Beta Of The Month (Creepy Halloween Edition)

A laudable goal of the regular BOTM feature at CH is to make the readers as excruciatingly uncomfortable as possible, so that they never make the same mistakes the dishonored betas of the month make.

I think this edition will have you peeking through fingers in horror.

BOTM Candidate #1 is Hugboy, a psychologically castrated beta male orbiter with a superhuman ability to withstand blue balls, who decided on a lark, along with his “best friend” and hug accomplice Amanda (the two of them weirdly share a very similar surname), to try and break the world record for longest hug.

Nerem said she and Norem held onto one another outside ISU’s library starting at 6 p.m. on Sept. 18 until 1 a.m. on Sept. 20. — a total of 31 hours.

That’s a 31 hour erection he sustained.

“We had to have both arms locked around one another and we had to be standing the whole time,” Nerem said. “We were not allowed to sleep and it had to be in a public place where people would be walking around being witnesses.”

There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as publicly demonstrating one’s commitment to the asexual friendzone like pressing flesh for 31 hours and having to think of baseball stats the whole time.

Nerem and Norem were allowed five-minute masturbation bathroom breaks every hour

His bathroom breaks probably broke the world record for consecutive jizzings in a single day. Her bathroom breaks were just massive releases of fart gas.

“I don’t know a lot of people who can hold onto someone for so long without getting sick of it,” Alex Norem said. “I think the whole experience brought us a lot closer…

The triumph of hope over experience. No doubt this harmless house pet fervently imagines that all the hugging will somehow magically transform, through the process of subcutaneous lust osmosis, his “best friend” into a lover.

“…it was such a positive experience for both of us. In your four years of college you want to do things that you’ll remember for the rest of your life and for her and I, this was perfect for that.”

I bet he’ll remember this for the rest of his life. *retrieves memory bank and reaches for Costco jar of mayo*

Nerem said she and Norem are in the process of sending evidence of their hug to Guinness for evaluation.

His spackled jeans.


BOTM Candidate #2 is JohnnyTampon, an older man (who should know better) who ticks off just about every box on the self-abnegating beta male checklist. Here he is with his BFF announcing to the world his status as house eunuch to a single mom.

There isn’t a moment in this “clear the air” video when Ash isn’t publicly humiliating JohnnyTampon, even if her soulshivs are unintentional swipes. For example:

JT: “It was love at first sight.”

Ash: “We don’t always see things the same way.” *patronizing smile*

Or this:

JT: “but we are not lovers”

Ash: “NOPE” *vigorously and unequivocally shakes head*

At some point in their twisted unnatural relationship, Ash gets pregnant (probably by some sexy jerkboy) and, surprise!, joins the single mommery ranks. Anyhow, JohnnyTampon makes a vow. Grab your barf bag…

JT: “To help her raise a happy healthy child.”

mein gott.

Ash, of course, is a woman, which means she obeys the God of Biomechanics just like any woman in her position, and that ol’ trusted hindbrain standby — beta bux — asserts itself in her moment of single mom crisis.

Ash: “That’s what best friends do!”, she exclaimed with a little too much insistence.

No, Ash, that’s not what “best friends” do; that’s what cowardly, groveling, supplicating, self-doubting, sycophantic beta plushboys with no better options and a high speed porn connection do.

Ash: “This is my son Ahijah”

“Ahijah”. 😆 😆 😆

JT: “I am not his father”

A new twist on the Darth Vader theme.

JT then explains that he has a 32-year-old adopted daughter, and he invited Ashley the single mom leech to live in his home where he raised his daughter so that he could… what, exactly? Mope around the house with a permanent chubby while Ash flaunted her Khazar milkers in his betaboy loser face?

JT&Ash: “We are a family… of friends!”

There it is. The epitaph of America.

JT: “and ahijah will always be in my life”

Ash: “We are a package deal ❤️

…she triumphantly crowed. And, oh, ahijah really loves johnny too, ash swears, (because she wouldn’t want johnny thinking he could skip out on his friendzoned fatherly duties one day if he ever sees the light and makes the mistake of acting in his own interest).

If you watch closely, you’ll notice that JohnnyTampon looks at Ash more than she looks at him, (for her part, she mostly looks at the camera… raging attention whore alert). I can’t decide if the most nauseating part of the video is the strained closing credits hug (all that’s missing are three pats on the back!), or the baby bouncing on dear old nonbiological dad’s lap while he tries to coax a high five out of it.

JohnnyTampon: LITERAL house eunuch.


BOTM Candidate #3 is DownLowRobbie, a beta bordering on omega male who redefines for the feminist Millennial generation what it means for a purported man to date in one’s league.

Down syndrome model Madeline Stuart shares romantic snaps with her boyfriend after triumph at New York Fashion week – as she returns to the Australian catwalk.

“I love your waddle.”

Looking relaxed in a printed black-and-white dress, her signature red hair pulled in to a pony tail, a smiling Madeline leaned in for a kiss.

A clearly smitten Robbie, who just turned 20, pulled his model girlfriend in for a hug, before kissing her again on the cheek.

“his model girlfriend”

“model girlfriend”


Welcome to clown world.

We need a moment of levity. Can you spot the shitlord in this pic?

I don’t know if DownLowRobbie suffers from a mental disorder himself, but if you’re the type of man who honestly believes he can’t do better than an actual retard, then you ARE that type of man. ipso fuckno.


BOTM Candidate #4 is GreenShirtGoof, doing his level best to protect his woman from rampaging dindus an uneven tan.

This photo wouldn’t be half bad if she was sucking his cock under that shirt. But no. He’s just a tool. How long was he standing there serving as her personal mobile canopy? I bet he “manned up” until his arms burned with the sweet, self-righteous pain of chivalrous virtue.

The voting:

The Beta of the Month is...


  1. Mild nausea reading these.

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    • on October 22, 2015 at 1:48 pm mendozatorres

      This latest batch did make for some queasy moments.


      • indeed…


      • on October 22, 2015 at 3:50 pm Captain Tautological

        Shiznat is getting Darker and Darker chez le Chateau. As though powerful forces are circling around some terrible civilizational singularity. The hug story was hilarious [although the similarity in the names was troubling], the “Just Friends” video was sickening [I couldn’t watch it through to the end], and the [email protected] story was horrifying. I guess human-shade-dude was merely pathetic – he’d be the classical Beta nice guy who always finished last. The other three guys, though, wow, I don’t know whether the term “Beta” even applies to them. This is a terrible anti-human sickness which we are witnessing.


      • what about Beeta male of the month


    • This BOTM made me say WOW JUST WOW for the first and final time ever


    • Guy boffing the tard would have the edge most months, but I obviously had to vote for the literal cuckold.

      There is something forgiveable and identifiable about young beta moments. Older guys get no such slack. It shows lifelong complete and utter social retardation, a tone-deafness and inability to correct mistakes. When you see a beta-cringe from a young guy you think he might just be figuring it out, this failure could be his come-to-CH moment where he turns shitlord. Older betas are past the point of hopelessness and are thus, utterly pathetic and useless.


      • if you still haven’t deleted your social media profiles, it is a good troll to comment of photos of girls with their beta orbiters, stuff like “you guys are a cute couple”. watch her scramble to deny it and publicly chop his balls off. she’ll feel a status hit (people think we’re dating?? oh no), and he is one step closer to realization, if he has the constitution for it.

        [CH: this is devious. i love it.]


      • on October 23, 2015 at 1:02 am Foolish Pride

        Shartiste, I’m not currently on Facebook but now I want to return. I’ve done this before but without the requisite sadism. Sadism I now have.


      • Shartiste
        “….and he is one step closer to realization, if he has the constitution for it.”

        The best part is – its actually opposite. White knight will think “oh, there’s chance we really might be dating” and push further. pure evil.


      • Yep. The older dude wins because–as CH notes–he should know better at his age. A *man* dating a retard would ordinarily win, but not when it’s a young kid like this. The kid has time and is a victim of being his age in this current fucked up environment.

        The older dude is fucking pathetic. He should have found this blog by now. All he needs to do is make a move one night and he can be fucking that woman. She’s not bad looking. Would bang.

        And he makes a fag video like that? Super beta man.

        But we could all be wrong. The man might have a plan. There is still time to redeem himself. That woman has some missile tits on her and a nice face. All he has to do is take her one night, and he’s got something, at least. I’m not saying he should actually rape, rape her. Just get half a bottle of wine in her and she’d be willingly good to go. Cook her a steak, have some merlot, give her a massage, use good oil that sets the mood — she’d be up for it, no doubt.


      • No man should have a facebook account. I LOVE telling women that I don’t have one. Or twitter or instattentionwhoregram. They are STUNNED. Their cute little brains cannot begin to even start to comprehend the 53 obvious reasons why no man should have a facebook account. I don’t even care if you’ve got a good profile and can use it to get laid. That was cool in 2010 or so.

        But now there’s a war on.


      • on October 23, 2015 at 9:40 am Captain Tautological

        > “But now there’s a war on.” ——— You need to go to Walmart/Target, pay CASH for a burner cell phone and, say, 30 minutes of phone time, then use that burner cell phone once [and only once] to receive your validation message from Yahoo [not J00gle] on your new anonymous email account, and use that anonymous email account [and burner phone] one more time to activate your Phuckerberg account. Also, do NOT do this from home, because Phuckerberg can figure out your physical location from the burner cell phone data. And to do it completely correctly, you need a burner laptop [purchased with cash] which you only use at public WiFi hotspots [although note that the J00z control Starbucks, so I wouldn’t use Starbucks for anonymous activity]. Phuckerberg is downloading software onto peoples’ devices now which can track EVERYTHING, and if you have a J00ish ISP like Time Warner, then they can [and will] give up your real name to him.


      • You nailed it.


      • Agree. There’s no fool like an old fool. Johnny Tampon gets my vote.


      • “it is a good troll to comment of photos of girls with their beta orbiters, stuff like “you guys are a cute couple”. watch her scramble to deny it and publicly chop his balls off.”

        When she denies it, follow up with, “Oh, being coy is so cute! It’s just a matter of time…”

        Really uses the shiv to saw, then gives it a sweet twist.


    • It bears repeating: never go full retard.

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    • outright horror for me. as (possibly) the oldest fuck reading this blog, it evokes early 1950s tales from the crypt comics shudders. unbelievable the depths of depravity this so-called civilization has descended into. jesus take me now.


  2. All of them! But since, #1 can only be a closeted fag, #2 an old fool who has never been thaught otherwise and #3 a full on clinical retard, my vote goes for 4. He looks healthy, female looks hot (elbows too pointy) but the way he is acting is simply ridiculous.


  3. Jesus, this was quite the round of BOTM.


  4. At least the kid wasn’t half nagger


    • Heh, heh… my first thought when I heard “Ahijah” or whatever she named him… when the baby showed up white, I had one of those “Well, at least…” moments.

      Still, I think I have to vote for this guy at the BOTM… although he did have gayface, and maybe that’s why he’d put up with living under the same roof as that 11:59 before the wall MILF.


      • My first thought was… “Gesundheit!”.


      • on October 22, 2015 at 4:03 pm Captain Tautological

        HELLO, YAREALLY, ARE YOU LISTENING? We will pay you to hunt down that MILF on PhuckerbergBook and ch0ke her neck and slap her t!tties until they are bright red and do the whole yanking her hair from behind as you violate her r3ctum routine, and then post a video of it all PLUS her whining afterwards about how you don’t call her often enough and how she misses you so much and gets so lonely when you don’t call. Please Obi Wan YaReally, only you can save us.


      • YR is probably lurking, but doesn’t post here anymore, too many racist meanies!!!!! if you don’t like blacks, you are a K.J. brooo, no field experience, if you had any, you’d know black guys are cool and hip!!!!! til they beat your ass in the alley after the bar closes, clearly. someday, a spook’s gonna make him a realist too. lol lol lol lol


  5. No. 3 (Downs Date) reminds me of how much grief CH got from a bunch of commenters years ago after posting a very wierd looking dude in Army uniform with a very bizarrely throwback-looking fat bride as BOTM candidate.

    By the way, the unwholesome valley shudder on feels looking at the photo of a normal man kissing a congenitally retarded woman comes from the same creep-out place in a healthy psyche as the sight of an interracial kiss.

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    • That wasn’t a BOTM contest, that was “Visualizing Omega”.


    • Can’t agree… I didn’t feel any sort of disgust at him kissing his “special” girl like the disgust I feel when a White girls busses a n1gger… or two queers swap spit.

      Maybe because I was still chortling over “Downs Syndrome Model”.


    • Do you get creeped out if a white kisses an Asian or Hispanic?


      • If the woman is White, then yes. If the man is White, I treat thay as none of my business (mostly).


      • Asian, yes a bit… wouldn’t have realized it had it not been for The Walking Dead.

        Hispanic? Well, if she’s kissing Mark Texiera or Keith Hernandez, no… but Sammy Sosa… 😡


      • PA is correct. It is perfectly okay, natural, and normal for white men to have pretty Latina hotties. And (though it’s very rare) Asian hotties.

        It is bullshit when our white women are violated by brown or darker men. Double standard? Yep. This is our (white) nation. We created and protect the nation, so we make the rules. Conquering tribes take what women they want, not the other way around.

        We can conquer the world right now simply by ending Jewish control/destruction of our society (part of which is bringing in brown and black men to take our women, they hope) and making a simple change in the immigration laws: women from South America and Europe may come here and get an immediate green card; no men by emigrate here. Many of these women will make great wives and mothers. Others (older and fatter) will make great housekeepers, maids, and do other honest work while never committing any crimes. All crimes are committed, of course, by the brown and darker men. (When a woman is part of it, it’s because her alpha brown man made her come along, as we all know.)

        Very simple.

        It is very easy to describe the world when one simply speaks about obviously observable truths, unhindered by libtard PC bullshit attempts to censor reality.

        I love me some Latina hotties.


  6. Literally, I can’t…


  7. That “modeling” photo…


    • Once people are brainwashed enough that they believe she is no different from other girls, they are ready to believe all races are equal.

      fat acceptance; same thing.

      This has all been well planned and is being carefully executed.


  8. What an unholy BoTM…how you find these contestants, I do not want to know.


  9. I vote # 2. Looking at her Facebook profile is fucking painful. Every cliche is covered. She’s not half bad looking but she’ll hit the wall full force.


  10. Wow. I would vote Johnny Tampon but he is just so much less than beta that I can’t do it.


  11. It’s rare to find the phrase “He’s fucking retarded!” to apply literally.


  12. Jesus fucking christ #2……moving a bitch and her bastard into your home that won’t even fuck you. But seriously, who here couldn’t see themselves doing the same as #1 at that age for a girl you REALLY wanted to fuck. Sadly i could.


    • ‘At that age.’ Really? They’re at some university it seems. Maybe hug in 9th grade, but doing this at typical college age is unacceptable and unredeemable.


    • on October 22, 2015 at 2:34 pm mendozatorres

      But seriously, who here couldn’t see themselves doing the same as #1 at that age for a girl you REALLY wanted to fuck.


      Viva Le Chateau!


    • Never. But the Chateau has helped me to understand better why I do things. And correct some things, too. Chateau helps naturals with self-understanding.


  13. The idiot with the idiot girl won (lost?) hands down, yet the shameful tampon dude made a for close runner-up (down?).

    All of them made me cringe.


  14. on October 22, 2015 at 2:10 pm Fred B. Garvin

    Slow clap for ipso fuckno.


  15. No. 1 (Hugger) – Least objectionable. Falls into the category of “geez, I was an idiot” when he gets older.

    No. 2 – (Laundromat) – BOTM Winner. There has to be some submissive streak he’s stroking.

    No. 3 (Downs Date) – At closer look he don’t look quite normal for his age.

    No. 4 (Shirt Shader) – Dude looks physically alpha and girl looks bangable. Given his apparent head-start on the SM, he ought to know better.


  16. I can’t stop laughing over that “strike the pose” picture… it’s just so, well… cute. zlzozlzozlzozlzozlzozlozlzolzolzolozl


    • Are criminal charges possible for whatever designer authorized that? or her “modeling agency”?

      WTF. David Lynch got hell for putting Richard Pryor in a cameo in “Lost Highway” for supposedly exploiting him (ie. casting him as a David Lynch freak when all he could do, basically, was play himself).

      In a certain sense, posing this girl as a “model” is morally sicker than what the delulu Rutgers Jewess did to that 30 year old black retard. There can be no question of the sick, knowing gratification of those who do this to her. It’s pure, hateful, exploitative shock.

      And yes, I can even squint and see how, to a twisted Art History major, that girl might look like a Cranach– for someone who wanted to twist the Flemish style of beauty in Cranach into something hellish. Not that Cranach is Botticelli to begin with (Germaine Greer insists his nudes are all thirteen year-olds), but this is pure viciousness.

