Balancing Comfort With Unease

Lurking_Gorilla asks,

I have a game question. Where is the balance between her being nervous around you versus her being comfortable around you (to open up sexually)?

CH Maxim #44: “Women can’t feel impassioned without also feeling a little unease.”

No doubt. It’s better she feels a little nervous around you, and afraid to say the wrong thing, than to have the kind of lazy comfort you see in long-term couples.

But what’s the right mindset for keeping her in that state of butterflies and excited nervousness (different from the infamous “dread”) long term, while also getting her comfortable and feeling a connection to you? Comfort is especially important when going for the bang. But beyond that, too much comfort is a passion killer.

A smart game question. The comfort phase of pickup gets short shrift compared to the attraction stage, but the reality for most men is that if they blow it with a woman, they will likely blow it at some point during the seduction when a woman needs to feel emotional connection and trust. Typically, this “blow it” point will fall somewhere between one hour after meeting and the third date. (You’ll know you blew it on the second date when she greets you with a hug instead of a kiss on the third date.)

We’ll talk more about the comfort phase for getting the bang in future posts, but for now let’s focus on striking that balance between comfort and unease in LTRs, because it is true that women respond most delightfully to men who can at once arouse and soothe their anxieties.

In order to pull off this feat effectively with a woman you have known for a while, you have to be just a little bit sociopathic. A rom-com sociopath. The grist is push-pull (or hot-cold): You say one thing one minute, and it’s seeming opposite the next. Or, your words and behavior don’t match. In an LTR, what this means is that you’ll want to acquire a patina of unpredictability. Just a patina, though. Too much comfort is a passion killer, but too little comfort is a relationship killer.

My go-to hot beef injection of exquisite unease usually takes the form of flirting with other women at social events I’m attending with my girl. Plausible deniability, a bit of earshot-buffering room space, and a good sense for timing the exit of an illicit conversation are all valued skills in the art of keeping your woman hanging on those tempting tenterhooks.

If you have some natural social grace and charm, you won’t even have to seek out the attention. As a pre-selected man feeling no particular urge to GET LAID NOW, other women will gravitate to your side. Don’t underestimate how villainously competitive women can be when naughty thoughts of stealing away a taken man intrude. There’s a reason a woman fearful of abandonment with save her sharpest claws for the other woman casting eyes upon her man.

Naturally, you will abide these mischievous trollops. You are a man, after all, who enjoys the company of women after 5 PM. That such company might simultaneously inflame distress and lust in your main mama is a quirk of the female sex which you have no moral duty to police.

Later, when you are tasked by your stressed-out girlfriend to describe “who” it was you were talking to, and “what” it was you were saying (and all the while she will attempt, O wonderfully frail and transparent creature!, to hide her concern under a facial smear of detached inquisition), you will by no means readily disabuse her of the notion that another woman, heaven forbid!, was interested in your scintillating presence. Instead, you will smartly express feigned naivete as you gleefully, even recklessly, recount how interested the interloper seemed in your goings-on and your collegiate sense of humor. Or, if you’re the sly type, you might just shrug off your girlfriend’s questioning with an opaque, and slightly distracted, “She’s a nice girl.”

If your girlfriend is a sensitive Susie, you’ll have to pull back on the reins a bit more than you’d at first like. The sensitive girl can easily let her imagination, or nightmares, get the best of her. In that case, a gentle, but masculinity-affirming, “You have nothing to worry about, baby”, will suffice.

If your girlfriend is a real tough nut (i.e., a road-worn slut), you might happily upbraid her when she slips on her inquisitrix robe. “Somebody’s jealous.” Or, “This insecurity doesn’t sit well on you.” For added punch, don’t leaven your words with a chuckle of camaraderie; speak them with a poker face.

This is the end of Lesson One in How To Balance Comfort and Unease in Your Woman. The next lesson will publish precisely one month after the first commenter bitches about there being too many politics posts too many game posts.


