Wages Of A Socially Atomized, Paranoid, Man-Hating, Feminist Utopia

A man was in a Massachusetts park, holding a camera and taking a stroll. A woman got the vapors from this horrible sight, and called the cops to tell them there was a pedophile stalking children. SIX cops surrounded the man and questioned him for twenty minutes, before letting him go. He wrote an open letter to the fevered bitch who wanted to criminalize his existence.

Dear Neighbor,

Yesterday was a beautiful day, I think you will agree. I decided to take a short walk from my house on Hamilton Street to Dana Park, which I have been coming to almost daily since 1989, the year my son was born. As I often do, I brought my camera, sat on a bench for about 10 minutes, did one lap around the park and headed home.

I had barely gotten across the street when three police cars pulled up: I was told to stop, and swiftly surrounded by six policemen. I was “detained” there for approximately 20 minutes and questioned; another officer returned to the park to find out why you had called them.

My suspected crime, apparently, was having a camera in a public park, and allegedly taking pictures of children. As it turned out, I had taken no pictures that day. But I have been photographing in this neighborhood for 30 years, and have published a children’s book of poems and photographs, always with permission.

The policeman returned and wanted to see my “flip phone,” and then asked me if I knew how he knew I had a flip phone: I didn’t. He knew, he told me, because the woman who called the police had taken a picture of ME, sitting on the bench, and shown him the picture. They then took away my phone, scrolled through the few pictures that were on it.

They continued to hover around me asking questions. As it happened, I was standing near the house where my son now lives, and when my wife appeared, walking down the street after work, and saw me standing in front of his house with six policemen, she instantly feared something terrible had happened to our son. She was shaking, and I explained the situation. She is an English teacher at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School; I am a college professor of English. Our son spent much of the first 15 years of his life in Dana Park.

You must be new in the neighborhood. I am often in the park, on foot or on a bike, talking to friends who have children who play in the playground. I know you were standing very near to me for the entire time I was on the bench, though I could not figure out why. Now I know: you were taking my picture.

Suggestion: the next time you suspect someone is up to no good, perhaps you should say hello, speak to them first and, if still anxious, ask what they are taking pictures of. That’s what people do in a neighborhood park: talk to each other. This would save someone the humiliation and degradation of being stopped and held by the police, and might save the police from wasting their time when they could be doing something more useful, like managing the daily mayhem in Central Square.

The fact that you now have my picture in your phone is both sadly ironic and, well, creepy. Could you please delete it?

Your neighbor,

David Updike, Hamilton Street

I’m convinced Americans are currently living through a second Puritan age, and our witch burners are feminists, SJWs, antiracists, and TV talk show snarkmeisters.

Meanwhile, skulking Somalis stream into Maine and Minneapolis. Welcome to anarcho-tyranny. Jefferson wept.


Reader Tacitus James writes,

Writing a reasonable letter to a hyper-alarmist egg layer? You might as well try to talk reason to the egg itself. No, the problem we have in our culture is closer to the police on up, especially the men. We are allowing this to happen by reacting submissively to the hyper-alarmist cries of the uteruti. Women will cry, accuse, lie, and manipulate — it is their nature. The movement, our movement, will reach it’s apex when these unsubstantiated cries are met with the skepticism they deserve. The present authorities allow these injustices to happen. We allow these injustices to happen.The police, the law makers–when we finally succeed, they will be the object of our reprimands.

Don’t take women seriously. Where have we heard that sterling advice before? *prepares to preen*


  1. Welcome to the new millennium where all men are suspect. The SJW men are too, but they agree with that premise.


    • My thought was, “New England English professor… Suck it, asshole. You’re just now experiencing what your politics and lifestyle preferences actually mean. Thanks to you and your Boomer generation for wrecking everything you old lefty retread.”

      When the revolution comes, the first people they shoot are the ones who were on the front lines of the revolution.


      • Yeah, it’s funny how what went around came back around.

        It’s Life’s little ironies that keep us amused. 😉


      • It’s was the faggot boomers that came up with the ‘never trust a person over 30’ childish BS. Tough break asshole, what comes around goes around, reap what you sow and all that.


    • At least he had the sense of a White man. He didn’t run from the cops or quickly reach under his shirt, resulting in six 124 grain hollow points in his torso. Regardless of his possible cultmarx affiliation, his natural reaction to the cops, the reaction of an innocent man, should be shoved into the faces black lives matter supporters. I’m assuming he was White.


  2. This brings up an interesting point with police, on one hand we have a police state that is getting out of control with this kind of stuff, NSA, wire trapping etc etc, yet on other hand police are about the only ones who still keep the nogs at bay – which they are tarred/feathered for daily.

    An interesting balance…

    [CH: yes, the curses of Diversity deliver in so many unexpected ways.]


  3. on October 16, 2015 at 7:17 am Laguna Beach Fogey

    Do we know who this woman is and where she lives?


  4. I feel for this guy. I had to pull over my car one time in a rural area for a lousy five minutes to figure directions on my phone and lo and behold had at least 2 neighbors come out to give me mean stares.


    • on October 16, 2015 at 7:26 am carlos danger

      I”m glad I live in Alabama when I live in the US. It is still fairly normal there.


      • on October 16, 2015 at 7:31 am Captain Tautological

        On the other hand, I once saw the “Google Maps” car with the 360-degree dome camera system on top, and I got so furious that I would have gotten out the [email protected] and shot the camera system all to he11 and maybe even shot the driver – except that there were other people with me, so I had to back off. There is something to this heretical idea that photographs de-soulzify us [trying to get the GBFM spelling there] and that unauthorized photographs are a form of spiritual [email protected]

        [CH: i have a visceral reaction to unauthorized photo-taking of people. (and i say this as someone guilty of the practice.) it may be irrational, but like those primitive shamans exposed to western modernity, it does strike at an aversion that goes to the bone.]


      • My brother has a drone cam that he uses for aerial photography but for “fun” flies the friggin thing around his neighborhood. More people have complained and he swears one guy tried to shoot it down.


      • I don’t see anything irrational in not wanting your photograph to be taken. It just means you want to control access to who can gawk at you. Do you enjoy being gawked at? I don’t because being gawked at is simply being judged by people which I think we should try to limit because of the rather likely case it doesn’t go well.


    • on October 16, 2015 at 8:32 am gunslingergregi

      did ya say hi


      • Allow me:

        What color were they?


      • They were both older white males. I’m a white female of the non threatening kind if I may say so my self Gregory :-p


      • I was just channeling t-h-w-a-c-k (our resident field hand) and his shtick.

        Alas, (yet) another jest fallen flat!


      • Au contraire Gregory, I am just not as quick witted as you!


      • Aren’t all white females non-threatening?


      • Aren’t all white females non-threatening?

        Not those who call the cops on you for no good reason, or the ones who are perpetually angry feminists…

        The more the state cedes power to white women, the more threatening they become.


      • Canadian, I think ho’s comment was meant to be snarky. I know some threatening white females, though they be a bit on the butch side.


      • Found a photo of her:


      • In that case, the threatening ones would be the cops.

        “Canadian, I think ho’s comment was meant to be snarky.”

        Clearly, thinking is your strength. 😉

        Also, why the “Gregory”? Wouldn’t you have to call me “whore” to be consistent?


      • More snarkiness? 😉 I don’t know if Greg approves of the formal name however I use it as an endearment, and he hasn’t yelled at me yet. He may though.


      • Also, why the “Gregory”? Wouldn’t you have to call me “whore” to be consistent?

        Okay, that was most droll. (((golf clap)))

        I believe she calls me “Gregory” out of a matronly sense of concern for her virtue… as a self-admitted “older woman”, she doesn’t want overt familiarity to betray the long-dormant tingles suddenly awakened by the men of the chateau.

        One of these days, should Fortune allow, we’ll meet in the flesh and she can give full free reign to those secret tingles which prick her inner thoughts currently with such sweet turmoil.


      • And the tingles floweth forth. It’s like you can read my mind and heart Gregory. Yes, a few more years and the wall closes in. I’m going to go listen to “More Than You Know” now. Lol


      • “Okay, that was most droll. (((golf clap)))”

        We aim to please, sir.

        “More snarkiness?”