      The ‘boyfriend’, in his defense, does not appear neurologically normative to me.


    • on October 22, 2015 at 2:36 pm mendozatorres

      No shit. Seems ratcheted up to the nth degree, which sells the whole damn thing.


    • Lol The black dress pic Greg? Slight resemblance to Iggy Azalea in that pic, no? If you squint maybe? Just a little?


      • I don’t know who this Iggy Azalea is, but can she accessorize like our special girl?

        /it’d be a lot to ask


      • God help me,I just can’t stay moralistic about exploiting this girl while Greg keeps reminding me to laugh at how fucking FABULOUS it is!

        ROLL THOSE HIPS, retard! SIZZLE!!


  17. CH have you ever thought of publishing horror stories?
    You’d make good $$$, this shit is worse than anything from Stephen King.


  18. Hugboy and DownlowRobbie look sorta alike to me. Or maybe it’s those weird smiles they’re both wearing.


  19. The guy holding the shirt. He seems to be the most normal of the bunch, so he has no excuse for his supplicating behavior.


  20. OT, but need help in ‘speaking power to truth’ (as CH says) to the morons in the comment section. Article dated 9/1/15 at naturalnews dotcom titled ‘ABC news engages in censorship’, the black news guy who killed that chic on camera. Comments are still active and I’ve commented as JohnDSee there as well. Looking for backup. Thanks in advance. This is war.


    • I don’t see any CH regulars helping me fight the cultmarx comment section in the article I mentioned. It’s a perfect forum to drop truth bombs. I thought we were allies.


  21. I guess retarded women can consent after all. Huh. But a regular women with a beer buzz cannot. Isn’t such a stretch depending on how you look at it. “Yes”, 10 minutes later “yes”, and so on. If she can’t remember the lovers can set an alarm to go off. “Time to wake up”… derp. But he probably only needs about 5 minutes of loving before depositing his seed. On that lovely face. J/k. In her mouth, she says she loves the taste and is hungry.
    (Just fyi: Regarding 10 min. California teaches the kids to give verbal consent every 10 minutes. 11 minutes, oops, hello you adorable rapist you.)


  22. If that down syndrome love isn’t literally mentally handicapped himself, he belongs in the same jail cell as that freak Eskimo from yesterday who blew with her mentally disabled dindu patient (but I repeat myself).

    Crikey that’s wrong rape!


  23. Put neck tattoos, face piercings and tuques pushed in so low they look like head condoms on Norem and DownLowRobbie and you have the staff at the Apple store near where I live.


  24. “I don’t know if DownLowRobbie suffers from a mental disorder himself, but if you’re the type of man who honestly believes he can’t do better than an actual retard, then you ARE that type of man. ipso fuckno.”

    I will laugh for days about this.

    Also these posts make me feel like we all have the cheat code and these guys are playing on hard mode but don’t know it.


  25. This is actually worse than the one contest that included Scalzi and the “My fat Polish GF is tring to fuck 100.000 men, but I got over it” guy, back in 2013.

    The only guy that could beat this one is the guy that drove his wife to his cuckolders grave so she could “find closure”. That’s what it takes to beat out JohnnyTampon.

    Also, dat single mom be tight. Some mammaries.

    How on earth does that woman have a son around my age?


    • on October 22, 2015 at 2:50 pm Titus Quinctius Cincinnatus

      We can guess her age from that. Her first son is 25, so I’m guessing she’s around 40, possibly 39 or 38.


    • She must have had that kid when she was in her mid-teens. That woman hopped on the cock carousel early, and has been riding it for decades now. *Shudder*


  26. on October 22, 2015 at 2:18 pm Sean Fielding

    That was the BOTM of the decade. Johnny Tampon got my vote. He even looks pretty good for his age, yet he’s spent all his life in traps of his own making. He’s done the whole shtick long before with his adopted daughter, when he was a young beta. 32 years later: learn nothing, repeat and get rinsed.


  27. Voted for the retard lover.

    Good night, sweet princess.


  28. “…it was such a positive experience for both of us. In your four years of college you want to do things that you’ll remember for the rest of your life and for her and I, this was perfect for that.”

    Amazing the things that some guys say when they know in their inner mind it ain’t so.


    • on October 22, 2015 at 2:45 pm mendozatorres

      They’re trying to convince themselves of their own bullshit.


    • I’d kick his ass simply for the “for her and I”. It’s a typical modern-woman thing to say “I” when it should be “me”, as they imagine it sounds more classy that way. It doesn’t. Even someone who learns English as a second language and only knows the basics, knows not to say “I” when it should be “me”. Learn your own fucking language.

      They get this from certain TV shows, no doubt. Where the female contestants say “I can totally see a future for Rob and I”. Over the years I have seen several scenes from The Bachelor, and apparently it’s very common for the women there to use this way of talking in order to sound sophisticated.


      • Really, I was taught it was always “and I”


      • The rule to remember is to take out the other party and see if it still makes sense.

        “…you’ll remember for the rest of your life and for (her and) *me*, this was perfect”


      • on October 22, 2015 at 5:23 pm Sean Fielding

        Ted – Arbeiter’s native language still has four noun cases, like English did a thousand years ago. It’s not a question of word order. Test the pronouns one at a time – you wouldn’t say ‘for I, this was perfect’ would you? It’s ‘for me, this was perfect.’ Therefore: ‘for her and me, this was perfect.’ Or ‘For me and her, this was perfect.’


      • It’s if it’s nominative. “Arbiter and I read CH.” But not “X is pissing Arbiter and I off.” That’s would be “Arbiter and me”.

        At least that’s what I though.


      • Ted – Arbeiter’s native language still has four noun cases, like English did a thousand years ago.

        Hmm, does it?

        Anyway, the comments here are correct. I think it’s pretty obvious when it should be “me”, not “I”. Me is an object, I is a subject. So it’s always for me, to me, etc. Not for I, to I.


      • “Even someone who learns English as a second language”

        An apparent paradox, sometimes people who learned a language in a structured setting (ie formal lessons) and at a young age will have a stronger sense of what is correct in terms of spelling and granmar.

        That’s the case with me and English, which is my third language. Sometimes I’ll fuck up on some things things, most commonly on the use of appropriate prepositions when writing carelessly, I am the best proofreader of written English.


      • Lol, I sure mangled that last sentence. The blame goes to the fact that i’m typing on a smartphone and to sloppy editing (revise one part of a sentence without making sure that the other part still makes sense).


      • this.

        ted dull brain: no you were not. you just did not pay attention while you were getting your Cs in non-advanced classes. you were taught that the rule is each part has to be able to go alone.

        so it’s “me” in that case.


      • hmmm…..dunno.

        ‘me love you long time’ sounds pretty right to me


      • An apparent paradox, sometimes people who learned a language in a structured setting (ie formal lessons) and at a young age will have a stronger sense of what is correct in terms of spelling and granmar.

        PA, as I’m sure you will agree this is especially the case with you’re/your.

        And also it’s/its, though I have noticed that fewer think of that nowadays. Deteriorating school system.

        But lose/loose is not always taught. Depends on how good your teacher is.

        (As a side note, I’m guessing your second language was Russian, da? Considering the times.)


      • Arbiter, yes: you’re/your, it’s/its, along with distinctions like affect/effect, insure/ensure/ensure, and many others. Whenever you see me get any of those wrong, it’s sloppy autocorrect-control on my part on the smartphone.

        I do speak rudimentary Russian and can read Cyrillic but Russian is not my second language. It’s… a western European language, by circumstances of my childhood, not my ethnic heritage.


  29. on October 22, 2015 at 2:27 pm PimpinBlueStar

    We have some strong Beta of the Year nominees here. #1 and #2 are a little too obvious, #3 I’m not sure qualifies because he looks like a Rain man type, and #4 is nauseating but not as much as the first two.

    Well done, CH. Your best BOTM this year.


  30. Asking for a choice was really cruel. Anyway, once triggered, a man’s mind zeroes in on the task, despite all puking instincts given the contestants. Fourth and third place: Hugboy and, respectively, GreenShirtGoof. They share being recoverable, if (and only if) you force fed them a diet of red pills and elephant dildos (the latter needed just to catch their so dormant attention)(Hugboy fourth because at least the girl suffers too). Then comes up number two, Mr. Tampoon, for thinking that life can be only a bad joke. Keep it up, joker, and why not take some female hormones, you too should contribute to breast feeding ahaahajiiaahahmwahahah. And, finally, the big winner of the rib-removing-to-self-suck-his-straw-would-be-better award is DownLowRobbie, please, please, no need for lobby, nothing against Down-people – but he just wasted so much potential. Let his mindless body rest in piss, amen!


  31. P.S. the real kicker is one sign JohnnyTampon holds up:

    *I’m single*

    Who saw that one coming?

    laughable idiot rape!


  32. You misnamed Johnny Tampon of course…

    Tampons get WAY more cooze than him.


  33. on October 22, 2015 at 2:33 pm Titus Quinctius Cincinnatus

    Good grief. If the ancients could see us now, they would kill us.


    • Tbh, we don’t have anything as Claudius and Messalina.

      Or Egalabalus, for that matter.


      • It appears ho is an educated man…

        … now I know I hate him.


      • on October 22, 2015 at 10:33 pm Captain Tautological

        GE, ho’s cover story is so bizarre – the edumakated well-read Mohammedean apologist? – that I’m starting to smell a little Director Tamir Pardo in his schtick.


      • Hell, Cap’n… I was just having a bit of fun with a Tombstone homage.

        Alas, (yet) another jest fallen flat! 😡


      • on October 23, 2015 at 8:37 am mendozatorres

        Your a daisy if you do


      • “GE, ho’s cover story is so bizarre – the edumakated well-read Mohammedean apologist? – that I’m starting to smell a little Director Tamir Pardo in his schtick.”


        Protip: when you accuse people who aren’t me of being Mossad operatives, there is a chance of you being right, from my perspective. When you accuse a guy who isn’t a Mossad operative of being one, he knows EXACTLY how off target you are.

        I am flattered by the notion that I would be considered educated, but a cursory look at iSteve and Vox Popoli makes my knowledge seem….shallow.

        Anywa,y, I don’t see why a Muslim being well-read should be bizarre.


  34. on October 22, 2015 at 2:37 pm Sean Fielding

    My guess is that Robbie Streeting is also mentally retarded. DS has long produced the poster children for retardation acceptance because of the relatively high level of functioning of many, the instantly recognized physical phenotype and the often cheerful behavioral phenotype.

    However, many more retarded people look relatively normal than have a recognizable syndrome like DS. Googling, I found this article that details the pair’s participation in Special Olympics, suggesting they are both retarded.

    Not to get all SJW on your asses, but if he’s retarded, he’s not a BOTM. Also, even in the world of retardation acceptance, most normies involved have appropriate emotional reactions, and would be uncomfortable encouraging a mentally normal person to BF someone with Down’s. Especially since they see it as their mission to protect, as well as promote, the retarded.


  35. I voted for #2… how could I not? I was actually squirming in my chair watching that video.

    Thank God for CH’s commentary or I wouldn’t have been able to get through all of this! I lost it over “His spackled jeans.” Ha!


    • Yeah, that video was BY FAR the most painful of these Mengelesque exhibits.


    • on October 22, 2015 at 2:47 pm mendozatorres

      Hekc, just reading CH’s breakdown kept me from watching said video.

      (Today’s been a good day….don’t wanna depress myself.) that’s what she said


    • @Jim read the various commentary posted below that…many are from guys. Most of the girls in my life are either ones I’m currently banging, I’ve already banged or I wouldn’t want to bang but who somehow do stuff for me. But hanging out with girls just for fun? No.

      The girl in the video has a 25 year old son and now just had a kid from another dude? Wow.


      • I did read the commentary – I’m assuming the (hopefully at least a few..?) friends who commented about how lame the entire production was had their comments deleted very quickly.

        What was that old Chris Rock line? He said there’s no such thing as a platonic relationship between a man and a woman. It’s only cause either something went wrong, or it hasn’t happened yet.


  36. on October 22, 2015 at 2:41 pm Mandy been here a while

    The retarded girl looks like the brunt of some cruel joke


  37. You know, all things considered, what with the vast majority of women evincing SOME sort of mental handicap… and given the (ahem) model’s nice White skin, sans tats… and her red hair and blue eyes…

    I gotta admit, I’ve had some Irish gals in the past who coulda been related.

    /I cannot deny. 😉


  38. #1 – Consider that his name will be forever connected to this when someone does an internet search. Not a good thing when you’re dating.

    As a side note, I don’t think anyone reading about “world’s longest hug record” would assume that they get bathroom breaks. If they end the hug to go to the bathroom then the hug has ended, period. But I assume the Book of World Records allows such blatant cheating simply to reach a higher number of hours, because they have a book to sell.

    #3 – The vast majority of people today would say, “How dare you! She has done nothing bad so therefore you aren’t allowed to criticize her!”

    That shows how society is now dominated by the Left’s rights-based morality, instead of the normal goal-based morality. Throughout history people have evaluated marriage and everything else around them by how it benefits the tribe, the people, the nation. Spawning children with an actual retard does not benefit the nation.

    Having a goal for society to reach – to survive and be ever stronger, ultimately to help Life itself reach for the stars and survive for all time – leads to standards. Instinctive, millennia-old standards. But the Left wins followers by promising them that they don’t have to live up to those standards. That the goal will be ignored. The question then arises why you shouldn’t be allowed to just kill or steal or do whatever you want, if there is no goal, and so they have to invent “rights” with no purpose behind them. And so you have the two different moralities.

    I mention this because even when people instinctively know that there is something wrong with such a retarded marriage, they are deprived of the means to express it. The goal-based morality has never been put in words. They’ll be forced to say something like “I just think it’s weird, that’s all”, or “okay, he can do as he likes, but I wouldn’t do it.” Or some sarcasm. You need to see the two different kinds of morality clearly.


  39. I had to cast my vote on what behavior I regarded as most pathetic, that is, which behavior best epitomizes a voluntary inversion of status to evoke pity from a standpoint of sklavenmoral. #2 wins running away. After yarking a little in my mouth, I tried to come up with stories other than fame-whoring that could justify these behaviors. #1 could turn out to be a good Mr. Rogers or pastor. #4 might have read the Walter Raleigh myth. #3 is probably not all there any more than the “gf”. For #2, there is just no excuse that I could conjure, especially given the inartful, ham-fisted, and mawkishly sentimental delivery of its revolting and decadent message.
    As a side note, when did we start parading kids with Down Syndrome as “models”?


    • As a side note, when did we start parading kids with Down Syndrome as “models”?

      When the media owners decided they could push their leftist “all are equal” mantra one absurd step further.

      “Surely no one will swallow this?”

      “Doesn’t matter, we control the media. They have no voice. Now put the ugly retard in front of the camera and then we’ll go and fuck some high-class hookers.”


    • Ya gotta admit, just the expression “Downs Syndrome Model” is a good way to start the day with a smile in these wacky times in which we’re livin’.


      • Use that phrase in a conversation at work and see if anyone dares react. Or if they’ll all just pretend that it’s perfectly natural, nothing to be surprised by.


      • Good name for a rock band. OK, maybe not. But I’d laugh at the promo poster for that.


    • I accidentally flipped to that freak show “Glee” a while back. The show’s goal was to promote every opposite-of-reality truth. In this one episode, a girl with DS is the star, and “dates” a normal boy in a wheelchair.

      The kicker is that she has an internal monologue of an extremely intelligent british woman. See, intelligence is just a social construct, haters!!!

      I couldn’t stop laughing at it.

      Bonus about that crap show: one of the mental cases on the show offed himself. Cause, you know, promoting freakdom actually isn’t healthy.


      • I have seen a handful of scenes from that show, and every single time the propaganda was heavy. There is a homosexual boy acting as weak as possible, and his father is a car mechanic or something like that, who grudgingly “accepts and supports” his son. That is a tactic that is explicitly taught to movie makers: have an everyday character who is negative toward the message at first, so that ordinary people in the audience will identify with him, but who then accepts the message.

        In another scene the homosexual acts fruity in public, and a man correctly calls him a fruit. (A White man of course. They would never show Blacks saying something negative toward a homosexual.) A woman who is with the homo then starts shouting at the man. An instruction for leftists on how to behave.

        And of course they have a fat Negro girl singing in the singing club. And a boy in a wheelchair. Of course. And the “pure evil” villain in the show is the head of the cheerleader squad (cheerleaders being good-looking White girls and therefore evil), who is a Republican and is described as “anal” in the casting notice. Yes, to leftists that is a household word, nothing odd at all with using it in formal writing.


      • on October 22, 2015 at 3:38 pm mendozatorres

        That show and The Sopranos ruined Don’t Stop Believin’

        I’m still holding onto that feeling.


