’s idea of the co-op gym:


    • on December 6, 2014 at 8:49 pm mendozatorres

      Heard this on Dennis Miller radio the other fay, in response to a caller (older gentleman, with three kids) who was saying something similar, when Miller went all Vito “You Can Act Like a Man” Corleone on him and said:

      Live your life, don’t live the world!


    • Be a bum? I prefer to think of myself as a secret agent (James Bond, Carl Hauser, etc.,,) working to put The White Man back in charge to fix everything. C’mon secret agents are cool!


    • It is amazing how much sanity you can regain by simply tuning out the internet, media, and all of the other hobgoblins of modern society. Detaching from the cultural milieu and simply reading a good classic novel over a decanter of fine whiskey…it does wonders for the soul.

      I won’t ask you to care about our degenerate society, but I’ll advise you to find something to care about. Leaving home and becoming independent is it’s own reward.


  49. Yahoo now has an article with the headline “White Christians are taking a Stand.” I preemptively roll my eyes. Indeed, the article begins with:

    “African-American brothers and sisters, especially brothers, in this country are more likely to be arrested, more likely to be executed, more likely to be killed.”
    Various predictable anti-racist statements by Evangelical personalities follow.

    My immediate thought: they are not Christians. They are liberals. Just like the present pope, haranguing European leaders to better-faster exterminate their people by admitting more Africans to their countries.

    A follow-up thought: we all know this already, but it’s worth reiterating. None of our institutions are ours. The government, the church, the media, the military, the corporations, the schools. Just like the Yahoo article: what in the world COULD an article that says “white Christians are taking a sand” be about, other than about the only what in which Whites are allowed to have an identity or an objective as Whites: in masochistic service to some form of colored nationalism.

    We are all here very lucky to be free men in the most fundamental way that one can be free: living in truth.


    • My immediate thought: they are not Christians. They are liberals. Just like the present pope, haranguing European leaders to better-faster exterminate their people by admitting more Africans to their countries.

      Yes. I call them Churchians to disassociate them from the term “Christian”.


    • “White Christians are taking a Stand.”

      My, what courage!

      More like a bend-over.


    • on December 6, 2014 at 5:37 pm Whomever Wherever

      > “None of our institutions are ours. The government, the church, the media, the military…”

      RAND researchers estimate that approximately 20,000 of the U.S. military’s 1.3 million active-duty members experienced one or more sexual assaults in the past year, including assaults by other service members, civilians, spouses or others. This represents 4.9 percent of active-duty women and 1 percent of active-duty men… Among service members who experienced at least one sexual assault in the last year, the new measure classified 43 percent of women and 35 percent of men as experiencing a penetrative sexual assault (a category that includes rape)…


      • on December 6, 2014 at 5:40 pm Whomever Wherever

        So already fags in the military has resulted in 35% of 1% of all men in the military being raped each year. That has to be well in excess of 3500 men per year.


      • Another bullshit survey that includes subjective experience of “workplace gender discrimination” with sexual assault, implying that 55 women a day are getting raped in the military. I covered the last report in “Pentagon Report Fuels Media Rape Fantasies”.


      • Maybe it’s the Haynes grazing fags only claiming rape, after their Rump Wrangler paramours don’t return their calls?


      • after their Rump Wrangler paramours don’t return their calls?

        More like, after their paramours targets don’t return their calls refuse to take them up on their offers for butthex and put them on ignore.


    • ““African-American brothers and sisters, especially brothers, in this country are more likely to be arrested, more likely to be executed, more likely to be killed.””

      I dunno, maybe they should act more civilized and that wouldn’t happen.


  50. on December 6, 2014 at 1:00 pm themanofmystery2

    comment moderation hell…why does this happen for days at a time sometimes?


    • Theory … if you comment under different handles on different WordPress blogs, some little WP algorithm says ‘potential spam’. You could try clearing cache/cookies (if you know what you’re doing) before commenting.


    • It’s worst on weekends.


  51. Fat feminist harpies are always the loudest proponents of women’s liberation. They will not be satisfied until so many men are shamed, indoctrinated, and pacified under the boot of Feminine Marxism that even a shrill-screeching stanky wench can bag a reasonably decent looking beta-male who can’t bring himself to look her in the eye.


  52. on December 6, 2014 at 2:16 pm themightysieben

    Who gives a flying fuck about some conspiracy between left wing feminazi SJW beta white-male hating pussies? They don’t matter just because they get air time on CNN.

    They can’t stop you if you’ve seen the matrix.

    What are they going to do? Get the UN to pass a global law saying I can’t eat meat and get an erection? They’re weak sacks of shit and will always be weak sacks of shit. The amount of effort they’re collectively capable of expending will never amount to more than a blip on my radar.


    • I would really enjoy if this idiot got sent to the slammer for “raping” a chick. We’ll see how invulnerable he is then.


