Sweeps Week: Trump Takes Chateau Heartiste Advice!

A couple of years ago, there was a post on CH explicitly calling for a closed border policy for the United States. Did Trump read it? Because just today he cranked up his inner shitlord and dropped a post-San Berdoo sanity bomb on the Shitlib Collective: A ban on all Muslim immigration into the US (until further notice, like when the cousin marriage rate in the Middle East drops below 1%).

you’re so vain
you probably think the trumpening reads you
you’re so vain
i’ll bet you think the trump has you bookmarked
don’t you don’t you…..

I’m glad that Trump and his team are taking pointers from this ‘umble retreat nestled deep in the Ardenne forests. Our knowledge and talents are available to aid your journey to the White House, Donald.

How much has the dissident-right helped Trump shift the Overton Window all the way to “induce lactating of shitlib manboobs”?

This is incredible.  After 9/11 (3000 people dead), visas are issued to the dead terrorists.

After San Bernardino (14 people dead), Trump calls for a Muslim immigration shut down.

A few fearless voices will ring out like a… trumpening… from the din of lies. Trump understands the importance of Game to world-changing politics as well as to women. Game 101: Trump is proving the way to defeat the leftoid hivemind is to go on the offense, give no quarter, and make no apology.

Also, a reader adds that Trump just made a statement that sounds like the idea was ripped straight from a recent Chateau Heartiste post.

Trump giving a speech just said re: Bernardino: “His wife radicalized him, maybe he couldn’t get women? Who knows?” Is Trump reading Heartiste? Saw this on CNN just now. Trump also said, If people in Paris/Bernardino had guns, things would have been different.

Ok, the truth is, I can neither confirm nor deny if the future 45th President of the United States Donald M to the Fer Trump is a CH reader. Our guest list is a secret guarded on threat of punishment to sit strapped in a chair listening to Jeb Bush and John Kasich natter about the true meaning of conservatism (guacamole recipes and endless streams of cheap ingrate labor).

Related: A useful rundown of what happens to a society as its Muslim population grows. Diversity™ always creates headaches and rips apart social cohesion, but Muslim Diversity™ is a special breed of vibrancy; acting like an accelerant on the process of societal disintegration in a linear relationship with the population share of Muslims.

Related, big picture-wise: “Western Civilization is in the Hands of Women… Heaven Help Us

Maybe it has been in the hands of women for too long… but not anymore. There’s a testicular spectre emerging from the century-old swamp of equalist orthodoxy, and the women are doing what they always do when ZERO FUCKS GIVEN men take the lead: they fall in line (and swoon while doing it).


  1. The 44th President of the United States of America: Donald J. Trump.


    • on December 8, 2015 at 9:13 am Captain Obvious

      > “Trump is proving the way to defeat the leftoid hivemind is to go on the offense, give no quarter, and make no apology…” ——— Which was precisely George S Patton’s philosophy. Then an Eskimo named Henry Morgenthau ordered Patton to remove a million White Christian Germans from their homes, and replace them with Semitic Eskimos, and so Patton awoke to the true nature of the Eskimo, at which point the Eskimos assassinated him.


    • on December 8, 2015 at 11:32 am Captain Obvious


    • Although he’s altogether a different man, this excitement and the reasons for it are very similar to Reagan in 1979.


  2. on December 7, 2015 at 10:45 pm The Spirit Within

    Trump’s latest third-grade public comments:

    “We have kids who are watching the internet and they want to be masterminds,” Trump said, referencing ISIS’s recruiting tactics. “We have to go see Bill Gates and a lot of different people.”

    Trump then suggested “closing the internet in some way.” He did not specify how.

    “We’ve got to maybe do something with the internet,” he concluded.


    Vote for Trump. Trump’s got what plants want.

    [CH: “widows and orphans”. case closed.]


    • here he comes again


    • Fuck you whore


    • It’s *amazing* how the faggot within can take the time away from his 5-“woman” harem (hehe: preop or post op?)–and the long, meandering, totally-realistic conversations with them that sound ripped from the pages of 50 Shades of Gray meets Twilight —to grace us with his totally-insightful-and-not-self-serving-wishful-thinking-by-him political insights.

      *Amazing*, I say.

      Faggot within is full of it rape!


    • The internet is an amplifier of the human condition…

      … unfortunately, that entails more sink-to-lowest-common-denominator than enlightenment.

      I would bet it’s a done-deal that, sometime in the future, one side or the other is going to do some mega-level censoring and control of Cyberia.

      Better that side is us.

      Too bad, Strapon, if that means you and your ilk won’t be able to talk shit about Whitey while you beat your collective meats to blacks-on-blondes and queer-yids-revenge-cornhole-Hitler-Youth.


      • I’d love to know Strapon’s real identity. Male/female, gay/straight, Eskimo/goy….


      • oh no he’s a straight 6’2 nordic white male who has a harem, lives in a mansion, drives a ferrari and hangs out with celebrities at the finest cocktail spots… by his own admission! Seriously.

        [CH: there’s a way to make up plausible sounding bios, and then there’s the strapon within way. you be the judge if his way is better.]


      • @irishsavant
        Eskimo, guaranteed. That was obvious with the recent “face/shitting” comment. It’s just…what they do.
        Either female, or fag. Probably same person as “subway masturbator”, That, too, is just what they do…contaminate a place with a disgusting mental image…force you to see it repeatedly.

        No art, talent, honor, nobility, beauty…just swindlebucks and obsession with feces and perversion. These are our elder brothers in our precious Judeo-Christian faith.

        meanwhile, Annie Leibovits photographs Amy Schumer. Ya think there’s some opportunity cost here?


      • From certain tells, I’d almost be willing to bet money on Eskimo and yenta.

        Although Vegas is offering better odds on gay.


      • My money says Eskimo Yenta too and she does it for free, for entertainment because she doesn’t need the money and tells all her friends she trolls us and has us thinking she’s a man.


    • on December 8, 2015 at 1:59 pm Hugo Stiglitz

      Trump “We have kids who are watching the internet and they want to be masterminds,” Trump said, referencing ISIS’s recruiting tactics. “We have to go see Bill Gates and a lot of different people.”

      I will now translate this into a strap – on approved word salad (SOAWS):

      “Well in regards to the serious problem of online radicalization I think it would be prudent to elicit the opinions of those in the industry who are the most knowledgeable in this area, to provide us with the most sober and concise analysis of what would be our most realistic options. Armed with this information, we can then formulate the most effective way to deny the enemy this very powerful tool of radicalization and recruitment.”

      Trump: “…closing the internet in some way[…]We’ve got to maybe do something with the internet,”

      SOAWS: “This might entail working with the international community to censor jihadist social media and propaganda outlets.”


    • Suck any nigger dick lately? Go down on yer mother today?


  3. […] Sweeps Week: Trump Takes Chateau Heartiste Advice! […]


  4. All good and well but the examiner article you linked to is pure rubbish. I live in Bosnia and according to the article we get “widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks, and ongoing militia warfare”… which is quite simply false on all accounts…

    Don’t get me wrong Bosnian problems have their roots in multiculturalism (a political standstill for 20 years because of 3 nationalities infighting) but the stuff above hasn’t been happening since the war, and even then it wasn’t religiously motivated.


    • and even then it wasn’t religiously motivated.


      • Bill backed Islam in Bosnia in the 1990s, and Hilary can’t wait to back them now. Vile…


      • Get a load of this c0cksucking [email protected] Muslims supporting Bosnians against bloodthirsty Serbians is not what the guy in the article was referring to you putrid cvnt.

        Seriously, how can you be such a shameless liar?

        “After 80%, expect daily intimidation and violent jihad, some State-run ethnic cleansing, and even some genocide, as these nations drive out the infidels, and move toward 100% Muslim, such as has been experienced and in some ways is on-going in:”


        The phrase “so full of shit your eyeballs are brown” comes to mind.

        This is why no one believes you. When you have ignorant, idiotic bullshitters on your side, people are gonna be disinclined. (to believe you)

        “Bill backed Islam in Bosnia in the 1990s, and Hilary can’t wait to back them now. Vile…”

        He didn’t back “Islam” he tried to prevent a genocide. And he did. God bless the lying rapist.


      • “Muslims supporting Bosnians against bloodthirsty Serbians is not what the guy in the article was referring to”

        Muslims support no one but other Muslims. By “bloodthirsty Serbians” I take it you mean “White men.”

        “After 80%, expect daily intimidation and violent jihad, some State-run ethnic cleansing, and even some genocide, as these nations drive out the infidels, and move toward 100% Muslim, such as has been experienced and in some ways is on-going in:”


        Daily intimidation? check
        violent jihad? check
        state-run ethnic cleansing? check
        genocide? that’s an Eskimo-coined term … but anyway, check

        “This is why no one believes you.”

        To the contrary, more and more White people are believing it every day. It is the lie of “moderate Islam” that no one believes anymore.

        “He didn’t back “Islam” he tried to prevent a genocide”

        Muh genocide! He backed West-hating Muslims against White Cristians in Europe. We had no business getting involved. And how did the Muslim world repay us a few years later?

        Paging WF …

        ungrateful mullah rape!


      • Considering that the Muslims (many coming in from Albania at government invitation) had been backed in their persecution of the Serbs by the government under Tito – assault, pillaging of property, etc under protection of the military – I’ve had more sympathy for the muslims if they went back to Albania. Kosovo was majority christian Serbs until as late as the 1940s. Tito invited Albanians in to weaken Serb power. Kind of like our overlords inviting in the Third World to replace recalcitrant WASPs.


      • The reality was that all three sides were engaged in ethnic cleansing in Bosnia. The Muslims had their base in Srebrenica and eventually Mladic went in and sorted them out. His action was just the last and biggest of a long series of such by all sides.


  5. Nah. Game is universally known by Alphas everywhere. He’s just speaking from the heart. ❤


    • If Faggot Within saw this on the street, his wittle heart would explode in fear.

      Thankfully he never leaves the room where his mother straps him down and plows him from behind.

      Shut in rape!


    • on December 8, 2015 at 1:53 am Each Pond Gone

      ^^^Gold. America’s getting all of her white stripes back, and then some.


    • Hahaha. Love it!

      I don’t trust any pol including Trump but I have to admit, I enjoy the hysterics he induces in SWPLS and other traitorous filth.


      • Hahaha. Love it!

        I don’t trust any pol including Trump but I have to admit, I enjoy the hysterics he induces in SWPLS and other traitorous filth.

        Same here.

        Even if Trump is just talking a good game and doesn’t really intend to follow through, it’s still important for him to win because of the damage it will do to PC and the shift it will cause in the Overton window.

        The meta of this election is what’s really important.


      • I’ve converted half of my retirement funds to stock in popcorn companies.


    • Nice, but Trump is too classy for a Glock. It’s like the Schlitz malt liquor of guns.


      • Yes. Someone get that man a Colt Python, pronto.


      • It works. It is the toughest and most reliable, and the safest (because of not having an external “safety”). It is what our marines and soldiers should be issued. Guns are tools.


      • I’m a 1911 man myself. That bullet wants to kill, as Matt King would say. The first time I broke down a 1911 I thought Colt invented this pistol when? I knew he was a Genius then. It is a damned near perfect design in my opinion.


      • trump seems like more of a 1911 kind of man


      • damn carlos you beat me to it


      • Agreed with publius. they almost never jam and the ridiculous safety feature is nonexistent. obv not the funnest gun, but its the one im reaching for in the night.


      • Man needs a man’s gun: Sig Sauer P226, Navy Seal Model.


      • on December 8, 2015 at 2:06 pm Hugo Stiglitz

        “It’s like the Schlitz malt liquor of guns.”

        Er, ah..no. It is the Budweiser of guns..

        +1 on the Python.

        TJ Hooker rape!


      • @ H. La Vista

        Man needs a man’s gun: Sig Sauer P226, Navy Seal Model.

        Yes, that’s another good choice.


      • Glock is the (american made) Telecaster of guns.


      • I’d lean towards Trump with a 1911… but a Python is tough to gainsay… there’s something about those wheel guns. 😉


      • on December 8, 2015 at 5:07 pm mendozatorres

        Love this. Reference to a gun and we have this. Had to look all that up. That 1911 looks silky, that is, if I’m looking at the right item. Gnarly looking trigger….


      • If he wasn’t running for prez (buy American and all that), I would take the don for an H&K guy.


      • …or Maybe Kimber (made in NY)…


      • on December 8, 2015 at 7:30 pm Diversity Is Good

        Nah, nah, nah. Trump needs the totally All American Smith & Wesson Model 29 in .44 Magnum.

        Because. Just because.


      • I don’t own a Glock because I have an illogical bias against plastic guns. Most gunstore owners and policemen will probably recommend a Glock or a P226 in 9mm. Glocks come in all popular calibers. It’s a great pistol and very popular. In the end these discussions are about semantics and personal preference. Superior performance among these tried and tested designs is at the margins because all of them are good. A Kimber 1911 is tough to beat but you’ll pay $1500-$2500 for one and it will be mostly nicer milling and blueing and maybe some engraving and a nice set of grips. It won’t shoot much better than a $500 Rock Island made 1911.


      • The 8 1/2 ” barreled S&W model 629 is one of my all time favorites. I dreamed of carrying that gun for years after seeing Dirty Harry.


      • Thanks, Carlos. Good to know.


    • CH help out w mod on this one. TRUMP IS spending the LEAST in campaign expenditures and owning the election by 20pts as of 3 days ago.

      The Great White America is awakening.


      • To be fair, Trump’s also losing the money he would be making if he were working full time on another deal. So we should factor that in.

        The others, being professional pols, have rarely made money outside of what their political power brings them. Jeb! might be the only one who made millions.

        To be fair rape!


      • Well you’re talking about opportunity cost and that’s much harder to factor in. But let’s not stray from the sheer awesomeness that is of the shiv of numbers.

        I mean, it’d be one thing if Trump was the $30M spender guy and was leading the polls. But he’s the low spender and leading. Boom.


      • Fair. ‘Tis awesome. Trump roolz!

        Faggot Within has a heart attach rape!


      • Its true. Even I could afford to run for president if I were Trump and didn’t have the ten billion. You would really only need to borrow seed money if at all. Come to think of it, he must be turning a handsome profit on his campaign.


      • on December 8, 2015 at 2:09 pm Hugo Stiglitz

        “..heart attach rape!”

        Oh…that sounds like it would suck!


    • Just think. You’re jeb bush. Your bro and your dad both have been prez. Your outspending everyone with campaign money…how much more help can you get than that…

      …and look at the scoreboard.

      It’s not just Jeb per se, but the establishment. The system is being bucked. The lords of lies must be infuriated. Just look at those numbers! ~$200K is what some of the CH readers here probably earn. $30M!!! LOL. And Jeb still can’t get anything done. That has to burn. I love it.

      Mr Trump, good sir, the great white middle class americans are ready for America to be great again.


      • And by all accounts, the Bushes considered Jeb to be the smart one, the career-minded one, the one who would be the BUsh president. W. was just the Teddy Kennedy-Bush. But then he found religion, quit the booze, and won Texas, and just rope-a-doped Al Gore. He was like Ted Kennedy who never murdered Mary Jo and got sober.


