What’s Old Is New Again

Charlesz Martel comments,

Essentially, the common ideas about race up to about the mid-1950’s are all turning out to be true- I.Q., creativity, aggression, conformity, sexual differences and desire of non-whites for white females, etc. The next 20-30 years will be the history of our race and culture relearning all that was once commonly accepted as obvious truth and discarded, and figuring out what to do with the mess that denial of these truths has created in the white western world.

I will essentially spend the rest of my life saying to anyone who will listen that ”I told you so!!!”

Don’t abide opinions that your grandmother would scoff at.

One of the reasons why CH resonates so forcefully with readers is because our field observations and keen eye corroborate what was accepted wisdom in our forefathers’ time. These mystic chords of memory are not so easily silenced by Hivemind thought suppression and reeducation.

Like I always say, the truth will win out… one way or another.


  1. First for the white race.


  2. The only truth worth realizing is that I game each and everyone of you. You are a slave to my replicating ways, and everything you do is simply a reaction to this process. Someday even I will be a fool though, as the universe will zap me into oblivion just like all you little meaningless munchkins I created.

    In truth,

    [CH: can’t argue with this. whites have achieved much and stoked even more envy in other races, but their numbers are a fraction of world population, and decreasing. from a bluntly darwinian perspective, whites are losing.]


    • “from a bluntly darwinian perspective, whites are losing”

      sure, until the whites unleash their robot warriors and corzine all the useless eaters.

      entire planet will be white a.k.a. paradise


    • [CH: can’t argue with this. whites have achieved much and stoked even more envy in other races, but their numbers are a fraction of world population, and decreasing. from a bluntly darwinian perspective, whites are losing.]

      It takes decades to repopulate, it takes a few years to kill millions. And when it comes to killing lots of people, whites are very good at it.

      Or the Asians will just slaughter a few hundred million of their own.


      • > “Or the Asians will just slaughter a few hundred million of their own.”

        The Chinese started that back in the late 1970s. It’s called the “1-Child” policy. And the Japanese and the South Koreans and [increasingly] the Taiwanese all have suicidal [democidal] fertility rates.

        Things are bad in the USA and Europe, but the future is beyond apocalyptic for the Pacific Rim.


      • There are still billions of those zipper heads in the pacific rim. I would not throw the towel in for them just yet…


      • The Chinese started that back in the late 1970s. It’s called the “1-Child” policy. And the Japanese and the South Koreans and [increasingly] the Taiwanese all have suicidal [democidal] fertility rates.

        Things are bad in the USA and Europe, but the future is beyond apocalyptic for the Pacific Rim.

        Abortion is not “apocalyptic”, it is something we have had in all times, one of many tools for survival as a family and as a tribe. China’s population has increased despite the one-child policy, but it would have been TRULY apocalyptic if they hadn’t had the policy. Which shows that some necessary decisions can only be made by a dictatorship, not a populist democracy.

        Mao started a policy to grow the population in preparation for invading other countries, so saner minds after him had to reduce the damage. China could never have fed the exploding population that would have been the result of continued free-for-all reproduction. War would surely have followed. At the very least mass starvation on a record scale.

        Russia’s population is now increasing. More births than deaths. The same can be done in Japan. At any rate, a nation is not destroyed by declining birth rates. It is destroyed by invasion or by politicians importing foreign hordes to “replace our aging population”. Japan can handle a smaller population, and it would only be good for them on those small islands. The transition may be tough as the old want money in their old age, but Japan needs to be toughened up.


      • Another note: the one-child policy will be drastically reduced now, possibly even end. A couple where both are an only child, are now excluded from the policy. They can have more than one child.


      • Be careful with the increasing ‘Russian’ population which is overwhelmingly due to Muslim profligacy. Putin professes to be not worried about this but…..


      • “The Chinese started that back in the late 1970s. It’s called the “1-Child” policy. And the Japanese and the South Koreans and [increasingly] the Taiwanese all have suicidal [democidal] fertility rates.

        Things are bad in the USA and Europe, but the future is beyond apocalyptic for the Pacific Rim.”

        You definitely have the mental capacity of a zombie.

        It is not illegal to have more than 1 child in China, but additional kids are taxed heavily. In reality, this is positive eugenics because the people who are smart & industrious enough to bear the tax are the ones who get to procreate. Genetic selection & Darwinism at its finest.

        On the other hand, the U.S. is practicing negative eugenics. Reverse Darwinism. Smart, industrious people are taxed in order to breed more of the people who are incapable of contributing another other than more animals to society.


    • but their numbers are a fraction of world population, and decreasing. from a bluntly darwinian perspective, whites are losing.]

      The relative decline via births was worst in the 1970s and 1980s, when white women were producing only one-third as many births as nonwhite women. Now, they’re having two-thirds as many births, now that Asia and Latin America are down to replacement. The only fast breeders nowadays are sub-Saharan Africa and certain Muslims.


      • on December 2, 2014 at 2:15 pm The Spirit Within


        Heartiste is lying-by-omission.

        [CH: do you know what lying-by-omission means? i also left out references to quantum mechanics.]

        The simple statistical fact is that there are more of us white people alive today, in total, than ever before.

        [no shit. and totally irrelevant. what matters is how many whites there are relative to everyone else. oh, and fertility trends matter, which have been pointing downward for a lot of white nations for a while.]

        And no other race has ever successfully committed genocide against whites, not in at least the last thousand years.

        [there’s always a first time for everything.]

        You might make a case for the Turks against the Armenians, if you define Armenian as Caucasian (I don’t). Or maybe Genghis Khan, but he didn’t have modern efficiencies, Europe hadn’t truly reawoken, he only got as far west as Hungary, and he left alone any city that bowed to him.

        White nationalists, leave aside your lizard-brain fear of black-on-white crime (which is obviously a problem but galaxies distant from genocide) and understand that we whites aren’t disappearing —

        — unless we do it to ourselves.

        [strawman, meet sperg within.]


      • half my comments disappear, and the jew within continues to pollute the section freely.


      • Here is the Jewish poster The Spirit Within claiming to be white. And as always, he left out the fact that it was jewish lawmakers, jewish activists, and jewish owned media that created the open borders in the western countries in a deliberate attempt to destroy homogeneous European caucasian societies.


      • on December 2, 2014 at 8:16 pm The Spirit Within

        I disagree mightily. Absolute numbers of whites matter far more than relative numbers of whites.

        Here’s why. For advances in science, technology, and philosophy — which usually spring not from the masses but often from two or three brilliant weirdos in close correspondence — absolute numbers really do matter. The bigger the pool of people, the greater the possibility of creating that tiny handful of exceptional cerebrums. And we whites are really good at creating those eccentric genius types, as are — gasp gasp gasp — the Joos.

        BTW, you can stop name-calling readers who occasionally disagree with you. It’s immature, especially when the arguments are reasoned.


      • “For advances in science, technology, and philosophy — which usually spring not from the masses but often from two or three brilliant weirdos in close correspondence — absolute numbers really do matter. The bigger the pool of people, the greater the possibility of creating that tiny handful of exceptional cerebrums. And we whites are really good at creating those eccentric genius types, as are — gasp gasp gasp — the kikes.”
        What does this have to do with the argument at hand?


      • John: “What does this have to do with the argument at hand?”

        Good question. The answer, of course, is nothing. That’s his idea of “reasoned” argument.

        The Sperg Within (very likely The Jew Within) is trying to switch gears. Having realized that his lame, schoolmarmish screaming of “Hater!” wasn’t effective, he morphs into throwing a bit of red meat out there. He thinks that by making a few racially tinged arguments, and pretending to have the best interests of whites in mind, that he will be able to distract people from what is going on.

        But his goal is transparently the same as before: attempt to enforce the politically correct orthodoxy and cover up the process of white racial destruction, i.e. white genocide. He senses that, ever so slowly, whites are beginning to wake up. In a pathetic attempt to thwart the process, the first tool is simple suppression. When that fails, move to misdirection. Anti-White 101.


      • on December 3, 2014 at 7:38 am The Spirit Within


        You keep telling yourself that, lunatic.


      • @Spirit, it was the incessant multi-pronged attack on White/Christian civilisation by your fellow Jews that have lead to our current parlous state. No false sympathies please.


      • Sperg Within: “You keep telling yourself that, lunatic.”

        From the Jew’s perspective, anyone who opposes white genocide is a lunatic. Sick and Orwellian, but par for the course.


      • Madonne! This is, what, the third or fourth time even CH has had to step out of his den at the chateau to give a smackdown to Yid Within?

        And here I thought they were supposed to be smart. :duckface:


    • Memes, the other white meat. Psycho-tech on brain-tech >> Body-tech Brains beats brawn by owning it. The fight is for sovereignty by culture.

      OTOH, stupid has always thrived. We have the material-tech to fix that. Are we learning the psycho-tech (i.e. cultural sophistication)? The future could be glorious!


    • The change will come when Third World immigration brings a Third World economy. The U.S. is living on borrowed time. The fake conservative Bush (who approved of affirmative discrimination and mass immigration) increased government costs to a record level, and financed it by borrowing more than all other presidents before him combined. He did that in just eight years.

      Obama borrowed even more than Bush – in three years.

      This cannot be done indefinitely, but it’s the only thing they know. The media bosses demand mass immigration and the project needs ever more money injected. It is a house of cards. We will see great changes in our lifetime when mass unemployment means people have little left to lose – that’s the only time they rise. Americans will be out in the streets demonstrating like Greeks, but for different reasons. Another difference will be that White Americans are armed. That Amendment – imagine if they had known when they wrote it that it would be what saves the West in the end. Ah, but it was precisely for that possibility that they wrote it.


      • on December 2, 2014 at 8:29 pm The Spirit Within

        All good, except your first sentence.

