A Vision Of The Future Of America

Imagine an obese single mom head-slapping her racially ambiguous child, watching Lena Dunham’s floppy tit on TV, reading hack erotica about billionaire vampires, gouging the salaries of productive beta males for colorful iphones, soda by the gallon and cable subscription packages… forever.

If you aren’t *shudder*ing, you aren’t paying attention.


  1. I don’t understand the urge to head-slap. But I’ve seen it.



    • > “…an obese single mom head-slapping her racially ambiguous child, watching Lena Dunham’s floppy tit on TV, reading hack erotica about billionaire vampires, gouging the salaries of productive beta males for colorful iphones, soda by the gallon and cable subscription packages…”


      The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State

      And it’s all proceeding exactly according to schedule.


      • BTW, if anyone has an active account at Free Republic [I got banned so many times that I gave up trying], then log on and tell this poor guy to get the heck over to the Manosphere and learn “Game”:

        Prayers needed
        September 29, 2013
        Buckeye Battle Cry

        “I’m requesting prayers for myself and my children. My employer has pulled up stakes in my hometown and I need to find a new position quickly. About 18 months ago my life went into a spiral as my wife of 18 years stunned me with a request for a divorce. As that was winding through the Courts, my office saw a steady dwindling of professionals from 36 to 2. Now that the divorce is wrapping up and I will be awarded 50% custody of our two sons, I am in desperate need of a job so I can take care of my sons, myself and my obligations to my former wife.”

        Buckeye Battle Cry
        Since Mar 21, 2004

        “42 year old, white Christian conservative. Father of two wonderful and special boys.

        Lawyer by trade (first kid in a family of 9 to graduate college).

        I love my Lord, my family, my nation and my Buckeyes!”


      • on September 29, 2013 at 5:50 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


        yes i agreez!!



      • Damn it ZB, why are you always bringing the joos into everything. lolz.


      • on September 29, 2013 at 8:45 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


        George Orwell: If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.


        George Orwell: If you want a vision of the future, imagine a central bankersz tiny cockas going intozs da a human bungholesz- forever.



    • “For the first blow to fall is no bad thing. It underscores a point about love and trust that the child may even profit from. But the second –”
      -Lucifer (A Dalliance With the Damned by Mike Carey)

      And so it is that we oscillate between beatings and children running rampant with no discipline whatsoever. Anyone else here who got a good, honest smack when you acted up (and a belting when you well and truly transgressed the boundary of tolerable rebellion)?


      • one belt, never forgot it, my dad explained how much he didn’t want to have to do it.


      • > “Anyone else here who got a good, honest smack when you acted up (and a belting when you well and truly transgressed the boundary of tolerable rebellion)?”

        Are you kidding me?

        I lived in mortal fear of my father’s wrath.

        And his father was really Old School – apparently he [my grandfather] got so angry one time that he threw one of my uncles through a WALL – plaster, sheetrock, and all.

        Dudes didn’t mess around, back in the day.


      • my father broke a plastic chair over my head – twice 😀


      • My mom shot me when I was 6


      • Keepin’ it real dawg!


      • The old man threw the main circuit breaker and stalked me in complete darkness with a bowie knife, I never knew what hit me! I still have the puncture wounds to prove it. I was only 5 years old and I talked back to him, it never happened again.


      • You shoulda kept yo hands off momma crack pipe!!


      • I got a good smack across the face here and there for talking back.



    • on September 29, 2013 at 5:50 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


      dis is da new stack of pillow i bendz ur ass oveerzz when youz cumz oversz 2 da gbfmz house lzozozo




  2. If the beta males are on the hook for child support, I think legally they cannot take advantage of Nancy Pelosi’s offer to “quit your job”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hd-iM9Wmdgo


  3. The US is becoming North Brazil. A racially mixed population, a rapacious hostile elite, less rule of law, a weak currency and bad public finances.


  4. on September 29, 2013 at 12:38 pm Full-Fledged Fiasco

    “Imagine … forever.”

    Worse than Orwell’s version.


  5. America deserves to exit history. It was great once, but it put all it’s faith in the unifying power of the almighty dollar; and nothing else.


    • Awwww. You don’t like capitalism? The commenters here are the very beta males they hate so dearly.


      • Not sure if you noticed, but the US has never had true capitalism, which is very Alpha by its nature. Nice try, play again.


      • Capitalism was dealt its final deathblow with “too big to fail”.
        What you have now is a Cryptofacist Zionist Kleptocracy.


      • Government and business working hand in hand as partners, is not capitalism. At best it is mercantilism, in more extreme forms, fascism. Laissez Faire capitalism is a wonderful ideal that we aspired to for only a few decades after founding. Once the powers that be saw that the new free world had no place for slave drivers, they made every effort to destroy liberating free markets. And here we are today, with little leisure time, paying exorbitant taxes, and so far in debt that it is not feasible to ever see it paid off.


      • But we have no New World to escape to.


  6. Need some advice:

    Hot 24 year old responded on an online dating site. I negged her on a picture of her and her cat. She said “Just for the record I only have one cat and i’m not a crazy cat lady! youre a little out of my age range though.”

    I’m leaning towards ignoring the age comment altogether. Is there a better way to respond to this test without appearing defensive about it?


  7. I just passed her by in the super market..
    I threw up in my mouth, and had to swallow it


    • Dude… why are you shopping at Wal-Mart?


      • since when does wal-mart sell food?
        Guess.. you would know


      • on September 30, 2013 at 8:06 am RappaccinisDaughter

        Some Wal-Farts sell food. They call them “superstores” or “supercenters” or something like that, and basically it’s a regular Volde-Mart on one side, and a grocery store on the other. Depending on where you live, it might wind up being the best option to get groceries, because they frequently use the supermarket side as a loss leader—selling stuff so far under the competition that they lose money on it, but they make up for it by bringing in the foot traffic to shop on the “store” side.

        Back when I lived in the Confederacy, I shopped there all the time because the exact same groceries from the Piggly-Wiggly would wind up being a solid $20 more.

        The key is just to make sure that you never, ever get out there on the first or the 15th of the month, when people’s EBT cards get refilled. Always make sure you go right around the 13-14th, or the 28-29th. Tumbleweeds roll down the aisles then.


      • Grocery stores in the South are called Piggly-Wiggly? That really says it all.


      • $20 a week is a small price to pay to avoid the lumpenproles even if there are fewer on those dates.


      • The key is to go early. The WallyWorld Supercenter 10 minutes from my place is virtually empty at 6.30 a.m.


  8. The only thing wrong with the description is that the obese single mom isn’t watching Lena Dunham’s boobs, she’s watching Kim Kardashian mud-sharking around instead.


  9. Moldbug had a very similar vision, speaking of Universalist’s vision of Heaven on Earth:

    “I always picture the New Jerusalem (“in England’s green and pleasant land”) as involving a lot of enormous concrete tower blocks, with the Clash’s “Guns of Brixton” playing somewhere on someone’s ghetto-blaster, and a forty-year-old grandmother screaming at her junkie daughter, but I’m not sure this is how they saw it in the 1890s.”


  10. Sigh. If the french, the english and the american of the ’40s could’ve seen our world today they would have join the nazis in an instant.


    • they were blinded by greed and YKW.


    • That would be a sight ! Millions of enraged white males marching on the communist hordes and the zionist traitors within western governments. Not one kosher deli would survive. It would be a bagelcaust.


    • ” … Sigh. If the french, the english and the american of the ’40s could’ve seen our world today they would have join the nazis in an instant…”

      30 years ago I would have disagreed with such a comment

      It is sad that our grand fathers died defending a Civilization that we then handed to third world immigrants and dysfunctional liberals/leftists.

      it’s just sad.


    • There would definitely have been more sympathizers.


  11. The only thing that makes any of this possible is science.

    The question I have been wrestling with is at what point does the species become so dumbed down that science becomes impossible and modern society collapses?

