The Ghost Of America Future

Reader Sig Sawyer wonders about the coming Diversitopia and how it will change everything we (used to) love about America.

When whites become a minority, not even in the free world at large but simply in higher education, does anyone doubt that European cultural history will be lost?

Do you think Plato will still be taught in schools in 2065? Shakespeare? Or do you have any doubt at all that Shaniqua de’Ungabunga, head of the Grievance Department, will institute classes studying the great canon of Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, and Kim Kardashian? Sound ridiculous? Those classes already exist. The coming Dark Ages (heh) are the best case scenario. I leave it up to you to imagine the worst that’ll happen when white demographic share ticks down to 49%.

If you want a vision of the future in an America where Whites are a set-upon minority, this video seems awfully prescient. Note the passivity of the White onlookers.

“It’s oooooovaaaahhhhhh.”

Ain’t that the truth.


  1. Affirmative action puts lives in danger.

    We don’t need gun control. We need Dindu control.


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    • I mean, for fuck’s sake, the fucking Dindu puts a loaded magazine into the gun with the slide locked back (after making a show of having someone else confirm that the gun is empty–unnecessary pussy move, that), then releases the slide, thereby chambering a round.

      Even after doing that, however, there is no reason his booger picker should have ever touched the bang switch.

      One would have to have an IQ below 85 to do this. This particular Dindu is pushing not breaking 80, as you can tell simply from observing him struggle to speak English during the first 30 seconds before he shoots himself.

      This affirmative-action person is given a license by “the state” to shoot you dead. In communist zones such as New York, he is allowed to have a gun but you are not.


    • on October 20, 2015 at 12:39 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

      War is coming. You’d better figure out now if you’re going to be able to stand with us and do what is necessary. If not, get out of our way.


      • on October 20, 2015 at 1:15 pm mendozatorres

        Yup. Looking into tactical training to get started either at the end of this year or beginning of next. When one sees the writing on the wall, they’d be dumb not to heed its warning.


      • on October 20, 2015 at 3:40 pm Captain Obvious

        MT, in the old days, SoCal folk would drive up [North] and/or out [East] into the nearest desert [possibly up in the barren hills], and just park by the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere, and shoot bottles and cans and whatnot. Also, I strongly recommend Ghost Ring Sights on any urban combat weapon which you purchase [even blind folk nail hit shiznat with Ghost Ring Sights]. Finally, I’d start my collection with the Mossberg 51663 590A1, using a mixture of 1600fps ammo from Federal [rifled slugs] and Hornady [00 buck]:


      • on October 20, 2015 at 3:43 pm Captain Obvious

        MT, apparently some sh!tlib adm!n has set the filter at WordPress so that it sends 2nd Amendment posts into m0d, but get yourself something with Gh0st R!ng S!ghts, and some amm0 for it, and head out into the desert, and just start sh00ting stuff [tin cans, bottles, armadillos, whatever].


      • Whites deserve what they get. They have allowed this to happen.


    • A n1gger with a gun, well… that I can grok.

      But one with a gun AND a badge? :nightmare:


    • “I’m the only one in this room professional enough ” .. BANG!



    • The teacher or principal or whoever was ultimately responsible for the students’ safety in that room should have walked up to the front of the room and ended the presentation with words to the effect of:

      “In the interest of safety of everyone in this room, this meeting is over. We may invite you to finish your presentation after you complete a remedial course in firearms safety.”


  2. Fucking horrible.


    • Reminds me of how some shop owners keep out the diversified thugs by playing classical music on their loudspeakers outside.


      • on October 20, 2015 at 3:28 pm Traficante Musashi


      • on October 20, 2015 at 4:09 pm mendozatorres

        She and her music are shit. How’d it ever get to this point? Also, is she an albino black girl? Got that Michael Jackson disease?


      • on October 21, 2015 at 12:48 am Traficante Musashi

        mendozatorres: How’d it ever get to this point?

        Well, Torres, Western white men started listening to women about their emotional needs and trying to fulfill them instead of determining women’s needs by observing them while giving a greater priority to higher and broader things than to rampant feelings. Therefore, they have been rewarded with race cuckolding, causticly incoherent ideologies being codified into their establishments, and the likes of the fucking Kardashians and Iggy Albino.

        According to my crystal ball, their remains will live on in future generations via a giant, ritualistically prepared batch of pozole and, in spirit, via reruns of Quantum Leap.


  3. Re: the video to which CH linked, this dude gets this if I ever see that happen:

    White men, don’t be scared of these paper tigers.

    Sorry so many comments today, but one more. A video this bad deserves some comedy to balance it out.


    • Paper tigers indeed…

      Some dindu was mau-mauing a white woman cashier at the local gas n’ go about being asked for proof of age while buying cigarettes… I was at the adjacent register paying for my coffee when it started.

      After two sentences of attitude on his part, with the flustered lady almost in tears, trying to explain it was merely policy and she had to ask, I interjected in a loud voice and stern look: “Knock it off.”

      The guy was probably half my age, and my size, maybe even a little bigger. He then said to me: “But look at me, do I look underage?” almost apologetically.

      “It’s her job to ask anyone who looks younger than 30, just like the sign on the counter says.” (me still with the stern expression)

      “But it makes no sense!” (he says, exasperated but no longer belligerent)

      “Neither does making a scene in a place of business.”

      With that, he quietly walked out the door.

      The lady thanked me, and suddenly the manager (probably 15 years younger than me, a bit chubby, but still a big man) comes round the corner and thanks me.

      I just looked at him with dismissive glance and said “Where were you, pal?” and then I myself left.

      Stand up in a righteous cause and God will put fear in your enemy.


      • In the video to which CH linked, the Dindu is a 115 pound skinny punk kid, but there were about 7 other Dindus there and it’s obviously not a park in a nice area. Here’s our real world dilemma.

        At least some of the Dindus is probably packing a baby Glock 9mm. They are, of course, itching to gang up on the white dude (your or me) who intervenes for that woman.

        Let’s say I’m also carrying a Glock, but unlike the Dindus I’m carrying 13 rounds of .40S&W and I know how to shoot.

        What do we do? We shoot 6 dindus, risk getting shot ourselves, risk getting arrested and charged with murder? Or we merely bitch slap the dindu like he did to the woman (hopefully before he does it), and risk getting shot or jumped by 7 dindus?

        Even a legit defense shooting is likely to result in some kind of court case, which is annoying, to say the least, even if it eventually gets dropped.

        The problem, as CH notes, is the passivity of the 15 other whites in the video, who are scared, passive bunny rabbits as they’ve been taught to be for the past 40 years. They would fail to properly come to our aid.

