TFW You Earn Your “Asshole” Badge

First, some context to help explain the title of this post. Reader Arbiter passes along an anecdote about a sad sack beta male he knows, and why this means sexual market realtalk is still needed for hapless men.

[Johnny Tampon] made me think of a story I read at RoK by a guy who wanted to warn others to not make the same mistakes. He had had a wife who he broke up with, and as I recall she hadn’t slept with him but with other guys, and they’d had lots of fights.

After that he had considered himself wiser. But then there was a Latina woman at work, who had gone from guy to guy. Still he got lost in her eyes when she fluttered her eyelashes at him. They went out a couple of times, and then she sobbingly told him that she and her daughter would soon have no place to stay. So he BOUGHT HER A HOUSE.

Then she strung him along for a while, and he told himself he was so noble for waiting before he tried for sex. She always had excuses to keep him at arm’s length. If I remember correctly he eventually made it an ultimatum over the phone, and she went with him to the bedroom on his next visit, suddenly all eager. And then he noticed another guy’s smell on the bedsheets.

After much denial from her side he made her admit that her ex-boyfriend had been released from prison and he had been coming by for a visit. After which the guy stormed out. He also knew her sister, and the sister told him that the Latina was seeing her ex frequently, and that he wasn’t really an “ex”.

Even then, IIRC, he didn’t kick her out right away but let her stay there for a while. It was some story. Even though he wrote it saying he had now learned his lesson, it made you want to punch him for being so stupid. Who buys the office slut a house because of a couple of dates? After having been seriously burned before? Without even getting any sex out of it?

And some people in the alt-Right still say the manosphere isn’t needed. “It’s not hard to find a decent girl.” It’s not hard to make mistakes either, which many men do when they are told by everyone to shut up and settle. That’s the message from both leftists and tradcons – just settle. Only the manosphere tells men that it isn’t wrong to want more.

Pursuing a policy of settling — or its variation, “don’t think you can date out of your league” — before alternative self-improvement avenues are considered, is the battle cry of losers and advocates for powerlessness. And, as Arbiter notes, a philosophy of settling can push a man into making a lot of mistakes.

To the tradcons, leftists, and game haters: “wanting more” is not the same thing as “feeling entitled”. No one argues that men are entitled to the hottest babes without doing anything that would improve their chances of getting the hottest babes. Entitlement is the belief that the best things in life should just fall in your lap. CH, and game in general, teach just the opposite: that if you want the best things in life you have to work for it. In the case of women, this means learning what makes them tick and then giving them what they desire in a man. (Same is true for women who want to snag the best man possible into a long-term commitment.)

Replying to Arbiter’s comment, Sean Fielding wrote,

And men will go into denial over this outrageous shit with, ‘sure, but he must be an ugly weakling.’

We know better. It’s not totally random, but even handsome guys with plenty of dough can do these outrageous beta-loser acts.

The most memorable words I’ve ever seen at CH, words that changed me, went along these lines: ‘Always remember – when you supplicate to a chick, she sees you exactly the way you see a 300 lb land-whale – disgusting. And for the same reason – to weed out bad genes.’

At first, I just could not believe this. Some mestiza convict lover can’t possibly see a guy with spare real estate this way, can she? Sean Fielding is a fit, good-looking professional. Who could literally see me the same way I see a fatty? But I could not argue with the fact that the woman I’d been dating was not putting out. What if she did see me this way?

It gnawed at me. I read the archives. A few weeks later she called me an asshole. What would once have been extremely painful was now my proudest moment. She called me an asshole and five minutes later she had her clothes off.

Tradcons and shut-ins think that getting called an asshole by a woman means that all romantic possibilities are off the table. Proof that tradcons, et al, know not the workings of the female hindbrain. Like most things white knightists believe, the reality is closer to the opposite of their beta male religion. When a woman calls you an asshole, your chances of bedding her have gone up significantly. TRUE FACT.

Rejoice when you earn your “Asshole” badge. You have a right to be proud of it, because it signifies that you are making progress toward the goal of becoming a better, sexier man who is irresistible to women.

Better to be called an asshole in faux anger than to be hugged asexually in faux desire.


  1. My twice-daily (or, once at night, once in the morning) conversation with my HB8 sex kitten, unless I’m taking a rest day to do manly stuff without her:

    [15 to 50 minutes of me banging her, depending on what I feel like and if I need to get to work — she has at least 2 orgasms, sometimes nonstop for about 10 minutes, loves it — about half the time she is tied up, which she loves]

    [she gets the 50 minutes to an hour treatment if she insists on sex late at night when I’m tired and trying to sleep — fine, I’ll get up, and bang you for 50 minutes like a rag doll]

    [after we are both in an exhausted state of joy and bodily fluids as CH says in the commandments]

    Her: You are bad!!!
    Me: Yep. Phew; that’s good exercise.
    Her: I love you!!!
    Me: I love you too.
    Her: You are always bad!!! (giggling, flushed, exhausted, she’s-in-love/heaven face)
    Me: Yep. I am bad.
    Her: I love you so much!!!! You are so sweet!!
    Me: No, I am bad.
    Her: A bunch of purring and cooing noises as she holds me tight and vice versa.

    Funny thing is, the way I got to this incredibly great situation with her is that in the beginning I was not that interested in her and was trying to spin plates. Each time she came over to get banged, I decided to do my best to do whatever I wanted, treating it as if it might be the last time I ever see her. And this caused her to fall deeply deeply in love with me and want it more and more.

    And this woman is a hottie; the type of girl who has like 900 friends on facebook and when she uploads a photo she immediately gets like 420 likes, literally.

    (I’m not even on facebook; was not a barrier to this relationship.)

    She knows that the reason I’m not on facebook is that (1) it is for girls and (2) I refuse to support the Zuckerjew propaganda weapon.



    • when I was younger, like 21, my uncle had a decently hot wife who called me “the king of assholes.”

      Now I know that I was right to think she had a thing for me. Didn’t have the balls to move on it back then.


    • Same anonymous here. If I could add: thanks to CH, I now know that I lost many, many, many fun hours of great sex (with women who did sleep with me, for a month or three or seven, before eventually dumping me) simply because the sex sucked. I didn’t know that then, but I know it now. And the reason the sex sucked is that I was too nice, too beta in bed. Period. For example, nearly all women want it rough and even to be tied up. Not rape raped by a stranger who home invaded them, but fun games with their lover. The only exceptions are those who were actually abused or real rape raped in the past. They can have something like PTSD, obviously, and not want to be tied up. Real rape is evil; not advocating that, at all.

      I now know that I lost about 12 of my girlfriends (should have thought of them as fuck buddies at the time), in my 20s, which I was greater beta/lower alpha enough to at least get a chance with (bang them; they liked me, dated me, before I got too beta on them), literally by not giving them what WE BOTH wanted: rougher sex!!!

