Comment Of The Week: Parasite By The Dashboard Light

plumpjack makes the case that a common thread of existence binds humans with creatures as lowly as the parasite worm.

the message that people need to get is to ignore all the party lines and focus instead on the biology.

you have hosts at one extreme and parasites on the other. parasites have no morality. once you start seeing parasitism as a “legitimate” survival strategy you cease to be shocked by it. it just IS, and you deal with it appropriately, which, BTW, ISN’T teaching it to be something it is not. you deal with absolute parasites in absolute terms.

parasites need hosts for survival. hosts, oth, NEED parasites because they keep them strong. think about the alt-right movement. why does it exist now, and not 20 years ago? it is the host’s reaction to feeling threatened at a fundamental level. if there were no threats, the host would get soft, which is exactly what happened, and it’s why the strong (shitlords) are now being compelled to act decisively.

hosts vs. parasites. very simple.

And fat hosts = fat parasites.

The obesity epidemic is a physical manifestation of the blubbery softness of the American soul. It’s why the soul is being eaten from the inside out. Let’s hope the immune system reaction is still strong enough to repel the parasitic infestation, and that our next generation of men will be the ZFG Thors our current generation of weepy androgynes cannot even fathom for themselves.


  1. Nice title, Meatloaf rape.

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    Interesting science …

    “The results of Meston’s studies go against perceived wisdom.
    “For years we were told, ‘Have a bubble bath, calm down, listen to relaxing music, do deep breathing exercises, chill out before sex,'” she says.
    “But my research shows the opposite, that you actually want to get women in an active state.
    “So, you can run around the block with your partner and get them to chase you around the block, or watch a scary movie together, ride a rollercoaster together, even a good comedy act. If you really get laughing, you’re going to have a sympathetic activation response.”
    Meston is talking about the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for subconscious muscle contractions that get us ready for the flight or fight mode, like heart rate and blood pressure. She has found that if this system is activated before sex it will help women respond more intensely and more quickly.”….

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    • Or if you are whorefinder, chase them around the block!


      • Call me crazy but the trippy Latina seems to secrently want the Trump guy:

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      • Douche Chill Theatre… with ALL participants nominated for a Brony.

        A true shitlord would have started hitting on Lupe Lu, saying something like the shirt was his way of breaking the ice, and as you can see, it works.

        Then just keep hitting on her with charm and abandon, and ignoring the asshole with her.

        All of this assuming, of course, that he’s not the kind of guy to just get up and open a can o’ Whoop Azz on these Space Invaders.


      • “Hey, mamacita… you sound like you really wanna take off my shirt… but I don’t wanna give boyo here his jollies, so let’s go up to my place. I’ll take off yours, you take off mine… tit for tat, comprende?”

        /That’s How It’s Done rape!


      • on December 4, 2016 at 1:01 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        Shitlord face. Strong chin. Trumpian phenotype.

        I’m sure she had to blow dry her panties after that exchange.


      • on December 5, 2016 at 3:51 pm Canadian Friend

        The bearded guy in the video with the extremely annoying mexican girl, had he talked to me like that, odds are my fist would have been in his face, repeatedly, until he could no longer talk or someone would have stopped me.

        The girl? too bad it ain’t legal as she deserves to be slapped around until she starts making sense.

        That mexican girl witht hat stupid video, has just convinced more people that indeed there should be a wall built, and LESS immigrants from mexico should live in the USA.

        And yes she is sexually attracted to the guy she is harassing, it is obvious,

        she thinks she is very intelligent but she is too dumb to know her behavior screams loud and clear she is turned on by that guy.

        Build a wall and kick out every damn one of those sub humans and their family.


    • A clearer exposition of “Let’s You and Him Fight” I have yet to see.
      If it’s some sort of club related to the building, I suppose they’ll keep on running into each other. Fat Beardy better keep a tight rein on his squeaky little slut, or she’ll be getting Trumped in the rump over the toilet bowl one day soon. I could smell fish from here!


      • Heh, heh… fish taco… he should have worked that into the exchange somehow.


      • on December 5, 2016 at 3:59 pm Canadian Friend

        When she says he is there for the free wifi he should have replied and mexicans are here for free stuff paid by USA tax payers.

        when she tells him to go to his room if does not want to be harassed by her, he should have told her to go back to mexico if she does not want to see t-shirts that say ” build the wall”

        Either way I have to say the guy still deserves credit for remaining that calm, not being scared, not backing away.

        After 30 seconds of this I would have been in a fight with the bearded retard. Fire would have been coming out of my nostrils. No one talks to me that way, no one calls me names like that, unless you are really big and tall, and even then I may still tell you to shut the fuck up.

        The people who harassed him are pieces of sh*t who both deserve a good beating.

        the girl wanted his dick that is for sure once the bearded guy left everything she said had a sexual tone, she was turned on 100%.

        Bearded retard does not satisfy her in bed that is for sure.


  3. Fat? Like Olivia Nuzzi fat?


  4. on December 2, 2016 at 8:59 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    Fucking wordpress.

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  5. on December 2, 2016 at 9:11 am Les Saunders, Protestant

    Well, I would’ve posted this on twitter, but since the skypes put me in Treblinka, have to share here:

    Tl;dr art house theatre cancels screening of an MRA-themed film, fat, lying faggot manager of said art house defends decision saying “but we show controversial films all the time, why, just we screened ‘Denial’, a film about holocaust denial.” Yeah, you fucking fag, real edgy, a Jewish-produced propaganda film making anyone who questions the holocaust a lunatic and evil.

    As ever, physiognomy is real: check picture of theatre manager.

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    • on December 2, 2016 at 9:35 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

      I know a survivor.

      He can’t be in a pitch black room alone without freaking out. He’s very fucked up from what he experienced.

      You have absolutely no idea. And I question the humanity of anybody who would tell him that he’s full of it.

      But that isn’t to say that people who continue to cynically exploit the hcaust for profit or politics aren’t scum fucks either.


      • on December 2, 2016 at 9:40 am Les Saunders, Protestant

        He’s full of it and so are you.


      • on December 2, 2016 at 9:44 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        You’re involved in a cult.



      • Now you’re jumping the shark. I’m all for not demonizing Jews, but not playing that old violin to stimulate the guilt response in the goyim. Grow the fuck up. My father used to choke me because I got my multiplication tables wrong. Who cares about your “survivor”? Ps it didn’t fuckin happen you mawkish fuck.


      • I though Elie Wiesel was dead.

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      • Well let’s take the H-caust at full claimed value. (((Six million dead.))) WWII 100 million dead. Yids 6% of the population. (((They))) sacrificed, at a statistical appropriate level, for world freedom. Without even picking up a weapon. What a bunch of heroes. Greatest generation of yids ever. Thank your survivor friend for his service. Freedom loving world owes him a debt of gratitude.

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      • How old is this “survivor”?

        (Feel free to use a calculator).


      • on December 2, 2016 at 10:49 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        Everyone knows that calculators are for the goyim.


      • Scanman – I was told there would be no math.


      • Time to listen to some Carly Simon!


      • “I know a survivor…”

        Ah, yes… yet another of the 6M survivors…

        … so much for that highly-touted German efficiency, nicht wahr?

        I had a relative die in a KZ… he got drunk one night and fell out of the guard tower.

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      • But that isn’t to say that people who continue to cynically exploit the hcaust for profit or politics aren’t scum fucks either.

        And yet, that is exactly what YOU just tried to do, in your inimical Cyberian way, with your “I know a survivor” violin.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • A survivor rented the first Floor apartment of my grandfather’s house. He gave me a pocket knife and was a cool man. Herr Grossmann. I never knew until I was in my 30s. He had a tatoo I asked him about once but I never connected the two because it was a vague Memory. My grandfather fought six years in the infantry and voted for Hitler. Herr Grossman died in 1975 from a bicycle accident. He was interred at about 15 and got out at 20 or so. My grandfather would have turned 100 in May. So would your friend. I don’t believe you. They’re all dead now. You’re too Young to know such People first Hand.


      • How old is the survivor?

        (Another survivor! German efficiency my ass!)


      • Old German saying
        If we wanted to exterminate the Jew…we would have exterminated the Jew.


      • LOL so incredibly wrong – Here it from (((their))) own mouths


      • Defamation

        “Things are not that simple, Rebbe. Some events do take place but are not true; others are—although they never occurred.”
        Elie Wiesel


      • on December 2, 2016 at 10:33 pm Vagina dominator

        @ (((Desperate Seeker Of Kock)))

        Wiesenthal always declined to show that camp tattoo he said he had on his arm.

        Read more here about his many outrageous and libelous lies.

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      • I know that during my youth two of the three persons who raised a closed fist to strike me were Jews, and I had many more conflicts with gentiles than with Jews. Persecuted my ass. Hyper-aggressive, entitled intruders is more like it.

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    • on December 2, 2016 at 1:45 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

      I won’t bother rolling in the mud for another 50 comments like TSW. You don’t believe me, and that’s fine.

      You acknowledge that the h-caust wasn’t bullshit.

      I’m satisfied.


      • The hall of costs wasn’t bullshit, per se…

        … just the numbers… and the methods.

        But aside from those small details, yeah… some Jews died… mostly partisans and fifth columnists.


      • “The hall of costs wasn’t bullshit, per se…

        … just the numbers… and the methods.”

        and the absurd level of self-pity.


      • Greg dropping the ball. Guess I’ll pick it up.

        “Holocaust” is pure invention. What was it Guessedworker said? In his Oxford pocket dictionary of 1965, there was no holocaust with a capital H; by 1995, there was.

        Simple lesson here: Organized Jewry – Bubis, Wiesenthal et al. – found a winning angle as they went and commodified it over about forty years.

        By ’99, Finkelstein was writing The Holocaust Industry.

        If you think people don’t make up stories for sympathy, you don’t spend time around women or read history. Far from the first time a people have exaggerated events to browbeat others.

        There was no “plan to exterminate Jewry” … mainly because the Nazis weren’t that farsighted. Jews were shot or imprisoned, and those who could afford it just fucking left.

        “The Holocaust” is nothing more than a lie crafted to exact submission and tribute from all-too-eager goyim. There’s no sliding scale from tactful discussion to exploitative rhetoric: the whole concept is a fabrication with that sole intent. I learned this by the second time I was marched through the Holocaust Museum in DC at age, I dunno, ten or eleven.

        I really thought you were above this, dude. I’m more than willing to play nice with yids but trafficking in Schuldpropaganda is fucking low-class.

        Unbelievable — you come on peddling that rubbish, instantly proving the “shakin muh haid” types right. GREAT fuckin’ job, asshole.


      • I can’t say what’s worse: that you have so much free time that you bother talking about “muh Holocaust” on this blog of all places — or that you’re shallow enough to play along with the moral blackmail of the concept. Seriously, fuck off with your little violin.


      • I learned this by the second time I was marched through the Holocaust Museum in DC

        Did you check out the gift shop?

        “Grandpa Survived The Hollocaust And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt” rape!

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      • Greg dropping the ball. Guess I’ll pick it up.

        I didn’t drop it… I ran the old “mockery and disdain” play, with a lateral to you.

        btw, I’m VERY impressed with your response… I may have to resubmit your Honorary White Man application at our next meeting at the beer hall.

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      • I didn’t know I’d still be so irritated by it. It’s just tasteless. “You don’t acknowledge muh dead Jews, so you lose moral validity forever.”

        What a fascinating psychological game played in the blink of an eye —

        a) assuming that x Jews were systematically murdered according to a plan for absolute genocide,
        b) assuming that this were even technically feasible (how much does anyone here know about earthworks, munitions, cremation, mass burial, etc.?),
        c) assuming it, if true, outweighs all other considerations in human history, and
        d) turning the implied ability to dehumanize (Nazis of Jews) back onto others (Jews of everyone else) to score points and achieve their social submission.

        Craziest of all is that any “concern” for dead people beyond those of one’s direct experience is psychologically specious to begin with. So the conceit of judging others morally wanting on the grounds of “concern” for so-and-so many dead would seem to trivialize those who were actually killed by rounding up and reifying, then counting on the strength of the large number to cow others.

        I wonder if my buddy Kek has ever bothered “unpacking” it like this. Be a Jew if you must. Be pro-Israel if you like. But don’t cling to this petty blackmailing bullshit for leverage.

        Priceless scenes in that one. Never forget the Israeli high school cunts on a school trip to Auschwitz, all paranoid about an old Polish man slouched over on a bench, whom they accuse of “hating” them “for being Jewish”.

        Fuck, you people are loony. I forgot – lol.


      • heh … never forget .. wamp wump


      • on December 2, 2016 at 10:47 pm Vagina dominator

        Sorry, I meant Eli Wiesel.

        Different liar, same lie.


      • on December 3, 2016 at 6:08 am Carlos Danger

        They had These cool lamp shades for sale at the gift shop

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      • ATTENTION:

        This scripted wrong kek/saruh spat is merely a Hail Mary attempt to get “one” of “them” into our good graces.

        What with sweet saruh’s limitless defense-running for duh Joos, it’s most remarkable she suddenly should find her WN bona fides (scars and all!).

        Historically, devil spawn has played the laconic “stalwart” WN, while “uh” concern trolled as the defrocked drumphkin, reveling in the sweet bliss of sassy miscegenation and prescription addiction (and you can too!).

        What with devil pawn’s depressive boredom (basically she just squats at her lemonade counter begging somebody to come play with her) she’s aggressively outed herself as Jewish and “gay” (well, interested in MEN, certainly!), thus going too far off script and threatening her revenues.

        So now saruh bear, who already has made so many remarkable changes of costume, will begin Act V by rediscovering her inner Richard Spencer!

