City Vs Countryside: Prelude To Collapse

It seems by casual examination of the 2016 election results that the city-countryside political divide in America is hitting a zenith (or nadir).

whorefinder writes what this could mean for the future of America as a single political entity.

When empires are on the verge of collapse, it occurs when the political divide in the country is between city and country—or, more definitely, when the city folks don’t care about the country folks and vice versa. Happened in the Roman Empire, happened in the Ottomon Empire, happened in Persian Empire.

I don’t know the cause of such divides, but it becomes strikingly obvious when you read history: when city and country are the dominant political divides, the country is doomed.

City mouse and country mouse rape!

The geographic divide in 2016 has shifted from where it had been for decades — North vs South — to East vs West. That is significant. (Agnostic has lots of posts explaining why this shift was predictable.)

But as significant as that geographic shift is, it pales in comparison with the stunning bifurcation in voting behavior we now have between America’s dense urban Diversitopias and her rural and suburban provinces that blithely cling to a slim White majority population profile. I’ve seen analysis that showed this election had the largest divide between city and countryside of any election in US history.

whorefinder is right; the city-countryside divide — or SCALE-COMMUNITY divide — is an ominous portent of American collapse.

Scanman reminds us that our current city-countryside divide is not unique in American history. (But perhaps its Trump-era intensity is unique.)

The divide has been there since before Jefferson and Hamilton but I don’t know if it has ever been so stark and raw. Rural nationalists vs (diverse) urban globalists.

My money will always be on the guys who can change their own oil and know how to hang a door.

whorefinder replies,

The divide was there at that time–it was why the union was so tenuous during and after the Revolution. Southern agrarians and citified Northerners were at odds, and the South was very hard to convince to rebel against Britain compared with commercial centers in the North. But during later periods the divide waned—midwestern farmers became allied with eastern banking interests, etc. In the 20th century the divide all but disappeared after FDR’s realignment. But it has reemerged in the last few decades with a vengeance.

The Trump phenomenon has been compared favorably to the rises of Andrew Jackson, Teddy Roosevelt, and Reagan, but I’ve been telling friends that Trump is most like FDR; a re-aligner who will, if he’s true to his word and character, usher forth the next era of classical egalitarianism of the kind the US had mid-20th Century during the “great compression”.

If Trump doesn’t succeed, and his successor is a Diversity Is Our Strength anti-White retread, then the urban-province divide will find a resolution in a second civil war; though this time the sanctimonious side won’t win. The military bleeds red state values, and the cities by themselves are easy to blockade and starve out.


  1. whorefinder is always right rape!

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    • WF, your info is always on point. Where do you get your info? (Aside from it being God-given.)

      As in, what books and/or readings have such content?

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      • Bullfinch’s mythology for the Eris line. Loeb’s Literary Classics from Harvard University Press is the go to source for classical works. And despite his PIA demeanor, he went to a very good Catholic School and paid attention too. He didn’t get smacked with the rosaries, he set up the other kids for that instead. DC has a lot of very interesting People if you are willing to scratch the Surface a Little.


      • Start out by reading Michael Grant. Anything he wrote is excellent. He was a universal scholar of the old school.


    • In the meantime, let’s enjoy some sweet progtard tears:


  2. “The cities by themselves are easy to blockade and starve out.”

    I read a book about the history of boredom once which claimed that boredom as known in the modern world only originated after Europe had abolished famine (in France, of course).

    May we soon find out if postmodern hipster ennui is merely an historical anomaly!

    I only hope there are drone flying overhead livestreaming it as these shitstains expire in the gutter.

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    • I garden for a Hobby. I would not want to have to live on what I can produce and I have a head start on most of these clowns. I have actually had some crops fail, etc. That’s a lot tougher when its all you have.


      • You need several acres per person for a sustainable garden, without any animals. The time required to tend to such a garden would preclude much else work. So while you ahead of the hipster-doofus crowd, you would be looking at a long and happy life.


      • The hipsters can be put to work taking care of your garden, in return for your protection. It’s called “feudalism” and it makes sense under such conditions – a natural social order.


      • You might be surprised at how much you can grow on 1/4 or 1/2 acre. How many you can support. And not as much work as you thought. I’ve been working towards self sufficiency…which is a myth, it ignores community for one and you just can’t do it all without help. However. I’m at about 70% sufficient as far as veggies and eggs are concerned. Meat is almost 90% since chickens, hunting, and fishing make up the majority of our meat consumption. When we want specialty meats, seafood, or cheeses, I turn to local biz or farms.

        Looking into getting bees next year for honey, but I’m happy to pay the farmer five miles away $5/lb for a few jars of honey every year, saves me the expense of maintaining hives and he can manage bears better than I can. That’s what I mean by self-sufficiency myth.

        Vertical gardening, raised beds, food forests, succession planting, and learn to ferment, dehydrate, and can. It’s doable with a change of mindset and some creativity.

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      • Back to Eden gardening for the win. Check it out sometime.

        Getting homegrown tomatoes alone makes gardening worthwhile. Everything store bought tastes like crap by comparison

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      • People should work on things that require little effort other than harvesting first like paying people with machines to plant fruit/nut trees under swales which will need 5 years to start producing. Grape vines can produce food for over 100 years.

        You could get a greenhouse set up now, or go for an earth sheltered greenhouse/ walpini that can produce food year round without heating. Set up a Hügelkultur bed for several years of easy gardening. Its possible to have all of your landscaping done with edible plants. You could do tree guilds or food forests for low work companion planting.