      I can even remember their names (like “alpha widow” for women — they are my “early 20s true HB9 hottie widows”, I admit it) — now I can remember them doing things like putting their arms behind their backs and muttering “no, no, no” under their breaths. They were having a rape or at least domination fantasy. They wanted me to tie them up and that would have been fun, but I was chicken to do it, thinking it would cause me to lose them because they’d think I was a weirdo, when the REASON I lost them is because I did not do it.

      Fuck me, if I could be 24 again and know what CH and YaReally have taught me. The world was my oyster. I had no idea. Now that I know what I’m doing in my older age, I am ready to give any 24 or 25 year old women who are lucky enough to be in my bed the time of their lives. This is another reason why it is perfectly normal for 27 year old women to be with 40 year old men. Half your age plus 7. We know what we are doing, finally, by this age. That 24 year old hottie with the 24 year old boyfriend is most likely not getting anything close to the good sex she’d get with that same man when he’s 40 and has figured it out (assuming he’s stayed fit, is not ugly).



    • on October 28, 2015 at 10:31 am Captain Tautological

      Apparently “TFW” means “That Feeling When…” LOL’ed. I was guessing “To F*ck Well”, meaning to fornicate with only with HB7.5+’s, and leave the <= HB7's behind forever. So I was reading, "In order to fornicate with only super hawt chicks, first you must earn your @sshole badge."


  2. “Better to be called an asshole in faux anger than to be hugged asexually in faux desire.” Great line. I think women have almost no real emotions. Just about everything is an act for status until she covers her facial expression with her hands. She assumes every else wants to sabotage her plans because that is what she tries to do to every else: animal winning.


    • Or: what not to do

      Money shot: “If I wasn’t single” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      [CH: “1,141,777 others like this.” there are a lot of hopeless beta chumps out there.]


      • “more guys like this…” That would have never happened to me, because she would have never made it though my screening process. If she did, it would only be because she was properly house broken.


  3. My smoking hot GF (16 yrs younger than me) and I recently had an “anniversary” for our relationship. I bought her a $2.99 refrigerator magnet and made a big deal out of it. She fucked me all day long like I bought her a house.


    • bahaha +100

      this site has saved me so much money its not even funny.

      Old days: First date – expensive dinner, movies and hopefully a kiss at the end of the night
      Now: Coffee shop; if they are lame I bail, date is over and I spent five bucks. If they are worth pursuing, venue change to my regular bar by my place, spend $30 on drinks, take em home and bang, don’t even get them dinner (banging on a full stomach is never as hot/intense, plus their appetite is not my problem

      Now when a girl does something good, like make me dinner/bake something/clean my house, her “reward” is getting plowed like the plane is going down. They seem happier with this arrangement. Passion trumps comfort every time. CH god bless you and this hallowed place.

      TRUMP 2016


    • Sixteen years? That’s quite an achievement. The biggest age difference for me was a girl who was ten years younger.

      You bought her a refrigerator magnet. I know a case where a guy bought a girl a whole refrigerator. And they were “just friends”, she said. They used to go to the mall together. She was nineteen, he was about eight years older. She never slept with him, because friendship.

      She told me this after we had made out heavily on the first date, and I slept with her on the second. That girl loved being talked dirty to, and loved being dominated. Something refrigerator guy hadn’t learned.

      I saw her a few times, but she lived far away and she was not really someone I’d have a relationship with. Several tattoos, for one thing. Half a year later she told me that she had finally slept with the refrigerator guy once. (So much for “just friends”. Of course he had been going for that the whole time, which I had told her, but she had refused to believe me.) How was it? I asked. “It was … nice.” She did not look enthusiastic.

      So it took him about a year and a half of “friendship”, and gifts, to get to the point where she finally threw him one. I wonder what he would have said if he had learned during that time that she slept with me right away.

      And people say there is no need for teaching game? That guy had a quite high position in a big company, and still performed this poorly in the dating market. Lusting for a girl that long. She wasn’t THAT much to lust for, her biggest selling point was that she was young and liked guys who were many years older.

      Dammit, she still has my DVD, and you can’t buy that movie anywhere these days.


      • LOL…10??!?! That’s IT?

        WTF, I blew off a girl this month who I first date banged at 19, just turned 20, who wanted to be my gf and I told her FWB was the most i would do. That’s -25. I took a virgin the month before who was 18. The only reason -26 is my PR right now is because in this state a bigger gap is illegal.

        A wise pimp once told me “god invented 19 year olds so nobody would have to sleep alone.” lol


      • 16 years is my longest spread (pun intended). My X was 9 years younger. I’m 50. My GF has a thing for older men that can keep up. The most interesting aspect is how we are viewed when we are out. We are a regular topic of others’ cocktail conversations even to the point of people approaching us. One older dame in a bar recently said: “so what’s the deal with you two” Me: “Fuck off and mind your own goddamn business.” My GF said it made her instantly wet. It’s very entertaining. Kitten is on her way over. I have a surprise for her. I’m good at tying knots.


      • Read Krauser s post on the Great Gatsby. Similar tale.


      • 19 year olds are mother nature’s viagra


      • Lol, this is why my 19 year old HB7.5 redhead a few months ago is one of my proudest achievements till date (not just the age, all the shit tests she threw that I passed etc). Pretty good for a 35 year old dude who was a virgin till 24. I mean the sex wasn’t great because I didn’t up the dominance enough (I posted about it a few months ago) but still..GREAT memory.


      • on October 27, 2015 at 10:02 pm Captain Tautological

        Jesus H Christ will someone please PUT SOME WHITE BUNS IN THESE 19-Y.O. WHITE OVENS?!?!? Sheesh. The fertility just doesn’t get much better than that.


      • I’d be happy to help with some 1/2 white buns!


      • >

        Dammit, she still has my DVD, and you can’t buy that movie anywhere these days.

        That’s why you make backups and never lend out the original.


  4. Long, long before I had ever considered the Red Pill or knew anything of it, I noticed that when a woman called me “jerk” or “arrogant”, I was going to get laid. Didn’t understand what it meant, but I knew enough to recognize a road-sign to the bedroom.


  5. Re “beta male religion”. Christ is the Alpha and the Omega. Check out his game on the Samaritan woman at the well.


    • Please, no religious blabber again. You have to spam the same thing over and over? Personally I only mention religion when some other bozo brings it up first.

      Btw, other religions could say the same thing about their story characters, so yeah. Learn a bit more about religion.


      • Illiterati gonna illiterate.


      • You realize that generally you are the bozo…right?

        BTW, did you think anymore about being in love with me? I need $500 bucks!


      • Yeah, you’re right, I’m sure CH was thinking about Cornfucious or some swami. Not the religion of his forefathers.