        A complete crock of shit. By all means, don’t be distracted by kike side’s Happy Merchant squeals of delight while saruh tries to slip back into respectability.

        They are “both” total fucking liars.


      • saruh sayd: “I can’t say what’s worse: that you have so much free time that you bother talking about “muh Holocaust” on this blog of all places — or that you’re shallow enough to play along with the moral blackmail of the concept.”

        And from the mouth of muh pillz, muh wheelchair, muh deseizes, muh black hipsters, muh nihilism, muh Marxism, muh facebook, muh huwite cuntz–

        Yes saruh, pot calling kettle kike for you to chime off about “so much free time” and “on this blog of all places” too–why, I can remember when sweet little spawn story was only your barely audible echo! When she had hardly a word to say except an “amen” to garrulous, solipsistic freakshow you.

        And since you–saruh–were the first to get discredited for your mountains of innane trolling bullshit, poor sweet side was left alone to “find her voice”.

        But since her voice decided to take it easy and foreground her inevitable Jewish and feminine prejudices by becoming an open Jewish “homo”, she’s made herself perhaps even more unwelcome than you!

        What to do, what to do? . . . Guess it’s time to rediscover your “white man’s anger”!

        Pity if you left some old comments affirming duh troofiness of “muh holocaust”

        Not that it really matters– you’re already “pedo bear approved”, pizza dumpling


      • on December 4, 2016 at 3:10 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))


        I comment here via phone while I’m killing time or bored in class.


      • It’s very hard to believe Lucius is even an adult.


      • It’s hard to believe you’re not already dead, sweetie


      • Agreed.


    • daddy was a lampshade, mommy was a bar of soap


  6. on December 2, 2016 at 9:28 am CBR600RR_Rider

    Really scary though is the snowflake millennials of today being parents in 5, 10, 15 years from now. Some of them graduate from Comp Sci and i have them at work as interns or juniors. it’s like walking on egg shells around them. g0d forbid you tell a 22 yo programmer chick her code sucks and needs to be rewritten… major trigger alert! they are impossible to work with.

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    • Damn. How do you get around that if they do need to rewrite their code?

      Cause you’re right–saying that what they produced isn’t good sets them off. Damn snowflakes.


      • on December 2, 2016 at 10:35 am CBR600RR_Rider

        Carefully. Like explaining to my 6-yo daughter that her 3 sentence essay looks nice but if she tries really really really hard she can write in better, oh and she’ll get a candy for trying.

        The problem is those snowflakes take it personally, like you’re offending them simply pointing out that things can be done better. The Hindus/Chinese, as much as i hate working with them, do not suffer form the same affliction… for now. They however put in absolutely zero fucking effort into learning. Case in point: this hindu needed to use signtool.exe to sign a DLL, came to me asking for help. I had no idea how to do it, but after 5 minutes on google I had the answer. Guy was like uhhhhhh yeaaaa maaaan you’re like really smart and stuff.


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      • Amazing. I’m about to enter this world so thanks for the intel.


      • on December 2, 2016 at 5:09 pm CBR600RR_Rider

        mendo, in what capacity will you be in this field? IT? Coding? Support? Test?

        yea it has gotten really bad, especially in big companies that hire the H1B slaves who undercut our salaries by working for literally 1/3 of the pay!

        no wonder FB stock went down when Trump won 😀


      • on December 2, 2016 at 10:42 pm Vagina dominator


        I have a lot of experience with the Chinese. You are right. Lazy. Parasitical. Two-faced. Obtuse. Fraudulent. Deceitful. Dishonest. Unprincipled. Greedy. Venal. Superficial. Uninteresting. Unoriginal. Passive aggressive. Crude. Uncultured. Unhygienic. Ignorant. Status-and-money obsessed. Careless. Inconsiderate. Mean. Small-minded. Vindictive.

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      • @vagina dom

        …and vewy tiny tiny penis


      • @CBR,

        looking into coding/software development.

        I know all about the H1B invasion, since it’s happening at our office. Got nothing but a bunch of muds all stinking up the joint. And worse, they just hired some nasty looking indian-dot chick.

        I don’t think I’ll be with that company once I’m done with school, but since I’ve made some headways with showing that I’m solid, perhaps I could ease into something as a springboard towards something else.

        If Trump’s Administration does put the hammer down on the H1B visa abuse, then that’ll be a big boost for me and thousands of others.

        America FIRST!!!

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      • on December 3, 2016 at 6:04 pm CBR600RR_Rider

        shoot me an email at: mgr3ahx AT shitmail DOT org
        we can email back and forth about the industry.
        btw it’s a temporary email good for 3 days. will forward to me real one 😉


      • It’s the “everybody gets a trophy” mentality that their parents instilled in them.

        Sadly, I must admit these parents were my generation. I have nine kids from three different wives. They’ve all been taught by example that hard work and ambition are the keys to success.

        So far, only one (my oldest son, unfortunately) has succumbed to the shitlib narrative. 35 yo, Navy vet…but somewhere the train derailed. After Triumph de Trumpster, his snowflake wife was wailing on FB about the hateful world she was now forced to raise their 10 month old daughter in. It was fucking disgusting.


    • Some twenty years ago, I gently asked a gal programmer why she had not finished an assignment by deadline that she assured me she would. It was a task that should have taken 2 days, but I gave her 4 since we were way ahead on the project, and told her explicitly “If, over the next day or two, you run into any snags, let me know right away.”

      Not being into management, and certainly not liking to micromanage, I went about doing my share of said project over the next four days.

      Day four comes and I go to her cube and ask to see the results… job is about half done, and I ask, very gently, “Why didn’t you let me know you weren’t going to finish by today?”

      She just looks at me and starts crying.

      I just went to my supervisor and told him that I didn’t want any part of management, thank you just the same.

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      • I love this story.


      • Working with broads over 25 years, I don’t know if I have ever heard one simply take responsibility for anything.

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      • The Saudis had it right by not allowing women drivers. Most days I see women making bad decisions on the road. They just can’t handle machinery.

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      • Back in the 80’s I was a professor in a biology department. A mediocre female graduate student dropped a full gallon jar of formalin in a hallway. I was about 40 ft away. I’ll never forget her reaction to what she’d done. She put her hands to her face, turned and ran away. I, another professor and a male grad student cleaned up the toxic mess. The female student was AWOL for days.

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    • Get nuclear angry with them, happened to me twice in my life, I went for firing both of them. In one case my boss didn’t let me fire her, he said she is into me, he was right. After leaving the company we had some occasional great sex. The other one I have made sure she is fired, she also wanted to have sex with me, but this time I knew her boyfriend too well so it didn’t feel right. Bottom line, get really angry, it turns them on.


      • on December 2, 2016 at 10:44 pm Vagina dominator

        If you don’t dominate them they get unhappy.


      • That’s why this site is genial. Comments like the above from Vagina Dominator I use note and apply to my life. It works a treat. Fucking amazing perspective. I never heard stuff like that growing up.


    • > they are impossible to work with

      the ETHICAL lawfirm of Karl, Karl, and Karl – would be happy to introduce you to Mr Yogi Berra Swami, owner of the Mumbai Institute Of $10/day Coders. We do have an exclusive contract with Mr Swami

      If you choose to upgrade to PREMIUM membership in our boutique lawfirm, you will be granted access to one-on-one emotional counseling by 22-year-old Indian chicks who would do whatever it takes to be a Bollywood Starlet.


  7. on December 2, 2016 at 9:30 am Appius Claudius Caecus

    I’m in my mid-30s, and grateful every day for taking the red pill in time to enjoy my peak years.

    This public service announcement is for shitlords, and probably already noticed by many of them. Tinder/Bumble can be handy for a quick shag, but even a well-tailored profile with your real age of 33-38 will come back with VERY few hits of any of the 23-26 year old HB7+ units you swipe right on. I have had several friends test this, and we have used a control group of swiping on the LSMV dumpy creatures of the same age range. While we noticed a slightly more frequent hit rate on the dumpy control group (due no doubt to them setting their age settings wider to cast a larger drag net), the simple fact of the matter is that the HB7+ group only starts to hit at a predictable rate when age is set for 29-33. Setting your age for 29, because you can still pass for such an age, is the happy moist medium to show up on the filtered ranges of the 23-27 group.

    This is troubling even though already known by any shitlord in regards to the carousel. Women in their mid 20s will actively filter online profiles to those who are close to her age. Game in the real situations counters this, as a shitlord who walks into a bar doesn’t have his 7-10 year age gap hovering above his head, and biology can resume its natural course as he makes her giggle and advance towards the pussygrab.

    The white population shrink in the US is accelerating. In short– the best breeding stock of our population is burning up on the carousel, and while they are ripe for the short term taking by the shitlord population, there remains the cold, hard reality that we need to start breeding, and even then, we may not reverse course to this calamity.

    There won’t be many places to escape to once Multiculturalism Inc. sprinkles the weeds into every corner of the country and houses and nurtures their offspring with our cuckold payments– income tax.

    I hear Lofoten is lovely this time of year… and cold enough to keep the unindustrious away.


    • Women are horrible with figuring out ages, so they go by a numerical value since it’s the only thing they can comprehend.

      And you’re right: being out in real-life without that age difference hovering over you is a big win. They’re so used to uncles and bosses be the old guys who are in their late 30s and early 40s, what with the beer belly and shitty dressing that that’s how they view all guys that age.

      As a gauge, I still like it when I go to the supermarket to grab a quick beer and they still card me!


    • Good stuff. Dont forget Skout, had lots of success finding sloots with that app. I agree with most of your points, but that is why online dating can be a slog. The women are running shit, they are doing the choosing. If if your a good looking fit guy, even the uggo chicks get swarmed with “Heyyyyy” messages. So you can for sure get lucky with online but it takes some patience and a hearty serving of outcome independence. And you gotta filter out the dumb chicks who think they will find a husband on tinder from the chicks looking for NSA hookups. I have taken a break from online dating for six months, now just been picking them up at bars/stores/public. Its waaaay easier right now to pick up girls in meat world cuz you are automatically DIFFERENT than most guys their age; all the dudes their age pretty much stick to online dating. Its similar to my experience when i have gone on spring break. me and friends who are all early 30s do waaay better than most of the jacked pretty boy abercrombie model looking dudes because they stand around busting james bond game while we get in there, open sets, merge sets, and act like fearless fun-loving goofballs.

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    • The whole point of the carousel is to kill the white race. Only white women slut it up like crazy since the 1970s. Legalization of abortion was the beginning of the end for the white population.

      Nig**r women were always slutty, even during slavery. Latinos/latinas always fucked around, even before the 20th century.

      Only whites were chaste. That’s what made whites civilized and powerful. HB7+ were monogamous in the Victorian era (the exact same time we peaked as a race).


      • The Virgin Bride and the Knight


        The Whore and the Murderer


      • “The whole point of the carousel is to kill the white race.”

        the carousel is absolutely a weapon of extermination. look at it any other way and the math just doesn’t add up.

        women on the carousel actually BELIEVE they’re “looking for the right guy”. but ask her what “the right guy is” and it’s some weird fantasy of this guy who knows how/when to lead, how to fix things, fucks her like an animal, is successful, makes her laugh, turns her on, but also is in touch with his feelings, thinks she’s extra special, is her best friend, blah blah blah. in other words, it’s someone who doesn’t exist. and if he did, he would be so far out of her league that she’d need supplementary oxygen just to catch a glimpse of him.

        and yet, she’s dumping guys left and right. this guy wasn’t a good kisser. that guy was too selfish. this guy was too boring. etc. long list of ridiculous requirements that she herself couldn’t possibly meet. then one day she meets an alpha and she’s, like, “omg I met THE greatest guy!” except alpha isn’t so stupid. he looks at her tattoo that she got on holiday in the Caribbean. he watches how many texts she gets every day. he notices that she’s got the tinder app on her phone. he sees how quick she was to hop in the sack (but even quicker to claim the “I’ve never done this before”), and before the second date he’s already trying to figure out how to squeeze as much sex out of her with as little investment as possible. IOW, he doesn’t respect her, trust her, or even truly want her. pump-n-dump.

        NONE of this will manifest her mind. she’ll just tell herself he’s not the right guy and takes another spin. the smart thing to do would be to recalibrate her perceived smv and go after guys who are attainable. but she won’t. not a chance in hell. she’s been infected with a drug that altered her smv perception and there’s no way she’ll ever get off it. she’s ADDICTED to overvaluing herself, and in her pursuit of trying to resolve the cognitive dissonance between the man she thinks matches her value, and the guys that actually want her for a partner, she lowers her value even further. an endless downward spiral. she’s permanently damaged. the only guy she’ll ever land is a hapless beta.

        female sexual liberation is exclusively a biological and demoralization weapon. and a very effective one.

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      • Good point, tomjones. And great follow-up plumpjack. The downward spiral is very real — I’ve seen it in 3 ex-gfs who all squandered their best years and ended up with beta schlubs.

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      • > who all squandered their best years and ended up with beta schlubs.

        They got more of a Grand Slam Home Run (by THEIR rules) than you got (by yours)


      • @plumpjack and Corvo

        many white women don’t end up with hapless betas. They become ‘lesbians’ or they end up ALONE.


      • on December 3, 2016 at 9:25 am Sean Fielding

        @PJ: excellent analysis of the carousel and as so often with yours, top-tier ‘long’ comment: se/wr (short enough, worth reading).


      • They got more of a Grand Slam Home Run (by THEIR rules) than you got (by yours)

        I imagine this is supposed to be some sort of neener-neener…

        (((You))) people never did take things like Matthew 16:26/Mark 8:36 seriously, amirite?

