How Business Owners Jared And Jacob Should Have Handled Public Exposure Of Their Womanizing Ways

FEMINIST CUNT CULTURE: wow just wow i can’t even, ugh the patriarchy rears its ugly head again! having cis-sex with thin-privileged wymyn and then writing about it like it was a good thing! WRONG SIDE OF HERSTORY douchecanoes! will someone think of the children? i’m feeling so raped, rape everywhere, the world is raping me, rape-ity rape rape! SOMEONE SHUT THESE RAPISTS DOWN!

J&J: Yes, we have consensual sex with charming, fun women, and have written about it.

FEMINIST CUNT CULTURE: UGH! will the raping never stop!!!! president obama, do something! i will never drink your triple foamed, double whipped, peppermint and fudge infused XXL cappafrappaccinolatte AGAIN!

J&J: Dear valued customers,

As you have heard by now, our coffee shop, Waking Life, is owned and operated by two INCREDIBLY charming and, dare we say it?, sexy men. Yes, our reputation with the ladies precedes us. But why take the media’s word for it? Come try our new release latte, Sex Panther #9, and enjoy a bean flavor that we feel really captures our commitment to the refined pleasures of flirting with the opposite sex.

Gentlemen, take it from us, you’ll be smooth talkers after a sip of our silky smooth java. Ladies, you just might find love in our coffeehouse. We certainly did!

God bless, and a 50% discount on all coffee and coffee accessories to any customer this week who comes to our humble bordello wearing Playboy bunny ears, (for the men, you may substitute ascots and velour dinner jackets).


CH here. This isn’t so hard, guys. You just have to say a happy FUCK YOU to SJWs, manlets, and feminist cunts and AGREE & AMPLIFY. But that would require a working pair. Maybe you should have called your coffee shop Sleeping Scrote?


When the howling feminist and manlet cunt mob comes after your livelihood for daring to express your natural male heterosexuality, the absolute worst response you can offer is apology. If you tell the mob to fuck off, there’s no guarantee that your business will be spared but at least you’ll still have your dignity, which is more than you’ll have after groveling and sniveling at the feet of the degenerate freak mafia.


  1. edit: “But” why take the media’s word for it?


    • yes heartiste,

      but even with the agreeing and amplifying
      the loan would have still been rescinded
      and they would still have been shutdown

      while game is great for the eskimo cave we live in, it has its limitations.

      for instance, game will not work on the supreme court nor the loaners of moneyslzozozlzolzo

      we must look beyond game for the answers 🙂


      • but even with the agreeing and amplifying
        the loan would have still been rescinded
        and they would still have been shutdown

        better to crash and burn as the charming alpha boss than as the cringeworthy apologetic betaboy.

        one lives on in infamy in the history books, the other doesn’t even get a footnote mention on wikipedia.


      • dear itsme,

        their business and livelihood are gone
        no matter how hard they gamed on
        nothing would chneges this
        their businessz and livelihood
        are gone

        many womenz are abused and sodomized in the porn industry every day
        and the videos are sold for profit
        and yet none the the SJWs protextstsz da pron industry

        why is this itsme?

        please enlighten us!


      • on September 24, 2015 at 3:10 pm Captain Obvious

        > “we must look beyond game for the answers”


      • Had they done as CH says, they could have made a kick starter and gotten more than they needed.


      • on September 24, 2015 at 6:09 pm Captain Obvious

        Earl, GBFM is talking big picture shiznat. Yes, CH would have one this battle for them if he had been their publicity agent. But how should we have used Game to sway John Phagberts to uphold the Obamacare law as written?


      • on September 24, 2015 at 6:09 pm Captain Obvious

        one this battle = won this battle


    • lzozozozo

      Daily Mail worte:

      “Donald Trump was on the receiving end of a vicious take-down by South Park on Wednesday evening, which skirted the borders of decency and taste and arguably crossed them.

      In an almost unprecedented attack on a running presidential candidate, the adult cartoon lampooned the Republican and in a shocking finale, showed the billionaire businessman being brutally raped to death.

      The inflammatory episode of the satirical cartoon, created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, was supposed to attack Trump’s immigration policies and mocked his oft-repeated promise to build a wall between the US and Mexico.”



      • The Don thanks you for the free publicity boys.