      • on October 28, 2015 at 6:46 am Captain Tautological

        If you read it from the correct point of view, then the Samaritan woman b!tch-slapped Jesus with her humility, and he was simply flabbergasted by her righteousness. Jesus was a strange guy. The more I think about it, the more the Sadducees [and their subsequent extinction] are the key to understanding all of this.


      • on October 28, 2015 at 6:55 am Captain Tautological

        SRSLY – imagine you’re out peacocking somewhere – an upscale cocktail party, a fraternity/sorority mixer, a big football tailgating, a formal ball – and you’re being Mr Bad-A$$ Dark Triad Peak Alpha Jerk Boy, and the lines are flowing right out of your mouth and you’re at the top of your Game, and you wheel around and you start being totally obnoxious to some really hawt chick, but instead of crumbling in your hands like all the others, she looks you square in the eye and says something which is obviously divinely inspired and it stops you dead in your tracks. If you’re a really smart guy, then instead of regrouping and trying to destroy her, the lightbulb will go off in your head, and you’ll realize that Jesus’s Daddy sent her to be the Mother of your children, and you’ll summon the courage to pause and then say [very slowly and with emphasis], “When do ovulate again?”


      • on October 28, 2015 at 7:00 am Captain Tautological

        Sorry, I’m talking about the Canaanite woman, and the dogs eating the crumbs from their master’s table:


      • Jesus’ Daddy? You mean Yahweh?


    • That wasn’t game. Please be more religious or less game-ish, whichever you require at the time.


      • ZFG, massive confidence, approach, DHV, sexualization through double-entendres, isolation, instigation (as the woman saw it) are all there in the story. Illiterati gonna illiterate.


  6. good rule of thumb: if she doesn’t think your an asshole, your being too nice

    here’s an example of a recent exchange I’ve had with a girl who’s stuck to me like glue

    her: your fkn asshole! you fkn pick a fight with me in the car, treat me like shit, leave me at the store and make me walk home. AND I’m on my period and I just started a new job. thanks a lot dick

    me one hour later: your welcome

    then two days later (period over) we’re fkn like squirrels. this has gone on for months. an she can’t explain to herself why she puts up with it. it’s a jedi mind thing. she’s basically my bottom bitch

    the rule is this: every single interaction is an opportunity for you to subtly dominate her existence. you chip away at her self-esteem then lift her up when she gets too far down, either by tearing her a new anus or by encouraging her gently, depending on how much she resists. you back her down HARD when she fights you, call er a cheap fn whore. whatever it takes. and always twist everything around so its her fault. that’s Important.. EVERYTHING is ALWAYS her fault. always

    in this why you gradually become her god. these guys who have it completely back asswards like dude above should just kill themselves. they don’t deserve to live


    • on October 27, 2015 at 5:51 pm mendozatorres



    • should add that all this is done with complete ZFG attitude. you do not care if she leaves our goes. in fact, you WANT her to do you the favor of leaving. but she never does..

      if you do this correctly you’ll have to pry her off you.. you’ll get like 1200 texts in 24 hours when you dump er n finally you’ll just say fuck it and keep hittin it cuz it’s easier than scrapin the bitch off you lol


      • yep. my record is damn near 100 missed calls in a day, dozens of texts ranging in content from: I love you so much to I hope you die type shit. disregard text games. I use her likea fuck toy, whenever I want it. she was 19 when I met her, 24 now, and had to be in a relationship (she’s tried hard), never bought her anything besides a lemonade or a pack of reeses. I’m 6 years older than she is. so many orbitters on facebook, it’s just pathetic and I get a good kick outta the shit these younger guys say, love going through her messages too, many lols. should not e that I am nothing special to look at either, just tallish, fit, and confident…she digs the fact I do man shit (her words) she’s from a major city, moved herself out to the middle of nowhere to find a man at 18, “city guys are like girls”(her words also). I should prolly lock it down, but I just don’t give a shit about her, and I know that would ruin it all for her anyways.


  7. I get called “asshole” regularly, too.


    • on October 28, 2015 at 11:50 am The Spirit Within

      Point that needs to be made: Men and women use the word “asshole” differently.

      Girl calls you asshole: Well done.
      Red-pill guy calls you asshole: You’ve got a personality problem. Check yourself.

      It all depends on who it’s coming from.


      • Mostly get called “asshole” by Mrs. Gamer at least once a week when she’s cray-cray.

        “asshole”…reminds me…this a.m. I played “grabass” when Mrs. Gamer wasn’t expecting it. lollololz For a split second she was angry, then she got very aggressive and playful. Then I walked away. lolz

        Later, Mrs. Gamer came down to see me for a hug and to tell me that she had wanted to send me a text “hug” yesterday but she had forgotten her phone. I was just “meh” about the whole thing. Boring. It’s all about her feelz. She was leaving the house anyway.

        Mrs. Gamer had failed a compliance test and is getting minimal attention from me.


  8. ZFG, mofos! They can’t resist it. I have one of these shirts and you wouldn’t believce the IOIs I get when I wear it.


  9. […] TFW You Earn Your “Asshole” Badge […]


  10. We know better. It’s not totally random, but even handsome guys with plenty of dough can do these outrageous beta-loser acts.

    And this is something I have said many times: general success in life doesn’t necessarily mean success in dating, or good mate choices. And vice versa.

    There are some who say game shouldn’t be taught because “it’s dysgenic”. Their theory is that there is a direct correlation between dating success and a man’s total quality. So that a man who isn’t good at dating should never have children, apparently, because it’s “dysgenic” if he does.

    You hear this from some in (the rest of) the alt-Right, whose attitude toward the manosphere is the same as the Left’s attitude toward the alt-Right in general: don’t try to find out anything from the source, only look at the worst examples and listen to false descriptions that satisfy your preconceptions. Because you don’t win anything from defending that which is a target, and by deriding it you can score some easy points with some people on your own side.

    But there have been plenty of examples of e.g. wealthy men who have made poor mate choices. And intelligent men who have contributed greatly to their nation, but still make bad mate choices. Usually bad mate choices are due to poor dating skills, so that they settle for the first woman who gives them the time of day.

    Likewise, there are those who play the dating market well but who aren’t very successful in life in general. Sure, there is some correlation. But it isn’t exact, and you sometimes see a wide divergence.

    That is because today’s dating market is in many ways a new thing. In the past a man would get a woman depending on his standing in the village: if he was the shoemaker’s apprentice or the heir to a large farm, agreements would be made accordingly. His standing wouldn’t be the only deciding factor, but it was a large one. And in those days you could still “woo” women. Showing up with flowers was not pathetic, it was the way it was done. Words that we would consider sappy now were part of the process then. Less cynical, it was.