        Buy plant identification books/cards for foraging. A mushroom ID book is needed before you eat any mushrooms you didn’t inoculate. You can inoculate logs in the woods near you with mushroom spawn of those you prefer. Shiitake mushrooms have the most vit D, especially when they are sun dried upside-down. Vit d is a big weak spot in post nigapocalypse planning.

        Notice the initials on this submission.


      • Also you can buy 5 gallon buckets of nitrogen packed Rice &Beans that will be good for over a decade of storage.


      • Just read a couple of books on mini farming, I want to try it out, Chicken tractors, raised beds, lots of compost. Apparently you can sustain a family of four on about a half acre that way. I will start small and work my way up. We’ll see what really happens.


    • We fled Die Verse City for a nice Whitopia after seeing the chimp outs when the food stamp card system went down for 8 hours on 10-12-2013. If it went down at the beginning of the month when most of govt hand outs flow there might not be a die verse city standing if it lasted a week.


  3. […] City Vs Countryside: Prelude To Collapse […]


  4. I have been saying it for years: City folk need country folk. It is not reciprocal. A lot of country folk live in the city but that is not reciprocal as well.

    Over the years I my self have migrated out more to the countryside. People there are more my type.

    When any natural disaster strikes it is the country folk whom foot the bill in one way or another.

    When we go to wars it is country folks whom die in it.

    Once country folk get tired of how city folk rule over them we get war. Always. The city folk may be rich but in real life they are the have nots that use force to get what they want from the haves.

    Do not be fooled, country folks are the real makers.

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    • Urban women sub consciously know this.
      Walk down any hipster area dressed like a farmer or a guy who uses his hands and they start getting wet.
      “I need a real man”


    • So, are country folk now making tractors and farm implements (rake trailers, threshing trailers, harvesting trailers, etc.) out of wood?

      I mean, I want the country to be independent of the city, but that’s ludicrous.


      • manufacturing usually does not happen “in” urban areas- but nearby- outskirts- zoned industrial areas, etc. reason: cities are hubs of transport- so materials are naturally shipped along those lines. – but factories can spring up anywhere there is a rail line or a dock, or and intersection on a freeway. – and they are: urban greenies have forced manufacturing away from their sight, just like dairies, etc. there is very little manufacturing within urban boundaries today.


      • on November 30, 2016 at 12:06 pm everlastingphelps

        No, they are making them out of metal, like country folk have been doing for, oh, THREE THOUSAND YEARS. There’s nothing secret about blacksmithing, and you can NOT run a farm without having a good TIG or MIG welder and someone handy at using it.

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      • 30 years ago I learned blacksmithing, knife making, metal working. Pretty much every experience was in the boondocks.

        I can take scrap steel and make it in to tools and weapons. Scavenging stuff is easy. Making a forge is easy, if you know how. I have most of my tools and none require electricity. I know how to forge weld as well but a mig welder is nice.

        As of now I am planning out how to make a gasifier powered generator so I can easily make electricity with wood and also run a car with it. That is still years out but at least I am getting the cogs turning.

        I also am talking to a buddy of mine that runs steam powered freighters on how to scale down a turbine to make it usable for power production out of a barn or shed. If I can get it to work I should be able to generate enough electricity for several homes sans a public grid.

        Can’t do that in the city. In country side though, like minded folks can make it happen.

        Think new world Amish.


  5. And just what do you think other countries will be doing while our military is blockading our own cities? The ideal focus should be making America stronger – economically and intellectually. Divisiveness saps our power and standing in the world


    • Divisiveness may have a short-run deleterious effect, but in the long-run the US’ geographic advantages are more than enough to compensate.

      In fact, I’d argue that now is the perfect time to purge the Left, with the US almost being energy-independent and so less-vulnerable to external shocks.

      Any country with an eye to the long-term will be watching and knowing they’d be next after the Left, if they got too rambunctious.

      Western man wasn’t put on this Earth to bow down to a bunch of noodle-armed liberals with problematic glasses.

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    • Other countries will be whining and complaining and killing each other like they have been doing forever. If if you think Russia is a threat, then I can’t help you.


    • Aw, Lawd, Rick (Strapon) up to his usual tricks again?

      And just what do you think other countries will be doing while our military is blockading our own cities?

      They’ll do shit, as far as America goes…. what they continue to do among their own country is machts nichts.

      The ideal focus should be making America stronger – economically and intellectually.

      kekekekekekek… intellectually… yes, we need more “deep analysis” of the situation while the Marxist/Loxist professors continue to poison our children.

      Divisiveness saps our power and standing in the world

      Is there no vapid shibboleth that you will not regurgitate? The Left (your ilk) and their shitskin allies and pets in this country have been nothing BUT divisive… but not that White fight back (and only a little, at that), out comes the oy veys?

      And to speak of “our standing in the world”? We’re looked upon as laughingstocks and economic suckers by our alleged friends, and great Satans by those who would do us harm, both abroad and at home.

      Jeez, Louise… fail more, you inane weak sister apparatchik.

      (((shakin’ it)))


      • Simplistic name calling non fact based assumption filled rhetoric once again. You are one very boring man. The bottom line has always been when other countries see as either weak indecisive or pre-occupied, they take advantage of the situation.


      • on November 30, 2016 at 7:54 am Captain Obvious


      • when other countries see as either weak indecisive or pre-occupied, they take advantage of the situation.

        We’re there right now, numbnuts. Your loverboy, obummber, put us in this spot. And all the turd worlders are taking advantage of the loose vetting process and coming over in droves.


      • Simplistic name calling non fact based assumption filled rhetoric once again. You are one very boring man.

        Wha, time again to play CAN… YOU… SPOT… THE… IRONY?

