Defund NPR (Or Make Them An Offer They Can’t Defuse)

NPR is a propaganda arm of the Democreep Party. This past year their shilling for thecunt was particularly egregious; the station was like a circus of shitlib tropes and blatant lying as they pulled hard on hoisting thecunt’s dumpy body across the finish line.

Listening to them was, if nothing else, a revealing window into the corrupt soul of the amoral degenerate shitlib.

I’ve advocated defunding NPR, and a Trump administration moves that possibility a little closer to reality. Others have countered that rushing to defund NPR will only trigger normies (nevermind shitlibs) into a cucked defense of the supposed virtues of public radio.

Reader whorefinder offers a WINNING compromise that Trump’s team ought to read in full:

Or we could do what Giuliani did to his local NYC-based NPR station during his tenure as Hizz Honor, the Mayor:

Demand a one-hour show each day to spread his views. As a government-controlled station, they were pretty much forced to do it.

It was a brilliant move, got him a free talk show while mayor and allowed him to spread his message on the left’s dime while simultaneously taking a valuable hour of propaganda away from his enemies.

Look, NPR and PBS, while unpopular, can’t be destroyed so quickly; too many lefty foundations support it, and too many non-lefty folks aren’t too worked up about it to demand the smashing—-when people bring it up, the easy block is “wait, you hate Elmo and Big Bird???”.

But Trump could demand that the government (i.e. his administration) get at least 12 hours of programming per day (1/2 the total programming blocks) on both NPR and PBS would work wonders, and is a win-win-win for him.

Why is it win-win-win (yes, three wins)?

1. If his administration’s 12 hours of programming turns off viewers/listeners, he’s weakened NPR/PBS to the point of no one tuning in/funding, meaning any resurgence attempt will take years. Boring people would actually be a good thing.

2. But If his administration does a decent job retaining viewers and spreading his message and being entertaining, he’s again gotten free advertising for his message while severely weakening the left-win mothership.

3. OR: If NPR/PBS refuses and fights him and digs him and refuses “equal time”, he’s got a YUUUUGE cudgel to wield against them in moving for defunding/delegislating—in that NPR/PBS would be all but admitting they oppose anything that isn’t George-Soros-funded-Lefty-talking points. And that kind of moral authority could be enough to get rid of them politically.

Think strategically rape!

NPR and its ilk (read: the entire media oligarchy) are leftoid anti-White hatred signalers who essentially run their equalist propaganda unopposed. NPR’s audience may be small, but they contribute beyond their audience numbers a hefty load of snark to the shitlib zeigeist, funneling approved talking points and moral indignation into an intricate web of mutually reinforcing hatemachine agitprop. Defunding them will accrue benefits to the wider culture far greater than the dissolution of their tiny audience of religious libfruits suggests.

As for triggering normies, keep in mind that Sesame Street was bought out by HBO. So libs don’t even have that YOU WOULD DEPRIVE THE CHILDREN OF BIG BIRD emotional leverage any more.

Whether the strategy is salt-the-earth defunding or whorefinder’s flanking maneuver, something has to be done about the 100% leftoid media monolith. The days of empty cuckservative promises to bring more balance to public media are over. Time for action.


  1. We need our very own sexy action news with a special church segment. Might as well make the libtards rabid if you’re driving the shank in


  2. Why not buy a media presence? There will be fire sales shortly when their investors realize the ditch that the liberal establishment has driven them into.


  3. Take away NPR’s tax free status and the issue will resolve itself.

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  4. […] Defund NPR (Or Make Them An Offer They Can’t Defuse) […]


  5. NPR gets very little funding from the feds. This has been covered before.

    [CH: taxpayers foot over a quarter of NPR’s bill. cutting off that source inflicts enough pain to make the board wince.


    • on November 22, 2016 at 1:01 pm Oleaginous Outrager

      NPR gets very little funding from the feds

      So they wouldn’t miss it then, would they? Let’s pull every dollar immediately, if they’re unnecessary for keeping Elmo on the air (by the way something, Sesame Street is total proglodyte agitprop now).

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    • And you forget: NPR and PBS were created by federal law. So they could be repealed by repealing the federal law.

      If NPR/PBS fight him on the air time, Trump should set his anchor as total repealing of the legislation creating/allowing NPR and PBS.

      Negotiate rape!

