The Reason Women Initiate 70% Of Divorces

Executive Summary: There’s a tight link between female fertility and divorce.

Do women initiate the majority of divorces because men are innately “badder” than wives? Or, is it more likely something else which motivates wives — something intrinsic to the demands of their female desires — to push for marital dissolution at greater rates than husbands push for it?

CH has tackled the subject of female-initiated frivorce. It’s good to revisit the topic for clarification, because there are a lot of people who still labor under delusions about the malign effects on society of the divorce industrial complex, and what exactly incentivizes wives to file for the majority of divorces.

Feminists like to point to statistics that supposedly show that divorced women experience a fall in their standard of living as proof that wives are reluctantly initiating divorces to get out of marriages to ill-behaving husbands. There are two problems with this highly misleading statistic (assuming the stat is true in the sense it is being used):

1. The presumption that women are thinking through the long-term and less tangible financial consequences of divorce when the short-term and more tangible incentives are all in the woman’s favor.

A woman who knows she will get half, the house, and custody with child support thinks she will hit the jackpot in the event of divorce, because those rewards are immediate and tangible. She won’t be as likely to think through the prospect of diminished career potential or sexual market value. Incentives matter in human behavior, and front-loaded incentives matter more than downstream disincentives.

2. The drop in a divorced woman’s standard of living, if true, is likely based on a faulty comparison with her standard of living while she was married. The better and more relevant comparison is between the standard of living of a divorced woman and her life as a single woman before she got married. Do divorced women live better than they did as single women BEFORE they got married? That is the useful metric which will shed light on whether divorce really is a bad economic decision for women.

Regarding the supposed post-divorce drop in women’s standard of living, WPrice added:

I tend to reject the statistic, because it usually refers to a feminist study from the 1980s (when academic feminism had carte blanche to make things up). However, it’s true that a woman’s income often looks low on paper following divorce. This is because child support, child tax credits, EIC, property transferred to woman from ex-husband and other benefits are not counted as income. In the meanwhile, it looks like a man’s expenses have gone down, because he no longer gets to claim these expenses on his tax returns. The truth, however, is that she gets all of the supposed increase in his living standard and then some directly in her pocket. The statistic is so deliberately dishonest that it ought to be called what it is: a lie.

Divorce is deliberately set up to ensure that women lose as little as possible when leaving their marriage for whatever reason. Men, of course, are punished no matter what the reason.

The reason our laws, and in particular divorce laws, are biased in favor of women, has to do with the human psychological underpinnings that emerge from the Fundamental Premise.

The divorce rate skyrocketed right after no-fault divorce was passed in CA in 1969, followed by most other states. It has since declined from its mid-1970s high and leveled off (but still nowhere its historical lows in the US pre-1969), so whatever shock to the marital system no-fault divorce instigated seemed to have worked itself out by the 1980s.

CH is fond of the Diversity + Proximity = War equation, but there’s another one we love just as much for its pithy descriptive power:

Options = Instability.

A young woman in her nubile prime has more romantic options than a same-age young man. This makes commitment at that age inherently unstable (especially for naive beta males). The formula reverses for men, who experience a rise in romantic options as they get older and gain social and financial status, (and given that men of all ages are attracted to female youth and beauty, there would be incentives for an older husband to trade his status for a younger second wife).

Theoretically, then, we should find that female-initiated divorce is mostly by YOUNG wives, and male-initiated divorce by OLDER husbands. And that is pretty much the case… but for the former only.

From Dalrock:

As I’ve shared previously the data shows divorce rates are highest when the wife is young and has the incentive to commit divorce theft, and lowest when the wife is older and the husband has the incentive to commit divorce theft.  Divorce is actually least likely when conventional wisdom suggests it occurs most, when the wife is older and the husband has the opportunity to dump her for  a younger woman.

On the surface, this result is strange. But thinking about it, I can tell you why the divorce rate doesn’t follow a symmetrical “U-curve” that reflects older husbands “trading up” for younger second wives: men, unlike women, are simply more comfortable keeping two lovers simultaneously. Husbands don’t have a problem screwing a mistress and coming home to a doting wife. Wives DO have a problem screwing around and maintaining a happy facade with their cucked beta hubbies.

In short, men have a harem mentality. Women don’t.

One glaring correlation that emerges when examining divorce trends is that the divorce rate mirrors women’s likelihood of getting pregnant (aka how fertile she is, aka how hot she is).

The divorce rate and the female fertility rate, if superimposed, are practically IDENTICAL. Divorce is, to a great degree, a function of a woman’s sexual desirability and her options in the sexual market. The more romantic attention from desirable men a young wife can command, the more unstable her marriage.

If stable marriages are a noble societal goal, then encouraging later marriages would work to lower the divorce rate. But, this strategy also works to lower the marital fertility rate, as older mothers have fewer children than younger mothers. Plus, beta males with rising SMV (sexual market value) don’t much like marrying road worn and put away hard women in their 30s, and they won’t if they don’t have to.

A better social strategy would be to instruct young men in the ways of seducing women — both premaritally and maritally — so that they can better tame and redirect their young wives’ hypergamous compulsions to themselves and away from alpha male interlopers. Still another possibility is pairing off younger wives with older husbands, for a balanced SMV match. Or, removing the disincentives to stay married that have become part of divorce and family laws.

(FYI, women will always receive the bulk of child support, and child custody, because women are naturally disposed to the task of child-rearing in a way that men aren’t. Most men don’t much like the drudgery of child-raising, but for that minority of ex-husbands and fathers who crave the joys of being a full-time dad, the family court system should be reformed to better sympathize with their needs.)

Bottom line: If divorce laws are grossly unfair to either sex, they need to be changed. Lamely indulging in “life is unfair” white knightism posturing is no excuse for accepting the continuance of bad laws. (Perspective: “racial quotas are wrong.” “life is unfair.” See how that doesn’t work?)


  1. Eggs are expensive, sperm is cheap.

    I’ve blogged about your fundamental premise. Beta sperm is cheap. Alpha sperm is not. There aren’t enough alphas for all the bangable women.


    • There can’t be by definition. If every guy was an alpha, than only the top 15% of those alphas would be considered alpha in that world


      • Alphas are rare– about 15% of men. 85% are betas.


      • on October 30, 2015 at 1:19 pm The Spirit Within

        Dude, you forgot the omegas.

        10% alpha
        50% beta
        40% omega


      • @theasdgamer

        I disagree. 16% alpha, 68% beta, 16% omega. Beta men are able to get laid by non-hideous, non-attractive women. Omega men have 2 choices: celibacy or June Shannon.


      • on October 30, 2015 at 6:48 pm Captain Tautological

        The Eskimo Within is using “Omega” to mean “Gamma” in order to denigrate the memory of the Mashiach:


      • on October 30, 2015 at 7:57 pm The Spirit Within

        What the fuck are you talking about?


      • on October 30, 2015 at 8:23 pm Captain Tautological

        I give the direct link to WTF I’m talking about, and Director Tamir Pardo’s operative attempts to reply with ridicule of an absence of a link. Pardo really needs to start increasing wages and attracting a better quality of cyber thug.


      • Check out the incidence of the “warrior gene”.

        The problem is about 60% of other races are alphas to 30% whites.

        Causes a bit of a problem when you import those others in here.

        Especially considering they often come from war torn countries.


      • on October 30, 2015 at 8:55 pm The Spirit Within

        The doctors are trying to help you, Captain. Let them.


      • Unfortunately, he’s stuck in the dreaded ‘Eskimo Loop’…


      • Captain
        At best, about 0.1% of the English speaking world nowadays would ever associate “omega” with that bit out of the King James Bible.
        But suppose it was meant (in that comment) as a clever (although deeply obscure) reference to the Messiah — what would be the point of doing it if, in round terms, trivial numbers of readers would ever make the connection?


      • on October 31, 2015 at 7:16 am Captain Tautological

        Jesus H Christ, Director Tamir Pardo called up “Rum” out of retirement to troll this thread. Like frigging clockwork. Tick tock tick tock tick tock…


      • on October 31, 2015 at 9:37 am driveallnight

        Captain, shut the fuck up. Like many readers of this blog, I see the truth about eskimos, but you’re an utter sperg retard on the subject.

        Anyone…..disagrees with you on anything, large or small….and you start babbling about tamir pardo and scream “jew! jew!” at them.

        You’ll never convince anyone your take on jewry is accurate if you don’t stop coming across like a ranting lunatic.


      • on October 31, 2015 at 9:52 am mendozatorres

        Don’t change, Cappy!


      • on October 31, 2015 at 6:24 pm Director Tamir Pardo

        Okay, I give up. No matter *how* many trolls I try to sneak in here, Captain my Captain always sees through them. You heard it here first: any more trolling was NOT done by me or my minions. Oy vey!!!


      • Don’t ever give Strapon credit for sideways or obscure-cum-wit references, Cap’n.

        As Freud once noted, sometimes a Strapon is just a Strapon. lzozlzolzolzolozl

        Note to the rest of you denizens of this demimonde:

        There are several personalities, here at the chateau, who are… shall we say… an acquired taste…

        … and whose foibles and follies we have come to accept as shtick, because they amuse and often enlighten.

        Ergo, endeavor to persevere, and always remember: when it comes to psyops and anti-agitprop, here at the chateau… unlike the Cathedral… we only hire yeggs what’s been to college.


      • Duly considered, GE.


      • Alphas are rare– about 15% of men. 85% are betas.

        Yeah, but we all start out as nu born.


    • Example: Women go to rock concert and want to bang the rockers. A low percentage of women succeed.


      • on October 30, 2015 at 6:35 pm Captain Tautological

        > “Example: Women go to rock concert and want to bang the rockers.” ——— Do I even need to say it? Sigh. Okay, here goes: NOT MOTHER-OF-YOUR-CHILDREN MATERIAL. On the previous thread, JamesCass opens with a tragic Halloween tale – no spoilers here – but read through to the end to see the one and only acceptable response to these public displays of non-fitness-for-breeding-purposes.


      • the mother of your children wants to bang the rockers too…don’t delude yourself. There’s nothing fuckin special about any woman. They’re all the same. It’s a matter of alcohol and circumstance.

        You idiots with your romantic idealism…lol.

        On ONE flight leg last xmas, I had a girl next to her bf eyeraping me followed by getting the number of a chick sitting next to her bf in the FC lounge right under his nose, followed by getting pics of a chick’s tits who was flying to see her bf, followed by a fuckin blowjob by a girl who was in a serious relationship while the plane was in flight. I met them all that day, knew for a grand total of an hour each? Or less?

        women are closet whores…stop putting any of them on a gd pedestal


      • on October 31, 2015 at 7:29 am Captain Tautological

        t777, are you the pilot of a Boeing 777 named “Travis” or “Traveller”? If not, then that particular story sounds like it’s got just a little bit of hyperbole to it. BTW, if there is any actual truth to the story, then just the very presence of a chick on an airplane is already strongly pre-selecting for hypergamy and uncontrollable Cluster-B insanity. Nice girls from good families aren’t jet-setting all over God’s creation desperately hoping to weasel their way into ever greater Alpha phuxes pump-n-dumps. Yes, I know all about the jet-setting crowd: NOT MOTHER-OF-YOUR-CHILDREN MATERIAL.


      • no. I am not the pilot.

        I have pics if you want…was a flight leg starting in BWI thru JFK Delta lounge and on to GRU. Yes, I got a girl’s # while her guy was sitting in the next seat in the lounge. We were txting while he was fucking around on his MacBook. The girl with the tits I sat at the bar in the lounge next to as she was waiting for her flight to see her bf in SD. She sent me the tits pic from the lavatory of her flight after we both left the lounge on our separate ways. Had she stayed there a bit longer I’m fairly certain I’d have banged her in the shower…she was feeling it. On the flight to GRU, I made eye contact, started talking, chick in the row behind mine, simply sat down next to her and started making out.

        I’m pretty charming when I’m a little bit lit. Girls in airports and airplanes are BORED. I am exciting.

        Fluke? No. I’ve made out with girls now consistently on planes. Last flight was back from AMS, some young girl, 18, on her way back from Sweden. Took about 30 minutes to get my hand into her pants. Flights from LHR to GVA, it doesn’t matter. I get to the pussy…and lemme tell you, irrespective of age, these girls are fucking soaked. You can feel the moisture outside of their pants and underwear. When I get my hand to the lips there they are soaked. They are excited, turned on, in the moment, loving it.

        The only thing stopping nailing them is these aircraft are too fuckin small and the seat pitch is too low. I’ve done it in the lavatory before but that’s a PITA…too annoying to me to be worth it. Oh, the girl to GRU had a serious bf I found out about later. The girl from LHR was married.

        As I said, don’t put them on a pedestal. She’s gonna resonate with a skilled player- women are like sentient violins or some magical item from Harry Potter that wants to be wielded by a powerful magician. They love being seduced, they crave excitement. You put them in a tube 7 miles up and nobody gonna know…do the math.

        Am I good looking? Yeah. I am. In shape? Yup. Charming, smooth talker…of course. But more than anything, I am just the guy with the balls to do this shit when others are chicken. The girls are too different and the flights, the rows…empty plane, full plane, to the US, to somewhere else…that isn’t what matters. It’s just the balls to go for it. That’s the lesson to be learnt here, don’t put hoez on pedestals and have the nuts to just go for it. Be bold, fail spectacularly. Trust me, you will drink with your buddies and laugh about those failures a lot easier than you will have the regret of not doing it gnaw at you in silence.


      • “the mother of your children wants to bang the rockers too…”



      • It’s true, that quality woman is a whore too. There is no quality woman, that’s why patriarchy kept them all on a leash for the good of all.

        Experienced men don’t worry too much if any particular girl likes them as women mostly go into the liability column.

        Pick one you like that isn’t too well ridden.

        Better still, realize the addition of your own genes into a tainted pool is pointless. Focus your energies to being the best warrior you can be so your children have a future.

        Then, have whatever you want under any conditions you name. You become the rock star, posers will be nowhere when the shit flies.

        You come to understand, this is not the correct focus of life, only a side benefit.

        A man and his purpose, very attractive, but only because it makes the world go ’round.

        The best woman is only a vessel.


      • Is Captain Tot the same dude that was always talking about puttin’ those white buns in the oven?


      • Captain,
        There has always been a steady drizzle of commenters who come here to say, “There are good /mother of your children/not damaged type of women out there do not respond to “game” and therefore it is a waste of time if not counter-intuitive.
        They have all said very similar things using very similar wordings. I am not saying you were once here as “Contrarian” or TokyoJesusFest but, on the other hand, that cannot be ruled out either.
        In other words, the only one here with a misleading front and a definite agenda might be you.


      • “Experienced men don’t worry too much if any particular girl likes them as women mostly go into the liability column.”



    • 1: That graph on egg fertility seems way wrong compared to what I’ve read, usually its something like 1% by the age 45 (naturally)
      2: Check out divorce stats if the woman has a bachlerors degree: she initiates in something like 90% of the cases if there is a divorce.