      • on October 23, 2015 at 1:12 am Foolish Pride

        Arbiter, it gets worse. That blonde cheerleader? She ends up being a lesbian. A pretty hardcore one at that.


      • Arbiter (and anyone else), If you want to see how this all works in action I’d highly encourage everyone to Google the “Harmony Institute.” It’s a non-profit funded by Soros, Ford and several other radical progressive foundations that uses “the science of influence through entertainment to effect societal behavioral change” — that’s their words, not mine.

        These guys are among the most diabolical non profits out there as they work with psychologists, social scientists, demographers and the like to instill propaganda into popular entertainment. This isn’t tinfoil hat, conspiracy stuff. They are very open about what they do. Some selective quotes:

        “Entertainment-education defines a growing number of strategies for incorporating social messages into popular entertainment.”

        “The Harmony Institute method… supplements existing frameworks with behavioral science research. Developed with oversight from a broad network of academics in psychology, sociology, economics, and public policy, this science-based approach uses applied theory to reveal cognitive processes, choice and decision making models… for long term behavior change.”

        And… Here’s the money quotes:

        “Using applied behavioral science theory can help promote controversial issues even among the most skeptical audiences. Much of social psychology looks at how people are prompted to change their attitudes and beliefs, even taking action on an issue through subtle and unconscious routes.”

        “When audiences enter a fictional world they take a mental journey that allows them to suspend the confines of their traditional beliefs… Psychologists suggest that the acceptance of these ideas through narrative takes place involuntarily as the brain immerses itself in the fictionalized world.”

        I have seen the results of their work on numerous occasions… This is precisely why you see so much of entertainment promoting “every opposite-of-reality” truth. When you see bullshit like this on Glee, you can rest assured that the Harmony Institute or a similar non-profit was behind making it happen.

        It’s basically product placement of social pathologies brought to you by Soros, et. al.


      • CH… Can you get me out of mod please? Important comment on specifically why we see so much social pathology on shows like Glee.


      • Nice find, Frito… I still have folks pooh-pooh the idea that there’s an agenda being pushed in pop entertainment, especially with the blonde woman/negro man theme that is ubiquitous nowadays in sit-coms, dramas, and even commercials.

        Fer Christ’s sake, the other day I saw an insurance commercial where, at the end, they had a quick shot of a “family”, represented by Lego people, and wouldn’t you know, negro dad/blonde mom.

        Really (((shook mah haid))) at that one. 😡

        Now I can just tell the doubting Thomases, “google The Harmony Institute and get back to me… you fairy.”


  40. on October 22, 2015 at 2:46 pm Violator Invictus

    The guy with the retard has classic gayface.


  41. my insides hurt


  42. Let he who was not once “hugboy” cast the first shiv.


    • …But when they heard it, they went away one by one, beginning with the older ones, and he was left alone with “hugboy” standing with him… “Hugboy, where are they? Has no one condemned you? Then neither do I condemn you; go, and from now on hug no more…”


  43. Johnny Tampon hands down for raising another man’s child. for the second time.


  44. Are we quite sure that DownLowRobbie isn’t the junior prom picture of that guy who played the dentist in The Hangover?

    I think he was in The Office as well. 😉


  45. These were tough to get through. I voted for JohnnyTampon the Cuck. I was about to go with DownLowRobbie, but he wasn’t raising another man’s child.


  46. Can someone invent a kind of supercollider that we can put these guys in and blast them with the Oh My Gawd particles until they are cured of this?

    We will also need the collider to open the inter-dimensional portal to beta hell in order to allows the shitstains to flow unto the underworld, where the Beta Lucifer looks exactly like pajama boy, except with hooves and a tiny, tiny, trident.


  47. #4 is a Baylor boy so, the girl is hot and he doesn’t know any better. yet.



  48. on October 22, 2015 at 3:04 pm mendozatorres

    Damn, went to the FB site with JohnnyTampon’s video. Reading the comments section below the vid….eeesh..

    How many are just obligatory and how many are genuine?


  49. She’s not retarded… she’s just shy.

    /take her to the zoo… they like that


  50. on October 22, 2015 at 3:11 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    #1 and #3 have gayface. I don’t think they’re straight, so in that case it’s not really Beta. So I voted for #2 which is just weird.


  51. There’s this in the facebook comments…

    D’vorah Swarzman You two are awesome! More men like John please!


  52. There isn’t a moment in this “clear the air” video when Ash isn’t publicly humiliating JohnnyTampon, even if her soulshivs are unintentional swipes.

    So true. When they hold up the signs, “I LOVE Ash” and “I LOVE Johnny”, he looks at her with his sheepish smile – she doesn’t look at him.

    Right after that they are supposed to hug. He kisses her on the cheek – she doesn’t kiss him. She doesn’t try to kiss him even after he has kissed her.

    “Music by Random Rab” “One of Ahijah’s favorite artists” – Of course they wouldn’t use one of Johnny’s favorite musicians, that would mean he had some value independently of being the house eunuch.

    What kind of name is Ahijah anyway? Looked it up: apparently a Jewish name. So she wanted a non-White name, no surprise there. The kid will be stuck with that. Would be interesting to see research on whether kids given stupid names by their parents do worse in school.


    • What kind of name is Ahijah anyway? Looked it up: apparently a Jewish name. So she wanted a non-White name, no surprise there. The kid will be stuck with that. Would be interesting to see research on whether kids given stupid names by their parents do worse in school.

      I’m guessing if Elijah goes by Eli, then this kid’s nickname will be Ahi…

      … a fine kettle of fish he’s in.


  53. Holy fuck boys…I’m a PA in a trauma ICU and believe me I have seen some crazy shit, but the doink and her boyfriend sent a shiver down my spine. With that being said number 2 is disgusting, what a groveling POS.


  54. in other news exchange on a top POZ site (re: a german footballer used as template for a Wehrmacht figurine):

    First post:

    Good thing he’s got a thousand years to set things Reich.

    First Reply:

    I do nazi the joke here.

    Second Reply:

    It takes a lot of concentration.

    Third Reply:

    Jew know that’s not funny.

    Fourth Reply:

    Anne Frankly, it’s in poor taste.


    Gentlemen, keep it up, you are making an impact.

    P.S> by the time I posted this, there were 8 more posts in the same tone.


  55. I have to go for JohnnyTampon. He just takes one insult after another, humiliation after humiliation, and doesn’t flinch! That’s some serious beta-zen; even Buddah could only be patient three times.


  56. @CH.

    This is like einstein discovering the speed of light. Its just not fucking possible


  57. Has to be No 2: that is just cuck behaviour.


  58. Johnny Tampon wins by a long shot here, pretty sure we’d need a “Omega of the Month” to feature cases like DownLowRobbie though.

    “Welcome to clown world.”

    That one teared me apart laughing.


  59. Beta #1: his facial expression gives away his betatude plain as day. It just screams weakness and supplication. I bet he apologizes for everything.


  60. Robbie might look like Eliot Rogers, but he is getting laid, which is more than can be said of JohnnyTampon. Maybe the name is aspirational: he hops that maybe someday he’ll be able to plug her once a month. Shirt guy is plain old whupped and hugz is just a kid, he might grow out of it.

    Then again, I’m reminded of the Ayn Rand quote where she says that she can tell what a man thinks of himself by how beautiful the women he fucks are. Robbie considers himself on the level of a subhuman retard on the inside, and that might be a category even under omega.


    • I wouldn’t be surprised if she dresses him up in latex and leads him around by a leash. Seriously, why would he move in? Could definitely be an S&M thing where he roleplays as her slave.


    • Robbie considers himself on the level of a subhuman retard on the inside

      Agreed. For whatever reason – perhaps a lifetime of bullying, poor father – he has very low self-esteem and self-confidence. He genuinely, deeply believes that he can’t get anything better than this girl (because he never has), and finds comfort in telling himself that he’s a “good person” who values her for her “inner beauty”. His life can improve if he finds Game online. If he doesn’t, he’s going to become a very, very Creepy Old Guy prematurely and be stuck that way forever.


  61. Don’t think #1 is that bad since he might not be celibate, and at least it isn’t two guys


    • How the hell you know that ? THAT DUDE SCREAMS TURD BURGLAR.It is one sick puppy, this one. God help that kid.


  62. Johnny Tampon appears to be the only one who stands no chance of scamming some peripheral/pity choch whatsoever. Friendzone level – handshake.

    Also, some tunes!


  63. Jonny Tampon wins this one by a coutry mile. I had to pause the video a few times to process the whole fucking thing.


  64. JohnnyTampon is the worst. It’s not even close.

    And, seriously, you can tell from the look on DownLowRobbie’s face that he has some sort of actual mental impairment. So, it’s not really fair to call him “beta.” If he didn’t have a mental impairment, I’m pretty sure he would be in jail for sexual assault.


  65. Wait, bathroom breaks?!? So they didn’t hug for 31 hours straight! What a phony!

    And about Downs Date, isn’t that some sort of abuse?

    This whole list gave me the howling fantods.

    I laughed at ipso fuckno.


    • Exactly, that IS fake. The clock should stop when they break the hug for whatever reason. Wrote this in a post that is stuck in moderation: I don’t think anyone would hear “World’s Longest Hug” and think it should include bathroom breaks, but this is no doubt the Book of World Record’s way of getting more hours added in order to get more publicity, thus sell more books. Makes me want to take a closer look at some other records.


    • Yeah, they should have been required to maintain the hug during bathroom breaks. Now that would have been an accomplishment.


  66. Can we just give Down syndrome girl the Alphanista of the decade award???Down syndrome girl is working that runway like a champ! 👯👯👸🏼


    • and yet she’s still too good for a black.


      • Omg! It’s funny you popped up – I was just thinking how I could get you laid – but then my dreams were shattered when the epiphany came to me that not even the mentally challenged wants to sleep with you.

        DAMMIT! We were sooooooo close Borefinder!

        All hope isn’t lost however. Farm animals are still an option we can pursue for you? Whaddaya say?


      • lol. I’m sorry no human being will ever want to sleep with you, darkie. I’m sorry you’re so ugly inside and out and so beneath humanity that you will never be good enough for human companionship. or civilization.

        wildebeest psych rape!


      • I’m gonna have a problem marketing you. So lets start by changing your name from whorefinder to farmanimalfinder – gotta put it out to the universe and claim that shit! You know? That’s when it happens 😉.


      • now now, little ugly one, you know wildebeests aren’t farm animals; they are too low class be part of civilization. but its cute how you keep trying to get in yo’ massa’s pantaloons.

        song of the south rape!


      • It’s funny you popped up – I was just thinking how I could get you laid – but then my dreams were shattered when the epiphany came to me that not even the mentally challenged wants to sleep with you.

        That long sentence was trying way too hard.


      • “Farm animals are still an option we can pursue for you? Whaddaya say?”

        So you DO sleep with white people.


      • “It’s funny you popped up – I was just thinking how I could get you laid – but then my dreams were shattered when the epiphany came to me that not even the mentally challenged wants to sleep with you.”

        That long sentence was trying way too hard.

        trying so hard to be original and still only came up with the same ‘you cant get laid’ tripe. pfft.

        try again and tell him he probably has a small penis, i bet that will be a good one


      • The fact I love you is a privledge in and of itself. 💏


        Hey I don’t hate on people with privledge as privilege cuts across all thighs and people at some point in the world.

        Heh, heh… my little NeNe’s Freudian slip is showing. lzlzozlozlzolzolozlozl


    • “I consider myself a Progressive Black woman that is interested in helping to bring about change and a new consciousness to Black women globally. One that is positive and progressive and empowers Black women to live well and thrive successfully under some of the most anti-Black woman pressures in society today. ” from

      We can help you if you let us.


      • NeNe, everything a black woman does empowers her, amirite?


      • I consider myself a Progressive Black woman that is interested in helping to bring about change and a new consciousness to Black women globally. One that is positive and progressive and empowers Black women to live well and thrive successfully under some of the most anti-Black woman pressures in society today.

        Tell them to study and work.

        Corporations are searching far and wide for Blacks, and especially Black women, with useful educations who will act in a calm manner. They must have them or they’ll be attacked by media and government. You know that once you have those merits it is far, far easier for you to get promoted to mid-level management than for a White. “Gotta have Diversity!”

        Talking about anti-Black pressures is just a phrase used in order to get benefits. Pressures – in a society where local and federal laws give Blacks privileges denied to Whites. Affirmative Discrimination, extra student loans, loans at too-low interest rates due to the “Community Reinvestment Act”, even when it led to the 2008 crisis. What kind of “pressures” are there on you when you have privileges?

        And let’s not pretend that Whites have “privilege”. Socialists abuse the word, as usual. A privilege is by definition a benefit the law gives you from birth, that not everyone gets. Blacks have such privileges. That they still on average do worse than other races in the U.S. doesn’t change that fact.


      • on October 22, 2015 at 6:41 pm The Other Anonymous

        Liked by 1 person

      • @ GREG,

        Gawd I wish. But just not so. But that’s why Ne Ne is here. I may actually become the next Al Sharpton Jesse Jackson but only for Black women. I could care less about anyone else. Not even Black men.

        @ Arbiter,

        Please stop acting obtuse. You know the privileges that exist based on race and gender. I’m going to give you a pass though – to a certain point. As I realize its actually quite common and natural for those who have privilege to not acknowledge it or even notice it. I’ve been accused of this by darker Black women and I truly do not see any real privileges in being somewhat lighter. But they see it and I just don’t. That doesn’t mean the priviledge doesn’t exist, it just means I am unable to see it because that’s just human nature, I guess….


      • on October 22, 2015 at 10:28 pm gunslingergregi

        who bitch this is?


      • on October 22, 2015 at 10:34 pm gunslingergregi

        bitch really came on doing same boilplate fem attacks from ten years ago
        oh how far we have cum
        even black bitches get free shit so stfu and go back to your hole you came from


      • @Arbiter
        Please comment at natural news dotcom in the article about ABC censoring the story about that gayblack that killed those reporters on live TV awhile back. Search my name there just to see how they are reacting to RealTalk©. Power to truth, as CH says.


      • on October 22, 2015 at 10:37 pm gunslingergregi

        I could care less about anyone else. Not even Black men.”””””

        what a hollow bitch you are black bitches allready catered to
        black men not


      • on October 22, 2015 at 11:11 pm Captain Tautological

        GSGI – COTY – I’m laughing so hard I can’t breath.


      • Calling a young, slim, beautiful woman ugly is try-hard.

        Even I don’t have trouble getting laid across ethnic lines. Straight men don’t get into such squabbles…only Gays who think fashion and social class matters below the waist.


      • Did somebody call her ugly?


      • Gunny, one of the few men here I would actually bet money has an optimally functioning set of genitalia, not surprisingly, is the only dude in this slapfight who has a point.

        1. Without quite a few African men having done the job of protecting and providing for us, we would all either be dead or very much less African.

        2. Though it is a deal with the devil, we also benefit from feminism.

        It is a deal with the devil though…and that is some “privilege” truly progressive African women should be concerned about.

        Side story, I had the pleasure recently of discussing with a very small group of young women, what their virginity is worth. These were young ladies who didn’t grow up in particularly religious households, just had the smarts to not give it away to someone who doesn’t give a shit about them.

        It was a beautiful thing.


      • What is it with women: why do they always go straight for the balls? Is it a fetish?


      • After hundreds of years in North America, ya’ll ARE very much less African.


      • Please stop acting obtuse. You know the privileges that exist based on race and gender. I’m going to give you a pass though – to a certain point. As I realize its actually quite common and natural for those who have privilege to not acknowledge it or even notice it.

        “Please stop acting obtuse” – Aww. Using such a fancy word you MUST be right.

        Yes, I know the privileges, dumbass. I JUST DESCRIBED TO YOU what a privilege is, and BY DEFINITION Blacks are privileged – given privileges by law that Whites don’t have, such as Affirmative Discrimination and better student loans. Whites do better than Blacks, but that is not “privilege”. Privilege is to be given benefits by law because of your birth, benefits that not everyone gets. Understand now?

        You are apparently right in that people who “have privilege” (it’s “are privileged”, moron) don’t recognize it – because Blacks like you refuse to acknowledge the VERY OBVIOUS DEFINITION of privilege, and that you get privileges by law. The only “privilege” there is.

        Of course, you Blacks must deny, deny, deny, deny that you are privileged, because otherwise you would have to admit that your failure is completely of your own doing.

        Ever noticed how Mestizo and Asian immigrants do far better than Blacks? Even when they have to start from scratch in a new nation where they don’t even know the language? That’s because of the low Black IQ. Your natural average is 70, which is not enough to maintain a technological civilization – which is why Blacks in Africa always have to invite Whites, Indians, Chinese to take care of the tech. Even in African wars it’s Indian and other mercenaries who run the artillery, because the Africans can’t do it on their own.

