Unethical Places To Pick Up Girls

You can fast-track your cad career by being smarter about the locations of your target acquisition. But this may require going above and beyond the call of decency.

1. Abortion clinics

What better (or faster) way to look like a protector of loved ones than to strike a pose at an abortion clinic waiting room, assisting a friend in fertilized distress? The kind of man who will “be there”, even in a woman’s darkest moments. And your quarry… ladies at their most vulnerable, many forgotten and discarded by badboy lovers. And you know these abortion-questing broads are impulsive, full spectrum sluts. The proof is in the womb pudding. Their BFF escorts are sluts, too. Sluts like to be around other sluts, so they’re not constantly judged by withering glares.

Here’s a man who took the pre-viability plunge:

I creep on [girls] and they love my confidence. I have put myself out there. I made out with a girl the other day for the first time since high school.

Anyways, abortion clinics are great. I always go in and i pretend that I am making an appointment for my sister because she got knocked up and my parents are religious. So the other day i go by the clinic (my parents kicked me out and I moved in with my grandma who lives close to one clinic) and I just lurk around so see if any hot non preggos come in. After about an hour or so this cutie walks in with her preggo friend.

Now I don’t do preggos because they have weird nipples and I am lactose intolerant so sex gets messy and pukey. But her friend was hot.

so I make up a sob story to this bish about my sister and how I am there for her even though my parents would abondon her is she told them about the pregnency. I also tell them that women have the right to choose (lol the only thing I let bishes choose is how much lettuce they put in my sandwich. Bishes be all healthy and sh;t).

So the preggo goes into the clinic while the hot friend stays out with me. We talk about feminism and stuff. She is impressed with my in depth knowledge and asks me to come out to the bar later. (I hate finism but I learned all about it to trick bishes. Bishes be dumb lol).

So I go home start pre gaming and puke a few times because of my celiacs (can’t drink beer). Go to bar, talk up the bish, buy her drinks and she kisses me at the end and tells me that she has to go but I should come over to her house on monday. I’m gonna get laid tomorrow. So happy.

This strategy of killin’ it at the clinic might not be viable much longer, thanks to the morning after pill. Next pick-up stop… CVS!

2. Gay bars

If you have the stomach for it, plying the gay bar for straight women is subterfuge with a high ROI. There are many reasons why gay bars are great pick up places for straight men, but really it primarily comes down to the de facto sex ratio skew. The bar doesn’t have to be wildly gay, either. A minimal substitution of, say, 10% of the straight men with gay men can make the women there feel quite a bit more anxious about their market positions. Nudging the sex ratio needle a little can help your cad cause a lot.

Gay bar downside: Trannies. You better hope you have a keen eye, crying gamer.

3. Divorce/family court

Ever hang out at your local bureau of broken dreams and tragic mistakes? Yeah, the quality there isn’t great (most hot babes marry well and learn to tolerate the mistresses) but the self-esteems are at ROCK BOTTOM PRICES. Like stalking abortion clinics, the objective here is to hone on women who are hurting awfully bad, and pick up their spirits with promises of romance to carry them away from their problems.

4. Any poor country

Self-explanatory. As an American, you’ve got that “expert from afar” and “meal ticket” vibe going which foreign women in poor countries amor amor amor. But these INCREDIBLE DEALS won’t last, because America’s relative superiority to lesser nations with good-looking peasant girls is shrinking by the day. Soon, you can kiss goodbye that East European breastbasket. Next pick-up stop… Rwanda!

5. Welfare office

Flash that roll of tens, and you are good to go, pimp daddy! Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking. “But I like my women to look like women and not megafauna!” Somebody call the waaambulance. Ok, then pay a visit to the countryside, where skid row is more rustic, and more white. At least a few of those hard luck cases will be disarmingly cute. Downside: Hope you like tripping over toys on the way to the bedroom.

6. AA meetings/sex addict groups/rehab centers

There’s nothing better for the modern Casanova than a fragile woman with low impulse control. Heck, books have been written about it. Problem is, some bishes are catching onto the ploy.

7. Funerals

Ah, the specter of death, beaten back with help from the specter of your scepter.

8. George Mason University Economics Department

After a week of enduring robotic sperg anti-game, that cute coed will be dying for some human contact. Should be hassle-free to sit in on a class or one hundred, because I’m certain the GMU Econ Department has an open door policy, right?