    Right now, if I had to guess, I would say that about 25%, max, of the population is capable of “doing science” as a job. The other 75% live of the social value created by that 25%. But that 25% has fewer kids than the 75% and enough of the 75% think there is such a thing as “free” in this world that they keep voting themselves “free” stuff. That means less of the social value created by the 25% goes to them and more to those who freeload off it. Or, even if you consider “freeloading” an overstatement, those 75% would not be able to do the work themselves because they lack the objective cognitive capability. Non-scientists are non-scientists because they are not intelligent enough. Yes, there are some non-scientists who could be scientists if they wanted, but they are the exception, not the rule.

    The math just doesn’t work for this to go on “forever”. At some point, a devolutionary spiral goes into effect until a new equilibrium is reached where “doing science” becomes as valuable as “voting for free stuff” and no one has any incentive to create social value anymore. At best, we’ll go back to the material conditions existing prior to the scientific revolution. I know that “Idiocracy” was not going for verisimilitude, but what struck me as the most incongruent element of the movie was the fact that the society it portrayed still seemed capable of things like electricity, complex supply chains and stock markets. No way in hell that stuff is possible in a society where the top IQ is less than 100.


    • You don’t need to be all that smart to do a lot of the things that need to be done. Grow crop, bring food to market, remove waste, build/repair houses infrastructure.

      Unless you are envisioning a future where robots do everything and there are like 200 guys that actually know how to create the robots and if they get wiped out by a disease its game over.


    • Non-scientists are non-scientists because they are not intelligent enough. Yes, there are some non-scientists who could be scientists if they wanted, but they are the exception, not the rule.

      OK, I understand your point, but the key to the value of your “scientists” behavior is a surplus of people to consume, need and want all the items produced by these “scientists.”

      Who best fits this description? another “scientist?”

      or: “an obese single mom head-slapping her racially ambiguous child?”

      Put simply:

      People = Money

      You can own all the factories, oil fields, real estate in the world; but if there are NO PEOPLE available to consume, need and want, what you own?

      Its worthless.

      The way you increase the value of the wealth you own is to generate more people to


      Does this explain “how we got here?”


      • Simple. I work and earn money and, as you say, consume. However, I have less to consume, either through purchases or savings to set aside for future consumption because I have to pay a portion of my income and property taxes so obese single mom can swipe her EBT card in front of me at the store, slapping her half breed niglet in the cart while deciding whatever to buy People or The Enquirer.


      • “OK, I understand your point, but the key to the value of your “scientists” behavior is a surplus of people to consume, need and want all the items produced by these “scientists.””

        There needs to be some level of reciprocity between my production and the consumer. If it costs me,as a producer, as much to subsidize the consumption of non-producers as my profits would be if I were trading with people who don’t need to be subsidized in order to consume what I produce, then I am indifferent between producing it and not producing it because all of my profit gets taxed away. That’s full-blown Communism of the sort “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” In the scenario CH put forward, the woman and her child are all “need” and no “ability”.

        A society of people who produce and consume in equal measure is sustainable. A society of people who consume way more than they produce is not.


      • A society of people who produce and consume in equal measure is sustainable.

        Is that type of society possible, even in theory?

        What if Im more talented than you?

        You mean I can’t produce another rap song until I buy and listen to one of yours?

        Sounds communist to me; what country you from?


      • Not sure where you got communism out of that. I don’t think of it as communist at all. It’s division of labor, if anything, which is antithetical to communism. It has nothing to do with the content of production. You can produce rap songs and I can produce bread, but if you produce nothing and I produce either rap songs or bread and you demand that the government take my bread or the royalties from my rap songs so that you can consume them, to the point where there is nothing left after covering my costs of production and whatever amount I need to procure my own necessities, why would I produce anything?

        If you are more talented than me, that’s fine. It will just take me more hours of labor to purchase what you sell than it took for you to produce it. The disequilibrium arises when I have no talent, yet I want to consume as if I did have talent and some intermediary enables that through force of law.

        Right now, there are subsidies and transfer programs at the local, state and federal level that would enable a person with no job to consume the equivalent of ~$60K in pre-tax dollars, regardless of skills. That means a person who develops their skills to the point of earning $60K pre-tax has basically only drawn even with a person who may not even be able to read or write, but whom society values equally, in terms of access to consumption, with the person with the $60K in skills. Both people consume the same amount, but only one can say that their consumption and production are roughly aligned, because that person consumed only after producing. The other person got to consume simply by virtue of being alive. The latter situation has historically only existed for children living under their parent’s roof and elders who had lost the ability to work and were living with their adult children or other relatives.


      • All highly developed societies are rated by their output of rap songs. Its one of the primary industrial growth indicators. lolz


      • When we think of talent, some of us think of science, you think of rap songs.

        Why are you asking yet another guy what country he’s from?


      • David
        Why are you asking yet another guy what country he’s from?

        Im sorry David, its kinda a personal inside joke between myself and Quentin Tarrantino.

        There is no “nationality” greater or more powerful than white. Therefore, a nonwhite person asking a white person “what country you from?” is absurd; especially when the nonwhite person asking the question is deadly serious.

        Its like me asking a total white girl (I guess Gwyneth Paltrow is a good example) “do you have any black in you?”

        You know what she gonna say:


        That ain’t no color I ever heard of… they speak English?


        English bitch! do you speak it?


        Then you understand what Im sayin!


        Frame expansion exercises are a great way to improve your game but you need to practice your “stone face”.


      • Given that a society made up of low IQ women like the one in the CH scenario isn’t sustainable, what can an intelligent male do? He can mimic the alpha male to get women but his natural inclination to be a provider for a wife and child is frustrated. He can follow a career but he’ll see the fruits of his labor taxed away. He can vote for the politicians who could turn things around but they won’t win.This is probably the worst time in American history to be such a person but there’s the consolation this is a momentary aberration that can’t last.


      • “You don’t need to be all that smart to do a lot of the things that need to be done. Grow crop, bring food to market, remove waste, build/repair houses infrastructure.

        Unless you are envisioning a future where robots do everything and there are like 200 guys that actually know how to create the robots and if they get wiped out by a disease its game over.”

        You need to be smart to do those things scientifically. Sure, crops have been grown for thousands of years, but only recently did the productivity of growing crops increase to the point where famine, at least in the West, became a thing of the past. Even houses, when you think of the scientific complexity of all the materials in the supply chain required to build a single house, are only possible because some very smart people worked out all the logistics so that a house didn’t need to be built only with the materials available within a small radius.

        I think eventually robots and the artificial intelligence required to keep them running will become autonomous. A “Terminator” scenario of them turning on us would not surprise me, but it isn’t necessary, either.


      • On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs



      • > “PEOPLE”

        Thwack is actually correct here [although vastly more nightmarishly, horrifyingly correct than he is probably going to want to admit to himself]: You ignore the “Demand” component of price equilibrium at your own peril.

        “Demand”, which is to say, the nature of the mortgagees involved, is what caused the collapse of the banksters’ CRA/Fannie/Freddie scheme in 2008.

        And, if left unchecked, “Demand” is going to cause the new “Dark Age” which is just around the corner.


    • It’s true that those who can do technical work get at least some certification in it. Someone discussing a third tier law school made the comment “if they could do engineering they wouldn’t be here.” which was countered by someone pointing out that an engineer might want any old law degree to be a patent attorney — but the most important degree there would be in engineering not law.

      It’s obvious that we underpay technical workers, “scientists”, in this country. This status quo is supported by our government and legal system, where it’s very hard for engineers to be considered independent contractors for tax purposes, and beta male engineers get screwed in divorce court. Meanwhile acting types get all sorts of tax breaks and don’t have the reliable W-2 income they can be ordered to pay to exes.

      If we paid technical professionals appropriately here (the number $200,000 per year pops to mind as a sort of standard pay) they’d be free to have 6 kids apiece and much would make more sense.


      • Forgot to mention all the people we bring in on H1B. They are ALL technical workers, or close enough that it doesn’t matter. Specifically to keep the pay of tech. workers down.

