Comment Of The Week: …And That Is Why You Fail

COTW winner The Other Anonymous reminds defeatist losers that the men who do well with women all have a singular quality in common (and it isn’t looks):

I’m smarter than you, I’m richer than you, I’m better looking and funnier – but while you’re asking yourself these demotivating questions – I’ve already approached her – and that, more than anything, is why my odds are better.

If you only live by one credo, you can’t go wrong following the BUSTAMOVE philosophy.


Sentient wins COTW second prize for his field report demonstrating the manly allure of supreme overconfidence on women, using nothing but a presumptuous hand gesture.

I love watching Vitaly. Some of his stuff is really hysterical and matches my glibness when I am dialed up to 11… Was at a charity fund raiser recently at a street fair, manning a refreshment booth with a 28 YO 6 and 3 older guys (50+). Things are slow so I put some Vitaly “Hand of God” to use… Like this..

I start pointing to women 10 – 70 feet away and motioning them to come to the table. It was pretty hysterical. First – 95% of them came over and zero percent of them – listen up Kevin [ed: kevin is a representative of the defeatist loser brigade] – gave any unpleasant response at all. The vast majority smiled, laughed and came all the way over.

No matter if they were with a guy or not… The few that didn’t just smiled or waved and shook there head no and kept walking.

I would just point to them, nod and gesture, could be a come hither with the finger, or a full palm over, and then I got creative as well – nodding and pulling hand over hand like on a rope or pulling back and reeling in like on a fishing pole… Giggles, curious sly smiles, “what me’s”… but 95% of them, maybe 50 women of all ages (I targeted the 6’s and up) step foot in front of foot all the way up to the booth… on command. with husbands, boyfriends etc in tow if they had any, with their girls around them… all caught in the power of a simple direct non verbal gesture.

Was really eye opening.

Now when they got up to the booth, I couldn’t run real game on them because I was surrounded by people who know me and wife, but damn, there was great banter, frivolity, teasing and a few of these girls went off completely crestfallen after I dismissed them to tend to the line. and lot’s of sales were made LOL.

Now the 28 YO with me (she had a 7 face but a little hippy) as I expected, responds well to this display. I start also commanding her to do little things for me, count the money, refill inventory, walk around and drum up business – all in a teasing but direct way. She is lapping it up though. In the small space, kino is incidental and becomes more frequent – arm, lower back, waist as we are moving around the booth… Hit her with some laser eye, close proximity and direct questions on what she got up to last night. Good stuff.

The older dudes – well they are a bunch of WK beta guys – but no doubt I am a legend to them “crazy”… they got to leer and mumble quietly “did you see that one!!!!” and occasionally stammer something out – picking up on my teasing but ham handed, cringe worthy stuff.

And I really understood why women don’t like beta K’s – because they are disingenuous liars… all of them WANTED to fuck these women, none of them wanted to acknowledge it and you could see the women… whereas I was fairly sexual – even in an indirect way – and they were responsive to different degrees…



PA wins COTW runner-up prize for the reason he gives approving of the stylistic elements of a White Student Union poster in Toronto.

I like that they’re using images of handsome men rather than beautiful women, as is common in pro-White propaganda. The beauty of the idealized White woman is indeed one of our glories, but we’re now in an environment where women should get discreetly moved out of sight and impressive men start appearing as the faces that represent us.

Very effective. The graphic sings with revolution. Also, you can see that the two men in the poster abide a CH truism about alpha male body language: Looking off into the distance, unsmiling, with heavy thoughts animating one’s gaze, is a very attractive pose to women. Not coincidentally, it is an inspiring pose that speaks to pre-revolutionaries as well.


Reader Jack gets a COTW honorable mention for correctly translating women’s stated preferences into their real world revealed preferences.

When a woman says she likes smart men, that word does not mean the same thing that men mean when they say “smart”.

Just like when a woman says she wants romance, what she really wants are parsimoniously doled out displays of almost-vulnerability from an unattainable alpha. Not a cringeworthy display of needy oneitis from an all-too-attainable beta.

The devil is in the definition.

What the men of the world need is a Womanese-to-English translator. What’s this? CH already invented one? How about that!


    • On Sentient’s anecdote – This “ermagawd, meeeee?” reaction to the “Vitaly Hand of God”* is why, for thousands of years, girls were kept at home largely under the supervision of their fathers, and his proxy, their mothers, until the day came that they, as young women, could assume the role their mothers had played. Not as consumers, not as students, not as factory or office workers, not as political leaders, and most certainly not as voters – but rather as wives and (hopefully) mothers. Denying direct, explicit political and economic power to a class of citizens who are presently, (and I would expect historically as well) demonstrably weak-minded worked out pretty well for the development of Western Civilization, near as I can tell, right up until the 1860s (in America, at least). Pity for us the Founders weren’t more clear in delineating the limits of suffrage.

      *CO/MattK/GBFM perhaps can chime in here with some perspective on false gods etc. Would be relevant methinks.


  1. on September 27, 2015 at 8:35 am Obviously Cap'n

    I am loving Sentient’s anecdote to death, but MY GAWD, what does it say about Eskimo Psychiatry’s total and absolute victory in the War Against Boys – if chicks are so desperate for not even Alpha seed but rather merely just to bask temporarily in the glow of Alpha luminescence? This is NOT the USA I grew up in. Even as recently as Grad School, almost all of the chicks [except for the clinically pathological nymph0man!ac sluts] would have immediately written off a display like this as nothing but low-rent greasy disgusting gold-chain-wearing Guido-ism [no offense to our Sicilian warriors].


    • on September 27, 2015 at 8:39 am Obviously Cap'n

      And I guess an honest observer would have to confess that it was a Two-Edged-Sword with which Eskimo Psychiatry slayed The West: They cut off all of our little boyz’s ballz at the very same time that they were unleashing all of our little girlz’s inner clinically pathologically nymph0man!ac slut-monsters. Matt King and GBFM will have to take over from here.