  1. I miss Heartiste… there are just too many politics posts recently


    • Reminds me of an exchange in a movie: “I don’t care about politics,” says the business-only main character.
      “But politics cares about you,” says the other guy.


      • Hellraiser Bloodlines had something similar, “I don’t believe in hell,” says the man. “But hell believes in you.” replies the demon.


      • How did my long post get stuck in moderation? I’d like to see the list of moderated words if there is one. Would have to be something really juicy to be flagged at the château.

        Testing, testing: “The components are typical of this particular ceramic substrate, with a glaze of polyimide but equipped with radio static chips the diameter of a human hair. The signal produced cannot be blocked by any of the equipment currently in use by West European law enforcement. At the next EU summit, should the Device be successfully deployed in the vicinity of the target, the remote can….”


      • Life is politics. All of it. The inner, the outer, and everything in between. r/K selection theory is proving this more and more everyday.


      • A problem in our time is that it’s true as bookooball says, everything is politics. It wasn’t always like that, though. Kings of old did not have as much power over our everyday lives as “democratic” governments today. People could live at their farm and in their village their whole lives without seeing a representative for the government.

        Sound unlikely? Consider this: five years, I believe it was, after India’s independence, there were great government celebrations in the big cities. The government busybodies decided to send out foot folk with a survey to see if villagers in the countryside had heard the great news, that the British had left. But the study had to be cut short when to their embarrassment they found that most people in the countryside didn’t even know that the British had arrived in the first place.

        The Left made everything politics, and you sure knew when the Left arrived. The Right most of the time has tried to avoid following suit. Taking the high road, they called it. And for the Right this is natural, as the normal way of life is to just work hard and then go home to your family. It is considered gauche to criticize and attack too much. The Right is focused on building. But the Left is focused on attacking. The discussions around their kitchen tables are very different – to them attacking is a way of life. Never inappropriate. It is never time to just let something go. Attacking is their way of life in order to get more money and privileges. So everything has been turned into politics.

        There have been right-wing movements that have decided to fight the Left with their own game, take up the challenge and treat everything as politics. The manosphere/Dark Enlightenment is the most recent attempt I can think of. When the Left spins stories about male/female relationships and psychology, rather than just say “let it be” and “Freedom! Let everyone do what they want”, now is the time to show the facts, show how the brain is shaped by evolution, show the stats. Don’t just be reactionary, saying “no” when you read a headline. Show your own explanations and your own vision. When school kids go online after school looking for other answers, have those answers waiting for them.


      • i used to care bout politics but then i realised the earth was here 6 billion years before america was, and will be here 6 billion more years after america has gone.

        give in to the nihilism guys, learn game and have a good time


      • on December 20, 2014 at 10:18 am Whomever Wherever

        > “The Left made everything politics, and you sure knew when the Left arrived. The Right most of the time has tried to avoid following suit. Taking the high road, they called it. And for the Right this is natural, as the normal way of life is to just work hard and then go home to your family.”

        The Left == ORIENTAL. The Right == OCCIDENTAL. It’s all biological calvinism. Not a damned thing has changed in the last 2000 years since the Mashiach first warned us about these monsters.


      • “People could live at their farm and in their village their whole lives without seeing a representative for the government.”

        except when they come to conscript your son for yet another war. You’ll never see him again because he’ll be buried in some muddy field far away.


      • ““People could live at their farm and in their village their whole lives without seeing a representative for the government.”

        except when they come to conscript your son for yet another war. You’ll never see him again because he’ll be buried in some muddy field far away.”

        The problem with that assertion is that conscription of that type arose with “republics” and democracies primarily. There wasn’t broad conscription in France until the French Revolution. Same else where. Professional armies were very often multinational, with a fair portion being mercenaries. It should be noted that with the end of the draft in the USA the military resembles this to some extent. The problem is that the power structure has treated it as a mercenary force for a long time, working to drive out patriots or use them as cannon fodder (see Haiti under first consul Napoleon for a similar effort).