        We don’t import lawyers on H1B, or actors, or artists, or politicians.


      • > “We don’t import lawyers on H1B, or actors, or artists, or politicians.”

        Or movie producers.

        Or television moguls.

        Or jewelers.

        Or banksters.

        At least not anymore.


    • This is yet another rationalistic doomsday argument, which have been made for centuries. What gives away your amateur status as a prognosticator is you just express your guesses as foreordained, which of course they’re not because they’re based on well, if A happens, it implies B will happen, then B will DEFINITELY happen.. and after that it’s all junk.

      Even someone far smarter than you ( Marx) thought things would work a certain way, and they didn’t at all. Asshole tyrants hijacked his ideas and turned them into nightmare totalitarianism.

      I bet you’re too smart to, say, get a degree in public policy, because the schools are too “blue pill”? Right? Maybe you own a car repair shop, or are a locksmith.

      We should all listen to your predictions, I’m sure.


      • Having read Marx in depth, I’m going to note that, eh, they didn’t hijack his ideas at all, rather they simply applied them as prescribed. As it turns out about Marx he really wasnt’t that smart and did little but try to philosophze his parasitic lifestyle into reality for all. When you take the bulk of his writings at face value and apply them, disaster ensues.


      • Yes, you are an unknown genius, and me and the other 51 people who read this post will rise up based on your special, omniscient opinions.

        You’re a nobody posting on a nutjob forum, the difference between us is I know I don’t have a proper role in running things. I hear Golden Dawn needs leg-beakers, care to apply?


      • I forgot the great touch of condescending detachment, I like it– “eh?”


    • Lots of people think that the current state of things can continue but they are wrong. If you look at the trend lines, you can see economic growth slowing and it will soon turn negative. It may already be because family incomes have shrunk five years in a row. As income decreases, the tax base decreases and that will force government and everything subsidized by government to shrink. This will include not just direct welfare to poor women but all the indirect welfare to middle class women working government jobs that are about to disappear. The worst period for the technologically savvy and economically productive beta male is right now because he’s being thwarted in his natural desire to be the economic provider for a wife and children. His role has been temporarily usurped by big daddy government.
      His three strategies are political change (possible but maybe too late for that), cut back on working so the government can’t confiscate his income (enjoy the decline), or mimic the alpha male and have sex with lots of the present day slutty females.


  12. Male employment is at a record low. I don’t foresee all that many beta provider to leech from in the future. The average male can live on $10-12k a year comfortably, less than that if he wants a roommate or two.


    • “The average male can live on $10-12k a year comfortably, less than that if he wants a roommate or two.”



    • Make that $20k a year until his student debt is paid off


    • a point i enjoy making to the white-guilt-swpl-ladies crowd when they’re talking about food miles and respecting my protein, is that the males of the world need a tshirt and jeans, maybe shoes. the vast consumerist wasteland is just to please the females. so shut up while i watch this plastic milk jug melt on the campfire, woman.


      • I went thru a minimalist phase a few years into pickup where I reduced all the clutter and general materialist nonsense in my life. There was a point where I had *10* pairs of jeans. What dude needs *10* pairs of jeans?? lol I don’t even know how many shirts I had…at least 20, probably 30 or so.

        So I donated like 90% of my clothes (somewhere out there are some homeless people wearing stylish $300 clubbing jeans etc lol) and basically shifted my focus more toward chasing experiences rather than material goods. Cancelled my TV cable, stopped buying new videogame consoles, etc and just went outside or focused on hobbies or socialized instead. I got to the point where all my belongings basically could fit into two suitcases. I even lived without a permanent residence for a while, sleeping on friend’s couches living out of a suitcase.

        This was about 4 years into my pickup journey so I had the means to DO other things because my hobby was meeting new people and going out…if I hadn’t been developing my social skills, I wouldn’t have had much alternative to vegging out in front of the TV and escaping into Warcraft. So the timing all worked out nice.

        Right now I own 3 plain single-colored non-peacocky shirts (one dress shirt, two t-shirts), one pair of jeans, and 2 pairs of shoes (white clubby sneakers, and a pair of those cheap dressy shoes with rubber sneaker soles and no laces from the store at the mall for the clubs that require black shoes) and I’ve been going out in basically the same outfit for like 3 years.

        This is why I say none of the material shit about how expensive your watch is or that you’re wearing the right name-brand etc matters to girls. All they care about are the emotions you make them feel. That’s not me regurgitating RSD brainwashing, that’s “I’ve been out gaming girls (and had LTRs) wearing the same shirt every weekend for years” personal experience.

        My job doesn’t pay much, but I also don’t need much to live and be happy. If I was planning to have kids, I’d focus on my finances more to ensure they had a solid childhood, but I would have them work to pay their own way thru college because working for shit builds character and self-reliance, and teaches you important things about appreciating what you get.

        I think marriage and the traditional family life was great for motivating guys to drag themselves to a slow cubicle death sucking the boss’ dick every day tossing aside their hopes and dreams to provide for their family, and that was a respectable and appreciated thing…now marriage is a joke and the guys living that life just seem foolish. And now red pill men have an opportunity to pursue entrepreneurship and chase their dreams, and surprise surprise a lot of guys are just happy day to day making a nice tidy little living off their hobbies they enjoy instead of chasing the newest expensive watch to impress “the ladies”.

        Meanwhile most of the girls I know have zero savings. They blow their paychecks on material shit. A girl told me she went on a $3000 shopping spree the other week. She burned $3000 at the mall on fucking purses and shoes and makeup and shit lol cause she’s hot and she knows that even tho she’s doing the feminist-approved career-woman thing now, she’s going to end up finding a man who will provide for her so she doesn’t need savings.

        If I ever fall on extremely hard times financially, I have a fuckton of friends via my socializing who’s lives I bring value to that wouldn’t hesitate to help me out if I needed it…because instead of buying a new pair of $300 shoes, I used that $300 to hop a flight to visit them and have fun together and bond.

        And if things get real bad, there’s always the option of marrying a rich chick with no pre-nup and pulling the divorce card to cash in…it works for women and there are going to be a LOT of lonely 30+yo rich career-chicks out there looking for a husband 😉 lol


  13. So Grim, So True, So Real


  14. Women are definitely herd animals, and will follow whatever’s shown on TelAvivsion. That ought to scare the shit out of everybody. First the Kardashians and Miley Cyrus’s start monkeying around and mud-sharking, and then every girl across the country follows suit. I’ve witness an absolute explosion in the number of attractive white whores I see cavorting with negroes every time I go out of the house. It’s sickening and astonishing. I would hate to be a 22-year-old white guy right now looking for a wife.


  15. @Zombie Shane – Exactly! Thank you for pointing out – Marxism. Marxist Feminism is the most effective tool of the Marxists to destroy the nuclear family which is the foundation of capitalism. Most of the useful idiots promoting these policies are too stupid to realize they are, in fact, Marxist policies. The ghetto population is a hideous glimpse of our intended future. Enjoy the decline.


  16. “Imagine an obese single mom with an art degree and a corporate job in advertising…”


  17. The comment about the fat woman and her mixed race kid is dead on. I see them out and about very often, and almost always the mudshark is alone with the kid. They probably hit them as much out of exhaustion of having to raise the kid alone as the kid reminding them of the buck who jumped ship as soon as she missed her first period.


    • But would she really want to be without the extra food stamps, WIC, AFDC, section 8 credit, all the stuff that child brings?


    • I once saw a white girl with her black baby in tow,sitting in the shopping cart, and he was making a bunch of weird jerking movements with his head. Very bizzare. I thought,well honey,a fine mess you made of life,eh?


  18. IOW the hideous beast from Avici I could be 1 video. YKW directed filth, my son in law. Creepy music and childish voice.


  19. You have found the secret of Room 101!


  20. i personally think that the whole crux to most of this is the unprecedented amount of self-loathing found today in society.

    has anyone else looked into this?