        The short-term solution is to find white men who are red pill and start at least discussing forming gangs. I think a good place to start is your local gun shop and shooting range, where you can find good LEOs and let them know that you know what’s up, that #blacklivesmatter was bullshit, and that you want to be in their group with SHTF. I have even discovered that my local gun shop owner and one very smart salesman that he has reads CH and knows what’s up. I kid you not.



      • — “The problem, as CH notes, is the passivity of the 15 other whites in the video, who are scared, passive bunny rabbits as they’ve been taught to be for the past 40 years. They would fail to properly come to our aid.”

        There is a real problem with learned passivity. That said, there was a video a few years back of a lone Dindu yelling at and intimidating passengers on a Seoul subway, all of whom were non-responsive.

        Could the African have evolved a social dominance skill non-Africans have no defense against? The Negro shrieks (by the female) or explosion of curses (by the male) bypasses paralyzes our own social-functionality through its sheer force of hindbrain primitivism.

        Think about how you’d deal with the verbal chimpout. You can’t outargue it, you can’t outscream it. You, instead, have to kick in your prefrontal lobes to direct a potentially lethal response. In a normal street confrontation, what do you do?


      • Everything you say is 100% correct, with the additional “annoyance” of getting bled dry in a civil suit for defending yourself… one reason why Stand Your Ground laws MUST have a stipulation that, if not criminal charge, then no civil suit can be initiated… which of course, given the lawyers and the System, good luck getting that put into law.

        Anyway, the time is coming when Whites have to make a stand… even if it means going down as the Lone Ranger in a situation such as this, with only one’s trust in God and what skills and weapons at hand one has.

        Shane, High Noon, Magnificent Seven, Mad Max, whatever mythos a man decides to emulate. When we start to fear death more than sacrificing our children, we don’t avoid death… rather, we die thousands of times, as the Bard told us centuries ago.

        It’s easy for me to talk, as an older man, granted… I often think an “Old Man’s League” is going to have to make a start of it… we’ve had our lives for the most part… might as well go down in whatever “blaze o’ glory” these times afford us… and remember the wisdom of the ancients: anything’s better than the straw death.


      • anonymous:

        You put it very well, that is the dilemma. And I agree that forming gangs with trusted and capable men to carry out tactical operations against criminals is the best way to go about defending yourself – hypothetically, because of course I do not and would never condone such a thing. But hypothetically, such gangs would essentially engage in guerrilla warfare and carry out vigilante justice. Of course, the concern then becomes avoiding retaliation by either the gangs or the authorities.


      • on October 20, 2015 at 2:51 pm mendozatorres

        Reminds me of: I’d rather be tried by twelve than carried by six.

        Granted, those twelve nowadays….eeesh!


      • Get some SPFX masks and start cleaning up the neighborhood


      • This park scenario is a conundrum indeed.

        The chimp is a stain that should be rubbed out. But the woman is hardly the Lady Fair worth risking life & limb to protect. Yeah, she’s white. But she’s also filthy, homeless, probably insane, and drunk in midday. If you did make a doomed Alamo stand to defend her against a troop of hyped-up baboons, she would be unlikely to even notice, much less appreciate it.

        In my opinion, the best course of action would be to stop the attack in a way that does not shift the aggression to you. To interrupt the groid in a non-confrontational way. Almost like you are on his side, helping him out.

        I did this once to a dindu youf who was getting loud & aggressive to his mudshark girl at an outdoor mall. I didn’t want to see a white girl take a beating, but I didn’t want to get into a brawl during my lunch hour for her coalburning ass. So I calmly interrupted his chimpout & asked him where the mall food court was, like everything was normal. That distracted his attention & he even pointed out the direction for me. At that point I let him know that everyone watching him & on the phone was freaked out & currently calling the police. He turned & walked away from his ho at that point. She probably got bitchslapped later that night, but at least I didn’t have to watch it.

        Just call me the coon whisperer.


      • “Could the African have evolved a social dominance skill non-Africans have no defense against? The Negro shrieks (by the female) or explosion of curses (by the male) bypasses paralyzes our own social-functionality through its sheer force of hindbrain primitivism. ”

        There is only no defense to their social dominance plays in the context of a society that has embraced cultural Marxism to the point where people fear accusations of racism if they act more than they fear the potential violence from the situation itself.


      • The chimp is a stain that should be rubbed out. But the woman is hardly the Lady Fair worth risking life & limb to protect. Yeah, she’s white. But she’s also filthy, homeless, probably insane, and drunk in midday. If you did make a doomed Alamo stand to defend her against a troop of hyped-up baboons, she would be unlikely to even notice, much less appreciate it.

        You’re absolutely right… but I wouldn’t be doing it for her. She would just be a lucky bystander and beneficiary.

        I’d be doing it for other Whites down the road… and so I could look myself in the mirror the next day.


      • “so I could look myself in the mirror the next day.”

        Several weeks ago at a very non-peak hour a young White woman sat in front of me on the subway, reading a book. Then, a very large and very drunk Dindu walks over and plops himself next to her, immediately in front of me. I am instantly alert.

        After a moment, he starts gently pestering her with state-of-the-art intoxicated “yo guuuiirl…” game. She is stiff and smilingly politely answering his questions monosyllabicly. The train stops at various stations and I wonder, “damn, cunt, why aren’t you getting off and catching the next train?”

        I assess the situation. Put my glasses in my pocket. Memorize the car number printed on the end door. Ask myself, do I do anything, if he starts groping her? I’m no white knight. I have a wife and two small children, they need me, to hell with that chick. But those same words: “look myself in the mirror the next day” run through my mind. The decision is made — I will.

        All the above thinking occurred in the space of a few seconds. Tactical planning: number one, I couldn’t take him. Too big. Do nothing unless he touches her. If he does, I will grab his neck in a wrestling choke, no half-ass about it. Balls to the wall, try to snap it. Otherwise he will overpower me.

        There is a handful of other passengers nearby but I wouldn’t be able to count on them, as I assess. Female, old male, young hipster male. But nobody will help him either. There is another black in the car, but he is a pudgy Talented Tenth with a gentle face.

        I take my car keys in my hand in case the drunk has a knife. Plan: stab the neck if steel is sighted.

        The train stops at my station. I exit and tell the station manager, a black guy, about the drunk in car number ## and describe him. He looks like he’s taking it seriously and gets on the phone.


      • There is a real problem with learned passivity. That said, there was a video a few years back of a lone Dindu yelling at and intimidating passengers on a Seoul subway, all of whom were non-responsive.

