The Nuts And Bolts Of Cathedral Indoctrination

The Cathedral — the term of art for the social and political apparatuses of equalist progressivism — is mentioned in the abstract quite a bit at Dark Enlightenment idea factories, but seldom are the actual, unholy workings of the Cathedral’s machinery explored in excruciating detail. This post sets to rectify that oversight. Reach for your vomit bag, because what you’re about to watch is a video of the nuts and bolts of Cathedral indoctrination. We are about to descend into the Ninth Circle, a place reserved for the vilest of sinners…

The subject is the Common Core educational reading and writing recommendations for primary age students in the state of Utah. Primary age is first grade — 6 year old children. It’s never too early to infect curious minds with distilled evil.

Right from the get-go, look at that book cover and tally the number of Cathedral propaganda symbols (you could call it Cathedral branding): The rainbow umbrella, the three races of children (and the white representative is, of course, a girl), the invidious title (voices — they all matter!) and subtitle (“good neighbors” — don’t build fences!), and is that black kid wearing a hoodie? 😆

0:39 – “…students use their voices to advocate solutions to social problems”. And right underneath that, where it says “Central Question: What makes a good neighbor?”, it appears the Cathedral wishes to impart the lesson the the most important goal for a six year old child is to advocate for social justice.

The narrator then explains that the book teaches the teachers how to properly brainwash illuminate their charges.

1:24 – Chapter 1: “How to use emotional words… have the students use emotional words to get readers to feel so strongly about the problem that they want to do what is asked of them.” 😯 The Cathedral wants children to dispense with logic and reason in favor of emotionally charged words (i.e. “dat raciss!”) that appeal to the leftoidian exaggerated sensitivity to the moral dimensions of harm and unfaaaairness.

2:34 – “By stating the worst that could happen, if the company builds houses, the writer appeals to the readers’ feelings of anger.” When I first read this, I thought this excerpted red part was supposed to be a message to the kiddies about what NOT to do. Then that sinking feel came over me as I realized it’s actually an Alinskian call to arms to load up the kids’ brains with effective agit-prop. Gotta love the anti-capitalism touch, too.

3:20 – “Emotional Words.” The verdict is out: Education has become a cat lady ghetto. Boys and their unique way of thinking are cast to the icy wastelands, where hairy-armed, manjawed gorgons wielding bullwhips break them over the psy ops wheel until total obeisance to the feminist imperative is achieved. End result: John Scalzi. What is the point of this Common Core curriculum except to train a new generation in the ways of shitlib whining, passive-aggressiveness, and shrieking, womanish hysteria?

5:30 – Assessment Manual. It’s time for the children to try out their street theater tactics on their parents. Yippee! Do the kids even spell?

6:55 – More vibrant cover art. Is there even a token white boy on this cover? I guess we’ve progressed far enough to dispense with that formality.

7:15 – The goal is for teachers to measure students’ “attitudes, beliefs and dispositions”. Goodbye, budding thoughtcrime!

7:47 – “Does the student [ed: note, these are third graders] effectively use the first-person plural ‘we’ and ‘our’ to advocate ways to solve social problems?” The first thing that must die in a leftoid utopia is the individual. Can’t risk any free thinkers upsetting the narrative. The next thing that must die is straight talk.

So there you have it. Is anyone else indulging fantasies of America slipping into the sea and through the gates of hell? I mean, the Cathedral has certainly earned a place seated beside the Lord of Lies himself. It’s as if every lesson the West has learned to teach children to be virtuous citizens the Cathedral rejected and inculcates the exact opposite. Truth = lies. Beauty = ugliness.

PS Homeschool. Your children’s sanity depends on it.


  1. Homeschool. Only homescool.


    • need a LOT more people doing it, and soon. and also DOING it, and having sentient kids to beat back the growing tide of savagery and ignorance in the west


      • Thanks so much for this post, Heartiste.

        I was a little pissed at you last week for [at least seeming to be] giving your blessing to that psychiatry resident when he violated his Hippocratic Oath and fucked one of his patients.

        This post, however, helps to restore some of my faith in you.

        As for “Common Core” – it’s bad enough that we have to fight The Frankfurt School on every possible front [and even on merely imaginable fronts which don’t even actually exist yet] – but when our own people, like a Bill Gates, proceed to stab us in the back, and start injecting their Midas-sized mountains of gold directly into The War to Destroy and Annihilate and Eradicate Every Last Vestige of Western Civilization, then it really does make one feel as though all hope is lost.

        So, yeah, homeschool.

        But first and foremost: PURCHASE EVEN MORE AMMUNITION.

        And keep it dry, baby.

        Keep your ammunition dry.

        Cause we’re gonna need it.

        PS: Oh, and fuck all the little turds – at the NSA branch orifice of the Mossad – who have been assigned to read my posts at this forum.

        Your time is drawing near, little turd-cunts, your time is drawing near.


      • This is what a Frankfurt School Media Mogul Billionaire thinks of his fiat-electron-indebted eBernankified filthy Shiksa whore slave girls:

        Mort Zuckerman totals single mom’s car

        Billionaire New York Daily News publisher Mort Zuckerman left the scene of a Hamptons accident after plowing his fancy Lexus into a parked Ford – and now his insurance company is sticking the stunned owner of the totaled car with the $4,000 tab.

        Single mom Charlene Peele has been told by the media and real estate mogul’s insurer that she’ll get just $13,000 for her wrecked 2009 Fusion, even though she still owes $17,000 on what is now a heap of scrap metal.

        “It’s outrageous,” Peele told The Post of her ongoing five-week fight with the media mogul’s insurance company. “It’s the principal of the thing. He hit me, but I’m the one running around like a crazy person, trying to sort out a mess I wasn’t even involved in. It’s the principal of the thing, and I’m the one left without a car.”

        Peele, a veteran Starbucks manager, was at work when Zuckerman, 76, came tooling down Main Street in East Hampton Village on August 11 – a clear, sunny day – when he “looked away from the roadway,” veered right and slammed into Peele’s car, according to a police report…


      • Yo, check it out.

        The Frankfurt School has enlisted their Google branch orifice to promote the war to eradicate Aramaic Christianity:

        The Frankfurt School never sleeps.



      • on September 9, 2013 at 9:13 pm Eliezer Ben-Yehuda

        Ah, but the low-intellectual-content source material doesn’t rate tracking by a live member of The Tribe. That stuff can be handled by machine.


      • But where is he wrong?


    • on September 9, 2013 at 8:12 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


      if you homeshcoolz da SWAT TEAMSZ will comes and take your chcildrendzz lzzozlzozlzoz

      what we NEEDZ TO DOZ is to return to da GREAT BOOKZ FOR MENZ ZLzozizozlzoz


      In all too much of pop manosphere and neoconthz culture, the Alphas are teh secrtetive tapers of buttehxt and the negging wearers of furry hatsz. While Odysseus and Christ and Aeneas resisted womanly and worldly temptations, the modern peacockingz neoconcth gamerz buttehxtesz them. Note how while Charlotte Allen of the Weekly Standard refrains from ever speaking of Odysseus or Achilles or Aeneas (just as Dr. Helen Smith refuses to quote CHRIST or MOSES or HOMER or ARISTOTLE of ANY OF THE GREAT BOOKS FOR MEN in a book purportedly for men) , she dutifully repeats the lies of sectrieve taperz of buttehxt whose films lost $10,000,000+ on $12,000,000 budgets, thusly fitting the neocons’ definition of “Art” scucucctetehe” and “”manliness” by creating more debt than wealth while butthetxingz.

      Throughout the History of Western Civilization, the TRUE ALPHAS have ever been defined by HONOR. Jesus, Socrates, Achilles, Newton, Galeileo, Einstein, Smedley Butler, Moses, Mises, HAyek, Feynman, and da GBFM were never measured by how many pre-buttcoked, bernekekakfied chricks they also got to buttock agfter negging dem, but they were defiend by HONOR.

      As women navigate chiefly by butt and gina tingslslsllzlzlzozo, instead of HONOR, the central bankers used them to deconstruct and destroy the family and civilization via the feminist movement. And thus the Fed created the PUA movement too, as the PUA and his churchian cousins are all slaves to women’s butt and gina tinglzlzozo, with every neg and consideration motivated with the thought, “how can i get her butt and gina to tiznzgzlzlolzozo so i can slide my peckerz into her bunghzozlo and sosodmize her as they teach us to do in school?”

      Read the Gospels, Homer,Moses, and Mises–read Socrates and Jesus–and you will see no mention of the blowjobs, butt tinzgzlozlzo, and gina tinzgzlzlzo which pervade the churchian comment section of Dalrock’s blog, where Churchians try and recreate Christianity in their own fallen image, and then wonder why the family is being destroyed alongside fatherhood int heir churches, telling themselves that if only they demand more blowjobs from their wives, the family will be saved. You cannot make this stuff up folks. Instead of LEADING THEIR WIVES and showing HEADSHIP by teaching the GLORIOUS WORDS OF GENESIS, MOSES, AND JESUS to their wives, they throw the Bible aside, and advise one-another on how to demand blowjobs (Sodomy), thusly saving the Holy Family via buttehxt and sodomy. Instead of providing EXALTED CLASSICAL CHRISTIAN HEADSHIP, they ask WWJD and they demand HEAD, thusly bastardizing and corrupting the teachings of Jesus Christ.

      All men should begin immediately by reading the following books which the central bankers and their fellow churchians hate, fear, and detest:

      0. THE BIBLE
      1. Homer’s Iliad
      2. Homer’s Odyssey
      3. Exodus & Ecclesiastes & The Psalms
      4. Virgil’s Aeneid
      5. Socrates’ Apology
      6. The Book of Matthew & Jefferson’s Bible
      7. Plato’s Repulic
      8. Seneca’s Letters from a Stoic
      9. Aristotle’s Poetics
      10. Dante’s Inferno
      11. The Declaration of Independence
      12. The Constitution
      13. John Milton’s Paradise Lost
      14. Shakespeare’s Hamlet
      15. Newton’s Principia
      16. Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations and Theory of Moral Sentiments
      17. Henry David Thoreau’s Walden
      18. Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn (& all of his work)
      19. Shakespeare’s Hamlet
      20. Ludwig von Mises’ A Theory of Money and Credit
      21. F.A. Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom
      22. Herman Melville’s Moby Dick
      23. Einstein’s The Meaning of Relativity
      24. Joseph Campbell’s The Hero With a Thousand Faces and The Power of Myth
      25. Ron Paul’s Revolution & End the Fed
      26. THE BIBLE

      Please note that neither Dr. Helen Smith nor Michelle Malkin ever, ever, ever quote nor acknowledge THE GREAT BOOKS FOR MEN. Next time you see them, ask them why they never salute our EXALTED FATHERS and our NOBLE HERITAGE and the FOUNDATION OF NATURAL RIGHTS, THE FAMILY, FATHERHOOD, and NATURAL LAW.

      For instance, in her book

      Men on Strike: Why Men Are Boycotting Marriage, Fatherhood, and the American Dream – and Why It Matters

      why does Helen Smith never quote Moses nor Genesis nor Jesus who DEFINE MARRIAGE? Why does Helen Smith never quote Genesis?

      13: And the LORD God said unto the woman, What is this that thou hast done? And the woman said, The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.
      14: And the LORD God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life:
      15: And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.
      16: Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.

      DOES HELEN SMITH NOT REALIZE WHY MEN HAVE BOYCOTTED MARRIAGE? It is because it has been desouled, debauched, and bernankified, robbed of its exalted spirit, and transformed into yet another beenrnekified fraud to transfer assets from men to da beenrkeiified statez zlolzozoz.

      Why does HELEN SMITH never quote Moses? Did not Moses know a thing or two about BEING A MAN, even though he never negged, nor peacocked nor wore furry hatsz to get some pre-berbebenkiifed butthozlzizol buttcockinzg (which da noeocnths sectreletly tape zlzzoz):

      6 “I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery.

      7 “You shall have no other gods before[b] me.

      8 “You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. 9 You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, 10 but showing love to a thousandgenerations of those who love me and keep my commandments.

      11 “You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name.

      12 “Observe the Sabbath day by keeping it holy, as the Lord your God has commanded you. 13 Six days you shall labor and do all your work, 14 but the seventh day is a sabbath to the Lord your God. On it you shall not do any work, neither you, nor your son or daughter, nor your male or female servant,nor your ox, your donkey or any of your animals, nor any foreigner residing in your towns, so that your male and female servants may rest, as you do.15 Remember that you were slaves in Egypt and that the Lord your God brought you out of there with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm.Therefore the Lord your God has commanded you to observe the Sabbath day.

      16 “Honor your father and your mother, as the Lord your God has commanded you, so that you may live long and that it may go well with you in the land theLord your God is giving you.

      17 “You shall not murder.

      18 “You shall not commit adultery.

      19 “You shall not steal.

      20 “You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.

      21 “You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife. You shall not set your desire on your neighbor’s house or land, his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.”

      RIGHT THERE WE SEE THAT “THOU SHALT NOT COVET THY NEIGHBOR’S WIVES ASS & THOU SHALT NOT COMMITT ADULTERY” meaning dat it is worng so very worng to buttcock someoenes future potential wife and tape it in sectrievz zlzzlzloozoz

      Why does DR. HELEN SMITH never quote JEsus? 3Some Pharisees came to Jesus, testing Him and asking, “Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife for any reason at all?”4And He answered and said, “Have you not read that He who created them from the beginning MADE THEM MALE AND FEMALE,5and said, ‘FOR THIS REASON A MAN SHALL LEAVE HIS FATHER AND MOTHER AND BE JOINED TO HIS WIFE, AND THE TWO SHALL BECOME ONE FLESH’?6“So they are no longer two, but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate.”7They said to Him, “Why then did Moses command to GIVE HER A CERTIFICATE OF DIVORCE AND SEND her AWAY?”8He said to them, “Because of your hardness of heart Moses permitted you to divorce your wives; but from the beginning it has not been this way.9“And I say to you, whoever divorces his wife, except for immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery.

      So one can see that MOSES JESUS and GENESIS all agree dat der is to be no sectirve tapings of butthxte nor any transfer of a man’s welath to da beernnake state nor shall any other man be allwedz allowedz to buttcock nor ginacock your wifez. WHY DOES HELEN SMITH NOT QUOTE MOSES, NOR JESUS, NOR GENESIS? lzozoz DOES SHE NOT SEE THAT RETURNING TO THE EXALTED PRINCIPLES SET FORTH IN THE GREAT BOOKS FOR MEN WOULD RESURRECT MARRIAGE?

      Ask the neocons next time you see them–what do they have against the exalted wisdom of MOSES, JESUS, HOMER, and the GREAT BOOKS FOR MEN?

      And as men are reading the Great Books for Men, they must start enacting their principles in the living world, so as to exalt our legal system and universities, for it is not enough to think and read, but virtue is ultimately defined by *action*.

      One of the remarkable things you will learn by READING THE GREAT BOOKS FOR MEN is the contemporary inversion of Alpha and Beta.


      In all too much of pop manosphere and neoconthz culture, the Alphas are teh secrtetive tapers of buttehxt and the negging wearers of furry hatsz. While Odysseus and Christ and Aeneas resisted womanly and worldly temptations, the modern peacockingz neoconcth gamerz buttehxtesz them. Note how while Charlotte Allen of the Weekly Standard refrains from ever speaking of Odysseus or Achilles or Aeneas, she dutifully repeats the lies of sectrieve taperz of buttehxt whose films lost $10,000,000+ on $12,000,000 budgets, thusly fitting the neocons’ definition of “Art” scucucctetehe” and “”manliness” by creating more debt than wealth while butthetxingz.

      MAny churchian commenters at Dalrock’s blog preach that “Women crave exalted, manly, alpha leadership,” and what they mean by “exalted, manly, alpha leadership” is secrteive tapers of buttehxt buttehxting themz, instead of, say, the wisdom of MOSES, JESUS, ODYSSEUS, PAUL, ACHILLES, MISES, AENEAS, HOMER, VIRGIL, AND DANTE. One of the remarkable aspects of Dalrcok’s Christian/Churchian blog is how THE GREAT BOOKS FOR MEN and Jesus and Moses are constantly under attack as his commenters oft teach that 1) Jesus came not to fulfill the law, but to abolish it so as to sanctify their lust for buttcockingz, 2) The gospel of Jesus is “noise,” 3) High-value men are those who stick their cockasz in other men’s potential wives the most, 4) Homer’s Nobility is Satanic, and 4) Women crave exalted leadership and it is men’s fault that they do not get it: (BREAKING CHURCHIAN NEWS: All evil ever perpetuated by women is a man’s fault. For women naturally crave manly, exalted leadership. Sometimes it appears otherwise, but really, this is just a woman’s way of testing a man to see if he is strong enough to make her butt and gina tingellzlzo simultaneously. For instance, when a woman checks herself into an abortion clinic, by her choice, and has the baby vacuumed out of her womb, by her choice, it is no cause for alarm, as it is just a “shit-test” of the men in her life. Manly men will rise to the occasion, whence her butt and gina will tingle, and they can conceive another bastard out of wedlock, so she can shit-test him again by murdering her baby.)