    • “Beta sperm is cheap. Alpha sperm is not.”

      No wonder smart people don’t take the Manosphere seriously, with ignorant comments like that.


    • “Eggs are expensive, sperm is cheap.”

      … unless every sperm is sacred!

      “Every sperm is sacred!” — Ibn Al Dindu 2016


    • Alpha is not an absolute feature.Alpha is alpha in one environment and beta in another.


  2. […] The Reason Women Initiate 70% Of Divorces […]


  3. “Husbands don’t have a problem screwing a mistress and coming home to a doting wife.”

    If women were more introspective they would realize that they – especially post child baring years – are happier with this paradigm as well… As long as there is no social shaming or resource re-allocation.


  4. “Still another possibility is pairing off younger wives with older husbands, for a balanced SMV match. ”

    41 YO Hall of Fame poonslayer and giftbasket giver Derek Jeter agrees… with 25 YO Hannah Davis…


    • Hannah Davis is a smokeshow. That’s the closest thing to a 10 I’ve ever seen.


      • on October 30, 2015 at 11:23 am Laguna Beach Fogey

        That’s gross, brah. She has asymmetrical nostrils.


      • Yeah, I don’t know where you’re going with that. She has a nice body, but her face is just flat out ugly.


      • lulz

        Elbows too pointy, too.


      • The photog could at least have waited until she put her top on…

        /chivalry is daid…. lzozlzozlozlozlozlozlozl


      • Derek’s the poster boy for Mischling Madness – The Exception That Proves The Rule

        … and I still say he has no resemblance whatsoever to his father.

        He don’t look much like the mom either, though.


      • Is she some mixed race like Jeter?


      • on October 30, 2015 at 6:53 pm Captain Tautological

        If the t!ts are real [which is a huge “if”], then the body is >= HB8.5. But the face is very HB6-ish, and the mudsharkery makes her an HB(NEGATIVE-INFINITY).


      • on October 30, 2015 at 8:07 pm The Spirit Within

        Sure “Captain” — she’s a 6. Sure.

        Double those meds, lunatic, and you might realize just how poor your judgment has been.


      • on October 30, 2015 at 8:30 pm Captain Tautological

        Even with the celubtard pancake makeup slathered all over her face, she’s arguably <= HB6.9. So tell Director Tamir Pardo to send out a memo, to everyone on the team, warning them that White Men have much higher standards for their women; in particular, to a White Man, this is the face of an HB6:


      • on October 30, 2015 at 8:32 pm Captain Tautological

        Unlike y’all Eskimos, White Men don’t sit around all day getting screamed at by shrews like this:


      • She’s a 5, pointy elbows. lol

        Yeah I’m out alpha-ing baseball players in bars to get better girls.

        Tell me another one sparky.


      • on October 30, 2015 at 8:54 pm The Spirit Within

        Your mental health is really poor. Is it paranoid schizophrenia or just run-of-the-mill OCD?


      • on October 31, 2015 at 12:22 am Bro Brosterson

        4/10. Would not bang.


      • on October 31, 2015 at 7:35 am Captain Tautological

        This tinfoil hat paranoid schizophrenia horsesh!t is so 1950s. Tell Director Tamir Pardo to get with the 21st Century – go with some schtick where you’re pretending to be a noggette like “Nicole” version 2.0 of “t*h*w*a*c*k” version 1.0. Something even mildly interesting and creative. This 1950s sh!znat is just phoning it in. It was already passe by the 1970s.


      • CT, tin foil hats or not, you’re either a nutbar in denial of African separatism, or a liar desperate to discredit African separatism, which would only be successful if someone reads your posts and nobody else’s and nothing else anywhere else. Neither is a good thing.

        Is it so hard for you to imagine that some people would get the message that as a group with relatively few exceptions, some other people either don’t want us around, and those who do probably want us around for bad reasons? So difficult to imagine that some people can see the difference between legal enfranchisement with sane levels of peaceful contact, and totally insane levels of assimilation to a hostile culture?

        …a reasonable patchwork instead of a melting pot?


      • on October 31, 2015 at 12:23 pm The Spirit Within

        It’s 2015, and you have paranoid schizophrenia, Captain Lobotomy. Case closed.




    • Is “gift basket” another way of saying genital herpes?


    • Yeah, Davis is a total butterface. the only reason she rates above a “5” is that he body is smokin’.


    • Man, I can be pretty damn picky but come on. That gal is hot and I like her face. Just sayin. Not everyone has the same tastes though.




      • She is a bit unsymmetrical,but youth is her redeemer! When she gets older she will not look so good. I WOULDVE fucked her but NOT with DJ’s jizz all over the bitch!!


    • on October 31, 2015 at 4:55 pm Experienced Father

      I don’t care how much of a smoke show Hannah Davis is.

      I would not touch Hannah Davis with a 10-foot pole, let alone my own.

      Since Derick Jeter gave _Jessica Alba_ Herpes,

      Ms. Hannah Davis now has Herpes as well.


    • The more he posts the weirder it gets. “Passe in 1970?” I barely remember 1970. I was 5. I seriously doubt the captain is older than my kids.


      • yeah, I know. I was sipping a cinnamachino with my friend who wears pyjamas, and we both agree it’s totally cweepi


  5. i recently had an experience which reminded me of CH’s previous post on female initiated divorce, and the alpha-fux-beta-bux phenom

    a girl i dated for a year, very hot ballerina, yoga teacher; just slammin face and body, top-to-bottom grade aa pussy, eventually heeded the call of the womb and found a rich beta who put a ring on a finger. i told my friends “watch, 2 years and she’ll be calling me for a second round of ground-n-pound”

    sure enough, a little over two years later she reaches out. now she’s pregnant, but suddenly she’s realizing that (surprise surprise) she’s just not that into the guy and she has a hard time imagining “staying with him for the long term”. and she just might have to file for a divorce after the kid is born (no doubt so she can go back to getting pounded the way she likes).

    she said like the realization had just struck her one day. it didn’t seem premeditated at all, which made me realize when you remove all the obstacles to female hypergamy via abortion, birth control, and easy divorce, a woman subconsciously comes to the natural and easy conclusion that she can have her cake an eat it too: alpha-fux-beta-bux

    the male version of this (i think) would be if we could impregnate as many women as we wanted and have someone else (taxpayers or beta cuck) foot the bill.

    what would that be…alpha fux-beta-cux? sounds an awful lot like the dindus…

    is the modern “liberated” woman basically following the dindus?



    • is the modern “liberated” woman basically following the dindus?

      both are what happens when the checks and balances on human behavior are removed.


  6. on October 30, 2015 at 11:06 am Les Saunders, Protestant

    As I mentioned earlier this week, having your wife (and more so, your young, attractive wife, out in the workforce, is dangerous.)

    Now, the question is, to what extent. If your wife is 8+, one school of thought holds that she has been and is under constant attack from charming guys. However, it has been well documented that high SMV get hit on less than their lessers. (Although they always seem to have boyfriends).

    If your wife is in the broad middle to slightly better than average, she will get hit on at much higher rate. But, if my workplace is anything to go on, the majority of men are hapless betas/AFCs, utterly hopeless with women, though they may be married themselves. 10% of men, and that is on the high end, may have decent game skills and could sight your wife in their crosshairs.

    Therefore, again the solution is several pronged. Most importantly, keep your wife out of the workforce as much as possible. Being a millenial, my grandmother is a greatest generation member and stayed home on the farm, keeping the home fires burning and raising 6 strapping Methodist children; 5 boys, 1 girl. The chance of marital infidelity was remote (compounded by the times.). No exposure to charming men = reduced risk.

    For most of us, this is a highly unlikely scenario. We live in cities and our wives invariably already have “careers” underway. They’ve done plenty of after work drink things with the guys from the office. The solution then, is to impregnate your wife as often as possible so she’ll be home on maternity leave. By the time there are 3 kids, it’ll make more sense for her to stay home permanently. Your job will be to 1) constantly hustle and bring home more bacon, in order to eliminate any need for a two-income family; 2) be constantly charming and employ “marriage game.”

    Keep her away from other males, bring home lots of resources, be charming, and just hope it works.


    • The best defense Les is a good offense… just be her best choice all the time and you will keep hypergamy at bay.

      This means don’t get lazy and don’t stop gaming her… all the time. Keep her emotions going ^_^_^, keep giving her compliance tests, keep your frame and being dominant, make decisions and see them through, keep a thrum of dread always running in the background and deliver solid sex.

      Sound exhausting? Yes it can be… unless… unless you develop a dynamic, passionate and authentic LIFE… At that point, everything else will fall into place, as will she.

      The CH maxim that Options = instability is not quite on target… Options for MEN will = instability for women, however she will prefer this state, just not be able to cognitively discuss it or acknowledge it.

      Cats are not dogs.


  7. I had to explain last night to a group of men the “double standard” of sexuality. They wondered why a man is championed for multiple sexual partners, but a woman is chastised for it.

    I told them this “double standard” is because women are the gatekeepers of sex. Men are visual and a man will walk into a room and pick out which women he wants to have sex with simply based on how they look. Women are not nearly as visual, and when she walks into a room she may find a man visually appealing, but will not have sex with him simply based on his looks. She needs to have an attachment beyond the physical. Because of this, when a man approaches a woman and says “let’s have sex,” she will say “no” a vast majority of the time. End of story. When a woman approaches a man and says “let’s have sex,” he will likely oblige immediately a vast majority of the time.

    I believe it resonated with some, and others had to think about it, but I received no pushback on it. I hope that helps them.


    • on October 30, 2015 at 1:51 pm mendozatorres

      I always liked how it was phrased in City Slickers: “Women need a reason to have sex. Men just need a place”


      • For women, getting sex is a simple choice. For men, getting sex is a skill.

        Sex = hetero sex with avg and above smv


    • on October 30, 2015 at 7:01 pm Captain Tautological

      > “Men are visual and a man will walk into a room and pick out which women he wants to have sex with simply based on how they look.” ——— Maybe I’m one-in-a-million, but there are huge percentages of HBs who will never have a snowball’s chance in Hades of touching my magnificent c0ck. The slightest traces of Darkness in her Heart, or Sh!tlibery, or Hatefulness, or Pro-Murder-ness [== visits to Planned Murderhood], or even just Passive-Aggressive Vindictiveness, and I don’t know whether viagra and cialis and Dom Perignon and ecstasy all mixed up together in a high ball could get me to rise to the occasion.


      • (closeted fag for sure)


      • …or despite our differences, one of the relative few western men left with functioning testicles.

        Testicles have a wonderful ability to relax and let it flow when aroused and comfortable, and to contract closer to the body when one senses danger or is disgusted or feeling revulsion.

        They should work both ways like that. If they don’t, then it’s because someone is sublimating their natural responses, or is programmed to deny what he sees.

        I’ve learned many things living on this side of the world, and one of them is that though beauty reigns, chastity is a very close second. Very close. Beauty will get the erection, but chastity inspires investment. In some men, chastity only needs to have a little beauty attached to get both happily for life.

        The woman who can control her hypergamy is a prize. One who can’t is a public toilet no matter how pretty she is…maybe a very popular public toilet who can accumulate a lot in tips from her many users, but still…men will go home to their doting wives who they would kill for.


      • Oh, and I’d like to add that guys looking at these images of hot models should make a note of what it is that they find attractive. The women are slim, symmetrical, young looking, and appear to be fresh. They are made to look like they haven’t seen too many dicks, but they want yours.

        Back in the early to mid 1900’s when they would take and market photos of young, nubile women, the implication was that these were virgins or near virgins who were waiting for the right man. Back then, a variety of women were featured. The standards were not as ethnically or proportionally rigid as feminists would like you to think. The 20’s praised the bar skank for awhile, but that became unfashionable somewhat quickly, and it was back to bouncy young babes.

        It wasn’t until the 60’s and 70’s that the more boyish proportions and “strung out” look gained a longer term popularity, but that still never really set in with men. Widespread porn addiction made sluttery more invisible, but not really more acceptable.

        So, for functioning men, at least in my observation, finding out that a beautiful model has engaged in some behavior he finds very unacceptable, does cause revulsion much like finding out that a beautiful woman has a penis. Some dudes kill over the latter, so it’s very much within masculinity to at least lose a boner over the former.


    • The so called double standard is because it’s easy for a woman to do that which takes skill for a man to do.


    • on October 31, 2015 at 12:24 am Bro Brosterson

      Yeah, quicker way to say it: it’s easy to be a slut, it’s hard to be a stud.


      • I usually put it like this: A key that can open many locks is a useful key but a lock that can be opened by many keys is a useless lock.


    • You should just recite Jim Jeffries. Because it’s fucking easy being a slut, you just have to have a pulse. But it’s fucking hard to be a stud: you must be witty, athletic, tall, charming and have a fake job.


    • Men bags a chick = Accomplishment.
      Woman sucks a dick = ???


  8. on October 30, 2015 at 11:21 am Laguna Beach Fogey

    “Still another possibility is pairing off younger wives with older husbands,”

    Yes, this. I hope this becomes a thing.


    • Laguna Bitch Faggy still won’t be chosen, and will remain a lonely drunk (as he is today).


      • What, are you his ex? Jealous wannabe gay lover?


      • on October 30, 2015 at 7:43 pm Captain Tautological

        More likely an operative for Director Tamir Pardo who is trying to demoralize the shegetz LBF. It’s very difficult for me to imagine one White Brother saying such a thing to another White Brother.


      • It’s difficult for you to imagine a moderate African separatist as well.


      • “Lonely, won’t be chosen” smack talk might as well just be translated as “I’m married to a woman who is a buck-eighty and screeches at me and I loathe guys who chose differently than me because I can’t stand acknowledging that there were other options.”

        So transparent.


      • “It’s difficult for me to imagine anything bad that I can’t blame on Joos!”



    • That’s what I was thinking too CT (albeit being ignorant of puported Director Tamir Pardo)


      • Cap’n and Tennille has this fixation that anyone who criticizes him is an operative of the Mossad or some such.


      • on October 31, 2015 at 10:21 am Captain Tautological

        > “albeit being ignorant of puported Director Tamir Pardo” ——— Trust me, you might not know who Director Tamir Pardo is, but if you’re posting in the Dark Enlightenment, and especially if you’re posting chez Le Chateau, then not only does Director Tamir Pardo know who you are, but he has already assembled a dossier on you, and he might even have a team of agents assigned to shadowing you 24×7. Certainly software alert triggers will be sent to the overnight crew when you post [if your daytime agent is at home asleep].


      • on October 31, 2015 at 10:26 am Captain Tautological


      • I am inclined to believe you Cap’n Taut, but I’m sure the Khazars are aware then that my writings are merely a form of interpretive dance. A… modernist… commentary on the absurdity of a post-Neitzchian society… at a juncture where constitutional 1st amendment rights are being subverted. #artisticlicence… to thrill!