      • Ovenworthy. Funny how Eskimos no matter how seemingly opposed to the Leftist Narrative, seem to revert to form when the stakes are raised. Trump’s candidacy has exposed this. (See also Kunstler.)

        [CH: the animal always reveals its true primal nature when stressed by ecological pressures.]


      • on September 24, 2015 at 3:31 pm Captain Obvious

        September 23, 2015, Rich Lowry of National Cuckview: “Carly Fiorina “cut [Trump’s] balls off with the precision of a surgeon”


      • on September 24, 2015 at 3:32 pm Captain Obvious

        September 24, 2015, Charles C. W. Cooke of National Cuckview: Donald Trump Is a Yuuuuuuuge Wuss

        [CH: cooke is the cuck who wrote an NRO blog post defending the right to sympathize with avowed pedophiles.]


      • Eskimo relentless attacks on Trump shows more clearly than ever what the tribe is really about, namely the mass turd world immigration
        Despite the fact that his daughter is married to an Eskimo, despite the fact that Trump has sucked his due of Eskimo cock and is more than willing to put some overtime there, despite the fact that he would be willing to wage any number of wars for the the shitty state, despite all of this he is no go for chosenites
        Their project number one in far is the enabling the invasion of white living space and reducing the number of whites to the number which would forever and ever prevent and resurrection of white power, white elite and Western civilization
        They have learned from Weimar Germany that an enslaved, disoriented and impoverished people can rise almost overnight and end what just a year ago have seem to been their iron grip
        History has thought them that all their power is temporary as long as the white gene pool is intact, that the will to live will sooner or later reassert itself and brake the shackles they so skillfully had chained us with
        The current Barbarian Invasion of Europe shows us clearly who the enemy is
        or rather who has always been
        You do not believe me
        Here is Samuels himself

        “We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will for ever destroy because we need a world of our own, a God-world, which it is not in your nature to build.”
        – Maurice Samuels, Jewish author, quote from You Gentiles


      • New ramxpaul video on The Don gives a good honorable mention to CH.


      • As most of you know, I regularly call down the wrath of God on “South Park” mentality, and those who seem to be fans.

        There are those who claim that South Park is an “equal opportunity offender”, hence their snark and filth is merely “humor”… although there is ample evidence that, on the the few times they do poke fun at the Cathedral and the men behind the curtain, it’s strictly of the “allowed opposition” type of barb… and in no way balances out the sniping done to normalcy and “straight America”.

        On an earlier threat, some poster actually challenged me with a “What’s wrong with South Park?”

        Don’t EVER ask me that again… you fairies. 😡


      • on September 25, 2015 at 7:20 am having a bad day

        …and when asked to comment, Mr. Trump said, “south park? i don’t have any real estate there, but i’m sure it’s a wonderful place to live and the people there are very nice…”



      • Bahaha!
        I watched the first two episodes there. They’re well worth watching in series.
        In both episodes, SJW culture is given a deserved and massive bitch slapping.

        I almost feel like the rape scene was a touch of genius imo: do the progtards give it a thumbs up because Trump is raped? or do they give it a thumbs down because rape

        The cognitive dissonance will be strong on this.


    • lzozoozzooz



  2. Everyone, please go to their review page, and flag all of the one star reviews (that aren’t relevant, there are a couple of legitimate concerns) for “not relevant”.

    Libtards love to misuse rating systems on twitter (got CH banned!) and Google, and we need to fight back.,1


    • i disagree with this effort, S2C. had these clowns not issued groveling apologies, i’d absolutely support “fighting back.” we shouldn’t waste our time on those who don’t have spine enough to stand up for themselves.


      • Exactly. This is the added tragedy of caving in. You let down those who would otherwise love to have your back.


      • Another commenter here said that they should’ve renamed their podcast the mysogony express and started selling t-shirts.

        I agree they shouldn’t have apologized, I don’t agree that they don’t deserve support.

        Guys like us read CH, we know about Protein World, etc. Most guys don’t. They don’t understand that capitulating to the online mob only makes them hate you more.

        I actually called the coffee shop, and it just rang out. No pick up or answering machine. I was going to tell them exactly that. I sent Jared a message on Google+, hoping he’ll get in touch.

        But, I don’t have any other tricks up my sleeves for telling these guys to retract their apologies and double down on picking up chicks and running their business. If you have any suggestions, let me know.