  1. Check this link out. Might pertain to your previous post “Do The White Elite Dream Of Mulatto Sheep?”



  2. on September 23, 2013 at 8:36 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

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  3. 7. The vid is blocked from here. But for some reason, a good portion of women who’ve had a loved one die recently seem to be primed for a new relationship. It’s happened to me a couple of times, within a few weeks or months all of a sudden she’s presenting herself to me (like they do when they want you to hit on them). No I didn’t hit on them at the funeral, I’m watering the concept down to where it doesn’t really mean what you wrote. But once Dad/her friend/whoever is laid to rest, she’s fair game. I’m not taking advantage, I’m helping her move on, or something. Hey, if she’s happy, who am I to judge? Just wondered if anyone else noticed it.


  4. O.T. Went to a bar last Friday and as we we leaving saw two slammin’ chicks walking into the bar. The girls were at least 6′ 2″ and were flawless. They were turning heads outside the bar even before they got in. Heartiste (and YaReally) just curious if you guys have ever ran into these Amazonians and what’s the best way you approach them in a bar. You know the first 10 minutes of them in the bar will be when everyone rushes in to buy them shit, so I’m wondering if you guys hold back and wait for that initial tide to crash in, then do your thing, go just right in first. My opinion is anybody that approaches them in those first moments the girls will think is a chode.


  5. Tried this with CA. Some of the most hilarious times I had, but the consequences were dire.

    Really, don’t mess with mentally/emotionally deranged people. Some of them can mess up your life


  6. Is that last part a dig at Cowen, Caplan, both… or someone else?


  7. i number closed a girl working the wake at my Paw-Paw’s funeral. my sister and cousin were PISSED. but i’m sure Paw-Paw was smiling. lol.


  8. I think a man who worked at at tattoo parlor would do well. Tattooed women are more likely to be promiscious than their unmarked counterparts (pornography confirms this). The same is true of women with studs in their tongues. You won’t be getting the creme de la creme of the lady folk in either case, but I think you would get some wild, top-notch dick suckers.


  9. 9. White House


    • WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      “… But this may require going above and beyond the call of decency.”

      Actually there shouldn’t be any “decency” in the terms that are dictated by Women or the Society (call it Moral!).

      There are at least a 1000 examples (on CH) about Women & their way of ‘decency’.

      So Why would I care where I’m gonna pick one up and how she feels at that particular moment?


  10. 10. Woman Who Self-Describes Relationship Status as “Separated” (online).

    If you’re anywhere near her SMV, she’s going out. If you are 2 points higher, stop at the drugstore en route, and buy extras.


    • Gotta bring your a$$hole game, though. And the divorcing women I see in the bars in my area are, almost to a woman: loud, drunk, fat, obnoxious, unfeminine, and cynical. Most I’d have to be pretty desperate to bang, they’re just too toxic.


    • Recently divorced women come in two flavors: toxically bitter, and unrepentantly horny. The latter can usually be found at the gym.


  11. on September 23, 2013 at 11:08 am Subarctic Hillbilly

    I’ve had several magical pickups at funerals. Even more so than at weddings. Death and sex – sex and death. Reminders of pending mortality concentrate the vital fluids. Schopenhauer would approve.


  12. re: #8 walter williams is pretty rockin’ at least.


  13. on September 23, 2013 at 11:33 am Subarctic Hillbilly

    Gay bars are as fool’s-mate as a venue can get. Lots of hot girls go for the often superior dance music and atmosphere. Keep it cool, display high value, and score like Lebron in OT.


  14. #8 isn’t unethical, and you meet high quality that way.

    I don’t think it’s even unethical if you’re not enrolled, yes you can just walk into classes at any good university (the worse the university, the harder this might be) and the vibe is that knowledge wants to be free and teachers want to teach. If an unenrolled individual from the community wants to come in and learn what he’s teaching, I can’t think of a professor who would have been unhappy about it. An extra person learning from the lecture is no reason to bother the campus cops.

    I met my wife in grad school. My dad met my mom in grad school but she was an undergrad. We were enrolled, which made it even easier.


    • See GMU professor Bryan Caplan is man that wants open borders for the US despite it being a batshit insane idea from any type of cultural standpoint and what CH has done is juxtapose this viewpoint with students taking his expensive class for free when to do so would not be feasible if everybody did so.

      This is where the humor happens. By pointing out the hypocrisy of the idealist standpoint at a macro geopolitical level to the local level in which the holder of said viewpoint would be against, a scathing humorous satire effect is achieved. Providing the potent laughs while simultaneously lampooning a literary rival.

