Warren Beatty Game

Warren Beatty may be a flaming shitlib, but he’s got Game psy ops chops (which usually develops in men, no matter their political leaning, who have gained a wealth of experience with women). Via Vernon:

Saw this in the New York Post’s review of Carly Simon’s book. It mentioned how Warren Beatty hit on her. I wonder if he was able to keep a straight face while doing it:


Beatty kept a list “he referred to as ‘the main loves of his life.’

“It worked and it shouldn’t have. It was irresistible,” she says of Beatty’s process.

“Warren’s list was there on a piece of white paper in his pocket so he could take it out and show you. When he showed me, he added my name, to make me current (the main one at the top) so I could see that I was right up there above women like Catherine the Great, Marie Curie, Maria Tallchief and Lillian Hellman.”

Beatty’s charming ruse demonstrates two Game principles in action:

  • Qualification

Qualifying women flips the courtship script. Instead of the man trying hard to impress the women, he speaks and acts in ways that imply the woman needs to step up her game and impress him. He qualifies his soon-to-be conquests. If you don’t have Beatty’s preselected fame, you could tune his “main loves of life” list to better serve your intent to DHV by, for example, putting your date’s name four or five slots down in the list, and telling her that if she works at it she might move up a position.

  • Challenge

Women love to be challenged by men to prove their romantic worth. One reason women love a challenge is because so few men are up to the task, and the one who does reach for the lass ring instantly elevates his mate value stature. Another reason is because a man who challenges a woman intimates, through the tacit status display that he doesn’t fear pushing any one woman too far and alienating her, that he has an abundance of sexual market options mentality, and chicks dig a man who is dug by lots of other chicks.

Consider this post a Mission: Possible. Scratch out a cutesy “main loves of my life” list and whip it out when the moment is right. Ask the girl where she thinks she belongs on your list. Place her two slots lower than the ranking she chose. Tell her with a little effort, she’ll get there someday. Prepare to get swept up in a tingle torrent.


  1. on November 25, 2015 at 11:51 am The Spirit Within

    Awesome. I’m stealing that.

    I’ve done a variant on this by reassuring girls that she’ll always be fourth on my list, no matter how many other women I meet.


  2. He probably thinks this song is about him.

    [CH: assume the sale.]


    • not sure if this was mentioned by mighty CH, but my field observations have been that assuming the sale is mostly a mental strategy for men: it puts us subconsciously at ease when faces with the enemy (the hamster), and once that moment of realization comes when you just know it’s a done deal, even though she may not know it yet (but you pick it up from the body language and her defenses melting away), is when, for me at least, my game would really kick in high gear 😉 just a though from a retired (married) soldier of fortune.


      • on November 25, 2015 at 4:09 pm gunslingergregi

        yea it took less time for the girl gamers/blatant liars to drop out
        but most the men seem to have settled down too he he he
        almost everyone eventually meets a special snowflake


      • on November 26, 2015 at 6:23 am Captain Obvious

        > “it puts us subconsciously at ease when faces with the enemy (the hamster)” ——— God [or Satan?] gifted the Hamster with the ability to smell nervousness and apprehension and anxiety and stress on a man from a mile away. Either learn ZFG, and the ability to at least fake some Dark Triad nonchalance, or else, if you really are incredibly uptight for some reason [or by nature], then flip the script 180 degrees, and go with “Vulnerability Game”, and be completely honest with her, and say, “Look, I haven’t had a woman in a while, and there are about 100 people who want to kill me – no, seriously, don’t laugh – so don’t go thinking you’re gonna get your claws in me just yet, mmmkay? I’m thirsty – are you more of a chardonnay kinduva gal, or a White Russian kinduva gal?”


      • on November 26, 2015 at 6:29 am Captain Obvious

        SHE: “So how long has it been for you?” ||| YOU [feigning ignorance]: “How long was what been?” ||| SHE: “Since you’ve been with a woman?” ||| YOU: “Gee, I dunno…” [pause here for effect] “Maybe four or five weeks? I’m kinda tense right now – I told you there’s a bunch of people who wanna kill me…” ||| SHE: “Why?” ||| YOU [again feigning ignorance]: “Why what?” ||| SHE: “Why do they wanna kill you?” ||| YOU: “Whew…” [pausing again for effect] “It’s complicated…”


      • on November 27, 2015 at 7:00 am gunslingergregi

        “Why do they wanna kill you?” ||| YOU: “Whew…” [pausing again for effect] “It’s complicated…”””””””

        not really the iraq’s got our names and our parents names so prob true he he he


      • on November 27, 2015 at 7:53 am Captain Obvious

        LOL’ed. Gunny, the thing about you is that you don’t have to fake any of this stuff – sh!znat is already real for you. LOL’ing still… Now I’m coughing a little.