      • on September 24, 2015 at 3:38 pm Captain Obvious

        We need to be evangelizing hearts and and minds souls. Telling them about The Good News. Making converts. Take a couple of sh!tlib coffee house cucks and turn them into sh!tlord allies of ours.


      • Preach it brother! Preach it!


    • lol

      they are getting shutdown

      all the game didn’t help them

      did anyone here ever realize that they want you to focus on game, as opposed to the Bible and the Great Books for Men?

      all the women they gamed and gamed and butthextxhed and gamed were all a part of the plan, as it deosuled women and made families further impossible.

      they were useful idiots in the decline of the west

      and now their coffee shop is gone too.


      their landlord is using every legal means to evict them

      the load has been rescnincded

      the landloard for their second shop canceled the contract

      everyone here is going, “lzozo yah but just game the landloard and the loan officers and all will be goodsz! lzozozlzozzol”


      • on September 24, 2015 at 3:43 pm Captain Obvious

        GBFM, it’s exactly what Lois LERNER [yep, that’s an Eskimo name] did at the IRS: Singlehandedly cut off the Tea Party movement at the knees by denying them their tax-exempt status so that they could never even get into something like voter mobilization efforts. And that particular Eskimoess was so good at her job that the he11ish fury of her Eskimo awesomeness completely melted and fried her hard drives, and now there’s no surviving electronic record of her magnificence. Fancy that.


      • on September 24, 2015 at 3:49 pm Captain Obvious

        GBFM, more broadly, it’s also how Eskimo Psychiatry Inc threatened and cowed and cuckolded the Churchian Ministers of Churchianism in their Churchian Pulpits: “If you so much as fantasize about speaking out against us in your pathetic shkotzim Churchian hovels, then we’ll yank your IRS Tax Exempt Status faster than you can say ‘Mazel Tov'”.


      • Oy vey, not this again!


      • on September 24, 2015 at 6:11 pm Captain Obvious

        Mordecai, how much was that tuition at Brandeis?


  3. on September 24, 2015 at 11:09 am Days of Broken Arrows

    “God bless, and a 50% discount on all coffee and coffee accessories to any customer this week who comes to our humble bordello wearing Playboy bunny ears, (for the men, you may substitute ascots and velour dinner jackets).”

    75 percent discount if you come wearing a Hugh Hefner-style bathrobe.


  4. on September 24, 2015 at 11:13 am Days of Broken Arrows

    Something just occurred to me that might make for a good blog post or at least manosphere talking point.

    Guys who blogged about their dating lives get their businesses shut down, but the women who do it get newspaper columns, book deals, advice columns, and TV shows. “Sex and the City,” Chelsea Handler’s books, Slutever (look her up), and countless college sex columnists and bloggers are examples of this.

    How did it become OK for women to talk endlessly about their sex lives, but verboten for men to do it?


    • How? Men allowed it…


    • Very valid point. Though you know the end game of feminism… This is just another example of it…


    • I have to agree with you here. There are literally tons of blogs, advice columns, articles, etc where women rant/blab endlessly about men on dating, sexual experiences and such and it’s all taken with a grain of salt, encouraged in fact. So this is hypocritical to say that men cannot do it. Just because they don’t like what’s being said or how it’s being said.


      • Absolutely, there’s a historical precedent of women saying things like “all heterosexual sex is rape” or “men are just walking dilos” or just #killallmen
        and no-one bats a eye-lash.

        Plus womyn have had stuff like the Rules and Cosmopolitan telling them to be cunts to men for at least 20 years now.

        Equality bitches.


    • I know it’s a hypothetical question but the concise answer is:

      ‘The goal of feminism is to remove all constraints on female sexuality while maximally restricting male sexuality.’

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    • The feminist movement is responsible for this.
      The eskimoes are responisble for da feminists movement.
      but such thingsaz are not taught here.

      now get back to your gamingz and all will be ok


    • on September 24, 2015 at 12:19 pm Thin-Skinned Masta-Beta

      I forget which Chateau maxim it was, but our feminist establishment culture demands that the female sexual prerogative be sanctified while the male’s is demonized.

      Our host does have a way with words.
      Perhaps somebody else can recall and recap his pithy succinctness?


    • I suspect it’s seen as a bit unmanly. Historically, men concentrated on their careers, and women on sexual relationships.


    • @Days

      “How did it become OK for women to talk endlessly about their sex lives, but verboten for men to do it?”