      For the non spreg the explanation would be as follows:

      It’s a fucking joke.


      • Oh, didn’t know about Bryan Caplan. How many people “got” this without your explanation, or as a relative newbie am I just missing basic cultural info for this blog?


      • Just joshing ya my friend.


      • Wait do I need to spell that out for you too?

        I mean light hearting making fun of you.

        Serious though, just kidding.


      • No sweat. But it gave me a chance to talk about what has worked for my genetic line anyway. For meeting keepers. For pump ‘n’ dump it would be way too much work.

        Gay bars, now that I’ve never done. Sort of like I guess straight women would avoid lesbian biker bars like the plague but guys would think it’s hot to hang out there.


      • Just google pic of Caplan shud be enough to discredit that nerd.


  15. Lotta hate for GMU considering they’re probably 90% closer to your political views than most econ departments, let alone academia


  16. on September 23, 2013 at 11:59 am Amanjaw Marcuntte

    You forgot churches.

    Favorably skewed sex ratios right off the bat, plus nearly all the single guys are beta orbitors whose submissiveness is actively encouraged.


  17. The women you meet at these places will be economically disadvantaged.


  18. I do well at Rape Crisis Centers.


  19. But these INCREDIBLE DEALS won’t last, because America’s relative superiority to lesser nations with good-looking peasant girls is shrinking by the day. Soon, you can kiss goodbye that East European breastbasket. Next pick-up stop… Rwanda!

    Anecdotal evidence from the Middle East indicates that Russians are being replaced with Ethiopians.


  20. #4 isn’t unethical. It’s common sense, especially if you’re talking about high IQ prospects who were raised well and know they’ll lose their looks earlier than American girls know.

    To understand why it’s unethical to yourself to remain in the US to date women (if you’re over 35), take a look at some unanswered comments in this article about JD Salinger dating 18 year olds when he was 53


    It’s not only the hatred of age difference relationships that permeate American culture, it’s the absolute certainty of one of the commenters that everyone he or she is arguing with would agree that they wouldn’t let their 18 year old daughter date a 53 year old man of any status or fame, and must therefore agree that it should be declared “abusive” that Salinger did that.

    Well, sorry but I’d rather let my adult daughter have an affair with a clean, famous and rich 53 year old than a dirty young drug dealer or any permiscuous young man with gen warts.

    Committing suicide is unethical as is castrating oneself. Living in the US after a certain age is tantamount to castrating yourself, if you’ve got high standards.

    So far from being unethical, leaving the culture that hates you (for being older than 35) is the only ethical thing you can do.


    • on September 25, 2013 at 4:57 pm Hector_St_Clare

      #4 isn’t unethical at all. I’m thinking seriously about trying to look for a wife in Latin America or Eastern Europe.

      And contrary to CH, I think Eastern Europe’s going to be good for a while yet.

      There are, of course, some girls in America who like older men too, though a minority. I’m hoping to be in Salinger’s shoes when I’m 53, lol.


  21. Hospitals are filled with bored, attractive nurses who desperately need an injection of vitality. Grab a bouquet and visit some grim wards to reap the rewards.


  22. “killin’ it at the clinic”

    I see what you did there.


  23. HURR HURR dumbest post ever. It’s funny because it’s satire – oh wait it’s too mean-spirited to be satire and it’s not funny.


  24. Second on gay bars. Two things happen there, first being women don’t expect to get hit on as much, it’s easier to stay vague before making a move. And it’s not generally a place women go with boyfriends, so the sex ration si even better than it seems. Second being if you get hit on by the guys, it’s social validation for the girls. If people who think guys are hot think you’re hot, good to go. Female attraction is plastic, they follow the herd. Just don’t sperg out on the girls or get an attack of the overly machos shooting down the guys, and it’s fish in the proverbial barrel.

    For extra credit and the full Golden Spatula, bang a lesbian in the coatroom of a gay bar.


  25. on September 23, 2013 at 1:14 pm lagunabeachfogey

    This is evil. I love it.


  26. Hmm, I would be deeply skeptical of the sexuality, masculinity, and sanity of any guy claiming to be straight in a gay bar. I might also be a little annoyed, since we usually go to those bars when we don’t want to get hit on. It’s a creative idea though.


  27. Generally a mistake to get mixed up with damaged or desperate people. Even an apparently stable Glenn Close can come back to boil Michael Douglas’s bunny after she gets dumped. (Old reference, sorry.) Just imagine what some of the dregs above might do if wronged or used.