    Today a guy who can gyrate spasmodically on the dance floor, to a forgettable song he wouldn’t be caught dead listening to six months later, will be hot stuff in college. Try using your general quality in that meat market – that won’t be what the hot women go for on a Friday night.

    Few men are naturals in this new, modern game. The rest are not “losers” – they can be high quality in many ways, just not in understanding modern dating very well. Sure, they’ll get married one day. But they might have to go years without sex in the prime of their life. And they might have to settle. The manosphere teaches game so that they won’t have to make that mistake. Far from being dysgenic, the manosphere seeks to make sure that not only the game naturals will have a shot at the hot chicks in the new dating jungle.


    • Great comment Arb


    • Good comment


    • Game is pretty much absolutely necessary, to get with any of the desirables. They require it. It doesn’t matter how capable or handsome or whatever.

      Can accomplishment and dominance and status stand-in for game, though?

      Without getting all tautological, accomplishment and status have to include game though – or at least status does, and perhaps accomplishment not so much. And man cannot have status if he does not have women; he can still have accomplishment.

      “First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the women.” – Tony Montana, old school

      How might go the new school version, of that formula?


      • on October 27, 2015 at 8:16 pm Chingas Charlie

        How might go the new school version, of that formula?

        First you take the red pill, then you build yourself up, then you game the women.


      • “Without getting all tautological”

        This made me chuckle.


      • “This town is like a big pussy, waiting to get focked!”


      • “In this country, you gotta make yourself better first. Then when you get better, you get the game. Then when you get the game, then you get the women. That’s why you gotta make your own moves”


  11. on October 27, 2015 at 3:36 pm mendozatorres

    My buddies would always call me a snob for wincing at whatever girls they were looking to talk up. They had shit taste for all the reasons CH spelled out.

    I am a snob, but I also have standards and self-respect.


  12. on October 27, 2015 at 3:41 pm HowlingManTodd

    The other night my girlfriend told me “sometimes you’re a complete sweetheart, sometimes you’re a jerk”.

    Thank you CH.


  13. This story reminds me of an ‘encounter’ I once had. I have a reputation for being an arrogant, know-it-all when it come to political debate. In fact, I was known as an arrogant, know-it-all in a general sense. Well, the benefits of the reputation came to fruitions on New Years Eve a few years ago. Some girl I was somewhat familiar with stumbled into my friend’s party. Upon seeing me, she pulled me into my friend’s kitchen and started aggressively making out with me. We then went to my friend’s basement and banged. While all this was going on, she repeatedly said something unforgettable: You’re such an asshole. She said it a half dozen times. Funny part is there were a few other guys at my friend’s party for her, and I didn’t even know she would be there. I suppose that’s where a good reputation will get ya.


    • I once banged a dude’s wife on a referral from her friend. She called, I scooped and smashed. Hot 19yr old indian chick….love me them cinnamon girls.


      • It’s funny getting a text from a stranger find out is a chicks friend you’ve never seen b4, then she comes over and yeah. Only wish it happened more.


  14. Also, one last thing: I’ve bang nearly every girl who has ever called me “weird.” There is clearly something about girls finding you “weird” and their wanting to bang you.


    • +1.

      Get it all the time. When she calls you “weird” It’s really an admission that she can’t quite figure you out. And that works for you.

      “Fuck yes i’m weird. Let’s go.”


  15. A big thanks to CH for all of his advice, it’s helped me immeasurably in my early 20s. There’s so many jokes about how husbands never win arguements. It always leaves me scratching my head. I always win arguements with my wife, and I know the sex will be extra good that night. Don’t be afraid to let your inner asshole get out and walk around.


  16. Better to be called an asshole in faux anger than to be hugged asexually in faux desire.




  17. Good reminder. I sometimes slip into beta ways without even noticing it and have to catch myself. The point about asshole game is that it does require abundance—a few other prospects and time.

    The girls who have called me asshole, selfish, etc usually do so and storm off…If I chase, follow up, call, it re-sets the clock on her missing me.

    There is something here where a girl who lashes out like this does so out of frustration at not getting something…which means that the chances of her still wanting that are greater if she doesn’t get it or has to work for it: your attention, your time, your advice, etc etc…


  18. on October 27, 2015 at 4:06 pm Subarctic Hillbilly

    One (high-quality) problem I’ve had since I got serious about game, almost 10 years ago after divorce-rape No. 2, is how to break up with girls, and/or to instill an occasional surge of dread.

    Take any item from their 461-point checklist (they all have one), and use that against them.

    For example …

    “Baby, you know I love you, but I’ve really got to focus on my business, and you really deserve someone who will put the relationship first. You should never ever settle for anything less than a man who values you above everything else in his life.”

    “Girl, you’re so amazing. You know how you’re looking for a guy who’s handy around the house. I can barely screw in a lightbulb. I think you need to find that guy, and the longer this relationship goes on, the harder it’ll be find that perfect man. This thing of ours is just standing in your way.”

    “Baby … you’re the kind of girl who deserves everything she’s ever wished for … and you were looking for a guy who’s between 5’10” and 6’2″ and I’m 6’3″ and blah blah blah.”

    While I generally think of myself as a nice guy, these situations are where I get in touch with my inner asshole. It gives me pleasure to see their hamsters spin. Spin!


  19. I don’t have much in the way of game. However, one thing I stumbled across with my ex that seemed to work was sometimes when I would tease her or be a bit of a jerk, I would tell her that I was the nicest guy she knows. Sometimes she would laugh it off and say no, other times she would become almost irate and insist that I wasn’t nice at all. Always seemed to have good results.

    It probably wouldn’t work with a new girl, at least until you have established your ‘asswholeness’, but I think does have some relationship game utility. It seemed to get the hamster spinning.


    That’s the story mentioned above. That guy figured the best way to cross the minefield was a straight line.


  21. Actually, I would argue better to be called an asshole in REAL anger than treated asexually too. Shows you have power over the girl’s emotions, and you can redirect their feelings of anger into feelings of ‘WHY ARE YOU SO ATTRACTIVE’ frustration which result in a trip to the bedroom via A&A.


    • You beat me to the point, you asshole!

      When a broad is angry at you, she gets her drama fix and her tingles. Broads don’t get angry at chodes.


      • my last gf told me repeatedly to die, and even to drown and die. We both do scuba. That’s pretty fuckin personal lol…i must be doing something right, eh?

        I am smart enough to know that a girl’s indifference is the worst…but this one was like pilot telling another pilot to crash or a gay man telling another homo to get AIDS.


