The Rotherham Evil

eofahapi asks,

are you going to write about the Rotherham thing? It needs a voice that is not delusional like the “Not all Muslims are like that” blah blah blah.

There are two camps of thinking. One says Rotherham is the logical outcome of extreme white ethnomasochism, which is itself a manifestation of pathological altruism, a reflexive mental condition that evolved over millennia of outbreeding. In this take, self-loathing, holier-than-thou whites in positions of power (and less powerful whites refusing to demand accountability from their leaders) are so wedded to their equalist ideology that they will allow the rapes of 1,400 white women and girls by brown skinned goatherders to continue ad infinitum until they are called to the carpet by the preponderance of evidence (and by samizdat rebels releasing uncomfortable facts). This theory presupposes that the ethnomasochist ego is so tender and fragile it cannot withstand confrontation with ugly truths about the reality of race and diversity, so the ego acts to preserve itself with PC social rules that create a bubble of self-soothing pabulum which permits them to go on confident that their worldview isn’t discredited. Since ethnomasochists thrive on external validation from other ethnomasochists, what happens is that their status signaling apparatuses get warped into self-abnegating paeans to the lie that whites are the root of all evil.

The second theory is that the anti-white elite whites aren’t at all ethnomasochists, but are instead a burgeoning new (or orthogonally ancient) race of whites — and here I use the term race in its figurative as well as genetic senses — who don’t perceive themselves at all as part of a broader white identity that must be preserved against barbarian attack. If this theory is correct, the sacrifice of 1,400 white women to brown predations will hardly move them emotionally. They won’t feel sympathy because they don’t feel any kinship, and so for them to sweep the evil of non-whites committed against non-elite whites under the rug is practically a procedural formality with little consequence. If anything, they would welcome such third world predators as allies in their own psychological war against “less enlightened” whites.

Which theory is true, or more true, is debatable. What isn’t is that these traitors need to swing from the gallows soon, before their sickness infects us all and dooms us to extinction.


eofahapi also wonders about the nature of feminists,

Because we know that there are differences in male and female brains, if a woman had hyper testosterone, would she really be feminist? I am skeptical, because feminists tend to be not the most logic people. Feminism is a very emotion based movement, and if you try to challenge one with logic it usually becomes heated ad hominens.

Feminists appear to be burdened with the worst of each sex: The aggressive posturing of men combined with the emotional irrationality of women. Not unlike misbehaving children. And what do you do with misbehaving children? You set boundaries and punish them when they act up.


    • It is bad enough that the British do nothing when their country is pillaged, their pocketbooks robbed, their welfare system used to support large numbers of violent, ignorant, stupid immigrants. If they do nothing about the gang rape of thousands of their children by these savages, they deserve to perish and we should not lift a finger to help them.


      • “The British” want to do something, the majority of them. But they are held down by the media that control elections in a democracy. And the media are dominated by Jews.

        For example, anyone who speaks up is attacked by communist terrorist groups that burn people’s cars, vandalize their homes and assault the immigration critics. This massive crime wave, attacks in Europe every day of the year, can go on because the media bosses cover up the crimes.

        Immigration parties have therefore lost thousands of members, and others don’t join, because they know of the attacks. Add to that the fact that your career is destroyed by the media if you criticize mass immigration. You can be fired from your job, and the labour courts and the labour unions will side with the employer, calling the immigration critic “anti-democratic” and “a disturbance”. People have their lives destroyed. Their wives leave them. They lose their savings.

        “It is bad enough that the British do nothing”…. And what have YOU done, blowhard?

        “they deserve to perish and we should not lift a finger to help them” As if you would get off the couch and do something anyway. “we should not lift a finger” – Who are “we”? No one who has actually joined the struggle against mass immigration would talk like this.

        What you are doing is very common: blame the victim country so you don’t have to feel bad about what is happening. “They deserve it anyway!” That also provides an excuse for your own inaction.


      • They do deserve it anyway… they are the ones that have allowed their country to become Islamisized. Do you really think that Jews would cater to Muslims? Israel did right in bombing Hamas and “Palestine.”


      • Heartiste: “orthogonally ancient race of whites… who don’t perceive themselves at all as part of a broader white identity…”

        Arbeiter: “Jews”


      • “Israel did right in bombing Hamas and “Palestine.””

        I smell a bun. Must we put you into the oven?


      • Arbiter is correct. The British, more particularly the English, are generally reserved and polite and don’t go in for street rioting in the way the French do for example. given that, and that fact that the media, ‘justice’, political and financial systems are totally under the control of the enemies – and I use that term advisedly – their opportunities are limited.


      • on August 29, 2014 at 9:04 am Ed the Department Head

        What is increasingly called for is insurrection. I have the unpleasant feeling that the real reasons something like Hungary in 1956 is not happening and the gov’s extra-legal communist thugs aren’t permanently put out of commission when they show up to injure people and destroy property is simply cowardice and a general feeling that the people are permanently out manned and out gunned. Its really pathetic to see the people whose ancestors conquered a fifth of the globe now terrified and passive like ordinary Russians waiting to be arrested or deported in 1933 or 1937.


      • Zionists have no problem filling up Britain with Muslims, moron. It drives Jews out of Britain and leaves behind scorched earth.

        Zionist don’t just like Jews anymore than they like carrots in the lawn. What they want are Jews in Israel.


      • Arbiter,
        what is preventing the British from creating a Molotov cocktail, breaking the window of muslim owner’s cars, and tossing it in in the middle of the night?

        Don’t need to have guns or knives to take action, even in pussified Britain.

        Buy the petrol many miles away, with cash, wipe all handprints off the molotov bottle, etc. and make sure no one is the in the car. There is nothing to directly tie the crime to anti-muslim sentiment, but if it keeps happening enough, maybe they’ll start returning to their hell hole homelands voluntarily.


      • Passover Syndrome…

        people have been conditioned to believe certain things, one of which is that “racism” is worse than child molestation and bestiality combined.


      • “what is preventing the British from creating a Molotov cocktail, breaking the window of muslim owner’s cars, and tossing it in in the middle of the night?”

        The fact that they are innocent people. You stupid fucking cunt.


    • Both theories adduced are true. The origins can be traced to the Frankfurt School and their nation-wrecking theories which have completely overtaken academia, politics and the media in the West. If you look behind the curtain you’ll find that Jews are pulling the strings in the flooding of White countries with the detritus of the Third World. Meanwhile in Israel they’re locking Africans up in concentration camps before throwing back to Africa.

      Time for Whites to start calling a spade a spade (in every sense) and get some meaningful response before our societies are destroyed beyond recovery.


      • Irish Savant: “Meanwhile in Israel they’re locking Africans up in concentration camps before throwing back to Africa.”

        Israel also dumps non-whites, surprise surprise, on white countries:

        Basically, the attitude is “nationalism for me, but not for thee” and “ethnic continuity for me, but diversity and ethnic destruction for thee.”

        The same Jew that proudly supports the continued existence of his own people, will call a white a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews for wanting the same. Truly a people without shame.


      • on August 28, 2014 at 11:28 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

        How exactly did the Frankfurt school got Jews citizenship in Europe and the vote?


      • Jews are spearheading multiculturalism in Europe. This Zionist whore says so. It’s divide and rule, text book for the tribe. While Israhell is supposed to be a jewish state.


      • behind the curtain??? LOL, dude…youtube up Barb Schecter talking on camera about how jews are going to be hated because they are “at the forefront” of multiculturalizing Scandinavia. They believe in their hearts that white places NEED multicult (nobody ever says Detroit needs diversity, yet it is almost 90% single-race) and they are going to work to ensure it happens.

        Israel will remain a jewish State, however. You should read about what Jared Diamond says regarding DNA testing for race. He says two things, the first is that “race is a social construct,” and the second is that DNA testing for race is good because it will enable us to identify who the real jews are.

        But at any rate, a site like SBPDL is a better forum for this type of info.


    • out breeding, inbreedin, cross breedin, i think the ch is totaly wrong on this one…check out this vid slash is one awsome dude…..know im not very bright but when aguy like this pops up ya got to take note


  1. Come on, blaming the outbred WASPS is too Moldbug. Blaming “the elite” is too libtard. Some of us know who is really to blame for this multicultural anti-white bullshit, and maybe they were kept out of country clubs for a reason.


    • Yeah, I thought the second theory had to be about YKW for sure until I re-read it and saw the words “a burgeoning new” [group of whites].

      Can’t blame CH for not wanting to directly call them out, but it’s safe to say he knows what’s really up.


      • YKW are white…ish.

        They just hate all other white ethnic groups.


      • Not whiteish – they are semites, like Arabs.


      • > “a burgeoning new (or orthogonally ancient) race of whites”

        Here’s your burgeoning new mixture with the ancient: {Chelsea Clinton} x {Marc MEZVINSKY}, {Lauren Bush} x {David “Lauren” LIFSHITZ}, {Huma Abedin} x {Anthony WIENER}, {Silda Alice Wall} x {Eliot SPITZER}, etc etc etc.


      • Newest genetic data suggests the ashkenazim are mostly semitic on the fathers side mostly italian on the mothers


    • Loxism


    • Exactly. The project to destroy the ethnic cohesion of White nations has been a Jewish enterprise from day one. Time to stop beating about the bush on this as the demographic time bomb is ticking. It’s the same in every White country, Australia being just one example.


    • Which would be a great theory if, for instance, I didn’t find out about this outrage by an outraged Jew, who are in overdrive lately to discredit Muslims at the slightest opportunity, but why let facts get in the way of your theory.


      • jews getting outraged at the effects of multiculturalism mean nothing if they continue to prosletyze for it. Let me know when they are in favor of building an Israel-esque wall around white countries. Then you can talk about “facts” and “theories”, buddy.


      • “by an outraged jew” – Nice one. So if 99 percent of Jews are pro-immigration, and 80-90 percent of Jews join, fund and promote leftist parties, the fact that some Jews criticize immigration is enough for an idiot like you to claim “they’re not all like that!”

        Some Jews find it convenient to blame “Muslims” as you call them as a way to make Whites side with the attacks on Israel’s opponents in the Middle East, those few M.E. nations that have given financial or diplomatic aid to the Palestinian resistance. The same Jews then immediately turn around and attack “Nazis who make ‘us’ all look bad” like you do now. The aim is to turn fledgling anti-immigrant parties and voices into Zionist support clubs that support mass immigration “as long as they’re not Islamists!”

        You know this, of course. You’re just trying to do your part. Good little parrot.


      • This point is regularly raised and ostensibly seems reasonable. But you must understand that the primary objective of the Jewish elite and their goyim partners-in-crime is to turn White nations into dumbed down deracinated orcs with all their (our) traditional institutions in shreds. They’ll be quite happy to see some Jews beaten up by Muslims or synagogues defaced if the overall objective is being achieved..


      • The Zionist exception proves the rule. NAJALT! The only thing that so called conservative jews care about is Israel. They’ll revert back to their leftist roots as soon as the majority of conservatives stopping supporting Israel and starting calling the jews out.


      • Jews only hate muslims near Israel. If anyone says they don’t want them in their white country, the same jew will call him a racist


  2. Nobody was more into breeding and HBD than the WASPS, up until around say 1966 or so. Their weakness isn’t pathological altruism, it is status whoring. And there is no better way to prove your status currently than to cry out for multiculturalism. The implication being of course that you are shielded from the effects of such policies yourself. It isn’t the high status elite’s kids who are getting raped by beige people.

    Now, the question then becomes who made multiculturalism high status signalling, in academia, politics and media? It is a mystery indeed. My friend Jay Cue had some theories, but then he mysteriously disappeared. So it remains a mystery for the ages.


    • The WASP turn against Western Civ. and pro-black is largely a racial one.

      WASPs in the Northeast were largely traders and wild west financiers, similar to the Jews. When the southern WASP plantation owners lost all their power via the end of slavery, the Northern WASPs reigned supreme. WASPs and Jews had a respectful rivalry of sorts in the U.S.; while WASPs and Jews had rival firms and fought it out for money and position, they viewed each other as equals.

      But then the Irish Catholics came in and gained power. First they outnumbered the WASPS. Then they took organized crime and organzied labor. Then the Irish gradually stole political power away. The late-19th C. union movements–and the violent backlash against them by industrialists—plays out as a WASP v. Irish.

      Unlike the Jews, the Irish weren’t intelligent traders like the WASPs were. Also unlike the Jews who came and treated their religion as the WASPs treated theirs (as a social club with God there to reinforce their racial visions), the Irish were seriously religious. They were also uncouth roughnecks. Even worse, they REFUSED to be converted to the protestantism of the WASPs, and stubbornly kept their papish ways and traditions. They were more violent and stupider and the WASPs considered them almost black and beyond redemption. The Jews saw them as barbarians who had a nation the Jews never deigned to encamp in.

      When the WASPs lost control of Boston/New England was a real tipping point in WASP belief. New England was once the WASP stronghold and homeland; who in your family was on the Mayflower was the sign of WASP-ness; in Boston, as late as the 1920s, NINA signs (No Irish Need Apply) were common. Then Honey Fitz and the Irish mob

      The Jews hated the Irish so much that when they formed organized crime syndicates in the 1920s and 30s and allied with the Italians, they deliberately cut the Irish out. The Atlantic City Meeting is often pointed out as a prime example of Jewish gangsters wanting to freeze out the Hibernians.

      When it was clear the Irish were going to be in control, the WASPs in fear and in loathing, turned against America; they started degrading American culture and encouraging/allowing Jews to do the same. The election of Kennedy might be seen as their Waterloo, and the Hays Code’s demise occurred right then and there.

      The WASPs and Jews turned to the blacks to control the Irish. Smaller in number, well stupider, but violent, the blacks provided a unique buffer against the Irish–a low savage class to attack the now-only partially savage ruling class.

      Viewed in this way, history makes a bit more sense: the weird anti-Americanism of the left is really Anti-Irishism from WASPs and Jews who encourage blacks to attack the Irish.

      It’s tribal warfare all over again.

      Hmm, I think I’ll cross-post at my blog.



      • Of course there’s close to no evidence that NINA signs ever existed. Snopes and other sources call NINA signs myths of victimization. If such signs were widespread, why so little photographic evidence except for movie props and gift shop do dads?


      • Thank you. I did not realize this was a myth; I just took it as truth.

        I will correct that in the post.


    • No, their weakness was to be attacked by the media owners who destroyed the career, political or otherwise, of anyone who spoke up.

      And it wasn’t White elites that voted for the socialists that started mass immigration. It was White workers. Their greed was all that mattered to them, same as it is now. The workers didn’t care that the country was invaded by non-Whites as long as they got some more money. Of course, if they weren’t lazy shits they would have studied in school and made something of themselves, and then they wouldn’t have been workers.


  3. The second theory is that the anti-white elite whites aren’t at all ethnomasochists, but are instead a burgeoning new (or orthogonally ancient) race of whites — and here I use the term race in its figurative as well as genetic senses — who don’t perceive themselves at all as part of a broader white identity that must be preserved against barbarian attack.

    So are these “superwhites” practicing racism since they are self selecting a category for themselves and excluding and mistreating the other “offwhites?


    • lmao. such a silly little kneegro–he can’t see that what the dark lords of the blogosphere are referring to here are exactly the kinds of people his hero, Al “The Liar” Sharpton, started race riots against in the 1990s.

      crown heights rape!


    • They’re being racist in the name of not being racist.


      • See also “Tolerance Camp” episode of South Park.


      • So they are being white in the name of not being white?

        Don’t try to flimm flamm, hoodwink or bamboozl me cynthia.


      • “white” does not equal “racist”

        Unless you’re talking about the SWPLs. But plenty of us hate them too. Kind of like how you have black people and niggers.


      • cynthia
        “white” does not equal “racist”

        OK then miss smarty pants; then how do YOU DECIDE if another person is a white person or a non white person?


  4. Let’s replace the invisible patriarchy with the invisible zionarchy in our mythology of oppression. It’s better for us personally, and that’s what matters.


  5. These race terrorists in the media and their supporters in social media are trying to start a race war, designate these media scum as race terrorists, and freeze the assets of all those who support immigration rape culture


    • on August 28, 2014 at 5:23 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

      The race terrorists in the media won’t fight in the race war themselves.

      Instead, they will use blacks and Muslims as ‘shock troops’ and ‘Brownshirts’ to do their dirty work for them.


    • on August 28, 2014 at 7:36 pm The Other Jim

      The second theory is the more applicable one. Didn’t Peter Hitchens, admit a mea culpa about all of this last year?

      “When I was a Revolutionary Marxist, we were all in favour of as much immigration as possible.

      It wasn’t because we liked immigrants, but because we didn’t like Britain. We saw immigrants – from anywhere – as allies against the staid, settled, conservative society that our country still was at the end of the Sixties…”


      Also, if I remember correctly, Sweden is now the rape capital of Europe because of all the Muslims they’ve imported.


      • Typical. When non-muslim whites are the accused we should be sceptical, when muslims are we should assume it’s true. Don’t forget dat Sweden is also the feminist capital of the world…that itself makes me doubt the “rape capital” claim. If there is a “rape capital” it problably will be in located somewhere in Africa, South-East Asia or India.


      • Sweden is the race capital of Europe. And that’s what The Other Jim said.


      • on August 29, 2014 at 12:29 pm The Other Jim

        Hey asshole, I’m not the guy who worships a murderous, illiterate paedophillic warlord who raped Aisha when she was 9 years old.

        Walter Sobchak: 9 year olds, dude.

        The Dude: Mohammed.

        Mohammed asshole: You said it man. Nobody fucks with the Mohammed.

        As for Sweden being the rape capital of Europe, I tend to believe it. There are too many exhortations in the Quran & subsequent Muslim theologians calling for sex slavery of non-muslim women.


      • It’s important to understand the fundamental precept of the Marxist dialectic- EVERY inequality is a result of oppression.

        Google up Lysenkoism…the left is decidedly anti-science. They reject genetics. EVERYONE is equal… or else.


      • “Hey asshole, I’m not the guy who worships a murderous, illiterate paedophillic warlord who raped Aisha when she was 9 years old.”

        Look at this faggot, how cute he is, talking shit about a man when he’d wet his pants if he ever had to repeat those words in the presence of his followers.

        Marrying a girl with the consent of her parents isn’t rape you cocksucking sack of shit. While it is unacceptable by todays standards, note that marrying girls off once they hit puberty was common place in the western world, as recently as the last century. So hush.

        And why is Muhammad “murderous”? It’s called conquest you fairy. Do you have any idea who the people he conquered were? They had it coming, to say the least.


  6. Let’s see if my coinage “the Ceausescu reckoning” catches on.

    Tony Blair is just a man. If his neck snapped, his bowels and bladder would empty like anyone else’s.


    • I read it over at VP early and looked it up. It’ll be hard to catch on cause it’s hard to pronounce.


    • Chow-CHESS-koo


      • @PA: in high school circa the fall of The Wall, I gave a speech in extemporaneous competition that began “Ceausescu is dead!”

        I considered it one of my weaker efforts, because, despite a pretty detailed precocious understanding of the Warsaw Pact, I didn’t really feel I had much place to go with the speech. The challenge was to excite the judges, and I felt, even then, that it was a hard sell to spread my Reaganite enthusiasm for the demolition of Communism.