      • arbiter, that “but politics cares about you” is a rif on a famous line by trotsky


    • I thought negatively about politics posts for a time, and then I saw that women and game are out in the real world, not on a blog, but politics are different, and the internet is a great place to have a political discussion.


    • on December 20, 2014 at 9:31 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

      Dear Heartiste,

      You may now stop blogging. It has all been resolved:

      There is nothing more to say.

      I have seen the light and the shock has stilled my zllozzooozlzzing tremors.

      Merry Xmas!

      Da GGBFM (Ghost of da GBFM = GGBFM!) I earned an extra G! lzozoozoozz


  2. why is it that i can’t read any comment?


  3. ohhh… i thought today is dec.20


  4. […] Balancing Comfort With Unease […]


  5. Agree with talking with other women at social events. But as you get older you often have fewer social events to go to, and my advice in that case is to go to a hobby together. Especially dance, and especially salsa, which is very sensual. Chicks love that dance, and salsa/bachata classes usually have too few men while the women sometimes have to wait for six months to get in.

    “But that’s from the Caribbean! Isn’t that too swarthy for you, nyah nyah?” No, crime is too swarthy for me, not a dance that works. Preemptive explanation there, moving on.

    Dance is not for everyone, but there might be other things where you live. It doesn’t even have to be a hobby as such. Maybe it’s about helping out somehow. Some association for preserving old buildings – look around and see what you can find. Aside from having the chance to chat up other women while your wife/girlfriend is watching, it gives you a chance to get out of the house.

    But at the same time, of course, it is important that you have a hobby where she is not included. She might complain about you being away from her, but in the long run that is much better than being bored with each others company.

    Speaking of avoid getting bored, thought of the day: Short-term marriages, to be renewed or not every two years by signing papers at the court house and having a party afterward. If not renewed they wouldn’t be treated like a divorce, but as if the marriage never existed. Would keep both parties on their toes even if you knew for sure you’d renew it. It would be a reminder that yes, love is always conditional.


    • Been looking at taking salsa lessons as it’s such a boss dance and as you said, sensual. It’s about moving with the music; imbued by the beat so to speak. You command the dance floor and women cannot help but swoon.


      • Salsa is a great way to meet middle class Latinas in high heels and flowing skirts that expect the men to lead. The classes are full of feminized SWPL men who would rather shoot their own mother than lead any interaction with a woman. If you have any game you’ll do well.

        Swing is much easier to learn but seems to attract a squeaky clean younger sunday school crowd,


      • Or you can go pop a few E’s at a rave and just wiggle some colorful lights in the face of a teenage girl that’s wearing her mom’s lingerie and has a pacifier in her mouth.


      • on December 21, 2014 at 11:20 am Pyjama Wearing Ninja

        Yes, but if you’re 52, you’ll look awkward going to a rave. Raves are rather lame for pick up though, unless the group of people you hang out with is good for social proof.


  6. Amen.


  7. Back before game, a buddy and I were discussing the neighbor’s divorce, wife was nearby. She asks why they are splitting and I say off handedly Susie wasn’t putting out. My beta buddy is put off by this. My wife says nothing.

    Get to bed a few hours later and she attacks me. Mind blowing sex ensues. Light bulbs go off, the world is no longer flat etc…

    Hypergamy is real and every woman knows there is another like her ready and willing to take her place. Play into this set up. Keep a low thrum of dread always running in the background of any ltr. She serves at your pleasure then and you will maintain hand.


    • My experience is like Sentient

      When “Spreadsheet Guy” was all the rage in the Manosphere. I was laughing at some of the comments on Dalrock’s blog. My LT SO came in and asked me what I was laughing at. I showed her the comment and then had to explain the Spreadsheet and the guy going silent after sending the email. The REAL interesting thing was her fascination the excuses Spreadsheet Guy’s wife used. I pretty much forgot about it… but in bed the SO attacked me and after a few rounds said “put that in your spreadsheet”. She was serious.
      And for the next three days she was a bunny in bed.

