Deluded Fat Chick Of The Month

There’s no better way to start your week than getting down into the slop with squealing pigs, but in the porcine annals of oinkery this magnificent squeal must rank as one of the most try-hard, butthurt boar bleats ever to disgrace a social media trough. The title alone could convince the judges to give her straight 10s for porkingsthatneverhappened.txt.

I’m Fat And I Have Sex With Hot Strangers

Mic drop. Or should I say, meatloaf drop.

I could just post her photo and stop there, nothing else needing to be said.

If bed frames could cry.

This human-pig hybrid’s shrieking id is a sight to behold. She must have the fattest rationalization hamster in the known universe. (Obligingly, CH crowns her the Hamster of the Month winner.)

First, she tries to lull the reader into complacent acceptance of her wild claims to come by throwing out a morsel, or twenty, of preemptive candor.

I am fat — not curvy, fat. I have a fat stomach and I jiggle when I walk.

“jiggle” = flesh tsunami. Now I’m not saying she’s fat, but when she wades into the ocean Indonesians head for high ground.

Society tells me that this is a radical notion.

Did we sleep in class during all those years of stentorian Chateau inculcation? Society tells you nothing, moocow. It’s the God of Biomechanics who deems your lard disgusting to the vast majority of people. Even to fellow fatties!

It’s not. There are more girls like me out there. We just aren’t given space to be visible.

How much space do you need? The Great Plains?

I feel like I was put on this earth to be colorful and take up space

So were landfills.

and I am not ashamed.

Keep telling yourself.. and everyone else.. that.

We are told by the media that we need to live in shame, stop eating seventeen cheeseburgers,

That’s an oddly precise number.

We are told to wear something “more flattering” and “not to show so much skin” and “put your boobs away Melissa, you are scaring the children.”


Oh, I’m sorry, I would have cleavage even if I wore a turtleneck and I’m sick of trying to hide it.

Fat pigs love to assert a phony pride in their tits. But sacs of amorphous blubber don’t an attractive bust make. That’s not cleavage, Miss Piggy, that’s a sandworm lair.

My own father told me when I was 10 years old that no man would ever want to hold my hand unless I lost weight and stopped biting my fingernails.

Father of the Year. Not kidding. She only had to listen…

[email protected], they want to do so much more than hold hands now.

F YOU DAD, giving blowjobs in the dark to drunk losers is where I’m at now!

I am fat and I have casual sex with strangers, attractive strangers even.

That “even” is such a deadweight giveaway. Translation: once, a long time ago when she wasn’t yet fully fattened for the slaughter, she scissored with a lesbian who actually made the effort to trim her bush and shoo the parrots and monkeys out.

It was an impromptu mini vacation before I move to Portland to go back to school for my art degree, start a boudoir photography business and live amongst other body-positive, sex-positive women like myself and the beautiful beards that love us.

Who can tell parody from reality anymore?

I started swiping right on men and women on Tinder as I waited to deplane at LAX.

“Deplane, boss, deplane!” “No, that’s not a plane, Tattoo, it’s a fattie.”

I follow Amber Rose on Instagram and I find it infuriating watching other women tear each other down for what they choose to do with their own bodies.

The shunning of disfigured mental disease vectors is required.

I also find equally disturbing the entitlement some men demonstrate when a woman chooses to display any amount of skin or overt sexuality in their presence.

Men’s attractiveness standards are required. (Overt female sexuality is only offensive to men when it emerges like a reverse fat caterpillar from a size XXXXXXL chrysalis (a hard-shelled fupa).)

To me, being called a slut isn’t degrading.

The extra 200 pounds set her degradation bar high.

I see it as empowering and symbolic of me taking ownership over what I choose to do with MY body.

Stuff it full of cheap carbs until her days are an endless bloat parade of joint pain, labored breathing, smegma farming, and romantic failure.

My fat beautiful curvy soft body.

Ya know, slender women have curvy, soft bodies, too. So you don’t have that going for you, fatty.

Much to my surprise, people in LA utilize Tinder’s “Super Like” option like nobody’s business, making my quest for adventure that much easier.

Like pizza delivery.

Before I got to my first hotel I was talking to six or seven very attractive strangers.

“very attractive strangers”. The porky pig’s try-hard protestation is so transparent. Reality: these very attractive strangers looked like extras from the Star Wars cantina scene.

I have found that most men who want casual sex aren’t creeps or rapists.

Fat woman standards are very flexible, unlike their joints.

They just want to feel pleasure and make a connection however brief, just like me.

“however brief” 😆 😆

Sex doesn’t have to be a big deal. Sex doesn’t need to equal love for it to be mind blowing.

The grapes, they are sour.

It can also be about mutual pleasure and the way two or more bodies fit and complement each other.

with the help of a crowbar.

I have a pretty strict vetting process for picking up men and I have never had any problems.

“Zero alternative dating options? Check.”

I have pictures on my Tinder profile that are quite suggestive.

of a rhino birth.

If a man can have a normal conversation with me without getting gross and demanding, I give him the green-light and we keep chatting for a bit until we agree to meet up.

Men, you don’t need game to pick up fatties. You can talk about the weather with her, if you want. What are you waiting for? (“a hindbrain transmutation”) oh, right.

I find it’s easy to pick up on the entitlement factor, and that is a major red flag.

Total loser goes out with uglyfat, has the gall to think this means she’ll put out for parking meter change.

Just because a woman is showing skin doesn’t mean you have the right to expect sex from her.

That’s not why the losers who go out with you expect sex. (hint: it’s the lsmv corpulence)

Sometimes we meet for coffee, sometimes we go on an actual date, sometimes I go to their house and we are having sex within 15 minutes and sometimes they come to my hotel room at 2am and we bond over Louis C.K. and then laugh a lot and start going at it and it feels like old friends.

I.e., she has given up on the dream of love and marriage.

This bed won’t stay empty for long.

The chicken wing bones will see to that.

I had my own multi-city-state Slut Walk in a different city every night, with my mom staying in a hotel room right across the hall.

Ever notice the typical Slut Walker is the kind of woman least likely to have the opportunity to slut it up with men? Something else to notice: mothers of grossly obese daughters are so despondent for their child’s romantic future that any display of sexuality, however skanky and soul-crushing, fills them with pride.

Oddly enough, two of my hookups visit Portland rather frequently. Round two has been discussed and I am sure will happen at some point in the future.

The triumph of hope over pump and dump.

Each guy was attractive in his own way

All of the men I have ever talked to have been nothing but complimentary about my body.

Fatties will believe anything.

I have never had anyone see me in person and walk away or stand me up.

They spotted her on the approach and darted into an alley for a quick, unnoticed escape.

I am currently the biggest I have ever been and at the same time I feel the sexiest and most present in my body that I have ever felt in my life.

What a coincidence.

I am no longer afraid of my desires or being naked in front of others.

I own my sexuality and my choices.

So do slender women, and they don’t have to lie about feeling sexy.

I have a certain number of sexy individuals to thank for that.

And those individuals are Channing Tatum, Brad Pitt, and Barack Obama.

And no, I’m not telling you my number.

(it’s large and in charge)

Well, fuckin phew, that was a hot mess.

The purpose of posts like this one, besides the slaking of very special hedonistic and aesthetic urges, is to brutally shame these shoggoths off the internet forever. Their fat pride is poison, their phony self-esteem is propaganda, and their feminist platitudes are comfort to fellow misfits providing rhetorical rationalizations to avoid taking any steps to genuinely improving themselves.

Shaming uglyfats into oblivion is not just fun, it’s a righteous moral imperative.

Whenever you read some fatty going on about how much men love her “””curves”””, and all the “””great sex””” she’s having with “””hot studs”””, you’ll know she’s lying to protect her ego from the Day of Mirrors. There are no hot studs in her bed. She is not having any sex, let alone great sex. And she will never know love in the way that a slender woman will know love.

This is the message fat chicks should be receiving, loud and clear and continually, if truth and beauty are your scene. Anything deviating from this cruel to be kind message of realtalk will only increase and amplify the ugliness, of body and mind and soul, in the world.


  1. She’s having sex? Maybe the glory hole at a highway rest stop.


    • keyword ‘portland’

      it’s a disgusting hellhole and i’ve no doubt the bearded denizens there roll around with her. of course it’s fucking portland

      take the rare normal guy that lives in portland to somewhere like phoenix and he will weep openly


    • men use her because they know she’ll put out. It’s the same reason they go to prostitutes. All of the lying to oneself in the world doesn’t change that.

      They know they don’t have to try, there’s no risk to their ego if she says no. If they are horny and drunk enough, it’s a wet hole. That’s all she is.

      Contrary to her protestations of her value, she has no value – she is NOTHING BUT A WET HOLE.

      For fuck’s sake, men around the world fuck goats and sheep and camels…you think the fact that some man will stick his dick in something means it’s attractive?


      • I think she’s a hot bitch, Then again, I’m half n1gger, so keep that in mind…


      • “You’re nothing but a wet hole” may be my new standby insult for the cliterati. Thanks.

        I love these tours de force by CH.


      • Lol never thought of comparing dudes who take easy lays as sheepfuckers. I wonder if the sheep feel beautiful and validated when the take a deviant’s dirty dick.


    • like a reverse fat caterpillar from a size XXXXXXL chrysalis (a hard-shelled fupa)

      How about: criscoalis.


  2. And this one?


    • A blindfold.


    • A strapon?


    • I think she was raped by this guy.


      • Kill it! Kill it with fire!!!!


      • on November 24, 2015 at 3:21 pm long time lurker

        I’m not sure if it’s a trick of the light but on the right either that’s a man with tits or a woman with a beard.

        And no moustache. Who the hell wakes up every day, shaves his top lip and says to himself, “Yes, that looks good.”

        So much wrong with the world…


      • on November 24, 2015 at 5:29 pm Captain Obvious

        The chick in the pink top – “SFgal” – If she didn’t have tats all over her body [with inscriptions like “POISON”], and if she grew her hair long, and if she wore feminine clothes, and if she had a sweet disposition, then she could have made an awesome Eisenhower-era mother of four to six White Baby Boomers. But instead, she’s “POISON”. Gee, thanks, Eskimos, y’all sure knew what y’all were doing, when y’all went and destroyed Western Civilization. We’ll have to return the favor on ya.