    Also, GMU has cheap chalupas, if I’m not mistaken.


  28. on September 23, 2013 at 1:59 pm gunslingergregi

    chick was picking me flowers and putting em in my pocket of my dress shirt other day walking through downtown in the big city
    again though I had the hottest bitch in the club
    kind of sad a bit no competition but it was kind of slow night
    supposed to be 40 dollar cover we just walked in
    bitch was def on her a game


    • on September 23, 2013 at 2:03 pm gunslingergregi

      she went to step into a fountain which turned out to be pretty deep I didn’t let go her hand though caught her ass before she faceplanted into the water lol and she had me drunk as fuck trying to take advantage of me and shit


      • on September 23, 2013 at 2:07 pm gunslingergregi

        and as always pick up your ho’s and toss em around they love that shit


      • You led her over so that she’s almost step in the fountain and helpfully caught her ass before it fell in? You hero you!!


      • on September 23, 2013 at 5:04 pm gunslingergregi

        naa we were at edge and she stepped off feeling froggy I guess
        tried to get me to go swimming in it then have sex but I wasn’t really with it lol
        she was also taunting the nigs a bit but nothing happened he he he
        got one of the better bj’s I’ve ever had driving home
        she wore one of my exchicks dresses lolzzzzzzz
        fit her pretty good although she much taller blond
        I should of had the city park sex but didn’t see a spot oh well
        another time
        they need to have stalls for that shit bathrooms locked though lol


      • gunnie,have you ever banged a nig chick?


      • on September 24, 2013 at 2:19 pm gunslingergregi



  29. on September 23, 2013 at 2:00 pm gunslingergregi

    picking up online pretty easy shit
    kind of unlimited almost


  30. Insight?


    Both the gentlemen are “stay-at-home-dads.” Spot the difference.


    • Sometimes the simplest answer is not the correct one. Stay-at-home-dad # 1( SAHD 1 ) had less confidence than SAHD 2 , but it probably wasn’t like that when they met. There is no way a self-respecting man would agree to be a SAHD in the 1st place. Men must produce and create and build, in order to feel like men and in the absence of a productive life any degree of alpha he may have once possessed leaves his body like the soul of a fresh kill.

      The article doesn’t really say how long she’s been with SAHD 2. Maybe he’s a closet and she’s his beard. But if not , his confidence will take a nosedive just like the 1st one, and a year or two from now she’ll feel no attraction for him either.

      My guess is we wont see a followup article tho.


      • Disagree. While people reading will say ‘it was Mark’s lack of a job, etc.’ that killed the relationship, red pillers should say ‘it was Mark allowing those things to define him as a man ‘ that killed the relationship.

        Also, being unemployed (or having a non-traditional career) != being unable to build and create. Maybe the guy has a hobby that he loves. Maybe he loves structuring child life. Maybe he loves working out. Etc. etc. etc. The world is full of a great many things that can be built.


      • oh bro. you gotta swallow it down all the way.

        you just rationalized like a chick right there. Keep reading and practicing. maybe stick to gunslingergregi type stuff for a while.


      • Nah it all boils down to not giving a fuck. Your reality is her reality. Trust. If you act like you’re the shit she will think you’re the shit, pretty much. Women look to men for direction. They treat you like you treat yourself. It’s actually kind of tight.


      • “If you act like you’re the shit she will think you’re the shit, pretty much.”

        Of course not. You’ve got it backwards.

        Game is power. If you have power, you have game. Exhibiting game is essentially posing as a person who has power (intellectual, financial, etc). An unemployed dude who has barely enough money to survive on his own can use Game to pick-up chicks, but the play can only last for so long. You can act like you’re the shit, but reality won’t bend in front of you. If you are the shit, make shit happen in your daily life too.

        People who “are the shit” ALWAYS have a rich life. Those who think they can be the king while being unemployed and never taking showers are in for a big surprise once the first couple years of Gaming are behind them.


      • you did it again. i flipped the script and adopted the parent role in a parent-child interchange and you just explained to me, as a child would, your position because you are unsure of it.

        can you understand better?


      • Bam, Tilikum just did the thing he said he did. I guess.


      • O…far be it from me to interrupt your jack-off sesh because you got someone to explain something to you on the internet 🙂


      • on September 24, 2013 at 6:40 pm gunslingergregi

        lol tilikum i’m still laughin at that shit


      • I agree with you, but SimonsCorso isn’t too far off. Among middle and upper class whites, a SAHD with a working wife is almost inevitably an absolute beta. But you are correct in asserting that a man without a job/career isn’t necessarily beta.