        That video has been removed from Youtube but it can be found at LiveLeak here:


      • I’ve fought these guys before MANY MANY times and almost always won.

        As soon as someone talks like this to me I get up and start beating him. I don’t care if there’s 10 I’ll attack at the first sign of trouble. That way, no iPhone footage.

        If you throw one devastating strike or throw immediately and engage a second, the others will start backing up and often run. I always chase them down, otherwise they regroup.

        I chimp out so bad THEY don’t know WTF to do, that is the antidote.

        I had a female chimp in a grocery store threatening me and I told her I’d throw her through the window and anyone who helped her would never see home again. I’m paraphrasing here, I said a lot of shit crazy ghetto white boy style. The brothas avoided eye contact with me and she saw she was alone.

        She kept mumbling “I can see why white boys get jumped in the parking lot” trying to egg them on but I smiled and said “I’m happy to k1ll all of you right here in the store”. I left unmolested

        Sometimes you have to be willing to go all the way and come what may.

        I train BJJ and Kyokushin Karate but I was kicking butt as a kid with hardcore weight lifting a little boxing, a book bag full of toys and no books. I was 135lbs in most of those. Now I’m a 210lb trained fighter, I recommend this size or larger, it’s an effective deterrent. Just make sure you also have cardio.

        Anything works if you fight like you mean it. And don’t ever stay around to talk to the man. Hit hard and GTFO of there, wear sunglasses, don’t carry a phone or use a burner and keep it outside your place.

        Don’t hang around with people who would rat on you or fold under questioning. That means ALL women and most men, sorry guys.

        But yeah, folks need to team up BAD. One man can’t make a dent in the problem.


      • I had a fun moment the other day.

        Hindu woman with her two turds was in front of me at the grocery store.

        I bought some package of sushi for lunch. One of the turds was touching all over my sushi on the checkout belt saying “mommy I want this” and she not doing anything to stop him.

        I look at him with a violent look and say “don’t touch my food”. He kind of shrank back.

        I could tell his mom was thinking about saying something to me but she kept her trap shut, probably because I look unhinged. lol

        Felt good, I’m really sick of indians being everywhere now.


      • Give me a thousand Benny Hills (chateau, that is) and I will make the yesteryear clean-ups of Dodge and Tombstone look like church picnics.

        Tow-headed children will be walking, unescorted, to their newly-built elementary schools in Camden.

        Well-done, kamerad.


      • on October 22, 2015 at 10:09 am gunslingergregi

        I chimp out so bad THEY don’t know WTF to do, that is the antidote. ”””””””””



      • on October 22, 2015 at 10:17 am gunslingergregi

        But yeah, folks need to team up BAD. One man can’t make a dent in the problem.””””””””””””””’

        i made a dent almost every drug dealer with a white bitch broke up lol


      • on October 22, 2015 at 10:22 am gunslingergregi

        up to bout 7 bitches completely changed their lives


    • I think I laughed a piece of steak out of my nose watching that. He was the toughest guy on the show, for sure. The others (now) are mostly weak, pathetic idiots. I like the interesting dynamics on the show – it is clear to anyone with half a brain that the forced alliances of mixed races just “seems off” and not believable. If you saw an all white crew moving through, that would make sense – and they would survive. If I were there, I would expel or shoot any non-Whites who came near my group. Feed them to the Democrat voters, errrrr…..I meant the zombies.


      • This. Of course. The show is nonsense. Even as we get to season 5, all of the useless diverse and women who have survived (while not providing any sex). Yeah right. In real life zombie apocalypse the white men would survive, get along for the most part, work together, be the leaders, not be so stupid. The thing I like about the show is that it does show flashes of realism and actually does show *some* of that (such as a few successful gangs of white men) (who turn out to be evil child rapists, of course).

        Google “walking dead is jewish anti-white propaganda” and you’ll find a really good analysis, episode by episode, tearing apart the “diversity squad” lolzozlzllzo it’s a funny (but maddening) read. Right on point.

        One key point of the show is to make white men look bad, same as every other show on Jew teevee. For realz.

        Rick makes stupid decision after stupid decision. He beats up, kills, or expels obviously relatively-harmless, strong white men who could help, then takes in Michoown, the angry negress who destroyed the Governor’s little city by being an ungrateful traitor. (governor makes stupid decisions too).

        And it’s supposed to be good that Merle was left handcuffed to the roof because he said the N world. lzozlzzlo the Jew wants you to see him as a scary potential Nazi.

        the southern accents are way overdone, even with the lovable (now) brother of Merle.

        I could add more but TLDR: yes the forced diversity on the show is laughable, and of course it has about 90% of the relationships being miscegenation, and the negros (and the Asian) get the hottest white women.

        Yet when badass Darryl, who all of the ladies love and realize he’s a protector and provider of food (realistic), when he’s alone with the hottie blonde woman (who is 30 but is supposed to be 17 on the show), they hang out all night getting drunk in a house yet he does not touch her.

        lzozlozlz yeah right. But this Darryl kind of has a crush on the old, gray haired, short haired, dyke-looking woman (who they make a point of shaming a white man for assuming she’s a lesbian because she looks like that)

        The main point is that white men are always killing and beating the shit out of other white men to save negros, un-fuckable (useless) women, and jews.

        Oh wait…that really did happen, twice, in real life in the first two world wars.

        Perhaps it’s realistic, after all.


      • Merle and his brother when the show started were warriors, exactly the kind I’d want. But even they were way too nice.

        But the brothers were the only worth having around.

        I would have played nice doggy with those two idiot cops then sh0t them in the back, I’m that kinda guy. haha

        You need ammo in that scenario more than you need mouths to feed, females are only useful to replenish the gene pool. Moronic authority figures and white knights are a recipe for disaster.

        I remember when the one ho said “it’s Amy’s birthday tomorrow”, I would have [email protected] her silly.

        Obviously I just started watching this train wreck (nothing else on) so I don’t know what happens later.


  4. Question ?

    Who runs the schools ????

    Answer ??

    Da Joos and Anglo-Saxons….mostly men set the policy.


    • on October 20, 2015 at 12:40 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

      Beta-boys run the schools. Push-overs.


      • The Jew runs the schools. And what they do is push feminist communist miscegenation agenda 24/7.

        Here’s a clue: in all cities, school is closed on all Jewish holidays but open on Columbus Day.

        True story.


      • Bullshit.


      • on October 20, 2015 at 12:53 pm The Straw That Stirs the Drink

        Publius – I likes ya… but in most of the South, schools are not closed on either day.


