White People Are Horrible. It’s Time For Them To Be Exiled To Their Own Country

It’s fun pointing out the abject hypocrisy of leftoids and provoking them to ragequit their “””arguments””” mid-brain fart. Not that it does any good — leftoids are invulnerable to appeals to reason or accountability (just like women) — but personal sadistic thrills don’t require that your softcore targets hew to established grounds for reasonable discourse.

For instance, Frank Joyce, a Leftoid Prime who shat out this antiWhite excrescence for status whoring gelt among his cocktail party butt buddies lives in Grosse Pointe Park, MI. His Chosen neighborhood is 85% White, boasts a $104K median income, and is protected from Detroit Dindus by a LITERAL WALL.

I say it’s time to take leftoids at their word. Listen to what they say, don’t watch what they do (they prefer it that way, again just like women). In that spirit, here’s commenter Hugo Stiglitz’s suggestion for a peace accord with leftoids.

Left this comment [at Joyce’s Salon article]:

“As a White man, I agree with the author – we must be stopped. I think we should be segregated in our own land. An area entirely composed of just White people, so we cannot hurt anyone else.

I am absolutely sure non – Whites would not want to have anything to do with us, just like the historical record of immigration shows.

So, a huge (yuuuuuge) wall should be erected around this new White nation. This way, no dangerous Whites could escape, and no innocent POC could accidently (not through any fault of their own, but of course due to White tricknology) find themselves in the hellish, failed state an all White country would invariably become.”

Agree&Amplify the antiracism Left: Yes, White people are horrible. So bad, in fact, that they need to be removed from the presence of nonWhites and exiled to their own lands, far away from the wonders and blessings of Diversitopias. Perhaps in time these horrible, no good, very bad White people will even give their new land a name… America… and call it a nation.


Reader -A comments,

What if the liberal disagrees and amplifies? At this point in the degeneracy cycle, do they even have to hide their genocidal urges anymore? Would there be a healthy response of “fuck you” from the people they claim to want to destroy or will there just be intellectual insecurity and approval seeking from the status signalers?

That’s the beauty (and the purpose) of running Tight Game on leftoids and cucks (as Our Glorious Trumpening is doing); Game clarifies, cuts through, and captures the genocidal essence of the leftoid spirit. Game wonderfully focuses the mind of shitlibs, just as it focuses the vaginal tingles of temptresses. As you Agree & Amplify leftoids to heights of rage and freakboy impotence, they begin to reveal in technicolor dazzle the depths of their degeneracy and their true aim of genociding away the normal Whites who aren’t on board with the plan to summon from the Cucken lair the leftoids’ r-selection dystopian beast.

When you have GAMED them to basically admitting they find joy in the thought of killing off millions of BadWhites, you no longer need rhetorical devices to win back and occupy the moral/social/political high ground. The mediocre masses will have slowly edged into your camp, ready to listen to your pitch and, if the leftoids don’t back down from their civilization-destroying insanity, ready to aid you in pushing them off their thrones by force.


  1. Even better! Certain vibrant communities are so in danger of the white man they should be protected as natural habitats! No evil whiteys in, no fauna gets out without rigorous checkpoints! armed guards! High walls! razor wire to keep whitey out! functioning ovens! Nice showers!

    Make whitey live in his wasteland alone while those vibrants inside the gated community-paradise they deserve!

    Holiday wish list rape!

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    • on December 23, 2015 at 3:37 pm Captain Obvious

      > “Make whitey live in his wasteland alone” ——— God I love watching Les Survivorman Stroud out searching for Sasquatch, and the Brown family as Alaskan Bush People. Whitey all alone in his wasteland – frigging HEAVEN ON EARTH.

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      • on December 23, 2015 at 3:40 pm Captain Obvious

        BTW, for a couple of episodes, Noah Brown was trying to “court” this chick, who lived in The Towns, and he was all being nice to her and writing her letters and sh!znat, and I was like screaming at the TV, “Neg da beeyotch! NEG da beeyotch!” Somebody needs to teach that boy about Game. Also, his younger sister is starting to look imminently f*ckable…


      • Whitey all alone in his wasteland

        We can dream, but Whitey still built the Suburbs?

        Am i right, or am i right?

        Whitey’s got his problems.

        A 38 ain’t going to solve these problems.


    • no; just say “I agree, they are horrible, we should kill all of them.”

      Out the fucking leftists. Then use violence on them.


    • COTM winner!

      Vibrancy rape!!!


  2. on December 23, 2015 at 1:28 pm Wrong Side of History

    Leftism in the west is just the white nationalism of the elite.

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  3. on December 23, 2015 at 1:29 pm Captain Obvious

    I went to kkkomment on that Salon article, and my two choices for authentication were the Mossad Facebook [stolen from shkotzim Winklevoss Winklevoss & Narendra] or the Mossad Google [stolen from shkotzim subsidiary AltaVista of shkotzim Digital Equipment Corp].