        Like the usual suspect shills and useful stooges for the Synathedral, you’re but a caricature, by your own words.

        And for the nth time, fool, you’ve been told that we don’t debate with you clowns anymore… drive-by mockery and disdain are your merited replies.

        The bottom line has always been when other countries see as either weak indecisive or pre-occupied, they take advantage of the situation.

        The bottom line is that you should pay attention… ‘Murrica is hip-deep already into being viewed as all of the above, and other countries have been taking duly taking advantage for awhile now.

        Oh, but now that there’s a sign of life in ol’ YT, and against all odds and shaming language, the Trumpenreich is nigh, out come YOUR pearls to clutch?

        Avaunt, pismire… your shit is weak.


    • You have to remove the long term causes of division. In this case its lefty misfits deliberately making trouble. They don’t even have claims of injustice to hang their hats on. They are simply useful idiots for the more insidious elements of our society controlling them and they too will need removal.


      • You forgot to mention it is also the illegals and refugees that come here to get freebies, escape the mess that their culture has created at home, or had their country destabilized by the drive for “worldwide democratic revolution” pushed by the neocons. None of these care about this country and a shrinking number want to be absorbed into the culture.


    • Come on bro, France got its butt kicked after the Revolution but ended up with Napoleon Bonaparte and a vast empire. Stop it.


    • Actually mendo, Bush getting us into a unnecessary war in Iraq did more to undermine our strength than anything Obama has done-you know the guy who was serving in office when Bin Laden was killed and scores of terrorists have been killed by drone strikes.
      And as for droves of third worlders coming here, define droves and list by country.
      I will grant you Minneapolis has been lost to the Somalis-one of the reasons I moved away.


    • Elevating moslems above their own people Vlad Tepes style, while the US can’t interfere like it did in Serbia.

      “And when they behead your own people in the wars, which are to come, then you will know what this was all about.” — Slobodan Milosevic


  6. I made this county map graphic to tee off that meme.
    It illustrates perfectly the urban/country divide.

    NOTE: The blue areas are SURROUNDED!

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  7. FYI the city-countryside divide could very loosely be likened to the semite-gentile divide.
    and now that that grenade is thrown, i bid adieu.

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  8. Greg Johnson included an interesting detail in his recent column on neo-Nazi leader Richard Spencer’s debacle at the NPI meeting a few weekends ago:

    “It is ironic — or maybe just sadly fitting — that Richard Spencer, the man who launched the Alternative Right brand, may have just destroyed it. But that seems to be the fallout of his speech at the recent National Policy Institute conference, which he ended with the words “Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail Victory!” Spencer then raised his empty liquor glass in a toast.”

    An empty glass. In other words, Spencer’s Nazi salute was premeditated.

    Look folks, that revealing tidbit aside, the crux of the problem here is that Spencer pretends to speak for a group of people he does not represent. People who didn’t elect him, didn’t ask him to speak for them, gave him no permission to do so. People whose views diverge sharply from Spencer’s. Spencer is not a representative of the Alt Right and he sure as hell isn’t a representative of Trumpian nationalism. He’s tarred everyone whose real identities are on the line, be they public intellectuals or private citizens. Every single person who has a real identity at risk has been harmed by Spencer and has had to distance himself from him. Those of you who are writing anonymously should here perhaps give a little bit of deference to their perspective.

    Spencer has recklessly associated himself with the names of innocent people with stupid words and deeds that quite predictably led to the reaction we are seeing.

    The appropriate next step is simple. Spencer must dissociate himself from the rest of the group. But he is not a man who learns from mistakes, apparently. Despite his massive fuck up, he continues to speak to the mainstream media purportedly on behalf of the Alt Right. Witness his recent interview with Jamie Weinstein.

    [CH: spencer didn’t launch the alt-right, and he didn’t destroy it. i stopped reading after that.
    well except for that stupid commentary about the empty glass. hey sometimes people get drunk and pound their drinks and toast with empty glasses!]


    • Jews have no place in the alt-right. Get lost.

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    • You’re pushing this shit hard.

      I guess subtlety is something you’re not familiar with.

      You could always blog about it and hint at it here. Oh wait, that’s right. Never mind.

      There’ll still be a place for you on the wall. Mexico facing spot.

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    • Hail the new thousand year Trumpenreich rape!

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      • Happy Smile Day 23 🙂 !

        Today i woke up and learned that Carrier is keeping 1,000 jobs in Indiana because of Trump’s personal involvement…

        Not even in office and delivering on the promises rape!

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      • Trump elected only 22 days ago, not even sworn in yet:

        -stock market at record highs
        -Castro dead
        -self-deportations ALREADY beginning
        -Canada and Mexico cite willingness to renegotiate NAFTA
        -Hillary sightings become as rare as Bigfoot
        -1000 blue collar jobs ALREADY brought back into country
        -Media berated and cowed into rolling over and begging for forgiveness
        -Trump spends down moments trolling lefties on Twitter for shits and giggles, Lefties go into rage-spirals and seek therapy



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      • Don’t forget the mighty Sawbuck rising… Go Dollaz!

        We Are NOT Worthy Rape!


    • Johnson. that faggot and coward ?

      This what he wrote on the subject in 2014
      The “blame Hitler” argument boils down to this: If only Adolf Hitler had not started World War II, killed six million Jews, and tried to conquer the world, White Nationalism would get good press and perhaps make some progress in the political realm. Hitler is the reason why race realism, eugenics, immigration control, and nationalism have been discredited in the eyes of whites the world over. Thus if White Nationalism is to have any chance of changing the world, we need to ritually condemn and repudiate Hitler and everything he stood for, as well as all his present day followers.