      Another story… back when I was Beta I had a LT Girlfriend in college. I really was on the fence with her and constantly pushed her buttons. One of my favorite games was the blow up fight over trivial shit.
      The best topic was my sister who the GF could not stand.
      Step1 – Start to talk annoyingly about Sister for 1 week
      Step 2 – Start to really rag on Sister and talk about how she dislikes GF for 1 week
      Step 3 – Openly mock and joke about Sister… GF agrees for 1 week
      Step 4 – Wait until GF mocks Sister and BAM chew GF out (she has no right to talk about Sister) 1 day
      Step 4a – 1 day of silent treatment
      Step 4b – Haught kinky make up sex for 5 days (be sure to explore her new loosened boundaries!)

      Rinse and Repeat – nice girl but after doing this about Sister, Mother, School, State I live in, Redneck Family… you would think that this otherwise smart girl would have figured it out… not.

      As a wiser player I recognize that the fake fight cycle seemed to peak a few times with HER CYCLE… And jeez you want to talk about hot monkey love. One time that step 4b HAD to be during Estrus she literally marched herself to my place in nothing but a robe (across campus) and jumped me.
      Good times


      • on December 21, 2014 at 11:27 am Pyjama Wearing Ninja

        I love to troll women like you did your gf with your sister/family/etc. With my ex, I kept misconstruing her mistakes(e.g. tripping, dropping something, not pressing the clutch hard enough and fucking up the engine when she was putting her car in reverse) and teasing her about them. I also prank girls by using a normal register and tone of voice to talk about stuff I made up and see when they catch on that what I’m talking about never happened.


    • I can imagine also that apart from dread, that was exciting for her. Even if she wouldn’t really be afraid that you would leave her. The mere thought that things aren’t set for life just because you’re married, and that sex matters. You made the marriage a part of the dating game.

      It is no fun to know that you never again get to play a game where there are consequences. Poker gets more exciting when your money is at stake. Poke-her gets more exciting when your money is at stake.


    • That’s not “hypergamy.” That’s envy.


      • Men can be hypergamous too. It is almost redundant to say that attractive women are attractive, always. Women might express it differently than man however.


    • on December 20, 2014 at 10:29 am Whomever Wherever

      > “Keep a low thrum of dread always running in the background of any ltr”

      Also: Let her see your temper from time to time – especially when some set of circumstances require that you lay down the law and take control of a situation. Remember that your woman wants a MAN in her life as her lover, not a day-old limp flaccid tuna fish sandwich. When she’s sees an adrenaline/testosterone rush out of you, she’ll respond with a rush of her own, and plenty of screaming, and maybe throwing some kitchen utensils at you, but HOLD YOUR GROUND. You’ll be rewarded with off-the-charts makeup-sex later that evening [or no worse than a couple of days later], once she’s satisfied that you aren’t a limp-wristed panty-waist Beta loser who disgusts her and gives her Dry Vag.


      • on December 20, 2014 at 12:10 pm Whomever Wherever

        BONUS TIP: This works with your Mom, as well. Your Mom doesn’t want you to grow up to be a day-old limp flaccid tuna fish sandwich. If she’s screaming at you, and if you’re not in the wrong, then HOLD YOUR GROUND. Endure her shit storm. She’ll be pleased with you afterwards. Because you’ll have given her just a little more evidence that maybe you won’t grow up to be a worthless Beta loser after all.


      • on December 21, 2014 at 11:29 am Pyjama Wearing Ninja

        That must explain why a friend kept dating this dumb ass girl who threw a wine glass inches away from his head. The sex was mindblowing. 😀


  8. I thought the chateau crowd might enjoy the sexiness of this display. Lolz

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    Post by HappyPhoneMBK.


