Beta Of The Month: (Male) Looks Are Deceiving

We’ve got a trifecta of beta males this month vying for #1 Beta. You sit in judgment. It’s all good, sadistic fun, but remember, one of these betas could stumble across this site, read their demolition and experience a rebirth. You might just save a life today.

BOTM Candidate #1 is Nick Viall, the runner-up on that idiot box show “The Bachelorette”. Some slut born with her legs spread slept with both him and the eventual winner of her hand in marriage. She rejected Viall, and well, he reacted… poorly.

As fans saw on the Monday, July 28, finale of The Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman chose and got engaged to former baseball player Josh Murray in the Dominican Republic, leaving runner-up Nick Viall heartbroken and confused. Viall tried multiple times after their breakup to get back in touch with the woman he thought would be his wife—and he finally got his chance to confront her during the live post-finale sit-down.

Both of the bachelors — Viall and Murray — are handsome. You can look up their pics. Why is this relevant? Because there is a stubborn contingent of ignoramuses who cling to their belief that handsome man can’t possibly be beta and repel women.

Clearly still devastated, Viall began by telling host Chris Harrison that he just wanted to have an “honest conversation” with Dorfman about what went down between them. The conversation was honest, all right—but it was also awkward, uncomfortable, and rife with tension.

There are many tells of the beta male, but few so conspicuous as the butthurt yearning to have a “conversation” with the woman who inexplicably resisted his loving, responsive beta male charms.

Viall told Dorfman he would always be grateful to her for opening his eyes and his heart to the possibility of romance. She responded, in turn, by saying that he would find love again, and that he deserved someone who would reciprocate his feelings 100 percent.

Women are so sweetly patronizing to beta males. This is why you never want to be on the receiving end of a woman’s cooing pity. She’s telling you the sound of your voice makes her vagina seal tight like a clam exposed on the beach.

“The hard part is…feeling like you did,” he said. Then, referencing the night they spent together in the Fantasy Suite, he added, “If you knew how in love with you I was, why did you make love with me?”

Beta males “make love”. Alpha males “fuck”. (Or bang.) Most men believe women want the former, or want to hear about the former, because that’s what women say they want when asked. So much ignorance. Rule Number One:


(repeat after me)



His comment stunned both Dorfman and the audience, who let out a collective gasp at the remark. “That’s below the belt,” she said coolly, chiding him for revealing personal information on national TV.

Yes, women don’t want to be reminded of their sexual natures. And who can blame them? Female sexual desire, stripped of its pleasant accoutrements, is quite wild and depraved.

She then proceeded to defend herself and her actions, telling him she respected him enough to let him know before the rose ceremony that they didn’t have a future together. “I didn’t have you pick out a ring. I didn’t have you walk down there and think you were gonna propose to somebody,” she said. “I did that out of respect for you.”

More likely, she avoided unnecessary cruelty toward him because she didn’t want to risk a beta blow-up.

Playing devil’s advocate, if Viall’s mewling plea was an actorly ploy to publicize Dorfman’s sluttery, (and in the so doing reveal a side of women that is largely hidden from viewer masses), it was brilliant. I think the odds of that are very low, so I included him in this month’s BOTM.

He then sent Viall backstage before reuniting the Bachelorette with her newly minted fiance.

Things were much more lighthearted after that.

The magic of that alpha male attitude!

Dorfman and Murray openly cuddled on the couch, giggling together and kissing between questions. “We’re in love!” she gushed when Harrison pointed out that they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

I guess he’s OK with this television-cum-real life whore fucking another man at the same time he was courting her?

Her groom-to-be even joked that he was trying to get her pregnant.

Gotta hurry and push that tepid beta male seed outta the way.

Moral of the shiv: If you think you’ve completely won over a slutty woman’s heart by “making love” to her once, you might be a beta male.


BOTM Candidate #2 is a Reddit cuckold whose mysteriously low libido asexual girlfriend went on vacation without him, and…. (I bet the suspense is killing you)

My GF and i have been dating for 5 months now. This lady and i have have never had intercourse.

Around a month or so ago she went on vacation with a close friend of hers and her friends family. They come back, everything seems hunky dory. Fast forward to yesterday. She informs me that one night on vacation she was black out drunk after a long day of heavy drinking on the beach, wakes up in her hotel later that night and her friend tells her that she went off with a pair of guys.

Why did his girlfriend so readily confess her party slut sins to him? One, she has so little respect or desire for his manhood that she neither fears his retribution nor cares for his psychic pain. Two, the “blackout drunk” plot device is a helpful bit of plausible deniability meant to keep a hopeful, irrepressibly loyal beta male strung along for further provision and emotional support extraction. Yeah, she may have been drunk, but who chose to pour drinks down her throat? Vlad Putin?

Now her friend assumed she had sex, my GF is in denial (being blacked out).

“I’m a beta male and I believe her 100%!”

She thought nothing of it. Turns out she is pregnant.

Her slutcation fling didn’t have to wait five months. Don’t expect a beta male to ponder the discrepancy. That would ruin the shine on his whore’s pedestal.

Shes absolutely scared to death, shaking, sobbing, apologizing profusely saying “you don’t deserve this, you deserve better”.

She’s scared her faithful lapdog “boyfriend” will abandon her and not foot her abortion bill… or the 18-year-blood-from-a-beta bill.

I’ve never thought she is the type to go out and have a random hook up especially being that at that point we decided to be exclusive.

How do you decide to be exclusive to a girl you haven’t fucked once in the five months you’ve known her? “Hey babe, from this point onward you can’t cocktease any other men besides me.”

Her family, with whom she is very close to, being very religious and conservative, lose shit on her because she is seriously considering an abortion.

I hope her pro-life parents are prepared for the possibility of a… vibrant… gift from God.

I ask if she honestly wants to be with me to which she replies yes, most definitely.

Subtext: “Who else will stick around to wipe the shit off my bastard child’s bottom and suffer in silence as I get my cunt scoured by more exciting men?”

I feel the same way. i propose that we can work through this and that no matter what she decides i will back her 100%.

This is what a man with limited options, or a perception of limited options, sounds like.

We speak awhile and leave on okay terms. She decides to stay with her friend for awhile.

“Aww, he’s so sweet”: Heard about fifty times at her friend’s place.

my reaction. I’m stunned.

It’s time to stop being stunned. Come visit Le Chateau. Leave an informed consumer.

I know that shes a good girl, not the most responsible person ever but has a good heart

“has a good heart”?! She got hammered, hammered, and wants to hammer this tool into cuckold submission. Fuckin a, does a girl have to leave a body in the basement before her beta sycophant will question her virtue?

and never wants to hurt anyone. At the same time i cant help but to think about all the possibilities of what happened on that vacation. Was she raped? Drugged? Did she want a hook up?