      • on September 27, 2015 at 8:50 am Obviously Cap'n

        I’m telling you, at the Meta-Cultural level, the inflection point was 1994, with the rise of Slick and H!tlery, after which Eskimo Psychiatry felt safe to unleash “Friends” upon the viewing public. But I don’t know enough about the history of pharmaceuticals [Ritalin/Adderall] or K-12 edumakashun to know when the Micro-Cultural inflection was achieved [from the Little Boyz’s points of view] – maybe the Zero Tolerance Policies which arose after Columbine in 1999?


      • on September 27, 2015 at 8:57 am Obviously Cap'n

        I do know with 100% certainty that pre-1994, chicks were still normal, but that by 2000ish, The Darkness had cast its shadow over at least all of the Leftist chicks. But the War Against Boyz crept up on me unexpectedly – suddenly you just realized that almost all of the college guys were acting like effete s0d0mite stoners, right down to the lisping affectation of their speech and the eyelids which were only about 1/2 to 2/3rds open and the budding A-cup manb00bs.


      • You might be onto something Cappy about 1994 serving as some type of line of demarcation. Looking back, I could sense a shift of some kind. Like in Back to the Future–erased from existence. The picture of what I knew things to be was slowly fading.


      • Pre 1995- GF (and other girls I date) cries that I don’t send roses and begs me to slow dance with her to the car radio by the canyon.

        Post 1995- Ex GF now “finding herself” at School for Transcendental Meditation while current dates brag about banging multiple dudes, tankgrrrrl careers, cats, kids from multiple fathers, and general debauchery.

        Wtf happened? Feminism now had 30 years of propagandist tentacles that reached into the hearts of womynzzz that seemed to culminate about the same time Hillary and Bill assumed control.


      • CO: it’s possible you have some solid points in and amongst the naming of the Eskimos, but your unedumacated ramblings about adderall and other ADHD drugs is just plain wrong. If anything most of the boys who are “diagnosed” with it are bored out of their minds being shoehorned into a school system so obviously designed for good little girls. No running, no yelling, no exploring and hurting one’s self…recess times cut, PE class cut…of course these kids are going to be inattentive. Their brain is half asleep. These drugs are basically very clean methamphetamine and are incredibly helpful in waking up a brain dulled by our system. Why do you think they give them to fighter pilots on long missions, or why students will try to snag a few from a classmate before a test? They don’t dull, they sharpen.

        You can argue that the kids shouldn’t need them and our educational system needs an overhaul, but dammit, they are being given a lifeline to survive school and I say give it to them.

        These are, incidentally, the same folks who go on to be in jobs that are highly variable in intensity and demand (pointy end of the spear military, firefighter, volatile business, exploration). Incidentally in the past these were the pioneers, the scouts, the ones who were always trying to find things to stimulate and awaken themselves while others were staying safe in the pack. Their brain is just getting warmed up to operating temp when most other people have red-lined from stress, fear, anxiety.

        You do yourself a disservice by speaking so bizarrely on the subject. The knowledge of the whole goddam universe is in that little box on your desk. Learn about it before you spout off. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt on all things indigenous arctic folk, because I have no clue. Otherwise, carry on…in all of your permutations.

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      • @JohnnySixpack
        You are blind to the facts. Do you not see how the system is fearful of real masculine/feminine traits? The drugs mentioned are prescribed, disproportionately, to boys. The men on both sides of my family are firefighters, miners, military, truck drivers, etc. They never took those drugs. So, either evolution suddenly accelerated in ONE generation, or weaponized psychiatry has been deployed to weaken men. It really is that obvious. It sounds like you’re either justifying drugging your own boys, or back-rationalizing your own parents’ faulty decision-making re. drugging you. What do I know? Cheers


      • on September 28, 2015 at 10:42 am Captain Obvious

        > “weaponized psychiatry” ——— THIS. We need more short sharp clear and to-the-point descriptions like this to help The White Man awaken from His slumber.


      • Agreed, everything changed in the early 90s.


      • Malatok Boga! (Hammer of God) Vlad the Bad knows he is dealing with Satan worshippers. He openly refers to his opposition in the NWO that way in his own circles. He is on record as saying he will be their worst nightmare.


    • Stop replying to your own posts.


      • on September 27, 2015 at 10:34 am Obviously Cap'n

        Li’l Mordecai, I just realized that this horror – dudes with HBs on their elbows who could even IMAGINE TOLERATING a guido [or a guido-imitator like Sentient] doing the “lure with the finger” shiznat on their HBs from a distance, and not immediately “nexting” the whore when she responded to it – that this horror is all part and parcel of the greater culture of cuckoldry wherein you get these secret networks of “swinging married couples” and dudes sharing their wives with one another [and I crossed paths with one such network, coming out of the “evangelical” ministry, wherein the wives were all bi, and the dudes would share the wives with the WIVES and then gather around to watch the lezzing sessions between the wives]. This shiznat all ends with the dudes themselves becoming bi, and then h0m0, and then the complete collapse of Western Man and His Civilization.


      • on September 27, 2015 at 12:27 pm Obviously Cap'n

        In m0d Mordecai, but what Sentient witnessed was part and parcel of the emerging phenomenon of META-CUCKOLDRY.


    • I don’t mind where you are going with this….but it’s merely competition that has amped up women’s sex drive…

      And one more thing. Stem cells. Women aren’t getting then via the diet anymore so they need to get them from guys. We need stem cells to repair and regenerate.


      • I’m not saying that this isn’t an interesting hypothesis, but can you provide any data or research backing this up? Is the idea that we humans eat exclusively “dead” food (i.e food not fresh from the ground), and so require a sexual injection of stem cells? What about animal products?


    • A lot of the young guys I deal with do much worse than just resisting advice to increase their masculinity. They actively attack it now. With the same concepts & words that feminists use.