  9. what i read was fun


  10. Game posts, politics posts… can there be one without the other?

    A good writer, a RealTalker especially, moderates himself to one thing: rhetorical effectiveness vis-à-vis his target audience. It’s a virtuoso’s art, to strike a balance between (1) “the daily outrage” (a nog just did what liberated nogs do) which is so critical to force-feed to the newbs, (2) the forward-looking vision for those of us who are looking beyond the depressing sludge, and (3) the magic of seduction, and the author’s original insights into the crimson arts.

    I am a family man; what’s PUA / texting tactics / field report juvenilia to me? I understand the Game stuff. And yet, every once in a while the proprietor or a commenter will drop a gem like “My go-to hot beef injection of exquisite unease usually takes the form of flirting with other women at social events I’m attending with my girl” and it’s suddenly a delight to once again connect politics and game, intertwined as one in lurid, living flame.


  11. Great post. We’ve had a great discussion about this idea of calibration on another post.

    What I personally find a struggle is in my mind not being “beta”.

    I’m now experimenting with this idea based on some of YaReally ideas.

    The one girl I banged who is smoking hot started giving off signs she was backing away…because I was TOO aloof and perhaps over-gaming.

    Over the last few days I’ve been sending “comfort” texts. There aren’t “beta” but they tap into what she has told me she wants from a guy: “An older guy who wants me…” and for that she will give “200%”.

    I just send a text: “How’s my baby?” “Hope my baby is keeping warm”

    Actually these cost me nothing but seem to be like cat nip for THIS particular girl.

    For other girls I think it’s finding out what specifically motivates her: fear, desire, neediness, independence…whatever and tapping into it.

    At some point I’ve also pulled away and the response is a lot of “I WANT COMFORT” type stuff…which if i’m not keen on I ignore.

    The sticking point in my own game is finding that personal confidence to write the “Wanting you…” text and not turning the girl off. In the case of the one I’m gaming now “Wanting you…” is NOT beta, it’s a sign of a guy who knows what he wants. She knows I can fuck her like it’s the last day on earth. She wants to know I actually care about her…

    This balance is tough because of the crazy ex gf who manipulated me by flipping the whole script: waif-like: “poor me”…when I ignored she wanted me more…when I started to show comfort she got bored. This is the unhealthy situation I find myself trying to shake off.

    I think a normal girl will want that balance more tapered and not so extreme.

    I find a lot of game is like the movie Speed: you have to keep things at an even speed—go too fast or too slow and the bus blows up


    • ….And do it just right you get to nail a young Sandra Bullock.

      Sounds like your ex had some issues. What a relief it is then to finally be free and be with girls who act different toward you. To see that yes, you were right – the ex’s behavior was not normal, no matter what she said. When you are in the middle of it it’s sometimes hard to see.


    • How to be the fantasy guy? The mythical seal team billionaire entrepreneur doctor without borders guy who loves cats and walks in the rain?

      Understand that a woman will project everything she is seeking upon you. You just need to realize this, and follow along. Just play into it from a strong frame and not a supplicating frame. Keep hand by push pull. Always give a glimpse then pull back just a bit.

      They all want the fantasy. Which is why romance is a multi billion dollar industry. Realize it is and never will be about YOU as a person, it is just how your tangible body is playing out her fantasy. Women lack the ability of men to see beyond the fantasy and really meet another human where they are at or to love an ideal because of solipsism.

      So just be the fantasy. The rest is just game.

      Wala you are making enormous leaps. Just realize that behind door number 44 is just door number 45, 46, 47… Etc. There will be no ” one ” at the end of time.


      • @Sentient the reality of Red Pill conversion is knowing there is no “one”…it’s at one point “sad” realizing everything you grew up believing is bullshit. BUT…it’s liberating knowing you have control over your own happiness and destiny.

        My goal this year was to truly expand my horizons and i did that. I broke new ground in game and also in other areas of my life.

        Next year’s goal is to fine tune my inner game. Slowly it’s happening.


      • on December 22, 2014 at 4:03 am Young Journeyman

        There is no ONE that you are destined to be with but can you go as far as saying that 100% of women have no capacity of psychological understanding?