    • Speaking of Carly Simon, “You’re So Vain” and “Jessie” are the ultimate odes to the aloof alpha males. It really expresses how women love, love, LOVE to be shit on!

      Simon was talented and really tapped into the female id on a range of subjects.


      • on November 26, 2015 at 10:55 am Captain Obvious

        > “aloof alpha males” ——— I don’t know what he’s like in private, but James Taylor’s public persona is 110% whining effete mealy-mouthed Beta loser. On the other hand, he had a truly horrible heroin addiction [from a very young age], so his narcotic abuse at least proved to her his Bad Boy bona fides. I’m guessing, though, that he [& his mild-mannered Southern boy persona] was at a complete loss for dealing with the Yenta Sh!t Storm which GE is alluding to below…


      • You’re so vain
        You probably think this song is about you
        You’re so vain
        I bet you think this song is about you
        Don’t you? don’t you? don’t you

        That is some pretty clever lyrics. Carly Simon, hat tip babe. She had that very very womanly look, the type that generated a lot of heat during the long cold New England winters, back when the Puritan stock was still strong.

        It is cutting because it’s certain that Warren figured it WAS about him. And he was right and wrong in that. He inspired the song, and the lyrics, and but she is saying “but it’s about me and my feelings are not getting the center stage and i don’t like that, so i am writing a song about you, but it’s about my feelings!”

        You’re so vain


      • Apparently Simon’s father was German Jewish, and her mother Central European. The name should have been a giveaway. Based on her looks though that is a waspy jew and she could have done fine in New England. Or maybe not, maybe she complains too much. Maybe she drove JT to despair with demanding strongjaw pushiness?


      • on November 27, 2015 at 7:58 am Captain Obvious

        > “demanding strongjaw pushiness” ——— Precisely. And growing up in the genteel sub-Mason-Dixon-Line Old South [of the glorious & sublime Jim Crow era], James Taylor likely wouldn’t have had the slightest clue as to how you go about gaming a Category 5 Yenta Sh!t Storm like Carly Simon. Poor guy.


  3. I met Ms. Simon once, and she’s every bit the yenta one would imagine. Nothing bad, merely a sort of “Had To Be A Big Shot” performance to the room, as if that Billy Joel song would make one think it was probably about her. (no pun intended)

    If memory serves, there was an expose’ book about the music industry written in the eighties, wherein the usual sub rosa payola and other (ahem) manipulations of “hit record” charts were discussed, along with the usual suspects named. I seem to recall that the author mentioned that her records weren’t really selling to the degree that one would imagine, given the chart positions she received. But of course, she was in with the in crowd, so there’s that.


  4. I could see that I was right up there above women like Catherine the Great, Marie Curie, Maria Tallchief and Lillian Hellman.”

    Lillian Hellman, lozozlzolzolzolzol… wha, no lurv for Gertrude Stein?

    All seriousness aside, one has to laugh at the sort of thing that ropes in the gals.

    I can imagine Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty having a real drunken yuck fest as they came up with this list idea and then pondered over which names to add.


    • “I can imagine Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty having a real drunken yuck fest as they came up with this list idea and then pondered over which names to add”

      Exactly… have fun with it… put MOM, 1st Grade Teacher, Lady who makes those awesome apple pies… etc. just funny stuff…


      • on November 25, 2015 at 5:04 pm having a bad day

        this list actually has some great game ideas imbedded…that list has girls that are all at the top of their areas of interest – politics, science, dance and literature…also, the girls are historically famous…

        what better way to get ahead of (get her qualifying to you) a girl that is famous (and wants to be ‘historical’ also)?…put her right up there as THE ‘singer/musician’…implication being that he put her there, he can take it away…it’s a great form of push/pull…

        and he put her at the top of the list…lol…which she STILL remembers vividly (and fondly)…game recognized…

        good luck!


      • on November 27, 2015 at 8:06 am Captain Obvious

        > “Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty” ——— My impression is that the real brains from that era was crypto-Tradcon DENNIS HOPPER – I wouldn’t be surprised if it was his idea. There was a rumor that towards the end of his life, DH wanted to appear at the RNC convention, but the [email protected]@ssed [email protected] Bush family of [email protected] vetoed him because he was too “controversial” [== too real, too alive, too smart, too creative, 2 ALPHA 4 U!!!!!]