      • Chow-*SHESS-koo


    • The Romanian revolution is an interesting study. It was started by a bishop who urged demonstrations, and this spread. I have heard from Romanians how they were told to lie down on the floor of the buses and trains on their way to work, as you never knew where people would be firing, rebels against army. In the end it succeeded because enough of the military switched sides, which was because their higher-ups wanted Ceausescu gone.

      Some notes can be made. The bishop hadn’t talked about revolution before, he would have been locked up if he had. He gained a position of authority, which is what most people listen to, and bided his time. And in the end it depended on what the military commanders would do. This mirrors many other revolutions.

      Someone wrote, “If the police officers and military officers order the troops to shoot, the revolution fails. If they don’t, the revolution succeeds. And that’s all you need to know about any revolution ever.”

      It is rather depressing. I guess the aim will have to be to make sure there will be commanders who won’t order the troops to shoot. And the revolution is dependent on circumstances outside the leaders’ control, notably the economy, and whether the country has had military and international success. (A government that is successful outside the country’s borders is usually safe from revolution.)


  7. Of course the other possibility is that there is no more truth in it than in any of the fantastic allegations culled by Operation Yewtree against seemingly everyone of our aging entertainers (who now reside at her Majesties Pleasure).


    • Ding, ding ding, ding.

      Ur Majesty’s POPISH aging entertainers, I should remark.

      Finally, folks waking up to the Yewtree’s grotesqurie, none less than famous historical counterparts, the witch-hunt hysteria of yore.


  8. Of course the other possibility is that there is no more truth in these allegations than there is in the truly fantastic facts ascertained against those aging entertainers (presently residing at Her Majesties Pleasure) culled by Operation Yewtree.


  9. As I live right by Rotherham (literally ten minutes out, and have to pass through every day to get to work), I made a few posts about the issue here as I saw CH’s twitter feed:

    (Search my username).

    The main bit to consider is how these Asians are not only waging war on us biologically by raping and possibly impregnating these young girls, they’re also ensuring White men around here are completely unable to build strong families, as when these girls grow up, they’re certainly not going to be wife material, and end up completely damaged goods, creating more drugged up single mum dysfunctional families. The young men devolving further into chavvishness and lethargy or random violence, not strength and integrity.


    • @English Dude: Copy what non-whites do.

      Fact: Your government leaves non-whites alone because they fear violence from them. Your government will only leave you alone if they fear violence from you.


      Do non-whites travel in packs? Then travel in packs.
      Do non-whites get violent? Then get violent(and learn some MMA).
      Do non-whites practice racial solidarity? Then practice racial solidarity.

      Wont’ solve all your problems, but it’s a good start.


      • @English Dude: P.S. You have to vote for the most “extreme right” political party you can find, just to balance out the extreme atrocities those in power perpetrate. You don’t have to agree with everything the “extreme right” party may say, but voting for them is necessary considering.


      • This is one of the most important problems of white civilized middle-class men. Our culture and upbringing atomizes us. This is not a conspiracy, but this is what the governments want and it just so happens. The way of man is the way of the gang. Men in a group feel braver and more secure. A gang has power compared to a single man. Governments fear organized groups and will never encourage the formation of male gangs. Governments want single, atomized voters, reliant on the government to provide security.

        The good, upstanding citizens do not form gangs, but gangs are formed by lower-class people or criminals for the necessary security in a dangerous area. The result right now is that Pakistanis have formed gangs and always move in groups. The white majority of men forms no gangs and is therefore a powerless majority, because it consists of comparably powerless individuals.

        The other nationality that forms self-defense gangs in the UK are Russian nationals. The Pakis fear them because of this and leave them alone and prefer to fuck up single Britons. Yes being part of a dangerous gang means you have security. You are someone not to be fucked with.

        English dude, read “The way of men” and form a gang.


    • This. There are knock-on effects. Or as Caplan might say, negative externalities.


  10. The second one..a very clever way of implying, with plausible deniability, a very old truth about certain peoples never wanting to mix or assimilate with the society they nonetheless demand support them….

    secret rape!


  11. Also as I put in the other thread, Rotherham was one of the areas where the government (through it’s private contractors) decided to dump a much higher proportion of immigrants than other areas.

    Kinda obvious it was intentional to have the entire place become an Asian stronghold:


  12. Thank you CH – it is of course the former explanation which describes the problem best.

    Events in Rotherham are the entirely predictable result of two policies which have been the milk and honey of the left for 40 years:

    1 – Unfettered immigration, favouring people from the most backward, ingrate cultures on this Earth, coupled with…
    2 – The destruction of the traditional white family unit, to be replaced by the achingly clumsy machinery of the state as primary carer to children (and child like adults).

    Number 1 allows the leftist to have the emptiness at their core dimly lit by the glow of moral superiority, while loudly seeking applause from the correct audience. Number 2 allows them and their fellow travellers to build empires in social services in which every failure, no matter how spectacular, is rewarded with another lump of other-peoples-money in the bank at the end of the month and a nice fat pension after their time-serving is done with.

    Add to this the fact that poor, uneducated, dim-witted people tend to vote Labour, and it’s not hard to see a not so virtuous cycle at play.


    • Very true. But the media control needs to be added. The Left could never have used mass immigration to import voters (as Labour actually spelled out in writing in the 1980s, which was discovered recently) if the media owners had attacked them for it. But the media owners were the ones encouraging it.

      The workers voting for Labour didn’t care as long as they got as much money for as little work as possible. Lazy in school, lazy in life. But used to being praised because they are many, and that’s what matters in a democracy.


      • True. And who owns the media?


      • Read up on early communist societies…look, under their philosophy EVERYONE is literally equal. That the empirical data doesn’t support that is immaterial; Stalin liquidated every scientist except his nuclear physicists who objected to or dissented from Lysenko’s dogma.

        It’s really like 1984; they control the truth- we have always been at war with Eastasia.

        Inequalities ONLY exist because of oppression; that’s the only way they COULD exist if everyone is equal, get it? So the lack of the written word or wheel in Africa must be the result of massive oppression by those who have against those who don’t have. Continuing inequality in western nations has to be because of literally INVISIBLE things like “microaggressions” or “institutional racism.” They’re admitting that they cannot find any actual physical evidence, so they are contriving something to stand in to make the philosophy coherent. Like Dark Matter. Or masmas. For a long time, nobody knew what causes diseases, so they invented evil spirits to compensate and have things “make sense.”


  13. “Some of us know who is really to blame for this multicultural anti-white bullshit, and maybe they were kept out of country clubs for a reason.”

    Yeah, keep telling yourself you have to worry about some super-secret enemy cabal pulling strings behind the scenes, and NOT the in your face enemies tearing at our entrails out in the open.

    That strategy will work out well.


    In regards to Rotherham, it will be fascinating to watch feminists and various libtard toadies go out of their way to NOT label a true rape culture a rape culture because they would be racist.

    And, in the end, sorry, you HAVE to blame the locals. The fact that they are not in the streets, calling for the heads, literally or figuratively, of those who perpetuated and enabled this shit make me literally ill.

    Someone did that to my child, there would be fucking corpses answering for it, and that is not hyperbole.



  14. The second hypothesis is the correct one. The people in charge in Rotherham were Labour party people and they have never forgiven the white working class for rejecting Socialism and voting for Thatcher. They also (quite reasonably) are contemptuous of white working class people, because the white working class over here are often thick, ignorant and aggressive, and many immigrants – including some Muslims – are superior in almost every way.


    • Immigrants are superior to white working class? Huh? Have you met these immigrants? Only the blind eye of prog law enforcement permitted such blatant criminality. Even their crimes are sub-par.

      Perhaps it’s time the natives of the British Isles finally slew their oppressors.

      CH is right: mass executions are warranted.


    • The workers voted for Labours mass immigration first, as long as it gave them money. They have only drifted to the right from the 1990s and onward, slowly, and then it’s too late.

      It’s the same all over the West: the lazy don’t make an effort in school, end up in shitty jobs, and vote for whoever gives them more money, regardless of the long-term consequences for the economy. They don’t care what happens to the country. Then some of them go, “Huh? Hafta share the loot with immigrants? I don’t want that!” and drift to the Right. But the Left anticipated this. Their mass immigration works fast enough to replace the lost workers at the voting booth.


    • … the white working class over here are often thick, ignorant and aggressive, and many immigrants – including some Muslims – are superior in almost every way….

      Your attitude is not very different from that of the people described in hypothesis one…


  15. I still think whites simply take anything they believe in to strange extremes. Sometimes this is good… sometimes it isn’t.

    The question is, why are people so wedded to equalism? There is power and status to be had by acting like a moralist, it’s the same reason white girls pretend to be oppressed on tumblr. Most people, including the prole whites, are too simple minded to see the motivations behind this, and just naive enough to support whatever sounds moral even if it’s unreasonable or against their interests. This support-by-guilt makes the moralists unassailable in politics.

    Unfortunately, appealing to ethics is as old as politics itself, and it’s always worked on the vast majority of people. Those who view the world through reason and dispassionate, long-term interest (what they call the ‘sociopaths’) are always a tiny minority. The only thing to do here is to try to diminish the importance of the left’s ethical values.

    “Racism/Sexism isn’t that big a deal.”
    “Compassion isn’t that important.”
    “Equality is an unrealistic social construct.”

    Get used to saying these things openly


    • on August 28, 2014 at 7:30 pm braveagnosticg

      I believe in ethnomasochism because i used to felt it with all the poor races of the world, i couldn’t help but feel kind of pity to them, however I remenber still well when i first read online in my final year of the middle school, many truths about black people and at first i feel disgusted and though it was racist. Then I accepted it slowly and the only race i felt a certain ethnomasochism is with East Asians, i still don’t know what I have a certain obsession with them and want them to succed, but at least they are a worthy race, before i did cheer blacks or arabs like that 🙂


    • I can’t deny there’s some truth here. While YKH’s overrepresentation in “multikult” zealotry is indisputable– as is YKH’s especially hardnosed tendency to distort reality with pernicious and often quite dunderheaded memes in general– I agree that we Northern Europeans have some innate bedeviling tendency to take things to moralistic extremes. Mencius Moldbug is sadly disingenuous to minimize his Tribe’s role in the modern catastrophe, but he is right that 17th Century Puritans, faultlessly Anglo though they were, were pretty crazy in their own right.

      And in Britain in particular, these upper class Malthusian elitists (think of the male Royal Consort’s famously glib snobbery) do indeed look down upon the poor whites with astonishing contempt. I think of the John Neville character in The X-Files, looking out the window at his grandchildren, coming to a horrible realization about the– what was that alien reproductive program about exactly?– the horror he’s helped to unleash against their future. I wonder if his real-life counterparts who have sold out their people ever feel any such pang of scruple?

      –Anyway, tang3zang’s suggestion is fun and profitable.


  16. It doesn’t help that while the perpetrators are all Pakistani and Saudi Muslims, they are referred to in Britain as ‘Asians’.

    They are not Chinese, Hindu Indians, Sikh Indians, or anything else. They are Muslims.

    And remember that a lot of the more radical parts of the Muslim world are near-European or otherwise sort of light-skinned. So it is not a genetic/HBD issue, but rather an ideological (Islamic) issue.

    The Tsarnaev’s were white.
    A lot of Syrian and Iranian hardliners look white.


    • “white” as we term it is shorthand for christian european usually west of the hajnal line, so yeah, its a bit sloppy. But it is genetics all the way down.

      No matter what skin tone, middle easterners aren’t “white”. We should really re-introduce some granularity to racial terms. It would make it far easier to name the jew, who have been hiding behind the shield of “whiteness” for decades.


      • The conspiracy is diabolical….

        At present, anyone from Afganistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Egypt is considered white under official US Census guidelines.

        Note how it conveniently covers nearly all of the Middle-East/Muslim world…

        That way, they can hide Islamic violence in the ‘white’ crime stats…..


      • Would you prefer it if those people were getting affirmative action?


      • “white” as we term it is shorthand for christian european usually west of the hajnal line,

        I disagree on the Hajnal line being the general boundary, as that would exclude almost all of EE…

        I say it needs to be extended 1000 miles to the West. so that Moscow is the boundary…


      • I meant, 1000 miles to the EAST.


      • The conspiracy is diabolical….

        At present, anyone from Afganistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Egypt is considered white under official US Census guidelines.

        Note how it conveniently covers nearly all of the Middle-East/Muslim world…

        Now, we could be optimistic here: maybe they’re counted as white simply because there aren’t enough of them in the U.S. to count them as their own group. Once enough of the buggers come in, they’ll demand to be counted separately from whites to get affirmative action bennies.

        After all, Hispanics were likewise counted as “white” until there were enough of them to dig up the “Hispanic” term back in the 1980s or so.


      • They are already activating to try to not get counted as White, so they can get some of that sweet gubmint cheese like all the rest.


      • … Would you prefer it if those people were getting affirmative action?…

        There should not be such a thing as Affirmative Action.

        But then again if more people had access to it – ecxept whites of course – maybe the revolution would come sooner


    • They are not Chinese, Hindu Indians, Sikh Indians, or anything else. They are Muslims.

      They are not “Muslims”, they are non-Whites. You claim that they would act better if they were Hindus? Ridiculous. Just look at the sewer that is India.

      Black gangs in the U.S. are Christian. Blacks are more religious than Whites.
      Mexican and other Mestizo immigrants are Christian. You’re gonna sweep their crimes under the rug?
      There are many Arab, Syrian and African immigrants who are Christian. They act exactly the same as the ones from Muslim homes. They join gangs that listen to “gangsta” music promoted by the media, they harass Whites in school and molest White girls, they attack Whites in the street.

      Talking about “Muslim” is a way some try to cater to the Zionist media owners. Who still treat immigration critics like crap.

      Some factions also rage against “Muslims” in order to take control of anti-immigrant parties. They know that many of the ordinary, dumb folks who have joined after the party got off the ground will vote for them if they declare that “We must throw out the racists! They are the ones who make the media hate us. We must side with the media against the Islamists instead!”

      Then they can use the party to get seats in parliament, with the checks that brings. While the original founders, the ones who actually built the party, are thrown out.


      • Arbiter, it’s an ironclad fact that, all else being equal, a Muslim is dumber and worse-behaved than an equivalent non-Muslim. Don’t kid yourself. Just because Middle Eastern Christians act worse than Europeans doesn’t mean that Middle Eastern Muslims don’t behave significantly worse than Middle Eastern Christians.


      • “Arbiter, it’s an ironclad fact that, all else being equal, a Muslim is dumber and worse-behaved than an equivalent non-Muslim. ”

        An ironclad fact you pulled out of your asshole.

        How on earth would belief in Islam make a person less intelligent? IQ is essentially fixed at birth.


      • on August 28, 2014 at 11:26 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

        ho, are you trying to be wrong about everything in the comment section here? IQ isn’t fixed at birth. Yes, cognitive ability is largely inherited, but that doesn’t mean it’s fixed at birth. I assume you didn’t read any books or articles about psychometrics much like you didn’t read the Quran or much about Mohammed. Somehow you think your opinions on both are authoritative though.


      • How on earth would belief in Islam make a person less intelligent? IQ is essentially fixed at birth.

        It wouldn’t affect a given person directly, but there has been definite dysgenics in Muslim societies over hundreds of years. Why exactly, is unclear. The strongest culprit is the rampant inbreeding among Muslims, especially parallel cousin marriage. Christians, OTOH, almost always frown upon inbreeding (aside from isolated cases, such as Appalachian hillbillies or European royalty), and usually ban it entirely. Also, there is a strong anti-intellectual streak in Islam, such as that one caliph who burned the Alexandrian Library because, he said, the Koran is the only literature that anybody would ever need.

        Then there’s gang rape and grooming outsider girls for sex. It’s definitely telling that it’s Muslims and sub-Saharan Africans — and only those two groups — who do it. Gang rapes, in particular. Other races may pimp their own women (Koreans, for example), but they generally won’t prey on outsiders.


      • ArButtMunch..

        here’s sumthin for u to chew on…

        Them facts are a bitch eh?

        Mebbe thatz why that particular country was the richest thru most of history and why ur beggar ancestors risked life n limb to get there..

        No – them Hindus didnt magically transform when they hit ur shores, itz Innate! Just that the socialistic shitpot that the Brits and their hand picked colonial slaves set up made sure there were teeming masses waiting for handouts (sound familiar, u halfwit?) while voting for em.

        Thatz over – we just elected a RIGHT Wing govt that is headed by a man who whupped muzzie ass 12 years back unlike urs who is busy kissing up to em.

        We have just gotten outta 200 years of ur Anglo genocidal rule which was preceded by the islamic barbarians… unlike u and urs who are on the downswing, we are just breaking outta the shackles !

        Demographics and innate ability – itz gonna be us against whoever (mebbe the Chinese if they dont blow up in another civil war).

        Ur retarded, illiterate ass should focus on the ACTUAL problem at hand – the muzzies, not anyone else! Not that we give a fuck!


      • “Also, there is a strong anti-intellectual streak in Islam, such as that one caliph who burned the Alexandrian Library because, he said, the Koran is the only literature that anybody would ever need.”

        Cool. ONE guy who said that.

        Are you aware of the Library in Baghdad? Are you aware of the damage that the Sack of Baghdad (by the dear Mongolians of course) has done to general knowledge? If they are so anti intellectual, how come they assembled that much knowledge in one place? How do you explain the achievements of the Islamic Golden Age? I know enemies of Islam try to diminish it, but you cannot deny Islamic achievements in medicine, chemistry, astronomy and mathematics. They also conserved Ancient Greek writings so that you ingrates can read what ole Aristoteles had to say.

        Bottomline is, you’re going to need more than one caliph to prove an anti intellectual streak in Islam. (besides, wasn’t it Jews that destroyed that place?)

        I agree with the notion that inbreeding is to blame, but that goes back to genetics, not religion.


    • in uk asian refers to south asians like indian pakistani bangladeshi sri lankan. there is no saudi arab community there. there is no incentive for them to leave since their nation is rich in urban areas.
      they go by ethnically cause we dont know if they are all religious or follow that faith. its too broad when you label by religion thats why they say race and nationality. like in austrailia the lebanese are known to be a rebellious bunch but most are christian and they make muslims look bad too due to association. but the other muslim groups in austrailia do nothin just tje lebs,abos n whites.
      but who cares about brit teens anyways they are trash if you read any manosphere posts. those guys got em with cigs drinks n weed when they out partyin. but touchin kids thats fucked. but remember some of those asian n black pimps had white clients for those girls. first blacks got in on it on the 80s now pakis are takin it.


      • on August 29, 2014 at 5:32 am Cad and Bounder

        “like in austrailia the lebanese are known to be a rebellious bunch but most are christian and they make muslims look bad too due to association. but the other muslim groups in austrailia do nothin just tje lebs,abos n whites.”

        Yes, most ‘Arab’ (and I use that term loosely because Lebanese/Syrian and Egyptian Christians are most definitely not Arab) immigrants to Australia and the US are Christian. However, on the whole, Christians integrate very well.

        It’s a mixed bag with the Muslims. The problem is that the US & Australia loosened up their immigration policies so that an increasing proportion of young Muslims were allowed to enter. Many of these people grew up in a lawless environments where figures in authority constantly advocate warfare as a way of life.

        Why on earth is the West taking them in?