        Like I’m ok with having meaningless sex but are you telling us that we will NEVER find a beautiful woman with the awareness we are cultivating here?


      • @Young journeyman

        The problem is women are ruled by hormones and emotions which they interpret as feelings, rational thought and logic. So you see the problem… There are no constants with women. Solipsism then allows New rationalizations for heretofore opposite positions and thoughts I.e. rationalization hamstering which allows her to tell herself she is sane.

        So even if you fi d ONE realize she will be this way for but a season. It may be a week month or years but she will change. The hormones will assure it, and childbirth, rearing and menopause again.

        It’s inevitibable (ha like this typo)… Look as a woman as a cloud you can no more grab her or even describe what she looks like and hour from now. Always shifting.

        But don’t hold it against her. She can’t fight her nature. See it as a feature and not a bug and you will go far with your journey into practice of the crimson arts.

        Save your deep friendships for your man friends. Or get. A dog.


      • on December 23, 2014 at 8:51 am Young Journeyman

        Thanks, didn’t think of it that way


    • on December 20, 2014 at 11:18 am Pyjama Wearing Ninja

      I’ve been wondering since a teenager if I’m somehow broken emotionally because I struggled with sending these ‘I wuv you too’ texts. Looking back, I find all the girls I had in the past to have given me fairly interesting experiences and that’s because of their idiosyncrasies and I managed to assuage their fears by having them act with me in an unguarded way with me(or offer me a less guarded version of themselves than they give society) and I reciprocated by offering them the same kind of behavior back.

      If a girl tells you how she pines for some romanticism and if she brings up romantic stuff during dates despite her ‘tough girl’ personna, surprise her once in a while with a dose of romanticism. For the fluff talk, you can simply ping off her state. Real life example: I’ve went for a jog in the park and saw a rowing boat left on the pond(had no idea whose it was for or why it was there). A few days later, I took the girl I was seeing for a walk in the park to enjoy the full moon, stars and then have a bottle of wine on the boat with nobody around us, except the occasional passer by. I enjoyed having a bottle of wine and admiring the skyline from a boat too. If she’s shy, but witty, make really elaborate flirts with her to make her giddy. If you’re going to bother with long term rapport, there must be something about her that you generally like beyond sex(if she’s a BPD nutjob, she doesn’t want much rapport anyway lol).


    • This is a good comment I agree


  12. The Right hates the Left, because the Left’s goal is the extinguishment of the Right’s genes and the proliferation of the Left’s, often via parasitism.

    And thus the Right should hate the Left.

    It’s all that simple.


    • on December 20, 2014 at 12:21 pm Whomever Wherever

      The Right is badly hamstrung by its devotion to Universal principles, whereas the Left seems to understand [innately?] that the DNA Race is 100% Tribal in nature. It remains to be seen whether Universal principles can withstand a fanatical Tribal infiltration which is hell-bent on eradicating those principles right out of the history books.


      • Survival of the fittest.


      • on December 20, 2014 at 7:16 pm Whomever Wherever

        And the pertinent question: Which is more fit, the Universal good or the Tribal nihilism? Athens is gone, Sparta is gone, Syracuse is gone, Rome is gone, the British Empire is damned near gone [and given that “Mohammed” is now the most common baby boy’s name in the UK, the British Empire will completely vanish within 20 years], and the Great American Experiment is crumbing at its foundation from nihilistic poisoning. Sadly, Universal principles just don’t have a very good track record of holding together a nation-state over the long haul.


      • on December 21, 2014 at 11:32 am Pyjama Wearing Ninja

        [email protected] and ‘universal good’.


  13. Pretty much the essence of my game is turning very hot or cold with push pull…First Dhv then get strong iois and now it is time for some crazy push pull until i can tell that she is on the hook for good…


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  15. What happened to just getting to know one another, falling in love, getting married? Worked for us 20 years ago, and still working. We’re still attracted to each other, and we’re still best friends. There have been tough times, sure, but there’s always been too much to lose when you consider getting out.