    • on December 23, 2015 at 1:34 pm Captain Obvious


      • on December 23, 2015 at 1:36 pm Captain Obvious

        BTW, Mossad Google dressed up their Battle Droids as Santa’s Reindeer:


      • on December 23, 2015 at 1:38 pm Captain Obvious

        DO NOT KID YOURSELF – the Mossad is preparing for war – the final war to exterminate the White Race [and the Persian/Sassanid Shia] once and for all. Ask the ghosts of the Romanov family how that story ends…


      • CO, you do not know as much as you think you do. The anti-Iran animus is not because of theological reasons, but because of pragmatical reasons. It appears to me, that you overstate this whole “Sunni vs Shia” thing. Jews don’t give a fuck about that. If Iran were to suck up to Izreel and the Saudis were to oppose it, their tune would change.

        And I will kick you in the balls if you post a picture of Andrea Dworkin.


      • on December 24, 2015 at 10:24 am Captain Obvious

        Says the Sunni Turk sh!tskin in Germany who is an expert on Mossad thought…


      • I probably have brighter skin than you do, you raving rat. 😆


    • on December 23, 2015 at 1:37 pm Captain Schlamered

      Ya I’d rather post pseudo anonymous over here, instead of risk the harpie whorde coming after my job. Although I would welcome the threats and random phone calls. I’d invite every last one of them over for a beer. I doubt they’d stay klassy in the face of such hospitality.


    • That’s the second time I’ve heard AltaVista was poached by what is now google. How do you know this, Cappy?


      • on December 23, 2015 at 2:14 pm Captain Obvious

        Because I can remember when AltaVista was the sh!znat, and then one day, J00gle suddenly stormed-fronted onto the scene, backed by gazillions in fiat shekels, and Digital mysteriously folded like a tent. I’ve often wondered whether some shegetz [or group of shkotzim] at Digital/Compaq/HP were bribed [or blackmailed or [email protected]] into letting go of the tech for free.


      • on December 23, 2015 at 2:16 pm Captain Obvious

        But mendo, the big story today is the [email protected] Dr0ids as reindeer. The Mossad is openly laughing at us – signalling in no uncertain terms what they intend for us – mechanized automated A.I. s1aughter of the shkotzim.


      • AltaVista technology was shite compared to Google.

        Sure Google is evil now, but back then it was just geeks with a better idea.


  4. Ha! That comment is excellent. How might a shitlib reply?? Liberals are like 13 year olds. They irrationally hate their parents (the conservatives), but without their parents, they’d be toast. Liberals need conservatives to protect them… pay the taxes, fight the wars, be cops, etc. Conservatives don’t need liberals in any way, shape, or form. So yes, let’s respectfully shake hands and go our separate ways. We’ll see who needs who first.


    • Don’t know if you have twitter, but there’s a page called DadsForTrump….sweet sonofabitch, all the crybaby whores (as a majority are women) bitching about the fact that there dad is voting/liking Trump.

      They all say they want to move out, but I’ll believe that when Obummer says radical isamlic leftoidism.


      • on December 23, 2015 at 2:20 pm Captain Obvious

        > “DadsForTrump” ——— The perfect tro11 comment there would be along the lines of, “If your Dad is like The Donald, then that must mean that your Mom and all of your Step-Moms are total MILFs. Tell them that I’ll be over with the champagne this evening, and for them to dress appropriately [heels, not flats].”


      • What will you do when no one can afford your trash because no one has a job that pays above minimum wage if at all? Do robots watch bad propaganda films? Also, will we be spreading this new ethic to the managerial class? After all, the majority are overpaid lavishly for failure. You could pretty much select anyone of us here at random and have equal success over a portfolio.

        No, you need us, but you want to free ride off of us. You want a first world standard of living, infrastructure and legal environment while paying third world wages through ethnic displacement. Pack up and move to India or China where you don’t have the benefit of those factors if you’re such an evolutionary wonder. This is really known as high treason and your libertarian rationalization to the contrary doesn’t hold water. Die already.


    • What about treating cancer or teaching children to read?

      Social conservatives don’t carry the tax burden and a society needs liberals as much as it needs women. If the nation was filled with nothing but the people commenting on this forum no one would want to live in it.

      To be taken seriously there will have to be a reconciliation with wider society and a purge of the reaction’s losers. Everyone loves a good purge.


      • A truly pathetic attempt at a reply, UKUNT. You get to live with the other shitlibs and we’ll live over here. Please leave us alone.


      • We already have wymyn. Using screen name UKIP ironically? Yer fuckin hilarious


      • You are absolutely correct. What the people of this board don’t get is that the average Trump supporter (white trash) are increasingly irrelevant to the tax base of this nation.
        The whites who drive this economy, those who still invent, design and create things are tired of being leeched on by those who do not (“dindus” , white trash, etc).
        White losers have a sense of entitlement that they deserve a certain standard of living even though their objective personal achievements do not merit such, simply because they are white.
        This comes primarily the expense of those whites who have done something with their lives in terms of higher labor costs and subsequent prices.
        So guess what, cowboy ?
        Folks are tired of subsidizing you.
        If you can’t do the job 3X better than a Mexican or Chinese, why should you be paid 3X more ?
        If you can’t produce more than a Mexican, you deserve to live no better than a Mexican.
        Blacks are right about ‘white privilege’ but wrong about who bears the burden of it.
        It’s white folks who are bearing the burden of other white folks who don’t carry their own weight.