      • on November 24, 2015 at 5:30 pm Captain Obvious

        Unless “SFgal” is a trannie with C-Cup silicone implants. If she’s real, though, then she has an excellent rack. And doubtless no little White babeez will ever suckle from those beautiful White breasts…


      • This is something not-uncommon in San Francisco. That’s a Female-to-Male trannie. She still has all the accoutrement of being a woman, but the massive amounts of testosterone she’s injecting have caused her to grow a beard. If she chose to, she could workout and become hugely muscular, because that’s how testosterone works. But that’s not what they’re going for there. She doesn’t want to be a man or a woman or “cis-normal” whatever the feck that means. She wants to be unique and different. She’s not a woman who identifies as a man. She’s a woman (complete with titties!), who identifies as “cis-other”. She’s a bearded-lady on purpose.

        In looking past all of the outrageous insanity, I see a woman who could be described much as Captain Obvious described the other one; she could have been a caring mother to a pack of little blue-eyed children. Instead, she embraced her monthly insanity as the only real thing in her life, doubled down, and destroyed herself. Take a look at her. Soft skin and hairy forearms (not typical for her ethnicity). She’s swimming in BOTH sets of primary sexual hormones. Her physical brain has been ruined in trying to process “be a woman” and “be a man” hormonal reactions at the same time.

        On purpose. She did this to herself on purpose. She’s ruined beyond saving. This is the end product of our times.


    • Move out of the way so we can see that blond chick behind you…


    • That sow was raped ? I’m gonna call bullshit on her heffer ass. My unit wants to retract to to hemerhoid status just lookin’ at that beached whale. Ugh.


  3. ……..who actually made the effort to trim her bush and shoo the parrots and monkeys out. Bwahahahaha


  4. […] Deluded Fat Chick Of The Month […]


  5. Sad woman, sad society. Years of Frankfurt School brainwash do this.


    • on November 24, 2015 at 6:56 am Captain Obvious

      If she really is having all this f0rnication with “hot strangers” [who, if they really are “hot”, would necessarily have to be White], then why doesn’t she plan for it to happen a few days before she ovulates, and then at least she could get some White bunz in her White oven? I don’t understand why sexually active s1uts don’t just go ahead and have kids…


      • on November 24, 2015 at 8:48 am Captain Obvious

        Somebody – maybe GE? – once pointed out that, yeah, she’s a heifer, but look at the gorgeous WHITE chillunz she pushed out:


      • on November 24, 2015 at 8:50 am Captain Obvious

        Another heifer who pushed out three gorgeous WHITE chillunz:


      • on November 24, 2015 at 8:52 am Captain Obvious

        From an article about how the tattoo artist screwed up her chillunz’s names on her b00bs:


      • on November 24, 2015 at 8:56 am Captain Obvious

        Meanwhile, back in Bluetropolis, fashionably anorexic 38yo Amanda Marc*nt has precisely ZERO white chillunz to her credit…


      • CO, it’s truly something when you see these bitches throw off prime whelps. Around my neck of the woods I see this happen quite often. Ratio when grown about 50/50 lardo / unfatty from my crude research


      • on November 25, 2015 at 6:16 am Captain Obvious

        JM, there is nothing on God’s green earth which is finer than WHITE chillunz…


  6. I feel ill.


    • on November 24, 2015 at 1:35 am Shortest Straw

      I have known she-beasts that similarly get laid via Tinder. It stupefies me what men will do.


      • I’ve seen fat ladies getting attention from some skeletal, spotty losers. Fuck, I’ve seen the suitors get rejected!
        There’s more respect in being an incel than in fucking a Slutasaurus. In fact, there’s more dignity in fucking a goat. At least the goat takes some catching.


      • on November 24, 2015 at 3:35 pm Shortest Straw

        The worst disrespect I have gotten has been from fatties.


      • Some of these slopbucket excuses for men would stick they willies in a maggot infested garbage can: and prolly do so to prep for the object of their desire like Marc*nt.


      • So long as enough men are buying it, it will continue. Modern technology allows all women to at the very least find those who have a fetish for them no matter what they look like. It’s the same technology that allows thin and at least somewhat attractive women to reject men for not meeting that long list of trivial requirements. Everything is so distorted from the human norms. Humans evolved to live in relatively small and generally isolated groups and we are way past that now.


    • I know which men.

      My neighbor looks even worse than this monster. She is married to a mexican. Spics and niggers will lay on top of a gelatinous hay stack, it it’s covered in white skin.


    • Me too.


  7. Did even ancient Rome, in it’s most decadent times, have such delusional nonsense promoted as truth?

    Or did tokyojesusfist find his soul mate?

    He who must not be named rape!


    • “Did even ancient Rome, in it’s most decadent times, have such delusional nonsense promoted as truth?”

      Christianity. Boom!

      (no offense intended to the Christians on this board who are fine gentlemen.)


      • blasphemy rape!


      • on November 24, 2015 at 9:04 am Captain Obvious

        You dudes who think there is anything semitic about Christianity haven’t read the Gospels. Je$us very explicitly and unequivocally declared that the Eskimos were THE CH!LDREN OF [email protected] [and he said it to their faces], and they had him crucified for it. He11, the dude went into their filthy perverted temples of doom and threw the eBernankifying eYellenizing [email protected] money changers out on their @sses.


      • @CO

        You should tell that to Evangelicals.


      • Cappy, can you list a few verses? I need to start reading the Gosples more and this’ll be a great kickoff point.

        Also, last night started reading Tolstoy’s The Kingdom of God is Within You. Came across a great passage. When it’s fitting to post, I’ll do so. His writing’s so “thick” it takes time to digest, but it’s good eats/reads!


      • Not actual verses, just the book, chapter, etc.


      • Mendo, just google “synagoque of Satan” and “Of your father, the Devil”… most Bibles also give other verse reference notes for any given verse, and it’s very interesting to see some of the tie-ins from previous books and prophecies that otherwise would escape one’s notice.

        Off the top of my haid, Rev. 3:9, John 8:44


      • Jesus condemned the Jewish religious leadership. Which did not include all, or even most, Jews.

        Jesus is a Jew. The Apostles were Jews. The first Christians were Jews.

        This is why indiscriminate condemnation of DUH JOOZ seems illogical to Christians. The West has much to thank some Jews for. It has much to curse other Jews for.


    • Check out Hebrews or Galatians. In Galatians Paul actually says something like “See what large letters I am using” meaning he was ranting in all caps against those who were teaching that you needed to follow the customs of Judiasm to be a good Christian. Basically a “The fuck is wrong with you??”.

      In Hebrews Peter (we believe) uses some VERY scary language to describe those who said you needed to offer sacrifices under the Jewish law to be saved after becoming a Christian. The closest the Bible comes to saying you can actually lose your salvation permanently, even if you “repent” later.


      • Hebrews was probably written by Paul.


      • llozlzozlzozo Leviticus is fucking hilarious.

        Or suppose you unknowingly touch something that makes a person unclean. When you realize what you have done, you must admit your guilt.

        4“Or suppose you make a foolish vow of any kind, whether its purpose is for good or for bad. When you realize its foolishness, you must admit your guilt.

        5“When you become aware of your guilt in any of these ways, you must confess your sin. 6Then you must bring to the LORD as the penalty for your sin a female from the flock, either a sheep or a goat. This is a sin offering with which the priest will purify you from your sin, making you right with the LORD.a

        7“But if you cannot afford to bring a sheep, you may bring to the LORD two turtledoves or two young pigeons as the penalty for your sin. One of the birds will be for a sin offering, and the other for a burnt offering. 8You must bring them to the priest, who will present the first bird as the sin offering. He will wring its neck but without severing its head from the body. 9Then he will sprinkle some of the blood of the sin offering against the sides of the altar, and the rest of the blood will be drained out at the base of the altar. This is an offering for sin. 10The priest will then prepare the second bird as a burnt offering, following all the procedures that have been prescribed. Through this process the priest will purify you from your sin, making you right with the LORD, and you will be forgiven.

        11“If you cannot afford to bring two turtledoves or two young pigeons, you may bring two quartsb of choice flour for your sin offering. Since it is an offering for sin, you must not moisten it with olive oil or put any frankincense on it. 12Take the flour to the priest, who will scoop out a handful as a representative portion. He will burn it on the altar on top of the special gifts presented to the LORD. It is an offering for sin.

        lzozlzz what the fuck?


    • on November 26, 2015 at 11:34 pm Subway Masturbator

      Captain Retrograde and others who are Mustache Boy Masturbators:
      … and suffer from anti-semitic homo urges..

      King James Bible- Romans
      “For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.”


      • The Jew needed that same book to learn this:

        6“ ‘No one is to approach any close relative to have sexual relations. I am the Lord.

        7“ ‘Do not dishonor your father by having sexual relations with your mother. She is your mother; do not have relations with her.

        8“ ‘Do not have sexual relations with your father’s wife; that would dishonor your father.

        9“ ‘Do not have sexual relations with your sister, either your father’s daughter or your mother’s daughter, whether she was born in the same home or elsewhere.

        10“ ‘Do not have sexual relations with your son’s daughter or your daughter’s daughter; that would dishonor you.

        11“ ‘Do not have sexual relations with the daughter of your father’s wife, born to your father; she is your sister.

        12“ ‘Do not have sexual relations with your father’s sister; she is your father’s close relative.

        13“ ‘Do not have sexual relations with your mother’s sister, because she is your mother’s close relative.

        14“ ‘Do not dishonor your father’s brother by approaching his wife to have sexual relations; she is your aunt.

        15“ ‘Do not have sexual relations with your daughter-in-law. She is your son’s wife; do not have relations with her.

        16“ ‘Do not have sexual relations with your brother’s wife; that would dishonor your brother.

        17“ ‘Do not have sexual relations with both a woman and her daughter. Do not have sexual relations with either her son’s daughter or her daughter’s daughter; they are her close relatives. That is wickedness.

        18“ ‘Do not take your wife’s sister as a rival wife and have sexual relations with her while your wife is living.

        19“ ‘Do not approach a woman to have sexual relations during the uncleanness of her monthly period.

        20“ ‘Do not have sexual relations with your neighbor’s wife and defile yourself with her.