      • To be fair in the past it’s the media that’s been the key. Ron Paul used to do his money bombs and never lacked for financing but he got nowhere. The media either ignored him, pushed him out of debates or attacked him.
        Trump is getting the attack treatment but just rolls on. It’s Trump’s ability to be media proof that is so powerful. It’s obvious that vast numbers of American whites have now genuinely just had enough and are desperate for his policies no matter what.


      • Mention of Ron Paul was carefully avoided by the media unless he was dead last in a primary. They knew that any reporting would cause people to think – and they couldn’t have that happen. I have no faith after the Republicans rewrote all the rules for their convention on the fly to silence Ron Paul supporters. They have no interest in anything beyond their own power and will vote for Hillary if they can’t get an establishment stooge in to represent them.


      • on December 8, 2015 at 11:50 am Diversity Is Good

        Just think. You’re jeb bush. Your bro and your dad both have been prez.

        “It’s my turn! It’s my turn now! Who are these people that won’t let me have my turn?” — ¡Jeb!


      • on December 8, 2015 at 1:52 pm mendozatorres

        WF, that’s the greatest tl;dr about any president I’ve ever read.

        POTUS rape!


      • The big difference between Trump and all the others is that he doesn’t back down, withdraw, explain or apologise. IOW applies classical CH game. The establishment has been caught totally unprepared. A lesson for all of us.


      • “[GWB] was like Ted Kennedy who never murdered Mary Jo …”

        Instead, his wife killed a male friend.


      • WF, that is actually pretty accurate.


  6. Now the cucks are really going for Trump’s throat. Even Dick Cheney.

    If he survives and thrives following his remarks nothing will stop him. He has turned conventional wisdom on its ear so far.


    • Sadly, there WILL be an assassination attempt–and it may work. Populist politicians throughout history attract them (Huey Long, George Wallace), and , of course, the Powers That Be don’t like being challenged, so they often have a hand in the plans.


      • on December 8, 2015 at 1:17 am Bro Brosterson

        Trump’s not new to having bodyguards though… being a famous rich guy for years I bet he’s had personal security for a long time. That is a bonus over somebody who didn’t have it until the spotlight was on them.


      • N.b. the http://www.anonymousconservative.com/blog/

        has pointed out that Trump, as a billionaire, probably has former Special Forces dudes working his security. That must be an interesting mix: the Secret Service buffoons (have you seen there record the last 8 years?) are mixing with dudes who make the SS seem woefully unqualified.


      • true populists get whacked


    • on December 8, 2015 at 4:33 am Carlos Danger

      Cheney will have to drink the blood of two children every morning to beat the Donald.


    • Dick Cheney speaking out against Trump will actually be seen as an endorsement for him by the vast majority of the country.


    • The irony of a guy (Cheney), who has initiated wars that cost probably 1 million+ Muslims’ lives, going after a guy who proposes the eminently sane policy of not admitting people from PAKISTAN into America, a policy that’s so harmless, it’s not even funny.

      What Muslim would hate on Trump for this maneuver? Japan doesn’t let in many Muslims either and I don’t think there is more than a handful muzzies that have a negative opinion of them.

      Invade the world and invite the world rape!


      • wait, what?

        Not for nothing but I don’t care about the war war but fuck Cheney since he was part of the US response to 9-11 being “let’s hug islam” crowd.

        Now, we have to be fucking culturally sensitive to people who shouldn’t be here.

        How fucked up have the last few presidents been?


  7. “Strapped to a chair listening to Jeb” anything but that!


  8. As of now http://www.jebbush.com redirects to Trumps campaign Web site.



  9. He’s gotta be aware of CH. The man has assistants scouring the press and web for all things Trump. They’ve found you.

    As far as alt-righters influencing Trump’s policies, you have to wonder how much online shitlord reading Trump has done, if any. We know he’s a natural alpha, is it possible he’s a natural shitlord as well, drawing off nothing but instinct and life experience? I kind of like to think so, myself.


  10. on December 8, 2015 at 12:18 am The Spirit Within

    Legal experts agree: Banning an entire group of immigrants based on religion would violate umpteen international laws and turn the U.S. into a pariah. That would then weaken our currency and drive the country into an economic crisis.

    Furthermore, there is, in fact, no reliable evidence that a large percentage of Muslims in the United States — or, for that matter, Muslims hoping to travel to the United States — support doing harm to the country or plan to commit acts of violence. The statistics he links to are shoddiest of shoddy polls.

    Think before frothing at the mouth.

    Trump also talks as if he were going to be elected emperor — as though Congress, the Supreme Court, and the Constitution didn’t exist. You know, the system of checks and balances.

    Only an asshole could spew so much shit.


    • lol. this should be fun:

      Legal experts agree

      Why do I think only certain legal experts count in the Faggot Within’s “agreement”.

      Banning an entire group of immigrants based on religion would violate umpteen international laws and turn the U.S. into a pariah.

      —Better to get blown up than not get invited to parties, losers!

      That would then weaken our currency and drive the country into an economic crisis.
      —ok 1) not a legal conclusion, an economic one, so you’ve again lied; 2) is this by the open borders shills? again, perchance you’re just quoting the cheap labor lobby’s favorite spokesmen; 3) we became the most prosperous and powerful nation on earth when we shut the borders between 1925-1965.

      Furthermore, there is, in fact, no reliable evidence that a large percentage of Muslims in the United States — or, for that matter, Muslims hoping to travel to the United States — support doing harm to the country or plan to commit acts of violence.

      —-They are not policing it, they are supporting it, they are cheering for it, and, of course, they aren’t informing on it.

      They fail to clean up their communities. So they don’t get to come in anymore. Simple, eh?

      The statistics he links to are shoddiest of shoddy polls.
      –nope. The Faggot Within just straight up lies about this one.

      Trump also talks as if he were going to be elected emperor — as though Congress, the Supreme Court, and the Constitution didn’t exist.
      —Obama has made sure they don’t. YOu elected the darkie, now you pay for what he did.

      Burn the coal, pay the toll..

      you know, the system of checks and balances.

      —lmao. that died when obama was elected. Gloves are off bitch.

      Only an asshole could spew so much shit.

      —yes, that is why you spew so much.

      Faggot within massively fails rape!


      • What’s funny is that even if he’s right international law violations don’t mean anything to anyone. The US violates international law each time it does a sortie in Northern Africa and Israel has been violating the fourth Geneva convention for decades


    • Lol. Right. Saudi Arabia and Israel seem to have no problem.

      “would then weaken our currency and drive the country into an economic crisis”

      Riiiighht. Because Muslims are the engine of the American economy. Jeezus strapon…for fucks sake.

      You must secretly be Arianna Huffington.


      • He’s really starting to lose it lately. (the 6’2″ nordic-player-with-5-gfs kinda nailed it). I think he may be a prime candidate to go all “lone nut” and take a shot at Trump. Anyone know where Faggot lives? We should alert Trump’s security crew about him, let them know to watch out for 6’2″ nordic dudes surrounded by 5—or is 10 now, Faggot?—women, ready to take a shot at Our Next President.


      • Lol. Agree.

        TSW is such a peculiar troll. So much doesn’t add up. It must be exhausting having to push a troll narrative for so long. The wheels are coming for sure.


      • @Ripp:

        I’ve said this before: Faggot Within sounds to me like a paid troll. Soros-paid, or similar; his job is to be a concern-troll sometimes and annoying others, all with the goal of disruption. I picture David Brock at Media Matters launching him surreptitiously to attempt a new form of media manipulation: COINTELPRO for the soros-set. Heck, he could also be a gov employee in Utah or DC trying to break the Crimethink here.

        he’s just too desperate to be liked and then too angry when dissed and then too “nah nah I wasn’t angry ZFG!” when he recovers. it’s just sad and very piss-poor, which makes me think he’s just a min-wage shill. whoever’s paying him really isn’t getting their money’s worth.

        or the saddest alternative of all: he really is acting this stupid pro bono—and thinking he’s fooling us all. If that’s it, I’ll send Trump’s guys his info myself, because he will definitely try to bomb or shoot Trump and his supporters.

        Bad troll rape!


      • For sure. Lots of commenters sense the odd communication style/content disparity.

        TSW typical comment: “you guys are mean and uneducated. I just had hanky panky with 4 HB9s. I used a neg and then she got ASD. But I reframed and I just lifted some weights also. I’m strong. Then she saw my other HB11.1 panties on the floor. But I moved them out of the way next to my creatine jar and did one handed pushups. You guys are stupid. Stick and stones will break my bones…”

        And I mean, “The Spirit Within” ????

        No dude has that for a screen name. Lol…

        Screen name rape!


      • @Ripp:

        That might be the most perfect summation of the Faggot Within I’ve ever seen.

        All you had to add in was some anti-Trump, pro-Obama nonsense and it would have been a Rich Little-esque spot on impersonation.

        Rich Little rape!


      • whorefinder likes to call him ‘the faggot within’, but i believe there is sufficient evidence that tsw is in fact a homo:

        – fractured thought processes indicative of some underlying mental health issue, from which most if not all homosexuals suffer

        – refers to himself as ‘buff’ – a word no heterosexual man would ever use to describe himself

        – claims to have a harem of hb9’s which is not unusual for gay men, especially the buff ones. remember zyzz?

        not mirin you bro rape!


      • In the end, TSW does us a favor by keeping us on our toes with our arguments. We grew complacent for many years because the truth was self evident to most people. TSW and his ilk have succeeded in casting doubt on what the truth is and we have been forced to revisit the arguments that convinced us to adopt our traditional cultural practices in the first place.

        [CH: i wouldn’t give him that slim reed of credit. if the truth being debated is self-evident, then the debate is nothing more than gum-flapping. which is what he’s starting to sound like: a wind-up shitlib whose gums flap a parade of worn-out bromides.]


    • Everyone knows its not a realistic policy in actual practice for our current set of rules. It’s more an exaggerated statement of principle to create a far better screening mechanism.


      • shhh…don’t calm his hamster down. I really wanna see him get unhinged. Sending him to the loony bin based on his irrational hatred of rational immigration policy would be the highlight of my day.


    • The constitution, congress, and the supreme court may have to undergo a few changes after Das Trumpfenkrieg and his army of shitlords storms the whitehouse.


      • I have a great comment stuck in moderation for you. Hope it gets out!

        Let my genius free rape!


      • He could just appoint 20 shitlord judges to the Supreme Court if Congress doesn’t want him to veto raising the debt limit. It’s what I’d do. 😀


      • LOL the 20 shitlord Supreme Court. I can see them rolling Kagan and Ginsberg out in their wheel chairs to the retirement home.


    • on December 8, 2015 at 1:17 am Vagina dominator

      @ TSW “…would violate umpteen international laws”

      You ever get to vote on any of those “laws” TSW?

      Do they conform with the “World Constitution”?

      Oh, you didn’t? And there isn’t any such constitution?

      And you don’t care to preserve your national sovereignty anyway?


      But “legal experts agree” Of course, you would say that. Because in your small and captive mind “legal experts” are our betters and you obey because you are a lickspittle.

      So, where do you stand on forming the US, Canada, and Mexico into a single currency zone, the Amero, like the euro? Or a North American Schengen Zone? Or having your unelected government leaders directly appointed by Goldman Sachs as in Italy or Greece?

      I see. Then you’re also what used to be called a “traitor”.

      There is NO SUCH THING as “International Law” you fool! Between nations there can only be war, peace, and treachery. The UN is representative of the third.


    • on December 8, 2015 at 1:26 am Vagina dominator

      “That would then weaken our currency and drive the country into an economic crisis.”

      How would that work?


      • on December 8, 2015 at 1:43 am Vagina dominator

        @ TSW

        Again, please explain how – were it to happen – a weakening US dollar would drive the US into crisis?

        From the respected “Wolf Street” blog, today.

        “But October was bad [for US trade]: exports of goods plunged 10.4% year-over-year to $123.8 billion, the worst level since June 2011.

        The culprits: the strong dollar that makes US goods more expensive in other currencies, and tepid economic growth in the rest of the world…”

        [end quote]

        Did you get that? Strong dollar killing US trade. That is not my view but it is the classic mainstream view.

        For godsake I don’t know what to do with you.

        Doesn’t CH deserve better trolls?


      • Even the central banking and reserve currency dilemmas would be solvable for a guy with brass balls and legions of motivated followers willing to take a bullet for you out of conviction. I could solve it and so could you.

        My favorite Quote from the Godfather II was when Michael went to Cuba and some communist bandits attack clsoe by and are put down. The Gangster he was working with tells him that Batista will handle the problem and Corleone says, “I don’t know, Batista has to pay his men, those guys are working for free.”


    • on December 8, 2015 at 2:24 am AlmostAnonymous

      I can see why most of the other commenters give you so much shit.

      This is an incredibly ignorant and stupid thing to say, even for you. I mean, it’s a “Wow, just Wow” level of stupid.

      I’d argue facts with you, but it’s clear you don’t believe in ’em.


    • If a country such as the U.S. bans would-be immigrants before they invade the U.S., the would-be immigrants retain the legal standing of their own nation. Since the would be immigrants are not U.S. citizens -or even resident invaders- they are not entitled to any of the protections of the U.S. Constitution.


    • on December 8, 2015 at 5:51 am Zed, Lord of the Brutals

      Your right, we shouldn’t ban just the goat fuckers, we should ban all immigration for at least a generation, until we can sort out all these foreign mongrels and decide which may remain.


    • on December 8, 2015 at 6:25 am Les Saunders, Protestant

      Ps – who cares if they’re not terrorists. What a great bar you’ve set for desirability of immigrants. Any Muslim/Arab neighbourhood anywhere in the world is a cesspool of sloth, welfare, inbreeding, pederasty, polygamy, and mental retardation. Wherever they congregate, there is squalor.


    • ”The Spirit Within”


    • Trump also talks as if he were going to be elected emperor — as though Congress, the Supreme Court, and the Constitution didn’t exist. You know, the system of checks and balances.

      Obama seems to have cleared a path for Trump on THAT issue…

      … of course, Strapon never uttered a peep then.

      Ah, it does my heart good to see the juggernaut roll over his/her insipid hide… even if that appears to be what he/she lives for.

      At least it sets a good example for any other shill hare-brains who would attempt to clutter up the chateau with their inanities.


    • “Legal experts agree…” except that after 9/11 we put in place a policy to restrict visas from majority muslim countries. It didn’t last long, but not because of court challenges, but because Dubya wanted to reach out to friendly Muslims, religion of peace and all that.

      Just re institute that policy and it’s 90% of the problem


    • “Legal experts agree: Banning an entire group of immigrants based on religion would violate umpteen international laws and turn the U.S. into a pariah.”

      Who gives a fuck? Not only is this not true,it also doesn’t matter. USA can afford to be a “pariah”.

      “Furthermore, there is, in fact, no reliable evidence that a large percentage of Muslims in the United States — or, for that matter, Muslims hoping to travel to the United States — support doing harm to the country or plan to commit acts of violence. The statistics he links to are shoddiest of shoddy polls.”

      Your lying eyes.


      • My take on the refugee crisis is that it is an attempt to dilute our ethnicity and genocide by other means. They would be sending their women and children to safety and fighting their good fight at home if it were otherwise so. Most of These people coming over are probably just hoping to find a better life in a well run country. But they provide a cover for the substantial nefarious element among them and they also have ethnic and cultural sympathy for that nefarious element in many cases. I am seeing black for the near future myself. Even my building got a couple of what look like Somali or Eritrean women. They speak German but I pay a lot of money to avoid that crap. The City, one of German’s nicest, is over run with darkies. The pedestrian mall in the City is over run with them during the day. We might start calling it the Medina.