      • @ JayG

        The arrogance of your post is breathtaking. Shades of Marie Antoinette. After you flood this country with millions of Mexicans, and they become a majority, do you think they’ll be content to simply leave you alone in gated opulance to dine on quail’s eggs and caviar while they docilely feed their children nothing but beans and rice in perpetuity? Are you really that fucking stupid, boy? People like you are going to be put up against the walls of your luxurious communities and shot fucking dead. You should probably read up a little on the Mexican revolution. That was one of the greatest democides in world history. Mexico today has some of the most restrictive gun laws on earth and there’s a damn good reason for that: because the Mexican elite knows exactly what would happen to it if every campesino and his brother were allowed to have a gun.


      • Thanks JayG. Anyone who is like me 2 years ago, struggling to understand how a small group of people could be responsible for so much evil, can study your comment. That demonic level of hatred for humanity comes from only 1 ethnic group. Meanwhile, I found your picture:


      • @JayG

        I hope you will apply the same standard with your non-existent children. If your layabout son doesn’t pull his weight, just replace him with a “hard-working” bindi or Mexican.



      • “White trash,” huh?

        Hey JayG: get fucked, cuck.


      • JayG, what about the Fed and that little extortion racket you and your people use to rob us blind? Where does all that cash come from? Where does it go? Dream on if you think you have been subsidizing us. Your body will be left for the crows.


      • @Amasius

        You do realize that in that very season, Trump fired the white trash (in the clip) and hired the black guy right ?
        Not even your hero wants to be leeched on by losers.
        Don’t even realize the point you are making when you post clips. Dumbass.


      • My comment above at 24 December 2015 09:27 is directed at JayG.


      • White losers have a sense of entitlement that they deserve a certain standard of living even though their objective personal achievements do not merit such, simply because they are white.

        Heh, heh… every White freeloader I’ve ever known in my life always had that sheepish guilty grin or admitted miscreant arrogance whenever he/she “got over” on somebody or something. In short, they KNEW they were stealing and, when called on it, just laughed it off nervously as a defense mechanism.

        Point is NONE of them ever acted like “they deserved it”.

        Now, when it comes to you darkies, well… let’s just say your statement evinces a level of bizarro-world projection not often seen at the chateau… unless of course it’s one of you shitskins trying to neener-neener YT.


      • He fired him because he called himself White trash, DUMBASS. Trump doesn’t go for that bullshit and that’s the point, DUMBASS. Also most of your precious Latino immigrants are on welfare, DUMBASS. They don’t contribute shit to this country, DUMBASS. Certain oligarch cucks want the cheap labor and don’t give a damn about their own people and that’s it, DUMBASS. Go fuck yourself, DUMBASS.


      • http://www.amren.com/features/2015/10/welfare-whos-on-it-whos-not/

        Well lookee here! Herp to the motherfucking derp! Those Hispanics sure are hard working, DUMBASS. They sure are way preferable to “White trash,” DUMBASS.


      • JayG, shut your Jew mouth, bitch.


      • Is he a kike or just an Asperger’s libertardian cuck? I’m getting curious.


      • JayG, although I feel the same about the shit whites who feel entitled to anything for being white, I don’t particularly care for those exclusively concerned with their money either. So I’ll laugh my ass off if some fruitcake will get in power who will make it mandatory for these materialistic dolts to send their children to minority majority schools and who will build housing projects in the gated neighborhoods. After all, since we’re about being fair and not letting others free leech, those who employ and benefit from cheap labor should internalize all the costs associated with it.


      • @anon , @asianfriend , @amasius
        Well I ain’t a Jew. Sorry to disappoint. So I guess that makes me the aspie libertarian cuck.
        I’ll tell you who is a Jew though. The guy your hero Trump’s daughter gets her knees dirty for every night.


      • Ukip I promised myself that I wouldn’t post nothing in Christmas only read, but your comment lacks logic in such greater grade that make me upset.

        “If the nation was filled with nothing but the people commenting on this forum no one would want to live in it.”

        I don’t know if you’re a women, a Strapon like agent or a stupid or what.
        Don’t you realize that the modern history is full of womyn and minorities crying for being accepted in our social networks and countries???
        Don’t you see who they have cried for that in a age when all men were even worse than us???
        You borderline leftoid, the worse we are the more extraordinary our civilization, the more you parasites want to live among us.
        That’s what I hope a wall between you and us, so I haven’t to hire womyn and monkeys.
        Merry (White) Christmas


    • “Liberals need conservatives to protect them… pay the taxes, fight the wars, be cops”… if ‘liberals’ go their own way then, ya they’d be living in grass huts and eating mud pies but then the ‘conservatives’ wouldn’t have anyone to arrest, recruit or incarcerate in their support of the ‘war on whatever’ – so I don’t know that conservatives don’t need liberals. Someone’s gotta be cannon fodder!


  5. Of course, if they DID agree, it would be someplace like Antarctica. No, wait. Too important for research. But who is doing that research? Anyway, I have every confidence that White people will thrive, WHEREVER they may be ‘forced’ to live. Merry Christmas!

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  6. And we have to limit cultural appropriation.

    Even though my two boys will hate it, I promise to give up Taco Tuesday….

    As soon as the ‘dark’ world gives up immunizations, the internal combustion engine, cell phones, and every other creation of the oppressive white man.