        (((shakin’ mah Scripture)))

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      • “They got more of a Grand Slam Home Run (by THEIR rules) than you got (by yours)”

        Life wedded to an overweight wimpy schlub; barren womb; working a crap job to supplement beta boy’s small income; desperate for a screw from an ex-bf … yeah, real “Grand Slam Home Run” lol

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    • Great comment.


      • Unbelievably accurate comment by plumpjack.



      • It would have been perfect without the “weapon” claptrap. No one sat around plotting the creation of modern woman. But I get that muh white knights need to believe that white women were deliberately “hacked” to maintain the belief that they can be “debugged”.


      • “look at it any other way and the math just doesn’t add up.”

        Yea. Nothing in history ever happens by accident. Decisions made one or two hundred years ago never have unintended consequences.

        Muh Jewish Nostradamus.


      • “No one sat around plotting the creation of modern woman.”

        modern woman is no different from ancient woman. what’s different are the tools at her disposal, and the groups that think she should have unlimited access to them, versus those that don’t. i highly doubt that low white birth rates was an “unintended consequence”. more likely the INTENDED consequence, hence the weapon “claptrap”.

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      • saruh sayz: “It would have been perfect without the “weapon” claptrap. No one sat around plotting the creation of modern woman. But I get that muh white knights need to believe that white women were deliberately “hacked” to maintain the belief that they can be “debugged”.”

        Aaaannd saruh expertly ruins her shot at a comeback! “I deny the Holocaust–AND Cultural Marxism! Because I think outside the box hehehehehe!!”

        Nice slip of the petticoats, getting heated about the “weapon” part. . . . muh yenta . . .

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    • Stopped reading at tinder. Ralph red pill dudes are out there meeting women in the real world.


      • Words from a dude out there meeting women in the real world:
        Women 16-55 want men 16-28.
        Trying to break that spell is a HARD uphill rock climb, barefoot, in a snowstorm, 30 below, in nothing but Speedos and without a rope.
        But still better than online, which is nothing but fats and fakes.

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      • At some point we really have to stop being complicit in our own obsolescence just to get it in occasionally. This isn’t the Ice Age … even though it is.


      • on December 4, 2016 at 6:54 am Appius Claudius Caecus

        Thanks for the lecture about Tinder and online dating being a sign of weakness. I am a pragmatist in poosy harvesting. When a match leads to a short intro and a meeting in the “real world,” the Game still applies.

        My purpose was not to lament the difficulties of online dating, but rather to highlight how it reveals an observable instance of the carousel. Even the LSMV control group of 23-27 year old creatures revealed very few hits when my and other friends set their ages at their real ages between 33 and 38– albeit maybe 20% more hits than the HB7+ group, which was sparse.

        Couple this with the accelerating decline in whites as a total of the population, and one is left with a newfound sense of urgency about the carousel– we need to start breeding, but our best stock is wearing the paint off the carousel while popping birth control like tic tacs and bitching about patriarchy while getting drilled by cads like me as we mock them for the Amy Schumer book on their nightstand.

        No really, Saturday night’s entertainment had that on her bedside lamp stand.

        Your condescension over my purported abandonment of “real world” Game in favor of Tinder/online is noted, but unnecessary. Even in the “real world,” the Game lets me have one on the carousel, as there aren’t many other places to find them than the carousel.


      • Fuck no Wolfie. Stop peddling the sad saxk bit when I and Wala and even fucking Trav have told you over and over age is a plus not a minus.

        At 49 there are no problems. Unless you’re a weirdo. Don’t be a weirdo.


      • @wolfie65

        I’m 42 and I’ve never had it easier with girls and women. 28+ year olds are absolute freebies for me – I barely have to try at all. Teen girls unabashedly make googly eyes at me (no, I’m neither tall nor super hot). 22 is my personal sweet spot for dating, in terms of femininity, youthful energy and maturity.

        Full disclosure: I just broke up with my 23 year old main, and I’m currently dating a 19 and a 25 year old. You can think I’m a pervert or immature if you’d like, but don’t ever think that girls prefer YOUNG guys or that age is a major factor (lol 16-28 wut? Boys 16 to 25 are damn near invisible to girls once they leave highschool, and 30 year old men nowadays have zero presence).


  8. The latest Trump stroke of genius made me so hard that I briefly lost consciousness:

    Mattis for SecDef

    Talk about MAGA!

    Parasites that bite Mattis die in agony.

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  9. on December 2, 2016 at 9:57 am Tryintogetthrumod

    YouTuber “Butch Leghorn” has a couple of interesting vids about this; what plumpjack calls “parasitism”, Butch calls “intuited genetic self-interest”. Butch adds the dimension that the parasites’ strategy is to form an ever-larger group that can compete for (in their case, leech) resources better due to its shear size. This is why feminists and gays side with Muzzies.

    Butch’s point is the same as pj’s: it is pointless to argue with the parasites, wasting breath pointing out their logical inconsistencies etc. They don’t care about logic or truth, only about their group’s survival interests. They must simply be unapologetically dominated and disempowered. Period.

    Logical argument is only useful when directed toward white men (and some white women) who can be awakened/redpilled. White men are the only people interested in truth or logic anyway.

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  10. OT, CH – What are the chances that propornot is an elaborate troll? Its propaganda list is pitch-perfect in its neocon paranoia. They also made Bezos’ blog look stupid even to its news media peers.


  11. The weepy androgynes are evolutionary dead ends. They usually don’t reproduce, but when they do it’s far below replacement level. Only natural shitlords and people who deliberately structure their families and communities (thinking traditional/religious types) in a patriarchal fashion will reproduce. I don’t know if we’ve reached peak faggotry among the white race yet, but it certainly can’t go on much longer with their below replacement level birth rates and the impending third world invasion.


  12. Good point on obesity. For years I have said that physical obesity leads to mental obesity.

    Here is an interesting observation: Taking a trip to Florida from Seattle, and back, it has hard not to notice some differences.

    Whereby Florida is full of geezers and fatass transplants and tourists infesting the south end, Orlando, and Tampa, most of the people in other parts of the state at least looked a little more human. Sure someone at middle age was not going to win the beauty pageant. That’s life.

    But what a contrast. The gate to the Seattle/Seatac flight looked like the bar scene from Star Wars. Those that did not look like freaked just straight out looked like shit.

    Is the lack of sunlight that strong in health detriment? Or is “phenotype” a real thing and shitlibs are ever more looking the part? We can point at the estrogen-eyed twink-haired and know straight away what we are dealing with, but even the people who spare the hair coloring look like they got say in front of the dark crystal for an hour.


  13. thanks CH. appreciate your sharing this.

    Make America Fit and Parasite-Free Again!

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    • From Twitter, re: PD Mangan saying there should be a way for MAGA weightlifters to get in contact with one another:

      Make America Gainz Again.


  14. if plumpjack doesn’t already have one, he should be given an honorary PhD in Biology – excellent biological noticing! americans got soft & welcoming to parasitic infection.


    • The fact that we have these vapid cunts taking up airwaves, as if their opinion means anything, shows how far we still are from MAGA.

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    • on December 2, 2016 at 2:41 pm Days of Broken Arrows

      Nomiki Konst: Stupid name = stupid person. Let’s make that an adage. I’m tempted to write an essay on why giving your kid an ethnic name should be illegal.


  15. Re parasites. Can Glorious Leader repeal Ronnie Reagan’s retarded Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA, signed into law 1986) which required hospitals to provide free medical care to illegal aliens?


    • Free Medical Care = Birth for Beaners


      • I recently heard someone from a hospital on a radio show say they actually offer gift cards to the illegals to get them to come back in for follow up treatments after the emergency room visit (!)


    • I dissent, I think that Act is a fantastic tool to flush beaners out of their hiding spots….It should be amended to say hospitals must treat illegal aliens in an emergency, but they also must report the illegals to DHS immediately, who have to deport the illegal once they’re stable and dischargeable.

      Give illegals a choice – get healthy and deported, or stay away from the hospital and die.


  16. on December 2, 2016 at 2:31 pm long dong silver

    Steve Harvey has a panel of land whales on his show today for “love your curves.” This includes People magazine declared “plus sized supermodel” Tess Holiday. Dr. Phil is doing a show on a literal crazy cat lady horder lawyer. This is on during the mid afternoon when impressionable children are at home. An army of alt right trolls should target these degeneracy pimps for shame. Disgusting!

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    • on December 2, 2016 at 2:39 pm Days of Broken Arrows

      The good thing about Tess Holiday is that if you’re trying to eat less, looking at her makes you lose your appetite. Someone about this woman is actually vomit-inducing in a way even women like Roseanne or Rosie O’Donnell weren’t. Maybe it’s the inherent narcissism or the way you can just tell she smells. Ew.

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      • on December 2, 2016 at 4:36 pm long dong silver

        Those arms are like looking at two tubes of deli bologna covered in tattoos. The degeneracy pimping is getting outright silly. You can label a bottle of horse piss Jack Daniels, but it’s still horse piss. I think Steve even had a tranny on the panel. Yuck.


      • I had to look her up after reading she was more vomit inducing than Rosie O’Donnell. Man, what a fucking pig! A tatted up attention whore pig to boot, must cost a fortune in ink to cover that much canvas.


      • Some of the good things about Tess Holiday is that she is expecting her 2nd fair child and despite an extremely difficult childhood she became very successful.
        Plus she sure as heck a isn’t shapeless.


      • darn I meant.
        Plus she sure as heck isn’t shapeless.


    • i’ve heard talk about restoring some of the megafauna that used to roam North America but this is just fucking ridiculous:

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  17. Anti-trust lawsuits against Hollywood move/TV studios and against TV Networks and major newspapers would bear much fruit if before some shitlord judges.

    Dreaming of a better world rape!


  18. “The main power centers of the Globalist Left are:

    1. Public Schools and Higher Education
    2. Urban areas and Urbanization
    3. The Corporate Media
    4. Big Banks and International Finance

    By identifying these 4 power centers and exposing the problems of mass Third World immigration, we will have a chance to win this fight.

    While the Globalist Left has lost this battle, they are regrouping.

    They aren’t going to give up just because of this election. Not by a long shot.

    We don’t have much time.

    Let’s Go”

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      • Above video originally sent earlier with comments and all were blocked.
        Here’s a # 4.

        With Trump bringing millions of people up to speed re: globalism, the oligarchs are now maybe just only 7 to 10 years ahead of the public curve instead of perhaps 30 to 60.
        Press onward freedom lovers. An even keel might arrive sooner than we think.


    • I wrote exactly the same thing few weeks ago, except for urbanization.
      1. Education 2. Finance 3. Media

      Every citizen has to incorporate the way of life to eliminate influence of these cornerstones of power. Guys, everyone of you, start with yourselves and your families and it will get strong. Do not feed any of the leftist media, corporations or banks.


  19. Ann Coulter heard her on Hannity…she’s was agitated and running cold on DJT.

    Kellyanne kicked button with the faggy bitchy cunts from the Clinton campaign last night


    • The woman is a model of composure. Ann tends to crack under pressure and her temper rise to the surface. As an Italian, I know that feel.


      • Ann was with Trump from the very beginning,defended him against Lugenpress including when that cunt Haily attacked him
        As reward the cunt is UN ambassador now, while Trump did not even acknowledge the Ann’s existence let alone thank her
        Now somebody please come again with “Good Emperor BS”

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      • and I do not think this is personal
        It comes after yesterday ” Thank you suckers” speech in which Trump clearly and repeatedly called, endorsed and propagated “civic nationalism” which of course is just another (((word))) for “proposition nation”


      • she’s taken a few cheap shots at him, like when he picked pence for VP. this is another one. “no enemies to the right” is clearly something she hasn’t gotten yet.

        the faithless electorate is so accustomed to losing that they don’t believe (yet) that there are intelligent, free-thinking, ballsy, long-term thinking aryans out there who can get things done in an original way. aka ‘winning’.

        you don’t go from a once-in-a-century upset presidential election victory to pogroms overnight. it takes a minute.


      • on December 3, 2016 at 11:20 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        What p0groms?

        The Trump dynasty is going to be a Jewish dynasty.


      • We’re all dancing the hora as you speak, DKike.

        Better tell the rest of your tribesmen the good news… they still seem to have their noses out of joint about the recent election…

        … which can be a serious malady for (((youse guys)))..

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      • Ann is cynical from too many immigration sell-outs.

        I don’t agree with her worry that a sell-out is coming, but I fully commend her for trying to do her part to keep Trump on our side.

        We have a responsibility not to be sycophants if Trump does happen to fuck up here or there. When he almost backslid on immigration during the campaign, there was nearly mass rebellion online, he responded by promptly giving the best immigration speech a politician has ever given.

        Its important to keep shitposting… Trump and his people read it.

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      • I doubt they read it. Bannon only cares about what he can repackage and sell, i.e. dirt.

        Ann isn’t wrong to expect a volte face. This is the big-time: there are just some toes you can’t step on without risking major economic upset. One of these turns out to be resident Hispanics, alas.

        Now if he flops on Muslim immigration and the wall — then it’s fuck you, guy.


      • @Cortesar
        I don’t understand why you put “words” in echoes. What was the implication with that? Also, If I understand correctly what a “proposition nation” is I don’t understand why you would be against Trump endorsing that.
        (My understanding is this: United States is a proposition nation because it was instituted not through mere happenstance, such as a group settling wherever is convenient and arranging government by collective action, but instead instituted with the intent of protecting a set of declared values. I.E. America is a nation who’s main purpose is to protect the freedoms and values proposed in the declaration of independence.)
        P.S. I have also been a little peeved by Trumps ignoring of Ann Coulter, except for that once when she introduced him at a convention. I don’t look to deeply into that, I assume there are political reason not to highlight her. She is, after all, quite “spicy”


    • Trump’s playing with fire if he thinks we are just going to say “oh well” if he backtracks on his main policies, and nominates that goddamned Mormon, back-stabbing POS, Romney to ANYTHING. I mean anything!!! My smile has not been so big this past week, wondering, “WTF, Donald?!”