      One commenterzz at dalrockz blogz claimes but but but WOMENZ CRAVE MALE LEADERSHIZP (meaning of course not the exlated form of male leadership fournd in THE GRETA BOOKSF FOR MENZ but the domiznziece of peacockingz buttccoekrz). lzozoozozo

      but, it is simply not true dat womenz crave exalted male leadership. read tehir cosmo and you will see dat womenz crave tipz on buttehxt and anal lubez, as opposed to, say, MOSES, MISES, HOMER, SHAKESPEARE, VIRGIL. any time a woman is given a leadership pososition, it is for teh puroppoees of debauching and destorying the GREAT BOOKS FOR MENZ and NATURAL RIGHTS and FAMILY, GOD, and FAITH.

      for afterall, Dear SSM,

      If women are really craving male leadership,
      Why do they not repeal
      All the misandric, anti-male laws
      which penalize and persecute men for leading?

      As women are the vast majority of law students
      why do they not form men’s rights legal groups
      to defend the leadership of men?

      SSM, as you state women crave male leadership,
      why are not women acting in a way
      to return male leadership to the center and circumference
      of society?

      SSM–are you going to blame this on men too
      are you going to state that even though women
      are the vast majority of law students
      they need a man to found the men’s rights group
      and lead women into it?

      Is that what women are waiting for on all the college campuses?
      Men to found men’s rights groups
      and Corral/herd women into them?

      SSM–you really do have quite a low opinion of women
      and yet, you blame men for their inadequacies
      and you see your low opinion of woman
      as being a man’s fault.

      To the neoconthz churchiansz Alpha= fornicating forinicating teahcing Jesus came t9 o abolish the law of Moses, now and then reaidng PJMedis, butteockcingz, creating debt, and never, ever, ever talking about THE GRETA BOOKS FOR MENZ nor the CLASSIXCXZ, except to teach that Homer, Virgil, and Dante are Satanic, while their own peakciingz and buttoccking and sectriev tapingz of butthetx is good, true, virtuous.

      Beta traits to the PUA neocncths churchiansz= Honor, Integrity, Restraint, Purity, Valor, Piety, Refusal of Temptations, Duty, Courage

      But in the GREAT BOOKS FOR MENZ, one finds the exact OPPOSITEZ.


      DA GBFM REVIEWS HIS FRITS BOOKZ!!! ”Men on Strike: Why Men Are Boycotting Marriage, Fatherhood, and the American Dream – and Why It Matters Yo YO yo llzooz” lzozozozozo

      Men on Strike: Why Men Are Boycotting Marriage, Fatherhood, and the American Dream – and Why It Matters

      Men on Strike: Why Men Are Boycotting Marriage, Fatherhood, and the American Dream – and Why It Matters

      Buy from Amazon

      firstsoff i was rather dismayed to knotice some misspleiingz in da titles which should read:

      Menz on Strike: Why Menz r Boycotting Marrying Benenrkiikfied PRe-Buttcocked, Desouledn Womenz, Risking Having der assetsts rapepdd by multi-asscocked womnz, DA Farce of modern Fatherhood attacked by da BERNEKaz TV, and da fiat false American Dream as definedz by da elitez zlzozoozz- and Why It don’t relaly really Matters zlzozozozlz

      Den da next sad sad so very sad thing I noticed about da book for menz titled MEN ON STRIKE is dat just like EVERY OTHER BOOK WRITTEN BY WOMEN FOR MENZ is dat it made no mention of




      nor JESUS

      nor SOCRTAESZ

      nor MISEZ

      nor VIRGIL

      nor DANTE


      nor HAYEK

      nor ADAM SMITH


      nor ACHILLEZ

      nor ODYSSEUSZ

      nor STAR WARS nor THE MATRIX nor BRAVEHEART nor 300


      nor DAVID form da bible story DAVID VS. GOLAITH

      nor SODOM

      nor GOMMORRAHZ zlzlzolzo

      nor NOAH

      nor WHITMANZ


      nor DA BIBLE

      nor da OLD TESTAMENT

      nor da NEW TESTAMENTZ

      nor any of MY FRIENDZ

      nor any of da GREAT BOOKZ FOR MENZ

      NOR THE FALL OF EVE which launched DA BIBLE nor DA ADULTERY OF HELEN which laucnhed da TORJAN WAR

      as if









      and den when i found out da book made no metion of da GRETA BOKS FOR MENZ

      nor classic epic heoresz which da neococnths hate while they exalt tucker mwax rhmeys with godlmanssnachsz da butcokeekrz in da wekelsy standadrdth lzozozolz

      i got boredz and went and palyed some playatatstaion grand theft autos zlzozoz

      and tunered on da ESPN and picked up a GBFM iliad hoddodyse HOMER JESUS & i texted a bunch of my hotties:







      and den think dat they can write BOOKS FOR MEN

      while completely ignoring da ARHCETYPAL PINNACLES OF HEORIC MANHOODS


      thusly endeth da GBFMZ first book rievewz lzozolzlz

      i hope u ejoyedz it up next i will review da HBO seriez GIRLZ which at least dey get right with da fat fattassed fattie who takez it up da butt form a loser beoryfieerbndsz, so women can get womenz right (as dey feel da buttingzlzozo firts hand zlzooz), but when it comesz to classical, exalted, moral, menz like MOSES ZEUS JESUS SOCTRETATE CICERO CATO SENECAZ leave it to MENZ OKZ? lzlzozoozozozozo

      ZEUS’ LIGHTNING & MOSES’ THUNDER: Da Reason Dey Banned da GREAT BOOKS 4 MENZ is dat da GREAT BOOKZ teach of the true nature of WOMENZ and da HONOR OF MEN.






      Lots of people talk and few of them know,soul of a woman was created below.
      Every day I work so hard, bringin’ home my hard earned pay, Try to love you baby, but you push me away.-


      Da Reason Dey Banned da GREAT BOOKS 4 MENZ is dat da GREAT BOOKZ teach of the true nature of WOMENZ and da HONOR OF MEN.


      You have to watch out [20] She doesn’t carry off all your treasure. You know what a woman’s heart is like. She wants to enrich the house of the one who weds her, Never mind about her former children And the husband she once loved. Once he’s dead, [25] She doesn’t give any of them a thought. –Homer; Lombardo, Stanley; Murnaghan, Sheila (2010-07-02). Odyssey (Translated & Annotated) (Kindle Locations 6813-6817). Hackett Publishing. Kindle Edition.

      lzozoozozlzozoz dat is because a owmenz is gudied by materialz insticnstinct and mater = mother = matter = material you fanabaoyz zlzloolzolzoz. DA ANCIENTZ KNEW IT–all dat da bernnkeifierz conceal and hidez as tehy d create false LAWS allowing womenz to arbitrarily transfer a man’s property and chirlederen to da state zlzlzlooz!!!




    • on September 9, 2013 at 8:15 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)




      • on September 9, 2013 at 8:16 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)




      • LOL. A legit liar.

        This clown knows full well, as most people who follow politics, that Israel doesn’t want a war with Syria. It’s the last thing it wants. It doesn’t want a war with Egypt either. He’s just looking for ways to twist current events in Israel’s direction to trump up support for his wayward endeavor.

        His political analysis is off the mark.

        On the other hand, if Israel knew what’s good for it, it would recapture the Sinai, push Syria further north, and force all the so-called Palestinians to go to Jordan, the real Palestinian state established in 1947. Instead, it’s acting like a sitting duck.

        This is what you get when you have leftists running a government. They self-annihilate. Israel is no different when it comes to the lefty plague of self-hatred. If it doesn’t get rid of the left, the left will consume it. Everything the left touches it destroys.


      • on September 9, 2013 at 11:49 am Lucky White Male

        Your right, BroNat is a walking genius:

        Israel wants the US to clear out the Middle East for them – and America continues to be the goyim pansies who do so – used by their masters


      • Wrong analysis, yet again. You need to understand lefty psychology to get this right.

        Most people running the Israeli government (including academia) are leftists, even though most of the population is either right of center, or on the extreme right. Those leftists want to make peace with the Arabs at all costs. They would gladly give jooish land to the Arabs, making Israel even more pathetically tiny in exchange for half-ass promises from Arab lying mouths. The leftists running Israel want peace, not war, even at Israel’s detriment because they’re more concerned with the enemie’s welfare than they are with their own – in lefty true fashion.

        This is what happened with Egypt in the late 70s when Israel signed a peace treaty knowing full-well the Egyptian people don’t want peace, and this will be temporary. To secure the peace, Israel gave Egypt the Sinai (which is over 3 times its size), and fucking Carter promised Egypt 2.2 billion dollars per year. Any peace that doesn’t come from the heart and for which you have to give land and/or pay for, is no peace at all; it’s buying time. The Arabs bought time. Now they’re ready to face Israel once again.

        America and Israel (as well as all of the west) are run by leftists. And, what the leftists in Israel want is for America to act like Carter. They want American-lead negations. They don’t want any war. They are anti-war when it comes to directing it against the supposed underdog, as all leftists are. They view the Arabs as the underdog. Furthermore, they don’t want the Arabs out of Israel either because they like having them around as it prevents Israel from becoming a truly Jooish state. Those leftists are self-haters and/or atheists, as they are in the USA.


      • > “Israel wants the US to clear out the Middle East for them”

        The “War on Terror” is Frankurt-School-Speak for “The War to Eradicate Christianity from the Middle East.”

        The Frankfurt School Neocons purged upwards of 1.5 Million Iraqi Christians from Iraq, and no one said a word about it.

        The Frankfurt School Neocons refused to allow even a word to be spoken about the death sentence handed down to Abdul Rahman, in Afghanistan, for converting to Christianity, or about the beheadings of Bae Hyeong-gyu and Shim Seong-min for attempting to evangelize the Afghani people.

        The Frankfurt School Neocons demanded the ouster of Mubarak in Egypt, and as soon as he was gone, the raping and the slaughtering of the Coptic Christians immediately began.

        And, of course, the Frankfurt School wants Assad out of Syria, so that there will be no one to protect the Aramaic Christians from being slaughtered by the Islamist Nihilists.

        Remember that – as Mel Gibson emphasized – Aramaic [or something very similar] was probably the language which the Mashiach spoke to his followers in Galilee.

        And nothing but nothing would titillate the Frankfurt School more than to annihilate the language which the Mashiach spoke.

        They’re so very very close now to revenging their 2000-year-old grievance that their little woodies are probably already dripping with pre-ejaculatory cum at the thought of it.


      • Google says aipac in favor of Syria strike. But a LIMITED strike,ok? Your panty-wetting crush,the oozing slimeball Bill Crystol is in favor. This is way over my pay grade(heh heh) but wouldnt Israel LOVE to have a war with Syria if their white christian army did the fighting? Israel is a hightek mega power,they bomb Syria at will,but ground fighting is a bit much.Fella could get hurt. Let the goyim handle that.


      • on September 9, 2013 at 2:05 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)




      • > “Google says aipac in favor of Syria strike.”

        The other afternoon, The Frankfurt School went and got a temporary day pass for their old reliable gasbag, Joe Liebermann, to be excused from the Temple Beth El Home for Alzheimer’s Patients, and they sent him onto the Sean Hanititty radio show, so as to urge the Goyische Kopf fools to join forces with Al Qaeda in Syria.

        And that Frankfurt School High Priestess, Diane Feinstein, whose criminal husband is in the bidness of wielding gubmint power & influence so as to separate the Shkotzim from billions upon billions of their hard-earned shekels, has now plastered Al Qaeda propaganda all over her website.

        In unison, The Frankfurt School is screaming at the top of Its lungs: LET THE SLAUGHTER OF THE ARAMAIC CHRISTIANS COMMENCE!!!


      • on September 9, 2013 at 3:25 pm Captains Courageous

        Q) What does Israel want to happen in Syria regarding this crisis?

        A) The same as it always wants. It wants to be surrounded by weak docile states that haven’t the will or means to object to its continued subjugation and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians.

        Q) But how can they possibly influence the outcome?

        A) They won’t, directly. They will use their considerable political power to in the US to insure that America uses its armed forces to achieve a result favourable to Israel.

        Q) How did a foreign state such as Israel gain so much political power in the US?

        A) The Pro-Israel lobby has (very unwisely) been allowed to spend vast amounts of money buying political leverage on Capital Hill.

        Q) Where does all this money come from?

        A) One of the many ironies regarding Israeli/US relations is that the American public are being forced to pay for the dismantling of their own democracy. Despite being a relatively rich country Israel is by far the largest receiver of American overseas aid. Much of this money finds its way back to the US and is used to fund political campaigns.

        Q) How can we stop this vicious-cycle and repair our Democratic system?

        A) Simple… Take most of the MONEY out of the political system.

        Q) How could this be achieved?

        A) Politicians would need to be legally restricted to a very limited campaign spend. And that each political would need to be restricted to a limited amount of air-time during election campaigns. Not only would this keep them more honest but we would see a more divers cross-section society being able to run for office.

        Q) Why would politicians vote to take the money out of our political system when they are the main beneficiaries? As the saying goes turkeys don’t vote for Christmas!

        A) The right-thinking people of America would need to DEMAND it. They would need to force the issue which would probably require a national strike or two.

        Although America seems to be facing many problems and on multiple fronts today, the fact that the United States Democratic System has been highjacked and is being used by a people – loyal to a foreign nation – to strike at the hearts of countries with whom the real American people have no real quarrel with, is the greatest problem we face in our time.


      • LOL. Talk about Paranoia R Us! Your posts are hilarious. I don’t know who’s funnier, yours or GBFM.

        So it’s all a conspiracy to eradicate Aramaic, eh? Haha! You don’t say!

        “Remember that – as Mel Gibson emphasized – Aramaic [or something very similar] was probably the language which the Mashiach spoke to his followers in Galilee.”

        No, I hate to break it to you; he spoke Hebrew, as indicated by Jooish writings from that era. He knew Hebrew, judism, and the Talmud inside out. But, Aramaic is a cousin of Hebrew, and it was also used concurrently, but not in lieu of Hebrew.
        “The Frankfurt School Neocons purged upwards of 1.5 Million Iraqi Christians from Iraq, and no one said a word about it.”

        That’s the Shiite government of Iraq, not the hamburger school, you nut!

        If anyone knows anything about Islam, Shiite Islam is more a zealot and fanatic form of Islam than Sunni Islam is. They also purged millions of their Sunni brethren because they believe Sunni Islam is not legit.
        “They’re so very very close now to revenging their 2000-year-old grievance that their little woodies are probably already dripping with pre-ejaculatory cum at the thought of it.”

        It takes one to know one?

        I guarantee you, the Jooz have no interest in avenging anything from 2000 years ago. But I guess for antisemites still fighting the Fuhrer’s war for him, they think the Jooz are doing the same. It’s funny even the Muslims are still fighting their 700-hundred year old struggle against the West. That’s what happens to fanatics – they can’t let go. They need enemies to continue their imaginary struggle, and they always look and find a scapegoat at which to direct all their anger. There’s nothing new under the sun.


      • OK, let’s clear some things. Bill Crystol is a centrist, which is almost a lefty. He’s wrong on everything. Either way, he’s fucking irrelevant. He doesn’t speak for Israel. Aipac is not an Israeli organization. It’s an American organization, and thus it always supports every American administration, unless it’s very, very, very blatantly anti-Israel. Which doesn’t happen often, so it usually goes along with all administrations. Therefore, when Obama said he’ll strike, Aipec said it supports his decision. Now that he backed out, it also supports him.

        Israel doesn’t want Syria bombing because it would cause serious trouble on its northern border. Israel is good at keeping the status quo. It’s what it likes.
        As you say, Israel is a hightek mega power, do you think it can’t lay waste to Syria? Do you think it can’t destroy its arch nemeses Assad? Israel simply doesn’t want this because of the implications and ramifications for having chaos and refuges on its borders. Not to mention, all of Sadam’s WMD were transferred to Syria before America’s offensive in 2002. This can cause a serious destabilizing in Israel’s view. Israel likes the status quo.


      • “The same as it always wants. It wants to be surrounded by weak docile states that haven’t the will or means to object to its continued subjugation and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians.”

        No such thing as the ethnicity of the Palestinians. They are a made up people. When the Ottoman Empire ruled Israel, the few Arabs that lived there didn’t call themselves Palestinians. They called themselves Arabs. In addition, it wasn’t called Palestine, it was called the Holy Land.

        When the British defeated the Ottoman Empire in 1917, they renamed it Palestine. Everyone living in the holy land was called Palestinian, both joo and arab.

        In 1967, after the 6 day war, when the Arabs saw defeat after defeat as Israel won land from Jordan, they started calling themselves Palestinians and demanded a state from the Jooish state. They didn’t want to go to Jordan because they saw this as an opportunity to force Israel to give them more land and make Israel even smaller, so it could be defeated when the time comes. In a nutshell, this is what the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is all about. It’s about the Arabs refusing to honor their agreement to stray in Jordan. It’s not about Israel subjugating them. They have more rights in Israel than they have in any Arab or Muslim country in the world. They just don’t care about rights. They care about destroying the jooz, as most antisemites do. Antisemites don’t really care about solving the issues they bark about, just blaming the jooz and fermenting hatred against them. It’s the oldest trick in the book. Nothing new here.

        When the British ruled Israel, they divided up the land into 2 parts – one for the jooz, and one for the Arabs. The Arabs part is called Jordan. The original agreement stated that the Arabs go to Jordan and leave the Jooish portion (which was much smaller) to the jooz. As usual, the Arabs never keep their promises and they always try to force themselves on their neighboring non-Muslims. They have done it everywhere they ever lived, from India to China to Europe, and they will do it here too. That’s why we Americans shouldn’t support them. If you think the Arabs won’t turn in America’s direction once they finish with Israel, you are dreaming. Israel is the only thing keeping them at bay for now.

