Anti-Trump Legacy Media Narratives Taking Shape

I have to l’chaim-five Levantine of the Blogosphere for his good post about the three major narratives that the legacy media are currently creating to attack Trump and undermine the legitimacy of his upcoming Presidency.

I guess I underestimated how much the mainstream media (MSM) hates Donald Trump and overestimated their journalistic integrity. I apologize for my wrong prediction.

The MSM has created three post-election narratives which they are following in order to weaken Trump and set him up for impeachment (or so they hope). Listed below in declining order of importance:

1. Trump has MASSIVE conflicts of interest with his business.

2. Trump is reneging on his campaign promises.

3. Trump was elected because of “fake news” and Russian propaganda and he lost the popular vote

Leviticus of the Blogosphere is right. I have heard all three of these media talking points emphasized and re-emphasized in the days since Trump’s election win. Lately, number 3 — the “fake news” agitprop — has dominated the errwaves.

The shitlib media is working with very thin material in these anti-Trump narratives. On the “conflict of interest” narrative (the only narrative that has anything substantive to its claims), my understanding is that because Trump has his assets tied up in properties (instead of in blind trusts like most Presidents have had) he is particularly exposed to charges of influence peddling and payola if, for instance, foreign dignitaries stay at his hotels. Some libs are calling for Trump to divest himself of all his holdings. Trump won’t do that, nor should he, but I can see the merits of his lawyers telling Trump to bar diplomats and other foreign functionaries from even stepping foot in his hotels.

Number 2 is a dead end for the lying media. Trump isn’t President yet, so he hasn’t had any opportunity to fulfill or renege on his campaign promises. Any rumors about Trump’s choices for his Cabinet are worthless if they originated with a legacy media outlet. This is purely the media acting as agents of demoralization against Trump supporters for the benefit of the Democreeps and NeverTrumpers.

Number 3 is a desperate Fail Mary pass by an increasingly unhinged media losing their marbles as Inauguration Day approaches. There was no Russian-backed propaganda assault to elect Trump and if there was I can guarantee that it would have changed the minds of precisely zero non-Trump voters to switch to Trump. The “fake news” charge is likewise a false, sloppy narrative pushed by the libfruit media hive to emotionally uplift the various anti-Trump factions and to serve their interest of discrediting the blooming nodes of alt-dissident realtalk that are rapidly undermining the mass media’s hold on the collective consciousness.

(Hilariously, the shady shitlib operation — — that all the major media organs sourced for their oddly coordinated claim that an unchecked multiplication of “fake news” websites turned the election for Trump named, among other mainstream right targets of shitlib ire, the Drudge Report as a “Russian propaganda” outlet.)

Also included are popular libertarian hubs such as Zero Hedge,, and the Ron Paul Institute, along with the hugely influential right-wing website the Drudge Report and the publishing site WikiLeaks. Far-right, virulently anti-Muslim blogs such as Bare Naked Islam are likewise dubbed Kremlin mouthpieces. Basically, everyone who isn’t comfortably within the centrist Hillary Clinton/Jeb Bush spectrum is guilty.

The Strapon Within sneers on cue.

MPC has a characteristically scathing cut-down of this “fake news” bullshitlibbery.

But this is certainly a new low–promoting a puppet organization with maximum opacity as a curator of a list of nefarious news baddies–it’s like something out of an Austin Powers movie.  Sometimes when you look at the roaring vortex of collapsing media orgs, you experience that disquieting feeling of the world becoming dangerously chaotic.  We are living in the most interesting of times.

I’d add a fourth anti-Trump media narrative to Latka of the Blogosphere’s list: “Trump is a liar who falsely claims that there was massive voter fraud by illegal aliens and other noncitizens.” When Trump body slams the media and their delusional liberal narratives, as he did recently when he opened the Pandora’s Box of illegal aliens disenfranchising American citizens, the media often respond with the only defense they have left: SJW incredulousness.


At least it’s refreshing to hear the media tacitly admit that illegal alien vote fraud is something bad and should be avoided. Up until Trump made it a front and center issue, the media was actively colluding with ethnocentric la raza leftists to help them institute their preferred policy of widening the franchise so far it prolapses and mestizo presidential candidates spill out for the next hundred years. Remember, this is the same media, now lambasting Trump for even suggesting that illegals may have swung elections, that, before Trump raw dogged Miss Overton, gave positive press to nutjobs who wanted to do away with any voter verification laws and hand ballots out to border jumpers.