    • Really enjoyed Ann being interviewed by Tucker back in August


    • on December 4, 2016 at 1:44 am Sean Fielding

      Trump strikes me as the kind of man who punishes disloyalty, and Nikki Haley was disloyal. Therefore, he may be planning to significantly decrease US support for the UN, and let her hold the bag.


  20. I have ways been amazed at how stupid Christian Anglo American Whites are. It is really amazing.

    For example, you can come up with preceptive stuff life this:

    ‘The main power centers of the Globalist Left are:

    1. Public Schools and Higher Education
    2. Urban areas and Urbanization
    3. The Corporate Media
    4. Big Banks and International Finance’

    and it never occurs to you to connect the dots and call the problem out by name.

    ‘The Jews’…….not only are u afraid to call it out by name, you dare not try and do something about it. You have been gelded.

    …and to console youselves you obsess about negroes and immigrants without ever dealing with the reality that not only do these groups control nothing, but are also pawns of Jews.

    Who keeps making the tv shows and movies teaching ur women to fornicate with Negroes ?? (Negroes own no networks)

    Who keeps advocating for full, free, open Immigration.(see Javitz), and anti Christian traditions ?

    Will real White men with balls please stand up.

    How low have u fallen ? Stuck with having to join the local police force to abuse the low hanging fruit….hapless Negroes ….in order to fell manly. How degrading.

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    • on December 3, 2016 at 3:43 am Mean Mr. Mustard

      Four words….

      Nail hit on head.

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    • “and it never occurs to you to connect the dots and call the problem out by name.”

      Not quite…I think it occurs to most of them with half a brain. I’ve lived on this earth a long time and I’ve seen a lot of shit. I have been forced to conclude that the overwhelming majority of white people will gladly sacrifice their honor and their children’s future in order to be liked and to have nice stuff. Being a winner in American society means having nice friends, living in and vacationing in nice places, driving a nice car and wearing nice clothes. The idea of losing any of these things strikes abject terror in the hearts of white people.

      The religious ‘belief’ in the six million (the only historical account in human history protected from challenge by criminal law); the “beauty” and “strength” of diversity, the “freedom” inherent in porn and abortion etc., etc., the Fed, the NYT et al. ….

      It’s all hollow rationalization for our cowardice.

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    • Well, I found a couple of gentiles doing bad stuff too… so there’s that.


      All seriousness aside:

      Ever notice how, with the spread of the internet, we’re beginning to see more and more White folks starting to wake up… and even speak up?

      Be careful what you wish for, al… you n1ggers have a lot to answer for too, and you make yourself too obvious about it.

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    • on December 3, 2016 at 9:40 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))


      da jewz turned our princesses into nigger lovers and our sons into fapping pushovers


  21. The Red Queen theory of evolution derived from the understanding that we have far more to worry about from viruses and bacteria than we do from lions and bears. The whole reason higher life forms have evolved into two sexes is that by modulating our offspring’s genetics, we are much less susceptible to the harmful microbes that evolve much quicker than we do. Eventually, they will overcome our immune system but by then we have changed (or our children have) enough to stay one step ahead. Otherwise, why not just be like pond scum and replicate by cell division? There would be much less drama.


  22. on December 3, 2016 at 8:10 am Captain Obvious

    Nine clubbers are killed and another 13 are still missing after massive fire breaks out on the second floor of a 100-person rave inside an Oakland warehouse


  23. I just wanted to say that Nate Silver is a fraud and contributes nothing to society. He has no expertise, he is just a journalist with an opinion and an ax to grind. Also, I am concerned about the new British supreme court(hmm that sounds vaguely familiar) stopping brexit.

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  24. oy vey!
    The alt-right is real! They’re tripping back on their heels!
    If you’re still confused about how Trump when then the next 17 minutes below is all you need!
    There’s a lot to absorb, so enjoy!


    • This alone changes my mind on Richard Spencer. If he intended on getting some troll/sincere salutes during NPI then it was the right thing to do. My analysis confirms these lib-fags were triggered to such a degree that they made the same blind mistake they made during the summer: they targeted the alt-right as a legitimate movement, with legitimate force behind it (they consider it a real threat), all while doing so with a disposition of fear.


    • Heh… that (((Grunwald))) cunt at the end, in her passive-aggressive way, acts like she’s giving a compliment about an “effective negative campaign”.

      Whose campaign, Ms. Consultant, was negative? All I heard from Clinton’s side was “racism, homophobia, and sexism, oh my!”

      Trump spoke of making America great again, of getting jobs back into this country, of securing our borders and thereby our safety… at least to the extent it can be secured in this day and age. He inspired stadium-level crowds, made the Dispossessed Majority feel like they had a voice and a leader again.

      What did the Dems do? Spics burning American flags and flying that of Mexico on OUR soil, shitskins beating up White people, endless talk about how Black Lives Matter, as the n1ggers continued to kill each other and harass White folks… disingenuousness, hypocrisy, and antiWhite racism for the past generation, for the most part… all the while hundreds of thousands of ILLEGAL ALIENS pouring into our cities and getting more bennies and rights than actual citizens.

      And you try to deconstruct why Trump won? FUCKING DUH!!!

      And (((you))) STILL have the gall to talk about White Supremacy and some stiff-arm salutes at small gathering of folks who don’t like what this country has become?


      • I want to bang Kellyanne. Her voice is more soft and feminine than the two mangry bitches on the Clinton side.


      • That outfit she was wearing complimented her body well.


      • What I love about these “assessments” and “analyses” of how Trump managed his campaign is that no matter what critique of his methods, policies and rhetoric is given, he still f**king won – so it doesn’t really matter lol. These hill-supporters will be talking to themselves in circles, trying to find the perfect point that will “prove” Donald manipulated everyone and is still a lying, no-good businessman – but none of it matters. They lost. They can kill themselves now.

        Also, it pisses me off how perfectly passive aggressive these hillary advisors were. When that one c*nt said “what I said was a compliment” and kellyanne said “no, it was not a compliment”, and then the c*nt still kept trying to justify that her passively aggressive statement was in fact a compliment – this is a perfect example of how to professionally piss someone off and turn yourself into a joke. There were a few other examples from the rest of the full clip, but I don’t feel like listing them all.

        lastly, when someone says “I didn’t interrupt you so you can’t interrupt me” I get super mad and want to punch that person in the face. Maybe this is irrational, maybe it isn’t. I don’t care. It’s retarded. Especially when grown men say it.


    • Even with Trump in charge…let’s bring on the Civil War II already. It’s the only way we are going to effectively clear out these parasites who clearly want to kill our race. Time for civilized debate is over. I do NOT attempt to debate the Left. I only say, “Fuck you…bring it!, or piss off”.

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      • Even when they LOSE (Brexit, Clinton, etc. to the REAL conservatives – as opposed to the controlled opposition like the Bushes, McCains, Ryans, and Romneys of this world) they REFUSE to accept the loss. They need stopped, because THEY are not going to stop with their agenda one minute.


    • And of course, no pictures of the slain or the shitskin.


      • Two women raped and killed in the Freiburg area of Germany. I know the women from that area and they are gorgeous…really beautiful complexions and most of them are taught classical music in school and can be traditional on nature. The 17 year old Afghani is suspected of both.

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      • Go to , this is the hot topic right now.
        The murdered German girl’s about a 7, the Afghan ‘minor’ looks like everyone between Casablanca and Calcutta.

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      • Not my circus, not my monkeys.
        What are mere Men permitted to actually do about it?
        Without triggering the full-spectrum “smack of firm government” that the heavily-armed communists running the EU are absolutely gagging to dish out to the indigenous population.
        Which is I suspect the main reason (((they))) keep goading us, and twisting the knife. Push us before we’re ready to jump.
        War is coming.


      • It’s difficult for German men. You saw it after Cologne last year. 1 000 sexual assaults on NYE.
        4 days of a media coverage up. The victims broke the story on social media.
        The NY Times brushed it off as ‘oh that happens at Octoberfest ‘.
        The weekend after German protested and we’re hit were water cannons.
        If you are labelled a Nazi or a hooligan you could get jail time…lose your job etc.
        At least Hollande is stepping down but Merkel the Cunt is seeking reelection.

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        Constance avoids a sexual assault yet absolved her migrant attacker


      • And another sex mobs incident took place in Freiburg on Halloween. 2 German women surrounded by 17 men. They escaped. The men were from Gambia.


      • Not only will you be labelled a nazi/hooligan/racist etc., but the very women being attacked will be at the forefront of the denunciations. There is no incentive to even cross the road towards these virtue-signalling, happy-clappy, teddy-bear waving, immigrant-loving idiots, still less “defend” them.
        It’s quite clearly what they want. They’re “Strong Independent Women”, and no White man should even dare lift his gaze from the ground in their magnificent presence, still less presume that they can’t handle their own shit.

        things are going to have to get a hell of a lot more desperate before the penny finally drops with these retards. By which time the stupider, uglier, older, more feminist ones will be dead, or enslaved, at the hands of their beloved Diversity. Win=win.


      • Not only did the (((media))) cover up the Cologne rape-orgy for days, they frantically claimed it was Germans wot dun it (as in, Teutonic White Men descended from Woden, or Nerthus or whatever). Only later did the facts emerge, and only if you dug for them.
        It’s like when they say “British national”, on the BBC. Most people know that translates to “OK, black (or brown) as my boots, then, and definitely not born here”.
        Even now I find apparently educated women who are snarkily, smilingly insistent that ” it was actually Germans doing the raping/pussygrabbing, you know” [roll eyes].
        women are heartstoppingly lazy, intellectually incurious, and easily confused by obvious (((lies))). I’d trust a dog’s instincts and judgement before a woman’s.


    • are strength


    • “migrant home volunteer Maria Ladenburger was discovered in a river in the town of Freiburg on the 16th of October. An investigation determined the daughter of a senior European Commission lawyer … “

      Flow my tears …


      • Generation X is the first generation of White men – certainly since the so-called ‘Dark Ages’, perhaps ever – who have to fight over White women not only with other White men, but with the entire world, a task for which they are woefully ill equipped, what with pacifism, feminism, antifa-ism, and a whole mess of other -isms.
        I’m all too familiar with the phenomenon of White girls stabbing their own men in the back and actually siding (and sleeping) with the enemy, an extremely bitter pill to swallow, but, as you point out, it will, unfortunately, have to get worse before it gets better.
        What to do?
        Resist, fight back however and whenever you can, present a moving target to avoid actual prosecution by your own government for defending yourself and yours.
        Spread the word, organize, underground, if necessary.
        Defend those who are worth defending.
        No animal deserves to become ‘halal’ döner kebab, and there may yet be some White girls who are not willing to throw tens of thousands of years of evolution away just to get back at their parents who hate them.


      • “Resist, fight back however and whenever you can, present a moving target to avoid actual prosecution by your own government for defending yourself and yours.
        Spread the word, organize, underground, if necessary.
        Defend those who are worth defending.”

        I’ll drink to that!


  25. on December 3, 2016 at 12:36 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))


    Damn, bro.

    I thought we had to keep the Jewish-Italian alliance to crack the restrictive social hierarchy of le chateau.


    • The only yid-Eye-Tye alliance I’ve ever heard of is Organized Crime.

      And that group only flourishes because of our naive gentile sense of Rule of Law…

      … enjoy it while it lasts, kike. And try not to take any good Italians down with you.

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      • on December 3, 2016 at 1:11 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        Lighten up, Greg.

        And Happy Holidays!


      • You keep pitching slow-toss and I’m a-gonna keep hittin’ ’em outta the park.

        And a very merry CHRISTmas to (((you))) and (((yourn))).


      • Rabbi,

        Let your people go.

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      • Venice, Doges and Renaissance finance ring a bell ?

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      • Right, wolfie… I’m sure a guinea or two wrung hands with the happy merchants. :duckface

        /Thought We Were Talking About Modern Times rape!

        /Bonus Pun Added rape!


      • The Mob was about a one-quarter Jewish back in the day but at least those Jews actually did some physical work. Muscle work. They had a working relationships with Eye-Ties and that was all. Those yids loved America too.

        And Organized Crime was very pro-American and patriotic. They disliked Mexicans and Orientals and Arabs. They loved the US of A.

        The Mob HATED dindu nuffins and kept them in line from 1930s to the 1960s. The Mob HATED foreigners and illegal aliens. The only allies they had were the Yakuza (respectable Japanese criminals), the Bandidos, the Triads, the Russian/Polish mob and sometimes even white supremacist groups. Sometimes OC got into wars with these other mobs but more often they were allies.

        In some sense, Organized Crime kept American cities clean and riot-free.


      • You’ve been watching too many Godfather movies…

        … true enough, in certain sections of certain cities, the dindus knew not to mess around.

        But Organized Crime didn’t do America any favors… they merely battened onto the soft underbelly of capitalism, a life of relative ease (except from each other) in the stability and Rule Of Law that the White Man provided.

        If you take the words of Capone at face value (“We merely supplying a demand!”) well… I can’t help you.


    • It’s tasteless to hide behind “Holocaust” and you (should) know it. Then again you might have been trolling.