  5. Well he wooed stone-cold bitch Madonna who once said he was an “incredible lover”.


  6. I understand Madame Curie was radiant.


  7. Yea, I am not sure know about this one. Rubs me the wrong way.

    Elaborate props are kind of gay.

    [CH: this isn’t an elaborate prop. (could be written on crumpled napkin)]

    Maybe it would work better if you had the list on you cellphone notepad or something and not an actual paper “list”

    [chicks love paper products.]

    Even to keep a list shows you care much I think.

    [or it shows you lead a charmed life.]

    I don’t think Steve McQueen or John Wayne needed this kind of bullshit.

    [another option is to simply write the list out on a cocktail napkin while you’re on a date, as part of the flow of conversation. you can’t just lay back and have the girls fall in your lap you know.]


  8. Yea, I am not sure about this one, rubs me the wrong way.

    Peacocking I understand (actually do it myself), but, Elaborate props are kinda gay. Even having a paper list shows you care WAY too much. Maybe this would work better as a simple notepad list on a smartphone instead of a piece of paper?


    • You’re forgetting, this is Warren Beatty.

      He could pull out a used handkerchief and the gals would perk up.

      [CH: absolutely. fame game trumps all. but the game principles in action are applicable to all men.]


      • No argument there…

        I was just reminding Peak that, what often seems “gay” in one guy’s hand works like a charm in another’s… McQueen, Wayne, Beatty, whoever… they all had their own style.


      • This shit doesn’t work unless you are Warren Beatty.

        [CH: false.]

        Look; for the trillionth time,

        [yes, you have demonstrated your studied ignorance of the female sexual psyche for the trillionth time.]

        grand romantic gestures are ONLY appreciated from alphas.

        [no one said anything about “grand romantic gestures”. did the message of this post completely elude you?]

        From any other guy, they are creepy.

        [spoken like a sexual market op-opt clause. you’ll never accept what i’m about to tell you, so i say it for the benefit of everyone else reading:
        when you behave like a high mate value man, women will come to perceive you as a high mate value man.
        rest of comment snipped for redundancy.]


      • CH :”when you behave like a high mate value man, women will come to perceive you as a high mate value man.
        rest of comment snipped for redundancy.]”

        Ok. Agreed. A bit of blustery appropriation can go a long way. But I agree with trav77 to a certain point; e.g., there’s a certain economic stature and educational level one must be able to convincingly occupy before you can successfully enact a famous millionaire celebrity’s seductive repartee……Just what the precise winning mix of such an audacious move is probably the real sign of a successful seducer.


  9. If I’m not mistaken, Simon loved to get spanked. I believe she demanded it before going on stage because she was so nervous- a stage fright thing.


    • You’re right…

      “At the height of her anxiety in 1996, during her very public breakup with singer James Taylor, she agreed to perform at then-President Clinton’s 50th birthday party at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

      Before coming on stage, she asked the band’s horn section to spank her, a technique she used to calm herself down.

      “The whole orchestra was spanking me [on the bottom],” Simon explained. “The curtain went up and the trumpet player was off his perch and spanking me, and I don’t think anyone knew it was happening. He stopped just in time.”


      Quite an image… LOL


  10. Its a nice touch that his list is non-sexual. If you pull out a list of younger, hotter, tighter you might get the wrong kind of hamster going.


    • Well, the ballerina is pretty hot. 😉

      But yeah, I’m guessing no woman today is going to feel sexually intimidated by the likes of Hellman or Curie…

      Catherine had a rep, but she’s too far in the past to worry about.


  11. Great few days coming up for gaming…

    a few things to try out to get the ball rolling, fun vibe going

    For bartendresses – when she asks what you want to drink “not sure. if you could have one flavor in your mouth right now… what would it be?” with strong eye contact.

    When she brings your beer, look at it sadly and back at her “oh….. I see your one of those girls…” she either says what? or even if not “you don’t like giving head” [shaking yo haid]… or variation on this “Awesome!… I really needed some head tonight!”

    she says “what would you like?” You – “perv!” or ‘slow down there tiger, we just met”

    Post up at the corner of the bar, so you can look down the line. roll up a bunch of cocktail napkins… make eye contact with a girl and hold up the napkin ball, look at her drink and nod toward it… “think I can make it” “what do I get if I do” etc. Toss the first one right at her face. The next one at her friends face. Then try and sink one in her drink. Variation – start tossing the napkin balls at tables of girls and turning away. keep it up for a while so they start looking around. Make it a running thing all night… go up to them later an apologize for your friend…

    when a girl puts her hand out to say shake hello, give her back just your finger and hold a straight face… see what she does with it. LOL

    Lots of football stuff, pro and college… use to your advantage.. If she has a team on display go to high five her, she will and then pull it away… “you guys suck hahaha”

    What are some of yours?