        I can imagine a smart, ambitious alpha who stays at home. Unlike the typical SAHD, however, his wife still does most of the housework and he is still the head of the house. No alpha is going to be content spending his days doing women’s work and letting her wear the pants.

        Only a true alpha can get away with staying at home and indulging his interests while his wife works, only to put his feet up in the evening while she cooks dinner and helps the kids with their homework.

        Such arrangements are exceedingly rare among the upper classes (does anyone have any examples?), but increasingly common among the working class (particularly blacks), the only difference being that the latter alpha spends his days neither “building” nor “creating”, but rather smoking weed and playing video games. This is the “unemployed asshole loser” alpha discussed au Chateau in the past.


      • on September 24, 2013 at 2:38 pm gunslingergregi

        true a lot can get built and you can get woman to build shit for you and multiply your efforts
        they just need dick leadership and vision direction then let em loose
        I got my wife building my empire as we speak so I go home I got the car she been paying on almost paid off 3 houses 3 businesses and shit and she just wants me there and to be proud of her so she can show me the bank account and I say good job


      • on September 24, 2013 at 2:42 pm gunslingergregi

        she really wants me home said I can have 5 bitches at same time when i get there he he he


      • “There is no way a self-respecting man would agree to be a SAHD in the 1st place”

        Just No
        You’re just wrong.


    • So if SAHD#1 had just told her “fuck it, the kids are better off with me at home, and speaking of which, let’s you and me fuck” a couple times (she probably would have resisted the first time, so he’d back right off and not try again for a couple weeks) she would have stayed?

      How did SAHD#2 end up not having a good enough job to keep, or any job at all, when she met him? Why doesn’t that story of moderate failure not turn her off?

      I think she was just bored. Nothing SAHD#1 could of done, she just resented him because he didn’t produce the money she expected. Some women can cause terrible pain with their light little emotions. She was desperate and settled for someone at least as undesirable in SAHD#2, but being a single mom (with no child support coming from SAHD#1) sucked. Doesn’t seem to have cared enough about the daughter to keep her real dad around.

      One less-bad thing though, SAHD#1 won’t be owing any child support.

      Women’s comments are at least as critical of men on this article. Women think she’s a bitch too, but probably because a kid is involved.


      • Who knows….it’s hard to say for sure. I mean, the incidence of women divorcing men who turn into betas and remarrying/getting into LTRs with more alpha type men is probably on par with the reverse (tho, I’d say it’s probably 60-40 in favor of first marry alpha, divorce and remarry beta).

        Only time will tell with this one…maybe she just made a lateral move.


    • “Insight? Both the gentlemen are “stay-at-home-dads.” Spot the difference.”

      There is no difference. Time will prove that out as the new SAHD slides downhill toward deeper betadom and her revulsion for him increases.


      • Any man content to stay at home all day taking care of children, cooking, and cleaning, is a loser. That is all woman’s work. Is he going to breastfeed the children from his manboobs?


      • Ya this is the problem for most of you guys. There is a difference — or at least a difference is definitely possible. The anon above nailed it:
        ‘I can imagine a smart, ambitious alpha who stays at home. Unlike the typical SAHD, however, his wife still does most of the housework and he is still the head of the house.’

        If you guys were right then we would never hear about cad boyfriends who are unemployed and supported by their girlfriends — who continue to support them despite the affairs, etc. Meanwhile, in reality, this situ is common.

        Your reality is her reality. You think you’re a loser bitch stay at home dad, she thinks you’re a loser bitch stay at home dad.

        Now, I’m not saying that in the realm of men that being a SAHD would score you points. I’m just saying that for women it’s honestly as simple as ‘act the part, you are the part.’ Men want proof and results.


      • There is something to what Scray is saying… my cousin (an extremely successful professional) married an unemployed loser who stayed home with their daughter. But he had all the badboy cred… the alpha personality, the bad temper, the tattoos, the record, etc. The whole family thought he was a loser, but he didn’t. He still ran the household, and he definitely ran my cousin. Although… they just separated (after ten years).

        I think the main thing is that the guy is totally comfortable with the role, and he truly doesn’t care what other people think of him– because they will definitely think he’s an emasculated loser, no matter what the wife thinks. With all that outside judgment, I just wonder whether a guy like this can really maintain his frame over time.