  21. This is sort of a dumb-down vision of America.

    I foresee something more gloomier and dire in every aspect.


    • I wonder if the narrator is the same guy I saw the other day trying to pick up the chick working the register at the gas station. Dude was laying on one half-baked line after another when it was obvious he lost her at hello.

      also, I doubt posting videos like this online is what Al Gore had in mind when he invented the internet…. 😉


  22. Don’t worry. After they’ve outlived most of their male contemporaries, they are slated to be put down–er, euthanized–by tour mostly Mexican hospital staffs at the behest of the government.


  23. Twenty years from now…

    Imagine an obese single male yelling at his to make him dinner, watching gang-bang porn on TV, reading comic books about billionaire female vampires, gouging the salaries of single college-educated adult females for his new Xbox, pizza by the dozen and Internet subscription packages… forever.

    What goes around comes around.


  24. So I should imagine a woman who is dead inside.

    Why should I care? I’m not the one telling them to make stupid decisions. Their hamster and their serpent named Uncle Sam is doing all the work for them.


  25. Saturday FR-

    Same bar strip as last time, different people.

    Me and my wing start off the night watching some infield footage and get right to it. However, my wing starts off acting awkward yet again (for some reason, he always hesitates starting off the night… this is most likely similar to my hesitation approaching when I’m alone… but I’m with him so not sure why he’s feeling awkward). Anyway I approach a couple of warmup 2-sets of older woman, let the interactions die and fizzle out and I head out. The second set I approach is an attractive older woman with her less attractive friend. I approach with some line and its going well. The lady has a husband she seems interested in continuing the conversation. Her friend is meh. Her husband is also right there a few feet away watching a game. Seeing this is pointless, I leave to find other sets.

    So we head out and back into a different bar. I see this pretty cute girl. I approach girl and tell her that I just about to approach her at the bar when she walks away. She says its a good line and I’m no it just happened lol. Her friends show up and then they all scream and i’m like fuck I remember this!

    Apparently you call her out for being rude and not introducing me to her friends. But i sort of flail instead and figure I should leave lest my value drops any further.

    My wing decides to approach a set sitting at a table on the other side of the bar. I talk to the prettier one and we do some small talk. She tries to frame the convo in the frame of a boring ass interview so I circumvent that I ask about how she met her bf. Basically she slept with two of his friends. I asked her for advice on relationships, telling her I’ve never been in one. Says she doesn’t believe me, and more chit chat. She says she can’t find her friend. I try to use her as a pivot (let’s go find your friend!) but she’s gonna go to the bathroom first. So whatever I wanna leave the set (not cuz I can’t stay in them, cuz there are prettier girls to approach!). So we head outside and my wing is still feeling out of state, but I keep trying to push him. We approach this two set in front of us (petite busty blonde and petite okay brunette) and I dance with the blonde. She’s into it but says she can’t dance because she fractured her foot. I ask her where we should go on our first date. She says she doesn’t know. I say we go to the zoo. My friend doesn’t keep the brunette entertained so she pulls her away.

    So I’m pumped up and we keep walking along so I come to my first ever 10 (i surmised after thinking back on the interaction). She’s with a less attractive friend and I jump right in trying to dance with her. She’s a little hesitant, but I get her to dance a bit, but at a point she can tell I’m nervous. After backing away and just being freaking uncalibrated lol:

    Me: You look like you wanna dance.
    Her: What?
    Me: Come on (take her hands)
    But at this point we’re both a little hesitant (incongruency) and she withdraws.
    Her: Do you just walk up to random girls on the street and start dancing with them?
    Me: I saw you, thought you were cute, and wanted to dance.
    Obstacle friend says something and I think my friend jumps in and talks to her saying she should have fun or something. He starts hitting on my target (?) using the good girl, bad girl routine. My target laughs, gives him IOIs (which i think were fake, just trying to see how he reacted).
    Me: Okay, so clearly HB10’s clearly into me, but you seem really pissed. How do I win you over?
    Obstacle calls in another friend cuz she wants us gone. The new friend is also fucking hot lol not as attractive as my target, but still super hot (what made them really high value is that they both knew they were good looking but were like totally chill).
    HB8: If you two are bothering either of these two girls I punch both of you in the fucking jaw.
    My buddy’s like “uhhhh” and I’m like lol fine it’ll make a good story.
    HB8: (Sees I don’t react) I’m not serious, I just don’t like creeps.
    My friend engages her and I sometimes pipe in asking for advice on her friend. At this point, HB10 stands off to the side and somehow meets some dude she meet earlier or something cuz they like hug and shit. And then they exchange numbers… lol
    I look up at him while she’s punching in his number into her phone and he gives me this look like… YUP. sigh

    So after he leaves HB10 comes back in the convo and somehow I’m just kinda not feeling trying cuz I feel like she’s already into this dude so why bother. We part ways. Wasn’t a rejection, which also annoys me about the interaction. But hey, handled myself pretty well, considering she looked fucking amazing and I looked like shit again.

    I honestly think after dancing with her, I should’ve negged her on her dancing and then her hair or something. Sort of complimenting on looks definitely wasn’t the best option.

    So we go further down the street, get high (-ish, I did a few hits, not enough to get blazed, got a stuffy nose, thanks) and we see these three girls coming out of a cab. I think “lol we’re actually going to hit on them right as they get out? Okay why not?”

    So I approach with some line I forget (I think it was more dancing?) and my target is clearly the hot blonde. I think at this point she’s like indifferent to us, but apparently its her birthday and my bday was last week so I high five her and somehow we end up walking with them to the bar (not as creeps, but as equals! lol) and it’s like totally normal. I small talk with the okay looking brunette, arm in arm, while the blonde is on her phone and my friend is occupying the bitchy other brunette.

    Buddy: Your nose wiggles when you bitch.
    Bitch: lol shut the fuck up.

    And then I switch to walking with my target and trying to hold her hand. She is uncomfortable.
    Me: You’re really bad at this aren’t you?
    HB8: Yeah, I’m just an awkward girl.
    Me: Lol that I’m used to. What do you guys do?
    HB8: Well I’m a special ed teacher.
    Me: Wow you’re really crushing the blonde stereotype.
    HB8: Lol I know see, and I’m smart too.
    Me: Uhhh, I don’t know if you’re smart yet…
    HB8: Lol
    Me: blah blah friend drama?
    HB8: Sigh I don’t even care, I just wanna have fun.
    Me: You can tell me later. (Some drama between her and Bitch girl)
    So we’re walking arm in arm and suddenly we stop and blonde tries to call this dude named Ryan.
    Bitch: Don’t call Ryan!

    At this point I assume this guy is an ex who she’s meeting at the bar we were leading them to, so I’m like alright guys, we’re gonna hang out around here. We’ll see you inside.

    My buddy was kinda confused as to why I let em go, and I was a bit too but later we found out the guy was at the bar and they hooked up. So it’s whatever.

    The rest of the night is basically me getting closest to pulling that I’ve ever gotten by myself. So we show up back at the bar we went to earlier in the night and its packed. My friend says he wants to dance with some chicks and we split up. I meet these two cousins and her friend on the dance floor. Sad to say she was a chubby blonde, but she had a hot face and a nice ass and tits so i was like, well if I’m gonna have sex might as well be with someone with nice parts outweighing the bad.

    I remember several of the lines I said throughout the night:

    Me: (Looking at her tits) Am I supposed to be mesmerized?
    Me: I’m just gonna rub my crotch on your ass.
    Me: Do you wanna kiss me?

    I write these out cuz her response to these are lols whats the point. So anyway we makeout and it’s a little gross cuz I really don’t know the proper way to kiss, so I kinda just slobber all over her mouth. She pulls away first and I ask her to give me kissing lessons. Doesn’t matter, she hasn’t left.