        “One of the many ironies regarding Israeli/US relations is that the American public are being forced to pay for the dismantling of their own democracy. Despite being a relatively rich country Israel is by far the largest receiver of American overseas aid. Much of this money finds its way back to the US and is used to fund political campaigns.”

        Wrong! You’re just guessing. America gives aid to Israel in the form of subsides to purchase weapons, which Israel improves and then shares the improvements with America. There isn’t an American weapon that has some kind of computer chip that doesn’t have Israeli ingenuity in it – from missiles to planes. Israel doesn’t get cash to use against America. In contrast, America gives aid to dozens of Arab/ Muslim countries and puts no limitations on the way they use that aid, which often finds its way to terrorists or ends up in the pocket of their corrupt leaders. Why aren’t you enraged our government gives money to terror-supporting states? I say stop all aid to those hate mongering countries.

        “the United States Democratic System has been highjacked and is being used by a people – loyal to a foreign nation – to strike at the hearts of countries with whom the real American people have no real quarrel with, is the greatest problem we face in our time.”

        How is it possible that people are so shortsighted? The real American people have no real quarrel with Islam, really? Wake up! We don’t need to have a quarrel with Islam. It has a quarrel with us, by virtue of us being non-Muslims. Or are you a Muslim, and that’s why you say this nonsense? You can’t leave Islam alone. It will find you, because it’s in an epic competition to become the dominant religion in the world. Terrorists are Islam’s soldiers in this struggle.


      • “Aipac is not an Israeli organization. It’s an American organization…”

        If your mother was a jew…



        Brother Nathaniel’s web site above. Bro Nat used to be a Juuuu and is now a convert to Orthodox Christianity. I’m surprised Lily missed this. Hasbara needs to step up its standards.


      • So who cares if he were a joo, supposedly? Does it make him credible? He analyzes everything wrong, purposefully and intentionally. Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states are behind Obamas anti-Syria campaign. Israel likes the status Quo, as I mentioned above. It doesn’t want Assad deposed.

        Israel was also strongly against both the Gadhafi and Mubarak overthrowing.

        Obama is an amateur, which is why he reads all the clues wrong. Bush/Cheney wouldn’t have made these mistakes.
        Bro Nat wouldn’t tell you any of this.


      • That’s funny, I was just thinking today that the guy looks and sounds Jewish. Just another self-hating Jewish crank like Bobby Fischer and the guy who organized the Skokie Nazi march.


      • There are lots of self-hating Jooz. There are lots of self-hating Gentiles too. It seems like a plague afflicting people from the West. You will almost never find this among people from the East, like among Arabs. They truly speak with one voice. And dissent is almost nonexistent.

        That’s why when antisemites bring some example of a self-hating Joo that agrees with their skewed world perception, I’m not impressed. It’s not proof of anything. Anyone that attempts to revise history is suspect in my eye. This is how I separate the truth from the fables. History revision is a tell tell sign.

        Another one of the tactics they use is take things out of context or reveal or quote half of the information. So the listener doesn’t get to hear the entire message of the speaker. It’s a well-known propaganda tool. These antisemites can’t afford for you to hear the entire message lest you form a different conclusion than they want you to. It’s a gross form of leading the witness. Sad, sad.


      • on September 9, 2013 at 7:37 pm Lucky White Male

        Lily below: pure Jew propaganda, no facts. What I see constantly are Jew sympathizers injecting disinformation into public media. Zombie, Captain and Oral C are on the money.

        Seriously – the Manosphere should not be yet another place where this is allowed to happen. Americans HAVE NO common cause with Jews in Israel. The only reason Americans are involved in the Middle East is because American politicians have been bought and paid for by the of the Jewish Lobby in Washington.

        Let me go further. The subject of this post: The “Cathedral” only exists because of a Jewish inspired takeover of academia, and the Media. Who did this? WASP’s, White Protestants?

        The goal is racial warfare. Specifically to overturn Traditional White Gentile society. It is a soft genocide. Any reasonable Jew agrees with me. See Henry Makow


      • on September 9, 2013 at 9:40 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)




      • “pure Joo propaganda, no facts”

        Sorry, but everything I bring forth is factual. You might not like it, as it doesn’t fit your world view. My facts are not based on revised history. They are based on mainstream history that has been accepted into evidence hundreds or thousands of years now. Sure, they are not the kind WN websites report on. They only report conspiracy theory.

        “What I see constantly are Joo sympathizers injecting disinformation into public media”

        Again, it’s not misinformation; it’s facts.

        “Zombie, Captain and Oral C are on the money.”

        LOL. Demented conspiracy theory is on the money? Zombie alone has a new one he devises daily. His current one is the Jooz want to destroy Aramaic. C’mon; you guys are amateurs and you sound like comedians when you spew this stuff.

        “Americans HAVE NO common cause with Jooz in Israel. The only reason Americans are involved in the Middle East is because American politicians have been bought and paid for by the of the Jooish Lobby in Washington.”

        Wrong. And ignorant to boot. We have everything in common with the jooz. From religion, to values, to western thinking, to sharing of intelligence (during the cold war, and now during the war on terror), to developments of high-tech weapons, to scientific research, to exploring and developing new products.

        In contrast, we have nothing in commons with the Arabs. All they do is export sword jihad and peen jihad to our shores. From your comments, I can tell you are nothing but another jealous type who thinks the Joo has stolen something form him. Maybe you didn’t get that promotion, or that job, or that college acceptance. Who knows, but you sound butthurt. You call yourself lucky white male. That’s a joke. If you really felt so lucky, you wouldn’t bark constantly how you were slighted by the Jooz.

        Furthermore, there are many more Gentiles who are part of the cathedral. It’s not just liberal jooz. It’s made up of liberal Gentiles too. Key word is liberal.

        Henry Makow is not a reasonable Joo. He is a crazed self-hater. He might not even be Jooish; he just claims he is, like Bro nat. Anyway, these types of people are not trustworthy. You know how I know? Because they revise and slant history. That’s my mark on whom to trust and who to ignore.

        In any case, the jooz are not in a conspiracy to destroy ” Traditional White Gentile society.” That’s your skewed perception. You need an enemy, a scapegoat, and the Joo makes a perfect candidate, as he always has, historically. Your enemy is you, and your kind. It always has been. You just can’t see it or accept it, because it’s too painful to face.


      • Actually, Lily, it is you and the Tribe who have revised and slanted history. if the facts don’t suit your argument, you make them up on the fly and shout a bit louder and wave your arms more vigorously. Knowledge of the j-wish Communist instigation of the Bolshevik Revolution was common knowledge prior to WWII. it was suppressed afterwards because knowledge of the facts would have diminished sympathy for Jooos post Holocaust.


      • “Knowledge of the j-wish Communist instigation of the Bolshevik Revolution was common knowledge prior to WWII.”

        No. It’s the way you word it that’s wrong. Jooz were involved in the Bolshevik Revolution, however, they are not the cause, or the instigators of it. This is where your facts have been revised.

        In addition, the people who started revising it were the NZs. They weren’t simply saying Jooz joined Gentiles to overthrow the Czar. They changed the truth and said the Jooz were responsible for overthrowing the Czar to take over Russia. Now they will do it in Germany.

        This is how the NZs fomented hate and fear of the jooz. It’s the oldest trick in the book, brainwashing and misrepresenting the truth, that is.


      • Yes, I believe the technique was invented by the Tribe and is still practiced today, judging from your presence here.


      • Let’s see Lily, just off the top of my head;

        1) Jacob Schiff a major J-wish American banker lent the Bolsheviks $20 million in 1917 to finance their revolution and coup. He was later repaid with 600 million rubles by the Bolsheviks. Schiff had close ties to the Rothschilds

        2) Leon Trotsky nee Lev Bronstein, played chess with Baron Rothschild every day while in exile in Vienna in 1905.

        3) Of the 326 Commissars to the First Soviet in January 1918, 300 were J-wish, 13 were Russian, two were African Blacks, and the rest were of various nationalities.

        4) The US Ambassador wired the State Department in his report on the Bolsheviks that they were “Nearly all Jewish foreign agents brought in to stage a coup.”

        More to follow. Say, do you know the film the Night Porter? If you’re as hot as Charlotte Rampling, give me call.


      • Winston Churchill wrote on 8 February 1920, in an article written in the Illustrated Sunday Herald, that received international attention:

        “In violent opposition to all this sphere of J-wish effort rise the schemes of the International Jews. The adherents of this sinister confederacy are mostly men reared up among the unhappy populations of countries where the Jews are persecuted on account of their race. Most, if not all, of them have foresaken the faith of their forefathers and divorced from their minds all spiritual hopes of the next world. This movement among Jooos is not new. From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia) Bela Kub (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (USA), this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested developmen, of envious maleveloence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing… and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the udnerworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire. tThere is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in theactual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part, atheistical Jews…”

        No wonder Opie gave back the bust of Winston Churchill to Airstrip one.


      • So the question becomes, are you a reasonable Jew?


      • Actually, little if anything you bring up is factual. You make things up on the fly and bully people who question you. Sounds like a familiar tactic just like the Soviet Anti-Semitism laws were meant to silence anyone who noticed who was stealing the country.

        From Captain Montgomery Schuyler, the US Army’s intelligence agent in Russia during the Revolution sent back the following report:

        “It is probably unwise to say this loudly in the United States, but the Bolshevik movement is and has been since its beginning, guided and controlled by Russian Jews of the greasiest type…”

        Source: US National Archives (1919) Record Group 120: Records of the American Expeditionary Forces, June 9.


      • From a Secret British intelligence report sent to the US and other allied nations dated 16 July 1919, on Bolshevism abroad. This report was signed by the Director of British Intelligence when sent to the to the US Secretary of State. It was titled “A Monthly Review of the Progress of Revolutionary Movements Abroad.” This report detailed Communist movements in major nations throughout the world. The very first sentence of this report says it all:

        “There is now definite evidence that Bolshevismk is an international movement controlled by J000s.”


    • Notice that these things are for the state of Utah, which has a high percentage of Mormons. Note that a higher percentage of Mormans in my opinion tend to be “conservative” and vote American Republican party like former Massacheusetts and 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney than be “progressive” and vote American Democratic Party such as the State of Nevada Senator Harry Reed. Note how the 1st grade workbook has two words to choose from which would both be logical choices, but the more emotional word is the “correct” answer. Note how the 1st grade workbook promotes negativity towards parents. Note how one man commenting says this seems like propaganda. Note how the 3rd grade curriculum is measuring (change to the “correct” progressive) change of thoughts and emotions by measuring change in attitudes. This has been ongoing since at least the 1970s if not before. No wonder Romney lost to Democratic party person President Obama in the elections even with a watered down “conservatism” trying to be friendly and persuasive. Romney tried to slow it down a little and lost. Enjoy the decline as much as you can.


      • I saw the video. I was actually appalled.

        And this is Utah. One would think this crap wouldn’t be as bad there, but it would appear to be equally bad everywhere.


      • It’s worse pretty much everywhere else.


      • >Note that a higher percentage of Mormans in my opinion tend to be “conservative” and vote American Republican party

        Not just your opinion; Utah is sometimes considered the *most* Republican state of them all. I used to live there, and it’s the only place I’ve ever lived where ‘conservatism’ is seen as totally normal by an average urban resident. SLC (ok, maybe Ogden, too) is the only part of the state that has any liberalism to it at all, and even there, it’s normal to be conservative.

        If Utah allows this, I can’t fucking imagine what california will do. I often think that california can’t get any more degenerate than it already is, but I know deep down that it can get much worse. This ‘common core’ will do it.

        I have a lot of love for Utah, I like it more than my native godless liberal toilet of a state; many (most) of my relatives live in Utah. I hope the good folks of beehive state can reject this crap, otherwise it’ll just become another Colorado.

        Oh, and Utah is quite lovely to look at:

        So are mormon girls.


      • To start with, i don’t live in the USA,
        but even i heard that Utah is the base of the Mormons in the USA, and that it surely is the most conservative/republican state in the union.

        What i see here is actually a normal thing that happens( yes normal).
        Why because when lefties come to power(finally come to power) in such places like Utah, they get either bashed by liberals from other places that are most liberal and that want to use the opportunity that their brethren are in power at the moment in that fortress of onservativism to amp up the preassure to make it liberal too,

        Or/and you have local zealots that “are sick and tired of that conservativism” and maybe even more sick and tired of being percieved as the most conservative of the liberal stock i.e. being last among the best… So to cancel that notion they are tryiing their best to be the most liberal as they can possibly be.

        Therefore no need to worry – too much though, as that thing in Utah will be defeated, because of it’s unplausibility to the people and because it will be seen as outside interference. All it can do is leave scars, which it will if left operating for too long.

        This is the Balcan experience, which may differ from yours, it’s just that i see it everywhere in the world, somwhere more somwhere less. You are, or so far have been built up and more true to democratic principle than most of the world so you didn’t get the chance to see it first hand as we others had.
        So at first it comes as a shock, later you’ll see they will lose.

        Wish you best.


      • What do you mean by “watered-down conservatism”?This Republican party has been the most xenophobic and confrontational since the Jim Crow era, that’s why they lost the elections last year.

        You can’t ever win an election if you alienate 60% of the population.


      • “…This Republican party has been the most xenophobic and confrontational since the Jim Crow era…”


        Either you are kidding or you are badly brainwashed.


      • on September 9, 2013 at 4:18 pm leavesarefalling

        Brainwashed (or doing the brainwashing). Someone posted that “post-racial” article the other day, where the guy (who was ostensibly the counter p.o.v. to Tim Wise) was going on about the 2010 elections being a “racist” backlash. The meme has been pounded into people’s heads, just like “Tea Party = Racist.”

        Remember for the liberal/progressive, Red is blue. Up is Down. And it is conservatives beatng the racial drum, rather than themselves.


      • Yeah, they should’ve opened the borders to even more low IQ immigrants unwilling to integrate.

        Except that trying to appease the gimmedats never works.


      • Neither income taxes, fiat money, gun control nor female suffrage is conservative, in any meaningful sense. Pure disgusting progressivism, all of it.


      • Every year conservatives move a little bit more to the left.

        What Republicans stand for today was considered very liberal 10 or 20 years ago.

        The thing is Liberals are also moving further to the left, and from their point of view the right is always too far to the right.


      • Yup.
        For all the drivel spewed on Fox News about the GOP wanting to “Reduce the size of Government”, government has not shrank during one Republican administration, nor one GOP controlled Congress; at least since the build down after WW2.

        The only guy I’m aware of that actually managed to make government smaller in the past 60 years, was Tim McVeigh. For all his shortcomings, he actually did manage to shrink government; by several thousand square feet in one fell swoop. And while perhaps not every side effect of his big bang were equally onesidedly wonderful; that achievement does make him, if not necessarily an American Hero, perhaps at least an Antihero.


      • on September 9, 2013 at 5:33 pm Modern Primitive

        The Democrats are still far over to the right compared to Australia’s most popular right leaning party.


      • > “The only guy I’m aware of that actually managed to make government smaller in the past 60 years, was Tim McVeigh.”


        Well, I guess we’ll be getting them Mossad Storm Troopers kicking in the doors tonight, won’t we?

        But that was some funny shit, man.


      • Your Timothy McVeigh comment earns you +1 “WOW, JUST WOW” accolade.


      • Are you seriously this fucking stupid? Jim Crow laws were enacted and enforced by Democrats.


      • on September 9, 2013 at 9:18 pm Captains Courageous

        [“No such thing as the ethnicity of the Palestinians. They are a made up people”]

        Irrelevant. The whole world knows who’s land Israel has stolen and who they are trying to eradicate. And the world knows that the American political system has been subverted by pro-Israeli lobbyists.

        Why else do you think a rich country like Israel would be able to obtain over $15 billion pa from the American taxpayer?

        Why else do you think over half of all US vetoes at the United Nations have been used to block anti-Israel resolutions? Here is just one of many:


        The rest of your comment/diatribe is a grotesque distortion of the actual history of the Israel/Palestine conflict. Here is the real history for anyone who’s interested. Told by one of the few Israelis brave enough to speak the truth:

        And just for the record, no I am not a Muslim. Nor I’m not a great fan of Arabs and I have no axe to grind when it comes to Jewish people. In truth I’m not even overly concerned what Israel does to the Palestinians (although I reserve the right to call out injustice when I see it)

        No, my only motivation for writing on this subject is to point out the chilling and inescapable fact that The United States of America – that once great beacon of freedom and justice in the world – no longer has a democratic system worthy of the name.


      • First, the UN is a fervently anti-Israel organization, as well as anti-American. Most of its members are 3rd world countries (many Islamic ) and they hate Israel, and America too. They would love nothing more than to put American soldiers on trial for imaginary war crimes. I don’t put any stock in UN resolutions or justice. So, no one is surprised it adopts resolutions against Israel. The UN is skewed. America recognizes that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, and therefore both countries share the same values. Also, much of America’s government was based on Jooish traditions. Those values and traditions are collectively called Judeo-Christian values. These are the reason we are in Israel’s corner, and have been there for decades.