No, no, yes. Answers that he’ll tell himself to quiet the inner rage: Yes, yes, no.

My personal opinion is that abortion is the best option, i haven’t told her that in fear of swaying her decision one way or the other but i feel like her family will guilt her into keeping the child. i really don’t know what to do at this point. Did i do the right thing? Any opinion or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Just think, in the not-too-distant sexual market of the past when contraceptive cop-outs were rare and beta males were tougher men than they are now, this princess would have had to think twice before happily stumbling onto a vacation cock carousel.

tl;dr: GF of five months goes on vaca, has sex, tells me yesterday she is pregnant and considering abortion. Please help! Need advice!

Thank your savior for small blessings: You aren’t married to the manipulative bitch. Toss her a razor blade, suggest she slice lengthwise, and leave her for good. You won’t do this, but if you did you’d be a better man instantly. And it would change the sad trajectory of your pathetic life forever.


BOTM Candidate #3 is this responsive boyfriend:

There’s more wrong with this picture than what immediately arrests the eye. Yes, she’s a grotesque tub of lard, and beta males are often reduced to settling for these swine pieces to get any action. More revealingly, this fupa queen shits all over her boyfriend’s (or beta orbiter’s?) honor by making a spectacle of herself to the jeers of gawkers.

Judging by the hats, this shot was taken in America.

American woman, lay your gut on me.
American woman, mama jump on me.
Beta dog gonna lift you up
So all the men see your wee A cups.


The voting:

The Beta of the Month winner is...


  1. Voted for Reddit guy but I have to say the faggot bachelor who is crying and whimpering because he wanted that run of the mill bitch….WTF?!


    • Before I found this place, I’d done that with way worse. Thank God it wasn’t on tv. That reddit guy though. Wow, just wow.


      • on July 29, 2014 at 2:35 pm A Random Guy

        Agreed. The bachelorette one was pathetic, but who knows about the topless shot? Maybe she’s just a P&D for him. Reddit-boy has no testicles…


      • on July 29, 2014 at 2:37 pm Zombie Shane

        > “sweetly patronizing to beta males… a woman’s cooing pity… Beta males “make love”. Alpha males “fuck”.”

        NEWCOMERS TO THE RED PILL – SO MUCH TRUTH HERE. Truth on steroids. Truth overdose. Never be on the receiving end of a woman’s patronizing cooing pity. When it’s over, it’s over. Just turn around, walk away, and don’t look back.


      • on July 29, 2014 at 2:44 pm Zombie Shane

        Only caveat would be that if you are in an “Alpha fuck” situation, with a woman whom you care about, such as THE MOTHER OF YOUR CHILDREN, then make sure that that “Alpha fucking” induces in her with lots and lots of orgasms. Even Alphas need to make sure that the hens in the henhouse go to sleep with that nice warm glow in their cheeks.


      • This one isn’t even close.

        At least the rejected bachelor actually managed to nail a decent looking chick, and contestent number 3 could, presumably, pork that land whale if he (and his sufficiantly strong stomach) chose to. But what’s up with that blue-balled Reddit guy? “[N]o matter what she decides i will back her 100%.” The scary thing is, he probably means it.


    • @CH- for me the guy Murray is a bigger loser than Viall because she basically admitted she got pumped by a bitch ass and Murray wants to marry her. LMAO what a joke but the Reddit guy is still the biggest bitch ass.


  2. her flab rests very naturally on his head


  3. nothing is beta like a cuck


  4. Regarding candidate #2’s mewling question about rape, drugs, and hooking up

    No, no, yes. Answers that he’ll tell himself to quiet the inner rage: Yes, yes, no.

    They won’t quiet the inner-rage, they’ll just redirect it a party he doesn’t have extreme difficulties holding accountable. Beta shitholrds nurse fantasies of regularly beating up the legion of men their girlfriends and ex-girlfriends have gotten screwed by or are currently screwing. The catch is that they’ll hold the door for the man that’s fucking their ex girlfriend and tell him to have a nice day and even if provoked (and bigger than the opponent) will back down because they just don’t have gameness (in the breeding sense).

    I’m not sure if his endorsement is a super-beta automatic-deferral to the will of the woman or a glimmer of hope that this man genuinely doesn’t want to get stuck raising a child composed half of the worthless genes of its mother and half of the tail-chasing antithetical-to-him guy that knocked her up.


  5. In the posting “Responsive boyfriend hoisting fupa queen” I don’t understand why this blog bothers posting photos of economically disadvantaged women from inferior social classes. Based on the photo the fupa queen is acting trashy because she is trashy. Is it any surprise when a low-rent women is acting low-rent?


  6. How can you be that fat and still have small tits?


    • Decent skin, symmetrical face, feminine point to the chin, no lantern-jaw (from this angle at least), not-particularly-unhealthy hair. If she were trim, she wouldn’t be unattractive by any stretch of the imagination. I will never understand why a woman settles for mediocrity in life when for 6-9 months of intense diet and exercise and a lifetime of moderate to light exercise will net most of them a ridiculous improvement in the quality of men interested in them not to mention their quality of life and health.


      • If you care to understand, it is because we are lied to about everything from proper nutrition to grooming. Then the areas we’re not lied to about are woefully neglected.

        Because women are so socially dependent, it is difficult to break us out of the stupid. We get so much “positive” reinforcement for being horrid.

        What makes it worse is when men reward us for it. It really sucked that after I did so much to deprogram, I ended up having to be a bitch and unnatural again in some ways for self defense. So I have my earthy big mama in a dashiki face at home, and the bad-ass bitch coated in paint, gold, and attitude outside…and people love that bitch. Sick.


      • Yeah, it’s genuinely heartbreaking to look at a woman who could be a genuine head-turner but who can’t be bothered to just drop that extra twenty.


      • Devil’s advocate would say: Look at all the men cheering and giving her attention. If a girl like that gets attention, what’s the incentive to slim down?


      • We’re being “you go girl”ed to death.

        On the one hand, it is a good thing to have empathy and compassion for people who are less fortunate, and totally cool with those who are just differently fortuned with different burdens to bear and blessings to balance in life. It’s another when you’re being told that everything about you is GREAT and you should think so or else something is wrong with you, and you should be counseled and medicated until you think everything you are and do, and every choice that you make, regardless of its crappy consequences, is GREAT, GREAT, GREAT!

        Greatness is no longer something to achieve with hard work and/or talent. Everyone is great in their own special way, and if others don’t recognize that then something is wrong with them. First prize for everyone! 🙂

        Those of us who didn’t win the looks lottery aren’t supposed to understand that we can’t get away with the stuff those who did can. The denial works that there should be no difference in how we’re perceived, and if there is, it’s not because of Nature, but because of society, which somehow is no longer a legitimate part of Nature even though humans are social creatures by Nature…or it’s the fault of men, who are also somehow no longer a legitimate part of Nature. This artificial unfairness should be stamped out, and I should be able to wear a string bikini on the beach, but don’t ridicule me, and if I happen to be your type, don’t objectify me.