      • on September 27, 2015 at 11:07 am Obviously Cap'n

        HW, we just keep misunderestimating the totality with which Eskimo Psychiatry has destroyed us. The good news is that there shouldn’t be shkotzim left with any actual ballz to defend them. The bad news is that they are branching out into battle droids and battle drones to fight those battles for them.


      • on September 27, 2015 at 11:09 am Obviously Cap'n


      • on September 27, 2015 at 11:11 am Obviously Cap'n


      • on September 27, 2015 at 11:33 am Obviously Cap'n

        That’s what J00gle is, and, to a lesser extent Phuckerbook [with its facial recognition AI to create one billion shkotzim picture/name combinations] – it’s Eskimo Psychiatry’s MANHATTAN PROJECT. Only this time, the results are controlled by Eskimo Psychiatry, not by the Shkotzim


      • Tell me about it. I’ve got this one guy who used to be my friend who constantly keeps doing the same thing and failing with women. But whenever I offer him advice he goes straight into defensive mode, and starts going on about my (perceived) negative qualities and how the advice I’m giving is sexist/hateful towards women etc. It got to the point where I just blocked him on social media and ignore him in public so he’d stop bothering me about his girl failures.

        His most recent girl is some druggy with daddy issues he got obsessed in after a few minutes. He’s fucked it up so badly I’ve told him to ask her out not because I think she’ll say yes (if I had to bet I’d place all my savings on a rejection), but because I know it’ll be the only thing that’ll get him to stop obsessing.


      • OC look at the power cable that thing has. There is a 50kw Generator attached to it off camera.


      • Yeah… no danger of any hydrogen fuel cells becoming unstable there.


  2. Man it’s great to learn from failure.


  3. […] Comment Of The Week: …And That Is Why You Fail […]


  4. Great comments all around.

    First comment: loved it when I first read it. Has a energy to just get off your ass, make some faux pas and keep on trucking.

    Second comment: reminds me of situations when I’ve been on my game, just never went for the kill. What stands out about that is to not be coy about what I want. Go for the gusto.

    Last comment: solid stuff.


  5. Women dont care about intelligence; saying your IQ is 180 is going to invoke nary a tingle but mention Ivy league, Wall Street, Med school, law school, Masters, or PhD and she will want to hear more.

    Chicks only care about status


  6. A nice guy coming from a man is not the same as it is coming from a woman. From a man, it means: “He’s a good fella.” (cf, Stefan Molyneux) From a woman, it might as well be “excellent stand-in for a pet, but can actually repair computers for me.”


  7. “If you only live by one credo, you can’t go wrong following the BUSTAMOVE philosophy.”

    That is incredibly fitting for me.


  8. on September 27, 2015 at 10:49 am The Man Who Was . . .

    A man does not need to become some super-smooth game virtuoso to get a (very) pretty girlfriend. Really all that is needed is some rudimentary game knowledge and persistence. A crude, straight ahead, “keep pushing” approach will eventually pay off and one (or more) of those pretty girls will like what you have to offer.

    Sure, you’re success rate will be much higher if you have the perfect response for every situation, but the number one thing is to approach approach approach.


    • on September 27, 2015 at 10:51 am The Man Who Was . . .

      Obviously, complete losers who just use a spamming approach won’t get really pretty girls. But even they will do better than guys who sit in their room all the time.


  9. I love this blog. CH has references to just about any scenario a man will encounter in the real world.


    • @benfromtexas stop shilling for the Enemy and embrace the True Faith.


      • Shilling for the enemy? True faith? What the Hell are you talking about? CH blog has helped me a lot by answering questions about different scenarios a man encounters in the real world. Giving credit where credit is due is only natural.


      • The cocksucker was being facetious.

        Millennial South Park Snark version of biting satire, I imagine.


  10. Cringeworthy, the new word of the week.


  11. You better get me up on that poster or one willbe made in my image


  12. I was at the bar last night for a friend’s birthday party. I approached a lot but hit it off with one girl who showed up a bit later. Her boyfriend was at home on a Saturday night, and she had some guy in tow who I later learned was just a co-worker, though he’s been chasing her for months.

    This dude trailed her everywhere, but he walked away at one point and I took the opportunity to move her outside. I need to work on building comfort faster, because I wasn’t able to kiss her in the two minutes we had alone before her friend wandered after us. I couldn’t recover once he showed up, so I moved on to another girl.

    Looking back, I could have taken her a little further away from the bar instead of just walking out the back door. In the future, though, how do you deal with orbiters like this?


    • Look up AMOG in the CH archives.


    • Benson – if you just focus on her he will disappear, figuratively or literally…

      It’s huge social pressure to be a silent third wheel when she is reacting only to you and you to her…


      • What about when you’re trying to isolate her? He’ll just fuck off? Because this guy wouldn’t take a hint. I thought about making fun of him when he followed us outside, but I think that would have pissed her off.


      • After a few minutes if he doesn’t disappear, put your body between him and the girl or turn her toward you and away from him.


    • You can be nice initially, but after the intro you just act like he doesn’t exist. If he fucks up and tools himself, make light of that and get her laughing at him.


  13. OT: refugee jaw dropper in the Financial Times, among other places.

    I’m sure you remember the sad picture of the drowned kid that started the current refugee hysteria in Europe.

    It turned out the body was arranged for effectiveness.

    It turned out the family was escaping peaceful Turkey, where they had lounged for a couple of years, not Syria, perhaps because dad wanted German dental.

    It turned out that dad might have been driving the smuggler boat that capsized too.

    Well, here comes the clincher.

    Kobane (Syria) (AFP) – The father of a three-year-old Syrian boy whose drowning off Turkey shocked the world buried his son, another child and his wife in an emotional funeral in Kobane on Friday.

    Local journalist Mustefa Ebdi said three-year-old Aylan Kurdi, his four-year-old brother Ghaleb and their mother Rihana were buried in the Martyrs Cemetery in the Syrian-Kurdish border town.