        Then …”Prior to 1965 nearly 90 percent of all Arab immigrants were Christian”

        Now’ish…”with roughly 63 percent of all Arab-Americans claiming Christianity as their religion as of 2002″


      • on August 30, 2014 at 9:42 pm Mean Mr. Mustard.

        The Muslim Southern Lebanese are generally considered to be the uneducated dirt of the Arab world.
        These Lebanese are particularly feral in Sydney, Australia.
        They propensity to marry their cousins (I kid you not), to have large families and then to happily sponge off government welfare while often engaging in illegal activities.
        Over the last 10 years, some of these “Lebos” have even been making headway into motorcycle gangs.
        The Christian Lebanese tend to be altogether a better class of people.


    • “So it is not a genetic/HBD issue, ”

      Go over to HBD chick and look how many Muslim countries have a high percentage of inbreeding/consanguinity. Do the same for polygamy.


      • That still makes it an Islamic issue.

        The crime is being done by Muslims, not by any other religion of ‘Asians’…


      • Yes, but it isn’t an adherence to the religion that causes those acts. Many of those rapists are massive potheads for God’s sake. Pre marital sex is not exactly thought of too highly either.


    • Exactly! All brown skinned people are called Asian in the UK. Makes NO sense!


  17. tang is right… hopefully the sacrifice of these poor wretches on the altar of ‘community relations’ (read: continuing postal votes for Labour, made early and often) will buy the final death of political correctness.

    The left will never admit it is wrong, but it can just be cut out of adult discourse with confidence after these events. The ship is turning.


  18. Seems to me the second theory applies to those pulling the strings, while the first applies to their useful idiot foot soldiers. The next time you hear one of the latter defending diversity, ask them why they like child predators. As CH has pointed out, since the ad hominem and abusive non sequitur are their favorite weapons for silencing dissent (unless they can use the coercive power of the State), you want to hurl those right back in their porcine faces.


    • You have made the same point I was thinking of. Now, when someone calls me a “racist” I can call them a “paedophile”. This might well represent a turning point.


      • martin: “Now, when someone calls me a “racist” I can call them a “paedophile”.

        Good rejoinder. At the very least, they deserve to be called advocates of pedophilia.

        The anti-white knows exactly what is happening as a direct result of the policies that he advocates…yet he still advocates them. He does this knowingly and with malice aforethought; he can no longer reasonably plead ignorance.

        Morally, that puts him in the position of an accessory. Frankly, I think he should LEGALLY be put in the position of an accessory.

        The murders, the rapes, the pedophilia, the grooming, the de facto genocide…the blood is all over the hands of anti-whites. By this point, the anti-white is swimming in a river of blood and rape.

        There must be a reckoning for this.

        The solution? Complete separation, from both the non-whites and the white traitors. The ultimate in justice for the big fish, wealth confiscation and permanent exile for the small fry.


    • Right, but they’d just say “they’re not all child predators” or “there are white child predators”.

      True on both counts, that’s why you need to the full xenophobia argument. Any outsider contributes to diversity and should be suspect on those grounds alone regardless of whether or not that person is good.


      • on August 28, 2014 at 11:24 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

        To which you say not all Nazis killed Jews.* You should never engage dishonest people in honest debate. Be a disingenuous troll yourself. It’s not only amusing to do, it makes other people laugh also because they’ll eventually see what you’re doing. Engaging dishonest people honestly will simply make you look autistic because you’ll have to keep explaining why the other person is wrong.

        *say it with the same indignation in your voice as they do for maximum lulz.


  19. Nowhere in CH’s article is ‘Islam’ mentioned as the trait shared by all the perpetrators.

    And from this chart linked by Heartiste, it appears that the people of Afghanistan and Iran are pretty darn white. Pakistan would be almost the same

    If anything, this incident shows that having a degenerate Islamic belief system can trump race as an indicator of barbarism, as jet-black Sri Lankans aren’t the ones who seem to be doing this, but near-white Afghans and Pashtuns and Pakistanis are….

    If it was really about skin color, Afghans and Pakis would be more civilized than Indians, who in turn are more civilized than Sri Lankans. Clearly that is not what we see when Islam comes into the picture.

    A lot of the worst Islamic extremism comes from countries are are pretty light-skinned, in many cases…. That is scary, for it means more damaged SWPLs will convert to Islam too…


    • What part of the “degenerate belief system” in Islam is related to this you fucktard?

      Afghans and Pakistani are some of the most inbred, polygamous people in the whole wide world.


      • on August 28, 2014 at 11:19 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

        Mohammed being a rapist and a child molester is one of the parts in Islam related to this you fucktard.


      • Where does it say he engaged in rape?

        And if he’s a child molester, so is everyone in the past who married a girl younger than 18. Throughout most of history, girls were marriagable after menstruation.


    • Anyone who says Pakistanis are ‘pretty much white’ must never have been there. Insane statement. The numbers who could pass for white are tiny.


  20. “Post-racial” is also “post-human” as you can see from the reports of bureaucrats having state enforcers arrest parents who tried to protect their biological children in contradiction to the state’s indifferent and oversight of its statutory property.


  21. “I am skeptical, because feminists tend to be not the most logic people.”

    What’s with the broken English shtick. Your other persona was a better writer.


    • That is broken english?


    • Spell check on my wordpress, for some reason, does not work. So sometimes I write the comment in microsoft word, but that takes a long time. So maybe I make spelling errors. But I have just checked over that sentence, and I really do not see how it is broken Kate?


      • “I am skeptical, because feminists tend to be not the most logic people.”

        should be

        I am skeptical because feminists tend not to be the most logical people


      • Oh. Thanks. I thought it had actually improved. Is it actually gramatically wrong to say it the way I wrote it? I thought it could be said either way.

        Thank you.


      • no one can resist a negro spelling error.


      • Having a variety of names, blogs, and writing abilities makes you look like a troll. I abhor deceit, especially when it concerns the impression that men get of women. If your English is truly not that good, fine. But, if you are putting on an act, there can be no good reason for doing so, and you make yourself extremely suspect.


      • Not that I need to explain to you, but I do not have a variety of blogs. I did have another blog before. If I was a troll, I would make a very different moniker than my last one.

        And no, I do not have bad english. Your bitchiness is transparent. So if I made a few grammatical errors, what is the problem with that? Are you always this catty or do you have pms, or are you approaching menopause? 😉 .

        Forgive me but I did not you were the resident language expert. You should not have any problem translating this,

        Πολύ μιλάς, πολλά ρωτάς, Κάτι δεν πάει καλά με μας Πολύ μιλάς και με χαλάς Συνέχεια κάτι με ρωτάς Πολύ μιλάς

        Σκα, σκα, σκάσε, σκάσε, Κλείσ’ το στόμα σου για λίγο, Σκα, σκα, σκάσε, σκάσε, Θα σ’ αφήσω και θα φύγω. I will help you anyway, 😉 Stop with the bitchiness, skyla.


      • Kate, I want to apologise for the other comment I wrote. I should not have said that. It was wrong.
        What you said irritated me, and I have had such a horrible week, so I snapped and replied in a impolite way.


      • i agree with kate. eofahapi is probably a troll/fake account


      • Well, DUH!


      • Ok, valleygurl. I must have missed the prior discussion.


      • Your mother’s ass.


      • I think eofhappy is the woman who used to post under the name of her blog; embracing our femminity. ( = eof)

        She is from Greece or some Island in that region, which explains her English which is frankly not that bad.

        She is not black, I saw a photo of her.

        I don’t think she is a troll or a “fake”.


      • @CF. Right. She was fake then and she is fake now. How on Earth would that “paragon of femininity” find her way to these hallowed halls. Come now, let’s be real… foreign, submissive, demure, twee accent, interested in the various topics we discuss. She is a fantasy avatar created by one of our resident trolls.

        @GE. what does my mother’s ass have to do with it? Anyway, I was clearly attempting to engage in some light banter with you. Do you really need another enemy? Especially one that is essentially aligned with you and likely resembles you in most ways?


      • I think she is for real.

        When she had a blog, she posted a few pictures of herself ( she is not bad looking ).

        her blog home page was all pink with lots of flowers and there was an about page describing why she created that blog, and photos of her and of her garden.

        Would a troll go trough the trouble of creating a somewhat elaborate blog?

        I think her naiveté or innocence is for real because she is a good girl close to her father and far from cities where sin and crime are common, she is “remote” from such places, does not have a lot of street smarts ( but is not dumb ) yet is curious about it which is why she hangs out at blogs in the USA.

        And just as I a French Quebecer – a foreigner – who has never lived in the USA find American blogs a hundred times more interesting than any other, she probably comes here just as I do because no where else can she find such topics discussed and so many commenters who are well informed, articulate and intelligent. ( there are a few dumb ones as well… )

        I can not be certain at 100% of who she really is and why she is here but I think my “analysis” is mostly correct.

        Those who have access to IP addresses could confirm she posts from Greece…just as they could confirm I post from Quebec…


      • Friends come and go… but enemies accumulate.

        Sigh. I didn’t know calling another man “valleygurl” was “light banter”… and I guess you didn’t know “your mother’s ass” was another way of saying “up yours” and such.

        What we have here is… (insert your best Strother Martin impression here)…


      • I find it mind-boggling that people would have trusted the mainstream media on this issue. Read the report. The 1,400 number comes from cases going back as far as 1997. The ages of the “children” involved range from 11 to twenties. Changes the picture, doesn’t it?


      • Derb on Ferguson.… Looking forward to Derb on Rotherham.

        Will he explain it as prostitution in which women used their sexual capital to exploit Pakistani men? There’s a good discussion at Steve Sailor’s right now.

        Its going to take a lot for people to realize that men can be victims of mercenary women. Especially if even red pillers haven’t considered it. That is just too tough of a concept for most to accept.

        No one would ever question that a woman has a right to get away from an abusive man. But switch the roles and you’ll see that a man has very little ability to escape an abusive woman except by “abandoning his children.”

        In all kinds of media (an episode of “Mom,” The Other Woman) you see that it is acceptable- encouraged, really- for men to be publicly humiliated, physically injured, and treated as extreme examples of effigies for any perceived offenses against women. Its a kind of revenge porn, and it is a disgusting part of modern culture.

        Looking at this as an immigration issue is seeing it from a narrow perspective. In broader terms, it is a male issue. Open your eyes.


      • Indeed it is a male side. Upper class English males are deploying Paki males to humiliate and destroy lower class English males.


      • “The ages of the “children” involved range from 11 to twenties. Changes the picture, doesn’t it?”

        I read the report. It still does not change that girls and boys as young as 11 years old were abused. 20’s is of course not a child, but a 11 year old is a child. And they must be protected. Even the children, who come from bad families or who live in social care, they are blessings and children who had a right to be protected, and they were failed. Everyone should be horrified that this has been done to children. If the situation is not adressed for what it is, how many more children must suffer?

        From the report, “They were raped by multiple perpetrators, trafficked to other
        towns and cities in the north of England, abducted, beaten, and intimidated. There were examples
        of children who had been doused in petrol and threatened with being set alight, threatened with
        guns, made to witness brutally violent rapes and threatened they would be next if they told anyone.
        Girls as young as 11 were raped by large numbers of male perpetrators.”

        Even children from good homes could have suffered, fathers went to try to save their children and they were arrested. They have taken away the rights of a father to even be able to protect his own child.

        “Will he explain it as prostitution in which women used their sexual capital to exploit Pakistani men? ”

        But it is not the fault of young children, boy or girl that they were abused. It was not manipulative on they’re behalf. A child’s mind is still malleable at that age. That is why children need to be protected and these sick creatures deported. (NOT every immigrant, but criminals, yes deport.)

        “Its going to take a lot for people to realize that men can be victims of mercenary women. Especially if even red pillers haven’t considered it. That is just too tough of a concept for most to accept.”

        Agreed. But I do not understand how it is relevant to the Rotherham situation, in which children were abused. I agree that of course men can be victims of women, and many do not understand. But applying it to this situation seems not fitting.

        “Looking at this as an immigration issue is seeing it from a narrow perspective. In broader terms, it is a male issue. Open your eyes.”

        It is both, in my opinion. The fundamental issue seems to liberalism/PC/mass Immigration. It is a male issue in the sense that fathers were not even able to protect their own children, because they got arrested. Any normal father with love for his child would feel murderous, if it was theyr child. And that is right.

        This is a immigration issue also, because these creatures were protected because of their race/religion. Because of political correctness and the fear of being racist, children suffered. It is a leftist issue, because they allow anybody in to Europe with out regard for those people may be dangerous to European nationals.
        Anyone who speaks against immigrants or immigrant ideologies is said to be a racist. It is precisely these reasons what happened was able to continue so long.

        Yet another person was beheaded this week. A 82 year old Italian woman. God rest her soul. The news is crazy the past few weeks. It is heartbreaking.

        Also, read this.

        They are seriously allowing jihadis who have “surrendered” to go back to UK. And in the mean time are letting them stay on our island!
        How can we even know if they tell the truth when they believe in the concept of “Taqqiya”?
        All of this is beyond the issue just being the poison of feminism, it is a complete attack on civilization, feminism is just one weapon, it was maybe the first weapon, that made the men helpless. Then all the rest of this leftism ensued and UK has already lost their culture, others have lost our land, heads have been cut off, children abused. How much more?

        I understand your opinion on the issue Kate, but in summary, reading through the report, I can not understand this the basis of the issue is a men’s issue.
        The Rotherham issue is just one symptom of a much broader issue infecting Europe.


  22. Purely hypothetically, a group of concerned citizens could start by setting fire to the police station as well as some cars blocking the roads into town, then cleanse the afflicted blocks with fire in the ensuing chaos. Loot, burn, rape, kill, leave strange fruit hanging from the lamp posts.


    • on August 28, 2014 at 5:29 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

      I like it. Another possibility would be to unleash a Dubai Operation on the Rotherham council and local Muslim community. This would require a level of cooperation and sophisticaton that Nationalists don’t yet possess. But I think it’s coming.


      • The longer the British government allows this problem to go on, the worse the backlash will be when white British citizens finally take action.


      • This would require a level of cooperation and sophisticaton that Nationalists don’t yet possess.

        Nationalist parties would have been the dominant movement, as “sophisticated” as you wish, if they hadn’t been the targets of constant terrorism from communist groups. The media cover for those groups, attacking the victims instead, so that the terrorism can continue. For anyone involved the nationalist movement this is obvious. While outsiders complain.


      • Exterminate the brutes


      • Shut up troll.


      • “I like it. Another possibility would be to unleash a Dubai Operation on the Rotherham council and local Muslim community.”

        Essentially, innocents.

        You know that what follows would make Rotterham seem like a joke, right?


      • on August 29, 2014 at 10:11 am Laguna Beach Fogey

        @ Arbiter

        The level of sophistication required to alter the present course of politics (and its media cheerleaders) using non-political means, isn’t prohibitively high. See: IRA.


  23. Option 2.

    White elites have more in common with black/ Indian/ Asian elites then they do with the common white man.

    The white/ Jew elites that own the western world don’t care how many rapes, acid attacks, riots or even be headings there are. To them mass immigration is a tool to keep the masses infighting, a source of cheap labor and more consumers to buy their companies product.


    • The white/ Jew elites

      It was the workers that voted for the Left and its mass immigration, in exchange for money. White business owners always opposed global trade. They want to be able to take the car and drive to the factory and then home again the same day, instead of having to go on a trip to a stinking town in India. It was the Left that pushed for open borders in trade as well as migration. Businesses then either have to relocate or be driven out of the market, as at least some of those in the same business will always take advantage of the lower wages elsewhere.

      White elites also supported nationalism in the 1920s and 1930s in much greater proportion than workers. Nationalist parties just didn’t mention this because they wanted the workers’ votes, so they had to praise the workers. Take the NSDAP: their support was the strongest in rural areas and the middle class and upper class, while the closer you came to industrial workers in the cities, the less was their support. The industry workers in the cities were solidly in the communist/social democrat camp, moving back and forth between these two parties as there was little difference.

      The SA, while talking about the working class, was majority non-worker. Many came from rural areas, moved to the cities where the struggle took place. They could only be called “workers” by a wide stretch of the concept to anyone with no higher education: they were farmhands, apprentices in the crafts, etc. In the cases these rural men were workers, they came from areas with a traditional patronage system, where the local owner of the mine would provide housing and supplies for those working for him, in a close relationship.

      Like George Orwell said, “For all the fascist talk about workers most of their support comes from the upper classes.”


      • Quit trying to sidetrack away from Jews, asshole.


      • “White business owners always opposed global trade”

        A Monumental stupidity (Unless you are speaking of small business owners)
        Our owners and their executioners would have good lough
        should they read your nonsense
        Reminds me of so called right European movements who fight against third world immigration waving Israel flags
        Goys proved to be stupid beyond their wildest hopes


      • What the ever loving fuck??

        U cannot possibly be this STUPID!

        The head twits, be it at IBM, Accenture, Microsoft, Ford, etc.,. are in India (China before that and SE Asia) on a regular basis moving as much of the work offshore as they can and u claim the “business owners” didnt want to do it?

        U think all those IT and factory workers laid off across the US supported this shit while the business owners opposed it?

        Thatz some serious crack u be smoking butt-biter!

        Now that their profits have zoomed up, o’course they dont drive home anymore; they just fly to their fucking private islands and estates (bought with the killing they made in bonuses and options)! What a lousy train of thought.. jeez


  24. on August 28, 2014 at 5:26 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

    …these traitors need to swing from the gallows soon…

    We’re seriously going to have to make this happen, IRL, instead of just talking about it on teh interwebz.


    • Before there was the Boston Tea Party, there was the same kind of talk in coffeeshops as there is here now.


      • That’s right, PA. These discussions, happening all over the net, are important. When the backlash happens, whether it’s next year or ten years from now, it must be directed not just at the groomers and various non-white invaders, but at those who unleashed them upon us. If someone intentionally lets a rabid pit bull into your house, of course you have to deal with the pit bull. That’s obvious. But it’s even more important to deal with the scumbag who unleashed it upon you.

        That’s why internet discussions are so important. The more people that understand who has been doing this to us, and why, the better. Otherwise the backlash will be controlled and misdirected, and ultimately nothing will come of it. Bad Cop System Component A simply steps aside, and Good Cop System Component B steps in. Things cool down a bit, a few scraps are thrown to appease the crowd, but pretty soon Bad Cop is back and is badder than ever.

        The anti-white system rolls on, largely undeterred, and will probably accelerate after a very mild slowdown. After all, if the anti-white system survives and remains in power, it will have a mandate to make sure that no white backlash ever happens again. That means white genocide, double quick time.

        That’s the outcome that must be avoided, and the only way to do that is for a critical mass of people to understand the real enemy. We need smart but wild-eyed fanatics, and they need to know what is what. They need to know how to go for the root, not just the branches. The good news is more people are getting it than at any time in my life. Predicting exactly when is impossible, but we’ll get our chance. And when we do, it’s for keeps.


      • When the backlash happens, whether it’s next year or ten years from now, it must be directed not just at the groomers and various non-white invaders, but at those who unleashed them upon us. If someone intentionally lets a rabid pit bull into your house, of course you have to deal with the pit bull. That’s obvious. But it’s even more important to deal with the scumbag who unleashed it upon you.

        A recent Norwegian example served as a primer… for those with ears to hear.