        That’s how that mindfuck works.


    • Yeah, but check out those elbows! (((hubba-hubba)))


  7. This blog should be required reading for all men. When I discovered these blogs, the first lesson I learned was don’t do stuff like beg girls to have talks or ask them to explain why they did X or feel Y. That’s really the low hanging fruit. It took a while to actually become attractive to women. Not everyone may get there, but you can very quickly at least stop being completely repulsive to them. It takes a little bit of practice and and self-control to overcome beta impulses, but knowing that you should stop doing this stuff is the first step.


    • No doubt. After a 10 year sexless marriage and a cheating whore mother of my children, I was directed to this info. Now I’ve replaced her with a woman who complains that I don’t let her suck me off enough, refuses to let me do any housework even though she works full time to give me her money and demands that we hire a maid with her money because it “dries her up” to see me do housework. Secret to our magic? Simulated rape.

      Bravo CH.


    • The “We should talk” then ghosting for a few hours is fun. Or “I have something important to tell you” Followed by long wait then something completely unimportant.


  8. Guy who watch the bachelor.


  9. on July 29, 2014 at 1:56 pm Ras Al ghul

    While Viall got rejected, the woman did him a favor.

    If the “winner” and I use the term loosely, Josh Murray actually wifes that woman up, he’s signing on for cheating.


  10. Beta cuckold is gonna walk this vote.


    • deservedly so. however, i’m a little surprised that the current results put the fatty-carrier as “more beta” than the chump who whined and cried about getting dumped after “making love.” i suppose folks could be making the assumption that the cry-baby is doing it for ratings/career/etc., but at what price your soul, man?


      • Isn’t the so-called winner of that TV show a cuck himself now?


      • absolutely. there are no “winners” on the bachelorette. some random dude who may or may not even be dating fatty-on-his-shoulders doesn’t warrant the same level of shame as either of those pretty-boy cuckolds


      • on July 29, 2014 at 3:14 pm AryanAbduction

        Probably because it is a TV show, and this isn’t a contest between fictional characters.


      • I voted for the fatty-mule.

        Why? Because no sane man puts something like her on his shoulders.
        I would understand a moment of weakness, dim lights and a blowjob behind the club…but on my shoulders? No way.

        THEN there is the fact she is showing her tiny breasts. It seems she was able to put on mass everywhere, except in the only place where fat would be something nice.

        So not only is she high in the air, so everyone can see his shame and loserdom for having this on his shoulders, no she goes one step further by showing even more uglyness -> and he STILL has her on his shoulders instead of letting her fall into the gutter where she belongs.

        Thats why my vote goes to #3.


      • deservedly so. however, i’m a little surprised that the current results put the fatty-carrier as “more beta” than the chump who whined and cried about getting dumped after “making love.”

        Easy: Viall (apparently) had sex with a hot woman, whereas fupa carrier hasn’t. Ergo, Viall is more alpha than fupa carrier.


      • Beta, my assfay. I doubt he even knows her name. Whatever happened that evening I doubt he even bothered to ask.

        Pump and dump, my friends.


  11. #2 should get to work establishing non-paternity. do not give her a dime. I know too many guys paying for spawn that isn’t their’s.


  12. Definitely #2

    The sheer volume of his tirade is characteristic of a female reddit rant.


  13. I’d have voted for Josh Murray. He’s the only one who put a ring on it.


  14. on July 29, 2014 at 2:15 pm CaptainObvious

    I didn’t vote because all those men are pathetic and this trifecta should all be BOTM.

    Now about the first situation. Both those dudes on the bachelorette are betas and the only alpha male is dorfman. Banged both and decides to go with the most tingle inducing beta of the duo or possibly the one with the most cash(former mlb player?). Both betas have no problem with her sluttery. One is happy she chose him and the other isnt mad at her whoreishness but just mad he can no longer be a part of it.

    Fucking pathetic lol.


    • Both those dudes on the bachelorette are betas and the only alpha male is dorfman.

      Heh. True. If Mr. MLB was truly alpha, he would have dumped Dorfman’s ass after hearing about her banging Viall.

      For that matter, no alpha male will ever consider Dorfman wife material, unless he never finds out about that Bachelorette episode.


  15. on July 29, 2014 at 2:16 pm Phillyastro

    Like the word “slut”, “cuckold” is no longer an insult to many youth of the Western World.


  16. Beta cuckold. Flab and butthurt don’t compare to a knocked up slut who’s gonna win the CS lotto and future frivorce while riding the carousel behind the beta’s back.


  17. How is the “winner” of the show an alpha? Public display of affection, wanting to start a family with a known whore etc. The first guy will be drowning in pussy, the other guy will raise whatever hybrid develops from the combined jizz remnants in that whore’s womb.


    • “the other guy will raise whatever hybrid develops from the combined jizz remnants in that whore’s womb.”

      I laughed out loud.


    • on July 29, 2014 at 5:35 pm Hair Slicked Back With Swag So Fresh

      “…whatever hybrid develops from the combined jizz remnants in that whore’s womb.”

      Well said. That shiv cuts deep.


    • K69. Come to think of it, I imagine a longitudinal study of former contestants on these shows would be of interest. Did even the losers find their sex quotient raised? If only for Andy Warhol’s fifteen minutes?


    • Assuming whatever feti emanates from her vagina is viable from all the male stem cells that reside in her body raising her T levels and making her non-relationship material.



  18. These bottom of the month awards are just sad. CH why weren’t we allowed to vote for the guy who is going to marry the bachell-whore-ette? As bad as the loser is, I’d say the “winner” is worse.


  19. on July 29, 2014 at 2:33 pm Wisdom Dispenser

    Voted for the pathetic reddit cuck.

    I would enter into a life of voluntary celibate exile in the hostile desert where all the living creatures around me view me as food before I put up with that shit.

    At least most of those who responded to him have given him good advice: Run. Doubt he’ll take it though. He’s probably going to spend the next 18 years stuck with that child…


  20. bottom 2. The boobtube will not employ/show alphas – are you nuts?


  21. This month is easier than most.

    The bachelor (#1) dodged a bullet, and revealed a slut for what she is. The so-called winner will forever be the man that fucks a slut and smiles on television. That ain’t alpha.

    The BOTM award clearly belongs to the cuckold-to-be. If he has wise friends and family, he may yet avoid his fate.

    Lastly, the fat-girl photo better illustrates the decline of America. There is a solution to this problem, and one need not be young to employ it.


    • Hopefully the Reddit dude will follow the advice he asked for, the comments are pretty solid.