        Now, you saying the Palestinian’s history is irrelevant, is a convenient copout. What do you think history is made in a vacuum? You have to see the background of things to evaluate them accurately. There is no Palestinian history. It’s bullshit; it’s made up for dupes and useful idiots of Western persuasion – guys like you.

        “The whole world knows who’s land Israel has stolen and who they are trying to eradicate.”

        The land of Israel is stolen from the Palestinians? Gee, I wonder why it’s called the land of Israel, or Judea, or Jerusalem. It’s the land of the jooz, simple as that. It wasn’t stolen from the Arabs. The Arabs are trying to steal it from the jooz.

        Just this statement alone shows your lack of knowledge and understanding. You think you saw a few propaganda YouTube videos presenting a different view, or read a few WN articles slanted in an anti-Joo direction, and you think you now know the truth. You know nothing. You don’t even know history. You know revised history, yellow journalism, and propaganda. What I said is the absolute truth. Pity, you can’t see it.

        “And the world knows that the American political system has been subverted by pro-Israeli lobbyists.”

        Nonsense. America doesn’t do anything not in its best interest. Fact is, it gets much more from the Jooz than it does from the Arabs. Much of what we enjoy in the West comes from the minds of Israeli engineers. The NASDAQ is all Israeli corporations. People made money because of Israel. They don’t care about Arab lies. Furthermore, much of America’s intelligence comes from Israel. This was during the cold war and now during the war on terror. Israel is indispensable to American interests.

        “Why else do you think a rich country like Israel would be able to obtain over $15 billion pa from the American taxpayer?”

        It doesn’t obtain 15 billons from the tax payer. It gets about 3 billion in subsidies to purchase weapons. Then it must share the improvements and alterations on the weapons with America since Israel is a genius in technological development. This is the deal the two countries have.


      • on September 10, 2013 at 4:52 pm Captains Courageous

        The United Nations of the World are anti-Israel for a reason.

        The foundation of the Israel’s claim to Palestinian land is that Jews lived there 3.000 years ago. Which they say gives them the right to take it back by force.

        If this Gibberish logic was to be rolled out globally most of the countries of the world would be at war.

        Indeed using this patently stupid argument the indigenous Indians of America would have the right to evict most of the current population of the United States – Including the Jews who by using their own interpretation of historical ownership have no right to be in the US at all.

        American politicians have no choice but to back Israel because the vast majority of them have had their election campaigns bankrolled by the pro-Israel lobby. This is not made up, this is a demonstrable fact that is common knowledge to anyone who knows anything about US politics.

        “Israel is indispensable to American interests” Pure Israeli propaganda. The truth is that if Israel hadn’t been able to leech billions from the American people, they would have nothing to sell but a few oranges.

        The United states of America gives the state of Israel $3 billion pa. However this is just the foreign aid bill if you take into account all the other trade compacts, military and economic assistance it amounts to about $15 Billion of American tax payers money given to Israel every year. That amounts to roughly $30,000 every year to every Israeli man woman and child.

        The sad truth of the matter is that due to Pro-Israeli organisations corrupting the American political System -THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA HAS IN EFFECT, BEEN CUCKOLD BY A VERY SMALL AND OTHERWISE INSIGNIFICANT MIDDLE EASTERN STATE.

        This single fact is by far the biggest challenge the American people face today. For unless this iniquity is rectified, America will continue its rapid decline into oblivion.


      • “The United states of America gives the state of Israel $3 billion pa. However this is just the foreign aid bill if you take into account all the other trade compacts, military and economic assistance it amounts to about $15 Billion of American tax payers money given to Israel every year.”

        Wrong! And grossly exaggerated. Israel gets most of its aid in military subsides. Stop making up shit. This is why you antisemties can’t be trusted. You keep skewing the truth.

        “Almost all current U.S. aid to Israel is in the form of military assistance.”

        You can see this on page 7 of the following 34-page PDF document.

        It doesn’t get cold hard cash like hate-mongering Arab countries that you don’t seem to worry about as much as you worry about Israel.

        Why don’t you read what the report I linked for you. It’s not conspiracy theory literature though, so you might not take it seriously.

        The report breaks down the collaboration on joint venture and weapon deals between the US and Israel. America wouldn’t be investing so much in Israel if it weren’t in its best interest. No one gives money for free. This is foolish thinking. Read the document and you’ll understand better.

        In short, it’s a symbiotic relationship. Both countries rely on each other’s ingenuity and development. Israel gives the US a lot more than antisemites are willing to admit – in the form of technological and scientific development, weaponry development, renewable energy development, and fighting the war on terror. Israel has a long history of doing this. Back in the cold war, Israel fought Stalin and the USSR, while Arab leaders like Abdul Nazar of Egypt had a close relationships with the soviets. And that’s because Israel is a democracy, unlike Arab and Islamic countries. Therefore, we hardly have anything in common with them. Plus, they’re so backward they really have nothing of value to gives us, while the Jooz do.

        These are just facts of history. Unrevised and untampered. Please stop spreading fabrications.

        BTW, I don’t want you to think I approve of foreign aid. I don’t. I am anti all foreign aid to all countries. However, since for Israel aid is mostly subsides for weapons, and since I do support Israel in her struggle against the Arabs, I do back that kind of aid. However, if Israel was getting cold hard cash, I would have condemned it.


      • “The United Nations of the World are anti-Israel for a reason”

        No, there is no reason. Why is the UN anti America then? Again, no reason, just jealousy of its power. The UN is made up of mostly 3rd world countries that view the West as colonial users. That’s why they want US citizens to pay taxes to the UN for the sake of helping 3rd worlders. That’s why they want the US to fund Africa, because they think America became rich on the back of Africa. That’s why the UN wants to be able to try our military officials, because it doesn’t like offenses against 3rd wolders and Islamic states, unless America goes after white countries like Yugoslavia to save Muslims. See the double standards?

        Same thing with Israel. They insist Israel stole the so-called Palestinian land, instead of admitting the Arabs stole the land of the Jooz. That’s why nothing the UN says is of any value in my eyes, and anyone who supports the UN is also helping it circumvent US sovereignty. It’s why both the US and Israel have such a tense relationship with the UN. Do you know there are nations there that don’t even pay their UN dues, yet dare dictate to us how we’re not paying enough? Or, do you know the UN puts rogues nations such as Syria on the Human Rights Committee, who then turn around and lecture Israel and America on human rights? Yeah, Syria. The state that just killed 100,000 of its own citizens. It’s unbelievable how antisemites are so consumed with Joo hate, they can’t see the truth for what is it.

        There is no valid comparison between the Arabs and Israel. The Arabs are nothing but fanatic haters of the West that would love nothing more than to Islamize it though the UN, or if it doesn’t work though the UN then through terrorism. Israel is a democracy and a friend of the US, fighting for its life on its ancient homeland. But of course, you’ll come back with the same song and dance of how the UN has good reason. It doesn’t have any reason. It’s an illegitimate organization that should be dismantled. Wise up!


    • One need not home school if one “after-school” teaches. In fact, using the PC libtard school lessons is helpful. One can teach his children to spot the PC bullshit and simply explain to them what is going on. I simply teach my daughters to recognize the Cathedral bullshit, and they are already getting it. The *only* goal of public school in my county, it appears is to teach that Martin Luther King was some kind of saint. I can’t see that they are teaching anything else.


      • I only wish they were beatifying MLK – he was at least a decent individual. Unfortunately, we have cop-killing bank robbers, etc, being made out to be Jesus returned to Earth 😦


      • Stealing 6-8 hours a day of ones own children’s best and most formative years, to have them harassed, indoctrinated, lied to and abused, is hardly responsible parenting. Nintendo on the couch for 8 lonely hours a day (not that I recommend it), beats public schooling. At least kids learn that shooting them, is the way to make bad guys go away. Instead of bending over and begging some tax feeder to “help them.”


      • I agree with you, and what’s truly sad and disheartening (and scary) is to contemplate how few we are. By we I mean those of us who are red pill-aware and read this blog. No offense CH, but even your huge readership (for a blog) is what–0.0000005% of the population? Just interact with any woman younger than 40–they are brainwashed ***hardcore***. I went back to getting dates on recently (easy for me to do–my profile is attractive), and I just find myself getting irritated by these poor women. Not even their fault–they are *brainwashed*. They do nothing but spout feminism talking points about their “independence,” student loans, etc. It’s funny to hear some of them “identify” the problem without realizing it. Example: I met one the other day who is trying to be a good person, but it’s too late in some respects because she’s 33, never married, put her career first, has student loan debt yet makes only $40k (the max for all “independent” women except lawyers and doctors), lives with roommates because that’s what “independent” women do unless their daddy bought them a condo. But ya….the current public school system is VERY cathedral to the point that it is laughable and cringe-inducing to any red pill-aware person, same as CNN, foxnews (both of them) and all the other mainstream stuff. They don’t even pretend to try to “report” “news” to anyone who is aware; rather they *instruct* the sheeple what to think as if they are 6 years old.

        To the other comment: at least the public schools do lionize MLK, not thugs like Travyon. It’s only the media branch of the cathedral (CNN) that has actively instructed the blacks to resort to violence against whites because of Trayvon.

        also CH touches on a point that is so blaringly blatant everywhere you look on mainstream TV: can’t see a single commercial or show that does not have all of the following: only one white and it’s a girl; black, Asian, brown, all together. Disney shows are laughable. They actually have shows where very black black girl, pretty blonde white girl, and indian boy are supposed to be siblings. That kind of thing. They also have the mothers doing eat-pray-love safaris in Africa all the time, leaving the kids with either butlers or an older sibling.

        No such thing as a white male judge on TV. White males can only be bumbling buffoons or actively evil.

        Make no mistake: the cathedral has actively taught women to hate or disrespect normal white men, who are seen as either “creepy” or scary or, at best, bumbling idiots. And starting with Gen X, they bought it.

        I am flat in the middle of Gen X and I will assert that Gen X is the worst crop of women to have ever been given to a generation of men. Complete and utter fuck ups. I imagine Gen Y and “millenials” could be even worse, I don’t know.


      • “I am flat in the middle of Gen X and I will assert that Gen X is the worst crop of women to have ever been given to a generation of men.”


        Two words: Tina Fey.


  2. There is no surprise that they do this; it’s what they do after all. What is worrisome is that people are just now starting to realize that it is happening.

    Go back to the 1970’s and you’ll find similar books in schools, albeit with actual white males being included in the graphics on occasion. Thanks to the oblivious Greatest Generation and their unholy Boomer loin-spawn, we are witnessing the deconstruction of America in the span of only a handful of decades.

    The upside is that, ultimately, reality cannot be thwarted and it will reassert itself. Progressivism/socialism/fascism is self destructive. If we did not have to ride on this doomed ship we might well sit back and laugh as the iceberg looms ever closer. Alas, we have no such luxury.


    • Dang it, hit submit before I was done. Apologies.


    • >fascism

      Good goy. Keep thinking fascists are the enemy, and that your enemies are fascists.


      • on September 9, 2013 at 8:28 am The Burninator

        Fascism is simply the frustrated child of the socialist anarchists post WW1. That any sane person wants the output of the means of production directed by government is inconceivable. Free men do not submit to thralldom, child, no matter how many names you may heap upon them.

        Don’t spar with me, I do not enter the discussion without a deep awareness of terms and history. Your hatred of Jews is not unique to National Socialism, one would think you would find a more palatable cart to hitch your horse to than that. Here’s some homework for you; investigate the Norman and. Ango-Saxon kings if you wish to tether your anti-Jew hatred to a finer wagon.


      • on September 9, 2013 at 9:25 pm Eliezer Ben-Yehuda

        The Israel Navy ==only exists == because Mussolini opened up one of his Merchant Marine Academies to Hebrew-speaking boys from the Yishuv.


      • Our enemies are Communists; communists see socialism as a means to an end, while Fascists see socialism as an end in itself; I admit that socialism *can* work in aan ethnically cohesive nation-state (keyword: Nation) but is it really better (more ethical? more eugenic? more efficient?) than libertarian-nationalism?

        If fascism wants to excersize control of the economy, I want no part of it.


      • LOL. Fascists are such nice people. Duh. Europe is thriving because of the fascists.

        All we need it to allow them free reign here and all will be solved.




      • Fascists, communists, socialists, Democrats, RINOs … all are different flavors of statists. And all are the enemy.


      • on September 9, 2013 at 12:47 pm Mr.magNIFicent1

        nothing wrong with statists if they’re also racialist-nationalist.


      • Until they turn against their own people and wage war against the entire world.

        It’s funny, you WNs supposedly frown on wars and the like, and you constantly bash Bush for the Iraq and afghan wars, but you would gladly start useless wars to further your agenda. Your hypocrisy is so obvious. That’s why your agenda is just as evil as the communist agenda is. Both of these groups should be ran out of town.


      • Within our own borders to expel invaders.

        Run us out of town, I want to see it.


      • Which invaders? Do you have a specific Endlösung in mind for that particular frage, pray tell?


      • Har-dee-frickin’-har.


    • I agree. What’s really scary is that there are still people out there, who believe that government is somehow involved in something other than their own aggrandizing. Or even, that such a government is even possible in a society of voluntarily disarmed men.

      Reality will reassert itself. But most likely, it will do so by our less delusional brothers from the East simply sacking us and leaving us for dead. Rather than by some internal transformation that makes us sufficiently enlightened to face down those hordes. And while, from a mile high view, such a trifle detail doesn’t really matter, for those taken their responsibility to their own offspring a generation or two down the line seriously, it doesn’t offer much solace.


  3. going to throw in my too-late-pitch to call it ‘the minaret’ instead of the cathedral, as nothing but christianity-based has really ever led to an individualist-type country like the us, and the cathedral as we refer to it is far more domineering and aggressive than ‘cathedral’ sounds, but that is likely just me.


    • wtf is “the Minaret”?Are you’re trying to make a veiled reference to the “Mosque”(a Muslim place of worship), cause the minaret doesn’t make any sense.

      The minaret is a dome shaped symbol on top of a mosque(not all mosques have it), whereas the Cathedral isn’t just a place of worship, it’s also an institution.

      That’s why saying separation of “Church and state” makes more sense, then saying separation of “mosque and state”, because the Mosque isn’t an institution.

      The Muslim equivalent of the Cathedral would be the “Ulema”.

      The Christian equivalent of the “Minaret”, is the church steeple.


      • on September 9, 2013 at 9:29 pm Eliezer Ben-Yehuda

        no, the Christian equivalent of a minaret would be a church’s bell tower.

        Minarets are used to make announcements.


      • “Minaret” makes more sense than you are allowing, because it is where the call to prayer takes place.

        A cathedral and a mosque are both buildings for religious worship; they are effectively equivalent terms, just for different religions.


  4. I understand why homeschool if the school there is so bad. Here the school is not like that. Do they teach Religion and basic ethics/morals in the schools there from an early age? and sing hymns? Or have they taken Religion out of the schools?


    • Yes, completely. Our schools have become terrible and are little more than factories to produce little indoctrinated neo-Marxist voters. They can parrot slogans but don’t really understand them.


    • Religion is still in schools. The religion of atheism, of humanism, of communism.

      And tolerance of any religion except the various flavors of christianity.

      They’ve been taken out root and branch, leaf and flower. There is no remnant of religion in public schools in America.

      (Except of course for your own special “my local public school isn’t like that at all” region. Because you’re special and although your local public school uses the exact same textbooks as the other public schools, credentialed by the same authorities, and teachers educated in the same indoctrination classes as all the other public school teachers. But of course your local school is different because the parents participate or something.)


      • I am not in America.
        Our last president was a communist, and he made a huge mess. I admit I have no knowledge of politics, so I don’t know if it was because he was a communist or he was just bad. But he brought the country to a bad state rapidly. Just yesterday I had a leaflet through my door for communism and I put it straight for rubbish because people say communism is trying to ruin this country.
        But the good is the schools haven’t suffered. I feel sorry for Americans, to be afraid to send your children to school is horrible. It must be getting increasingly difficult to raise children up in the right way there.


      • I know you are in Cyprus. My comments were addressed to all the special snowflake American men who still naively believe that *their* local school isn’t like that.


      • It’s not just America. The only difference is that there are, in America, a few souls that never cave in to the progressive juggernaut. Hence, a few who are aware how bad public schooling really is. The internet has given them the ability to preach to a wider audience then they used to be able to.

        In Europe, OTOH, I’ve never met anyone that even questions whether publicly funded indoctrination of all children schooling is good. Aside from Muslim immigrants, at least.


      • As an example, the 20+ nazi stormtroopers who busted down the door last week and arrested the home schoolers in Germany. For not complying with a deliberately crafted law from the days when Hitler was fuhrer.


      • How YOU doin’?


    • In the USA, discussing Christianity in state schools is strictly banned, because of separation of church and state. However, there was some flap recently where 7th-graders in California were forced to study Islam, so non-Christian religions are, it would appear, politically correct and therefore fair game.


      • That is disgusting. Here we ALL get a Bible from school, even state schools. And we sang hymns every morning and learned from the Old Testament, and the Priest/father comes to school often for those who don’t go to Church.
        At age 16 boys leave school and go for mandatory military service for 24 months. I believe that does a lot of good for boys. You can really see them leave boys and come back as men. They learn to drive, to shoot guns, and many other things. If they want to continue onto university after this, they can. For men who don’t complete their military service for any reason they have an extremely difficult time getting employed. I really hope it stays this way.