        A Third World economy is being built upon these shores, not by poor immigrants (if so, that would’ve already occurred in the nineteen twenties), but by technological automation. It will render millions of jobs redundant in the next decade.

        It’s puzzling that the Château never seems to address economics. Its power is a thousand times stronger than racial allegiance.


      • Sperg Within: “It’s puzzling that the Château never seems to address economics. Its power is a thousand times stronger than racial allegiance.”

        Tell that to the countless peoples throughout history that have been genocided. And even putting that, er, small matter aside, the impact of dysfunctional non-whites on the economic well being of whites is astronomical. Race subsumes economics.


      • A Third World economy is being built upon these shores, not by poor immigrants (if so, that would’ve already occurred in the nineteen twenties),

        Are you seriously saying that Third Worlders were the majority in the 1920s? I am talking about when they will be the majority or close to the majority in the future.

        but by technological automation. It will render millions of jobs redundant in the next decade.

        That can’t happen, because robots don’t consume. Robots are tools that make products cheaper. That way people can buy more products, and they can spend their money on other goods and products, which requires more people to produce those goods and services – even if a lot of the work is done by machines controlled by people.

        It is just like in agriculture. In 1900, more than half of Americans worked in agriculture. Today it is just a few percent. Does that mean half the population is unemployed, saying “I should have been a farmhand”? No. The industrialization of agriculture made the products cheaper. People could afford more food, and they could afford to spend their money on other goods and services. So more people were needed for producing the other goods and services.

        It was the same when the Spinning Jenny came. It didn’t mean that a lot of women were walking around unemployed forever because they were supposed to be working with cloth. Instead money was freed up to be used in other sectors, which then hired more people.

        Same when documents could be copied quickly by machines instead of by hand, so that those working as copiers in an office were moved to other jobs. Etcetera.

        This is a process that has been the same for a long, long time. And STILL socialists say “If these particular jobs are done by machines these people will go unemployed forever!” That is because socialists know zero about economics and refuse to learn, since it would disprove their useful hatreds-I-mean-opinions.


      • on December 3, 2014 at 7:41 am The Spirit Within

        You’ve got it totally backwards. Economics subsumes race.

        “My family is starving to death, but I refuse to take this decent-paying job because it would mean interacting with people outside my tribe.”

        – said nobody, ever, anywhere


      • Yid Within can’t comprehend a world not driven by materialism… conveniently forgetting that when YT takes a decent paying job, it’s not so much that he doesn’t MIND working next to people that would just as soon see him dead, it’s so he can move himself and his family AWAY from such an environment.

        The real question to ask is, given one’s druthers, would one rather make $X dollars and have to do it in an environment of “outsiders”, or would one rather make $X-n dollars, if it mean affordable living conditions amongst one’s own kind, where a spirit of kinship and community thrived.

        I think I’m going to stop insulting Yids and start calling him Fairy Within.


      • “Worse is better”


      • Sperg Within: “– said nobody, ever, anywhere”

        And, like the rest of your garbage, totally irrelevant to the issue at hand. Non-whites impose grievous economic costs on the white populations that they parasite off of. This is so obvious that only an utter clown would even pretend to deny or distract from it. Yet, of course, that is exactly what you do.

        But there are far greater costs involved than mere economics, though I don’t expect you to acknowledge them. After all, your whole game is about distraction and misdirection – it’s just that it isn’t working anymore. No matter what your kind does, decent people will do the right thing and oppose white genocide. They will also oppose anti-white clowns like yourself.

        [CH: one might almost characterize TSW’s debate ploys as…. slithery. reptilian. slimy.]


      • Greg Eliot: “it’s not so much that he doesn’t MIND working next to people that would just as soon see him dead, it’s so he can move himself and his family AWAY from such an environment.”

        True enough, but it goes deeper still. The idea that because a white guy works in an environment with non-whites, that he therefore must sign off on the destruction of his very people, is utterly insane. Only a severe nutcase like The Sperg could suggest such a thing.


    • on December 2, 2014 at 9:03 pm Cosby Sweater

      We niggity naggers are going to zip zap zoobidy bop you honkeys off the planet while you pay for your own destruction with googidy goo-goo-g-government subsidies to our tribe.

      One day your tired, bloated reality tv watching corpses will stoobidy-stain the streets with blood. Get ready for the hippin’ and the hoppin’ and the bippin’ and the boppin’ and the zip zop zoobidy bop!


  3. Did I read that right, white women supposedly desire the duskies? Every study on this says otherwise and we generally see the kind of woman that goes with a coon or other mud. Not the highest caliber, apart from the hollyweird whackos who will do literally anything to appear socially acceptable and of course, for money.


    • You didn’t read it right.


    • You had that backwards.


    • What Jim South said.

      “and desire of non-whites for white females, etc.”


    • In my extended family, only the lowest-status women dated non-whites. And, none reproduced with them.


    • Indeed, Google “Interracial marriage in the United States” and read the Wikipedia article, full of statistics. Whites intermarry the LEAST by far. Highest rate of race-mixing is found among Asians, then Hispanics, Blacks, last Whites.

      Naturally, there are also differences between Black men and Black women, Asian men and Asian women, etc. (And I know there is a huge difference between different Asian groups. Japanese are the least likely to intermarry, followed by Koreans, while the most likely are Filipinos but above all Indonesians. Tried to find a website about this but it doesn’t show up in a search.) Suggested reading, that Wikipedia page, it’s interesting.


  4. Lately I’ve seen many hot young (white) women on my Facebook feed posting heartwarmingly racist screeds. We may be reaching a turning point in the great multicultural lie. I have a dream…


    • Footnote: Germany went from the Weimar Republic to Third Reich in a matter of years. Things can change.


      • Terrible, terrible example.


      • The German defeat at Stalingrad in 1943 was the beginning of the end for Western Civilization. You were warned by the Germans. What the US/UK were doing fighting for Stalin & Communism, I & General Patton will never know. And please do not give me the Holohoax crap. I knew people who were there – an urban legend along with any religion.


      • on December 2, 2014 at 5:46 pm Hammer of Love

        ” Terrible, terrible example. ”

        Oh god no. You’re right that’s a horrible example. A white society freeing itself from the economic yoke of Rothschild domination. Wait here, while I get you a tampon.


      • PERFECT example.


      • Don’t compare Germans with Americans.They are the smartest people on earth.And no I am not German.
        @John-“Kikes” they are not smart. They are sneaky and manipulative.I guess that is it’s own intelligence.Who did they produce people like Freud, Bernays, Einstein? Freud can not convince me that when I was little I wanted to bang my mom and my sisters wanted to bang my dad. I will never believe those lies. Holohoax?I will never believe it. Bernays created the evil Century of the self. Einstein is bull.The universe is ELECTRICAL.


      • on December 3, 2014 at 9:05 am Hymen Mingesky

        It is an okay example, however the conditions in Germany were much different. For one, the men had higher testosterone levels, and weren’t afraid to get wild. Most westerners are apathetic and comfortable.


      • The war against Germany was driven by financiers. One of the main British stakeholders said something along the lines of ‘whenever we looked like getting an agreement it seemed as if some invisible force kept pushing conflict back on us’. Churchill had been in thrall to Jewish financiers from the early thirties when they rescued him from bankruptcy.


      • on December 3, 2014 at 2:54 pm Joachim Peiper

        The missing piece of the equation is military desperados. We have a few of them here but not many and they are generally not is tough as Freikorps or Stahlhelm volunteers.


      • The war against Germany was driven by financiers. One of the main British stakeholders said something along the lines of ‘whenever we looked like getting an agreement it seemed as if some invisible force kept pushing conflict back on us’. Churchill had been in thrall to Jewish financiers from the early thirties when they rescued him from bankruptcy.

        Indeed. When he was out of parliament he lobbied the government on behalf of Shell Oil director Robert Waley Cohen. For this he received a payment, in today’s money, of £125,000. He had gambled money on the stock market and lost big in the crash in 1929. He stood to lose the family mansion, but his debts were bought off by Sir Henry Strakosch, a Jewish banker. The (Jewish-owned) publishing house Simon & Schuster gave him just enough advance money for him to save Chartwell, the country mansion in Kent.

        He had given strong condemnations of the Jewish involvement in communism, in the destruction of Russia, and in other revolutionary movements throughout history. He couldn’t be clearer. But later he become strongly supportive of Zionism. And when others in government wanted to end the attack on Germany in 1941, accept Germany’s offer for negotiations where the attacker France would be de-occupied, Churchill was the one who refused. With media backing. He preferred to bankrupt the British Empire, to bomb France and kill almost 40,000 French, and to destroy Germany and hand over as much as possible of Europe to the Soviet Union.

        In this he was helped by the pro-communist Roosevelt, who coincidentally was surrounded by Jewish advisers like Morgenthau – who wrote a book calling for the extermination of the German people. When the UK-US invasion of Italy was finished the generals and others wanted to go east to save the Balkans from Soviet invasion, but Roosevelt alone insisted on attacking southern France. The Germans were heavily fortified there, but cut off from Germany, so southern France had no strategic significance. The only purpose was to hand over Eastern Europe to the Soviet Union. Later Roosevelt sent “Morgenthau’s boys” to Germany, a group of Jews ordering the military to destroy all industry in sight, no doubt for the purpose of making Germany defenseless before an expected Soviet invasion, and starve the Germans to death. Millions of Germans had already been murdered, others thrown out of their homes with their homes and all their possessions given to Jews from Eastern Europe, and others were enslaved by France and Russia. Luckily Roosevelt died and Truman stopped the destruction.

        Just a few facts erased from the history books.


      • The missing piece of the equation is military desperados.