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    • I’m not sure if this is true: we have PBS, CPB, NPR, PRI and an alphabet soup of local stations I’m told are ‘independently owned and operated’. Where does all the money come from and go, local and national? It seems like there are multiple shell organizations moving money around– and it does not all come from donations. Here’s an example of PBS corruption:


  6. One hour per day? Yes. 12 hours per day? Only if the goal is getting all the lefties to refuse to fund it, thereby destroying it. That’s actually a case of throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

    The opportunities to troll what all the lefties are saying from within the context of their own network is beautiful. With a good team of comedy writers and someone with a really good voice who has access to Trump for slapdown quotes, it would be a hit.

    The money controls this, and big donors (tax-deductible donations) get to decide who runs the place. A one-hour daily show is perfect for taking over from within.

    Can you imagine the fundraisers, with gifts like jars of liberal tears carefully mopped up after Trump got his show?


    • No, I think we must strike while the iron is hot. Otherwise, lefties will retrench in the institution and use it (like they use academia) as a center for lefty “intellectual” thought, just as they always have done.

      To get rid of yellow fever, Walter Reed didn’t just swat a few mosquitoes.He drained the fucking swamp.

      Second coming of Walter Reed rape!


  7. Defund it and remove its tax-exempt status. And while you’re at it, remove the tax-exempt status of any foundation with assets in excess of a few million dollar threshold. Most of these large tax-exempt non-profits are part and parcel of the political left. Tax ’em all into oblivion.

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    • Forgive my lack of knowledge regarding tax codes, but wouldn’t doing this also mean any financial donors would no longer be able to claim the donations as charitable, and therefore would no longer have the write-off?

      Taking away the pittance of fed bux that (((Daniel))) claims and removing tax exempt status would have far reaching implications. Donor fists would close like vises and the elite who fund NPR would no longer have a puppet outlet to direct to their pet concerns.


    • Forgive my lack of knowledge regarding tax codes, but wouldn’t doing this also mean any financial donors would no longer be able to claim the donations as charitable, and therefore would no longer have the write-off?



  8. ” .. funneling approved talking points and moral indignation into an intricate web of mutually reinforcing hatemachine agitprop. “
    Ah. You mean schoolteachers. And kindergarten KaPos. It gives them opinions to have. Parallel dexternormal broadcasters at that level (not ranters, kiddy stuff) is a splendid notion.
    I’ve just been enduring BBC Radio Five as usual, it’s wall-to-wall SIW, Magical Negroes and poz, all day every day, except for brief outbursts of sport (its avowed purpose). My God do they hate and fear the Lord Trump and are still yelling about Bannon being an actual card-carrying Narzeye. 1082 TalkSport reception is shite up here, and I wish there was some un(((biased))) alternative which can be picked up on crappy AM/FM car and workshop radios.


    • There, there, laddie,stiff upper lip, fight them on the beaches and all that…..
      Have you considered satellite radio or the ole shortwave ?
      With a big enough roof antenna, you might get lucky between, say, 10 pm and about 4 am and pick up Radio Free Europe….or the current equivalent…..
      Seriously, though, my scans of locally available radio stations have gone largely unsuccessful lately, FM is a mess of hip-hop/pop, country, churchy stuff, Mexican and ‘oldies’ (60’s, 60’s, more 60’s and some 70’s and 80’s), while the AM dial is still ruled by Jesus, Rush, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage and similar irrelevants.


  9. Trump is good at asking for a lot, then negotiating down to what he REALLY wants. And all he really needs is two or three hours a day. More than half of public radio programming is non-political (music programs, mostly – and, yes, they’re all libs but that doesn’t really matter) and doesn’t need a response.

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  10. HBO bought Sesame Street?

    How long till Sopranos Street becomes a real thing?

    Or, Game of Streets?

    Hmm….it’s probably in the works right now.


  11. on November 22, 2016 at 1:08 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    I wish we could just confiscate the wealth and assets of anybody pushing pozz.


  12. Not tired yet.


  13. i like wf’s suggestion. npr is a useful infrastructure for spreading information to the public. it’s necessary to have an accredited, govt-sponsored megaphone.

    and, as with nearly every media and govt organization, it’s become infested with (((parasites))). the solution is to drain the npr swamp by enforcing and/or closing the loopholes surrounding their original mandate:

    “(f) Nonprofit and nonpolitical nature of Corporation

    (3) The Corporation may not contribute to or otherwise support any political party or candidate for elective public office.”

    autists can read the whole charter here:

    the 9 boardmembers that oversee the corporation for public broadcasting are directly appointed by the president, and serve terms of six years. there’s also a substantial amount of congressional oversight. a rightward seismic shift in politics could theoretically delouse npr fairly quickly.