  31. The welfare office: where the women resemble the great resource-aggregating herbivores of the sub-Saharan in size, shape, color, and texture (it is important to not forget texture).


  32. on September 23, 2013 at 2:10 pm gunslingergregi

    I do got a problem I guess bitches apparently dreaming about staying at my crib so I got chicks saying they were spending night with me and they didn’t lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


    • on September 23, 2013 at 2:13 pm gunslingergregi

      trying to raise status and shit acting like they good enough to spend night with me fuck no she never spent night
      I found that chick I was looking for finally she said all the bitches hating on her cause everyone know I wanted to see her
      chicks funny


  33. on September 23, 2013 at 3:05 pm elijahlarmstrong

    I’m going to make the obligatory Harold and Maude reference here.


  34. on September 23, 2013 at 3:28 pm Cad and Bounder

    Why is any of this ‘unethical’?

    Women spend the best part of their lives scheming up inordinately fantastical ways to meet a high value man, while curtly dismissing nearly everyone who else who doesn’t fit with their view of social proofing.

    No one in the media would ever describe what women do as unethical. And no one criticises the ‘beta trapping’ nightclubs/bars that exist solely to take money of the beta, while making it harder for him to get laid.

    ‘You would like to come in? Cover charge for the men, none for the girls, allow me to just immediately lower your value, ohhh and there will be a 60%/40% male/female ratio inside, Sir. And most of the 40% will be friends of mine or girls looking for validation, or just chicks just looking to go dancing, but hey that fat dumpy girl over looks like she wants to get laid , try her, Sir’

    Screw all that. Great list. Nothing unethical about it all.


  35. dont know if it would quilify as unethical but a prime location for picking up chicks is a wedding. and god did i pick up chicks in centralamerica, not so much because of my money but because as a blonde northern european with blue eyes you tend to stand out more then a little.


  36. Steve Lawrence

    thats brilliant stuff !. My buddy and I have long called the oversized femlaes you see waddling down the street in the hood – “BABY ELEPHANTS”


  37. Church Game? Any one? I guess I’ll have to hack it. I’ll let you know.


    • Steinbeck covered that angle in “The Grapes of Wrath”.


    • “Sunday Morning Nighclub” anybody?

      One of the biggest misconceptions out there is that church girls are any different than secular ones. Hell, the hot ones might be even cattier and more hypergamous than the regular chicks because they are more scare in their environment and they are surrounded by white knights infused with the WK fuel of religious zealotry.


  38. I’d say she’s a nine, blond/21. Trying to keep this on the down low however, as she goes to Bob Jones. Don’t want to get her in trouble. Playing the lover angle hard, because last time I did this to a girl like this she wanted to really marry me after like 3 dates. I negged her hard, like 5 times this Sunday, btw. Must have massive DHV or something, but she’s the hottest girl there. Maybe because 2 girls in her social circle already like me.

    I finally said something “nice” I guess, because she told me that was the first nice thing I said to her with pupils dilated. She’s very interested. Many overt IOIs, big smiles and all.

    Also opened another hot little blond, I would say an 8 by touching her of all things (really rubbing her arm and lower side). She was excited and touched me right back. Horny little thing.


  39. on September 23, 2013 at 6:09 pm Lucky White Male


    Re: your link to Rushton. An absolute giant who passed away along with Arthur Jensen last year. Readers must understand there is nothing at all controversial in their statements – it’s pure truth.

    Elites are hoping this breed of Real Talkers will soon die, ( you can jnvlude people like Richard Lynn and Kevin Macdonald here) and this information will then be forgotten . Internet censorship of “forbidden topics” is coming to put the nail in coffin

    That is: unless there is a new generation to pick up the mantle with wit, articulately, with shiv. Elites have a problem on their hands whenever they encounter charismatic media figures who can literally change minds and start cults numbering in the millions. See: Limbaugh, Savage, to a lesser extent Coulter. And yes Manosphere bloggers. It’s their worst nightmare

    Good article here on UK’s biggest Elite traitor:



  40. Funny for humour’s sake, but idiocy in application. If you don’t have women approaching you begging for digits, you’re doing it wrong, and no change of venue is going to help you.


    • I don’t know my man. The men that get approached are extremely high value with the rep to go with it. Think some type of celebrity.