    • “What are they going to do? Get the UN to pass a global law saying I can’t eat meat and get an erection? They’re weak sacks of shit and will always be weak sacks of shit. The amount of effort they’re collectively capable of expending will never amount to more than a blip on my radar.”

      Oh droll, someone with an IQ lower than 100.

      It’d be great if you were accused of rape and tossed to jail. Wonder how immune your stupidity would make you then.


    • What are they going to do? Get the UN to pass a global law saying I can’t eat meat and get an erection?

      With the “yes means yes” BS going around, I wouldn’t put it out of the realm of possibility.


    • “What are they going to do? Get the UN to pass a global law saying I can’t eat meat and get an erection?”

      At least don’t give them any more ideas…. they would absolutely do that.


  53. There’s an economic incentive encouraging rape hoaxes and hysteria. The perpetuation of rape hysteria is a very lucrative industry for journalist, social workers, and college administrators. Sabrina Rubin Ederly pays her mortgage by writing about false rapes. In the universities, otherwise non employable gender studies major and social workers have cushy jobs indulging the fantasies of rape fabulist like Jakie (probably has Munchausen Syndrome). They need inflated case loads from fabricated stories in order to justify their livelihoods.


    • Yup.


    • on December 7, 2014 at 8:22 am Eliezer Ben Yehuda

      > Ederly pays her mortgage by writing about false rapes

      You can look at the front of her house on Google street view.

      1021 Lombard Street
      Philadelphia PA 19147

      hubby is a middle-aged white guy with his own law firm. . She’s a freelance writer for magazines. I cannot imagine that she’s bringing in very much of the household income.

      Well, she might soon be able to do speaking fees……


  54. on December 6, 2014 at 3:30 pm henry himbeere

    you just keep em coming don’t you. You prove to me that to be successful with women (as I presume or project you to be), one doesn’t have to be selfish and think zero sum. That’s amazing. Anyway I don’t know. Let’s start with that, but IO wonder if there’s not a depletion zone occurring with this. It’s ‘coldest hour’ theory or economic theory as applied to other issues. Before communism could fall they had to try it in practice. Now it is devoid and only a few die hards believe or want to try it in its pure marxist form. Now the feminists and the rape culture people get their day to shout and scream and lie. I wonder if that had to be- any effort to block this on the part of whites or people who are rational, would be blocked by the social organism, which always acts in good faith. And when the number of people to accuse gets reduced, through fear and intimidation to even try rape, and cowers behind making passes at women, and the number of accusations rises, eventually the house of cards will fall and that will be the end of that and we’ll be one step closer to sanity as a human species or white race. But like you said, they don’t accuse blacks as such. This is all sub-liminal. If rapes keep happening and whites keep founding to be innocent, that could be a broader fortress that crashes. I call it marxism of the mind- that will either take civilization with it, or itself will fall never to be born again until the next aeon or great cycle. Woe onto those who try to preach a thing before it’s time or even ‘wake people up’ but woe onto those who try to hold on to something once tried and sincerely believed, when it’s time has passed. There’s an economy to it- only so much credit to spend before it’s depleted and has to be funded, and the funds are running dry. The credibility is disappearing. Maybe. it’s only the theory I’m submitting. If that’s the case though and we care about life and the future and american and europe and the white man, we shouldn’t necessarily want to ‘oppose’ these things as such but rather “hasten their demise”, however that can be effected. Nietzsche had a quote like the fanatic will turn otherwise partisans away from their part by being exaggerated or over the top. I think society does in general want to exist in the middle- by definition it wants to average and have a base- hold together. No society likes to be pulled apart. It’s a question, who’se willing to compromise? Who’s able to unite? Who’se willing to discriminate and discern and break taboos that force separation or unclarity? SO many people are playing around with lives or policies, busybodies, because they forgot what hunger was like, what real work is! But that’s our fault and our leaders fault as much as anybodies. Everybody should be made to work with a spade at some point in their lives. Then we’ll have less false rape accusatianalists.


  55. As a prior frat guy this post is spot on.

    People who weren’t in frats generalize though. For instance, not every guy is getting pussy left and right. Most of them have approach anxiety or think it’s weird to start randomly talking to some girl, so that limits there numbers.

    It’s also really hard to manage a relationship in a Greek system b/c there are so many young people living in one area lot of factors go into the game, and it’s not the ‘real world’ at all.

    When a girl decides to go to a frat she knows exactlyyyyyy what she’s getting into so she should have some responsibility for these actions as well.


  56. CH I found another teen monster who “happens to be black “.

    This one raped a 101 year old.


  57. on December 6, 2014 at 7:46 pm JenkPac Shakur

    If you oppose Cultural Marxism support the #GamerGate movement even if you yourself are not a videogame player. GG is actively fighting the battle against corrupt game journos who are self styled “social justice warriors” (Orwellian term). We must stop the Communists. Senator Mcarthy was right. Uncle Adolf was right. World Jewry and it’s Communist ideology must be actively fought by the new generation of awakened whites and even awakened non white goyim everywhere.