If any group of schemers, liars, and sophists deserves the label of fake news, it’s the “maintream” leftoid media. Trump was right to draw attention to noncitizen vote fraud, because it’s not a figment of his imagination. It’s happened, and no one with half a brain really believes it isn’t still happening in states like CA, which has turned 40% nonWhite hispanic. It’s time to get to the bottom of this noncitizen vote fraud scourge of democracy, and fix it by kicking out illegals and instituting strong verification protocols. (Maybe repeal the 19th Amendment while we’re at it. It can only help.)

Addendum: There is something in LotB’s online persona that compels me to needle him. Maybe it’s his combination of dialectical pretension and squirrelly evasiveness. Then of course there’s his egotism (not that there’s anything wrong with that… *preen*). This post is representative. LotB prides himself on always striving for the truth, but I can think of three self-propagandizing lies off the top of my head that he has indulged and/or endlessly recapitulates.

  1. Jewish-Americans don’t have a look. LotB claims they are indistinguishable from Gentile-Americans. This is patently untrue. Exceptions like Jared Kushner prove the rule: American Jews, like other Causasian ethnics (and I’m using Caucasian in the broadest categorical sense), have a look. Just like Irish-Americans have a look (dat chin), or Italian-Americans have a look (dat swarth). Most people could, based on nothing but a glance, positively identify the American Jews from a random assortment of White Americans. They might miss a few outliers, but they’ll get the majority of them. Why? Because #PhysiognomyIsrael.
  2. Jewish IQ explains their extreme liberalism. Also false. I have demonstrated that Jews are EXCEPTIONALLY leftist even after controlling for IQ. They have inherited a genetic disposition to leftist ideologies. Call it the tikkun olam gene.
  3. Michelle Obama is good-looking for a black woman. This is a trivial lie, but LotB does have a habit of beauty boosterism when the discussion turns to mediocre-looking and ugly women. I think he’s got a streak of white knight betatude that makes him assert some very stupid things about women and the sexual market. Michelle Obama is not fat. That’s all she has going for her. So yes she’s a step above the typical morbidly obese black woman of similar age. But compared to other height-weight proportionate black women, The First Trapezius is below average in looks. She’s got a hugely prognathic jaw and is muscled like a male athlete. It’s disgusting.

In the truth-speaking sweepstakes, I cannot deny that the Chateau is more truthful than the Lamb’s Den.


  1. on November 29, 2016 at 5:59 pm Captain Obvious


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  2. […] Anti-Trump Legacy Media Narratives Taking Shape […]


  3. on November 29, 2016 at 6:01 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    I find it really hard to believe that Lion made the first claim.


  4. “Michelle Obama is good-looking for a black woman. This is a trivial lie, but LotB does have a habit of beauty boosterism when the discussion turns to mediocre-looking and ugly women.”

    Attention All Hasbara Prostitots! (that means you, teenage saruhcyde! but all opinionators welcome!! lozlz).

    Now’s your cue to drop us some “on a scale of 1 to 0” hot mess melaninites (hi sunnyside!)

    And if “you have banged” a permatanned and -toned “under 125lb black woman” (pizza pizza!), tell us your story!

    We want to hear from you! This is a great chance to present your credentials!


  5. Back in August, saruh called Hillary Clinton an “apex predator”

    I wonder, did saruh know something then we did not?

    She did, after all, describe Marco Rubio’s daughters as “pedobear approved”.

    Did she hear that at the Ping-Pong table?


  6. The Juden will never let this go. Their “narrative” and complete control of THE narrative has never been questioned or challenged. Leave it to the Goylorious Leader to set them frothing. This is the best part of Emperor Trump’s election. I hope the Juden media implodes completely and for ever.


  7. BTW, regards the Juden physiognomy, most Juden are creepy looking. I, for one, am tired of looking at them and am tired of their smarmy snark. May the Glorious Leader drive them from the land.

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  8. As far back as I remember, Republicans who win elections are described as stupid, unfit for office, illegitimate, Hitler, Satan, etc. etc. etc.
    So if this afternoon talk show bs is the best they can come up with anti-Trump-wise…..yawn.