  16. I disagree that you need to be “sociopathic.” As otherwise stated, being “unpredictable” and outcome independent is enough. We can teach men to be men without confusing them into developing a fake pathology. Furthermore, use of that sort of suggestion serves as an avoidable and unhelpful lightening rod of (deserved) criticism from our enemies. Don’t give them the moral high ground.


  17. on December 20, 2014 at 10:19 am Lurking_Gorilla

    Happy to see this picked up here.

    Hot/cold is powerful.

    One of my flaws (?) is I naturally try to make a girl feel as completely comfortable as possible and unjudged. This can be great in the short term, but if over-done in relationships it kills the passion. You don’t want to ever get to a point where a girl is comfortable telling you that milk makes her fart. If she did say something like this, what’s a good reply?

    Hot-cold is a good antidote to the passion-killing zone of comfort saturation, and in time it should come naturally, rather than being contrived.


    • A good reply:

      A and a – oh baby that is some sexy talk. Where did you learn that? So hot.

      As whole alpha – hard look. Seriously? You’re not in the doctors office. T m I.


  18. This is a good question. The fear and desire comingling can be intoxicating to a prospective suitor. Self included, psychic oxygen as it were. Also I noticed when I was married more women would hit on me, the ring. Good thought provoking post CH.


  19. on December 20, 2014 at 10:45 am Pyjama Wearing Ninja

    “If your girlfriend is a real tough nut (i.e., a road-worn slut), you might happily upbraid her when she slips on her inquisitrix robe. “Somebody’s jealous.” Or, “This insecurity doesn’t sit well on you.” For added punch, don’t leaven your words with a chuckle of camaraderie; speak them with a poker face.”
    Or if she’s hot and older than 20. Or maybe all hot girls over 20 are road-worn sluts if not already committed to someone.

    Offtopic, I think the SJWs are insane about sex and their quest for affirmative consent because, regardless of why men and women are the way they are, be it socially constructed gender roles or inherent sex differences, their ideas defy pragmatism. Irrespective of the cause, men and women act in a certain way and if you want to have any success in something, you must take reality into account. A woman will not tell you before the act what her turn ons are and what exactly she wants you to do and you won’t come up with your own list and decide what the act is going to be. If you tell me you’d only have sex in this situation, you’re a virgin. So if any sexual activity is to take place, you will explore with her what exactly gets one another off and do that. Again, there’s a pattern in what women like. If she said ouch because you pulled her hair incompetently, going to couple counseling and discussing the issue won’t lead to sex taking place. Even if it did, putting your finger on her lips and shushing her before giving her a kiss is far less off a hassle. These people are so out of touch that they reached the Dworkin conclusion that all PIV is rape. lol


  20. on December 20, 2014 at 1:39 pm themanofmystery2

    Motion to add “relationship game” tag to posts related to LTRs? Would be very handy to be able to sort by these!


  21. on December 20, 2014 at 2:34 pm gunslingergregi

    so I got my degree in hoology its not a credential its not on paper and I gave it to myself but life is now like all those video games i got rich as fuck on
    its like im seeing the matrix and the numbers finally make sense he he he


    • on December 20, 2014 at 2:56 pm gunslingergregi

      so i thought game was worth 300 g’s but I don’t know a number now lol
      cause my bitch has dudes calling to pay 200 bucks an hour for every hour of her 24 hour day there is not enough time in the day.
      like I said before fuck no it ain’t equal hell fuck no too many thirsty dudes


    • Where you been, GSG?