      In a way he’s lucky it turned out this way. If she hadn’t gotten knock up he’d have no idea what a slag whore she is and would have probably invested in her.


    • on July 29, 2014 at 5:39 pm Hair Slicked Back With Swag So Fresh

      Haha! Nice cunt punt from the old cunt!


  22. ‘I guess he’s OK with this television-cum-real life whore fucking another man at the same time he was courting her?’

    Probably. He’s blue pill. While she chose him, he still comes off as beta — she is somewhere like 7-8 (her features are a little mannish, and she’s a lawyer). This guy is a former baseball player — top-tier athlete. Is she the best he could do? A mannish-hottish-lawyer-ist? Nah. Doubt it.

    And any time a guy has the balls to call a girl out like Viall did, that’s something worthy of respect. Contrast that with Murray who just accepted (with a smile) that his fiance fucked another man while they were courting.

    The cuckold is the clear winner here. It almost seems unreal, like a trolololworthy story.

    No joke I thought the last girl was pregnant or something lol. But yeah, gross — aesthetically and…idk, morally?


  23. In all three situations…. it looks like the women are the alphas! They essentially get to do as they please and men stand by never saying anything. Anyways… the guy who ‘won’ on the bachelorette is way more alpha looking than the other dude…. what did the beta expect?


    • the women are skans. if women could be men they would be.

      but they can.

      BTW, a YKW, giving props to Saint Mark … well, it has to start somewhere.


  24. on July 29, 2014 at 2:52 pm A Dark Knight

    Voted for the reddit shlub, as he seems the most in denial and stuck in blue pill land.
    As far as the bach goes, I do not like women with boy’s names.


  25. on July 29, 2014 at 3:02 pm Zombie Shane

    > “Responsive boyfriend hoisting fupa queen”

    Unless she is about 4′ 11″, that dude is strong as an ox. And even if she is only 4′ 11″, then dude is still very, very powerful. He’s got that going for him, if nothing else.


  26. Why is it always the ugly/skiny/fat/unsexy white women who are the first to eagerly display their grotesque bodies?

    1. Lack of self awareness
    2. Limited options
    3. Need to go to extremes to get attention that attractive girls receive without trying.


  27. Wish I could change my vote. After much thought I gotta give it to this Josh Murray dude. He’s the schlub who’s marrying a whore. Well I guess he wasn’t in the poll anyway, but actually marrying a super tramp should make him BOTM.


  28. The cucklord got my vote, of course, even if he’s really an omega.


  29. on July 29, 2014 at 3:05 pm Reservoir Tip

    Damn. Was hoping my Java script writing bud would have made the list.


  30. on July 29, 2014 at 3:06 pm Nostradamus

    It’s interesting to note that, evolutionarily speaking, cuckolding was selectively breeded against out of most men. This is for the simple fact that a man taking care of another man’s baby, at least knowingly, would destroy his own genetic lineage through negligence of his own.

    But now, America has a rising fetish for this sick beta behavior and one can’t turn a corner on the internet before being reminded of it. While men are responsible for letting themselves be fooled, one can’t also help but think women get off on this as well.

    Many women initiate such cuckold dealings and even persuade their husband’s to indulge in this behavior.

    While it makes sense that this dualistic strategy (Alpha fucks; Beta bucks) of women is what made us who we are due to the ruthless selective force women apply, one can’t help but think of how much this will change future generations when the female imperative is upheld without judgement.

    We are, without a doubt, leaving in dark times. Don’t let those smiles, the technological advancements,and the comfortable lifestyle fool you. We’re all animals on the inside and something must give.

    Unfortunately, I have a bad feeling that America will become the next Brazil. Mulattos, poverty and crime will run rampant in the once great nation.

    O say can you see….


    • “But now, America has a rising fetish for this sick beta behavior and one can’t turn a corner on the internet before being reminded of it. While men are responsible for letting themselves be fooled, one can’t also help but think women get off on this as well.”

      I agree with you… cuckold porn is huge, it must appeal to some women too. I bet it appeals to women who are married to weak timid guys. Or women who are sexually aggressive.

      [CH: cuckold porn is not huge. it’s a drop in the bucket (pun intended) compared to say barely legal porn. now if you had said cuck porn is increasing in frequency lately, you’d be onto something.]


  31. Bachelorette: he’s undoubtedly a beta, but the winner had it worse. Enjoy your prize, sir. (smirk)

    We should also recall that it’s TV. The show concept itself is beta. (Btw, is TV getting ever worse in its shameless pandering to women and homos or am I just WAKING UP FROM THE MATRIX??)


  32. My first step on learning how to deal with girls was this:


    No other sentence written here deserves all caps as much as that one.


  33. Reddit guy. Lol that she woke up not knowing if she had sex with those guys. Unless she’s um… loose down there, she’d definitely be feeling that the next day. Especially if she hasn’t had sex in five months!

    I don’t watch the Bachelor(ette) shows but it seems to me the entire premise encourages sluttery. She’s dating a bunch of guys at the same time, which isn’t normal. A quality girl wouldn’t even find this appealing.


  34. on July 29, 2014 at 3:30 pm Ras Al ghul


    television especially the networks have been pandering to women for a good twenty years now at least. Almost all the audiences skew female with one or two exceptions every year (like 24).

    So even if most men aren’t red pill, on some level they know and are withdrawing from the female centric nature of things.


    Regarding the cuckold fetishism. I wonder if part of it is the simple ubiquitous nature of porn these days.

    Men watch way more porn than ever before.

    Most porn is watching a man fuck a woman.

    On a basic level men are getting aroused from watching (but not participating) in a sexual act involving another man and a woman.

    I’ll let you finish the end result of that kind of reward based behavior modification


    • There has been porn since humans could draw or watch others shag. I don’t think porn does this. I think it’s a fear of and detachment from one’s own masculinity that does this.


      • yes – fear is the master of many things, not just women.


      • What the Heck does this “detached” comment mean.
        You are only showing your ignorance lady.


      • Ang, you must be new around here…

        Our resident negress isn’t one of those kind and all-wise black earth mothers you see on TV all the time…

        She’s a self-admitted voodoo-practitioner who never fails to chime in with some ooga-booga socio-political n1663r-babble, here at the chateau.

        And to top it all off, she says she lives in Israel.

        A veritable walking “What’s Wrong With This Picture” puzzle.


      • Porn has been around, but never as available, as graphic, as it is now or as easily accessible.


      • Ang, what I mean by detachment from one’s own masculinity, is the over identification with femaleness or femininity, or loss of the socially malleable bits of masculine gender identity caused by being raised by and around misandrists. The hatred of masculinity becomes self hatred, but because one is male and there’s no getting around it due to biology, and retention of some maleness inasmuch as it serves the whims of the misandrists around him, one goes cuckold, usually with some crossdressing, female partner guided homosexual activity, and humiliation rather than pseudo transexual.