    Sometimes, it can be difficult to spot the Hebe – most of them aren’t pure bloods, but rather mixed with something European, pure blood Jews would look suspiciously like Yassir Arafat – but yeah, if you have even just a little bit of a clue and aren’t little Miss Midwest Cuck Haybale who just fell of the turnip truck yesterday, you can tell.
    There is that certain je ne sais quoi……

    Michelle Obama, in my book, is about a 5.5 -which does make her way more attractive than the vast majority of Black women, so if we use our sliding scale and consider only Black women, she’s a solid 8.
    Whatever she is, I hope Obama is one of the names I will never have to hear again, in any context, along with the names Clinton and Bush.

    [CH: no way is MO a 5.5 on the universal female beauty scale. that’s just delusional. she’s a 2. and she’s a 4 on the non-fat black woman scale. jeezus chelsea clinton is more fuckable than MO.]


  9. Fail on the tikkun olam gene. Never lose sight of the fact that the whole idea behind tikkun olam is to make the world a suitable place for the (((Messiah))) to return and…well you know the rest. It’s not to make it better for the goyim.

    Also note that eskimo claims to universalist and transcendent altruistic principles always happen to fortuitously coincide with ‘what’s good for the eskimos’. When a branch of altruism looks like coming back to bite them (as with the mass Muslim invasion of White lands) they’ll quickly ditch it.

    Finally, their supposed leftism only applies where 1) they don’t have power or wealth 2) leftist principles can be deployed to dispossess a competing ethnicity..


    • on November 29, 2016 at 7:08 pm Thin-Skinned Masta-Beta

      Don’t think the tikkun olam is a universal value to this culture either.

      There are plenty members of this tribe who are the famous vampire squids all too eager to extract the life of their hosts, whether in the businesses of pornography, Hollywood entertainment, finance, etc. This selfish instinct for personal gain at the expense of the host community is anything but “tikkun olam.”

      There are also the righteous among this Tribe who do see the light on the Right. Consider Stephen Miller, advisor and speechwriter to Jeff Sessions & Donald Trump, and perhaps our dear friend the Lion as well.

      Why can’t we welcome our spiritual and ideological allies from this Tribe as we try to build what’s next for civilization out of the shambles that progressives and cultural Marxists have left? Various Protestants & Catholics used to not see eye to eye; differences among European ethnics, eg Irish, Italians, Germans, WASPs, Scandies, etc. have also faded…

      On the one hand exclusion is imperative to create and maintain a united community of any integrity. On the other hand, during their two millennia in Europe, this Tribe made important contributions to Western & European civilization and became much a part of it. Now if any of this Tribe’s members appreciate the indispensable vitality of European values and traditions and wants to contribute their talents and energies to their survival in these dark and difficult times, how can we not welcome them?

      [CH: no argument from me. though tiny in number, stand-up shitlord skypes are valuable allies in the war against Equalist Virtue Signalers.]

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  10. I predict the comments to this post will be much more mean-spirited than the intent with which the post was originally conceived.


  11. This is slightly OT

    But is this “don’t punch to the right” s**t actually a serious thing? – because its fking retarded. I’ve never heard a principle as retarded as “don’t attack people more edgy than you because lol the bad guys do it so we should too!!”

    Who here actually thinks this principle is practical? – wtf is the logic to it?

    isn’t the term “cuckservative” inherently a “punch to the right” terminology?

    Liberals criticize the left all the time given that they criticize classical liberals all the time and classical liberalism is liberalism in its original form


    • ‘Cuckservative’ is a punch to the left.

      Classical liberalism is to the right of Progressive liberals hence why they criticise it,


    • isn’t the term “cuckservative” inherently a “punch to the right” terminology?

      No. Using “cuckservative” on moderates is punching to the left. And if you can’t understand that I don’t have anything else to say to you.

      [CH: cuckservative is an insult precisely because it tacitly smears its targets as being insufficiently conservative in any way that matters.]


      • I do understand

        The reason it doesn’t make an fuking sense is that “left” and “right” aren’t actually coordinate points, so they don’t exist to the left to right of anything. their ideologies, not mathematical entities, so applying them as such creates contradictions. Because of this, one could be left on certain issues and right on other issues, thus one can be punching both left and right at the same time.

        Take for example your typical cuckservative. He or she may be supportive of foreign hordes coming and infesting our fine lands, which is not a right-leaning position, but he or she may also be supportive of free trade, which is a right-leaning position. Now lets take your typical alt-righter. He or she is not supportive of foreign hordes coming and infesting his or her country, which is a right leaning position, and he or she is not supportive of free trade, which is not a right-leaning position. Hence the cuckservative is left to the alt-righter on immigration, but right of the alt-righter on free trade. therefore the alt-right is in fact punching both right and left, and the cuckservative is doing the same as well, which makes the alt-righter a hypocrite in this example because the alt-righter believes in no punching to the right.