  58. When white males of #gamergate threaten women with rape/death threats (even though 0% of women have been *actually raped* by those spergs), the response is “Look! Rape culture! Patriarchy! Misogyny! We need to silence theses privileged white males”

    When non-white Muslims threaten women with rape/death threats (and are actually likely to carry them out), and is described by white males as misogyny, etc. the response is “Look! Racism! Islamophobia! Imperialism! We need to silence theses privileged white males”

    The only framework that predicts these two situations is irrational anti-white male animus.


  59. on December 6, 2014 at 10:15 pm haunted trilobite the gist of through story is ‘ok, granted it was a fabricated story, but , ya know, it just felt real … generic rape stats … public first hand fear-mongering quotes … token white knight comment.. now apologise and check your privilege white men!’


    • on December 6, 2014 at 10:20 pm haunted trilobite

      it would be somewhat par for the course if this was typical scatterbrainedfairmaiden emoting, but it would be quite sinister if these were the words of someone who can see their business going down the toilets and is making a desperate play to keep the donations coming in.


    • I’m shocked! shocked! that the Politico article you link to was written by Julia “Horowitz.” So very, very shocked. Pure coincidence, I’m sure.

      That’s how these scumbags operate: Horowitz covers for Rubin, just as Rubin would have covered for Horowitz had their places been reversed.

      In any event, this is exactly what I was talking about above. These people aren’t going to change a bit – they will continue to demonize whites wherever they can, while studiously ignoring/discounting massive amounts of very real non-white rape and abuse. Suppress reality, scream “racist!” at anyone who speaks the truth, and try to whip up hatred against whites instead, even if you have to make the story up out of whole cloth.

      Take anti-white hatred, throw in a heaping scoop of Orwell, and you’ve got the present ruling class.

      Separation is the only solution.


      • Remember, it’s a “conspiracy theory”.


      • The one thing that I can’t understand is why our nervous nellies of the chateau, who are so quick to cry “Hater!” and reach for their vapors, suddenly lose their empathy reflex on observations such as the one you just made.

        I… just… CAN’T… understand the dichotomy. :duckface:


      • Separation is indeed the only solution but THEY won’t let us do it. They hold all the powers even to the point of refusing the right to self-segregate. All in the name of diversity. The orcs will also follow their productive prey – they don’t want to live like Africans and Latin Americans.


      • Re: Irish Savant
        “Separation is indeed the only solution but THEY won’t let us do it.”

        Do you think the Founding Fathers asked permission to have their independence. Do you think the people that took down the Berlin Wall and 72 years of communism asked permission. No, they were fought incessantly. But they stood up like men and won. The current situation is our Berlin Wall and War of Independence.


    • “ok, granted it was a fabricated story, but , ya know, it just felt real … generic rape stats”

      It was a lie that told the truth.


  60. don’t miss the big picture here, because it’s working great. men everywhere are more afraid than ever of being accused of rape.

    men are on their way of becoming feminized drones.


    • It is pretty bad right now.. but in fact the past was actually worse IMHO:

      ‘There was a far worse PC reign of terror in the early nineties that has impressed itself into the psyche of Gen-X males in much the same way that Vietnam affected the outlook of baby boomers.
      Think about the beginning—the Clarence Thomas hearings. He was accused of repeating things seen in X-Rated movies and of asking “Who put a pubic hair on my Coke?.” Now, post-Monica Lewinsky such things seem pretty mild—amusing even. But there was outrage at the time. The left took it to be a “teachable moment” and the shockwaves lasted for several years. Businesses, colleges, and high schools began widespread indoctrination programs to enforce this new PC at all costs. Relations between the sexes in these places had been governed by general rules of decorum and common sense. Almost overnight that was gone. There was one new rule—if a woman felt “offended” then the man had committed an offense.

      Colleges instituted Orwellian speech and behavior codes. Old ideas of courtship were thrown out. Dating was now subject to strict rules, always giving the benefit of the doubt to the woman. A regretted dalliance could now become “date rape” and end in prison. “Women don’t lie about rape,” we were told constantly. Public schools likewise came down harshly on any male behavior that could “cause offense.” You could be expelled for merely telling a girl she looked nice. The workplace was no better. Careers could be ruined quickly by an EEOC complaint, regardless of merit.

      Unfortunately, many women took this as an opportunity for revenge on any man who had ever annoyed them or interrupted their career path. I saw this in my own workplace. One sexual harassment complaint set off a chain reaction that created dozens and dozens more. They were all taken with extreme seriousness because of the fear of federal sanctions and lawsuits. I saw one colleague suspended for a week because a female coworker “didn’t like the way he looked at her once.” The HR manager all but admitted to him that it was bogus, but said that he had to take action to avoid a lawsuit or worse.