      • yeah when a chick repeatdely wishes you dead then you’ve done it correctly. a lot guys are just too nice and there’s no reason to be cuz being liked isn’t what hooks em. it’s the terror/lust of your ruthlessness


      • Wait, so when that other guy told me to get AIDS…


  22. I had been hot for this chick (HB8) but without any real success. One evening she came round to see me with a girlfriend, who after a while wisely made her excuses and left, but could I get the other chick to bed? No. Eventually I told her: ‘I am going to bed; come if you want, if not you know where the door is’. I went to bed: fully expecting to hear the door close as she left. Instead five minuted later she climbed in, naked.


    • Push pull and the takeaway are the most underrated and under explained points of game… If you have the frame, always go with the takeaway and force her to confront her own bullshit rationalizations… make her hamster work FOR you.

      Cats are not dogs and they do not take strings that aren’t pulled away.


  23. You kind of have to like the timing there. He gets her into bed, apparently – which seems like it would be a part of the story – and then he smells another guy in the bedsheets, and then they have arguments and whatnot. It kind of reduces the effect, though. If she used perfume would it make her more ‘hard-to-get’?


  24. Better to be called an asshole in faux or real anger than to be hugged asexually in faux desire.


  25. Does it count when a woman says “you’re such a dick!”?

    A woman said that to me that after she complained that a “creepy old guy had slapped her bum”, and I replied “In fututre you shouldn’t complain, just bend over and enjoy it”.

    Was that a beta bait test? Did I pass?


    • it was probably a shit test basically “look at me i’m so hot guys slap my ass blah blah…” for all know she asked him to do it.

      regardless, it was an opportunity to claim her. you were too nice. instead: “what the fk are doing sticking your ass out for? you need attention that bad? jeez” then change the subject and talk about how much you like your new hoodie, or some shit like that

      it’s zfg. always. it’s your duty to dominate them.. don’t be a pussy about it. she’ll fuck you for being indifferent to her opinion of you

      [CH: +1 ZFG. (redeemable at your nearest pussy hut.)]


      • It wasn’t a beta bait test…..more like trying to tell you she is desired by other males.Lots of average looking girls do this thinking the man will find them desirable if other men find her desirable.

        Your reply seems alright especially when done with an obvious smirk on your face.
        I’d rather slap her bum right there……and tell her,” There you go, now a young guy slapped your bum. you won’t have to think about that creepy old guy in your fantasies.”

        Lot of women have fantasies of getting slapped, groped, manhandled, especially in public under the radar, but they want it from high SMV guys.

        Do it only if you have already passed that personal touch level in kino or it might freak her out 😛


      • “Honey, don’t let the kids catch us flirting” party game aka “Grabass”


    • all these kinds of negative reactions are good… asshole… dick… i hate you… you’re so mean… I’m not fucking you…

      at least 50% of my encounters I’ve heard this…

      All the same type of feedback. You are on her mind and her emotions are up. all emotions are good emotions, you just need to figure out how to play them… death is no emotion.

      You’re a really nice guy = holy shit I’ve totally fucked up somewhere…!


      • The kiss of death: “that’s so sweet.”


      • This women said to me “that’s so cute” in regard to the slip-on booties i put on over the workboots, when having to go into her house (for good reason, not to take a piss).

        No there missy it’s not “cute” it’s a courtesy.

        Yay! kill-’em-all-o-meter to 9.5.


      • “I have my moments” – my go-to reply when a woman compliments me on something that’s positive but not intrinsically sexy.

        Another one I used once, in a faux-earnest voice when complimented by a woman (not my manager*) on some mundane workaday thing I did well: “I do not consider myself a hero.”

        *Compliments from bosses are not a time for cuteness. They’re a time to say “Thank you.”


      • A matter-of-fact “thanks” works fine.


      • Suburban-elk, is this what you morph into when you pull out the kill-all-meter?


      • @Sentient all good but also, newbies have to beware they don’t overgame. I got a text from a 24 year old I’ve been banging who’s on an extended holiday

        Her:How I missed u last night…. want a familiar voice… I cried like shits on the street and on the platform

        now…the idea of being an “asshole” and cocky funny seems like the go to response. But this girl is hot, sends me naked selfies every few days…she gets that I’m not some push-over. But then again to say anything remotely sweet could come off as condescending and she’ll get that I don’t really care but am pretending. My response:

        Me: “oh?”

        She blabs on and on

        Me: Must be culture shock

        So…yes be an asshole when it’s warranted but in times when a girl wants a real person, you’ve got to calibrate. “Oh?” is a good go-to response…


      • I used to get worked up if a broad said that I did something sweet. This one broad giggled nervously while I was singing to her and later said that it was sweet. It played on her emotions, so I was pinging on her alpha-dar.


  26. Watching Trump’s Iowa speech live right now. It is very different than his other stump speeches so far. He is toning way down on insulting other candidates and expanding more on pure policy.

    He already has attraction. Seems he’s moving towards comfort as a previous CH post predicted.

    (To be fair, Scott Adams predicted this would happen just this morning. Such precision.)


    • on October 27, 2015 at 6:56 pm mendozatorres

      Sweet! I love how the illegals did all they could to get him banned and the school said nope.

      And that vile bastard Luis Gutierrez is doing all he can to get Trump banned from SNL, which NBC will never do because those ratings will be stupid high. Too much money. I love watching him go apoplectic to the point of using the word apoplectic.


    • on October 29, 2015 at 8:13 pm Experienced Father

      The key for Trump moving beyond “win the Republican primaries mode” is when says “jobs” in every way imaginable as two or three words in every sentence.

      The day he is speaking like that is the day you know he has the Republican nomination.


  27. It’s the song that doesn’t end. Women are idiots.


  28. How does one “be an asshole”? There are no examples in the main post or comments. Can CH and readers offer some concrete guidance?

    [CH: you came to the right place. check the ch archives. type “asshole game” into the search bar. have fun!]


  29. on October 27, 2015 at 6:53 pm Sean Fielding

    This merit badge is an honor, Milord. But not Scout’s honor. They are now firmly in dishonorable enemy hands:

    Let us hope Game can someday Make American Boys Great Again.


  30. Some of you will probably make fun of me for this, but I just read something that is…well…read on,

    A 53 year old white man was murdered ( for no reason ) by a black man, the white man’s wife ( she is white ) said she could not live without the love of her life so she committed suicide a couple days later.

    It is a rare thing for women to have that sort of loyalty or honor. There is something beautiful about that.

    ok you can start throwing rotten tomatoes at me now.

    link to story,

    [CH: damn…]


  31. It’s so weird reading about people who were beta cucks well into adulthood. I can’t remember the beta mindset because I learned CH in my mid teens. How do they be beta so long without killing themselves?

    It also makes me think, they will never really escape their betahood if they start that late in life. It’s much easier to pick up a skill or learn new things when you’re a child until the age of early adulthood. After that your ability to be “natural” with a skill is much more limited.