        Put it simply, the “don’t punch to the right” maxim doesn’t make any sense because anyone can claim to be on the right by virtue of taking upon a right-leaning ideology, like white nationalism while still holding obvious left-leaning views, such as socialism, humanism, feminism, etc.


      • but he or she may also be supportive of free trade, which is a right-leaning position.

        No, it’s a left-leaning (universalist globalist) position.

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      • even when its done to the universalist globalist extent, its still considered right-wing by most people for the past 200 years.


      • A cuckservative is a “compasionate conservative” in the words of G W Bush. A race traitor who could be pro life, pro military, Christian in some sense, but is weak and or cowardly toward border control and Race Reality.


      • @averagechump: “even when [cuckservatism’s] done to the universalist globalist extent, its still considered right-wing by most people for the past 200 years.”

        No, you obviously still don’t get it, not matter how you protest. Left and Right remain useful yardsticks, even if Egalitarian/Hierarchical, or Globalist/Nationalist, or my own Real/Fake are three superior descriptors of the fundamental Enlightenment political dichotomy. We have to use the language people know, and people know Left/Right. And everyone does know it when they see it; fashy goys, normies and shitlibs alike; even if they can’t precisely define it, and even if it’s imperfect.

        Understand once and for all that “don’t punch right” means “don’t punch rightward”. It does NOT mean “don’t punch anything most people have considered right-wing for the past 200 years.”


      • ‘Left and Right remain useful yardsticks’

        says who? – says you? – Ideologies don’t exist on a scale or on a plane. They are ideas – that’s it. So judging someone based off of how “more right” or “more left” they are than you really doesn’t make any sense, whereas judging someone based off of how correct or pragmatic their ideas are does. These are two different f**king things.

        ‘Understand once and for all that “don’t punch right” means “don’t punch rightward”’

        lol so basically if someone is more edgy than you than you can’t criticize them. You don’t seem to think that’s retarded. If that’s the case, I now proclaim myself to be an edgy absolute monarchist. I guess that gets me off Scott free from criticism lol


        the left/right dichotomy is not equivalent to the egalitarian/hierarchical dichotomy which is not equivalent to the globalist/nationalist dichotomy which is not equivalent to the real/fake dichotomy. These are all separate issues

        Basically, it makes sense to get behind “don’t punch people who are correct” or “don’t punch people who are useful” or “don’t punch people who are your allies” but “don’t punch rightward” is an arbitrary, illogical distinction, because there is nothing about being “more rightward” than someone that makes you free from criticism.

        For example, it makes sense not to attack spencer because he is our ally and he is useful to us. But it doesn’t make sense not to attack him simply because he is “more right-wing” because there is nothing about him that makes him more rightwing than anyone because ideologies don’t exist on a plane or a scale.


      • Its the Alt-right’s version of “No enemies to the left” as in we maintain a solid front towards the opposition and never criticize our own among them, especially to court favor with them. They don’t apologize for Yagoda and Che, we don’t apologize for Adolf.


  12. Respectfully CH, since this forum is your kingdom, the Juden are wicked and vile. In my life-time, there has not been such a force as the God Emperor to bring the necessary attention to them. I spent much of life believing the blue pill cuck view of the Jude. They are truly enemies who deserve no slack. I wish them no physical harm, but would like to see them returned to their own land where they will not suffer evil YT’s heinous oppression. I have their best interests at heart you see.


    • You offer no harm. Okay. Fine. The fact that they continue to hide their DNA beneath quilts of blonde DNA only shows they are hiding their lineage within the European looking face to undermine us the more. They breed with the finest of our stock to better deter us from attacking their center; Even the Trump camp is infested–yet looks highlandish blonde and northern in the face. We must always assume that ((they)) hide behind our best women. In fact, it is our duty to scour the mill of our reproductive types to ensure that their offspring are always tagged and understood to be the scions that they are. Blondes these days are just Shiksas. Remember that… Even so, make blondes ashamed to bed with anyone who is non-representative, And make them feel it in full….



  13. punching an average chimp is real, “chump”

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  14. 2. Trump is reneging on his campaign promises.