      • Embracing…. if you want a Catholic centered education for your children in America, you either have to home school or send them to private school. Schools are largely funded by property taxes, and if you choose private school you still have to pay the public school taxes (plus private school tuition). It’s too expensive for many people.

        There’s a movement to attach the funding to the student, instead of the public school, so parents can choose public or private school. But so far the Public Education Cartel has successfully blocked these efforts.


      • So through blocking this movement they are taking away the rights of parents to get a good education in a Christian environment for their children. Sad. It really seems that homeschooling is the answer there.


      • Embracing…. if you want a Catholic centered education for your children in America, you either have to home school or send them to private school.

        Agreed. The Catholic school system in the USA was among the best in the world, but since the 1960s Vatican II libtard revolution, it has been completely gutted.


      • Quite so, Vatican II was a disgrace, to say the least. It is sad how so much is lost now without a fight or blood in the streets. Traditions, honor, goodness is now simply scribbled out of reality by sneering bureaucrats and heartless scribes, and nobody even care enough to rise and resist their edicts.


      • Where is this paradise?


      • Your reply to A G demonstrates a proper female disposition I can respect, an attitude all women should emulate.




      • Really, that sounds like paradise to you? Replacing one form of indoctrination with another?

        And I promise there would be a colossal outcry around here if the state required military service for boys only.


      • “And I promise there would be a colossal outcry around here if the state required military service for boys only.”

        Why? Would they expect women to go to become SOLDIERS? That is crazy. They are pretty good in schools about a woman’s role and mans role here. In my exams to leave school I had A’s with religious studies, literature home ec and biology. But chemistry, physics and math and the others I failed miserably. Without those it’s difficult to go onto college for a serious career. One day at the end of school my principal called me into his office to talk about my results, and asked me of my plans. I told him I just want to be a housewife and have babies and serve God. He told me he thinks that is a good idea for me. I was happy, because it’s not good for the schooling system to put pressure on women to be like men, its good to encourage them to be women. Likewise we encourage the men to be men.


      • >Really, that sounds like paradise to you? Replacing one form of indoctrination with another?

        Yes: Most people are not capable of accepting the hard facts of life directly; Christianity is an abstraction of those truths; an easy way for the masses to ingest a logical system of ethics. Most people, being incapable of independent thought, are going to be indoctrinated no matter what. Let’s ‘indoctrinate’ them with something useful. Christianity is an abstraction of the truth; liberalism is un-truth to the core.

        >And I promise there would be a colossal outcry around here if the state required military service for boys only.

        lol, do you honestly think that feminists are consistent enough to demand that women get drafted? the only people who would be upset by this are the MensRights half-fags that you find on reddit. Everyone ignores them, anyway.


      • embracing,

        Frankly, I think it’s crazy to require anyone to go become a soldier. The government should not be in the business of planning out individuals’ life paths, but that’s getting off topic. I’m truly glad to hear that Cyprus doesn’t stigmatize the subservient housewife role (here in the states, I feel dirty just typing that phrase).


      • sigma,

        What do you mean when you say Christianity is an “abstraction of truths?” To me, it’s just a story about a magical, invisible man in the sky who controls everything…


      • @A G
        “Abstraction is a process by which concepts are derived from the usage and classification of literal (‘real’ or ‘concrete’) concepts, first principles, or other methods. ‘An abstraction’ is the product of this process—a concept that acts as a super-categorical noun for all subordinate concepts, and connects any related concepts as a group, field, or category.”

        So, for example, the Christian concept of ‘male headship’ is an over-arching concept containing a whole slough of biological, sociological, evolutionary truths. It’s useful to those not equipped or unwilling to understand the big mess of factors which led the ancients to that conclusion.

        The ‘Golden Rule’ (Luke 6:31) is an abstraction of another big mess of logic. It’s right, but we don’t need to get into the nitty-gritty of why it’s right.

        The ‘Forbidden Fruit’ in Eden is an abstraction for the complicated process of humans converting to an agricultural lifestyle. At least, I think it is. I’ll write about that another time.

        Abstraction’s a neat concept that you’ll find in computer science, how Python code is an abstraction of C code, and C code is an abstraction of machine code (0s and 1s) that few humans can understand. That’s actually a pretty good analogy for what I’m trying to say.

        >To me, it’s just a story about a magical, invisible man in the sky who controls everything…

        Something tells me that you haven’t read the New Testament.


      • sigma,

        That’s one way to view it, but plenty of people literally believe that there is a magical, conscious being who created the first two humans, that heaven and hell are literal places, that two of every species once fit on a boat, etc etc… Even if religion teaches morality, it often leads people to outlandish conclusions just like leftist/equalist dogma.


      • sigma,

        What do you mean when you say Christianity is an “abstraction of truths?” To me, it’s just a story about a magical, invisible man in the sky who controls everything…

        As opposed to the idea that we randomly came from nothing and our lives are meaningless?


      • At age 16 boys leave school and go for mandatory military service for 24 months. I believe that does a lot of good for boys. You can really see them leave boys and come back as men. They learn to drive, to shoot guns, and many other things.

        I’d have recommended the military for young men here too, but for the last decade our military has been used for completely stupid operations in places like Iraq and Afghanistan that do not benefit the American nation at all. Also, fags are now allowed to serve openly.


      • No man should join the military when a woman is considered his equal for combat positions. No straight man should join the military when a queer is given the same moral stature.


      • And no man should join the military, to fight under orders of an organization that does not allow him to procure and employ the same weaponry in the defense of his own family, as he does in the defense of some flag.


      • I agree with all of these statements in principle, but where else are you going to learn those useful infantry skills?


    • Not exactly like that. Here are two excerpts from a letter my seventh grader just got from his social studies teacher:

      “This unit opens our year by introducing the theme of the role of the individual within the context of the group.”

      “Character education, learning and practicing the skills to become good citizens, is actively occurring in middle schools across the country ….we believe that each child will learn skills and acquire knowledge that will help them to make good decisions and become even better citizens in their community. …”

      He got in trouble in that class today for trying to correct stupid answers given by some other students. He had learned not to do that last year but he forgot again. The purpose of social studies is to convince you that you must value the most stupid just as highly as yourself. I told him not to worry about answers and just chat with people.


  5. on September 9, 2013 at 8:13 am Amanjaw Marcuntte

    As a palate cleanser, I give you 14 seconds of pure alpha:


  6. i want to have a kid just to ask him “who’s we, you got a turd in your pocket?” when he brings this crap home.


  7. Reblogged this on Mindweapons in Ragnarok and commented:
    Liberal child abuse via government schools. Teaches children to despise and dismiss parental authority.


  8. The State is feeding on your childrens’ souls.


    • “Till at last the child’s mind is these suggestions, and the sum of the suggestions is the child’s mind. And not the child’s mind only. The adult’s mind too – all his life long. The mind that judges and desires and decides – made up of these suggestions. Suggestions from the State.”


  9. I totally concur about homeschooling – both based upon many homeschooled young men and women I’ve met (all of whom are productive, moral, and social now as adults) and because of the sort of evil in that video.

    Next week, Ron Paul has a book coming out promoting homeschooling (which he has done for years), ‘The School Revolution’. Read it, and buy a copy for other parents:

    If moms understood that their children were being taught to say, “You’re nagging me” when they’re told to clean their bedrooms, I think they’d all yank their kids from the schools.


    • I can’t believe words like “advocacy” and “call to action” are even IN a second grade lesson plan. It’s so blatant what they are doing.

      The part about writing to parents for help buying supplies is unbelievable. They should publish what would be most parents’ answer: “That’s what our school taxes should be for, but instead the money goes to pay inflated salaries and unsustainable pensions.”


      • This clip pretty much gives tells us all we need know about Amy’s thought patterns.

        “Amy good gorilla. Amy pretty”.


    • (other David here) my kids are getting more and more surly every year, coming home from school. My younger kid just got home from his first soccer practice and he’s very angry that the practice went long and cut into his evening computer time Not tired, not annoyed, but bitterly angry!

      Maybe social conditioning by the school is the problem. Kids weren’t surly iike this when I was a kid, I’m pretty sure of it.


      • L.O.L.

        Did you think it was all fiction?


      • Or, maybe the problem is letting your kid make his life dependent on video games.

        We have an xBox. It’s use is restricted to weekends in the evening, and even then, not too long. We do not have video addicts in my household. If your spawn is that hooked on games, that is your cue as a father to restrict the source of the addiction, or remove it entirely.

        You can’t lay all the blame on schools for this one, guy.


  10. While I understand that they are not teaching logic and reason in favor of persuasion, can this be turned against women in the sense that they are teaching boys how to fight like girls? A Game aware father can teach his son to not only see through these types of arguments, but to also couple emotionally persuasive speech with logic and reason. Such a boy would be immune to hamsters and a leader of men.


    • The main problem is that most boys don’t have fathers.


      • That’s the central part of the plan. Men protect their families from harmful influences like Communism.


      • Yeah, just communism, but not national socialism, eh? I laugh at you every time you start with your communism bashing but don’t mention anything about the fascism you support. Talk about a wolf in sheep’s clothing. If your hypocrisy weren’t so dangerous it would be funny.


      • To be totally fair, National Socialism is a much more reasonable type of socialism: it would require everyone to work for an *actual* collective, a biological family with a unifying culture. Ideally.
        Communism demands individuals work for a ‘collective’ of which many components are hostile to each other. It asks that people extend their natural human altruism FAR beyond it’s natural limits. NatSoc avoids those flaws,
        it’s still socialism.


      • Socialism works in small groups. It doesn’t work otherwise. Also, you can’t legislate how people should feel and behave. Modern socialists have added this aspect to classical socialism. But where did they it get it from? Fascism.

        Fascism attempts to control all aspects of life, as well as behavior, feeling, and thinking. Therefore, fascism doesn’t work either because it’s truly a totalitarian policing. Either way, the human spirit wasn’t meant for either fascism or socialism. The American Constitution and The Declaration (outside the Bible) embody all the human spirit aspires and yearns for. We have the best form of government, but it’s not appreciated by the current citizenry that tries to alter it. On the left, we have communists trying to rewrite The Constitution, and on the right we have n-NZs who think Uncle Adolf was right and they need to bring about an armed struggle to re-make America in his vision. Woe to us. I wish we could oust both of these groups from here.

        As far as the family (which fascists say they are in favor), it’s all for the sake of their pagan gods. In the end, without believing in a Creator you can’t have a healthy society. That’s why all of the pagan civilizations failed, including that of ancient Rome in spite of it being very advanced. All it was missing was electrical energy. Yet, it couldn’t supersede and transcend its paganism and lack of morality. Fascists don’t support the family any more than the feminists/homosexuals/atheists do. It’s a troubling misnomer.

        Pay attention to Uncle Adolf. He wanted to replace civilized behavior (conscience and morality) with the law of the Jungle.

        – “Providence has ordained that I should be the greatest liberator of humanity. I am freeing man from the restraints of an intelligence that has taken charge, from the dirty and degrading self-mortification of a false vision called CONSCIENCE AND MORALITY, and from the demands of a freedom and independence which only a very few can bear.” (Rauschning, Hit-ler Speaks, p. 222)

        – “They refer to me as an uneducated barbarian. Yes, we are barbarians. We want to be barbarians, it is an honored title to us. We shall rejuvenate the world. This world is near its end.” (Rauschning, Hit-ler Speaks, p. 87)

        – “We are the joyous Hit-ler youth,
        We do not need any Christian virtue
        Our leader is our savior
        The Pope and Rabbi shall be gone
        We want to be pagans once again.” (Song sung by Hit-ler youth)

        – “The law of selection justifies this incessant struggle, by allowing the survival of the fittest. Christianity is a rebellion against natural law, a protest against nature. Taken to its logical extreme, Christianity would mean the systematic cultivation of the human failure.” Norman Cameron, Hit-ler’s Table-Talk, p. 51)

        This is just a sample of his diatribes against conscience and morality – Jooish virtues, as he once called them. He wanted to go back to paganism. However, he wasn’t successful because the West can’t exist without those Jooish values that are now deeply embedded inside its soul. That’s why other western countries fought him, and destroyed him and his philosophy. Not many in the West liked his ideas of shedding conscience and morality – Jooish values – which is why he said the Jooz stand behind all of the countries that fought him. N-NZs don’t understand what nz-ism is about. All they see is the superficial part of it – the Joo hatred – and that’s good enough for them. They don’t bother asking reel questions about how this type of government will affect them in the end. They don’t even care, so long as they think it will destroy the Jooz. They’re not really looking for answers to our cultural problems. They just want Joo destruction. But it will elude them, as it always does.

        Fascism and communism are both irrational form of government, and i don’t take seriously anyone who preaches fascism over communism. Such people are ignorant, if not willfully evil.


      • only in academia are there differences between communism and fascism. In the real world, they are all the same; strong government.


      • Very true. They are 2 sides of the same coin.


      • Again,no genius here,but wasnt germany rather,uhm,poor when the Big Guy stepped up to the plate? Didnt he initiate mass govt spending on infrastructure, putting guys back to work,and reinvigorating the economy? I heard a legend that certain people would grind up glass and bake it in muffins which they would put in the trash for the poor to eat. Fun times. Not that I would believe such nonsense,which is more the purview of David DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK!! Got that nasty dick in his hand!


      • @sig

        No, it is not. Just because NS hates Jews doesn’t mean that it is reasonable. It is socialism, a socio-economic system based on the feminine imperative. Men, free men, do not submit to tyrants and being controlled by the likes of any form of socialism. It is, frankly, unmanly.


      • Lily, it was dull without you. So glad to have our Kazarian Princess here to stimulate discussion and help the cause. It must be the uniform- you just dig that officer’s cap with the Death’s Head and 50 mission crush over my angular and rugged Aryan jawline, packing that MP-44 and some hand grenades to do the Fuehrer’s bidding. Oh Panzer man, Oh panzer man….

        I’m the original Panzer man. Two time Knight’s Cross Winner. Yeah BABY!


      • “Lily, it was dull without you. So glad to have our Kazarian Princess here to stimulate discussion and help the cause. “

        Naturally, it was dull here in my absence. I create controversy, which stimulates discussion (as you say). The fact you felt it though, speaks volumes 😉 Who else would you have to fight with, if not me? Think of it as a challenge. Surely, you don’t want everyone to agree with you all the time, right? It reeks of weasel weakness 😉
        “It must be the uniform- you just dig that officer’s cap with the Death’s Head and 50 mission crush over my angular and rugged Aryan jawline, packing that MP-44 and some hand grenades to do the Fuehrer’s bidding.”

        We shall see.

        p.s. thanks for confirming you’re still fighting the Fuehrer’s war against the jooz for him. My observations are always sharp!


      • As an eraser! My little Khazarian princess!


      • 17 posts today Lily. Are you trying for a new record or something?


      • I’m not cowardly or cold blooded enough to be a J-wish Bolshevik. I only fight men who can fight back.


      • Hilarious!!! A NZ Aryan not cold enough??? Talk about the understatement of the thread. I can see you could be fun at times. It’s all because you can’t see the whole picture. Most NZs can’t, which is why it’s so easy to destroy their glass houses.


      • If you say so. I’m not trying to ethnically cleanse anyone, I and all the other white men here, am being ethnically cleansed and nothing less. This is existential for me and for most of us. The reality is that the Jooos started this most recent conflict. It is the Jooos who are seeking to drive white men from the public arena. It is the Jooos as heads of the Communist movement that have been slowly hijacking this nation, just as they hijacked Czarist Russia.

        I seem to recall a recent huge increase in damnation of gentile white males and it was orchestrated by your Semitic friends. The brainwashing of little children that is the center of this thread is also the result of that same tribe as part of their efforts to subvert the nation, destroy its moral compass and fill the void with Communism. It is your people who seek to marginalize me and turn me into a second class citizen. Why should we allow that to go unchallenged? We see the big picture all too well.


      • You say you are being ethnically cleansed, right?

        OK, then answer this. Why aren’t you having kids? You are married to a Russian, and yet all you say you do with her is have BJs? What gives?
        Maybe you’re too selfish to have kids? Too much fun getting BJs, eh? Let me give you a hint – seed spillage outside the womb doesn’t make babies.
        Furthermore, cry me a river over Russia. Please, Russia doesn’t concern you at all, and blaming the czar’s downfall only on jooz who joined the Gentile cause is ridiculous. Your crocodile tears are only shedding because you somehow see Jooish involvement. If there was no way you could link the jooz to this, you wouldn’t even think about Russia. Your hypocrisy shows, Carlos. Sorry, this makes 2 hypocrisies in one post.
        “The brainwashing of little children that is the center of this thread is also the result of that same tribe as part of their efforts to subvert the nation, destroy its moral compass and fill the void with Communism.”

        Wrong. There are more leftist gentiles than Jooz, and perhaps some are in cahoots to change the culture. This is not just the doing of liberal Jooz though. Just as the Russian secular jooz didn’t single handedly bring down the cazrs, despite your misperception of the truth. Jooz joining political parties and acting exactly as their lowlife counterparts doesn’t absolve gentile involvement, which is always much larger than Joo involvement, as the jooz are a small percentage of any population.

        Think about making white babies instead of obsessing over jooish linkage to everything. Ultimately, making babies stops racial death.


      • Nazis supported the family. They didn’t work to destroy it. besides, Communism is little more than J-wish National Socialism.