    (You can find the same elsewhere too, I saw it on the front page of the Sep 5-6 Financial Times. Search for ‘Father buries 3-year old Aylan in Syria’)

    Just in case you missed it: the literal poster child refugee family went back to Syria to bury the dead, attended by media.

    “Hey guys, those refugees are sure running for their lives. Yup, it’s hell on earth over there. We have to open our doors for them, it’s like they’re fleeing from Nazis or something.”

    And that’s why we now must accept unlimited welfare refugees forever.


  14. To CH et al.,

    great posts. I’ll have to keep the bustamove mentality ever present.

    So I’m combing through the CH archives and also seeing my own past responses to come up with a ready-made cheat sheet primer of classic go-to stock text responses.

    Going through this and my relative inexperience with texting (i.e., I usually don’t text), my experience with girls who do text is illuminating, i.e., to learn how they reply. Girls are very good at terse replies.

    So my list (which would be applicable to all males) have to fit the CH model, i.e., never needy, never butthurt, never angry, never defensive,etc. In short, no beta text messaging.

    Now, how effective is:

    “um/uh…who is this?”

    For me, I’m thinking this has the very limited use for a girl who may have gone on one or more dates with you and with whom for one reason or not you never closed the deal or got very far with. This girl would have disappeared and no longer texts you after she gives you a quick blow off text.

    Now the proper response is: you go No Contact; you don’t initiate any texting; you just hang back. My question is — if on the rare chance she does text you back — however far into the future it is — if she does text a feeler text message to refamiliarize herself as to your alpha or beta credentials whether the above would hold — how effective would this be as a combo defensive-crouch-tingle/super subtle neg?

    I think it’s a perfectly legitimate question (after all, the girl went awol on you showing zero to 1% interest), and it doesn’t seem to me to reek of butthurt that she’s shafted you, and it implies you’ve deleted the girl’s number and that she is a distant to nonexistent memory.

    Thoughts? How many of you use this?

    Still working on myself. Thanks guy, and CH….


    • Actually delete her contact info. If she reinitiates and says “sorry/I was busy/blah blah,” You can send, “It’s cool. I just figured you joined a cult.”

      It’s funny and communicates that you weren’t broken up about her splitting, nor are you ecstatic that she’s back.


    • I ran across this myself the other night. Got a text out of the blue from this strange girl I took out a couple of times but was hung up on her ex bf. I quickly jettisoned and went radio silent for months because she told me she was crying about this dude daily. The only solution was to be a bigger asshole than he and she was boring me to death with all this. Lol.

      So, she texts me from the bar I met her at 5 months ago with all this sexual talk telling me to come meet her. Noway….I decide to respond in an aloof fashion, telling her I’m busy (I was in bed lol) and saying “something of me must have rubbed off on you”, to which she replied “lmmmmm yeah baby”. Anyway I went radio silent again and she kept texting sexy talk through the night.

      So, the point of all this is, if you go “dark” and ghost to regain power position and assert frame, these womynz take it to heart and the hamster starts to spin. Sometimes it takes months but they don’t forget the guys that just drop them. “This guy must have something going on that he would just stop contacting me!?!?” Yep….it’s called game. No need to ask “who is this”. Just play aloof, say you’re busy, on a date, building a motorcycle, and then radio silence her again. You’re DHV and can ping her in a week or 2. She should be ready to bang now.

      Good luck.


    • @Noel I’ve never used the “who is this” ploy with girls who drop off. The answer seems to be in the question itself. Why are you worried about girls who flake reconnecting? Your focus should always be on new prospects.

      If girls do reconnect, I usually look at the content and context. “Sup?” is a good one “…” or just “?” until you understand.

      This is what girls who I’ve flaked on do when i reconnect with them.


    • on September 28, 2015 at 5:50 pm The Other Anonymous

      Re: Texting – My 10 year old Daughter inadvertently hijacked iMessages so that I didn’t receive any texts and, for a couple weeks – unbeknownst to me, had running text exchanges with a cross-section of my adult life – friends, colleagues, lawyers, romantic interests, etc.

      Once discovered I read this mass of messages. Texts from guys ended in about three exchanges and with instruction to call them when I’d sobered up. Texts from women went on for pages and pages … the more mundane, the longer they ran on:

      Her: What are your plans this weekend?
      10 YO Me: Girl Scout camp
      Her: LOL I’m visiting my parents maybe take their boat out.
      10 YO Me: My parents make me wear floaties on the boat
      Her: LOL

      Now these are adult women, with families and careers – and none, not one, indicated suspicion that they were, in fact, speaking to a young girl.

      The moral of this story is – Women can’t differentiate a text from a 40 year old man and a 10 year old girl … So, you must make it immediately apparent by using the universal, tried and true, one-size-fits all response to female Texts:



  15. Any Heartiste readers have advice for a dude with sweaty hands? I am verbally quick and women love talking to me, I just shy away from approaching because I’m afraid of shaking hands.

    [CH: two thoughts:
    1. try a drying agent like baking soda.
    2. wear black leather gloves. when girls ask (they will) make up a story about a rare disease or injury or you’re a hand model and have to protect them.]


  16. Are we still talking about game? What is this, 2012? We got a race war to fight here and someone’s gotta step up and gas these kikes!


  17. I desperately want to ask that school bureaucrat what is ‘offensive’ about the White Student Union posters. I have a strong suspicion the gun-to-his-head truthful answer is ‘Because it celebrates the achievement of The Western White man, which we’re working so hard to destroy. ‘

    [CH: well that is the truthful answer. no gunpoint required. all you need is clear eyes and a full heart to see it.]


    • Dat buracrat prolly obese, pantsuited ykw. Dis y da wyteman shud boycot da juwniversity. Da yenta b louin da african union & da asian union & da wymnzz union & da uglyfreak union. But da wyte – dat b sum waycis shiznat & our profs say prilege & waycizum & lgbtqrstuvwxyz n sheeit.