    Here in the French speaking province of quebec this is what our main stream media is focusing on, every couple days they have a new thing Trump is supposedly changing his mind about, and every time it is a distortion, an exaggeration or a plain lie.

    when we had a conservative prime minister they did the same thing to try and destroy him.

    the people in the main stream media here are as bad as in the USA; they are scum.

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  15. I like you both, and you both have done great work to spread the truth of the red pill. Very different writing styles, but both entertaining and educational. (Could you be the same person?)


  16. Looks like Mnuchin is going to get nominated.
    Worked for Goldman Sachs and Soros.


  17. So today Trump picked for his cabinet Elaine Chao who thinks companies hire foreigners over Americans because Americans have body odor, Tom Price for HHS who led the Ryan plan to privatize Medicare [after Trump earlier said he wouldn’t touch it] and a Goldman Sachs honcho to run the treasury department. Is anyone else ready to get off the Trump train?

    [CH: none of these choices are reason to jump off the trump train, so you can stop peddling your black pills here. call me when trump reneges on his plans to close the border and renegotiate bad trade deals.]


    • Troubling, to be sure, but not conclusive. I jumped off at Mike Pence, only to jump back on once I saw that Trump apparently has good-boy-dog Pence on a short, controlled leash.

      Remember: the absolute worst that could happen with Trump is that he falls to being exactly the kind of President that Clinton would have been, and that Obama and Bush were (minus the major looting Clinton would have done—the woman has stickier fingers than a dindu in a department store without security cameras.)

      If he builds the wall and kicks out the illegals and keeps them out and curbs immigration, I’d consider that a victory. On a related note: if he does impose strict, no-nonsense, racial profiling on airplanes, he could end the TSA-molestations and cancer-causing x-rays at the airports, making him instantly way more popular among fliers.

      Look for Trump to attempt to end TSA-molestations-and-x-rays if he gets a really strong immigration-restriction plan working. And to do so right before his re-election; let’s face it, the man knows politics.

      In Trump We Trust rape!

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      • I’d be happy if he just did one thing: end birthright citizenship.

        That’s the one magnet that keeps these lowlifes coming over here. And not just the border jumpers: friggin’ chinese are setting up birthing houses where preggo whores just wait to give birth and have a free pass.


      • His Supreme Court appointments are going to be YUUUGE.

        Yes, agnostic is right, it doesn’t really matter what the S.C. says, it matters who enforces the law–shades of Andrew Jackson v. John Marshall—but for a nation to be a nation it has to at least believe that what it is doing has some sort of legal-logical-moral basis. That’s what the Supreme Court has been: a rationalizer.

        Coulter, then he should find out how Roberts was blackmailed on Obamacare and get him to resign, then appoint Alito as Chief Justice, then appoint another judge (vetted by Coulter and Thomas) to take Roberts’ sad, sorry place, then we can all pray Kennedy sees the light and retires (worthless traitor) and he gets another pick, and then hope that Ginsburg and Breyer get off the court before the end of four years (I doubt Ginsburg would leave while alive and kicking unless a lefty appointed her replacement, but Breyer might if Trump’s first appointees are sufficiently legalistic enough to satisfy Breyer that the Warren era’s legacies will stay upright somewhat).

        The S.C. needs to be there much like the Roman Senate needed to be consulted by consuls and dictators: to give an air of formal, official approbation of official moves and textualism that is sufficiently grounded in logic and legalism to satisfy opponents that due process was taken, whilst standing as a bulkwark against nonsensical leftism sneakiness in the courts.

        It’s a pipe dream, I know, but so was Trump’s win and the wall/immigration become the main plank of his victory.

        Move the Overton window rape!

        [CH: mickey kaus has argued that cucks are waiting to sabotage trump but won’t do it until they get trump to deliver them the scotus picks they want, and knowing this trump would be smart to use scotus as leverage to get all his other proposals through congress. so trump should wait until later in his term to fill scotus vacancies. btw kaus has a shitlord physiognomy.]

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      • Birthright citizenship should be tied to birthright conscription, age 18. And an ongoing, quagmirey hot war somewhere cold, shitty and far away. How about Ukraine, or the Baltics? You’re drafted, xir. Better get Mama to pack you some extra socks and mittens.


      • You referenced it earlier, but it’s be great to see lithe, bosomy Ann standing next to that lard filled sack of Adiposemayor. And, for Ann to take her down in a vicious, lyrical rant since Adiposemayor’s English and all around communication skills are for shit.