        Nothing gets past you! :O

        “And the tingles floweth forth. It’s like you can read my mind and heart Gregory. Yes, a few more years and the wall closes in. I’m going to go listen to “More Than You Know” now. Lol”

        Vicky ❤ ❤ <3s Gre-heg.

        Since we're reviving childhood chants.


      • For those of you who don’t know, our vicky is none other than Vicky Gunvalson of Orange Country fame…

        … now that that lame conman Brooks has been given the brush, I’ve decided to come out of retirement and refill her love tank…

        One last bright spark before the candle goes out forever… for I am a river to my people. 😉


      • Brooks finally got the brush? I haven’t been keeping tabs. That “Vicki” has about 7 years on me, and about the same in millions. And I’m a brunette 🙂


      • on October 17, 2015 at 7:45 am Captain Tautological

        ??? née Steinmetz; formerly Wolfsmith ??? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vicki_Gunvalson


      • “And I’m a brunette”

        I EFFING knew it….


    • on October 16, 2015 at 7:24 am Captain Tautological

      “At this year’s NUS black students’ conference, I had sex with someone. The other party later informed me that the sex was not consensual. I failed to properly establish consent before every act. I apologise sincerely and profoundly for my actions. I should have taken sufficient steps to ensure that everything I did was consensual. I should have been more attentive to the person’s body language. In failing to clarify that the person consented to our entire encounter, I have caused serious irreparable harm.”


      • on October 16, 2015 at 7:26 am Captain Tautological

        Must be dyke. Has to be a dyke. This is a dyke, right?


      • on October 16, 2015 at 7:35 am Captain Tautological

        If Nogs are now apologizing for partaking of Teh Nasty – and Noggish Dykes at that? – then ain’t nobody in Bluetropolis gonna be making babeez anymore. Bluetopia Total Fertility Rates are gonna keep on plunging right down to 0.0.


      • This is a human, right?

        lzlzolz OT: http://www.cnn.com/2015/10/15/europe/polar-bear-migrants/index.html

        I wish I could say the white polar bear ate the “migrants”, but instead it was the French police who nabbed them.

        Interesting symbolism, nonetheless. I lzlzolzed over the article’s parting wish that the polar bear’s visitors at the zoo will be PAYING visitors who don’t barge in UNNANNOUNCED– am I a fool to hope that a CNN article could yield a wiff of frustration at Alien Invaders?



      • “Bluetopia Total Fertility Rates are gonna keep on plunging right down to 0.0.”

        It’s a shame that Welmer/B.P. shut down “The Spearhead.” I just started to read it regularly when he moved on from MRA to larger topics. He’s a very good writer with a keen eye. He had moved from Seattle or to an exurb, and had been describing the sort of genteel death cult that Seattle had become.


      • Jesus, how would anybody have consensual sex with this monster?


      • “Muh-clit”


      • @Captain Tautological
        The NUS (whatever that is) incident smells. Seems like agenda pushing. Man, they are reaching. Good sign.


      • Man, you KNOW the Apocalypse is nigh when negros start apologizing for anything… but especially for muh-dik…

        (or in this case, well… muh-undetermined… ‘though to be fair, she shades some of the chateau’s resident annoyances, by a whisker)


      • wow. a diddu.


    • @Captain Tautological
      The amount of testosterone flowing through the females of that species makes it difficult to discern homo or not based on mere appearances. Cheers


  5. on October 16, 2015 at 7:28 am Laguna Beach Fogey

    To be honest, I act like this whenever I see a non-White interloper in my neighborhood.

    Sort of like the unofficial Nationalist neighborhood patrol, the local Freikorps representative.


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  7. Check this story out. It’s insanity & in my own home state. The world a going to Hell in a hand basket.



  8. Misandry by the way is so pathetic.


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  10. on October 16, 2015 at 7:38 am Matthew Thomas

    His mistake was talking to the Cops, He should have said nothing but am I under arrest or am I free to go.


  11. A similar thing happened to me. She said my handwriting was definitely too big and called the police.


  12. The Somalian infiltrators in Maine and Minneapolis are in for a rude awakening. Here they think, in those cunning little 70 IQ tribal skulls that they are conquerors establishing a virile, pious outpost of the Khalifate among the obsequious, dog-stupid, trusting, Miley Cyrus-emulating infidels.

    Unfortunately for them, their children will more likely than not assimilate to American culture. Their boys will be a skinny sort of regular nigger playing video games all day and rapping about twerking negresses and weed, their girls will start getting welfare checks for being fat (even with those Horn of Africa genes!) single moms. The cold and darkness of the north will not agree with their temperament and will further sap their vitality.


  13. […] Source: Wages Of A Socially Atomized, Paranoid, Man-Hating, Feminist Utopia […]


    • on October 16, 2015 at 2:30 pm mendozatorres

      And it’s the people going ape shit.


    • He’s getting shipped out for being showing “indifference or aggression” towards the lady gorillas.

      He should come on over to the chateau, where that behavior is coin of the realm towards our distaff simians.


  14. File charges against HER.. HAVE the police find and arrest HER…. Sue the living SHIT out of HER…


  15. on October 16, 2015 at 7:56 am elmer t. jones

    I jog daily from my house to the neighborhood park where I do a lap around the tennis courts. Occaisonally I get the stare-down from concerned protectors if there are women on the tennis court. They puff out their chest and hold their racket menacingly as I plod past. Makes me laugh. Criminy I am pushing 60 and can’t fathom how anyone would see me as a threat. I am more concerned about getting mauled by a pitbull though.

    With the nights getting longer I am watching documentaries on my Roku before sleeping or I will wake up at 3am and have a hard time going back to sleep. Last night saw an interesting one about toxins in Victorian homes, which were full of arsenic and lead paint. The reason Victorian women were getting “the vapors” was because they were stuffed into corsets which restricted their breathing. I suppose the strictures of modern SJW delusions are having a similar effect on our womenfolk.

    And after another day at the local college and seeing 95% of the women walking with their iPhones or “checking” their iPhone when anyone else walks past them, I am beginning to suspect that iPhone use is racist, sexist microaggression as it is a blatant way for them to make men invisible. It denies us our voice. I am not exaggerating, every women walks with an iPhone like it’s some magic protector. Even funnier, obese women with hairbuns, hornrims, belly flab, and iPhone strutting imperiously as if they too are hot.

    I have a product idea which consists of a metal iPhone holder that hangs on their neck and keeps the iPhone right in front of their face at all times. An “app” that uses the camera lens to help them navigate their path will shield them at all times from having to interact with the world, while projecting that they have important communications going on.


    • Sorry, google and Apple beat you to it with the eye glasses cam/virtual reality glasses.


      • on October 16, 2015 at 8:13 am elmer t. jones

        But then the women can’t signal that they are on the iPhone, engaged in a very important communication. Because they’re busy, busy, busy.


    • elmer, good field notes…

      “Occaisonally I get the stare-down from concerned protectors if there are women on the tennis court. They puff out their chest and hold their racket menacingly as I plod past.”

      Ahhh, the white knighthood, out in force, guarding their mates the risk of even falling into some unwitting fellow’s range of sight… What a load of dorks.

      “With the nights getting longer …”

      You must be on our Southern Hemisphere-?

      “… I am watching documentaries on my Roku before sleeping or I will wake up at 3am and have a hard time going back to sleep.”

      It’s a topic for a different post, but man don’t do this to yourself. Stow the Roku, tablet, slate, and desktop before going to sleep. Try to wind down everything a couple of hours before you would like to be asleep. Documentaries, especially, can make sleep hard with distress.

      “And after another day at the local college and seeing 95% of the women walking with their iPhones or “checking” their iPhone when anyone else walks past them …”

      It might be grist enough for its own category or posts if elmer and I both experience this as often as I think. That’s right, it’s true on college campuses and it’s true in office parks. Women will fake interest in their phones in order to fend off the unwanted attentions of a beta. (I say this as a beta.)

      “Even funnier, obese women with hairbuns, hornrims, belly flab, and iPhone strutting imperiously as if they too are hot.”

      Heartiste covered this similarly exigent point in a recent post — How unattractive womyn try to socially reject even unwitting men at parties and such, because they desperately want to feel like attractive women. Meanwhile, the actual attractive women are sweet, kind, feminine, and… approachable.

      “I am more concerned about getting mauled by a pitbull though.”