      • on October 20, 2015 at 5:19 pm ThreeTimesFaster

        Schools don’t close for Jewish holidays in the South. New York is above the Mason-Dixon.

        There’s also a few other commie and dindu ass-kissing holidays we don’t take part in. MLK Day practically had to be enforced at gunpoint and I had never even heard of May Day until after I went to college.


      • @ Straw and others, in Miami-Dade County, every Jewish holiday is a teacher planning day (day off for kids). That’s how they do it. Then of course I assume the Jew teachers (90% of them) can call in sick that day.

        But Columbus Day was not a closed school day. It was a weird day where I was off of work but my kids were not.

        Simply look at the schedule: all of the teacher planning days are the weird random jew holidays.


      • Miami? The fuck you talking about MIami? What is the Jewesses favorite wine?

        I wannnaaa go to Miameeeeeeee!!!!

        Miami is not the South. It is South NY at best, 3rd world at worst.


    • More important: who’s gonna run Bartertown?


  5. on October 20, 2015 at 12:44 pm elmer t. jones

    Way off topic here but with the announcement of yet another prestigious literary award for Ta-Nehisi Coates and his book which brings a much needed conversation about race to the national stage, I am thinking he should change his name to the more lyrical “Genius T. Coates”.

    African-Americans like that style of personal branding. It sounds like a jazz moniker, an aspiring rapper, or a mythic black strongman. Though it’s always irked me that black fellows can give themselves colorful nicknames and people will still take them seriously. White guys don’t get that luxury, and can only acquire a nickname after demonstrated proficiency at some personality quirk or physical defect.

    [CH: Genius T. Coates, most foremost publick intellekshual.]


    • How about ‘Hang up our Coats”?


    • How about Mahatma?

      /get it, Mahatma Coates? Aw, fergit it.


    • — “White guys don’t get that luxury, and can only acquire a nickname after demonstrated proficiency at some personality quirk or physical defect”

      This reminds me of how I walked into a bar one time and inadvertantly sat next to a despondent, more than slightly drunk older man. We struck up a conversation and he explains the reason for his blues thusly:

      “I’ve designed buildings and retired after four decades of a great career, but noooo, nobody calls me George the Architect. I’ve played tennis all my life, even ranked nationally but nooooo, nobody calls me George the Athlete. And then, I play piano since childhood, even gave performances with my college orchestra but noooo, nobody calls me George the Musician. But if a man once, just once, gets caught fucking a goat…”


    • on October 20, 2015 at 1:18 pm mendozatorres

      Though it’s always irked me that black fellows can give themselves colorful nicknames and people will still take them seriously.

      No shit. I had a short story idea about a guy that gets fed up with this, calls himself Dawg Food and has people saying they love dawg food and will do anything for dawg food. Dawg food be representin’ the troof!

      Frickin’ sheep. Had to spit from friends of mine cause of irritating shit like this.


    • on October 20, 2015 at 1:19 pm elmer t. jones

      Similar to our foremost afro-physifist, the world-renowned “Neil DeGrasse Tyson”.

      “Neil Tyson” just doesn’t convey the excitement of astronomy and physics, nor provide a role-model for aspiring minority youth struggling to overcome high-tech’s diversity problem.


    • on October 20, 2015 at 2:52 pm mendozatorres

      Technicolor I-have-a-dream Coates!


    • on October 20, 2015 at 5:37 pm ThreeTimesFaster

      Most black men who have even a little monetary success will immediately trade up their own women for a white woman and they will easily drop their standards for age and weight to get one. Failing that they will go for Hispanics, Asians, or Mulattos (that’s at least 60% white but gets called black) before settling for one of their own.

      Notice Neil DeAss Tyson is married to a burner rather than one of his countrywomen. Ta-Nigisi Coates, on the other hand, IS married to a black woman. That tells me he’s either serious about his black power delusions or he secretly sucks dicks and thus has no clue what kind of woman he needed for a convincing beard. Same applies to a certain famous politician.


    • on October 20, 2015 at 7:33 pm Dindu Riot Squad

      Google “L’Genius Wisdom”


    • Mmmmm…that book looks ‘interesting’, but I will pass, unless that “national stage” is lined with nooses. That said, I have a REAL book that I highly recommend you all read, and buy for awake family members. Learn it, cover to cover:


    • re: africanized naming conventions

      Were black people particulary enamoured of the original Planet of the Apes? There sure seems to be alot of dindus in my age cohort or slightly younger with fake Romanized names ending in the suffix -vius(e.g Dontravius, Barkevius, etc).

      The black propensity for grandiose titles (i.e. Genius Coates) is a manifestation of the negro cargo cult soul; if something has the semblance of greatness, then it must be great. They used to name their kids after presidents.

      Also, making you refer to me by either a ridiculous, unpronouncable mishmash of syllables or a pompus, unearned title (Hi Reverend!) is making you bow to my will. It’s making you jump through hoops. Look close at a shitlib when they autocorrect to African American and with the right kind of eyes you’ll catch a microexpression of humiliation.

      PS It’s funny to hear white NFL commentators say D’brickashaw in a serious tone.


  6. on October 20, 2015 at 12:49 pm Nikron Ptolemides

    “… does anyone doubt that European cultural history will be lost?”
    It won’t be.
    The universities and the existing schools are already finished. Let them go. Good riddance.
    We will start our own networks and schools. The cultural heritage of the West will be preserved by those who want it and are capable of understanding it. We will be better off once are rid of the existing toxic remnants of once proud schools.


  7. Africans, like the one in the video, move like animals. Once you comprehend that, combat becomes exponentially easier.


    • I have an aversion against killing people in real life (for personal reasons) and tbf, the violence he inflicted is relatively minor (smack) and I hate being an unthinking white knight……

      but I really want to fumigate this motherfucker. Like actually snuff his candle out. It’s shouldn’t be thus, because he hasn’t committed murder or something. A slap like this should be met with a mere ass beating in the real world.

      I guess it’s the knowledge that they won’t play fair that makes me wanna go for the nuclear option.


      • A cold-clock like that is actually a lethal move. Knocking someone out carries a very high risk of death and permanent brain injury, despite what movies tend to show.

        It is trivial in a courtroom to show that a wind-up cold clock is a deadly assault and making the nog eat a mag of lead afterwards was justifiable defense of an innocent person.


      • Good comment. I call it like I see it.


      • Nope that’s the normal, healthy reaction. The dindu should pay the ultimate price. He has nothing of value to offer anyone.


      • Nope that’s the normal, healthy reaction. The dindu should pay the ultimate price. He has nothing of value to offer anyone.

        Yes, he’s an oxygen thief if I ever saw one.