        21“ ‘Do not give any of your children to be sacrificed to Molek, for you must not profane the name of your God. I am the Lord.

        22“ ‘Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.

        23“ ‘Do not have sexual relations with an animal and defile yourself with it. A woman must not present herself to an animal to have sexual relations with it; that is a perversion.


  8. LP999/LindaEliza Wow, just wow, thank you for the thinsperation. Keep up the wonderful writing, you inspire greatness in men and hope in anti-feminist-MRA’s whom want our men back!


  9. I predict she will be in the news as a murder victim.


  10. on November 24, 2015 at 1:55 am Uncle Shitlord

    The sad fact is, there are men out there who would and have done it. We take that for granted in our normal T for men level clique. Guys who just want to avoid gay bowel syndrome have a fall back plan and it’s very cushy.

    The blinding light of your fear can be shaded by her corpulent body. She enjoys the power that her ability to disqualify brings and she needs to put that out there. Because if she turns you down and she will do it to some, then your ego is trashed and she is validated.


  11. on November 24, 2015 at 2:22 am Phil A. O. Physh

    “Curves”…. heh!

    Someone needs to remind her that technically speaking a circle is just one curve.


  12. These women are aggressively fat.

    Look how fat they are. You can’t get that fat by accident, like eating out too much. That level of fat shows determined effort.

    These women eat and eat until they are huge. Have you ever seen one eating? They spread an inch of jelly on their white toast just like an old perve slaps his Filipino whore on the butt before he does her doggy style. Slap, slap! Yeah, look what I’m doing, take that!

    Then they waddle around using their heft to jostle and crowd others, literally throwing their weight around. Who would you rather sit next to on a plane, an Arab with a suspicious bag or a fat lady? Halfway across the Pacific you’ll be wishing you’d been blown to fish food instantly rather than slowly, revoltingly crushed into an agonizing stress position. Too cruel for Gitmo, that shit.

    And the final act of aggression is writing articles like the one referred to. I remember reading about a Stazi lady screaming at a complainer in the unemployment queue, “There is no unemployment in East Germany!” Everyone could see it was false. The screamer knew it was false. She, like the fat lady, was just daring someone to publicly rebut her so that she could destroy them.

    Normal fat is a health problem. Sneering superfat, as with short hair and tattoos, is a bodily declaration of war against the better fraction of humanity.


    • Yeah, I’ve always been puzzled by morbidly obese people. How is it even possible to get that fat? I eat whatever I want, whenever I want. And, even during times in my life when I was deliberately trying to bulk up and forcing myself to eat massive quantities of food, I never got over 210 pounds (and I’m 6’3″).


      • They must be inhaling calories like we inhale oxygen.

        No wonder they’re good at giving blowjobs. *shudder*


      • i don’t believe it’s possible to get that obese eating normal, real food. you need massive calories to get that big and the easiest way to get that many calories is to eat lots of processed junk food, commercial baked goods/sweets, and drinking a lot of calories.

        a single krispy kreme donut averages 300-400 calories and i can absolutely believe a fatty easily downing a half dozen a day just snacking.

        plus, fat people tend to be depressed and (over)eat emotionally.


  13. As unbelievable as it may sound, there’s a huge number of males out of her league who will bang this mammoth land beast with no hesitation.

    [CH: we call those males “black men”.]

    Her self esteem is not as deluded as it sounds.

    [it is. look at the studies i linked. fat chicks are not getting anywhere near the sex they claim to get, and they certianly aren’t getting sex with quality men. for a woman, sex with a loser may as well be no sex at all, because she’s gonna feel worse afterwards.]

    I have noticed many males who smash the land beasts and give them the massive ego boosts.

    [right. that’s why the land beasts have to rush to their tumblrreas to feverishly announce to the world how much they get laid.]

    That’s where the main problem lies, if men in general were to up there standards, she wouldn’t proudly post her conquests, which would be few and far between.

    [the problem is that fat chicks don’t get laid, and when they do they don’t get it with non-losers, so their egos are in the basement, which means they lie online as a means of making themselves feel better.]


  14. Fatties suck cock like they never gonna see a cock again.


  15. Have u seen this guy


  16. What a life: cartoonish, smelly and short.


  17. “Deplane, boss, deplane!” “No, that’s not a plane, Tattoo, it’s a fattie.”



  18. on November 24, 2015 at 5:48 am long time lurker

    [Something else to notice: mothers of grossly obese daughters are so despondent for their child’s romantic future that any display of sexuality, however skanky and soul-crushing, fills them with pride.]

    As I get older, I feel more and more sorry for the parents. I am filled with dread that the abject shame and disappointment that this woman’s parents must feel may one day be mine.

    Can you imagine what family reunions must be like for her? The forced smiles on her parents’ faces and the superhuman willpower to not break down and cry while screaming ‘For God’s sake, sort yourself out you chunky bitch! It’s not complicated, just eat less and move more. And if you must parade yourself across the internet at least disguise yourself and use a fake name. I’m dying over here, I’m fucking dying!’

    To have all your hopes, dreams and high expectations for your offspring to be replaced by a vain hope of minimising the shame and implementing some emotional damage control is what keeps me awake at night.

    Does she not realise the hell she’s putting her nearest and dearest through? We all go through some bad patches in our life, it’s inevitable, but to actually draw attention to it? Hell, she doesn’t even have to lose weight (although she should make some effort), she just needs to maintain some kind of dignity. Do some worthwhile charity work and stop reminding us that you copulate with strangers. You may not be seen as a sexual object but at least you’d be likeable as opposed to having the horrid fascination of a particularly grisly car crash.

    Right, I need to lie down in a darkened room for a while so that I can get my breathing back under control.


    • on November 24, 2015 at 2:27 pm The Spirit Within

      A true cry of anguish. You’ve been heard.


      • Of course, since you are the one boning their landwhale daughters in the keister, you don’t want this to change.


      • Shut up, faggot.

        Faggot within rape!


      • I second the whorefinder on the twat within’s crimes against common sense,
        As well as the rape the whorefinder has pointed out to us numerous times, and is beyond all dispute..
        Hang it’s ass , now.


    • I’m in my mid 20s with no kids yet, but the more I read here the more I appreciate the relationship between my father and my sister. She’s turned out well because our father is alpha.

      I’ll never experience the shame that this shiv-skewered porker’s relatives must experience every day.


  19. When I was just out of recruit training, I learned about something that I had never heard of before. “Hoggin'” is when an otherwise satisfactory male goes out for the evening with the intention of having sex with a fat chick. It was like a sport to them. And to me, it was a sport like curling, I understand the goal, but I don’t care to play or watch. So, I hate to break it this deluded girl, but there are equally deluded guys on the other side of the beast with two backs that think their experience is something to congratulate themselves about. Here in reality, we are all disgusted.


    • Tinder game is as follows- men just swipe right.

      Whoever responds, if you can get it up for that, you can fuck her. This woman is a last-resort, not a first. She’s a wet hole, just on the more preferable side of livestock.


    • on November 24, 2015 at 2:30 pm The Spirit Within

      The proper term is “hog-rolling”. And you’re right, it’s a sport for those sicko guys. I’d rather end the night alone with two glasses of liquor than stick it and kick it with a beluga.


      • Of course you hate these guys. They made up the majority of your mommy’s “friends” who had “sleepovers” with her.

        And rumpled the hair on your gay little head in the morning.

        Faggot within rape!


      • Yeah, uh-huh. You jus’ roll wit’ dat. FAG.


  20. She has the carbon foot print of three, maybe four people, Obesity should be a topic at the Paris Summit on saving the planet from man made climate change. There should be a carbon tax for obese people. They use more food and more fuel.


    • On the flip side, they die sooner.


      • on November 24, 2015 at 2:32 pm The Spirit Within

        Though to get that big requires cheap carbs, and cheap carbs are cheap because they only require a fraction of the resources to grow animal protein.


      • shut up, fairy.

        Faggot within rape!


      • on November 25, 2015 at 3:45 am Vagina dominator

        “Though to get that big requires cheap carbs, and cheap carbs are cheap because they only require a fraction of the resources to grow animal protein.”

        The “cheap carbs” that the average landwhale inhales aren’t really cheap at all. How much does it cost for a box of fruit loops off the shelf? What part of that price is the cost of the cereals in the product?

        Yes, the cost of the cereals is low if you tease them out, but said landwhale isn’t buying cereals, she is buying froot loops.

        And the chief resources used in a box of fruit loops are oil, debt, and propaganda, not cereals.

        But the whole discussion is a red herring anyway. 7.4 billion on this planet, all wanting “the good life”. Game over.


    • With regards to climate footprint, I’ve read that the so-called elite have a term for a good hunk of the population. That term is “useless eaters”.

      Liked by 1 person

  21. Funny this came up.

    I overheard some female co-workers talkingabout how one of their own (fatties) told her (you gotta love girl talk hamster’relative’tivity) that all the men wanted her and to steer clear of them.

    This was news to me that the fatties thought all men wanted them AND they were spreading (pun) it around to the other women at work.

    There must’ve been a convention of fatties recently to orginize this movement.

    The self-delusion is strong with the fatties.


  22. “She is not having any sex, let alone great sex.”

    You could be wrong. Landwhales like this always have a tumblr, and they love to post photos of themselves with average and even attractive dudes. The full-sleeve, PBR-holding hipster Sameguy type, who will fuck anything if it’s still at the bar. I see it all the time when I go out. Met one about fifty pounds lighter than that one, pretty in the face, who had been with over 30 dudes, all from the local scene.


    • on November 24, 2015 at 9:10 am Captain Obvious

      > “who had been with over 30 dudes” ——— So for the sake of God almighty, get the fatty off of the [email protected] chemical @bortifacients and get some fr!gging WHITE BUNZ out of her white oven. Sh!t ain’t rocket science. Just dump the [email protected] seed in there 0 to 72 hrs prior to 0vulation. Sheesh.


      • Why the hell would you want that thing to spawn your children? I get why you encourage the whole White buns in White ovens concept, but at least promote using the ovens that are mostly-functional. A few generations of indiscriminate breeding with the kind of girl whose genes and rearing allow her to turn into a landwhale, and we’ll end up turning the White race into something not much better than the ghetto trash we’re trying to keep out of our gene pool.