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  14. on November 22, 2016 at 1:37 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

    (1) Defund NPR

    (2) Jail and fine its staff

    (3) Execute the top bureaucrats

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  15. on November 22, 2016 at 1:38 pm Enfant Terrible

    I hope the administration going forward has the courage to come up with legislation to limit the power of corporations. It may sound somewhat communist to say this but, companies should not be able to grow to such a level that they start look like a state onto itself.

    Take Walmart, over 200+ billion in revenue per year. It’s admirable, but also crazy that a business has revenues that are bigger than some country’s GDP.

    I’m not anti-Capitalism, but I don’t believe governments should be working on behalf of fvcking faceless, mammoth size corporations, instead of working for the benefit of all the people in the nation.


    • Their profits aren’t evil. Its where they go –

      When Walmart moves in to an area and undercuts all the Main St. stores, the result is a net negative for Pleasantville. Because now instead of profits from small businesses being re-spent in other small businesses in the community, profits from Walmart are whisked to New York for (((Wall St.))) to play with. Over time, the money gets culled from Pleasantville. The young leave for the coastal cities, where the money went.

      Finding a way to “root” the profits to the area where they are generated would go a long way to diffusing wealth more evenly to working people throughout the country, and reduce the concentration, of both status and wealth. Important to note Status is important. Owning a gun store is higher status than being Assistant manager of Sporting Goods at the Super Walmart. On net equal earnings, the former is a higher quality and more serene life.

      What I’m describing here is a somewhat logical conclusion to the anti-globalist movement. Some type of “Localism” perhaps we’ll call it. Finding a way to “root” profits, or a portion of them, is probably impossible…especially with the internet. But its an interesting thought experiment.

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      • on November 22, 2016 at 3:31 pm Enfant Terrible

        What to do with companies like Walmart is a discussion that I hope one day people will start to have.

        Being profitable is not evil, but how one goes about being profitable can be evil. Walmart exploits slave labor in third world countries, so that they can sell crap at the lowest price point they can, to people in North America. They destroy communities, pay shit salaries to their employers, give them no benefits, and people that work from Walmart, many of times have to supplement their income with welfare handouts. They have become so big and powerful that they can do whatever they want, and only the government can stop them.

        They destroy the ability of enterprising people, in the communities that they go into, of making a little more money by running some mom-and-pop shop serving their neighbors, because nobody can compete with them.

        All in all, the ones benefiting the most from Walmart’s practices are the Waltons. They’re all multi-Billionaires. I don’t begrudge people getting rich, but up to what point can a nation allow such predatory practices to take place.

        It’s a complex issue to discuss.


    • It’s not just the obscene amounts of money, it’s the conglomerates that have fingers in way too many pies as well. Google is an obvious example. Obviously they are THE search engine so they know what everybody on the internet is doing all the time.

      But they also know who’s emailing you and why (Gmail). They know where you are and where you go regularly (Google maps). They have all the data on your phone (Android / Google phones). Soon they will be the ones driving your cars, with your family’s lives in their hands (driverless cars).

      The list of what they own is endless – software companies, ad agencies, security companies, robotics firms. Business Insider claims Google has acquired 170 companies and that the 10 most expensive cost $24.5 billion.

      The media is another topical example. To the average Joe there seem to be endless varieties of media outlets but everyone here knows they are all owned by a (((chosen few))).

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      • on November 22, 2016 at 3:32 pm Enfant Terrible

        I agree 100%. So much power concentrated in the hands of a few people is threat to everyone, including the government.


    • on November 23, 2016 at 1:55 am Vagina dominator

      @ Enfant Terrible

      Limited liability must go (but of course it won’t).

      The idea that one can have ownership of and profit from the activities of a corporation yet not be held liable for those activities is of course ethically lopsided.

      The corporations are immoral monsters that, bcs they can act without restraint while having no fear of punishment, can grow to huge sizes and afford to buy governments to “legalize” and even normalize their depredations.In many ways they are the government.

      As long as owners and officeholders do not face prison, why should the behave or take cognizance of moral norms?

      Large corporations, like large governments, are cancer in our societies.