        Yes, and the fact that in Germany, the communists had temporarily taken power in Bavaria and started their killing spree before war veterans organized in Freikorps (Free Corps) stopped them. Communists had taken power in nearby Hungary under (Jewish) Bela Kun and tried to invade Romania. Communists were organizing riots in the streets, attacking conservative and nationalist party meetings, attacking shopkeepers and looting stores, and they were murdering politicians and setting off car bombs all over Europe. They set off car bombs in Washington too, not that we will ever hear about it. It was a wave of terrorism in preparation for a takeover. They had tried to do the same in Spain too, starting with murdering an officer and proceeding with other officers and priests, monks, nuns etc, but General Franco stopped them.

        “Things fall apart, the center cannot hold”, Yeats wrote, observing the communist-led riots in London. “Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world”. “The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.”

        So the threat was very real. If Germany had become another Soviet Union, together with Russia they would have taken over all of Europe, then proceeded to kill tens of millions like in Russia. (Britain would have refused to lift a finger, and Roosevelt and his gang would have cheered and applauded, financing the invasion like they financed the Soviet invaders of Eastern Europe.)

        Because of this, people in Germany knew very well what they were fighting for when they stopped the riots and saved the country from the communists. Afterward peace was restored to such a degree that the police didn’t even have to carry guns or truncheons – Hitler considered it demeaning to the public that the police would walk around armed.

        An interesting thing: In My Struggle, Hitler notes that Germans are “the most cosmopolitan people on earth”, always eager to praise anything foreign as superior. In his native Austria, Germans went to churches listening to Czech priests who denounced Germany, denounced German culture and history, and said Austria-Hungary should refuse to fight for its ally Germany. (If it had been Germany and not Austria being attacked by the British and French in 1914, he wrote, Austria would not have come to Germany’s aid.) He wrote that there was no humiliation of their culture the Germans would not accept.

        But still he didn’t choose a political course that denounced patriotism and sought some abstract critique of communism based on intellectual principles. He chose to awaken patriotism instead, despite patriotism being at an all-time low in post-War Germany.


    • Hot white women tend to be more racist than the ugly ones because they have to deal with nonwhite beta creeps and caring assholes all the time.

      For that matter, ugly fat white women despise the men who dumpster dive and settle for them. They’re racist too… they just hate themselves.


    • I think the Ferguson sideshow and the amnesty bs is causing many people who bought into the SJ narrative or were ambivalent about it to see through the lies. The hardcore SJWs never will, they’re so open minded their brains have fallen out.


      • Yes, I remember the EXACT same thing happening during the Clinton presidency. The tide was turning, the House and Senate went strongly Repukelican, and all conservatives were so excited that the pendulum was finally swinging back their direction (my direction at that time).

        Then the Repukies elected a “compassionate” conservative, not a single solitary “conservative” party platform issue was addressed in an even moderately substantial manner, and……we got the Patriot Act I and II, with the conservatives ready to give a blowjob to all military and police and firemen, and roll over and show their belly to a big powerful federal government.

        I’ll believe it really has changed when public universities start getting firebombed and white on black crime starts going up.

        When Hollywood has a successful conservative change at a major studio. When a couple A-list celebrities are publicly shunned and driven to ruin for their liberal viewpoints.

        When some of the key elite banksters are prosecuted and stripped of all wealth, rather than a few token mid-level scapegoats.

        Until these kinds of things happen, you ain’t seein’ nothin’ yet.


      • Then the Repukies elected a “compassionate” conservative, not a single solitary “conservative” party platform issue was addressed in an even moderately substantial manner, and……we got the Patriot Act I and II, with the conservatives ready to give a blowjob to all military and police and firemen, and roll over and show their belly to a big powerful federal government.

        Yeah, it was exactly this complete idiocy of Republicans rallying behind whatever W did and turning off their brains that gave us the 0bowel movement.


      • JCclimber, no he is not talking about Gingrich’s 1994 “contract with America victory,” which is not the “EXACT same thing.”

        What we are talking about now is the last several years–Trayvon Martin, now Ferguson, extreme promotion of homosexuality such that a man can lose his livelihood if he does not actively support gay marriage with his wallet, etc — the crazy left has overplayed its hand. Like a commenter said a few days ago, “in the past propaganda was less blatant,” or something along those lines. (like on CH’s linked-to photojournal—some BS about getting a second chance after crime shows an Asian woman) (the recent memorial day holiday where it would appear there are no white men in the armed forces, according to MSM). oh.. the constant turning the NFL pink–all the rednecks watching that forced to watch Bono and his faggotry telling people to give money for AIDS.) etc etc etc

        then there is CH and twitter, which did not exist in 1994.

        People (regular white people) are not stupid. We see what is going on and more and more people are realizing just how CRAZY out of control the MSM is, for one thing. It’s a joke that they think people are stupid enough to not see their obvious agenda.

        A lot of people are really really pissed right now about Ferguson. I’m talking about white people being pissed at the chimpout, how MSM encouraged it, how MSM says “there are issues that we need to address” but MSM claims the issue is white racism, not black IQ and failure as a whole to have civilized families raising civilized young black men even after 60 years of forced integration and affirmative action.

        Like the original comment said, more people are getting more willing to be ready to challenge the RIDICULOUS SJWs and their control of everything.


  5. You can decide to ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the results of ignoring reality.


    • If I may quibble a bit: you actually can ignore all of it, include the results.

      What you can’t do is *escape* them.


  6. on December 2, 2014 at 11:31 am RedPillMinarchist

    Yes there are race and sex differences. But what does that say about politics? You didn’t need race realism to know that socialism in all its variants was garbage. Also, I would argue that the current fiasco doesn’t disprove the better strains of libertarian though; ie limited government or Minarchy (Anarchism is stupid). That a mixed race welfare / regulatory state doesn’t work does not mean that a mixed race fully laissez faire society wouldn’t work; ie where everyone had to earn their own way and there was no public safety net (only private charity).

    IOW, race realism does not imply that Reactionary / Fascist / authoritarian politics is the only alternative to modern liberalism / welfare statism.


    • i mostly agree with you, although i used to be more for open-borders, believing that getting rid of the social safety net would solve problems of leeches.

      but unlike economics where low friction is an unalloyed good, free flows of people into a country actually affect the people already there, and the culture there, and the space available there, and crime and language and everything else. i do not think anymore that it’s somehow authoritarian to have a border and choose who gets to come into the country, in such a way that it benefits us.

      i also don’t believe in any of the reactionary stuff, it’s just another set of people thinking they can run your life for you better than you can.


    • We can make it work without the white people…we can we can. lol


    • Minarchist: “That a mixed race welfare / regulatory state doesn’t work does not mean that a mixed race fully laissez faire society wouldn’t work; ie where everyone had to earn their own way and there was no public safety net (only private charity).”

      A “mixed race fully laissez faire” society would work just fine – for the oligarchy. A vast, dumb, low trust mixed race population to rule over, manipulate and exploit? What’s not to like – if you are part of the ruling class?

      But for whites as a people? Non-whites are still non-whites whether they are getting a welfare check or not, and would still inflict enormous damage on the white population, likely leading to white extinction over time. Might even get there faster than under current conditions.

      Look at the vast mixed race populations of Latin America, or elsewhere in the world. It ain’t pretty, whether a welfare check is involved or not. Contrary to libertarian fetishists, welfare is not the determinative factor.

      Minarchist: “Also, I would argue that the current fiasco doesn’t disprove the better strains of libertarian though”

      Actually, it pretty much does, but non-whites aren’t going to support libertarian thought anyway, so the point is rather moot. A heavily non-white society will not be a libertarian society (though there may sometimes be a lack of government due to sheer chaos and anarchy).

      Any political philosophy that does not recognize the importance of race is as anti-reality as a scientist that denies the earth revolves around the sun.

      This is not to say that a future white ethnostate can’t value liberty highly. I think that it can and that it should. But race denying libertarians are in la la land to the point where they are, ironically, enemies of liberty. A person who claims to believe in liberty, but is perfectly fine with free white societies being overrun with non-whites is either insane, or a cultist. Whatever such a person imagines himself to be, he is no friend of liberty. He actively undermines the very conditions under which liberty is most likely to flourish.


  7. Yet I first came into contact with HBD stuff around 2008, people talked a lot about “the truth setting you free” and yet North Carolina became a swing state in 2012. North Carolina that gave more soldiers to the Confederacy than any other state

    I don’t see the truths of HBD making any progress, but the diversified West is clearly becoming uncapable of growing (GDP).


    • Incorrect, North Carolina went for Obama in 2008. In 2012, it went for Romney.


      • North Carolina voted 50.4% Romney vs 48.4% Obama. Therefore, a swing state. And Steve Sailer at least has been blogging about HBD almost since the internet got popularized a decade ago


    • Apparently, NC was collecting too may groids and SWPLs from up north, although it’s not as bad as VA.


  8. “Don’t abide opinions that your grandmother would scoff at.”

    An alarming trend I see amongst social justice warriors and my fellow millenials is that the ‘uniformed heathens’ won’t “get with the times” or are “on the wrong side of history”.

    ” I don’t expect you to get with the times and realize gender is a spectrum”
    ” You racists are on the wrong side of history”


  9. Don’t abide opinions that your grandmother would scoff at.

    Sadly, we’ve a lost generation of divorced careerists holding the hearth now – and they’re opinions are so salted that the next generation will likely outlaw the Y Chromozone.

    Grandma may spin in her grave – like a hamster – as her worst fears are realized – but her daughters sought those treasures which moth and dust corrupt – and rode the cock carousel – until what was commonly understood – can no longer be comprehended by a generation of gender confused, multiracial lick spittles.


  10. I always wonder how much you have to hate your grandparents and parents and self to do and think the opposite of practically everything they ever did or believed in in their time.
    Progressives and SJW’s are so narcissistic they think they can replace hundreds even thousands of years of wisdom with their own hokum.


    • Maybe their parents are just as narcissistic, so, the apple ain’t falling that far off the tree.


    • Telling an entire generation of kids they were special and giving them awards for voicing their opinions no matter how stupid they were turned out predictably.