      • How in the F is taking husbands from their families to die fighting silly wars, “supporting the family?”

        The total amount of authority in a society is fixed. Any time more is transferred to some tax feeding government drone, it is transferred away from someone else, mostly heads of households. The governments that do best at supporting the family are those that are simply not around; either due to not existing at all, or due to being so weak they have no authority over most people whatsoever, like the government in Kabul. Which is why Afghanistan, for all it’s real and imaginary evils, has strong families, and fertile women. And low taxes. And no gun laws. And no female suffrage. And no publicly funded progressive indoctrination. And no feminism. And boatloads of children.


      • The alternative to Nazi rule was control from the winning powers in WWI, which was no picnic for Germany.


      • And no electricity. And no plumbing. And no heating and air conditioning.


      • Over time, evolution tends to favor those that focus their energy on building children, over those that focus on building air conditioners.


      • Wrong! As I wrote above and hasn’t posted yet, the family (which fascists say they are in favor), is all for the sake of their pagan gods. In the end, without believing in a Creator you can’t have a healthy society. That’s why all of the pagan civilizations failed, including that of ancient Rome in spite of it being very advanced. All it was missing was electrical energy. Yet, it couldn’t supersede and transcend its paganism and lack of morality. Fascists don’t support the family any more than the feminists/homosexuals/atheists do. It’s a troubling misnomer.


    • I am trying to do exactly this with my children. Have them go through the school experience, but explain and discuss it as we go.

      They are very hard on boys in school, especially elementary school. Elem. grades used to be pretty laid back as I remember, but today it’s where they lay on the conditioning the hardest. Maybe homeschool thru elementary then send to school for middle and high school, unless you really have the ability and energy to teach all those subjects yourself. Make sure your kids learn phonics and proper basic grammar, and arithmetic up thru their times tables and multi-digit multiplication at home. The rest of elementary school can be dispensed with in my opinion.

      They are especially hard on boys. Imagine making kindergarten and 1st grade into a disciplinary nightmare for them, totally pointlessly! Making them sit still on the floor on little squares of carpet, and they get in trouble if arms or legs stray into a neighbor’s square. Girls seem to be able to do this, boys not so much. Too many offenses and they start making a case for ADHD and (as a last resort of course, the boy is just too disruptive in class) medication. Well we told them simply no to that. They were not happy but could not force anything, beyond writing nasty notes on report cards that don’t matter.

      But to “them”, of course the other stuff they do is the most important!

      “As education leadersincorporate
      the CCSS into schoolsystems,P21
      urgesthem to do so in a way that
      honorsthe fusion of the 3Rs(core
      academic content mastery) and 4Cs
      (critical thinking and problem solving,
      collaboration, communication and
      creativity and innovation).
      It is imperative that the
      CCSS be considered the
      “floor”—not the “ceiling”—
      when it comes to expectations
      for student performance in the
      21st century.”

      Yes sure we can do all that other stuff and still teach content, and improve the level of “all students”. No they’re using the classroom “collaboration” piece to force the able students to teach the, um, less able. And then seeing a classroom with lots of discussion going on, they declare that this is better than students quietly listening and working, and that it’s a success.

      It’s a reprise of the communist doctrine of the “active man”, a goal of Soviet Communism. Always busy, always doing something, no time to think and listen to the voice of God.

      For a good discussion of Common Core I recommend .


      • “They are very hard on boys in school.”

        That’s because there is a war on boys. That’s why boys that are a little bit more active than the average girl, are sent to Ritalin treatment. It’s literally a crime against boys. The only way to fight this is to send kids to private schools or home school.


      • Public education has become completely feminized. A kid hits another kid on the playground, the “victim” will actually get in trouble if he fights back… he’s supposed to go running to a teacher to intervene. It’s pathetic.


      • Fight back and take the suspension. That’s my attitude.


      • True, true. And also you can’t win in sports fair and square. There are no winners or losers. How’s a boy supposed to learn about being a man if he can’t win at anything. Indeed! There’s a war on boys.

        This reminds me of John Lennon’s anthem song of the left – Imagine. If there was ever a song that embodied the left’s ideology, it’s that song.


      • on September 9, 2013 at 12:58 pm Mr.magNIFicent1

        Boys shall be FORCED to sit at a desk eight hours a day for at least nine months out of the year. Those who resist shall be drugged. This, for the glory of greater Judea.

        Here is a law: if it’s compulsory, it’s very bad for you.


      • What does this have to do with the Jooz? Do you always have to find ways to link in the Jooz? Some of you are overly obsessed with nonsense. That’s why you will never be able to get over your issues.


      • Because destroying boys is a Marxist initiative and we all know who that really means.


      • on September 10, 2013 at 11:51 am Mr.magNIFicent1

        My issue is that I’m still waiting for the English translation of 200 years together.


      • Wow, Jews are responsible for the tyranny of school desks now. Of course Jewish boys are magically immune to the war on boys.


      • on September 11, 2013 at 9:45 am Mr.magNIFicent1

        Yes, magically immune. That, and they are permitted to segregate…on “religious” grounds, don’tcha know. Some folks have choices. How nice for them.


      • That’s because; more than ever, what is required of men by the powers that be is for them to be, compliant, obedient, unquestioning workers/peons.


      • The best way to fight this is send your kids to private school or home school.
        The best way to fight off race cleansing is have kids.
        Everything else is NOT putting your money where your mouth is.


  11. My refusal to play along with requiring “critical theory”-heavy texts in my course load has caused me problems as an instructor. But it’s also set me free to be the “curmudgeon” or “alternate” voice in my department. (By the way, there are more of us out here than you might think.)

    But it was only a matter of time before this stuff started moving down to the elementary ed. level. I don’t think homeschooling is the answer. I think COUNTER-schooling is the answer.

    “See what this book says, honey? Let’s talk about why it’s wrong.”


    • That’s what I am doing with my kids, but I think my kids and I (and my wife) all have more analytical and verbal skills (to couch counter-arguments precisely) than the vast majority of people. It’s a challenging job and certainly teaches critical thinking.

      But most people can’t do it, and their kids get the same amount of votes as mine. I have observed that they BS is thicker in the non-honors classes. Last week they discussed the Syria situation and never showed the students where Syria is on a map, why we and Russia might figot over it, or any of that. They said the whole war there was started by some students writing anti-government graffiti and ask if the government overreacted by killing them.

      They’re raising drones, primed to take appropriate action, motivated by their emotions and not their thinking, taught what the right possible answers are to quesitons (all answers come from that set) i.e. trying to inject a perceptual lens.


      • Well, the future is already set as far as all that goes. Just as Benedictine monks hunkered down in the Dark Ages and kept knowledge alive as best they could for 1000 years, we’ll have to do the same. Part of that is knowing what the Barbarians think they know and consciously avoiding thinking like them.

        We’ll all need luck.


      • Fuck that hunkering down shit.

        Your ass needs to get out there and start weaponizing your castle.

        1) 12 gauge shotgun

        2) 308 or 30-06 battle rifle

        3) sniper rifle with quality glass

        4) CCW permit and large caliber handgun – Taurus the Judge in 410 shot or a 1911 in 45 or a 500 S&W revolver or similar.

        And then spend every spare dime on purchasing ammo for them.


      • You don’t seem to know who you’re addressing. Google “lukewarm race war: whitey survival guide.” I wrote it. It’s on my blog. I have a gun in every room but the kids’ rooms and a sjambok hanging on the back of the front door. I live in New Orleans, after all.


    • Most home schooled kids do better than their similar public school, while spending 1-3 hrs a day on classwork, instead of 6-8. By forcing them into these indoctrination camps, you are stealing the one youth they have; for no purpose whatsoever, except rationalizing your own laziness.


      • Yeah, well. See the world however you want. My boy’s in band and on the wrestling team, and I’m not going to deny him that in favor of playing the violin with the creationist weirdos with their adopted Korean kids or playing golf with eternal beta males drinking kombucha tea. Homeschoolers are a mixed bag with more than a healthy serving of nuts.


      • Gentlemen…

        Might it be better, easier… to simply figure out a way to light the masculine fuse in your young male offspring?

        I can think of no better arena where lies and truth have consequences and hold you accountable than the “sweet science”.

        The training, confidence, practice and discipline all directly translate to everyday life. And best of all, you learn what it means not to depend on anyone else to do what needs to be done.

        Everybody has a plan until they get hit — Joe Louis

        * protect yourself at all times*

        (cause no one else will)


      • I boxed as an undergrad. It doesn’t help much against four negroes with bike chains and guns. My oldest boy wrestles and took Karate until last year. I’m not worried about his “manliness” in that regard.

        My point was that homeschooling isn’t some magical network of politically aware superparents. Some of them are just dumb fucknuts doing as much damage to a child’s intellect as any incompetent union hack.


      • futurodellanazione

        I boxed as an undergrad. It doesn’t help much against four negroes with bike chains and guns.

        True, but when said negroes are choosing a “mark” (and yes, this is an activity they engage in) might they bypass a man who carries himself like this guy? and instead choose someone who carries himself with less confidence, purpose?

        Have you ever been mistaken for an off duty/undercover cop?

        If so, did you find out why?

        Do you wear glasses?

        Do you walk slow or fast?

        Do you watch peoples clothing, or their faces?

        Do you address people as “sir” or “ma’am?”

        A strong body will go a long way towards making your mind secure and when your mind is secure it manifests itself in what you guys call “body language”.

        Its not fake, chicks pick up on it and so do criminals.


      • Some drunks attending a state trooper’s convention in Chicago insisted on buying me drinks because they thought I was a cop. I kept telling them I taught at a college in the South and I was only there for Book Expo America to look at textbooks for my (at the time small) school. They laughed and insisted I was kidding.

        And what I think criminals pick up on is PAYING ATTENTION. They like clueless daydreamers and drunks and goofballs. But BEING AWARE is 90% of the solution. Period. If people would just do THAT much…


      • Boxing was good for Muhammad Ali, until it wasn’t. Granted amateurs wear headgear which makes it a lot safer. American football is another life-shortening sport. The average lifespan of an NFL veteran is something like the low 50’s. Getting those hits really can do permanent damage.


      • Yes David; I blame a big part of the problem on the failure to promote defense in boxing (in addition to staying in the game too long). Most trainers are out to make money so they focus on power and punching instead of slipping and footwork.

        Thats why I posted this video.

        Good defense is only sexy to those who know the science.

        I know Maywether is cocky and has a big mouth, but his defensive skills are 2nd to none. He is not a brawler, he is a technician; people keep punching him in the shoulder and then wonder why they can’t seem to hurt him?

        Its like he knows what punch is coming before his opponent throws it?

        Thats good training.,0,4374908.story#axzz2eaeJg2bM


      • I don’t think laziness is going on here. For one thing, if they stayed at home, they would just spend even more time playing online games, and this place has few kids in their age range close enough for playing — anyway the other kids are in school.

        For another thing, they teach some things I cannot do at home. One is learning French. Nobody else in our family speaks French, so that would be a “heavy lift” to teach at home.

        Stuki, man I agree with a lot of what you say, but I think you’ve got this one wrong.


      • I bet you any kid cold learn French lots faster if he learned it alongside mommy/daddy/a cute french au pair, from Pimselur, than in some government ran indoctrination camp. While public schols undoubtedly teach something, sometime; they take up a kids entire day. Efficiency is so far down the toilet, that even if it wasn’t for all they teach that is directly detrimental, they would still be a bad deal. And once you do bother taking the evils into account………

        As for socialization, kids growing up on the bloody prairie 150 years ago, not seeing anone outside their nuclear family aside from Sunday mass, still managed to be socialized lots better than the flotsam which is the standard output of current government schools. It does pay to have a decent brood of kids, but that goes without saying.


  12. This reminds me of the ‘equality’ being spouted in colleges about there being ‘no genetic or biological difference between races and sexes’ ahh the dystopia we find ourselves in…


  13. Reblogged this on Toiletnation, USA and commented:
    The school systems of your state: Common Core Whores?


  14. There has been a concerted effort since the end of WWII by the YKW Communists to undermine our society from within. it is aided by a cabal of well to do YKWs with Communist sympathies and leanings. They have covered this effort up and aided it through control of the media and academia. This is when we started becoming a Marxist nation and when the efforts of the Cathedral (Sanhedrin) reached full force. We are now at an advanced stage of this effort, which is why you don’t see little white boys on the cover of this book. YKW considers you, the Goy, his mortal enemy and wants to destroy you. Remember this basic fact and all you read in the MSM takes on new meaning. This is little more than a slow motion replay of what they did to Russia. They are gradually stealing our country too.


    • > “They are gradually stealing our country too.”

      The big difference here is that the Romanovs hadn’t endowed their fellow countrymen with a Second Amendment.


      • Solzhenitsyn discusses that was a frequent lament among the prisoners in the Gulag. If only the NKVD men had had to fear for their lives when they came to arrest people in the dead of night.


  15. Well of course your video is from Utah, long known as the state of progressive left wing Senators like Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee. Oh wait, those guys are right wing reactionaries. Yes Utah, hotbed of progressive politics and feminism… oh wait, and Mormonism and polygamy. So are you saying Utah is too far to the left for you?


    • Yes. They’ve been left wing at least since they became a state, and went along with the oppression’s ban on traditional Mormon religious practice.


  16. When I was a teenager many years ago ( ok… back in the 1970s, yes I am that old ) as I was looking at famous quotes in the Webster dictionary , I saw one that said more or less;

    ” The last thing man will civilize is woman”

    and for some reason my mind automatically and almost instinctively “completed” this quote with ;

    ” and then civilization will end”

    And look at us now.

    Scary stuff…


  17. This being Chateau Heartiste, I was hoping to see comments on how young White men are told that in exchange for supporting equalism they can have as much pussy as they want to, of any race, that they will never get old, never get someone pregnant, never have reason to choose marriage. It’s a very seductive message for men between the ages of 15 and 25.

    I believe that *that*, and not anything else, is where Cathedral indoctrination comes from. Teens get indoctrinated because they want to believe.


    • Where do you get that idea? I don’t see white guys being told they can have infinite pussy. And as we discuss here, being indoctrinated is exactly not the way to get pussy.


      • Who has the ability to change the world? Women? Negroes? Or young White men?

        What exactly was the Summer of Love about if not young White men trying to play alpha and fuck as many women as possible because it was the dawn of the age af Aquarius and they had contraception?

        Did I say young? 35 is still young. At 55, a young White man can still marry a cute little 25-year-old third-world immigrant. By then he certainly couldn’t get White pussy like that.

        Why did young men support feminism? Why did they force them into every workplace, give them free abortions and contraceptions?

        As soon as the mass of White men realize that the Africanized sexual market they have created is a worse market for them, they will support re-Europeanizing it, and it will be re-Europeanized. But for now, there’s that promise of pussy.

        Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, John Edwards, Eliot Spitzer. Are these men indoctrinated? Regardless, in exchange for supporting equalism, they get a chance at pussy.


      • Bill Clinton had access to Monica Lewinsky’s charms because he was charming, handsome and very powerful, not because of “equalist” or any other political positions. Don’t get me started on Anthony the Wiener, I live on the outskirts of NYC.


      • White US men have a high SMV outside US borders. White US women not so much, and black people even less so. So white guys can get lots of pussy everywhere in the world but here.

        I don’t see how that would change if the dynamics of the US sexual market changed, from “Africanized” to “Europeanized” or whatever. Our drawing power is based on traits most of the world finds very desirable, especially outside that US sexual market.


  18. “The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal. Many of them are “normal” because they are so well adjusted to our mode of existence, because their human voice has been silenced so early in their lives, that they do not even struggle or suffer or develop symptoms as the neurotic does. They are normal not in what may be called the absolute sense of the word; they are normal only in relation to a profoundly abnormal society. Their perfect adjustment to that abnormal society is a measure of their mental sickness. These millions of abnormally normal people, living without fuss in a society to which, if they were fully human beings, they ought not to be adjusted.” -AH A Brave New World


  19. (and the white representative is, of course, a girl)

    So the opposite of Cultural “Marxism” would give white boys unrestricted access to Girls of Color?


    • That would be OK as long as they didn’t have to access them.

      Sometimes I feel sorry for black guys. They get all the shit, the black females get all the benefits, and look at those black females by age 40 (as Nicole has helpfully told us.)


  20. Even if this was not about Marxism indoctrination, it would be completely wrong to teach young kids how to be very manipulative and subversive.

    Leftism and its offspring feminism are mental diseases.


    • Yeah it’s shocking. It leaked out, and I am pretty sure they had to withdraw those texts from use or potential use.


      • > “It leaked out, and I am pretty sure they had to withdraw those texts from use or potential use.”

        Only for as long as the Light of Truth has them scurrying back under the rocks from beneath which they crawled in the first place.

        But just as soon as the Light of Truth is turned away, towards some other direction – such as, say, the attempt to save Aramaic Chrisitanity in the Levant, or the attempt to stop the Alien Invasion on our southern borders, or the attempt to stop Obamacare from destroying the greatest healthcare system the world has ever known, they will start peeking their foul heads back out from beneath their rocks, to see whether it’s safe to emerge and to begin proselytizing again.

        The Frankfurt School never sleeps.



      • A white Christian king and his Star Chamber could give them a run for their money.



    • > “it would be completely wrong to teach young kids how to be very manipulative and subversive”

      And yet there’s an entire Tribe out there which teaches Its kids to behave exactly like that.