      • When we equate “African” with “human” we err. Africans generally lack that spark. Therein lies a deep and revolting uncanny valley. What exceptions exist confirm the rule, just as an especially emotive dog will elicit empathy. Beware.


    • They all do the same little “I’m gonna walk away” dance before they swing. Saw it coming a mile away.

      They have such a child-like need for cheap attention that they can’t help but make a show of preparing to fight. Same with their retarded gun-handling habits. Its literally amazing that nig on nig shootings are so high considering how they handle firearms.

      Some nig-nob does the touchdown dance in front of me, he’s gonna get a .45 in his face in a half second. And if he even flinches after that, he’s taking the mag.

      Fucking animals.


      • Agree. Don’t let a dindu get a first punch on you. Create a 3 foot perimeter around your body, and anything entering that space is an enemy during a hostile confrontation.


      • How do you not immediately stare that monkey right in the eyes? The WORST thing you can do in such situations is to pretend it will just go away. You don’t even need to hit/shoot first, simply looking like someone who knows what’s about to happen makes you a tougher target. They pussies.


    • That is a good observation. Maintain eye contact, don’t turn away. Blacks naturally have situational awareness. White people have to have as much in order to get back the streets.


  8. This post assumes that there will actually be an America after the white population dips that far down and that, if there is still an America, there will be actually schools there. That’s assuming a lot. Balkanization will likely occur before the white population dips that far down and if it doesn’t, there sure as hell won’t be any schools, just like there weren’t in pre-colonial Africa.


    • on October 20, 2015 at 1:22 pm mendozatorres

      I’m picturing most to stay inside, realize going out is more of a challenge, attack than just chilling at home. Then it’ll be racist to want to stay at home, safe from all the diversity.

      In other words, it’ll be Chicago.


      • Some parts of Chicago are still relatively okay. Where they have tourists, that is. Was there last summer for a football match and since I was there for the visiting Brit team, I have actually never felt safer in a big city. We saw between 4 and 5 thousand fans from out of town (mostly white) and all representing with jerseys or t-shirts. It felt like being in a street gang, because I’m betting that there weren’t any fan getting mugged in Chi-town that weekend. People were hailing one another with the team chants while just walking around doing touristy crap, so I know that it would have taken a complete idiot to try to mug a fan with 20-30 others in earshot. Even if they weren’t actually willing to step in to help out a fellow fan (I would have), the perceived strength of numbers is often more important than the actual effect of numbers… or… when concealed carry gets positive local support, crime goes down, because dindu’s don’t know who’s going to pop them; see Detroit for proof.


    • I’ve said it here often enough, but America doesn’t exist anymore. We are all already behind enemy lines, even if you think you live in a nice white area.


      • “behind enemy lines”

        If you’re a native of an Eastern European country and you visit a rural or small town area in your old country, you truly appreciate the feeling of living in a free nation. People know each other, kids run off out of sight, even very young ones.

        Then you fly back to EWR, IAD or ORD and you see those faces, feel that weight in the air…

        God bless Viktor Orban.


      • PA, very true. I felt safer walking around Eastern Russia than I do in most major U.S. cities. I have more in common with the people their than a 5th generation dindu in the USA. Sad to go to any major events in the USA and, as an aware/awake White male, always have to look for the packs of feral beasts, and over your shoulder. That is called survival, not fun.


      • *seriously, I know the difference between “their” and “there”, and it really pisses me off when I keep typing them wrong on this site!!


  9. Either that, or they’ll “withhold” the election results if they feel nonwhite groups aren’t getting elected into enough positions.

    “When San Francisco middle school principal Lena Van Haren saw which kids on her campus had been elected to the student council, she was disturbed at the lack of diversity among the winners. There were no Latino or black candidates chosen for the top four spots.

    Her concern for a representative student government, given the preponderance of students of color at Everett Middle School in the Mission District, may have been understandable. What she did about it, however, swiftly raised a different kind of alarm.

    Van Haren decided to withhold the results of the Oct. 9 election for more than a week, saying the school community needed to figure out how to have a more representative government.”

    Might as well get the future white voters of America used to affirmative action democracy starting when they’re young and impressionable so by the time they actually step into a ballot booth it’ll seem perfectly normal when the candidate who gets 25% of the vote is “elected” over the candidate with 45%.

    In other words, even if whites managed to vote as a unified, cohesive minority group, they’ll still find a way around to disenfranchise them.

    [CH: canary in the coalburner mine.]


    • on October 20, 2015 at 1:24 pm mendozatorres

      Fuck…look at the damn principal! Looks like she wants to be friends with her students. Shit, even dresses like them too. This woman, like almost all of them, never did graduate from high school.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Just like the pacs/superpacs/whatever, will STILL give support to an establishment douchebag like Bush instead of the candidate with the highest popular support. Fuckers. Probably be stuck in mod for a week with this comment. Cheers


    • The Battle of Athens was inspired by circumstances very similar to these.


      • Very true.

        “The Battle of Athens demonstrates the eternal truth that governments do not restrain themselves. They must be restrained by the people whom they claim to represent and whose consent they require. Restraint ultimately comes from a well armed citizenry ready to defend their rights.”

        This is why the Establishment is trying to so hard to restrict guns. Once they do that, affirmative action democracy will be right around the corner.

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    • “…given the preponderance of students of color at Everett Middle School in the Mission District…”

      from the article

      “…while white, Asian and mixed-race students, who are in the minority at the school, took the top four spots.”

      so, even the black and latino kids didn’t want any blacks or latinos representing them…lol…


      • No, they usually either don’t care enough or can’t get together the minor requisites needed to get on the ballot.


    • The more I think on this story, the more I realize that this election backfired on the principal, who was hoping to score some major lefty brownie (heh) points for diversity and blah-blah-blah-make a fucking sandwich already that when that all failed, she was left (heh) with some damage control and held the findings so everyone could see how superawesomeohmygoshyouresocool she is for “thinking” that way and that shit backfired even more.

      She’ll be at the next State of the Union address.


    • on October 20, 2015 at 11:35 pm Captain Tautological

      I don’t know that this is necessarily the “sanpaku” which CH was talking about recently [in the essay “Slut Eye”], but it definitely looks like “blank stare” which I keep seeing:


      • on October 20, 2015 at 11:36 pm Captain Tautological

        Oops, here it is:


      • on October 20, 2015 at 11:42 pm Captain Tautological

        Also, the batsh!t crazy femc*nt has to be aware that a female wearing sleeveless fashions creates an immediate sexualization of any social situation, right? She can’t possibly be unaware of the overtly sexual nature of sleeveless fashions, can she? Where is her district superintendent and her school board to tell her to put a long-sleeved blouse over those triceps? And what about the blue jeans? At most jobs, the blue jeans alone would be a fire-able offense.