      • You need to add one more category for the analogy to work
        There are pit bulls, those who unleashed them and those who legalized them
        advertising them as most vibrant dogs since the bread is sliced
        Brevik dealt only with second category.
        while in many respects was a tool of the third one


      • Brevik dealt only with second category.

        Granted… but hell, at least SOMEBODY dealt with something.


      • I know it sounds melodramatic but I would personally hang the people who have let loose the rabid pit bull (to use Trainspotter’s analogy).were the opportunity to present itself.


  25. Never thought I’d see my hometown mentioned in the hallowed halls of Chateau. It may have made the news only now but it’s been muttered around the town folk for years. The EDL (always dismissed as a racist far right group) originally held protests in the town over this sexual abuse in the past but of course, are chastised by the media and anything they say will not be taken given any light. It’s no secret the police just leave the Pakistani community to it to sort themselves out, fearing cultural insensitivity. There’s have been riots covered up that haven’t even had a mention in the press. It’s fucking bullshit. When will the bullshit political correctness stop.


    • I know what you are talking about. I have seen it too. It’s sick. The media and the politicians cover for the criminal scum and attack those who support the people.


    • When every turdskin male in your city is beaten and tortured in the most violent and degrading manner possible, the elites will take note. And until that happens, the 90% whites in your city look like bitches.


      • taking a few elite whites “out of circulation” will send the most powerful message possible.


      • “When every turdskin male in your city is beaten and tortured in the most violent and degrading manner possible,”

        Aww, look at jackie advocating for savage torture of innocents behind the safety of his computer.

        Why don’t you go ahead and do it yourself you faggoty coward?

        Also, CH is right. You may wanna look for the real responsibles.


      • As I am reading all these comments, suddenly I am reminded of those women who post here accusing us of hating women.

        And I have a question for them,

        If we hate women then why are we so angry at those who rape women that we are talking about inflicting violence on them?


    • on August 29, 2014 at 12:27 pm gunslingergregi

      riots covered up


  26. When will the bullshit political correctness stop.

    When the White riots start. Pitchforks, torches, the lot. Nice bit of the old ultra violence, pour encourager les autres.

    The leftist control of discourse and policy is incredibly flimsy, like all evil it needs our compliance to continue.


    • on August 28, 2014 at 11:15 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

      History is filled with examples of elites that ruled through guile and manipulation being replaced by elites with balls. I don’t think this time will be any different, but I’m uncertain I’d like to live in the West when this happens regardless.


      • With you there Ninja, it won’t be pretty – but omelettes, eggs etc.

        The left have pushed the pendulum to an extreme position, where people cannot say the obvious without facing social, economic and legal sanction. The swing back will be long and hard.


    • If it weren’t for the Brownshirts knocking heads better than the Left and all their fellow travelers (media included), well… Germany would still be paying France off in coal.

      Any political group who forgets the lesson of “don’t let ANYONE disrupt your meetings” is doomed to the flaccid failures of our current malaise.


    • “The leftist control of discourse and policy is incredibly flimsy”
      Au contraire, it is almost total. The big weakness in their discourse is cognitive dissonance, and the proles recognising it for what it is.


  27. I believe more theory 2.

    I have just had a conversation with a Muslim friend about this Rotherham issue. It started normal and talking about some news articles, and concluded with shouting.
    She is a good woman, but completely brainwashed. She is angry at the media for relating this to “Islam”. She said, if a crime happens by a white, the headline will not read “White Christian rapes children.”

    I said to her, what do you think the media should say? They should not specify that the abusers are asian? And she said no, they should not, and that it is racist and not fair for Muslims.
    I asked her if 5 Christian white men go to Pakistan and rape and abuse their children, should their media say they are whites? I said if white Christians immigrate to Pakistan en masse, and reproduce rapidly while feeding their children with the taxes the natives paid, would they feel angry with that? She said no, because Muslims must be welcoming to everybody.
    (In actuality, if a white man were to go there and rape their girls, he would be hanged in the streets.)
    Many Muslims in Europe believe anybody who speaks against a Muslim to be a Islamophobe. They believe the media is islamophobic, the government, etc.

    With all respect to her point, I feel genuinely sorry for decent Muslims.(Because decent Muslims do exist.) But that does not change the fact that natives/descendants of Pakistan committed the crimes and stole any hope of decent childhood from 1,400 white girls, and even worse, native Europeans allowed it. That is why these people who knew what was happening, are just as bad, possibly even worse, and are not normal human beings. (Why I believe more in theory 2.)

    To get to the real issue of WHY these men are doing what they are doing(because you can guarantee it is still happening.), just open the Qu’ran. Many Muslims will say verses are not interpret correct and are take out context. But when you need a scholar to tell you that it is not okay to murder or rape or abuse a child, you need to start question the morality of your holy book.

    Time and time again, there are horrific crimes happening committed in the name of Islam, or by natives of Islamic countries. To call it out, is not racism, as it would not be racism if any other race committed the crime. Has anybody else noticed everybody in charge who allegedly knew what was occuring was white person? Yet the white people are not accusing the media of being racist, for picturing white people who allowed the abuse of children. Instead, once again, we are accused of being racist for stating the fact of matter that they are from Muslim countries.

    Shame on the white liberals for allowing this, if this does not wake people from their comatose states and political correctness, I do not know what can.


    • To summarize, Europe is STILL not politically correct enough. (According to them.)


      • She might be your ‘friend’ but she’ll pick her tribe over you any day of the week. Especially if the shit hits the fan.


      • on August 29, 2014 at 11:46 am braveagnosticg

        yes tribe is over friendship, seen more cases like that, like in this video Christianity vs Hinduism


      • Those two girls are NOT qualified to promote, spread or defend Christianity.

        Matter of fact, most Christians suck at Christianity; thats why Im in the position Im in today.


      • on August 30, 2014 at 7:01 pm braveagnosticg

        hah yeah, I think the West and the world needs more Buddhism anyways, the Buddhist aims to cease desire and the problema with Westerners is widespread attention whoring, have noticed how that is lacking in Asians? we need it too, i feel more peace since i embraced Buddhism


    • “To get to the real issue of WHY these men are doing what they are doing(because you can guarantee it is still happening.), just open the Qu’ran. ”

      Yeah because the Quran requires you or permits you to engage in child sex grooming. Idiot.


      • on August 28, 2014 at 11:12 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

        Actually, it does. Mohammed did it and he is the perfect man in Islam.


      • Muhammad has the permission to marry that girl you idiot. Back in the day, menstruation meant woman. You never watch Game of Thrones?


      • I do not want to offend you ho, and I am not attacking all Muslims, but to say that there are not Quranic and Hadith verses which permit it, is wrong.

        Qur’an (23:5-6) – “..who abstain from sex, except with those joined to them in the marriage bond, or (the captives) whom their right hands possess…” This verse permits the slave-owner to have sex with his slaves. See also Qur’an (70:29-30). The Quran is a small book, so if Allah used valuable space to repeat the same point four times, then sex slavery must be very important to him.

        Bukhari (62:137) – An account of women taken as slaves in battle by Muhammad’s men after their husbands and fathers were killed. The woman were raped with Muhammad’s approval.

        This includes pre-pubescent girls. as indicated in a Qur’an verse 65.4.

        Recently Iraq announced it was considering draft legislation that could make it legal to marry girls as young as nine. Such ideology has no place in a civilized society.

        Not every Muslim is going to follow those verses exactly, but there are fundamentalists who take it as final word, and that is the danger.


      • Islam does not forbid extra marital sex. There are numerous verses which say to have sex with slaves. There is also “Nikah mu’tah”, temporary marriage.

        Also, ho, “back in the day”, menstruation might have mean she was a woman. But the Qu’ran specifically speaks of marrying girls who have not yet had their menstruation in verse 65:4 .


      • “Yeah because the Quran requires you or permits you to engage in child sex grooming. Idiot.”

        Well actually, yes it does. Islam’s (cough) sacred texts are full of permissions for what we’d call child rape. Be careful before you start calling people idiots.


      • Interesting. But didn’t Christianity permit child marriages as well? All you’re saying is that Muhammad was as barbaric as some of your precedessors. I don’t see you guys shitting on Ancient Greek pederasts or past Christian slavers/child marriers.


    • “But that does not change the fact that natives/descendants of Pakistan committed the crimes and stole any hope of decent childhood from 1,400 white girls, and even worse, native Europeans allowed it.”

      These girls problably never had any chance to a decent childhood to begin with. The environment is setup for failure. The perpatrators just toke advantage of an already existing situation. Many of these girls where likely already very promiscuous (very common in that environment). In this sense calling them “victims” isn’t completely correct…they share a bit of the blame. This ofcourse doesn’t mean these men shouldn’t be punished. I honestly don’t see what religion has to do with this. As far as i know Islam forbids extramarital sex. Many of these men are married…which from a Shariah point of view means death penalty. Marriage with a non practising muslim, christian of jewish woman isn’t allowed. Likewise marriage with a promiscuous woman isn’t allowed (no matter what religion).


      • “As far as i know Islam forbids extramarital sex. ”

        You are mistaken. Islam permits sex with sex slaves (of any religion) and one doesn’t need a contract to establish slavery.

        [CH: i’ve noticed that hindoos tend to be really corrupt and nepotistic. thoughts?]


      • “[CH: i’ve noticed that hindoos tend to be really corrupt and nepotistic. thoughts?]”

        Corrupt in what way? Nepotistic, inherently. The caste system encourages people to consider only their very close of kin as people they owe alliance to. Because they do not really have an overarching identity, their warmth towards a broad civil society is limited. They sacrifice for their own, but not for their cousin caste. They give favors to their own before they reward whoever is genuinely most qualified.

        Hinduism is very much live and let live, but this philosophy goes to a grotesque extent and two of the negative consequences of that are the following:

        1) Hindus do not fight against those whose practices are barbaric. If a religious sect wants to practice something barbaric, traditionally, no one stops them because people do not interfere with those outside their own caste.

        2) Hindus are nepotistic- If you don’t care about what other people outside your caste are doing, you can’t feel responsible for them or to them. Hence, to Hindus, it is as if civil society is limited to their own caste.

        [CH: in corporate america, hindoos will watch out for each other at the expense of the broader camaraderie. you see it in the conspicuous cues (they all eat and talk together) and the inconspicuous cues (hiring underqualified hindoos, cutting corners when dealing with outgroup clients). hindoos bring with them their inherent low trust sensibilities and ingroup fanaticism, not to mention their BO. a few are manageable. too many of them are bad for white america.]


      • It is relegated to minor acts of pettiness for the most part. Indians tend to also be harsher on other indian dangerous criminals than out groups are. And not all Indians are hindu. Indian Buddhists and Christians have less of this problem and marry out more frequently.


      • Also though Hindus have certain problems more than other groups, they are not bad at self correction. If we had a culture where it was appropriate to point out the social ills of minority groups, Hindus would be better able to recognize their unfair behavior and change.


      • “You are mistaken. Islam permits sex with sex slaves (of any religion) and one doesn’t need a contract to establish slavery.”

        Marriage and slavery. However, you cannot simply call a random chick a slave and then consider it done.

        I actually am a muslim. I was always told that zinah (fornication) is a sin.


  28. The most disturbing part is that many of these people will sacrifice their own children to their ideology putting them in grave danger. A variation on child sacrifice and making the children “pass through fire” both prohibited by the Bible.


    • No, they aren’t sacrificing their children. The whites behind this? Their children are protected, by gated communities and elite schools. The ones making the decisions are not carrying the burden of consequence, which is probably how things get this bad to begin with.


      • The Whites behind this are socialist workers, voting for the Left’s mass immigration in exchange for as much money as possible for as little pay as possible.

        Then a few of them slowly start to oppose this, when they don’t want to share the loot with the flood of immigrants. And then we have to praise “the workers” because while the middle class and upper class were always, always more opposed to mass immigration, which they didn’t vote for, they will not join nationalist parties as the media would attack them and make them lose everything they have.

        So we have to praise the workers, as among them you can find the ones who have little to lose, and so a few of them will be the first joiners in a nationalist party. (Parties that are always led by people from the middle class, like in all revolutions. Workers never organize anything on their own.) Only in time can you gain more supporters from the middle class, who prove to be far more hard-working party members once they join. This is not something I am making up – there are numbers from nationalist parties showing how, after a few initial years, the majority of ACTIVE members are middle class.


      • They’re sacrificing their children, they just don’t know it yet.
        Instead of getting raped on the streets by Pakistani laborers, 16-year old Cecily Hightower-Bowles just hooks up with a few Moroccans who sell popsicles (and hash) on the beach in France.


      • on August 29, 2014 at 6:18 pm Charlesz Martel

        “If there is hope, it lies in the proles” – 1984.
        Revolutions almost always start among those who have little to lose. The American Revolution was quite an exception.


  29. There are two camps of thinking. One says Rotherham is the logical outcome of extreme white ethnomasochism, which is itself a manifestation of pathological altruism, a reflexive mental condition that evolved over millennia of outbreeding
    My theory is that because of the decline of study of religion and philosophy people refuse to take spiritual threats to our well being (bad ideas) seriously.


  30. the elites just use the stupid savage muslims as pawns

    even now with with IS in the middle east…an organisation whose other name ISIL (Levant) clearly indicates that it wants to conquer israel. have you seen israel shown any interest in this so called ‘massive threat to the world’ compared to their genocide mission on near helpless palestinians? no

    IS is a pawn (probably zionist created) to cause massive turmoil in the middle east by playing off sunni and shiite muslims against each other…america is now trying to drag Iran in to get involved in the conflict…if iran bite they will be sucked into the neverending vortex of chaos. once things are full on shitty america/ zionists can jump in and save the day, conquering both syria and iran…which gets them in a nice and close to russian borders…

    look at the current demonisation of russia and the obvious american organised overthrowing of the Ukrainian government earlier in the year and all you see is a massive geopolitical game for an american/zionist new world order. now it makes sense why russian is close allys with iran an syria

    whether a full blown war will break out is anyones guess but i wouldnt bet against it


  31. Anders Brievik.


  32. The term social justice warrior needs to be reclaimed by true defenders of society and civilization from these rape-enabling, pedophelia-enabling, feminist, androgynous bottom feeding trolls that would rather see civilization crumble around them than to accept their miserable dole in life.

    We fight for civil society. Not them.


  33. […] Heartiste:  “The Rotherham Evil“ […]


  34. Well the English have been ruled by Germans for more than 300 years..


    • Britain has been anti-German for generations. The British attacked Germany and started two large European wars to destroy their competitors, complete with organized starvation after both wars.

      Oh, you are talking about the monarchy? Yes, Britain’s empire in the 19th century was indeed built under an exclusively German monarchy, the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, where all the wives for generation after generation were brought in from Germany. (Except one who was brought from Sweden, but her name was German, so she was no doubt German nobility living in Sweden.) This was the house of Queen Victoria, who ruled over 450 million people, a quarter of the world’s population and landmass.

      But when the media and some of the British nobility raised the anti-German talk to a fever pitch, as the strategy was to “divide and conquer” in Europe where Germany and Austria had become too successful, the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha changed its name to “Windsor” and started marrying English women instead. You can’t look at Prince Charles and his ears and say they are anything but British.


      • World wars I & II did UNBELIEVABLE damage to Europe.
        In addition to the obvious death & destruction.
        If the English (the Irish, Scots & Welsh seem to have far fewer hangups in that area) could ever bring themselves to get over their almost pathological distrust of the Germans, that would be one hell of a power block. Add Scandinavia, Netherlands, maybe Austria, Switzerland and Belgium and you’d have an empire that could easily rival any in history. That’s like 50%+ of all of the world’s most capable people in 1 relatively small area.


      • “If the English (the Irish, Scots & Welsh seem to have far fewer hangups in that area) could ever bring themselves to get over their almost pathological distrust of the Germans, that would be one hell of a power block.”

        The English are really fucking stupid because of it IMO. Who would pick frogs over Germans in this case.


    • on August 28, 2014 at 7:16 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

      Remember though, fake rape allegations don’t exist.


    • on August 29, 2014 at 2:54 am gunslingergregi

      the comments don’t believe an animal can do that
      yea they can
      of course woman do that all the fake pregnancies I have been through
      ill never forget forget that dam nice faking monkey who tried to pull my hand in cage that fucker


  35. on August 28, 2014 at 7:16 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

    I consider feminism to be a shit test white men failed.


    • on August 28, 2014 at 7:45 pm Mean Mr. Mustard

      “I consider feminism to be a shit test white men failed.”

      Fair call.

      They were and are being aided and abetted by influential enablers that have used them to further their own agendas.

      The YKW group survival strategy and Frankfurt School.
      The Corporates (again YKW influenced).
      The Mainstream Media (YKW influenced/controlled)
      Pseudo-“Free Market” Capitalism (errr …. starting to notice a pattern here)


    • I echo your sentiments. This paradigm only stands because enough white men support it. Once we get a critical mass of white men to reject feminism, multiculturalism and other nefarious ideologies…watch as the foundation holding the system together completely tumbles. Tell two to tell two to read Chateau.


      • hopefully the critical mass will be reached before the frankfurt school wins.
        I have the feeling it won’t be pretty when whites finally wake up.


  36. Seems my other post disappeared. I live around 10 mins out of Rotherham. The area was intentionally turned into an immigrant dump by the authorities, (check my other post in this thread).

    I also made a few posts over in a previous one after seeing CH’s twitter feed about this. It’s been going on for YEARS. Has been in the media like 5 times now (censored like hell though of course, especially as to their ethnicity):

    Basically I’m concerned that they’re not only breeding us out (huge 5-6+ children families), priority on benefits, housing, as well as impregnating these young girls, but they’re also destroying white Englishmen’s chances to forge a strong family. Just how many of these girls are going to be girlfriend material after such trauma? They’ll be absolute damaged goods.

    Results in more dysfunctional families of single, drugged up mums raising violent, or lethargic / useless chavs, and more vulnerable young girls to fall pretty to these guys, destroying the area even further.

    The few good families who tried to do something about it, well two fathers tracked down the houses where their girls were being abused, in an attempt to bring them home. The FATHERS were arrested..


    • on August 28, 2014 at 10:57 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

      “they’re also destroying white Englishmen’s chances to forge a strong family”
      Considering Englishmen twiddle their thumbs while illiterate brown peasants colonize your country and screw your women, why exactly do they deserve more than broken sluts? Broken men don’t deserve more than broken women. I wish this wasn’t the case, but it’s reality.


    • Throw rocks at them until they go away, far away.


  37. Reblogged this on Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar and commented:
    3rd theory: collateral damage until utopia.


  38. I’d say both camps of thinking are correct: the ethnomasochism, and what may be called the “thern” theory, after the bald elite whites in the old Barsoom books, who were likewise very psychopathic and evil, and saw themselves as better than everyone else.

    The ethnomasochism is in exhibit among everyday whites, such as those who go and adopt black kids from Africa (or any nonwhite for that matter), ardently preach against “racism”, freak out if anybody attacks the Holy Trinity of YKWs, blacks, and h0m0s, and so forth. Your stupid broads like Amy Biehl are extreme cases.

    The therns, or anti-white white elites, are mainly a mixture (in many cases literally) of YKWs and Freemasonic WASPs, and other heavily moneyed scum. Their entire aim is to deliberately wreck Western civilization and to erect some new utopia/dystopia in its place, and to use their wealth to push the agenda. The ethnomasochists are merely their footsoldiers and useful idiots.