      Most normal folk don’t cross paths with them until they go off to Graduate School, at which point the normal folk will suddenly begin scratching their heads, and asking themselves, “Who the hell are these pretentious self-righteous delusional jackasses, who keep running their God-damned mouths at 110-miles-per-hour, every waking moment of every day? Why the fuck won’t they just shut the hell up and go off and enjoy the sight of a beautiful sunset? And leave my ass the hell alone?”

      At which point you start noticing the patterns.

      The patterns which keep repeating themselves, over and over and over again.


      • >”Most normal folk don’t cross paths with them until they go off to Graduate School”

        This was my experience exactly. Go to grad school, start meeting a lot of them, see how ethnocentric they are, start noticing how many are in positions of power in our society, start noticing how prominent they are in destroying our society, start reading about their history, realize things have never really changed.


  21. A homeschooled kid I know just began their first semester at West Point. I wonder how many of the Plebes are homeschooled — no doubt the figure is much higher than average.

    Should the time come when the Government asks the Military to use some of its heavier assets against the general population, the Government is in for quite a surprise.


  22. So the three “principal authors” of this piece of mind garbage are Patrick C. Walker, Catherine Snow and Robert Selman.

    I can find nothing on Mr. Walker.

    Mr. Selman is obviously of a certain tribe.

    Ms. Snow is not obviously of a certain tribe, nor can I find a direct ethnic reference for her, but she is on the Israeli-US Binational Science Foundation and holds a teaching position at The Institute of Advanced Studies at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. And she looks like Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s uglier sister. So you tell me.

    Ok, sure sure. It’s not ONLY them, but why is it ALWAYS them?


    • > “Ok, sure sure. It’s not ONLY them, but why is it ALWAYS them?”

      The very same question which I started asking myself, about 10 or 15 years ago, when I started noticing the very same pattern keep repeating itself, over and over and over again.

      What hurts so badly in this instance, though, is that it’s one of our own – Bill Gates – who is personally funding this full-frontal assault on Western Civilization.

      With relatives like Bill Gates, who needs enemies?


      • Chances are Bill’s role is just to sign the checks, while most of the “work” is done by his busybdy wife on a mission to show she can “accomplish” something on her own; instead of just marrying a rich guy. Mr. Gates is too smart to fall for this, but probably way too jaded to bother fighting it in those around him.


      • “Mr. Gates is too smart to fall for this”

        Worked there. He’s just not that smart.


      • He’s got a quick mind. Or at least he used to. By the standards of some other MS luminaries, he’s probably not the most brilliant engineer/scientist out there, but no way would he fall for this kind of drivel, if he actually cared enough to woodshed over what it actually entailed.


      • Pattern recognition Shane style: “I got sick. Burn the witch”

        Cathedral is 100% Christian. William Blake, Mary Wollstonecraft, Byron, Rousseau (founding father of Black guy worship), all very Christian, all founded: pc, multicult, feminism, White guy hatred.

        Go ahead, burn witches for all the good it does. I’ll be the guy with the bug bombs when the plague hits.


      • As one wise poster once noted:

        You can’t spell whiskeysplace without a YKW.


      • Indeed. I’ve never in my time on the interwebs seen such blatant Tribe Denialism. Clearly though he has the chutzpah to continue posting blatant lies in a place where the sun shines brightly. Oi Vey!


      • Wait, he didn’t say the Jooz are not involved, he said the Cathedral industrial complex was started by non-Jooz. And presently, both Gentiles and Jooz are worshiping their false idols in that Cathedral.

        As I said above to Lucky White Male, “the jooz are not in a conspiracy to destroy ” Traditional White Gentile society.” That’s your skewed perception. You need an enemy, a scapegoat, and the Joo makes a perfect candidate, as he always has, historically. Your enemy is you, and your kind. It always has been. You just can’t see it or accept it, because it’s too painful to face. “

        When you start facing the reality, then you’ll be able to fight. Until then, you’re cursed by your own blindness.


      • It doesn’t f-ing matter that you trace the Cathedral back to Christians two hundred years ago and more. Who is controlling it NOW? Who has pushed Cathedral thinking in America since the 1920s? Who has utterly controlled the public thought process in America since the 1970s?

        It’s not William Blake and Byron. And for one thing, NONE of those Christian cathedral-ites would have EVER imagined the world of the multi-cult.

        This is like the blacks that say “slavery made us like we are!” At some point the past becomes just the past and you have to look at what’s happenin’ now!


  23. Hey guys! First field report

    Went to a greek festival last night. Saw this hb 8 Ive been talking to. Got her number last weekend been doing a bit of texty texty

    I see her and text her “boo!”
    She turns around and laughs
    We chit chat a bit
    I show her my drivers license pic as its my bday today and she dug my photo (look really good in it) lol
    At one point she called me a weirdo and I responded with “sure..takes one to know one sweetie” she lold
    Shes from a region of Greece with no beaches whereas I am from region with amazing beaches. I tell her “I can absolutely guarantee you that our beaches are better than yours” more laughter ensues
    At one point she comments on my grey hairs (I have side ones) I respond “call me a zebra” and make a funny face.

    Best one…I tell her “I was in your area last night” and she responds “well gee thanks for the invite” which I ignored

    A few more mins of chat and they left. Will texty text to set up date this week


  24. on September 9, 2013 at 12:52 pm Mr.magNIFicent1

    Abolish Compulsory Schooling. De-fund public schools. Un-link school funding from property taxes. Problem nearly solved.

    I used to feel the obligatory horror when hearing tales of Pol Pot. But now, my views are more…nuanced. Sending the entirety of the schooling apparatus to the salt mines would be Cultural Master Cleanse.


  25. Rhetoric is important. I’m fine with kids learning the art of persuasion — the future world seems marketing-oriented.


    • The problem is that this is not really using rhetoric, but emotional manipulation, which is only really useful for the purposes of lying and hyperbole.


    • I consider pathos as a type of emotional manipulation.


      • Pathos is only on facet of rhetoric. If a person’s rhetorical toolbox lacks logos and ethos, he will be sorely crippled once his pathos is defeated. Rhetoric is great, sticking to emotionalism alone is a path guaranteed to fail.


  26. […] – Heartiste on the Cathedral. […]


  27. “Right from the get-go, look at that book cover and tally the number of Cathedral propaganda symbols (you could call it Cathedral branding): The rainbow umbrella, the three races of children (and the white representative is, of course, a girl)”

    My theory is that there are aliens sitting just outside the solar system, monitoring our communications as they plan our invasion and conquest. Unbeknownst to them, we are aware of this and our plan is to fool them into using up most of their ammo on Detroit, since clearly that must be the heart of our civilization.


  28. Heartiste and others:

    For those who have been with an exceedingly beautiful woman, you know the feeling after you let them go.

    I meet girls now and I see the flaws that I never noticed before. The small creases on the nose, the cheekbones, the size of the eyes. The skin and how healthy it is. This womans morning face was also her evening face. not a dab of foundation. The fullness of the hair. The lips and their shape and size.

    I play texty texty now with the 7s and 8s and no lie I’m seared. No real excitement anymore after being with such a gorgeous specimen. Alpha widows exist on both sexes apparently as I’m now one of them. I will always be her alpha widow as she fucked me with all of her body whenever I requested.

    My wife, if I ever marry will not look like her. Therefore she better be more trustworthy than a mile thick safe. Otherwise she will get burned as my sexual interest in her will plummet within months.

    My alpha woman never stop shit testing me, never stopped with the mind games. Always testing to see if I was the strongest she could have. At one point I knew I couldn’t keep her and realized if she left first I’d be crushed. So I acted first.

    Still, I’m her alpha widow.


    • > “never stop shit testing me, never stopped with the mind games”

      Why in the name of God Almighty would you even dream of settling down with a witch like that and making her the mother of your progeny?

      Thank your lucky stars that you were able to get out while your integrity & your self-respect were still intact.


      • That’s why I bounced baby.
        Female beauty can be intoxicating but self preservation is the first priority.


      • Srs.

        I mean, maybe some guys are into that sort of love or whatever. But, the majority of this is about discovering ourselves as men and finding a girl who can love us in the way that we want to be loved.


    • If she never stopped shit-testing you, then she never thought you were alpha. Maybe she thought you could be alpha, but if a girl is convinced that you are alpha, the shit-testing drops and they just submit.


      • Mainly she act like a shit when she drank, which was every couple of weeks. Sometimes the you love the doggy even though its a bad one. Once I saw she’d eventually bite me I let her go.

        For periods of time shed submit and would be at peace. Those were some of the best days of my life. The sex deluge didn’t hurt either 🙂


    • This is based upon my experience, after a bad case of oneitis a few years ago.

      You’ll get over it eventually, although it will likely be a year or two before you seriously consider other women as prospects. But on the upside, it should imbue you with more of an aloof alpha attitude. You’ll now be completely indifferent to anything less than 7, treating them as if they’re 5s and the 9s like they’re 6s. But eventually, you should end up with another 9.

      Maybe she has a sister that looks like her, like my ex-oneitis, who was a 9.5. I have been running into my ex-oneitis’ younger sister more and more frequently these past few months, whereas before my encounters with the sister were rare and sporadic. Yes, she definitely knows about my history with the ex-oneitis, plus she has a boyfriend, and because of that, I have not bothered chatting her up, but she seems very excited and intrigued for some dumb reason. But at least she’s anything but indifferent.

      And, I’ve been an inmate of the Chateau for nearly two years. Barring the caveats, I’m basically getting a mulligan. And unlike when I had oneitis on her sister, I’m fully able to pursue other girls, as long as they’re above a 7 or so.


      • Good story. To be honest, as long as they are cute and take care of themselves, I could really give a shit whether they are an 7 or a 9. I’m looking for quality all around. Qualities such as TRUST WORTHINESS, character, intelligence, respect, and manners. Some family wealth wouldn’t hurt either. Why pass up a 7 with all these qualities?

        Once you start clawing up the 8s and higher the egos mess with their heads. I’m no 8 plus by any means. A good looking dude, with a good career and good respectful family. An equivalent pretty 7 is good enough for me.


  29. […] 0:39 – “…students use …read more […]


  30. A more fun topic — rock bands that exemplify an alpha attitude. I’d say Van Halen circa 1978-1984 is great music for observation. (We all know that Van Hagar = beta-as-phuck). The young Diamond Dave, giving absolutely no fucks.

    On the art of plowing through:

    All right, you sinners, swing!
    Danger in the rearview mirror
    There’s trouble in the wind
    Badness bringing up the rear
    The menace’s loose again
    She looks so fuckin’ good
    So sexy and so frail
    Something got the bite on me
    I’m goin’ straight to hell
    And now we’re wasting time
    Same old pickup lines
    And you keep trying
    Don’t waste time

    Sympathy for Beta rich guy “game”

    I seen a lotta people lookin’ for a moonbeam.
    Yeah, ya spent a lot. Ya got lost in the jet-stream.
    But ev’rybody wants some.
    I want some too.
    Ev’rybody wants some.
    Baby, how ’bout you?

    On Undertaking Your Mission

    Thought you’d never miss me
    ‘Til I got a Fat City address
    Non-stop talker, what a rocker!
    Blue-eyed murder in a size five dress

    Change, nothing stays the same
    Unchained, yeah you hit the ground running
    Change, and nothing stays the same
    Unchained, yeah you hit the ground running

    On The Power of Game

    Ah precious sweetheart,
    Woman all you want is good as it can get,oh yeah!
    An inspiration,
    Girl you’re sensational and this gets better yet, ah yeah!
    (Ah) Well all your dreams of riches, are based on magazines,
    (Ah) No this ain’t television, but its more than it seems
    (Ah) ‘take those’, ‘need’ and ‘give all’, this much you understand
    All I want to give you woman (Oh)
    Is the best part of a man, yeah

    It’s all there, d00dz.


  31. PS Homeschool. Your children’s sanity depends on it. But then I would need to have children to homeschool. That means a woman, and probably a wife. A real holy mother like women were back in the good ol’ days. And I’d probably have to marry her (oh, and having her homeschool the brood is one of the few non-negotiables were it to happen). Then go off the grid so she couldn’t see anything by Oprah or Dr Phil (earlier Dr. Joyce Brothers, or Phil Deltahue who dumped his wife and 4 for a starlet). Get the 1880’s schoolhouse textbooks. And hide until everything collapsed.

    I think I understand Game and PUArtistry, but how do men who are on strike save western civilization? Move to Russia?


  32. Textbooks are for amateurs.


    • Oh Lord, this clown show. Yes, poetry is all about how ME! That’s the essential message of Robin Williams in this pathetic spoof on education (wait, what? they meant it seriously?).

      What, really, is so dreadful about that poetry introduction? Before it gets into the canned nonsense of the graph — a straw man so big that all the fields of Nebraska couldn’t supply enough hay — let’s see what “Dr. J. Evans Pritchard,PhD” has to say. Poems are to be rated as:

      How artfully has the objective of the poem been rendered?
      How important is that objective?

      That is precisely correct. It is not the only thing, but it’s quite enough the thing. What does Mr. Williams propose otherwise as the heroic teacher?

      “You will learn to think for yourselves!”

      Oh? Well how does Dr. Pritchard’s approach preclude that?

      “You will learn to savor words and language.”

      In other words, ummmm…. “how artfully has the objective of the poem been rendered.”

      “Words and ideas can change the world!”

      In other words, ummmm…. “how important is that objective.”

      This stupid, stupid, stupid movie simply restates perfectly sound ideas in the language of mush headed emotionalism, but that is supposed to be the great thing. Why is Shakespeare great? Cuz you think he is! So if some piece of witless twaddle by Maya Angelou makes little Johnny in the third row cum his shorts and Shakespeare doesn’t, then Maya Angelou is – ipso facto — greater than Shakespeare. Amirite? AMIRITE?

      As someone who spent six years on the firing lines of teaching literature, I detest this movie with a passion, because it’s nothing but rot.

      That said, textbooks are NOT for amateurs, Kate. Textbooks are for propagandists, and they are often very professional. We had a big fat red textbook in my English classes, and I used it for precisely one story (“Rip Van Winkle,” that great bit of early American Romantic ribald comedy, rife as it is with dick jokes). Then the textbook was put away and the students never saw it again, because all the other choices in it — made by a committee of the oh-so-sincere — were the blandest, most fearful choices you could make (to say nothing of all the multi-culti bilge). Want to bowdlerize the great great landscape of American literature? Then use a textbook. But leave Dr. J. Evans Pritchard, PhD, alone, because he knows exactly what he’s about.


      • Well, in year fourteen teaching literature, I agree with you that most teacher movies are bunkity bunk and salute your efforts in the trenches unlike those smug homeschool quitters 😉 We could consider that our nation was founded by quitters, in one sense of the word. And we might wish to follow their example. But wake up and smell the homeless, people! There’s nowhere to go! And it isn’t like we’re burning people in the public square anymore. We have the internet to do that.
        My least favorite education movie is Freedom Writers. She taught one year. ONE year. Put her whole life into it and then got rich off of it. Has made a profound impact on one sub set of students, but did she come back the next year to help new students? Nope. Hey, we real teachers who put in year after year after year might still be willing to buy books and materials for our students, but it adds up. And some of us have families who need our investments of money, energy, and time as well. She ended up divorced from neglecting her husband. Other people’s children can only be so fulfilling, and one day she may regret losing a husband and potential family to it. While I won’t take away from her achievements, they come at a cost. And with only so many waking hours in a day, one must choose how they divide their energy. In one way, one could say teaching is best served by single men and women because they have the time and inclination, but, on the other hand, they are ill-suited owing to the fact they have not experienced having children of their own. Then there’s that Dangerous Minds movie. Don’t we all go out on dates with our students as a reward for winning a contest? Oh, and have the bad boy alpha sleep over to “protect” him? HAHAHAHHAHA As if.
        Honestly, while I understand not wanting your children to be indoctrinated with information so that you yourself can instead upload the programs you prefer to see run, there is such a thing as hubris that one single person could replace a full staff of people who have devoted their lives to their content area. Please, homeschool teachers, tell me something I don’t know about Hamlet! (I’ve only read it over fifty times.) A Renaissance person is wonderful, but to even create one, we need diversified experts. Each person doing their job well and contributing to the whole: is this communism or capitalism? When I have a plumbing problem, I want to be able to call a plumber, not have to know how to do every single thing in the world by myself. I do my job, you do your job, and we have a skilled and functioning society from top to bottom. I recently went to Max and Erma’s. Had a young female waitress who gave the best service I’ve had in years. I gave her a fifteen dollar tip. That is the kind of person I want to see more of.
        I get the perturbation with standardized education. I wanted to pull my daughter from kindergarten last year because I was so frustrated with the curriculum of the Common Core. Why does a kindergartener need to know what a noun is before they’ve even learned to read? (For any parent reading, don’t just look at your students’ textbooks. Go directly to the school and ask the administration for a copy of the curriculum. They may even have it broken down by the month so you can see and anticipate what will be studied at any given time.) However, the drastic action of pulling her from a school has social repercussions besides the fact that it isn’t possible for me to quit my job. We can isolate ourselves and our children and let them grow up to be sucker punched by the world, or we can teach them to face problems and live within a system and understand it, benefit from it, change it, and conquer it. Adaptation is the key to our survival. It always has been.
        When met with problems, there is often the feeling that we must reinvent the wheel. That isn’t the case. Don’t need the intro to a text? Tear it out! Teaching is far more than books. And that is why I said textbooks are for amateurs. Kids must be hooked into literature. And reading a preface aloud isn’t going to do it. Having an arm wrestling tournament before starting The Old Man and the Sea does. Singing the linking verbs to the tune of “Another One Bites the Dust” does. The fact that you put away your textbook tells me you actually believe the same thing. I’d go so far as to say one isn’t a master teacher if they *need* a textbook. Unless you know something backwards and forwards, what business do you have in a classroom?
        Ultimately, whether the topic is education or anything else: lead, follow, or get out of the way. If you’re not doing something to make the world a better place, the world has no use for you. You have no purpose. If you can’t think for yourself, someone else will do your thinking for you. At some point, criticism has to turn to action. And it’s a long haul. But what else do we really have to do? What else could be more important?