        Porn can only do so much to influence a person’s preferences. There’s enough variety that people can seek, quite specifically, whatever they like.

        If porn had anything to do with it, I’d bet it is mostly validation for an already higher than normal tolerance for slutty behavior in women.

        There are theories others here have posed, about why beta and gamma males would prefer females who alphas wanted to shag. These men crave validation that they didn’t get growing up, and don’t get from the women currently in their lives, so they get it from having something they think others want.

        There is no one answer for this, and I apologize if I gave the impression that mine was it.

        You have to forgive Greg. He thinks everyone is as stupid and certain of their stupid thoughts as he is.

        …but he is correct that I am a practitioner of Vodun. We love and worship Nature with all the bumps and corners. He worships a magical Jew who never tried to convert a Pagan to any new religion, but whose followers keep the leaders of neo Christianity in a palace covered in gold telling the poor to pray harder.


    • Exactly right, Ras… and whatever the DEGREE of its effects, you don’t have to be a social scientist to surmise that not much good can come to a society from such inundation.


  35. Andi Dorfman – poster girl for whats wrong with amerika – her twitter slogan The Bachelorette 10 – Attorney – Georgia Peach – Too busy loving life for hate, regret or fear – animal fucks 2 guys on a tv show


    • Yeah “attorney” my ass.

      Would love to see her walk into a courtroom with John Locke

      Andi- “If it would please the court-”

      John Locke – “You read my mind. Start with the judge, on your knees. Else shut your piehole.”


  36. just watched the video – ick that chic .. and dude is weak.. the way he confronted her ..was girlish


  37. on July 29, 2014 at 3:41 pm fresh of breath air

    Come on, man, this one wasn’t even close. A guy who is willing to stay with his slut gf even after she went on a slutcation to a warm, sunny, vibrant locale and then likely brought home a little bundle of vibrancy in her oven. And he’s willing to hang in there for that? This guy isn’t a beta — this guy is a triple-omega miscegenation-by-proxy cuckold.


    • on July 29, 2014 at 4:32 pm driveallnight

      There it is. Nothing in this world could be more beta than a) not dumping your confirmed cheating broad, and b) spending your life financially + emotionally supporting the output of the defining humiliation of your life.

      He’s the ’27 Yankees of betatude. The Rocky Marciano of haplessness.


  38. It always fascinates me how willing men are to wife up sluts. Even Kanye West, who is actually a gay fish but by most measures alpha, is married to a woman who is famous for getting muh dikked on film and sharing it with our Brave New World.

    [CH: if kanye is really gay then his willingness to wife up a slut isn’t relevant to the behavior or preferences of straight men.]


    • Idk, look at Kanye, look at her. There’s a lot of KimKar hate but I’d say that he did well for himself. Who did the press confirm him dating before KimKar? Amber Rose? Plus, Kanye has a lot of external alpha markers but he just…watch him in interviews, watch his facial expressions. Something is off.

      Compare him to Eddie Murphy:

      tense, annoyed, putting on some sort of front…she’s never really turned toward him

      Aloof, smirky — she’s either facing him, or when she’s facing the camera…he’s got better things to look at (but notice she’s still holding on to him).


  39. It ought to be noted that since all contestants of “Bachelor” type of shows are sharing one girl and letter her toy with them, they are all “beta”, no? They have, after all, all been cuckolded on national TV. Ouch.

    And I don’t know how “beta” the guy carrying that obese young lady might be. However, I do know that I’d lose to him in a powerlifting contest.


  40. It takes a special kind of beta to refer to a broad he has never crammed as his “girlfriend.”


  41. Its like bomb on a beta bus going off. Its hard to match severed limbs with the carcass and deciding which goes with what. `How can I decide?

    But Dorfman? What a slut. Its on TV. If she banged the one she was going to go with I might let that slide , but this is obscene cum guzzling.


  42. If I was cuckholded by a girl like that one that went on vacation, I would lovingly persuade her like a good Christian into having the baby instead of aborting it, supporting her through the whole pregnancy with moral and maybe even financial support, and then as soon as the baby comes (which I would not be present for) I would tell her, “Been nice knowing ya!”

    “But you wanted the baby?!”

    “I never said that. Jesus wanted the baby. Not me. Nice knowing ya!”


  43. Check out Andi Dorfman’s pointy manjaw in the videos… It’s the first thing I now look for in women to get an accurate idea of her sluttiness and probabilities of cheating. A predictor.


    • I was thinking the same. Any good pics of her fingers? There’s a good bet that her 2:4 digit ratio is masculine.


  44. Were it not for me stumbling upon this website last year:

    I would have done #1

    I would definitely not have done #2 – I was never *THAT* beta.

    I would be unable to do #3 for I can’t quite squat above 300


  45. on July 29, 2014 at 4:45 pm Robert What?

    Hey, up until I found this and related sites a couple of years ago, I could easily have been that Reddit guy. Probably a lot of us could have been. Thanks CH for changing many lives around.

    I don’t identify as much with the Bachelor, pathetic as he is. Even in my worst beta days I never sobbed over a woman because she didn’t love me.


    • He’s going to be getting all sorts of trollops and floosey pussy and can play the victim… He’s played his hand well. Like the attention whore on the show was a long term prospect?


      • on July 30, 2014 at 1:40 pm Robert What?

        You could be right. I don’t know if he planned it that way, but if he plays his cards right, he could turn his minor celebrity to his advantage.


  46. Thought that chick flashing her tits was a manboob at first. America, home of the hormonally imbalanced angrogyne.


  47. All Nick Viall had to do was go up to Josh Murray and say my famous lines from “Clerks” regarding his wife-to-be, Ms Dorfmann:

    “Don’t take this the wrong way, but I used to f*ck her. Back while you two were dating. Man, don’t let it bother you. That was a long time ago.”


  48. The batchelorette guy is playing games. He’s going to get laid for years off being on the TV. “Oh that slut betrayed you, handsome fellow.” He’s made for a decade.


  49. I voted for the fiance who got cuckolded, like most people.

    Apparently the girl comes from a very religious family, and it’s probable that the fiance is a member of the same religion. But, they also have obviously failed at teaching her to keep her legs closed. I mean, vacation? In most likely a Caribbean craphole? There’s only one reason a Western female goes to vacation there. And now she’s stuck with the Hobson’s choice of having an abortion on her conscience for the rest of her life, and giving birth to a very likely mulatto baby.

    She’s trash. Pure trash.


  50. I vote the butthurt Bachelorette “runner-up”.

    Since becoming red pill aware I’ve actually caught a few episodes of The Bachelorette and it’s pure comedy. Watching these obviously thirsty “good looking guys” spewing beta pea soup over a nationally televised slut just makes me cry tears of laughter.