      I find this argument to be morally contemptible and politically naïve.

      It is contemptible, because it is essentially an attempt to curry favor with our enemies and pander to ignoramuses and fools by throwing a loyal white man under the bus. And make no mistake: Adolf Hitler, whatever his faults, was a loyal white man who fought and died not just for Germany, but for our race as a whole
      Blaming Hitler is also politically naïve

      Now that both of you were thoroughly discredited just get lost
      Bring with you all cucks, kikes and lites


      • Nice catch, cortesar.

        WELL, OPININGMATER? What say you to this?

        Let’s hear something besides crickets, or prove yourself to be Strapon of old, who likewise ignored posts that eviscerated his attempted neener-neeners and concern trolls.

        Reply to this piece by this Johnson, your erstwhile authority on what should be done about Spencer, or be banned from posting privileges, if CH has any sense of order.


      • Fuck this ghey WordPress, keeps eating my replies.

        Nice catch…

        Well, what say you now, OpiningMater?


      • Yep… just as I thought…

        The crickets are chirping “Strap-on…Strap-on”.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


    • Lawd, another Strapon tell… neener-neenering about an empty glass toast, hence that PROVES the guy wanted to give a (oh my, PREMEDITATED!!!) NAH-ZEE salute?

      Reminds me of when Strapon gloated that Trump’s charity used funds for legal expenses for his “businesses” and this would “sink him”.

      Turned out it was something like a paltry $250K paid to OTHER charities, by settlements drawn with the lawyers Trump uses for (obviously) most of his dealings, both charitable and ‘reggler bidness’.

      There were a couple of other teapot tempests that Strapon tried to make out to be perfect storms.

      The Tells Just Keep On A-Coming Rape!

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    • Like

    • Read Spencer’s speech. I found it inspiring.


    • The alt right has been destroyed as many times as TRUMP’s chances of being president.

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  9. I’m not in the habit of reading, or sharing articles from Cracked Magazine, but somebody posted a link from there before the election that deals with this subject. It’s pretty decent. Written by an urban shitlib who comes off like a closet shitlord, moved from the country to the city.


    • I stopped reading Cracked years ago when they compared a previous Republican presidential field to Heath Ledger’s Joker from The Dark Knight. They are full on Leftist. Any occasional article they do showing any sympathy is just cuckservative bait.

      Shut the gates on crack(ed) rape!


      • I read “The Atlantic” everyday. Its very illustrative in the way propaganda and brainwashing works. Also “keep your enemies closer”!


      • Agree and never would have read it if not for seeing the link somewhere. But it’s a pretty damn good article for getting a glimpse into the workings of a fence-sitter who could easily be pushed to the right side.

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    • This is quite a good article as are Cracked articles on the possibility of civil war and how it might be fought

      David Wong and others like him are are what I call salvage, people who aren’t so far gone they can return to civilization with a push or who while a bit liberal can live in a sane society

      These people soften society a bit sometimes that can be a good thing and in any case when we have cities and easy living, the material benefit of civilization these people will occur


  10. FDR was extremely clear in regards to the way he presented his notions of welfare-ism during the time of the New Deal. It was to be provided to the existing white population… Full Stop. It is impossible, as a matter of settled history, to out HBD FDR. Of course, modern liberals and progressives would approach this from a totally opposite direction and FDR would call them stupid if he were still around.
    Imagine what Harry Truman would have to say about his party constantly emphasizing the “lack of education” in the midst of a campaign in the face the fact that a well trained auto mechanic is a genius compared to the average professor. And its time to vote as if their lives depended on it.

    When I was a young person, I worked in my Fathers shop amongst a lot of guys who barely finished high school. They taught me more true things about engineering and life in general than a whole shipping container full of oil-soaked burning rags and media professionals.

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  11. on November 29, 2016 at 8:23 pm evilwhitemalempire

    “The military bleeds red state values.”
    Conventional military yes.

    Drones? Not so much.

    Any surprise that Obama and Clinton have both been so fond of them?

    And that brings us to the bigger picture.

    That the elites see leftism as not just a way to eliminate the middle class but also a way of ultimately doing away with (alpha) men now that technology is beginning to render shoulders obsolete.

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    • There are more weak points in tech than in people. Those that relie on it over the spirit of the man wielding it are doomed in the end.


  12. FDR presented the “New Deal” as a no-foreigners need apply scheme.

    But I might not hate on the (((eskimos))) enough. Yeah.


    • Stop stumping for FDR… he’s the guy who pretty much established members of the Franklin School as bookworms in the fabric of our gummint, never to be eradicated, even under a Trumpenreich.

      Go write another black-list oy veying or Nixon-bashing movie or sumthin’.

      (((shakin’ mah haid)))


    • FDR was the guy that caused the Great Depression to drag on for years in the USA past the point where the rest of the world was starting to recover. The second greatest disaster to befall us after the creation of the Federal Reserve system was his creation of the base for the welfare state.


      • Actually read your history. Republicans in Congress cut the emerging recovery off at the knees which then dragged out the Depression.


      • Lawd, Strapon tells on herself yet again!

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))

        C’mon, CH… this weak sister yenta shit is insupportable.


  13. Return of the Bronze Age! Revolt of vitalism! Burn the cities in fire!!

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  14. And bear in mind that even within those blue urban areas there are plenty of angry, downtrodden, hard-working people who hate the snooty, wealthy Libtards and Cuckservatives who employ them while despising them. In a war between the country-folk and the city-folk, these hard-working and despised city tradesmen, shop-keepers, policemen, service people and such will happily attack the wealthy urban snobs while their country cousins attack from outside.