    Whats odd to me is throughout our interaction I’m feeling very little attraction from her. I mean sure I qualified her and teased her and stuff, but over time, it’s like super weird being around someone who only has one tone of voice (high pitched). But my goal is to bang so I isolate her from her friends (note, I did speak to them) and we go downstairs against her friends’ will. So cool, I bounce her. We sit at a table and she shittest me asking my I would wear a white t-shirt and jeans to a bar. I look her in the eye and tell her cuz I don’t give a fuck. She says can’t argue with that (hahaha) But great it starts raining and she says she will absolutely not go out in the rain. I say there’s ice cream and pizza out there lol

    I dunno, we’re talking and I’m getting bored so we head back upstairs and its all downhill from there. My attractive jokes become annoying and I repeat the same lines over and over and I’m just getting bored. Like everytime we move away from each other, she doesn’t look at me and I pull her back in and she’ll dance but make no eye contact. Then at a point I just let her go and watched guys hit on her. And yeah it was creepy (basically turned into another creepy loser) but I was so bored that I didn’t care lol. So whatever, I get tired of chasing and playing this game so I find my buddy and we go out into the cold rain.

    We pop in another set, he gets a number, I talk with a Polish nanny and whatever, he gets a number, I don’t cuz I don’t want any numbers (they don’t excite as nearly as much as they used to).

    And yup, we head home.

    These last two nights have been “almost got it” nights. Like, doing pretty well in terms of being unreactive and expressing myself without fearing judgement. We approached more than I ever had and got physical more than I ever had in the past three months. So yeah, things are progressing quickly… for me I guess.

    I’m just happy I’m getting shittests 😀


  26. earl
    let me smoke what your smoking!


  27. Hey there boys,

    Had a great weekend. My skills continue to grow and grow. I probably talked to 20 women in the past few days, everywhere I go. Coffee shops, grocery stores, bars, on the street, etc. Got a few numbers this weekend from some tight girls. Its funny when the numbers start piling up and texts are flowing from several girls you get picky as to who you want to chat to. Also, you may be mid convo with a girl and then completely forget to text her as some other girl grabs your attention with a booty shot.

    I have picked up many of the tips and tactics from the pros on here (yareally blog really helped) been misinterpreting texts and sexualizing the convo from early onset. Have them dancing to my tune. Most important tho is how u feel about yourself on the inside. If you have good vibes then the success will come. That, and having a pretty face and some tight muscles thrown in with game and it literally becomes simple.


    • on September 29, 2013 at 7:38 pm gunslingergregi

      I do kind of wonder what it would be like if I got in shape and had teeth hahahhaahahahahahahaha


    • you have a mid-game crash coming quick. push through it.


      • on September 30, 2013 at 12:32 am gunslingergregi

        shit should of told me that would of made you almost telepathic


      • Funny you say that because its true. There are always ups and downs its about moderation.


      • no, you are getting ready to despise women and their enablers with a passion. no upside, no going back. only acceptance of reality which will release you from your emotional pain.

        just keep swallowing down the red pill and try not to spit it up.

        and change your name for god sake, “greatest Beta” is pathetically try-hard and either homo or chicky. you don’t need us to feel bad for you and buy you tampons to get our help.


      • on September 30, 2013 at 9:57 am gunslingergregi

        only acceptance of reality which will release you from your emotional pain.””””””””’

        ever since you had the balls to bust mine you been on a roll lol


      • and change your name for god sake, “greatest Beta” is pathetically try-hard and either homo or chicky. you don’t need us to feel bad for you and buy you tampons to get our help.

        I still remember whorefinder giving him a ton of shit over that, among other things.


      • Whorefinder disappeared after that 3 day spat.

        Besides, what I’ve gleaned from your posts your still a youngster in this shit asking if its beta to do this or that.



      • Greatest beta is for fun dude need to lolz a little bit. I’m a joker at heart

        And why would I hate women? That’s a wrong way to look at life man. I know many honorable women in this life don’t forget a woman held you for 9 months and raised you to the man you are now. Balance my friend not the extreme


      • you won’t hate them forever if you do the work. read yareally’s archive over and over and over. you have to accept them for their flaws. but to accept them you will have to despise them for a bit. its the evolution of your frame. hide from it at your own peril.

        “I know many honorable women in this life”——no you don’t THATS THE POINT OF THE SOCIAL MECHANICS THAT SITES LIKE THIS GIVE YOU ACCESS TO. fuck me. they ho’s man, all of em, if you hit the right triggers.

        I’m out of your life until you get these wonderful, flawed creatures off the pedestal brohim. Including AND ESPECIALLY your mami and sisters.

        my advice is still to read gunslingergregi morning noon and night until you learn how the hoes actually work and you quit using punctuation. 😉

        all this knowledge around you and you still got macaroni for brains. fucking ponderous.making fun of your name isnt fun, its self depricating and defining your attitude about yourself but you have self limiting beliefs so it’s sad. its funny if a baller with cred calls himself “rainbow sparkle pony”, not an out of touch heartbroke homie/lawyer with pedestalization issues.(drops the mic)

        i actually care about you as a person you retard, and i’m trying to help but you gotta drop the nicey bullshit fucking pronto.you won’t make it through the winter like this man.


      • “I know many honorable women in this life don’t forget a woman held you for 9 months and raised you to the man you are now”

        Hopeless. it the right triggers and my own mother will act a whore.


  28. I would shudder if I worried such a world could be sustained for long. It can’t. It’s already cracking.


  29. If you aren’t *shudder*ing, you aren’t paying attention.

    Don’t hide your feelings, CH. Tell us what you really think.


  30. LplololZzzozz. Only the registered Jew is against Paleo diet. She likes yogurt. Lololzzozzz



  31. The way things are going feminized, greedy, pussified Westerners are going to lose their lands. Women, the greedy and the pussified will guarantee this. There may be a brief browning in Western Europe before Vlad the 2nd or 3rd completes the push West.


    Mistakes were made. So many mistakes.


  32. The U.S.A. is the “great experiment”. Race politics is just one of the games within the game. It looks like the current phase of the experiment is a wrap anyways. If your game is tight none of this should even be a problem. Actually you should benefit more going into the future. Enjoy the decline. I know I am.


    • I’m enjoying the decline, but tight game is neither here nor there. If anything reckless and aggressive game will be the order of the day.


      • As the decline continues and as you get older, the main thing you should concern yourself with is finiancial independence.


    • For me it’s about helping my kids learn the fundamentals of game. I had no clue at their ages and would have had more fun if I did.


  33. You think that’s bad, wait a couple of years until the election. The media is currently pleasuring themselves to the thought of having Hilary in office. I’m sure she is still furious over Bill’s past deviations and is just waiting to unleash that on a nation of unsuspecting males….


    • Bill isn’t the only deviator. Put the pictures of Chelsea and Webster Hubbell side by side to see who her father is. The gay/lesbian/weirdo stuff in the White House continued with gay or bi Obama. I haven’t heard of similar stuff from the Republicans.

      But I think Hillary is already too old and she’ll be even older in 2016. At some age a woman unavoidably slips into geriatric status. Hillary’s skin has already loosened and she’s covering it with massive makeup, but it will get more and more difficult to hide.


    • POTUS is figurehead puppet who decides nothing quite obviously.


    • “A blood test proved that Murzoni was responsible, and soon after he pleaded guilty, which entitles him to a 25 per cent discount on sentence when judge Penelope Hock hands down her decision in November”.

      What kind of blood test can prove exactly which person you got HIV from?

      “The 38-year-old Sydney massage therapist sitting across the road from the Downing Centre District Court is HIV-positive, a diagnosis which entitles her to anonymity under NSW law.”

      So she can’t be a ho who was tricking for tips at her job as a “massage therapist?” Or an IV drug user?

      This guy had a shitty lawyer.

      There is no way to prove it was this guy who infected her.

      Among the possibilities a good lawyer would have raised are:

      1. She had HIV for many years already.

      2. She was sleeping around like a ho for many years

      3. IV drug used.

      The only thing this guy should have plead guilty to is ” failure to disclose his HIV status.
      “I met him at an event where a friend of mine was modelling her jewellery,” the woman says of her first encounter with Muronzi as a vulnerable 27-year-old.”