    • How about the “legal experts” on the US Supreme Court?


      Money Shot:

      In accord with ancient principles of the international law of nation-states, the Court in The Chinese Exclusion Case, 130 U. S. 581, 609 (1889), and in Fong Yue Ting v. United States, 149 U. S. 698 (1893), held broadly, as the Government describes it, Brief for Appellants 20, that the power to exclude aliens is “inherent in sovereignty, necessary for maintaining normal international relations and defending the country against foreign encroachments and dangers—a power to be exercised exclusively by the political branches of government . . . .” Since that time, the Court’s general reaffirmations of this principle have 766*766 been legion.[6] The Court without exception has sustained Congress’ “plenary power to make rules for the admission of aliens and to exclude those who possess those characteristics which Congress has forbidden.” Boutilier v. Immigration and Naturalization Service, 387 U. S. 118, 123 (1967). “[O]ver no conceivable subject is the legislative power of Congress more complete than it is over” the admission of aliens. Oceanic Navigation Co. v. Stranahan, 214 U. S. 320, 339 (1909). In Lem Moon Sing v. United States, 158 U. S. 538, 547 (1895), the first Mr. Justice Harlan said:

      “The power of Congress to exclude aliens altogether from the United States, or to prescribe the terms and conditions upon which they may come to this country, and to have its declared policy in that regard enforced exclusively through executive officers, without judicial intervention, is settled by our previous adjudications.”
      Mr. Justice Frankfurter ably articulated this history in Galvan v. Press, 347 U. S. 522 (1954), a deportation case, and we can do no better.


    • You such an idiot.

      “would violate umpteen international laws”

      Almost every muslim country completely bans non-muslim immigrants. Many countries – like Japan, China and Switzerland restrict almost all immigration. Switzerland just make Burkhas 100% illegal with 5 digit fines for wearing them. Clown.

      “international laws”

      When was the last time you voted in the “international election” for this “international government” that makes these “international laws”. You think like a slave.


    • on December 8, 2015 at 1:10 pm The Spirit Within

      Banning Muslim immigration would do the following:

      1) It would violate U.S. Constitution’s equal protection clause.

      [CH: wrong:
      https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/volokh-conspiracy/wp/2015/12/08/banning-muslims-from-entering-the-u-s-is-a-very-bad-idea-but-it-may-be-constitutionally-permissible/ ]

      2) It would violate the First Amendment’s doctrine of freedom of religion.

      [wrong. see above.]

      3) It would violate many principles of international law.

      [fuck international law. it was made for rootless globocrats to undermine national sovereignty.]

      4) It would violate many long-standing agreements that the U.S. has signed with foreign countries.

      [international agreements are violated all the time, especially if they were written at the time under disadvantageous auspices.]

      5) It would be impossible to execute. Religion isn’t listed on passports, and surnames aren’t reliable indicators.

      [israel doesn’t find it impossible to execute. you’re flailing.]

      6) It would heighten anti-U.S. feeling amongst Muslim countries, thus giving ISIS and ISIL exactly what they want: more power.

      [lame hivemind shibboleths. try to tell that to middle eastern christians and see how they react.]

      7) It would lower our moral standing amongst non-Muslim countries.

      [HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! that’s a feature, not a bug.]

      8) Since our currency’s value is based largely on the continued perception of U.S. strength, #6 and #7 would lower the value of our dollars, thus lowering the value of all assets owned within our borders.

      [do you need a reacharound for that leap of logic?]


      [more like MFT – multiple fucks taken. you write like a muslim. are you? because that alone is good enough reason to ban them from the country.]


      • Stopped reading after 1. You are a piece of shit. You think a citizen of Saudi Arabia who has never set foot in the United States has any protection, at all, by the Constitution?

        Even under blue pill modern law, somebody posted the cases that clearly show otherwise, not that we even need caselaw to make this argument.


      • Are you outright retarded? Lol


      • on December 8, 2015 at 3:17 pm Experienced Father

        The Spirit Within


        8 USC §1182:

        Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate (emphasis added).

        Any American President already has this constitutionally tested statutory law to exclude any non-citizen for any reason or no reason.


      • In fact names, especially first names, are a dead giveaway for Muslims. Not 100% but more so than for any other ethnic or religious group.


      • Mass non-white immigration plus forced assimilation in ALL white countries is genocide under international law. UN Resolution 260 Article 2c “Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part”


    • “…asshole…shit”
      There’s the Eskimo tell. Let it out, TSW. We know you can’t help it.


      • Damn, Strapon, take a fucking hint already…

        … I’ve seen rented mules take less of a beating.

        (((shakin’ mah haid, but lzlzolzolzolzolozl too)))


    • on December 8, 2015 at 5:11 pm the unforgiven

      “Legal experts agree” and I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night.


    • on December 8, 2015 at 9:20 pm Mandy been here a while

      Who enforces international law, international Jews?


  11. http://freedompowerandwealth.com

    CH also years ago had a wise outlook. Trump is right about his immigration plans and more and more Americans find out that that is the case. Good for his campaign.


  12. Fun game for CH readers-as personnel is policy-which department should Trump ask CH to head?

    Personally, I was looking for Cupbearer or Royal Joker, but I can’t seem to find it listed anywhere.. Maybe the Department of the Interior..


  13. Until Immigration from the Middle East is curtailed and then a tight investigatory regimen is imposed on the Mosques in this country (their properties, finance, members, Imams), I really don’t see the point in wasting gas, bombs and airplanes in Syria. What goes on in the Middle East and Mosques needs to STAY in the Middle East and the Mosques. Nothing that comes out is ever good for liberal, feminist Western society which is so weak and politically correct as to be rendered as Swiss Cheese by motivated Muslims. We might consider, as a survival tactic, to become a little less Liberal, Feminist and politically correct for a bit. Hell, near as I can tell, liberal, feminist and politically correct venues are mostly where Islam does what Islam does in the West. Paris, California, New York, DC, Boston.

    Liberal bastions are blowing up and being gunned down all over the world and at every turn, good Liberal Feminist citizens and the media defend their Islamic Masters after every slaughter and say, “Thank You Islam, May I Have Another?”.

    These are merely the simple observations made by a common man, of watching American/Western Liberal Feminists and their minions, the media. I’m a nuanced man, but even I can see that cause/effect. Even the media gets blown up sometimes and still they defend all this. It’s just 1%, or 3%, or 5% of good people that do bad things.. NAMALT, right?


  14. on December 8, 2015 at 4:06 am Beautiful Truths Ignored

    Western civilization will soon be in the hands of women . . . named Le Pen.

    Thank God!


  15. The MSM and the GOP will be bringing their most intense assault to date on this issue. I wonder what will happen if it fails? Suppose the poll numbers remain steady (or real horrorshow, rise)? Will this cause reassessment by the hivemind or will they bide their time to double down yet again?

    It feels a lot like the ol’ unmovable object and irresistible force.


    • on December 8, 2015 at 6:56 pm Diversity is Good

      Since cuckservatives have a lot in common with SJW’s I expect an immediate double-down, followed by screams of outrage when that fails.

      The donor class wants to elect a new people, and the existing populace is in the way.


  16. Le Pen in France, UKIP in Britain and Trump in the US. Border walls and mass deportations. Just sounds like heaven.
    Then the fight to get the commie brain washing out of the universities. At the moment the eskimos are still educating our young people in a closed cult environment. Ending that is vital. Didn’t some eskimo pedo say “We’ll get you through your children,”?.


    • on December 8, 2015 at 9:41 am carlos danger

      The real problem is the international cental banking cabal and high level free masonry. That is the head of the snake.


  17. It’s really amazing to see how his rhetoric seems pulled straight from CH and Steve Sailer. Lo, we go forth boldly into a new ago.


  18. age* LOLOL


  19. My other comment stuck in mod but look what NYT posted lol

    (Trump’s response to outcry at his Muslim ban from U.S.)


  20. To Spirit Wimp-IN

    The Supreme Court has affirmed again and again that Congress has the power to determine citizenship and immigration. Laws can be changed… happens all the time.

    Until then Obummer has already shown the tools to get a “ban” in action right this millisecond. Just as the Obummer admin releases immigrants from the southern border they can “detain” longer illegal crossers and can hold up visas, citizenship, and other processes due to “administrative review” for any time the admin pleases.

    Obummer put in a fast lane for people from the middle east to come to the US. Probably time to put imports from certain countries in quarantine for awhile.

    This talk is actually pretty SANE and a functioning body politic would normally do this until the current threat environment has passed. However we have so many irrational lefties that want to sheeple bleat freedom is slavery until they are shot by a “death to America” zealot we can’t see straight in this country.

    Obummer was forced to do a quarantine of “refugees” from West Africa nations after ONE guy came to this country and infected 2 US nurses with Ebola. We were told by this President “won’t happen here” then… it happened. And only belatedly did he decide that a month long quarantine before flying to the US was reasonable.

    Now we have the same thing. It makes sense to put the breaks on people coming from these areas. But NOOOOOO… we can’t do that we are equalist lefties that believe these guys are widows and orphans.

    I these libs actually WENT to Budapest and saw all these “widows and orphans” that are 20 something MEN who trash the streets… gee these leftoids might reconsider… but the media is NOT showing that debacle.

    It really is Orwellian and these lefties are the enemy. Point Deer Make Horse indeed.


    • Very well explained Ang. What Trump is suggesting isn’t irrational as the libs and even some Republicans are saying and crying outrage over. The fact that they are is showing their true side and it isn’t for the best interests of Americans.


      • This is a Shemitah year and the wicked are being exposed slowly but so that no one ever takes them seriously again. Drip… drip…drip…. I will volunteer to build the gallows for free. Hell, I’d pay to do it. That would be a wonderful auction to raise money for the widows and orphans come to think of it.


      • Carlos, I’ve been hearing bits and pieces about that through some Facebook friends I follow. Some say an economic collapse is due to hit and even Trump has talked about the Fed keeping the interest rates low so the recession doesn’t happen during this administration. There needs to be a cleansing.


    • Even bourgeois Germans are talking in hushed but indignant tones about all of our new friends and how none of them are women, children or elderly. That is a bellweather. I live in a very bourgeois city.


    • It’s illegal to refuse admission to U.S. citizens on the basis of religion alone. But that’s all. The executive branch can choose to whom to grant visas and citizenship, within the limits imposed by Congress. I doubt Trump would need Congress’s approval to restrict immigration from Muslim countries.


      • on December 8, 2015 at 7:41 pm The Other Anonymous

        It’s easily solved – require applicants to draw a cartoon of the prophet Mohammed on the back of every visa application .. Best cartoon gets entry.


      • Considering how the GWB admin and Obongo administration have basically violated the constitution wrt citizens rights and surveilance, I’m pretty sure the POTUS could claim national security and do just about anything.

        It’s not so much about keeping mudslimes out, Trump said that because that’s what americans are thinking. It’s a small battle in the war to make America Great and white again.


  21. Trump is only proposing what should have been done after 911. The fact that it wasn’t disqualifies any member of the Bush family from ever again holding high office (or low office, for that matter). The cuckservative media is furiously misstating Trump’s (admittedly vague) position and its presumed constitutionality, which just goes to show that Fox, NR and the rest of the GOPe will resort to the same tactics as the left to remain the junior partner in our present oligarchy.


    • Agreed.

      Trump is fiddling with the entire establishment. And he’s just getting started.

      He’s uniting the white middle class without saying exactly that.

      [CH: when trump unloads his wage recovery plan involving an end to imported cheap labor and promises to trust-bust megacorp oligarchs, the White working class vote is a lock. after that, the white house is his to lose.]


  22. Obama called a total pussy on Fox. The Colonel got suspended for 2 weeks.


  23. Been debating lots of ((POZ)) on twitter, they love muslim immigration. It seems like pointing out the hypocrisy between Israel and America’s immigration policy completely ends the argument. They don’t even respond. Has anyone ever gotten a response from a Jew when pointing this out? It seems impossible. I’d be interested to see what one would say, if they had anything to come back with at all.


    • No they don’t respond. I just found that out again yesterday on another forum. They just say nothing at all. It surprises me as I’d have thought they’d have something to come back with by now.
      If I was them I’d say well it’s Israel’s special security situation that means they have to be more careful with immigration, or because it’s such a small country. But they seem so afraid by the pointing out of their evil hypocrisy that they panic and just clam up.
      But if they do come back with what I said just point out to them that it’s African immigrants seeking a better life as they well know and that Israel collected 60,000 of them in camps while it’s wall (completed ahead of schedule) stopped them coming altogether. They’ll try and go on about their security wall but steer them back to their anti immigration wall and what a great success it’s been.


      • Lilly had a mountain of comebacks. More than anyone I have ever seen. You couldn’t even throw that bitch out of the window.


      • on December 9, 2015 at 2:39 am Vagina dominator

        Very good. You could write up a rebuttals book.


      • Carlos, you mistake hot air for “comebacks”… the latter entails a witty or pertinent retort, not merely gaslighting, squid inking, and general female hysteria shilling.


    • on December 8, 2015 at 11:27 am The Straw That Stirs the Drink

      Hell just pointing out incontrovertible US history blows gaskets… they are so uninformed…

      “we can’t ban immigration based on race, it’s unconstitutional!”

      errrmmmm…. Did you know we actually banned Chinese immigration under the Chinese Exclusion Act? In 1882?

      “we are a nation of immigrants, we can’t exclude nationalities. That’s not what America stands for!!!!!”

      Ohhhhhhhh…. kay. Did you know we restricted immigration by Europeans to just 2% of those populations already here under the Immigration Act of 1924? And that the 2% number was based on an 1890 census? That nearly all Asians were barred from immigrating completely? Did you know these policies didn’t change until the mid 1960’s? Restrictions and quotas are the American way…

      It’s time to bring it back…


    • They say “I’m an American not an Israeli so I don’t have to defend them.”


      • Next question is so you won’t mind when the extreme right will decide who will be in government in most of Europe then?


  24. The Truth About Islam


  25. CH calls it…women leaders seem to all share the same value of opening up the border to swarthy invaders. What’s up with that?


    • It must mean they believe women should be kidnapped and sold as sex slaves.



      • CH can you please tweet this to Trump, Hillary, Ezra Klein, etc and ask them to go on the record about it? Has Trump seen this?

        What in the ever living fuck?

        Any libtard trying to bash Trump for his statement on stopping Muslim immigration at least temporarily as a traitor of the highest order.

        I demand that my government forget political correctness RIGHT NOW and do everything it takes to make sure no harm ever comes to my children because of this sickness.

        (not safe for work due to multiple photos of beheadings and showing an Islamist pig with an 8 year old girl as his concubine, crying right there in the photo with his arm around her).



      • Everything we know about feminism from reading this blog and observing reality predicts that feminists will never be very concerned about the treatment of women in Muslim countries.

        Quite the reverse. Feminism exists to allow women to chase jerks without suffering financial consequences. Feminists can’t wait to bring more Muslim badboys into this country to supplant worthless SWPL manlet faggots.


  26. When my wife came to the U.S. from Europe, I remember helping her fill out forms for her student visa. There were all sorts of questions like “Are you, or have you ever been a member of the National Socialist (Nazi) party?” and “Are you a habitual drunk?” etc.

    Why is it that are we screening out Naaaaahhhhhhzeeeeees and drunks but supposedly we have to accept member of the cult of Islam?