    • on August 28, 2014 at 11:01 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

      This is so wimpy it makes me nauseous. At least his defective genes were taken out of the gene pool. The case of this broad makes me recall that dumbass who went to Haiti to protest black men being portrayed as rapists. Ironically, she got raped.


      • on August 28, 2014 at 11:01 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

        Biehl’s family supported the release of the men,[1]:71 and her father shook their hands, stating:

        “ The most important vehicle of reconciliation is open and honest dialogue … we are here to reconcile a human life which was taken without an opportunity for dialogue. When we are finished with this process we must move forward with linked arms.[6]

        That’s what I was commenting.


      • on August 29, 2014 at 10:11 am JenkPac Shakur

        Amanda Kijira was said “dumb broad’s” name.


    • on August 29, 2014 at 12:12 am Max from Australia

      I have a $1000 bet with a friend that the minute Angelia Jolies brown kids start getting hard-ons, the’ll start puttting them in her white kids. I consider it a dead certainty.


  39. “It needs a voice that is not delusional like the “Not all Muslims are like that””

    Except it’s true you dumb imbecile, all muslims really aren’t like that.


    • on August 28, 2014 at 11:07 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

      I think you’re the dumb imbecile here. Nobody claims all Muslims are like that, which makes the retort that not all Muslims are like this a straw man argument. Of course, your comment is a straw man argument since the guy whose comment CH quoted isn’t claiming all Muslims are like this either.

      I don’t know what part you fail: reading comprehension or logic. I suggest less emotional menstruating and more thinking.


    • on August 29, 2014 at 12:16 am Max from Australia

      Not all Iraqis are in ISIS either! Not all Afganis were in the Taliban, same for Hamas, Hezbollah, Boko Haram, etc etc etc globally.

      History tells us that you only need about 10% of the population to be hardline radicals to control and subjugate the whole country. We all know that “Evil triumphs when good men do nothing”.

      And remember Islam means “submission”


      • Irrelevant. When you consider the statement “NAMALT” “delusional”, you are in fact implying that all muslims are child pimps.


    • I think a permaban should be issued on anyone who EVER AGAIN says NAxALT in an internet argument.

      On a milder side, the next time someone says NAxALT, let us just reply:

      “Perhaps… but in the case in point, all who (did whatever) just happened to be x. So either tell me how to tell which ones are the “good” ones who WON’T do x, or STFU.”


    • This is exactly the equivalent of ‘but all races commit crimes’. And just as stupid.


    • on August 30, 2014 at 8:20 pm Phil Moskowitz

      True enough, but if you have any moslems anywhere around you, then you don’t have to worry about discerning which ones are and are not “like that”.


    • moronic ho: “…all muslims really aren’t like that.”

      True at one level, but misleading and dishonest at another.

      It’s the same as with the blacks. The fact that there are some “good” blacks, while true in a certain sense (and I’ve known some personally, including a couple that I would say have the highest of characters), is irrelevant to the fundamental process of tribal competition and group dynamics. In effect, the broader black community provides cover and sustenance for the criminal element, as does the broader paki community.

      And by the way, why don’t these “good” blacks, and “good” pakis, condemn and actively work to stop non-white on white crime? Why are they silent, if they are so “good?” If white men were pimping out and raping non-white girls on a massive scale, the white community would be outraged, and properly so. We wouldn’t hesitate to condemn the white criminals. I’m a white nationalist, and I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment. Sick, predatory behavior is utterly unacceptable – well, to us, anyway.

      Someone recently mentioned that white sexual criminals tend to work alone, furtively and in secret, because they know that their perverted behavior is unacceptable to other whites, and that the typical white would want them brought to justice. But black sexual predators often work in groups, as do pakis. This is very, very telling. It is highly revealing about what is actually acceptable to the non-criminal element of various communities. You know, what passes muster with the “good” non-whites.

      With the non-whites, there is little to no condemnation. Instead, it’s crickets chirping. They will condemn black on black crime, of course. We here in the states hear about that all the time. But if the victim is white? They couldn’t care less – it’s not a hate crime, it’s a hush crime. Cover up.

      How “good” is that? Where were all these “good” pakis while their own community was engaged in rape at an industrial scale? A process of industrial rape that continues to this very day. These “good” pakis knew exactly what was going on…and they covered it up. After all, the victims were just white girls. They deserved it. If it had been their own daughters being raped by white men, they would have gone absolutely, utterly ballistic.

      Such a “good” people. Really, top shelf. Let us hope they will deign to enrich us further with their vibrancy, with their goodness. Diversity is truly our strength.

      The real issue with the non-white invasion of white lands is one of racial replacement, i.e. genocide. Even if we say that there are “good” non-whites – which is a real stretch – they can be perfectly good in their own lands. They have no right to genocide our people, even if their personal behavior is impeccable – which it isn’t.


      • If white men were pimping out and raping non-white girls on a massive scale, the white community would be outraged,

        The white man doesn’t rape you for sex, he rapes you for your time.


      • Well said, Trainspotter… and a lesson whites have to learn, lest there be no future for white children.

        Until non-whites police their own like whites police their own, there is no coexistence… only an us vs them struggle for survival.


  40. In related news, the Boston bomber widow has pooped a kid and remarried a Muslim again.She is a cautionary tale to all swpl parents who believe in gogrrl and equality instead of good old fashioned boundary and respect based parenting. (source: daily mail)


  41. test


  42. Do we have a plan?
    Yes, hunt them down and kill them all.
    (Attributed to a 9th century Viking) which of course makes it a thought crime. Or an epiphany…


  43. Heartiste, both hypothesis are wrong. Assume that “a group of Whites” — Jews, Elites, whatever you’d like to call them, conspire in the UK, the Scandi nations, the US, Canada, Australia, Germany (known to be ultra-friendly to Jews by the way), Italy, Spain, and New Zealand to replace the White population, where does that leave them? Kicked out of power and replaced by non-White elites. Anyone can see that. The criticism of hypothesis #1, that fragile egos lead to cognitive dissonance, is spot on.

    Rather, I find it far more likely that: A. Status-whoring among particularly women and men seeking to impress women re-inforce anti-White (particularly non-Alpha male) attitudes like a peacock’s long tail feathers imply mating fitness by the handicap principal. This is particularly apt since the mating market is far more complex, signal-ridden, and lasts until the fifties (marriage just means “still looking, not as intently.”)

    Also B. Post-Christian Volk Marxism and debased Christian Universal Utopianism replaced the two European religions: Christianity (killed by “the Bearded God Killers” in Nietsche’s view) and Marxism (by the fall of the Wall). In a melange of racial original sin and redemption. Which has (like most religions) a core of truth: that NAMs particular Black and Muslim/Paki guys are more dominant/aholish, being of low IQ (high IQ in men is repellent to women unless mixed with social dominance, only a few guys like Richard Feynman pull that off), high impulsiveness, high violence. Chicks dig that like ageless, ultra-violent vampires, sadistic billionaires, and sexy dinosaurs (no, really. Check out Vox Day’s blog — Sci Fi is pathetic filled with women sexing up dinos). I’m not kidding about the dinos either. The Hugo Award for Best Short Story was given to a story about a woman who is married to some dinosaur.

    A great deal of this anti-White hatred is White women’s shit-tantrum over us ordinary White guys not being as sexy as Brad Pitt, Kevin Federline, Justin Bieber, or your average thug aspiring rapper. You’ll see “Club Swagga” and no one put a gun to the White women to come there, but almost no White guys have jungle fever and most hearing upon the choices of guys like Robert DeNiro or David Bowie think they have a screw loose or are not so secretly gay. You didn’t see Sinatra banging Lt. Uhuru now did you?

    Its made worse by the pill, condom, anonymous urban living, rising female income, the welfare state (thanks, Iron Chancellor Bismarck!), the female-oriented consumer market, and the ENDLESS mate market that has guys from 14 to 60 desperately trying to appease/please women to keep them around and not ditch them for a sexier alternative.

    [Beta maleness is ingrained in White guys, because until now it paid off evolutionary wise. Women still hated it, but had to swallow it (pun intended) to have their kids live to maturity. Sexy Alphas would not provide and Whites are selected for female, not male, sexiness. Beyonce is not worth a second glance, and that’s as hot as Black girls get. Meanwhile just an “average” White starlet like say, Anna Kendrick is far hotter. Pale skin, blue eyes, light brown hair, thin build = sexier appeal. That to me is a huge arrow in sexual selection.]


    • Heartiste, both hypothesis are wrong. Assume that “a group of Whites” — Jews, Elites, whatever you’d like to call them, conspire in the UK, the Scandi nations, the US, Canada, Australia, Germany (known to be ultra-friendly to Jews by the way), Italy, Spain, and New Zealand to replace the White population, where does that leave them? Kicked out of power and replaced by non-White elites. Anyone can see that. The criticism of hypothesis #1, that fragile egos lead to cognitive dissonance, is spot on.

      Not necessarily. In the case of the Boosh family, they intermarry with the non-Whites. George P. Bush is Exhibit A of how they’ll continue being the elites in a Latrino United States.


    • Whiskey, what is your obsession with “Club Swagga”? You act like it’s the most popular thing to ever sweep Helsinki. Have you ever researched it? Club Swagga isn’t even an actual place, it was some series of black run parties that happened to have a few dozen mudsharks go to it. There haven’t been any updates on the facebook event pages since 2013. You dubiously claimed it was a real nightclub that was strictly for white women and black men, when a look through the attendees reveled men and women of both races. Studies have repeatedly shown that whites intermarry at lower rates than all other groups, and white women at a lower rate than white men. A British survey asked people their current relationship, same results. Upscale white women living in gentrifying areas probably have the lowest miscegenation rates. Spend one afternoon at Whole Foods Market on P in DC and tell me how many WW/BM couples you see, and how many white moms have nappy haired kids in their strollers or backpack. I’m sure you’ll see way fewer examples than at Walmart in Hickville USA.


    • whiskey: “Assume that “a group of Whites” — Jews, Elites, whatever you’d like to call them, conspire…to replace the White population, where does that leave them? Kicked out of power and replaced by non-White elites.”

      You operate from a false premise, which puts your conclusions way off base. Firstly, Jews are a semitic people, not a European people. They do not identify as “white” in the way that we use that term – shorthand for the the descendants of the traditional populations of Europe. Instead, Jews have a long history of resentment and hatred for Europeans. Trying to pass them off as just another European ethny, like Poles or Norwegians, is grossly inaccurate.

      And they are not really “conspiring” to pursue anti-white policies – they are pretty much openly doing it. If it is a conspiracy, it’s a conspiracy in plain sight. No tin foil hats required. Sure, they are not completely honest about what they are doing, nor are they one hundred percent transparent. They lie all the time. But still, they make no big secret of what is going on. The demographic transformation is too big to hide, so they don’t even try to.

      It is undeniable that the system is actively pursuing anti-white policies, policies that are steadily reducing the white population and growing the non-white population within our borders. The system is openly doing this – and even more perversely, is demanding that indigenous whites applaud and celebrate their own dispossession. Those who speak out against the genocide are, depending on the country, either jailed outright, or harassed out of job and home, reduced to a crumb.

      There is also no question that organized Jewry has played a disproportionate role in this process. Not the only role, but a vastly outsized one. Kevin MacDonald has done the research, as have others. Frankly, what is going on is becoming so obvious and blatant that it is readily apparent to anyone with eyes to see. But for those that need footnotes and documentation in great detail, it’s all there.

      Whether promoting anti-white policies is wise for organized Jewry in the long run is another question. I don’t think it is wise. I think it’s going to backfire on them, big time and to disastrous effect. But it doesn’t matter what I think – it’s what they are doing. Organized Jewry is anti-white, as a simple matter of empirical fact.


  44. I’d like to add, we live in the most religous age. Anyone familiar with the Children’s Crusade, would find an eerie parallel.

    White people have a problem: lots of infighting and divisions. We tend to solve that problem with something worse: Universal Utopian religions. Anyone who has read of the Middle Ages, knows the Crusades were hugely expensive, accomplished very little, but mobilized nearly most of Europe to go take the Holy Land back from Muslims. People actually believed in Prester John, some secret semi-Byzantine Christian Emperor fighting the Muslims in Central Asia or Asia or something. Much of the European nobility destroyed itself fighting in the Holy Land. To give one example: Richard the Lionhearted spent most of his reign fighting there, giving the English King John. The ransom for Richard helped bankrupt the Crown and prompted John’s aggressive moves against the Barons prompting their revolt and Runnymeade.

    People NEED a reason to live. Just pure pleasure won’t do it, they need some transcendant reason to act. A religion of anti-White hatred, thinly disguised as “anti-racism” and taking the form of both Christianity and Marxism does the trick nicely. It not only gives the largely female class of mundane ordinary government workers a reason to act, it gives them lots and lots of people to give lectures to, organize baby sitting, and other female things that women like to do very much.

    I’ll point out that NONE of the boring old strictures on personal sexual behavior (Christianity tends very heavily towards chastity and celibacy) that grate on women, nor the Marxist dictates of having lots of kids as “hero mothers” are present in the new Religion. Just HATE HATE HATE for beta males. Which women find natural as breathing.

    There are two, semi-related ways to kill this religion. The first is mocking it AS A RELIGION. Making the adherents seem dumb, reflexively observant, uncool, rigid, and emotion driven. The second is making the religion irrelevant. I have no doubt that there is a HUGE market for private revenge, the State being on the side of the Muslims. Guys like the Krays or saner Whitey Bulgers must be in hog heaven. People will PAY THEM to get revenge (justice being out of the question) and keep paying, with if they are careful, a very lucrative trade with not much visible to the authorities (unlike the prostitution, black market cigs, gambling, and drug trades which by their nature need to be visible to customers thus authorities).

    Christianity died in Europe as kings, emperors, and princes successfully challenged the Church, Pope, and Protestant leaders. It sort of lingered on in form but not function until the Bearded God Killers of Darwin, Freud, and Marx destroyed it. The bastard spawn of Christianity and Marxism (itself a gnostic Christian heresy basically) can only die when its adherents find themselves outgunned by organized crime leaders who decide to go the full Putin. Bad but I’d rather be ruled by Putin than a Pakistani goat herder.


  45. on August 29, 2014 at 12:27 am JenkPac Shakur

    After 2,000 years of wallowing in the Jew’s pig pen that is Christ insanity the white race was not able to kick the habit and beat this psyche warfare mind drug and it has only mutated into first Communism and now modern Liberalism whereby the white secular Liberal (thats still a Christian at core) trades in the worship of the suffering downtrodden Jesus archetype for that of the suffering downtrodden black man archetype or other subhuman non white archetype. Ultimately I believe we are doomed. There’s simply too many naieve extremely gullible set in their ways stubborn white people out there that need to be told what to think by the Talmudvision or their Jew created religion’s pastor, preacher or priest. Anyone that steps outside their Milgram experiment deemed authority figure bubble is either “of the devil” or “a hater”.


  46. What’s interesting about Jews is that they have rejected Judaism, outside Israel (and there only lots and lots of Arabs intent on killing them every chance they get prevents them from SWPL-ing out) and are as every bit as Post Christian as WASPs.

    Look at Woody Allen. He does not even make movies about nebbishy Jewish guys anymore, its all a Ralph Lauren (himself a Jewish guy who reinvented himself as a wealthy polo playing WASP) stuff in Europe now. Those Jewish guys who went down to the South to “free the poor oppressed Blacks ” and got killed along with the Black guy (Schwerner, Cheney, and Goodman)? Since when did Jews start caring about Black guys in the South? I forgot that part in the Torah or in Yiddish culture where Jews pray “next year, LaTrine and Shitavious will be free.” That’s a Christian, or more accurately post-Christian thing.

    That’s how powerful Post Christianity ****IS***** — it can convert a people who resisted Christian and Muslim and Pagan conversion for about 5,000 years. Indeed having lots of non-Whites in European countries is very, visibly bad for Jews. The Democrats are now hard anti-Israel because Blacks and Hispanics … this just in … hate Jews. Elizabeth Warren had to tell Lefties she supports Israel because Whites like them (not the least of which is that Blacks HATE HATE HATE them) to general anger and disappointment. Hotair notes that while most Americans support Israel, the (Black and Hispanic) Democratic Party opposes it. Europe went from Britain and France being mostly friendly to Jews to rabidly anti-Jewish because of all the Muslims. Jews have to leave Europe, because Muslims won’t allow them to stay. France is filled with Muslims rioting and trashing Jewish stores, Synagoges, when they are not shooting Jews outside them.

    But hey, most Jews STILL support mass non-White immigration and diversity and multiculturalism and PC. Why? Because as a religion all you are required to do is be anti-White. [Including btw anti-Jewish. No one is Whiter than Jews. Jerry Seinfeld might be the Whitest guy this side of Jay Leno or Mitt Romney.]

    Jews are a cautionary tale. Post Christianity can even destroy their Jewish faith and replace it with Diversity. That ought to scare people.

    Anyone thinking overt violence will not be crushed quickly by AI-assisted, computer surveillance, Big Data embracing authorities is dreaming. There will be no necks snapped or Ceaucescu Solution. Cameras ring the US and UK. Facial recognition, gait recognition, drones and constant surveillance means 100% tracking. Everyone who can add two and two together and get four all day long has already figured this out — which is why no police stations were burnt down, why voting for BNP was futile, why UKIP is futile, why any OVERT action is futile. It will be quickly detected and ruthlessly suppressed, not the least by the Muslims themselves who run most of Northern England now, being a major and Islamist presence in the Police, Intelligence, and Government.

    However, Rothingham is not far from … Nottingham. There was a time when everything was stacked against the ordinary man. The forest then provided a place where the Shire Reeve, the Sheriff, could not go. Maybe Robin Hood was real, maybe not, but criminal networks looking to make easy money could offer revenge where Justice is not even possible, on the sly, and build a mini empire. Out of such activities guys like Stalin, and Saddam, and Tojo emerged.

    Kadr kidnapped your daughter? Don’t bother with the authorities, they’re on HIS side. Call the Krays, they’ll get her back (for half your savings, a bargain) and slot Kadr and his family too, while they’re at it. For an extra fee of course. All discreet, with precautions taken against cameras, surveillance, etc. Out of such things Kings have arisen before.


    • What’s interesting about Jews is that they have rejected Judaism, outside Israel
      That is the joke of the week
      Amount of hasbara that you have produced today it astonishing
      Do they pay you by a word count?

      Those Jewish guys who went down to the South to “free the poor oppressed Blacks ” and got killed along with the Black guy (Schwerner, Cheney, and Goodman)? Since when did Jews start caring about Black guys in the South?
      Since they have realized they can use them as a perfect tool in disintegration of white western culture
      I know you Yids are smart but you could not possibly consider us that stupid


    • great comment. I’ve never thought about it that way before but you are right – ‘post christianity’ is a religion pure and simple; with its dogma, high priests, fanatics etc


  47. More science:

    “Here, we explore sexual selection on men’s traits by ascertaining men’s dominance and attractiveness from male and female acquaintances. On a large American university campus, 63 men from two social fraternities provided anthropometric measurements, facial photographs, voice recordings, and reported mating success (number of sexual partners). These men also assessed each other’s dominance, and 72 women from two socially affiliated sororities assessed the men’s attractiveness. We measured facial masculinity from inter-landmark distances and vocal masculinity from acoustic parameters. We additionally obtained facial and vocal attractiveness and dominance ratings from unfamiliar observers. Results indicate that dominance and the traits associated with it predict men’s mating success, but attractiveness and the traits associated with it do not.”