      To men older than their mid ’30s during this time, it seemed a bizarre anomaly that eventually blew over. To the younger of us in our teens and twenties though, it was deeply impactful. It often created outright fear in any dealings with the opposite sex. A large proportion of them began to treat women with unusual deference and meekness. They apologized for any perceived slight unthinkingly. They asked permission of the women around them for any action, even actions that didn’t involve those women.’

      Source: Laurence Austers VFR blog.


  61. Tom Wolfe had a novel about college “I am Charlotte Simmons”. The girl is a smug, superior, condescending girl who enters this mythical private school that is a cross between Harvard and Duke, meaning top level academics with a Basketball program that is nationally renowned. She is snotty, arrogant, and looks down on other students who she feels are not as prepared as her. She was from some where in Appalachia and had some spinster female mentor who devoted herself to this girls preparation in shit like reading the big French authors in French. So where ever she was from she was the big cheese, the girl most likely to succeed of the decade.

    And when she gets to the big time, while she has some academic success, and is tapped for a big deal position in some nonsense liberal arts college to work with some professor who is the big cheese in this non-stem department, she is nothing when she stacks up against the real deal social power of the really rich and beautiful that exists in this university.

    So the king of the king frat at the school takes a liking to her and puts the full court press on her, and Ms Better-Than-Everyone just falls for the Cinderella story, hook, line, and sinker. She gets fully invested in the fantasy that she is going to be Ms King or Queen. Of course she should be the queen because she is such a perfect little snowflake.

    There is some out of town social event in a larger city where the Frat rents a major hotel and there is big ball and everyone travels up there with Dates for this big dress up affair. And it is pretty much a given that girls give it up in payment for being taken to this thing.

    So little Cinderella with her bullshit cheap ass dress and shoes travels up there with King Frat, and during the party he takes her up to the room and WhamBamThankYouMa’ams her, then lets everyone know that the little slut was now his latest notch. He basically pumped and dumped her, and it was done with the most public knowledge. She is spurned and snickered at by all. And she endures massive humiliation and wholes up in her room for weeks, basically sabotaging the semester and her chances at this big career as a snotty little French Lit Philosophy Whatever.

    I was in a frat for a while in college. I was in it only for one reason, I was forced, socially to join it. The Frats were so dominant socially that to get access to the most girls on the campus, to literally not be dismissed immediately, it was necessary to join one.

    What I found so goes against the grain of what this UVa story tells that it is amazing. This was a big public University in Texas, and Texas has a big public school tradition. People with money in the state did not usually go to private school or college. Texas was the big cheese in the state. Really wealthy people might go to SMU, really smart ones to Rice, but Texas has plenty of wealthy, smart, super attractive people went to Texas.

    And it was very hard social setting. Very hard. People that were Mr or Miss Whatever, Mr jock, Mr Brain, Miss Popular, Miss Most Beautiful, found themselves quite run of the mill in that sea of high flying talent. And I am sure it is the same at UVa. And some of them have a hard time not being little Miss Special, little Miss Coddled.

    They chase alpha cock in the same way women chase alpha cock everywhere. It is about Raw Status. Getting an invite to a Frat Party for a young Freshman girl was a big deal, especially when she was being rocked and buffeted socially in that first semester as she is surrounded by smarter and prettier, richer, sexier, better, whatever girls than her.

    Now I don’t know how it is or was at your college, but at The University Of sort of schools, the one with the Med School, the Law School, the big MBA school, there is massive sense of decorum in frats. Drunkenness was not tolerated at our parties. Pledges had to come back and reconvene after the party to clean the place up exactly to eliminate crap like this UVa story. Boys would drop off dates and get back, sit against the wall, slightly hungover, and wait to be managed by Sophomores that had the duty of supervising the cleanup. Most of these guys were on dates, and most with steady-ish girlfriends. On Monday nights at Chapter dinner, actives would ask who needed a date, and then feelers went out through the network and this guy would be set up. The parties were mostly a lot of standing around for a while, a lot of the guys with girls they were out with for the first time, others with people they have known for a while, still others with girlfriends. These were very genteel affairs for most of the evening. The drinking age in Texas at the time was 18. So reservation and moderation were the norm. You were standing in a tough social environment. And any asshole behavior would stick with you in a very smallish social circle of 12 frats and 12 sororities, 6 (3 and 3) of whom were Jewish and off in their own little world. So roughly a world of about 1000 guys and 1000 girls. If you embarrassed yourself in any way, those girls would take that news back into that girl network and you were damaged. And older guys would monitor and control younger ones constantly to see that neither the reputation of the group nor of the individual were damaged.