  26. Water Buffalo = Germany in 1930/USA and Europe in 2016
    Flies on Water Buffalo = Jews/All Leftists (including the Jews)
    Bird eating flies = Hitler/Trump, Le Pen, Farage, et al.
    Buffalo + Bird = positive symbiotic relationship
    Flies + Buffalo = negative relationship ONLY benefitting the flies

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  27. ‘It would be nice if Politics was about Ideas & Ideology. But it’s not. And hasn’t been for a while. Whites are just the last to realize it.’

    Shitlibs have found ways to punish whites for thinking tribally (like every other tribe does) in every public facet of American life. The internet and voting, however, are still relatively private.

    And just as you hear Butt Nekkid talking about putting Minitrue in charge of the internet, look for shitlibs to try to poison-pill Trump’s voter ID laws with some sort of “voter accountability” clauses that boil down to recording who votes Republican so they can be targeted in the future.


    • See also:

      ‘Looking beneath the headlines, it is important to appreciate how unevenly distributed the job gains have been during the current business cycle. We pointed out nearly five years ago that, over the first two years of the jobs recovery, Whites accounted for less than 59% of the job gains, even though they made up over 81% of the labor force. Meanwhile, Blacks and Hispanics, who made up “about a quarter of the labor force, accounted for around five out of every eight jobs added” (USCO, February 2012).

      Last month, we again emphasized the skewed nature of this jobs recovery, noting that, “for seven long years, the majority of less-educated non-Hispanic White adults has not been employed. No wonder there is such angst in the lead-up to this presidential election” (USCO Essentials, October 2016).’

      This is consonant with the so-called recovery taking place mainly in government (blacks) and yet another real estate/construction bubble (hispanics).


    • ‘We would be doomed without ‘natural’ immigration inflow, refugees included. Value is immeasurable.’

      Translation: please don’t attempt to quantify it, or if you do, be sure to exclude all the negative externalities.


      Real income has gone nowhere for 16 years, and that’s when nominal income is deflated by the bullshit government-concocted CPI. Deflate it by any honest measurement of inflation and it would look far worse.



      Thanks for the $6 million, chumps! Start saving up for 2020!

      Snowflakes who got rooked by both her and Bernie have gotta be pissed.

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      • 6 million? .. think north of 1,34 BILLION

        (Clinton 600 M+, Sanders 300 M, JEB-is-a-mess 140 M, Rubot ,Cruz, Carson 300M combined) and thats just official numbers.


      • I smile as I think of all the trust fund money that was flushed down the toilet on the likes of iJeb! “Act of Love” Bush. And of the legions of poor bastards who did not hedge their bets at all but went all in against Trump, never knowing they would be blindsided as if by a runaway Mack truck. They bet half on blue and half on cuck and the roulette wheel came up 00 buck. Time to pay up bois, bend over and bite on a poker chip or something because it’s going to be a long eight years.


  28. Behold a Strong Movie: My son looks like Chris Kyle and my daughter looks like Sienna Miller = American Sniper. Amen and amen.


  29. This is part 2 of our serials goys
    ” Get to know the niceset human beings that ever walked earth and cure yourself from anti_semitsm)

    An supreme message of love to you, full of tenderness and appreciations goys

    “I really want to point out how despicable you are as a constituency.
    You are morons who cannot appreciate my poetic genius…
    I fuck you and probably I will fuck your wife and your daughters”

    Exibit 2
    Al Goldstein


    • “I really want to point out how despicable you are as a constituency.
      You are morons who cannot appreciate my poetic genius…
      I fuck you and probably I will fuck your wife and your daughters”

      Not surprisingly, this sounds like just about every shitskin… and most kike… shills that pester the chateau on occasion.

      Looks like that ilk all read from the same tired playbook as well.


    • Muh dik


  30. another salient piece from Lawrence Murray:

    “Make no mistake, White flight is caused by state-subsidized diversity, and this process forms the bedrock of suburbia. It is the only form of ethnic cleansing where it is socially acceptable to blame the victims. Whites have two choices. Door number one is becoming a minority—which is widely considered to be a bad thing—in a racially fractured, economically stratified, and crowded urban community with a growing share of vibrants (and vibrant crime). Door number two is moving to a newer but more transitory community of people like oneself, who are also seeking escape…..

    …Suburbs are just well-constructed refugee camps for White people. Whites have been driven from the cities as a result of slow-boiling ethnic conflict. Their families and communities have been broken up by dislocation, and they can’t go back. They take refuge in prefab neighborhoods where no one has roots deeper than a generation or more than a few kinsmen. They are rationalizing people, so they tell themselves moving away is moving up. The place left behind was going “bad,” so it had to be abandoned….”


    • Suburbs are just well-constructed refugee camps for White people.

      I’ll be using that one. Funny ’cause it’s true rape!

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      • on December 4, 2016 at 11:33 am Captain Obvious

        Living in a Subdivision – especially if there’s an Home Owners’ Association – is pure unadulterated Hell. Death of the Soul. And if there’s an HOA? Might as well stick a g*n in your mouf and pull the trigger. All brought to you courtesy of the (((Skypes))) who wrote Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968. And then the (((Skypes))) upped the ante with Section 8, in order to make life that much more unbearable for the huWhyte Shkotzim. We need moar Zyklon B.


    • Thanks for wading through all that spergy anime / quasi-psychology for the gems.


    • on December 4, 2016 at 11:11 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

      Murray is crazy if he believes I’m going to read all of that shit.


  31. on December 4, 2016 at 9:14 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))


    Per Blaha’s advice, I took a little deload and cut all my big lifts by 50%.

    Gains across the board this morning. I’m back, boy.

    Give JB a chance.


    • on December 4, 2016 at 9:21 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

      Fell short of my 500-pound deadlift by the end of 2016 goal.



      • Tell your boyfriend to lose some weight then.


      • on December 4, 2016 at 11:22 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        You’re either fit or invisible to me.


      • “You’re either fit or invisible to me.”

        Jewish teenyboppers are so ‘ironic’

        Is this motto emblazoned on your halter crop top?


      • “Fell short of my 500-pound deadlift by the end of 2016 goal.”

        Let me guess — about 200lbs short?


      • Anyone lifting 400+ should not be commenting here.


      • But we do anyway.

        /Semi-retired and still lifting rape!


      • Well, pass for old folks.


      • I got your “old folks” right here. (Sipowicz Salute rape!)

        “You ever run across one of those guys you shouldn’t have fucked with?”

        And stay off my lawn.


      • “/Semi-retired and still lifting rape!”

        stealing other people’s jokes yet still can’t see he’s a dork-with-no-game rape!


      • Whorefinder’s “(whatever) rape” shtick is well-honored here at the chateau, you disingenuous try-hard shmuck.

        And if by “game” you mean your flaccid attempts at neener-neenering your betters, and hanging around where you’re not wanted after being hoisted by your own petard, then yes… I have no “game”.

        Fail more.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • “you disingenuous try-hard shmuck.”

        “hanging around where you’re not wanted…”

        projection much?


      • on December 6, 2016 at 10:42 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        Oh, boy..

        I was push pressing this morning and felt like my fucking left knee was on fire. I was squatting everyday for awhile and may have overreached.

        At least my glutes are gorgeous.


      • Projection? What bizarro world dictionary are you using?

        You’re the one who got all the nays, when you asked to put it to a vote, boy-san.

        Funny how, when I said “Fail more”, I didn’t think you actually would.


      • Should I use the leg press with weak knee joints? I really don’t know anymore. Fitness is too complex for my oily dago brain. But I know I gotta work on my legs beyond walking a lot.


      • You can use a leg press, and also leg curls to beef up the quads, even with weak knees… but go light at first, high reps (12 to 15) so that there’s no pain.

        Once you build a bit of a foundation and strength the muscles that will take some pressure off the knees, you can start going a bit heavier, whatever you feel comfortable with. Add 10 to 20 pounds when doing 4 sets of 15 is too easy.

        Of course, sometimes the cartilage and tendons and ligaments around the knee are already too far gone to do much, but that depends upon age, injury, and past indolence, and it’s rare that some legwork can’t help the situation.


      • on December 6, 2016 at 11:47 am Canadian Friend

        For what this is worth,

        about lifting and injuries,

        I had done too many heavy curls, had hurt my bicep tendons in both arms, I was in pain for years but still lifted ( it was excruciating pain yet I refused to stop doing curls ), I had tried many things but nothing helped…. then in 2011 started taking a supplement called ; Co Q 10, and within a few months the pain started to go away ( it is not a pain killer it helps rebuild )…and now it is at least 95% gone. I now can do curls with a 115 pound bar ( not a spectacular weight but I’m in my late 50s and I suffer from Chronic fatigue syndrome, I’m not aiming for the mister universe title )

        We are all different, a supplement that works for me may not work for the next guy and his injury might be different than mine/have a different cause, but Co Q 10 is not very expensive, it is worth it to try it for at least 3 months, preferably 6.


      • At least my glutes are gorgeous.

        Those are your glutes?

        I thought yo’ haid merely opened up a branch office.


      • That’s all I was after. I’ve asked a bunch of people, just looking for some solid personal experience, and no one has a straight answer. So that is what I’ll do. My legs muscles aren’t weak by I need to make serious effort in toning.

        Tendons are just loose for right now — no pain yet, which will come later. So it’s critical I work on this before it happens. With my problem, I can’t risk loosening them even more, as they won’t repair.


    • Fuck that noise. Blaha’s a joke. Awhile back, after listening to him for 5 minutes I knew he was full of shit. And then that bs he started with Layne Norton is when I knew he was slime. I’m guessing he’s really (((Blaha))) for coming up with that sneaky slander.

      And, Layne just offered to debate (((Blaha’s))) knowledge in a collegiate forum, with proceeds to go to a charity of (((BLaha’s))) choosing, but (((Blaha’s))) been silent ever since.

      And Layne’s PHAT protocol is wear it’s at. Not for the (((weak)))


  32. on December 4, 2016 at 1:37 pm long dong silver

    I’ve been off the Negro Football League for awhile but have a lil time to kill today so I’m watching. I notice in the new Viagra commercial confirms they appear to be marketing to slutty older women. Same Latina lady now she’s got an older white man instead of the mystery meat from the frst commercial. Ride the carousel beyond the wall!


  33. Hello guys. Green Party Candidate Van der Bellen won the Austrian presidential election.

    Check my article:
    Austrian Election: Men vote for Nationalist, Women vote for Commie


    • Bye bye Austria…losing to the Greens of all parties.


      • Wait till the General Election next year.
        Norb’s lot could quite easily be the single largest party. Beats the crap out of just being President, and cutting the ribbon at the new cheese-factory or dishing out hand-carved prizes for yodelling, or whatever it is Prez v. d. Bellend will be doing in the future.


    • Either the immigrant problem isn’t as bad as the vignettes in the news lead us to believe…

      … or?

      Knowing German women as I do, you can’t convince me they’re loving the attention of the shitskins… I’m guessing the MSM over there is keeping a lid on things, and the vast majority are still living the high-life gemütlichkeit of An der Blaue Donau and Mozartkügeln.


      • Remember a couple post back by CH, somebody posted another video link of Dr.Flirt in German, giving pick-up advice to shitskins about German women. On top of being a cuck, and clearly OK with it (unless he was a Germanized Skype, which says a lot…look at some of his facial features), he basically called German women (his own women!) dirty whores who have no problem having sex on the 1st, 2d, or (if she is a prude) 3rd date. And (drum roll), the feminists did not call him out on it at all! In fact, they are probably proud of it (being stupid f*cking tools of the skypes). So, if he outright said, “German women are whores! Easy to f*ck as buying a coffee once you land a date with one!”, he would have been called out for being to honest, and generous, with his language. But, that is, in effect, exactly what he did. Sad.

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      • It is anxious and like having your neighborhood turn 1/3 shit Skin over night. Rapes amd muggings are waaay up and the judges hand out meaningless sentences that encourage more crime. The kid who murdered this girl only got two or three years and the Lefties made all kinds of excuses for him. My wife will no longer leave the house after 3 PM because it gets dark at 430. You are swarmed with burkhas on the pedestrian Zone every day but Saturday. People are waiting for the election but as in the US many have Stockholm Syndrome. Merkel may win but barely and AfD will get even bigger. You will have brown shirts in two to three years at this rate. I cancelled two trips one to Italy and one to France over this because the scenery is ruined.


      • We’re talking about Austria now guys… not Germany. Maybe I should have said “Austrian” women, but to me, they’re German nonetheless.

        Back in the seventies when I was stationed near the border, those mountain boys used to enter the beer halls in the most festive of manners, and more than one stiff arm was raised in joyous defiance.

        Wha hahpend?


      • What happened to the US? The same but 10 times worse. You see real men but they are silenced and women run the show here it seems. The politicians tell bald faced lies and say flat out that Germans need to conform to the invaders. I never see fights these days. The men are serious pussies. Even the AfD is run by a woman.

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      • yes, the vast majority are still living the high-life gemütlichkeit of An der Blaue Donau and Mozartkügeln. And working-class whites in Germany are getting attacked.


    • Renzi’s just chucked himself down the stairs, after “massive turnout” and his proposed tampering with the Italian constitution and Senate fails (subject to usual caveat about exit poll-lololzzz). Shot in the arm for 5-Star Party and maybe, just maybe, a Eurozone Exitalia (just the from the Single Currency, not the Prisonhouse of Nations itself … yet.
      . Meaning the devil’s favorite hobby, the European Union, could be in serious trouble soon as Italy is a massive contributor of dosh. Good. Fuckit. Fuck it into the ground.


      • The Italians (in the last generation or two) may have made themselves into fashion fags, but they are quicker than their northern European brethren to eat the poison pill of forced 3rd immigration and DIEversity. They will turn medieval on the elites sooner rather than later. Look at the Italians in the USA…one of the biggest anti-immigrant, anti-black, anti-diversity ethnic groups around. And most of them know this new Jesuit pope is a fake, controlled piece of shit.