      • Ann is over the hill, man. She’s definitely taken very good care of herself, but she’s a “woman of a certain age.” The polite phrases for her are a “handsome woman” (unironically) and “she takes good care of herself.”

        But let’s not mince words; the eggs are gone from her. Let’s celebrate her life’s work: sacrificing herself for the sake of her beliefs, and yet refusing to become an ugly, bitter hag. For that, let’s raise a glass.

        To the self-sacrificing Virago rape!

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      • Maybe its because I turn 55 soon, but I would do Anne in two shakes. She should have had a big brood. What a waste.


    • Well Mnuchin was already part of his campaign.
      I am happy with Bannon, Flynn, Sessions and hopefully Mattis. I like Pence.
      Price is going to help crush Obamacare.
      And Carrier just announced they are keeping 1,000 jobs in Indy.


    • Useful idiots. Trump can smell Yes Men bitches from a mile away. These sheep have some useful knowledge to tap in the mean time only to be discaeded as disposable puttets when their usefulness expires. This is nothing new in the world of power and politcs. Trump is a pro at this.


    • You can’t make these picks with the same mentality as your pick up football game from recess. Everyone of them is a politically loaded and driven decision. Obvious enemies are picked for not so obvious reasons that are advantageous to the cause just not obviously so. He may have picked Menuchin to keep Tabs on Soros for instance. Trump will micro manage these guys who worry him and he is apparently making some picks with the idea of discrediting them or their backers. Most of us here don’t have his skill sets in dealing with people. Sit back and watch and learn.


  18. The conflict of interest thing should be so easy to avoid. Jeez, if even 1% of the 62M folks who voted for DJT would occasionally patronize his hotels, his children & other shareholders will be set for the next decade. Somebody needs to be Trump’s guard rail on his media interactions & constantly remind him that the msm is & will always be his mortal enemy. As soon as the msm warm to him for even a week, we know trouble’s ahead. The concern is as it has always been for the GOP: they will cave in for bits of msm flattery & approval.


    • I bought one of his shirts. Made in that there China for all I know. Might go for some cufflinks if I can decide which ones are “Trumpiest”.


  19. Michelle Obama looks like a gorilla with fangs put on an NFL uniform.

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  20. on November 29, 2016 at 7:34 pm evilwhitemalempire

    OT but I really think you’ll want to look into this.

    White woman vs. black women.
    “And I voted for Trump. So there! You gonna kick me out because of that?”


  21. Michelle Obama should be starring in Kinky Boots, not being a pretend FLOTUS.

    Ugly tranny rape!


  22. “Most people could, based on nothing but a glance, positively identify the American Jews from a random assortment of White Americans.”
    It’s also trivial to sort out Americans who are for some masochistic reason, Over Here, from autochthonous Brits just by “the way they look” (unnaturally healthy, for a start).
    Never mind jews, who stand out like skinless sore thumbs, it’s possible for the trained eye to distinguish )))Irish((( Catholics from )))Scottish((( Protestants merely by glancing at the passers by. And both of those from TheBastardEnglish. A valuable life skill, round here.
    And the first two are groups which have been pretty much identical by descent, the genomics fags insist, since … the early bronze age.
    I love the smell of endogamy in the morning.


    • Yanks are usually very easy to pick out of a European crowd. That’s like being Wélsh and having the sheep put the wellies on for you.


  23. The Establishment media is pissed because Americans now would sooner believe fake news reports and outrageous conspiracy theories over their bullshit biased reporting. Nobody trusts the liars anymore, nor will they ever.

    Even the weirdos whom hate Trump and hate America and hate white people do not believe the Established media. This is why they resort to complaining and namecalling (sexist, raaaaacist) like petulant children crying to a parent. But nobody worth a damn us ready to back them up and fight for their cause. The cucks and weridos are fucked from here to kingdom come!


  24. RE: PhysiognomyIsrael–went shopping on Wednesday to buy some suits since the Black (heh) Friday deals were starting early. At the store, some jewish guy walks in and is talking to his mom on the phone about what he’s trying on and how much it will cost.

    The help were used to such tactics since that’s an area that’s full of (((them))). The guy was wearing a yamaha and even without the yamaha, there was a look about him that had a quality of….”hmm, wait a sec.”

    So, he’s trying on the blazer and has mom on the phone and is even face timing with her (that sounds naughty) to show her what it looks like.