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  15. “The military bleeds red state values, and the cities by themselves are easy to blockade and starve out.”

    Voting for Trump was the “last resort of the thinking and the good” before they turn to more forceful solutions.

    “Rural counties that voted for Trump grow the nation’s food and own the guns. They would undoubtedly suffer if such a conflict arose, but they don’t need the latest iPhone coming out of Silicon Valley to win. Truckers are the blood vein of our nation’s economy. A few days of no deliveries from these states can do more harm to a metropolitan area in less time than any medieval siege would hope. Meanwhile, right-wing vigilantism would spring up in those regions like weeds.”

    If you want to see the urban/rural cultural divide, come to Washington state. Start out in Seattle and then drive east on I-90. The moment you’re surrounded by the white-capped peaks of the Cascades it is like entering another nation – and if things don’t change that might be the case.


    • Washington DC is the same. Take the 66 and within 30 miles you are in country.

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    • Its like that in NY and PA as well. Leave the cities even 30 minutes out of them and you’re in the country.

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    • on November 30, 2016 at 8:15 am Captain Obvious

      That’s the power of “n^2” [n-squared]. Travelling in a line, down a highway, varies as “n”. But the area you are encompassing, as you travel, is “(pi)*(n^2)”. So that if you drive 30 miles, you’ve lassoed a disk of (3.14159)*(30^2) = (3.14159)*(900) = 2827 square miles. Then with 640 acres per square mile, you’re at 1,809,557 acres. Plop down houses in a development on 1/4 acre lots, and you’ve got 7,238,229 homes. Then at four people per home, you’ve got 28,952,917 inhabitants.



    That`s his full speech…


  17. Re: the shit we’ve seen since the election

    Mel: No, you shouldn’t exist. We stopped Hillary over ten years ago. We stopped the Road War.

    Trumpinator: You only postponed it. The Road War is inevitable.


  18. If there was a cities v countryside war the non whites in the cities would massacre the whites. The survivors would flee to the armed smaller white towns for shelter. These survivors would finally have woken up to race reality and the war would from them on simply be a race one.


    • No one living in cities is worth saving.


    • On what basis do you conclude that non-whites in urban areas would be able to massacre whites? Are you unfamiliar with the unfolding of the story in “Black Hawk Down”?

      Acquaint yourself with the number of non-whites that those white men were able to kill (without the help of helicopters or technology other than rifles) in an urban area, in a distant foreign country.

      If non-whites were able to massacre whites, it would be only because those whites in those cities are leftists and therefore not gun owners and therefore sitting ducks.

      We’re outnumbered ten to one here, still, I love the odds. We will sacrifice them one by one, send them off the gods.


    • Remnant.

      Well my point was those whites would be leftists and unarmed as most of those assholes live in cities. And the survivors of them making it to small armed white towns would have had their racial awakening.
      But no not every city white is a loser target. Some neighborhoods would be tougher nuts than others.


      • Yep urban whites would not last ten minutes in a conflict.
        Dindus know this which is why these fags are easy pickings for getting their iphags stolen on the subways and the wimmin are easy targets.


      • Exactly. Take any ghetto dindu who is “hard” and throw him in the woods for 10 minutes away from the city habitat and he’d be so freaked out and scared he’d shit himself.

        They fuck with urban whites because by in large, they’re cucked pussies.


    • I have seen victims of groid pack attacks that didn’t even want to identify the race of attacker.


  19. on November 30, 2016 at 4:59 am Experienced Father


    You are describing what Christopher Lasch predicted in his “The Revolt of the Elites: And the Betrayal of Democracy,” published in 1994, See;

    The “Lasch Schism Hypothesis” in that book predicted the Rural/Urban split we are seeing today with Brexit & Trump.

    Christopher Lasch “…excoriated the new meritocratic class, a group that had achieved success through the upward-mobility of education and career and that increasingly came to be defined by rootlessness, cosmopolitanism, a thin sense of obligation, and diminishing reservoirs of patriotism,”


    “…argued that this new class ‘retained many of the vices of aristocracy without its virtues,’ lacking the sense of ‘reciprocal obligation’ that had been a feature of the old order.”


    • on November 30, 2016 at 5:00 am Experienced Father

      A good review of “The Revolt of the Elites: And the Betrayal of Democracy” below —

      The Revolt of the Elites and the Betrayal of Democracy

      (Christopher Lasch, 276 pages. New York: W.W. Norton, 1995)

      by Pat Duffy Hutcheon

      This is a book which deserves wide readership for at least two reasons. It is the last public message from a concerned and knowledgeable social critic, and it is directed at the world of thinking people out there beyond the hot-house of academia. Christopher Lasch has come a long way from the single-minded Marxism of his youth but, clearly, the passion for justice inspiring that earlier ideological commitment has never left him. In this final book he has traced the roots of America’s present social/political malaise to two main sources: (1) the growing alienation of an increasingly powerful liberal/conservative intellectual elite from the concerns and interests of ordinary people; and (2) the stubborn persistence within the culture of what John Dewey described as “the quest for certainty”. Lasch sees little substantive difference between left and right within the establishment today, in that an insistence on certainty and a desire for personal power are the ultimate guiding premises of both. And he views the propensity to equate knowledge and morality with esoteric and absolute truths (accessible chiefly by experts) as the most crippling tendency of modern times.

      Lasch is alarmed by the way in which the privileged classes — notably members of the intellectual elite in their increasingly melded corporate, governmental and academic roles — have managed to isolate themselves from the urban decay and crumbling social structure all around them. He notes how, in becoming “citizens of the world” they have, in fact, given up altogether on the responsibilities of democratic citizenship in their own country. Their vaunted cosmopolitanism, he says, is merely a masked and self-serving new form of parochialism.