      • on December 2, 2014 at 2:37 pm mendozatorres

        This reminds me of two things:

        1) When I went back to college, at the beginning of one semester, the professor went around the room to ask people about why they took the class and what their ambitions were, aside from just the class. One girl said she wanted to make x-amount of money right after graduating, with x-kind of job and blah blah blah. Professor had a wonderfully smug grin on his face; an old school cat originally from Tulsa. She then proceeded to miss about 3/4 of the class, working on Obama’s re-election campaign, or so she said, as this was 2010.

        2) When I was interning at a video editing school to earn free class credit, this one Baby Huey looking mofo (and I was about 5-7 years his senior) was hoping to graduate from his art school (he was learning editing!) and get an 80k job editing. I knew something didn’t sound right and another intern told me (and several others) that most editing jobs are union and you have to work your way up before you get the nice payday. Not only that, but one time while we were passing out fliers for a contest our company was offering, he made an anti-Semitic joke, rationalizing that since his girlfriend was Jewish, he had the “right.” To make matters worse, they rigged the contest so that she won.


  11. I love this site! Pure comedy!

    Complains America is less white and in decline, yet is not married and has no children-fails to see the irony…..

    [CH: some might call it impartiality.]


  12. I don’t think that either side has the truth. On side you have anti-White liberals and feminists, who constantly say that there are no differences between Blacks and Whites, and between men and women. On the other side you have reactionary fascists, who say that all Coloured people have IQs below 50,

    [CH: nobody says that. stop lying like a histrionic feminist.]

    are violent, lazy, and obese.

    [well, are these things true or not? ps back up your claims.]

    They say similar things about White women.

    [reactionary fascists say all white women are violent?]

    Denying overlap and similarities between the races and sexes is just as bad as denying differences between the races and sexes.

    [no one’s denying overlap either. you have a love affair with weasel words.]


    • there’s something else you’re missing as well, the difference between a population and an individual. as far as i’m concerned, any individual can be a genius or a hero or a scumbag.

      for example i have a ton of respect for the intellects of thomas sowell, clarence thomas, janice rodgers-brown. that doesn’t mean i’m going to move into ferguson next week to be near more black people. because on average, taken over large numbers of people, i am more likely to experience crime problems in a black area than in a white area.

      that’s not any kind of revolutionary thought, it’s just reality. but it doesn’t mean there’s not a continuous spectrum of types of people or that the vast majority of content here denies that.

      on top of all that, cultures matter. and more so than in white culture, black culture respects criminality. i don’t have to respect that, i don’t think it’s conducive to civilization. i think my culture is far superior in terms of maintaining civilization.


      • on December 2, 2014 at 2:19 pm The Spirit Within

        The difference between populations and individuals is utterly lost on a certain group of hateful commenters here.


      • for example i have a ton of respect for the intellects of thomas sowell, clarence thomas, janice rodgers-brown.

        And Walter Williams. He and Thomas Sowell have both written good essays about the Ferguson rioters at Lew Rockwell’s website today, recommended. (LRC is a mixed bag. You have to know which writers to read. Lew will accept pro-immigrant writers too because he is a public figure and left-wing extremist terrorist groups attack those who speak up. But it’s clear where his sympathies lie.)

        “hateful commenters” sobs The Socialist Within who has never backed up his socialist claims with anything resembling facts. All he can do is scream “racism!” and “hate!”. How predictable these scum are. He doesn’t care about the victims of mass immigration, those who are murdered, the women who are raped. He cares only about silencing those who speak up. What a filthy bastard he is.


      • What’s lost here is the Yid Within’s ability to admit when he/she is wrong.

        How about a dime for each time we so-called RAY-CISS NAH-ZEEs have mentioned that all peoples on the planet have both dregs and remarkable individuals, against a buck for each time you SWPL/usual suspect cogdissers
        have acknowledged it?

        You Cathedral company man… you fuckin’ child…

        You fairy.


      • Note that Lew Rockwell always stays a million miles away from the Third Rail.


    • who say that all Coloured people

      Yet another SJW who doesn’t grasp the concept of statistics.


  13. “…nobody says that. stop lying like a histrionic feminist.”

    “Essentially, the common ideas about race up to about the mid-1950’s are all turning out to be true- I.Q…”

    [CH: the common ideas about race up to the 1950s was that blacks were less intelligent than whites, not that blacks all had IQs of 50 and could be classified as clinically retarded.
    but thanku for playing.]


  14. The current situation isn’t sustainable and things will look very different in the future. The United States in the year 2050 will probably look more like the United States of 1950 than it will look like the United States of today. If we don’t return to that type of society, the whole country will have descended into barbarism and will look like Africa, Haiti or Detroit.


  15. What I don’t get is the blatant coverup and political correctness over this issue.

    We know that due to sequencing Neanderthal DNA that White Europeans share a percentage of DNA due to inbreeding. We know now that Neanderthal DNA is absent from native Africans.

    So since we know these things… could not DNA differences explain other differences (IQ differences, big brow ridges, etc)? Why is this such a big deal. I get that everyone wants to have “equality” under expectations crap (except at Harvard et al) but REALLY… can’t we just admit people aren’t the same and move on?

    Is it that science is confirming actual racial differences that ARE measurable?
    I mean really a Nobel Prize winner speaks truth to power and gets exiled? really?

    FYI – due to Mitochondrial DNA sequencing (non-nuclear only female transferred DNA). It’s nearly certain that NO Neanderthal mothers were the mothers of hybrid Homo-Sapiens and Homo-Neanderthals. As no non- Homo-Sapiens Mitochondrial DNA has been found (only Homo-Sapiens Mother descended DNA). See Mitochondrial Eve for a good overview – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitochondrial_Eve

    Translation – it was the Homo-Sapiens women who got their Neander-dong on and were responsible for the hybridization. So in Red Pill terms the Neanderthals were apparently “more alpha” and attractive to the Homo-Sapiens women. Or… the Neander-slongs just took the women directly via club and hair pulling back to a convenient cave.

    So here’s my non-PC compliant radical theory on European dominance since the 1400s. The European’s brought with their ships, guns and germs a heady cocktail (ha!) of Max Alpha DNA. As they traveled women across the world were knocked silly (up?) to get their hands on these alpha male specimens. This changed mating. This changed relationships. This changed political alliances. All due to all women’s hypergamy writ large.


    • We know that due to sequencing Neanderthal DNA that White Europeans share a percentage of DNA due to inbreeding. We know now that Neanderthal DNA is absent from native Africans.

      Funny how this is the only thing we hear from Blacks and anti-Whites about DNA these days, isn’t it? Suddenly genetic heritage matters! When it can be used to mock Whites.

      Three notes on this:

      –Those Neanderthals were not as primitive as people think. They invented needlework, pottery and other things.

      –The genes preserved among Whites and Asians from Neanderthals were, of course, only the genes that benefited us in some way. Back in those days competition for survival was extremely tough, and it remained so for tens of thousands of years. Only those with beneficial genes would survive. The surviving Neanderthal genes were those that made us more resistant to cold, gave us stronger bones, etc.

      –Blacks don’t have DNA from Neanderthals. On the other hand Blacks have a lot of DNA from Blacks. Ouch. I’ll take the Neanderthals, thank you very much. (Besides, U.S. Blacks have 23 percent White DNA, so that means they also have Neanderthal DNA. But that’s too complicated for Blacks and other leftists to understand, as shown by their online comments.)


  16. Someone once observed: Average people think X. ‘Smart’ people think Y. Very, very smart people think X.


    • Also known as: Marxism is the opiate of the academia intellectuals.


    • on December 2, 2014 at 4:02 pm Carlos Danger

      People, things, and ideas respectively.


    • on December 3, 2014 at 9:05 am mendozatorres

      Sounds like the quote, often credits to Eleanor Roosevelt:

      Great minds talk about ideas
      Average minds talk about things
      Small minds talk about people


    • on December 4, 2014 at 2:00 pm tropicalhotdognight

      Yes, and it seems others have misunderstood you here. Very smart people often agree with average folks. It’s the ‘half-smart’ people who are the problem.


  17. on December 2, 2014 at 1:50 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

    I will frankly laugh not only in the face of these idiots, but all the silly girls who waited too much or other people who got burned by their hubris. Of course though, I’d advise you not to take solace in this and actually try to be successful in their world too. Not only then you won’t sound glad things turned out bad because your lot in life was shit anyway, but it will be useful when things will change too.

    Eventually, the type of people in power will have to change too. I think Pareto makes a good breakdown of the type of leaders countries can have. I can image Putin or Obama as types of them.


  18. “to about the mid-1950’s”

    So post-WW2 you mean … I wonder who was the up-and-coming people during that era. Any notion of racial difference had to be abolished.

    Where is Zombie Shane when you most need him …


  19. Today the anti-immigrant Swedish Democrats have announced that they will vote for the four right-wing parties’ budget proposal tomorrow, sinking the Social Democrat minority government whose budget won’t pass. This has never happened before. In the past the Social Democrats reigned supreme, often with more than half of votes since the government had a monopoly on TV, radio, schools and academia. They lost two elections in a row lately, won the last one two months ago, but now it seems there might be a new election.

    The Social Democrats actually didn’t “win” the August election, it’s just that the right-wing coalition of four parties lost votes massively to the Swedish Democrats who got 13 percent of votes. The Social Democrats only increased by half a percentage point. Their last party leader had to leave because he was incompetent and was finally forced out by the party board after lying to reporters. The new one was chosen because he used to be a welder and because the first choice for party leader said no. The socialists only increased their votes by half a percent. They had to form a government with the Greens, who increasingly look like the communist Left Party.

    The anti-immigrant Swedish Democrats have made clear they vote against the government budget because the insane Greens took part in writing it. They want the Greens out of government. This is something workers who voted for the socialists can understand. It is a doable thing: get rid of the Greens and the SD wouldn’t vote for the right-wing budget instead.