      It was always ok because women have ALWAYS talked endlessly about their sex lives with each other. What else do they have to talk about? They just didn’t used to broadcast it publicly to the masses. Now that slut shaming has been reverse-shamed, the bold among them feel they can shout it from the mountaintops and it’s ok because equalism and who are you to judge me?

      Men, on the other hand, usually don’t talk about their sex lives with each other. They talk about objective things – sports, science, philosophy, you name it. The manosphere is a whole new concept, men talking about this shit with each other.

      It’s also kind of lowbrow in a cultured (i.e. non-ghettoized) society for a man to go around bragging and boasting publicly about what specific broads he’s banged. Bang away, but keep it anonymous when you share your stories. Change names to protect the guilty. Or just enjoy the poon and keep it to yourself.

      I don’t think these guys should’ve grovelled like they did after the fact, but they should’ve been a little smarter about doing a podcast which could be traced directly back to them, rather than doing it anonymously. They have a material stake in the world with their shop – which is directly dependent on public patronage – and loans and $$$ involved. Given the current SJW, Cultural Marxist-dominated climate out there that is just sniffing like a bloodhound for this kind of thing to use as an object lesson in starvation-based compliance training, it was really stupid.

      Heterosexual men – especially white men – really need to use their brains to survive in hostile territory and avoid hassles.

      [CH: this is good practical advice. however, a more principled case could be made that by openly flouting and disregarding the SJW feminist manlet axis of weasel and thus incurring its screeching wrath and incommensurate vengeful brutality, righteous martyrs can build public goodwill in their favor. in the long run, this will be the progress that overturns the reigning orthodoxy, while men who keep low and discreet won’t be doing much to move up the start date of the revolution.

      ps yes i know this contradicts the CH poolside philosophy. so sue me!]


      • on September 24, 2015 at 5:25 pm Captain Obvious

        I can’t seem to find “I’ve always had a weakness for lost causes, once they’re really lost”, so this will have to do:


      • This is a greatly underestimated novel. I believe it very accurately captures the times and the characters, plot, morals, themes etc. are all very well designed and executed. It is as great an American novel as Moby Dick or the Leatherstocking Tales.


    • This point right here ^^^

      Here’s a VICE article by a girl (you know exactly what she looks like) who had a sex slave.

      The boys’ writings were no more extreme than the average vanilla Jizzabel’s daily diarrhea.


  5. TRUMP-tastic response CH!


  6. OK – with the names Jared and Jacob – I assumed these guys were pretty SWPL/gay (online persona notwithstanding)… but after reading the story it looks like their financing got yanked – probs by a cuckservative…

    “On Monday, Patrick Fitzsimmons, executive director of Mountain Bizworks, said his staff had been in contact with the men about the financing.

    Staffers told Rutledge and Owens that Mountain BizWorks wanted to recall the loan, Fitzsimmons said, calling the actions of the men “deplorable.””

    [CH: welcome to cunt world, where men fulfilling their sexual and romantic desire is smeared as “deplorable”
    fuck these feminist cunts to hell and back.]


  7. That first paragraph was very hard to read. I cant stand the mindless feminist writing style. “Wow, just wow” has got to be one of the most worthless statements a person can say.


    • ‘It is what it is’. Another mindless phrase spouted by the mindless. These guys only tasted the red pill. Thought they could sell out and apologize their way out. What to do with these guys?


      • “It is what it is” can also be used by alphas. Not sure “wow just wow” can, except sarcastically.


      • The meaning of “It is what it is” is that the interpretation under consideration (of whatever), is secondary and beside the point, and that the more immediate and apparent reality is more relevant. For instance something complaining about life being unfair: it is what it is. That it is “unfair” (to someone complaining), only reveals that someone is wasting their time on an interpretation, rather than getting closer to the experience and the reality.

        Yeah, a zen cliche but on the other hand, everything can not be explained: it is what it is. Another saying that gets to the same point, is that some things can be understood but not explained.

        It is what it is.

        Not a meaningless tautology – because what is being conveyed is beyond the apparent meaning of the words! and as such is an embedded example of the point: that the experience or the thought/feeling under consideration can not be expressed with words, and someone is wasting their time trying to. Like now.


    • the whole article reads like the shit I’d hear in class from whiny bitches who can barely organize their purses let alone a paragraph. Girls who leave college without a man on the way towards a life of feline companionship.

      I mean, frat bros might not learn much but we can still rad.