  27. Holy Shit! I think Rush Limbaugh is just about to side with us, at least a little.


  28. Been waiting for the right time to buy that Trump t-shirt or bumper sticker? Now is the time to do it. (They’re great for the gym, the range, and those holiday get-togethers with family and friends.)


    Trump took a bold step and you can show your support even if you aren’t in an early primary state that’s being polled. And the more visible Trump supporters are, the less effective the media’s desperate campaign to tar him as a “fascist” will be.


  29. I fucked a white chick during Thanksgiving holiday and I’m fairly certain she is a Trump supporter. Even you conservatives love black dick. (yes, I know she will tell her future white husband she has never been with a black guy, but that’s fine. These cunts aren’t worth holding on to.)


    • cool story, brah.


    • Did your dinner guests know you screwed the turkey (that you imagined was a white chick who supported Trump) before you put it in the oven?


    • Sambo says: muh dick!


    • Heh, heh… imagine that… a n1gger who’s “fairly certain”.

      Fail more, yid.


    • Enjoy your moment in the sun 🙂

      I fucked a black chick, bragged no one ever lololzllzzzzzz


      • The fetish is knowing her future white husband will never know she let a black cock bust a load in her. C’mon, why do you white men hold white women is such high regard when they hate you? That doesn’t seem beta to you?

        No American woman, regardless of race, is worth holding in high regard. No girlfriends, no wives, no hiring women to reach quotas, etc. Trust me, it is so freeing when you only looking at them as a moist hole.


      • you know how I know you are neither alpha nor black? your perfect punctuation. “C’mon, … ” nice use of apostrophe and comma, faggit


      • Cloud, you’re not a ni66er. I can tell you’re a jew troll:

        “Cloud” like the clouds of cotton that Ni66ers would pick in the fields. Lolz….

        No ni66er is that clever. Damn jew troll.


    • on December 8, 2015 at 2:31 pm Hugo Stiglitz

      I sodomized the whore that birthed you last Thanksgiving..who do you think payed for that Spam?

      BTW- you suck at trolling.


    • Now waiting for Captain and Tennille to post the obligatory picture of the fat, ugly Jewish chick…


    • Did you pull the harpoon out of the white whale before you fucked her?


  30. The truly sad Thing is that I have heard $200 Million is the sum they paid to own congress


  31. http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/12/08/isis-leader-mccain-confidant-baghdadi-moves-to-libya/

    Baghdadi is a British born Mossad agent named Simon Elliot. He was outed by the French press last Summer.


  32. http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/12/07/coalition-air-attack-hits-syrian-army-base-16-dead/

    Tell me these NWO ass hats aren’t trying to trigger an “incident.” Cameron is a bought and paid for stooge of the City of London and its principle ownership. I read the Economist cover to cover for 30 years. Thought I was clever for it too.


  33. on December 8, 2015 at 1:04 pm Carlos Danger


    Preston James can get a little out there but its probably still true.


  34. on December 8, 2015 at 1:20 pm The Spirit Within

    If it has legs, this Muslim thing may be Trump’s undoing.

    [CH: what’s it like living in opposite world all the time?]

    The head of New Hampshire GOP has sharply condemned him today.

    [along with every other cuck. your point?]

    That’s the second primary state.

    [is the head of the NH GOPe voting for every resident?]

    Also, the mayors of Philadelphia and St Petersburg, Florida have announced that they intend to bar Donald Trump from entering their cities.

    [lol! you are just own goaling at this point.]

    I’d predicted months ago that a statement about WOMEN would cause people to begin to turn on him. I didn’t think it would be about MUSLIMS.

    [you wish.
    (don’t worry tsw, your long nightmare will soon be reality, and you can look forward to eight years of whining about fascism while no one listens and your family stops mentioning your name to friends.)
    ps trump’s statements about women (whatever they were in your fevered mental swamp) actually BOOSTED his poll numbers. so, what lesson do you think you can learn from that recent history?]


  35. I want Japan’s immigration policy.


    • Good point. Trump should use pre-1960s America as one reference point, and modern day Japan (and maybe Switzerland? I’m guessing) as another.


      • Use Israeli immigration policy as well. Quite a fine program they have there…


      • Yeah – how could I forget Israel? How many Muslim immigrants are they accepting? In fact, don’t you need to be Jewish to migrate there?


  36. on December 8, 2015 at 1:56 pm mendozatorres

    He’s already acting like our commander-in-chief (assume that motherfucking sale!) and implementing his strategy.

    I wonder if un-cucked parts of the military are behind President Trump.


    • on December 8, 2015 at 2:05 pm mendozatorres

      OT: feeling in the zone right now, despite fighting a cold and working on school finals, but, as such, I’ve got my mojo firing like I used to…the ZFG’s are flying like crazy. Rolled into work, again, after taking a final for a class I might have to repeat, headed to the break room and our acct dept’s smoking hot Armenian girl was prepping her lunch. I hardly see her/talk to her, that is, not being bold to just start any type of convo, so I started jabbering out the gate, asking about her lunch, if she’s gonna share, tossing out items of what lunch might be as I was looking at the case.

      She wanted to answer my question and was, but her answers weren’t what I was asking. I said “meatballs” (probably could have charged that sexually) and she said just meat (another missed oppo) and I said, well, are they in any shape. She replies, well, it’s like filet mignon. Stupid me found this funny and rather than chastise her more, I started prepping my own lunch. But, still mocking her lunch spread since it took both arms and a bag to carry everything.

      She’s got such a clean rack, she’s the type with those perfect boobs…shape, size, areola, etc.


  37. Given recent events, I’m a little cautious when I see a Muslim. And I don’t mean to feel that way given the fact that I’m a minority myself. But it’s obvious to see that Islam is being taken over by radicals and it’s hard to tell a good Muslim from a bad one. I don’t think there’s any need to worry about a huge influx of Syrian refugees coming to the U.S. Apparently there’s this long immigration process. Trump is bordering on the Nazi treatment of the Muslims. That isn’t saying it isn’t justified but to me he’s starting to sound hateful. I haven’t had a problem with him so far but once he starts recommending camps, then I’ll worry.


  38. on December 8, 2015 at 2:17 pm mendozatorres

    You’re sorbet, you probably think that you are some sherbert


  39. CH readership is a frequent province of people who first were sold on lies and then unreconstructed themselves. Trump more likely was never taken over by the Matrix.

    The Overton Window has rattled, but not shifted, yet, but Trump and the alt right have done good work.


  40. on December 8, 2015 at 3:23 pm Experienced Father

    This Mark Kirkorian’s National Review Article‏:

    It’s Time for a Grown-Up Alternative to Trump’s Crude Muslim-Immigration Proposal

    By Mark Krikorian — December 8, 2015

    Says This —

    If “respectable” politicians refuse to even talk about the real problems caused by mass Muslim immigration, then a larger and larger share of the public will turn to carnival barkers (TRUMP in Kirkorian speak) unafraid of elite disapproval.

    and this

    As the Washington Times noted, immigration “is having the unintended consequence of creating an enclave of immigrants with high unemployment that is both stressing the state’s safety net and creating a rich pool of potential recruiting targets for Islamist terror groups.” And many of those recruits are native-born, having grown up steeped in Islamic supremacism and alienated from the values of their native land.

    and this

    But if we just keep doing what we’re doing now, we can’t expect a different result. Trump’s sweeping call to stop all Muslim travel to the U.S. will resonate with people rightly frustrated with our rulers’ insouciant approach to the threat we face.

    NB: This means Trump will be President.

    The uni-party elites would rather die than change on open borders policy, so they are going to die.

    We have the American Republic’s Sulla on deck to arrange it.


  41. Trump is a master businessman. (Among many things) master businessmen always act in two ways – assume the sale and aim high (before negotiating lower).

    How many of you have sold a vehicle or something on Craigslist? You asked for a high price that you wanted to get, but you knew there was a chance you wouldn’t. You took lower, however, you got what you wanted out of it and made that person feel like they got a good deal, too.

    That’s what Trump has done here. It’s bold and almost wishful to keep the Muslims from immigrating here – even temporarily – but he may get or put something in motion that disallows them from entering from countries that associate with or support Islamic terrorism (which is pretty much all countries with Muslims, so, like I said, he still wins).


    • Why is it wishful thinking? It can be done by executive order on the first day of his presidency.


    • Mel Gibson (and the proprietor) are dead on. Trump is playing negotiation chess…and the rest of the audience? His candidate opponents? The shitlib media? They are reacting to HIM. He is setting the agenda.

      One of the key issues you face when you negotiate is the “open.” Those who open the negotiation with the highest offer, or the lowest bid, tend to do better when the deal is made. A good open sets a ceiling/floor that gets the final deal closer to the ceiling/floor than if you opened with some version of a “realistic” price.

      Sometimes you open with something outrageous that has a patina at least of reasonableness. But you can also open with crazy nuts position and then you can dial it back, making it seem like a concession, “You know maybe I was bit crazy on that, let’s start here instead.” (Following CH’s maxim, you NEVER apologize, but frame it as an adjustment/correction). But of course that new “start” that LOOKS like concession is incredibly favorable to you, while your opposite thinks you have become more sensible. Meanwhile, the needle stays firmly on your side of the dial.

      These strategies work in the realm of ideas too, as we are seeing right now. Trump is brilliant on so many levels — completely upending the standard campaigning approach, tapping into electoral discontent, and twisting his opponents into knots. It’s amazingly entertaining.

      Interesting, only one guy has not taken the bait — Ted Cruz. He is staying above the fray (though he did take Trumpian turn when he said, “all criminals are Democrats.”). Being the incredibly smart guy he is, Cruz understands EXACTLY what Trump is doing.

      Watch out for Cruz. He is relentless with his message, completely internally consistent, with no waffling. Cruz doesn’t care if people get pissed off by what he believes…in that sense he is a brother to Trump. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump and Cruz are the last two standing.


      • I just re-read my comment, and it struck me.

        It’s game. Trump is gaming everyone. It’s fucking brilliant.


      • Trump Cruz 2016


      • Exactly… game is universal… all the snark directed at game posts and FR’s… this is all real stuff. Trump is busting ZFG moves on the populace, doing roll offs and takeaways, anchoring and sharing a shared vision of the future… Game.

        At its core game is Psychological Dominance…


      • Oh and Cruz… he is still around because he is evincing the game state without foreknowledge of game… being a dynamic, passionate and authentic guy… these are universally attractive qualities.


      • and right on queau TRUMP campaign blast hits inbox

        Subject : Trump Maintains Dominance

        Read that again… dominance! They read, they read…

        the body:

        I want to thank you for your incredible support. The latest polls are a testament to your enthusiasm and my vision to make our country better than it has ever been. According to the latest poll by Reuters, we have 35% support, giving us more than a 19% lead ahead of our closest rival.

        The Iowa Caucus is less than 60 days away and according to the latest CNN/ORC poll, we have a commanding thirteen point lead in Iowa, with 33% support. I will be returning to Iowa on Friday for a rally in Des Moines and I hope to see you there.

        In New Hampshire, according to a newly-released CNN/WMUR poll, we are dominating with 32% support and my closest rival trails with only 14%. I will be in New Hampshire on Thursday night to meet with the New England Police Benevolent Association— I have enormous respect for these brave men and women.

        In North Carolina, the latest PPP poll finds me “at [my] highest level of support in the state yet,” with 33% of the vote. I was in North Carolina last week for a rally in Raleigh, which more than 8,000 people attended. It was a terrific event and I look forward to visiting again soon.

        Additionally, a USA Today/Suffolk University poll shows that I am ahead by 10 points among Republicans. Thank you for your passion and commitment to my campaign.

        We look forward to continued success this week in Des Moines, Iowa on Friday, Aiken, South Carolina on Saturday, and Las Vegas, Nevada next week. With your continued to support, we will Make America Great Again!

        Donald J. Trump


      • With the media and cucks lambasting Trump for his recent comments, I wonder how this will materialize during the debate next week.

        This is CNN (heh) after all. Then again, I’m more than eager to watch his mastery of the situation. If CNN pulls a CNBC or at least their partisanness reeks out, Trump’s numbers will only build. Now he’s got them guessing….take that MF’ers!

        He’s had three debates under his belt, so plenty to work with, way to calibrate, but also attack, attack, attack.


      • on December 8, 2015 at 7:06 pm Diversity Is Good

        The keywords just pop out of that email:

        “Dominance”, “tremendous”, “passion”, “continued success”…


  42. on December 8, 2015 at 3:32 pm Experienced Father


    The Media House of Rupert Murdoch has surrendered to the great and powerful Trump.


    Rupert Murdoch on Trump’s Immigration Stance: “Complete Refugee Pause” Makes Sense



    • Wow, I’m surprised to see Murdoch say this.

      Trump’s been ahead of the game on many things ( thpugh unfortunately not in the position of government to do anything yet). First, he referred to the Syrian refugee situation as being a Trojan horse (and shitlib MSM cried outrage) we then had the Paris attacks and they found a Syrian passport on one of the attackers. Then he talked about seeing Muslims celebrating on a rooftop in Jersey City after 9/11 implying the enemy does indeed live among us (and shitlibs/media/cucks once again cried outrage) we then had the San Bernardino attack. Now he’s talking about banning muslim immigration into U.S. until proper vetting can be done (and the hysteria ensues all around).

      Makes me think what’s coming next :-/


      • on December 9, 2015 at 2:30 am carlos danger

        Anytime they find a covenient passport like that it is a red flag for a false flag operation.


      • on December 9, 2015 at 8:17 am Experienced Father

        >>Makes me think what’s coming next :-/


        Anyone paying attention to Al-Qaeda’s indiscriminant VBIED (AKA Car Bomb) attacks on the US Embassy’s in Africa during Clinton’s 2nd term knew that Al-Qaeda was coming to America.

        Just as anyone with an 80(+) IQ seeing Obama bring 630,000 Muslims vetted by the same Dept of Homeland Security bureaucrats let in the green card bride/terrorist of San Bernadino infamy knows we have hundreds if not thousands of more Islamic terrorists about to kick off their fun and games here before/during/after the 2016 election.

        My personal experience with a shitlib over this kind of real talk was saying that we were going to get hit at home by Al-Qaeda in 1998-2000, citing the Embassy attacks.

        Afterword’s said shitlib said I was wrong because I didn’t exactly predict a suicide plane attack on the WTC.

        Trump, OTOH, uses “big data” type data mining and has prediction models of how likely such ISIS/Al-Qaeda attacks are.

        Go see:


        …on what data mining was doing in 2000, and consider how far big data has progressed in 15 years.

        The Trump “Real-talk on Muslims” attack progression you laid out has the sight, feel touch, of a carefully laid trap such that 2015 era data mining would provided the basis for.


    • +1

      Rupert Cuck Murdoch comin’ around. An interesting development…


    • Read the fine print…a ban on “refugees” from Syria. 10K is a drop in the bucket. No mention of other immigrants, whether Muslim or Mexican. More snake oil from GOPe.


  43. When the next muzzie terror attack happens, and it most assuredly will (watch out around Xmas, I just hope they blow up the academy awards – just for the irony of course) Trump will be seen as a genius, a savior, by the masses. And no matter what the Republitards, Demonrats, or the Marxist media say about him will matter. He’s making them look like the pieces of sheet they are with each new statement he spouts.