  9. I disagree regarding men raising children. Very young children one could plausibly argue will do better with their mothers, but once a young child learns to talk in coherent sentences and develops a desire to learn about the world, especially boys at about 5 or so, fathers have more to offer and are better equipped. Men love to teach. Women like do like routine, which is good for children…. right up until they get bored and decide they need “some me time” and get angry at their children for being too needy. Women alone (i.e. Single Mothers) are the worst possible form of “parent”. A young boy would be better off being raised by his father alone without knowing who his mother is at all, than being raised by the mother without influence by the father. Single Mothers are terrible people, the exception being maybe widows. We hear all over from our media how much Single Mothers sacrifice for their children… except that they don’t. Men sacrifice. Women grab everything they can and resent those who have more, and REALLY resent those who are hindering them from grabbing more. Single Mothers resent their own children for preventing them from having the life they know they deserve. Men just give… because that’s what their children need.

    If Single Mothers were good parents they’d stay married, because that’s what’s best for their children. But they don’t, and they’re not.


  10. Diversity shows itself in Allentown, PA.

    A mob of black teens attacked cops who tried to break up a group fight.

    This in the same week a cop had to clean up the mess of an unruly dindu in class and was fired for it.



    • Heh, heh… the brawl began as a fight between two FEMALE students… and one of the officers, a lady cop, was pulled down by her hair by one of the females and punched in the face.

      FWIW, that school has full time officers patrolling the halls, last I heard.

      The police in Allentown seem to be of two kinds… there are some smaller men and women who try to make up for their lack of stature and strength with “bad cop” attitude. The larger cops, well… you don’t want to f#ck around with them, they still give old-school ass-kickings if you look sideways at ’em. 😉

      That school, if memory serves, has more of the “dark Hispanic” element, rather than pure dindu… still, it’s pretty much the same ilk, only the mixture of negro and Hispanic, predominantly Puerto Rican, seems to make for a more irascible vibrant.


      • 2010 census demos for Allentown – 43% white, 43% spic, 12% dindu, 2 Asian.

        It appears to be dindus committing the savage acts in the video, which is not surprising considering they’re 12% of US population and commit the same savage acts nationwide.


      • Other peoples would have a rather….draconian way of discouraging misconduct here.


      • The cops are part of the problem at this point.

        If the cops would leave, the 43% remaining white folks would reduce their numbers considerably.

        But that can’t happen while they are protected by the cops.

        The thugs make the whites prisoners in their homes and fearful and school and the cops prevent anyone from attacking the thugs.

        The only saving grace is the occasional dindu shooting or ass kicking by the cops.


      • @ho, when there were colored schools, this kind of shit did not happen. There were no cops there. If you messed up, the teacher would discipline you, which may have meant a spanking, and then your parents would beat your ass again when you got home.

        All this crap comes from failed assimilation and over integration. We don’t need the police to control our kids. We need “white” people to stay out of our business and let us do what we need to do.


      • Seriously, European teachers, for the most part, can’t handle African students. There is a failure to relate to them, they’re outside of the parents’ social circle, too much fear of the students and fear of appearing racist, and they can’t be trusted most of the time, to really have the kids’ best interests at heart.

        As Malcolm X said, never let your enemy teach your kids.


      • European teachers, for the most part, can’t handle African students.

        I’d take your point on face-value, but then I see that European coaches have no difficulty handling African football players. What is the difference between unexceptional teenagers and elite athletes in this case?


      • PA, what the fuck are you doing engaging this black yenta? 😡

        She bloviates periodically about White Nationalists, who merely advocate a country for Whites, as “White Supremacy” on one hand… then turns around and acts like she and her ilk WANT to separate?

        Please, by all means… spread the word to all those Somalis and other “Africans” currently breaking a leg to insinuate themselves into “European” based societies. :duckface

        And now she spouts on about AMERICAN teachers in an AMERICAN classroom with children that have been in AMERICA their entire lives, along with generations of their family, but n1gger-babbles about “Europeans” that can’t handle “Africans”?

        Geez, Louise, will you guys just let these shill megafauna amble by and stop feeding them? (((shakin’ mah haid))


      • on November 1, 2015 at 8:59 am Captain Tautological

        Note the time stamp of how “Nicole” just magically reappears after the conclusion of the Sabbath in Judea & Samaria. Anyone who responds to the “Nicole” initiative is quarrelling with a professional PsyOps specialist.


      • Greg, take a chill pill buddy. The hen lays it stinking brown meme-eggs and I just crushed one with my foot en passant. A fraction of CH’s millions of readers will stop believing in the indomitable black teenage maleness that overcomes White adults when they picture a locker room full of elite black muscle obeying a single White coach.


      • The White Coach phenomenon is long-known… so much so that even the Cathedral made a drama/comedy TV series about it back in the seventies… I believe it was called White Shadow, or some such thing.

        If you must attempt to give heart to the peanut gallery, I wish you’d do it with a level of disdain and mockery warranted in reply to the Cathedral shills, rather than a tone of genuine discourse with these disingenuous dark harpies.

        We don’t debate any longer… we skewer.


      • “I’d take your point on face-value, but then I see that European coaches have no difficulty handling African football players. What is the difference between unexceptional teenagers and elite athletes in this case?”

        A group of non specialized children.

        A group of elite athletes who are adults.

        You don’t see a difference?


      • Greg, I don’t know who this “we” is that you think you’re rallying, but I’ve been here a lot longer than you, and there is really not much for me to actually debate here. When the commenters who don’t think you’re Gay think you’re a girl, “we” is…just you.

        As far as the CH blog, I take exception to the butt hurt and bitterness evinced by the unnecessary racial slurs and belief that one is entitled to what does not earn, especially what one forfeits, but that’s where the “debate” ends. I am 100% for men expressing their manhood. Not 20% as much as it makes me comfortable. 100%. I understand that I’m not always going to see what I want to see in that process. Bitch, that’s why I came here.

        You think you are in a safe, comfortable nest where everyone is supposed to tell you what you want to hear, and not say anything that could upset or unsettle you. I’m here exactly because I like being upset and unsettled. It is food for my soul. I like my beliefs challenged. I like my perspective shaken. It makes me grow.

        Always having to be agreed with and coddled…it’s kind of like a psychological faggotry.

        So you are “skewering” with cooked pasta, princess…and worse, at the wrong target.

        …but if you like wasting your energy convincing someone who’s already convinced that you are a hostile threat to her people, then go right ahead.


      • Rock on PA; you made a good point; Greg just wants everybody duckin and fighting bums and set ups…


      • Oh, and about this:
        “Please, by all means… spread the word to all those Somalis and other “Africans” currently breaking a leg to insinuate themselves into “European” based societies.”

        We are…as quickly and as best as we can. Nigerian preachers are telling Nigerians not to go to Europe, Israel, or the U.S. Ethiopians are making a serious effort to warn people since Hamas has taken to kidnapping refugees and selling their organs. Africans are doing all they can to warn other Africans not to go outside of Africa expecting a better life.

        What fucks up our efforts in that is the fucking media. Americans and Europeans sell their countries as great places for Africans. Those of us who know better try to stop it where we can, but you keep on pumping your shit into our airwaves.

        So please get off your asses so that that shit can stop. You can tell people the truth that you don’t want us there, and that you’re one crazy politician away from attempting to exterminate those who are there already.


      • What fucks up our efforts in that is the fucking media. Americans and Europeans sell their countries as great places for Africans. Those of us who know better try to stop it where we can, but you keep on pumping your shit into our airwaves.

        Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight… negroes leading the fight against other negroes running towards White socieities… as rare as unicorn races ’round the rings o’ Saturn.

        And we can all still hear the echoes of all dem proud darkies tellin’ the NAACP yids to mind their own business, and telling the 101st Airborne to g’wine back to Ft. Campbell and stay outta Little Rock.

        Who owns the “fucking media” and those “airwaves”, pumping said shit… you disingenuous cunt? 😡

        Never a word from the Queen o’ Babble-On on THAT issue… go figger.

        Then again, you DID mention residence in Israel, if memory serves. :duckface


      • I didn’t say it was rare, nincompoop. I said that it is not because aware Africans aren’t trying to warn them. We get shouted down by the same media that taught you that being more feminist and docile makes you superior.


      • I said it was rare… learn to read for context, you dumb darky. (((shakin’ mah haid)))

        Keep railing about “the media”, Hattie… you sound just like the half-assed quack who talks about a disease, but doesn’t dare mention the germs and viruses causing it… yet fancies herself a doctor.


      • Damnit, it’s hard to understand you when you’re in a hysterical fit.

        Africans warning Africans not to go elsewhere expecting better is not rare at all. You just have no idea on what African ethnonationalists are doing, so you make ignorant assumptions based on the best guest that your arrogance can come up with. You think you can actually run around egging on people calling for Holocaust 2.0, have mass shootings and all kinds of violence against Africans and others happen because of people agree with you, and someone wouldn’t notice that maybe surrounded by you people is not the best place for an African to be.

        Well, many of us have gotten the message. Thank you for your contribution to truth about how we are regarded by your people. Sincerely.

        Now stop bitching when we don’t want to be among you, and when those of us who have no other choice, keep at least a safe distance where we can.

        You can’t have it both ways. You are friend, or you are neutral with limited contact, or you are foe. If you are a foe, then don’t get butt hurt when your foes don’t want to insist on being your friends, and are unfriendly to you.

        What do you want from me? To like you?


      • Damnit, it’s hard to understand you when you’re in a hysterical fit.

        I told you before, Hattie… you’re not entitled to your own dictionary.

        You getting called on your lack of reading comprehension and n1gger-babble is not some other person’s “hysterical fit”.

        This is why there’s no rational discourse possible with your ilk… and why there will always be enmity between our respective seeds…

        … exacerbated, of course, by your own ACTUAL female hysteria.


      • The one who can’t have the discussion, and has to resort to name calling with little or no content.


      • The one who can’t have the discussion, and has to resort to name calling with little or no content.

        Heh, heh… it’s only about the 50th time it’s been mentioned that you merit only disdain and drive-by mockery for your disingenuous n1gger-babble shilling… the “sprinkled with a few facts” is/was/remains for the benefit of the silent peanut gallery.

        You seem to have to have things repeated over and over again, Hattie… yet you keep coming back with the same ol’ nuthin.

        As usual, have your last tepid word… I yet again am arm-weary from swatting your straws aside, ‘though you fancy them lances.


      • Greg, I usually get the last word because you are a chick or Gay, and I am probably older than you. You seem to think that being over 40 is a bad thing, so we’re clear that you are at least not who you sell yourself to be. Bonus, it means that you were badly raised and perhaps fatherless, since you have little or no benefit from elders.

        You need to be agreed with in everything. I do not.

        You condescend to, and need to insult and degrade every person here who disagrees with what you believe are fundamental things like how much or how little hate (an irrational emotion if one is truly nature accepting and an ethnonationalist on that basis) they have towards other groups, and who they must pervasively blame for the misconduct of a few elite and some compliant sheep. I do not. I can even see the balls in CT, who apparently thinks I’m a Mossad operative.

        For you, this site is a fortress for your obsession: “whiteness”. For me, it is a fortress of manhood in which most of the commenters happen to be of European ancestry. So some ethnonationalism is expected and must be there is men are finding and maintaining their balls. As I’ve said before, a man who does not love his people is not a man.

        You can’t control your emotions. I can.

        You will not win an argument with me, princess, because you can’t have an argument. All you can have is tantrums.


      • on November 2, 2015 at 1:44 am Mean Mr. Mustard

        “What is the difference between unexceptional teenagers and elite athletes in this case?”

        There is ton of difference.
        With elite athletes, there is money, often a heap of money at stake.
        There is no better incentive for good behaviour and performance.

        This should be bleeding obvious.


      • Publius, that whole page is detailing the consequences of a giant lie. You can’t blame African *separatists* for the lie.

        We aren’t the ones running around saying that you’re wonderful, docile, perfect angels who are more civilized than Africans. You are.


    • You think you can actually run around egging on people calling for Holocaust 2.0, have mass shootings and all kinds of violence against Africans and others happen because of people agree with you, and someone wouldn’t notice that maybe surrounded by you people is not the best place for an African to be.

      Refresh my memory, objective observers… WHO exactly is having the “hysterical fit”?

      (((can’t shake it enuf)))


      • See, you couldn’t even address what I said.

        Fifty dudes here would nod and say I am right, and that since they don’t want more Africans anyway, warning them to stay away is a good thing.

        You get butt hurt about it.

        Do you want more immigration of non “whites” into Europe and the U.S. or not?

        Make up your damned mind.


      • Here again, you twist your pretzel logic…

        You think I’m butthurt about negroes wanting to separate? LLZOZLZOLZOLO

        My aggravation stems from your disingenuous and downright stupid claims… I would have thought that was obvious.

        You keep trying to sell the bizarro-world version of what actually goes on in the real world in re nonwhite behavior… and YOU’RE the butt-hurt party… and a BIG hurt that is… because you’re getting called on your nonsense.

        Avaunt already, you tedious shill.


      • Then I wish you would get your panties out of a wad and read whatever claims there are that you find so outrageous.


      • on November 2, 2015 at 3:06 am gunslingergregi

        nicole i just did some more research in chicago and there are seem to be no other people besides black people when they reach critical mass why is that?
        why is there 4 inch acrylic in the subway and no bathroom and they have to use a turret of 4 inch acrylic or whatever that spins to take money and hand the sammich
        yea prob a pipedream i could live there when they obviously do not allow anyone other than a certain color too
        how could it be that everywhere there are a high percentage of white people there is some diversity or a lot of diversity but everywhere a high concentration of blacks there is no diversity like 0 diversity none not one other type of person other than black unless they behind bulletproof glass


      • on November 2, 2015 at 3:14 am gunslingergregi

        im talking not even a token white woman nothing
        ill admit i didn’t want to get out of the car at the subway but i did lol
        i may have even been scared he he he
        and had to piss like a motherfucker black dude inside did tell me where to go that had a bathroom but shit
        and every town i stopped in and talked to someone its the same story as my town they shipped the blacks in and the town changed and magically had gangs and drugs just spontaneously happen the fuck
        yea ok might be tools of a person in power for some nefarious purpose but the reality is blacks aren’t having any sort of diversity when they reach a certain number
        where did the last holdouts go?
        is my question
        prob needs some more research
        maybe you could go in there and give us the inside info on what the deal is


      • on November 2, 2015 at 3:23 am gunslingergregi

        course derailing the only thread that can really save a mans soul and keep him from getting married in first place is prob not good
        think marriage prob more important than blacks taking over large swathes of the country
        i think the answer they came up with is just importing indians and whatever else by the millions foreigners are everywhere now its some wild shit
        im in gurnee ill and at the mall is packed everyone was dressed as a person from another country on halloween and speaking diferent language than american but they it wasn”t faking they really were


      • on November 2, 2015 at 3:46 am gunslingergregi

        there has definetly been some change do you guys realize we no longer actually live in america the amount of new people is massive anyone got a take on the south and new people?
        and did ya see in newspaper about turkish dude flying like 2000 trips for congressmen to turkey illegally?
        the fuck going on bout to get that mass cull maybe?