    • Solid as usual. I should try something similar next time I visit a small Mexican restaurant I frequent. Nice looking Latina girl there….think she’s married, but she always eyes me. Last night, she was definitely getting closer to me, i.e. placing the beer right in front of me; angling her body to show off her nice rack, sidling up closer, etc.


      • Yeah – do it, she will laugh and OMG and stuff… It’s even better when there are other girls around, it opens up the whole bar, then you can move to the finger thing “hello” start with hand then when she goes to shake it, just pointer… or shake her hand and tickle her palm with your finger… that one is funny as well…


    • One problem- if there was a league for wastepaper/napkin ball shooting, I would be in the hall of fame. My son once challenged me in Subway…I put a medium drink cup at approximately 15 feet and i drained it. Sitting down. First try.

      Girls are gonna need too many new drinks if I’m at the bar.

      The rest of this shit is weird as fuck- don’t pick up bartenders, they are shit. Every guy in the fuckin place hits on them every single night. Those lines about head just come off as creepy.

      How about just go on Tinder and swipe right? You’ll get laid more frequently. When that happens, you will acquire some prowess in the sack. When that happens, your confidence around women will improve by leaps and bounds because you know you can dominate that ass.

      Here’s my tip of the day- learn how to make chicks squirt. Most of them will, with wondrous amazement, say “that’s the first time I’ve ever done that” or “I didn’t even know I could do that” and will thank you for teaching them something new about their bodies. Even jaded chicks who stopped counting at “37”…they won’t just enjoy it, they will acquire feelings for you quickly. This is a whole ‘nother can of worms but it’s better to get a wall of txt from a chick with a notch count pushing 50 about how she’s crying right now over your supposed indifference to her the next morning (having only spoken to her for like a combined total of 2 hours over the course of 3 hookups) than it is to not.

      You want to encourage clingy behavior even from whores…because that tells you you’re the goddamned best thing ever.


      • quelle surprise… Travicature is an expert at the napkin game… LOL

        Thanks for sharing.


      • Most of them will, with wondrous amazement, say “that’s the first time I’ve ever done that” or “I didn’t even know I could do that”

        And if you believe either of those lines, you’re already the mark.

        don’t fall for it rape!


      • on November 25, 2015 at 4:17 pm gunslingergregi

        And if you believe either of those lines, you’re already the mark.”””””

        sometimes its true

        even when they lie


      • on November 25, 2015 at 5:35 pm gunslingergregi

        knowing what i know just build a group of older chick friends
        then just pick one of the daughters to remarry up with
        forget the skanks


      • and whorefinder for the win!


  12. instead of great game in the movies…how about great anti-game wipe-outs on TV.

    This post reminds me of Ross on Friends having a Freebie list, meeting the girl, Isabella Rosellini who he just took off his list.

    “It’s laminated!”


  13. I recall when “You’re so vain” first came out (yeah, I’m that old). Early 1970’s.
    Seemed to me – as a 14yo – that she was more “attracted” to the mythical subject of the song, than actually “pissed off” at him..


  14. I’ll be writing my list on an XL condom, just wait for the expression on the faces…..


    • on November 25, 2015 at 5:38 pm gunslingergregi

      yea i don’t even use my dick anymore i fuck bitches with a trash can


    • on November 26, 2015 at 6:46 am gunslingergregi

      ok two jokes
      im trying to be like elliot but apparently no he he he


      • #7199998 – Deluded fat chick of the month


      • on November 27, 2015 at 3:19 am gunslingergregi

        im not deluded though i don’t want to be here
        had a decent time when young with woman found out the actual rules for men in divorce and think i made a logical descision not to want to be a part of a game rigged against me and want to leave
        it wasn’t out of being an outcast that i became an outcast it was in attempting to find a legitimate way to become released from a prison that the us is
        i go to ho’s so as not to fuck up regular chicks
        so i fuck up myself more instead
        yea i have had some fun too not like all bad
        just the basic premis is that the fundamental rights of men are bullshit


      • on November 27, 2015 at 3:35 am gunslingergregi

        i wasn’t bitter i had a zest for life that was noticable by many people i was patriotic loved my country
        but i lost that when i realized my country wasnt a free country at all
        and it was for the most part bullshit hype
        i realized i didn’t fit in and there was no escape even though i wanted to
        thats the brilliant part of the us they still got me to go to war for them and support them and be patriotic even though the conditions of the us made me want to die at the same time
        i got to give credit where it is due to religion and the man up shit
        get fuckers who are just begging to be let go to actually work to prop up what they don’t like


  15. Meanwhile, universities continue their march towards political correctness:

    Education is overrated…


    • Cucks Rubio (who has a Jewish accent when he speaks English) and Jeb! are running ads on Fox News thinking that because they say “radical Islam” they are better than Hillary. They can’t even attempt to take on Trump.