      Her decision to get tested stemmed, simply enough, from a general discussion with her new partner about the attitude of Australian women towards safe sex.

      “It was a conversation bordering on an argument,” she says.

      “He was commenting on Aussie women being a bit blasé about protected sex. He was generalising about it so we had an argument. I said, would you like me to have a test? Would it make you feel safer and better? So that’s when I went ahead with the test.”


      So how many years of fucking, ho-ing and IV drug use went by before she got a test and on the advice of her lawyer, decided to blame the immigrant blk guy?
      “She began taking anti-retroviral medications which she had previously avoided.

      She also decided to go to the police with her now overwhelming suspicion that Muronzi was responsible.”

      And if Muronzi had been HIV negative, should would have tracked down past tricks until she found one HIV positive, and blamed him.

      Once again, a crying white woman is allowed to dial 1-800-blame-a-reggin

      And you white men fell for it

      (((shakin my head)))


    • Literally the easiest way to avoid HIV if you’re a woman is don’t sleep with fagots, blacks, or IV drug users. And if you’re a man, don’t be a fag or an IV drug user. And how the hell does having a deadly disease give you anonymity? Talk about a stupid law.


  34. on September 30, 2013 at 12:37 am gunslingergregi

    even worse hot blond with fucking twins that are ugly as shit


  35. We’re like Afghanistan. Getting poorer and less educated. Infrastructure crumbling after years of neglect. The religious right/GOP is the Taliban. Obama is our Karzai – talks tough, but ineffective and with dubious alliances. Porous borders. Terror attacks. Drones overhead. Having a war every decade or so. Shitty economy. We’re cool with torturing our enemies. And on, and on, and on.


  36. This is the future of America…..everyone’s selling each other down the river:



  37. “Henceforth no Joo, no matter under what name, will be allowed to remain here without my written permission. I know of no other troublesome plague within the state than this race, which impoverished the people by their fraud, usury and money-lending and commits all deeds which an honorable man despises. Subsequently they have to be removed and excluded from here as much as possible.”

    Queen Maria Theresa

    40 year reign / Sovereign of Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Bohemia, Mantua, Milan, Lodomeria and Galicia, the Austrian Netherlands and Parma


    • Wow! Thanks for that wonderful Public Service Annoucement… maybe there is hope for you yet Lily Sarah Goldberg.


    • Usury is the secret to the 1%’s success. Of course, we tossed the wisdom of our forefathers (and -mothers) because we know soooo much better.


      • Another unsupported theory, corvinus?

        Usury (in the original sense of any interest) was at times denounced by a number of religious leaders and philosophers in the ancient world, including Moses, Plato, Aristotle, Cato, Cicero, Seneca, Aquinas, Muhammad, Jesus, and Gautama Buddha.

        As the Jews were ostracized from most professions by local rulers, the church and the guilds, they were pushed into marginal occupations considered socially inferior, such as tax and rent collecting and moneylending. Natural tensions between creditors and debtors were added to social, political, religious, and economic strains.

        …financial oppression of Jews tended to occur in areas where they were most disliked, and if Jews reacted by concentrating on moneylending to non-Jews, the unpopularity — and so, of course, the pressure — would increase. Thus the Jews became an element in a vicious circle. The Christians, on the basis of the Biblical rulings, condemned interest-taking absolutely, and from 1179 those who practiced it were excommunicated. Catholic autocrats frequently imposed the harshest financial burdens on the Jews. The Jews reacted by engaging in the one business where Christian laws actually discriminated in their favor, and became identified with the hated trade of moneylending (A History of the Jews by Paul Johnson)

        In England, the departing Crusaders were joined by crowds of debtors in the massacres of Jews at London and York in 1189–1190. In 1275, Edward I of England passed the Statute of Jewry which made usury illegal and linked it to blasphemy, in order to seize the assets of the violators. Scores of English Jews were arrested, 300 were hanged and their property went to the Crown. In 1290, all Jews were expelled from England, and allowed to take only what they could carry; the rest of their property became the Crown’s. The usury was cited as the official reason for the Edict of Expulsion. However, not all Jews were expelled: it was easy to convert to Christianity and thereby avoid expulsion. Many other crowned heads of Europe expelled the Jews, although again conversion to Christianity meant that you were no longer considered a Jew.

        From Wiki.

        BTW, when the Jews were expelled from England in 1290, the excuse used was the blood libels. This was a convenient way for the crown to take their property.

        Also, the fact many Jews converted to Christianity is why a huge portion of Europeans have Jewish blood.


      • “BTW, when the Jews were expelled from England in 1290, the excuse used was the blood libels. This was a convenient way for the crown to take their property.”

        You know what happened after Jews were expelled from England and Italy?

        The Renaissance.


      • Bull. The Renaissance took place much later. And Jews returned by the 1600s to many places. But keep spinning.


      • You know what ELSE happened? A whole shitload of “blood libels”. All over Europe. I hate the way jooze are lied about!


      • But wait, if they were excluded from all honest work, where on earth did they get ALL THAT MONEY to lend out to people in the first place???????

        And, how can you say that tax-collecting and money-lending were deemed socially inferior jobs? Compared to shoveling pig shit or digging ditches? Really????

        Your little tale just doesn’t sit right.


      • Your right John, what self respecting peasant would rather sit on his ass and collect taxes or lend money. They rather do back breaking labor in the fields all day long. Its lucky for the joos that the peasants were so dedicated to manual labor.


      • Oral, John, and hammer – 3 antisemites on fire:

        Every history book about usury says the same thing. Just because you have Jew hate so high up your ass, doesn’t mean you can alter historical facts to fit your ass fucking narrative.

        Use your common ass sense, which you don’t have:

        • The church ruled people’s lives back then, and religion was deeply entrenched. When the church tells you you’ll be excommunicated for doing certain things including lending money, you won’t do it. No one wants eternal damnation and hell. So indeed, people rather shovel shit than go against what the church taught. They didn’t see the world in the same eyes you loungers on CH do. This is as far as the peasants’ mental state.

        • Furthermore, unlike today where people are very highly informed, back then they were very innocent, especially on creative ways of making money or creating wealth. The only thing known back then to making wealth was land owning, not banking. Historically, wealthy meant you had one of the following 3 things:
        1) Land ownership
        2) Vast livestock ownership (which meant you also had land for them to graze)
        3) Gold and silver ownership (which also meant you had land on which to store and/or hide it)
        Banking as we know it today, didn’t exist back then. Jews made modern banking possible; they invented it out of necessity. That’s why no peasant thought about tax collecting or moneylending as a livelihood. Most people didn’t understand past farming a parcel of land they leased from a wealthy landowner.

        • Additionally, no peasant back then had any money, much less knew how to count or use math, read, or write.

        Enter the Jews. For one thing, they were not ruled by the church.
        Second, they were educated – knew how to read, write, and count.
        Third, tax collecting was a dirty, dirty job. You didn’t sit on your ass like a CH commentator, lounging away and writing Jew shit. You had to go and collect the money form the angry surfs that worked the baron’s/ lord’s land. No one liked to pay taxes, do we like it today? Back then, it was even worse, because they collected the tax in a most inhumane uncompassionate way, and the surfs/peasants used to curse and spit on the tax collector – it was an awful scene. And, if he were Christian, they would tell him he’s damned for all eternity for making the lives of the poor miserable. That’s why smart landowners figured out that better let a Jew be cursed, spit on, and chased with a pitchfork than Christian custodians whom they know work for the landowner-master. This was a way for the peasants to infuse the face of the Jew and evil together. It was ingenious if not diabolically antisemitc.

        Moneylending was even worse, because most of the time, borrowers – from the king or noblemen who needed lots of money for their campaigns, to the peasants and surfs who needed to pay their rent for using the nobleman’s land – didn’t want to pay it back. There were cases of people gaining up on Jews after they lent them money, killing them rather than paying it back. Even kings didn’t want to pay back their debts and expelled Jews rather than pay back. Moneylending was a very dangerous thing.