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  7. on December 23, 2015 at 1:57 pm The Spirit Within

    From the Boston Globe:

    Recently, a few political scientists have begun to discover a human tendency deeply discouraging to anyone with faith in the power of information. It’s this: Facts don’t necessarily have the power to change our minds. In fact, quite the opposite. In a series of studies in 2005 and 2006, researchers at the University of Michigan found that when misinformed people, particularly political partisans, were exposed to corrected facts in news stories, they rarely changed their minds. In fact, they often became even more strongly set in their beliefs. Facts, they found, were not curing misinformation. Like an underpowered antibiotic, facts could actually make misinformation even stronger…


    [CH: and shitlibs like yourself are immune to this mental bias?
    too easy.
    ps TRUMP2016
    pps it’s happening
    ppps president trump will build a yuuge catch basin, the biggest and most beautiful catch basin in the world, to collect your bitter shitlib tears]


    • Liberals don’t give a damn about “facts.” The “fact checkers” scouring and lying about Trump’s statements are the same people who plug their ears and go “la-la-la” whenever race differences in IQ and criminality are brought up.


    • I used to read spirit’s comments with a smirk. Now they just strike me as just sad. I think he shows up here seeking a beating when his dominatrix mom gets tired of administering the whoopass in their upper east side walk up.


    • Well, look who just caught up! The amusing aspect of it is our resident whipping yenta thinks she’s pulling a neener-neener from which she and her ilk are immune.

      This is news?

      Even engineers often admittedly “go with their gut”…

      … and how long has it been acknowledged now… centuries… that scientific truths don’t really become accepted until the old generation of scientists die off.

      And engineers and scientists are supposed to be the creme de la creme of logical thinkers.

      Strapon, thanks for bringing this sorry yet amusing trait of human nature to our attention… but there’s already one Cap’n Obvious at the chateau… we all know him… and YOU’RE no Cap’n Obvious.

      /Lloyd Bentson rape!


    • Jew boy, what are the facts concerning nigger-on-white violent crime? What are the facts regarding average nigger IQ? What are the facts regarding Detroit and Haiti.

      Don’t come here and talk about facts. Your kind is the enemy of facts, pussy.


      • “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is negotiable.”

        Whether it’s money or facts, that’s the credo the Strapons of the world live by.

        I believe it was originally wryly attributed to Communist realpolitik by some pundit back in the day.


    • on December 24, 2015 at 1:48 pm The Spirit Within

      Well-played strawman, Heartiste. You wrote that all by yourself, or did you have help?

      BabyTrump would punch holes in the Oval Office walls the very first time he didn’t get his way. He’s a fart-infused mass of Cheeto-dusted excrescence.


    • Recently, a few political scientists have begun to discover a human tendency deeply discouraging to anyone with faith in the power of information.

      I’m sure that Boston Globe article just dripped with shitlibspeak.

      RECENTLY? My ass… every hack writer and politician from year one has been able to discern this aspect of human nature.

      What’s recent is this:

      Doing it’s damnedest to make sure people… especially the children of the past two generations… are inundated with sex and violence at every possible entertainment outlet… inured to everything that used to be called “homespun virtues”… as well as lacking a sound education that included developing an ability to read and consider long “boring” passages of the great books… the Cathedral is now shocked… shocked to learn… that people have short attention spans and don’t give a rat’s ass about anybody or anything… including pretty much themselves, beyond their momentary physical desires and emotional feelies.

      So now the Establishment reaps what it has sown… a mob of folks who don’t care about right or wrong, true or false… they only care about what they want and like at this given moment.

      It’s going to be a lot harder to keep the masses in line when you can’t guilt them anymore.


  8. Theory of mine: The Left’s relationship with white men is akin to a borderline personality disorder girlfriend and her boyfriend, properly summarized in the “I hate you!/Don’t leave me!” slogan. They hate us, but they don’t want us to go anywhere. They want us to stay and do what we’re told because they need us or think they need us but they also hate us for that very reason.

    On one hand, the Left insists we “need to be stopped!” We’re racists, we’re oppressive, we’re bigoted. We’re full of prejudice. We’re dangerous with all our guns.

    i.e. I hate you!

    On the other hand, they decry “white flight” when we move away from the city and into suburbia or out of leftist states. So they implement affordable housing requirements for residential buildings and Section 8 housing in apartment complexes or zoning and growth management policies to ensure people can’t choose who to associate with. Or they just scream racism and try to shame people into wanting to move away.

    Also, anything that is predominantly white male, whatever it is, has to be “diversified.”

    i.e. Don’t leave me!

    You realize how ridiculous this sounds when you compare it to nativists or anti-illegal immigration types. Whatever one might think about them, they actually believe what they say when they complain about illegal immigration being a problem, so if illegal immigrants left their communities they wouldn’t scream about “(in the blank color) flight” or accuse them of racism for trying to leave.

    Again, it has to be some form of BSD inherent in the political ideology. That’s the best explanation I’ve been able to come up with for their contradictory attitudes.


    • “Well, I’ll just have a Coke, then!”