      • on December 20, 2014 at 7:05 pm gunslingergregi

        living my destiny


      • on December 20, 2014 at 7:07 pm gunslingergregi

        Some people hear their own inner voices with great clearness and they live by what they hear. Such people become crazy, or they become legends.””””

        he he he


      • on December 21, 2014 at 7:15 am gunslingergregi

        people thought gmanifesto was off the chain but I suited up today and rolled out leaving the pocket square off in rememberance he he he
        but ahh my girl was offered 5 grand to put her fingers in her putty and let him lick it off her finger ya know
        in another life I would of been like that couldn’t happen but yea larger than life
        and she didn’t do it nothing sexual
        she actually had the dude at end thanking her for not having sex cause it was so much better than humping her talking to her
        guess he had a little tear coming out of the corner of his eye talking about his wife that hates him and a stack of hundreds
        think I can feel good bout this she made him feel better bout things he kept saying how beautiful she was which yea I blew 800 on salon services he he he so yea better be
        ya beyond not equal in some new world


      • on December 21, 2014 at 7:26 am gunslingergregi

        the cruel part is she been dancing and singing in front me for the last hour and I haven’t taken it like she wants yet
        life is kind of fucked up lol


  22. Excellent post. I honestly think that women can get more competitive than men. I’ve been in situations where one woman was interested in me, and the other one was just jealous, so she decided to step up for some competition. I’ve had women sleep with me just so ‘that other bitch’ doesn’t get the chance. In the end, I’d end up getting both women. The one who’s solely in it for the competition gets the one night stand, while the other gets to enjoy me for longer term.

    Unfortunately, I’ve also had my time wasted by a woman who wanted to be better than all the other women in my bullpen. Once the bullpen was empty, she no longer had any use for me.


  23. on December 20, 2014 at 7:14 pm gunslingergregi

    its easy your girl just has to know that every bitch you spend time with falls in love with you for life in 12 hours


  24. Best stick to politics, Taki.

    “Needless to say, the way to success with the fairer sex cannot be taught. One either has it or one doesn’t. Politeness comes first, that and humor. Make a girl laugh and you’re halfway there. Never harass, never beg, never insist too much. (Choking as foreplay is a real no-no.) Wit and self-deprecation are indispensable.”

    The only thing 100% right in that paragraph is “never beg”.

    “Another sine qua non is to never, but never, ask about her boyfriend, husband, or lover. Pretend that she’s never had any of the three. Never give her time to think of him; women, unlike us, have a conscience.”

    Right thing for the wrong reason.

    “Ever since I began to look my age”

    Translation: he came of age before the modern sexual market. It is very difficult to make these people see the Matrix in all its horror.


  25. on December 20, 2014 at 10:28 pm Lamont Cranston

    My God. You used tenterhooks correctly. You are a GOD among men. It’s no “tenderhooks.” You knew that, and you did it RIGHT. I bow before you.


  26. Asian man and pretty blonde chick having sex on the roof of a Chipotle. They get arrested.

    But also……..miscegenation. With an Asian man too!


  27. on December 20, 2014 at 11:56 pm Eliezer Ben Yehuda

    More OT stuff. It appears that this Elizabeth Gallagher’s boyfriend is the top-scoring hockey player in their local-yokel hockey team – “Avon River Rats”. So he has lots of options to just ditch her and grab another vagina. She’s gambling that if he does, then this Jordan Axani will pick her up. But checking out Jordan, he’s Joe Massively Pre-Selected AlphaMale himself. He will never do more than plate Liz for a few years until she hits the wall.

    stupid girl…..


    • on December 21, 2014 at 11:38 am Pyjama Wearing Ninja

      What I’d do if I was him is tell her that she can go on the trip with this guy. Then pack her shit, mail them to her mother and have another girl live with me and answer the door when she comes ‘home’. lol


      • on December 21, 2014 at 11:39 am Pyjama Wearing Ninja

        Live as in stick around for a few days when this girl is supposed to return. Screw actually letting someone move in with you.


  28. Ismaayil Brinsley.


  29. on December 21, 2014 at 8:18 am The Straw That Stirs the Drink

    Great video of Ray Rice and his girl making out post KO while BOTH are handcuffed in police detention. NY Post has it.

    Take that Roger Goodell…