    Tomorrow the socialists have invited the right-wing coalition to negotiations, but they have declared they will not vote in favor of the socialist budget proposal just to save the government and stave off a re-election. Why should they? They were in power two elections, eight years. They now look like a better “can lead” alternative than the Social Democrats, whose brand used to hinge on being the only “real” government party.

    The right-wing parties are not much better when it comes to mass immigration. They have been pounded by the Left and the media. The pro-immigrant factions have taken over the four parties with help from the media. That’s why they lost votes to the SD in the last election when loyal right-wing voters realized there would never be a change in the immigration policy. But sinking the Social Democrat is always a good thing. The Swedish Democrats gain from this by showing they won’t just sit quiet if they are kept out of negotiations, and they won’t accept the Greens or the Left Party in power. In a re-election they are set to gain more votes from the socialists..


  20. For those hoping that white women will turn racist-forget about it.Women can’t be racist by definition.Racism,like kinship and friendship are predominantly male concepts.Males are territorial, they form groups, building alliances according to a pyramid: family, tribe, nation (group of tribes), race.

    Look at prisons: whites with whites, blacks with blacks. A russian, an irish and an italian (nothing in common,really) dumped in an infested by blacks environment with form an alliance almost immediately.This is basic evolutional psychology.

    Women on the other hand move legs apart to anyone whoever is more alpha at present moment. If aliens will take over the earth tomorrow-they will try to copulate with aliens.


    • Women are racialist when men are racialist. Look at non-White women, they are racialist as hell. Women are the more religious group in religious countries, and the more secular group in secular countries. (It may surprise the neocon lovers that “the oppressed women” in the Gulf are very much religious and proud of it.) Women are more communist under communist rule.

      The only exception is that they are not more small-government under right-wing rule, because they go with what is safe, and small government will always seem unsafe. (Example of this is referendums in European countries, where women always vote for the safer alternative in larger numbers than men, no matter if Left or Right are in power.)

      I have met many, many racialist women in nationalist circles. I have met many racialist Asian women, who are astonished that the West will let in brownskins. It is a good antidote to the frustration you feel if you only meet the brainwashed masses. In the past you can be sure women were racialist. As Science has shown, women are more easily disgusted than men, which is a sign of conservatism – disgust being a reaction created by evolution to help us survive. The Left works very hard on breaking down people’s natural instinct for revulsion.


      • Hey Arbiter, I was surprised to see in another comment that you were in the army, do you regret it with your knowledge now? Would you recommend it at all now?

        I’ve given it thought occasionally, but these days it feels like I’d be fighting for the wrong team.


      • Erudite Knight, that’s not the American army.

        And you’re right: no matter which country, don’t join an institution that used to be for defending the country but today only serves the globalists.

        This is what so many conservatives don’t understand. I think all they see is “Left-wing extremists hate the military, so I must defend it.” Both sides, for their own reasons, pretend that the army is still conservative and patriotic. We should be “paleoconservatives” instead. The real conservatives.


      • on December 4, 2014 at 2:50 pm Joachim Peiper

        I’ve given it thought occasionally, but these days it feels like I’d be fighting for the wrong team.

        Where else will you learn those critical infantry skills?


    • Anyone who’s spent any time in Africa as I have knows – you quickly form social networks with what even my liberal associates called “like-minded nationals,” which was code for Americans, Europeans, Australians, and white Africans. Even the leftists were forced to admit that white company was preferable to socializing with local blacks (but again, to make themselves feel better, they rationalized it as “fellow expats.”)
      One naïf white woman insisted on mixing with natives and taking the Matatu instead of private car. She met with some unfortunate events.


      • Diamond Dave, that reminds me of a half-Indian, half-White girl who used to live in Africa. Had a high education, met a European boyfriend and moved to Europe. (Yeah, I know.) I was walking down the street with her and we saw an ugly, fat African woman. And the girl said, “I can’t believe how you can let Blacks into this country.”

        She said it with such sorrow and with a lifetime of experience. She had lived in Rhodesia, now called Zimbabwe. Most of her friends had been raped by Blacks. The middle class have to live behind walls four meters high and they have to hire someone to let out vicious dogs in the garden at night. If their homes are invaded, the Black police refuse to come out after nightfall. Anyone who shoots a home invader is thrown in prison, where Whites (and Indians) are killed.

        She had worked for a European company and they all saw the same thing. Everyone knew. But the media owners forbid them to say anything. Those who know are silenced and lose their jobs if they speak up when they are back home. She couldn’t understand why. She didn’t know who control the media.

        All civilized peoples of the earth could cooperate if we got rid of the media owners. Without invasions we would have no problem with each other. Tall fences make good neighbors.


    • on December 2, 2014 at 5:52 pm Hammer of Love

      ” Look at prisons: whites with whites, blacks with blacks. A russian, an irish and an italian (nothing in common,really) ”

      Nothing in common ?? They’re white dear sir. You cant be that blind , can you ??


    • women are just a reflection of whoever they are around. What a pointless point


  21. OT – from NYT nov ’13 couldn’t resist

    “for women, casual sex is exciting precisely because it is spontaneous. She compared a hookup with having dinner at a friend’s house.”

    – cool. they now equate their greatest asset with shoving their faces. remember players just be spontaneous and they’ll spread.

    “Sex without strings has carnal and emotional benefits that don’t depend on reaching orgasm, they say.”

    – for men orgasm is the only benefit, strings or not. women are stupid.

    ““Something we don’t talk about is why having an orgasm is the main goal or the only goal” of sex, Dr. Herbenick said. “Who are we to say women should be having orgasms?””

    – agreed. disregard their needs completely.

    “Casey Romaine, a 22-year-old Bard College graduate living in Nashville, Tenn., said that more than sex, hookups are often much more about two people giving each other the sense of intimacy, however brief, they need to get through the week.”

    – lol whatever you want to tell yourself

    ““It’s just sort of like having the experience, and having somebody that you can call or you can like, whose house you can spend the night in if you don’t feel like you want to be going home alone,” she said. “I think a lot of the time it almost is weirdly irrelevant whether or not the sex is actually good.””

    – lol i’ll do as little as possible then

    ““As far as my ability to climax consistently, that’s something I was able to have in my monogamous relationships that I never had” in less committed circumstances, she said.”

    – sounds like she’s good either way so why should we care

    “Yet mediocre sex was a small price to pay “for the freedom to be able to enjoy it all.” The physical aspect of a tryst with a relative stranger was gratifying, she said, even if her chances of reaching orgasm were limited. When her partner’s performance was lackluster, she still took pride in her own sexual prowess.”

    – lol you’re just a set of holes sweetheart. let freedom ring!!

    ““To sort of know yourself to be sort of skilled in a way or to be able to see someone else’s pleasure that was your own doing, I think there’s definitely something very empowering about that,” she said.”

    – lol then my hand is empowered too

    sluts. use them for your pleasure. never give their orgasm a second thought. think only of yourself. pump and dump forever. it’s what they want.


    • on December 2, 2014 at 3:44 pm mendozatorres

      Damn, ain’t this some shit. This one kills me though:

      “Yet mediocre sex was a small price to pay “for the freedom to be able to enjoy it all.” The physical aspect of a tryst with a relative stranger was gratifying, she said, even if her chances of reaching orgasm were limited. When her partner’s performance was lackluster, she still took pride in her own sexual prowess.”

      Seems as though she possess the ability to enjoy mediocrity just for a thrill.

      (If only I knew how to embed YouTube clips.)


    • http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/11/11/women-find-orgasms-elusive-in-hookups/?_r=0

      Well, you kind of missed the point, which is that women orgasm at least twice as often when they’re emotionally connected to their partner vs. a casual fling, Which makes perfect sense, we’re not wired to have multiple partners and emotionless sex. Of course the article had to be pc and not slut-shame, so they included quotes from women into casual hookups to show that women can enjoy sex without having an orgasm. Which is true. But claiming mediocre sex is the small price to pay for “sexual freedom” (casual sex)– what a joke. The real price for sexual freedom is emotional numbness and a hardened heart. And that’s what makes sex mediocre. (for women)


  22. on December 2, 2014 at 3:16 pm Hilary Clinton

    why does zemir begic & antonio west get less media than michael brown and st trayvon


    • You know why… because You-Know-Who controls You-Know-What.


    • Remember the dragging in Jasper, Texas. The victim and the others were all ex-convicts, and the guy who dragged the Black had been raped by Blacks in prison. It was a matter of violence among criminals, a common thing, but the media completely ignored that. Like William Pierce wrote then, the media did their version of Chinese water torture, releasing some tiny bit of information now and then so they could drag out the case for months.

      There were MANY other draggings where the perpetrators were Black and the victims were White. The media mentioned none of those. Just a few weeks after the Jasper dragging a White boy was dragged to death close to Jasper. The media were silent.

      A Black stripper falsely claims to have been raped by a lacrosse team. The media all print it as if it was the truth. In Europe too. 90 percent of interracial rape being Blacks raping Whites – the media are quiet.


  23. “The next 20-30 years will be the history of our race and culture relearning all that was once commonly accepted as obvious truth and discarded”

    Well, it would seem that Strauss and Howe were correct. We will be the Hero Generation.


  24. Yeah and it won’t ever go away….that is why the left is always so paranoid…


  25. I’m a minority but I can certainly see and agree with much of your point. My father (German) taught me a great work ethic. No one hands it to you. Pisses me off to see all the lazy people. Pisses me off more to see a white guy bitch about a minority while he’s living on welfare.


  26. Meh. I would slightly modify this to the observation that blacks are rapidly proving themselves to be hopeless, to a degree no other race proves. Blacks killed that Australian in Oklahoma, and now a Bosnian. Blacks are destroying their reputation worldwide.