      For the vast majority of guys you going to have to approach women. Girls do ‘approach’ all the time. They simply do through IOIs such as eye contact and smiles. But a hot girl begging for your number, I’m going to have to give a good ol’ fashioned bert stare for that one:


      • The celebrity only standard is a myth. High apparent quality is all you need, along with not being like every other mouth breathing douche. Be built, hot and different and girls will and do approach. If you’re in Arizona be a well traveled rich city man, if in a big city be the tall, lean muscular cowboy. Score every time. Was given a number tonight by a 7.5, who walked up to me at the bar and started immediate kino on me. Spent the weekend with a solid 8 who approached me earlier in the week by grinding her ass into my crotch while I was standing talking to friends. I had zero contact with either one of them, they hit me up first, hard. Be what they don’t expect, stand out from the hordes of drooling idiots.

        Celebrity privilege for men is a myth. They get it, yes, but so can you. Believe in yourself, own your identity, exude confidence, be unlike everybody else in the place that they are located. Badda bing.

        What does Bert know, he’s in a relationship with Ernie, heh.


      • I have had women directly hard approach me before. I distinctly remember one being the fattest black woman that I have ever seen and the other vivid memory is a white landwhale at a rock concert that grinded on me and stuck her hand down my pants while I devised a way to get away from her. Oh and I have had a gay man start rubbing me on the back.

        I’ll stick with IOIs and warm approach though there Mr.Burninator.


      • Fair enough brother. Use the tools that work, and Game does work hardcore for a lot of guys. I get approached by 7-8’s without me paying them mind, I tend to save Game for 9-10 types who are more challenging and fun to try to land.

        Dunno man, I just think the premise of the article, basically hit up desperate women in sad places seems rather…Omega. One doesn’t shoot ducks on water, it’s just too easy and the mark of a bad hunter. I mean the author even went on to mock men who wouldn’t fuck fat ugly black orcs. Kind of pathetic really.


      • To put it bluntly, I would only shoot ducks on water if I were starving and desperate. Any other situation would be a sign of weakness and very unmanly.

        Same here. If one can’t bag uncompromised women (women not desperate due to real circumstances such as death or dire situations) that seems to me to make one an Omega.


  41. Any bar on Valentines Day. Also known as “Dirtbag Christmas”.


  42. I can vouch for funerals personally. Great food as well


  43. Un-ethical pick-up techniques?
    You mean like large cable ties, nylon rope, and intra-muscular ketamine, ?

    No. You can trust me. I am not like the others.


  44. on September 23, 2013 at 10:25 pm Operation Reinhard

    For you Aryan goy cattle looking for a change of pace in metropolitan areas, you can definitely clean up at a synagogue. The girls are tired of their own men (all of them under 5’9″, balding, with mutilated genitalia, and often named “David”). Learn a few Hebrew phrases for good measure, chat a few up after, say you’re just in town visiting, then go for the shabbat same day lay. Bathroom and car bangs aren’t out of the ordinary: these zhids are nasty.

    Of course, this is assuming you can look past the meat cleaver noses and dead-behind-the-eyes look. A lot of these zhid chicks have huge cans though.

    It goes without saying but pull out or wrap your tool. The last thing our people needs is another White-hating beanie bastard running around. *cough* matrilineal lineage *cough*


  45. on September 24, 2013 at 2:05 am gunslingergregi

    haven’t really talked about it much I don’t think any posts but I don’t think it can be stressed enough how good it feels to have a chick licking your balls while another gives the bj
    and them fighting over who gets to suk it and getting all catty and shit
    chick I know what he likes he he he


  46. […] “This is their idea of debate – hog the Public Square and drive everyone else out!  […]


  47. i also have to give a big thumbs up to abortion clinics. you know the girls put out and they aren’t trying to keep it. i’ll gladly be her next mistake. lol.


  48. on September 24, 2013 at 5:38 am The real man reader

    Awesome!!! My 140 IQ 5’7″ perfect genes ex refuses to have ANY kids. Lololzzozzz. Lololzzzz. Yay!!!




  49. An uncle of mines once became a member of a specific church just to try to seduce a certain girl. He’s a natural and he’d succeeded and now has 2 kids with this girl. Some view it as unethical and diabolical to feign religious just to pick up chicks. Fair game…I guess?


  50. Actually, Rwandan girls can have quite a lot going for them (the city girls, that is,not uneducated farm girls). I would think the taller and more finely chiseled Tutsi type preferable, but if you like it fleshier, the Hutu strain provides for your tastes, too.

    And after all is said and done, you can hone your French conversation skills with them.


    • The problem is that lots of guys are not into black women. She may have all the traditional traits I want, but to me unless she’s Shakira or Beyonce looks wise, I wouldn’t have even the least interest in bedding her.