    So to imagine that any fraternity could have as part of its rites of initiation, especially in this closed world, a violent, and need I say, felony crime, institutionalized, and accepted by all of the men as something accepted is fucking beyond me.

    If anything, being in a frat, being set up on mixer dates with these different “The University of” sorority girls, to get out with them, to listen to them, to find out how intelligent, and capable these women were, made you respect those women more. The organization skills they displayed in setting up and managing these charity functions, in various social events they put on, in seeing them day after day, in and around campus, managing a hard university workload, and doing it in heels, only increased the respect we had for them.

    And just imagine, that 9 guys would commit such a crime, an initiation, year in and year out, and not leak it, not say a word to anyone, ever. And then that one guy of these 9, year after year, would not tell another, and then somehow, someway, that shit would not get back to those sorority girls.

    And then that those girls would not raise hell if shit like this occurred, all of this is unfathomable to me. And that an administration, especially one with a female dean exactly placed in a position to handle this type of situation, would “sweep it under the rug” in order to protect the University, AND A FRAT, is equally ludicrous. If anything, those universities have been hostile places for men, especially frat men, for 20 years.

    But then Rolling Stone and these other publications just ran with this story, this far-fetched nonsense story and it spread like a fire through the liberal web site world. And then when the first questions came out, “How dare you question, you RapeDenier RapeApologist?!!!!!!” Jezebel blared “‘Is the UVA Rape Story a Gigantic Hoax?’ Asks Idiot”. Idiot!! How dare you question the story of a woman? About Rape?!!!!!!!!

    This whole story and many others like it all look like Charlotte Simmons. Rarely, actually never, is it the actual Sorority girl at “The University of”, someone who is in the life. It is always this Wisteria girl, this climber, one like Charlotte Simmons who views herself as little Miss CenterOfTheUniverse. One who throws herself at what she believes to be alpha cock. If you lit a candle, it would be blown out from the draft of all those WannaBees rushing past to get into a frat party at one of these schools on a post Game Saturday night.

    Frats are like any other group of men: There are cads and dads(to be), most are betas (yet empowered by organization and social position), a few are alphas, even super alphas, wealthy, handsome, big social connections, the kind of guy most women covet, drool over.

    So yes, there has been more than one Charlotte Simmons, and she is an archetype and that is why Tom Wolfe wrote about her. She figures some fairy godmother turned her into a princess and she would be Ms Prince, queen of the Frat world, a world denied to her previously, that she saw from afar until some guy comes on a white horse and holds his hand down to pull her up onto the back of the horse.

    And she trades what she has to trade, as all women do when given the chance, she trades that ass for access. She knows the deal, “Gas or Ass, nobody rides for free.” The point is she wants to maximize the price she gets in the trade. And she gets furious when the trade doesn’t work to her favor.

    Women fucking suck at rejection. Especially the Charlotte Simmons of the world. There is old saying among women, “He got what he wanted then he dumped me.” No he didn’t. You didn’t have what he wanted. You fucking dropped the ball someway, somehow. He got to see “what you had” and it wasn’t what he wanted. You might think what you got is gold, that you have diamonds in your vagina, but he didn’t see it that way. Especially someone who can go into chapter dinner the following Monday and get setup with someone new.

    And those Charlotte Simmons were probably very likely to reach this end, the pump and dump, exactly because they were not “of the life”, not prepared in the social graces, in how to act, how to dress, how to talk, then when they offered up a typical “nothing” college girl body with literally no sexual skills and they acted like they were God’s gift to men, it just wasn’t that special, despite her own self image.

    And to be cast down from the social heights, to accept that she “isn’t all that” can just enrage our Charlotte Simmons and it can devastate her.

    And then to never be invited, to be passed over as so much “meh”, pisses girls off in a huge way and they hold a grudge.

    So I venture our Jackie from UVa, one who couldn’t afford an Ivy League school, (no mention if she was accepted or not), just that “she settled” on UVa without ever visiting it to see just how those patriarchial Frats used social hegemony to dominate women) is another Charlotte Simmons. So so special where ever it was that she came from, so “most likely to”, and she got whammed in the Bigger Leagues, then pumped and dumped, maybe not even by a Frat Boy, but rather by our Life Guard (I did not read if he was or wasn’t in a frat, only that he wasn’t a member of Phi Kappa Psi).

    And Jackie suffers from HPD, and couldn’t accept being average among the best, couldn’t put that into perspective, and she moved into this story, each time, growing, each time, one guy from the pool, two guys, five guys, five guys at a frat, nine guys at a frat during some initiation hell week thing, in the dark so I couldn’t see them, yeah yeah, in the dark, and then they put me on the bed, no they pushed me down on the floor, no they broke through a glass table on the floor, and for 10 minutes, no 20, no 30, no two hours, they sob raped me.