    • I totally agree with this… and it applies to any group or person that feels disempowered, even and especially if they are the source disempowerment.

      the left is basically shit-testing the right. and… up until Trump came along, the right’s default response has been either to get butthurt or to go beta and kowtow to their demands. like these conservatives who apologize to the BLM movement. Shit-Test FAIL!

      agree& amplify…..that’s the way to pass the left’s infinite shit testing


    • @The Question – in my view the leftoid’s problems stem from their inability to see what the egalitarian actually is. I support the egalitarian ideal as well, but the difference with me is, that leftoids can’t see that it is still a people-sorting strategy (but I clearly see that it is and must be). The nature of the egalitarian (i.e – defined as the idea of equal fundamental existential worth of individuals), in action, is contingent upon other people embracing this ideal as well. If you cannot discern who embraces it and who doesn’t, it is then an ideal that is worse than useless. The leftoids don’t seem to be able to make the differentiation (due to either a lack of aptitude in this respect or some denial-psychic machinery at work, as each individual case may be). The egalitarian ideal in action calls for the culling of the non-egalitarianers, in one way of another. Of course the embrace of the egalitarian is gradient-contingent, and so what I just said is a generalization, but a useful one, and nevertheless is how we used to try to order our civilization, before the rising ascendancy of the leftoids (which in my view, has a lot to do with the rising ascendancy of the Feminine Imperative as skilfully defined by Rollo over at the RM).

      The leftoids perceive any egalitarian-predicated culling-speak, as anti-egalitarian discourse, when in fact the culling-speak is the heart of the matter, the source of the power in the egalitarian, – and the therefore the leftoids attack most virulently those that support their true cause the most. In this respect the leftoids are childish, in the extreme.

      I’m 56, and my views on this haven’t changed much at all since I was a young man, yet, my more libertarian perspective, was deemed left of center back then, but now pretty much the same perspective is deemed quite far right of center. That in itself is a very interesting dynamic. The consensus perspective as changed dramatically in the last 35 years, yet it is now kiddy-version pretend-liberty (not the genuine article, liberty-wise, in my view)

      I like Trump because, though he has not explicitly said so, via my subtextual reading of him, I think he gets what I am saying here, better than any other candidate, left or right, now, or in a very long time.


      • It just struck me that the idealist left has a major problem. There is an identity construct fallacy at it’s core. What I mean is, they say real material things like penises and DNA are not to be held as evidence of identity and are social constructs. This isn’t complete however, there must be compensation to every bend in nature. They twist about and turn into a knot their logic. They buy into the socially constructed idea of equality as if it were natural. An actual social construct is their evidence while real things are social constructs. Marxist doublespeak.


    • What do you expect from people following an inverted ethical system?


  9. That is one of the best comments I have seen in a long time. Bravo Hugo Stiglitz!

    But on a more somber note, there are some that argue that that is what the future actually holds, – a return to self-governing walled city states for which citizenship will be contingent on wealth, with those that cannot measure up wealth-production-wise finding themselves as service peons, or worse, to be housed within the utter chaos of the unwashed, outside the city gates. No more welfare state. I believe it was a Canadian writer – John Ralston Saul, who argued for the high likelihood of this eventuality (at least at one point during his career).

    It appears that that is what the PC-speaking leftoid camp is pushing the world to become (which is the absolute antithesis of their stated sentiment).



  10. […] White People Are Horrible. It’s Time For Them To Be Exiled To Their Own Country […]


  11. I’d venture to guess it’s more likely to wind up like this: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/575968


  12. What if the liberal disagrees and amplifies? At this point in the degeneracy cycle, do they even have to hide their genocidal urges anymore? Would there be a healthy response of “fuck you” from the people they claim to want to destroy or will there just be intellectual insecurity and approval seeking from the status signalers?


    • sure there’s a healthy response of “fuck you” from the right: a bullet, but once we go that route we can say goodbye to our democratic system. though some would argue that we lost that system when we made voting rights universal, instead of restricting it to propertied males as the Founders intended

      but that system didn’t work so well either because it was basically a caste system that allowed the elite to send poor kids off to die in foreign wars.

      so yeah… we’re fucked…

      unless a majority of whyte males learn game


  13. “Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man. Advances which permit this norm to be exceeded — here and there, now and then — are the work of an extremely small minority, frequently despised, often condemned, and almost always opposed by all right-thinking people. Whenever this tiny minority is kept from creating, or (as sometimes happens) is driven out of a society, the people then slip back into abject poverty.

    This is known as ‘bad luck’.”

    Robert Heinlein


    • My schlong is this big.

      You wanna know what the Force is? It’s my cock!

      Come at me, Jebbe!


      • LOL


      • Huuuuuuuuuuugeeee! The biggest!


      • Young P I M Pee days…


      • OK one more… fully erect pose… look at those faces! LOL


      • Check out the girl to the right of the chic in the fuchsia: she’s got her hand right on that clitty clit clit, right ankle slightly askew…a weakening in the lower extremities, mouth agape, showing how well she plays the trumpet.

        Two girls to the right, the one in the blue top: is she wearing lingerie shorts? Not complaining, fucking great legs,


      • Haha Mendo – yeah that girl is showing some O face for sure… Amazing reaction from them, because a man hit a golf ball off a tee… and we let them vote? But not any man right, how many millions of betas have made that shot every Saturday morning and got nothing to show for it except scorn and derision…


    • AMOG battle with Bill, guess who is winning… hint look at the wives…


      • Bill: (nervous chortle)…ahaha, there Trump, that uh, that’s not totally–

        Trump: –No, I’m serious, Melania. This sob once told me…

        (Even Slick Willy’s all eyes on Trumpenkreig.)