      But wo wyteman it hav no green n da ponzi mofo skeme crush even dat 30 stone dworkomonky yeah!!!


  18. Alpha white power..feel it


    • Great find j. I don’t believe the portrayal of the author, but the list is dead on. Damned logical for a chick, and yet female-centric. Guvurm!nt info-war? Guilt-ridden waller? Anyone else get the cooties feeling that something about it just ain’t right?


  19. It’s time to go full frontal assault on this shit. Trump is the vanguard leading the way, we just need the right phrases to begin the counter attack and full demoliton of the idiotic lefty anti-white sjw forces.

    From the point on, specific phrases will be substituted with the new reality speak, to replace the double plus good poz words.

    Gun free zone = Rape zone or Vulnerable zone
    Places without free speech = Controlled thought zone
    Anti racist = Anti white
    “Minority” = Invader
    Illegal immigrant = Invader
    Undocumented worker = Invader

    Add others or improve the current ones, but whatever you do, do not use these and other terms created by the lefties. Use the reality terms and use them endless when discussing these topics, especially when dealing with the poz infected.


    • The “invader” rhetoric is the gayest goofiest shit that the “reactosphere” has invented.

      It’s like feminists calling men who like women under 26 “pedophiles”.

      Calling border jumpers invaders is somewhat accurate, yet still a transparent attempt at rhetoric.

      How exactly are niggers “invaders”? Or people who came into your country legally. Did your mother drink while she was pregnant with you?


      • Invader really drives that shiv in your kidney doesn’t it?



      • hah. yes, invader is the n word for an enlightened muzz-e


      • I love when they squeal!

        Words are a very important weapon wielded by the left, and they get enraged when anyone else weaponizes the words to their advantage.

        I remember back in high school when I first heard the term “progressive tax” versus “regressive tax” and thought the terms seemed very biased towards one particular taxation method. I said nothing, but I wonder how many kids thought the same thing.

        The Marxist multi-kulti word weaponizing has been going on for decades, it must hurt to see it turned against them by those who are starting to wake up.


    • All immigrants – legal or illegal – are invaders when their number is high and growing fast as it is now in every white nation.

      One or two ants in my kitchen is not an invasion.

      Ten thousand wood mites in my house is.

      We the people ( in every white nation ) have never been asked if we wanted millions of immigrants to come live in our nations, we never – ever – voted for that.

      Our leaders imposed it on us. Our leaders side with the invaders. When hordes of people impose themselves – with the help of our traitorous leaders – in an other nation, it is an invasion.

      When uninvited people feel entitled to the other guy’s nation, the uninvited is an invader.

      When we are not allowed to decide who enters and how many, we are being invaded.

      When we risk punishment ( You can lose your job, you can be dragged in front of the human rights commission, you can have the media destroy your reputation et cetera ) for opposing this, it is an invasion.

      When the rights of the immigrants are more important than your rights; you are being invaded.

      When you are forced – by law – to subsidize with your hard earned tax dollar those hordes of “immigrants”, it is an invasion.

      Our leaders are traitor, the immigrants are invaders.


      • When you have to ask to be served in your own language in you own nation, you know you have been invaded.

        When the “immigrants” have more babies than your people ( and your race is slowly fading away ), you know you are being invaded.

        When the police lets the “immigrant” walk around shouting threaths at you ( such as La Raza does and Muslims do when they protest ) and does nothing to stop them, but when you try to oppose this hostile behavior by the “immigrant” the police arrests you, you know you have been invaded.


  20. That white student union think might make some people faint from the wow just wows and all that it implies but I think white guys need some love in this department. Instead of how you either a sexless loser or a hated aboose white man…just remind gen pop that we’re kinda attractive too, not just cucks in waiting for our glorious non-fat women to be abused.


  21. on September 27, 2015 at 6:39 pm Abundance Mentality

    White student union is just a matter of time, whether it’s an official group or not. Who’s going to stop it? Who has the physical means to stop it, once it gathers a head of steam? The only possible group is other whites, but the ones who would want to stop it are physically weak.


  22. @Sentient was djing a party this weekend. In walks a tall, slim, young HB8 on her own. Place is packed. Music is heaving, great vibe. I walk over to the HB8 to dance. She’s new, uncertain but smiling. In her awkwardness, she plants her lips accidentally on my shirt leaving a perfect lip print. She points it out giggling and apologizing. “Can’t control yourself eh?” I tease. Then, “I’ll send you the bill”. I move her head the other way so it’s closer to mine. “So I don’t mess up your shirt?” Me: “Yah…that’s it…looks nicer too.”

    We dance. I lead her over to where I”m djing, run DHV on her, show her the music, have a beer, get her to punch her number into my phone. Dance more. She’s loving this. Reserve the last dance for her while some betas are trying to get their mitts on her. Suggest drinks after. She says she’s got to go. I tell her i’ll call her and we’ll meet up. She smiles.

    I later text her: “You made quite an impression on me” and send a photo of that lip print on my shirt.

    Perfect game.

    She never replied to that text. So…not quite sure whether my beta friend interfered or this is worth another follow up. Usually when my game is this tight they reply in seconds. Thoughts?


    • “She’s loving this. Reserve the last dance for her while some betas are trying to get their mitts on her. Suggest drinks after. She says she’s got to go. I tell her i’ll call her and we’ll meet up. She smiles.”

      You don’t have perfect game, you have nerd delusions. You must stop and focus on being self aware.


    • Bet she showed your “perfect game” text to the dreadlocked dude lying next to her.


      • lol….I love the k.j’s here who never post field reports of their own but always have an opinion on how someone else did. I approached…you didn’t. Thanks for coming out…


      • perfect game is a lay first meet. Great game is a short first meet (1 hour tops) and a 2nd meet lay.

        What you did has a name too: failed game

        Tilikum and rogerrrrrr both hit the nail on the head.


      • Still in the staxk.