    Don’t be a cuck chump vote for Trump!


  44. So a dirty bomb goes off in usa city Y. Do the calls for more immigration, refugee, religion of peace continue?

    Trying to live my life as care free as possible before that inevitable day. Once that occurs, time won’t be the same ever again. Fills me with rage.

    Probably the islamaphobia that made janehadi & johamad nuke a city.


    • on December 8, 2015 at 7:08 pm Diversity Is Good

      Wait, the NY Times disagrees with The Spirit Within? Lawsy, where are my smelling salts, I feel faint.


  45. As it becomes crystal clear in the coming months that people want to vote for a shitlord, how soon will liberals start renouncing democracy? Who will be the first to write an op-ed calling for restricting suffrage from “racists”? Will they talk about intelligence tests for voters? Thin ice, as libs need their gimmedat support. It will be interesting indeed to see how it is spun, but make no mistake, this is a serious prediction. You will see liberals come out against democracy.


    • Lol, whenever I hear shitlibs talk about liberal democracy Iit’s transparent their devotion to democracy is just a ruse and that they merely find democracy the best system for liberalism now. The liberalism trumps the democracy part. Which of course, will be their undoing because when people will already hate their guts, it will be hard for them to take their vote. The goal is liberalism, not democracy,just like social democracy is imposing socialism through democratic means. Democracy isn’t the end in itself. I hope they go for it because all these laws are great for when the right wing will assume power. Just have hate speech include class warfare, insulting white men etc and pretty much all leftist crap will be as illegal as reading mein kampf is in Germany. Racists can’t vote? Ok, nobody who isn’t a net tax payer with four citizen grandparents can vote. Everything they do can be reframed for shitlord ends. Lol


    • If the social media screeching I see is any indication, we are close to that point now. I predict it will start with some sort of “No H8TE Speech” pledge/requirement required of candidates wishing to be in a particular primary or be on a particular ballot.


  46. More evidence that of CH maxims: “I felt my fantasy slipping away. I was confronted with a cold, hard reality: The man I was falling in love with was a Republican.
    Our argument continued out onto the street and into the cab, and all the way to my apartment. Then something weird happened. Instead of kicking me out of the cab and tearing off in a rage, Todd said coolly and calmly, “Aren’t you going to invite me up?”
    What followed was the best sex of my life up to that point. Somehow the political tension between us had transformed into sexual tension. I was hooked. ”

    And read the violated bleating in the comments for a laugh. Priceless



  47. on December 8, 2015 at 6:09 pm gunslingergregi

    its too funny that the movie men in black is true story


    • on December 8, 2015 at 6:10 pm gunslingergregi

      yea that is correct i talked mad shit about how tough i was
      and guess what i turned out even beyond the toughness of what people could posibly even imagine he he he


      • on December 8, 2015 at 6:12 pm gunslingergregi

        like to put a thank you to my daddy out there for giving me his genes that own
        thank you to everyone who has tried to help me
        i really appreciate it and am feeling the Love


      • on December 8, 2015 at 6:14 pm gunslingergregi

        and thank you mommy too
        so you guys were saying my mommy was bad or some other chick
        or both
        but whatevs i guess life sick as fuck sometimes and people dont realize if someone asleep what happens to them still affects there soul even though they not conscious


  48. on December 8, 2015 at 6:17 pm gunslingergregi

    a lot of my chicks are actually missing like i said before


  49. Field Report

    Hanging at the my HP today kind of celebrating with my boys. Decided to go out front and see if there was any opportunities. I see a hot blond sitting alone and set my stuff at the table next to her. This one is special to me. She was not fixed up at all. Wearing a baseball cap and yoga tights. Big blue eyes and a curvy figure with large pointy tits. Sultry face. Because she was hiding her beauty I would say that some would give her a 8 to 8 1/2. But she was a 9 to me all the way. I walk over to her and put out my hand out. She looks at me for a second then pulls her ear plugs and extends her hand. I take it and she never withdraws it! lol. I am sitting there holding it and conversing while tingles are forming. I finally let it go and say I will be back. I go talk to my friend for 10 minutes before he leaves. Then go back to her while she is talking to a gentleman giving a survey. I sit next to her and he looks at me. I say she is with me. She smiles and he continues. He finally finishes and says goodbye to the both of us. I talk to her about some interesting topics some of which I told her I know more than her about. Probably acted a little pompous. I finally say I have to go inside to see a friend. Have her put her number in the phone. As this happening I am almost having to pinch myself as it seems to good and easy to believe. By this time there are various people with jaws dropped watching it unfold. She leaves, I send the standard text and she replies immediately with “Likewise!”

    You never know how a women is going to react and frankly I was caught off guard with how fast things could of escalated and how it is possible to have something consummate in one day. It was I who stopped the kino and thus slowed the tingles. It was just so intense sitting there having this total stranger let me hold her hand and act as if she wanted more. I will work on that. Anyway another name and number added to the list. Hopefully my beta pull back did not turn her off.


  50. Republican Party in a Cucknado over TRUMP….

    while Yeb ‘PacMan” Bush speaks to an audience of dozens in a law firm…

    Add to Shit Cuckservatives Say “He does not represent our party or our values”



  51. With regards to the on-going buttfuckery of the mainstream press and the ineptitude and armchair quarterbacking of said cucks, (even law professors from Univ of Bal that I had to listen to comment about the unconstitutionality of cutting off immigration while flipping the stations as I passed Camden Yards) anti-reality libtards, and limp-wristed libertarian beta-chodes….someone just consult with Dr. Edwin Vieira. You won’t beat this man having anything to do with the constitutionality of a given subject. He will decimate you and slice and dice you three ways to Sunday. He beat the Supreme Court twice. He wrote Pieces of Eight. He currently lives outside the District of Criminals in close to the first mtn range.



  52. “The truth knocks on the door and you say, “Go away, I’m looking for the truth,” and so it goes away. Puzzling.” R Pirsig. FU Cucks…libtards and limp-wristed libertarians..


  53. Heartiste doesn’t wanna talk to me cuz he thinks I’m Muslim, but I’m not. 😦 😫😩

    [CH: in my personal life i spend quality time with all sorts of people. but my personal life isn’t, and shouldn’t be, the basis for national policy. think of it this way: closing the borders isn’t a declaration of dislike for every individual one knows. that’s a very liberal compulsion to make the personal political (and vice versa).]


  54. Gee–I don’t even get a hat tip? (See my comment of 10:30 pm, 20 November 2015, at your post headed “Flip The Compliance Script On Self-Entitled Girls.”)


  55. on December 8, 2015 at 7:50 pm Mr Bigglesworth

    Trump has virtually the entire political establishment against him. If he pulls off a victory in 2016, it will be one of the most impressive feats of political survival and triumph in a century. Time to break out the champaign.

    Or perhaps not.

    Trump provides, in the boldest, loudest possible terms, exactly the image of “arrogant privileged white male” that leftoid hiveminds have craved ever since George W Bush left the stage. Off-the-charts as their anti white vitriol seems now, the years before Trumps presidency will seem tame, in restrospect, compared to the bile that will flow with renewed vigour after 2016.

    Trump personifies the ultimate evil from the left’s darkest dreams; the archetypal “racist, anti immigrant, anti women” white man whom they must defeat at all costs, so that multi ethnic, gender neutral communities can live together in perfect bliss, free from the hidious memory of the white majority.

    Put simply, Trump will galvanise the Left, as never before, and further split the Right, as never before. He will lose far more female and ethnic voters than he will gain, and generously provide a stream of quotes for the propanda machine to further discredit and shame white male leadership. This will serve, week after week, month after month, to permanently alienate the Republican party from female and ethnic voters – a politically fatal outcome in the medium to long term.


    • on December 8, 2015 at 7:52 pm Mr Bigglesworth



    • …except that would have already happened. And it hasn’t.


      • on December 8, 2015 at 10:33 pm Mr Bigglesworth


        You don’t think the Republican party has already payed dearly for losing female and ethnic voters?

        How did the 2012 election work out for Romney? And 2008 for McCain? White, male, working class votes are no longer enough to win US elections. 40 years of population enrichment has seen to that – forever.

        Trump will do very well amongst conservative voters aged 50+. But that won’t be enough.

        The tidal wave of anti-trump rhetoric that will erupt after his recent comments – and will continue for the next 12 months – will make the Trump brand socially toxic. I’m referring mainly to whites under the age of 30, for whom posting pro-Trump comments on social media will soon become an act of blasphemy that exposes them to instant castigation.
        On an individual level, Millenials care more about the threat of social ostracization, than about practically any other consideration. A few brave souls will proudly support the Trump campaign, undeterred. But for most, accusations of racism and misogyny, and the social costs they incur, will outweigh any percieved gains of openly supporting Trump.

        The hope, then, is for the “silent majority” to vote him into office next year. Perhaps. But I strongly suspect the relentless hammering he’s going to recieve between now and then will cost him the election.


      • Trump is dictating the terms of battle. And he hasn’t even brought out the heavy artillery yet.

        at every move the cucks and the shit libs are crying and reacting to his moves and he just plows through:
        -mccain comments
        -Mexican rapists
        -rosie O’Donnell
        -women and jobs
        -jews buying him

        he’s in control. He’s got Smart people analysing the shit out of every vote and electoral blow job he’s got to give to meet his end goal.

        Your trying to argue as if the population vote means something, and it does, sort of. But look at the scoreboard board. He’s way out front and hasn’t even dipped into his pocket book.

        Like i said, if you were correct he would have been derailed by now.



      • on December 8, 2015 at 11:14 pm Zed, Lord of the Brutals

        Remove kebab(and the rest of the wogs).


      • So the republican party is supposed to get even cuckier, compromise itself even more, in order to attract women and “ethnics” who hate White men’s guts no matter what they do and would never vote for them? What would these pseudo-republican democrats win even if they won? What the hell would such a party even mean?

        The republic party is 90% White and 80% of non-Whites vote democrat. We are in an existential race war. Romney won the White vote in ALL age groups. Millennials suck but they aren’t as faggoty as you think. Romney lost because he was a weak non-charismatic cuck. Have you even heard of the Sailer Strategy? Trump is galvanizing the WHITE RACE in America for one last desperate charge to save us and our way of life and our civilization.

        Your whole bent seems to be blaming the victim. If Whites fight back they’ll beat us even harder, so we shouldn’t even try? Get the hell out of here.


      • The tidal wave of anti-trump rhetoric that will erupt after his recent comments – and will continue for the next 12 months – will make the Trump brand socially toxic. I’m referring mainly to whites under the age of 30, for whom posting pro-Trump comments on social media will soon become an act of blasphemy that exposes them to instant castigation.
        On an individual level, Millenials care more about the threat of social ostracization, than about practically any other consideration.

        We have a secret ballot in this country. Many Millennials may denounce Trump in public, but vote for him in private.


      • on December 9, 2015 at 8:30 am Experienced Father

        Mr Bigglesworth,

        In every presidential campaign there is a tipping point. We just passed that tipping point for 2016’s campaign.

        Only Trump can only beat Trump. No one else can touch him.

        The entire Republican field, save Cruz, stepped on their collective dicks with Trump’s Statement. Trump has created a political unified field theory of Immigration control and fighting Muslim Terrorists.

        They are now two sides of the same political coin with the Voting Public.

        Thus it is game over for Nov 2016.

        Because…Muslim Terrorism in America.


    • That may be so; Trump may not win the nomination or the presidency. And his candidacy may further draw out the already-present anti-White hatred in many people.

      But you forgot the other side of the coin: Trump’s candidacy is a wake-up call for White men, as well. More Whites are waking up and remembering their strength. We don’t need a majority of Whites to start to set things right again, and we certainly don’t need any of the third-worlders.

      Trump’s candidacy, taking place at this particular moment in time, has started something.


    • You’re such a tiresome troll.


    • on December 8, 2015 at 11:15 pm The Spirit Within

      Great analysis. Comment more.


    • Since 2008, at every level other than the Presidency, the Democratic Party Has lost power and position. 69 House seats, 13 Senate seats, at least 910 state legislature seats. Republicans control 32 of 50 governorships. That is Obama’s legacy. The Democratic Party resembles nothing so much as an inverted pyramid, unstable and ready to fall. They control the federal bureaucracy, which is not nothing, but it all hinges on one election, which they dare not lose. Otherwise, the entirety of their power is gone. They are staking everything on one throw of the dice. Perhaps it will work out for them, especially if the GOP nominates another cuckservative, but if I were a Democrat I would be worried, especially with Trump in the mix. No one knows exactly how he will play.


  56. Sporting my TRUMP shirt at the gym tonight, of all nights. Good times.


  57. This Trump is one smart guy. His latest gambit with Islam is genius. If he stays in the race long enough, he is going to wipe the floor with everybody else thanks to his current stance on the Islam thing. And the surprising thing about it, this part of his plan is just so easy to see (12 months left – come’on, this Islamic terrorism thing, in Europe, or other western nations, and maybe even in the US, is only going to escalate between now and then. ISIS’s stated strategy is to draw the U.S. into a boots on the ground war on their own turf. They have made this clear to everybody. Everybody in the race knows this. ISIS is going to step up international terrorism, and US terrorism too if they can muster that, – they fucking want a republican to win!).

    What his real genius is – is how Trump is playing everybody on this issue, – his bombast and excellent timing forces the others (republicans and and dems) to back into a defensive position, discourse-wise, and show their cards in a way they won’t be able to take back.

    This guy is good. He is slowly forcing populace contempt upon the others (though he is taking some heat, contempt-wise, via a portion of the populace now, but an excellent gamble to take given the current circumstances handed to him). After some time to come, this is slowly going to start reading among the populace (after further terror) like – “hey, these other dudes (and lady) aren’t that dumb, to have forgone a golden opportunity like that – they be playin us for fools! Who they be playin their cards for??!”


    • ISIS is a CIA, Mossad, Turkish Intel, Saudi Intel, and Qatari Intel formed entity. Their stated aim is designed to create an excuse to bring US Forces back to the ME to create a third world war and establish a large occupying force there. Zero Hedge, New Eastern Observer, and Veterans Today have reported extensively on this. The British press has dipped its toe in the water and Reuters is outright lying.


      • CD – so are you saying every single other republican and dem candidate is in bed with a so-called CIA/Mossad false flag operation?


      • on December 9, 2015 at 2:24 am carlos danger

        Yes. Are you familiar with your countryman Benjamin Fulford? He used to the Forbes bureau chief for Japan and was in a unique position to be visited by the Free Mason Illuminati hit man and the Asian umbrella Mafia the same day or so. He has sided with the Asian mafia and tattles on the illminati. Every candidate is owned by them, maybe even Trump.


      • CD – no not familiar with Benjamin Fulford. So I looked up his website (you have to pay for the full articles so I only ready the first 1,000 words or so of several articles). It seems to me he is painting what he calls the Illuminati as the lessor evil.

        Look – From the bit I have now reviewed, I don’t disagree with the nuts and bolts of his assessments, but I think his conclusions see more “world-domination-secret-agenda” ideas than the assessments actually warrant. Yes there is always power struggles of self-interest, but to my way of thinking the pools of self-interest are so manifold that there isn’t enough alignment of common interest to make the “world-domination-secret-agenda” a realistic conclusion.