        Now, having on average 23 percent White blood you Blacks in the U.S. are a bit more fortunate. Your IQ average is 85. But only 13 percent of your race in the U.S. reaches an IQ of 100 or more, the White average. And extremely few reach the highest IQ levels. Which is why there are practically zero Blacks in Mensa.

        That’s why your average income stays the lowest of all races – in EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY in North America, South America and Europe. Yep. Not even the privileges given you by law have changed that.


      • on October 23, 2015 at 6:59 am gunslingergregi

        black men not””””’

        to clarify black men also helped a lot
        hell companies push hiring them even at losing profit as i found out again
        white people will do anyhting to fuck over white people


      • Arbiter, I think you’re over reaching, and perhaps a bit confused about what a privilege is. There are legal privileges, social privileges, natural privileges…

        Also, there are quite a few Africans and African Americans in Mensa and other high IQ/gifted organizations and programs. They made a point of recruiting us since the 60’s. It was a cover to detect and neutralize potential “terrorists”, but that probably doesn’t concern you.


      • @tteclod, we’re actually not that much less African…though some of us are actually dark skinned Native Americans, or mostly so. We start doing much better as soon as we stop trying to fit in with European Americans.

        I do wish that some people here would stop behaving as if they are the only ones who benefit from a sane level of separatism.


      • If you’re arguing for segregation or outright geographically separate communities, then you’ll get no objection from me. Which parts of this country do you want?


      • “We start doing much better as soon as we stop trying to fit in with European Americans.”

        When you tied to fit in, you had stable families, local economies, rallied/protested in your Sunday best, and created good music. But when they stopped trying to fit in, African Americans regressed away from those earlier standards.


      • PA, you’re talking about a time before integration when, for the most part, African Americans wanted nothing to do with European Americans…just to be left in peace.

        They couldn’t let us have that though. When we had our own towns, they burned us down. When we tried to be independent, they wouldn’t let us do that in peace. Many of us fought back, and when we did, we were jailed or lynched. For this reason, there was Marcus Garvey.

        Even Martin Luther King, towards the end of his life, admitted that he’d integrated us into a sinking ship.

        African Americans had to be manipulated and pressured into integration, and looking back, I do wonder if some of the lynching and burnings were false flags…or allowed to happen because it suited the integration agenda.

        We did much better with a flawed “separate but equal” than we did with integration. What’s done is done though, and we have to deal with where we are now. So what’s happening with many activists now is that we’re buying property, socially separating, and making a sort of de facto segragation. Let those who want to blend in during more than work hours do whatever they want, but some of us just prefer to be among our own…much like “white” separatists.

        We don’t need anything from you but to be decent citizens like we are. Our religions even do a better job of keeping our girls off the pole. So thank you for not killing more of us, but you can fuck off otherwise.


      • “We don’t need anything from you but to be decent citizens like we are.”

        There was a very unremarkable middle aged black woman I once saw in a mall parking lot. She was gargantuan, with a downright bestial jawl and lifeless eyes. She ejaculated loud, rough grunts toward her toddler child, in a language that I more or less understood as a mutation of English.

        She was loading large boxes of duly purchased Bed Bath & Beyond merchandise into her large, nice minivan. I wondered, what value did she transact for all those nice expensive baubles?

        Please tell her what you told me.


      • PA, while you’re playing Uncle Tomsky, I actually do tell African Americans each and every day through my actual every day work, that they can do better than Bed Bath and Beyond’s chemical cocktails of cancer.

        I can’t do anything for those who chose to stay lost, but for those who want to live a real life, I am there 100%.

        Why this is a problem for you, I don’t understand.

        Actually I do, I just think it’s sick.


      • Nicole, because you felt compelled to jump in with my little slapfight with “Dewey” – which where is he btw to defend his brothers against the females? *looks around

        So because PA disagrees with your opinion he is an “Uncle Tom”? That’s a little old and doesn’t strike me as an insult that would work much on someone of PA’s intelligence.


      • Vicky, there’s some history in this.

        PA is Slavic and chooses to be in denial that if the shit hits the fan in a way that “white” supremacists get their way, he and his kind will be considered little more than useful idiots…expendable useless idiots.

        PA reminds me of the dude sitting in the rocking chair talking about the good old days when sewage ran down the streets, but at least they didn’t have to be as responsible as one has to be to maintain a home in the suburbs with indoor plumbing and a well manicured lawn.

        Like, “Yeah, when dey kep’ us on de wrong side o’ de tracks an’ made us live in filth, it wuz all jes’ an unfortunate mistake. Dey didn’t know we wuz equal to dem, but now it’s all good and we’z dun made it to de promised land now.”


      • There are several tell phrases among the poz’d population. Among these are, “useful idiots.” It’s a phrase meant to insult your enemy’s intelligence without addressing his argument. Its effectiveness is limited to audiences committed to a politic and uninterested in truth. The folks most fond of the “useful idiot” premise are those that manipulate others for personal gain. Colloquially, we call such people, “Jews.”

        Besides, isn’t Nicole’s accusation of PA a bit like a pot calling the kettle “black?”


      • That should be “Uncle Tomski.” Last names that end with -sky are usually transliterated from Cyrillic (Russian; eg., Tchaikovsky), or Jewish. Polish last names never end with -sky, except in very rare cases with complicated backstories. It’s always -ski for men and -ska for women.


      • Eugenics with harsh social discipline is the answer to your woes. The minority of Blacks who are equal to others races need to have lots and lots of children and the rest need to be watched and controlled by an overlord. The Orcs need a Sauron.

        And yet I have some sympathy because our dysgenics with social liberalism undermine the Black race more than any other. The elf ethics of western society do no harm to SWPLs, do moderate harm to the proletarian men of the West, and are utterly disastrous to the races of orc and goblin.

        The earthier the person the less he fits in with the Western way and despite every effort to the contrary the modern West works against Black people.


      • Eugenics with harsh social discipline are the answers to your woes. The minority of Blacks who are equal to others races need to have lots and lots of children and the rest need to be watched and controlled by an overlord. The Orcs need a Sauron.

        And yet I have some sympathy because our dysgenics with social liberalism undermine the Black race more than any other. The elf ethics of western society do no harm to SWPLs, do moderate harm to the proletarian men of the West, and are utterly disastrous to the races of orc and goblin.

        The earthier the person the less he thrives within the Western way. Despite every effort to the contrary the modern West works against Black people.


      • Excuse my error then, Uncle Tomski.

        As long as you know it’s all in love. I don’t want to see anybody get sucked into that mess, much less someone who doesn’t even belong.

        I mean, why would someone sign up to be someone else’s second or third best?


      • @ Greg

        SPEAK ENGLISH you illiterate motherfucker no one understands that rambling babble you spew.


      • @ Arbiter

        FOCK OFF! I’m so sick of the most PRIVLEDGED group of men whining about shit because you can’t get your way.

        If you don’t recognize the absolute privilege you have as White and male then this discussion is OVERRR.


      • PS that was GUNSLINGINGGREG that I was talking to / not my darling GREG.

        @ Nicole

        These dudes in here are a text book example of DYSFUNCTIONAL UNHEALTHY DAMAGED GOODS.

        But I still enjoy the banter. Makes me appreciate real men in the world more when I see this cesspool of idiots.

        The other 1% of normal ones are cool with me.


      • Most posting here are successful men. Some have families and employ others. On top of those things, I’ve been married 20+ years, and I’m putting my daughter through college. Grouse all you want, this is what successful men are thinking.


      • If you don’t recognize the absolute privilege you have as White and male then this discussion is OVERRR.

        Could you repeat that, NeHi? I got distracted by the roll of twenty dollar bills that just fell out of the sky into my lap… and the noise of the Cadillac that someone drove up my driveway and just left there with the keys in it.


      • A client did leave a large flat screen television at my office ’cause he’s can’t see my 24″ monitors from across my desk where he comes to my office for meetings.

        Is that a first-world problem? Or is it my skin color? Personally, I think it’s ’cause I’m descended from successful men who are self-made successes, and my client values expedited business and long-term profit over short term expenses.

        Related: I wish Bill Clinton’s father had lived. We might have known better what was coming.

        Also related: who’s Neecy’s papa?


      • UKIP, in my opinion, the problem is with this idea of equality.

        It is a very un-African belief. We do better to earn our place in a society than having it given simply because one was born. A bachelor is not equal to a married man with children who has to be responsible for the lives and wellbeing of others. An unmarried woman with no children is not equal to a married woman who has to maintain herself and nurture and raise children properly. Higher investment and responsibilities, higher status within your strata. Lower investment and fewer responsibilities, lower status.

        So we do just fine as long as we’re in an intact African system, or similar subculture in the diaspora. It’s worked just fine for thousands of years.

        African Americans already have legal equality. The rest is just a matter of the realities of living among foreigners who don’t get us. Some are correcting this situation, but it’s a hard sell for us for the same reason the red pill is a hard sell for some of you.


      • @tteclod, anything to keep the little children on board, amirite?

        It might surprise you to find that I also consider American Jews, for the most part, useful idiots of the liberal agenda. None of the normal “white” people really like or understand them, but damned if they don’t pretend to.


      • Jews aren’t difficult to comprehend.


      • A question of burning interest, if I may interject:

        Say, Hattie… when you talk about White folks in meat world, do you throw up your hands and make the quotes gesture each time as well?


      • Consider sexual freedom. Now most races use condoms more or less, and if they did become infected with something they generally take medications as prescribed. However, no matter how much you educate them Blacks have a phenomenal track record of doing neither, and in South Africa coons grind up their AIDS pills and smoke them in the(mis)belief that it gets them high. They call it “whoonga” and it’s leading to drug resistances. Medications which cost billions to develop and would cost an American thousands a year are wasted and undermined by these useless chimps.

        So as you can see they struggle to handle sexual freedom along with many other freedoms as well as other races and that’s why they need repressive rules.


      • …or unsubsidized healthcare.


      • @tteclod

        Honestly I’d put you in the 1% of normal men on here. Sorry but just because so,wine is a professional doesn’t mean they don’t have serious issues and problems. You can be smart and well employed and still be a dysfunctional psycho who can’t get laid.

        @ GREG

        The fact I love you is a privledge in and of itself. 💏Hey I don’t hate on people with privledge as privilege cuts across all thighs and people at some point in the world. I’m just saying I hate when people with privledge whine about what they can’t get.


      • Neecy needs to wash that filthy mouth out with some soap!

        This brand should work! It’s Jazz singer approved!


      • The fact I love you is a privledge in and of itself. 💏

        Touche’… lzozlozlozl

        Hey I don’t hate on people with privledge as privilege cuts across all thighs and people at some point in the world.

        My little NeNe’s Freudian slip is showing. 😉


      • UKIP, repressive rules would work for you, at least for awhile. They don’t work for us at all. For whatever reason, we’re more socially dominant, so we function better with fewer rules and more family/clan/tribe/national enforcement. We can’t have any room for hypocrisy.

        We also have ways in our belief systems to make sure various personality types are given useful roles in the society.

        Left to our own and allowed to do what we do to regulate our own, we’d be fine…but there’s a problem. Many of our cultures have been destroyed or interrupted, so rebuilding will take some time. There’s also the issue of how to handle large numbers of us in the diaspora.

        For a time, selective enforcement worked pretty well in some places. I’m told that in the south, in areas where there weren’t enough Europeans to cause trouble, if someone got killed because they were shagging someone’s wife, or did something else heinous to someone, it wasn’t really investigated that intensely. African Americans in such places knew that if they got out of line, the official authorities would be the least of their worries. Somehow, when the police cracked down was when things got worse.

        Whatever values we’re supposed to adhere to, be they more African or more western, we have to be allowed a certain degree of in-group regulation. When we’re not, you may as well just give the neighborhood to the criminals.


      • “…we’re more socially dominant…” That’s a false premise. Everything that follows assumes a premise – the social dominance of Africans, generally – that isn’t supported by the evidence available.

        Nicole, I’m not sure where you live, but the notion that a few white teenage country boys out here in the stix would socially defer to a large gang of black men is laughable. White deference is a largely taught urban trait: “Don’t call the black girl, ‘Nigger,’ or you’ll get expelled/fired; don’t strike the black man insulting you or you’ll be charged with battery.” The history of lynchings in our country also seems to belie your premise, as does the history of slavery worldwide, all the way down to the way Arabs and Asians treat Africans. Don’t confuse the non-adaptation of populations with less than 100 years familiarity with Africans with the adapted traits of populations that have lived alongside Africans for centuries. If you want to know if Africans are “socially dominant,” look to what happens after long periods of black/non-black co-adaptation.

        As for the diaspora and learning what works best, I recommend examining successful African nations – all the opposites of a nation like Haiti.


  67. Agree that tampon guy is the winner. Amazing that guys will allow a woman to do to their dick what no one would ever allow to done to their business, their car, or house.

    I mean, would you buy a nice car, then turn it over to a young thug to take for a joyride?

    Or build a nice business, then bring in an outsider to ravage its finances?

    The only other place where this happens is in politics, where centristssecret progressive fetishists are more than willing to hand over the wealth and governance of the people to punk ass radicals to take for an ideological joyride.

    The David Brooks’ of the nation sit there, mentally beating off as they watch their nation take a continuous pounding from the squalid progressive phallus.


  68. definitely johnny tampon. perhaps the only thing worse than a cuck is an enthusiastic, volunteer cuck. the other candidates are at least young and perhaps inexperienced. they might have a chance as they as they get older.


  69. Ash gets pregnant (probably by some sexy jerkboy)…

    GoFundMe for her fucking c-section.



    • hmmm, at first I thought the dude might just be a huge beta, now I’m starting to suspect the chick might be an extremely manipulative princess type.


    • Haha, excellent detective work Squibby!

      Knocked up by some alpha hippy. Ain’t it great to be king…of the drumcircle!


    • on October 22, 2015 at 5:55 pm Sean Fielding

      Holy fuck. Thanks for digging, Squibby. This Ash Martell embodies almost all that CH has to teach about the female mind in a single vagina-possessing human.

      One almost admires her for her ability to live off her wiles and adapt them as she advances in years.


      • It’s almost unfair how one can get away with murder like this.

        Anyone willing to send one of those two a link to this post? 😆


      • on October 22, 2015 at 9:56 pm Sean Fielding

        I was thinking the same, ho – it’s interesting to contemplate. The thing is, it’s like we speak a different language. Johnny would be all up in his NO WALT idealizations and she’s as blind to her manipulation as ALL women are blind to what gets an alpha in their panties – her hamster is only one level beyond, if at all, the comments of her FB friends: ‘that video was soooo sweet.’

        Really, the difference is that we think and ACT a different language. The crudest regular on this site, if he’s tried even one field test, is miles away from even guys like Sailer and Cochrane, who have all sorts of beta-type rationalizations about Game like ‘if it was so great, entrepreneurs pushing sales systems would use it,’ or ‘if psychology was a real science they could steal your girl,’ or ‘show me the math’ or ‘even if it works, it will ruin civilization if it spreads.’


      • Game saved my civilization. Detractors can pound sand.


      • he he she got impregnated with asijahooaaaoo after only having know the father for a few weeks
        I bet Tampon is not the first one she met in a laundromat, as matter of fact I have just got picture from very credible sources of a few discarded predecessors
        All of them ended up in the urinal of history


    • Love this… hmmmm Homelessness looming and she finds John to “love”…

      Good grief…

      “Yesterday, with the help of a generous friend, I was able to move the bigger items I will need into the place I will be living for now. Very grateful!

      But it is difficult to maintain a positive outlook when homelessness is still looming in my very near future.”


  70. Ya know, #2 (JohnnyTampon) really makes me think about r v. K.

    “A family of friends!”

    Only in an r-selected environment would people argue that.

    In a K-selected world, family is of utmost importance.


  71. Green shirt goofball could be banging that girl for all we know. It’s just one photo. Tampon guy could be asexual. Hugsbro could be gay.

    But Robbie? No excuse for that.


  72. Gonna have to go with Bill Nye the BlueBalls Guy …


    • #2 of course, not #1 who also has blue balls but looks nothing like an aging ex-PBS kids show host beta shitlib


  73. The old man gets my vote.


  74. My fav is the first one, but mostly because the jokes write themselves..

    “His bathroom breaks probably broke the world record for consecutive jizzings in a single day. Her bathroom breaks were just massive releases of fart gas.”

    LOL! It hurts because it is true. Could you imagine? And since he did this, you know he doesn’t get any on the side. How could he even walk after 31 hours is beyond me. This guy needs to be in the record books for massive blue balls!


  75. CH, when are you going to feature Lena Dumpham’s boyfriend


  76. The people responsible for the DS model girl invention are sick, not because their invention lacks aesthetic appeal, but because they use the poor girl as a circus prop whose primary function is indistinguishable from the bearded lady, elephant man or camel girl.