      • It’s lose-lose at this point. Here at the bottom anyway.

        I always ask how many they’ve been with. More than ten and I’m out. Next question is if there’s any still orbiting. Yes? No drink for you, bye.

        Went out with one last week. “Sorry I was late – I have this friend who needed to talk. He’s a meth addict and has no one else, so he borrowed my car,” etc. After five minutes I excused myself to go to the restroom and just left.

        Forget white babies if these are the mothers.


      • on November 24, 2015 at 5:43 pm Captain Obvious

        > “Why the hell would you want that thing to spawn your children?” ——— No, I’m talking about it from HER point of view. Somewhere on this thread, somebody was talking about military dudes banging fatties as part of some game that they play when they’re drunk, and if, say, a 5’9″ 180lb cowgirl could get herself knocked up by, say, a 6’3″ 225 lb sergeant, who was maybe a mechanic for Abrams tanks or an encrypted router specialist in SigInt, with an IQ out around 120, then she could have a kid with a real strong chance of getting an NCAA Div 1 scholarship in some [email protected] sport or another.


    • I see this too but only in hipster areas… I wonder what is wrong with these men… i would think eyesight but they all wear spectacles…

      Never bed someone you do not want to wake up with or be seen with.


      • Perfect. Exactly what I mean. It’s absurd to pretend it isn’t happening. CH must move in a totally different class, tho it’s hard to miss anywhere I’ve been, coast to coast.

        I think there are just so many fat American chicks, and men have become absurdly desperate in the age of peak female narcissism. Remember, that’s artificial scarcity / raising the costs of sex. Intense selection is forcing normal men – who have little discipline to begin with – to date downward just to keep reasonably content.


      • As with anything requiring a solution, never mind shaming the women (good for lolz of course) who are too intellectually dishonest, solipsistic and naive to hear anything, you need to go to the men. Shame the men for their weakness and poor taste.

        They of course are already feeling a deep shame, your message will hit bone time and time again.


      • At first I thought her bathing suit was a tattoo.


      • Shame the men…. perhaps. Whatever the solution is for men to stop buying it. If men stop buying it, it will go away. Have the self respect to go without sex before stooping to that. When men refuse to buy, women will improve themselves so they will. The costs are too high and the product too poor. Just pass on the deal like a $50,000 Yugo.

        My grandparents actually told me of this song when I was kid, and it’s fitting for this thread:


      • That bitch has a tatoo on her thigh as big as f*ckin’ siberia !


  23. CH, your low-T is starting to show 😛


  24. on November 24, 2015 at 6:24 am The Night Porter

    I’m pretty inured to these posts, but the reference to Hervé Villechaize brought a nostalgic smile to my morning routine. Daplane indeed! RIP little dude.


  25. I think she’s fucking literal retards.

    I think there’s a real correlation between a mans IQ and the BMI of the women he has sex with… like almost linear. Even though its well documented around here that past a certain IQ a man’s SMV can drop, the very highest IQ men still choose thin women, even if they are not the prettiest or don’t have nice asses/tits.

    Know a smart guy that fucks fatties? I can’t think of any for personal anecdote. I do however, know of several complete dumbasses who’ve fucked fatties.

    (and yes, there’s an obvious comment to be made, but I’ve found this effect is not entirely race-related. several of the glue-huffing hippo porkers I’m thinking of were white.)


    • on November 24, 2015 at 9:18 am Captain Obvious

      > “the very highest IQ men still choose thin women” ——— The smaller your women, the smaller your children by them. After some point, you need start thinking about the physical stature of your progeny.


      • on November 24, 2015 at 9:19 am Captain Obvious


      • on November 24, 2015 at 9:24 am Captain Obvious


      • Damn, first girl in the orange is looking tasty. She looks Nordic.


      • on November 24, 2015 at 11:45 am Captain Obvious

        Jennie Finch. Arizona Wildcats, 60 straight NCAA wins, Gold in 2004 Olympic Games [silver in 2008].


      • on November 24, 2015 at 11:49 am Captain Obvious

        Point being that she’s 6’1″, and there’s a very good chance that her kids will also be Amazons. The second chick is Sophie Dahl [granddaughter of Roald Dahl, via actress Patricia Neal], at 5’11’, and the third chick is Missy Franklin [Olympic Gold x 4 in swimming], at 6’1″.


      • CO,

        I’m quite fond of my theory that people are considered most attractive when they could conceivably biologically parent an attractive of either sex.

        I call it the Dimophic Attractiveness Quotient.

        It would select away from neoteny in females (would produce weak sons) and gigantism in men (would produce ugly women). When a sweet spot is reached, you’re pretty confident the kid will be pretty damn attractive no matter what the sex. (DiCaprio would probably have a beautiful daughter, and Monica Belluci a handsome son.)

        This could be an explanation for why the most attractive faces are composites of many faces… the average blends out any extreme masculine or extreme feminine traits.


      • muh unobtainable aryan babes


      • on November 25, 2015 at 9:28 am Captain Obvious

        > “unobtainable” ——— JW, you’re a student of Game Theory precisely so as to make them obtainable. Missy Franklin is roughly a junior at UC-Berkeley, but she’s from Pasadena, and when school’s out, some SoCal dude like MendozaTorres could easily game her up in Old Pasadena, or down at the Huntington.


      • And yet we have it on good au-thor-i-tay that the only reason we find these women attractive is due to “cultural conditioning”.



    • on November 24, 2015 at 10:58 am The Other Anonymous

      Aargh! My eyes! Obesity overdose – need antidote – send more pics of althletic women.


    • *Dimorphic


  26. More like fat tranny of the month, amirite?


    • WTF??? A violent n1gger? Who’d a thunk it???


    • Peter Gold. Another example of an Eskimo reaping what the elites in his tribe have sewn (not saying he deserved this). NBC writer is Eskimo, as is every writer for MSM. Only reason Mr. Gold is alive is that the dindu, in typical dindu fashion, had a ridiculously stupid, unreliable thug gangsta gun. Looks like one of those stupid things that shoots .223 rifle round out of a pistol-sized (sort of) weird gun. Not that I’m wishing the dindu success, but a regular old Glock would not have failed to fire like that.


    • Notice the blonde girl is drunk/passed out. Not that she “deserved it”, but this is another example of a topic CH has addressed. She obviously was out voluntarily and voluntarily got herself drunk. Can’t tell from the info available whether she met and “voluntarily” left da club with the dindu, but this is not a “drag her against her will with a knife to her throat” incident. She got herself drunk and he’s (wrongly) taking advantage. One can see this scene at 2 PM in the streets of any city in America–drunk/nearly passed out girls with arm around a man getting dragged to wherever they are going.

      Feminism caused this. Our women think they can wear a mini skirt and get themselves catatonic with alcohol and then walk around the streets at 3 AM among dindus with no fear of any consequences.

      Like that one victim of the beast murder that CH covered last year.


    • and this one:

      gee, what was the race of the 200 “people” engaged in dindu behavior while shooting a “music” video, MSM?

      I’m fucking sick of it dudes.

      fuck this gay earth


      • on November 24, 2015 at 1:08 pm Suburban_elk_2

        fuck this gay earth

        At least it’s temporary, right?


      • Amen. I don’t care if I drop dead tomorrow. There’s nothing worth striving for in this society. Nothing.


      • on November 25, 2015 at 6:23 am Captain Obvious

        JW, that’s PRECISELY the attitude which the Eskimos want you to adopt, and it’s why the Mossad sends operatives like “Nicole” over here, in order TO DEMORALIZE YOU!!!!!


      • on November 25, 2015 at 9:31 am Captain Obvious

        > “There’s nothing worth striving for in this society.” ——— So we do like our Forefathers: We give a great big middle finger to the old society, and we create a new society which is worth striving for.


      • If you find my body in a ditch, you know C.O. did it.

        I know, fat people are harder to kidnap, but still…


      • I didn’t know that Kit Fisto’s species had black people…..


      • There’s something worth striving for.

        Fixing this mess – we are getting closer.

        Nothing to lose?

        Been there, it makes you real hard to deal with.


      • on November 26, 2015 at 2:06 am gunslingergregi

        nicole do you think it might be true that if you want to live get the fuck out of isreal


    • on November 26, 2015 at 11:55 pm Subway Masturbator

      Regarding shooting:
      Oh the guy who tried to help the girl, the “white knight” to you sociopathic, raciss POS? A JEW fuckers, lol, a JEWISH JEWISH JEW.

      “Cause I’m a Jew Y’all, A JEW y’all
      and I’m smarter than smarter than YOU, y’all.”


  27. You know these beasts wipe their asses using rags rolled around the end of a long stick. So fat that they can’t reach their ass. Disgusting. End of story.


  28. Sad. Just sad. The poor deluded woman will be dead in 10 years after they have to amputate her gangrenous feet due to diabetic neuropathy. I wonder if she uses that oversized mirror and wide angle lens to see if someone hung a ‘wide load’ sign on her back. God knows she can’t reach shoes much less her back.


  29. If we are talking pigs, a boar has balls.

    Get back honkey cat
    Better get back to the woods
    Well i quit those daze
    And my redneck ways


  30. “Just because a woman is showing skin doesn’t mean you have the right to expect sex from her.”

    Yet, you post pictures on your profile showing a lot of skin and admit that you have casual sex with random men shortly after meeting them….


  31. These “hot strangers” are probably just skinny-fat manlets like Jared Fogle. Fat sluts think skinny-fat guys look like underwear models and surfers


  32. “I have pictures on my Tinder profile that are quite suggestive.

    of a rhino birth.”

    I dub her, Easy Rhino, Slore of the realm.


  33. Its one thing is to be fat and confident in one self but to be proud of riding the carousel its another.

    Why are women proud of this? They could get laid by 300 men a year with no problem. Its too easy even for the unattractive.


  34. and I am not ashamed.

    Keep telling yourself.. and everyone else.. that.”

    She’s talking about a river. De Nile.


  35. We are told by the media that we need to live in shame, stop eating seventeen cheeseburgers,

    That’s an oddly precise number.”

    She checked her McDonald’s receipt.


  36. That’s not cleavage, Miss Piggy, that’s a sandworm lair.

    Walk like the wind to avoid being swallowed. The way of the Fremen.