      And this!


    • I am pushing 60 and can’t fathom how anyone would see me as a threat.

      You’re joking, right? As a Male Who Jogs While Pushing 60, you could probably pose a credible physical threat to any woman other than that RR MMA chick… or at least 99% of them.

      I train with a friend who is part of a group that instructs at JBLM (formerly Ft Lewis) in unarmed combat. This guy also volunteers at the local Y, and is always encouraging us to come to the Karate class he helps lead there. So one time I did.

      OMG. 5/6″ me got paired with this petite 5’3″ gal, much younger than me. The two takeaway messages I got were:

      (a) I could have snapped her wrist w/o even trying, and I’m not that strong a guy.

      (b) She had NO IDEA how to actually exert force. At one point we were training on blocking strikes, and she was making this little movements with her arms. There was nothing I could do to get her to actually hit me hard enough that I could even feel it.

      So sure, you might run into a Serana Williams workalike on those tennis courts, but it’s much more likely you will run into a feminist wilting flower who will collapse the moment you show the slightest aggression, menacingly-held rackets or no.


    • Would like to see a headgear that hold the iPhone in front of their shallow eyes whiles mucking their dinner out of a horse’s head sack. This way I know which to avoid.


    • Who are these protectors? Men who are with them? Or just random people?

      You should stare right back. And make sure to ogle the women.


  16. This woman simply wanted the police state to do her agenda. She doesnt think that of course. But that is what she has bought into completely.


  17. He was far too genteel. I’d sue this bitch for every dollar she has. Even if I lost the case It’d be worth it.


    • Alas, that’s a losing case, even if he wins. What damages did he suffer? No, sadly this would be a big waste of time and attorney’s fees on his part.


  18. on October 16, 2015 at 8:15 am Tacitus James

    Writing a reasonable letter to a hyper-alarmist egg layer? You might as well try to talk reason to the egg itself. No, the problem we have in our culture is closer to the police on up, especially the men. We are allowing this to happen by reacting submissively to the hyper-alarmist cries of the uteruti. Women will cry, accuse, lie, and manipulate — it is their nature. The movement, our movement, will reach it’s apex when these unsubstantiated cries are met with the skepticism they deserve. The present authorities allow these injustices to happen. We allow these injustices to happen.The police, the law makers–when we finally succeed, they will be the object of our reprimands.


    • TJ – I agree. About 8 months ago, after having exposed myself for awhile to all the redpill discourse, I sat back and asked myself – what does all this mean?, what is the central message?, what does all this advice have to say about the wisest attitude to take as a man?

      To me the redpill advice can be summed up like this – women behave like their feelings are of primary importance in any circumstance. As a man, it is very important to see that this is almost never the case though. A woman’s feelings are almost never of primary importance in any circumstance. Thus a man should never acquiesce to that viewpoint. As a man, you should always expect of yourself, and of other men (and of the women), that you must seek the larger perspective to actually see what is of primary importance in any circumstance and abide by that, and expect that of others too. That is the man’s proper roll.


  19. There have been one or two bitches who have tried this sort of crap in Australia Facebook. They forget they are in non-Puritan Australia and are usually shouted down by the crowd who have come to the man’s defence framed in self-serving ‘there are no differences between men and women and men should be closely involved in children’s care without suspicion etc etc’. I guess whatever works.

    I imagine women have always done pulled this shit with village elders, the church, male relatives coming to their aid with lynching et al – so validating for them. In information and powerful state age they can be just as dangerous. Oh i remember there was some bitch who put something up on Facebook about some innocent guy and that fell straight into lap of lawyers who hit her up for her slanderous shit. Plus she was rightly shamed ++.


  20. Meanwhile Clock-boy continues his world tour: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-34551890


    • May he get electrocuted by one of his projects.


    • Hey George:

      Thanks for the link. I kinda like the more objective tone of this BBC article, which I think will lead intelligent people to see the two-faced attitude of everyone involved (many of which are mentioned in the article), given the photo (of Ahmed warmly embracing the Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir), who, as the article states, is wanted by the International Criminal Court for alleged war crimes in Darfur.

      If their is a sentient hivemind (which I a not sure about, but nevertheless am not discounting either), then you have to wonder what the overall intent would be – seems like a set-up to some sort of alternate discourse around the overly idealistic posturing that has occurred up to now.


  21. Maybe it’s a Massachussets thing.

    About 10 years ago I was visiting some family there. After I arrived my aunt said go down the street and get your 9 year old goddaughter/cousin. She was playing there. I eas early 30s at the time.

    As soon as I said hi to her and her friend a mother came out the frint door. She didn’t say a thing but gave me the haughty evil eye staredown. Really made me feel like a dirty pedo criminal. Yep, my own cousin and goddaughter.


  22. I get Heartiste’s larger point, but I feel no sympathy for this dude. In fact, we should re-examine this from a different point of view:

    This dude lives in Cambridge, MA—–a deep blue city in a blue state. This is the city where left-wing central university (Harvard) is. And this is where Skip Gates — even though he met the exact description of a burglar and was in the house currently suspected of being burglarized and wouldn’t produce ID—-made the president of the United States declare that police can’t question him because he’s black and a friend of the president. This dude in the story bleeds commie red out of his diaper and probably watches his wife get trains run on her by blacks on the weekends while tasering himself and yelling, “Oh Obama!”

    In other words, most anything bad that happens to him is laughable and he deserves it. So he deserved this hassle.

    And another thing….dude was a middle aged dude walking around a part, alone, taking pictures near children. And this isn’t small town-USA, but a busy city, and, for those of you who’ve never been there, Cambridge directly abuts Boston, and the same subway and buses service both cities, so consider it part of that city (think Brooklyn and Manhattan, though Boston/Cambridge isn’t quite that large).

    So he’s an anonymous guy walking around in an anonymous city who snaps pictures of children. Which he’s sold for profit, sure, but quite frankly, we don’t know what else’s he’s done with them (remember:Jimmy Saville had a legitimate cover for being around tons of children that he also abused).

    Quite frankly, if someone did this around where my relatives were, I would tell a cop. The fact that this idiot lefty feels that someone should walk up to an anonymous dude in a anonymous city and strike up a conversation just shows how autistic lefties are. “Hey, you should talk with a suspected child molester first, get to know them, man.” Yeah, um, not an intelligent plan.

    I wouldn’t bother talking to 2 dindus standing on a corner who seemingly swapped things between them. I’d tell a cop. But I’ll bet this lefty fairy would say we have no right to suspect the dindus. Or him.

    And with all the recent attempts in the news by child molesters to normalize their sick behavior….well, this sounds like another way for their behavior to be normalized:

    “How DARE you think a lone man taking pictures of children not his own is SUSPICIOUS, you BIGOt! You TRIGGERED both ME and my LOVELY WIFE (who happily tolerates my mild child pron habit)!”

    Thought about it a different way rape!


    • “And with all the recent attempts in the news by child molesters to normalize their sick behavior”



    • “This dude lives in Cambridge, MA—–a deep blue city in a blue state.”

      One of the darkest blue spots in the bluest state.


    • “I wouldn’t bother talking to 2 dindus standing on a corner who seemingly swapped things between them. I’d tell a cop.”

      You put dindus on the same level as a white man.


    • I would tell a cop

      Dude, you’re part of the problem–farming out every little issue to “The Only Ones” instead of taking care of it yourself. You seriously won’t just go up to a stranger (to you) in a local park and say “Wazzup?” to sound him out, and instead would call the police? What is *wrong* with you???


      • No, because in a non-small town you never know if a dude’s gonna start spazzing out on you, as this dude decided to do in print. His odd defense of his own behavior and his spazzing out(“how DARE they think I’m being weird,”) shows that. He’s so self-absorbed and autistic he can’t get outside himself to look at this from an outsider’s perspective. Skip Gates-esque.

        If a normal person were doing this because they sold books of photographs, etc., the normal person would realize that they looked odd these days and would have a canned story (and perhaps a business card or copy of their book with them) so as to calm any inquiries, and wouldn’t take offense. A normal person would realize his weirdness.

        This dude’s reaction is akin to 2 dindus flipping out to police question because they’re hanging out on a corner in the dead of night exchanging materials hidden in their hand while they wore hoodies. “How DARE you suspect us!”