      Although he faults equally the elites of the conservative right and those of the so-called radical left, it is for the latter that Lasch reveals the deepest scorn. He accuses them of indulging in a charade of “subversion” which, in fact, does not threaten any vested interest — and especially not their own publicly funded sinecures. He lashes out at what he considers the phoney academia-inspired politics of race and gender, and the esoteric jargon in which the game is conducted; all of which, he maintains, serves only to obscure the real social problems caused by an ever-growing class-based inequality.

      He accuses the members of the intellectual elite of betraying the sacred trust placed in them by society. He blames most of the shortcomings of the nation’s educational system on the influence of these people. They have infected the general population with an “inability to believe … either in a stable core of personal identity or in a politics that rises above the level of platitudes and propaganda”, Lasch says. And he concludes that, in equating evidentially and logically warrantable knowledge with mere ideology, these opinion leaders have undermined standards of excellence in all fields of endeavor, and have fatally obstructed the civilized discourse and reasoned argument so essential to democracy.

      Lasch’s warnings have been rendered particularly poignant by the disastrous bombing in Oklahoma City. He notes the acceleration of segregation (on the basis of age, geography and sex as well as race) that has occurred in America since the sixties. He claims that this anti-democratic trend — along with a wholesale assault on common standards of excellence and decency — has been encouraged by well-meant social programs shaped and sold to the public by an impractical academic and media elite. It is to Lasch’s credit as a social critic that he was able to identify early on — in the perception, by ordinary people, of unfair treatment at the hands of a government which appears to operate solely in the service of a privileged intellectual/corporate establishment — the source of that rage now erupting in the heartland of North America.

      Like John Dewey, Lasch is seeking a revolutionary transformation of social relations: a democratization in the deepest cultural sense. And, as did Dewey before him, he recognizes that formal schooling can accomplish only a small part of this task. Although he does not use the term, he is concerned with the socialization occurring within the broader culture: that total process of social interaction and vicarious experience to which children are exposed and which shapes their characters. If democracy is to survive, he says, children must acquire the habits of thought and behavior essential to its maintenance — especially the capacity for creative imagination, deferred gratification, reasoned argument and sound judgment. This is why Lasch recommends a form of populism. He has come to believe that bureaucratization, with its attendant evils of mindless rule following and short-term horizons, is a necessary corollary of all large-scale organization — whether it occurs in the corporate or governmental sphere. And that a propensity toward large-scale organization is an integral aspect of the liberalism infecting modern elites whatever their espoused political perspective. He claims that this “progressive” liberal ideology inherited from Enlightenment thought has outlived its usefulness. He is particularly critical of two of its central features: (1) a belief in the necessity and inevitability of progress (i.e. growth necessarily equals betterment) and (2) a belief that the welfare state, with its guiding ideology of compassion, can substitute for civic virtue and mutual respect at the individual, community and family level. In Lasch’s opinion, the form of capitalism encouraged by the modern industrialized liberal state — with its overriding emphasis on immediate gratification and planned obsolescence — necessarily destroys the moral foundations of family and community life. Whereas, in former times, the family served as a counterbalance to the market, now the market, through the intrusive medium of television, invades the family — taking over and corrupting its critical role of early-childhood socialization.

      It is no coincidence that the two social theorists to whom Lasch refers with unqualified admiration are John Dewey and Hannah Arendt. Dewey was the founder of the philosophy of pragmatism, and Arendt was (although perhaps unknowingly) a practitioner of that approach. Both believed that democracy cannot survive in the absence of an involved, responsible and participating citizenry; and both acknowledged the need for a common core of values and ideals to bind the social fabric of any society. Both wrote of “common-sense reasoning” as one end of a continuum of knowing, the other end of which is the most reliable of scientific knowledge. They were attempting to do away with what Lasch calls “the misleading distinction between knowledge and opinion” that functions to restrict reasoned and informed debate to the professionals, while cutting off the ordinary citizen from the public discourse so essential to democracy. Lasch demonstrates how this same distinction removes the so-called thinking classes from any connection with the real world of productive labor. In fact, he concludes, “Their belief in the ‘social construction of reality’ — the central dogma of postmodernist thought — reflects the experience of living in an artificial environment.”

      Lasch notes that “the revival of pragmatism as an object of historical and philosophical study — one of the few bright spots in an otherwise dismal picture — holds out some hope of a way out of the academic impasse.” It is unfortunate that he chose not to pursue this, and in the process to study Dewey’s philosophy and psychology in greater depth. He might have discovered that the very problem which he was only now recognizing was defined by that great philosopher a full century ago — and a more effective and comprehensive solution indicated than Lasch himself has offered.

      For example, Lasch seems confused about the role of science in cultural evolution, and ambiguous about the intellectual grounding of the very standards for knowing which he fears are being undermined by “postmodern deconstructivism”. Dewey explained how the “method of intelligence” underlying scientific inquiry evolved out of ordinary common-sense reasoning and the public testing of trial solutions to problems in the real world of practical experience. And he showed how that same approach is basic to democracy as well as to knowledge building — whether at the level of mutual communication of everyday learning from the consequences of trial and error, or within the most rigorous and formalized procedures of modern science.

      Also, Lasch’s recommendation of a vaguely defined religious faith cleansed of all dogma and desire for certainty might have been considerably clarified by some of the ideas in Dewey’s A Common Faith. For if there is a weakness in Christopher Lasch’s last book it is in the sketchiness and even superficiality of his analysis of the problem, the symptoms of which he has so tellingly described — and in the rather confused and unwarranted attack on secularism with which he closes. A closer reading of both Dewey and Arendt would have indicated that the problem is not with secularism as such. The problem is, rather, with a peculiarly modern type of amoral social libertarianism often accompanying secularism, although not confined to it: a libertarianism which denies the significance of culture in the shaping of beliefs and values.