  37. on November 24, 2015 at 8:39 am Wrong Side of History

    It’s so Nietzschean.

    Sexual losers trying to flip the SM hierarchy through shaming/moral posturing.


  38. Stuff it full of cheap carbs until her days are an endless bloat parade of joint pain, labored breathing, smegma farming, and romantic failure.

    Not to mention pregnancy problems. Paging Zombie Shane!


  39. Note the giant phone. No doubt she’s using one of the Note or ‘+’ models of smartdevice in order to make her seem less like a flesh giant using human tools.


  40. For some bizarre reason I only like fat chicks but this one is way too fat.


  41. Let’s remove all doubt as to what the media is up to.

    Note how any scientist who is skeptical of the article’s thesis is depicted as being a backward ivory-tower bigot, an obstacle to the glorious revolution.


    • on November 24, 2015 at 2:43 pm The Spirit Within

      That one’s not the media’s fault. Those are expert physiologists noting the paradox, and getting flamed as a result.

      I’d always heard that carrying a little extra weight, once you reached your sixties, could protect against some stuff. I guess the idea is that having caloric reserves becomes more beneficial as your body starts to fail.


      • Your a fat lesbo, ain’tcha ? You haven’t heard that, you KNOW that.
        Explains a lot about ye, it does.


      • Ya, it may well be. But if you deal with science a lot you’ll know to be skeptical of new-ish (and even old tbh) claims.

        My point isn’t about the science, it’s about the tone. It goes straight to ‘this new idea is so obvious but all these bigots are denying it’ rather than ‘hey, this new thing is interesting. Wonder if it’s true.’

        Contrast this with the popular articles about, say, the microbiome that came out a few years back. There was no attempt to erect these effigies to destroy.


      • All the folks I’ve seen in my life that lived longer than 80 years and were still self-sufficient were lean as rails, and ate like birds.


      • Shut up, child molester.

        Faggot within rape!


      • on November 25, 2015 at 3:48 am Vagina dominator

        Yes, I have read the same, but my understanding is that the extra weight you should be carrying as you get older should be muscle as it releases valuable nutrients as you consume it.


  42. Fat pigs love to assert a phony pride in their tits.

    Funny you should mention… I believe once or twice our own resident megafauna boasted of her “big ti-tays” as a man trap. lzozlzolzolzolzolzolzolzolzolzol

    But sacs of amorphous blubber don’t an attractive bust make. That’s not cleavage, Miss Piggy, that’s a sandworm lair.

    From which no spice will flow. LZOZLZOZLZOZLOZLOZLOZLOZL


  43. how fucking desperate. it’s trying to convince itself. and failing.


  44. on November 24, 2015 at 9:02 am Cad and Bounder

    Girls like this are not the problem per se, after all, no sane man is remotely interested in her save for speculating on how much extra your airline ticket is to pay for the extra fuel used by her tonnage.

    No. The problem is higher up the SMV curve. The 6s & 7s who think they are appreciably higher value than they are. The attitude of the gruesome tub of lard in the post is reinforced by the validation of desperate men online, and it permeates upwards to cause problems with the girls you would bang. Meanwhile the supply of bangable girls is gradually being reduced.

    A rectifying start would be for men to call out a fatty when you see one.


  45. Sad to say, there are a lot of thirsty betas out there… a LOT of thirsty betas.

    I have personally witnessed two landwhales whose husbands divorced them get remarried within a year’s time… one even had two kids in tow.

    They had pleasant enough faces and even a decent personality most of the time, but that shouldn’t have been enough in a sane society.

    I’m afraid this is a battle that will never be won until mere everyday survival is at question and requires struggle along the lines of the pioneers.


  46. Thirsty, thirsty betas play hungry, hungry hippos.


  47. “I have a pretty strict vetting process for picking up men and I have never had any problems.”

    1. Does he have a pulse?
    2. Does he have a penis?
    3. Does he have a spare pizza?

    “I am fat — not curvy, fat. I have a fat stomach and I jiggle when I walk.”

    -Wait, scratch that reverse that!

    “My fat beautiful curvy soft body.”

    “I have pictures on my Tinder profile that are quite suggestive.”


  48. on November 24, 2015 at 9:33 am The Night Porter

    America has become a John Waters film. “Divine” is now the norm. And don’t forget the final scene to Pink Flamingos.


  49. “Now I’m not saying she’s fat, but when she wades into the ocean Indonesians head for high ground.” 😀

    Real funny post, and good takedown of the blubberati worldview.

    Anyone seen the landwhale Rebel Wilson? (Such a chic name! Rebels don’t need to care about anyone’s opinions, you know. Nee Melanie Bownds.) She now has her own fashion line by “plus-size” brand Torrid. She is in a TV show with her two misfit friends and their cool big-city life, showing how a big gal can still have it all just like Sex and The City promised – no boundaries, no demands, grrrls!

    Here she is at the American Music Awards, before the creaking floor boards gave in. Supposedly they used the same crane as Jabba the Hutt used to get into his space ship, though they had to widen the claw a bit. And yes, that’s a giant bonbon she uses for a purse. Big girls gotta snack, you know. By the end of the evening she had swallowed it whole. I fear for her health when she is away from food for more than five minutes. Here’s hoping her new fashion line is made of gummy bears, in case of emergencies.


    • A parody on Victoria’s Secret angels? There aren’t wings big enough….

      What she actually looks like. You must be able to see through the makeup and dye jobs in Hollywood. Seeing a few examples of what actors really look like helps.

      But one Australian writer who has interviewed Wilson went through the details Wilson herself provided in an interview, checking fact versus fiction, and Wilson told her, on the record, that she was 29—she is in fact 35. Also in that interview she insisted her real name is Rebel and that she went by her middle name, Melanie, in school so as not to be teased. But no, Melanie is her real name and Rebel is a stage name (she has legally changed her last name to Wilson). By Wilson’s own doing, her background became a mix of fact and fiction, and now she’s been busted on the fiction parts.


    • What if that really was/is a bonbon, not a purse? I doubt anyone would be surprised.


      • That’s a wig, by the way, in case anyone thought otherwise. A post swallowed by WordPress shows her real appearance, with dark, very short hair. I’ll post it again:

        And she lied about her age, saying she was 29 when she was really 35. She lied about many other things, like spending time in Africa etc, to make herself sound more interesting. No class at all in this one.


      • She’s wearing FUBU!!!!


      • Could be a Wendy’s Triple witch cheese in tere MT. grease drippings photo shopped out.


    • That’s Flounder from Animal House in drag


  50. on November 24, 2015 at 9:40 am Enfant Terrible



  51. Can anyone tell me what that that gif in the original post is about? I’ve seen it elsewhere, and I have no idea what it is I’m supposed to be looking at.


    • It’s from Cronenberg’s The Fly, which is a great film. This particular scene is when the fly realizes he needs to die and has his former lover put the gun to his head.

      There’s a great dialog scene where Brundle talks with the Geena Davis character about insects and politics (paraphrasing) and it stood out the last time I saw it. Quite a turning point in the film and good character progression (heh) as Brundle realizes he’s losing his humanity and becoming more of an insect.


    • Fat. fatty Fat assed fatso fat.
      Glad to hep ya. Thanks is not needed.


  52. on November 24, 2015 at 9:51 am blacksheepwhite

    First off, this woman’s attitude is disgusting and makes her unfuckable.

    However, as a guy who is into big, obese girls, I can tell you she is probably telling the truth about her SMV in her niche cubbyhole (that I am in).

    She probably gets banged by high smv dudes, that’s a fact. Also probably gets banged by low ones since she probably does suffer from massive insecurity.

    There are legit chubby chasers such as myself and legit girls that are into it. Then there are body-positivity attention whoring unstable overweight people who are lumped (pun intended) into the same category.

    I can get any thin woman I want, as well as any fat one. I prefer the fatter ones, can vouch there are many like me. I suspect that the particular look that I like, wide hips, round butt, is and was genetically superior for reproduction and signals high estrogen levels.

    But yeah, she’s scum.


  53. OT: We still have the temp receptionist and more older guys keep macking on her. She’s not quite blimp status like Large Marge above, but has them huge, YOOGE thighs. And, she does that shitty thing with putting so much dark makeup around her eyes. Eessh. So, tall bitch with mega-thighs and passable face? Betas out in full force!


  54. “Now I’m not saying she’s fat, but when she wades into the ocean Indonesians head for high ground.”

    Her shadow once killed a dog.

    You don’t hang around with her… you hang among her.

    /Bronx Tale rape!


  55. >>>these very attractive strangers looked like extras from the Star Wars cantina scene

    Even some of those aliens have standards. Ponda Baba would stay the hell away from this . . . THING. Cornelius Evazan, however, definitely is a chubby-chase. Greedo wasn’t cut out to be a bounty hunter so he’d probably call her “FATbulous!” and then go check the help wanted bulletin board.


  56. her wild claims to come

    Please, no 50 Shades of Whale. Even the Coyote Ugly tactic won’t work. You just lie there buried in blubber as your screams are choked off. The autopsy will show that your lungs are filled with her adipose tissue.


  57. Fat pigs love to assert a phony pride in their tits. But sacs of amorphous blubber don’t an attractive bust make. That’s not cleavage, Miss Piggy, that’s a sandworm lair.

    And they get soft and gelatinous. The blubberati also like to take pride in their bloated asses, as if loose layers of fat were the same thing as firm, well-trained glutes.

    All that pride for naught. What do you call a fat chick with a fancy new party dress?


    What do you call a fat chick with her nails done?


    What do you call a fat chick with an elaborate hair style for her night out?


    “That slim, well-trained chick with firm breasts and a pretty face has such a simple dress – but look at that obese chick, her dress glitters!” …said no man ever.


  58. Hey Man go easy on the Shoggoths, at least they were from another world and mad!!……oh wait..


  59. Some of them, encouraged by postmodern mores, might have adopted the following mindset. It’s valid for natural rock formations, but not humanity:

    “Normal humanity has only the courage to react to the usual gradations that range from the beautiful to the ugly, which in the long run are nothing but nuances of the same thing. The monster, on the other hand, Don Jeronimo contended with feeling, in order to exalt them with his mystique, belongs to a different, privileged species, with its own rights and particular canons that exclude the concepts of beauty and ugliness as tenuous categories, because, in essence, monstrosity is the culmination of both qualities synthesized and exacerbated to the sublime.”