        He seems to be equating the Illuminati with what has been popularized as shitlib ideology (i.e. – probably this group’s more simplistic version of their actual ideology, touted for mass consumption) who have control of at least some of the levers of power in the west, who are working towards a globalist framework for humanity. I would hope that the most intelligent of this group are smart enough to see that their ideas are based on the egalitarian ideal (and not the shitlib facsimile of the egalitarian that is rolled out for mass consumption) and thus aren’t about any kind of domination at all, but are actually for increasing valuation of the idea of the “individual”. Time will tell. I do have to admit that the genuine version of the egalitarian-ideal-in-practice, seems to be rarer than I once thought, – as I have slowly begun to realize over the last several months of drilling down on this stuff.


    • on December 9, 2015 at 8:42 am Experienced Father

      Wild Man,

      Trump is playing classic pick up artist Game with the media being in the role of the fading SMV queen bee beauty who is seeing the Alpha male ignore her for other pretty women in her clique.

      Trump’s ‘outrageous political statements’ are the political campaign equivalent of a “nuclear neg,” knocking the queen bee’s self esteem and world view.

      And everyone is in on the joke…except the queen bee.

      Because…queen bee identity issues.


  58. Here’s the deal with Islam (I posted this somewhere else a few minutes ago:

    “Donald Trump is focusing attention on the real problem (ham-handedly I concede) . As far as I can see, Islam, as a religious ideology, does not provide adequate ideological support for the majority among it’s followers, that are predisposed to western core values, like the egalitrarian, for that proclivity. Such Muslims that are for western values, it seems to me, come to these conclusions within a ideo-theological milieu that is not supportive of these values, and therefore should be commended for their personal virtue, but, the ideology they find themselves immersed in, does much to stymie such virtuous proclivities.

    Let’s all stop pretending this is not true. As far as the Abrahamic religions go, Islam is at least 200 years behind with respect to the move towards secularization that the other two underwent, that have allowed better embrace of western virtues among the followers of these other two. This is a problem. Trump is right to shine a light on that. I am not at all happy with our western leadership – politically, in the media sphere, and among our academic intellects, continually sweeping this under the rug. We need much more frank and open discussion about what I have alluded to above. If Trump serves as the impetus for that, at this juncture, that is not bad.

    The politically correct babble I am seeing shut down further discussion on so many important issues now (not just this one), is starting to get sickening.”

    Like come’on, any of the others could be saying this now. This shit is going to be thrown in their face in the near future.


    • The frank and open discussion includes name calling and outrageous statements made for the emotional satisfaction of hearing them. Parliament was most responsive to the people when they used to have fistfights. That means they care. Intellectuals too often fail to see the innate wisdom amidst the howling and shouts of the men. Most have a compromise position already in their heads waiting for the opportunity to endorse. The loud populism is more accurately called consciousness raising and posturing for an advantageous bargaining position.


      • CD – yes – but my point being the any of the other candidates could take the above-mentioned stance now, and still be somewhat politically correct, to thwart Trump’s potential for checkmate on this issue. But no one bites (Cruz yes, but not in the right way – he should say it is Islam and not the country of origin). The muslim population in the US is less than 1%. So, from a political campaign perspective – who cares what they think – but if your base includes shitlibs (like Hillary and Bernie), then say something like I wrote above (I worded it that way for consumption at another site, which has a large Canadian readership, so, to make my point so it would be heard, I worded it as above. But it is all basically true, except about Trump being ham-handed – the readership here at CH knows better, that is actually part of his genius strategy to be bombastic, as I mentioned above).

        You have to wonder why the other candidates are not saying this. They all know more terrorism is coming (for reasons as mentioned above). So Trump forces their hand. But then they all dive for the PC bunker but yet again. How do they think they will spin it when further terrorism occurs?


      • CD – ps – I should have said what I said above is true of the majority of muslims in the US and Canada, a smaller majority in Europe, but only true of a minority in the middle east. Thar would be more accurate.


  59. Remember, Melania, the hottest first lady since Jacquie O and who is actually more beautiful, is Slovenian. Do you think the Donald will cut that tap off?


    • Not sure what you mean.


    • on December 9, 2015 at 2:19 am carlos danger

      I mean he will allow hot women in and no one else!


    • Carlos, if it were only Slovenians and their like coming across the border, nobody would be worried.


    • Of course, that will probably be the downside of all this “ban Muslim immigration” talk…

      … the compromise will be, in the sense of “fairness”, to hold a moratorium on ALL immigration…

      … which means quality White folks that the USA is sorely in need of would have to be shut out as well, because the darkies and Others fucked things up.

      Hmmmmm… where have we seen THAT phenomenon before?


      • No Immigration of any kind is the only proper policy for the West, with exceptions for Boers and other Whites in Africa, should we write those lands off.

        Europe’s countries can’t afford to send their own young and talented abroad either.


      • I’d be happy with a moratorium on ALL immigration. Conservative Whites have a pretty decent birthrate. And after immigration is halted, we can work on scaling back the dindu subsidies, which should naturally lower the birthrate for libtards/anti-Whites even more.


      • Good points about halting all immigration, per se…

        … but it still sticks in my craw that it has to be couched as such, when what is truly meant is “Hey darky, we doan need yo’ KIND ’round chere!”.


  60. on December 8, 2015 at 11:31 pm Mr Bigglesworth

    “Your trying to argue as if the population vote means something, and it does, sort of”.

    It’s good to see you aren’t entirely brain dead 🙂

    Not only do I predict that Trump’s campaign will derail into fractured infighting… he’s burning the Republican party to the ground, in the process.

    All Trump had to do, was keep the focus on economic competence, proud nationalism and family values. Throw in some humility and self depricating humour, and he wins in 2016, hands down.

    But nope.

    He’s gone full throttle against Muslims… a full year before the election. And right before our eyes, he is scuppering the last realistic prospect of restricting inmigration that we’ll see in our lifetimes – outside of an outright economic collapse.


    • on December 8, 2015 at 11:36 pm The Spirit Within

      Aside from me, you’re the only level-headed commenter here, Bigglesworth. Clap clap.


      • on December 8, 2015 at 11:40 pm Mr Bigglesworth

        Thanks Strapon. It looks like I’ll be joining you as a fellow outcast on this issue.


      • Moron, please. You are about the most mentally deranged fuck that has EVER tried to disgrace a blog, and there is no shame in your faggot game you are trying to run here. Cut the crap, Shimbo. We read yor bullshit loud and clear. I would personally run a knitting needle through your temples if given a chance.


      • “The Strapon Within” and “Mr Bigglesworth.”

        CH quorum,

        Motion to stop all homerotic commenter immigration until we can sort things out.



      • Prolly a sock puppet or one of your homo fellow travelers. either way, bf fuuckin’ d.


      • Heh. Even fellow trolls call him Strapon.


      • on December 9, 2015 at 2:46 am Vagina dominator

        “Heh. Even fellow trolls call him Strapon.”



      • Aside from me, you’re the only levelblock-headed commenter here, Bigglesworth. Clap clap.

        Fixed it for you.

        Bigglesworth is the Eeyore of the chateau, but there’s only one Strapon… whom (as others have wryly noted) even the other trolls refer to as Strapon.


    • Not if there is more Islamic terrorism before it’s time for him to get the republican nod. That will make his so-called ham-handed moves now, seem really cunning in that future eventuality, in the sense it would force all the other candidates to eat their own shit.


    • “All Trump had to do, was keep the focus on economic competence, proud nationalism and family values. Throw in some humility and self depricating humour, and he wins in 2016, hands down.”

      Gee, thanks Mr Bigglesworth, campaign leader extraordinaire. Your campaign strategy sounds identical to Jeb Bush’s.

      Looks like we found out where the $30M campaign funding is going to.


      • on December 9, 2015 at 12:34 am Mr Bigglesworth


        Trump has a personality. Yeb doesn’t.

        Bush is basically a boring, bloated, bland beta (How’s that for aliteration?). He never stood a chance.

        Trump certainly has the personality, the leading male brashness and all-round ZFG alpha attitude. Unfortunately, whilst “zero fucks given” may work brilliantly in Game, it becomes rather more problematic when you need people to vote for you.

        All we can do now is wait and see. Either you’re right, and Trump will go from strength to strength.

        Or…..I’m right, and Trump’s trailblazers get terrifically trampled.


    • It’s clear that older methods of trolling no longer work for them: straightforward rhetoric, shaming language, Whiskeyite liar logic, appeals to vanity or sympathy. Some trolls have figured that out and are trying a new approach: appeals to inevitability/despair. Wait for Biggle to come back to that one. “I agree with you guys, diversity sucks, but it’s irreversible.”


    • on December 9, 2015 at 7:48 am Diversity Is Good

      Trump is a skilled negotiator who is quite capable of asking for the whole store, but settling for a reasonable share plus a few things in the end. He’s saying things that a lot of people have wanted to say, but were too afraid. He’s tapping into a whole lot of anger.

      Trump is moving the Overton window on a daily basis. The only fractured infighting will be between cuckservatives like ¡Jeb! and his law firm donors, and the entire GOPe base. It’s a fight the donors picked, not the base. Go back to National Review, cucky. It’s too hot for you here.


    • on December 9, 2015 at 9:05 am Experienced Father

      Mr Bigglesworth,

      You must be from Colorado to smoke dope that good.

      FYI, the Dems and Progressive Republicans in Conservative Clothing (PRICC’s) have backed Americans into a emotional corner.

      1. If they buy guns to defend their families, they are deemed gun nuts, and contributors to carnage.

      2. If they are against Syrian refugees, which will conceal ISIS operatives, they are labeled “xenophobic”.

      3. If they agree with a moratorium on Muslims entering the US, they are tagged as racists. And finally,

      4. The state/local police are hobbled by DOJ oversight and media smears, they become less able to protect the public. (See Pres Obama’s Tweet saying that Jihadi Jr’s Texas test bomb at school was a clock)

      Thus, Americans are left feeling defenseless, vulnerable, and angry.

      Trump offers a Strong White Alpha Male way out of this emotional trap.

      Say “President Trump.” Get used to it.

      You will be saying it for the rest of your life.


  61. on December 8, 2015 at 11:35 pm The Spirit Within

    Trump on his Muslim stance:

    “Somebody in this country has to say what’s right. I have great respect and love—I have people that I have tremendous relationships with, they’re Muslim. And Barbara, they agree with me 100 percent.”

    Trump’s imaginary Muslim friends should get together with his imaginary black friends and imaginary Latino supporters. They can elect him imaginary president.


    • TSW – it’s all spin man. He knows what is what. He can’t go all anarcho-bombast and expect to win can he? Look for the subtext of the overt words (especially in politics).


      • on December 9, 2015 at 9:50 am The Spirit Within

        Nate Silver over at 538 puts Trump’s chances of winning the general at 10%. He’s an expert in sabermetrics. Data analysis. This guy has accurately predicted nearly every single political election in the last eight years.


        He points out that vast majority of voters don’t listen to politics or make up their minds until after the Iowa primary, Feb 1. We’re all early adopters here, as it were.


      • TSW – alright I will have a look at Nate Silver’s take. The point I am trying to make though is Trump is well aware he can’t win the general election unless he moves huge blocks of voters en-mass from various demographics, including a huge number of people that are more or less shitlib-fence-sitters, and therefore do have the propensity to move given the right strong in-your-face signals. This Islam thing is made to order as grist for the Trump-bombast-machine, as I outlined above.

        Let’s be callous here. He can only win if he makes his opponents eat shit. Will the election gods bless him with an unfolding of further international events that favor his high-stakes style? That is what he is banking on – and it seems to me that is a very shrewd gamble to take – there is good reason to believe that events will unfold in a way that favors his strategy.

        To me, every single other candidate actually looks ham-handed now, with respect to their failure to redirect the populace’s sentiment their way (you know – agree with Trump, but in a high-faluten way, call him ham-handed in his approach, and attempt to steal this issue away from him now, given the great possibility of future juice around this issue). That’s what is confusing to me – these other candidates aren’t dumbasses – what’s up?


      • TSW – “That’s what is confusing to me – these other candidates aren’t dumbasses – what’s up?”

        OK – I will give it away (since no one else here is saying, which is telling). The other candidates don’t bite because they are afraid to spin any religious meme any way except as “god-fearing-people”. US has had a long history of having this most farcical of all PC-speak embedded in all levels of public discourse. Trump of course knows this, and so doesn’t outright say it is religion but says vague things like “stop the immigration of muslims until we figure this thing out”. He is baiting. He wants one of the other candidates to go full-on about the problem being Islamic ideology (which clearly is the actual problem), to test the waters so to speak. Shrewd fellow.
        Watch how this precise meme begins to get handled now. He got the ball rolling without a full commitment to the “Islamic ideology as the real problem” meme, and now is watching for signals as to how this is going to play.

        The way I picture it is he is running his campaign is the way he runs real estate (I have a background in commercial real estate management myself). He sits around with a few high IQ guys who are all riffing on what the other candidates are thinking, who they are beholden to, how their hands are tied on certain things, getting really into the detail as to their weaknesses, and the source of their power, and then waits to see how that info can help things go his way (and does not opportunities to use the info pass unused – you gotta be ruthless). The key is to get a few guys that aren’t blinded by any ideologies themselves – just smarts about people. That’s it. That is what he is doing. But smart way to organize for campaign-war nevertheless.


      • TSW – alright I looked at what Nate Silver has to say, and there isn’t anything there that I can see that refutes my analysis (and if pressed I think he would agree).


      • on December 9, 2015 at 12:29 pm The Spirit Within

        Yeah, if anybody is interested in, ya know, FACTS, and actual INFORMED opinions, about the state of the race, Nate Silver’s round table discussions are good places to start.

        Here they are discussing a Ted Cruz win in Iowa. (Cruz just came out on top in a Monmouth poll this week, edging out Trump.) http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/what-if-ted-cruz-wins-iowa/


    • It will truly be a blessing to rid this country of worthess fucks like you and your fellow travelers, fuckstick. The wrath is coming, Shimbo


      • on December 9, 2015 at 5:33 am Laguna Beach Fogey

        Agreed. It;s coming.

        This past Sunday night, while out Christmas shopping, we almost inadvertently walked into a Hanukkah celebration.

        I turned away in disgust, pulled my gf with me, and made a dismissive hand gesture towards the Jewish gathering.

        As I turned I saw 2 old bearded Jewish men staring at me with a concerned look on their face.

        I don’t even try to hide it anymore.

        They know, that we know.


    • What IS this faggot’s deal? Does s/he want Hillary or Rubio to win?

      Newsflash: Trump is kicking the shit out of all the other republicans and nobody likes Hillary Clinton. And if beaner Rubio went against Clinton he would lose and if he won it wouldn’t matter because he’s a spic neocon rino who agrees with the witch on every issue.

      So I ask again, what is your fucking deal, strap-on? Who are you backing? What is your angle? Or are you just doing this:

      because you’re a shitty little worm and your life sucks?


      • Strapon has made it clear before that she is Ready for Hillary. But that leathery old dyke can’t excite Strapon anymore, so she trolls here for tingles.


      • And if beaner Rubio went against Clinton he would lose and if he won it wouldn’t matter because he’s a spic neocon rino who agrees with the witch on every issue.

        Yes, exactly. I’ve been saying this for months. If any candidate except Trump, Cruz or Paul wins the nomination, It won’t make a damn bit of difference if they win the general because there’s not a damn bit of difference between them and the elephant-legged basilisk.