      • I meant “refuse to eat”.


    • Any true environmentalist would be strongly against immigration. Do these greens really think millions of more immigrants flushing their toilets will be good for their countries environment?


      • Or driving around in clapped-out old diesel vans abducting white children, either. Naughty naughty very naughty!


      • Austrians vote for the status quo because it’s the more comfortable option.
        That status quo in this particular case means suicide has apparently not sunk in quite yet.
        On the plus side, president of Austria is, as has been mentioned before, largely a ceremonial position, the guy does little more than give 2 or 3 speeches a year, the chancellor is the one who leads day-to-day politics.
        Italy, with 50-60 million people (how many of them are actually indigenous Italians anymore I don’t know) weighs far more heavily, it’s one of Europe’s most populous countries and has been teetering on the verge of financial collapse since….the Renaissance…..
        Neither the EU nor the Eurozone can afford to lose Italy, so if Italy goes, the whole sick construct will come tumbling down, which is probably what’s needed at this point.
        As for environmentalists (and animal rights activists), it is VERY difficult to understand how they reconcile their views (which are generally good) with their love for Afro-Asians, who don’t give a rat’s rear end for animals or the environment.


  34. For in-depth analysis on gender differences in nationalism and group behavior:

    The problem with Feminism. Why Feminisation leads to Third-Worldization


    • on December 4, 2016 at 3:06 pm Captain Obvious

      Problem? What “problem”?


    • I think I remember the female mayor of Vienna said last year that women should not go out at night. I bet most of these women voted for the Greens.
      In Sperm Wars Robin Baker believed womsn sub consciously want to get fucked all the time to increase sperm competition.
      Even if that means rape.


    • The last time I looked at a newspaper months ago there was a picture of some white women with a sign that said feminist against islamophobia.
      If they get their way they will surely get stoned, but not high.


  35. on December 4, 2016 at 3:00 pm Captain Obvious

    Sh!tlord of the Week, from Down-Under

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    • on December 4, 2016 at 3:03 pm Captain Obvious



      • on December 4, 2016 at 11:10 pm Vagina dominator

        A kangaroo has sharp claws on its hind legs which it uses against enemies by sitting on its tail and kicking out with both legs. The claws are sharp enough to cut open your stomach.

        Good on this guy for protecting his dog, but he was also wise to move away afterwards.


    • I laughed out loud. that roo had it coming.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Did he cut his hand on its teeth? I like the way he goes for his right hip when the bugger looks like it might want some afters.
      “That’s not a noife. This is a noife!”


    • That is where the toughest Englishmen ended up. That, and the devastation of WWI and WWII on Alpha male stock, is why Londonstan is so cucked. Ausies should be grateful for their forced resettlements several generations ago.


      • More likely down to the White Australia policy, initially formulated as a bulwark against the Chinese. Plenty of Anzacs didn’t come back from North Africa, Burma and The Dardanelles.
        ” .. no desire to see low-class Indians, Chinamen or Japanese…swarming into this country… But there is obligation…not (to) unnecessarily offend the educated classes of those nations”

        ” In addition to the obvious demographic effect of creating a population of European, and largely Anglo-Celtic, descent, by effectively limiting the immigration of practitioners of non-Christian faiths, the White Australia policy ensured that Christianity remained the religion of the overwhelming majority of Australians. While non-European and non-Christian immigration has increased substantially since the dismantling of the White Australia policy, Australian society inevitably remains rooted in the demographic legacy of the 72 years of White Australia, during which time the country underwent its most substantial population growth.”

        Ripped up by 1973, pretty much. Aussie is being flushed down the multikult U-bend now, same as RSA, Canada and UK.


    • That’s messed up, ’cause that kangaroo a good boy….he dindu nuffin’.


    • bahaha fucking legit


  36. Fuck. Fuck. Fuckity fuck.

    Well, maybe now the daughter of an EU official has been culturally enriched, the powers that be will wake up.

    She should have been working on her first baby, to save a dying Europe.


    • Nope her parents raised money for immigrants at her funeral. Fucking traitors to their daughter many times over. I’m not a religious man but stuff like this makes me hope there is a vengeful God. In other news I say we allow unlimited immigration to white Austrian men who voted freedom party. We could resettle California with 49% of Austria.

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    • Too much coincidence. And crooked EU official.. had you ever meet one you would know. I call it staged.
      Question is why? Are they testing the waters whether EU is totally cucked or trying to wake people up?


      • Staged?

        No way theyd stage agaisnt the narrative.



      • Hell no Ripp. Think twice.
        If it was real, it would be swept under the carpet.
        Just like plethora of the previous cultural enrichments. Like pizza parlors.
        Lies tend to be mediated in the spotlight.


    • Interesting symbolism in that tragic story. It was noted, “The suspect, an Afghan migrant, was caught after police found DNA on a scarf near the path. The scarf reportedly belonged to Maria. They also found a strand of hair on a nearby blackberry bush.”

      The blackberry bush is a symbol of hope, expectation, and youth. The more ripe and beautiful berries the better, of course! So, fresh berries represents a glimmer of hope. Here, this heinous murder occurred in mid-October. By then, the berries would be fuzzy and rotten, if any were left. Everything that was hopeful, young, and lusty is now just the opposite. The berries are doomed to rot and die, just like her. How fitting that a her hair strand was found amongst the dead and rotting berries.


      • A vigil for Maria was assaulted by by leftie protesters, police had a hard time keeping things in check, go to for full story (in German, lots of pics).
        Re: Austrian election, a TV channel called ‘Euronews’ showed a vote count of 53% Hofer, 46 % van der Bellen at around 5.20 p.m. Sunday, yet only 20 minutes later, van der Bellen was declared the clear winner.
        What does seem clear is that Austria seems to have turned into Colombia…..


      • Wolfie
        the great home for Germany is the football gangs like Koln, Dresden etc.
        Germany just needs a Trump to break the political correctness stranglehold and unleash the shackles.


      • Köln – like much of the Rhineland – is labor union leftie-lib central with probably around 25% or more non-German population and softie-cucked beyond belief.
        Many European soccer clubs have a minimum of 2 or 3 non-European players on the roster and are more like international all-star squads with little if any connection to the city or neighborhood they are supposed to represent.
        For many years now, Sweden’s no. 1 star player has been a guy named Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
        Check out his wife.
        Yes, it’s that bad.


  37. Rot is so deep according to our lecture notes


  38. Like

    • You (and Alex) now seem to be making my erstwhile points for me, Danger.

      Did I or did I not say, the week before the election and a few or times since, that the Left seems to be using this whole pizza-gate thing as distortion and distraction agitprop, to make the Right look like gullible fools, to discredit our LEOs upper echelons as incompetent and/or bought-and-paid-for, and to take the heat off other Clinton crimes and treason, e.g., pay-for-play, influence peddling, et. al.?

      The fact that the initial story of both the FBI and NYPD rank-and-file being allegedly in such an uproar and were about drop “bombshells” came to naught was the Big Tell.

      Luckily, our man won without the bombshells… once Trump is in office, we’ll see how much of all of this was merely CT. I’m betting a goodly portion.


      • on December 5, 2016 at 9:54 am Carlos Danger

        Actually, I don’t agree with Alex and stand by my original assertions. I suspect Jones is saving his potatoes here. So no mea culpa. These guys play hard ball and have lots of power. They are threatening his family most likely. You claim they are all made up stories or grossly exaggerated. I think they are understated.


      • on December 5, 2016 at 10:01 am Captain Obvious

        The ch!ld [and adult “snuff”] p0rnography in Tony Podesta’s home does not seem to be CT. The original logo for Comet Ping Pong Pizza, which was clearly identical to the FBI memo of 2008, and which was changed on their website as soon as the scandal broke – does not seem to have been CT. The pizza dongle on the Joe Biden & Barry0 birthday bracelets does not seem to be CT. The myriad videos of Joe Biden publicly & openly feeling up womynz and little g!rls do not seem to be CT. The bizarre relationship between Barry0 & Reggie L0ve does not seem to have been CT. Jeffrey Epstein’s shiksa $ex slave island was definitely not CT. The TeddyK/CDodd waitress-sandwich [email protected] does not seem to have been CT. Neither Mary Pinchot Meyer nor Mary Jo Kopechne seem to have been CTs.


      • on December 5, 2016 at 10:06 am Captain Obvious

        Who murd3red Jeremiah Wright’s Choir Director, Donald Young? Who murd3red the U.S. State Department Security Officer, Lt Quarles Harris Jr? Who murd3red Seth Rich? Have any “law enforcement” agencies made ANY PROGESS WHATSOEVER in solving those murd3rs? Is Julian Assange still alive? If so, why haven’t we heard from Assange in weeks?


      • Well, silly me… I thought that when you posted videos, you were expressing support by giving legs to said message.

        But let’s get serious now… you keep maintaining that the reason nothing is done against these pedos is that they’re threatening the person, family and friends of whoever tries to out them.

        So why, then is Alex Jones, for one, still breathing? As well as the other makers of the various YouTube videos and their participants?

        And you DO owe all of the chateau a very large mea culpa for all of those “be patient, I’ve worked in this area of investigations and know whereof I speak” assurances of imminent bombshells days before the election, replete with more of these verkakkte videos of yours, promising that the NYPD and FBI rank-and-file were in an uproar and were going to blow the lid off of this stuff and make arrests.

        Not to mention accusing me of being a shill for the Synathedral because I was Doubting Thomas… who turned out to be right this time.

        Just learn to admit when you’re wrong. (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • on December 5, 2016 at 10:12 am Captain Obvious

        The pizza dongle is at phreaking SLATE MAGAZINE for Chr!st’s sake. Is that a CT?


      • on December 5, 2016 at 10:13 am Captain Obvious

        Here’s the [email protected] tweet, from the “VP” account at twatter:


      • So why, then is Alex Jones, for one, still breathing? As well as the other makers of the various YouTube videos and their participants?

        Maybe because Alex Jones et al. are not in possession of primary-source evidence.


      • on December 5, 2016 at 10:18 am Captain Obvious

        Gee, I dunno, maybe Alex Jones is the ALLOWED OPPOSITION?!? Donald Young is DEAD. Lt Quarles Harris Jr is DEAD. Seth Rich is DEAD. Jeffrey Epstein is now a convicted $ex felon. Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and Alan Dershowitz are all known to have been flown by Epstein down to Shiksa $ex Slave Island. These are FACTS.


      • “Just learn to admit when you’re wrong. (((shakin’ mah haid)))”

        just learn to stop being a broken record, wet rag, stick-in-the-mud, nagger. it’s not very masculine. not at all.

        these guys are contributing something potentially useful. your self-serving assessments? not so much.


      • It figures an asshole like you would call squid ink “useful”.

        And if memory serves, you lost a challenge as to who the chateau wanted hanging around.

        Not surprised you reneged on that character issue as well.

        Fuck off until you’re called upon, boy. When I want to hear from an asshole, I’ll fart.


      • Gee, I dunno, maybe Alex Jones is the ALLOWED OPPOSITION?!? Donald Young is DEAD. Lt Quarles Harris Jr is DEAD. Seth Rich is DEAD. Jeffrey Epstein is now a convicted $ex felon. Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and Alan Dershowitz are all known to have been flown by Epstein down to Shiksa $ex Slave Island. These are FACTS.

        Facts perhaps, and statements I’ve never disputed or even thought about… and which have nothing to do with the task at hand.

        What the fuck is wrong with you that you can’t address one issue at a time?

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      • on December 5, 2016 at 10:34 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        “it’s not very masculine. not at all.”

        “you lost a challenge as to who the chateau wanted hanging around.”



      • Well, it looks like DKike is now playing the Laughing Third Party, go figger.

        And if anyone thinks that faggy little joke bracelet that Biden made for Obama is a secret pizza-gate message, well… I can’t help you.

        Imagine that… jibing a buddy from Chicago by including a deep-dish pizza bead… that prima facie evidence, right there, if there ever was such a thing… throw ’em both in the hoosegow, post haste.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • on December 5, 2016 at 11:11 am Captain Obvious


      • on December 5, 2016 at 11:13 am Captain Obvious

        It is a FACT that Creepy Uncle Joe Biden feels up every womyn he cums in contact with, even the little 13yo g!rlz:

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      • on December 5, 2016 at 11:18 am Captain Obvious

        These people are flaunting it right in front of your eyes. Why were there no leads in the Mary Pinchot Meyer case? Why were there no leads in the Donald Young case? Why were there no leads in the Lt Quarles Harris case? Why are there no leads in the Seth Young case? BECAUSE THEY WERE MURD3RED BY PROFESSIONALS.


      • streetsweeper — it’s hard to keep track of all the disrupters/shills around here, but it seems all you’ve done lately is pick fights Greg. Where are your own contributions?

        I’m agnostic on the PizzaGate thing until more concrete evidence is in, but I don’t mind Carlos Danger pushing it or Greg skeptically pushing back against it — that’s not a bad discussion to have.


      • Thanks for having my back, Corvo… I owe you and mendo a shot and a beer.

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      • Why were there no leads in the Mary Pinchot Meyer case? Why were there no leads in the Donald Young case? Why were there no leads in the Lt Quarles Harris case? Why are there no leads in the Seth Young case? BECAUSE THEY WERE MURD3RED BY PROFESSIONALS.

        That, or perhaps they weren’t murdered… or if they were (I don’t know any of those cases), sometimes random, unrelated killings leave no clues.

        CSI is infallible on TV, but in the real world, cops seldom solve ANY crimes until somebody talks.