    -Jose Donoso, The Obscene Bird of Night


  60. Here is a picture of the Belgian Minister of Health:

    Maggie De Block is a member of the liberal (which is a right-wing word outside the U.S., remember) OVL, which formed a government with the socialists. Before she became Minister of Social Affairs and Health she was Secretary of State for Asylum, Immigration and Social Integration.

    Is it easier to corrupt the obese? I have met at least one nationalist obese man, but in general I would say yes. They will be more prone to make themselves believe egalitarian dogma as it absolves them from their actions.

    I understand why people become overweight. You eat bread and pasta and rice every day, and don’t move around much – okay. But obese? You have to work hard on that. It’s soda and pizza on a daily basis. How can you throw away your life like that? You only have one life.


  61. “All of the men I have ever talked to have been nothing but complimentary about my body.”

    and men won’t lie to get sex


  62. “Here is a picture of the Belgian Minister of Health:

    Maggie De Block”

    appropriately named


  63. That tumblr post ist next level delusion. It’s hard to mock this shit, it’s like throwing a hotdog down a hallway.

    Not only are almost none of those people actually fit, (I don’t care how strong you are, if you collapse after one minute of exertion, you’re not fit) but even if they were, absolutely none of the heifers on tumblrs can do even one of the things in that post.

    It’s things like this that show you how impervious these types are to the truth. Think of the greatest bullshit artist you know: could you imagine him coming up with this blatant “piss in your ear and tell you it’s raining” maneuver? I couldn’t.

    Feed them to Tigers in Siberia.


  64. “… in the porcine anals of oinkery …”



  65. My neighbor looks worse than this. Her husband is mexican. Spics and niggers go for anything white.


  66. And her favorite lover is the town midget. He gets to try a new wrinkle every night.


  67. misspelled ‘porkland’


  68. on November 24, 2015 at 2:52 pm The Spirit Within


  69. A mother of a somewhat chunky daughter confided to me once, “You have no idea what a mother goes through when she sees her daughter growing up fat.”

    Maybe putting on the pounds is a form of adolescent rebellion, like falling pregnant often is.


  70. Calling Whorefinder!

    if an “uninvited” man sticks his dick in one of her many skinfolds,

    is it rape?


  71. Holy shit mate, thats one ugly ass bitch warpig. It’s like a nail was striken through my goddamn eyes and now I can’t even. Wish could forget that sight to behold (not). And she writes too much crap, way too much time on their hands (paws). These fatties and their rape convictions is alarmingly unbelievable if not damn right disgusting to even hear such bullshit is even happening, which it’s not because there’s no way in goddamn hell it would ever be.


  72. I have been listening to old Youtube clips of Tom Leykis. He has this running joke where he refers to Portland as Porkland. After reading that this fattie lives there, I see that it was an understatement by Tom.


  73. Seattle is full of theses monsters as well…….. the NW is shit for men looking to hook up with any/thing appearing human female.


  74. Well, that’s the thing about most men: the only four essentials are food, clothing, shelter, and sex…

    … none of which have to be all that good.


  75. The hamster rationale of these body positive beasts is so hypocritical.

    I am an extremely low SMV woman who will further degrade my value.
    High SMV men should however desire me equally as much as high SMV women.
    I only desire and value high SMV men.


  76. Fat is unhealthy. Physically, psychologically, and socially. Just sick in every way. A sad addiction to food. Guess who will be paying the health bills for her rolls of fat. You. Obamacare will make sure you pay up. Diabetes (hypertension, renal failure, blindness, gangrene of the toes, heart disease) is no fun. Imagine her decubitus ulcers.

    Some men will *uck anything, but, really, you have to draw the line somewhere. Think of the old joke about flour and fatties.

    BTW, I fight my weight from time to time. In the last several months I have gone to one meal per day, usually dinner. I eat a big dinner. No sweets. Relatively few carbs. No bread and butter, but pizza is fine. It just kills the appetite without the rising and falling of insulin caused by frequent meals. Those 5 to 10 extra pounds of fat just came off effortlessly (I don’t use a scale. I measure success by my belt.)

    People think not being hungry all day is somehow abnormal, but, imagine back in the good old days when food wasn’t available constantly. Did our ancestors spend all their time thinking about food and feeling hungry, or did they spend their time planning, hunting, farming, and making tools?

    Anyhow, bragging about being fat is like bragging about hiring prostitutes.


    • on November 24, 2015 at 7:08 pm The Spirit Within

      FYI experts are pretty much unified in the opinion that it’s better to eat smaller meals multiple times a day. I have a very athletic build, keep superfit, and eat five to six times a day. If you don’t believe me, check out the diet regimens of famous actors or other people known for their physiques. They’re all pretty much the same in that regard. Dwayne Johnson and Joe Manganiello have released their weekly diets.


      • Yeh, you are an Adonis, you damn betcha. Pics to prove you are Chyna, or shut the hell up.


      • Quality/quantity of food matters far more than timing. That meal-spacing shit was cutting edge broscience… in 2005. It is nowhere the consensus expert opinion anymore, and “experts” have been wrong when it comes to diet and nutrition on many occcasions. So save the condescending appeal to authority for a different topic.


      • First, lol. Faggot Within claiming he’s buff. JUst lol.

        Second, those actors use a lot of steroids. Steroids, like faggotry, are rampant in the entertainment industry; every “buff” movie star or rapper is on them. So its no wonder Faggot Within is obsessed with them.

        Third, shut UP, faggot.

        Wussy Faggot Within rape!


      • Jack LaLanne you are. NOT! The average alpha buys not your crappery,
        ye sad hapless queer. That is the kindest words I can offer up to you,ye pitiful faggot.


      • FYI experts are pretty much unified in the opinion that it’s better to eat smaller meals multiple times a day

        False. That was just one of the many assumptions made in the past – sounded logical so it must be true, they thought. For us on the Right, assumptions and wishful thinking do not equal fact.

        Research makes it abundantly clear that intermittent fasting is the best way. That means eating within an eight-hour period each day, then waiting sixteen hours. Basically you skip breakfast. Or eat a big breakfast and skip dinner, your choice. It’s easy once you get used to it.

        Yes, you might feel a bit of hunger in the last few hours of a fasting cycle, but that’s nothing. Your body sends out hunger signals long before it actually needs any food. And hunger doesn’t increase steadily, it comes and goes.

        For this to work, you must go paleo. No goddamn bread, which turns to blood sugar that disappears quickly. Limit your carbs to fifteen percent of your calories – as research shows this is perfectly healthy. Today many get fifty or even sixty percent of their calories from carbs, which is just self-abuse. All carbs turn to blood sugar, glucose, which insulin stores away quickly because too much of it is poisonous for the body. What can’t be stored in organs and muscles as energy is stored away in fat cells, and that’s how people get fat. And after that the glucose is gone, the body has no more energy source, and gets hungry again. By contrast, getting most of your calories from fat/protein means a slower release of energy from the food source, since fat takes longer to break down. That means some will be released every hour, giving your body an hourly energy source. Also, this way, after about four weeks, your body will get used to looking for fat first when it gets hungry, instead of sugar. Meaning it will consume its own fat reserves for energy, the way things were intended. You’ll burn fat all day long.

        Intermittent fasting has been shown to decrease weight in mice, even when they eat the same amount of calories as mice who eat throughout the day (the Strapon Within’s favored method).

        Intermittent fasting also cleans up the body’s cells, and makes them repair themselves instead of creating new cells, which is how the body ages, by constant making of new cells. Intermittent fasting also causes autophagy, “self-eating”, which clears out from the cells “misfolded proteins, organelles such as mitochondria that have passed their sell-by date, as well as viruses and bacteria … In this way, autophagy keeps cells in their efficient, youthful state, and thus retards aging.”

        Lab animals on intermittent fasting increase their lifespan 25-50 percent. And it’s a healthier and stronger life, not just old age being extended, but all periods of the life cycle. You’ll be young longer.

        For more about the paleo diet, intermittent fasting and autophagy, and the great health benefits of lifting weights too, read Rogue Health and Fitness by the alt-Right’s Mangan. Have a look at his picture, he is over sixty and stronger than many twenty-somethings.


      • “…experts are pretty much unified in the opinion that…”

        Holy shit, SunsteinWithin, you really are a fucking caricature of the nuttless NPR listening, status whoring zombie.

        What a witless, smarmy insufferable fuck you must be in real life.


      • There were times in the evolution of humans when human groups had to starve or had good foraging. Both models are acceptable if done right. I’m not trying to mediate; that’s just the fact of being environment-dependent. I mean, before storage of foodstuffs, humans in temperate climates lived season to season.

        It’s more preference. I prefer intermittent starvation; my sister has lost weight by foraging, i.e. small meals throughout the day. There’s probably a hormonal dimension to this someone could explore. I noticed in my study Theravada buddhism that male monks were more comfortable with one meal per day (alms-round), while female monks (many fewer) usually cheated by having a snack in the morning.


      • Experts are also unified in the opinion that your Mama pulls n1gger trains…


      • on November 25, 2015 at 11:57 am The Spirit Within


        Experts at Duke University and elsewhere have found otherwise. But there will always be arguments.

        Mark’s Daily Apple has been helpful. (I only lurk.)


        Good points.


      • on November 27, 2015 at 2:07 am Carbs are fine

        The intermittent fasting poster here who believes carbs are evil should look at this picture frm Stephen Guyenet:

        Back when people were thin, they ate carbs.

        Also read Guyenet’s whole essay about why carbs are fine:

        Me, I’m effortlessly thin, and I eat high carb, many small meals a day, but I’m perfectly capable of skipping breakfast if I load up on carbs before going to sleep, so I know you don’t have to be low carb to do intermittent fasting.


    • Joel, I eat only one meal a day, I have for 30 + years. I do pretty much what you do, except I do on occasion eat some cornbread and regular bread with real butter, no margarine at all. Very little sweets, and no dessert after meals ever.Works for me.


    • Addendum: Joe, it is good that you do intermittent fasting (whether you knew the name of it or not), and it’s great that you lost weight that easily, but you should eat more than once per day. If most of your calories come from protein, know that the body can’t use that much protein at once. And eating a lot of carbs, as you know, would just be stored away in fat cells.