    And women want to hate men, want to hate white men especially, and want to hate Privileged White Men, mostly. and the best example of that, the guys that pumped and dumped their social climbing asses, the guys that passed them over with the “White Male Gaze”, the ones that never saw what special little snowflakes crying “Me Me Me, pick me”.

    They never assume goodness, never remember the ones that protected them. That 20% Rape Culture number is based on some shitty math, a study of two schools that yielded a 1-5% error range per year, so then assume to upper bounds of the error, then extrapolate that across four years, meaning 5% times 4 years, or 20%.

    So then even if you assume the 5%, even though that numbers is vastly greater than any reported rape value on any campus, ( one guy computed then even on the highest rate reported on any campus then 95% of rapes went unreported, in 2014, when a girl can drag a bed around campus and become an international star) then that says 1 in 20 per year. So then if there is boy for every girl, then that means 19 out 20 women get home safe every night for a year, 19 out 20 men are protecting women every night for a year, seeing their drunk asses get home safe. And 5 times in those 20 girl-years, meaning 365 nights times 20, some 7300 nights, 5 different girls got drunk and somebody fucked them. Not necessarily a push down rape with force, maybe girlfriend was drunk, and didn’t remember saying yes. 5 episode in a whole year out of 20 different women.

    Yet the 1 out of 20 cads dominates the thinking of women about men. College men, the best men, those men that statistics say “don’t divorce”, those men that go onto Man Up, stay employed, college men.

    And so without questioning, driven by their hate of men, inflamed by their hate of white men, the story hit page after page, unquestioned, never doubted. The women at UVa, outside the life, the ugly, the unloved, the fat, mostly the uninvited all rushed over to the Psi Kappa Psi house with torches and pitchforced, vandalized, the university bowed to pressure and suspended all fall activities until “this could be gotten to the bottom of”.

    As Steve Sailer said, “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth can get its boots on.”

    It is obvious these people want war. It is obvious they hate us so bad that without questioning they believe the worst in us, especially when they believe the worst in the best of us, like those boys from those frats at the University of Virginia, a state noted in the “Honor and Duty” in its men.

    They continue to attack us. And they do so with lies. And they will never stop. There desire is to restrict our liberty, limit our opportunities, make us second class citizens, void of protection of our rights under the law, deprive us of due process of law.

    I say if they want war then we start to take it to them.

    This what it was like to be a Southerner in 1858. After 50 years of encroachment, after 50 years of attack, not only on slavery, but the values of the their society, how it was organization, their religion, their mode of government, and the philosophy of the relationships between their communities, their state, and the federal government. The values of the North were constantly imposed on the South. And the attacks were incessant.

    In in 1858, a presidential election was coming, with a potential candidate whicj was unacceptable to the South, a promise of further attacks, further untruths, written by whatever Radical that had access to a printing press.

    And the South decided, with the election of Abraham Lincoln that enough was enough.

    So I ask you,

    When will enough be enough? When will the last lie be told, the last body of fake ass data used to impose a mandate on some institution where threat of withholding of Federal money be used to curb your rights like Yes Mean Yes, Fake Ass Rape Culture? When will fake ass Pay Gap data, fake ass Diversity Data all be used to push you away from economic opportunity, even the right to make a livelihood? When will an imperial president disregard the electorate and allow hordes of foreigners to comes in a drive down your wages, raise your rents, expel you from the market?

    When will being hated in your own country merely for being born as a white male be enough?


    • Impressive write-up… educational, motivational, and fires-up-the-blood in the best St. Crispin’s Day manner.

      But I gotta tell ya…

      Them’s an awful lot of words for not naming the actual enemy… the, well… you-know-who behind all this MSM you-know-what.



    19 People Who Think Feminism Is For Conquering Men

    Number 7. Jesus Fucking Christ.


  63. There is a recent Washington Post blog post at
    Here is an excerpt.

    Jackie couldn’t figure out why “Drew” was paying attention to her when the other female lifeguards were “model-gorgeous blondes,” said Erdely…. “‘He was paying so much attention to me, showing so much interest in everything I had to say,’” Erdely said, paraphrasing Jackie.

    So this whole thing started when a plain-Jane Jackie began having wet dreams about a lifeguard.


    • Ramzpaul did a funny video of the Rolling Stone story. See Sailer.


    • on December 7, 2014 at 1:37 pm the cunning linquist

      If you haven’t read it yet, you must read, “I am Charlotte Simmons’ by Tom Wolfe. It came out 4 years ago and is full of similar dialog from the RS story.


  64. I don’t mean to spam the list, but “Barry” from the Dunham horror is now collecting funds for legal action. I would ask you to consider donating, I have.
    Here is the link:


    • I ask again, gentle host, to consider a monthly fund-raiser for these kinds of issues. For those who think they have nothing to give, a single dollar makes a difference when a couple hundred people donate.