  32. Sadly, gents, I just had to cut it off with a 28, HB8, former legit model (got the magazines she was in), fucked like a champ. Hard to do, but ended it tonight.

    Why did I have to cut her off? We’ve only been going at it for a little more than a month, and she’s already pulling the mega-bitchy speech police on me a few times. Angrily telling me I can’t say certain things around her—and cutting off communication and sex for a day if I did. Real piece of work, entitled.

    I’m not some controlled little dog, so that’s the end of her. She’s used to getting away with this act because she is so hot–at 22 she was a HB9-10, and she’s still in the mega-hot girl zone–and was really good in bed. Probably gets all her men obedient and on a leash due to that.

    The reason why I write this here (besides having a mournful moment for the good sex) is a warning: I gave her a free pass once on her speech police. She flipped out on me for some random misogynistic comment, and I cut off all contact.

    She texted me out of the blue the next day and apologized. Instead of realizing she would do it again, I let her back indue to her looks and the sex. Bad plan. She used that weakness to do it two more times (without apologizing these times) before I had enough.

    Gents, the first time a woman does something outrageous and beyond the pale, even if she apologizes, dump her. If she will do it once, she will do it again. Again, let me emphasize: ONE AND DONE. Do not let her apologize her way back in, she will see that as weakness and start doing them more. Set up lines for her behavior, and if she crosses them, DO NOT LET HER BACK IN.

    *sniff* now let me just sit here and jack off to the good sex…one last time…

    Advice rape!


    • Good strength, WF. But I don’t think you should beat yourself up for letting her back in before. One reason women are the relationship-ending sex most of the time is we men seldom find it worth it to end relationships if there is any chance we will get a bit more quality poon-time out of it. No shame in that. I think just as good as ending it with any chick is just not to take her shit. Tell her to get in touch if and when she’s ready to behave and then go and game someone else in the meantime. The problem is not misbehaving women, the problem is when oneitis prevents us from putting them back in line.


      • Thanks, and true: the male sex drive is so strong we can put up with almost ANYTHING to get laid. Women, having a less-strong and less-predictable sex drive, and the resulting abundance of options for sex, can more easily cut off a bad penis for the next one (Freudian imagery, your welcome).

        Probably why women find that a man’s reputation as a “heartbreaker” functions as pre-selection catnip: “Wait, he’s one of the few men who can toss off free pussy just like that?!?! He must be an ecstatically awesome Alpha male who can get himself sex by snapping his fingers!”

        As Heartiste has stated, women should fear the fuck outta sexbots.


      • on October 29, 2015 at 3:39 pm mendozatorres

        Hey, there’s already autoblow. In fact, there is now autoblow 2! It’ll keep you busy until the sexbots are perfected.

        Speaking of sexbots, I wonder if we’ll designate them like Iron Man suits….mark 1, mark 2

        Or like software….version 2.4.550


    • Plenty of slits in the sea. Fuck her.


    • on October 28, 2015 at 1:07 am driveallnight

      that wasn’t rape, that was a relationship. Fuck you dude lol


    • Make her not only apologize, but perform an act of contrition. Set her a hard compliance test. Otherwise, minimal attention. No sex.


      • if she ever contacts me again, I think that will be my course of action. I plan on never contacting her again if she does not contact me first.

        toss ’em to the wind rape!


      • I just did this with Mrs. Gamer. At first she refused to comply. I waited and gave her minimal attention and didn’t instigate for sex. A very little flirting. She complied without any prompting from me and instigated for sex.

        I put my money where my mouth is and got yet another palm cluster on my Asshole merit badge.

        Compliance rape!


    • WF, problem with punishing a girl by dumping her is you punish yourself too cuz now you don’t have access to a quality clam. girls with options don’t usually come back around after you dump them.

      the smarter way is to dump her a little bit each day. make it clear that you don’t think she’s that great, but, with a lot of work on her part she can improve and you just might be able to tolerate her. criticize her all the time, be a dick, be ornery and difficult around her, difficult to please, dissatisfied with many things about her like the shape of her ears, unpredictable and picking fights for the smallest reasons like she talks too loud when your watching seagulls fight over a piece of bagel

      then, when she does something sweet or exhibits good behavior, show a little bit of sweetness in return, like a (short!) foot massage, then go back to being a dick right away.

      never EVER give put off the vibe that she can start mouthing off. she should be on eggshells around you, because she knows you’ll chew her ass out for the smallest infraction. maybe you wanted to get rid of the girl anyway, but keeping her around and grinding away at her over-sized sense of self-worth keeps her vaj in play, which I’m assuming is what you want

      women are very trainable. they’ve been trained to be bitches but you can train them to eat out of your hand too, but you gotta be an asshole most of the time. 90/10 like CH has said


    • I cannot agree. I just keep fucking them when I want to.

      what is the point of cutting a decent piece of ass off? You don’t have to listen to her or pay attention to anything she says. Don’t indulge her, indulge yourself with her.

      Just treat her like dial-a-pussy. She will eventually figure it out, but who cares?


    • on October 28, 2015 at 6:48 pm gunslingergregi

      yea taking a woman back just based on apology after she fucked up is prob not the best way to do it
      making her eat her own shit to get back in your presense yea she gonna remember that for life


      • on October 28, 2015 at 6:52 pm gunslingergregi

        fucking her is a given not a reason for forgivness
        must be something other than to do with fucking
        course yea month not a long time
        poor bastard didnt even have time to get tired of the pussy


  33. Why is nobody posted the Disclaimer? Ok, nevermind, I’ll do it.

    Disclaimer: If you’re interested in forming a loving relationship with a worthy girl, it’s important to note that being an Asshole all the time will never work. Being the asshole is all about making her work for your respect, love and affections. Too much asshole and You’ll eventually come across as “Impossible to please, Unattainable”, she’ll grow distant and move on. The correct formulation is 80% asshole 20% nice guy. This is where the Push/Pull philosophy comes in.

    The above is important to note for newbs who aren’t sure how to exactly navigate the mine field.


  34. How does one become an adult man and not understand that doing stuff for women with hopes of sex never turns out well?

    I used to help people with car trouble. If it appeared there was a chance I could get it going and it wasn’t all that out of my way and they looked like decent people I would help. It was just something I would do as random kindness sort of thing and it made for little puzzles to solve. Anyway, younger single women always threw off a vibe of disgust even if otherwise polite and such. Old women and guys who just needed a hint or an extra set of hands were worth stopping for. But the single women… just for treating them as I would anyone else made for a negative vibe I couldn’t explain well until I started reading this blog.


    • Ive helped people out with a jump or something quickly when out driving with a plate. Really seems to help offset the asshole game and gives them an intoxicating whiff of nice guy. Makes for great road head


  35. Heartiste, I expected a post in response to the MPC alt-right/tradcons saying men complaining about the divorce system are just weak, whiny losers. Did you not see the thread or do you actually agree with them?