      • I agree with you on textbooks.

        On home schooling, I don’t think you get how it works (not that I home schooled my kids). It’s not “one person.” Typically, people in a community join together. For example, you might teach literature. But your neighbor down the street would teach the math because they know it, etc. It’s often a communal effort not a solo show.

        In any case, how “expert” do you have to be at a subject until about the high school level? A well educated adult should not have any problem with any aspect of a grade school curriculum.

        As for knowing Hamlet, the new book “Stay, Illusion!: The Hamlet Doctrine” has gotten some good notices. I haven’t read it so I can’t say, and I don’t generally trust the log-rolling notices that scholarly books get, but you might want to check it out.


      • This.

        The bullshit myth that “homeschooled kids are socially awkward” because they don’t get interaction with other children is a lie… and those complaining here that they were socially awkward would probably have been that way in public school as well.

        Homeschooling for my four was indeed a “community” effort, and the advantage is that they had interaction with adults as well as children, and learned how to behave in a more mature environment, without the downside of school peer pressure and bullying. Note that the adults actually cared about the all the children and put an immediate damper on any antisocial crap or brattiness… unlike the “can’t get involved until something really bad happens” public schools.

        On top of that, homeschooling doesn’t mean staying in the home… the kids participate in Little League, local church and community orchestras, etc., etc., etc…. and even high school sports (although that may be dependent upon the state… by law, for example, in PA, homeschooled children are allowed to play on the local high school teams and cannot be denied try-outs and acceptance).

        The only downsides to homeschooling is, from my experience:

        a) Standard curricula being too easy on the children, because they learn quickly and often finish their assigned work ahead of time, so that they don’t get used to having to “hunker down” and occupy a full 6 to 8 hour day in classroom settings.

        b) Many parents don’t train the kids to take The Big Test (i.e., midterms and finals on every subject), and feel that just because the kids do well on the yearly evaluation multiple choice/small essay type state tests, that’s enough. Well, it ain’t… two of my four experienced culture shock their first semester in college and hand to learn quickly what it means to study the notes from an entire semester and order things in a manner so that a truly LONG test with more than multiple choice answers could be mastered.

        Luckily, they were able to “get with the program” quickly, and wound up eventually graduating cum laude in STEM disciplines.

        The other two were naturals and graduated magna and summa, respectively… admittedly, the was a girl and pursued a Liberal Arts degree, so I don’t really pound my chest over that. 😉


      • Point taken, but the people I’ve talked to who do home schooling are doing it on their own. With the aid of cyber school, perhaps. The complaints from kids who return from cyber school are generally that they missed the human aspect of having a physical teacher and classmates who create more engagement than programs. I approach this question from a secondary position, and that is where I imagine the home school model breaks down. At which point, you are going to have to join the local school having had limited social interaction. Now I’m sure there are some home and/or cyber schoolers who have gatherings, etc., but its not the same thing. Even if they don’t attend high school, will they attend college? Will they at some point leave the home? If so, then they need to have certain coping skills that living in isolation does not provide. What we often do to “protect” our children is more like “handicap” them. If you never drink, you never get drunk, true. But, if you never drink, can you learn to be a responsible drinker.

        Thanks for the book suggestion!


      • “Thanks for the book suggestion!”

        Marry me???


  33. on September 9, 2013 at 4:48 pm Homeschooled kid

    Unfortunately, home school is also a fast ticket to socially awkward kids. I was only homeschooled for 3 years, but being the critical middle school years I was way more awkward than my average peer when making friends, and way terrible with girls. It stunned any alpha development that I may have picked up from the cool kids by years. I often consider it one of the reasons I didn’t lose my virginity until well into college and was still mostly bad with girls until I found blogs like this. It’s maybe one of reasons I eventually resorted to searching the Internet for places like this.

    I also feel it may have made me a little dumber. I was in honors before home school, but slipped into regular classes upon re-entry to public schools. Just because a parent graduated high school doesn’t mean they’re qualified to teach it.

    If I could go back and convince my parents not to do it I would.


    • I would have to agree with you there. I was homeschooled all the way to college, whereas my younger siblings took a few classes at the high school and a local christian academy. Consequently, they have had a much easier time with social interaction in college, while I was bumbling around pretty much until I found this blog.


  34. You cannot make this stuff up:

    Brother and I have jobs in the same company and we both have the same circle of friends. Girlfriend has been hanging out with our social circle a lot. Brother was throwing an engagement party I brought my girlfriend of over a year. Towards the end we were all a bit drunk and the topic of the wildest thing you have done sexually. Not many people were sharing anything that wild, “had sex in a car,” “sex with a professor.” Until my gf says. “Oh I had a threesome with two frat guys in my sorority.” Which got everyone’s attention. I felt uncomfortable as shit, and then I ended up getting up. Some people started laughing it of. Then one of the guys were like, “bro looks like you are dating Ms. Gangabang.” My girlfriend was instantly ashamed of what she said. My girlfriend called me today saying she was sorry about what she said and that it was when she was in her wilder college days. I won’t lie I am repulsed by what she did, but the fact that everyone in my circle knows is what really is killing it for me. What should I do about my relationship :(, I like her a lot but I don’t know if there is any way to recover from this.

    Edit 1 – I think she is well aware our relationship is over, she wasn’t honest to me about her past and there is no way I will ever view her with the respect I used to have for her. But I really don’t know how to deal with the next time I go to an event with my friends. People are already laughing at me for dating a ‘whore’ for over a year. Should I tell people I broke it off because of what she said? or should I say it was something else?

    Edit 2 – Not sure why so many people are angry with me. Fact of the matter is she lied to me about her past, then tells in front of me and my friends about her past. I understand some of you guys on reddit don’t care about your girlfriends/wives pasts which is fine but I am not the kind of guy that is okay with it. If I had known earlier I would have broken it off with her. She initially told me that she has had only had three boyfriends before me.


    • lulz she never lied — three bfs != sexing buddies.

      Red flag:

      “How many men have you been with?”

      “I’ve had three boyfriends.”

      “Oh well that’s rea- — WAITAMINUTETHERE….”

      Also, art imitates life?


    • on September 9, 2013 at 8:31 pm gunslingergregi

      that is why once you been with a chick a year you pay the 400 bucks for a lie detector test to be administered with questions you come up with


      • on September 9, 2013 at 8:33 pm gunslingergregi

        course ya might not want to know the truth on most ho’s lol
        ya think your doing crazy shit with a bitch till they tell you bout putting a gerbil or fucking some dude in the ass


      • on September 9, 2013 at 8:36 pm gunslingergregi

        bitches do not have a line they won’t cross they only have a line they won’t cross with some men he he he


    • on September 9, 2013 at 9:49 pm Eliezer Ben-Yehuda

      Keep her as a private FB. Her SMV now is quite small. She’s stuck with you.


  35. It’s amazing what kids will learn if its not brain washed out of them. I watch American Ninja Warrior with my two (homeschooled boys). For those who don’t know this is a pretty intense obstacle course competition. No woman has ever completed the first and easiest round but every week they show several attempts and talk about how “if this is the one she will make history”. So, one night my 7 yo says “dad, the women are always trying to make history and the men just finish the race”. You are wise my son.


    • on September 9, 2013 at 8:29 pm gunslingergregi



    • Observant boy, you should be proud.

      It is one of the few shows I can stomach. The “gender” lessons are clear as crystal too, which is fantastic. “Gender” is in quotes as I detest that word with vigor.


  36. on September 9, 2013 at 5:55 pm Anti-Blue Pill

    “dad, the women are always trying to make history and the men just finish the race”

    Wise kids indeed….


  37. I remember a fair amount of oozy leftist crap like this being forced on us in kindergarten and garden school in the 70’s and 80’s.
    For myself and most of my classmates, I doubt it took. Even a ten year old can be smart enough to realise that no one really gives a shit about George Washington Carver.


  38. That video is so outrageous that I don’t want to believe it. However I know it’s true, because supporting evidence is all around us. That it took place in Utah, which is one of the most conservative state in the union, is especially frightening. While I can’t disagree that homeschooling is the right thing to do, you have to ask yourself, how many children must be homeschooled to counteract this massive, long-term brainwashing? Too many. Quite simply: we are doomed. Conservatives are lost causes. They, like the liberals, are cultural Marxists.* I do not trust conservatives, Republicans, or the Church to find a way out of this darkness. Hell, look at the Tea Party, the newest counter-statist movement we have: Taken over by women and going nowhere. We are well and truly fucked. The only questions are, “What comes next?” “How bad will it be? And “How long will the Dark Age last?”

    The only thing left now is to enjoy the decline.

    * Derbyshire said that the only difference between Democrats and Republicans are that the former are pro-choice cultural Marxists and the latter are anti-abortion cultural Marxists. I think that about sums it up.


  39. It’s my freshman year in college. Now, back in high school we read all the white guilt literature, sure, but I’ve never had so much clear anti-white, anti-male, anti-Christian, anti-straight filth thrown at me than I have in the sociology class I’m currently enrolled in. What gets me is that EVERYBODY just sucks it all right up. I’m the only one in the whole place that questions it.

    On a side note, am I the only one who has noticed that when the Cathedral followers want to inflate their egos, they always throw out the, “GO TAKE A SOCIOLOGY/GENDER STUDIES/AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDIES/WOMENS STUDIES CLASS THEN GET BACK TO ME” line? As if they actually believe everything they’ve been “taught” is true.


    • What gets me is that EVERYBODY just sucks it all right up. I’m the only one in the whole place that questions it.

      Good on you for questioning it, however, I’m not so sure that everybody is. Many of those there, especially the straight white males, are just trying to hold their nose and not rock the boat so they get that stupid required core class out of the way.


  40. they always throw out the, “GO TAKE A SOCIOLOGY/GENDER STUDIES/AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDIES/WOMENS STUDIES CLASS THEN GET BACK TO ME” line? As if they actually believe everything they’ve been “taught” is true.

    Take one of these girls on a date and drop her off in the ghetto:


  41. Reminds me a bit of C.S. Lewis’s anti-progressive tract “The Abolition of Man”, which begins: “I doubt whether we are sufficiently attentive to the importance of elementary text-books,” and goes on to criticize progressive education, arguing in favor of tradition.


  42. sociology classes are like ground zero indoctrination… some gems from class I took years ago “race isn’t real, it’s just created by society” “people choose who they want to be, heck my normal brother one day woke up and decided he would be entirely country, and from that point on he spoke with a twang in his voice and spouted Hey Yall all the time”


  43. Being beta is hazardous to your health.

    “Newlywed wife ‘pushed her husband off a CLIFF during an argument ONE WEEK after they got married because she was having second thoughts'”


  44. 1 of the very few, real-talkin, red-pillin media celebs


  45. All of you who immediately cry out “Homeschool!!” in response to the sorry state of public education these days, I have news for ya: homeschooling is no panacea. I have seen firsthand what kind of damage it does to a child’s emotional and social development. Every homeschooled kid I’ve ever met has been unable to carry on a normal conversation or relate on a basic level. It’s like the lack of socialization causes Asperger’s or psychosis. Or both.


    • I’ve known a great number of them and everyoen of them was far superior to the children of their own age group that it wasn’t even funny. they were simply more amture and dependable, soprt of like teenagers used to be. A few years back, I visited a British war cemetary near the Ruhr valley for downed air crews. It was on about an acre of land. I literally checked avery tombstone there and the oldest man I found was 23. The average age was about 19. A very large percentage of these fallen were officers- pilots, co-pilots, bombardiers, and navigators. 19 year olds in charge of ten+ man crews, multi-million dollar planes, and 6-10000 pounds of bombs. I don’t have that level of confidence in most of the kids I meet today who are that age. Homeschoolers, have that level of maturity from my observation.


    • I informally studied this before we decided to homeschool. The kids seem to come down about 50/50 “wow that’s an impressive kid” and “holy cow what a weirdo”. And if the kid is weird 100% the parents are loons.


  46. […] The Cathedral — the term of art for the social and political apparatuses of equalist progressivism — is mentioned in the abstract quite a bit at Dark Enlightenment idea factories, but seldom are the actual, unholy workings of the Cathedral’s…  […]


  47. […] Chapter 1: “How to use emotional words… have the students use emotional words to get readers… […]


  48. There’s no way in fucking hell I am staying home to raise my baby, breast feeding, tending to him at every moment, celebrating every coo and answering to every cry, making sure he gets tons of kisses and sun and walks and read to, and played with, treating him like the most precious thing in the world….to them send him to what is essentially a prison, run by a bunch of liberal 90 iq drones, outnumbered by poorly raised psychopaths 35 to 1…..the state, which we can all agree is essentially evil, raising our kids. HOW DOES ANYONE THINK THIS IS A GOOD IDEA!?

    BTW TO WHOEVER SAID UPTHREAD THAT NOT ALL SCHOOLS BLAH BLAH….I WENT TO A STRICT CATHOLIC SCHOOL and we were still indoctrinated…i remember going home and crying to my mom that the earth was so polluted itd be uninhabitable in 15 years and that we should send money to africa. god knows how many times i heard ‘turn the other cheek’…..and jesus they start at what now? pre-k is 4?5?

    sorry 4 caps typing w one hand.


    • I WENT TO A STRICT CATHOLIC SCHOOL and we were still indoctrinated

      Oh the revolution is quite complete. The education colleges have perverted pedagogy to such an extent that the only cure is to burn down the entire system and start all over again. Yet, where do we get the teachers? The last several generations of teachers are, by and large, polluted vessels. Though I’m sure many of them know deep down that what they are doing is criminally negligent, and they might actually respond well to a change enforced from the top-down. A lot of teachers are very cynical about what they do and know a lot of it is bullcrap.

      But the rot is too deep to just tinker at the edges. You can’t fix it. You can only start it anew.


      • There is nothing left to conserve.

        As Jack Donovan said, it’s time for a reset.

        Man has never really changed and this era of lies will pass and I am hopeful something better will emerge.

        The Bloody Sire

        It is not bad. Let them play.
        Let the guns bark and the bombing-plane
        Speak his prodigious blasphemies.
        It is not bad, it is high time,
        Stark violence is still the sire of all the world’s values.

        What but the wolf’s tooth whittled so fine
        The fleet limbs of the antelope?
        What but fear winged the birds, and hunger
        Jewelled with such eyes the great goshawk’s head?
        Violence has been the sire of all the world’s values.

        Who would remember Helen’s face
        Lacking the terrible halo of spears?
        Who formed Christ but Herod and Caesar,
        The cruel and bloody victories of Caesar?
        Violence, the bloody sire of all the world’s values.

        Never weep, let them play,
        Old violence is not too old to beget new values.


    • “BTW TO WHOEVER SAID UPTHREAD THAT NOT ALL SCHOOLS BLAH BLAH….I WENT TO A STRICT CATHOLIC SCHOOL and we were still indoctrinated…i remember going home and crying to my mom that the earth was so polluted itd be uninhabitable in 15 years and that we should send money to africa.”

      That’s because many Catholic organizations have bought into the liberal/lefty mindset. Therefore, it’s not a plague inflicted by one class of people or religion. How many nuns and priests are now supporting homosexuality?

      The culprits are people from many different backgrounds complicit for the way we now think in the West, and the way children are taught. They’re indoctrinated.

      Maybe if enough of us don’t send our kids to public schools we can begin to make a dent in the system. In addition, send your kids to Hillsdale College instead of lefty universities.


      • right…it just seems like such a total waste of parenting. I understand that many people actually do not have another choice, but if you do, home-schooling, at least until High School is the way to go.

        Little kids have no bullshit detector. You can spend all the time and extra work denying them tv and video games,and other tools of the Cathedral and it will be for naught, if the state gets to have your kids for 8 hours a day, every day.

        Never heard of Hillsdale, thanks for the heads up….but MIchigan….so far ; _ ;

        Do you have kids? What was your strategy?


  49. Ron Paul shows how to handle and alpha-male-ize “emotional words”:


  50. The way to combat these ideas is not necessarily truth but to point out to enough people the existential costs of such foolishness. Explain to people their interests. For example, pointing out that disparate impact is in part responsible for the student loan crisis.I dont think the average productive white person who plans on being in this country can much longer ignore such things.


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  52. The indoctrination of our children is nationwide and was privatized long ago. For example these people sell it to school systems:


  53. […] I would write: if you are a parent, you need to read Chateau Heartiste’s recent post: The Nuts And Bolts Of Cathedral Indoctrination.  He addresses the new Common Core Standards which most states have adopted for their schools. […]