    They are of the devil.

    Where’s my horse whip?


  77. #2 made me think of a story I read at RoK by a guy who wanted to warn others to not make the same mistakes. He had had a wife who he broke up with, and as I recall she hadn’t slept with him but with other guys, and they’d had lots of fights.

    After that he had considered himself wiser. But then there was a Latina woman at work, who had gone from guy to guy. Still he got lost in her eyes when she fluttered her eyelashes at him. They went out a couple of times, and then she sobbingly told him that she and her daughter would soon have no place to stay. So he BOUGHT HER A HOUSE.

    Then she strung him along for a while, and he told himself he was so noble for waiting before he tried for sex. She always had excuses to keep him at arm’s length. If I remember correctly he eventually made it an ultimatum over the phone, and she went with him to the bedroom on his next visit, suddenly all eager. And then he noticed another guy’s smell on the bedsheets.

    After much denial from her side he made her admit that her ex-boyfriend had been released from prison and he had been coming by for a visit. After which the guy stormed out. He also knew her sister, and the sister told him that the Latina was seeing her ex frequently, and that he wasn’t really an “ex”.

    Even then, IIRC, he didn’t kick her out right away but let her stay there for a while. It was some story. Even though he wrote it saying he had now learned his lesson, it made you want to punch him for being so stupid. Who buys the office slut a house because of a couple of dates? After having been seriously burned before? Without even getting any sex out of it?

    And some people in the alt-Right still say the manosphere isn’t needed. “It’s not hard to find a decent girl.” It’s not hard to make mistakes either, which many men do when they are told by everyone to shut up and settle. That’s the message from both leftists and tradcons – just settle. Only the manosphere tells men that it isn’t wrong to want more.

    [CH: good comment. and btw for the tradcons and game haters, “wanting more” is not the same thing as “feeling entitled”. no one argues that men are entitled to the hottest babes without doing anything that would improve their chances of getting the hottest babes. entitlement is the belief that the best things in life should just fall in your lap. CH, and game in general, teach just the opposite: that if you want the best things in life you have to work for it. in the case of women, this means learning what makes them tick and then giving them what they desire in a man.]


    • on October 22, 2015 at 4:42 pm mendozatorres

      just settle

      ^This. This was the philosophy of fellas I used to hang out with. They already had and always will have the defeatist mentality. Make excuses about the hot girls and always choose the leftovers. When I would hang out with them–which got old fucking fast–I’d always find them talking to gnarly looking women.

      A few years ago, I was out with them on a scavenger hunt and the one guy’s girl was with him. (He’s the kind that always invites the girl…worse, he’s the guy that cannot be alone!) During the hunt, she saw some guy walking his dog and wearing a short-sleeved button shirt and shorts. Guy was thin, but seemed like he worked out.

      She scoffed at him, thinking him arrogant for gallantly strutting his stuff when he was just walking his dog, showing off his goods–whether or not he worked hard to achieve–and enjoy the warm weather.

      And all their now-wives are mid-30s career gals! Heck, one guy married a gal who just decided one year she didn’t want to work and took a year off. Racked up a shit load of credit card debt. I found this out a while back when she was harping on him that he had not yet proposed. She whipped him good as he had this whole elaborate proposal to pop the question. He paid cash for his ring. And those fucks by the TV-wisdom that a ring is three month’s salary.

      And the guy who’s girl was bitching about the thin-guy. proposed at Disneyland as a whole surprise for her with her friends and family. He even did a whole week long buildup to it. Yes, got on one knew…the whole shmear.


      • From what I’ve seen there’s a positive linear, perhaps geometric, correlation between the elaborateness of a marriage proposal and the likelihood of severe ass raping in divorce court.

        I think because elaborate marriage proposals correlate positively with betatude.

        Anyone else have similar observations?


      • A few years ago, I was out with them on a scavenger hunt


        A thing to remember: these guys who praise the women they settle with, a few years later they’ll be thinking, “So this is it? This is my life?”

        Which is why cynical jokes about marriage work so well. So many in the audience can relate. But that’s sad. They should have kept looking. They should have improved themselves and found out more about how to search and approach, and then found someone they could be happy with for decades, instead of just a year.

        I could have settled on several occasions – and it wouldn’t have made me happy. To think what I would have missed out on. Reading manosphere teachings certainly helped me make the decision to move on.

        Common refrain when you say this, even in the alt-Right: “It’s an empty life to just sleep with as many women as possible.” Such nonsense. Probably 95 percent of men who frequent manosphere sites would stay with a girl when they find one who they can have a good relationship with. If you date with and sleep with several women on the way, how is that bad? And the last few percent – that’s their personality, that’s what they are comfortable with, so let it be so. But the claim that the manosphere teaches readers to never be in a relationship is complete nonsense.

        Those in the rest of the alt-Right use feminist talking points when they attack the manosphere. That should give them pause. They only listen to detractors who lie and twist things, and they hold up only the worst examples, instead of learning about the real manosphere. Exactly like leftists do – when they talk about the alt-Right.


    • on October 22, 2015 at 4:50 pm Sean Fielding

      And men will go into denial over this outrageous shit with, ‘sure, but he must be an ugly weakling.’

      We know better. It’s not totally random, but even handsome guys with plenty of dough can do these outrageous beta-loser acts.

      The most memorable words I’ve ever seen at CH, words that changed me, went along these lines: ‘Always remember – when you supplicate to a chick, she sees you exactly the way you see a 300 lb land-whale – disgusting. And for the same reason – to weed out bad genes.’

      At first, I just could not believe this. Some mestiza convict lover can’t possibly see a guy with spare real estate this way, can she? Sean Fielding is a fit, good-looking professional. Who could literally see me the same way I see a fatty? But I could not argue with the fact that the woman I’d been dating was not putting out. What if she did see me this way?

      It gnawed at me. I read the archives. A few weeks later she called me an asshole. What would once have been extremely painful was now my proudest moment. She called me an asshole and five minutes later she had her clothes off.


      • At first that about Mestiza convict lover made me think you were the one who wrote the RoK story, Sean. But I think you mean it as an example.

        Yes, even the best can make chump moves. (Though buying a woman a house like that has to be the worst.) This is why I never attack anyone who posts real-life stories here, like some do in order to sound superior. Those who do so, I note, are keyboard jockeys who never have real-life experiences of their own to write about. Those who do have experiences to post – those with an actual social life – will always have a more nuanced view of things.

        A few weeks later she called me an asshole. What would once have been extremely painful was now my proudest moment. She called me an asshole and five minutes later she had her clothes off.

        Nice turn-around indeed.

        It can also fail. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. When you date long enough you’ll see all kinds of outcomes. But what does not work is to be afraid of making your intentions clear.

        And if making your intentions clear makes her break things off early on, then you just saved yourself a lot of time.


      • “A few weeks later she called me an asshole. What would once have been extremely painful was now my proudest moment.”

        Hahah… That is exactly the same situation I found myself in. Beamed with pride and puffed out my chest like a champ when I got my first “asshole”. It’s been a steady stream of “assholes” ever since.


      • on October 22, 2015 at 7:04 pm gunslingergregi

        yea just be carefull taking it too far or she will be drunk in front of people talking bout the time you had her and her mom sucking your dick trying to get the brownie points he he he
        course that will come out along with shit ya didn’t do lol who knows


      • on October 22, 2015 at 7:25 pm Sean Fielding

        “And if making your intentions clear makes her break things off early on, then you just saved yourself a lot of time.”

        Excellent. You’re right – I did NOT write that ROK article. Even my former self would balk at house-buying orbiting.


      • Sean Fielding I can relate. Feels awesome eh? Like the scales lifted from your eyes for the first time in your life. Goddamn liberating.



        “Who could literally see me the same way I see a fatty? But I could not argue with the fact that the woman I’d been dating was not putting out. What if she did see me this way?

        “It gnawed at me. I read the archives [at Chateau Heartiste]. A few weeks later she called me an asshole. What would once have been extremely painful was now my proudest moment. She called me an asshole and five minutes later she had her clothes off.”


    • on October 22, 2015 at 4:58 pm mendozatorres

      Have a reply in mod right now. . .damn it all


    • “[…that if you want the best things in life you have to work for it. in the case of women, this means learning what makes them tick and then giving them what they desire in a man.]”

      I prefer to look at it as working to make yourself a masculine, engaging, playful man whom women will desire.


  78. Talk about nausea…Cpt save a down, is in terrible situation. If he tries to back out, it will be always emotional blackmail “I know you would leave me because I’m retard , you monster” etc etc. Moreover, he is playing Russian roulette with half of chamber loaded with projectiles. Because not only his wife but also child ! might end up being tard… well , he’s not cuck, and he will know his child is his own, so tampon got my vote still.


  79. Johnny….




  81. on October 22, 2015 at 4:32 pm Sean Fielding

    Hamstering leading to the Johnny Tampon vid:

    ‘I am so sick of people assuming I’m fucking Johnny. It’s slowing my carousel ride and it encourages him – sometimes he really acts like he’s got a chance. I like it when he just stays sweet. I know – we’ll making a vid telling how it is and post it on my FB . . . but wait, he won’t want to, it’d be admitting he has no chance. How to encourage him? I know – tell him he could make it like an ad, emphasizing he’s single. But it’d still be too much for him to admit out loud. I know – he won’t have to say anything, just hold up dialogue signs that I Ash, shall write. Got it!’

    The printing on both sets of signs looks similar.


  82. Even worse, the dude has taken nude pictures of her but is not allowed to partake. I can’t even imagine.


    • poor schmuck. doesn’t even realize how bad it all makes him look.

      noticed one thing that was interesting. she posted the video yesterday and even though it had a load of likes on youtube, less than a dozen of her facebook friends liked it. people are most likely as uncomfortable with that display as we are. probably more so because they know the guy and feel sorry for him.


    • I don’t use Facebook so I don’t usually see this kind of thing, but – look at all those comments to that simple pic.

      “Stunningly beautiful” “LOVE THIS!” “Goddess” “You are amazing!” “Look at that lovely mermaid!” “Fabulous capture!” “Stunning beauty!” “awsome” “You look so perfect”

      That women want to go gaga and exaggerate, okay, but many of those are from men. Sounding like children. It’s a good pic, yes, but it’s not “stunning” or “perfect” or “fabulous”. Especially not with that ugly tattoo on her upper back as if she rolled over and mashed a squid against her skin.

      And her kid will see this. Mommy taking off her clothes and putting pictures of her naked body on the internet like a slut instead of a mother. It will never go away. How selfish isn’t that of her? What does she gain from putting her picture there – a few “likes”? With no thought of her son at all.

      Even worse, the dude has taken nude pictures of her but is not allowed to partake. I can’t even imagine

      Like I say upthread, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s an S&M thing. He roleplays as her slave with leather and latex, and she whips him. Then they wouldn’t have sex and he would still get satisfaction, twisted as it is. That would explain the whole arrangement.


      • I haven’t used FB in over two years, though I’m tempted to set up a fake account for tinder functionality.

        Honestly, I can’t stand the almost uniform conformity of most members. I used to link CH articles and it caused spasms in a lot of “friends”.

        Most people are cowards averse to friction of any kind and that’s something we on the right have to accept about human nature if we’re to change hearts and minds.


      • ‘one of your extensions came out’



  83. on October 22, 2015 at 5:03 pm gunslingergregi

    can we get a black beta of month?


    • on October 22, 2015 at 5:10 pm mendozatorres

      I nominate LeBron James.

      1) for the fuck of it.
      2) he’s telling kids to go to college when he didn’t.
      3) for the fuck of it


    • why? Obama would always win.

      Hail to the Beta rape!


    • There was this sad puppy looking black guy in a polo shirt, playing with two White kids at a playground. The kids’ mom was a hatchet-faced frump with a Kate Gosselin haircut, sitting there on a park bench, babbling into her cellphone in the most grating voice imaginable.

      I think that guy is in contention.


    • Excellent suggestion.


  84. No. 2 for sure. What’s so hard about a simple rule of you live with me, we fuck? Should be implied if you’re not completely asexual.


  85. I wanted to vote for that brainless eunuch Johnny Tampon, What a piece of shit!! But I could not allow this slimey skulking slithery creature,DownLow Robbie (DOWNlow? I see what you did there) to get by. Come on! Kissing a DS chick,oh God.


  86. I guess it is more off putting that a man lives with a woman and raises her child and gets no sex but, in my mind, it is just an extension of the “let’s just be friends and hug” mindset. Having to reach over for a retard seems so much more low to me. Would any of the other men get with that down syndromal gurrrl even at their most horny?


    • on October 22, 2015 at 6:01 pm gunslingergregi

      omfg i blocked that one out i think pretended like i didn’t see it


    • That guy with that retarded child must have a bizarre fetish. Now days I guy can get charged with rape for fucking a chick over some beers. That kiss must be photographic evidence of a sexual assault.


    • Would any of the other men get with that down syndromal gurrrl even at their most horny?

      That is actually a good question. The patriarch in Brothers Karamazov slept with Lizaveta the simpleton. Also that sort of thing featured in Crime and Punishment – the girl who was killed (by accident as it were) was also a simpleton but “sweet-natured”. So other men have been there.

      Granted, those characters were not downies but still. If they were to be given a thorough spa treatment (or at least a hot shower and soaping off). Plenty of guys would not hesitate, after enough booze at least.

      There might be ethical considerations – or there might not be. Is there really any harm done?


    • I think we all have enjoyed the company of dull-witted women…

      … ’cause that’s the only kind there are.


    • By the way, not to be that guy, I am a shitlord still but, does Ass’ baby seem a little bit off to anybody else? Also, given even the possibility that Ass is a “Jewess” (hah, or a Khazar) what kind of a stupid name is Ahijah? I expected a mulatto to be brought out. It seems a hipster trend, too. My dumbass Anglo brother named his son Jerimiah. I asked him what was so wrong with Jeremy and flat out told him it was a stupid name both he and my nephew would regret.


  87. I can’t watch Johnny’s video all the way through. I’m genuinely crying for the man. It’s like watching my grandma die.


  88. Definitely the middle aged chap, not only is he paying for the privelege (not to mention consequences) of listening to that floozy fuck other people under his own roof, but he is then forced to advocate his own humiliation, and her manipulative whoredom, in front of his friends and family in public.

    He was probably present for the conception, albeit in the adjacent bedroom crying in the fetal position.

    Please keep posting these, it reminds me to treat female sob stories, histrionics, and tantrums with abject derision, until proven otherwise.


  89. on October 22, 2015 at 5:51 pm gunslingergregi

    JT: “but we are not lovers”

    Ash: “NOPE” *vigorously and unequivocally shakes head*

    dam he he he yea one id go with that dude

    i also nominate the dude who my chick wrecked his 2015 car then he proceeds to rent another one and she gets hit in that
    while begging me to get there fast lol
    dude she living with bought her the bedding and multiple other items and she tells him im coming home soon
    he kind of alpha though she is paying rent to be there
    so he is an older dude getting to chill with my bitch to have company anyway


    • Jealousy isn’t a thing to you is it, Gregi? Sounds serene.


    • on October 22, 2015 at 7:18 pm gunslingergregi

      will say my girl would be in some shit without dudes helping her where she at
      i did personally thank the dude who let her use car on phone he he he
      if guys didn’t do what guys do woman would be on the same level as dudes and that wouldn’t be fun at all


  90. on October 22, 2015 at 5:54 pm sweet EMP of reset

    @Can you spot the shitlord in this pic?


  91. Johnny Tampon. This is what happens when “lets just be friends” goes too far.


    • I followed the crumbs to his Facebook page and he’s clearly a progressive liberal from the posts. (Not that anyone is probably surprised) I think he wants to make out with John Stewart.


  92. on October 22, 2015 at 5:56 pm gunslingergregi

    id say she looked at him way more than he looked at her though
    but yea he went for kiss at end he he he


  93. Man that Johnny tampon dude will make you throw up in your mouth. I don’t have a face book account but somebody needs to laugh at that in front of his “friend” That guy is stupid they don’t seem American but if she stays in the dumb asses house long enough she can start shitting on this guy like she is his wife.
    Just because that dude is there. Somebody with facebook needs to game that pussy and buy a whistle and some playdough for that boy. That is the kind of thing you do if your sister pisses you off you buy your nephew a trumpet for his birthday with some permanent markers.


  94. on October 22, 2015 at 6:08 pm gunslingergregi

    the thirst out there is really fucking strong
    rich dudes can’t get bitches i mean the fuck are normal dudes supposed to do


  95. I couldn’t watch the Johnny Tampon video to the end. The “so happy to be here” grin on his face is a good reminder of where to draw the line with your interactions with women.