        If you look out of place AND you look like you might be committing a crime, getting upset because someone alerted the cops is pretty irrational and self-centered.

        Weirdo rape!


      • Dude, don’t you carry? Or practice unarmed-combat skills?


      • More to the point:

        Assuming the guy’s account is correct, he had no chance to do any of what you recommend, because moral-panic-mamma photographed him and then slunk away without ever finding out if he happened to have copies of his previous works with him.


      • on October 16, 2015 at 5:33 pm The Other Anonymous


      • He should of called Al Sharpton and his National ACTION Network.


      • 1. Like an autistic tool, he took massive offense at being questioned.

        2. He spazzed out in writing at the person who dared be worried.

        Those are the keys here: offended for no good reason + spazzing response. He had the opportunity to give a canned response—to the police. But he didn’t deliver a canned response to the police, he had a panic. “triggered” response, as did his wife. That indicates this dude is not playing with a full deck.

        Confronting him alone is idiotic. Ya don’t confront crazy homeless dudes or crack dealers, you get a police officer to do it, get them put it on the record, and remove them if necessary. Esp. in a deep blue city, where all sorts of crazy violent sickos live. And spare me the “i got a gun/I lift” movie-level b.s., that’s just hilarious white knight talk.

        Plus you don’t know how he will make your one-on-one confrontation seem to others (including the police himself) later. Heck, he’s a lefty-spazz, an SJW, he will definitely lie to the cops and bystanders later about what you did, maybe get you arrested. His little newspaper note already seems like its lying about what happened just to make himself appear more innocent; imagine if there weren’t 6 cops around to make sure he couldn’t lie too much.

        We live in a world where leftists make up crimes every day to cover themselves and make themselves look like innocent victims—fake rape charges, fake hate crime attacks, etc. Putting yourself out there like a white knight is silly, weak, and stupid.

        This ain’t some old west movie, son.


      • Here’s the disconnect: you appear to think the only way to get some closer idea of the guy and his intent is to start a confrontation. (Something on the lines of striding up quickly and shouting “Stop taking pictures you mofo pervert!!!” perhaps?)

        I on the other hand am talking about making an ordinary, sane, outwardly-friendly approach and saying “Hey, what’s up?” or the like. If his answer is likewise sane, continue in the same vein; if he bristles, adjust accordingly.


      • Oh, sorry, misread, Saville? Google satisfy that. Saville was molesting kids, and the BBC happily covered it up—-because, as gay-lovers themselves, they approved.


    • Re: Saville

      Any PROOF before going around besmirching the name of an honorable man, like that?


  23. on October 16, 2015 at 8:51 am gunslingergregi

    i was coming home stopped outside chicago in an all black area
    but the thing is there were people everywhere outside hanging out
    in diferent places
    like it was a community or something
    same place yea the hotel with the amount of weed being smoked burning the fucking eyes
    but it felt alive
    like they had established their own country with their own rules

    they didnt seem like this

    ”””””””Socially Atomized, Paranoid, Man-Hating, Feminist Utopia”””””””


    • on October 16, 2015 at 8:58 am gunslingergregi

      and the hotel was 45 bucks total so saved loot he he he
      asked the black chick at the front if i as a white man was gonna make it through the night
      she laughed she guarranteed my safety lol
      went to my room the lock had been drilled out
      went back got dif room
      noticed a shitload of rooms had been drilled asked her wtf they have to break in and kick people out a lot
      noticed the cameras that used to be there were broken off in my hallway
      i was like fuck it


    • on October 16, 2015 at 9:06 am gunslingergregi

      im half dances with wolves now im thinking of moving there and going full go
      feral white dude he he he

      no bs though im bout to look up the black chick i dated after iraq and get her back i didn’t have one fucking problem with her and she threw me a going away party when i went back to my wife
      other than her saying she was pregnant


    • Subsidized by my money and not concerned about paying bills. Yeah, I can see how the weak of mind and will could do that. They also rob their neighbors. Burn it down


      • on October 16, 2015 at 11:27 am gunslingergregi

        yea they were subsidized to move to the white neighborhood i used to live in i had to ride my bike over to the other hill to play basketball
        but white people did that


  24. Comment stuck in moderation—first time in decades I’ve ever disagreed with Heartiste!

    Off the reservation rape!


  25. “Meanwhile, skulking Somalis stream into Maine and Minneapolis. Welcome to anarcho-tyranny. Jefferson wept.”

    I was up in Maine last week for a week of vacation. Portland was surprisingly loaded with weird-looking Africans. They didn’t appear to be from East Africa, their foreheads weren’t as sloped and lips weren’t as big. Thanks for letting me know that they’re Somalis.

    This was the big story up there this past week. Three, supposed Somalis, stomping in the head of another Somali.



    • on October 16, 2015 at 9:25 am gunslingergregi

      fucking hillarious
      its like satire cartoon but it is real which ya have to laugh harder


      • on October 16, 2015 at 9:17 pm Vagina dominator

        @ gregi

        I assume you mean you lived in rural Indonesia. I also assume that you know perfectly well that by itself the religion is incidental to the facts of race.

        On top of that, in most places in Indo the religious beliefs are only skin deep.

        In the last two thousand years they have been through animism, hinduism, buddhism and now islam and all they do is add the new religion on top of the old one. They still have all the old hindu and buddhist festivals, the kinds of idol-worshipping that would send a Wahhabi insane.

        Just the other day I attended a brief animist ceremony where an infant boy was married to a chicken. Seriously. Cute ceremony.


    • on October 16, 2015 at 9:37 am mendozatorres

      Muzzies bashing a Christian. Welp, Maine certainly did ask for it.


      • on October 16, 2015 at 9:49 am gunslingergregi

        i went and lived in a 97 percent muslim country in the sticks for a year and half they didn’t kill me
        fuck i even asked em too


      • Secure in their own countries, people are capable of gracious hospitality.

        In other peoples’ countries especially when the host signals weakness, the conqueror instinct kicks in.


      • In other peoples’ countries especially when the host signals weakness, the conqueror instinct kicks in.


        and the type to leave their home and immigrate to a new nation is more likely to be the type to want to conquer/invade/dominate.

        Our leniency towards immigrants and “refugees” is well known, it attracts bad people.


    • The cultmarx crowd will warn civilized Whites that they will experience culture shock if they just pick up and move to a foreign country. Yet they don’t voice these same concerns about our imported invaders. It needs to be brought up that the cultmarx crowd isn’t worried about the culture shock that low IQ turd-worlders must be experiencing in western nations.

      [CH: if you press the cultmarxists on this inconsistency, they’ll just retort that white americans need to bend over further to accommodate the diversity’s special needs.]


      • So whites who move to foreign countries are not invaders, but darkies who come are? Interesting.


      • Ho, every time you pull the disingenuous act, it only hammers home the point that there will always be enmity between your kind and ours.

        No established nation of the West ever suffered from White immigration, and you know it.

        The same claim can’t be made for nonWhite immigration, whether legal or illegal, voluntary or forced.


      • Good God m8, you really need to lighten up.

        Disingenuous is only something that isn’t blatantly non-serious. Also, even if I was disingenuous, it’s not enmity between nations, it’d be me being a jackass.

        Further, nobody specified whites moving to other white western countries. I “took exception” to the fact that he doesn’t seem to consider whites moving to, I dunno, Japan as invasion, but if a slant or other alien moves to America or some place like that, it’s an invader. Not a real problem, hence my lack of seriousness, but it would help to not be so obviously attackable.

        Can invaders be “imported”? Nothing wrong with rhetoric but good God, if you’re trying to influence people with COPROP, don’t be blatant about it.

        For example, talking about invaders when talking about the “refugee” crisis is fine, because they don’t bother applying for permission before coming. But referring to non whites as invaders (who comply with the immigration procedures) and not when it comes to whites…it’s sloppy. I would’ve written it differently.


      • Good God m8, you really need to lighten up.

        No go, my sometimes brother from another mother… I’ve got one speed only:

        Balls Out!


      • on October 16, 2015 at 9:23 pm Vagina dominator


        But immigration is war. All of it.

        Whether they come as HB1s with the open “legal” approval of ZOG or are delivered unto us by ZOG under the designation “illegal”, in either case they are weapons and soldiers directed against whites by ZOG.