    I’d put more spin on it, before all the ‘see you have to AMOG all the dudes’ crowd comes in to capitalize on these dominance findings. Dominant people are more likely to just go after what they want. So what they are finding is that people perceived as dominant are busting way more moves without apology.


    I have met cops on occasion who share war stories from the front lines. The utter depravity and anarchy of the ‘hood is the typical theme. I have heard more than one story about Muslim men doing similar things to vulnerable white girls here in the states. One unforgettable story involved a young woman in Queens NY. She escaped a few month ordeal but was forced to move out of state out of fear of reprisal. And traumatized such she did not even press charges. The cop was a hardened, high testosterone alpha visibly upset by the incident (this many years after the fact).

    Have CH readers encountered /heard same? Where are the Rotherhams in the US? Dearborn? Queens? Edison NJ? Chicago?

    I suspect you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the muezzin blows….


  49. Albinos….I mean whitws only account for 3.7% of the world’s population. Your not nature’s ideal design thus you are destined to dissappear. ..the biggest lie is that white skin is an adaptation to cold climates (lol). Just look at the native (NATIVE) people of tierra del fuego and autralia; they can withstand freezing temperatures wearing little to no clothing. They are truly adapted to cold climates and here’s a secret: their skin is black lol…


    • It’s got fuck all to do with temperature. It’s related to UV damage resistant skin.

      Dat dere rickets is not fun.


    • I

      Just look at the native (NATIVE) people of tierra del fuego and autralia…

      Being as boastful of my Nordic heritage as I am, I can’t begrudge you your Aborigine Pride.


    • … .I mean whitws only account for 3.7% of the world’s population. Your not nature’s ideal design thus you are destined to dissappear…

      Actually we are the most evolved race on the whole planet,

      We are nature’s greatest accomplishment. Thanks to our superior intelligence we came up with ways to live in any climate, we can live in the north pole or under the sea for months or in space.

      We were flying our first airplanes while most of the planet was still in mud huts.

      We are such an efficient design that a handfull of us is all that was needed to create the most advanced civilization this planet has ever seen.

      And a handful of white men would be all that is necessary to kill millions of you, we gave the world a taste of this with Hiroshima back in WWII


  50. I don’t get it: The Wikipedia entry to this story is “Rotherham sex grooming case”.

    So it seems the Pakis were just alpha as fuck.

    If they hadn’t targeted underage girls, there probably wouldn’t even be a criminal case.

    For me the real outrage is that these girls spread their legs for criminal worthless thugs for drugs, toys and status. But where is the surprise in that?

    For a taste of the british underclass, I recommend Dalrymple “Life at the bottom”. Americans do not have a monopoly on legions of single mothers on welfare chasing alpha cock.

    What happened in Rotherham is just the next generation of sluts. They are cranking it up to eleven!


    • How clever. Take a shot at the core message of this site and the victims of these crimes, and cloak it in your confusion of the matter. Nice try.


      • Dalrymple argues that sexual liberation was a desaster for the most vulnerable in society, the underprivileged, ungifted and now thoroughly unguided, in short – the underclass.

        They are the collateral damage to the the liberal elites, which wanted nothing more than to be unshackled from society wide moral standards, be it secular or religious.

        Well, I think he is on to something.

        Sorry if this blemishes your “Game” toy.


      • The British upper class never gave a damn about the British lower class. Ive met some of the British lower class; they don’t even speak fucking English


  51. 3rd theory… but you can’t handle this.

    [CH: you clearly haven’t spent much time here.]

    Virgin sacrifice to the two greatest religious movements in the world right now (Cultural Marxism and Islam).

    No one is talking about the “John’s” who were buying these girls. So, depraved whites were complicit.

    The end game is an Islamic/Cultural Marxist state. Just destroy traditional Judeo/Christian/Western values until Utopia.

    [the complicity of some of the adult white girls is part of the story, and one which not even realtalkers will touch with a ten foot dong. i’ve no doubt that some of these (abandoned, product of single momhood homes) women were viscerally aroused by their paki alpha groomers. but that is a part of the story that is relatively trivial compared to the larger issue of anti-white malice among elite whites and the depradations of hordes of brown invaders. a strong white man hand is needed to keep both depraved elites and wanton white girls within acceptable bounds of behavior.]


    • I’m most sickened by the adult white women in charge who turned their backs on these children. I saw a quote somewhere that many of these children had a background of abuse and were susceptible to sexual grooming because they were always “struggling for love”… which can give abuse the fake aura of consensuality. Children need love, and they’ll struggle for it in any form they can get. Being reminded of that breaks my heart every time, but as a woman I inherently know it, even though I am not yet a mother. Didn’t these women know, or care? There are few things more horrific to me than a woman who hurts children, or is indifferent to their suffering. Talk about a complete absence of femininity. They are utter failures as women. I really don’t know how they sleep at night.


      • Just remember, my dear, the next time someone gushes about a woman’s “nurturing” nature… the vilest commissars were often female.


      • She is right, nurturing is the essence of femininity. The essence of masculinity is protection.

        Both gender roles (social services & police) have clearly failed here.


      • re greg’s comment:Ever hear of a jewess they called “the spider”Famous communist torture queen in the Balkans.I can see that ugly filthy old cunt Ruth Bader Ginsburg sharing some passionate 69 with that commie cunt


    • on August 30, 2014 at 11:38 am JenkPac Shakur

      The reality we’re living in now is the end product of Christ insanity and it is foreign and Jewish to the white race and an unfortunate part of our history not a positive. Our pagan forebears were murdered in fratricidal Jew instigated wars to push the Jew’s slave cult of Jesus onto us. We’ll always be slaves to the Jews or vulnerable to being racially annihilated by them as long as we collectively cling to the Christ cult. The Christ cult brought us Communism, Cultural Marxism, Liberal Egalitarianism and just about every other bad “ism”. That Jew equality crap that says the black race and other non white races are the same as us? Yep, directly from the big book O’ Jew BS known as the Buy Bull. I’d scratch my head in amazement that more white males can’t figure out on their own that Christ insanity is bad for our race if I didn’t already realize that most of you don’t know how bad it is because you can’t be bothered to actually read your Buy Bull’s and see it for the ancient Communist Jew garbage that it is. “The Sermon on the Mount” is basically “The Communist Manifesto” in ancient form.


      • The Christ cult brought us Communism, Cultural Marxism, Liberal Egalitarianism and just about every other bad “ism”.

        Christianity brought you people together like nothing else could and enabled you to do things no other people could.

        Get rid of it and what are you gonna replace it with?

        Pagan white voodoo?

        White mumbo jumbo?

        Worship of the white man?

        Good luck with that.


      • Christianity brought you people together like nothing else could and enabled you to do things no other people could.

        Get rid of it and what are you gonna replace it with?

        Pagan white voodoo?

        White mumbo jumbo?

        Worship of the white man?

        Good luck with that.

        What the antiChristians are and have attempted to replace it with, since time immemorial, is Worship of Self… be that self white, black, or whatever hue in-between.

        In short, the religion of Satan, as per his initial challenge, and what he deceived Man into believing:

        “We don’t need God… we can decide for ourselves what’s Right and Wrong… and since we ourselves are “like God”, nobody is going to tell US what to do!”

        On a side note: thwack, your recent posts in defense of God have me (((scratchin’ mah haid)))… in the immortal words of Rick Blaine: this could be the start of a beautiful friendship. lzozlzolzozlzolzolzolzolzll


      • Im not a “Jesus freak”, Im not even a Christian; I like to fornicate, curse, live life like a big carnival, get drunk act like an animal…

        But I do understand the concept of Christianity. I don’t think most people, including many self described Christians do; they sure can’t explain it to me. Thats why I had to find out for myself.

        Many other religions provide a good moral path to follow and they should be respected for such. But only Christianity accounts for why I gotta walk around with my fist balled up, why thats a problem, and what EYE need to DO to overcome it.

        Am I doing it?


        But I think about it. And the more I think about it the more I realize its exactly what I need to do and thats why Im avoiding it.

        Ni66ers wanna change everything but themselves thus our pathology will never be remediable through practical improvements in environment, education, nutrition, money…


      • Thwack, there are some moments when I think that, if all n1663rs were like you, the world would never know the word n1663r.

        Some moments.


    • one which not even realtalkers will touch with a ten foot dong

      Since you replied to my post, I’ll take that bait if you don’t mind.

      I went to a ridiculously pretentious school where the Paki rings were taking place. Nothing can fully prepare you for how vile these teen trash hotties are. There is no analogue in the USA, or any other country for that matter. You can find them at the clubs where they are surrounded by a pack of thugs. They are like Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver, but bad teeth. They talk like My Fair Lady before she met Rex Harrison crossed with gangsta rap. Its like hitting on normal girls, but if you fail a shit test, you get attacked by half a dozen men. Before you get all white knight to rush to defend the honor of these fair maidens, you need to ask if the Paki’s sought the girls, or the other way around.

      As for the “adult” white women, I am sure any sane party realizes how much older women resent beautiful nubile women (Feminism?). The Paki’s were proxies for their sadism.


  52. I was hoping you would get into the SMP issues involved: how white girls are a trophy, and how the Pakistani’s desperately want to get away from ugly Pakistani women, how living in a western society surrounded by beautiful white girls, and forced to choose hideous monsters, must prey upon their mind.


    • No. The “problem” is a lack of Pakistani sluts for the Pakistani “youfs” to bang out. This is due to Islams intolerance of sluts and enforcement of virginity thru its elder men and ESPECIALLY the women.

      The white women are the sexual toilets in Britain the same way black girls are the sexual toilets of white men in the United States.


      • Sorry, man, but if Black girls are ‘toilets’, they must be the tipped-over port-a-potty kind even the sanitation workers sent to clean up the mess are reluctant to go near.
        There are some attractive Black women (even hot ones), but they are very few and very, very far between.
        While British girls are, on average, not exactly Miss Universe material, at least most of them do not have to shave 3 times a day, as opposed to their Middle Eastern and south Asian sisters.
        Also, if your parents had the right to choose your wife and you’d have to kill her if she wasn’t a virgin, you’d look elsewhere, too.
        That’s just a bad scene either way you look at it.


    • on August 30, 2014 at 12:29 am Mean Mr. Mustard

      Part of this problem I believe is due to what happens when one’s culture and religion make it too hard to get laid outside of marriage.
      Depravity ensues.


      • Part of this problem I believe is due to what happens when one’s culture and religion make it too hard to get laid outside of marriage.
        Depravity ensues.

        If we were marrying off 18-20 women with 18-20 year old men, there wouldn’t be a problem. You give a bunch of 20 year old men sex on demand and they will move planets to build civilization. You give them what we give them now you get…. Millenials.

        [CH: actually, young women guarding their sexual favors is what motivates young men to build civilization. sex on tap would demotivate men into a dopaminergic stupor.]


  53. Call me a villain but I can’t wait for the world to end at this point. When I hear news like this it makes me smirk like Bruce Willis. I can take care of myself and will not hesitate to fire shots in a full measure race war. Dark Triad enough for ya?


    • cryo
      Call me a villain but I can’t wait for the world to end at this point.


      It already ended; but you were too busy cheering fake moon landings, porno and other forms of jooish theater to notice.

      You are your own worst enemy. Why don’t you do us all a favor and kick off this race war by shooting yourself first.


  54. You spank misbehaving children.


  55. If you call this problem merely a manifestation of the problem of diversity, then you have missed the boat. Hindus are the same race as Pakistanis, yet where are the repeated cases of Hindus in Britain scheming to coerce children in foster care into sex slavery?

    Do you think Britain would be fine if it were 100% ethnically British yet majority Muslim? CH, you seem not to know about the nature of Islam. I encourage you to learn because Islam is an ideology whose evil goes beyond race or diversity.

    Bill Warner is a good source of information:

    This video is good –

    I also have many posts that express the truth about Islam. The problem is inherent in the ideology moreso than in a race or in racial diversity. Please read my posts if you have time because it is important to understand the the threat that Islam brings:

    You all need to know this. You need to comprehend the ideological threat that is banging down the gates of European civilization.

    [CH: give it a rest brown-eyed girl. religion matters. race matters. it isn’t a false choice dilemma. i no more want 1,000 radical muslims in my country than i want one million peaceable hindus. the latter may not create as much turmoil, but enough of them will change the character of an historically white nation.]


    • Um, the Hindus moving to Britain are typically upper caste. If the sewer rats of your country moved to Britain, I think some would long for the return of Pakistani.


      • Nice try ho-boy..

        anyone who knowz anything abt immigration patterns knows that the US got mostly EDUCATED Professionals (doctors, engineers, IT peeps) and business Hindus NOT Upper Caste peeps. The UK on the other hand got BOTH labour and professional classes The innate drive for advancement is what made their children get ahead in life and not waste it in typical paki/mozzie whoring, drug running, etc..

        Btw, contrary to what the moronarati think, educated and professional != Upper caste in today’s India. Thatz just sumthin ignorant dweebs in barbarian lands postulate. The tens of millions of people who have moved into the middle and upper classes are mostly from the so-called backward and lower castes (due to affirmative action to help them get a start) – these people and their children are the majority of immigrants to the US, UK and Australia, NOT Upper caste. The immigrants are only a miniscule percentage of the population though as most prefer to stay back in an India that is growing way faster and has more opportunities than ZIRP US or the City dependent UK.

        Aint no where on Earth is anyone longing for the return of a Pakistani (or their fellow mozzie), even in their own homelands – the cancer is too obvious.

        The sewer rats in our country are the stone age mozzies and the christian converts who sell themselves for a few dollars – good riddance to bad rubbish. the missionary types are welcome to em.. lol


  56. This, gentleman, is why we can NEVER let them take our guns.

    À bientôt,



  57. BTW, when I say you do not know about Islam, I don’t mean that as a negative accusation. If you don’t, it’s not your fault because academia and media outlets pretty much refuse to allow people to educate others about the mainstream ideology of Islam. But you should learn. Go to jihad watch or citizen warrior or Ali Sina’s site (an ex muslim). The greatest threat to western civilization (aside from their own pusillanimity, is Islam. Diversity is probably actually a secondary threat. For it is true that whites will no longer be white if they mix with other races, but even if whites remain white, they will be good for nothing if they become Muslim. Your descendents are better off being 20% hispanic and Christian than they are being 100% white and Muslim.


    • Who has time for splitting hairs; just hang all brown people and be done with it.


    • It’s better than worshipping cowshit. 🙂


    • “The greatest threat to western civilization… is Islam.”

      No. Not at all.

      The threat represented by Islam and all the various other wogs can be easily dealt with once whites get their culture back.

      The real threat, as so many other commenters on this thread have already said, lies with the traitourous white elites and the YKW.

      Once they are dealt with, the rest will be easy.


    • Islam is a vile doctrine which reflects the founding psychopath who made it up as he went along. But the West would have little or no problem with Muslims if we had not allowed tens of millions of them into our countries. The people who intellectualised multiculturalism and foisted it on an unwilling population are the ones to blame for the existential problem we now face.


  58. on August 29, 2014 at 10:05 am The Omega Man

    This Rotherham business is another confirmation of an impression I’ve had for years now: that while political and media elites use both the feminist lobby and the race lobby to further their ends, on those occasions when the two conflict, the race card trumps the gender card. The Feminine Imperative, usually catered to, gets thrown under the bus by the media and other elites when it crosses the racial/ethnic imperative. This is clearly happening here in the Rotherham case. Implications?


  59. CH welcomes Jew-haters into his house, and now his house swarms with the red-pellet-eyed, slimy stinking mangy vermin whining and muttering, eating each other’s puke and feces, noses twitching, tails flicking. Vile, nasty little Jew-haters masturbating each other with trembling little blood-sticky paws in dark fetid corners.

    [CH: read the disclaimer at the top right of this blog. all stripes can comment here, whether or not they are “welcomed”. but you knew that already, you sophistic sniveling fuck.]


    • on August 29, 2014 at 10:13 am gunslingergregi

      yea I don’t get why jews are talked about who cares about a jew
      except for it seems anyone who is educated or dealt with them


      • on August 29, 2014 at 10:19 am gunslingergregi

        its like jews hate me but I don’t know any jews except for shit like you typed I see is really all I know is it is irritating about it zerg
        kind of wierd


      • We are handsome sexy jew haters!


      • gunslingergregi: “yea I don’t get why jews are talked about who cares about a jew except for it seems anyone who is educated or dealt with them”



    • on August 29, 2014 at 10:23 am JenkPac Shakur

      What are you talking about? I’ve been verbally assaulted by a variety of Christ lemmings during my time on the Chateau. If anything this blog is crawling with Jew worshipping suicidal whites.


      • CH WELCOMES the Jew-hating vermin. There are no “Jew worshipping suicidal whites” here or anywhere else; there is a swarm of loathsome Jew-hating rodents here, welcomed here, and this isn’t the first time.

        [CH: apparently CH also WELCOMES your faggoty evasive slimeball ass here, so, there’s that you can rage about.]


      • Zerg: “…there is a swarm of loathsome Jew-hating rodents here, welcomed here, and this isn’t the first time.”

        The question is why do jews hate whites so much that they promote policies leading to white genocide? Why do they demand ethnic continuity for themselves, but scream in horror if whites want the same thing? And demand that whites pay for their own dispossession, AND pay for the jewish state of Israel? The layers of hypocrisy and dishonesty are simply astonishing. If you want to see a hate-filled rodent, look in the mirror. He’s right there.

        And while the Chateau can of course speak for itself, it’s quite obvious to any remotely honest reader that all sorts of political views are expressed here, including pro-jewish sentiment, pro-black, pro-white and pro-whatever – and anti all these things. You, as your kind are wont to do, shamelessly and brazenly lie that it is otherwise. You then wonder why your shameless hypocrisy and dishonesty gets called out. I guess that’s what your kind means by chutzpah.

        It is to laugh. But by all means, keep it up. You do our job for us.


    • on August 29, 2014 at 10:30 am gunslingergregi

      if I didn’t watch any media I could probably go the rest of my life without ever hearing the word jew


    • CH welcomes Jew-haters into his house, and now his house swarms with the red-pellet-eyed, slimy stinking mangy vermin whining and muttering, eating each other’s puke and feces, noses twitching, tails flicking. Vile, nasty little Jew-haters masturbating each other with trembling little blood-sticky paws in dark fetid corners.

      Who did you say was the “vile” and “nasty” party? :duckface:


    • ZeinBERG

      Stop projecting your own inner ugliness and create some piece of post modern art instead
      That is what you have been doing for last 100 years
      These crime against art are really your self-portraits, ugly and banal as you are


    • “Vile, nasty little Jew-haters masturbating each other with trembling little blood-sticky paws in dark fetid corners.”

      I think he’s mad.


      • Ho, you make sensible comments and I liked the Turks I’ve known in my younger years. But you have to concede, there is no room for non-Christians, non-whites in Europe.