    • Is there a fund to hire wild dogs to tear out Dunhams vagina? I’ll donate to that


    • “Any proceeds not used on legal related costs will be donated to not-for-profit organizations that assist victims of rape and sexual assault, to be selected at a later date.”

      ‘eff that.

      Proceeds not used on legal related costs should be returned, or donated to help assist others who are FALSELY accused of sexual assault.


  65. I think we should be referring to this whole thing by its proper title: 50 Shards of Glass. (dubbed such by droll commenter “WowJustWow” at Steve Sailor’s)


  66. Peak Feminism, like every other peak, is much more clearly seen in the rear view mirror. Otherwise we would all be real estate and stock market geniuses. I would argue we are in that moment and the UVA rape hoax is just the latest example that feminism’s influence is already on the decline.
    Symptoms of this are all around. It is getting progressively harder to lodge false accusations like this. 20, or even 10 years ago this smear would have stuck but the tactic has been used so many times that people have become wise. This tactic was used much more selectively in the past but now every single SJW with an axe to grind is trying to get in on it which is another sign of an inflated bubble. The internet is turning against their narrative making scams like this harder to hide and it has pulled people out of the woodwork to rally against their cause. Throw in other technological changes, such as DNA for paternity testing and the soon to be male birth control pill and men will finally have something which they have never had.
    The marginal productivity of the anti-male, anti-conservative, anti-white campaign has diminished to the point where it has now become counterproductive; another sign that they have over played their hand. Men are starting to vote with their feet, even if there is no political representation for them currently but now it is just a matter of time before that begins to occur; something feminists must dread. The general good will and sympathy women naturally receive is at a low ebb and can no longer be counted on to carry the day. A Hilary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren for President will have the same effect on sexual politics that Obama has had on racial politics.
    Analysis: Don’t bet on feminism, the next 20-40 years will belong to men.


    • It’s not hard to fathom that any poison you put directly into your circulatory system is going to make you less of a man… just because a few stalwarts of yesteryear had enough man in ’em to still outdo ordinary schlepps, they were nonetheless far less men than they might otherwise have been.

      The real tell is the cumulative effects along with aging… some of the pathetic specimens I see in their late forties and early fifties, still huffing in a pack and more a day, make me want to puke.


  67. The beta reforms himself into an alpha, so that his kids turn out alpha?
    “Gene mutations caused by a father’s lifestyle can be inherited by multiple generations”


    • Geez, Louise… read the article if you would cite it.

      Nothing about psychological or personality traits.

      It basically says that not only the mother should consider prenatal health issues (e.g., smoking, diet, booze, etc.), but that the father’s health choices can also be a factor.

      In short, if the old man smokes, it fucks up his body, and said fuck-up-ed-ness can likewise affect the children.

      In short, the scientific consensus is: Thank you, Cap’n Obvious, and DUH!

      It also cautions that these findings are only very preliminary and further more intensive studies are recommended…. again, DUH!


      • Greg is unfamiliar with the context of this research. Here you go, Greg.


      • Wha, yet ANOTHER non-sequitur smoke screen to cover your showing of ass?

        I’m addressing the article you cited… the point of debate has nothing to do with past or present additional research within the general theories on the subject… it was about your half-baked attempt to spin it as the idea that PUA lifestyles can make alphas arise from betas, at a genetic level. Not even a good try, schmuck.

        And on THAT speculation, YOU might want to look up Lysenko, gullible knave.

        Science be hard for n1663rs.


      • Because you didn’t do your homework, I will just tell you: the study fits into a growing body of evidence that suggests lifestyle changes (more than just smoking) can produce germline mutations that pass on to offspring. It’s a good example because sperm is recreated, so the mutations aren’t permanent.


  68. There’s been a lot of gnashing of teeth over the possibility that this RS article “has set gender relations back five years”.

    Quite the contrary, it’s moved it forward five years. “Rape Culture” has always been a ludicrous construct, doomed to collapse under it’s own illogical weight. The realization that the RS article is some kind of fan fiction has hastened this bit the narrative’s demise.


  69. Nothing defies feminist logic.

    Except maybe fat activist feminist logic:



    “Some pupils [said] it was a woman’s job to cook and clean, while others, when talking about Sharia law and English law, were unable to tell inspectors which laws they should follow and which were more important.”

    Liberalism + Islam = Islam.


  71. @heartiste,

    “White women do get real raped (and sometimes killed)… disproportionately by black men who look like this guy:But of course, because race is the ultimate totem of intra-white status whoring, academic white females can’t come out and say “Hey, a lot of black guys are raping us.” So they release that anger through a convenient proxy: white frat bros. And why are white frat bros, mostly harmless even when drunk, the preferred alternative rape culture oppressor? Because they don’t give unattractive feminists the time of day. Thus, their expediency as punching bags for feminists is rooted in the latter’s resentment at being overlooked as sex objects by high mate value white men.”