  14. Sign me up. No Muslims either, even if white of skin.

    Of course they’d stick us in a stretch of desert or in the high arctic.


    • Of course they’d stick us in a stretch of desert or in the high arctic.

      Doesn’t matter, we’s still thrive. Look at what white people have done in Iceland.

      Of course, after we buit a successful economy there, with a high staandard of living, they’s all be beating on the fucking gates demanding to be let in.


    • “No Muslims either, even if white of skin.”

      You suck m8. White Muslims>>>black Christians.


  15. Non-whites(except some north Asians) are mostly losers who need us to care for them. Without whitey to subsidize their first world lifestyle they know its garbage picking and mud pies for dinner(they really eat these in haiti, look it up).

    This faggot virtue-signaling at salon knows it, too, which is why they would never, ever let us go.

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  16. on December 23, 2015 at 3:45 pm Wrong Side of History

    When they speak of whites -they mean prole whites.

    Wealthy progs represent a more exclusive kind of white nationalism which demands that non-elite crimethinking whites be expropriated and forced to slum it up with equally undesirable blacks and browns.

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    • ” . . . forced to slum it up with equally undesirable blacks and browns.”

      –Let’s not forget that black children from households enjoying +$200,000 per year incomes enjoy parity on the SAT with White children from households earning less than $20,000 a year [iirc, those Cosby Kids are ahead of “you sure’ve got a purdee mouth” by all of 3 points]

      Theo Huxtable, once you get past his crisp Polo shirt, has the cognitive prowess of an inbred West Virginia moonshiner’s bucktoothed daughter. At best!: because God knows the brownie points he gets for an essay that begins, “Black black blackety black . . .”

      There simply is no “equally undesirable” in the equation.


      • You’re full of shit. Lot’s of darkies that are more desirable than lots of whites.

        I don’t doubt this, but I’ve heard some challenges to that stat because it was collected from the “college board”. Poorly sourced, in other words.


      • So, ho, you’re a black moslem of Ottoman ancestry? Like descended from harem attending slaves or something?

        We know about the black and White IQ bell curves, therefore the SAT/income stats make perfect sense. Vague, dataless “challenges” don’t mean shit.


      • Ah shit I forgot the Ottomans used eunuchs for the harem. Fucked that one up.


      • Lot’s of darkies that are more desirable than lots of whites.

        True enough… but that “lot’s of” is Cathedralese shitspeak…

        … and anyone who would live by that motto might as well chisel it into the tombstone of the West, for it makes nothing so much as an excellent epitaph.

        Think about it… isn’t that how we’ve gotten into this current malaise?

        By all means, treat all men fairly… but don’t invite them, willy-nilly, into your homes and lives merely because they “seem nice enough”.


      • Ho, I’m sure lots of rapists are better people than lots of antiracists. Is there a point there?


      • Lucius argued LITERALLY that a white man is better than any black man BY DEFINITION. If it was hyperbolic, I beg your pardons, but that is flat out BS. I know first-hand that having black neighbors that are better than some white neighbors is actually possible.

        Man, I am a systemizer, when a guy makes a post like that, I take it literally…

        “We know about the black and White IQ bell curves, therefore the SAT/income stats make perfect sense. Vague, dataless “challenges” don’t mean shit.”

        That the stats came from a questionable source is a fact. I know it, because I have the picture with that stat saved in my /pol/-folder. I’ve seen some shitlib attack that image and therefore informed you that there is an attackable weakness. (potentially) Better people than me might think of countering that, it should help the “cause”.

        We know that blacks have lower IQ, but that’s not how evidence works, lol. If that’s the basis for believing that SAT/Income thing, why not just point to the IQ distribution? Oh wait, that would be circular reasoning, because the SAT/income thing is actually evidence used to buttress the true claim that IQ is a legit way to measure intelligence.

        You can’t point to IQ to support the SAT-thing, because most reasonable people use the SAT-thing to support IQ. (which is what matters) We want to prove that blacks really are dumber, not that they do worse at school.


      • Merry Christmas, ho. Now what the hell are you going on about?

        Clarence Thomas is a better human being than the BTK killer, so your inference is bunk.

        But the African races are really dumb as a ton of bricks. That the Rashida Joneses, Alicia Keyses, Sasquatch and Malia, etc., can’t outshoot the cast of Deliverance on a stupid SAT is pretty much a slam-dunk on what every race of man’s lying eyes has told them for 3,000 years– blacks be dumb. Which is just what every other test, up to and including the test of Life, also tells us.

        Every night I pray to God in the name of Christ to make America and the Commonwealth supermajority White, and all indigenous White nations of Europe completely White, with the Jews back to Israel, all persons of color repatriated, and all rapists justfully slain by new lawful governments or by vigilante dads, as required. If further violence is required to achieve these noble and just goals, so be it. “A suitcase or a coffin”, as the Algerians once said. The interlopers can make their own call.