      Oh well, there is a great devolution coming, and only those who have strong local roots will survive.


  16. Lord Trump disavows “alt-right”

    Sub text: alt right is the new main stream. Give rise to Breitbart and watch the poz networks spudder away….

    In other news. The shitlib execs are still fuming butt hurt from their reckoning day at Lord Trumps chambers. Lolz…


  17. Remember boys: whorefinder is always right!

    NPR and PBS to be taken down rape!


  18. Heartiste,

    Your point about appropriating NPR is utterly right on. I live in the SF Bay Area and am within close signal range of KPFA. For those who live in a red area of the country, KPFA is the original commercial free radio / radical cultural Marxist Pacifica radio station. It makes NPR look quite tame by comparison. I have long pined for the right to build their version of a non-commercial radio station on the public airwaves. The advantages would be huge. First, by making it non-commercial the business lobby would have no say to influence it much like a Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage. They can only go so far. With an Alt Right station there would be no brakes on covering racial or sexual politics like there are now. The second advantage would be that having it on the public airwaves, it would pierce the veil of public discourse. It would force the public to acknowledge the facts and arguments the right puts forward.

    The internet is a ghetto. It is a safe zone for people who want to go there, but only there. In the wider culture our views are still verboten.


  19. Defund. That’s the compromise. The hard-ass position would be creation if a competing government radio network, AND defunding NPR.


  20. I like Whorefinder’s solution because NPR is my only source of classical music on my car’s radio, so I don’t want it to disappear (I ignore the snarky leftoid commentary as well as I can). In fact, kudos to Rudy Giuliani for coming up with this idea, and kudos to Whorefinder for bringing it to our attention and expanding it.


  21. Blame Trump for fat women. Obesity explodes after election:


  22. Trump just needs to grab Terry Gross by the pussy and NPR will fall in line within two shakes of a lamb’s tail. Of course it’s risky proposition, all things considered (pun intended).


  23. Hey, how about Pepe the Frog as the newest “Sesame Street” character? He could be the neighborhood alpha frog who beats up Kermit and takes over the street. Miss Piggy would fall in love with Pepe but he would fat-shame her into tears, but then she would lose the weight in order to win Pepe’s love. Or how about a new children’s show, “President Trump’s Neighborhood”?


  24. NPR is strange fruit, no doubt. I red-pilled from an almost Marxist background, so listening to public radio and adjusting my personal view of it has always been a big part of my journey.

    One thing about radio is that, so long as everyone has more-or-less the ‘received’ accent, it used to be that all you could really tell from their voices was their sex.

    But the gay accent as a public thing got big right around the time I was really digging down hard on the JQ. Fey-voiced Ari Shapiro was a neophyte reporter then. I quickly realized that, while NPR has all sorts of ‘coalition of the fringes’ tokens, goddamn have they got an outsized number of Jews.

    That can teach you a lot about Jews right there. Number one of course is how immensely they benefit from passing as Huwhyte. At a place like NPR, subject to all its federal regulation, Jews can literally take 2/3 of the places that would go to Whites even within the bullshit system known as tokenism, and get away with it. Think about what that says of the ‘eat shit and look like you love it’ mentality of those few White males who do thrive at NPR. Then realize that many of our own fellow travellers, Gavin, Derb and Jared Taylor to name but three, are only slightly higher in the shit-eating pecking order. Who can be sooo close to recognizing that we are thralls to Jews and just go along with it?

    “Wha’ would be a traitor knave,
    Wha’ would fill a coward’s grave,
    Wha’ sae base as be a slave,
    Let him turn and flee.”

    But there’s more to learn on the JQ from NPR. Think of their patience, their ability to delay gratification, their admiration and longing for that status of being an official intellectual. The road to NPR ‘stardom’ for a conventionally talented Jew, is long and relatively penurious. I don’t doubt there are all sorts of benefits we don’t know of, and for all I know, Ari Shapiro and his myriad fellows at NRP are trustafagians – still.

    But what really amazes me about staff patience at NPR is their self-control. I mean we know goddamn well that the sum total of Republicans within all the humanities departments of all the public universities in this country is maybe 2%. And we know NPR is well to the left of the other 98%. We know that of all their thousands of interns and employees, there would be no more than five fit, straight White, Republican-voting males; there may well be none. We know that NPR is well to the left even of MSNBC. Yet because of the public funding, they must be able to maintain an illusion of impartiality, and they do manage, for the most part. to do it. In their CONTENT – one must look to their IDENTITY to see how truly pozzed they are.