  51. My Story of Being Trans-Black

    All my life I’ve felt like I was living my life I’m the wrong body. My gender was almost correct (I switched to critical-female last month), but my race and ethnicity was completely wrong. I was born white with pure European ancestry, but I’ve always found myself liking rap music, fried chicken, and I could run really fast. I loved basketball and watermelon has been my favorite scent of all time. As I grew older, society and media taught me that these interests are not typical of a white person such as myself. My interests were more normal for black people. I felt ashamed to eat chicken in front of my family, scared to wear my favorite watermelon body mist, and scared to show my basketball skills on the playground (because I was white and a female and we all know how females aren’t supposed to show their athletic skill in public) When I was in high school I really wanted to join the track team but I was so scary to try out because I knew I would be ridiculed by my white peers for betraying my own race and by my black peers for trying to encroach onto their territory. I allowed my racial dysphoria to dictate my life for too long.
    Last week I have came to the realization that just because my skin is white and I am “genetically” (genetics is a social construction) Caucasian, that doesn’t mean I am white. I’m black. All the signs are there and I feel black, therefore, I am trans-black. Yesterday I decided to embrace my new identity and wear blackface out in pubic. I went to the mall so I could buy some outfits that were less white and conservative and guess what… I faced nothing but oppression and ignorance. I was told I was a racist biggot by black and white people. Why wold I be racist against my own race??? I’ve never felt so horrible in my life. People have no idea how much I’ve suffered my whole life, hiding who I really am from everyone. I have no friends of family for support and nobody knows the real me. They have no idea how much courage it took for me to wear my blackface out un public. No, it’s not blackface, it’s my identity. All these cis-ethnic scum degraded me for finally wearing my identity on my face. What I hope to accomplish from this post is to prove to the world that trans-black is real and we have real emotions. So please read and share my story and help me educate the oppressors out there.


  52. Viall should’ve ask: “Below the belt? What, you having sex with me for nothing… whore?”


  53. on July 29, 2014 at 6:29 pm Just Saying

    1) Any man the belittles himself enough to pursue one woman rather than having women pursue him, isn’t alpha. He may be the most alpha of the beta’s pursuing her, but the alpha is the guy that bangs the little hostess, or takes off with one of the staff on the show, as has happened in the past. No woman is a prize – they are what they are – useful toys.

    2) One of the reasons I enjoy women with beta boyfriends is they will take responsibility for any “accidents” – and I love that term. How is it an “accident” when I’m banging her bare-back whenever I get the chance and she makes him wear a condom? To me that is guaranteeing that she’s going to be carrying my little bastard, and he’ll be paying for it – like a beta should.

    Fortunately, this is what American men have degraded into – that’s fine for me, just means there are more women out there for me – since they will always bend over and spread em, for a man that knows what she’s best used for.


  54. My vote goes to #1 though I’ve been that guy myself. Reading about it is a good wake-up call. If you get dumped the less you say the better.


  55. 10 points for hitting her “below the belt” and telling the world on national TV she’s a slut.
    He could’ve added “I’m really happy for her new guy, she gives great head.
    Such sexually liberated women are rare finds.”


  56. on July 29, 2014 at 6:41 pm Bango Tango

    The “we made love” line from the batchlorette beta is a classic. Reminds me of the old Andrew Dice Clay..if you think she wants to hear I love you while you’ve got her legs pinned beside her head like bugs fuckin bunny…


  57. Bravo!!!

    The Reddit guy is it hands down…
    After the Bachelorette Beta Whine of Dooom I thought he was a lock but Reddit guy takes the prize


  58. I voted for The Batchlorette guy since I had to listen to 2 guys at work recap last nights episode. Said that their respective wives made them watch it, but obviously they didn’t complain.

    If I were the Reddit guy, I would exit stage left sooner rather than later and let her pick up the pieces….

    That last pic…. I just hope that guy has strong shoulders….


  59. on July 29, 2014 at 7:36 pm Charlie Don't Surf

    The hayseed with the muffin-top hat and spinal compression injury.


  60. Neither of the bachelorette guys are alpha. The so called alpha is now married to a post wall slut who was desperate enough to go on reality tv and fuck atleast 2 guys.


  61. Reddit kid. At least the bachelorette guy got laid. And I can’t really discern much from the pic, other than that bitch is gross.


  62. Heartsie, I don’t really believe you. I bet you do make tender love to your girlfriends sometimes.

    [CH: of course i make sweet love to sweet ladies. but i don’t try to coax a slut into a guilt relationship by reminding her of how we shared lovemaking moments.]


  63. on July 29, 2014 at 9:07 pm Libertardian

    No comment needed.

    “The 29-year-old actress – who is currently pregnant with her first child – showcased a new short cropped hairdo as she enjoyed a stroll with fiance Romain Dauriac in New York City on Tuesday.”


    • Can we induce her to shave her head, mayhap?

      That article also pointed to another one demonstrating The Principles:

      Former Playboy model Carmen Electra has said she thinks Simon Cowell is ‘awesome and very charming’.

      Her kind comments may come as some what of a surprise as reports at the time of their split [after 3 months] suggested she found the X Factor mogul in a comprising situation with his then still-married baby mama Lauren Silverman.

      Hahaha, the world loves a douchebag. Too bad there aren’t any beta tears in there, Carmen’s fiance or suchlike. That would have been perfect.

      The Mail is a gold mine at times.


    • on July 30, 2014 at 3:08 am Libertardian

      “I’m tired of seeing white people on the silver screen.

      First, let me note that I am white. I am a white woman who goes to the theater to see probably a dozen films (if not more) in a given year, a white woman who readily consumes TV shows and series and often blogs/tweets about them. I love film. I love what Hollywood could be, but I must say that I don’t love what it is, and that is a machine generating story after story in which the audience is asked to root for a white (usually male) hero over and over and over (and over) again. I’m tired. I’m tired of directors pretending that white actors are the default and that people of color are a distraction when it comes to filmmaking. I’m tired of black women in Hollywood being relegated to roles of slaves and “the help” over and over again.”

      Takeaway: this woman is a horrible racist who wants to suppress reminders of slavery.


      • It’s hilarious how she complains about there being no black actresses and literally the first movie she names stars a black (by american standards) actress.


      • If she wants to see more negroes on TV, I’ll see what I can do to get them to run Cops a few more times per week.


  64. on July 29, 2014 at 9:18 pm uncatchable

    reddit cuck no contest.


  65. Why would guys bother to take photos of #3? Talk about desperate.


  66. Something about the Bachelorette thingie does not add up. Viall is definitely a beta, no doubt about it. That being said, why did a beautiful woman with options sleep with a beta? If he was such a beta, she would not have slept with him in the first place. Only average and below average women who have finite options sleep with betas. Dorfman is in the top third of the beauty distribution.