      Eat within an eight-hour cycle, and look up Mangan’s Rogue Health and Fitness website for lots of good information. You can also look at Mark’s Daily Apple, but Mangan writes more about intermittent fasting.


  77. You shouldn’t eat unless you are truly hungry . Henry Ford said that, or something akin to it. He was no fatty, for damn sure.


    • It’s definitely not a bad idea to at least do that a few times a week… very light breakfast (no grain carbs), skip lunch, and be somewhat active during the day so that you’re actually hungry by dinner.

      Most folks in America can’t even remember what it feels like to hear their stomach growl.


      • When your belly growls like a 47 chevy starter on a 10 degree morn, you might want to eat something,tho.


      • Greg Eliot, better to skip the breakfast instead and eat lunch and dinner. Keep it within an eight-hour cycle and then fast sixteen hours, as the body needs a long time to start the “autophagy” process in fasting.

        It has been shown that when two groups of mice eat the same amount of calories each day, the group that eats within an eight-hour cycle loses weight even while the other group doesn’t. Intermittent fasting makes the body clean up itself.

        (And for those who have heard that fasting might be bad for you, that it might put the body in panic mode where it starts storing fat – that comes only after THREE DAYS of unbroken fasting. So no worries.)


      • I’ve done best eating *as though* I were in a state of nature — eating raw eggs (free range organic!), a few nuts, roots, raw meat.

        I felt incredible and slept like a baby. But ultimately, you’re drawn back in by the ubiquity of modern stuff. Beer first of all, lol.


      • Greg Eliot, better to skip the breakfast instead and eat lunch and dinner. Keep it within an eight-hour cycle and then fast

        Ah, my friend, you forget that… as Strapon never misses an opportunity to remind me… we men of “such an advanced age” always hit the early bird dinner specials.



      • @arbiter, any reason why it’s better to have that 8-hour eating window towards the end of the day rather than the beginning?

        when i do intermittent fasting, i eat breakfast and lunch in an 8-hour window and skip dinner.


  78. Can we have a Deluded Fat Chick Of The Month every month?


  79. **I think there’s a real correlation between a mans IQ and the BMI of the women he has sex with… like almost linear**

    This is absolutely genius. I don’t know who you all are–but each of you renews my, ever, slipping faith that there is still sanity in this world.

    Thank you.

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  80. you are so rude.

    [CH: true.]

    We get that you don’t like big women,

    [correction: the vast majority of men don’t like fat women.]

    do you really think degrading someone is going to help them lose weight?

    [yes. more importantly, her shaming will serve as a lesson for the others.]

    Why don’t you do a fitness and health post?

    [already have. it’s called the “push away from the table and lift weights” plan.]

    What do you think you’re going to accomplish by writing this?

    [the destruction of lies is its own reward.]

    Be a real man and do something constructive with your time.

    [exposing liars who elevate ugliness to a virtue the equal of beauty and saving a few teetering souls in the process is a constructive use of free time.]


  81. Well… found my weight-loss system. Click on this link… lose appetite. WINNING!


  82. “How much space do you need? The Great Plains?”

    I’m stealing that one as penalty for making me spit coffee all over my screen.


  83. on November 24, 2015 at 10:15 pm gunslingergregi

    imagine being that chick though and there is no escape from life
    people will think ok to make fun
    but won’t set up soyleant green suicide centers so they can get the fuck away from abuse
    its a sick world he he he
    no way to legitimatly opt out just stay and follow rules or dont and you will be punished
    hell follow the rules and get punished
    if you kill yourself you go to hell for eternity
    rofl life what ya gonna do


    • on November 24, 2015 at 10:17 pm gunslingergregi

      maybe whites should try to not hammer other whites worse than anyone else does might be some hope and change just quit fucking white people over all the time


      • GSG, i wonder if there was a pill invented today that would take these beasts down to playmate sizes (stripping off all that fat.. wrapped inside and out of every organ..slowly you know, so their skin keeps from hanging like used saran wrap) and done without exercise. I wonder if these newly created ‘beauties’ would embrace all the betas, or feel a new entitlement to join the line for a weekly romp with alphas leaving the betas high and dry? Idk, Im thinking the latter.


      • She’s being mocked for her insufferable attitude more than her fat. If she were fat and quietly went about her business of fucking drunken idiots, fine, but to salvage her ego she has become self-righteous … and that is truly ugly.


      • on November 25, 2015 at 5:21 pm gunslingergregi

        my point being that people can’t escape though
        so its kind of fucked up to be fucked up and made to live with it
        not everyone the same
        a lot act like it is a priviledge to be here but there is no other choice


    • on November 24, 2015 at 10:38 pm gunslingergregi

      like to see trump put that in his platform
      at 19 after not being able to pull the trigger on myself i was going out daily to mass murder to get to be able to die to not live out what the system had in store for me with some woman deciding she would own me
      lets get some hope for people who don’t fit into the system and don’t want to
      but aren’t complete psychopaths
      getting put to sleep at the dentist was the most peaceful easy feeling i have ever felt why did i have to wake up
      if the elites really wanted us to die they could just legislate this and get quit a few people off the rolls why don’t they


      • on November 24, 2015 at 10:40 pm gunslingergregi

        has it been tried and found out that nobody wanted to live if given a choice


      • on November 24, 2015 at 10:50 pm gunslingergregi

        i made that descision a long time ago guys don’t let me depress shit out of ya
        if ya want to live do it don’t fucking let the negative shit bring ya down since most people just go along and live life so live yours best not internalize all the bullshit
        for me my principals are just too hardcore i was born that way
        who here had parents beat them with belts to do something and they still told em they weren’t gonna do dishes prob not to many
        so live your lives
        shit about end of world been being written about since the beginning of time probably
        i decided not to have a life in us with the wife and kids
        really i prob should of got as many chicks pregnant as i could of would of had little gregs all over this town i let it fuck up my life in a way more than the child support maybe would of he he he
        as ive seen when a woman loves you they want your kids so not giving them kids hurts them
        even woman who will recieve no money for the kids still want em so maybe it wasen’t all about loot for these woman it was about love then shit gets fucked up between people like sometimes happens


      • Ahhh. So they beat the punctuation out of you.


      • Droll… for a period back then his colon was back-slashed.


      • on November 25, 2015 at 3:45 pm gunslingergregi



      • on November 25, 2015 at 5:12 pm gunslingergregi

        may officially have Stockholm syndrome


  84. OT – Clock Boy is suing for … drum roll … a cool $15 million.

    Holy shit.

    If he gets a dime for any legal action instead of boot to ass then it means we as a society have well and truly surrendered any semblance of frame.

    This was always about grandstanding and money.

    Oh, and by the way incentives matter. If he wins anything you can bet we’ll see more incidents of manufactured racial “hate” as vibrants look for an easy payoff. As if there aren’t already incentives enough.

    Eventually there just won’t be enough whitey to go around.


    • on November 24, 2015 at 11:10 pm gunslingergregi

      speaking of cop indighted even though the black dude had knife and must of wanted suicide by cop why else would a person robbing radios and slashing a cop cars tire not fucking stop he jogged toward the officers and kept a knife in hand
      somone needs to explain to blacks if they don’t want to die they need to listen to cops immediatly
      the president could get on tv and put this kind of information out there
      but the question could be asked if they react like that to cops that they know have guns and are ready to kill what the fuck they acting like to civilians but of course fergusen showed us how
      give people another way out than having to go out hard shit


      • on November 24, 2015 at 11:18 pm gunslingergregi

        Lawyers for McDonald’s family, who won a $5 million settlement from the city even before filing a lawsuit, have said none of the other officers at the scene fired a shot, according to city officials.””””””

        suicide by cop worth 5 million fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
        im mad now
        i was only worth 200k dead in army 300k dead in iraq that is some fucked up shit


    • America will pay. Obama will deliver the check personally and smile for photos.

      This was the plan all along. I wonder how much will get funneled to terrorists?

      Can’t say I care much anymore.

      Country is gone. Just the promise of the day of the rope is the only reason I keep going.


    • How about we strap $15 million of ordinance to him and his sand ni66er gold digging family and give em’ an air express ride to Syria…and eject them out the cargo hold…

      Strap a GoPRo on them with an HD feed to youtube and donate the ad space to the Trump campaign.

      And Obongo did a photo opp with this clown. Unbelievable.


    • What a farce. Your tax dollars at work.


    • And then they wonder why people are prejudiced.

      Note, though, I hate using that word, but postjudiced… a far more accurate term… just doesn’t have the same ring.

      Yeah, this country is finished.


      • postjudiced

        Greg Eliot I have always been vaguely dissatisfied with the word “prejudiced” and you’ve shown me why. “Postjudiced” fits perfectly.

        Growing up in a nearly 100% white state I thought a “minority” was a ginger. It wasn’t ’til I left that coddled cradle and went out into the wide world that I learned stereotypes have plenty-o-truth in them.

        As a stats guy I think in terms of probabilities and population means. I learned that different human populations have different distributions and means of different qualities. Stereotypes are pretty accurate representations of population means and standard deviation from the mean.


    • on November 25, 2015 at 12:28 pm anonymous poster

      I find it interesting that Reddit of all places is shitting on clock boy, calling him an opportunist and a liar. There was a post of an interview yesterday where clock boy said he “solders CPUs” or something dumb, and all of the top comments were pretty nasty. If one of the most liberal, progressive, SJW cesspools on the Intertubes can see the truth, there may be hope after all.


  85. I had a funny exchange today on tinder with a fattie, she was funny. Sometimes I just play it cool with them to know how their hamsters are doing.

    On a thinner an more attractive note, a girl from tinder told me on date 5, that she knew who I was the moment she saw me on tinder. She is friends with another girl from tinder with whom I also had something this year.

    The same happened with said girl. Yes, that is three girls from tinder who know each other. Did girl 2 and 3 care about it? No, the third one even kept it secret from me.

    What were the odds? Now a fourth one sounds plausible.


  86. Don’t shoot the hambulance


  87. Reblogged this on Remember The 14 Words..


  88. We should start calling the left collaborators with ISIS.


  89. on November 25, 2015 at 6:02 am Loving Tenderness

    I always have the same thought when I spot a woman so fat that you could no longer see her chin.