    • Simple translation: “SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…”


  8. I said this on the last post. These guys are amateur hour. They sold out. And for nothing. The sjw/cultmarx crowd is giving them twice as much shit for apologizing. There was a frat boy that blamed the culture of fraternity for flings with chics. He threw his ‘bros’ under the bus of feminism. Sold out his principles to get a light sentence for, essentially, a social crime involving banging chics. Got extra punished. What do we do with these guys?


  9. Here are some of the tweets:

    Supposedly the “worst” ones, I dunno. JFC, apologize for that? Here’s one of them (they only list a handful):

    “One thing that mediocre skinny girls can do is be sweet, submissive and feminine,” another reads. “Makes a massive difference and can often add a point.”

    I feel like I could say that in mixed company and not even raise an eyebrow. And it’s totally spot on – perhaps doesn’t even go far enough. That could be worth 1.5 or more, IMO. Give a chick ten pounds, make her SS&D, that’s an improvement.


    • the female gaze of social outrage justice must be whithering. I’d tell these bitches to fuck off if I were them, but I’m not. what the fuck? They went from ballers to deballed pretty quick over some minor bullshit tweets about submissive thin girls getting an extra point?

      I never want to feel these fat bitches’ glare if I ever get called out in the real world but I hope that I tell them to fuck off and go on a diet.


      • on September 24, 2015 at 5:41 pm Captain Obvious

        Act stoopid. Sh!tlib Femc*nt: “BLAH BLAH BLAH discrimination against the weigh-challenged BLAH BLAH BLAH how will you atone for your sins mister hater? BLAH BLAH BLAH…” You: “Well, I could teach you how to sign up for 1-800-Jenny.”


    • One typical mistake small business owners make is offering justification for their actions or a half-hearted mea culpa, she said. Therapy and sincere moves to change their behavior might also help, along with offers of reparations.

      The two guys should have shot a video in which one plays the therapist, the other the patient, and they recreate their tweets as a conversation, then post it on youtube. They could have also sent $1 in an envelope with “reparations” written on the front.

      [CH: perfect.]


      • on September 24, 2015 at 5:58 pm Captain Obvious

        Send $1 to the American Diabetes Association for all the fat chicks who got diabetes, $1 to the American Cancer Association for all the fat chicks who got breast cancer, $1 to the American Heart Association for all the fat chicks who got heart disease, and $1 to the American Pregnancy Association for all the fat chicks who got uterine fibroids.


      • One half-penny.


  10. Sorry. SS&F, not SS&D, lol.


  11. […] How Business Owners Jared And Jacob Should Have Handled Public Exposure Of Their Womanizing Ways […]


  12. Jesus, what the shit is that article even trying to say?

    I like this “a culture that is unsafe for women, one that glorifies violent acts, manipulative behavior and coercion” becuse that basically is a woman’s culture.

    lemme guess, they had a little slap and tickle with the choke me set, blogged about it and now the cat ladies are channeling poor Jackie and St. Mattress?


  13. “You just have to say a happy FUCK YOU to SJWs, manlets, and feminist cunts and AGREE & AMPLIFY.”

    Thank God Trump has figured this out. Hopefully others start drawing the obvious lesson. We’ve certainly had enough demonstrations over the years that trying to appease these shitbags is hopeless.


  14. I have a friend who lives in Asheville and she started sending me articles about this as soon as it happened. I’ve been waiting and hoping that CH would tackle this – and you did not disappoint!


  15. And God said, “let there be rape.”

    And I was triggered.

    And it was good.



    [CH: femcunts have elevated the faux outrage to an art form, i’ll give them that.]


  17. Roosh brings it today at ROK talking about pimps…

    “As I walked away I bombed her. I said, “Bitch, I’m splitting when I come out of that crapper. I know your pussy is jumping for me. I know you want me for your man. Some lucky bitch is going to steal me from you. You better toss that bullshit out of your mind . Get straight Bitch, and tell me like it is on my way out. You had your chance. After tonight you don’t have any.”

    How tight is that:

    I know you want me for your man. Some lucky bitch is going to steal me from you


  18. Speaking of public exposure, my son has moved to Boulder and sends me this funny link about women being outraged on the local hiking trails :


    • I went to CU back in the early 90s, place was shitlib central even then, but it was a bastion of sanity next to the lunacy we see everywhere today.