    I’m trying on suits and have pretty much the whole store to myself since I was there during a dead spell. Later, his mom enters the scene, asking the help if they’ve seen him. I was just laughing to myself, thinking of old Strappy and the like.

    On that note, I was surprised to find out that one of the ladies working there, who had a righteous ass that was filling out a plaid short skirt just right, turned out to be persian! She was Iranian and I figured she was some light-skinned Argentinean or other similar South American. That ass though. Not all soggy and sloppy but with a nice oomph to fill out that skirt. Sweet legs as well.


  25. They have inherited a genetic disposition to leftist ideologies.

    Nah, Israelis trend hard right.

    Jews are righties where they are the majority and lefties where they are the minority. Just like every-fricking-body else.

    [CH: not the amish.]


    • Depends where. Jerusalem is hard right, Tel Aviv is hard left. It depends more on if people are secular or religious.


    • Nope. A read of the Old Testament and the anecdotal evidence out of Israel even today indicate Hebrews have always had a higher rate of sociopathy than non-Hebrews.

      This is why the Old Testament is constantly filled with tales of the kingdoms breaking up and Hebrews inviting other tribes in to attack other Hebrews and selling out their own brothers and daughters and sons and abandoning God once any trouble is over. And why the Romans found them so difficult to deal with.

      It’s also why today, in Israel, there is no such thing as waiting in line. Everyone pushes to the front; you’ll see people shoving aside old people with walkers to cut the line for a silly old bus. It’s a nation of George Costanzas, without the shame.

      And this is also why even though Israel today is surrounded by hostile nations and constantly under threat, Israelis still degrade those tribe members “dumb enough” to fight on the front lines, instead of weaseling out and getting someone else to die for them. The idea of lionizing the soldier never crosses the Israeli mind; they call these self-sacrificing fellow Israelis “goyishe kop ” (stupid).

      The sociopathy of Israelies is, I believe, a deep-rooted genetic trait with very ancient roots.

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    • The Amish? The Amish?! The best counterexample you can find is the Amish? I’ll take that.

      Hint: You can’t defeat a statistical trend, even a strong statistical trend (such as “minorities strongly trend left”), with a single, highly unusual counterexample.

      (Feminists use this tack, as when they use obscure and atypical species, like some fricking sightless mole or whatever, to prove that testosterone doesn’t tend to make animals more aggressive.)


      P.S. People in the Anabaptist tradition, of which the Amish are a part, actually have tended left in politics.


    • This is why the Old Testament is constantly filled with tales of the kingdoms breaking up and Hebrews inviting other tribes in to attack other Hebrews and selling out their own brothers and daughters and sons and abandoning God once any trouble is over.

      This is like the history of every single group of people on the earth ever. Fuck you people are stupid.


    • [CH: not the amish.]

      Or white South Africans…


  26. ” Just like Irish-Americans have a look (dat chin), or Italian-Americans have a look (dat swarth). ”

    Oh please. This isn’t Hell’s Kitchen ca. 1912. Idiot.

    [CH: fuckhead, the irish have a look, and it’s discernible even when mixed with other white ethnic genes. go peddle your studied ignorance elsewhere.]


    • If that photo you posted was real, you look pretty Italian. Everyone in Europe has a look that is distinguishable by nationality. I can tell Frenchmen from Italians from Belgians too. It is not only physiognomy but also bearing and mannerisms that distinguish people but the two are so intertwined it is difficult to tell them apart. BTW, I tend to pass for a local in all of these countries as well as Eastern Europe, so its not 100%.

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    • What, that Luc Besson gay porno outtake she dropped in one thread a month or two ago?

      When she was raving on the rag later she even posted a phone number.

      saruh, nobody gives a shit about you, nobody’s “curious” and nobody is your friend.

      you’re bullycided purely for the encouragement of others. In all other respects you elicit as much interest as a pile of shit in the woods


      • “as much interest as a pile of shit in the woods” Considerably less. I always check out large curlies in the woods when off of Pedo Island, as I found out that brown bear cack can be remarkably similar (southern Norrland, early 1980s). Hey who gives a fuck, I’ve got a … a … hunting knife. Uh oh, chongo!


    • All white ethnic groups have distinguishable looks. Italians shouldn’t be offended by the “swarth” comment… you’re still white. Often the Italian swarth manifests itself via hair. Many Italians have pale white skin and this jet black hair – a jet black you don’t see in other whites. Its distinguishing.