        The example I had above of England in 1275. Edward Longshanks (Edward I of England from Braveheart fame) passed the Statute of Jewry, which made usury illegal and linked it to blasphemy, in order to seize the assets of the violators. How convenient. He was an opportunistic/user malevolent monarch (as most were back then) who also oppressed the Scots. Jews, because they had no choice, engaged in such means of livelihood in order to survive, which in the end paid off since they learned to handle money from this, which is why banking, accounting, investing, and financial advising are traditionally Jewish professions.

        From wiki about Longshanks’ anti-Jew actions:

        [One of the] source of crown income was represented by England’s Jews. The Jews were the king’s personal property, and he was free to tax them at will. By 1280, the Jews had been exploited to a level at which they were no longer of much financial use to the crown, but they could still be used in political bargaining. Their usury business – a practice forbidden to Christians – had made many people indebted to them and caused general popular resentment. In 1275, Edward had issued the Statute of the Jewry, which outlawed usury and encouraged the Jews to take up other professions [as if anything was open to them]; in 1279, in the context of a crack-down on coin-clippers, he arrested all the heads of Jewish households in England and had around 300 of them executed. In 1280, he ordered all Jews to attend special sermons, preached by Dominican friars, with the hope of persuading them to convert, but these exhortations were not followed. The final attack on the Jews in England came in the Edict of Expulsion in 1290, whereby Edward formally expelled all Jews from England. This not only generated revenues through royal appropriation of Jewish loans and property, but it also gave Edward the political capital to negotiate a substantial lay subsidy in the 1290 Parliament. The expulsion, [ ] was not reversed until 1656.


    • If memory serves, Her Imperial Majesty had 17 children (most of whom survived) by a classic ‘beta herb’ hubby, was quite impressively large ( a BBW 200+ years before the acronym was coined), and got Austria on the road to social democracy. Among other things, she started the public school system – may have been the first in Europe, not sure – which may be somewhat repressive and cruel, but is lightyears ahead of the American equivalent.


      • Skrillex Bitch, I don’t comprehend you at all… Are you really saying that Maria Theresa and the Austro-Hungarian Empire had any room in their heart of hearts for social democracy, vis-a-vis, Juden? Did I mention you have an awesome Skrillex Cut?

        I’ve been dating and fucking Eastern European women for the last 5 years exclusively. The last one… I almost ringed her. BUT— she had mad fucking socialist guilt that wasn’t necessary for a just cause. She was abhorred by the amount of bolshevik traitors in the Austro-Hungarian Empire that made their way to “better places” in WW2 at gunpoint during the Bolshevik Cleansing in Eastern Europe. Me? I didn’t weep for any of it, and I saw all the monuments and memoribilia. Hungary has a few things going for it today.

        1) It was one of the LARGEST exterminators of traitorous juden the world has ever known. Progressive socialists, like my bad ass Hungrarian babe who was an HB9 in the States have tremendous guilt.

        2) More recently, they are much like other EE countries and particularly Russia. They see the utterly nihilistic outcome of the West and they rail against it. I’d never heard more openly anti-semitic statements than I did in Budapest. They understand history, in this way.


      • on October 1, 2013 at 2:17 am The Spirit Within

        Yes, Jay in DC, go ahead and google “enlightened despots” and see what you learn about Maria Theresa as well as Joseph II.

        Whatever you may have learned about Eastern European sluts circa 2013 is INAPPLICABLE to Eastern European monarchs circa 1750.


  38. Heartiste, where are you strategies for combating this dysgenic dystopia? Your fear is justified, your lack of action is not.


  39. on September 30, 2013 at 9:01 am Oswald Spengler

    The sooner this worthless dying decadent civilization is burned to the ground, the better.


  40. I remember when game/pua blogs were just about picking up hot women sprinkled with discussions of feminism in modern society. Now its all about the plight of the white man, which is laughable. You’ve shrunken your audience to heterosexual white males, just like a stereotypical Repub. You are everything that the left accuses you of.

    Anti-miscegenation is mostly penis envy. This place is starting to look like stormfront


    • gay


      • “This place is starting to look like stormfront” Hyperbole, It’s what’s for breakfast! Feminists are masters of this by the way too. And you sound like one. Find your fucking sack and then return. Thanks for playing…


      • Just double down. Typical. If their comment is outside my opinion, FEMINIST!

        You lose


      • Not necessarily “feminist”. But “shitlib”, certainly.


      • Don’t backtrack for him


      • Who said anything about backtracking? What you have said is 100% pure shitlibbery that has nothing to stand on except hatred of the true and good. And feminism is indeed a form of shitlibbery, and although you haven’t spouted feminist crap yet, it would not be inconsistent with your retarded worldview.


      • Shitlibbery? Feminism? You sir are a master wordsmith. Keep blowing smoke out of those gorilla nostrils, I know your face is red, I know you’re angry as hell


      • Empty taunts? Is that all you have? Your intellectual bankruptcy is showing. Haul on outta here before you pee all over yourself any more, boy.


      • I’ll leave the taunting to you. Shouldn’t you be off somewhere walking back another one of jay’s illogical comments? You know, when he throws around words like feminist when it doesn’t relate to anything? You two fail. You two lose

        Life must suck being someone’s monkey-boy-puppet


      • What’s wrong corvicunt? Jay’s cock got your tongue?


      • Thanks for the waste of time you fucking ape


      • Leave it to shitlibs to bring up homoeroticism.


      • Against stupidity the gods themselves struggle in vain (Goethe) . But during the struggle, the stupid howl out, “Shitlib, femnist, Cathedral, Frankfurters– It’s the Frankfurters!!!” (Well, Subway Masturbator seems obsessed with the Frankfurters. I’d still waiting for the wing nut fringemonkeys to explain that those bastards are doing in Frankfurt.

        While all their health and the health ( freedom from Polio) of they and their kids depends on vaccines invented by who they howl about most readily, Jewish medical geniuses. That must smart. IF they’re even aware of it.


    • Most of the readers here blame (jews) whitey! Wait, they are whitey. The minority controls the majority…maybe higher forces are at play. HAHAHA


    • one drop rule, one drop rule
      i ain’t no mongrel, i ain’t no beta tool
      if about another race ya make me think
      ya outta here, bitch
      go play vidya with a chink


    • “Game” is so 2011.

      We’re on to taking back Western Civilization now.


    • Deconstruction in 3…2…1… -initiate. “Repub”? This alone says how out of touch you are in the realm of RealPolitik. Repubs haven’t represented “white males” since at least the Reagan Era at best. The white middle class has NO representation currently other than “fringe lunatics” like Rand Paul. He has no investment in the military industrial complex on the one side. He has no investment in the social justice and democracy racket on the other side. So he is just one dude against “a system” with the odds rigged incontrovertibly to the extremes.

      corvinus is a “dude-bro” (props to Takimag) for this hilarious term.

      You come here pontificating as most bully pulpit preachers do. THIS is the truth, THAT is so ridiculous and lame. Yet… we here, are aware. You impress no one and nothing. You insult the readership here’s intelligence. We are awake. We are aware. You are not worthy to lap up our spunk with your hyperbole, lies, and hysterics.

      Like SBPDL, Moonbattery, mindweapons, Eradica, irateirishman, et. al. what you are doing here has been worn the fuck out for years. “anti-miscegenation is…” terrifying to you. The ONLY hope you have, and have ever had, is white DNA, genetic haplotypes that had been out of Africa for 100,000 years enduring challenges no hominid knucledragging ape could ever imagine.

      Want to continue this conversation? I doubt it.. you are as delusional as any libtard and you damn well know it.


      • Repubs don’t represent white males? I guess if you’re stretching, its a true statement. But I’m looking at data instead of some niche disenfranchised ideology:

        ^We know that most of that is white males and not necessarily white females who are known to vote Dem.