      • on November 2, 2015 at 6:01 am Captain Tautological

        > “the fuck going on bout to get that mass cull maybe?” ——— GSGI, the purpose – the raison d’etre – of a Mossad PsyOps initiative like “Nicole” is precisely to ensure that you keep phrasing that sentiment as a QUESTION [asked increasingly dejectedly and dispiritedly until you give up and stop asking it altogether] rather than as a CALL TO ARMS.


      • CT, oh you wish…
        It’s kind of cute actually, that you think I’m in on some kind of scheme to prevent Americans from being disturbed by the massive demographic manipulations that are going on, but that’s far from the case. I’m not even sure Mossad wouldn’t want you to be disturbed by it. A stronger America would make a stronger Israel. As it is, much of what weakens Israel is too much of the decadence and American style leftism, which is anti working class “bring in more brown people to save us from getting our hands dirty” rather than old school “dignity in all labor”.

        Anyway, Gunny, there are many techniques used, but the basic goal is ghettoization. They’re doing this with African Americans, Hispanics, and lower income Europeans.

        It would take a long wall of text to explain all that’s going on, and how they did it with examples, but for the most dramatic picture, I can say Compton would be a great example. If you’ve been to Compton back in say, 1985 or before, and you have the chance, breeze through there again. You’ll notice some changes.

        Despite the diversity hype, the government is trying to rearrange people both by ethnicity and temperament, so that they can contain “problems”. This might be okay, as it creates a sort of de facto segregation, but it is not being applied in a way that would actually benefit the community. African Americans who can afford to, move out of those areas not just because of the crime, but the quality of housing. The way most of those places in those areas are built, they are impossible to really secure or defend…and I believe that this is done on purpose.

        They either tear down the old places, or turn what was a one family home with a yard into a mini apartment building. When your house is surrounded by 10 of these, you go ahead and sell because your block that used to have maybe one gangster now has 50 living in cramped conditions, hanging out in the street. This also makes your area a target for drivebys and other violence from their rivals.

        So nobody African American with a steady job wants to live in those places, much less someone of another color…and of course since this is where the drugs are, more lowlife gets attracted. Projects level people don’t have a choice of where they are, but nobody else in their right mind would choose to be there.

        My ex in-laws are holding out despite being surrounded by the new apartments, but they’re going to die soon. Almost all of their old neighbors have sold their homes and moved away. At the beginning of all this, we thought it was greedy real estate corporations, but after awhile, we saw the method in the madness, but too late.


    • I’m not sure why European teachers should ever need to see an African student let alone relate to one.

      That certainly is not in any European’s best interest.

      We have enough problems just being people without seeing which psychotic dindu is going to attack next.


      • It’s in certain Europeans’ interests. A lot of money is made keeping you safe from us. It’s the reason so much has been spent on putting the poorest of us in your neighborhoods.

        If we went away, so would that money…or they would have to ramp up the fear against men, which is already at stupid levels.


  11. “The divorce rate and the female fertility rate, if superimposed, are practically IDENTICAL. Divorce is, to a great degree, a function of a woman’s sexual desirability and her options in the sexual market. The more romantic attention from desirable men a young wife can command, the more unstable her marriage.”

    The science behind keeping your young wife out of the workforce and busy at home with your children… You are crazy if you let her work. Better to live in a one room hovel without a car and be the only man in her life than to pack her off every morning to a deluge of thirsty situationally alpha men and a fistful of hamster pellets, just so you can both drive new cars or go to Disney every year… Think about what you are investing in.


    • “The more romantic attention from desirable men a young wife can command, the more unstable her marriage.”

      Hmm…good stuff Sentient.


  12. Killer post.

    “Options = instability” right up there with “Prosperity is the problem” as a brass-tack formula for the Great Dissolution.


  13. Could someone explain to me what likelihood of getting pregnant means? 86% at age 20-24.

    Does that mean that if you (healthy fertile young male) were to have sex (natural ejaculation) with a female of that age (healthy fertile) at ovulation out of 100 instances, it would lead to formation of 86 foetuses (foeti for the spergs)vs. 86 kids getting born? 3 times out of 100, it would lead to no foetus and some 13 times out of 100 having sex with her would lead to some undetermined event (whatever that may be)?


    • bro, just assume the odds of getting a girl pregnant are 100% if you’re not wearing a condom. otherwise your trusting that what she’s telling you which you should never do. once she’s knocked up she holds all the cards legally

      if for some reason your going bare back PULL OUT any way. if you want to knock a girl up do it on your own terms

      follow every girl you bang’s ovulation cycle like your life depends on it. use your smartphone calender. 11-14 days from the day she starts her cycle is when she’s most fertile (and most likely to want to get fucked/fucked bareback)

      to be safe though, assume she’s fertile all the time. there’s other variables like sperm can live up to 48 hours inside her under the right conditions, so you can never be too safe

      anyone else is welcome to fact check me but this info is current as far as i know


    • I think it means the chance that an average woman of that age would get pregnant over the course of a year. So, in this chart, an average women age 20-24 has an 86% chance of becoming pregnant over the course of one year of regular intercourse.

      Even a healthy, fertile woman only has about a 20% chance of getting pregnant if she has unprotected sex during ovulation.


      • on October 30, 2015 at 7:47 pm Captain Tautological

        But as she ages, is she still getting tapped by her husband or significant other as frequently as when she was younger? Probably after the late 30s, most USA shrewish hateful beluga wives aren’t getting tapped AT ALL.


      • I think it’s Nathan’s explanation, but they should say how many times they presume the typical couple to be having sex in a year. There are, to say the least, wild disparities among cultures and among individuals when it comes to this number.


      • “Probably after the late 30s, most USA shrewish hateful beluga wives aren’t getting tapped AT ALL.”

        yep, and that’s how most of them want it.


  14. Men recovering thier frame (ie getting there birchez leashed) would be a good start. Thing is though, men of yesteryear had all of religion and the state behind them to help keep their women in line. I think men will get thier balls back when they are reinforced again.


  15. on October 30, 2015 at 12:05 pm snowdensjacket0x0x0

    Yes no one seems to be aware that my reported income, my taxed income, is 105% higher than my actual income. Because my lovely slut ex wife gets that money both tax free and non reportable. This way she can also start taking welfare, which she does.

    So her real income is around 150% higher than reported. And I’m both paying her for her adultery and cuckolding of myself, paying a big chunk of her taxes, and paying more taxes so she can get welfare. And if I refuse the government will use state violence to put me into prison.

    Can someone explain to me how I don’t live in a communist country right now?


    • “Can someone explain to me how I don’t live in a communist country right now?”

      Because you won’t move to one? Seriously – bug out, screw her. If you have kids, take them with you.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Isn’t it possible to organize insolvency? Or leaving the country?


      • on October 30, 2015 at 1:15 pm snowdensjacket0x0x0

        Leave the country? It’s a goal but I can’t do this any time soon. And there are limited options for where I can go.

        And insolvency? You think that stops anything? I’ve got quotas to meet and if I don’t meet them the state will use violence to compel me.


      • on October 30, 2015 at 8:03 pm Captain Tautological

        SJ000, I’d strongly urge you to get a fake social security number and a new identity and disappear with the kids into the cash economy, never to be seen again. If you were to take more aggressive measures than that, then obviously you would be the prime suspect:


    • At a certain point we all have our Falling Down moment… if we want to live.

      Liked by 1 person

      • on October 30, 2015 at 1:28 pm elmer t. jones

        All he needed was a little Employment Game..


      • on October 30, 2015 at 5:10 pm snowdensjacket0x0x0

        Oh man I need to watch that movie again.

        Believe me that moment is the darkest moment you’ll have in your life. If I told you about it you would think I’m crazy. I found God. All I will say is that everyone around me should be very happy that I did.


      • That was way better than any job I’ve ever seen.


    • Werent debtor’s prisons abolished? I just dont get how you can be thrown in prison for not paying child support. What are the legal grounds for that?

      PS is there a red pill site or forum discussing best states to get married, ironclad prenups, etc? I do want to have kids someday in a two parent household…thanks yall


    • It always strikes me as odd that when a man wants to get back at the people who ruined his life through a divorce, he goes after the wife and kids rather than the system that did it to him.


      • on October 30, 2015 at 5:14 pm snowdensjacket0x0x0

        I battle with my ex wife using game. I’ve let two plates meet her. A 20 year old hotty massage therapist and a 29 year old ballet instructor. She’s 35 now.

        You really think men haven’t gone after the system? Did you know that they installed massive security systems and police presence in family courts because men were killing these people? What, pray, do you suggest? I like being alive.


      • Just being general. So many do kill themselves once they hit that point, that it would seem they could make a bigger exit than just going by themselves.


      • I’ve saved myself from the legal system a few times.

        Sure go ahead sue, but I have no plans to deal with this legally.

        Haven’t needed a lawyer yet.


      • I suggest not killing your kids, dipshit.


      • Learn to read cocksucker.


    • Hey you’re just a whiner. If you were a real man, you would welcome the fact that you’re all but a beast of burden.



      • on October 30, 2015 at 3:57 pm The Other Anonymous

        There’s an Italian folk saying: L’asn port’a pagl’e, l’asn’s l’magn’.

        In English: The donkey brings the hay and the donkey eats it.

        The Donkey eats what he brings in – but it’s not so for the divorcee.


    • “Can someone explain to me how I don’t live in a communist country right now?”

      Can you explain to me why you thought marriage was a good idea in the first place? Inviting the gummint into your personal relationships. Jeez.


    • Not if you live in the US. we indeed are an occupied communist country. Obviously.


    • on October 30, 2015 at 7:53 pm charlie hustle

      Among all the posts bragging about taking an 18 yr old’s virginity and nexting plates, this one is a reminder to recognise the (tragic) heroes out there bobbing and weaving to keep their kids shod and the white knight fuzz from baton rougeing their heads in. Semper fi


    • on October 30, 2015 at 7:54 pm Captain Tautological

      SJ000, this sh!znat is WAR ON WHITE MEN. There is a dude over at Free Republic right now who is so furious about the discrepancy between Obamacare Bronze [$6000 deductible] for the working Poor, versus Obamacare Silver for the Gibsmedats, that he is literally saying, “When does the shooting start?”


    • A nation where men get raped financially and are not allowed to see their children is what feminists call a Patriarchy.

      And feminists wonder why we call them crazy b*tches.


  16. Most men don’t much like the drudgery of child-raising


    the societal problem is that women are PSYCHOLOGICALLY UNFIT to raise children to be civilized adults.

    this has been demonstrated in studies conducted *by a feminist woman*.

    the best environment in which to raise a child is a stable husband / wife home.

    almost but not quite as good is the single father household.

    single mother households are festering pits which produce rampant drug use, physical violence, bastardy to school age girls, failure to graduate high school much less achieve higher degrees of education, etc, etc.

    IF you are going to start getting all concerned about the destruction of western civ
    THEN you need to start addressing the basic causes of this.

    i don’t actually have a problem with a “tender years” doctrine up to perhaps the age of three or four. certainly until normally weaned from breast milk.

    but beyond that it becomes imperative for BOTH BOYS AND GIRLS to have an adult male as head of household.


    • on October 30, 2015 at 1:26 pm gunslingergregi

      word where ch get the woman better at raising sprogs can get a girlfriend to do some of it while you workin whatevs why do either need child support
      whoever can afford the kid gets it


    • You have a point but there is no alternative other than to outlaw (or, make much more difficult to procure) divorces. Even then you will often have husband and wife hating one another rather than working in concert and shared strength to raise the children of the union.


    • Yep


    • The issue isn’t one of “single mother’s” vs “two parent households.” The issue is that these women who are on welfare, have drug addictions, and who are generally shitty members of society, should not have become parents in the first place. They have high fertility rates because they manage family planning like every other aspect of their lives. In other words, they don’t. Their male partners are generally of similar social class and also should not be reproducing. This is the reason abortion should not only be legal, but be encouraged, if not privately compensated (we pay you to abort), for these groups.


    • COTW!!


    • I did it…past comin up on 8 years. Solo. I get paid support but the bitch is in arrears (shocker). What did I earn? Self-respect and the ULTIMATE trump card on any bitch, any time. Oh, what, fuck you? I raised kids as a solo parent so GFY. It isn’t that hard. You’re not that special. STFU. It never even occurs to me that I had it bad; I think the childless drones out there with their shitty little lives- they have it bad. Them and their fuckin dogs or whatever other surrogates they have for real attachments.

      Men lose in divorce court because they become emotional. I should write a how-to on this system and how to beat hoez at their games.

      Just never lose your cool. Always premeditate what you’re going to say and do. Men become like bitches in divorce, screaming, yelling, throwing shit, while the women become like the rational, calculated ones.

      JFC mine even called the cops to the house during a fight and I handled them too. Yeah being a lawyer helps but this shit isn’t that hard. I never even CLOSE to got pushed around by anyone. No jail, the cops sit outside while I eavesdrop and they’re all like “shit, we can’t get him to leave, what are we gonna do?” I even had the cops on HER ass, “ask her why she’s got all the kids’ stuff in the trunk of her car right now…she’s planning to take off with them and abduct them.”

      Every single guy I ever saw get screwed took “what’s right” into his own hands and the system ate him for lunch and he bitch took all he chips. I used the system to fight back and I was successful. In every circumstance, triangulate- everyone. The cops, the CPS, the judge, the schools, everyone. You triangulate and undermine her. You lawyer the fuck up and do what the dude says. To the letter.

      These are your kids; play the long game, not the short one.

      If your wife is unstable, be a gd man and plan for the future, get her on drugs as soon as possible, keep all the receipts. Encourage her to take more. Get her fuckin addicted, use that shit against her, use everything she ever said or did against her in court. Push her buttons, antagonize her. But don’t raise your voice or if you do ensure it cannot be proven. Provoke her to violence and bouts of irrational behavior. Document everything. Make it your calm and reasonable word against that of a lunatic.

      If she cheats, smile and snap photos or have your PI do it. FACILITATE IT. Mfers talk about wanting to be pimp and alpha and lose oneitis, HERE IS YOUR CHANCE to rid yourself of it.


      • on October 31, 2015 at 12:32 am Bro Brosterson

        Yes, you should write a how-to.


      • on October 31, 2015 at 12:15 pm gunslingergregi

        dam bro
        yea a body cam would prob be the shit in that situation
        thing is the bitch always trying to blindside the dude and he doesn”t know what the fuck just happened
        i go through enough bs emotional shit just breaking up with chicks im not married to i feel for you guys that actually got the kids and such
        why its crazy way system is the man is allready completely fucked with and demorilized losing his woman and she turned into someone he doesnt know who hates him but then eveerything he has is taken on top of that shit


      • I think I’m postponing my wedding!