  10. One of my commenters reminded me recently how often history has seemed to be marching steadily and resolutely in one direction, but then “turned on a dime.” He was referring to the probabilities counterbalanced around this waking nightmare.

    Never assume that anything is foreordained.


  11. Every white person (and any good citizen just trying to stay alive) should AT LEAST go get themselves a canister of mace at the sporting goods store (Dick’s sells them at the checkout for $15). I carry that sh!t with me everywhere as it’s a force multiplier.


    • A car key jab to the face can be devastating if that’s all you have and think your life is threatened. Take your key, lightly poke the back of your hand to get an idea of what one inch of surprise-jab can do to a face.


    • I used to carry Mace and let me tell you what happened to me: After being carried around in my pocket for months, the nozzle got clogged with pocket lint. When that Mace was called upon to be used it did not work and I wound up having to brandish a firearm and nearly shoot a couple of dindu punks who had jumped me. This was right before the George Zimmerman affair and I could easily have been Zimmerman myself if those two punks tried to call what they thought was a bluff on my part and I had to pull that trigger. If you carry Mace, I would strongly suggest that you test it out right now and make sure it’s still working.

      Mace sucks. Get yourself some ASP street defender instead. I’ve been carrying that for years now, have periodically tested it, and it has always functioned as intended. You can get it at Midway.


      • Exactly, but will check that ASP out. Thanks.


      • When it comes to dindus and using firearms against them in this George Zimmerman nation these days, I’ve always been of the opinion that what Dr. Loomis said in Halloween II :

        ” Fire a warning shot, right?”

        Given the fear everyone has of a gun shot, and the built-in natural human fear of extremely loud noises, plus the cowardice blacks naturally have….

        They’d probably run off. And you’d be saved a media witch hunt for daring to defend your life. Probably worth the waste of the round. Of course, you’d waste the free, righteous opportunity to wipe a criminal dindu off the planet, but given the tenor of the times, your opportunity doesn’t really exist.



      • Whorefinder, that plan might work (and it might not), but you’d have to be steely nerved to pull it off. People tend to get really tense in the guns out situation and revert to training, and my training would be to shoot for center of mass. There’s no winning in these situations, but I’d recommend a firearms self defense instructor. Training can help you deescelate situations.


      • Thoughts?

        Most experts advise against firing warning shots. Here in Arizona, it could actually result in a reckless discharge charge. I remember a few years ago, the media reported on a case at a light rail stop here where some guy fired a warning shot when he was menaced by a group of “youths” and that he had been charged for it. (That could, however, have been the result of an overzealous anti-gun prosecutor laying charges that would never stick–that’s been known to happen here in AZ with recent arrivals to the County Attorney’s office from the Californian SSR and other Communist states.)

        In any case, even if the charges are eventually dropped, it’s still a heapin’ helpin’ of aggravation. And if your goal is to get the attackers to flee without harming them, merely brandishing the gun will achieve that goal 90% of the time, anyway. And merely brandishing the gun can’t harm any innocent bystanders either. You’re going to be well and truly fucked if your warning shot hits an innocent bystander, even if you’re in a jurisdiction where warning shots per se are not prohibited.

        Here’s a video by Mas Ayoob where he talks a little about warning shots. FFWD to 0:58:


      • @whorefinder… the only thing you have to factor in about warning shots is that bullets always go somewhere… even a shot fired essentially vertically still comes down and hits “something”. Warning shots are not a good idea in most situations because you may inadvertently hit and kill a complete innocent. Better to drop a target and tell it to the jury rather than face the risk of accidentally killing someone’s kid through the bedroom window.


      • on October 20, 2015 at 9:28 pm elmer t. jones

        I had a product idea, maybe someone already sells it.

        A device which you grip in your non-shooting hand that will fire a loud blank when you squeeze it. That way when you point your weapon and fire your blanks, the foolios will scatter and you won’t have to actually kill anyone.


      • Warning shots are not a good idea in most situations because you may inadvertently hit and kill a complete innocent. Better to drop a target and tell it to the jury rather than face the risk of accidentally killing someone’s kid through the bedroom window.

        Bad advice from whorefinder. NEVER fire a warning shot. You will be charged and convicted. A warning shot is proof your life was not in danger.

        Do this:

        1. One shot center mass

        2. One head shot

        Then and only then should you put one in the baseboard; it functions as your optional “warning shot” incase your counsel thinks it will help you.


    • In Canada, the cuntry that just elected a fag socialist as prime minister, mace is illegal. Marxists want the people to become totally dependent on the state, even for our personal protection.


    • Feel sorry you guys in the shities, I carry an assisted open folder everywhere, it’s out and open in less than a second or 2….car keys are for starting cars. mace don’t stop meth-muscles and crackheads as well as it should. Stay aware friends.


  12. Just watch the YouTube channel of Colin Flaherty for 20 minutes with your friends and family and you will know to arm yourselves.

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  13. Canada is full of self-loathing liberals:


  14. Whites are extremely passive.

    It’s certainly ova.


    • now, now, my little naysaying gloater, the trouble is somewhat more deep than outlined.

      A negative Will Rogers phenomenon (in intelligence and ability) is taking place under the circumstances.


  15. Passivity of onlookers when that ape hit the woman? Well should any White man react he’d be charged under some Hate legislation drafted by our Eskimo overlords. Apes know and Whites know it.



    [CH: morbidly obese female undergunt stank?]


    • Anyone not apprehensive about the way things are going, has his or her head up his ass.

      But as far calling that apprehension “terror” – whatever u say, bro.

      Back when i used to reading on security and shit, the one piece of advice that seems relevant to Joe America in the suburbs, is always consider your situation and what arms are at hand. For instance, if you don’t carry, where is the baseball bat, or the machete?

      The machete is a cliche and a joke, but it is the all-purpose tool as well. I got my garden to chop up, which is the one “legitimate” use for it per year. Fun times await.


  17. I remember reading an old story in the archives about Heartiste chillin with his buddy drinking beer(or something of the sort) and they see a male and female arguing — boyfriend/girlfriend. Friend tries to intervene and gets punched. Heartiste prophesied mind-blowing sex for the boyfriend that night. Moral: don’t get involved.

    If any of us saw this happening — would we get involved? I wouldn’t. Chimps gonna chimp


  18. Trump’s smoking hot daughter is a Jewess:

    The Eskimos have their hands in everything, including top-shelf pussy…


    • Surely you exaggerate! Their hands? Surely no one (even a Jew) could get more than a couple of fingers in top-shelf p*ssy!