        “The white middle class has NO representation currently other than “fringe lunatics” like Rand Paul.”

        What happened to David Duke? Lol. No one will ever get elected into a prominent position with the ideology that you and CH spew. Complaining about “latte-colored” children with overweight WF’s, ranting about “white elites ruling mulattos”, etc. Do you SERIOUSLY think that will ever fly in this country?

        Even in Greece, the Golden Dawn cannot thrive. Their guy just got arrested and probably will be removed from his elected office.

        Other than perhaps Russia, I don’t know where these leaders that represent your views can thrive. The whitest nations in the world are even more liberal than WE are. And Sweden doesn’t have as many Jews as USA. Nor does Norway. I can go down the list.

        Swarthy whites from southern europe seem to be the last battalian for this nonsense, and they are dwindling. Vastly outnumbered.

        Back to my main point: I’ve been following game blogs and PUA discussion forums for years. It never used to be like this. You also could have a decent debate without the immediate “FEMINIST!” blast. Or “SHITLIB!” vomit. It was just about the girls and feminism’s affect. How to get laid. Now it’s ultra-cynical discussions of the state of Whitey. It’s all racial, HBD, anti-semetic. White nationalists have long since infiltrated the game-community. Even Mystery had ties to white supremacists (so I’ve heard)


      • Lok, the gods themselves struggle in vain, as Goethe said, so you can’t be expected to give up on them. But since insecure haters love the mud, and the dark, they constantly burrow away from the light and love; so they manage to keep themselves hidden until and unless some ebola-style horror opportunity like Nazi Germany opens up. It’s not often, thankfully.

        Oh, and for that rule used to suppress discussion of fascism– just want to make sure to break it– Hitler HItler HItler.

        Echoboys, please stop masturbating in your garages to your picture of Adolf Hitler HItler Hitler. His outline is getting blurry.


      • “ebola-style horror opportunity like Nazi Germany”

        Haha! I am going to borrow this phrase and give you credit each time I use it because I don’t believe in stealing.


  41. European antisemites blaming the Jews don’t count. She was a devout catholic, and that is one of the reasons for her antismetism. Antismeites are either jealous of the Jews or religious zealots.

    From wiki.

    Though she eventually gave up trying to convert her non-Catholic subjects to Roman Catholicism, Maria Theresa regarded both the Jews and Protestants as dangerous to the state and actively tried to suppress them. The empress was probably the most anti-Semitic monarch of her time, having inherited the traditional prejudices of her ancestors and acquired new ones. This was a product of deep religious devotion and was not kept secret in her time. In 1777, she wrote of the Jews: “I know of no greater plague than this race, which on account of its deceit, usury and avarice is driving my subjects into beggary. Therefore as far as possible, the Jews are to be kept away and avoided.”

    She imposed extremely harsh taxes on her Jewish subjects and, in December 1744, proposed expelling the Jews from her hereditary dominions to her ministers. Her first intention was to expel all Jews by 1 January, but having accepted the advice of her ministers who were concerned by the number of future expellees, had them expelled by June. She also transferred Protestants from Austria to Transylvania and cut down the number of religious holidays and monastic orders. In 1777, she abandoned the idea of expelling Moravian Protestants after Joseph, who was opposed to her intentions, threatened to abdicate as emperor and co-ruler. Finally, she was forced to grant them some toleration by allowing them to worship privately. Joseph regarded his mother’s religious policies as “unjust, impious, impossible, harmful and ridiculous.

    In the third decade of her reign, influenced by her Jewish courtier Abraham Mendel Theben, Maria Theresa issued edicts which offered some state protection to her Jewish subjects. She forbade the forcible conversion of Jewish children to Christianity in 1762. In 1763, she forbade Catholic clergy from extracting surplice fees from her Jewish subjects. In 1764, she ordered the release of those Jews who had been jailed for a blood libel in the village of Orkuta. Notwithstanding her strong dislike of Judaism, Maria Theresa supported Jewish commercial and industrial activity.


    • Like I’m going to trust wikipedia to be an impartial source. Read the woman’s own words, not what other people thought she meant.


      • Queen Maria Theresa is a known for her Jew hate and her protestant hate.

        It’s documented in history books. What is there to debate? Therefore, anything she says about Jews is suspect. It can’t be objective since it’s coming from a highly religious fanatic bigoted place. Her own son thought she was “unjust, impious, impossible, harmful and ridiculous.” That speaks volumes. I suggest, you stop spinning. When her son Joseph became emperor, he reversed many of her edicts. He guaranteed basic liberties to practitioners of Lutheranism, Calvinism, Greek Orthodoxy, and Jews. They were permitted to worship in their own buildings, educate their clergy and youth, own property, and judge the moral standards of their community.

        Anyway, since when do you look up to a woman as a hero? I thought you guys hate women in power? Or, is it OK when she is a Jew hater? Hypocrisy showing! You’ll hang on to any morsel you can get.


      • ……….. This thing of using each other’s handles is getting a tad out of hand.


      • Fuck off Hammer I told you to leave me alone. I dont have time for this shit, I have bar-mitzvah to attend.


      • Damn it, Lily, I told you to stop groping my body. I don’t like women, just Jews.

        Yucky women, yuckyuckyuck. Yummy Jews.


    • on October 2, 2013 at 5:36 am Carlos Danger

      This is Lily sock pupetting Hammer of Love.


  42. on September 30, 2013 at 10:04 am gunslingergregi

    once everything is diverse there won’t be any joos that is my prediction
    so really nothing to talk about lol


    • on September 30, 2013 at 10:05 am gunslingergregi

      happened in my town every place will be like my town therefore where the fuck they gonna go


    • That’s what they have the nationalist state of Israel for…to make sure that they have a racially pure homeland to flee to, while denying the goyim of their own.


  43. @Lokski Wai

    I agree with you. Many of these blogs about game always were or allowed to become forums for White supremacists etc. It’s made clear when the author of this blog posts an open ended 5 line article such as this one. Who some woman chooses to be with that an alpha white male would have no interest in anyway should not be an issue for him unless it is. It puts the discussion on a tangent to the degree that everything except game is being discussed. More people are turned away than attracted. I did not realize game/PUA/MGTOW was “White only” which it is not.


  44. Whaddya mean “Future”? It’s here NOW….


  45. Biased bullshit from a writer acting like the beta males he so hates.

    Take your politically charged doom and gloom and keep it elsewhere.


  46. Even a cursory assessment of this thread earns it the Circle Jerk Anti Librul Echo Chamber award.


  47. This place is filled with boring paranoids.


  48. CH mngmt must be real mercenaries to condone this shit. I guess in the US if you end up with a book deal, it means you were right.


  49. “Whenever I see a poor white man I think to myself, ‘what a waste of a white man'”. – Paul Mooney

    I don’t know the cause of all of you projecting hate toward The Tribe. Stop searching up conspiracy theories on your Jew-created search engine, and go to the gym so you can add more women to your Jew-created social network.

    I will admit though, I too am agitated by welfare-receiving fat white women with illegitimate children…

    …and I’m black, so wouldn’t my dick benefit from that? Nope, I have higher standards.


  50. America – as it once was – is history. Most of the productive people have already moved most of their operations “elsewhere” and transferred most of their income to other, more attractive sites around the globe. I have taken steps to become a landed immigrant out of the US when I finally punt. I’m tired of seeing my money going to support useless dead-beats that vote for idiots and thieves… Fortunately, I don’t have to put up with it – so I will keep my money for myself, and the dead-beats can rot. America is now a country for the cock-roaches – including the ones that walk on two legs.

    I have sizable investments in a number of other countries – so that I travel when I want, where I want, and get to sample the charms of young women. That is all any man can ask for. I am thankful for America as it once was – but now, it’s useless and a dying husk of what it once was. The useless can have it – it was the last best hope, but it’s gone now. And with it the hope that this civilization would last – it won’t, now it’s just a question of enjoying the decline.