      • on October 16, 2015 at 9:28 pm Vagina dominator


        Yes. If whites go to your countries at the direction of ZOG, they also are invaders.


      • on October 16, 2015 at 9:30 pm Vagina dominator

        Ho, are you an Australia-residing shitskin? I’m speculating based on a few of your language tells.


      • Lol, as if only Aussies say “m8”.

        Try Yurop. I’m also pretty light.


      • on October 17, 2015 at 11:09 pm Vagina dominator


        Based on your language use, there is not the slightest chance that you are a non-native speaker of English raised in Europe.

        Zero. No chance at all.

        Disinjewnuous hasbara troll thy name is “ho”.


  26. What scares me the most is actually the “white knight” army size. There will be plenty men who would agree at least that the woman was justified to be suspicious given the patriarchy and abundance of real rapists at every corner (all men, of course). I wonder if there is another example in history where you can find armies of idiots agreeing with a narrative that is degrading to themselves. Whenever a woman says “men are creepy” there is at least a bunch of them nearby smiling like idiots and nodding in the affirmative


    • The one that drives me up the wall is when men start carrying water for the “we’re jerks” Cathedral party line.


    • Thats why the best attitude to have is that of Patrick Bateman. “My pain is constant and sharp and I do not hope for a better world for anyone.”

      You only do the “right thing” when the stars align and you can actually waste sweat/blood in a productive manner.


  27. on October 16, 2015 at 9:23 am gunslingergregi

    Meanwhile, skulking Somalis stream into Maine and Minneapolis. Welcome to anarcho-tyranny. Jefferson wept.””””””””

    and they will carve out there own areas with their sweat and blood and be the only ones allowed on the basketball courts give em credit where it is due


    • on October 16, 2015 at 9:33 am gunslingergregi

      even i stopped going when there were lilke 100 blacks wearing colors and me
      funnily enough i still never took a beat down there by blacks
      so really they just dislike the other whites not me
      i do feel a dual pull in me on one hand i see whites getting fucked up by blacks on the other hand i dont and can steal their bitches
      have this deep seated shit to protect the weak or something feel llike im supposed to do something but yet what i dont know
      its easier for me to get bitches when not all white i know that
      what does that mean


      • gunslingergregi: have you ever engaged in self-examination, as to why you are attracted to black girls? What motivates wanting to get with the least attractive of American women?


      • on October 16, 2015 at 11:25 am gunslingergregi

        they attracted to me
        all started as a dare on this site he he he

        clarified: easier to get white bitches when not all white


      • on October 16, 2015 at 11:42 am gunslingergregi

        i married brown though
        which is prob as good as i could of done
        even my special snowflake from high school is divorced


      • maybe they think he’s black because he has a big cock?


      • Gunny, it’s because you’re not a pussy.

        A man who doesn’t love his own people is not a man. No woman ever of any color ever really condemned a man for being “a little racist” meaning loving his own people. As long as you don’t do crazy shit, you’re good…and being honest, some women will even put up with some crazy.

        Just don’t be a pussy, and it’s all good. There’s a huge difference between loving your people and being a self pitying butt hurt bitter bitch who resents having to pull their own weight on the planet.


  28. It is relevant – but ignored in the media reports – that the writer is the son of the man who was likely the greatest American writer of the late 20th century (at the very least, widely considered a finalist for that title). Lesson: Even being the progeny of widely loved, left-leaning thinkers and writers will not protect you these day.

    [CH: updike?]


    • Overrated… waaaaaaaayyyyyyy overrated.

      /Rabbit Run Rape!


    • Updike couldn’t shine John Gardner’s shoes.


    • This is just too perfect. While I’m sure Updike pere et fils never voted non-socialist in their collective lives, “Rabbit” does exhibit a certain prescient red pill sensibility that was not entirely out of place on the left during the Kennedy era.

      Oh, and morganf- The greatest American writer of the late 20th Century was and is Tom Wolfe.

      [CH: agreed. wolfe is the greatest american writer of the second half of the 20th century. nabokov is the greatest ex-pat american writer (slightly before wolfe’s time).]


  29. on October 16, 2015 at 10:01 am Beautiful Truths Ignored

    The only sensible definition of “Puritan” is the definition used by intelligent anti-Puritan thinkers such as Matthew Arnold and H.L. Mencken: A Christian who bases his doctrines on the sola scriptura principle.

    That being the case, exactly which Puritans do you object to, Heartiste? The Afrikaner Puritans who founded Orania, the Ulster Puritans who sent Enoch Powell to Parliament, the Alabama Puritans who sent Jeff Sessions to the US Senate, Hungarian Puritan Victor Orban, or the Swiss Puritans of the Swiss People’s Party who enacted referendums “Against the construction of minarets”, “For the expulsion of criminal foreigners” and “Against mass immigration”?

    Even in Jefferson’s time the Puritans were the good guys. Puritan intellectuals John Jay, Timothy Dwight, and Elias Boudinot defended an American identity based on blood and birth, and attacked the utopian absolute egalitarianism of the French Revolution. Puritan Connecticut was the stronghold of the Federalist Party, the enactors of the Naturalization Act of 1789 and the Alien Act of 1798. They would have outlawed the trans-Atlantic Slave trade before 1808 if the South Carolina delegation to the Constitutional Convention (including, to my shame, ancestors of mine) hadn’t defended the slave trading special interests of Charleston, Savanna and Newport (particularly Sephardic slave trading interests) by inserting an unamendable clause into the Constitution preventing the outlawing of the trans-Atlantic slave trade before 1808.

    The anti-Puritan meme promoted by Mendacius Moldberg and Jewish figures of the Dark Enlightenment is the audacious act of chutzpah in world history. They deflect criticism away from their guilty co-ethnics, onto the group with the best anti-PC credentials in the Western World!


    • ” or the Swiss Puritans of the Swiss People’s Party who enacted referendums “Against the construction of minarets”,”

      That’s not a good thing you imbecile. Even Iran allows the construction of Churches. Allowing minarets to be constructed doesn’t lower the quality of life for anybody.


      • Ho, in this case, you’re the disingenuous imbecile…

        Iran and other Arab countries don’t have to worry about a flood of odd disparate ethnic Christians migrating into their nations and making demands that are incompatible with the host population mores and majority religion.

        The one point you MAY have is, by the time a country has to make laws against getting overrun by a foreign people and their religion/culture, it’s probably already too late.


      • yeah, its that ni66a shouting from it 5 times a day that sucks

        I dont wanna hear that shit


      • The call to prayer trough loud speakers, 7 times a day, does lower the quality of life for non-Muslims.


      • Comment stuck in mod:

        Allowing minarets to be constructed doesn’t lower the quality of life for anybody.

        short version: Like HELL it doesn’t. 😡

        If we’re not allowed to let our children pray in schools and have to take down Nativity scenes at Christmas time, then screw you too.


      • Lol, that’s adhan though. Not even in my wildest dreams would I expect westerners to tolerate that.

        Minarets are technically for that purpose, but given that they have loud speakers for that, minarets are only historical artifacts that exist because of tradition.

        Or: you can allow minarets and ban prayer calls. I woulda expected this kind of relative arbitrariness from medieval Swiss, but given how Europe and Switzerland generally roll, banning minarets seems bizarre.


      • “If we’re not allowed to let our children pray in schools and have to take down Nativity scenes at Christmas time, then screw you too.”

        Lol, nobody said you’re not allowed man, you make the rules. 🙂

        Also, that’s more about keeping school free of religious indoctrination. You know how you guys want to homeschool or die? That’s what shitlib atheists think also, except they’re too dumb to consider homeschooling, which is why they say publics schools shouldn’t pray so as to keep their kids godless.

        It’s a category error, because one is religion in school, the other is a certain architectural style. Banning the latter goes much further than the former. Your argument would be stronger if Muslim prayer was allowed, but Christian prayer wasn’t.


      • on October 16, 2015 at 3:24 pm Beautiful Truths Ignored

        Apples and oranges.

        Iranian Christians are actual Iranians. There were Iranian Christians 500 years before Mohamed was born.

        The only Muslims in Switzerland are recent immigrants, and the Swiss don’t want them to stay. This is about keeping Switzerland Swiss – demographics, architecture, everything.