    – White cop charged with raping 8 black women

    history reliving itself-

    [CH: the key word here is “disproportionately”. not a statistically difficult concept to grasp.]


    • Pig engaging in bestiality? You don’t say.

      But keeping in mind that this is the “The UVA False Rape Fabulists” thread, the “rape” part is surely somewhere from grossly exaggerated to utterly fabricated.

      After all, even pigs have standards.



      • All I can say is, I’m entirely not surprised by comments from “anonymous,” and Greg Eliot.

        White men disproportionately rape white women, not Black men. Next, I agree the cop who raped the Black women is a pig, but engaging in beastiality…hmmm…I don’t know about that.

        I guess then, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Thaddeus Stevens were all “pigs” too. Hmmm, what other founding fathers with illegitimate mixed-Black children can I name….

        Where did all that European DNA in African-Americans come from again…hmmm studies say from European men…not the women…hmmm.


      • White men disproportionately rape white women, not Black men.

        While it is probably true that the majority of rapes are intra-racial, the disparity in percentages between black-on-white rapes versus vice versa is staggering. ESPECIALLY egregious in prison, which is seldom considered, since most of the discussion is always about women getting raped.

        You and your ilk try this tactic month-after-month, each time this topic arises at the chateau.

        Just because you darkies are for the most part dense and have short attention spans, don’t think you can get slapped down one month on your inanity, and come back another month to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes.


    • Even though a man-swine is involved, given the thread-head, isn’t it wise to treat those outlandish acusations with suspicion?


    • Dumbass, do you think a handful of outlier cases about white miscreants attenuate the actual stats about DISPROPORTIONATE negro crime?

      Further, whites themselves would be the first to cry for the miscreant’s head, especially if he’s white. We police our own, and with due diligence.

      Try it sometime amongst your own, and maybe the racism you fear, both real and imagined, will likewise attenuate.

      Damn, these inane n1663r-babble tactics, repeated ad nauseum EVERY FUCKING TIME this topic comes up, would piss off the Pope.


    • – substitute thaddeus stevens with william byrd ii, founding father of richmond, va


      • Most of the race-mixing that accounted for white blood in negroes came postbellum, in the shanty towns and cities where freed negroes and white trash freely mingled.

        You clowns keep accusing the Founding Fathers of “raping” slaves, yet it’s telling that the only Exhibit A that comes to mind is an admitted cohabitation situation (Sally whatever-her-name) with ALLEGEDLY Thomas Jefferson DNA… ‘though I’ve read his half-wit no-account brother was known to enjoy hanging around with the help.

        Aristocratic whites did not make muh-dikking a common habit… that’s a projection of negro fantasy… fueled in the past few generations by the viewing of one-too-many Yid-approved Mandingo movies.


      • @ Greg Eliot,

        Okay, whatever helps you feel better about yourself. Same ole same ole.

        “Aristocratic whites did not make muh-dikking a common habit… that’s a projection of negro fantasy…”

        the only projection is the one that so many white men seem to put on black men. Allegedly Black men are out targeting/disproportionately raping white women, same nonsense/ lies that have always been told, but really this is a white male projection.

        Tell me again who is the largest consumer or cuckold/interracial porn?… The mandingo rape myth is a white male fantasy, a projection of perceived white male sexual inferiority always has been.

        DNA is DNA… nevertheless your white male brethren put their DNA where they put it…

        so as CH always says… “spin, spin hamster!”


  72. Cavalier Daily editor Julia Horowitz: “To let fact-checking define the narrative would be a huge mistake.”

    Cavalier Daily editor Julia Horowitz: “To let fact-checking define the narrative would be a huge mistake.”

    Cavalier Daily editor Julia Horowitz: “To let fact-checking define the narrative would be a huge mistake.”


    • I’m becoming more and more convinced that YKW is missing some kind of gene that causes the ability to “hear one’s self” or understand or perceive how they are viewed by others. Or they just don’t care because they know they own the media, government, and banks.


    • Jewspeak:

      Define The Narrative = Spin A Yarn From Whole Cloth
      Trust Me = Fuck You


  73. University President fired for telling women they should take personal responsibility and that sometimes they claim rape because they regret past consensual sex

    so long free speech.

    And here is an article about the UVA false rape. It’s a real article but sounds like satire. You’ll want to kill yourself afterwards


  74. Lena Dunham = Stretch-marks, no kids.


    • Sorry, there is no way in hell I’d ever be able to bring myself to check that factette.
      I imagine it’s something like the relict abdominal segments on a termite queen, or a honey ant. [ Just checked. Oh joy, it’s called “Plerergate”, yet another SJW scandal we can blame on ants, like Gamergate ].


  75. show me on the doll where the white male refused to touch you


  76. on December 9, 2014 at 5:16 am Master Blaster


    A letter to … the girl who accused me of rape when I was 15.