      • Some Highland Scots and of course the “Black Irish” have this. Sometimes combined with very blue eyes as well as brown, rather than the usual Isles grey. Who knows. Maybe left-over Western H/G (c.f. La Brana, Villabruna) or Cardial Impressed Early Farmer (c.f. Ballynahatty, and island-hopping, La Houguette-derived Irish Sea settlers). Certainly not recent, and both guesses would fit in with the “Italian” look.


      • The washed up sailors from the Spanish Armada created Black Irish and Jimmies


      • Some Highland Scots and of course the “Black Irish” have this.

        I’m part Irish and I have Jet Black hair (well, jet black and gray now) and it’s not from my German genes I don’t think. Never knew why.


      • The washed up sailors from the Spanish Armada created Black Irish and Jimmies

        The Black Irish genes do come from Spain, but it was the Milesians. The Spanish Armada survivors wouldn’t have been enough.


      • Don’t want to start a Fenian uprising over the dating, but that look has been around some while, and reckoned most desirable by hypergamous HB10 virgin colleens. So take heart, Scott. In like Flynn with the bogtrotters, so ye are.

        ” While she watched he turned around, and his hair was as dark as the wing of the raven. He crouched beside the kill and his skin was the color of snow, and when he colored when the other men jested that he had shot a scavenger and nothing for their dinner, his face reddened to the color of the crow’s blood. Deirdre was fascinated by the beautiful creature she saw, then realized that these men were the men from her dreams, and she fell immediately in love with Naoise, the youngest with the raven hair. She stepped out, a beautiful creature with golden red hair, and she captured his heart as surely as he had her own. She kissed him three times, and then gave a kiss to each of his brothers.”
        Or he’s skinning a calf, whatever. Stories that old have variants.


  27. Nice that they are worried about conflict of interest now. Not like there was a candidate who raised a vast majority of their income from speaking to businesses with interests before the government, or foreigners seeking to cater influence, all while espousing the benefits of a private and public stance on any issue. That point should be comment #1 on every article about Trump’s “issues.”


  28. What gets me is the fact that MSM lied their asses off in the runup to the election and most Trump supporters if not all, were able to recognize and filter out their bullshit.

    But all of a sudden, people now believe the media has somehow restored its own integrity and is now reporting honestly?

    Give me a fucking break. The (((media))) can only lie. Remember folks:
    (((he))) who pays the piper calls the tune.

    Fuck the MSM and their (((masters))). I’ll never tune into another ‘news’ broadcast from them ever again.


  29. Spot the Alpha and the Beta:


  30. “The First Trapezius”

    Lol’d hard. Will steal.

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  31. ‘Fake news’ is also a classic case of projection by the gaystream media. The gaystreamers were bleating that illary would win bigly and then, since the Glorious Trumpening, have publicized scores of hate hoaxes.


  32. Like

  33. on November 30, 2016 at 9:00 am Beautiful Truths Ignored

    Traditional Republicans promised family values but delivered tax cuts for billionaires, deregulation for Ponzi schemes, and wars for Israel.

    A cynic might say that Trump promised nationalism but will deliver tax cuts for billionaires, deregulation for Ponzi schemes, and wars for Israel.

    The cynic would point to Mnuchin and the neocon secretary of state candidates as evidence.


  34. I was looking forward to seeing the shitlib tears so much on Nov 9th that I completely forgot I would get to watch the old 20th century media die a slow and painful death in the years to come. This is going to be wonderful.


  35. ” … the typical morbidly obese black woman of similar age.”

    The slang for this, via TJSotomayor, is “BT1000”.


  36. Jewish-Americans don’t have a look. LotB claims they are indistinguishable from Gentile-Americans. This is patently untrue.

    I noticed some time ago that Hollywood often casts ultra-WASP actors in the role of Jews. Jewish characters (even if played by Jews) don’t look like Jews at all. Square-jawed ultra-WASP Warren Beatty as Jewish gangster Bugsy Siegel? Courteney Cox as a Jewess in “Friends?” Plenty more examples.

    I wondered why this was until I realized that 1) Hollywood is controlled by Jews, and 2) Jews want White America to believe “We’re just like you, goy” while privately telling their children “We are nothing like those goys.”


  37. That said, Rachel Weisz is a Jewess and a total babe. Doesn’t really look Jewish though.