    • @wala – well since you asked…

      I love your journey man, first off… so with that in mind i’ll just give you my thoughts in a constructive way…

      Looking first at the whole situation from HER point of view, I see her as the Belle of the Ball… the high DHV guy in the venue is singling her out and making the night special… with plenty of other guys chasing for full measure… I don’t see any real investment on her part other than being a centerpiece of attention.

      Now maybe she has responded positively to your text by now… if so good luck to you. If not… to me it came off as beta affirmation… Like it would have been a good response if she was totally into you, rubbing your crotch etc. but she had to split… but with the low level of investment on her part I think a neg was more in order here along the lines of “you ruined my shirt. you owe me $250…” or similar vein.

      Maybe it’s a cultural thing, I will not pretend to know how you manage in Asia as a white dude, the language barrier alone is a huge mountain if you have verbal game… (more on this later).

      I didn’t see where you explicitly sexualized things or where she was particularly invested or chasing you…

      Oh well right… these things don’t always work out. As I know LOL!

      So – no shit – tonight I am in a west coast city with a big Chinese community at a work related function. Just wandering around meeting and greeting. see a chode by himself so wander over and say hey. Extra glass of white wine next to him. he says it’s for “someone else” who went to the bathroom. We BS a bit and then lo and behold THE hottest girl in the venue belongs to the glass. Saw her milling around earlier and assumed she was with one of the heavy hitters (some serious bug money guys here and this is not out of place)… 5 ’10” 125 lbs (very slim model build) and Chinese in a sensational black cocktail dress… O M F G. Call her an 8 with a 9 (for me – like model types – body). She was 25 turns out. All eyes were on her.

      The chode she was hanging with was about 5’5″, 230 lbs and from the mid west and expecting a kid next month… (No disparagement by using chode BTW – just descriptive – he was a very nice earnest mid westerner). Any how, some intros are made. I am particularly amused by the whole setup AND that the 7 I had at this event last year was milling around watching me and this girl from 12 feet away.

      Text book game was run… Started out nice, moved to some good negs on her, making fun of her, making fun of who she was with ( she came with a 67 YO married guy friend who thought it would be good for her to meet some people) and then some massive compliance testing. she says she “hates me”, that i’m a “liar” and all kinds of stuff… between peels of laughter. I am making fun of China, disqualifying her etc. At at one point she says she would never marry me – and I say hold up there hot pants – there is a structure to things in this country, etc.

      By now, kino is going pretty good. As soon as as glances my wrist with her hand making a point I start in with some boyfriend posture stuff, start grabbing her wrist and hands pulling her in and talking in her ear, then pushing her away and negging her. all basic stuff, chode is getting a huge kick out of this. And I am loving last years girl looking over every 2 minutes at this frivolity… One theme is she needs to get me a drink and that is how docile submissive Chinese women get there men. She declines the first few times, but then interrupts me talking to chode and asks what I am having… LOL. she comes back with a drink for me, nothing for herself. nad she does not get chode anything. he goes shortly after and gets one…

      So the time is ripe to bounce her, it’s just 8 PM, so pretty early. I cut the conversation off and ask her if she has had the local drink. She hasn’t, so I TAKE her by the hand and say well come with me we will get one. Hand then goes around waist as we walk out together… leaving chode standing there and with dozens of eyes – including last years 7 – watching the exit. This alone was worth it… LOL.

      We are walking along and she is peppering me with BS – where are we going, I don’t now you, I didn’t say goodbye to chode, I didn’t tell 67 YO dude I was leaving yadayada… I just employed what RSD guys call “wizard talk” – Don’t worry, it’s just down the street, come, follow me (hand on waist or holding hands), see that there, the next block…. etc. etc. works a charm (seriously everything about game is online here at CH, RSD or YaReally Archive). we go the two blocks to my hotel an sit in the lounge. Piano guy playing, nice and dark…should be a home run. Drink, escalate and on up to the room!

      Every eye, male and female, looked at her up and down when we came in and sat down in a corner booth….

      Alas slam dunk was not the case…. damn….! Starts off good, but I need to keep negging her hard (her phone – which I take, how awkwardly tall she is, Chinese culture, wanting to marry me, etc.) , she is a quarter horse… she responds really well to negs and teasing… smiles, laughs, kino is good (but not great, she accepts hands all over her but I note she is not reciprocating much)… and we end up in a rut every time I try to move to more comfort/rapport. Fucking language barrier… She speaks pretty good English but with a strong accent.

      Lot’s of my subtle verbose game is going over her head and we keep coming back to the same themes… Then she is hungry etc. She gets a bite to eat… and then fuck me… all of a sudden we end up talking about her husband (of 6 months) back in China and she is crying tears (the fuck?) and my scam radar is going off… But it turns out she is just a mixed up 25 YO hot chick with problems spanning 2 continents… She was sincere, and since she is slightly older than my daughter it triggers a paternal instinct and I give her some advice… anyhow I know she had her car in a garage she needed to get to by 10 (know your logistics!) and when she raises it I say let’s split then.

      She pays (LOL… I told her we can get a drink but I wouldn’t pay – even though I invited her and even though she said a few times a guy should buy – save your money fellas!) and we head out by the elevator and I pull her in close and say let’s clean you up… hit the elevator button. she says no no no she can’t and says she’ll come back to the event tomorrow and she tears off… Oh well. Gone into the mist…. at least it was only 9PM so I can head out again…

      Firmly think language barrier was at play here Wala, FWIW… In retropsect – hitting the lounge and sitting was a mistake. Would have been better to be at the bar, closer and cut things off with more physical response earlier.

      Still fun to bounce her and be up close and personal with such a young beauty… and nice to leave a bit of a trail with the 7… see what happens the rest of the week… But a failure at the end of the day nonetheless…


      • Sentient/ HABD thx response in mod


      • on September 29, 2015 at 7:52 am having a bad day


        …not a failure…just more data points…lol…good job…

        her getting hungry/eating was a shit test…lol…and her ASD trying to cool down her buying temp… just a form of LMR (and given the cultural differences, this might have been the place where LMR pops up for chinese culture…as opposed to western culture’s ‘on the way from the couch to bedroom’)…

        keep up the FRs…always good to have more data points…lol…

        good luck!