      • on December 9, 2015 at 9:57 am The Spirit Within

        It’s team Bernie for me. His two themes – economic inequality and climate change – define our era. Yes, he’s old, and I don’t expect him to win the nom, but I’ve listened to him on the radio, off and on, for years, and he’s genuine. More so than Hillary.

        P.S. I’m 6’2, am my own boss, and have spent the year enjoying a small harem. My life is awesome right now and I can’t really connect with the bitterness you guys feel here.



      • P.S. I’m 6’2, am my own boss, and have spent the year enjoying a small harem. My life is awesome right now and I can’t really connect with the bitterness you guys feel here.

        This is about the millionth time you’ve asserted this on this blog. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.


      • “If any candidate except Trump, Cruz or Paul wins the nomination, It won’t make a damn bit of difference”



      • LOL Strapon is just trying to piss us off now because he knows we can’t actually punch him in the mouth. I’m referring to Bernie and “climate change”, not the fake bragging about a harem.


      • on December 9, 2015 at 12:14 pm The Spirit Within

        @Some Guy

        Occasionally I like to remind the groundlings who they’re throwing cabbages at.


      • Strapon says: “It’s team Bernie for me.”


    • on December 9, 2015 at 9:23 am Experienced Father

      The Spirit Within,

      A very astute observation from over on “The Conservative Tree House” blog —

      “Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.”

      What Trump owns with that statement, and the ensuing backlash from essentially everyone, is the exclusive position on what would have prevented the San Bernardino attack, and (I honestly hate to say it) the next terrorist attack on U.S. soil.

      In other words, he owns “Protecting America’s Families” in a way no other candidate can lay claim to, since he is the only one with a viable solution.

      As you said, he’s just baiting his opposition into staking out positions that they’re then wedded to.

      If the situation weren’t so dire, it would be complete comedy the way he is playing his opponents and especially the media.

      “President Trump,” get used to saying it.

      Because you will be saying it for the rest of your life whenever Trump’s name comes up.


      • on December 9, 2015 at 9:59 am The Spirit Within

        Good point.

        If we suffer a major terrorist attack in the next year — not a San Bernadino, but a 9/11 — it will be to Trump’s everlasting benefit. He’s staked out the xenophobic position.

        As of now, though, he ain’t close to winning. He’s just in the headlines. Headlines =/= votes.


    • on December 9, 2015 at 12:45 pm Experienced Father

      The Spirit Within,

      >>Nate Silver over at 538 puts Trump’s chances
      >>of winning the general at 10%

      And Silver said the Dems would win the Kentucky governorship in Nov 2015 by 3% and they lost to the Tea Party candidate by 7%.

      Silver’s model only works if his partisan turn out predictions are correct.

      Active Muslim terrorism will make hash any such predictions.


    • Nate Silver? Oh, why didn’t you say so?

      Now if we can just get Schlomo Schmul and Heimie Lipshitz to chime in, the issue’s settled!


  62. on December 9, 2015 at 7:21 am Mr Bigglesworth

    @ Amasius

    “So the republican party is supposed to get even cuckier, compromise itself even more, in order to attract women and “ethnics” who hate White men’s guts no matter what they do.”

    ^^ No. The fate of the Republican party is to tear itself apart, limb from limb, as the cuck faction battles the Trump-led white majority faction. Whilst they scramble for eachother’s throats, the ship will smash against the rocks. We are already seeing this playing out in real time.

    “Romney won the white vote among ALL age groups”.

    Indeed he did. And the perma-grinned prick STILL lost. What does that tell you?

    You are absolutely correct: the Repubs cannot win the ethnic vote = election defeat. Nor, however, is the white male vote, alone, enough to win = election defeat. Even if Trump can pull off one last hurrah for them, the game is up.

    The Republicans have been every bit as complicit as the Democrats in permanently and irreversibly transforming America’s demographics. In fact, the betrayal is even worse, because they are supposed to protect the safety and interests of working class and middle income white voters – whom they have stabbed in the back for the corporate profits of cheap labor importation. Their electoral ruin is thoroughly deserved. Good riddance.


    • Romney did not win the votes of whites who did NOT turn out…. Nice try troll.


      • on December 9, 2015 at 8:31 am Mr Bigglesworth

        @ The Straw

        Trump will fare even worse than Romney. He’ll split the white vote – and the Republican party – more than any nominee in modern history.

        Mark my words: this won’t end well for the blond pouter or the party he’s trashing.


      • tiresome… No white GOP male is going to vote for Hillary, so TRUMP isn’t splitting shit. You will get however white male undecideds and democrats crossing over to TRUMP, particularly working class who ain’t fairing well under Obongo. And you will get a lot of democratic WOMEN who just love all that Alpha MAN switching over. Women + FEAR = seek protection.


    • on December 9, 2015 at 8:42 am Hugo Stiglitz

      Have you ever, in your life, actually read a history book? You whine endlessly about immigration and birth rates as if they progress in a linear fashion. I pointed this out to you in another thread and you ignored it – of course.

      The US has an abundance of everything needed to become prosperous again. We lack nothing but a properly motivated population and strong leadership.

      When the debtbux run out (this is a mathematical certainty), and the hangover ensues, all your well articulated babbling about the inevitability of our downfall will be moot. People will either do what needs to done or starve.

      If people try to take instead of work, they will be culled.

      I understand that your nation is doomed. However, many of us would be more than happy to come over to your side of the pond and help you with your problems.

      We gotta pay you back for burning down the White house some how.

      If that isn’t to your liking, you could always come here. There is plenty of room. Just leave that bitch – ass attitude behind.


    • on December 9, 2015 at 9:15 am Experienced Father

      Mr Bigglesworth,

      You expect African-American’s to turn out for Hillary, the way they did for Obama?

      And you expect that there _won’t_ be more San Bernadino’s before the election?

      Yeah, you’re from Colorado.


    • on December 9, 2015 at 11:34 am Diversity Is Good

      Concern trolling is so 20th century. Can’t you cucks come up with anything new?


    • This is not necessarily true. Sean Trende at RCP has demonstrated fairly convincingly that Republicans can win with basically only the white vote until at least 2040, if they up their percentages slightly. Given the increased racial polarization under Obama, and the consequent “Back to Blood” tribalism, I think this is possible. Here are the money quotes:

      “There are very good reasons to pursue the Hispanic vote from both moral and policy perspectives, and of course every vote does help. But from a cold electoral calculus, the Democrats’ gains among Hispanics at this point yield very little fruit. In fact, if the Democrats were to increase their vote share among Hispanics somehow by another 10 percent, Republicans could nevertheless win the presidency by increasing their share among whites by just four points.”

      “And yet, Republicans’ showings among whites continue to improve over time. In 2010, Republicans won the highest share of the white vote for any major party in House elections since 1822. They’re doing something correct.”

      “The GOP currently has some of the largest shares of Congress, governorships, and state legislatures that it has had in recent history. Demographic changes did not prevent Democrats from suffering the worst midterm election in 80 years in 2010, and most signs suggest another bad year is in the offing. This simply isn’t consistent with the “demographic doom” storyline.”


      The Democrats did, of course, get shellacked in 2014, largely on the basis of the white vote. For this scenario to play out in 2016, the Republican nominee would have to make a more or less explicit appeal to white voters, particularly blue-collar whites. This would undoubtedly be distasteful to a cuckservative in the mold of Romney or McCain, but not perhaps to, say, a Trump.


  63. on December 9, 2015 at 10:37 am Mr Bigglesworth

    “You expect African-American’s to turn out for Hillary, the way they did for Obama?”

    ^^ No, much more damaging than that, I expect the Trump brand will become socially toxic to such an extent, that outside his core base supporters, the merest mention of his name will become a social faux pas.

    If you lose the ethnic vote, and the female vote, and the youth vote, you lose the Presidency. The Democrats already know this, and that squelching noise you can hear is their moist anticipation of the Republican’s demographic undoing – brought to a heady climax next year.

    San Berna who? It’s already going down the memory hole.

    I can’t guarantee another Islamic terrorist attack before November ’16. However, I CAN guarantee another Trayvon-style police “brutality” controversy, with extensive, 24 hour coverage across all networks and social media … just in time to galvanise non-whites and cucks to vote for Hillary, snuffling through their hankies at the injustice of white male privilege.


    • on December 9, 2015 at 12:06 pm Experienced Father

      Mr Bigglesworth,

      Trump’s gift is to say the words on everyone’s lips that are never heard.

      Words that are ignored in popular culture, save rarely as a prop for a round of progressive moral superiority signaling.

      Trump is validating the words of a large number of tuned out White Males — a demographic group that is 17 times the total Black vote — and giving them a focus point to vent.

      White males voted at rates lower than White Women in 2008 and 2012.

      This won’t be true in 2016.

      And right now polls show Trump is winning with white women over all.


    • Who Jew dis is?


    • Everyone notice that in this thread alone, Bigglestein has threatened to assassinate Trump (for which I have notified the Attorney General) and bragged about how is Eskimo media will “trump up” fake #blacklivesmatter stories while attempting to bury all things related to reason, facts, and common sense as required for western civilization. Make a note.





  65. on December 9, 2015 at 12:41 pm Mr Bigglesworth

    @ Experienced Father

    “Trump is validating the words of a large number of tuned out White Males — a demographic group that is 17 times the total Black vote — and giving them a focus point to vent. White males voted at rates lower than White Women in 2008 and 2012. This won’t be true in 2016.”

    ^^ These are the strongest counter points to my argument that I’ve seen so far. I concede that it might just work.

    But even in the event of a Trump victory, it’ll still be a last hurrah. The ship ‘Future White Minority’ has long since headed out to sea – and it was the Republicans who enthusiastically helped to hoist the sails.


    • You don’t know that. Trump could implement a total moratorium on immigration. He’ll get rid of 20-30 million illegals. He’ll put the kibosh on the heinous H1B scam. At some point when the moslems make even more of a stink he’ll probably kick all of them out too.

      Maybe he’ll bring in a pro-White immigration policy like we had when we were still America. Maybe he’ll launch an airlift rescue of the White South Africans who are stranded forsaken in that hellhole. I’ll bet there are a whole lot of Britons, French, Irish, Swedes, and Germans who would like to escape the madness in their occupied countries.

      Nothing’s over till it’s over. Maybe Trump is just a Julian the Apostate struggling vainly against inexorable fate. But I know for sure I’d rather fight than just curl up and die.


  66. I’ve just had to sit and listen, over lunch, to so called intelligent people sneering and snarking over this article on the bbc:


    In summary, a bunch of disgruntled lefties have created a petition to ban Donald Trump entry into the UK, on the basis of “hate speech”.

    The left seem particularly upset because Trump said that “parts of London were so radicalised that the police were afraid for their own lives”.

    Like everything that pokes holes in left wing ideology, rather than debating or discussing an idea or observation, the left would rather stick their fingers in their ears, and instead ban, or criminalise the person who said it, in this case, for example, making spurious use of legal provisions such as “hate speech” (I wish the UK had a first amendment).


    • CM – that is fucked – why do so many people now kneejerk to the emotional disposition of a 13-year old girl? This is the strangest phenomenon I have ever come across in my long life. It really is hivemind. It reminds me of Roosh’s recent problems in Canada. The west seems to show itself as emotionally, like a 13 year old girl who is mostly unconscious of the faint stirrings of a future need to get fucked and used hard, but aware enough to be horrified by, and in denial of those stirrings. Why are we in the west, culture-wise, 13-year old girls?? Why? Why?

      Are our women not, real-life, getting fucked hard enough? Is that what the actual problem is?


    • @Wild Man

      It drives me up the wall, and you’re right it is adults expressing the morality and politics of children.

      What I also find, is that when discussing US politics, people in the UK start with the old meme of looking down our noses at the “stupid yanks”, and then follows the justification of “just look at their guns laws”, guffaw, guffaw, titter, titter.


    • …speaking of which, on the BBC news home page at this very moment (from the perspective of a UK user), the two headlining articles are about Donald Trump and the petition, and a Nevada Assembly Woman advocating guns as a Christmas present.


      • Late to the party here, as the leccy’s been out all day, including the ‘phone masts, but as a result of the Beeb’s half-baked attempt at a full-spectrum monstering of DT, as detailed above, I was able to enjoy the sound of the radio-ladies slithering their split leathery tongues around a wondrous new word they’d chanced on.
        All the more delicious, when they presumed to half-arsedly cuntsplain the new tongue-truffle for make benefit Great Unwashed on mainstream daytime radio. Little children will most assuredly have heard it, oh dear oh dear.

        Chateau infiltrates BBC rape!


    • … and to answer your question, I’m not sure what the problem is, but the SJW/Left Wing narrative is so pervasive that many people seem to parrot it without even realising, or those that have some awareness, are scared to challenge it.


    • It would make it all the sweeter if the next president of the United States were “banned” from traveling to the UK … fucking wasteland overrun by Muslims that it is.


    • Where’s the comment section? Oh right the faggot cowards won’t allow the great majority to refute their shit.


    • http://www.breitbart.com/london/2015/12/09/uk-cop-there-are-areas-we-have-to-ask-muslim-leaders-permission-to-patrol/

      Trump’s statements are based on truth. Again. But of course just like the all the others it goes against the Diversity is good for the goys narrative.


  67. The BBC are doing a hatchet job on trump at the moment. Now this article:



    • lol England:

      The Ministry of Truth is looking out for us indeed.


    • @Amasius,

      Your picture illustrates exactly what Mr. Trump is talking about, the beheading took place in Woolwich, this is one of the worst bits of London.

      But here in England, we’re “so much the better, and far more sophisticated than the stupid yanks” for our firearm prohibition.

      That piece of shit would have been shot on the spot in the USA, but because this was the UK, members of the public could do nothing but stand around and stare until the police turned up 10 minutes later.


      • on December 9, 2015 at 4:35 pm Mr Bigglesworth

        @Chunky monkey

        The UK, with a population of nearly 70 million, averages less than 80 gun deaths per year.

        The United States averages over 30,000.

        The end.


      • @Mr. Bigglesworth

        This is exactly the sort of one dimensional argumet my colleagues were sneering over at lunch time.

        Until I pointed out (among other arguments) that there is no correlation between murder rate and gun ownership rates.

        Don’t believe me?

        Switzerland has among the highest levels of gun ownership in the world, but has half the murder rate of the UK.

        You are more than welcome to go through the statistics for the rest of the world, but I can assure you there is no correlation whatsoever.


      • p.s. An equally sneery and snarky “THE END” to you too.


      • I would also add that all firearm prohibition amounts to, is a direct assault on the presumption of innocence, and the state monopolising the use of force.

        Such that in the case of the beheading, ordinary members of the public are unable to defend themselves, or each other, until the police turn up.


      • @Mr BagelStein

        Lookup stabbing deaths in the UK.

        Who jew this is?


    • @CM – what I also find weird about this is how the commenters here at CH are slow to say there is a problem with Islam itself, ideology-wise (instead they make it more about race). Also when I look at more left of center publications in the US (like the New York Times) the American people commenting on those news articles are of the sentiment – “hey this is racist, or anti-religious, the US should be above this”.

      But in Canada, for the left-wing news source, the CBC, the counterpart to Britain’s BBC, though the actual news articles are politically correct, the commenting by Canadians mostly just calling a spade a spade (i.e. – there is something very very wrong with the ideology of Islam):



      • I don’t know enough about Islam to comment on this for sure.