      • I never understood why men are so stupid either. If I wasn’t happy in a marriage because the wife was being a cunt, I’d do what you said and file for divorce myself. Raising your own children probably beats the cubicle jobs of today anyway.


      • on November 1, 2015 at 4:25 pm Captain Tautological

        Seconded. I don’t know whether a “mainstream” outlet would publish it, or even whether Amazon would list it as an eBook, but you could certainly get it archived at Alt-Right sites [even almost mainstream sites like Zero Hedge or Lew Rockwell or World Net Daily].


      • Yes you should do a tutorial on how to win in divorce in the US. I for one would love to see it.

        And while your writing do a summary on how to fuck chick’s on airplanes. I fly all the time and sure could use the G2.


    • Me and my two older brothers were raised by a single working mom. All of us are college educated, drug free professionals with well paying careers.


  17. Yes, I agree with most of post; however, the Fundamental Premise, though true as far as it goes which is the boundaries of a woman’s mind, ignores culture and societal reality. If genes and sex are end all and be all, culture will not happen. Builders are men who have marital sex as a foundation for something more not vacuous called culture, economy, systemization. Sex is so expensive no man will support culture. DGAF=no support. The next and the dump after the pump address a liability issue tethered to the issue of insidious female attraction unnaturally liberated by cannibal gubbermint subsidy.

    “FYI, women will always receive the bulk of child support, and child custody, because women are naturally disposed to the task of child-rearing in a way that men aren’t.”

    I must respectfully disagree. Male nature is nature and we make culture. There is no fucking reason to allow mothers custody of their legitimate (in wedlock to be culturally instructed by the father) children except by submission to the father. Hire a fucking maid to make shit and be subservient. She can audition for more but let her be useful and subservient one way or another.

    Rob Fedders/No Ma’am covered this,

    but he emphasized the father’s (material) provisioning and not the father’s social values/guidance/authority. Men are the indispensable sex for living better than animals, but especially the men of civilized values (mileage by race varies) that enforce cooperation and eliminate destructive (dishonorable) competition. Wealth stewardship is fundamental. We are wealth. Thinks are wealth. The wrong ppl are in charge and the fundamental cultural premise is that certain men are better.


  18. Older husbands younger wives…the perfect balance. The younger wife can breed and provides vitality to the older husband. The older husband can provide bedroom prowess and life guidance. This type of relationship happens alot in non Western cultures. Older western women journalists frown upon this in western socities out of jealousy.


    • on November 1, 2015 at 9:59 pm The Spirit Within

      I bring this up with older American women every chance that I get. Just speak in a calm tone. Describe how a fifteen-year spread is quite natural for our species and is still followed in South America, Asia, etc. (They respond better to the 15-yr description than to the half-your-age-plus-7-years rule. Women really don’t like that type of math, for some reason.)

      Anyways, no older woman (40+) has ever challenged it. At worst, they change the subject.


  19. Funny stories. I have a friend who got divorced a couple of years ago at 50 or so. He foolishly stay separated for the last 15 years, and only went to finalize the divorce last year. His ex has never worked full time – her ‘job’ is working PT as a receptionist at the local town offices. He had been paying child support all along, until both girls emancipated last year. At that point, *she* filed for divorce, because now that the CS gravy train is gone, she can now file for alimony. Because they were married so long (30 years now?), she is ‘entitled’ to it. Despite never having taken advantage of getting a better degree, job skills, etc…


  20. Great post and very illuminating.

    I have also seen that work outside the home increases options.
    And would say that Education implies greater Options.

    It really underscores what plenty of divorced men have told me. They all wished they had never supported her while she was studying for a degree.

    I always thought this was because of the expense but if many men have seen things go south post degree… then maybe it’s because post grad increased options doomed their marriage.

    Back as a young man I laughed at all the older guys getting mail order brides from Asia. Keeping them at home, barefoot and pregnant. Now I don’t laugh.


  21. on October 30, 2015 at 1:08 pm elmer t. jones

    “Executive Summary”. lol

    It’s time to pump the memes earnestly but impishly through the major business journalism outlets.

    Encorpera : The Global Corporate Super-Organism


  22. on October 30, 2015 at 1:37 pm gunslingergregi

    yea i can say why woman initiate divorce
    uhh yea so i get to where my girl living and yea old dude lets me stay
    but yea her phone is blowing up with dudes calling from every place she worked or went
    offering her everything under sun lol
    i fuck her for three days and on the 3rd i say let me see that phone tet and she dont dont show me i say you dont show me im dippin
    she says dip
    so i pack my shit and leave


    • on October 30, 2015 at 1:41 pm gunslingergregi

      yea i guess even i cant leave my bitch in us couple thousand miles away and think the shit aint gonna affect her
      might be the way to cure oneitis im never gonna see her face in my town i got her to a new place and dont have to deal with the problems she got stacked up like cordwood she never even made the cut for me to consider marriage with her in the first place so yea shit i was tellin her to get dude and yea guess she did but again the cry for me to say ill marry her or some shit but i just never fucking will maybe if i was 65 or something
      shit who wouldnt take advantage when ya got all these dude telling you all this crap and you can rob them all legally and they kissin your ass


    • on October 30, 2015 at 1:49 pm gunslingergregi

      her no i wasent fucking other people i was with you i waited for you i loved you even when you wasent here i give u now im tired of pushing men away who want to make it all about me””””””’

      jeez when has it not been always about her


      • on October 30, 2015 at 1:51 pm gunslingergregi

        in a way i feel bad cause there a shark in the water there but in another ive relieved as fuck see if this cures the onitis or am i really gonna answer when she calls and says i love you i found out i only want you bla bla bla
        at least she aint where i can see her every day
        wala? you listening lol put that onitis of yours far away somehow
        i figured it out


      • on October 30, 2015 at 6:06 pm gunslingergregi

        anyway this is looking more like an attempt at power grab she failed badly on
        like the femal ape that went to the younger apes to get the silverback mad enough to take her or some shit
        she now realizing i didnt want her and it hurts
        she said why did you fuck other woman and not try as hard as your wife to be faithfull i said yea i prob made a mistake getting with american bitches she said im a mistake choked up and hung up
        like the fuck she got 20 dudes what the fuck you want me to do i told her have the one dude come over lol she wouldn’t
        but yea i guess in divorces the guy can just say no its not happening over any reason go to jail for beating her whatever and she might be happier that way you passed the shit test
        i didn’t want to pass the shit test im trying to unload the bitch so i can quit having uneeded problems in my life
        yea this bitch is gonna keep coming back till i die
        life is fucked up got dudes begging bitches to take them back and the bitches laugh and dudes who dont want them back making bitches nervous what the hell jesus


      • on October 30, 2015 at 6:08 pm gunslingergregi

        dude bought the ring and proposed she said no lol
        got him on the rules shit but yea whatevs
        according to her but bitches lie so who knows
        my messages look like the lifetime channel i think


      • on October 30, 2015 at 6:16 pm gunslingergregi

        i been stressed worryin bout this womans problems its like relief having another dude gonna pay to make the fuckups better i couldn’t do it


      • Dude speak English


      • I love ya Greg,but I am glad we don’t socialize!


      • @GS I wrote the book on oneitis. Only one way to get past it is to believe in the power of your own value. Usually oneitis comes from being dumped or spurned meaning it triggers some type of shame or a competitive instinct to “win” back. In my case I was quite insidiously manipulated into second-guessing my own frame. The only thing that worked was a solid commitment to no contact. For 7 months now it’s been total shut out. I’ve received a series of solicitous contacts from her…everything from stalking me, to nasty emails, to parading other dudes, to sweetness… Nothing from me… The fog eventually lifts. The realization that the Red Pill is a consciousness of reality vs fantasy. You are the architect of your own destiny. Every action you make has a reaction so calibrating those actions, understanding ev psych, appreciating women for who they are instead of what you wished they would be are critical to overcoming oneitis and adopting the Red Pill. Girls with bf’s hitting on me or banging me…I don’t think a Blue Pill guy can fathom how that could even happen.


      • on October 31, 2015 at 10:52 am Captain Tautological

        > “believe in the power of your own value” ——— WW, just a very important little point to make: Don’t invest yourself in fantasies and beliefs. Invest yourself in reality and especially in Truth. I’m all for faking it until you make it, but the key ingredient there is in MAKING IT, and not giving up until you actually have made it [rather than giving up and quitting and going home with your tail between your legs in humiliation]. Any White Man [or teenaged White boy] who has made it to the Manosphere [and especially to Le Chateau] has a nascent Alpha within him. So don’t pretend to be that Alpha, or “believe” that you are that Alpha: GO FORTH AND BE THAT ALPHA.


      • on October 31, 2015 at 11:00 am Captain Tautological

        By the way, that’s precisely why Director Tamir Pardo devotes so many precious resources to trolling Le Chateau – because Weaponized Eskimo Psychiatry Inc has invested 150 years in destroying Western Civilization, and no way no how can they allow this nascent re-awakening of White Masculinity to move from being a campfire [lit by Li’l Paris Airport Dude] to being a wildfire to being a forest fire to being a full blown state-wide conflagration which destroys everything they have worked on so patiently, and immolates them in the process.


      • Isn’t it hard to type with the drool running down onto the keys? Don’t the neighbors ever call 911 “OMG! Come quick, some guy down in the basement apt is screaming about Jews, and the Mossad and white babies or buns or some crazy shit!”


      • on November 1, 2015 at 4:18 pm Captain Tautological

        Just as soon as the Sabbath is finished in Judea and Samaria, the termites return for their gnawing and burrowing and tunnelling.


      • on November 1, 2015 at 6:43 pm Director Tamir Pardo

        Of course, your theory only makes sense if I am receiving my marching orders from Joo-land. I do have some autonomy you know…


      • on November 2, 2015 at 6:09 am Captain Tautological

        No, actually, unlike White People, you don’t have any autonomy – the pathology was burned into your DNA – the Mashiach was very clear on that point:


    • Is she the first woman you’ve actually loved or given a crap about? If so, then oneitis is par for the course.

      In my late teens Early twenties I was in a relationship that lasted three years longer than it should have. Verbal and emotional abuse, cheating back and forth, etc. couldn’t let go cuz I thought you had to stick it out and not quit blah blah.

      So glad I got away from that one


      • on November 2, 2015 at 2:19 am gunslingergregi

        she my 4th soulmate he he he
        she known whole time i am married and not getting divorced ever so she kind of banging her head against a brick wall
        she could of earned 2nd wife spot without the actual marriage since she american but hasen’t


  23. Look up the study by Brinig an Allen on why women initiate divorces. Conclusively tied to the fact that they will gain custody of the children and everyting that goes along with it.


  24. What’s missing from the study also are the effects of menopause. Basically at that age she’s no longer interested in sex while her husband still very much is. Now it’s time to cash out and get rid of him.


  25. The Misandry Bubble is set to pop


  26. This is word-for-word on point:

    “I tend to reject the statistic, because it usually refers to a feminist study from the 1980s (when academic feminism had carte blanche to make things up). However, it’s true that a woman’s income often looks low on paper following divorce. This is because child support, child tax credits, EIC, property transferred to woman from ex-husband and other benefits are not counted as income. In the meanwhile, it looks like a man’s expenses have gone down, because he no longer gets to claim these expenses on his tax returns. The truth, however, is that she gets all of the supposed increase in his living standard and then some directly in her pocket. The statistic is so deliberately dishonest that it ought to be called what it is: a lie.

    Divorce is deliberately set up to ensure that women lose as little as possible when leaving their marriage for whatever reason. Men, of course, are punished no matter what the reason.”


  27. They should make a law like in Israel where a woman can not divorse without her husband’s permission. That will fix the problem.
    Israel divorse rate: 28 %
    US divorse rate 53 %

    Shouldn’t we learn from the “smartest” people?


    • on October 30, 2015 at 3:19 pm Observasaurus Rex

      Just make prenups 100% enforceable and required before marriage, and child custody be 50/50 (therefore no child support). Add in the removal of all welfare (especially for single mothers) and the right for men to have a financial abortion (give up all parental rights and responsibilities) and within a generation we will have single digit divorce numbers as well as a 1% (or less) out of wedlock birth rate.


    • Men don’t need a law to say no to divorce.


    • I find it funny how morons fall for the only democracy in the middle east canard. Technically, both turkey and Jordan are democracies, but more importantly, neither violate the fourth Geneva convention every day, take a piss on human rights, equality in the case of this law etc.


  28. on October 30, 2015 at 2:10 pm gunslingergregi

    so here game that might work””

    i got a good man right now who can take away all that pain for me at least someone want me an wants to make me happy and give me everything in life i want wants to marry me”””””””””

    just agree to give the chick everything she wants in life whatever that is and marry her after she uses rules girl game on you and doesn’t fuck you to get ya to commit lol after less than month and a half of knowing her

    hey who was talking shit on gas stations this dudes family owns a bunch of em
    supposedly i guess it got him a bitch anyway as long as he does everything she wants all the time is what he committing to he he he
    my bitch can smell money
    hopefully works out for her i guess


  29. Supposedly, when both husband and wife have college degrees or higher, % of divorces initiated by the wife rises to 90%. I read that somewhere, that I can’t be bothered to remember, or google.

    Women, in addition to other causes, initiate divorces based on other factors that are, objectively, stupid, such as whether one or more of her friends/co-workers are getting divorced, or how she “feelz” at the moment, and without regard to the future. Thus a buddy of mine found out, two years ago, that he was getting divorced (his wife was 43 at the time, had mostly kept her figure), but his ex didn’t really count on how much her SMV had dropped by virtue of being a 43 y.o. single mom. He’s a successful guy, and is content to bang chicks 35+, so his dance card is full, while hers is not. Result: He smashes, she doesn’t, she mad. So while he does pay a shit-ton of alimony, he’s winning the divorce, overall. He particularly enjoys telling her to fuck off when she tries to nag him over something minor b/c she’s bitter.


  30. Whoever came up with the “life ain’t fair” argument against fixing the marriage laws needs to get the chair.


  31. this guy? fuck him.

    Boobs are nice though, but still…fucking cuckster migrant fucker.


  32. I find 27-31 are the prime ages for a woman to change lanes. You have been warned.


  33. They just want to suck new dick


  34. on October 30, 2015 at 3:41 pm elmer t. jones

    re : Black Church Arsons

    Several lib websites decried the torching of black churches. Got banned and deleted for suggesting maybe insurance payola, not white racists, was to blame.

    Looks like they caught a culprit. Probably won’t find mention of it on Salon :


    • on October 30, 2015 at 3:43 pm elmer t. jones

      For a good time google(“black church arsons racists”).