    • on November 30, 2016 at 8:30 am Captain Obvious

      Just glanced at Lasch’s wiki – he’s describing the symptoms of the Frankfurt School poisoning, and its effects on the Marionettes – but he doesn’t seem to turn his attention to the Puppetmasters. So at heart he does still seem to be a Marionette himself – although he died very young, perhaps before he could finally see the light. Also, he was up in Rochester, NY, so all around him he would have been witnessing the decline and fall and collapse and implosion of upstate New York, but he also would have been close enough to the elites down in NYC to have been well aware of how they were wining & dining on champagne and caviar and carousing with all the finest ho’s that Jeffrey Epstein could supply.


      • That’s always where these pundits fall short…

        They’re spot-on about deconstructing the symptoms of the disease and marvelous prescient in predicting it progress…

        … but they won’t actually name the germs and/or bacteria.


  20. Hey check this out: mob of angry IQ70 somali dindumuslimes marches through shitlib rich minnesota neighborhood screaming and threatening to rape the women there.

    Virtue signalling rich cunt supporters I would wager.

    Good. Let them taste the vibrancy and results of their virtue signalling.

    If they come here and do that shit we stack them like cordwood. They know it and therefore confine their antics to disarmed shitlibvilles.


    • The newsheads forgot to stress that “this isn’t about race”.

      “Yutes will be yutes” said the local police chief, or something to that effect.


    • I can’t watch more than 30 seconds of stuff like this.

      Stack them like cordwood, indeed. Keep preparing, gents.


  21. Interesting but not truly surprising that I find more diversity of ideas and analysis here and elsewhere than in the halls of Hallowed (skin deep) Diversity in academia.

    I’ve been up, down, and all around the red pill/Mano/altright sphere since 2008. My thinking was already primed to accept new info. Libtardism had been dead in me for a long time. The ideas and perspectives I enconter here are representative of diversity in a way libtards can’t fathom. Even the great diversity of what individuals know with greater depth than others adds pieces to the worldview, and exposes where (((they))) have been covering up dots and connections, facts and repercussions, for what feels like centuries.

    I know this response is not germane to the OP but I had to say it. Le Chateau is one of my daily check ins. Thank you.

    And thank you whorefinder for your contributions. Sometimes even your casual one offs sends my thinking a few levels beyond where I expected it to go.

    Deep thought rape?

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  22. It’s interesting to listen to the anger and nostalgia coming through in country songs at various points of inflection in our history…

    Okie From Muskogee – Merle Haggard 1969

    A Country Boy Can Survive – Hank Jr. 1982

    Country Boy – Aaron Lewis 2012

    Themes of patriotism, normalcy and self reliance… and US vs (((them)))


    • I live back in the woods, you see
      A woman and the kids, and the dogs and me
      I got a shotgun rifle and a 4-wheel drive
      And a country boy can survive
      Country folks can survive

      I can plow a field all day long
      I can catch catfish from dusk till dawn
      We make our own whiskey and our own smoke too
      Ain’t too many things these ole boys can’t do
      We grow good ole tomatoes and homemade wine
      And a country boy can survive
      Country folks can survive

      Because you can’t starve us out
      And you cant makes us run
      Cuz we’re them old boys raised on shotgun
      And we say grace and we say Ma’am
      And if you ain’t into that we don’t give a damn


      • And I’m proud to be an Okie from Muskogee,
        A place where even squares can have a ball.
        We still wave Old Glory down at the courthouse,
        And white lightnin’s still the biggest thrill of all.

        Leather boots are still in style for manly footwear;
        Beads and Roman sandals won’t be seen.
        Football’s still the roughest thing on campus,
        And the kids here still respect the college dean.

        We still wave Old Glory down at the courthouse,
        In Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA.


      • Cause Hank taught me just how to stay alive
        You’ll never catch me out the house without my 9 or 45

        I got a big orange tractor and a diesel truck
        And my idea of heaven is chasing whitetail bucks
        And as a country boy you know I can survive

        Now two flags fly above my land that really sum up how I feel
        One is the colors that fly high and proud
        The red, the white, the blue
        The other ones got a rattlesnake with a simple statement made
        “Don’t tread on me” is what it says and I’ll take that to my grave
        Because, this is me
        I’m proud to be American and strong in my beliefs

        I love my country, I love my guns, I love my family
        I love the way it is now, and anybody that tries to change it
        Has to come through me, that should be all our attitudes
        ’cause this is America and a country boy is good enough for me son


      • The country sentiment is not far off from this… wherever people grow up from the land around them, for generations… the feeling takes hold…

        The gods have blessed our soil and blood
        it was meant to be
        we carried on through drought and flood
        it was meant to be

        we built this land upon our graves
        it was meant to be
        as fortune favoures just the brave
        it was meant to be

        don’t worry child,
        don’t you fear at all,
        don’t worry child,
        we will kill them all

        now I must go, do you hear the drums
        it is meant to be
        we will prevail, whatever comes
        it is meant to be

        your fathers died, so you may live
        it is meant to be
        we can’t forget and we won’t forgive
        it is meant to be

        don’t worry child,
        don’t you fear at all,
        don’t worry child,
        we will kill them all


      • Great lyrics to that Rotersand song, although it is melancholy to listen to when set to images of the 20th Century’s wars of White suicide.