    • Well, it’s probably scripted and what was shown was take five or something. By chance, that script also manages to show that it’s just normal for a woman looking to “commit” to openly sleep with a few suitors before deciding and the loser who complains is ridiculous and weak. Gosh, we’re lucky there’s no agenda, right?


    • why did she sleep with him? why not, is a better question. down to the final two, she’s already pickled him a few times, even though he’s beta he still gets laid so he knows how not to fuck up a sure thing. she liked him until they banged then she went with the better lover. if she would of been able to get away with it she would of done them all. she needed to get sum and that was the first best opportunity, that’s how sluts operate.


  67. Reddit dude by a nose. And speaking of noses, Fat Girl appears to have two faces. Her navel looks like a mouth, her nipples like eyes!


  68. Oh, by far, the Reddit Cuckold wins the prize. He’s actually putting up with a tramp, cuckold girlfriend. The Bachelorette guy–well, a lot of us where there at one point, we had to learn.

    Though the guy with the fatty girlfriend, ugh. Her lard actually folded onto his head like a hat… excuse me while I go barf! Not to mention, she’s THAT fat and still has tiny boobs?


  69. on July 29, 2014 at 11:12 pm Stationarity

    It’s possible girlfriend was drugged. But the problem started before that. Why did she even think of going on vacation without him? Did she ask him to go? Did he tell her not to go? She was probably subconsciously anticipating a hookup while on vacation because she knows her guy is beta.


    • Yes, if your girl is going on a vacation without you, dump her. No exceptions. Dump her the second she even mentions it. Or wait until she is driving/flying/sailing off and then text-dump her, while using the time she is away to clear out her stuff and lock down your bank accounts. There is no good reason for your woman to vacation without you. NONE. Do not accept her BS. You either both go, or neither.

      There is only one reason women travel: to stuff their vagina full of cock. All other reasons are filthy lies. This has never, ever been wrong, since the beginning of time. The only reason she wants to get away from her man is to get another one inside her.


      • on July 30, 2014 at 5:53 am Zombie Shane



      • on July 30, 2014 at 7:16 am Hair Slicked Back With Swag So Fresh

        “The only reason she wants to get away from her man is to get another one inside her.”

        …or two, three, four, or more. And guess what? None of it counts! Yay!


      • on July 30, 2014 at 9:02 am Amanjaw Marcuntte

        5 months without sex means she’s not “your girl.”


  70. CH PLEASE use your incredible articulate abilities to describe that alpha guy in the black hoodie turning his head and smiling/wincing in laughter/disgust at the fat chick flashing her tits.


  71. on July 29, 2014 at 11:33 pm JenkPac Shakur

    Piglets want to be dominated. If you don’t choke a bitch, or threaten with violence, the piglet will start to wander.


  72. If our mission is to save, I vote for the Reddit kid. He’s young and naive. But his spidey sense is telling him something is wrong, so he is reaching out for help. He was brought up in the same cultural hoohaa that many of us suffered through. He might just be open to the revealed word. Preach it.


  73. Just to share a text I’ve been using for 2 years now as a “go-to” response when I can’t think of anything: “spank your ass”

    I use this instead of “gay” or interchange it.

    I’ve found this gets all sorts of responses and immediately sexualizes the interaction.


  74. They say that the wise learn from history…. and fools??? from experience!


  75. OT Just had this sent to me, it’s only funny in because of the hopeless ineptitude it demonstrates if a guy uses any of these.


  76. Heartiste, that Lonely Dad dude who killed himself over loosing his woman should be beta of the month.


  77. #2 Classic White Knight. This is what someone with no inner game looks like. This warped sense of “duty” to this girl demonstrates in many ways how far the traditional sex roles have reversed.


  78. The Bachelorette doesn’t count, it’s scripted.
    They always pick a slightly above average girl-next-door type, so as not to ‘threaten’ the overwhelmingly female viewing audience with a bona fide hottie, then line up a bunch of mid-to-late 20’s Chippendale dancers to feed the fantasy that this scenario could ever take place in real life. Occasionally, they throw in an ‘interesting’ (rather than hot) guy, but he’ll be gone as soon as she ‘discovers’ that she doesn’t ‘feel a connection’ , read: He don’t got the abs.
    Right after the chosen Mr. Hunkaroni gives her a rock the size of Luxembourg, she ends up in tabloid tears after their ‘bitter breakup’. Millions of stupid fangrrls buy the magazine. Rinse, repeat.
    Sometimes I watch the pilot, just to see if any of the apes they’ve lined up to supposedly vie for the latest mousy brunette have better abs than I do.
    Other than that, The Bachelorette is of no interest to me, the girls are never my type, and I don’t have to watch TV to see a bunch of men fight over 1 girl, I can see that pretty much anywhere social, any day of the week. Bars, night clubs, gyms, community centers, bike trails, tennis courts, you name it. I can even participate if I feel like it. Sometimes, there’s even a limo. No hot tubs or helicopters to Aruba, though.


    • on July 30, 2014 at 7:46 am Bango Tango

      100% accurate. Another great observation wolfie. Your comments are some of the best on CH. There is an agenda behind all these TV shows and Hollywood movies. To convince fugly girls that they are goddesses and should settle for nothing but a six packed tall alpha or they can fuck a hundred thousand dudes and still be virtuous and desirable. I have utter contempt for the men that chase these entitled sluts with their butter faces and are willing to wear their flab as a hat. Disgusting.


      • I do sometimes watch The Bachelor, most of the girls are at least ‘cute’, and having 20-some odd attractive women compete for 1 guy isn’t something I’ve ever seen outside of night clubs (where they fight over the lead singer) or beach volleyball tournaments (where they fight over the tallest guy).
        Besides, even dumb-ass mainstream TV shows such as The Bachelor (or even Dancing with the Stars) can actually teach us something, even if it’s what NOT to do….


    • Yep 100% all “reality” shows are put-ons.


    • Nice observation, wolf… well done.




  80. The one good thing about the guy with Thumbelina on his shoulders is that, whene’er he posts on an internet forum, he’ll never have to hear a snarky:

    “Do you even lift?”


  81. Really think that Bachelorette guy is the biggest loser seeing how he had the biggest head start. But that cat sniffing behind the girlfriend needs to understand a girl friend is a chick you called back after having already screwed her. he rates up there big time because pretty bay actually hit it one time.


  82. They keep coming.


  83. I voted for Candidate # 2. He wins by a country mile in my opinion.

    I’ll give you the female perspective on this. Many women reading #2’s story will agree that the girlfriend behaved exceptionally badly. However, their next thought would be ‘does it really matter who the father is as long as the child has a good home?’