      • The solution to that problem is to not allow immigrants in or make those that came leave. Banning minarets is bizarre.


      • “Even Iran allows the construction of Churches. Allowing minarets to be constructed doesn’t lower the quality of life for anybody.”

        I’m sorry, what?

        Iranian populace: 77 million
        Swiss populace: 8 million

        Iranian landmass: 636,000 sm (excluding salt deserts)
        Swiss landmass: 16,000 sm (habitat mostly on the Plateau)

        “Banning minarets is bizarre.”

        Only thing that’s bizarre is your insistence that it’s bizarre. Put down whatever ideological humbug you’re huffing for just a minute.


    • Well-put, Beautiful Truths Ignored… that whole MSM anti-Puritan shtick always sat wrong in my mind, because it really wasn’t just anti-Puritan, it was anti-White and anti-West camel-nose tripe that even the dumbass Do-What-You-Want Whites went along with.


    • Sure thing. Should I believe U, or my own lying popish eyes?


  30. on October 16, 2015 at 10:23 am gunslingergregi

    now yea i am an eample of atomized i have no relatives where i live around me other than immediate family
    it fucking sucks
    hence why i had to marry into a large family to have a place to go
    adapt and overcome


  31. UpDyke?


  32. on October 16, 2015 at 11:35 am gunslingergregi

    6 years ago or more i talked about what happened to my town well now its gonna be every town so yea i dont know
    there is a reason i developed an escape plan
    i was in mytle beech those few days for white woman utopia cause of the country music concert
    then the other 20 it was wall to wall blacks hanging on the streets


    • on October 16, 2015 at 11:37 am gunslingergregi

      people didnt belileve what happened in my town was planned or some shit but yea it was and now the people who did it have a lot of practice and an unlimited almost supply of people for direct import so
      what do ya do


  33. It’s always hilarious seeing white males trying to guilt women.

    These particular creatures don’t have such emotions. Shame is the only thing that works. I believe Ricky Raw ad a nice post about it.


    • Even funnier is when you try to invoke in the gals a sense of obligation and thankful appreciation.


      • My God, don’t even remind me….is there a quicker way so seal the clams shut?

        Ironically, it’s probably way easier to get them to do things for you that you haven’t “earned” than it is to get reciprocity. Honor (not related to chastity) is a male thing.


  34. There is a popular progressive Eskimo journalist in the UK called Will Self who was subject to the same experience: http://www.theguardian.com/books/2013/aug/18/will-self-reported-suspected-paedophile


  35. “I have a product idea which consists of a metal iPhone holder that hangs on their neck and keeps the iPhone right in front of their face at all times. An “app” that uses the camera lens to help them navigate their path will shield them at all times from having to interact with the world, while projecting that they have important communications going on.” ~ AND this app will take selfies, display the selfies for editing, cropping, approval or deletion, then post the approved selfie to all applicable social networking, dating and hook up sites. ~ The upgrade to the iPhone holder is the iPhone Drone coming to a store near you soon. The DroneiPhone will hoover around the special snowflake following her every move with video and audio recordings and so on…


  36. In a sane world, she would have been forced by the police to apologize to the gentleman (my mother’s first reaction to the story, interestingly enough) and fined for phoning in a false police report.


  37. Hard to just ignore these women, because the Jew has given them real power to ruin your life.

    For example, these types of histrionic form-over-substance rule-enforcing women can often be found as managers of large apartment buildings, managers of corporations, even the CEO of General Motors and nearly every other Fortune 100 company that was founded by men to manufacture and sell things that were invented by men.

    If you are a white man, they have a seething hatred of you, even if it’s subconscious and they are not a Jew, because of the brainwashing they’ve received on Jew TV and through their “education” the past 30 years. For example, they might be a Cuban, traditionally a Catholic, who could be allied with us against the Jew.

    These middle-manager women will go out of their way to look for stupid rule violations and ruin your life. Or as in this example, this dude’s afternoon was ruined. I see these types of bitches (always Jewish) in my community everywhere; they run the show here.

    The Jew is responsible for 98% of all civil litigation; they are on both sides, both as parties and as, of course, the lawyers. Both at small weasel firms where the Jew usually dips into client trust funds and steals, up to, of course, the “Big 20” Wall Street Firms, all of which are run by the Jew, as are the top 500 Fortune 500 corporations and every single government agency at the federal, state, and local level, and, of course, at least 70% of the judiciary at both the state and federal level.

    When does the revolution begin?


  38. I have a similar story…

    Circa 1998, I was living in Calabasas, CA, on Las Virgenes Rd., cut right through the mountains and you were in Malibu. Rented an apt in a nice complex, nice area. Was doing laundry in large apt facility. Put my washed in multiple dryers. Timed it to come back just as the drying would be done. But lo and behold my wet clothes are spread out on sorting tables. Fat B there needed to use the dryers don’t you know. I told her I didn’t appreciate what she did, and I knew she did it because her clothes were in the dryers I used. She told me I was drying them to long and etc. I had to really control myself, but did tell her she was an idiot. I put my clothes in now available dryers. Waited for clothes to dry. Fat B leaves and shortly thereafter LA Co. Sheriffs, 2 cars, show up from the local substation. Fat B comes in with them and tells them how I threatened her and etc etc. I told my side. Big cop takes me aside, puts his arm around my shoulder, and told me he believed me, but since OJ they were under orders to arrest men in domestic disputes. So, he said I should take my clothes and go home or he would have to arrest me. I did so. My crime, wanting to do my laundry.

    This is one of many many incidents I’ve had over the years. So, now I hate women, I fully admit it. I still have sex with them, but by and large I absolutely HATE most of them. Unless I’m related to them(and even most of them I can’t stand) or have a good relationship with them(rare but has happened) I refuse to help them, can you help me with my tire, NOPE. Don’t hold doors for them either. Ask them direct rude questions when they wait on me, but they seem to like this…

    I’ve worked in americorp for 25 years and it is amazing the crap women get away with.

    Sexbots are talked about on this site from time to time. I predict when they become available it will not be a gradual transition to them but a surge. Male-Fem relationships will drop into a black hole. Because when men can be fully sexually sated by a vag built especially for them, hence better orgasms, of what use will women be? And with plastic this or that men are already having sex with facsimiles of women.

    So, if you think women are miserable and depressed now it will be of exponential proportions in the very near future. I can’t wait…


    • I can relate…

      I’m not going to describe all my bad experiences with women as I have had dozens, but here is one,

      About 20 years ago, I get a call from my girlfriend sister. She asks if I can pick up her 5 year old son at the day care because she is stuck in an important meeting. She tells me she has called the day care center, gave them my name and that i would pick up the kid after work.

      I get to the day care, the woman in charge looks at me as if I am a criminal ( I do not look like a criminal, I do not even have tattoos, people tell me I have a kind face all the time )
      She asks for ID, she dissapears in her office for about 15 minutes, comes back, tells me she can not let me leave with the kid. she goes back to her office for another 15-20 minutes ( she is still holding on to my ID papers), this goes on for almost an hour, she eventually lets me – very reluctantly – leave with the kid who keeps telling her he knows me well.

      She treated me like shit despite all the evidence the kid knew me and trusted me, and despite the fact it was obvious I was not there to kidnap or sexually abuse the kid: who gives their id before they kidnap and rape a kid???

      The woman was 100% a bitch, she was insane.

      She should not be in charge of more than a sink full of dishes.

      I could write a book so many bad experiences I have had with women.

      I know not all women are that crazy but most are. I am 56 years old and in my experience most women are insane and /or evil.

      Pretty much every man I know agrees.

      I love having sex with women, I love it when they are nice – it feels damn good when a woman is nice to me – but part of me hates them because I know their DNA makes them evil and crazy, just as I would hate a shark because his DNA makes him want to eat me alive.

      There is a reason men have kept women in a “submissive” role for thousands of years; women are crazy and evil.

      What are the most watched by women tv shows? tv shows in which evil crazy women make other people miserable.

      We men like to watch naked women, fast cars and things explode, yes but most men do not have a fascination with hurting other people as women do in pretty much every tv show made for women from soap operas to reality tv.

      Women lap up that stuff like a hungry cat laps up milk.

      Every woman I know says she would rather work for a male boss than a female boss, because females are b*tches.

      I could go on for pages.

      Women are crazy and evil, most of them are, even women agree.