      • “streetsweeper — it’s hard to keep track of all the disrupters/shills around here, but it seems all you’ve done lately is pick fights Greg. Where are your own contributions?”

        sweeping away otherwise intelligent guys’ blind spots is an important contribution.

        GE, as a self-elected spokesperson of the chateau, ironically hasn’t learned even basic game skills. so, as far as streetsweeper’s concerned, his butthurt feelings are ripe for the triggering.


      • Well, now that some guy was arrested with an “assault rifle” at the pizza joint, it’s clear this is a psyop being used to double-whammy our freedoms with gun control and freedom of speech, to protect the “citizens” of course.


      • streetsweeper: “sweeping away otherwise intelligent guys’ blind spots is an important contribution.”

        Maybe this PizzaGate scandal is as-advertised.

        But maybe it’s some other nefarious activity and folks are wasting time and burning credibility barking up the wrong tree. Voiced skepticism can be beneficial.

        And of course, there’s the possibility that it’s really is nothing at all, at least nothing illegal.

        There are potential “blind spots” on all sides of the question. You don’t know the answer and none of us do.

        And what the hell does “game” have to do with disagreements about an alleged Cheese Pizza Traficking Ring ffs?

        Nobody is “butthurt” over your snarking, but why you would find that titilating anyway is odd, unless you really are a skype just sticking around to pick fights and derail conversations. Grow the fuck up.

        If I had to bet, I would bet that this “pizza” code language is a reference to drugs or financial crimes, not Cheese Pizza type stuff. I’m keeping an open mind, however.


      • Dweebstreeter, in typical flouncing fashion of shillery, declares victory after getting his ass handed to him by not only myself, but the rare case of others stepping into the fray to knock his nose into the dirt.

        Cocksucker, you yourself suggested a vote, and it blew up in your face… stop welching on the bet and hit the bricks… no one wants or needs your odious presence ’round chere, pismire.


      • For Dean Wormer


      • Calling me Dean Wormer is an apt analogy to your Delta House level repetition of nonsense.

        You’re like D-Day and Blutarsky rifling through the dumpster, only to come up with the wrong answers to the big test… the entire fraternity thereafter smugly writing down all the answers they believe to be correct… until later, the guys from the Jewish House have to break the news to you that none of said answers were correct.


    • The TeddyK/CDodd waitress-sandwich [email protected] does not seem to have been CT. Neither Mary Pinchot Meyer nor Mary Jo Kopechne seem to have been CTs.

      I have no idea what you’re talking about. Kopechne was never the subject of CT, she died when the Cousteau of Chappaquiddick drunkenly drove his car into a swamp. Even though Kennedy never faced jail time, it pretty much ended any hopes for future pres bids, so there’s that.

      As far as all that other squid ink CT you’re spraying now about alleged murders, well… again, I’m not familiar enough with any of those cases to even start side debates on whether or not there’s any substance to ’em…

      … but I am recognizing a pattern that you seem to never have run across a CT tale you didn’t like.


      • Replies keep getting et, last time:

        Look, as I’ve mentioned several times already, if there is anything to all of this pizza-gate stuff, we’re counting on Trump and his DoJ to take the matter in hand. If even HE can’t do anything about it, well… God help us all.

        But it nevertheless does not take away from the fact… and I’ll repeat it loudly here for the last time… THAT YOU FOR ALL INTENTS AND PURPOSES ASSURED US (“be patient, I’m experienced in these matters”) THAT THE BOMBSHELLS WERE GOING TO FALL DAYS BEFORE THE ELECTION… and posted videos about the FBI and NYPD rank-and-file being in an uproar and ready to take action.

        :You were wrong about that, indisputably… and the burden remains on you until the FBI, the NYPD, the DoJ under Trump or The Incredible Hulk comes off of the silver screen and MAKES ARRESTS!

        Got it?


      • on December 5, 2016 at 11:10 am Captain Obvious

        I haven’t spread any “squid ink CT”. I have dealt entirely in FACTS. It is a FACT that Creepy Uncle Joe Biden tweeted a bizarre photo of a bracelet with slice of pizza dongle on it:


      • Don’t be coy… yes, it’s a fact that he tweeted it, but your assumption and intimation was that it had to do with pizza-gate and was some sort of sly wink amongst the miscreants.

        That remains to be seen… until then, it’s easily explained by the fact that O is from Chicago, famous for eponymously named deep-dish pizza….

        … and that these two (ahem) men are no better than teeny-boppers with their jests.


      • on December 5, 2016 at 1:52 pm Carlos Danger

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      • on December 5, 2016 at 9:15 pm Captain Obvious

        A 74yo Vice President and a 55yo President exchanging charm bracelets?!?!? That in and of itself is insanity. But then one of the the charm bracelets just happens to have a slice of friggin pizza on it?!?!?


      • Dude!

        Are you dim-witted or just being purposely disingenuous?

        My previous post stated those two were like teeny-boppers with their bracelet jest.

        And the fact that Obama’s from Chicago, which is famous for its deep-dish pizza, explains why Biden would put such a thing on there… for more rationally than your trying to make it like it’s a secret code between them… which you then disingenuously tried to claim you were merely stating “facts” by bringing up the bracelet.

        Hasn’t your credibility suffered enough? We’re still waiting to hear your apology for assuring us the FBI and NYPD were going to lower the boom shortly before the election.

        Either man up and own your mistakes or just change your name, like Strapon did… that yenta never did face the music for her muh polls and other Trump-is-finished Nostradumbassery…

        … and now you’re behaving the same way.


      • on December 5, 2016 at 10:39 pm Canadian Friend

        What is Strapon’s new name?


      • “What is Strapon’s new name?”

        Difficult to be sure, as so many vermin have infested Le Chateau of late, but the odds seem to be that “Rick” is the new Jewess Within.


      • on December 6, 2016 at 8:57 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        Neither Rick or Opinionator are TSW.

        Stop being paranoid.


      • on December 6, 2016 at 8:59 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))



      • Rick’s been outed… he/she uses the same debating style, if you can call it that, which consists of making pseudo-intellectual statements that sound good to shitlibs, but wither under the glare of RealTalk… at which point naught but crickets get heard…

        … or…

        … he/she lips some HuffPo snark or Leftist meme in the EXACT wording of the usual suspect organs… e.g., “narcissist”, “Baron is autistic”, etc.

        The cohencidences are too striking.

        OpiningMater is cut from the same cloth, but without the secondary Tell mentioned, so perhaps he/she is merely the usual suspect shill or useful stooge cut from the same whole cloth.

        DKike sowing his usual ghey-yid seeds of doubt is just the same ol’, lame ol’ playbook. The hebe is a self-admitted troll who, like most gheys, takes pleasure only in disruption and inanity, should have been thrown out of the chateau long ago. But, in a way like Strapon, he just lurvs the abuse and can’t help but continue to hit the go button on the spanking machine.


      • on December 6, 2016 at 11:10 am Canadian Friend

        Neither Rick or Opinionator are TSW.

        How do you know?

        Unless you are the Spirit Within…

        well maybe you are


      • Note how (((Rick))) suddenly appeared to snark the Trump victory and then disappeared as quickly when too many people started noticing the Yenta Strapon stylistics.


    • Infowars and Breitbart are doing everything they can to turn the current wave of dislike of Political Correctness and globalism into something “anti-racist.” They want to make it about civic nationalism, not racial nationalism. Anyone who sets foot on our magic dirt is an American.

      “All races have to work together to fight racism and turn Europe and America non-white!”

      So on the main plank of Political Correctness, white genocide, Infowars, Breitbart, George Soros and the globalists are in complete agreement.


      • on December 6, 2016 at 2:41 am Vagina dominator

        Yes, eyeslevel, you’re right.

        All of those who are supposed to be our “friends” on other issues always – every single time – turn out to be our enemies on the issue of race awareness.

        Commenters speak favorably for example about Putin and RT, but they mustn’t in fact watch RT because its content, angles and staffing policies relentlessly push the globalist doctrine of no-borders, anti-racism, and dindu-nuffin.

        We don’t have any friends. No mass media organization or existing political group is going to speak the frank truth because that would contravene the number #1 bedrock Trotskyite policy: Jewish actions must be disguised and there must be no public discussion or examination of them.

        And this is the prime function of the “racism” charge, to ensure our silence as to Jewish behavior and designs.

        On this issue, every mass media organization and political group is thoroughly penetrated and controlled.

        This is why I have just one loyalty test, do they name the Jew?

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    • on December 5, 2016 at 1:43 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

      A little push and Greg goes into defensive crouch.


  39. Just making an observation about the Trump election, having re-watched some primary debates.
    The primary debates were almost completely about substance. A lot of economic issues, security and national borders.
    The others were WRONG and cucks….but even the incorrect cucks had more substance and intellectual rigor (no spinal rigor, though)
    After that: Trump was not given any opportunity to debate; only able to defend himself, denounce the KKK, and try to compare his stated positions to Hillary’s.

    “He has absolutely no positions”

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    • The way the Left and their useful stooges kept saying Trump had “no positions”, when his positions were stated very clearly at his rallies (which the MSM barely covered) and on his website for months before the election used to drive me nuts.


  40. on December 5, 2016 at 9:06 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    “From completely non-Lockean anthropology, which is implicit in most of what Moldbug wrote and explicit at a number of points, we can dismiss all of zeroth’s position in the above passage as being completely severed from observable reality. There is simply no successful rebellion which is not led by a segment of the power structure in place, and in fact, almost all rebellion is developed by actors within the power structure of any given place. Exceptions prove the rule . Man thus ceases to be capable of spontaneous peer to peer organisation (a continuation of that great fraud of the social contract in which individuals all merge together peer to peer), but is dependent on structure and organisation. Black Lives Matter for instance has clearly been funded and organised into existence by foundations and the Democratic political apparatus, as was the Civil Rights Era, while the Protestant Revolution appears to have clearly been sponsored and encouraged by various secular monarchs of Germany and North West Europe. It appears the current migrant crisis follows this same pattern, with either NGO encouragement and information distribution and now the uncovering of NGO ferrying. Spontaneity which rests on Lockean foundations is fundamentally laid bare for the fraud it is when one removes those foundations.”


  41. on December 5, 2016 at 9:26 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))



    The guy with the AR 15 at Comet Ping Pong is a failed actor. False flag perhaps?


  43. on December 5, 2016 at 2:29 pm Enfant Terrible

    The parasites want to turn America into another South Africa.

    South Africa was a country developed and made great by white people, and now it’s what? A gigantic shithole riddled with crime, poverty, and corruption.

    Parts of the US already resemble South Africa, and unless Donald Trump puts a stop to it, it will not take much longer to have the US turned into a total shithole.

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    • The only thing left worth doing is keeping out more “refugees” – especially out of still predominantly white areas.

      But even this is too little too late: those already here will be endlessly facilitated in relocating whatever – mainly owing to religious organizations, charities, and universities.

      And even if you find an enclave, your neighbor’s going to have some exotic breed of dog that they keep cooped up all day and give zero discipline; and the nice chubby white girl you’re having coffee with will have a half-Mexican toddler at home with “gramma”.

      It really appears there’s no place left but how much money you can put up to keep everyone out. I feel like just driving me truck into the desert and breaking down somewhere. It’s all so exhausting. No dogs, no one’s bratty keeds, no spics, no attention whores, no booze or drugs …


      • on December 5, 2016 at 3:04 pm Enfant Terrible

        I think there is still hope for the US. Donald Trump is a positive guy, and he is surrounding himself with a lot of good people, so they have a good chance of reversing the rot.

        You know, a few centuries ago, about half of the population of Europe died in the black plague, whole family lines extinct. Still, they managed to come back from that stronger than before, and the population numbers expanded far higher than they were in pre-plague time.

        So don’t underestimate the ability for populations to bounce back from the brink of destruction.

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      • That’s a totally different demographic scenario – extinction bottleneck vs literal flooding with invaders. One is negative and one additive, meaning the invaders won’t be carted off on the tunbrils to make way for the immune. It’s just a total mishmash that can’t be undone without massive efforts of which modern white people are simply not capable. This humanitarianism shit is in the blood.

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      • @uh: Don’t be such a Negative Nelly, or Sullen Sally, or Hopeless Helen. For God’s sake man, grab your nuts, realize you have them, and forge on! That is what our ancestors did, often against greater odds, while fighting off some plague or one sort or another.


      • It’s not in the blood, it’s largely a product of the 20th century.
        Whites are pretty much the only people in the world capable of feeling compassion for someone of another race, you couple that with the poison of Cuckstianity, infuse the mixture with a massive wallop of guilt tripping and you have today’s northern Europe.
        Or Minnesomalia.


      • For the thousandth time: our ancestors never faced these conditions. No one’s ancestors did.

        So grab your balls all you want — it’s really working out for dindus.

        “It’s not in the blood, it’s largely a product of the 20th century.”

        That’s your opinion, and it’s a lot shakier than genetic predisposition. But you know that, because:

        “Whites are pretty much the only people in the world capable of feeling compassion for someone of another race,”

        Which is also nonsense, as a generalization. I thought you were more worldly than this, too.

        Well look, I was just riffing. As always, tell yourselves whatever tales you need to. Ain’t lookin’ good from all the ground I’ve covered in this country.


      • on December 6, 2016 at 9:06 am Captain Obvious

        “@uh: Don’t be such a Negative Nelly, or Sullen Sally, or Hopeless Helen.” ——— “uh” is a professional operative [or group of operatives] paid by the JIDF/Mossad to spread the psychological warfare of DEMORALIZATION.


      • on December 6, 2016 at 9:12 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        ^Do you people really believe this nonsense?


      • Do you really believe the Nazis killed six-million Jews?