        Nobody cares that some shitlib somewhere takes a pot shot at something. Shitlibs will argue with the face of God. They always have.

        ho, New Year’s Resolve yourself to stop being a predictable stepin’ fetch hysteric. Why can’t you be more like thwack? Say something funny once in a while . . .


  17. Joan Walsh, who is America’s most rich and famous anti-racist and the editor of the influential and widely read “Salon”, lives in a gated all-white San Francisco community. Similar to the proposed white reservation but smaller.

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  18. Mr Joyce, tear down this wall!

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  19. “Game clarifies, cuts through, and captures the genocidal essence of the leftoid spirit.”

    Me hears a hint of Gordon Gekko.


  20. on December 23, 2015 at 4:59 pm The Target and the Gun

    This faggot is batshit insane: https://twitter.com/ezraklein/status/679744730117242880.


    • LOL even most of the shitlib people who follow him are calling BS. What a maroon. Hey Ezra: Get a life, kike!


  21. A&A is THE key to spaying the leftoid juggernaut. since all their pet projects are idealistic delusions, all you have to do is agree with their “logic” and extrapolate to the absurd extreme

    black lives matter? yep, absolutely. from now on mandatory life sentence for anyone who kills a n1gger (95% of blacks are killed by other blacks, cops can shoot as many kneecaps as they want…)

    gender pay gap? you’re RIGHT! reduce men’s wages and productivity so they’re in line with women’s

    fat shaming? totally agree! affirmative action for fatties! AND… all news anchors and members of public office must now have a BMI 30 or above; and let’s redo the statue of liberty so she’s a chubber. “give us your tired, your poor, your HUNGRY….” (written by an eskimo btw, not surprisingly)

    problem right now is they expect a fight from us. once we stop fighting them and turning their own back-asswards logic against them they’ll switch sides. they only want what they can’t have, like fuckin children


    • let’s redo the statue of liberty so she’s a chubber.



    • Absofuckinglutly, Plumpjack.

      Hey, you know all those refugees you all keep emoting about? Well, there sure is A LOT of partially vacant summer homes which are currently being underutilized. Miami, the Hamptons, Beverly Hills, DC. The list is endless.

      This is, shall we say, problematic.

      Immediately expropriate these dwellings and allow those poor wretched souls to have a roof over their heads!

      Think of the children.


    • This combined with zfg for their moral condemnations makes them all emotional. Lol.


  22. on December 23, 2015 at 5:03 pm The Target and the Gun

    Here is how stupid leftoids are: they still think it’s a good tactic to accuse white men of “sexism” and “racism”. lolzozozozo.

    As CH has noted, Trump is adored by beautiful women worldwide. In the absence of the one man/one woman marriage thing that we still kinda have Trump’s herem would include about 90 wives.

    And Hillary with her one child tries to call Trump a “sexist” and “racist”. Trump has provided jobs for at least 14.88 million women and black people.


  23. That Mr Fox pic in the twitter feed is absofuckinglutely priceless. Whoever took that deserves a Pulitzer.


  24. “Speaking w/ my parents frequently over Holiday. #GOPe have no idea how much they have pissed off conservative, law-abiding Americans.”

    My question is, how do we punish the GOPe at the Congressional level? Given the omnibus catastrophe, I sure don’t see what benefit we’ve reaped from the ballyhooed 2014 shitlib wipeout. But if independent candidates split the conservative vote in 2016 and the shitlibs win that’s hardly a victory either.


    “A total of 469 seats in the U.S. Congress (34 Senate seats and all 435 House seats) are up for election on November 8, 2016.[1]

    The big story of the 2016 congressional election cycle is whether or not the Democratic Party will be able to regain control of the Senate. In order to take the chamber back, Democrats will need to gain five seats in 2016, a difficult but not impossible task. The majority of vulnerable seats are held by Republican incumbents, many of whom are freshmen who were swept into office in the Republican wave of 2010. Additionally, Democrats only have 10 seats to defend in 2016, while 24 Republican incumbents are up for re-election.”


    • on December 23, 2015 at 11:55 pm Diversity Is Good

      Demoplicans, Republicrats – it’s all the same party, just look at how the GOP donor base and the WSJ editorial page are filling their Depends over Trump, because it’s Jeb’s turn now don’t you know? Just make it one party and get it over with, if it’s good enough for Argentina or Venezuela why not El Norte?

      Even Limbaugh now admits the GOP should just die.


  25. Salon gets 11 million pageviews a month. This isn’t some lefty rag nobody reads. With that number in mind, understand they felt perfectly comfortable printing that openly anti – White polemic.


  26. Someone should tell Frank Joyce that walls don’t work.


  27. Push them off the cliffs into the dark cold waters below. Let them revel in their darkness. For the White man is soooooooo evil.


  28. “leftoids are invulnerable to appeals to reason or accountability (just like women)”

    lot of overlap there, don’t you think?


  29. Barney Frank Joyce Carol Oates


  30. 11 months: either Trump wins, or we are balls to the wall separatists.


  31. on December 23, 2015 at 10:14 pm Anonymous age 73

    >>because the Mexican elite knows exactly what would happen to it if every campesino and his brother were allowed to have a gun.

    I live in Mexico, out in the boonies. I do not wish to shock you to your very core, but “every campesino and his brother” do have firepower. M-1’S. Not long ago I saw a .double barreled 45-.70. They are armed to the teeth. Of course, not all, but enough of them to avoid government abuses.