    • on October 31, 2015 at 8:52 pm elmer t. jones

      Thanks PA, from the book preface :

      Men are being pushed out of the labor market

      The conventional work search approach promoted by our female-centric media and corporate Human Resource advocates is designed to provide security for them and to keep you on the outside.

      You need effective tactics to beat your competition

      To attain work you must identify influential men in your target industry and contact them directly to present your marketable skills. That is the essence of Employment Game and this book provides a flexible work-search system for you to tailor to your situation and skill set.

      This book tells you why and shows you how

      While most job-hunting books tell you to follow rules and submit obediently to corporate employment screening channels, this tract shows you how to turn the system which discriminates against you to your advantage and get a true chance at the job while your competition is waiting for their next instructions from HR.

      I have also started a blog where I will share tech tips and take an occasional swipe at our favorite punching bags.


  35. The real reason women initiate 70% of divorces?



  36. on October 30, 2015 at 4:57 pm Each Pond Gone

    Minority law could def. be applied here in concerted defiance of such laws. Better yet, stop getting married.


  37. […] The reason women initiate 70% of divorces. […]


  38. I wonder how much sharper that inflection point would be around 40-ish if the cold hard facts about infertility were widely publicized.

    Even if there is no plan for a pregnancy, and the woman is a committed to contraception and abortion as lifestyle insurance, there is a deep hindbrain knowledge of her fertility, and her inner programming will drive her, much as it will a man of 18, to fuck, fuck, fuck.

    The horny 39 year old is the ;product of her biology screaming for one last chance at immortality through childbirth, while it is overtly thwarted by her outward desire to remain safely situated in the cosmopolitan consumer class.


    • It’s well known. Women hitting 40 freak the fuck out. First waft of perimenopause…


      • I never noticed, primarily because I don’t care what a woman over 40 does


      • on October 31, 2015 at 1:34 pm mendozatorres

        Got some old maids at work that are nearing that age. One’s an asian cutie. One’s married that keeps checking me out. The setting is prime.


    • Precisely. Her conscious mind practices birth control at age 39.
      Her hindbrain notices that there has been no offspring for a while,
      and realizes that time is running out. Hindbrain thinks that problem
      probably is with the partner, and changes mate to improve the odds.
      Possible, but risky, countermove: Keep her pregnant until menopause.


    • My bitch has somehting wrong with her, can’t have kids.

      So a couple of years ago, she stole all my money and actually BOUGHT these kids. Now I am stuck with some other man’s kids, and she managed to persuade doctors to sign birth certificates that I am the father.


  39. Long anti-marriage rant from a guy who’s been there.

    I have read that lesbian marriages are the most unstable, gay male marriages the most stable. Hetero’s, of course, are in between.

    Ergo: Women make marriages unstable.

    Women do initiate most divorces. Women are so ignorant and evil that when they first hear that, they deny it, blaming divorce on no good men leaving their faithful wives. When they check out the data (some will, most are too lazy), they then say that he had the divorce coming because Womyn! These are the women who say men are unfairly paid more than women.

    Women divorce men just because they are bored or their husbands “haven’t grown” like they have. Or, they can leave him, take his money, and hook up with a more physically desirable male. Imagine a man divorcing his wife on those grounds.

    Women have no shame taking a man’s money. They are hardwired to do it.

    Women are hard to live with. Men are much more just go along to get along.

    The fact is, getting married is stupid. Having children is good. Have them when you are older. If you get married for reliable sex, you are self-identifying as a loser. The sex will not be reliable, or good, and won’t last long.

    Fact is, women are narcissists. Read their literature, like Self magazine. Or Oprah!!

    If young men just postponed marriage until they were 35, and spent the years from 18 to 34 developing their potential (vocational and avocational), and exploring and experiencing women sans the shackles of matrimony, they would be SO much better off. Freud said no man is fully grown until his father has died. I say no man is fully mature until he has broken off with or kicked out a decent enough women who, although satisfactory in most ways, was lacking in some departments so she just didn’t make the cut.

    Was reading about Meg Ryan today. The article was SO sympathetic. Poor dear. She cheated on her husband, having a “fling” with a co-star. Her husband divorced her, and she, poor dear, was left alone because her co-star saw it as a fling. Now, she has been left by her on again and off again boyfriend, her money is gone, and she has nobody to turn too. Her slutty behavior and crappy plastic surgery (and her advancing age) made her unsuitable for her “America’s sweetheart” movie roles. Poor dear. Oh, she is raising her son by her first marriage and a very young black kid she adopted. That’s your American women with options. Stupid, narcissistic, worthless.

    I think it was our blog host who pointed out that if you want to keep your wife or girlfriend, do not help her achieve her life goals. If you want to be rid of her, help her achieve her life goals, like that law degree. As soon as she improves her economic or social value, she will feel she is too good for you and leave you. All her friends will agree. You just aren’t good enough for her now. Just don’t put up any money.

    I don’t know if any man is immune from the last danger. I think when Tom Brady retires, if his wife keeps working and maintains her looks, and if Tom were to go bald, his wife would decide she’s too good for him. Such is life.


  40. on October 30, 2015 at 6:10 pm gunslingergregi

    at a panera bread started talking to the first jewish chick i ever seen outside of nyc working and looked decent from israel and talked for like 10 minutes while people in line behing just patiently waited was kind of surreal


    • Like to see THOSE kids…


    • Fucked an Israeli chick once. Born and raised there, came over for school. She was at best a 6 but daddy paid for her nose job and nice fake tits. She was a total anything-goes chick in bed.

      She was more relaxed and not-consciously Eskimo like those Eskimos born outside the Eskimo homeland. She said she didn’t like hanging out with American Eskimos because they tended to be extremely cliquey (i.e. only with other Eskimos), obsessed with their culture/religion, and wanted every conversation to be political. She said that was really annoying, no one in Israel except the hardcore religious nuts (10% of the pop) were like that, and the other 90% avoided that 10% like the plague.

      It was nice to have an Eskimo who didn’t believe everything required Eskimo absolute dominance. And she gave great head.

      Steve Sailer has written how Israel began as a Northwestern European-type nation (run by Ashkenazis, natch) but has slowly evolved into a typical Mediterranean -area country: laid back about rules, relaxed, and less-future-time oriented. It’s not a complete shift, mind you, but the people who keep Israel as ISRAEL are the 10% hardcore nuts and the foreign Eskimos who are more into the idea of Israel than the actual Israel.


  41. This has slipped my mind for years. You ever heard of (or seen) the Pedobear / Tupac van in San Francisco?

    One day in Bernal Heights I woke up, hungover and hating life, and stumbled down to a corner store to cadge a smoke off the owner (Lebanese — white men would rather die than sell singles under the table).

    Parked right outside was this fucking van with my hero PEDOBEAR on it. Couldn’t believe it and had the Leb take pictures of me in front of it. Sweet.

    Then I heard rustling inside. Knocked on the door, and a couple of surly hippies were inside. They had no idea what Pedobear is.

    Well, I just remembered and googled it — turns out a href=””>it’s owned by PUA Jeffy, lolzlzlz. Calls it his “RAPE VAN”.

    But here’s this gem in the jizzable writeup:

    After Mission Mission wondered why no one was talking about Jeffy’s van earlier this week, our pal Katie Baker over at Jezebel tracked down one of his potential dates, a girl named Amanda who was tired of all the guys on OKCupid who rock climb:

    “Don’t get me wrong, I’m not usually attracted to explicit douche bags but I immediately felt refreshed after scanning hundreds of profiles depicting young startup professionals that are just ‘enjoying our beautiful city’ and love to cook, travel, and rock climb,” Amanda wrote on her Facebook wall. “Every motherfucker on okcupid rock climbs. So I wrote back and let him know that if that was in fact his van, I would go on a date with him. His response was that he was busy promoting his clothing line in vegas and I should text him. Note: all of his t-shirts say “beast mode” on them. At this point I figured I would probably be better off not meeting him and it was only later when he reached out again that I decided, fuck it, YOLO!”

    Also, “a friend of mine” used to own an old Ford van, had it upholstered and decked out with trippy mood lights, and had a limited but successful run with some local barelylegals. Each one, when introduced to this friend of mine, would squeal “OMG U HAVE A PEDO VAN” and ask to go inside.


  42. A woman who knows she will get half, the house, and custody with child support thinks she will hit the jackpot in the event of divorce…

    Yeah. My ex divorced me after sixteen years; got the house, (brand new mini mansion, built to our specs), a big chunk of my retirement, most of our stuff, and physical custody of all three children with a four digit child support check every month. She thought it was just the greatest thing ever – then promptly wrecked everything; lost the house, went bankrupt, crapped all over any chance the older two had at going to college… Our youngest lives with me now and none of the three even speak to her anymore. She remarried, a beta schlub who knocked her up and is now stuck with her. He now has a terrific thousand yard stare and I laugh at him every time I see them (or did, anyway). By the way, honey, with a decade without your reckless spending my personal net worth is double what ours was when you bailed, and I’m having more and better sex with younger and hotter women than I ever did with you.

    Yeah, I’m still a little bitter, especially about how much it screwed up the kids. Felt good to say it though. Now I’m going to console myself with my twenty-years-younger yoga-instructor girlfriend.


  43. on October 30, 2015 at 7:43 pm Sean Fielding

    For those who were arguing aging JohnnyTampon should just be happy living celibate with his big-titty 44 yo: I’m mid 50’s, 5’8”, bald. I was just out walking my dog, ran into cute HB7 hourglass walking her 2 dogs. No way is this chick a day over 25; my guess is 23.

    Dog walking game can be good game, because dogs are animals and if you know even a little about dogs, their dominance, aggression and sexuality, you can transfer the convo to humans. Trick is to move it away from ‘isn’t he cute’ doggy chit-chat fast – get out of the comfort zone.

    I stay in that phase just long enough to learn her dogs are females, age, breed mix, that stuff.

    She’s wearing camo pants, I tease her maybe she’s out hunting. She takes it seriously, I let her go with it awhile, then tell her it ‘Naw, it’s the camo pants’, close that with ‘but you’re probably hunting men anyway, that’s the best hunting here is’ (paraphrase of Hemingway’s great line, not that she needs to know that). She smiles broadly and blushes slightly.

    Like a gift, one of her dogs gets into a little snarl with mine. I don’t get defensive, just let them calm down and say ‘I think your dog’s a feminist – mine’s like me – we like to provoke feminists.’ She laughs.

    One thing about dog-walking game is that you obviously meet mostly women walking in the opposite direction, so encounters are brief unless you can spark interest fast or plausibly turn your route around. So this encounter was looking to be over after these few minutes – she puts out her left hand to shake ‘cause she has a leash or something in her right and tells me her name. I say “Not your left hand, it’s bad luck. Might mean we won’t meet again” (somewhat beta line but OK in the mix and it looks like this encounter is ending anyway). So as I’m giving her my name and shaking her RIGHT hand, what do you think I see? Shy smile and hair twirl.

    Now I’m all smiles on the inside. Two years ago, well into middle age, I didn’t even know exactly what a hair twirl meant (thanks Heartiste – saving masculinity one man at a time). I walk on down the trail a bit and exchange a few pleasantries with a genuine old geezer. At this point my 7 comes back down the trail. From the locality, I know her turning around had little or nothing to do with me, but I’m not gonna let this golden opportunity slip by letting her know that.

    Instead: “I knew you just couldn’t resist me.” So now I definitely have a plausible reason to walk along with her. She’s the one who turned around! And so it goes for 20 Heartistian minutes or so. She’s chit-chatting about how she likes ‘shrooms not drinking and I’m teasing her about being a tomboy who embarrassed herself so much on her first drunk she won’t ever touch a drop again. Light sexual innuendo, let her do most of the talking.

    And at the end of the walk: May – October number close.


    • on November 2, 2015 at 6:22 am Captain Tautological

      > “she likes ‘shrooms not drinking” ——— Mushrooms as in PSILOCYBINS?!? Okay, the sex will be great, but do NOT develop feelings for this chick. Also, if you knock her up by accident, then keeping her clean for nine months, so that you can get a healthy live birth out of her, is going to be a friggin nightmare. After the bang, when she’s sound asleep, go to her medicine cabinet [or her leather medicine “purse”] – it might be in the bathroom or the kitchen or her clothes closet or all three – and look through it, and write down the names of all the drugs you see and then go home and research just exactly WTF she is narking herself on. And which ones cause birth defects. SRSLY.


    • @Sean, excellent man! Well done.


    • Sean – great story… This is why doing the hard work in field is so valuable, it will change your entire mindset.

      One point to think about, this here:

      “encounters are brief unless you can spark interest fast or plausibly turn your route around”


      “So now I definitely have a plausible reason to walk along with her”

      You don’t need a “plausible” reason… that’s just blue pill conditioning. If you establish attraction you establish attraction. So once you have attraction just take it from there. This is how you move from a number to isolating and banging a stranger you have known for less than an hour.

      Assume the sale! Why assume the sale? Well first it is a no lose mindset. If you are right you accelerate things 1+1=2. If you are wrong you are no worse off than when you started 0+0=0. Second, you are picking up on her attraction and amplifying it, creating a virtuous feedback loop in her hindbrain. If she is stopped and talking with you there is some level of attraction established. Think about that.

      On the Plains of Ur if a woman stopped and spoke with/isolated with a man, she was going to be taken as a bride, raped, beaten (by her family or other women as well). There is a lot of risk to her engaging in this behavior, hindbrain wise. Well that hindbrain is still there. This is a main reason why women always are going out in groups and rarely going out alone. Of course those that you see out AT NIGHT alone, well you think she must be DTF… and you are right. But the same dynamic is at play all the time. If she is willing to talk to you and be alone with you at anytime she has some level of attraction for you.

      Now playing on the assume the sale mindset, if you continue your interaction believing not just that she is attracted to you but she is DTF as well, and continue your seduction with this kind of frame and confidence… can you see how this creates an attraction loop where the hindbrain acknowledges more and more what it initially Signalled? HEY EGGZZZ this guys here is attractive… get ready!!! So a little leading in this area can go a really long way really quickly…

      You (after you see some attraction): Hey listen I am going this way, come walk with me a bit… but keep your hands to yourself (and lead her in your direction)

      or if you can’t muster a compliance test challenge

      You: Cool cool. Our dogs are really in love, let’s see how far they take it (and walk in her direction).

      Now you need comfort and rapport as well, but that is mostly to overcome ASD and LMR challenges, not to build any attraction. so while you are walking, hold her hand… walk a bit… stop look at something, laser eye her, tease, pull her in, more kino, more sexualized convo… etc etc. Creates the entire dynamic for her hindbrain – which wants sperm/Eggzz combo – to allow it to just happen…. and days later she may be sitting with her GF’s talking about this mysterious guy who swept her up.. and she won’t say you were handsome or rich or really have any words for what happened other than oblique “IDK he was just really… confident”…

      So go forth and have fun, continue to push your interactions and kill off that BP thinking.

      PS – don’t worry about miscalibrating too much, if you do you are still in a great place to leave with a number and have set the tone as a confident sexual guy.