  19. shoulda hired protein world to do their pr.


  20. The Holistic Game guys really did puss out. I listened to their podcasts and had doubts about their fortitude. This doesn’t surprise me at all. They should have renamed it “Mysogyny Espresso” and started selling T-shirts.


    • 5 stars for this comment – if you can figure out how to get that message to them along with a copy of a marketing magazine detailing the Protein World fight, we should do it. I called the coffee shop, left a google review and tried getting in touch with Jared on Google+.

      Anyone else have any ideas?


  21. A shit test is temporary, shame is forever.


  22. This sort of feminist shitcuntery has been happening for a long while. Indeed, it’s the reason for the name change to “Chateau Heartiste”.


  23. The best thing that could ever happen is that one of these guys would sack up, rear back, and punch one of these mouthy bitches*** out right on the spot when they start spewing their anger and disbelief at MALE CHAUVINISM (read: that they weren’t the chosen bangs, which has nothing to do with their:

    -ugly tattoos (but I repeat myself)
    -20-70 extra lbs.
    -leathery skin
    -foul disposition
    -crazy eyes
    -loud mouth

    and everything to do with the patriarchy-privilege complex enforcing gender ideologies incompatible with “true equality(tm)”)

    ***not a sexist term – refers to both men and women in this context.

    I’d pay good American dollars to see a fist crush their jawbone at high res, slow motion 200 fps.


    • I lived in Asheville for some time. Those leftoid hippies are the biggest bunch of hypocritical fascistic shitheads in the Eastern US. They may out-Portland Portland soon, which I think is the goal.


  24. I bought some of their coffee online. Just trying to help a bit.


  25. The company who pulled the financing should have stated this as the reason why they were pulling their loan:

    “Because we’re pussies”.

    There is nothing worse than white knights (like the guy pictured above). These men are examples of beta pussies trying to get along with these SJWs. The problem is the SJWs think that they are pussies (and they’ll never get any…that or respect) from them.


  26. Fun, unrelated story about how non-SJW chicks behave.

    At fancy movies where they serve food/drinks on date. Nice joint.

    I order a blue something or other. They don’t have it. Waiter (hipster type) is very apologetic, says they’re missing key ingredient.

    My date, looks at him, and says, “You know I’m going to get a black eye for this later.”

    Me, deadpan. Waiter is very nervous and doesn’t know what to say, and slinks away and gets me an old fashioned that I order instead.

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  27. Brilliant! I’m working on my Agree & Amplify. What I’ve noticed is that it’s perpetual: gives me a ZFG attitude, which then fuels the A&A, so on an so forth.


    • on September 24, 2015 at 5:31 pm Captain Obvious

      MT, if you have any background in engineering, then think of it as a feedback loop which is in the process of overheating and exploding. You start the hamster to spinning so furiously on its wheel that the dadgum metal of the axles burns right through and the wheel launches off into outer space.


  28. Apologizing like a beta to SJWs creates the same outcome as when an alpha hears the girl he’s pounding let out that special yell that tells him he’s hit the sweet spot right before orgasm – the alpha knows to simply pound her out harder and faster until she’s done for. Another analogy would be apologizing to SJWs is like throwing chum to sharks.


  29. Yo – CH – you see this story about Randi BlueHairedTwatter Harper?

    [CH: fuck google. duckduckgo for all your search needs. randi lee harper is about as useless a fat lump of flesh as there is.]


    • In the comments, someone suggest DDG for search – along with Epic for a browser – anyone familiar with that?

      BTW – note the diversity! All white chicks of privilege – except for two pajama boys and the token black chick in the waaaaaaaay back


      • Just switched my default search to DDG. 30 seconds later, my penis was suddenly larger.

        I am the leader of DDG Revolution and so can you!


  30. Writing about all of their exploits in
    Painfully try hard game lingo was really stupid. No discretion exercised.

    They pinged the rage-sensors of every female who came to read up on their page. These guys should know better.

    What’s the first rule if fight club?
    The women who were chronicled (albeit anonymously) and the women protesting are deep down most upset that these dudes documented a systematic exposure of casual sex culture that needs to be kept secret if marriage and commitment are ever going to be feasible.

    Next time they’ll shut up and keep it to themselves, dumbasses.

    [CH: the late night story-swapping of sex market pillagers tends to put the lie to self-report gss surveys of women’s sexual behavior.]