    • “CH welcomes Jew-haters into his house, and now his house swarms with the red-pellet-eyed, slimy stinking mangy vermin whining and muttering, eating each other’s puke and feces, noses twitching, tails flicking. Vile, nasty little Jew-haters masturbating each other with trembling little blood-sticky paws in dark fetid corners.”

      It must make you angry, when the cattle get uppity.


    • All my life I subscribed to the trope that Jews had been dreadfully treated throughout history and had done nothing to deserve it. Only in recent years have I become Jew-wise and ho li fook, everything makes sense once the veil is lifted.
      And by the way, fuck you zerg, you nation-wrecking parasite.


    • I am a jew hater.I hate the jews.After reading this sick shitty prose I hate you a bit more.Who is this,Joan Rivers?


    • I wonder why it is people hate your ilk… hmmmmm. (insert Jeopardy theme)


  60. on August 29, 2014 at 10:10 am gunslingergregi

    If you think White Western nations of Northwest European provenance are getting crazier by the day, you’re right!””””””””””””””””””’

    maybe it is just the most elaborate joke ever done?


  61. on August 29, 2014 at 10:18 am Laguna Beach Fogey

    Violence works.

    Muslims flee Northern Ireland to escape anti-Islam violence:

    Violence works.


    • Congratulations. You assaulted innocent people for no reason.


      • “…assaulted innocent people for no reason.”

        Invaders are not innocent, and there is very good reason to expel them. One direct consequence of reducing the invader population in an area is that fewer underage white girls will be groomed, prostituted and beaten. A larger consequence is that white genocide will be stopped and eventually reversed. These are good things.

        But then, your kind doesn’t want good things, at least for whites. You want the beatings and rapes to continue, and to have that evil perpetuated, you need for the invader populations to remain in white lands.


    • We need some of the old IRA hard men running training camps in the rest of the West.


  62. on August 29, 2014 at 10:19 am JenkPac Shakur

    Boy that Jew slave religion for the goyim Christianity sure kept England and America safe from the Jews and their black and muslim bioweapons didn’t it? What a bullwark against the white race’s enemies it has been! Onward Christian soldiers!! More middle eastern wars for Israel where you white Christian bozos die for Jews and kill the Jew’s enemies for them!!! It makes perfect sense joining the ZOG military I mean after all how else will you prove what great courage and alpha male machismo you possess? What better way to prove your intelligence too?? Fighting for the very people who are actively genociding your race off the face of the earth via the promotion of racial mixing and illegal mexican immigration and how they were behind the Civil Wrongs movement to unleash blacks to rape, rob and murder whites at will…all of this and your continued practice of their slave religion Christ insanity all make perfect sense!!! Lets all pray to our Jew mortal enemies for our salvation as white people.


    • Sigh… same old fuckwit blather that’s been addressed ad nauseum in the past, on this forum and innumerable others.

      One more time then… and pay attention this time, fool.

      It’s because we’ve abandoned the true religion and have given men and Mammon more authority than Christ that we’ve come to the current malaise.

      When we held Christ foremost and carried both Bible and gun continuously by our side, we tamed the entire planet and achieved Manifest Destiny.

      A crown so dearly won so easily lost, in a mere few generations, because we allowed those in greater league with Satan than Jehovah to dictate terms of “acceptable” behavior and, indeed, the tenets of our very own faith, to mimic secular humanism (i.e., the worship of man and self) rather than the will of the Creator.

      Or, as but one small example, did you think that prayers were MANDATED in schools, circa 1960?


      • on August 30, 2014 at 11:27 am JenkPac Shakur

        We conquered the planet because we are white (and all the DNA/genetic goodies this entails) NOT because we were Christ insane. This is why you’ll note that the historical white representation of the Christ tard faith had us constructing beautiful church buildings and statues and all that first world jazz meanwhile wherever muds predominate and practice the insanity of Christ insanity you don’t have that. You don’t have the beautiful hymns or beautiful architecture for Boozus being created because creative talent, military might and sound strategy are all products of white DNA. These are not products of getting down on one’s knees and grovelling to some fictional dead Jewish zombie on a pair of sticks. This is why as the old phrase goes: “You can’t turn an N-word into a human by putting it in man pants and opening books (Bibles) at it”.


      • JenkPac Shakur
        We conquered the planet because we are white (and all the DNA/genetic goodies this entails) NOT because we were Christ insane.

        Its only been a few hundred years since you almost got over run by brown hordes at the battle of Tours?

        Its only been a few hundred years since you expelled the Muslims from Spain;

        so what took you so long?



      • It’s not often I get to thank thwack.

        For all his faults, he ain’t no impious fool.


      • on August 30, 2014 at 4:05 pm JenkPac Shakur

        What are you thanking Thwack for? Its not as if white people in the past would’ve bowed down and just let the Muslims conquer them without fighting back if Christ insanity did not exist. Infact Islam itself would not even exist in the first place were it not for Christ insanity existing for it to plagiarize itself into existance from. Islam is basically an amalgam of Christ insanity and one other religion just as Christ insanity is an amalgam of the Mithra religion, Horus religion and bits and pieces of Odin’s story the Jews stuck in to make their newly created slave cult for the goyim more palatable to the freshly conquered white pagan masses.

        The only thing your prescious Christ insanity has done is destroy the Roman empire and allow the Jews to prepare the world for the political version of Christianity stripped of it’s religious elements which of course is known as Communism. This liberalized a.k.a Communist lite America we are living in right now is only a staging ground for the one world global Communist government ie “NWO” the Jews want to create. Jews give whites Christ insanity + it’s manifest destiny doctrine, whites being naturally strong military warriors and fighters conquer Jewish enemies for them, clear territory, build societal infrastructure then Jews use their puppet master control of the Christian religion they created to begin weakening the white man’s control over his own society at which point they then rule in a barely concealed fashion until the next inevitable pogrom against them followed by their expulsion and then some soft hearted Christian fool lets them back into the white society again a few hundred years later or less to destroy the society from within once again, exactly what the Jews intended with this religion and why they created it and forced it upon us to begin with ie its their get out of jail free card. 109 historical expulsions of Jews for their crimes and misdeeds from white societies only so Christian morons can let them back in to do it all over again shows that the Christian religion is pure poison for the white race to continue imbibing.

        You Jesus freaks need to be stopped plain and simple or whites as a people will cease to be.


      • Its not as if white people in the past would’ve bowed down and just let the Muslims conquer them without fighting back if Christ insanity did not exist.

        People make deals with the devil all the time. Look around; white people are NOT immune to selling each other out, back stabbing each other, pretending to have your back and then making a side deal…

        with the fucking devil

        Who can you trust?

        HOW do you know you can trust them?

        Europeans solidifying their faith in Christ helped them solidify their faith in EACH OTHER.

        The rest is history

        What part of that do you not understand?


      • Europeans solidifying their faith in Christ helped them solidify their faith in EACH OTHER.

        The rest is history

        What part of that do you not understand?

        Well-said… well-said, indeed.

        Holy Hannah! For this I will let pass your next five “muh-dik” and “moon landing faked” posts.


      • thwack: “Europeans solidifying their faith in Christ helped them solidify their faith in EACH OTHER. The rest is history”

        Greg is right, thwack. Very interesting post on your part. I’m not even sure that I fully agree, but at the very least it’s an important point to consider in the long running Christianity: Is It Good or Poison? debate. Well done, sir.


    • This is exactly what I think.


    • Greg;

      Would you let you’re daughter date a black man?


      • God created the races for a purpose or purposes, not always known to us… and He also separated Mankind (see Babel) when the latter decided to “pool their resources”, as it were… I’m guessing because the ongoing lesson history has shown us, namely, when diverse human elements come together, it’s not the lower than raised as a group (remarkable individuals notwithstanding), rather… the society itself pretty much degrades to the lowest common denominator (can you say whigger?… sure, I knew you could!).

        This is my faith, and this is why I explained to all my children that “kind should stick with kind”, in a world hard enough already.

        Obviously, it’s out of my hands what they decide as adults… if your question is, would I disown any of my children who married outside their race, the answer is a solid “yes”… much like the banning and shunning practiced by Western peoples from days of yore, the wisdom of the elders.

        Of course, nowadays, anyone who “bans and shuns” is looked upon as a bigot, narrow-minded, racist, (put your favorite Cathedral shameword here).

        And the devil smiles.


      • Would you let you’re daughter date a black man?

        My longer, more salient reply seems to have been eaten by the forum software… hopefully it will appear at a later date.

        For now, let’s just say that Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner at Schloss Eliot ain’t happening, even if it’s Sidney Poitier himself.


      • Greg, you do realize you answered a white sock puppet?


      • on August 31, 2014 at 8:08 pm JenkPac Shakur

        Greg has to let his daughter date black men and any other race of non whites if she so chooses if he’s really going to be a good Christian and follow his sicko anti white suicidal self destructive religion to the letter. Christ insanity is poison to the white race for many reasons but another reason I will touch upon right now is that its poison to whites because it is not racially exclusive, it does not teach whites or any race to preserve itself.

        It infact is universalist. Even the word “Catholic” means universal. Christ insanity is egalitarian meaning it preaches “we’re all equal” “all the same” under the eyes of the Jewish gods Yahweh/Yeshua. The Galatians 3:28 verse makes it as clear as clear can be for whites like Greggy that every non white race in existance especially sub human blacks from deepest darkest Africa or deepest darkest Detroit Michigan for that matter are his equals and brothers in Christ so Greggy needs to welcome you and your people with open arms into his home and into his daughter’s bed if you so desire Thwack otherwise he’s just another hypo-Christian (hypocrite Christian) which is to say not a Christian at all just another loser and lame pretending to be a part of a group whose rules he refuses to follow but hey that’d make him like the majority of supposed Christians in this world!

        Furthermore Greggy’s sicko religion says that man was made in god’s image and since Christ insanity says we’re all equal all the same it would be fair for me or you Thwack or anyone to say that Greggy’s god is a N-word. Ooh I bet Greggy and other bozo Boozus junkies can’t come to terms with that painful reality but its true as it pertains to his anti white religion. It does not discriminate against the brothas.


      • Greg has to let his daughter date black men and any other race of non whites if she so chooses if he’s really going to be a good Christian and follow his sicko anti white suicidal self destructive religion to the letter.

        This whole “universalist” canard has been addressed ad nauseum, here at the chateau and indeed, throughout internet forums.

        It’s a pity my longer, more thoughtful post about God and the races hasn’t appeared yet, because it (yet again) addresses these things.

        Yet you antiChristian snark clowns insist on trying to tell us what our Scriptures say… foremost with a blatant and Satanic misinterpretation of Scripture in general, and Corinthians in particular (i.e. “neither Jew nor Greek”).

        As I’ve often said in the past, it’s wearisome to keep explaining the same things over and over to those who have no intention of listening anyway, and will only mouth the same inane Cathedral-speak in subsequent threads at a later date.

        Hence, mockery and disdain for the Pharisees, scribes, and hypocrites.

        So avaunt, thou impious fool… thou thimble… thou thread…

        Thou fairy!


  63. Muslim scum rapes white girls and some people want to blame the Jews. Nice.

    While it’s true that Jewish elites often favor thirld_world immigration, there are many more non Jewish white elites who do. Unless we count those famous Jews John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Ted Kennedy, Marco Rubio, Nancy Pelosi, Lamar alexander, George w. Bush, Jeb Bush, Elizabeth Warren, dick Durbin, Mark begich, Kay Hagan, Bob Menendez, Susan Collins, Tim Kaine, etc. Etc. Oh wait.

    Countries like Sweden have like no Jews and have the same issues.

    Remember, Jews and Muslims despise each other, making Jews a potential ALLY against Brown rapists. But for that to happen, white populists need to stop acting like Morons and blaming the Jews. Focus on the real enemy, Muslims and white elites .


    • Nice try, Mordecai… but you’re forgetting that the power of the press and other media are firmly in the hands of all those NAJALT YKWs… and they provided the fifth column by which the current malaise first incubated and then erupted into full-blown infection.

      And anyone who tried/tries to fight the “brown scum” enemy that CAN be seen is (like so many have already mentioned) ruined politically, financially, and often physically… by the (again) YKW-dominated court system.

      Oh, that’s right… not all YKWs are lawyers & judges… and there are more gentile lawyers… oh, and the police aren’t Jewish… right? :duckface


    • There is more hasbarists of you today than usual
      You have the link to the video in this very post showing the Barbara Spector instructing Sweden Jews how to push Sweden for more third world immigration
      Why did you list the sold-out scum that are your executioners?
      Do you really want us to believe that any the assholes you named decides about anything?
      Your chutzpah led you before to some dark places and it will again it seems to me


    • Jack if you want an explanation of the McStains etc. read the post linked. Essentially my position is that once the ‘architecture ‘of White Christian destruction had been implemented dumb indoctrinated (or blackmailed in the case of the Hanoi Hilton Songbird and Lady Grahame and others) goyim were programmed to do the grunt work.


    • Do you know anything about Judaism? Jews despise Christians, too, and arguably more than they despise Muslims, because Christians believe in the Trinity and Jews and Muslims don’t. Jews and Muslims consider Christians idolaters, but they don’t consider each other that.


  64. You have the stones to sodomize sundry slatterns, but not to shine the light of truth on the vampires and their integral role in non-White immigration, even on an anonymous blog? Or are you yourself a Jew? It would certainly explain your penchant for scatological language.

    [CH: you are obviously ill-informed. this is what happens when you visit a blog once and get your sound bites from antagonistic third parties.]


    • I think so. This is probably a honeypot a la Alex Jonestein’s infowars…

      I personally am prepared to stand by everything Ive ever posted, and tell ZOG to suck my fat barbarian cock.


  65. PSA: Chateau Heartiste is banned on Chik-Fil-A wifi. It’s classified as “pornography”.

    That is all. As you were, soldiers.


  66. @ch. in re. your tweet about the “peep” jezebel made about rotherham… please note that the author of the piece isn’t even a paid employee of gawker media. it is just a random commenter and they decided to simply publish that “article” to the main page.



    “One of Sweden’s biggest newspapers, Expressen, used criminal hackers to break into Disqus and get the email addresses and identities of commenters online, and to reveal the persons behind the nicknames or anonymous user IDs. The newspaper sent a reporter and a cameraman to one person’s home and asked them about things they had written on different websites. Expressen published the names and photos of some people, which led to at least one person losing his job.”

    The Left is all about tolerance of dissenting viewpoints – as long as you’re dissenting from civilization and freedom.


    • This stuff isn’t going to stop until some of these “reporters” wind up with an NVA tattoo on they azz.


  68. Can one of the Jew obsessed commenters explain if the Jews are engaged in some kind of ethnocentric plot why 75% of non-Orthodox Jews in America who get married get married to non-Jews? Most of the secular Jews alive today will have no Jewish granchildren.(Even Hitler regarded 1/8 Jews as Aryan and encouraged 1/4 Jews to marry Aryans)


  69. Mohammed Is Most Popular Name in Spasmo.

    Jørgen Ouren of SSB said to NRK: “It is very exciting.”

    Jørgen Ouren hides in the closet watching while Mohammed rogers his wife and daughter: “It’s very exciting.”

    I hope someone is recording all of this somewhere so that future generations may get an insight into this black mind plague. It’s getting worse.

    Having spent some time in that dank Camp of the Saints, I recall it was once called Kristiania or Christiania. How times have changed.


  70. I liked that comment above that stated, and clarified what will be so unique about the next big wars in Europe. It was said that so many more voices, perspectives and data sets will be memorialized on the internet that our survivers can tell the story of why it happened and why it had to happen with unpre-cedented historicity and force.


  71. on August 30, 2014 at 12:39 am Mean Mr. Mustard

    The Jews are smart (for want of a better word) because they are simultaneously able to portray themselves as victims while being aggressors and in the position to influence and control.


  72. Which theory is true, or more true, is debatable. What isn’t is that these traitors need to swing from the gallows soon, before their sickness infects us all and dooms us to extinction.
    We need more daring and dangerous comedy at this point


  73. Chateau, I’d love to hear you address the people who say that say “closed borders is beta…you just can’t compete with non-white alphas…”

    [CH: i’d say, “false premise.”]


  74. “Racist” is the “I saw Goody Proctor with the devil” of our time.


  75. An organisation called the Law and Freedom Foundation published a report back in March “Easy Meat” – Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery’. It provides the most information about the nature and scale of these crimes. It’s a comprehensive analysis.

    The report is available as a PDF file.

    The pattern of abuse has been repeated nationwide.


  76. If the pakis were alpha, they’d be grooming adult-age poon.

    If Pakis have to groom 11-13 year old girls, that’s pedophilia squared. What I would call an “omega” mating strategy. The reason Pakis have to go for such young girls is because even the trashiest, sluttiest chav from the council housing is not going to go for a Paki guy, so the Pakis need to set their sights lower. Really low.


  77. I’m simply astounded that the (offending) English authorities have not been assassinated by outraged Englishmen.

    It would also appear that the victims are wholly unaware of the World Wide Web, cell phones, and how to take pictures.

    AND, what’s up with the ‘clients’ for these pimp ops?

    As for white knight defenders of the poon… where are they?

    If my guess is close to the mark, England… Europe… is overrun with Muslim pimps.



  78. on August 30, 2014 at 11:27 pm Hilary Clinton

    [email protected]:35COTY


  79. Surfing the net I found this at Mangan’s

    … It also emerged that the same woman who headed child protection services in Rotherham was one and the same person who removed foster kids from their foster parents – who wanted to adopt them – because the parents voted UKIP….

    Not voting liberal = “quick! get that child out of there!!!”

    Paki-Muslims raping 11 year old white girls = “nah, not important, have you seen my new shoes?…”

    Liberalism and feminism are mental diseases.


  80. Best ever article on CH. This article + comments are the best thing I’ve read all week. Is there a point where the FBI starts monitoring CH, due to dangerous levels of realtalk?


    • Oh you can be sure the FBI, NSA and possibly other agencies are watching every site where non-politically correct opinions are posted.

      Certain words that we type trigger alarms, it tells them where to focus their attention.

      And as someone posted above the left and their flying monkeys – the main stream media – are working on silencing us by revealing who is behind the anonymous or fake names.

      […] One of Sweden’s biggest newspapers, Expressen, used criminal hackers to break into Disqus and get the email addresses and identities of commenters online, and to reveal the persons behind the nicknames or anonymous user IDs. The newspaper sent a reporter and a cameraman to one person’s home and asked them about things they had written on different websites. Expressen published the names and photos of some people, which led to at least one person losing his job.[…]

      Yeah that is in far away Sweden but similar things will happen in every Western Nations, that is a certainty

      I’d bet money within a couple of years just as in China certain words will be banned from the internet and it will be impossible to post opinions that are not PC.

      Big brother is here, he has not fully flexed its muscle yet but it is a question of time

      The Obama administration had a site shut down a couple years ago,

      […] a blogger in Pennsylvania seems to have fallen prey to Obama’s intended chilling effect, as Douglas Hagmann, C.E.O. of Hagmann Investigative Services (a private investigation firm) had his web host, GoDaddy.Com, tell him that the Obama Administration ordered his website to be shut down. Hagmann apparently posted blog content that was critical of President Obama, so the Administration scared GoDaddy.Com in to shutting the blog down.[…]

      The left has totalitarian tendencies and they are the establishment now in every white nations.