    The comments are also revealing…”so beautiful”.

    A few insights to add…it’s guys like this that make learning game all the more important if you want a sex life at all. I do have female friends. But it’s by choice, one is married but smoking hot, the other I game but don’t escalate because she was seeing a guy I know so just the idea of escalating is a personal choice. But these hot girls do serve a purpose: they provide social proof, they help me out when I need help on things I work on, so it’s not like i’m raising someone else’s kid.

    The reality is there will be girls I game I can’t escalate with or for a variety of reasons it just doesn’t happen.

    But in most cases I just leave it. There are girls I’ve just been turned off by who I am “Friends” with. But this guy just seems like he’s given up. There’s something creepy about a guy hanging around a girl hoping one day she’ll feel the same way.

    [CH: yes there are scenarios in which a man can be legit friends with a woman. it was spelled out in this seminal CH post (a B side classic): ]


    • CH, I read this by a girl in the comment section to that 2008 post:

      I have quite a few male friends and adore them all. Hopefully none are hurt by my lack of sex with them. It’s nothing personal, just my state of mind at this time.

      Heh. Heh heh heh.

      And I gotta add:

      Girls/women need to dump on their girlfriends, family, gay friends, fcounselors, etc

      Their “gay friends”. Hollywood nonsense. In reality the homosexuals are mostly people you really don’t want to get close to. Alcoholics, junkies, sex addicts, broken abuse victims, rabid omega attention seekers.


      • I agree Arbiter. the gay friend thing is vastly overexaggerated from what I’ve seen. Most girls pay lip service to gay rights/lib politics but do not associate with them in real life. When a girl does have gay friends, it is a massive slut tell, in my experience.

        Also, fat chicks love gay friends. Gay guys are friends with them because the girls are often their “beta orbiters” constantly doing stuff for them, monetarily, etc. and for the sometimes overstated “beard” cred.

        Normal, thin girls with n < 5 having gay friends? That literally almost never happens.


  96. Despite supposedly being her best friend and the guy who’s raising her kid, she has hardly any pics of Bill Nye the BlueBalls Guy on her profile — tons of her macking on other dudes though


  97. I’m speechless. My vote is for Johnny T.

    There was a time when I would have grinned, nodded along with the herd and said, “Oh, that’s really sweet. Good for them.”

    I clenched my teeth in disgust through the entire clip. That woman exudes sexuality. If this dude has even a modicum of residual sex drive in his middle-aged body, he cannot help but be tortured inside. They didn’t go into to detail, but it sounds like this is a one-way street of financial support? Also notice of how she makes no mention or liking/loving his children. She collects full benefits while he sacrifices his (clearly not-valuable) time, attention and resources. They are both convinced that she “loves” him. I feel sick.

    …and CH, for real: candidate #3 is just cruel. Can’t we let some cases just be untouchable? Maybe the boyfriend has a disability too, I dunno. Seriously, that one just made me sad.


  98. The women in that video is insufferable by the way.

    Self Entitled:

    Superstitious belief in vague supernatural forces, that inexplicably, but ultimately serves her own narcissistic purposes:

    Guilt at her own “white privelege”:

    Surounds herself with equally insufferable dullards:


    • Holy Hannah!

      Don’t know if the iconic n1gger actually said it, but she considers herself “worth suffering for”?

      This society can’t die fast enough. 😡


  99. DSL to DSM in one generation. . .


  100. Hope BOTM #3 doesn’t want sex, doing a potato is generally considered a crime.
    The law treats it like screwing a kid, even if the potato is over 18.


  101. That Tampon guy is actually the ultimate feminist goal, a domesticated beta who help them raise their bastards while they continue to ride cock carousel
    And he asks nothing in return, nothing whatsoever, he votes for Rotten Cliton and wants to make a world bitter place
    Oh pardon did I say bitter I meant better so much better in fact that it doesn’t stop crying out of joy, poor world


  102. OMG – Johnny Tampon could represent your typical American husband, even though he and Ash are not married: beta male provider who opens up his home, heart and resources to a woman and gets nothing in return except maybe the occasional pat on the back. It’s too real … too delicious. My vote goes for Johnny.


  103. Upon doing some research, I may have discovered that Robbie has autism. If that’s the case, my vote goes to JohnnyTampon


  104. on October 22, 2015 at 7:09 pm Del Gelderman

    #4 looks like he’s getting plenty from his very attractive GF, has the body language of an athlete too. #3 doesn’t look retarded to me but does look mentally ill, so he gets a pass too. so it’s down to #1 and #2.

    #1 is definitely 100% beta but at least he is getting some clothes-on-contact.

    #2 is by far the worst of the group, and is creepy as hell to boot. i’d put money on him being a paid up NAMBLA member. you connect the last dot…


  105. on October 22, 2015 at 7:10 pm NiggaStoleMyName

    This is my first post here, but I have been reading your site for almost a year and half daily, religiously..

    This shit right here made my stomach hurt in Johnny part, is this real life? You can clearly see the sadness in his face, a failed man…

    Bring more of these cause the disgust I felt really made me think about all my beta moments in a flashback… even thought all are far far fucking faaaaaaaaar away from this


    • Nice to see ya. I notice That the poll in the OP currently has 3,719 votes about 24 hours later, so that is a whole lot of people who read at the Chateau without commenting.


  106. O my lord, poor Johnny Tampon. I hope someone here will have the decency to try to friend him on facebook and try to gently feed him the redpill (like maybe suggest he take a look at the Rational Male for starters – he is less likely to balk if he starts there). I am not gonna do it – I don’t have a facebook account and don’t want one and really am not altruistic enough to setup an account just to try to help this guy – I guess I’m a bit of a dick.

    Men – we all know this guy is entering into a slow insidious world of pain, that he will have a hard time seeing, because the pain will be drip, drip, drip, IV-style, and he is too kind and is going to bury it. So for this man (and alot of men): too much natural kindness = you gonna get fucked (mindfucked not dick fucked).

    That bitch knows what is what (and she be play’in the BFF angle bullshit to hide behind – pretending like she got no agency whatsoever in what really going down). Fuck that cunt. Hope somebody tell this guy, sooner, instead he find out for himself later (which for him may be too late, for this world anyway, if it take too long to find out).


    • I’ve found you cannot force feed the red pill. When the student is ready a teacher will appear. Johnny T is not ready and probably never will be.


      • I’ve also found it’s best not to help people. It’s mostly a waste of time. Save your energy for yourself and loved ones.

        I think you’ll find that your desire to “help” ppl like Johnny T stem from a neediness to feel good about yourself. It’s the same thing that motivates white pathological altruists and, in no small way, Johnny T.

        I don’t mean never help others. Just do so from a position of magnaminity not neediness. That will eliminate 95% of your desire to help others.


      • Hi Moses:

        You are right. Probably best to leave alone (I do have to watch this about myself). Sometimes getting involved just makes it worse all around.


      • Hey Wild Man didn’t mean to harsh. I speak with the zeal of the converted.

        Pre red pill I was a pathological helper. I was always helping others out when they asked, or even when they didn’t ask, because “that’s what a good man does.”

        Post red pill I realized a lot of things about people. One was that helping people indiscriminately means you not only will be abused and exploited, but others will lower their respect for you *because* you helped them. Yeah, people (not just women) really are like that.

        An example. I’m successful in my field. I can’t count the number of times strangers have contacted me asking for coffee, free advice and connections. I used to meet them because hey I’m a generous, “good guy.” And karma, right?

        Well, I never got jack shit any of those randoms I helped, even after I asked them to return the favor. And I helped some of them a lot.

        After the red pill I realized that people will bleed you dry and give you nothing if you let them. There is no “karma.”

        So I began acting more selfishly. Now I help only people in my inner circle — family and good friends (and even then not all the time). I make people give me some compliance before helping them too. It screens out the grifters.

        It’s made all the difference.

        This article had a big impact on me:


      • Post red pill I realized a lot of things about people. One was that helping people indiscriminately means you not only will be abused and exploited, but others will lower their respect for you *because* you helped them. Yeah, people (not just women) really are like that.

        An example. I’m successful in my field. I can’t count the number of times strangers have contacted me asking for coffee, free advice and connections.

        Moses, this is so true. I also noticed that – helped people at work when they asked, because why should I say no? I would want people to help me, right? But you never get jack for helping others. In most cases. Oh, they’ll be grateful, but if it ever means any effort for them, they’ll “forget” that you helped them.

        And I remember twice sitting at a train station, when a girl in one case and a woman in the other came asking me for help. Probably because I was alone and looked like a decent person, working on my laptop. The girl was from Eastern Europe, come to visit her mother, and she had trouble with the train schedule and needed to call her mother’s husband’s relative in town to stay at his place over night. I called the guy, got directions and told her how to get there. Helped her with the subway that she needed to take to get there. In the other case there was a woman from a city far away whose wallet had been stolen by immigrants, and now it was too late for her to go to her destination, and once again I let her use my cellphone to call a few people in the city, then stayed with her until one of them came to pick her up.

        In both cases they were very grateful. I gave them my email and asked them to write when they got where they should, just to say hello. Both promised they would, but didn’t. I realized that they probably meant it when they said they would, but then it was just too much effort. And they might have thought that I would want to use the situation in order to see them again, and – it was just easier not to write.

        Ironic in the last case – the woman whose wallet was stolen said other people had refused to help her, and she couldn’t understand how people could be like that. So little effort for them was too much effort. But it was the same for her – just too much effort to write a thank-you note. That’s what most people are like. And they’ll hide it even to themselves, just make sure they don’t think about it.


      • re: helping people

        helping people should be because it’s the right thing to do, with zero expectation of anything in return. if you have no expectations, you’ll never be disappointed. but you might be surprised every once in a while.

        helping a blind person/old lady cross the street = right thing to do. you don’t do this expecting them to pay you, or hand you their daughter’s vagina.

        stepping in between a man laying the smackdown on his woman = wrong thing to do. and we all know why.

        if you have a technical skill, like fixing cars/computers/plumbing/carpentry/etc, and someone who isn’t an immediate family member or close friend asks you for help with something, make them pay you. never do that shit for free – if you do, they’ll take advantage of that over and over. you’re worth something, your time is worth something. they pay you for your time.


      • I help all ask, and many who don’t ask, but I can see their need.

        Sometimes it redounds to my advantage, sometimes no good deed goes unpunished, and most of the time the end result is neutral.

        But that’s just how I roll, for…I AM A RIVER TO MY PEOPLE!


  107. Hmpfft… you boys are too stinting of soul… too parsimonious of pathos…

    Special gals need luv too…

    Be thankful there are bros out there willing to take one for the team…

    After all, some of y’all might not be here.



  108. Couldn’t bring myself to watch #2.

    [said in a loud raspy whisper]

    The horror!

    The horror!

    That milky mama will suck him dry, leave him for jerkboy, then sue him to keep bux flowung.


  109. Best BOTM ever. Out-fucking-standing sir.


  110. Met at the laundry mat?

    Dude’s 50 something and can’t even afford a place with a washing machine.

    Beta and a loser.


    • on October 22, 2015 at 7:41 pm mendozatorres

      He probably got taken to the cleaners at some point.


    • Down and out is one thing, getting manipulated by that broad is another.


    • “Beta” “Cuck” “Loser” etc So he is.

      But he also has a younger, long haired woman with her huge tits knocking around the house. SOOO many men are in worse situations. The guy is old and ugly and likely lower middle class. How much could he expect? I’d say some dude making 150k a year who doesn’t have the balls to divorce his landwhale is much more beta than Jonny Tampon living with in-house Double E’s. I’m surprised he’s not being celebrated a bit. Who cares if it’s his kid? So much outdated ‘family crest’ stuff on CH. He has in-house rack and weaseled himself into a living situation with a woman whose SMV is a full 7 clicks above his.

      How about a new classification for CH;

      “The Omega Weasel” A guy with hopelessly low SMV who did whatever he had to for some noteworthy T and A.


      • Except he not getting his dick in that pussy. Under the circumstances that should mean his only option (if he want to retain his balls) is – “bitch get outta my house”.

        In fact, even under different circumstances, he should still not allow the living arrangements as they are, even if he is gettin the dick in her pussy (like she fuckin other guys – that mean – she can’t stay there – plain and simple, even if he is oen of the guys gettin fucked 0 which he isn’t).

        It is fuckin pathetic and he not getting that.


      • I have to respond to my own comment. I hadn’t watched the whole vid, just got a few signs in, saw the rack and hair and clicked out. I went back and watched and, yeah, pretty hopeless. My first post was made before I saw that they were so emphatically ‘not lovers’. But I would be surprised if he doesn’t get to at least see some rack on occasion and he’s pushing 60, I think. So at least those tits would keep his dick alive if nothing else. That STILL beats (no pun intended) the lives of 95% of 60 year olds. Unless he bailed to the third world, there is simply nothing for him at all. If he were 90 with in-house Double E’s would he still be a ‘beta-chump’? 60 is nearly 90 for what it’s worth. He’s nearly 60, lower middle class (based on laundromat attendance) and most guys in his situation would be getting farted on at night by an obese 58 year old whose desexualizing charms would have long ago numbed their nuts into ice cubes. Jonny Tampon might be living in a state of permanent erotic tease. Not the worst thing for a 60 year old, just from a T-level standpoint.

        It all comes down to this;

        Does he get to see her naked?


      • @Col Trautman Come on talk about shit ROI. That is a helluva lot of bux and hassle and humiliation Johnny is undergoing for a flash look at heavy milkers from time to time. Like a starving man paying for the “privilege” to look at and smell but not taste or eat a sumptuous turkey dinner. More like masochism.

        There are far better solutions to get (not just look at) tail. Even if it involves paying sex pros it’s far better and a tiny fraction of the financial cost.


      • Hey CT- I am mid ’50’s. No way I’m about to rank myself as lowly with respect to any woman. ANY WOMAN. (especially not a loser bringing-somebody-else’s-baby-on-purpose mooch like her).

        Being the man in your own mind make it the truth. Don’t take no disrespect from no motherfuckers or fuckin mothas, ever (like maybe you can ignore stupid little childish shit for like 3 times, just because it is stupid childish shit not worth your time, but after 3 times with even stupid little childish shit – that’s gotta be it – you gotta be out of my face then).

        That is the right attitude to always have. Exuberant aggression. It’s gotta feel good. This is standing up for your balls. For men – this is the only attitude that is rewarded. Like there isn’t even a choice in the matter. It is the way it is supposed to be.


      • on October 22, 2015 at 9:06 pm Sean Fielding

        This is a good point. For sure he is stroking his lesser beta ego with ‘look who I’m living with.’ And for sure he is thinking, ‘I bet some people think I’m fucking her.’ (Some people do, or she wouldn’t have put him up to making the vid.)

        Another very memorable gem from CH that I recognized in myself and changed was this: ‘betas think ‘can’t wait until my friends see us together.” Alphas think ‘can’t wait until I bang her.’ (Actually, lesser alphas think that; greater alphas think ‘I’ll bang her in my own sweet time.’)

        In Johnny Tampon’s case, for sure he is getting some satisfaction from being seen with her. But it doesn’t let him off the hook for being so weak. Especially when even minimal game would’ve gotten him plenty of pussy from women 10 or 15 years younger than he is, just from the social proof she’s been providing him by living with him for 3 years.

        All of us men have an inner 0-10 scale we’ve been honing since we were two years old that clicks in the instant we glance at a woman. The closest equivalent women have to that speed is looking at the quality of the chicks they think we’re banging. He should be using that.


      • Yeah but you missed my point. His behavior of apex beta but given his age, I say who cares? Now a guy 50 and under is a different story. But this dude is 60-65 and not rich at all (assumption, could be wrong). Outside of leaving the country, what can he expect? At least he has something to look at. What is he going to do? Go ‘neg’ some hot 28 year olds at a bar and game them into bed? Laughable. It’s OVER for him by a longshot and has been for a decade and a half minimum. He’s likely just glad to have some tits to stare at. She’s a total hippy and I really doubt she’d deprive him of the goods on a visual level. Let him get his hard-ons however he can at that age. Just living alone at that age is way too ‘He-Man Women Hater’s Club.’ And dating a typical 55 plus is just fucking gross. This woman has long hair and knockers. Even if they’re ‘just friends’, he has a friend in house, a kid to goof around with and some huge double E’s to whack off to daily. I think he’s lucky for 60 plus, feeling like a teased 16 year old boy.

        YOU CAN LOOK AT THIS WOMAN. She’s look-at-able and most post 40 married guys are not even close to being so lucky. The guy is at an age where death is looming, a third of his friends might have passed, and he’s just happy to stare at cleavage all day. I say leave the old dude alone. The real loser is the guy dating the ‘tard because he’s been socialized into not even doing what he wants. Hard on the nuts, that.