    Certainly Chinese and Indians, and at least the whiter among Hispanics, coexist with whites without conflict. They aren’t the problem, the way blacks are. That is what white nationalism has to recognize – that there are degrees of acceptability.

    It is blacks that are showing the world that they are the ones who cannot function.

    What is even worse is that US blacks are just 83% black, and 17% pure WASP white. Even that 17% of goodness could not overcome the rest of the garbage.

    Muslims are a different problem, but many of them are whitish to white in complextion (Turks, Syrians, Chechens, iranians, etc.). So that is ideology, not race.


    • on December 2, 2014 at 5:58 pm Hammer of Love

      The Police chief is saying that the hammer attack was not a hate crime, because the attackers had no way of knowing the victim was Bosnian. What a crock of shit. I’m sure the “intelligent ” police chief understands that most Bosnians are white, but I’m sure the attackers ignored that factor. God help us all.


    • I’ve always said that 99% of blacks give the rest a bad name.


    • Anon2: “That is what white nationalism has to recognize – that there are degrees of acceptability.”

      You’re missing the point. White nationalism is about white survival, with white in this context being shorthand for European. We define ourselves, just as all peoples do.

      Sure, some non-white groups are better behaved than others when it comes to matters such as criminality or parasitism, but we don’t want to be overrun or blended out by them either. If that happens, it would still be genocide.

      I’ve personally known and enjoyed the company of many non-whites over the course of my life – but they aren’t my people. Doesn’t matter how great they are as individuals, my liking them on a personal level does not mean that I sign off on the destruction and dispossession of my own. Similarly, I’ve never known a non-white that seemed to believe that, because he liked me personally, he must sign off on the destruction of his own people. To do so would be absurd. (because I’m “acceptable?”)

      Our purpose is to oppose white genocide, and we do not seek to make the process of dispossession more comfortable by being flooded with “acceptable” non-whites.

      There are plenty of important issues out there, including crime, wealth transfer, and restriction of liberty. Non-whites impose grievous costs upon whites in all of these areas and, yes, some groups are definitely worse than others. Some by a long, long shot.

      But at the end of the day, all of these problems pale in comparison to the real issue: our identity and very survival as a people. That’s what it’s all about, and the only solution is sovereignty and independence.


  27. “Muslims are a different problem, but many of them are whitish to white in complextion (Turks, Syrians, Chechens, iranians, etc.). So that is ideology, not race.”

    No they are a different race than European whites. Stop spreading your bullshit


    • You obviously don’t know what Turks, Syrians, and Chechens look like. Plus, what about the large numbers of Western Whites that are happily converting to Islam, and joining groups like ISIS?

      Tell you what, why don’t YOU list out the races of the world. Let’s see if you are minimally educated on the subject, or not.

      List out the major races of the world, according to you.. (this should be entertaining).


    • It appears ‘Facepalm’ is not intelligent enough to answer the simple question. What an idiot.

      List the races of the world according to you, dumbass.


      • Anon2: “It appears ‘Facepalm’ is not intelligent enough to answer the simple question. What an idiot. List the races of the world according to you, dumbass.”

        Lighten up, Francis. Perhaps Facepalm does not exist merely to follow your instructions. Just a thought.

        In any event, we just went through a recent thread where the issue of “where to draw the line” was discussed in considerable detail, particularly as that line pertains to Turks. Do we really need to go through that whole thing again? (and what’s with the sudden phenomenon of posters popping up claiming that Turks are white?)

        I’ll oblige with the Cliff’s Notes Version of points made in that rather lengthy exchange: Peoples and tribes define themselves. They do no need or seek the permission of others to do so. Broader definitions of white or caucasian do not interest us. They are not our people. In the context of white nationalism, white is simply shorthand for ethnic European.

        Turks, generally speaking, are not a European people – racially, culturally, linguistically, historically. But given the history of Turkey, it is possible that there are a small minority of Turks that are of entirely, or almost entirely, of European descent (I’ve personally known a Turkish girl that I think fits this – but tragically I didn’t have a genetic testing kit handy). Only that small minority would have any meaningful claim to being “white,” as we are using the term, and even then there could be reasonable religious/cultural/whatever objections. Or not, as the case may be. Again, tribes define themselves.

        In all areas of life, we have to draw the line somewhere, and there are always going to be borderline cases – with some sad specimen just outside of the line. That’s just in the nature of things. If we didn’t draw lines, we’d pay a million dollars for a toaster, or celebrate pedophilia. So, in this context, we draw it thusly: those peoples that descend from the traditional peoples of Europe. If someone has a problem that, perhaps they should pester the Koreans or Navajo, or any non-white group. For some odd reason, they never do. The ruling orthodoxy says: non-whites get to define themselves, but whites don’t. We disagree.


  28. @DNA: You are a slave to my replicating ways,

    Read – “The Selfish Gene”. It is basically this simple concept. Of course, I embraced the idea of evolutionary biology long ago since it made sense and explained a LOT of behavior among humans. That is what science is all about – figuring out from empirical observations rules that explain other observables so that then we can predict behavior, and see if that prediction is correct. That is how we became the dominant species on this spec of dust.

    Of course, there are those who are too stupid to see reality when it stares them in the face. It’s so much easier to believe non-sense – whether liberal non-sense, or conservative non-sense. Mostly because TRUTH hurts and isn’t “nice” – it just IS….

    When it comes to race and so forth, I couldn’t care less. All that matters to me is if I find a woman attractive, and if I would have sex with her. Everything else is trivia. THAT is what evolution teaches us – it’s all about propagating your genes into the next several generations – at least if you’re a man you can span several generations – women are much more limited. That is what drives us – everything else, is just a way to achieve that objective…


    • You are wrong on every level. We are more than survival and replication. The only thing more astonishing than how similar we are to mere animals is how different we are from them.

      “All that matters to me is if I find a woman attractive, and if I would have sex with her. Everything else is trivia.”

      How sad for you. And pathetic. You’ve built your entire worldview on weakest possible foundation. Enjoy the results.


    • A Polar bear has enough sense not to fuck a Grizzly bear or black bear. Even beastly animals have more sense than you….


    • Just Saying: “When it comes to race and so forth, I couldn’t care less.”

      You cared enough to make a post about it. You cared enough to take an anti-white stance.

      Just Saying: “Everything else is trivia.”

      Hardly. A man who has a child of his own race is more closely related to that child, genetically, than he would be if he fathered a mixed race child. What it boils down to is that his same race wife “helps” pass on his genes, simply because she already carries more copies of them than a racial alien would. Some of those copies will inevitably be passed on to the child.

      In other words, that same race child will share more of the man’s genes, even though they came from the wife, not directly from him. This has been obvious to people long before they understood genetics per se, simply due to physical appearance. The mixed race child looks alien to the father, because it IS alien to the father – compared to the same race child. The mixed race child carries fewer copies of his genes, purely because of the choice he made about who to bed down with.

      So, if you want to put your resources into a relationship that passes on fewer of your genes, that’s your call. Have at it. But saying it’s “trivia” is delusional. The consequences are dramatic.


      • Every mischling sprog I see resembles only the darker side of the equation… and if you saw the piccaninny without the mother, you wouldn’t even guess it was her child.

        When the present company starts cooing about “how cute” said piccaninny is, I will sometimes chime in with a light-hearted tone and innocent smile: “Yes indeed… BOTH mother and child are good-looking… but I see no family resemblance.”

        The reaction is usually a puzzled moment of silence before conversation resumes… as if weighing whether or not an insult or a compliment were just handled out, and unable to judge, so onward.

        A few of those on the periphery give me a knowing grin, though.


  29. If whites and blacks have different physiology (run,swim and jump differently) and are prone to different diseases and pathologies (racial profiling is a must in a medical history taking), then it’s quite naive to assume that the brains of whites and blacks are not different.

    Everything is different,but brains.Yea,right.


    • on December 2, 2014 at 11:05 pm Bobby Cuddlefuck

      Agreed. A lot of so called liberals rally behind science up until the moment it’s truths stand in opposition to their ridiculous ideals. That being said, I’ve met a lot of great people from different races and socioeconomic upbringings. Both seed and soil play a part.


    • You are a racist! Don’t you know sickle cell anemia is a social construct…


    • they believe in evolution right up to the point where they don’t believe in evolution.


  30. “.. one time while we were passing out fliers for a contest our company was offering, he made an anti-Semitic joke, rationalizing that since his girlfriend was Jewish, he had the “right.” ”

    A notorious local cretin and soccerista got into hot water yesterday over his ostensibly unassisted tweet:
    [captioning a cartoon of the celebrated mustachioed plumber]

    “SuperMario (kickyball-mong’s preferred nick) jumps like a black, and grabs coins like a joo!”

    Outrage bus mounts the kerb! Hang the DJ! Burn football!!11!!

    Idiotboy is in fact [a] intensely black and named Mario, [b] Mama (adoptive) is Jewish, [c] he is absurdly wealthy (pulled over for DWB in Manchester and when asked about humongous wedge of cash in fancy car, replied sweetly “because I am a very rich man!”) and [d] he’s fucking Italian, and might as well be a fucking plumber, for all the use he is to Liverpool Football Club.

    He thought it was funny, and so do I. Apparently not good enough for the Guardian, BBC etc.


  31. I was sort of having these same-ish thoughts today. The charge of “misogynist” has lost its sting to the point that it is a litmus test. The accusation of “misogyny” only stings those that probably would not consider themselves “misogynists”. Me, I don’t give a crap if you call me a “misogynist”. I only protest in that I prefer to think of myself as a “woman hater”. I make no bones about it and I make no apologies.

    To someone from the manosphere, it is almost a point of pride, something that he might cause him actually smile at his accuser, meaning “oh, you mean someone that values objectivity over subjectivity, someone that values science over dogma, some that values hard truths over ‘pretty little lies”.