    The cops are scared s**tless of the farmers.And, the cops have full auto M-16’s.

    A couple years ago, a stupid cop in my village made an identification error and thought a farmer working in a field was a wanted kidnapper. So, he took a squad and arrested him. The other farmers, hundreds of them, swarmed into the village with all sorts of firepower. Plus machetes and scythes and clubs.

    The cops huddled in the station, and called in the Mexican Army helicopters with 50 caliber machine guns hanging out the sides. The farmers went home.

    The idiot responsible was moved to another location. Not the next week or the next day. The minute the streets were open again, he was gone instantly. He will never come back here.

    Only one farmer was arrested. He actually hit a cop. All the firepower was allowed to go home again.

    What I see would be called in some circles a Mexican standoff. The cops don’t go out and abuse the farmers nor their wives, and the farmers don’t bust up the police station. The cops know the arms are there, but the truce keeps them from sweeping the area.

    It actually makes for a peaceful community.

    And, I take it you guys never heard of the Autodefensas. In another state, the cartels were linked with the cops, and did horrid things to citizens. The farmers armed themselves, and ran off the cops and the cartels.At one point the Army entered to try to take control back, and the Army lost! I shit you not. The farmers were fighting for their families, for their daughters some of whom had been raped and lots more.


  32. If it wasn’t for MightyWhitey most of the non-White world would still be living in the Stone Age… Libtards know this. Their collective cognitive dissonance won’t allow them to say this, much less even think it out loud in their head, but they know it…

    Libtards hate for the wrong kind of Whites is really just a projection of the hate they have for NAMs not being what they want them to be. Believe me, they know now dangerous nizzers are, they are terrified of them. But its verboten for them to think this much less say it, so someone has to pay, someone has to be held accountable for their rage.

    Whenever I hear a libtard ranting and raving about rednecks, proles this or that, conservatives, I know they really really hate NAMs…

    I was at a party in San Freako a dozen or so years ago. Got into an intense argument. I offered to pay the rent for my opponent to live in Hunter’s Point for a month. FYI, Hunter’s Point is a terrible nizzer ghetto, about the only one left in SF, but I think its getting torn down. Anyhow, I had a lot of cash on me for some reason (think I was buying a used truck), so I pulled it out, $1500 I offered this, I remember Berkley grad wench. She’d been saying Oakland wasn’t as bad as I was saying, our argument escalated of course. Anyhow, she didn’t take me up on my offer. And the host didn’t invite me to any more parties. That’s something else I’ve noticed, libtards hate to be disagreed with. If there was a sand pile they would literally bury their in it to not have to listen to facts that contradicted what they so desperately want to believe.

    Don’t be a cuck chump vote for Trump!


    • The only non-white place that was actually still in the stone age was Australia. Even nizzers managed to do metallurgy. To say nothing about Aztecs, Inca, Muslims, Indians, Chinks, Japs etc.


  33. The reason anti-whites are in power is because they know how to fight the propaganda war and pro-whites, with a few exceptions, do not.


  34. on December 24, 2015 at 6:27 pm Corporal Hicks

    Look at your surroundings this very moment. The furniture, the computer, the telephone, the lights, the TV, the sliding glass door, the ceiling fans, the carpet…yeah, whitey invented ALL of it. It’s just bizarre watching libtards bitch about white privilege in their university classrooms that were dry-walled, painted, and wired by blue collar whitey and supervised by a successful Italian contractor. Libtards: living in psychologically-gated communities. Every last one of the fuckers.


  35. It’s incredibly obvious that the comment used as the basis for this writeup was trolling.

    Or I’m retarded


  36. Let me clue you all in. The system is fucked royally. Its over. End of the road. The Federal Reserve is between a rock and a hard place. They have to raise interest rates to stop hyperinflation because people are dumping Uncle Monkey’s Funny Money, but that will crunch credit hard and lead to massive price deflation like you’re seeing with oil. Nobody has any spending cash. Take out the papers and the trash boys. The Long Nightmare is about over.
    Join the Mobile Infantry. Get citizenship. Form your own local brigade and I’ll see you at the War.


  37. “Game clarifies, cuts through, and captures” nice Gordon Gekko work in Chateau!


  38. Actually, I think the BLM movement is making sure that everything is segregated (once again).

    Pretty soon we are going to see colleges (all private funding) where it will be decided who stays (or not) because there will be no public money involved. The schools won’t have to pander to lower educated affirmative action students just to meet their quotas for the semester. It will be who they want as students (all whites, no blacks or other) …paid for with private money.

    Ah yes, BLM is doing white people a big favor.


    • Pretty soon we are going to see colleges (all private funding) where it will be decided who stays (or not) because there will be no public money involved. The schools won’t have to pander to lower educated affirmative action students just to meet their quotas for the semester. It will be who they want as students (all whites, no blacks or other) …paid for with private money.

      Even with all private money, there are still anti-discrimination laws to contend with. There is also the issue of accreditation. A diploma from an unaccredited college isn’t worth the paper it’s written on, and accreditation agencies are run by Stalinist shitlibs who worship diversity the same way Muslims worship that stupid rock in the desert. No diversity = no accreditation.