        [CH: “lucky”?? dude. you are not thinking clearly about this. if JT wants to look at but not touch a big titted woman he can go to a strip club. at least it’ll cost him less and he’ll still have his dignity. and that’s the gist of it: a ragingly manipulative cunt had the demon spawn of an alpha jerkboy who pumped and dumped her, and now she’s found a sufficiently needy beta bux with low self-esteem to house her and help her raise her bastard sprog while he has to live in his OWN GODDAMN HOME hearing her get banged out by a parade of fly by night lovers.
        JT is the dictionary definition of a broken beta chump.
        there’s no defending this, no matter how hard you try to muddy the essence of this twisted arrangement. stop making excuses for loser powerlessness.
        and ps: the guy is decent-looking. if he wanted it bad enough he could slap on some nicer clothes, learn some game basics, and head to the local hotel bar and meet a sexy woman who will truly, honestly, love him back.]


      • on October 23, 2015 at 4:49 am Signor Farfalla

        Yeah. Everyone’s points are spot on. He is prototype Beta etc. He fits all the talking points etc. and his subordinate stance is the EXACT thing to avoid.

        But he’s 67 years old (found out) and he gets to go on weekend adventures into the woods with this much younger, fleshpot hippy who gets naked willingly based on FB pics. I think most 67 year olds would gladly change places with this dude. 67 is just damned old and this guy still gets to have one last infatuation/nad pump. All the criticisms aren’t taking his age into account. The criticisms are spot on, but not when you consider that this is a lower middle class man pushing 70, still getting to fly some daily wood.

        I think he’s just a happy old perv sniffing her panties and getting a healthy daily gaze at those massive hippy knockers and great ass too. She’s laying on the beach nude in one photo and she’s incredible. This is adding years to his life. Leave the old perv out of it. He’s way out to pasture.

        ‘Fucking pathetic’ is any given 67 year old’s sex life 999 times out of a 1000. Late middle-aged is just damned grim.


      • on October 23, 2015 at 5:57 am Signor Farfalla

        Yeah, I am both Col Trautman and Signor Farfalla. My browser remembered my other handle. No reason for it other than two fav. movie characters. But I wasn’t trying to do the ol’ double handle ruse.other than by accident.


      • Col Trautman, you say he’s 67 so he’s happy with this, he can jack off to her big tits and he gets to play with a kid, and this is more than most at his age.

        You are assuming the proximity to her body won’t make him frustrated. In the kitchen. Sitting out in the sun together. In the couch late at night. The normal thing when you have a woman in the house would be to be allowed to touch her, and he isn’t. No, I do not think he doesn’t care about that and is thankful for the visuals. He can get visuals on the internet.

        I think he would be a lot happier with a woman closer to his own age, even if she was less attractive, as long as he got to touch her.

        And, it’s a certainty that she will move out. And then she will find another guy, and this one will be ignored. Her Facebook is a giveaway – pictures of her with other guys, few pics of the guy she lives with.

        You only saw part of the video, you say. Watch it all, then. Look at how he keeps looking at her, and she doesn’t look at him. Look at how he kisses her cheek in the hug, and she doesn’t try to kiss him, even after he has kissed her. The way he sheepishly looks at her tells it all. He is hoping, hoping, hoping that she will look back at him some day. Meanwhile this is one frustrated dude.

        If he finally snaps I wouldn’t be at all surprised.


      • Trautman don’t be such a fool. The only thing keeping Johnny T’s pecker dry is Johnny T… and that includes with this very woman.


      • Good points Arbiter. It’s painfully, cringe-inducingly clear from the video that JT would love to put his dick in her.

        It’s also painfully, cringe-inducingly clear that she will have nothing to do with him.

        She is using him. And it’s safe to say that under all that fake saccharin sweetness she hates him. Hates him and is repulsed by him with every fiber in her body.

        She has no power but what he gives her. He deserves everything he gets.


      • Are you guys serious?

        He is being used as a host by a useless parasite that doesn’t even fuck him.

        It’s one thing to go the Mark Minter route and MARRY a single mom, who by all appearances actually loves him. But this?! It’s not like having your ball chopped off but it’s something similar.

        He gets to listen while the woman he wants gets banged out by men who don’t contribute even a scintilla of what he is providing her. This is basic pride, man. I’d pick permanent sexual obsolescence/retirement over this without hesitation.

        Besides, as CH said, not only could he easily visit strippers/hos (heh), He could fairly easily get a decent looking 50 year old, younger if he truly shapes up. This perversion is supposedly superior to that? Bullshit.


      • She is using him. And it’s safe to say that under all that fake saccharin sweetness she hates him. Hates him and is repulsed by him with every fiber in her body.

        Yep. In part because his spineless ways make her disgusted like men are disgusted by an obese woman, as CH has noted.

        And in part because she is aware of his desire for her. And she knows she is exploiting him and causing that desire. But rather than be ashamed of her own behavior, she turns the hatred toward him. It’s HIS fault, the creep. “God, he’s so annoying!”


      • Excellent comments. To add to what CH said and to give Jr a little further advice. He has a built in attractive younger woman living with him he could do a few additional things to really turn this around.

        1. Clean up dress very sharp. Get a stylist if you have to. Act as if nothing is changing.
        2. Start going out at night and never tell hippie bitch where you are going. Make her wonder and the guess about where you going out all dressed up.
        3. Play with your phone more getting into text convos with anyone, she will wonder if it’s another chick. All women are competitive of other women all the time. While all this is going on slowly remove attention from crazy bitch until you barely notice she is there. Cause this bitch is seriously hungry for attention all the time.
        4.Then start taking hippie bitch out to good venues and use her to attract other cute girls. Openly flirt with the other women in front of her and get some numbers.
        5. Start dating these other cute girls and bring them home to meet her and her bastard spawn.
        6.By this time she will be going nuts, she will be chasing JT around the house with those giant tatas and he can then sit back and game her a little bit and get crazy pussy at home from hippoe bitch cause she is crazy and from women he dates.

        Problem solved.


  111. Jesus. After something like this I have to go read the MPC Trump thread to calm down.


  112. BotM always make me cringe, but this johnny tampon guy made me want to puke.


  113. The most memorable BOTM for me — after discounting over-the-top acts, mere pitiful sad-sacs, misguided young men, or omega territory WTFs — was the husband who visited his wife’s lovers grave with her to help her find “closure.”

    PS: could most of us confess to a BOTM mistake in our own youths? In my case (shudder), yes, in one series of regrettable episodes. But — that was not indicative of a crippled soul or other structural problem in my psyche. It was a mere doubling-down on ineffective “game” prior to discovering the Crimson Arts.


  114. “That’s what best friends do (support and raise a child that I had with another man).”

    Just pause a moment and ponder the level of entitlement implicit in that sentence… and laugh and laugh and laugh.

    Who bitch this is?


  115. Well, gentleman, this thread was just too much fun..

    On the morrow I shall make due penitence and go to one of the local St. Whoever’s and check to see if they allow Protestants into the confessional.


  116. For the past couple of months I’ve noticed my comments on CH have not been published. I don’t recall ever trolling or being inappropriate. Whudidido? Since this too likely won’t get published please take this as a private message.


  117. I just checked out that Facebook page of that second beta’s housemate.

    The pictures of her are much more attractive than she seems in the video. But her boobs aren’t nearly as big in even the recent past as they are in the video. Looks like she is actively hitting the wall with lots of wait gain.

    And she is a typical hippy dippy older lady of a type I’ve had the misfortune to run into. They are lifelong mooches. It may seem endearing when they are young and attractive, free spirited and getting in touch with the universe. But it gets sad when they are older and have to constantly find people to support them and have nothing to offer in return once their youth, beauty and vitality are gone.

    She had a gofundme for the birth of her kiddo posted on her Facebook. Professional mooch. Hitting the wall hard. Conning sad old beta guy into supporting her and raising her child for nothing in return. She’s probably even loud when other guys bang her in beta guys house. Disgusting.


    • Yup. Earth mother mooch.

      This sad putz will never get credit for supporting her and her love child. After all…it’s The Universe that provides not some floppy beta with a sad smile.


  118. CH, you have to do a post about Hillary’s hearing. Watch just ten minutes of it at random, and you have the entire farce.

    It was ten straight hours of Hillary dodging questions. She was told, over and over, “Answer YES or NO,” but she simply would not stop obfuscating. I didn’t know it was possible to say nothing in so many words. Watch that ten minutes. It will blow your mind.
    The democrats who “questioned” her did nothing but filibuster, go off topic, whine, and kiss Hillary’s ass. Anyone with more than two brain cells who watched it could see how full of shit she and her cronies are.
    But it doesn’t matter, because the dems know their voters will never sit through more than a few minutes of the recording. It wasn’t a hearing. It was a joke.

    The slimeball dodged questions for TEN FUCKING HOURS and nobody will call her out on it. This country is dead.

    In other news, Titter censors people:

    [CH: she learned well from bill.]


  119. 1. Looks like gayface. The girl is fairly pretty though a bit of strongjaw. Blonde hair always a huge plus but hers looks to be thinning. 6-and-a-half, maybe 7 tops.

    2. This is one manipulative jewess. Huge tits. Those things somehow contain the essence of jewishness, or at least half of it. The guy is a sad man. I guess he is so lonely that he doesn’t care about not being able to get it on (or up, or in). He most likely is not able to, for whatever reasons. A man like that has to be lead all the way, all the time. He could have been good looking.

    3. Interesting comment by Sean Fielding regarding downies being poster children for retarded people because of their happy phenotype. She looks happier than the average American, god bless her.

    4. Meh, that behavior is not so out of the norm. Those people are better than average looking, by a good ways.


  120. Johnny has got to be the definition of beta cuck. Imagine his roomie Ash is getting banged senseless by some goon in one room of their home, while Johnny is stuck changing diapers nearby.
    He can virtually hear her moan and scream while he is left with baby dough on his fingers. Absolutely pathetic.
    Only one guy on FB suggested that she should consider being (fuck)partners with him. The rest all exclaimed that this was just sooo wonderful. Her friends must think lowly of this Johnny character.


    • It’s times like these that try the Christian soul…

      I’m almost tempted to start a Facebook account just so I can go make a comment along the lines of:

      “Lawd A-mighty, man! Grow some hair on your ass and fuck that woman or tell her to take her entitled princess ass down the pike!”


  121. Johnny Tampon is by all accounts the WORST BOTM of all time. I cringed for the entire video and during CH’s entire synopsis of it. I’m cringing even thinking about it. That shit is shameful to even think about….what the fuck?!


  122. That downs pic made me throw up.


  123. Wonder if Johnny Tampon has cameras hidden around the house, then beats his meat raw watching the footage?


  124. Look at Johnny Tampon’s eyes at 2:04 when he puts down the cards, and look what is written on the cards. The very short and sad downcast reflective look tells me he is not ‘happy’, and that he thought that this would be much more than just a ‘friendship’.

    What a loser and what a user bitch.


  125. on October 22, 2015 at 9:15 pm Rent Seeking Missile


    This isn’t Beta of the Month.

    This is ‘Snapshots from the End of Western Masculinity’.

    We are so screwed. No wonder the third world thinks it’s time has come. They can smell the stench of failure from hundreds of miles away.


  126. on October 22, 2015 at 9:16 pm gunslingergregi

    yea the state of men in us just keep getting asked and told and held at gunpoint to do more without any return
    dont even let the bastards off themselves thinking going to heaven cruel joke
    then the other dudes fucking with ya too woman fucking with you
    we need to be chimpin out fuck the civility


    • on October 22, 2015 at 9:29 pm gunslingergregi

      my dad would love to have bitch like that living with him and can’t fuck
      but yea the doctors are not making appointments after he goes to one
      he figured cause he too old now trying to drop him so he can go die
      i told him start killing motherfuckers its the only thing that people understand sometimes
      he said no i would never do that
      im like well that is why they will do it to you then everyone after you if nobody stands up
      nope fucked in life all the way to the end
      at least i got him a bitch to play with fuck


  127. on October 22, 2015 at 9:49 pm Malcolm X-Lax

    Watching that Johnny Tampon video made me feel worse than i did that time I made the mistake of watching some Russian guy get his head sawed off by some chechen muz. Worse even than the 30 minutes I spend on!


  128. Holy fuck, what a lineup.

    Looks like JohnnyTampon is crushing his fierce competition, and I must admit it is a no-match once you watch the video. Hugboy would have deserved a narrow runner-up slot though, if only for the picture. How beta do you have to be to stand 31 hours of hugging, even with a cutie, I can’t even.

    DownLowRobbie is only a brainwashed child and GreenShirtGoof is most likely trying his best to avoid his entitled bitch giving him shit on the way back home for having burnt under the sun on top of enduring that fucking game of his, so both are slightly behind imo.

    But the overall level is definitely sky high.


  129. Anyone else think the tard kind of looks like iggy azalea having a stroke in that one pic?


  130. retards can’t consent. That White man is committing literal rape to the applause of feminists.


  131. What was the point of them making that stupid video? I’m confused?

    I’m going to say she looks like the type that would throw him a bone on the DL and tell him to not say anything. LOL


    • I get the impression you lurv white cock.


    • You’re a leftist, they are leftists, you should understand. Craving attention.


    • I’m going to say she looks like the type that would throw him a bone on the DL and tell him to not say anything. LOL

      NeNe, when I throw you my bone, it’ll be on the UnU (up-and-up)…

      … and you’ll tell the world.


    • No she is the type to send him to the store at 10PM for a pack of batteries and a pint o’ Butter Pecan…

      A 7 can get far in the world without anything other than looks. A white 7 obvs Neecy… but that is redundant.


  132. Egregious.

    Jokes and ridicule aside and in no way attempting to sound superior, I am grateful sometimes for what I’ve been given, even though much has been taken. I’m no trump or Hefner or even a happily married family man, but I’ve had my adventures and am still somewhat young. A word of advise- in addition to avoiding these behaviors, don’t obsess. About avoiding betaa too much either. Focus on being alpha, meaning enjoy life and be successful both in your eyes and financially. And always be honest about your sex drive with yourself


  133. Shameful shit.


  134. on October 22, 2015 at 11:38 pm ThreeTimesFaster

    I don’t like the look in the eye of that kid that’s with the retard. Reminds me of old pictures of Ted Bundy.


    • The Downs Syndrome girl has the most potential. For Fun that cannot be named.
      Never lose sight of the potential value to you in regard to the possible after effects of having the only witness against you being a person that is more trick-able than a 3 month old puppy.


  135. Here is a plan: Call up Madeline of Retardia Downs, and say that you are Robbie-the-Retard-Fucker and you want to come over. Then put on a pig mask.
    Let it be put this way. No matter what actually “happened” between the two of you while she was trussed up and handcuffed, the only thing the authorities will ever hear will be a rambling, crazed, drooling retard-grade screeed about a pig taking her from behind.


  136. Transactionally green shirt goof biggest loser.


  137. on October 23, 2015 at 1:10 am Modern Primitive

    Number two for sure. It’s the absolute ultimate in alpha fucks and beta bucks. At the very least down syndrome dude is getting laid.


  138. The guy with the Down Syndrome girl is probably looking for approval. There used to be a time when people who dated or married outside their race got the same pats on the head from the usual suspects. Nowadays you have to push it further – you’ve got to find someone with a disability or a tranny (but I repeat myself).


  139. I suspect that the reason Tampon Boy is so painful to watch is because his basic motivations are inherent in men: I mean, the motivation to be around an attractive female where one can provide for her. I have seen it so often; some guy meets a woman out of his league but where the woman – is prepared to tolerate him – on terms – whilst he attends to all her non sexual needs. It looks and feels like a relationship, in fact in all but one respect it is but that one respect is the one that matters above all others.

    That video simply humiliates Tampon Guy at every turn. Having now seen her Facebook stuff I am amazed at her chutzpah; her princess-like attitude; her shameless entitlement.


  140. The world record hugger made me most uncomfortable (last place in voting!). He’s the most deluded of the bunch. There is a 100% chance he is in love with that girl. There is a 0 percent chance she is in love with him. His only hope is she gets baby crazy around 30 and gives him half-hearted sex just before she hits the wall. I feel bad for him. I feel righteous disgust for the literal cuck. He deserves what he gets.


  141. […] Beta Of The Month (Creepy Halloween Edition) | Chateau Heartiste […]


  142. Greengoofguy could be doing that sarcastically as mock chivalry, or maybe he’s getting something in return at least. You could put a positive spin on that.

    All the others are irredeemable. Marrying a down, hugging for 31 hours, being a fully-grown substitute tampon. These feel like a dream. Nothing that bad could ever happen in reality.


  143. The Johnny Tampon story is a metaphor for today’s sexual marketplace and for society in general. It gets my vote.


  144. on October 23, 2015 at 5:10 am David Carradine

    Are you actually allowed to just fuck retards if you want to? It seems like there would be a law against that since they have the mind of a 5 year old.