    For many the charge of “racist” still carries a sting, and invokes sort of this defense mechanism that “No, I am not a racist, but …” . I wonder if soon, as this post infers, that for many, being charged as a racists will no longer sting, and perhaps be sign of the intelligent and intellectually, and will infer more about the person leveling the claim than it says about the actual recipient.


  32. Do the patron saints of Le Chateau have a recommended reading list for old wisdom?


    • on December 2, 2014 at 6:50 pm Hammer of Love

      ” Together For Two Hundred Years. ”
      Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

      If you can find it.


      • You won’t find it. It said a few naughty things about the Tribe so nobody in the ‘Free World’ would publish it.


      • Imagine that, a Nobel laureate in Literature who can’t get his work translated.

        Yet high school children are assigned I. B. Singer’s short stories, replete with “cocksucker” and all.

        And then those (ahem) frontrunners wonder why people hate them.


      • on December 4, 2014 at 4:33 pm Carlos Danger

        200 Years Together was published in Germany and in France but is out of print. Used copies are available on Amazon.de. I was thinking of doing a pro bono translation from either language but it would be a lot of work and it has already been partially done. As of about a year ago, it was partially translated from the French and available on the Occidental Observer. I’d be willing to do it if someone were willing to publish it. I have translated professionally before and have been published.


    • “Orthodox” G.K. Chesterton

      “Heart of Darkness” Joseph Conrad

      “The Long Goodbye” Raymond Chandler


    • “FM 3-06.11”

      For those who don’t grok the reference, that’s “Combined Arms Operations in Urban Terrain” *obligatory wave to NSA parsers*


    • Whatever happened to GBFM? Llozlolozlzo


      • on December 3, 2014 at 2:26 am Zed, Lord of the Brutals

        FM 2-22.3 and it’s previous version, FM 34-52. Knowing the CARVER matrix is useful too. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CARVER_matrix

        IMO, combined arms operations isn’t going to be that useful, as those assets tend to be scarce after the initial great hate ends and the long bloody slog starts.

        FM 7-8 (Infantry Platoon and Squad)

        The Last Hundred Yards, by Gunny Poole


        The old Boy Scout Handbook had a lot of good generally useful info, back when it was a paramilitary organization before the faggots got their hooks in.


      • on December 3, 2014 at 2:47 pm Joachim Peiper

        The Ranger handbook is a great place to start for infantry tactics. Military Operations in Urban Terrain is another good manual. But you need a unit to practice and rehearse this stuff with too. It’s like reading a karate manual and thinking you can execute without practicing. Combined Arms manuals are too high level for what the average 3% will need. Can’t beat a hitch in the Army or Marines for learning those important infantry tactics.


    • A Struggle For Rome (Dahn)
      The Warwolf (Löns)
      The Dispossessed Majority (Robertson)

      and of course, the Bible.


    • Beowulf
      The Canterbury Tales
      “A Modest Proposal”
      The Odyssey
      Great Expectations
      The Picture of Dorian Gray
      Sister Carrie
      The Red Badge of Courage
      The Scarlet Letter
      “Young Goodman Brown”

      A few that came to mind 🙂


      • Da Fuq? He didn’t ask for a high school Lit Appreciation reading list.. I’ll give you The Odyssey.


      • Hey, pops, you haven’t been in high school for a while. When I stopped teaching British Literature, half of that list was dropped from our high school. Now, in American Literature, the old anthologies have to compete with all those newfangled authors like Toni Morrison, Zora Neale Huston, Ralph Ellison, etc. Regardless, look at this information on the education level of the readership here. http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/heartiste.wordpress.com
        There are plenty of people who haven’t read these works, and they are all important studies of human nature and selected because they contain many red pill concepts.


        [CH: alexa’s demographic charts are garbage. i’ve seen grad school jump from nothing to 100% in the span of a week.]


      • Really? Good to know!


      • C’mon, girlie… your list, if you’re going to make one that long, should have included far better examples for men (as per the request of the original poster), a la GBFM’s required reading.

        You might have just as well included Pride & Prejudice. lzlzozlzozlzozlzo


      • fear and loathing in Las Vegas
        the great shark hunt
        blood meridian
        the old man and the sea
        visions of Cody
        shit anything by McCarthy


  33. Most pornography is designed, ostensibly, to appeal to men, right? Most pornographic films, traditionally, consisted of some fat or otherwise unappealing man in the background with all the focus on the woman and her assets.

    So what’s with the proliferation of videos with black males banging white women, cuckold sub-genre and otherwise?

    The majority of porn consumers are white men, yet a vastly disproportionate array of videos exists featuring black men defiling white women. That some white women may get aroused (which I think is overblown) by black scrotums is irrelevant for they are not the main consumer here. Porn producers in theory produce what the market wants. But don’t tell me this is what white men want to see. No way.

    This is where “conspiracy theories” take root as, again, there is no market incentive to produce this type of material and yet it predominates.

    Who’s behind it?

    Also – the male porn actor stereotype has now transitioned from the disgusting slob in the background to ripped dudes. Another brainwashing agenda at play, too?


    • on December 3, 2014 at 8:45 am The Straw That Stirs the Drink

      Mass Porn has morphed to the market – the mass market is beta and lesser men. Hence the male actor is fetishized from a latent homosexual perspective, into a paper alpha ripped guy, and the majority of sequences the WOMAN is driving all the action. this is because the beta and lessor consumers cannot fathom the idea of a) an average looking guy having this kind of success and b) a MAN dominating a woman.


    • Revenue comes second to White destruction for the nation-wreckers. Here in Ireland we have an ad for Calpol featuring a family of black turdlers. What genius came up with that?


      • I’m going to Ireland for the first time next year … It’s going to be very disheartening to Africans there.

        In fact, it will piss me off and I ain’t got a drop of Irish blood in me as far as I know.


    • I’d bet that negroes consume their fair share, and then some, of porn… and that accounts for the proliferation of cuckold dreck.


      • Also queers, who seem to enjoy the destruction of beauty and all that is normal and balanced.


      • Greg, I’m sure negroes view a fair amount of porn, and I’d wager that East Indian computer guys in N. America watch prodigious amounts of various tubes, but most porn is still produced for a majority white audience.

        The black male on white female porn onslaught is either part of an indoctrination campaign by higher ups (to program both black and white viewers that male blacks with white females is normal) and/or a reflection that the porn industry is full of truly sick individuals who get off on seeing this stuff themselves.

        Either way, it’s not normal and everyone knows it (or should.)


      • I had this question before, but I think just about cuckold porn. I’m shocked at how “mainstream” cuckold porn is. AND interracial cuckold porn. It must be a big fetish for white men to see their wives with black men. I guess it could be purely voyeuristic. The husband wants to watch her with someone and feels less threatened with a black man vs. a white man.

        [CH: neither of these porn subgenres are “mainstream”, unless by mainstream you mean faggot white liberals in the media like talking about them as if they’re examples of history moving in the right direction.

        the numbers don’t lie: straight one man-one sexy young woman sex is FAR AND AWAY the most popular porn genre.]


      • Well, I’m happy to be wrong, it just seems like it’s a much more popular fetish than it should be.


      • Amy, don’t let the media vultures and homos make you think things are what they are not.

        White men DO NOT have a fetish to see negroes with their wives.

        The sick minds that produce such things are the ones with the fetish, as well as the Conan-sized axe to grind… and they and their muh-dik shock troops try to make it seem like the SWPL outliers (and themselves) are the norm.


  34. “The next 20-30 years will be the history of our race and culture relearning all that was once commonly accepted as obvious truth and discarded”

    Well there’re plenty of us old timers around to nudge you and point the way.
    Take me, born in the Eisenhower administration. Raised in the Motor City by smart, tough Euro-Hillbillies. As a little kid one lesson taught to me was, how to identify crypto-jews by their name changing and facial distinctions.
    Look around, you’ll see one of us. We’re not the ones with the mean crazy look or the ones making a lot noise. We don’t stand out. Dressed plain, walking a dog, maybe a nod to a fellow white man.
    But see, that dog on the end of the leash attacks on command, and that hand in the pocket is cradling a fine sharp piece of stainless steel. That’s why there’s a little smile. We’re old street fighters. You’re not. But what you are is more than that.
    You all went out and got sold a bill of goods by the creeps that got greasy hands on you, your hippie parents, your commie teachers, even the traitor women your gave your hearts to. You’re prodigal sons coming back home.
    That carries weight.


  35. on December 2, 2014 at 7:46 pm the latent sadist


    man i wanna bang this doctor ive been seeing. shes like vietnamese, and shes older, like early 40’s but youd never know it. shes ultra cute, and believe me im into younger chicks, like under 25. but shes super attractive and shes def attracted to me, theres hella chemistry everytime i see her. shes married. I mean is there anything to anylyze here? should i just straight up go for the number?

    She was so into me today, i was just eye fucking her, and major sexual subcommunication and she just didnt want me to go, and i can tell in hindsight she gave me tons of green lights to push things further, but i just bitched out. any thoughts?


    • why’s it gotta be so complicated? She’s a doc, make some jokes about a physical examination and ask her if she wants you to disrobe. And then just do it…just go.

      A married woman isn’t a normal date. You’re not going to be texting her and calling and shit unless she’s looking for a ripcord. Anything that’s going to happen is gonna hafta happen without leaving an obvious evidence trail.

      I had a viet chick at work, also married, who I suspected was into me. One day late, she was bending over like chicks would never do, to type on her keyboard while I was in her cube. So I just started rubbing my bulge across her ass and she started pushing back into me. That was mostly as far as it went, simply because there was no privacy and she got ASD guilt, “this isn’t right. I’m married.” Yeah, she was saying it to self-affirm, but whatever, I wasn’t gonna push it.

      So just be alpha and take what you want.