      • @Sentient HABD thanks, what was strange was the girl didn’t reply at all. This rarely happens. Usually i’ll get a lol. The times they don’t reply there is another guy involved. As for Sentient’s Chinese girl experience. I’ve had similar situations. Your game was good. But she was first flattered by the attention, then panicked when she could feel herself in conflict between her emotional and logical brains finally blurting out she’s married. Remember that in China because of the one-child policy it’s produced a generation of men and women who are selfish, lacking in social skills, attention-starved, also they can act out inappropropriately: tantrums etc. In your case girl suddenly having a breakdown—happens all the time.


    • If it went as well as you say, I’d wait a week and try a non sequitur text. I had a similar situation last week and turned it around that way.

      Ignore the ankle biters. I’ve had people here mock my approaches, even the successful ones.


    • on September 28, 2015 at 7:36 am having a bad day



      you lost it on the subcomms…

      “Reserve the last dance for her while some betas are trying to get their mitts on her.”

      = you chasing…

      “Suggest drinks after. She says she’s got to go. I tell her i’ll call her and we’ll meet up. She smiles.”

      = you chasing her…

      “I later text her:”

      how much later?…same night = you chasing her…

      also, if that ‘beta’ dude ‘took away’ your girl, he AMOG’d you…social context doesn’t matter to a girl’s hindbrain…if it did, we could negotiate attraction…lol…so, when you ‘reserved the last dance’, her hindbrain ‘saw’ you driven off from that buffalo you just killed…lol…

      next time, just ‘keep her’…even if you have to tell her to ‘sit one out’ while you dj (which would be up the compliance ladder from holding your drink)…or better, make her sort your music into alphabetical order…lol…

      you could try to recover by going dark for a couple of weeks, then ping text for a drink bc you’re out anyway…unless you will see her out again…then just wait til then…

      and before you bring it up, the difference between ‘chasing’ her (beta) and ‘protecting your turf’ (alpha) is whether she is the decision-maker. If you are looking for approval from her directly = ‘please choo, choo, choose me…” = beta…

      it’s a very fine point (to men…lol), but showing you value her to other guys doesn’t seem to translate to ‘beta’ to her hindbrain…it’s actually pings her alpha stud circuit…think about it in evo psych terms and it makes sense. you are beating other men to the prize…even though you can see it as ‘putting her on a pedestal’…

      good luck!


      • @sentient/ HABD interesting. What threw me off was that normally 99% of the time if I shoot off a text I get a reply…any reply. Was I perceived to be chasing? Maybe but she was asking me tons of questions, teasing me, bantering, giving me IOI’s from across the room. She was responding and receptive.

        Sentient interesting story. A few things. Chinese women are not shy by any stretch of the imagination, that is a myth. What is happening is that she is clearly feeling conflict between the attraction and the obligation to that event. They are hypergamous, always trading up, so she was attracted but the husband thing…she waited until really late to tell you because she loved the attention and didn’t want to lose it. But it then became too much.

        If she had not been married, she would have been acting very differently. Plus when these girls go abroad they’re told to behave and not cause any embarrassment to China. It’s a different story within China itself. They see themselves as princesses and because they’ve been raised in one-child families they’re quite lonely, selfish, often lack social skills. This causes them to act out in very childish or socially uncalibrated ways: extreme jealousy being an example.

        Culturally these girls do appreciate boldness and also want to feel special because they believe western guys are more sexual. The next day text is to ensure you ride out the attraction and move towards the comfort.

        Negs work great on Asian women because Asian guys are so beta and W K when it comes to how they think a ‘gentleman’ should act.

        I gamed a Chinese woman I met at an event, bounced her to grab dinner with me. She insisted on bringing her “friend” a beta dude I know. I teased her throughout dinner. I run into every so often. Every time she asks “Do you remember me???”


      • Thanks guys…


      • Wala – interesting bit on the hypergamy angle… She told me a few times the next night that she knows chinese women are all about the money and her mom wants her to just marry an old rich dude (not sure she knows she aleeady married a 37 yo lol) but she is fighting that… And you are right she is an only child.


      • Wala – you know these chinese for sure. She told me her first boyfriend – at 23 – asked her out every single day for one month waiting outside her appartment building from 5 to 6 pm… Holy fuck.

        He then a few months later was angry with her and pushed her into a glass door… Which shattered leaving a long ugly scar and 20 stiches on her arm… Ruined her modeling career…


      • @Sentient uh oh..sounds familiar. the “ruining her modeling career.”

        This is a shit test. She’s trying to get you to feel sorry for her. They all do this. It’s a way of bringing out the beta in you. Took me a long time to figure this out. But you have to be able to be firm but at the same time caring.

        That 27 year old crazy who I posted about used to do this all the time. She would even say “Other guys buy things for me, why don’t you?”

        Me: I’m your lover not your brother… She was shocked. I’d disappear for weeks if she didn’t comply with something. She or I would always re-connect. Usually it was her. Sometimes I’d just shoot a “Hey baby…” and that was enough to get her going again.


    • you sent it while she was receiving someone else dong.

      did you expect the play by play right then, or the classic pull off the dick and txt wala back routine?

      not k.j.-ing man….you should waited til at least the next day to shoot that text, like when you were cleaning the shirt or something.


  23. I agree that the silent hand gestures with a confident humor work all the time. I’m deaf and learned American Sign Language at an early age. I also can speak very well, with a bit of an “Deaf” accent. I first discovered by accident in an security job how my silent and playful gestures can make people do things, both guys and girls. The girls were especially open and attentive to my silent commands.