  145. You could put a positive spin on greengoofguy and say it’s sarcastic chivalry or an act of contrast against a backdrop of generally alpha behaviour. Optimistic maybe, still there’s insufficient evidence to say that he’s beta of the month.

    All the others are a loss. They’ve got to be a dream. Nothing that bad could ever happen in reality.


  146. Honestly, heartise and those who say these people are mockworthy

    You and people like you are making the same old mistake over and over again. Start with the assumption that ability to get laid by a woman sufficiently attractive or popular with mainstream society is the end-all, be-all of what a male should be — and build your whole skyscraper on that foundation.

    So tell me why I should take that assumption seriously.

    Moreso, what makes you so special or knowledgable that you are the final authority of what a respect-worthy person is (and men in particular)? What are your qualifications for having that authority?

    Why should I not believe your castigation of these people is narrow, intolerant, and – toward the third couple – outright ableist? On that note, why should I not believe that, had you been born 50 years earlier, you would have mocked and ridiculed a white male who married a barely-attractive-enough black female?

    It is obvious your reactions against *beta* males spring from a knee-jerk, reptilian-basebrain personal distaste, as opposed to being the product of the rational thought process. The only reason these people are mockworthy is because the sight of such people irritates your reptilian brainstem’s aesthetic sense; but neither the reptilian brainstem reactions toward males who fall short of traditional gender ideals, nor our aesthetic sense are any longer reliable or practical guides to assessing any person’s value, if they ever were ones; and I challenge you to prove me otherwise.

    As an aside: It because of attitudes like the ones spewed on this page, and in many of the comments, that I’d frankly be embarrassed *for myself* if anyone were ever to consider me “manly”, a “real man”, etc. Nor would I go anywhere near those terms to describe any male I truly like, admire, and respect – even if mainstream society considered him a card-carrying member of the alpha male club.


    • Who bitch this is


    • “On that note, why should I not believe that, had you been born 50 years earlier, you would have mocked and ridiculed a white male who married a barely-attractive-enough black female?”

      Bitch, you know where you are?


    • On that note, why should I not believe that, had you been born 50 years earlier, you would have mocked and ridiculed a white male who married a barely-attractive-enough black female?

      50 years earlier?

      We’d mock & ridicule him today.

      All the moreso, with the straits White folks are in, world population-wise.

      You fairy.


  147. This is like the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions, as I could see all these betas being crowned “King Loser” in other months if not pitted against one another now. Cuckold eunuch ascends to the throne here though.


  148. 347 replies. Fuck.


  149. A great line from commenter Mr.MantraMan at Vox Day’s:

    “Someone should remind the cucks that they are the last anti-racists on Earth”


  150. Everything that’s wrong in the west in just over three projectile vomit inducing minuets.


  151. Johnny Tampon takes it running away, not even close.

    The others, with the exception of the retard-ravager, who is probably not all there himself, are young and can at least learn from their mistakes, but Johnny has no such excuse.

    Suggest that CH permanently feature Johnny as the perfect case study of Alpha Fux/Beta Bux just for illustration purposes. A three-minute video being worth 10,000,000 words.

    Dollars to doughnuts the video wasn’t Johnny’s idea. As part of her Alpha Fux strategy, what’s the first thing a wall-adjacent carousel-rider does? Get connected on Fuckerberg’s data mining operation. Potential AF might be put off by seeing she lives with a guy, but this video, no doubt featured prominently on her page, will assure him that the runway is clear for a touch-and-go or three.

    This chick is the type always looking for the next best thing and if/when she finds it (or Johnny is completely resource-extracted), Johnny will be sat down for a Serious Talk, in which she will explain how it’s Just Not Working Out. Her hamster will frame it as being noble sacrifice…letting him go so he can find “true love” or whatever, assuaging her conscience that’s she’s not a complete manipulative whore…assuming she has a conscience at all. I could easily see her leaving while he’s at work, taking everything up to and including the toilet paper rolls and paper plates. After all, he owes her.


  152. There’s something Victorian freakshow about a down syndrome catwalk model, I half expect Joseph Merrick in the background modelling underwear.

    Sure they’ll dress it up as equal opportunities etc but I know what’s going on here and it’s fucking low.


    • Naw, he’d be the guest judge.

      A walking stick is so dashing!


    • Youth is no excuse for marrying a retard. There’s some sort of weird psychological defect going on here and it’s not going to be grown out of.

      Was anyone here really that bad with women when you were his age? You’d need to be King of the Nerds in high school and so far from being a natural to hold any hope for this poor sod. I’m voting for him.


    • I would agree with you on that one. I’ve had similar thoughts along the same lines and I think you’re onto something. There is the fairly recent phenomena of Down syndrome/disability porn and this is tapping into that same sickness.


      • A psychological defect, morbid curiosity, or a weird sexual sickness there is something stoking this interest in freaks whom rightly deserve pity and privacy at most.

        The boy himself must have something irredeemably wrong with him. I can’t accept marrying a person with down syndrome as some kind of folly of youth.


    • I don’t think it’s any kind of sexual perversion that’s behind putting the Down Syndrome girl on the catwalk, just the warm glow of satisfaction they get from claiming DS people are equal to the rest of us (while not believing a word of it, of course). The people applauding her sure as hell wouldn’t want their son marrying her.


  153. The JohnnyTampon video was all sorts of fucked. I swear if you watch closely at the end, he is so excited that he is sharing this moment that it almost looks like he’s trying to sneak a kiss, and this “Ash” woman instantly deflects it to her cheek.

    Please include a trigger warning next time Mr. Heartiste.


  154. Johnny Tampon – why are the cue cards in your stupid vid all written by the same hand? Come on guy – you agreed to have her words put in your mouth like that? Videotaped so can’t never take it back? You give away your agency to speak for yourself for nothing in return.?

    Fuck you Johnny Tampon.


    • I think it was balls-ass obvious that she wrote those cues the second he held up the “We’re Not Having Sex” card.

      Like some other poster so astutely pointed out, that was HER way of letting other jerkboys know the landing strip was clear for the next poon pilot.


      • Yes – it is truly pathetic. I have decided that being disgusted with this guy is a better way of looking at it than feeling sorry for him.


  155. johnnytampon doesn’t just look like a possible homo, he looks borderline kiddie d1ddler.

    downs syndrome model?? everyone with downs syndrome looks the same – they have the same physical characteristics. if one of them is a model, shouldn’t they all be models?

    greenshirtgoof – he should have put the shirt on her head. are we sure that girl isn’t ash martell from 15 years ago? lozlzozlzozllzolz


  156. Red headed Asian chick is sooo hot… I came guys. Fuck yeah.


  157. If you ever wondered about the power of makeup, just look at the picture of the down syndrome girl walking down the runway. She almost looks passable.


  158. on October 23, 2015 at 10:45 am gunslingergregi

    yea see it was a white cop who gave me the permitting dui and white people in power that treat it like a dui that want a boot stomping on my face that made me not be able to renew my license not a minority
    everything actually shitty with long term affects is the doing of white people


    • on October 23, 2015 at 10:47 am gunslingergregi

      yea got to look beyond the minorities its white men fucking over white men on a consistant basis
      that is the real enemy of freedom and being able to do anything and what keeps people from being free to live their lives


    • on October 23, 2015 at 10:49 am gunslingergregi

      it white people with the iqs making up the billion laws if niggers ran shit there would be like 5 fucking laws and that it


    • on October 23, 2015 at 10:52 am gunslingergregi

      the money that i paid that white people stole went into white peoples pockets


    • on October 23, 2015 at 10:55 am gunslingergregi

      yea being pro white really does make ya gloss over a lot of shit going on that is certainly worse than some nig knocking someone out
      like white cops judges lawyers taking all money from white men and putting them in jail in family court and shit
      that aint blacks doing that shit it is whites


      • We see your point, gunny…

        But do you think that, when negroes hold sway, the courts are going to be any more just?

        Assuming, of course, there will be any courts at all worthy of the name… beyond the Star Chambers that exist pretty much everywhere else not under the (ahem) White man’s burden of English common law and its traditions?


      • on October 23, 2015 at 11:11 am gunslingergregi

        ill have to take a trip to africa to find out i guess


      • on October 23, 2015 at 11:14 am gunslingergregi

        yea i think it would be more free but poorer
        but at least if you crossed them they would have the decency to kill you white people like to keep the victim alive cause they smart enough to know if ya dont kill a man you can bleed him forever


      • on October 23, 2015 at 11:15 am gunslingergregi

        i like the muslim way better though i do know that


      • on October 23, 2015 at 11:18 am gunslingergregi

        if im falsley accused and convicted in muslim court at least i can die speedily
        that is a comfort to me


      • Well, if it comes to that, we can at least shoot other White men without everybody mewling about RAY-CISS and such.


      • on October 23, 2015 at 11:40 am gunslingergregi

        really its just prob being human sucks why the fuck am i still here
        dealing with a minor annoyance that still is not worth dealing with to be able to continue living in the world
        i havent wanted to live in this shitty country for so fucking long its getting fucking rediculous


      • on October 23, 2015 at 12:18 pm gunslingergregi

        anyway gonna go fuck my bitch too much thinking about the shit is too fucking depressing good luck guys


    • on October 23, 2015 at 11:01 am gunslingergregi

      blacks can rob you and maybe kill you
      but white men can accuse you of some shit and take everything you own and make you live


    • on October 23, 2015 at 11:03 am gunslingergregi

      and other white people will look with glee as the system takes your shit


    • on October 23, 2015 at 11:05 am gunslingergregi

      ok so maybe when the black dude went inside when i used logical reasoning with him and the white dude had no respect kind of made a fucking lightbulb go off in my head that holy shit i only ever been fucked over by white people
      its white people that havent had common fucking courtesy


    • on October 23, 2015 at 11:09 am gunslingergregi

      if you were black yea it prob would be noticable that white people were actually the ones with the power to fuck people over on a consistant never ending basis their never ending buerocracy
      so yea blacks prob are doing it right knocking some white people the fuck out
      its the only thing white people understand to stop the torture


  159. We all need a visual palate cleanser. Flabby post wall hippy pussy isn’t your fate if you have some game, some money, and some damned self respect!


  160. Today is Hungarian Freedom Day.



    • on October 23, 2015 at 11:06 am gunslingergregi

      it aint jews either fucking white people over all over the fucking country it is fucking white people


    • What can be accomplished with only the amount of men who attend an average NBA game:

      The revolt began as a student demonstration, which attracted thousands as they marched through central Budapest to the Parliament building, calling out on the streets using a van with loudspeakers via Radio Free Europe. A student delegation, entering the radio building to try to broadcast the students’ demands, was detained. When the delegation’s release was demanded by the demonstrators outside, they were fired upon by the State Security Police (ÁVH) from within the building. When the students were fired on, a student died and was wrapped in a flag and held above the crowd. This was the start of the revolution. As the news spread, disorder and violence erupted throughout the capital.

      The revolt spread quickly across Hungary and the government collapsed. Thousands organised into *militias* , battling the ÁVH and Soviet troops.

      Pro-Soviet communists and ÁVH members were often executed or imprisoned and former political prisoners were released and armed.


  161. Jesus…scary fucking halloween betas.

    your gods were cruel to shape you so, friend.

    ….as I stare at the brunette in the gold bikini…my mind wandered off.


  162. The magic of makeup, turns the down’s girl into lena dunham. lol. NOt that there’s anything wrong with Down’s People, they’re usually more competent than the Low-IQ people they work with…but oh God, isn’t #3 stat raping her?


    • Just because a gal is a little slow, ain’t no call for you guys to be cockblockin’, amirite?

      /live n’ let live, mate lzlzozlzozlozlozlzolzolzolzolozlozlozlozlozl


      • jesus I was being unintentionally cruel and not cruel at the same time. I mean lana del ray…lolz.

        true dat greg, i bet downs girl is happy to get some normal.


      • The patriarchy has held her down long enough.

        How dare any of us disempower a woman’s inalienable right to EatPrayLove, just because she might spill a little food on herself.


  163. Of course Johnny Tampon is the worst. By far. But I hope the point of this post is not to make fun of some knucklehead. That would be not worth anyone’s time.

    The point is, and must be, that this can happen–this being taken in by a manipulative woman–so your time and energy and resources are squandered- to any of us without red pill knowledge. It might not happen as bad, or as publicly. These examples are posted to remind us of the manipulative nature of women, and how it is a perfect mismatch for the natural provider/protector instinct in most men, and how this mismatch can easily lead to perverted results.

    Johnny Tampon’s failure is a warning.


  164. 1. cuckold, 2. retard, 3. tool, 4. hugsy malone

    Beta Rankings:

    old beta > young beta, you’ve had more world experience, you should’ve figured this out by now

    retarded girlfriend > being used as a tool, nuff said

    tool > hugsy, at least hugsy is copping a feel


  165. If you can’t nail a single mom….

    On the other hand banging a tard…

    This is above my pay grade.


  166. OMG – even though Johnny Tampon and Ash are not married, he could represent a huge number of husbands in the US. Beta provider with no sex. I’m guessing no home cooked meals either, unless he does the cooking. Which he probably does.


  167. I’d like to leave a submission for next month’s entry:

    The story reads:

    Mechanical engineering student and EWU senior Jared Mauldin submitted a letter to the editor that was published in The Easterner on Sept. 30; within a few days a picture of the letter was shared and liked tens of thousands of times on social media.

    Mauldin’s 254-word letter to the women in his engineering classes began with:

    “While it is my intention in every other interaction I share with you to treat you as my peer, let me deviate to say that you and I are in fact unequal.”

    He then highlighted several sexist injustices he has seen women face in STEM programs throughout his experiences and concluded: “So, you and I cannot be equal. You have already conquered far more to be in this field than I will ever face.”


    • Is that name Mauldin or Maudlin?

      Geez, Louise… I gotta start rethinking this whole White thing.


    • Wonder if he’s any relation to famous cartoonist Bill Mauldin?

      If they had known they were fighting to make the world safe for these self-hating cucks, Willie and Joe mighta started shooting in the other direction.

      Showing my age rape!


  168. “Ash Martell” —

    Charles wept….


  169. You missed the best part about the downs girl. She friendzoned the guy in her league on facebook. Hypergamy knows no bounds.


  170. […] is it that when a woman is the victim of a love rat we feel sorry for her but when a man is taken for a ride, we find him revolting?  Gentlemen . . . ah, I won’t go it to it now, it will be the topic of […]


  171. There are a number of words one should always pay attention to with especial care, for they never mean quite what the writer hopes you will understand. One such word is ‘lovely’ as in ‘Those scones were absolutely lovely, Vicar’ when they were as hard a rock, but one does not want to offend. One also uses lovely when one wishes to hide (as one ex-gf of mine did) what she had really been doing. ‘I spent a weekend in [insert name of European capital city]. I had never seen it in autumn [fall] before. It was absolutely lovely’. What was lovely and what she could not mention in this round-robin letter to her friends and relatives was that she had been on the end of my dick for seventy-two hours (and saw very little of the city).

    Likewise the word ‘friend’. I have seen friend used to downgrade someone from lover to orbiter but equally I have seen it used to cover for the true relationship (male prostitute and female client) as in ‘I spent my time hanging out with friends. Priceless’. Note the freudian slip with the two references to money.

    Easy to spot when you know what to look for – but to think Down-syndrome girl was playing the same game leaves me breathless, if only because most white-knights see DS girls as incapable of giving consent (their litmus test). Clearly DS girl knew exactly what they want – hypergamous dick.


  172. Well done, CH. Any of the first 3 candidates could easily have won BOTM if the competition this month wasn’t so fierce.

    Excuse me while I clean the vomit from my keyboard.


  173. Tampon to win by a mile!

    Don’t make fun of the Down’s syndrome girl as it’s wicked to mock the afflicted.


  174. In his defense, the down syndrome boyfriend is also a special needs kid. He just looks normal…


  175. For myself its between hugboy (hugcucklet?) and tard-dater. I don’t even consider the incel friendhubby, but then I cant access video from my current location. Shade-boy is for a slow month CH. I’m harder on the youngsters, for they really should know better, I thought they all listened to gangsta these days. Tell you what, these youngsters need to listen to some Roth-era Van Halen. True red pill music

    I have to vote for Tard-dater. I thought going cutie-fat was desparete measures. Tarddating never once occured to me!


  176. Lets not give too much shit to kid dating the “model”. Theres a slim chance he is using her for her money. He gets to use a card in her name, drive a nice car gifted to her because “*insert x car company* cares about people with down syndrome” and he gets to tell girls hes fucking on the low that he cant belive hes with someone more beautiful than his ‘model’ girlfriend