  19. If you look carefully at the OP video isn’t not a black hitting a white woman its a large group of blacks that completely surrounded the whites sitting down. No one I saw that was standing was white. Maybe I missed what was going on but it does not just seem like the average chimpout.


    • It looks like they were attacking a group of homeless White people, who did not have the youth or strength to fight back.


  20. By the way, the Jew, such as the Jew who wrote this article, is responsible for this thing even living freely in our (former) society.

    Write her and tell her as much.


  21. The nigger in the video is 25. Keep that in mind next time libtards try to frame these feral black beasts as “wayward youths.”


    • How the fuck do you do that shit at that age?! You would think he moved on to bigger and better things like robbing liquor stores.


  22. Yet another step towards being able to directly measure IQ via brain scan:

    This will be a hard thing for the paint theory liberals when we reach the point of a scan in and IQ number out. Guess they’ll call God racist. Or maybe evolution.


  23. on October 20, 2015 at 2:59 pm mendozatorres

    O/T: older lady in a silky tight fitting purple outfit was sitting outside as I took a stroll. I’ve been feeling supremely smug as of late, knew she would look my way. She did. Just now I remembered the post about IOI and when to act. She wasn’t that pretty, but silky, silky bod!

    Felt like talking about something positive


    • on October 20, 2015 at 3:02 pm mendozatorres

      Though given the outfit and the color, it recalls to mind that women wear certain colors to match their feels and/or hopes of ensnaring a man.

      Then again, the only corollary I’ve read about/heard is the black bra and panties, like the one her mom laid out for her. Especially if she’s wearing white over it.


  24. I’m appealing to CH and all his readers to read this article from today’s NYT. Off the charts depravity and cultural rot.


  25. Forget the education system, how about our military? Imagine the wrong half of the bell curve with stealth bombers and nuclear weapons!


  26. Hat’s off to Publius on his video at the top of the comments. Apparently all you need to join the DEA is a pulse and a really good tan.



    • That video is like from 2006.


      • And……3 2 1….. cue Ho for another weird, useless, shitty comment. What is your point, fag? Nobody claimed it was breaking news. It illustrates a point.

        It’s “like” from 2006? Are you skipping 10th grade geometry again?


      • Is your point that you claim affirmative action hires of this type are no longer occurring in federal LEO agencies in late 2015? That’s obviously not true. What is the point of your retarded comment?


      • I saw it back then.

        I’m suprised that there are people who haven’t seen it. Thought it was universally known.


  27. If you think finding this guy will be difficult, just put out a $1,000 reward, Hell a $20 reward, and he will be outed in 5 minutes.


  28. We behave like a subjugated people. We have become cowards and weaklings and we deserve what we are getting. But a generation is coming that will break the fucking chains. Then its payback time.


  29. on October 20, 2015 at 5:07 pm Oswald Spengler

    “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a non-white foot stamping on a white face — for ever.”


    • Seriously, how long will that sandal press on the white face once the White’s boot is no longer planted on the white neck?


      • PA that is why I like (not want, but understand the need) the fact that blacks are attacking White police, and moo-slimes are attacking mostly White military personnel. It says to them, “Pick as side, them or us? Them is destruction and a future of misery, us is safety and a future of peace.” Tired of White police who keep supporting the system in these Blue cities, allowing the libtard Demofags to walk around with an air of superiority, and these dirty cities to survive. Conservative Whites should leave Blue cities, and Blue states, and let them burn.


      • Hey PA can you comment on my blog so I can get your email to ask you a question?


  30. Dindu survival Haiku

    Hat Sunglasses Beard
    Hammerless Thirty Eight snub
    No Brass or ID


    • Dindu non-survival haiku:

      I level the gun
      “N1gger, put down my TV!”
      Bang! bang! bang! bang! bang!


      • Officer, I feared for my life.
        He said “you will die.”
        I want my lawyer.


      • I luv ya, PA, but your syllable count is off.


      • PA is on the right track.

        Most cops are 100% on board with the nig-nob problem and don’t shed a tear for a dead thug. They are probably relieved when a self-defender just has the brains to keep his mouth shut and not say something that legally forces a prosecution or investigation.

        Put it in one sentence that you feared for your life (DON’T GIVE A REASON) and SHUT THE FUCK UP.

        The DA CANNOT investigate the fact that you feared for your life. What they can investigate is whether or not you had a reasonable reason to. Every word you give about the reason is a vulnerability.

        Yeah, it might be pricey, but your lawyer is going to parry all day every day the DA’s attempts to nitpick your reason for fearing for your life with zero details from your shut mouth to go off of. At the end of the day, a frustrated DA with no case is going to put it to a jury of 12 normal people who agree that being along with an aggressive nig-nog trying to mug them would make them “fear for their life” which is an affirmative defense in most carry states.

        You feared for your life. That’s all you got to say. Keep your mouth shut and make DAMN sure the nig-nog is dead.


  31. I think that there will a major cataclysm, or several major cataclysms, well before 2065. In the next few years, in fact. Many will die, but have hope that our People will survive because that is what we do. This could be a major war (including possible nukes), and the spread of some seriously deadly (Black Plague-level) diseases.

    That said, this is priceless. Only a few handfuls of Syrian refugees have pissed off the whole country of Uruguay with there ignorance, laziness, and outrageous greedy demands:


  32. Betas love the idea of “feelings” conversations because betas are romantic idealists at heart and have no understanding of the true nature of women. Betas tend to project what they themselves want to hear from women — a steady stream of sappy feelings and vows of love for the beta — onto women as something they believe women wish to hear from men, and so it is that betas fool themselves into sounding precipitously similar to women when all the women want is for the beta to act more like a cocksure, self-entitled, sexily aloof, charming, ZFG alpha man.

    Anyone that has been married can easily fall in this trap. Yet it is even easier to stop thinking about what she wants or what the femme on high wants, Be cocksure about what you want and you can never fail.

    @ 3:10 this alpha swooner takes a close look at the fatty and 5’s and his revolt disgusting expression is lapped up eagerly. But don’t forget he made them all feel special….this is major alpha key


  33. CH, you need to check this out big time.

    Besides the mountain of shiv fodder simply involving how muzzies and nogs (ONLY) have a queer urge to chop pussies up……this video clearly shows that it is a MATRIARCHICAL TRADITION.

    Who does it? The women. Who gets mad when it is challenged? The women.