    I fantasize that she is tucking her chin as far back as it will go, and then I lube the folded area created by her neck and chin waddle.

    I bet you could fuck that.

    I bet you could shoot a Waddle pr0n and make a mint. Have the lubrication come from her slobber. Better yet, a big tub of Crisco. The possibilities are endless.

    Things too horrible to contemplate rape!


  90. fukn lol, every line



  91. These women do get laid thru social media and Craigslist. I have banged a few, the sex can be enjoyable. I laugh at the posts here about dudes talking about HB8s they meet.
    I fuck HB4s.


  92. When ever I spot a Land Mammoth that is so fat, she has no chin, I always have the same reoccurring fantasy: I place her on her knees, and press her face gently straight back until there is a crease of blubber between her neck and chin waddle. I lovingly lubricate it with Crisco and then f-ck it.

    Sometimes I just let her drool act as the lubricate, by waving donuts in front of her face.

    I am going to write a script and film it. I will call it Waddle Love.

    Fantasies too hard to contemplate rape!


  93. everybody needs love, and i’m an equal opportunity lover. would bang.



    • That’s Honey Boo Boo’s mom, who they seem to be touting in the tabloids now as having a “great new look”, after losing who-knows-how-many pounds.

      lzlzolzolzolzolzol… she’s still got about two people to lose… and then a whole lotta skinflap surgery.

      [CH: at least she’s heading in the right direction, which is more than can be said for the bulk (heh) of fatty fats who shamble around the internet.]


      • You’re right, she deserves credit for the effort…

        … but I would prefer the media hold off on the “great new look” kudos until it’s actually achieved. 😉

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      • “That’s Honey Boo Boo’s mom, who they seem to be touting in the tabloids now as having a “great new look”, after losing who-knows-how-many pounds.”

        She did what!? Greg…why must you be the screen door on my submarine?


  94. This is so effin dangerous what these obese chicks write. It’s about your fucking HEALTH for gods sakes! I far from thin and I struggle with weight loss but I refuse to act like being fat/big/obese is something to be proud of. It dangerous and disgusting. They are far more concerned about their egos than just doing what it takes to be healthy.

    There is nothing safe or proud in being obese. It’s fucking DANGEROUS.

    It’s pure laziness. They’d rather promote obesity than do what it takes to be healthy. I get it, it’s hard but it’s so wrong to promote this to other young women.

    It’s like those sick HIV people who spread the disease b/c they want others to have it with them.


    • Don’t worry , NeNe… ah likes mah wimmens wid some meat, so long as they still look like wimmens and not punkins or pears.

      I’ll let you know when you’re in the danger zone. Right now, you still gots it, baby. 😉

      But check back wid me on Monday, after the imminent feasts. lzozlzolzolzol


      • Ha thank babe! I’m going hard T giving but gonna real it back in next week. I just went pescatarian (only seafood) and my family is making it very hard! 😩


      • Pescatarian… that’s a fine kettle o’ fish. Sure to tip the scales in the right direction.

        Alas, many a lass these days is on a see-food diet.


  95. All the college honeys are streaming back home for the holiday… Break ups with former HS dudes will be officially permamant… Lots of emotion as they gather again since they went off to different schools… Clashes at home with mom… And money from Dad… new drinking and nightlife skills to show off.

    The bars will fill up tonight through Saturday night.


  96. Oh hell no.

    Like the ZZ Top song says, I wouldn’t touch her with a ten-foot pole (unless it had a harpoon on the end).

    I used to feel pity for these self-hating people, but the old man had a saying self-inflicted wounds are the most painful.

    He probably cribbed it from somewhere else, but it still accurately describes the damage these people inflict on themselves.

    Even then, I wouldn’t have that much problem with them. It’s (ostensibly) a free country and if they want to ruin themselves and generally make a mess of their own lives, fine. The issue is that they want to use coercion-running the gamut from social opprobrium through government armed force-to make me and mine adopt the same f*cked-up outlook and lifestyle they have. As the social shaming is losing its effectiveness, I foresee that government force will be the more prevalent tool of choice. They want to drink that off-brand kid’s drink that smells of bitter almonds, no problem, but they’re actively trying to get someone with a gun to force me and mine to sip it as well.

    Not gonna happen.


  97. On a different note…the imprisoned female member of the National Socialist Underground in Germany has said she has received marriage proposals so not exclusively a female thing

    [CH: is she hot? the “convict love” phenomenon is mostly a female thing. the rare times a female con gets male attention is when she has a tight bod and attractive face. (there are plenty of examples of unattractive male prisoners getting marriage proposals from female admirers)]


    • @CH, hold up.

      There’s male attention, and then there’s *male* attention.

      There are so many feminized males around that you can, well, look like me and still get a lot of male attention. Maybe 1 in 50 of those will be an actual man who is a bit on the intense side, and doesn’t go to bed to do origami, and needs a sturdy wench.

      I got a lot of male attention after the bus terminal incident and the club lobby incident, because the aggro-grrrl fantasy is popular these days and there are many submissive guys. I would only consider two out of the crowd “bangable”.

      Other women who are actually very dominant, and not survival-butch would bask in the admiration of throngs of thralls though.


  98. So I take it that when the launch rockets in to space, they have to account for this small planet.

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  99. “Deplane, boss, deplane!” “No, that’s not a plane, Tattoo, it’s a fattie.”
    Hahaha I died when I read that part. Chateau do you have plans to write a comedy show in the future? Modern TV could sorely use your wit and your underlying biomechanical truths. I might even be persuaded to subscribe to cable or Netlflix to watch your show…..


  100. Gods, what an entitled bahamut


  101. Unfortunately Tattoo once lived out of his car..


  102. on November 25, 2015 at 2:11 pm The Straw That Stirs the Drink

    In other news… TRUMP smoking Uncle Ben Carson since 11/13 attacks…

    While cuckiest of cucks Kasich goes full cuck in a gamma meltdown


    • Trump’s answer when questioned about his support for waterboarding:

      ” Even if it doesn’t work, they deserve it anyway.”

      Hell yes.


      • on November 25, 2015 at 6:38 pm gunslingergregi

        you dumb piece of shit bitch who ain’t never seen reality think a little more


      • gunslingergregi

        They behead women and children, they burn people alive, they do many horrific things

        Jail is too nice. Why should tax payers have to pay for them to have free food, free shelter, free health services for life? Prisoners cost between $50,000 to 100,000 a year. Why reward them with a comfortable life? We even serve them Halal food! that is fuck’n insane!

        I agree with Trump; they deserve torture.


      • Getting all up in arms over bad sportsmanship is not a productive use of time.

        The important thing is that they are dead, preferably involving women and bacon.


      • on November 26, 2015 at 1:44 am gunslingergregi

        so if i would of been captured which would of been captured which would of been easy as childs play to do i should of known what my left nut tastes like
        i don’t give a fuck what you think other people do
        nobody did it to me
        but yet we have proof we did it our own people admitted it
        there fore no we should have no excuse to be inhuman to anyone
        jail too nice? jail is torture those who would be humane kill


      • on November 26, 2015 at 1:49 am gunslingergregi

        beheading woman is not the same torture as us does which lasts years bro
        i had to think about getting my own head cut off
        yea ok lots of pain for whatever 10 min
        the us in iraq made me sit in iraq daily going through agony 6 hours or so kind of like daily for months
        so uhh
        yea lets torture everybody including out own
        in your mind it is in a movie and only the bad guys get killed only the bad guys get tortured
        but in reality it is everyone some sick fuck who is a sick fuck wants to torture
        that type of philosphy give the wrong fucking message
        dont think like a rambo movie
        think about when someone comes to your house do you want to spend 10 years being in agony or die in 10 minutes
        try to fucking imagine yourself being tortured
        how long the motherfuckers been in ghitmo
        if you think torture is ok
        you really need to rethink who you are as a man and the future of your soul


      • on November 26, 2015 at 1:56 am gunslingergregi

        being tortured is hoping to die and asking god to die but you don’t
        have heard since i left a few people who had family die from gall bladder shit
        i went through it with no fucking pain killers for months
        no alchohol no woman no nothing to comfort me
        cept this blog


      • on November 26, 2015 at 2:02 am gunslingergregi

        Prisoners cost between $50,000 to 100,000 a year.””””””

        no thats the profit the prisons make and the politicians it costs almost nothing to house the prisoners


      • on November 26, 2015 at 9:51 pm gunslingergregi

        apologize could of been slightly more tactful its a touchy subject
        then i tortured you psychly he he he


    • on November 25, 2015 at 6:30 pm gunslingergregi

      how the fuck are you gonna support torture
      stupid fuck


      • on November 25, 2015 at 6:31 pm gunslingergregi

        thats when you know people taking media too serious


      • on November 25, 2015 at 6:32 pm gunslingergregi

        obviously the elite are in charge of all the shit going on and supporting there is no need to torture people other than just to be sick fucks
        put them in jail for torturing people
        what the fuck is wrong with people


      • on November 25, 2015 at 6:37 pm gunslingergregi

        what are they gonna do torture isis to tell em who in charge
        when the us is


      • Basically you say “I like it” and people take it to mean you support it.

        Anything else you need I’m here.


      • on December 2, 2015 at 11:54 am gunslingergregi

        there is a diference between what exremists do and a government does
        in the geneva convention
        or cat i guess

        ”””’Tuesday marked the 20th anniversary of the U.S. ratification of the U.N. Convention Against Torture (CAT), but there’s not much cause for celebration. The U.S. was slow to join the treaty in the first place—countries like Afghanistan, Somalia, and Uganda beat us to it”””’


      • on December 2, 2015 at 12:04 pm gunslingergregi

        Immediately after becoming president, Obama banned the CIA’s torture practices (euphemistically called “enhanced interrogation”) but has shielded the intelligence agency from public debate over the program and has been hesitant to implement the CAT in its entire intended scope. The New York Times reported last week that Obama is considering reversing course on his 2005 position and affirming Bush’s notion that the U.S. is only obligated to prevent torture within its own borders.””””””

        guess they did clarify
        lot of pain in world life is that it


  103. jesus fukin christ that was hilarious