  36. Ah, Heather. You were a solid 11 on any known scale of 1 to 10…

    The killings that have recently occurredd…. WEll…Let us just call them “colattreal damage.”” I mean…
    Shit happens. I mean; they could have laid the money down// laid the money down. Instead. A. Merkel is a fat whore.
    Melanie Safka circa 1969. Was Not.


  37. This is in the top 10 posts of CH all time.

    So much knowledge packed into a solid read. Well done.


  38. This starts even before sex. The girls calling me an asshole in high-school are the same girls who drew hearts on my notebooks or fought each other over whose hair I’ll play with during math class.

    The girl that usually sat in front of me had a point system that involved awarding me points for me being nice to her and negative points for me teasing her, making fun of her, tickling her etc. She did keep a score, but I remember going lower than -27 and she was the heart drawing notebook thief. I did have a period of being nicer and reduced that score to single negative digits, pretending I care about her score before starting to mess with her again.


    • This is great stuff.

      I used to do this “point system” all the time, right from the start of a pickup sometimes. its a super ease tease for any beginner. If the girl does something I want to tease her for, I’ll say “oh, I don’t like that. Minus two points for you.” Then keep deducting points intermittently if she plays along. She might say “haha what are these points??” and I say “minus one point for asking.” If she’s with an obstacle, you can give the obstacle some positive points to help disarm her.

      all sorts of subtle good stuff. i am the prize, win me over, I’m judging you, etc. etc.

      The best game is flipping the script on girls grade school games.


      • I didn’t bother making a points system of my own because that would have been reactive to her own, but I did my best to give her hopes I might conform and shattering her illusions each time. If I would have been more proactive, I could have gotten laid like a king in high school, but ended up banging girls only afterwards(my generation probably was the last generation with a considerable share of semi-modest eastern European girls)


  39. I wonder whether it was different in former times? I rather doubt it, however, which, makes your No.4. Thomas Jefferson a hopeless nice-guy. I was reading some of his stuff last night: I cringed at the Beta-dom, and yet I don’t think Jefferson was anything other than Alpha. (I stand to be corrected).

    Some guys who are never anything less than polite seem to have what women want though often they fail to pick-up on obvious female interest.

    I, however, must be an asshole, for one desirable female and seemingly out of the blue once told me (I had never mentioned the subject): ‘I will never sleep with you’. There are, of course, some priceless put-downs one could then us such as ‘but you could never afford me’. I was however and regrettably, on that occasion, frozen in my tracks.


    • She: I will never sleep with you.

      Me: Your mind’s in the gutter. [cocky smile] “Perv” works, too.


    • It WAS different then. In Jefferson’s time, what you call modern “beta” was fine. You don’t think Jefferson got laid? Dude was an all-time mega-alpha property owning boss on a worldwide scale. That’s why you and I are typing is name right now, 220 years later.

      Shit, even 50 years ago, being “beta” in the way our fathers and grandfathers were easily led to having a thin, loyal wife who gave you 2 or 4 kids. (Make no mistake: the women were not “happy” then, but they didn’t have the freedom to wreck society as they have done the last 20 years.)


      • women are/were NEVER happy


      • Actually women were happier then.

        Studies and surveys have been done; today’s “independent” women are less happy than their mother, grand-mothers were.

        The idea that women used to be miserable is an exaggeration created by the left and the feminists to better manipulate everyone.


      • As there is nowhere else to put it (with Heartiste’s permission): I have just been reading the Wiki entry for Ossian, wherein in quoting a line from a letter by Jefferson to James Macpherson it is implied that Jefferson was taken in by Macpherson’s brother’s literary fraud, Ossian. In fact if you read the whole letter you can see that Jefferson is agreeing and hyperbolically amplifying. In other words he doesn’t believe a word of it and is putting Macpherson (who he knew) on the spot. Anyone here capable of correcting the misleading and unfair to Jefferson Wiki entry?

        I think your President deserves better.



    I’m going to donate a bit of money to her here:

    (I know it could be a trap, but its very little risk/cost for a potentially high reward.)

    Maybe CH can signal boost her campaign?


  41. Game question: Was at a bar watching the WS. A HB7 bartender (I’ll call her ‘F’) comped me two cokes last night. Didn’t comp the draft beer, however. I gave her $1 tip for each coke. I never chatted HB7 up another time that I can recall. Is it common for women waitresses/bartenders to comp men sodas? Do they expect a hefty tip in return?

    F seemed to be watching me all night, but that could have been to see if I needed anything else. I looked at her occasionally very briefly. She remembered my drink order (coke) and she was pretty busy and checked to see if I needed another coke.

    Another HB7 bartender (I’ll call her ‘S’) took my beer order (but only checked with me once all night). All tips go in the same place. Do bartenders get possessive about their clients? S didn’t look at me much, so I wonder if F told S to leave me alone.


    • i wouldn’t read too much into it. as it’s been said here: the only game that matters is penis-in-vagina. suffice it say, a free coke which costs the establishment about .00002 cents is still a long way from shooting your load into her. n don’t feel any need to tip her special for a free coke. actually you should stiff her and just say thanks (because you have money and free cokes are not what your after. save your tips for when she gives you free vag

      it’s tough to escalate a bar girl because she is, technically at least, “working”. best bet would be to make friends with some other folks sitting at the bar, ideally hot girls but anyone on whom you can demonstrate wit and charm will do. just not a loser esp not fat girls

      bar girl will get curious and insert herself. let her in a lil then push pull push pull. don’t drop your new friends then start drooling over her. keep her curiosity going

      since she works there there’s no need to number close. get a good rapport going with her then end the conversation and say i gotta go have a good night. do NOT be perceived as hanging around waiting for her to get off work, but if she’s interested, she may subtly say when she’s getting off in which case you should hang around, but immersed in the game, or your new friends


    • on October 28, 2015 at 8:02 am jessie pinkman

      Dont get drawn in to these slut tactics.She’s just playing you because you look weak.It’s typical beta bait.The same way a stripper sits on a beta guys lap and strokes his hair to lure him into the trap of paying for her attention(works everytime).They are known as “Women-of-the-industry”,sneaky as hell.The Alpha females of society.No beta could successfully game her….

      They’ll usually:
      – Wink at you
      – Give you the slutty stare
      – Lean forward to “inadvertently” show you their cleavage
      – Giggle at dumb jokes you make
      – Brush past you with a boob or their ass
      – Stroke your hand as they give your drink/change
      – Keep looking in your direction,smile when you notice
      – Get friendly with your whole group,giving you the most attention
      – Lure you with “Free Drinks/Refills”

      All garbage to just withdraw funds from your bank account.Every beta usually gets the tingles and thinks “She’s the one” when any of the above happens.Just forget her.