    Watch how fast the feminist muzz comes to the defense of muzz women who practice FGM the moment that woman told the story of how a girl’s MOM…not her DAD…got upset when FGM was stopped by the DAD.

    “We must remember to blame the men, even when all the evidence shows that this is a woman on woman problem”.

    Do they then go on to tell us how we can help stop the spread of FGM around the world? NOPE. They spend the entire rest of the video cackling about the patriarchy. Not one word about how to save little girls.

    The only thing more important than stopping FGM is banding together to make sure the women who perpetuate it get none of the blame.

    [CH: this is basically what i told david frum on the twatter when he argued (against my assertions) that muslim women suffered at the hands of their patriarchal oppressors. he didn’t respond after that.]


    • I think it’s better so say that it’s done by muzzie nogs. Non-nog muzzies don’t really do that shit (or at least it’s infrequent). It’s UTTERLY UNHEARD OF where I’m from. Verdict: eastern Africa.

      And you’re right about it being a female thing. Men would be too repulsed by this garbage to be strongly in favor of it, I mean physically. You need lemming mentality to continue this.


  34. I remember a reading a book back in the 70s called “The Promise of the Coming Dark Ages” about how great Yugoslavia was under Communism. It was going to be ever better soon!

    Of course, then the Soviet Union gave it up and Yugoslavia broke into warring pieces and became the latest Hell-on-Earth during the Clinton Administration.

    Points being, never believe promises and Dark Ages are called that for a reason.


  35. on October 21, 2015 at 3:30 am jessie pinkman

    I am a 38 year old non-white(not black) male.Born in the late 70’s in South Africa under a “CH-approved” white supremacist regime.I was 14 years old when Mandela was released from prison.From a realistic stand-point.These Aryan-brotherhood ideals that you keep projecting here are not feasible or realistic in the long-term.Most whites i know dont even care about your type of ideals or agenda.The days of the Third-Reich are dead and buried.Whilst the white man still controls the planet,his reach and control is shortening by the day.

    The social conditioning we see in the media and on social media is not encouraging a supreme white race,but more of an Illuminati-type agenda.Westernised Blacks have given up their ancestoral traditions in favour of the white man’s privileges and creature comforts.But Racism is frowned upon everywhere.It wont work.

    I do agree that every culture and race should breed and marry their own kind.Thats the best way to achieve a harmonius society.


  36. […] The Ghost Of America Future | Chateau Heartiste […]


  37. on October 21, 2015 at 5:38 am gunslingergregi

    she prob fucked over some dude in a divorce anyway to end up there


  38. on October 21, 2015 at 5:40 am gunslingergregi

    be kind of cool when im the last white and people come from around the world to gawk


  39. on October 21, 2015 at 6:29 am gunslingergregi

    the blacks are actually authorised to do this i think its how they going to lower baby boomer numbers and save money on ssi and health care bills


  40. This post is contradictory. The commenter you quoted says “When whites become a minority”. Didn’t you say that this wouldn’t happen?

    Didn’t you say that the pendulum is going to swing, that rage will be awoken in white people, that Donald Trump will be elected, or failing that, society will collapse?

    Now you’re saying that the progressive poz is going to win, and will maintain cultural primacy until 2065?

    The people who believe that progressives can/will succeed have no real convictions.

    If you truly believed that they are degenerates, you would acknowledge the impossibility of their success. To say that it’s even possible for the poz to win, would mean that they aren’t actually the poz. It would mean that their worldview is actually sustainable in the long term. It would mean that they’re right.


    • on October 21, 2015 at 6:44 am gunslingergregi

      when ya can import 600 mill people into 300 million country yea
      it was naive thinking i guess that someone wouldn’t actually do that but hey what can ya do
      of course it would be sustainable to comepletly eradicate white people the rest of world will continue to live we only need basic things to live and that doesn’t include doctors and tech people will continure to live we just wont
      society collapsing doesnt mean everyone disapears into thin air


    • Sometimes one steps out unarmed and faces the wolf that’s eternally at the door. It’s good training, to indulge in Darkness on occasion.


    • To say that it’s even possible for the poz to win, would mean that they aren’t actually the poz.

      Yeah i dunno, plankton does pretty well by the end of the summer but it’s gross and the sporty sunfish don’t want it taking over.


  41. Blacks will often try to “cold cock” you.

    If you are in a heated argument with a black, he WILL hit you.

    One very effective counter is to be ready and block the punch inside to your elbow.

    [CH: yeah blacks don’t know the word honor. cold cocking and chimp swarming are their go-to battle tactics.]


    • on October 21, 2015 at 6:42 pm gunslingergregi

      If you are in a heated argument with a black, he WILL hit you””””””””””””’

      lol false been around a lot of blacks for last 4 years only actual fight i been in was with a white dude in another state well he actually didnt hit me back either
      i have seen them knock white people out though ok so maybe true of some white people


      • “i have seen them knock white people out ”

        What do you mean ‘seen’? On WSHH or you were with them?


      • on October 21, 2015 at 8:38 pm gunslingergregi

        outside the club
        nobody ever attacked someone i have been with
        other than a white chick sucker punching the chick i was with at club
        yea more than a few times i pushed my chick behind me to keep her out the shit


      • Here’s one of many, happens all the time. I can provide YouTube for days.

        Even among friends, they only want to break it up or interfere when the white friend gains advantage.

        “Let em go” “oh hold up now”. lol

        White boy knew some bjj, he’s lucky someone broke it up. He was about to get his knee popped.


      • on October 22, 2015 at 4:50 pm gunslingergregi

        light dude first to say ill fight you without doing it
        yea youtube for days
        still only dude ever sucker punched me on the court was a white dude and i whooped his ass


      • on October 22, 2015 at 4:55 pm gunslingergregi

        white people dont just run around minding their own business they mind everybody elses and close down their businesses and shit


      • on October 22, 2015 at 5:01 pm gunslingergregi

        think about your life and those moments when someone fucked with it
        i bet it wasen’t a minority it was a white person
        sure they can sucker punch you but they can’t control your entire life cradle to grave


      • on October 22, 2015 at 5:01 pm gunslingergregi

        white people can and do


      • No he said “I’ll whoop your @ss” (at basketball), then the chimp sucker punched him.

        I grew up in Baltimore city public school gladiator system so I’m pretty much laughing at your bs. I was fighting chimps since I was 8 whether I wanted to or not.

        You must be half black, no white man could be as pozzed as you. You type like you have an IQ of 70 always muh dikin braggin about all the pussy you get like it’s a big deal.

        If that’s the case feel free to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

        Let me know if you want any more videos of blacks sucker punching whites. I have unlimited videos.