    That does take admirable self-controI. I remember way back in the 2008 campaign there was some low-level local reporter Inskeep had on the national show, and he got off the reservation on how ‘dumb’ McCain supporters were. In firm tones and indirect but unmistakable words, Inskip let him know pronto not to show the feelz behind the curtain. Never heard from that guy again.

    The vengeful side of me would like to see NPR’s Jews shoahed for getting away with this blatant domination of a public broadcaster, where they don’t even have their nepotistic, ‘market-dominant’ arguments to back them up. Still, there’s something to be said for keeping some of your calmest, savviest, most patient enemies close by funding NPR


  25. on November 22, 2016 at 2:57 pm everlastingphelps

    Two hours every day, 8am to 10am, the White House Address, hosted by Milo Yianoppolis.


    • on November 23, 2016 at 2:00 am Vagina dominator

      Keep that devious fag away from face-of-alt-right positions.

      If there must be a face of alt-right, it should not be sucking dick.

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      • on November 23, 2016 at 9:10 am everlastingphelps

        It doesn’t matter that milo isn’t alt right. Trump isn’t either.

        Don’t slip into the fantasy that trump is the same as us and has the same goals. He does NOT. We simply share an enemy.


  26. Repeal their tax exempt status RETROACTIVELY.

    I learned it from you democrats.


  27. Demanding equal time is worse than doing nothing. It will give libs the green light to push for the Fairness Doctrine, which would be a disaster for right-wing talk radio.

    As tteclod pointed out, defunding is the comprimised, reasonable position. There’s no reason to budge on that. If Trump really wants to mess with libs, he should come out and announce he’s pro-choice. Just when the lib media’s excitement comes to a fever pitch, he should announce that he was talking about the taxpayers’ choice, and then proceed to defund all the lefty programs. They won’t know how to respond to that.


  28. Now that time and tide has given perspective, I think straight defunding is now warranted and should now be done, not just talked about – forget “balance”. We need new stuff. PBS has been irrelevant for years. NPR became nothing more than smooth poz and I switched it off ages ago – I don’t even know what they do anymore. There was a time when I often listened for new “art” music (new to me at least) or good recordings of old familiar things. I don’t seem to do that anymore or at least not as often – NIHIL SUB SOLE NOVUM, I guess.

    Back in the eighties, I grew up watching all the hard science, nature shows, and fine arts programming – there actually used to be a thing called the Fine Arts in those pre-fucking-Hamilton days, Andrew Lloyd Webber notwithstanding. Yeah, it always was a little on the “Liberal” side even then, but nowhere near the pus-soaked poz of today. My father even used to donate to them; he stopped the day he saw the first bullshite commercial broadcast on it. That was a long time ago – something like twenty-five-plus years. I’d now like to see our new President do the same.


  29. NPR is only one piece of the problem though.

    The reality is the alphabet news networks are clearly anti-white and pro-invasion democrat. Combine this with the censorship of alt-right twitter accounts (while still letting ISIS have an account), facebook shadowbanning and google engaging in clear management of search results, all to the detriment of white natives and Trump or anyone who would fight against this genocide.

    The answer? Have the FEC identify them as political organizations and thus under the guise of all regulations that political entities must fall under.

    The rationale? Once you engage in censorship, you are by default engaging in political action in support of one party over the other.

    If they wish to ACT as political entities, oversee them as political entities. Destroy their business model.


  30. What NPR are pleased to call reporting, is at once biased and amateurish. They offer nothing of interest to a critical intelligence, and the voices of their announcers and commentators grate on the nerves. In fact, The National Endowment For The Humanities should be abolished. (The moral hypocrisy inherent in the idea of subsidised broadcasting is only too apparent: this is a sop to moneyed liberals, the cost of which is extracted from those of us who have better things to do with our time, than support what remains of ruined England’s idea of intelligent entertainment.)


  31. > Demand a one-hour show each day to spread his views. As a government-controlled station, they were pretty much forced to do it.

    Duterte did that, when he was mayor of Davao City


  32. NPR? Have you lost your mind, CH? NOBODY listens to NPR. Rush Limbaugh has 13.25 million unique listeners every week.

    If you are worried about a taxpayer broadcasting that is anti-White, pro-cucks, consider the BBC radio and television. Now, that one should be completely defunded.