    • South Africa is a great study of white civilization vs. black.

      And dont forget it was a jew that pushed for the end of aprtheid.


  44. Coming soon to a desert shithole of a country near and dear to our hearts:

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    • Whites have their own mudshark deviants to deal with, but we have the luxury of numbers.

      There are so few skypes in the world that they can be bred out of existence in a generation or two rather easily. I think that would be an even more fitting end than lampshades.

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      • on December 5, 2016 at 3:32 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        “The relationship between a Jewish stylist and her fiancé, who is a black comedian from the South, is chronicled.”



      • Would that make their children Jiggers? All kidding aside, the USA got a great “heads up” warning about the kikes when they started coming into Ellis Island, showing their utter contempt for Christianity which, beyond a doubt, represented 90% of Americans at the time:

        “The word kike was born on Ellis Island when there were Jewish migrants who were also illiterate (or could not use Latin alphabet letters). When asked to sign the entry-forms with the customary “X”, the Jewish immigrants would refuse, because they associated an X with the cross of Christianity. Instead, they drew a circle as the signature on the entry-forms. The Yiddish word for “circle” is kikel (pronounced KY-kul), and for “little circle”, kikeleh (pronounced KY-kul-uh). Before long the immigration inspectors were calling anyone who signed with an “O” in place of an “X” a kikel or kikeleh or kikee or, finally and succinctly, kike.” Leo Rosten: The Joys of Yiddish, cited in Kim Pearson’s Rhetoric of Race by Eric Wolarsky. The College of New Jersey.

        So, why in God’s names (God, not their devil) was an illiterate Christian-hating tribe let into the USA? It’s not like Europe ran out of millions of poor Whites who could have taken their place and assimilated. Insanity.

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      • “So, why in God’s names (God, not their devil) was an illiterate Christian-hating tribe let into the USA? ”

        Great question. Any history buffs have inisghts?

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  45. on December 5, 2016 at 4:05 pm Canadian Friend

    I have no time to read the 358 comments above,

    has anyone heard of pizzagate?

    the pedophile art in the restaurant Comet Pizza?

    the fact many democrats hang out there?

    The fact the pizzeria owner was at the white house 5 times?

    the fact Hillary wrote him a personal thank you letter?

    the fact Podesta is close friends with him and that too many emails have the words pizza and hotdogs in bizarre sentences?

    Something is not right with that pizzeria and its owner.


    • same problem as Yewtree, Sanduski, and Cosby. So much fucking, so few ruptured rectums, anal tears, rectal gonorrhea, syphilis, and for PIV so few pregnancies from all this boffing.


    • It may be true. It might be internet conspiracy bullshit. The democRATS are not smart to run a real pedophile sex slave industry.

      That’s something Russian gangsters, Arabs sheikhs and African warlords specialize in. Not the Clintons.


  46. Some “republican” douchebag impostor is refusing to vote for GL in the electoral college. He explained why in a laughable op-ed in the Jew York Times.

    Oh well. Thanks to it being an electoral landslide we’ll only have a problem if 36 more follow.


    • If White men have any right to survive, let alone thrive, then this turncoat will be writing another op-ed… Why I won’t Be chewing solid food for several weeks.



    “At least 2,000 educators around the country reported racist slurs and other derogatory language leveled against white students in the first days after Donald Trump was elected president. But the [SPLC] didn’t publish the results in its report on Trump-related “hate crimes.””


    • In any school where the nonWhite population is 20%, White kids are being bullied… it’s been that way ever since the days of integration.

      And once a school goes 40% or greater, it becomes pretty much intolerable for White children except in the rarest of instances, and they become total whiggers..


      • on December 6, 2016 at 3:10 am Vagina dominator

        You know Greg, one of my current projects is to watch those youtube street fight videos, which I cut and categorize and study in slow motion, standing grappling, advancing and retreating, multiple on 1, brawls, distances, guards, etc. I have 50 or 60 categories and many many clips. In one category, (“arm trajectories”) I have about 350 clips.

        So, my point? I have studied lots of these videos and while we see plenty of bullying, allow me to assure you, there are many very tough white kids out there giving it back harder than they are getting it.

        Not blowing smoke. Statistical fact.

        Funny though, it took me a while to see it. Initially I just “saw” blacks beating whites bcs I have been trauma-conditioned that way by the media, but exposure and my “scientific” method of collecting this data has made me look at these things very coldly now and has really made see what is truly happening.

        We look at these videos and focus on the cold-blooded sucker punch KOs and the group attacks. and especially on black youths who are full grown “men” attacking (hesitantly, usually) some plucky white kid half his size.

        But let me tell you, when a single white boy swings on a black boy, and no one jumps in, put your money on the white boy. And lots and lots of white boys are swinging and not missing.

        This black shit, no one here who can present a hard appearance should worry about it. They are not brave and hardy knights errant, that’s for sure.

        And it seems to me we don’t have to fret to much. I can see there are plenty of shitlords still coming through on the assembly line.

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      • VagDom, thy words art a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path.

        And your video of the sweet science, street version, is the type of thing we’ll all look back on, come victory, and say “Here was one of ours, who held our youth back from the abyss.”

        You are hereby dubbed The King Of Swing. 😉


      • VagDom – I’d like to see that data collection if you ever get a chance to post the files up somewhere. Thanks for making the vids you’ve already shared.


      • @vagdom

        great work, was inspired to read about it.

        One thought: most blacks are low IQ. A good fighter is a smart fighter. Whites are smarter.

        Thats why whites are QBs and ni66ers are line men. lolz…


  48. on December 5, 2016 at 6:27 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))


    I’ve often speculated TRS is full of feds/plants.


    • “Extermination of the brown hordes in their homelands could give vast new territories to us. They are ours for the taking. Perhaps some readers wish they could have taken part in the US Homestead acts. Those days do not have to be gone forever. We could gain vast territories and give them away to settlers much like in the old days. We could even form new white countries, and settle much more territory than the entire continental US put together. In Africa, India, and Latin America 100 or even 1,000 acre tracts could be given away to young homesteaders. Or perhaps our governments could just auction parcels of land or mineral rights instead of collecting taxes. It is up to us white men to agree on the justness of our cause, how the spoils will be divided among us, and to go out and conquer and settle like only white men can.”

      now we’re talking!


    • that article has since been taken down. wonder why….


  49. For a while CH did a few pieces on alphas and I learned about Eroll Flynn and Rubirosa on here.
    I read books about them which was good. I also like reading about Nicholson and Beatty etc.
    I’d love more articles about out legends like this.
    I raise you James Hunt.



    ‘I have the means to fix our car. I, on my own, can support my family. I not only have the strength to keep it together mentally and emotionally but I also have the strength to carry my daughter home. I have the strength to carry all of us.’

    LOL, thanks to endless tangible and intangible gibsmedats, I can pretend alpha widowhood and wall impact were my own ideas



      They have a Cinnabon breakfast cereal? I see things like that and think ‘no wonder we’re all fat fucks now’. When I was a kid I had to eat All-Bran.

      At the risk of sounding like some liberal faggot, everything I eat is from the organic section and I read the ingredient lists first. I look at the shit they put in so-called “normal” food and shudder.


      • They have a Cinnabon breakfast cereal? I see things like that and think ‘no wonder we’re all fat fucks now’. When I was a kid I had to eat All-Bran.

        You were lucky… we used to DREAM of All-Bran. The only breakfast cereal we had was sawdust shavings from the local saw mill, where we had to work 18 hours each day for tuppence.

        And we were THANKFUL for it.

        But you tell kids that these days, they don’t believe ya!


      • You achieved real humour, here.


      • You don’t sound like an libfag. Growing up, we had a large garden and didn’t eat junk in a cardboard box. Shite, we still have our own chickens too. And when the Olde Guido and Crazy Croat wanted game, you were handed the shotty or the rifle.


      • I saw/overheard a humorous exchange this morning at a local shop:

        (background: PA is an open-carry state, although one may still run into hassles with police if they decide to bust chops about it because some nervous nellie reports a “man with a gun”).

        Snarky (apparent) shitlib: “I see you’re carrying a pistol… what, are you expecting trouble?”

        OCer, looking askance: “If I was expecting trouble, I’d be carrying a rifle.”

        On a side note, I used to carry concealed, but seldom do anymore… I didn’t like the whole “avoid confrontations unless absolutely necessary” persona it makes one adopt.


    • “I’ve lost the desire to attempt the courtship phase. The future is uncertain. I am not the optimistic person I was on the morning of Nov. 8, wearing a T-shirt with “Nasty Woman” written inside a red heart. It makes me want to cry thinking of that. Of seeing my oldest in the shirt I bought her in Washington, D.C., that says “Future President.”

      There is no room for dating in this place of grief. Dating means hope. I’ve lost that hope in seeing the words “President-elect Trump.””

      “dating means hope…[hope that a good man wants a divorced, self-centered, single mom like me].”

      interesting that so many liberated-from-their-morality women are having anxiety about Trump. they’re not putting their finger on it, but they seem to know that their SMV portfolio suffered a catastrophic loss on November 8th, the Black Tuesday of the feminist sexual stock market.

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    • I think this might be the gayest thing I have ever read or heard


    • I have a question.

      Every single pic I see of these endless hordes of refugees is invariably 99%+ men. If “Iraq and Syria” (aka Africa) are so fucked, why aren’t women and kids fleeing these places too? Are they kept behind as slaves for ISIS? And if so, shouldn’t there be a gigantic outpouring of shitlib tears over this horrific misogyny?


      • What I’m guessing is: the word is out that there’s unlimited free blond snatch on offer up north, and this is vastly more motivating than men than anything (even gibsmedats) is to women.


      • Thats a no no observation. Just like any other RealTalk. Just like observing Jews are the main force behind pornography. Or that blacks rape and kill the most (proportionally). Or that half all blacks have STDs. Or that mexican illegal immigtation is serious problem. Or that the rapes in Sweden are 100% caused by refugees.

        I hope Trump is assembling the ranks, quietly, and is readying his team for battle. Make no mistake hes going have to crack some skulls to reverse the tide of the poz.

        I want to believe hes the start of the Great White European American push to save Western Culture, but sometimes I think hes just giving us the time we need to stock up before the war.


      • There is polygamy in the muslim world. In many places, a man can have up to 4 wives. This causes lots of young muslims to have no women and to engage in conflicts (where they enslave foreign women), or to migrate to places where women are more easily available.

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      • Muslim and African “Big Man” tribal societies are massively polygynous by design. Which leaves the fat end of the Pareto Number males surplus to requirements, beyond becoming peon labor and forced, rank-and-file spearchuckers when the local Big Swinging Dick and his cousins feel like robbing the neighbors.
        What farmer is going to run even two bulls with his herd, never mind forty?
        Round ’em up and ship ’em out. Let Whitey feed them lol.

        The “Conquistador” gambit for neo-colonialism, as mentioned up thread, is rapidly becoming the rational option for White Nations being drowned in this flood of human offal.
        I mean, think about it. Ask yourself “What would the Chinese/Russians/Hindus do, if threatened with “annihilation by subnormal pauper”?”

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      • Ha ha.
        :nin: by Passer By.
        Executive UpSum? To stop this shit, impose “One Wog, One Wife (and no Fucking Foreign Aid)” policies on the barbarians. And make damn sure they stay put in their gritty shitholes.
        Or it will end up at the tops of tall brick chimneys, rising out of the dismal pine forests of Northern Europe, as usual. It’s what we do.


      • Islam + liberalism = Islam

        ‘A senior representative of the Muslim Council of Britain has said that white British people have a responsibility to integrate more to prevent communities becoming ghettoised.

        His comments come in response to an official report warning that many of Britain’s towns and cities have been transformed “out of all recognition” by mass immigration.

        But Miqdaad Versi, assistant secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain, has struck back, writing for The Guardian that Casey is wrong to blame Muslim communities. Instead, he said white flight and economic inequality were greater problems – and that white people ought to do more to tackle them.’

        I love how white flight is now yet another club with which to beat whitey. How dare you take your tax dollars and social capital elsewhere, those are OUR gibsmedats muhfugguh.

        Of course if whitey comes back, then we’ll hear about how gentrification is equivalent to ethnic cleansing.


      • ‘There is polygamy in the muslim world. In many places, a man can have up to 4 wives. This causes lots of young muslims to have no women’

        Sounds just like the West, except betas are not yet angry enough to go on rampages (save for the occasional supreme gentleman).


    • h/t Habakkuk Mucklewrath

      ‘Trump’s election stole my desire to look for a partner

      Meet Stephanie Land, a single-mom striver poor whose disgust for Drumpf is so acute, it has inspired her to foreswear her hitherto desperate search for a male partner. This is being presented by f****t dr. evil’s blog as a legit editorial on the president-elect instead of millennial grrrrllll 888.

      For the story, WaPo went with a Shutterstock image of a normal thin woman delivering a “KILL YOURSELF” palm wave to a Chad, but a bit of HuffPo googling reveals that Ms. Land is a bit less prim irl.’

      I take it back. No alpha widowhood or wall impact occurred.


  51. Donald Trump will Complete the System of German Idealism
    Absolutely Hilarious


  52. Can’t say I’m surprised by these faggot California politicians.

    Trying to pass legislation to not enforce federal law? Pandering to the millions of illegal mexicans already here for votes?

    So fucking sick of these fucking losers.


  53. –(background: PA is an open-carry state, although one may still run into hassles with police if they decide to bust chops about it because some nervous nellie reports a “man with a gun”).–

    Went to school and lived in Filthy some years ago. Getting your CCW was made extremely difficult by the placement of the office. Oddly, no dark folk ever went to bother with that sort of thing and they shot each other on a regular basis…