      • Yeah it’s just not in my reality to bang a doctor in the office, but I can tell she’s into me. I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me I just can’t pull the trigger. I mean I would be good to go if we went out, but I thought the same thing, like how could i possibly arrange that without forcing asd, guilt, etc. fuck I wish I knew how to work that situation and have the balls to get it in the exam room.


  36. This is, ironically, what far left politics have led to: Asian Studies, African American Studies, Gender Studies. Textbooks aimed at shaming straight white males for over 40 years. A media obsessed with movies that are laden with white guilt. In short, the narrative of “our positive stereotypes are good, your positive stereotypes are bad.” The result is that when the author, CH, opines that whites have some positive traits, it rings out like hate speech.
    Are blacks better athletes? Are Asians better students? On and on. You might agree or disagree. Either way, one good turn deserves another.
    The far left enjoys nothing more than cherry picking which stereotypes are acceptable and which are taboo.


  37. Innocent white man killed by feral black teens and nothing on CNN, NBC, ABC, or CBS.



  38. LOL. checks it out boys…..this is how you entice the white knights to fight your battles for ya….notice how he represents himself and she has dumped $60K and needs another 10…..



  39. on December 2, 2014 at 10:01 pm Themanofmystery2

    After I recently rounded the 30 mark, I realized that the older I get, the truer the shit my grandparents and their generation talked about in dealing with people is. True, across-the-board wisdom.

    I also recommend Dale Carnegie’s “How to win friends and influence people.”


  40. Somewhere Tom Wolfe is fixing a manhattan, adjusting his hat, and muttering, “all is proceeding as I have foreseen . . . in 1987.”

    The Great Relearning


  41. Reblogged this on Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar and commented:
    Do not pity your enemy.
    If they were right, they’d have you killed, or at least incarcerated.


  42. It’s not so much that whites will completely disappear but more likely that people’s perception of what being white means will change over time, like those who seriously consider latinos and pedros to be of predominant European descent. What will happen is that the threshold to whiteness will be lowered and admit people of latino heritage (as it is, latinos, hispanics and mixed have attained white status in many jurisdictions across Latin America and their local censuses regard them as such).


  43. “… desire of non-whites for white females …” Is that so? Maybe. But if it is – is it not also the other way ’round’. Is this not just the fascination with what is different than oneself? Has this truly been “double-blind” tested? I doubt it somehow.

    [CH: i dunno about “double blind” tests, but data analysis from online dating sites show that white women vastly prefer to date their own race. and black men are the race (along with asian women) most likely to message other races for sweet loves.]


    • How could you even have a double-blind test of this? (Maybe you don’t know what the term means…)


    • Oops, where is the rest of my comment?

      “Double-blind” means that neither the researcher nor the subject knows which is the item being tested and which is the control.

      The prototypical double-blind study is, of course, in drug research–where a study group is convened and half the group gets the medication under test and half gets a placebo.

      So how you could possibly do a double-blind study of racial preference in dating??? The concept is self-contradictory.


  44. We are coming full circle, feminists are even trying to bring back lynching of black men based on unsubstantiated allegations of rape made by middle class white women.

    The Klan needs to be recruiting over at jezebel for sure.


  45. on December 3, 2014 at 4:37 am PENILE ENHANCEMENT

    Shit test help:

    32 year old Tinderchick- HB8:

    “Btw you’re super cute and from the looks of it you already know it. Too bad you’re too young.”

    (For the record I’m 27)

    What’s the play?

    [CH: i can tell you what’s NOT the play: Don’t fall into her trap of manipulating you into justifying your worth to her. That means don’t make excuses for your age, and don’t attempt to sell the virtues of your age. Fuck with her instead.

    “Does the Mrs Robinson act ever get old?”]


  46. Way off topic, but needed to ask this anyway. Point is, much has been said about beta male game (aka beta provider game and vulnerability game).However, I’ve always wondered whether there is such a thing as omega male game.I mean, omega males are the ones who don’t care about anything or anyone (including themselves). Perhaps there is room in a game scenario for a moment like this. To boot, some clarification is in order about the perceived differences between omega males and females. yeh, it’s a well known fact omega females are relegated to their status mostly on account of their looks while the male version of such a debasing badge is based on personality/traits behaviour. But Ive’ once heard that omega females’ inherent sexual market value tends to always rise slightly above that of omega males. Maybe it’s because omega females can still find sex partners if they slut up whereas their male counterpart is doomed to be left stranded for an indefinite amount of time, who knows.



    ‘lol, don’t worry. I won’t be put off by a few wrinkles, I can power through.’


  48. Perhaps the greatest insight I’ve gleaned from HBD sites, especially the King of HBD (Steve Sailer), is distinguishing when and how to consider “traditional” perspectives, when to call BS on intellectually dishonest “clever sillies” and when to make peace with novel interpretations. Fact is our ancestors did and saw a lot. Sex wasn’t invented by the boomers. Nor was race. All that was invented were crappy Rube Goldberg theories by mentally ill academics and narcissistic baby boomers on evolutionary reality that’s been dealt with by “grandma” for 1000s of years. If there is some societal or technological novelty that is successfully exploited by some top 0.01% of the bell curve genius (Gates, Buffettt, Dawkins Milken), “bully for them.” Lend me your ear on software, finance, science. (A case can be made against these so called “geniuses,” ethnic nepotism, fraud, exploiting daddy’s antitrust legal background and DOJ jihad against IBM, ETC…..table those legit points). On evolutionary phenomenon, “geniuses” and crappy pseudo ethics should f%@k off…

    Rule: if grandma saw it, lived it, was at risk to it, presumption of truth on said topic goes to tradition and “conventional wisdom”. Novel interpretations are presumed clever silly fallacies unless otherwise proven by reams/years/generations of empirical evidence to contrary….


  49. I’m not too shabby in the IQ department but I thought my life is an interesting example of how “the system” conspires to hold me back.

    I was recently offered a job in a different city with a $300K salary and a 2x bonus structure. So, $600K if successful. I am divorced with two kids who **live with me**, although our divorce agreement says no such thing.

    Because of the legal system, I am forced to choose between not taking the job or leaving my kids behind with an unstable woman who has now conveniently lost her job due to “disability”. Not a real choice. The money I’d have to pay her itself is not a big deal, but if I believed my children were good with her in the first place, we would never have been divorced.

    Our divorce was precipitated by a false abuse accusation followed by a kidnapping that I only ended up being able to *disprove* due to a recording. However, the trial took 2 years. I believe they delayed it on purpose because of the evidence. No, nothing happened to her. She got cash and prizes, as you well know.

    That is the background.

    Divorce is much less encouraged in the upper class of whites but is the first blunt instrument offered to anyone else. Furthermore, false allegations of abuse are proportionately higher among non-whites than whites. This is for two reasons:

    1. Non-white women are mentally colonised into believing white people are the best thing since sliced bread. That is, they de-humanise their own and objectify the whites.

    2. By alleging abuse, you immediately strip the man of all his respect and power. Think of how high-profile men are taken down nowadays: it’s all thought police.

    By the families of non-whites being disproportionately subjected to external control, those men can become demoralised and may no longer be able to function as well in society. I know case upon case of men who went through the same thing I did and never recovered, either financially, emotionally or in their ability to connect to women. This affected their sons and in one particular case, directly resulted in an end to the blood line. Fortunately, I’ve had no such problem. I’m dating a 23 year old beauty who begs me for nude pics, wants to have my babies and I continue to be professionally successful.

    But for every story like mine, there are 100 that end badly.

    Every white person reading this should think: if black people went from being actively marginalised by the government itself into having some of them becoming the richest people in the US in less than 100 years, then maybe their failures till then had nothing to do with their race.

    So whenever you hear “war on “, you should understand that it is really an institutional war on non-white people and quite frankly, it’s the only way you will ever maintain the superiority you currently enjoy.

    [CH: white men suffer under the anti-male tyrants of the divorce industrial complex as well. you really think no white husband has ever been falsely accused of abuse?]


    • Your observation is correct. It is most definitely used against white husbands and what I’m saying that non-white people are disproportionately affected by design (for lack of a better word). White husbands are more likely to be let off the hook, even if they beat the woman with injuries. A common unsolicited theme heard throughout my situation from multiple lawyers was that it never would have gone to trial if I were white, let alone the outright lies from the police themselves. I’m a tall guy, with a muscular build so the bitch-ass cops made up some story that couldn’t be corroborated by any surveillance. I had money and could fight, how many besides me couldn’t?

      The bigger picture outside of my particular situation is that the system works to remove as much autonomy and control from the men in non-white families as possible, even more so than men in white families which is definitely also occurring as you say. The statistics bear that out and as we all know here, the resultant cycle is a spiral.


      • non white people are disproportionately poor so it will disproportionately effect them.


      • what I’m saying that non-white people are disproportionately affected by design

        Yeah… a design of their OWN making, when it comes to things like abuse, dysfunction at the family level, and antisocial behavior in general.

        Don’t try to pin this on rich YT and his legal system, like some Afrocentrist/Marxist shill… we already have our fill of them, here at the chateau.


  50. Man, the elites (and, ahem, those desperately chasing the elites) sure do get angry when the old status hierarchy is threatened. This blog will be a great artifact someday.


  51. I have a question for hbders.

    Given certain implications of your theories.. It occurs to me that they give you several choices with certain races.

    1) genocide
    2) deportation / exile
    3) ????

    Lets assume your don’t want to do 1. it would be sad if you did and certainly those you thought unworthy of continuing as a blood line would have something to say about it but hey that’s how you feel.
    And let’s assume you’ve also realized number 2 is untenable. As it would be a pain to kick out alot of already full citizens

    What is 3 and beyond?

    Serious question what will people do because of these understandings?

    I have alot more sex because I understand what I’ve learned through game and other dark enlightenment topics.

    What to expect from HBD?