        However, what I do know is that we have real world examples of the results of large concentrations of different cultures/religions/races/tribes being forced to live in the same country.

        That example would be post colonial Africa, I don’t have room to list all the genocides and civil wars (Rwanda, Zaire, Angola, to name a few), but I think mass immigration of alien cultures into western civilization could result in similar outcomes.

        The UK has had enough problems with the Catholic and Protestant population in Northern Ireland, fighting each other for the best part of 50 yeas, and should know better.


      • @CM – that’s just it. If you make it mostly about race/ethnic/tribe differences (even though there often truly are real differences), it doesn’t account for something like catholics vs. protestants in Northern Ireland (or even the tensions between the Irish and the English in general). When you start making it mostly about race/ethnic/tribe differences, what tends to get ignored is how the belief systems, the ideology, of the groups cause most of the divisiveness. Lord knows there are countless examples in history where the race/ethnic/tribe thing gets sliced and diced a 1,000 different ways, but in a lot of cases of such group vs. group tension, the race/ethnic/tribe thing is pointed to as the primary cause, but it just doesn’t make sense to make it too much about innate differences (because there isn’t much there for countless such cases of tension).

        I suspect that in the US, because of the history of:

        – white vs. black (where both some real innate differences mixed with ideological differences), hold the two camps apart

        – a fetish for the “god-fearing-people” meme

        together causes some misunderstanding among the American people about what the more primary causes of demographic tensions actually are (i.e. – a kneejerk towards racial explanations when that is not a very nuanced explanation of what really is going on because of a tendency to downplay ideological differences).

        Then the shitlibs have an ill-informed reaction to that and obfuscate matters even further.

        Trump is subtly forcing discussion within US on this (no one wants to broach these issues in the US it seems, so it actually takes a bombast, to instigate discussion – note that his bombast is vague and does skirt the heart of some issues and in that sense is subtle).


  68. Q: What is the most impressive achievement to date by Muslim immigrants to the United States?


  69. on December 9, 2015 at 5:54 pm Mr Bigglesworth

    @ Chunky Monkey

    Ok, if you insist:

    Switzerland firearm related deaths, per 100,000 population, per year: 2.91

    United Kingdom firearm related deaths, per 100,000 population, per year: 0.26

    ^^ That’s right, Switzerland’s per capita gun death rate is over 1000% higher than the UK. One. Thousand. Percent.

    Now please, show some decorum and stop embarassing yourself.

    By the way, I won’t even mention the United States… where the figure is 10.5


    • What are the actual murder rates?

      And for the record, when talking about 2 more people per 100K, trumpeting 1000% higher sounds very try-hard.

      I’m actually surprised the US isn’t higher, given our hefty supply of legal and illegal guns.

      Anyone wanna bet the murder rate by LEGAL firearm is quite a tad lower?


      • on December 9, 2015 at 7:02 pm Mr Bigglesworth

        “And what are the actual murder rates?”

        ’58 murders a year by firearms in Britain, 8775 in the US’


        I don’t wish to say anymore at this point. It feels like like having an argument with a retard.


      • In England you get your head sawn off with a knife or your body blown up with a bomb, but in Switzerland they shoot you which is a lot worse. And it’s probably the muds disproportionately doing the killing there too, but who cares. With his immensely greater intellect and breadth of knowledge, Mr. B. is also overlooking the extraordinary homicide rate (guns are used most of the time I think) in Mexico with its total gun ban. He must have his reasons.

        Oh wait I just thought of it! It’s America’s fault that Mexicans procure some guns from across the border to kill each other. Gosh darn us!


      • I don’t wish to say anymore at this point. It feels like like having an argument with a retard.

        Well, nobody thought YOU were a retard… merely a purveyor of squid ink.

        Retards we can forgive.


    • @Bigglesworth

      You are quoting gun deaths not murder rate, your are purposefully obfuscating the debate with duff statistics, a tatic the left alway employ.

      It clearly states on the gun deaths statistics that:

      “It should be noted that the following list includes suicides, accidental fatalities, and justifiable homicides.”

      The murder is a clearer measure of the level of violence.

      The murder rate in Switzerland is 0.6 per 100,000, in the UK the rate is 1 per 100,000.

      There is no correlation between gun ownership and murder rate or level of violence whatsoever.

      If you want to debate, please do so honestly.


    • @Bigglesworth,

      And why do you only compare the UK with the US, the US has alway been more violent the UK.

      Even prior to gun prohibition in the UK, the US was more violent.

      To get an honest clear picture, you need to look internationally, and you’ll find there is no correlation.

      And your dishonest attempt to quote gun deaths and not murder rates in Switzerland when compared to the UK is dishonest debating, which is par for the course for lefties who need to cherry pick information to suit their ideology.


  70. I don’t wish to say anymore at this point.
    If only you would stick to that, but we all know that’s not gonna happen.


  71. Time Magazine named Merkel person of the year for ushering in the Muslim invasion of Europe. The runner-up person of the year is the ISIS leader. What a shitty, self-hating, liberal rag: http://time.com/


    • Given a second of reflection, she is probably the greatest traitor in human history. She took it upon herself to commit genocide against her own people, and destroy her own civilization, because she’s a bitter, demented, childless hag.


      • on December 9, 2015 at 10:06 pm Mr Bigglesworth

        “In England you get your head sawn off with a knife or your body blown up with a bomb”

        You are literally more likely to die from a lightning strike than to have your head cut off by an Islamic nut job in England.

        [CH: you weren’t saying this sort of thing after dylann roof.
        too easy.]

        It isn’t the terrorism that bothers me so much (although that’s a hideous and growing threat). It’s the total implosion of societal cohesion, of community, of any sense of belonging, that I see around me everyday. Where I live, in London, you can get on a bus, travel for an hour, and barely hear a word of English spoken. When people say they “feel like a foreigner” in their own country, they aren’t kidding. It’s all the seemingly small things; the bad driving, litter in the streets, petty crime, unkept housing and shitty cars, destitution, backwardness and imported ignorance that piss me off the most. That’s before you even mention serious organized crime, racial tensions and sexual assaults.

        But perhaps the most undignified part of all, is being told that even mentioning any of this is now effectively a thought crime. So people carry on, with their mouths shut, in stunned silence.


      • When that newsreader asshole was playing “gotcha” with Trump and trying to get him to name a specific neighborhood in London which moslems had turned into a no-go zone, I wish he would have said Rotherham. It isn’t in London, but who cares.


      • What? Reichskanzler on the cover of Time again? The 1938 one was better-looking.


      • Mr Bigglesworth,

        >>You are literally more likely to die from a lightning strike
        >>than to have your head cut off by an Islamic nut job in England.

        That’s because the bobbies arrest the fathers daughters trying to save them from Islamic rapists in places like Rothham.


      • well no shit biggle, your government is prosecuting your international boxing champion for his “comments” that a woman is best on her back and in the kitchen.

        you have no free speech at all. and I’m scared living in the USA.

        you guys are farooked. are you going to do anything about it?


  72. CH, thinking about this is in game terms… Does Trump do “comfort building” too? He does a lot of DHV, Agree and Amplify, ZFG frame control shit. There was a post on here that talked about the difference between comfort shit tests and value shit tests. Basically, it was like if a girl asks you if you’re a player when you’re still building attraction, you DON’T want to give her any kind of straight answer because it’s all about value at that point, but if you’ve already moved in close or whatever and are ready to “close” you should say “I’m just looking for someone I click with, and I don’t think we’re any different in that respect.”

    So with Trump, I’m wondering if there is some sort of grand scale “You’re not really a Nazi, are you?” COMFORT shit test that he will have to pass, or has ALREADY passed. Any thoughts on this?


  73. http://www.nytimes.com/politics/first-draft/2015/12/10/trump-solidifies-his-lead-but-leaves-many-nervous/

    “Over all, 24 percent of voters expressed concern and 40 percent fear about what Mr. Trump would do if elected president, whereas 23 percent said they are concerned and 34 percent scared about the possibility of a Clinton presidency. Not surprisingly, voters were sharply divided along partisan lines.

    While Republican voters were most likely to say they were excited (24 percent) or optimistic (41 percent), a full one-third of Republicans say they are concerned or scared about Mr. Trump. Mrs. Clinton’s base views her potential presidency more favorably than does Mr. Trump’s. Twenty-two percent of Democratic voters are excited and 54 percent are optimistic, while only 23 percent said they were concerned or scared.”


  74. Holy shit – the US establishment are starting to change the discourse around the Trump comments on Muslims, painting it like Trump is endangering national security with his comments, quoting from a CBC (Canadian) article of yesterday evening:

    “Trump also runs the risk of entering the Oval Office without the support of the country’s top defence officials. His proposed Muslim immigrant ban drew a sharp rebuke from the Pentagon on Tuesday, with press secretary Peter Cook suggesting the policy would jeopardize national security.

    “Anything that bolsters ISIL’s narrative and pits the United States against the Muslim faith is certainly not only contrary to our values but contrary to our national security,” Cook said, using an acronym for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

    Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson also said Trump’s proposal could thwart U.S. efforts to connect with the Muslim community.”

    What a fucking underhanded conniving shitlib thing for your establishment leaders to do. Everybody know more Islamic terrorism is coming, and they are attempting to turn this issue back on Trump by way blaming him for it, in the future eventuality of it occurring.

    The US is fucked to the core. Your establishment leadership should be calling for more national discussion on this, so the world can start moving beyond this Islamic extremism BS. The US is the fucking leader of the west for godsake. Everybody else in the west is looking to the US for leadership on this stuff.

    If the American people buy this latest crap from your establishment leadership, we are all fucked. I hope Trump has the balls to say so.


    • on December 10, 2015 at 11:59 am Diversity is Good

      LOL at the US establishment, all they are doing is making Trump look stronger and better.

      Trump also runs the risk of entering the Oval Office without the support of the country’s top defence officials.

      LOL at the “top defence officials” who can’t seem to do their job…

      Trump knows how to fire people.


  75. If there is another terrorist attack, not even in the US, just anywhere in the West, Trump is going to look like an oracle. The shock value of his proposal will be gone, and it will just be a “yes” or “no” debate, instead of “OMG can you believe he said that” debate.

    I mean, how likely is it that they will be able to convince anyone that it was Trump’s fault for being sooooooooooooo mean if there is another attack?


  76. @Wild Man

    “The US is fucked to the core. Your establishment leadership should be calling for more national discussion on this, so the world can start moving beyond this Islamic extremism BS. The US is the fucking leader of the west for godsake. Everybody else in the west is looking to the US for leadership on this stuff.”

    The establishment is such a paper tiger it’s ridiculous. I really don’t even think Trump is a fluke, I think he’s showing the way for a lot of people who will conclude “Hey, these people (the bipartisan establishment) are pushovers and I can easily get elected to some office if I just don’t take shit from them.” Trump is probably just the first of many.


  77. Trump must meet this criticism head-on now, and attack both the pentagon and homeland security (but especially the pentagon) for the cowardice they show by way of their lame attempts at deflection. He should go on the attack and make this about how these two institutions need to be cleaned-up, by way of the example of the lame comments of the leadership at these institutions.

    It is one thing for the pansy-assed academic intellectual community to say this shit, but come’on, these institutions themselves framing it this way is just so lame it is almost beyond comprehension.


  78. Here is a British lady that speaks with some common sense about Trump:


    Quoting from the article this Katie Hopkins writes:

    “Because I don’t buy into the clear divide between extremist Muslims and peaceful ones. I don’t see these as two separate entities. It is a sliding scale, a spectrum. From utterly peaceful, to ambivalence to sympathising, to extremist, to a man blowing up buses in Woburn Place”

    I’m in Canada, and I have Muslim friends and I have worked with many many Muslims. Muslims come in so many stripes, it really is quite a fractured religious culture. However what Ms. Hopkins says with respect to the gradient as to their attitudes towards western values, – she is absolutely correct. It would be completely retarded for anyone (Muslims included) to deny this. Look – I am a very friendly man who really enjoys the give and take of exploring ideas with people. So I talk to everybody I know or who I have known. Muslim people are no different than anyone else on issues for the most part until the subject matter overlaps with what their particular Imam is saying. Then they kneejerk to the Imam’s view a whole lot (but sometimes you only know this just by inference because they clam up). There are secularized Imams and also alot that are not secularized at all.

    Here is how the Muslim population breaks out in US, Canada and Britain (Wikipedia, 2010):

    – US: 0.8%
    – Canada: 2.8%
    – Britain: 4.6%

    Maybe the average American person doesn’t know enough Muslims to know that what I said above is true.

    Another thing to consider is the Canada’s immigration has been very diverse, as to source nations, and that may not be as true in the U.K.

    In Canada, there is no such think as Muslim no-go zones. I live in a city of about 1,000,000 and there is no where I can’t walk around day, or in the middle of the night – there is never a need for being overly concerned about some radical element of one kind or another. Everybody more or less gets along just fine (and there are people of all kinds from pretty much every place on earth here in our Canadian cities). It seems that is not quite as true in Britain (from what I have heard), and in the US, it is not about fearing to tread at night in Muslim communities (as far as I am aware), but in black communities, in some parts of your nation.

    More discussion on this Islamic thing is needed. Canadians aren’t freaking out because there really isn’t a problem, yet Canadians would agree with what I said above.

    Maybe there is something different about how this so called multi-culturism (if there is even such a thing) plays out in Canada – I dunno – but it is worthy of a look-see by the policy-makers.

    Trump is calling for more of this – i.e. -“until we figure this thing out” he says. It is time for that. If Trump is the impetus for that, everybody should be thanking him (including the majority of Muslims in Canada and the US which are already of the more secularized ilk).

    Look – besides religion – everybody know it’s true middle eastern peoples have a tendency towards hot-headedness (I am partly of Irish decent and everybody knows that is true about the Irish too, but not quite in the same way). If we are going to live together (let’s not fool ourselves, that is what the future holds, it has been going that way for 1,000’s of years already – you can’t expect that just to stop), then we need to know each other better. Can’t do that if the shitlibs won’t let anybody talk frankly about this stuff.

    Fuck the fucking shitlibs.

    Islam has got very weird stuff embedded in the ideology that all Muslims are subject to (even the more secularized). That’s why the secularized Muslims hands seems to be tied in some way about their ability to do much about the more non-secularized fucktards. Because the whole secularization thing with their religion is 200 years behind schedule. We need to have open discussion about this very thing. In the US, for that to happen, that means you guys have to give up on your fetish with the “god-fearing people” meme.


  79. on December 11, 2015 at 8:58 am Experienced Father

    Fox News is reporting the following —

    Philip Haney told Megyn Kelly tonight that as part of his investigation, he was looking into a collection of global networks that were infiltrating radical Islamists into the U.S.

    But a year into the investigation, Haney said they got a visit from the State Department and the Homeland Security Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, who said that tracking these groups was problematic because they were Islamic.

    His investigation was shut down and 67 of his records were deleted, including one into an organization with ties to the mosque in Riverside, Calif., that San Bernardino terrorist Syed Farook attended.

    Obama’s State Department and the Homeland Security Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties minions shut down surveillance of radical Islamic run Mosques for three years beginning in 2012.

    That surveillance break plus DELETION OF INVESTIGATION FILES makes further domestic terror attacks before the 2016 election a given.


  80. on December 11, 2015 at 12:49 pm Experienced Father

    Pres. Obama and his AG Lynch sat on the FBI for several days trying to get them to not declare a terrorist incident.