      I do not recommend or wish for violence but the more the left persecutes and supresses non-liberal white male’s dissent , and the more – to name one recent scandal out of thousands- they have an attitude that makes it possible that our young white girls were being gang raped by immigrants – immigrants imposed on us, we never voted for that- because those leftist gave priority to preserving multiculturalism over protecting white girls, the more they are creating new Breiviks.

      and…I just set off an alarm with the word Breivik…

      Well I suppose I make their job less boring , it gives them something to watch other than porn…


  81. Anyway, I’ve forwarded this article to david cameron’s office. not that it’ll do anything, but you have to try


  82. Interesting that feminist blogs are ignoring this story

    ( from Mangan’s)

    … On Twitter, John Durant has highlighted the abysmal lack of media coverage by various liberal organs, like Slate and Salon. Manosphere blogger Kid Strangelove has some details. Nothing from Jezebel, Gawker, Slate, Buzzfeed, Upworthy, Vice, Feministing, and Think Progress. So I think we can see their alleged concerns about women for what they are: phony, only a stick to beat up white men with, or at least, unwilling to look at massive criminality against helpless girls when it’s been done by a cherished non-Christian, Third World group….

    And screen shots to prove that a search with the word “Rotherham” produces zero results at sites such as Jezebel or Feministing ,


    • “So I think we can see their alleged concerns about women for what they are: phony, only a stick to beat up white men with…”

      Good find, Canadian Friend, and entirely correct. Modern feminism is not merely wrong-headed, it is a fraud. The people that created it and perpetuate it are not just mistaken, but willfully, consciously and intentionally dishonest. At its core, it is simply an anti-white movement, and it always was. Just another ingredient in the toxic stew, the purpose of which is destroying the white West. Right now, they sense themselves on the cusp of victory.

      This is largely true of every single system approved movement of our era. Some, like feminism, started out as anti-white in their motivations. Others, like modern conservatism, have been perverted and gelded to the point where they can offer no effective resistance, and have become de facto anti-white. Basically, fake opposition.

      Given that the system itself is fundamentally anti-white, it should be no surprise that any ideology that is favored by it shares that fundamental characteristic, or at least offers no meaningful opposition to it. Being pro-white is the one great system no no. Pretty much anything else is at least somewhat tolerated, even if despised.

      The present system cannot be reformed. Separation is the only solution.


      • Thanks,

        Speaking of deranged/evil feminists/liberals

        I just noticed that at where I left a non politically correct yet polite comment , not only did they close comments but they removed them completely! ( because liberals are the tolerant ones of course )

        The article was claiming that being black is the only reason white cops have shot Michael Brown… ( and Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin )

        I posted facts we now know; that Michael Brown had just robbed a store minutes before, that he roughed up and threatened the clerk, that it is all on video, that he has selfies where he proudly displays criminal gang signs, that he was no sweet little teenager but a 6’4″ giant of 280 lbs, that he threatened the police officer who acted in self defense etc etc

        I added that the attitude of the author is similar to the attitude of those other liberals in Rotherham that let Paki-Muslims gang rape hundreds of 11 to 15 year old white girls for almost 20 years.

        They are so allergic to the truth, so allergic to facts that they deleted all comments and closed the comment section!

        When I say the left is totalitarian I am not exaggerating.

        Those people have a mental derangement.

        Before that I read an article at Amren where even a Fox news person is blaming white flight for the decay in places such as Ferguson.

        And then it hit me,

        we are told 24/7 that diversity is our greatest strength, that importing millions of non-whites is making everything better, that a less white nation is a better place in every way

        in short ; less white + more non-whites = good

        yet when the number of white decreases in a neighborhood and the percentage of non-whites goes up , and the place becomes more diverse ( “our greatest strength” ), as it falls into decay ( as is always the case from Detroit to South Africa ) we are told it is because whites fled the area

        in this case ; less white + more non-whites = bad

        Odd isn’t it that diversity is the best thing and the worse thing at the same time?

        Odd isn’t it that when whites are present in an area they are the cause of non-whites dysfunction, and when they are not present in an area they are still the cause of non-whites dysfunction?

        What this boils down to is that no matter what, whites are blamed even if it does not make any sense to say one thing and its opposite at the same time.

        This is beyond cognitive dissonance it is insanity.


      • These points come home like a diamond laser about a decade ago… at the Academy Awards… all these chippy actresses mewling all night long about the “strong women” influences in their lives… mom, grandmom, you name it…

        And then when “It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp” is nominated as Best Song (and actually wins!), not a peep out of all those new generation “strong” women.

        That stupid cooze Lattifa actually ooked and eeked, true to form, when she announced the winner… she, at least, can be forgiven for understandably siding with her own kind.


  83. on August 31, 2014 at 2:25 pm Lean Backwards


    You use the word “genocide,” and I assume you yourself are white. Ergo, this is quite literally a matter of life and death. It doesn’t get much more urgent, more serious, than life or death. That said, what’s your (lawful) game plan for getting results in the real world?


  84. Alfred the Great of South Suxxes led his hosts of Anglo Saxons against the encroaching Danes under their war leader Gudron into the battle of Effingham. It was a hard battle. Alfred won, justly barely; Afterwards, Alfred stood as sponsor for Gudron to receive Christian Baptism.
    My favorite dog was named Alfred…
    Moslems are like the sort of insects that might get vacuumed into giant machines that make asphalt and speckle colored counter tops.


  85. It seems many Americans posting here have an understanding of who really rules Western Civilization.

    We all must keep in mind what happened to the Russians under Bolshevism. The chosen tribe rounded up all the best men of Russia, lined them up in front of ditches, and shot them all in the back of the head.

    The same fate is awaiting all of us white men in America who have half a brain. The parasites who control our government are simply awaiting their time, letting multiculturalism run its course. They fear we are to powerful right now to implement full scale Bolshevism, but once they have made us a minority in our own country and they no longer fear us they will be slitting our throats, serving us the same fate as they served the Russians.

    Simply commenting on this site has already made you a target of the NSA.

    Any white man with half a brain should be arming themselves with a semi-automatic rifle right now while they are still available.


  86. on September 1, 2014 at 6:44 am Peter Akuleyev

    “anti-white elite whites aren’t at all ethnomasochists, but are instead a burgeoning new (or orthogonally ancient) race of whites”

    Of course they are ancient. For the most part the history of Europe has been people from one tribe lording it over other white tribes with whom they felt no kinship – Romans ruling Celts, Anglo-Saxons ruling Celts, Normans ruling Anglo-Saxons, Poles lording it over Lithuanians and Ukrainians, Germans ruling Slavs, Hungarians ruling Slavs and Romanians, etc. etc. And for thousands of years the elite families of Europe have been loyal only to each other, with no sense of ethnic kinship with their subject peoples. Look at how the German House of Hannover became “British”. Or the Habsburgs, who have at various times been, or tried to be, whatever would keep them in power – Spanish, German, Italian, French, Polish, even one late attempt to be Ukrainian. Notice that in East Asia, where Han ruled Han (for the most part), Korean ruled Korean and Japanese ruled Japanese, elites are more integrated into the national fabric than in the West. Nationalism is a fairly egalitarian philosophy, and provides a modicum of self-respect to any one belonging to the nation. Elites naturally cannot abide it.


  87. Rape Victims Gave Birth to More Than 100 Half-Paki Babies:

    Here’s how white genocide works:
    1. Borders are busted open and millions of non-whites are allowed to flood into ALL white countries without a vote.
    2. White communities are targeted for forced integration. Whites flee, but are chased down.
    3. Interracial breeding is promoted 24/7 in movies, TV, magazines, advertisements
    4. Anyone who objects gets “Nazi!, Racist!, Supremacist!” screamed at them, loses their job, or gets a visit from the thought police a goes to jail like Emma West
    And now we know with certainty:
    5. Non-whites will be allowed to rape and force-breed confused and vulnerable white girls with impunity and nothing will be done to stop it.

    These policies deliberately target the white gene pool for destruction.

    Then the anti-whites say “well, nobody is FORCED to interbreed. You can’t control who someone loves or marries.” Which we see now is total BS. Anti-whites know their policies will lead to interracial breeding, forced or not. And will lead to a future with no white people. That’s GENOCIDE.


  88. Trainspotter,

    This might have been lost in the moderation shuffle: You use the word “genocide,” and I assume you yourself are white. Ergo, this is quite literally a matter of life and death. It doesn’t get much more urgent, more serious, than life or death. That said, what’s your (lawful) game plan for getting results in the real world?


    • Lean Backwards: “That said, what’s your (lawful) game plan for getting results in the real world?”

      A fair question, LB, and one that would take a long time to answer properly, but I’ll take a stab. Apologies for the lengthy post, but it should be taken as only the tip of the iceberg. (There are many, many sites out there that are interested in such ideas. Some of my favorites are Counter-Currents, The Occidental Observer, Radix Journal, MajorityRights, and Alternative Right.)

      The answer is going to depend, to some degree, on where the person is geographically. In parts of Europe, for example, there are authentic nationalist parties that actually have a chance of meaningful success. Whites there should support such parties, if the party in question is authentically representing the cause of indigenous Europeans, or probably even if it serves some other strategic purpose. For example, UKIP is not what I’d call an authentic ethnonationalist party, but it is probably worth supporting for the time being – though one shouldn’t fool oneself into believing that it is the ultimate solution. It isn’t. But something like the Golden Dawn is definitely worth supporting, and all Greeks should do so, as should sincere European nationalists of whatever background.

      Unfortunately, in some places, including the United States, the system is clearly beyond reform. We’re past the point of no return here, and electoral politics will likely only be useful in isolated cases for highly specific goals. For example, if some secessionist sentiment can be expressed through a vote, by all means, have at it. If inroads can be made in a particular state, then wonderful. But one should not kid himself: the ballot box won’t save us here. It probably won’t in Europe, but definitely not in North America.

      So what do those of us who live in such areas have left? Short answer: everything. Electoral politics are nothing compared to other areas of life. The essential task for the present is education. The white population has been, and continues to be, subject to an enormous amount of systemic anti-white propaganda. Undermine that at any opportunity, in whatever manner (legal). The more people that understand our situation, what’s at stake, and are committed to our survival as a people, the better. Future possibilities flow from accumulated talent. If you can write, then write. If you can talk, then talk. Art, music, you name it. Build businesses and employ whites, start a community garden and give some of the produce to poor, but deserving, whites. Whites helping whites, under the radar and without publicity. The people who need to figure it out, will.

      Anything that can express and strengthen our cause. Our cause is distinct, unique to us. It should look that way, feel that way. It IS that way. We are in the system, but not of it.

      As that education and cultural campaign unfolds, unfortunately, we will continue to take losses, the decline will become ever more apparent. This is painful to witness, but unavoidable. Non-white immigration and miscegenation will increase, the white population will dwindle, rapidly in percentage terms and soon in absolute numbers. Anti-white propaganda and laws will intensify, and European culture and ways of thinking and living will decline. The United States will become a de facto Third Wold nation, in many regions it’s already there. Whites will become a minority, and then a small minority. Corruption, stupidity and idiocy become not the exception, but the norm.

      Yet where there is breath there is hope. There will still be at least tens of millions of us left for a long time to come. Make sure you survive and those close to you survive. Uphold a different culture, discourage miscegenation where you can, in whatever small circle that you have influence in. Be a survivor, and help others survive – as best you can, however you can. If you help just one other person, it’s worth it. If you open the eyes of just one white, maybe a niece or a nephew, it’s worth it. You’ve done your bit. Then do more. Separate from the system culturally and ideologically; uphold a different standard. Never give in mentally, even if you have to pretend publicly (which is often advisable, no need to make it easy on the anti-whites by providing them extra targets with no gain for our side).

      Try to form networks of cooperation with other whites, whether the network be great or humble. Maybe it’s just family, maybe it’s just friends. Keep it under the radar, it’s nobody’s business but yours, word of mouth. Personally, I really like Jack Donovan’s idea of the co-op gym (google it, read in full), but there are an infinite number of possibilities. Build trust, support one another instead of feeding the anti-white system. Do business with one another. Put money in one another’s pockets, not Wall Street’s pockets, not the anti-white’s pockets. Help others, and if a particular white is not helpful, is not a good friend, drop him.

      Support, financially, those whites who are brave enough to advocate publicly for us, and thereby endure incredible levels of harassment and and at times outright danger, not to mention rendering themselves unemployable within the system. Those of us who remain anonymous owe those men (and women) support, if they are effective in championing our cause. But don’t forget to spend on your friends and family. Be generous of spirit, the kind of man others look up to. Be better. Be a badass. They’ll listen, enough of them – the ones that are worth anything. The rest are lost.

      Eventually, in North America, the remnant of the white population, hopefully still in the tens of millions, maybe much more if fate breaks our way sooner rather than later, will need to gather in a particular region (or even regions) and achieve sovereignty – the ethnostate. There are a number of areas on the continent where that might be possible, but there are also areas that are entirely impossible. If you live in an impossible area, maybe it’s time to at least think about moving. Maybe that’s not an area to be in long term.

      But none of this can happen without education and the creation of thousands upon thousands of personal networks of support and cooperation – these can take the form of economic cooperation, social, cultural, whatever – anything that suits the individuals involved. Network, network, network. Educate, educate, educate. We must, at the individual and small group level, create a culture so distinct from Third World America, a mentality and spirit so distinct, that separation is the only thing that makes sense. Where we already ARE a separate nation, and everything else is just a formality. Ideally, that formality can be achieved legally at the appropriate time, but we’ll see. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

      Again, the first rule is to survive. Make sure that you and/or your descendants are amongst that white remnant that will ultimately go its own way. That’s hardly a full answer, but it’s a start.


      • Great comment.


      • Cool; sounds the beginnings of a “The Nation of Whiteslam”.

        Y’all gonna look the joo in the eye, tell him the truth and stay with your people?


      • Trainspotter,

        If you are not already a contributing writer to some of those sites you should be ( anonymously or not )

        You definitely can write. That is top notch material.

        Here is something that may seem unimportant, anecdotal or even ridiculous but certainly related,

        just after I finished reading your comment, I went to a site where I have been buying Supplements and Vitamins for years and noticed that at the top of the page where they invite us to chat if we need help, where there used to be a small photo of a caucasian woman with headphones and mic on ( probably not a real employee but that is irrelevant ) the photo now is of a woman with brown eyes, and dark brown hair who looks definitely South American

        The signs of the white race being replaced are popping up everywhere

        We are not paranoid, we are not crazy.

        This is race replacement.

        Last Sunday I stopped for a coffee at a McDonald in a mid sized town near Montreal where when I was a kid ( a long time ago, I am 54 now ) at least 99% of the population was white, but last Sunday in that McDonald of the 40 or so customers maybe 7 or 8 people were white…

        At many tables small groups were talking to each other in their native language, it felt like the babel tower

        Not only are they strangers or aliens in my nation , they are all aliens to each other, The Haitian does not care about the Pakistani who does not care about the Korean who does not care about the Guatemalan etc etc

        Like oil and water they might be in the same “container” but no matter how much the left establishment shakes the container the vast majority of those people simply do not mix and never will.

        Like brick piled up without mortar there is nothing to hold all this together…


    • Thwack, score one for the good reverend.


  89. So the PC Fucktards are fighting back, in the person of Lydia Smith:

    Article: Rotherham Child Sex Abuse: Men Not Pakistanis are to Blame

    Um, riiiiiight. So scroll down to the photos of the perps and point out the white guy. Or the black guy. Or the anything-but-Pakistani guy.

    So what’s the problem? Well it’s two fold:

    First, you have the hateful, poisonous, misogynistic, pedophiliac half-retarded hindbrain culture that comes with Islam. Y’know, the kind that says that raping non-muzzie girls is ok, and that it’s ok to be a pedo, as long as you’re not a queer pedo, but if you are a queer pedo, keep it to yourself.

    Second, you have the PC Liberal F*cktards who are intent on committing cultural suicide b/c it makes them feel better. And anyway, it was just lower/working class white girls who were probably going to grow up to be sluts, and had it coming b/c their families were clearly Evil White Oppressors of the Righteous, Non-White, Non-Western Dark Meat Folks and so it was payback. Plus as good libs they didn’t want to rock the boat, so Children Had to be Sacrificed to the Multi-Culti-Diversity God. 😀

    This is what happens when you invite evil into your house….

    À bientôt,



    • *wrong emoticon there. Was going for the “disgust” one.


    • I have seen hundreds if not thousands of Pakistanis in Montreal but mostly in Toronto and maybe one in a thousand of them is as pale as the five on those photos.

      Those photos have been altered.

      I’d bet a lot of money the photos of the Pakistani men have been altered to make them look whiter as the media did with some of Trayvon Martin photos.


      • If those photos were altered to make the perps appear (ahem) “whiter”, then all I can say is the touch-up artist needs to go back to community college and take a Photoshop refresher course.

        On a side note, what I wouldn’t give to be in a cell alone for 5 minutes with each of ’em.

        No homo. lzlzozlzozlzozlzozlzozlzolzozlzolzozlozlozl


      • I too would enjoy beating them up ( until they are unconscious then waking them up and doing it again until they are disfigured )

        in a sane world where men are men and men rule the proper sentence for what they did to young girls should be having their penis cut off.

        and that’s because I’m a nice guy.

        some may not be as lenient as I am…


  90. Really, if anything screamed out for a manosphere Twitter takedown would be links to the Rotherham story and #BringBackOurGirls

    À bientôt,



  91. on September 1, 2014 at 8:39 pm Mean Mr. Mustard

    Interesting article against altruism and touches on pathological altruism.


  92. Forced integration = Rotherham = forced interbreeding.


  93. Anti-whites in power specifically refrained from prosecuting child rapists because they were afraid of “racism”, that is, because the perpetrators were non-white and the victims were white. This is targeting the WHITE gene pool for forced interbreeding. That’s GENOCIDE.


  94. on September 5, 2014 at 7:34 pm Lean Backwards


    So I’m assuming that your contribution is in your writing. I guess you have a blog?

    The essence of your post from 9/2 3:58 pm seems to me to be these “networks of cooperation,” which by necessity, have to be under the radar. Family and friends, in other words. Helping one another. You briefly mention businesses that employ whites, but surely you’re not suggesting a business owner can get away with employing ONLY whites. That would be snuffed out faster than you can say Al Sharpton.

    So basically we’re talking about white people talking and writing to other white people. Mainly their families and friends. Because all the “real world” stuff has to be under the radar. And anonymous internet postings aren’t going to move the needle.

    Here’s the thing though, family and friends by definition already are helping one another. If you are a loving member of a white family then, well, you’re helping the other (white) members of your family, and racial conversations–the education you prescribe–are already happening organically within said family.

    If you have white friends (which you and pretty much all sane white people already do) and they are TRUE friends, you should feel free to talk about racial issues with them– i.e, to educate them as you say must be done at this stage.

    Wouldn’t it stand to reason that this stuff already happens and HAS been happening for the last, I don’t know, 40-50 years? We can’t know for sure, because it has to happen under the radar, but I’d bet good money these conversations, this education, is already practiced by the racially aware.

    I don’t know. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Hard for me to see how the “networks of cooperation” strategy, as you outlined it, bridges the gap from point A (September 2014) to point B (a sovereign white ethnostate on the North American continent).

    But I would like to check out your blog.


  95. Pat Condell, dead on balls correct, as usual, on Rotherham:

    À bientôt,