      How can a sane man with lots of experience not have a bit of hatred for creatures who are happy when they are cruel to other people who are happy when other people suffer?


      • Hi CF – but you have to admit that it is very amusing when a woman believes her feelings are always of primary importance within the context of any event or occurrence. It is weird (this feeling-focus), but once you start seeing it all the time, and know that is the way it is mostly always going to go, it just starts seeming funny as hell. The women all seem to live for reflecting upon their feelings. They do good things because of their feelings. They do shitty things because of their feelings. They are motivated to take action (or no action) by their feelings. But they are also motivated to cause some drama to have more feelings if they are not having enough feelings. They don’t like looking at the bigger picture because that usually has nothing to do with their feelings. When they think, it is to think about their feelings. You know it is fucking craziness really. Crazy.

        Because when you know this is the way it is, in a way, it puts women in your sphere at a huge disadvantage (but their way also has it’s advantages). Women can be played with, to lighten one’s mood, and for men, perhaps that is what they are mostly for.

        Since I need to be the one to look for the bigger picture, to collate the many perspectives into the bigger picture, which can become a rather oppressive task at times, I can either get all “I don’t give a fuck”, to let go of the oppression (which is the way to go sometimes), or I can instead, sometimes, just try to elevate my mood, by appreciating the perspective of whatever woman that happens to be around, and just laugh and laugh and laugh about it because it is enjoyable to look at things their crazy way (you know they are like this because it feels good). Women are very self-centered and in love with their feelings because women are deeply in love with themselves. That is very endearing and pleasant to be around sometimes.

        I used to come around to this way of seeing things, time and again, but then I would always soon drop it again, and tell myself – “Hey I’m just being a jaded asshole again – get real. You can’t put yourself above women. That is egotistical so it is wrong”. I think it is true that there is a lot of social conditioning out there to have a man adopt this internal mantra.

        But then shit happens again, and I am again faced with the same conclusions about womankind. How else to explain what I am seeing? I am seeing what I am seeing.

        The man is supposed to be egotistical to balance out the woman’s narcissism. The man needs to be egotistical because a healthy dose of ego is necessary to see the bigger picture (the amalgam of all the various perspectives). A man needs a woman so he has recourse to appreciate the light-hearted narcissistic perspective, so he has furlough from the oppressive morbidity of life. A woman needs a man to help her focus on reality (the bigger picture).

        We need each other.

        I always wanted to see more to it than this but I’m finally starting to conclude that I don’t need to think about it anymore. I already got it right I think.


      • Wild Man, if I may…women are not evil because we are women, but because we are weak. We are not as strong as you, so we have to learn other ways to survive.

        In a physical fight, I don’t try to match strength with men. I win by being faster, sneakier, and efficient.

        Most women don’t do martial arts or fight very often, so most of our survival strengths have to be social, and in that we are ruthless. We use our power as potential outlets for pleasure and social status indicators and validators, to gain the things we want in life. The desired wields her power over the one who desires.

        There are lines though, and it’s up to the man to draw them. Sure, a woman should self regulate, but we usually don’t, so you have to build that fence and keep it in good repair.

        After you’ve gotten to the point that you might want to let someone in, her acceptance should be conditional on her agreement to a list of things she should never say to you or do to you. Some stuff on that list should earn your punishment, some stuff a break, and some stuff, whether or not you’d actually do it, should have a death penalty. It’s a matter of style whether you do this as a lecture or as a series of conversations about boundaries.

        Undoubtedly, she will have her list too, and pay attention to what’s on it. These kinds of talks are excellent for detecting over entitlement.

        I know, it’s not considered “healthy”, but this is how women work. Once you gain her desire, you should wield that power more ruthlessly than she does or else she will try to eat you. It’s just how we are.

        I don’t date a guy whose soul I can gobble up, but many women will, and with no salt.


      • Nicole – so it is about your feelings….


      • “Women don’t like noble, self-sacrificing men. Women are not civilized like we are. They like bloodshed. They like forceful men, like me. ”

        Charles Lodge, “Double Wedding”, 1937


      • Me too: I have had a number of very unpleasant experiences courtesy of the female sex and in recent years they only seem to be on the increase. I won’t bore you all with instances, but you can imagine.


      • Wild Man, beware of the woman for whom it is not about her feelings. She is broken.


      • Nicole – that is not my experience. Some of the most fucked-up women I have known have been deeply into the primacy of their own personal feelings above all else. There is no relationship between female broken-ness and lack of female narcissism. Some may even argue for the converse of that, and I wouldn’t disagree outright (but I’m not really ready to pick up and run with that banner either).

        Look, as a man who has been observing women for a long long time now, this is what it looks like from the male perspective:

        – the degree to which a woman sees her own feelings as of primary importance in any event or occurrence is a measure of the femininity of her mind

        Of course there are individual differences among women. Dykes seem to be less personal-feeling-focused but are still more subject to this trait than the average man.

        I’m calling it the way I see it.

        Let me ask you about your womanly perspective in regards to womankind. Let me ask you this way:

        – The natural emotive disposition of a healthy man is exuberant aggression. What is the female correspondent?


      • Wild Man, I think you’re making the mistake of pathologizing Nature. You want things organized so that you can feel more secure, and you want to improve on Nature. It’s nice to think about, but in the end, women are just emotionally driven, and if we’re not then it’s because something either went wrong or abnormal even if it’s not necessarily wrong.

        There is no one natural emotive disposition that is healthy for a woman except fitting the situation. Being the rock is a man thing. We’re the sea.

        We can be submissive or domineering, hot or cold, kind or merciless depending on what we’re dealing with or where our hormones are taking us at the moment…and this is how it should be. It is only really evil or unhealthy when a woman can’t shift her emotions to match the situation, and becomes predatory or inappropriately malicious.

        If she likes you and wants to keep you in her life, she should be kind to you within healthy boundaries. If she has no boundaries or can’t respect yours, it’s unhealthy. If her boundaries are crossed then she should meet that with effective resistance. Your personal boundaries mark the line of whether you want to put up with her boundaries or her reactions to having them crossed. Feel free to be arbitrary.

        If she doesn’t like you, then you’ll see her dark side, and it’s good that you do.

        Does it really matter in the end why a woman loves or doesn’t love you?

        What really matters is that she knows to match love received with love given, has the empathy to understand that her man actually needs physical expression of love, and this is a need not just a would-be-nice.

        If she needs to socially cut another woman’s throat to keep you, yeah it’s crazy but better this than that she allow harmful situations to fully crystallize, then take vengeance on you.

        If you want to raise a daughter to be a good woman, teach her self discipline early in life. Teach her to be conscious of her emotions, as this is the only chance you have of getting her to control them. If you don’t have to tell her to do her chores or homework anymore by say 10, skip 13-15, and then again at 16, the message has gotten through. Leave the whys alone. Let her do that because she loves herself and admires her dad’s wisdom. Don’t try to make it because logically, she understands that her grades will mark her for life. You can add that, but don’t make it the focus. It’s falling on deaf ears until the 20s.

        Taking away a woman’s emotionality is like simultaneously cutting out her heart and cutting off her breasts. You remove her connection between giving kindness and receiving it, as well as more than too rational reasons for being attractive.

        That Lesbians tend to be less emotionally driven may be why they are Lesbians. They seek partners who can balance them out and fire their blood for the same reason you do.

        Emotional reasons are the only ones left in most western societies that a woman should remain a virgin or if something goes wrong along the way, save herself for a caring man.


      • Damn, that was long.

        Basically, what I’m trying to say is that a woman who is rational and democratic in her personal dealings is the town bike or a hooker.

        A social tyrant who minds her kingdom well is healthy.

        A predator who sees everyone as an enemy is bad, but on the real, usually lonely.

        Nature, as a system works.


      • Hi Nicole – Thank-you for your interest re the subject at hand. Three quick points on your last post, and then I would like to refocus the exchange again (if you are still interested).

        My three quick points on your last post:

        – I don’t think I have indicated a propensity for pathologizing anything with respect to what I have written above. Psychic pathology (defined in the way you are insinuating) is an interesting subject, but probably has more to do with self-esteem, and therefore is something both man and women will be subject to (but for different reasons). A discussion on this subject would be rather involved and better left for another time.