    • We shouldn’t throw the rapist in jail cause the baby needs a mommy and a daddy. Old testament style.


    • That’s a purely female way of thinking because (surprise, surprise) it’s to the benefit of her and her offspring. Raising children takes an extraordinary amount of time and resource investment. It’s not in a man’s best interest to raise children that aren’t his own, hence why single mothers have it so rough in the dating world. If worse comes to worse she’ll probably get on welfare, which is paid for by beta male taxation. So in the end these guys get screwed regardless.


      • on July 30, 2014 at 1:23 pm Charlie Don't Surf

        If we’re excusing women that ‘behave exceptionally badly’ – and questioning ‘does it really matter who the father is’ – could we also include discussion on honor killing?

        If we’re obligating a husband to accept cuckolding because of the social contract he has with the mother – then we, as a society, should also discuss the conditions under which the husband’s honor is compensated.

        Honor, like husbandry, is a social construct and it has value. In accepting husbandry at the price of honor – a husband is cuckolded, stigmatized. Then, he should be within his rights to claim damage – and exact restitution.

        Since a women that ‘behaved exceptionally badly’ has already squandered her honor – and cannot fully compensate the cuckold – she, herself, should be held in lieu of payment. Her ‘side’ of the social contract becomes wholly owned by the husband – and she no longer has any rights under it. She becomes part of the property.

        The husband may do with his property as he sees fit – and if his honor so demands – that includes destroying it.


      • I’m pretty sure this is exactly the way Ancient Rome saw it when they gave the father of the household complete right over the life and death of his wife and children.


    • “However, their next thought would be ‘does it really matter who the father is as long as the child has a good home?’”

      Data point 123678 on why female suffrage is a ludicrous idea.


    • “‘does it really matter who the father is as long as the child has a good home?”

      Yes, because if men cannot secure the benefits of their paternal investment they will stop paternally investing thus screwing over all women and children who didn’t or wouldn’t have engaged in the parasitic behaviour to begin with.

      It’s basically the same flaw you have with communism.

      If workers cannot secure the benefits of their labour they will stop working.


  84. on July 30, 2014 at 9:10 am Amanjaw Marcuntte

    A-cupped attention whore looks like a melting soft serve.


    • That’s why they call it Mister Softie.

      (for all you non-East coast dudes, Mister Softie was an ice cream company whose trucks would jingle merrily through neighborhoods each summer and sell their wares to the kids who, upon hearing that jolly tune, would run to ask Dad for money for a soft serve cone. Good Humor, on the other hand, only sold hard ice cream. So, of course you know understand just how meaty a jest this was and… aw, forget it.)


  85. on July 30, 2014 at 9:43 am Smoking Jacket

    Oh. My. Word.

    A San Francisco startup is launching a “Man Servant” service. Hire your hot Alpha male who won’t do anything sexual with you, but treat you like a queen. Rates start at $80 per hour, or $300 per day. Watch the video, read the website.

    CH, humor us all and do a post on it. There’s so much juicy content on their website, I was laughing like mad over the morning coffee.


    • i’d almost go for it. the fact that you’re off-limits would lead to a ton of easy opportunities i think. it’s an implicit “too bad i’m gay or you’d totally be my type.” a few comments from her friends about you over the night, and she’ll really start wanting more. plus, money in your pocket. worst case is more insight into femaleness


      • Rates start at $80 per hour, or $300 per day. Watch the video, read the website.

        Of course, the JAP ladies get ’em down to $39.50… and the black ladies are running around, looking for a co-signer.


  86. The “belly fat hat” is in style, brah.


  87. The bachelorette guy Viall is definitely a Beta, but let’s talk a moment about Josh Murray.

    Here is a guy willing to MARRY a woman who now openly fvked her suitors while Josh was “trying to win her heart”. Let that sink in for a moment.

    On national tv, Josh is cuddling and kissing a girl who admitted to fvking other men on the show while dating Josh and before picking him as “the winner”.

    A real non-beta man would have brought Viall back out and said to him in front of his fiancé.

    “After what I learned just now about this girl,you can have her. I quit, I lose, you’re the “winner”. “


    • that is exactly what should have happened. the show is disgusting enough if it’s just makeouts, but MARRYING a slut who had sex in a TV show with dudes you know while you were available is not something you can fix.


    • Yeah… what about all the other guys she may have schupped, but weren’t there to cry to her about it?


  88. Part of the script for The Whorette is to have the beta (Dorkman) propose. They are not legally bound yet. What comes next is the followup interview with Chris Harrison where she describes how she “had doubts”, “he changed”, “the lies, the cheating” blah blah blah and the wedding is off. Guess who will be the next Bachelor? Rinse and repeat.


  89. Former baseball player…no need to say more…


  90. Ask ms dorfman, what are yiddish words for male shiksa? Slut? Shrew? Pathetic sap?

    And for the record ms dorfman, ykw merely host, promote or direct this Frankfurt school garbage. A good ykw NEVER PARTICIPATES IN IT! ( oy gevalt!)


    • YKWs* will do as they’re told lest they get cut off the Massa’s table scraps.

      * Calling them zhyds is an insult to the memory of Kaiser Franz’s hardworking, intelligent, and creative subjects. “Jews” is the name Crackie gave them, and I refuse to use that on principle. Maybe I should use FKAZ?


    • Goy Boy Toy?

      I call him schlemiel.


  91. As I said to a friend once, long long ago: Jesus where do these whores find these guys who will lap up their runny shit.


  92. on July 30, 2014 at 1:41 pm Full-Fledged Fiasco

    “Judging by the hats, this shot was taken in America.”

    fuck yeah!


  93. on July 30, 2014 at 2:15 pm Shiv 'Er Me Timbers

    In contrast to #2:

    “…for our entire relationship, he had never been faithful. Countless one-night stands with girls he met online, affairs on almost every work trip, some as recently as 3 weeks ago.”

    Wait for it…

    “But I still love him… I wish I could hate him… I already miss him… The loss I feel is overwhelming…”


  94. Scary mommy:
    “I feel like I found my self and my identity when I became a wife and mother.”

    Thought police shall deal severely with this retrograde deviationism!


  95. Reddit guy needs to know that if she puts his name down on the birth certificate as the father and he doesn’t contest it within a very tight timeframe, he’ll be raising some other man’s bastard for the best part of his life.

    And the other bastards after that. Her ovaries will *never* permit this woman to fall pregnant to him and carry his child.


  96. on August 1, 2014 at 8:29 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

    Here we have an opposite TV show in which a bunch of sluts try to win the affection of a dude(or a couple of dudes, I’m not sure). I don’t understand the man in them, although I wouldn’t say no to participating since they only select cute girls. On the other hand, I’d most likely reject them all in the end unless they’re also rich.