      Here’s hoping Asia and South America hold the line against the soul destroying crede of Feminazism.


      • Beyonce? Way too muscular and looking kinda old. And those ugly faces they caught her making at her Superbowl performance/ Only if I were looking for a female provider.


    • Michael, these provincial types on this blog do not understand that Africa is not a state or country, but an entire continent. As you describe, not only are their different types of African women, but the white man has produced lots of “mixes” and white women that qualify as “foreign”

      Im glad they overlook African women and the beach resorts too.

      I don’t want them to become like the Caribbean.


      • No offense, but anybody who has made it through 2nd grade knows Africa is a large ethnically non-homogenous continent comprised of various distinct nations. You may not like most folks here, but to suggest basic commonly understood concepts do not belong in the grasp of regular people smacks of the faux elitism of the Left. Differences in ideology or views does not translate to stupidity on one’s opponents. Curse Karl Marx for teaching people to argue with a sneer.

        As an aside, I generally find your input interesting Thwack, just making a note, if you will.


  51. on September 24, 2013 at 8:11 am j3morecharacters

    In war and love everything is permitted. I could add a few macabre situations to pick up girls, like condolence visits to young widows. And Churches, synagogues, yoga classes, etc.!


  52. The abortion of white children is evil.


  53. on September 24, 2013 at 1:28 pm superalphafemale

    This is the most pathetic blog I have ever seen with the most pathetic readers and commentators…sheesh…Yeah it’s really superalphabehaviour to hang out at abortion clinics trying to get into the pants of a woman who ust had her vagina cut out. That is what every desirable man do right? Guys if you read this blog and take ANY of this BS serious you are a helpless loser and will forever be. Poor things.

    Your truly disgusted
    superalpha female


    • Your ability to judge and cast all under an umbrella of shame, without regard for individual posts is typically female. The Collective Hive, right honey?
      (Hint: read individuals with attention to differences of views).


    • Luv ya baby. You’ll be back.


    • Re: Abortion clinics

      It was more about the skank accompaning the (soon not so) pregnant skank.

      However, pregnacy terminated, its free room for ones’ seed, n’est ce pas?

      Having said that, bashing the one following the biological impulses over the one following pathological impulses, though…your level of effrontery, SAF, impressive.

      Like a geiser of shit impressive. Still, impressive.


    • superalphafemale

      This is the most pathetic blog I have ever seen with the most pathetic readers and commentators

      Yeah, I know what you mean.

      But Im black so I get a pass right?


  54. on September 24, 2013 at 2:20 pm superalphafemale

    Okay guys I’m sorry I was rude.
    I have pms and an explosive temper and took it out here. Not fair.
    Take care and good luck.


  55. Roger that on the welfare office. I take all my hoes there. Gets em hot to get free money.


  56. on September 27, 2013 at 12:54 am gunslingergregi



  57. Your recommendation to seduce women at “sex addict groups” is evil.

    You might justify exploiting sexually self-destructive modern women in libertarian terms – that when people are hurt through their own decisions, they alone are responsible. But a woman at a sex addiction clinic is mentally ill, and you are proposing to sabotage her recovery in order to sexually exploit her. Since she is incompetent to consent to sex, what you are advocating is rape, and not mere rape, but rape of both body and soul.

    You like to pose as an advocate for Western Civilization, but calling you that is like calling a termite an advocate for houses.

    While you’re at it, why not give us some tips on how to seduce pre-teens at middle school? Or do you still have some limits?

    [CH: Why would I do that? Pre-teen girls aren’t sexually developed and attractive to most men. Sexually mature women at sex addict clinics are.]


  58. dude are you fucking retarded, GMU has one of the best econ depts in the country. shut the fuck up and learn basic statistic analysis and stop acting like a fucking female throwing sideshots in through blog posts. their studies are legit. i even agree with you on most things you say but dissing GMU is just fucking retarded.


  59. on October 4, 2013 at 3:18 pm Flom-Flom-Flooie

    Once went to a bridal show to pick-up chicks. Lots of depressed bridesmaids & sisters watching one of their cunty friends (or sister) being treated like a princess. No competition. Most of the guys there are overwhelmingly gay. Perfect environment.

    One of the girls said: “Let me get this straight — you came to a bridal show to HIT ON CHICKS??”

    Me, confessing openly: “Yes. Absolutely.”

    After that she was totally intrigued …..