      Rubio concludes that the Paris attacks were “because we let women drive”.

      Yes, he actually says this in the ad.

      In other Cucks News news, I just watched a segment that was all about fit shaming. They had a fat, soft man (supposedly a former marine) who was bitching in Eskimo fashion that he was ALMOST kicked off of an American Airlines flight for being too fat. The fat Cucks News host and the fat guest were fit shaming the “skinny” (their words) female passenger who had complained that the lardass had a middle seat. This is the opposite of red pill–a soft, fat man fit shaming a “skinny” woman. The Cucks host was talking about how he would have demanded free flights for life in grand Eskimo fashion.

      Somebody offer me evidence that Fox News is a conservative alternative to CNN.


    • on November 26, 2015 at 11:19 pm Subway Disasterator

      “real talk ” reality– college grads make way more $; but that doesn’t fit retrograde narrative


  16. Please do a James Hunt piece for Alpha Of the Month.


  17. An article I bet you’ll like – Democrats prefer feminized male politicians.
    “”A deep tone of voice appeals to conservative voters. More generally, conservative voters seem to have a preference for politicians who look physically strong and masculine, while liberal voters prefer those who have less dominant features and seem more accommodating, perhaps even slightly feminine,” said Laustsen.”


  18. ForeignBride fairly gushed over Splendor in the Grass, as well as the original Tarzan. Such are the pleasures of a traditional woman.


  19. on November 25, 2015 at 3:00 pm Beautiful Truths Ignored

    Are these the lyrics?

    You’re in-sane,
    I bet you think John Reed is a hero,
    You’re insane,
    You think Bugsy Seigel’s a hero,
    don’t you, don’t you?


    • You’re Sarbanes, you partnered up with someone named Oxley

      There were clouds in my 10Q, clouds in my 10Q


  20. On Qualification, interesting. One of my plates, I invited out to a bigger group dinner for some function i’m holding. There is a type of text which is the “I am checking but giving off a flakey vibe” text…It’s the “I want you to remind me like a concierge service” text. Anyone else get these annoying types of outreach? Mine went like this:

    She sends me a text: “our group dinner is Monday?”

    Me: “I sent you an invite and I told you.”

    Her: ‘just checking, been really busy, blahblahblah, can’t make it out on Tuesday…”

    Note the reason for the text in the first place was a ping to just get some attention. When she sensed my annoyance she began qualifying.

    Me: “ok”

    Showing you’re annoyed without blowing up is something I’ve found prompts a lot of qualification with these girls.


    • This Sh1t annoys the hell out of me but it’s just part of the cycle.

      But ya, agree. Gotta show a little honest irritation with them. Better than supplication and being happy to repeat the details of the event.


  21. on November 25, 2015 at 4:04 pm gunslingergregi

    Qualifying women flips the courtship script. Instead of the man trying hard to impress the women, he speaks and acts in ways that imply the woman needs to step up her game and impress him. He qualifies his soon-to-be conquests. If you don’t have Beatty’s preselected fame, you could tune his “main loves of life” list to better serve your intent to DHV by, for example, putting your date’s name four or five slots down in the list, and telling her that if she works at it she might move up a position.””””””’

    pretty much what i been doing tell em bout only had this many loves of my life and that i have a wife and not leaving her
    it was tossing out a pretty high bar of challenge


  22. The science of assessing commenters:

    Length of comment = 1 ÷ (penis length)

    Frequency of comments = 1 ÷ (physical height)

    square root of [(Length of comment) + (Frequency of comment)] = % likelihood of pussing out on approaching hot girl


  23. Warren Beatty game: be Warren Beatty


  24. I’ve always enjoyed using “you’re absolutely one of my top three female manmals” while looking at my dog.


  25. Yeah, but…

    Beatty has a homosexual son…


  26. Quick Warran Beatty story, via a comedian on a podcast. Beatty, comedian and Kate Hudson were backstage at a film screening – they all have to go out and present some movie. Hudson starts qualifying herself to Beatty, she says ‘you’re making me nervous’. Beatty leans in to her and says ‘you have no idea how nervous I can make you’.