      • I spent a grand total of 6 bucks, lol, to watch the WS. More fun to watch it with other people. The bartender spent a lot of mental energy on me for a measly 6 bucks.


    • ASD – comped alcohol is an IOI or could be payback (a buy back if you are bringing a group, multiple rounds, regular) – it depends. Most bartenders will not charge a guy for water or a soda… especially if you are the only one in a group not drinking.


    • I need to give some more background. F wasn’t showing cleavage–she wore a long sleeved sweat and jeans. Lip ring & some small tats that I could see. Bar&grill in a burb at 8-11p. I am new and unknown there even though it’s in my hood. I wasn’t looking to open anyone–just to watch the WS.

      F watched me out of the corner of her eye all night.

      I was in my normal strong frame and had my party vibe on and chatted up some folks a little.

      1) a couple on the outdoor patio where I went first. Held the gaze of the woman a few times. They left the patio and I followed and stood with one arm resting on some bar furniture and the other with my thumb hooked in a front pocket of my jeans. Standard for me. The couple passed by me on their way out. The man held my shoulder briefly and said goodbye. The woman came a little closer and hugged my elbow for a couple of secs with her hand as she passed. She didn’t say anything. I took this as validation–if I see her alone in the future, she wants me to approach.

      2) I eventually moved to sit at the bar and chatted up several guys in between innings and got one of them laughing; he liked my stories.


    • on October 28, 2015 at 6:45 pm gunslingergregi

      i like adding up the free shit i get it is a fun game sometimes


  42. “This means learning what makes them tick…” Here is where so many women fall down (and backwards, and losing clothing) with men: they are so emotional that there minds will not let them believe what their eyes are telling them. The female forebrain can rarely stand up to the female hind-brain yelling at it. Or to put it another way, the female hind-brain employs the female fore-brain as its lawyer, arguing its way to a pre-determined (by pleasantry) conclusion. It’s the rose-tinting rule: rose-tinting rules.


  43. The subject of cruelty to chicks came up on another thread, and it’s relevant here. Cruelty in a relationship comes from one of two places: a takes-two-to-tango dynamic, and a gamma power-trip.

    The first kind is a symbiosis of the man’s sadistic sexuality against the girl’s submissiveness. To understand this, it has to be understood that while the female is the submissive sex, among normal women there are gradations of submissive sexuality. Ones who tend dominant pair up with a man who is the strong partner as per normal coupling, but does not have a sadistic or cruel streak in his nature. Those kinds of couples look like all other normal couples, pretty much. She respects him he loves her. She would avoid a cruel partner.

    Now, the women on the submissive extreme are the ones who seek a sadistic male. Counterintuitively, those girls are not demure or frail. They are often the cocksure, claws-in-your-face, shit-testing bitches because that’s how they screen out normal men to find a sadist, with whom they will find satisfaction. They way I see it play out in real life, is that those kinds of women end up badly; the relationship dynamic is destructive when adult things such as paying bills and raising children come up. Based on my observation, extremely submissive women are damaged goods for most men, because they will only respect a partner who takes them to a self-destructive end.

    Occasionally as I also saw it play out, extreme submissives will marry a submissive man, who defers to her under the misguided notion that her aggression is a sign of dominance and she really does want to wear the pants in the relationship. Perversely those men, in turn, find a weird kind of fulfillment with that kind of a woman.

    The second kind of cruelty (from a man) in a relationship is the Gamma power-trip. A Gamma, a manosphere concept articulated by Vox Day, is understood to be a low SMV male who seeks to improve his position NOT by the normal methods of self-knowledge and self-improvement, but through retreating into delusions of being a high-SMV man (“if only the corrupt word knew my true value!”) and lashing out with snark and passive-aggression. My own coinage is the definition of a Gamma as “alpha ambition without the alpha goods.”

    One of the traits of a gamma is abuse of power, once he gets some. An alpha is a natural leader, and as such will instinctually support a male hierarchy, threating those under him dominantly but fairly, while in turn subordinating himself to the stronger alphas above him, once those rankings had been sorted out. But a Gamma will not treat those under him dominantly but fairly. He will abuse his power, often abusing lesser gammas or even higher-ranking men who happen to be institutionally subordinated to him. If you ever had a Gamma boss, you will know what I mean.

    And so, if a Gamma ends up dating a normal, usually a lower-SMW girl, he will trip on his power and treat her like shit. Since she is likely not a submissive (as those seek out asshole alphas), this will not end up in a normal male/female dynamic. She’ll probably just leave him, unless for some reason she’s resigned to be stuck with him, in which case shell hate him.

    How do you know if you are the first kind of cruelty artist (“takes two to tange”) vs the second kind (gamma power trip)? IN the first kind, the more yo lay it on, the more she lights up. In the second case the more you lay it on, the more her light goes out.


    • This comment was originally eaten, which was the final kick in the ass I needed to start my own blog. Its refined and posted on my site.


  44. […] came up in the comments thread on Heartiste’s blog and was also a tangential subject in his post about what women really mean when they call you an asshole. Here are, in turn, my thoughts on the subject of male cruelty in a relationship with a […]


  45. Folks, it’s time. I am blogging. The site is “PA World and Times”, wordpress.

    I am busy but resolve to make at least one new post every two days through November 15th. Who knows, sometimes the best output is made under duress.


  46. CH Maxim #30:

    When in doubt, ask yourself “WWJD?” What Would a Jerkboy Do? Then do that.


  47. on October 28, 2015 at 9:54 am The Straw That Stirs the Drink

    For the Shit Cucks say post “Ben Carson… [anything that follows]”

    For all the talk of TRUMP being controlled opposition… holy shit Cardboard Ben Carson is the real deal… Just look at the damn “policies” he has on his site.


  48. Every time my GF calls me an asshole I know I am doing something right.


  49. Things I heard coming out of a girls mouth last night about me, after my remarks on the shape of her skull and her level of literacy:
    – Idiot
    – Lunatic
    – Madman
    – Psychopath
    – Scumbag
    Result: slept with me on the first date. To be honest, there was much more than asshole game around, but that’s what gave sparkles in her eyes.

    I would not have believed this a few years ago. CH wisdom is priceless.


  50. […] leadership. Women admire this quality in a man – even when they protest against your methods, call you names, or disagree with your decisions. Ultimately, it’s more important to lead than to be liked. […]


  51. An oldie but a goodie:


  52. I hung out with hot tub girl last night. She made me dinner, and after we finished eating she asked, “Are you going to hang out for a while?”

    “Nope, I just use you for the free food.”

    “You’re such an asshole,” she says with her arms wrapped around my shoulders.

    “Hey, thanks.”

    30 minutes of Netflix later, we knew each other Biblically.