      • on November 2, 2015 at 2:17 pm Sean Fielding

        Great points, Sentient. My biggest problems are that I don’t practice at every opportunity and I don’t seek every opportunity I could.


  44. “The formula reverses for men, who experience a rise in romantic options as they get older and gain social and financial status”

    I never realized how important financial status was until I had to move back in with my parents in the suburbs. I probably averaged two girls per month while living in downtown Toronto (mostly 4’s and 5’s who never returned my texts to be honest, but hey, not all of us can be alphas).

    Now that I’m back at home with the ‘rents, I’m incel as hell despite being decent looking and in shape. I doubt I could even get a fat chick with these living arrangements. Having your own place in a densely populated metropolis is like half the battle.


  45. I never realized how important financial status was to a man’s smv until I had to move back in with my parents in the suburbs. I must’ve averaged two new girls per month while living in downtown Toronto (mostly 4’s and 5’s who wouldn’t return my texts, but hey, not all of us can be alphas).

    Now that I live with my parents, I’m as incel as they come. I doubt I could even get a fat chick at this point. Having your own place in a densely populated metropolis is like half the battle.


  46. When I read the title, I thought the reason that women were “initiating” divorces was because they got fat.


  47. Lesbians divorce even at higher rate than heteros or gay men (according to date from Sweden.) In fact gay men divorce less than heteros. Divorce is a mostly a woman thing. Get two of them together and divorce happens even more often than normal.


    • The mere ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of fag facts fosters acceptance mentality. Best to ignore the attention whoring group. Too bad the Red Shield funded media shoves it in our face at every turn. ‘Just don’t look’. Cheers


    • Cure Brittney Griner. Read the spat she had with her ex. Hilarious.


      • *Cue…..ain’t no one that can cure that.


      • Steve Sailer has pointed out that Griner is likely to be a rarity: a genetic male with undescended testicles and a small penis that would appear as a large clitoris.

        Just watching Griner in interviews gives that impression. Griner looks and acts and speaks like a dude, which explains why she is so dominant in the WNBA; its like when that black sprinter chick from Africa was found to be a dude.


      • Yeah, I read that article about her, but have you read the story about the fight she had with her fiance/wife? They had to call the cops cause no one at the party could pry them off. Not even dudes that were also there at the party could break up the fight.


      • It IS hard to tell the difference between a male and a female bonobo.


      • Geez… I never heard of this creature so curiosity made me goo-goo dat sheet.

        Cue Belushi’s reaction in Animal House when they projected the picture of pledge Flounder?


    • There was an old aphorism that you could never have two grown women live under the same roof; each needed to be queen of her own kingdom. T


    • on October 31, 2015 at 12:23 pm gunslingergregi

      yea heard this chick i know married a chick week later she called me i was bustin on her about how fags used to be free now they got the gov andlawyers in their pocket to break up yea she was allready getting a divorce rofl so now yea actually has to go and get a divorce like a hetro person
      i said before the whole gay marriage thing about money


  48. “women will always receive the bulk of child support, and child custody, because women are naturally disposed to the task of child-rearing in a way that men aren’t. ”

    Actually that concept, “the tender years doctrine” came out of early feminism. Before that, the father got custody.


    • Having the dad get custody was one way to suppress male-initiated divorce.

      I’ve been a single father to three rug-rats and it was a big job but they turned out very well.

      I remember in “Gone with the Wind” that Rhett got to take the kid with him to London when he got pissed at Scarlett for not putting out for him anymore.


  49. We all know that Russian are crazy this goes beyond crazy
    The question is how the towers did not collapse under huge balls
    of these 2 guys
    Something tells me that feminism will not be very successful in Russia not matter how much millions Sorosh spends

    Bonus one of the comments
    guitars23 2 weeks ago
    “starving kids in Africa could have eaten that tower”


  50. Off topic but could use all the help I could get:

    Recently took a new job. My new manager is a (largely incompetent, obviously) black woman. My new coworkers include a territorial, stand-offish gay dude and a middle aged manipulative harpy who gives inappropriately timed compliments on my physical appearance but then makes passive-aggressive remarks with higher ups present. She also tries to “assign” work even though she has no authority to do so. Obviously this is a toxic situation and rife with HR landmines for a straight white male.

    How can I troll this situation while keeping within HR policy and not getting fired/reprimanded? the working environment sucks, but on the other hand I”m looking for a bright side and there are tons of possibilities to make life interesting with such a diverse and mentally-unstable department.

    As it stands now, I’m the only person who stands up to our manager. She’s wrong a lot and sometimes needs to be corrected. I’m happy to do that for her. We’ve had our disagreements but overall she likes me because I’m not a sycophant. The other coworkers I’ve pretty much written off, as I’ve already determined our working relationships are beyond repair.

    Any advice is much appreciated.


    • on November 2, 2015 at 7:43 am elmer t. jones

      Welcome to Encorpera. Start by defacing motivational posters.

      In my book I have a section on self defense tactics :

      Cultivate Risk Taking

      Did you know?

      Ctrl-Alt-Down Arrow will turn your co-worker’s screen upside down. A funny gag when he steps away from his desk. But remember : payback is a bitch.


  51. “Still another possibility is pairing off younger wives with older husbands, for a balanced SMV match.” This.


  52. So I was chatting to my flirty work colleague, and for once we were having a ‘normal’ conversation. I was bored (and there was no work to do) so for once I actually sought her out (she was with a colleague who promptly left us to chat, thanks for that 😉 ) and she ended up telling me she was going to be off for a week or two and she was going somewhere I’d been so we just chatted about that, then she mentions she’s also going to a wedding, and that’s when she says “it won’t be like mine though”, that’s when I notice the ring.

    I really had no idea (though on reflection it explains a lot). So I’m now wondering when this event occurred has she always been married and failed to mention it (she always referred to the BF by name) or is it some recent event and again failed to mention it (until now). Now we’re not best buds (and I’m not trying to be if you catch my drift) but you’d think it would’ve cropped up before now and we’re does this leave me game-wise?

    Now I know there’s a rapport and attraction, that’s been fairly evident from the start and recently she’s been a lot more pro-active in iniating. When we were chatting she also had several opportunities to leave but she merely did what she needed to do and came quickly back (I admit I stuck around to see what would happen)

    The obvious answer is carry on gaming. So guys what do you think?


    • @Flames – obviously interested in you. You don’t even need to “game” that much more. Isolation and escalation and some sexual talk should do the trick. Just get her out alone for a drink and escalate if you want to do that.

      Caution: careful about messing around in the workplace – you’ll have to live with the consequences.


  53. on October 31, 2015 at 6:07 am complaining standards

    Even Australia is being swallowed by the madness. White race shaming included


  54. Having A Bad Day And Sentient – you helped with my questions about RedPilling my marriage a few months ago or MAPping in MMSL terms. It’s happening slow but happening

    How do I handle comments from wife recently about how I’ve become “distant” and I just treat her as someone who manages the house and kids for me and how she thinks we don’t talk as much as before and I don’t talk to her or share things with her like I used to? All of this is absolutely true and there’s more she doesn’t know (i’m planning a new business venture on top of day job and have a prototype ready). I also get push back pretty often when I make decisions and tell her what to do..she says “we are supposed to discuss this”.

    She says she’s “starved for affection” and I’m not as physically affectionate like holding hands, arms around her etc as I used to be. This is also true. Sex was never great but is a bit better (I should do more to initiate I know..she is reasonably keen although she won’t do it if I haven’t shaved for a day or two..says she hates stubble..).

    There’s more but I’m wondering if I’m overdoing the MAPping and need to chill out more or this is just a normal reaction from her to noticing some changes in me


    • TheMarquis – good for making an effort to change things. If you are familiar with MMSL terms, what you see unfolding here is sex rank parity. it sounds from her questions that she viewed herself as having a higher SR than you, and now you are catching up. When you get to equal sex rank there is a tremendous battle for control.

      This is what you are facing now. Whose frame is stronger who will win the battle? Everything she is saying to you is a shit test. Just A&A and use standard game, reframe etc. and keep doing what you are doing. This is the perfect time for things liek she’s not happy with something and you say “you don’t have to be” etc. and a heavy dose of dread.

      She is using her “rolodex” as HABD would say and going through all the moves that have worked for her in the past. The problem MMSL guy shave is once they astart to get some heavy shit testing the forum (and the abundant women mods there) will urge you to back off.. more comfort! Loyalty tests…!!! But this is a misdiagnosis. “. I also get push back pretty often when I make decisions and tell her what to do” – this here is NOT the kind of test a guy who has been too alpha gets…

      Same with this here “she won’t do it if I haven’t shaved for a day or two..says she hates stubble.” – shit test, she wants everything from her frame not yours. easiest way to get through this is to pay attention to whose frame you are operating in – yours (for example sex how you want it when you want it – no negotiating etc.) or hers.

      It takes a looooong time to turn around a LTR. Rule of thumb with MAP is 1 month for each year of relationship. And if you backslide it will take longer.

      Good luck!


      • on November 2, 2015 at 9:47 am having a bad day

        maybe this will get through the stack…lol…



      • Thank You Sentient Having A Bad Day And Anonymous

        It’s funny because by any objective standard I have clearly higher SR than her – but her subjectively may think otherwise. Recently she went crazy after a party where she thought a married co-worker I knew slightly was flirting with me (she was right, but it was very subtle). Funny because she hasn’t had such a strong reaction to another woman flirting with me – not that it happened often – for many years since our early dating days.

        My main worry is that as you said, maybe I’m overdoing it and not giving her comfort when she needs it, but you seem to be saying that I should basically stay the course.

        What Anonymous said has basically happened a couple of times, like when she’s drunk and stuff, she overlooked the stubble. But to be fair she’s pretty good about sex when I initiate – it’s just that I don’t initiate as often as I almost feels like it isn’t that much fun (and I have – recently – sometimes been sleeping with other women so I’m not desperate for it) because it’s not that good and pretty boring. And she keeps trying to take control and stuff and it becomes like a battle of wills a few times when I’ve just tried to take control and she won’t submit – wrong habits from the earliest days of relationship. She also sometimes complains “jokingly” (maybe she’s reading MMSL heh) that I’m very vanilla in bed and she’d like to be more adventurous (or maybe she’s already cheating on me heh – I don’t think so but she does leave the kids with me and travel 3-5 times a year on work).


      • Having A Bad Day And Sentient – I wrote a longer post but it somehow vanished when I hit post? Anyway it had some more details and said Thank You if it doesn’t appear to you. I have read the MMSL forums a little bit – I thought the original book was great but I find the forum quite confusing and don’t know quite whose advice to trust – there seem to be women “MAPping” on the forum now? And the advice is quite contradictory? But what you guys said a few months ago really made a lot of sense to me so I came back here


      • My pleasure… Let me be more clear for you though, don’t just stay the course… AMP UP YOUR ALPHA…!!!!

        This here : “she keeps trying to take control and stuff and it becomes like a battle of wills a few times when I’ve just tried to take control and she won’t submit – wrong habits from the earliest days of relationship. She also sometimes complains “jokingly” (maybe she’s reading MMSL heh) that I’m very vanilla in bed and she’d like to be more adventurous ”

        This is a flashing, burning, neon sign with loud buzzers BEGGING you to amp things up. You are holding back because you don’t want to fail, and that holding back is causing you to fail. She wants more dominance and more not “vanilla” sex… which means rougher, more positions, more control from you. So give it to her in spades. what;s throwing you off is your male logic… you think well if this is what you want why are you fighting me and making it hard, you should cooperate. However it is not real to her if she cooperates or makes it easy. It’s no fun.

        So I would read Fredless at MMSL his stuff is always spot on, he posted a lot, and brought his wife from a frigid timid woman to a sex slave… also read Sex God Method – you can find it online for free as a pdf… it discusses the DEVI method – Dominance – Emotion – Variety – Immersion… very effective stuff.

        But it’s time to let loose here, you are the Marquis right? Own that pussy… when she starts to shit test you during sex, stuff her panties in her mouth, or gag her, command her to shut the fuck up, pressure on throat, pull her hair, slap her ass, command direct… be dominant… You just need to let go of your inhibitions and go for it. and don’t expect her to thank you are want to talk about it later…. LOL.


      • Thank You Again Sentient. Will put all this into action. There’s some more information as well – she’s successfully lost a lot of weight in the last 3 months after many years going up and down after having kids, she gets really annoyed whenever I say anything to our son that could possibly be interpreted as not treating boys and girls exactly the same or vaguely RedPill and stuff like that but still the overall strategy you suggest is clear..I’ll take it forward.


    • When she tells you, from underneath her black Jew rimmed glasses (amiright?), “We are supposed to discuss this,” you reply: “No, that is your Jewish brainwashing talking again. I am the man and I make the decisions as the head of the family. Even the Jew Bible, which no modern Jew has actually read, says this clearly.”

      Also what you do is don’t shave for 4 days, then tie her to the bed and tickle her with your beard.

      I’m dead serious. Are you new here? She doesn’t decide “if you get to” based on if you haven’t shaved for a day.

      lzozlzozlzo My woman complains about my beard (lovingly) and I say “Aaaaw, poooooor little [her name]” in an exaggerated teasing way, just before tying her to the bed and doing whatever I feel like doing. She loves it. That’s what your woman wants you to do. I am not kidding.


    Interesting insight. I normally don’t care about divorce a lot because I never was married and don’t intend to do so in the future.


  56. on October 31, 2015 at 10:00 am Captain Tautological

    ‘I do, I do, I do:’ Brazilian female trio get hitched… The lovers – a businesswoman and a dentist who are both 32 and a 34-year-old office manager – have been together for three years….


    • on October 31, 2015 at 10:12 am Captain Tautological

      The arrangement is based on a Supreme Court ruling that in 2011 authorized notary publics to hold civil union ceremonies for gay and lesbian couples…


  57. I remember when my parents divorced in 1975. I was 8 at the time. My mom would tell her girlfriends that she will find a rich man. I even heard her say something about her finding a rich guy because she is beautiful (she was attractive but 35). Anyway, she NEVER met that rich man she thought she would. At first she dated tons of alpha males. One that I remember was a rugby player. They were mostly likeable, decent guys but not rich.

    Then her standards (and options) got a lot lower when she hit her 40s. She dated alcoholic losers, a heroin addict that stole our TV set, a bartender that was married 8 times and was currently married etc. I observed that hanging out with those guys hardened her up. So her divorce certainly wasn’t the fairy tale she expected it would be.


  58. According to the only two dimly remembered studies I was ever aware of, about 70% of divorces are female initiated, and of these between 50 and 70% (50 in the later study and 70 in the earlier one) were initiated (as far as the studiers were able and willing to judge) by females regarding their males as not beta enough, as opposed to not alpha enough. The manosphere CW on this seems a bit distorted.


    • Take what women say in these cases with a grain of salt.