        – Your comment – “You want things organized so that you can feel more secure, and you want to improve on Nature”. Yes – I am seeking a better understanding (i.e. – a more organized insight), because if I am successful with such an endeavor (i.e. – not blindsided due to a formation of an inaccurate platform due to a lack of empiricism in my method), this will bring me more security in many ways. The way I see it, to do so is a natural and healthy human drive. Also, – it is not about improving nature, (after all, mankind is part of nature), but about better understanding nature.

        – Can you see that generally, what you have written in your 3 posts here do show a proclivity for viewing things through how they relate to you, personally, feeling-wise? I would appreciate it if you would take some moments to ponder and reflect upon my assertion.

        Refocusing the exchange:

        To me, the heart of the matter at hand (the difficulties and misunderstandings everybody, including myself, seems to have, on getting a handle on what is going on, at a deep-seated level, with respect to the man/woman dynamic), can be well addressed by asking the question:

        – “The natural emotive disposition of a healthy man is exuberant aggression. What is the female correspondent?”

        You have answered:

        “There is no one natural emotive disposition that is healthy for a woman except fitting the situation. Being the rock is a man thing. We’re the sea. We can be submissive or domineering, hot or cold, kind or merciless depending on what we’re dealing with or where our hormones are taking us at the moment…and this is how it should be. It is only really evil or unhealthy when a woman can’t shift her emotions to match the situation, and becomes predatory or inappropriately malicious”.

        A while back i asked CH this same question, and he answered:

        – “Passionate deference”

        I have been thinking quite a bit about CH’s answer. It seems to fit. What do you think? In your passage (as I quoted above), is that what you meant?


    • shoulda have reported the fattie for petty theft


  39. RE:

    Wages Of A Socially Atomized, Paranoid, Man-Hating, Feminist Utopia

    The above is truly a sad story . . . and an indication of the times in which we live in the Western world. I am an Asian girl living with parents in Toronto, Canada.

    Several years ago, I went to a local public library to read the newspapers. With my newspaper in hand, I walked about to find a place to sit. Across the way, I could see an empty round low table at the children’s area. When I walked to it, I saw a brown-haired young woman at one table pouring over a magazine. I sat at the table next to her. She did not notice me. When I sat down, I noticed several young girls standing before a computer terminal (possibly watching a video game), and there were no other nearby adults. One of the children was a Chinese-looking girl, about 8-9 years old, who had dark brown tanned skin and was wearing a short skirt. I was amazed at her dark skin tone and also by her full rump and thick legs. I must have stared at her legs for 5-7 seconds. It amazed me that such a little girl could appear like a miniature-sized version of a woman. Across the way, I then noticed that the young skinny Chinese-looking man who worked at the information counter looked at me for a few seconds, then gave it no more mind. Being a skinny Asian girl, I must have seemed innocuous to him. I then read my newspaper and then walked back to put it back into the shelf. I then picked-up a library brochure and walked out the library.

    Having read the above regrettable story of Mr. Updike in Massachusetts, it brings home the point how paranoid men must feel when they are even half-aware of what are being reported in the news and what comments people put to internet news magazines like The Huffington Post. Had I been a middle-aged white man near a group of young girls at the play area – and staring at a little girl’s plump ass in a mini-skirt – the young library worker may well have come in a huff and told the man that he cannot sit at the childrens’ area. He could easily be suspected as a paedophile cruising about to ‘scope out’ little girls in public areas. Men just cannot ‘fly under the radar’ that woman can do. It is ironic that those who are the most suspicious of imagined or ‘would-be’ sexual offenders are those who most have sex on their minds. As they say: “It takes one to know one.”

    As with the advice given to young women who are told to avoid situations in which they can become raped by men – men should just avoid situations, such as public parks where there are children nearby, where they could be suspected of being would-be sex offenders by overzealous people who believe that they are protecting society. Little do they know that they are the true harm to society.

    best wishes,


    (rhymes with ‘my’), a diminutive nickname in Thai.


    Yes, it is great to be a girl. I love it. I tell everyone I know that if they should ever have pretty sons – when they become age 18 – give them M-to-F sex-change surgery in Bangkok, Thailand. The price is about 10,000 USD. The writing is on the wall. It is crazy for anyone to raise boys to become men now in the deranged Christian-feminist Western European world in the year 2015.


  40. Off topic but you gotta give Ann Coulter cred for going on the View when you know those leeches were in attack mode.


    • I hate to say this but Ann Coulter has more balls than most men.


      • Too true.

        Although I understand she’s had to eat a bit of crow lately for her “How many f#cking Jews do you think there are?” remark, which if I understand correctly, was a chide towards the GOP for their lickspittle lackeyism towards Israel and the various PACs carrying water for that (ahem) “only democracy in the Middle East”.


  41. See something, say something: a motto for girly men and sissies.


  42. I recommend watching (on You Tube) The story of the Killer Bees… The group B rally cars that were too fast to drive and too beautiful to ignore. It is a mid 1980s story that ought to warm the hearts of decent people everywhere.
    Short cut: The drivers with their cars got really fast but idiot by-standers started getting killed like head-shot feral pigs for standing in the way of the race:
    The drivers said, “We are men! We are Not Paid to be the killers of slow moving drunk people !!!
    And so they all quit mid-season.

    The right thing to do at this point is to cheer and to have optimistic thoughts.


    • on October 17, 2015 at 3:07 pm Col Nicholson

      And Ferrari developed the amazing 288 GTO just for this class. A twin-turbo 400hp monster which, at a distance, didn’t look much different than the 308.


  43. on October 16, 2015 at 10:02 pm Auntie Analogue

    “I’m convinced Americans are currently living through a second Puritan age, and our witch burners are feminists, SJWs, antiracists, and TV talk show snarkmeisters.”

    These people I call the Puritopians. They fervently expect that their persecutions and purges of everything and everyone they hate will bring about a pure utopia. The mirror has not been made, or has yet been invented, in which these vampires can look and actually see what malevolent asses they are.


  44. readers comments on the cambridge site where he posted his letter to the bitch who called the cops on him are a great read.

    two or three concerned ladies supporting the women — what about the children? won’t anyone think of the children.

    everyone else called her paranoid, a dumb broad, hysterical. blamed the cops for bothering the guy.

    maybe there’s hope for america.


  45. on October 16, 2015 at 11:15 pm Charlie Foxtrot

    Six cops….

    OK, officers, here’s the deal (any LEOs reading this, pay attention):

    Most people respect what you do. They know there are some bad cops but they also know that majority are just trying to do their jobs and that they HAVE to respond to every complaint.

    One or two officers would have been sufficient. DON’T be a white knight! Officers, if you keep white knighting for every crazy manipulative cunt, it will end in one of three ways: You’ll end up fired while your department gets sued, you’ll end up in jail, or you’ll end up getting you and/or your partner killed.


  46. […] Wages Of A Socially Atomized, Paranoid, Man-Hating, Feminist Utopia | Chateau Heartiste […]


  47. I hope he goes right back to that park until he sees the cunt who took his picture, and beats the living shit out of her.


  48. I was driving in my truck near my house, minding my own business, when a woman started following me in her vehicle and taking pictures. I have no idea who she was. Women are getting so creepy!


  49. And last night, bouncers at a club I was at had trouble containing a fight because the fighters were so huge, so the fight came to me and I had to help the bouncers. Then a woman approached one of the fighters after he was on the ground. I told the b1tch to get lost. I didn’t trust her to not instigate more trouble.


  50. Have you ever had to take HR training before? I have to do it once a year as part of a blah blah requirement for government blah blah blah diversity blah. Most recently it was a video of a completely ridiculous character, a white man, that behaved in an incredibly obtuse and unrealistic manner. Pretty much every offense you can imagine was committed by him. He singled out women and insulted them for their gender proclaiming them to be stupid and then throwing out their work, he mocked a muslim for fasting during Ramadan, he ‘leered’ at a young female that was dancing in the workplace (apparently provocative dancing is fine?), and he also happened to completely talent less and apparently got his job by rigging the process against minorities. That sort of a caricature is what many people actually think white men are like.


  51. ” Prepares to preen ?
    ‘ “Prepares “?
    Love ya dearly (no ways, no how in a fag ways, I want that clearly understood }.
    you did it afore ye copped to it .


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