    • @Hear No Evil
      Your writing comes across as pretty normal. Deaf people use sign language that doesn’t translate exactly to written American English. What’s the story? How can you pronounce words you’ve never actually heard? It seems impossible. Like a blind from birth person understanding looking at the Moon.


      • @JohnDSee
        No, they don’t. They are different languages. I was born deaf but it’s a moderate loss. So I can talk in English. To improve my speech, I found subtitles in the movie DVDs to be the best. Watch and repeat and repeat the scene again until I can repeat the words I seen. Plus, teaching the signs is a real chick magnet. However I was a bit beta for a while until I started exploring the PUA and men’s sites like Roosh and Rollo. A lot of the light bulbs came on that made sense of my past experiences.


  24. Love the site and was going to donate but I have not had a comment printed since March I think. Some serious censorship going on here.


  25. So today in “Women: They’re no goddamned good”-

    Napoleon Bonaparte’s whore of a wife.

    The documentary I’m watching is blunt about why Josephine married him- she thought he was unattractive and “too serious”: “But with her debts mounting and her looks fading, she needed a protector.”

    Then, while he was kicking ass for the first time-

    “While Napoleon was in the field, not a day went by without him writing her a letter,”

    (Quote from passionate love letter about how deep his love is.)

    “Josephine would sometimes read his letters aloud to friends. Napoleon, she told them, is very “Amusing.””

    (Christ, I feel sorry for the Emperor of France, that’s how bad that burn is.)

    At this time, he was winning victory after victory, idolized by his men, cool under fire, noted for his immense charisma. He had every single thing we associate with alpha masculinity- the calm, the courage, the personal magnetism- except he was a beta with his wife. And that’s literally all that mattered to her.

    His wife fucked around on him after he made her Empress of goddamned half of goddamned Europe. Beta Bux to the hypothetical max.

    Women: that’s just the way they are.


  26. on September 28, 2015 at 8:13 am gunslingergregi

    the level of thirst
    dude give my chick a 2015 car to use
    knowing she doesn’t have a license
    i told her better get it in writing he let you borrow car he gonna say it stolen if there is a wreck she like no i dont think he would do that
    she sent me pic of her holding an ak 47
    well shit watching the show with the billionaires and people trying to get lent money those billionaires were thirsty too in us so yea how much thirstier the regular somewhat rich dudes


    • on September 28, 2015 at 8:28 am gunslingergregi

      she was looking pretty good holdin that ak he he he


    • Last night met up with the Chinese model again… in China the money management company she worked for in Shanghai was paying her $100k a year just (a 20 YO girl… LOL) to hang out with their clients at dinners and such. She went on one dinner with an 80 YO dude and his assistant who carried his briefcase filled with cash. At the end of the meal he gave her a gift of $20k in cash and left. Never even slept with him. Crazy stuff…

      I guess in China if you are a 5’10” model you really stand out from the very very ugly girls all around everywhere… Noticed it dramatically when we went to Chinatown, how much more beautiful she was than the common Chinese woman. Much more rare than Western girls.


  27. on September 28, 2015 at 8:23 am gunslingergregi

    there is definetly a massive pardigm shift going on
    going into hyperdrive
    i dont get what the end result could be for those in power
    unless yea they are tired of having no real power
    id be jealous of some kuwait king too who got a new bitch to marry every day i guess maybe it finally just wore on the elite how little they were getting out of life


  28. on September 28, 2015 at 8:25 am gunslingergregi

    guess that might be the reason rich dudes got to walk on pins and needles arouond woman maybe this is the only way they could maybe get some power back and self respect


  29. This just in…

    The spoiled, entitled, attention-w horing girls now feel this is appropriate…


  30. Not sure if this belongs here, but…

    Retarded diaper wearing black men are the new cats.

    [CH: every time i think american shitlib women have hit rock bottom, they dig a little deeper.]


    • She puts the YKW in WTF.

      In all fairness, she may not be a yenta… but she sho’ nuff look like one.

      What a fucking headcase she must be. :yikes:


  31. CH am I the only one who noticed, the Womanese to English Translator is the acronym for WET. (LOL)

    [CH: nope. :)]


  32. Under questioning from her lawyer Wednesday, Stubblefield explained the man could express himself through a technique known as facilitated communication in which she used her hands to help him type on a keyboard.

    But the prosecution Thursday questioned the method and how the man could communicate if he wanted to stop having sex in her Newark office in 2011.

    Stubblefield said he could BANG on the floor.

    Laughed my ass off when I read that last line.

    Not sure if she understood the question.

    BTW, is this guy employing vulnerability game? Effective…


    • I mentioned vitaly porn attempt in another thread, maybe this one, (who the hell knows?), but so what? You’re putting the guy down, I was merely illustrating that he had extroverted traits and that it’s not like he was just a keyboard jockey who suddenly one day decided to rent an exotic car and demonstrate the silent technique. Most of the regulars here are aware of the various misadventures of vitaly. The fact that the porn attempt didn’t go great is of no relevance. On a related note, I’d be interested in hearing candid audio of successful or failed pick-up attempts. Old thread, just wasting my time typing. Cheers


  33. “Also, you can see that the two men in the poster abide a CH truism about alpha male body language: Looking off into the distance, unsmiling, with heavy thoughts animating one’s gaze, is a very attractive pose to women.”

    Ok, I can see that. But a problem is that, in terms of recent commerical iconography, such a visual strategy has been coopted for homosexual pictoral thematics.

    I mean, come on: that poster you were describing practically screams ‘rough trad-cheesecake;’ it’s almost parodic in its signifying gay visual memes of the last 40 years.

    In any case, the males of whatever the preeminent cultural and race in a given epoch inevitably become feminized; true in japan today, truer in europe during apex weimar-era; (think of Herman Goering in the spring of ’45; while Berlin was burning, he was wandering around his bunker in embroidered robes with elaborate rouge on his face, numbed by opium and animatedly holding forth on his elaborate collection of fine wines.

    Hey, it can happen when you don’t have active competition to keep you hungry!