      I was in a marriage for ten years before my wife passed away. She constantly said that I wasn’t romantic enough, didn’t work hard enough on the relationship and that I needed to “communicate more” with her (which basically meant I got a one-way verbal stream of consciousness as to how awful I was towards her).

      For the first nine years, I was the supplicating beta who tried to make himself better and practically conform to her every demand. In the last year, I told myself fuck all that, regardless of how much she hates me, I’ll just thrive on it and be my own man. Attacks against my character to control me barely phased me at that stage and within a matter of days, her demeanor changed and she was far more sweet and feminine. I wasn’t even expecting this change in her, I simply decided to grow a spine to regain some of my dignity after I had come to the conlusion there was nothing wrong with me.

      Now, I did all of this without reading about the so-called Red Pill on the internet.

      I suppose that within that 70% of female-initiated divorces you have women who leave genuine sociopaths, but they are far outnumbered by cases where the husband puts in a decent effort to try to make his wife happy. However, the harder they try, it seems like it doesn’t matter–their wives just aren’t happy.

      Everything that has been taught in the mainstream conventional wisdom about how men are supposed to make women happy is bullshit. From Beatles love songs to romantic comedies, the entire ecosystem has been socially re-engineered to cater to every bad aspect of feminist demands, and women still aren’t happy.


      • Exactly right – Happy wife, happy life” this BP stuff is death to your relationship because women need to be led or they go insane. she may not be happy but she will likely love you more for it. Cats are most definitely not dogs!


    • on November 1, 2015 at 4:12 pm Captain Tautological

      > “The manosphere CW on this seems a bit distorted.” ——— Uhh, alpha phux, beta bucks?


    • on November 1, 2015 at 7:31 am elmer t. jones

      AKA “The Office Pool Party”, where the truth about your female co-workers really comes out.


      • on November 1, 2015 at 7:34 am elmer t. jones

        The narrator in the white bikini is serviceable and callously using the fatties to promote her SMV.


    • warning: do NOT watch the video if you just ate!

      it’s NSFB

      * not safe for bonkers


    • I am so * * f u c k i n g * * tired of seeing some broad who’s in shape and thinking she’s hot just because she’s not carrying around enough lard to feed an army! Now we have hippoglotamuses wandering into Victoria’s Secret asking about size 31 “sexy” clothes. Some stuff NEEDS to stay a secret, dear God!


  59. men, unlike women, are simply more comfortable keeping two lovers simultaneously…. In short, men have a harem mentality. Women don’t.

    Actually, some women do have a harem mentality. It’s just that they don’t have alpha lovers and beta husbands, rather they have an alpha primary mate and a harem of beta providers.

    They’re called “hookers.”

    [CH: yeah i should have clarified that. women do cheat, and they are catching up to men in their sex’s share of infidelities. so a woman can accommodate two men concurrently. but usually one man is the lover and the other is the undersexed beta hubby who has a knack for giving his wife headaches. cheating wives come to despise their husbands. the inverse isn’t as often true; cheating husbands can continue to feel affection for their wives and a desire to stay the sole provider.]


  60. @CH:

    Somethings been confusing me lately. I struggle to know for sure if a girl is fuckable and interested or if she is not interested….(I know context matters) for instance though, I’ve had somewhat high (not super high Smv or anything) girls flake and flake and not seem to show much interest and then if I keep pushing to the point where I feel like I’m starting to look desperate or something they fold and get super down to fuck and do whatever.

    I’m confused with differentiating between the girl that’s not going to give-in and the girl who will give in (basically if it’s worth the pushing or just a complete embarrassment to only have the other girl go with some other guy)….

    Basically if you were to give 2 or 3 things on the most common indicators of interest vs 2 or 3 things on the most common signs you shouldn’t push.

    It can be confusing b/c I’ve had girls come back to my bed, let me get the tip almost in and then just not let it happen…..

    Basically knowing the “should I keep the persistent pushing” signs is where I’m confused.


    • Damn dude you never heard of plain talk? You could tag these bitches and improve your game. Sumbitch, what wrong with you chaps ?


  61. Another destructive female dynamic resulting from women’s lack of self-control [1]:

    Girls intentionally get themselves drunk to hookup.

    These girls hookup, but not responsible for their behavior.

    It is the responsibility of drunk men to reason these drunk, horny girls out of their repressed desire for sex.

    When such men don’t, it is sexual violence and rape (really, to protect women from a “slut” label).

    And these are the consequences of women being dishonest with themselves and others, and not facing that they too have a biologically driven need to exploit-fuck.



  62. on November 1, 2015 at 1:49 pm Just Some Dude

    I know a woman who divorced a financial analyst, got the house and three kids, and lives mostly off alimony/child support. Her official reasons: He didn’t help with housework and “wasn’t into me anymore.” Now she’s pissed off she cant get a date–even though she’s 38 years old, 30 lbs overweight, jobless, with three kids. She now regrets the divorce–“I wanted more happiness, now I have less.”

    Did she really think she could do better? Did she really think quality guys would be lining up to marry her in today’s brutal sexual marketplace? Feminists propagandize women into making life decisions that go against their own best interests: You can have it all! The grass is always greener!


  63. I have a few friends that are recently separated. Friend One is mid-30s, 3 kids and housewife/daycare worker. She left her husband of 17 years this February. Since leaving him she has had 3 boyfriends. She is in a relationship now with a man who used to be a drug addict. He’s obsessed with her and won’t leave her alone. Her ex husband stills pays all of her bills, credits cards, travelling expenses and bought her a new car. lol.

    Friend Two: she separated from her husband. Has 2 kids and tells me all the time how she wishes she never had kids. Since her separation has slept with over 50+ men. She attends swinger parties and won’t stop asking me to attend them. All she does is talk about sex and which man she is going to sleep with next. She meets men on Tinder and the fly her out for a weekend. I’m surprised to say this, but the men she meets, has flings with, always want a long term relationship with her.


  64. Friend 3: she also left her husband this February. She said at work she has to be domineering, so when she comes home she wants her husband to just take her. Instead he sits there like a cluesless lump, so she always has to initiate sex with him. She said she needs passion in her life. So they are separated and she is now having sex with a new guy. She said once they went for a walk and she was leaning against a bridge looking down at the water and he came up from behind and placed his hands next to her hands and extended his arms so that his stomach was facing her back. They weren’t touching, but she said this made her feel like he was taking a dominate stance and this drove her insane with hotnesses. Lol. She said she might end up back with her husband, but right now she needs to dominated. Her words, not mine.


    • on November 1, 2015 at 9:51 pm elmer t. jones

      Decades ago there was a funny story in Playboy or some men’s mag about a guy who had a good business flogging corporate career women.


    • Jew-brainwashed “strong & empowered independent women” ™ saying they “have to be” “domineering” at work is a Jew-brainwashed anti-white-family canard. Don’t stand for it. Women in middle management make-work jobs are a joke. Actually, they are not. They hurt the morale of the men who actually do the work (most of them with no sex lives, at all) and put lives in danger.

      And yes, they want to be bent over and taken from behind.


  65. OT: Colorado Springs Shooting – Have ya’ noticed how quiet the MSM has been about this? No ID on the shooter, no description, no nothing. I suspect that if the shooter fit the media perception of a bad guy (white male conservative gun nut) we would have heard all about him. But now it feels like “move along comrades, nothing to see here.”


    • I’m still miffed he wasted all those years f#cking around in politics when he could have done a few more Terminator movies.


  66. so this guy built a tinder account and just babbled using the words of a tV chef…oh…some dumb jock who plays “soccer” and possess a name that looks like Marios B’s.–ZyfSBsTzc_g?utm_source=indy&utm_medium=top5&utm_campaign=i100


  67. One reason women initiate most divorces or most arguments or most domestic violence ( yep they do, stats are hard to find but do exist ) are the same as why toddlers initiate temper tantrums;


    It is in women’s DNA, they can’t help it.


  68. “I have a few friends that are recently separated. Friend One is mid-30s, 3 kids and housewife/daycare worker. She left her husband of 17 years this February. Since leaving him she has had 3 boyfriends. She is in a relationship now with a man who used to be a drug addict. He’s obsessed with her and won’t leave her alone. Her ex husband stills pays all of her bills, credits cards, travelling expenses and bought her a new car. lol.”Survey says he is a foogin’ chump. What sez u ?


  69. K-selected JAW MAN saves the world after scared pussies try to blow it up and ~follow orders~ just because they lost a radio signal.



  70. on November 2, 2015 at 2:35 am gunslingergregi

    woman will try to strongarm you into the marriage thing but if they really love you then they will understand why you can’t marry them
    when people get married they envision that will be the same person they will be talking to when problems or whatever come up but in the divorce the woman is not the same person she is a lying decietfull person you dont know who has no ability to reason
    shit though ya would think anyone who has read any of the testamonies on marriage would learn not to do it
    but look at trump lol he almost lost billions and became poor and still got married again so wtf
    look at eminem fucked up by marriage
    or any of the laundry list of dudes that have had the deballing happen
    shit am i the only one not crazy anymore he he he
    i didn’t cave on the ultimatum
    my bitch still callin


  71. About 70% of the time he has more to lose than she does. Not just the house and kids, but psychologically, too. Women, especially older women, tend to be happy enough alone without sex – where he needs another woman she can replace him with nobody.


  72. Especially after being married to an alpha who’s driven her insane over the years. If she’s lower value and settles/marries beta she’ll likely seek an alpha out when she’s divorced, if she’s higher value and marries then divorces the alpha she’ll be repulsed by betas and consider future alphas too much trouble.


  73. Look at this unmitigated bullshit:

    Now a defendant is not allowed to have “racist” strategy in his own private communications with his lawyer when picking a jury. This violates every letter of the Constitution.

    You cannot have racist “ideas” when strategizing about picking your jury!!!

    What in the ever living fuck?

    When does the shooting start?


  74. Re Frontrunners vs. Cap’n T and “stale tactics”

    Cap’n that’s ALL what frontrunners can do. Unless a goy will create something new, for them to appropriate and popularize (which is their specialty) they’ll be bound to parrot the same inane inanities “U forgot ur meds”, “”where’s yo tinfoil-hat at?” yadda, yadda, yadda.


  75. Nicole, do you ever write a comment that’s not a reply to a reply, so I can reply to you?



    • Publius, I’m quite happy when my enemies adopt anti Nature ideologies.

      So good job furthering the myth that all violence is an African thing, and that African people are inferior because we’re more violent. Whatever makes our enemies weaker is good for my people.

      Keep up the good work. 🙂


      • lzozlozlzozzozozo

        Ferguson. Detroit. Baltimore. Chicago. St. Louis. New Orleans. Haiti. Africa. Miami. Atlanta. Los Angeles.

        “The rough part” or “bad neighborhood” or “sketchy part” of every single fucking city in the world, and everyone god damned well knows what that means. In every city, there is a part where everyone knows that one would not want to get a flat tire (or even be stuck at a red light).

        Blacks are free to walk anywhere in the United States or Europe without fear of any violence except, potentially, from other blacks. Whereas there are clear “no go” zones where white people may not go, and these “no go” zones are right here in our own cities and countries that we built.



      • Nicole has gone from being annoying to admitting that she is at war with her enemies and that her enemies are white people.

        Note taken.


      • Okay, so we’re more violent. Thank you.

        …and my enemies are not “white” people. My enemies are Blavatsky sheep who want to destroy manhood. This is bigger than race.

        So again, thank you for being a weakling who, like a blue hair feminist, believes the world owes you a place where nothing “triggers” you, and where you can escape the realities of life and manhood.

        You’ve explained multiple times that Africans are violent animals, and that this is why we’re inferior, and that you are superior because you are not violent like us.

        Keep basing your superiority on that. 🙂


      • :: whistling ::

        “Men are free to walk anywhere in the United States or Europe without fear of any violence except, potentially, from other men. Whereas there are clear “no go” zones where women may not go, and these “no go” zones are right here in our own cities and countries that we birthed.’



    • Asking a negro… and a woman at that… to comment on the barbarism of her own folk?

      You’re dealing with shills who, when hearing about a White woman getting raped by a n1gger, remark along the lines of “she probably led him on.” 😡

      What next, ask a yenta for her opinion on the treatment of Palestinians?

      (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • lzolzozlzlzozoojewszzoz I know. I had some free time.


      • You are correct. We are barbarians.



      • “You’re dealing with shills who, when hearing about a White woman getting raped by a n1gger, remark along the lines of “she probably led him on.” ”

        Let me show you what this normally looks like:

        “You’re dealing with misogynists who, when hearing about a woman getting raped, remark along the lines of “she probably led him on.””


      • Nicole, absent *African* men, women *would* be able to walk anywhere and not fear rape or violence by white men. In a homogenous white society, it would be like paradise compared to what has been imposed on us. The experiment failed. Sure, there would be white criminals; there will always be a bell curve. But violent crime would drop by 99%, literally. It’s all interrelated. See, we would have a criminal justice system that still worked with deterrence. Death penalty, of course, but also *quick* carrying out of sentences, not Jewish lawyers fighting for 30 years to keep murderers alive. As they did between 1492 and 1970, for all of those years, until the blip on the map that is the last 45 years, black men would know they dare not rape a white woman unless they want a posse after them. The system would work. The streets would be clean. We could even sensibly ban the carrying of guns within city limits, and guns would be needed only for legitimate hunting and protection from large animals (bears, mountain lions) in rural areas and the West.

        Apart from the law, we can talk about social mores and traditions. “Christian” traditions (or, white northern European traditions that get called “Christianity” sometimes) — families with one man and one woman, married, with 5 nice children who are taught about civilization.

        I could go on. As I stated the first time, there are “no go” zones for white people, both men and women, and these zones are where poor, young, violent black men congregate all day and night. They don’t have jobs. They are fed by me and my 40% of the population fellow citizens who actually pay taxes IN to the system. They are fed and housed by me, and will kill me and rape my daughters and wife the first second they think they can do it and not get caught.

        My nation HOSTS them. They are the reason life is about 20% as good as it easily could be, in a white homogenous society.

        It is *not* “man vs woman” as Jews (feminism was a tool to keep white women from marrying white men and having white kids and families, pitting man against woman when we need each other) and you try to make it. It is, indeed, “white vs black & Jew” or white vs. Semitic.

        Your cute little edits did not defeat my argument; add “black” before “man” in all of your edits.

        Good god does history repeat itself. It is simply 1913 or 1939 Germany all over again. It’s just fucking obvious to anyone who has woken up.


      • …and unicorns would bounce on cotton candy clouds, shitting rainbows…

        I would be very happy to help you remove all brown people from your countries except for the U.S. and never allow another to enter. So we have no argument there.

        As for the U.S. until the last of those of us with Native American blood is dead, I will not give you my land. Sorry. Not going to happen. Even when I am dead, every atom of my body will fight you. My dust will burn your descendants’ feet.

        See that’s how you do that.


  76. Like