      • Bocephus


  23. on November 30, 2016 at 7:15 am Webley Tempest

    This is not so dissimilar to Brexit in England. The overwhelming majority of people in London wanted to remain (it was close to 80-90%), but elsewhere in the country there was more of a balance, obviously leaning towards exiting.

    But I remember reading comments from people that felt so strongly, they toyed with the idea of wanting London to become a city-state, because everyone who lived there were so unhappy with Brexit being the win. It’s almost as if the majority in London, i.e. the big businesses and so on, had very little idea of what things were like elsewhere in the country.

    Going macro, this is also not so dissimilar with the EU itself, and countries being dissatisfied with the idea of an EU mega state. England won’t be the last country to leave.

    Now with Trump winning, there’s hope yet.

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  24. I hope that Trump doesn’t succeed in ushering in a new era of egalitarianism. Option 2 seems like more fun.


  25. on November 30, 2016 at 8:34 am everlastingphelps

    I’ve always felt that Sherman’s march to the sea was an inexcusable war crime against his own people.

    Of course, those are the rules now, so let’s dig out that old playbook.


  26. Great piece.

    Reading my small-city hometown newspaper, I see that the new owner/publisher spends a lot of time bringing in propaganda from East Coast cities. Not just the printed droning of George Will, but more subtle leftist narratives placed in letters to the editor apparently mailed from an avid reader in NYC.

    This is a follow up from the out-of-town paid trolls who, during general election years, suddenly take a keen interest in W. Ohio happenings, congregating ,en masse in the comments sections, right up until the 2nd week of Nov. (I’ve seen this since 2004).

    Leftists recognize the issue and are addressing it.


    • Out of town shills filling the fishwraps with foldero?.

      See that… Trump isn’t even president yet and he’s already created jobs.

      /kekekek rape!


  27. The whole productive and fighting force in America is White and leans shitlord. Leftists planned to keep us asleep and feeling guilty for being White. They basically have no plan B.

    Over the last 20 years the interwebs have gotten YUUGE. It is just dawning on the old 20th century media that this internet ‘thing’ is going to drive social and political change. You can tell this when they talk about the alt-right and say “yes it’s a thing BUT it exists LARGELY ON THE INTERNET”. As if that means it’s not really influential.

    Once White America wakes up en masse, they will have no recourse.

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  28. on November 30, 2016 at 11:51 am LG Cleric of Trump

    Some academics have proposed that this dynamic goes back to at least the 17th century in America. Modern increases in racial diversity (White rural v. diverse urban) and ideology (Euroculture rural v. judaized/dinduized urban) only make for a starker divide:


  29. Yep.
    Hunting up in the mountains a couple of weeks ago, just after the election, with a few buddies and my son.
    Wound up having dinner with my compadres and some other guys who ranch, run feed stores, work construction, etc. Every one of these guys way fucking smarter than the editor of the NYT will ever be.
    One of them referenced that county by county electoral map of the US which reveals essentially the entire country to be red state except a couple of small blue slivers on the coasts and then a few scattered blue dots here and there which of course represent massive failed urban shitholes like Chicago.
    He predicted, and welcomed, a civil war. He called it a “reset.”
    His wife (coolest chick ever, rides rodeo, runs cattle, mends fence and hunts elk, also damned cute with no makeup and hair in a ponytail) chimed in and simply said “We’ve got all the people, and we’ve got all the guns.”
    General Patton himself couldn’t have summarized the situation more succinctly and starkly. Our side has all the soldiers and all the weapons. If our hand is forced, let’s get it on.
    I don’t think there will be much bloodshed, frankly.
    Strict quarantine of the major cities. No one in or out.
    Let the mocha colored vibrants and their legions of admirers, apologists, enablers and slave masters cannibalize each other for a few months, and after the artisanal cupcakes and pomegranate frappes are all gone, the SNAP/EBT cards run out, the Negroes have looted every Slim Jim and can of purple drink from every bodega and gas station, and the hundreds of thousands of dead are littering the streets because no one knows how to operate a shovel, when the urban elites are so fucking hungry that one of my deer steaks and some potatoes from my garden sounds really good, then we can talk about the terms of their surrender. Excuse me, I misspoke. We will issue our terms of their surrender. There. Fixed it.


    • Cross the GWB and you’re almost in a different country. And yes, I am a guido who lives in NNJ. And as I have said before, you’d be surprised how many here are packing firearms.


      • I’m in NNJ too. Different world from the coastal counties. I rather like it.


      • Beautiful green wooded hills in northwestern NJ. The Appalachian Trail crosses the state up there. That corner butts up against PA and rural NY State. Also, southern NJ has the Pine Barrens, where scary White dudes live out in the woods. I remember doing my Army Basic Training at Ft. Dix and hearing the local denizens out in the woods howling like wolves as they partied it up on a Saturday night, as my fellow recruits and I tried to sleep in our tents.


  30. Majority white vs. diversified brown

    Honor and loyalty vs. posturing and subverting

    Family and country vs. Individualism and globalism

    Breeding wives and mothers vs. Raising careerist sluts and cat ladies

    Racial truth vs. anti-white

    Heritage Euro-Americanism vs. Non-European Anti-Americanism

    Protetant christian civics vs. Jewish marxist ideology

    BBQ steak vs. Vegan cous cous fag wrap

    Race homogeniety vs. Mystery meat

    Men who have balls vs. Cucks

    Men who lift iron vs. Men who lift processed carbs

    Camping, Hiking and Outdoor sports vs. Nigger ball on TV

    Read/write/discuss on Alt-right vs. Watch and repeat CNN

    Donald Trump > thecunt

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